Secret Video Club

This is a story about a group of English scientists in the early 1800s who work with the British government, military and telegraph company to develop wireless communicating dust-sized flying fiber-looking cameras and microphones.
These dust-sized particles are powered by light particles and are very low cost to mass produce - very quickly they permeate all major nations - transmitting their images and sounds back all the way to their communication centers - by an unbroken wireless particle sending and receiving chain of dust-sized and stationary devices. There is a some debate among those people in this group of wealthy insiders about when to go public with these tiny microcameras and microphones - but the majority decide to keep these tiny light-particle-powered flying devices a secret from the public - in order to give themselves a military advantage over their enemies. For many years these wealthy elites communcate with each other using wireless sound and then wireless image sending and receiving devices. While others must use the telegraph - this steadily growing secret club of people can send each other wireless electronic messages. Many English employees are sent to France and Germany to allow these microscopic devices to penetrate important buildings and important people's houses to gather images and sounds to help gain a military advantage over the people of France, Germany and the other European, Asian and American nations.
After developing these tiny wireless microscopic cameras - they soon realize that hearing and seeing thought- directly reading neurons - or better yet - remotely reading from neurons- may be technologically possible by examining the heat emitted by the brain. This would make communication much easier and also provide a very revealing insight into the mind of people that are viewed as potential threats. One team of these English scientists figure out how to hear the sounds any brain hears by looking at a specific frequency of microwave light emitted from the brain which coincides with the sound the ear hears. The other nations quickly follow suit. Then they use this same microwave reading camera to capture the image that a brain can see. It is not long before they figure out how to hear thought-sounds and see thought-images. Again, some people feel that the public should be made aware of "hearing ears", "seeing eyes", "hearing thought" and "seeing thought" technology - but again the course is already firmly set - the secret wireless camera and microphone networks had already set the precident that the public was to be excluded The public is to be left in ignorance in order that this group of insiders can develop the technology unhindered by regulation, in the interest of scientific development, and in particular, to protect their way of life and to develop a military advantage over those who might try to attack them.
After a few years of seeing and hearing thought and watching eyes and hearing ears, and after more scientific experimentation and development - even remote neuron writing is developed and made practical. Even as early as 1678 Jan Swammerdam had used electricity to contract a frog leg muscle- a form of direct-to-neuron writing, and so now in the early 1800s remote tiny devices are developed; devices with pin-point precise aiming, powered by ambient light particles, that emit beams of particles directly at individual neurons to make them fire - like biological transistors, the electrical curent overcoming a resistance to complete an electrical circuit. But all secret from the public - hearing and seeing from brains, and now even sending back sounds and images to the brains of many other people and even the other species- but without the public even knowing that such technology has been developed. To see the images of dreams, and to easily change the opinion of a person by flashing an image on their thought-screen - for example of a food item - or of a person - easily and quickly creates a course of action for the unknowing receiver of the neuron writing.
And so the secret technology continues to develop secretly. As the telegraph company grows they use secret advanced technology to electronically record the many thousands of telegraphs that both excluded and included (posing, to preserve appearances, as average excluded people) send to each other. Smart digital electronic devices analyze the many thousands of telegraph messages - in addition to many people hired to search through telegraph messages. Finally the decision is made, in Germany, to go public with the telephone, and not long after in the USA. Even though, wireless audio and image communication has been happening for many years, the decision is made to create a large-scale wired communication system. The telephone company will then record all the audio from those people, mostly poor people excluded from the secret wealthy dust-sized wireless camera club. Eventually even wireless communication is made public - hundreds of years after the secret realization and rapid - but - secret development. The public finally has the opportunity to send audio messages on the hundreds of years old wireless infrastructure.
Those excluded are terribly abused by the powerful wealthy who control and continue to secretly develop the microscopic brain reading and writing technology - many people do violence - not knowing that they are the pawns of people writing to their brains - people who cannot be physically connected to the crime - but who benefit from it. Many people are influenced by images sent to their thought-screen to do something that will hur their reputation - for example to steal - to do something sexually inappropriate for example. To act out the image sent to their brain - not knowing that it is sent their by other people. Many, sadly thinking that a god is communicating with them instructing them with images and sounds to their brain - which they follow - no matter how unpleasant or criminal. As time continues a clear two-tier society develops - those who receive direct-to-brain windows and thosem not only that do not receive direct-to-brain windows - but that have never even heard of such a thing.
The included spent their days watching each other, and in particular the poor excluded - as the excluded are manipulated and abused by the owners of the secret neuron technology. The consumers of the direct-to-brain videos are easily made to keep quiet about the secret - many who talk are murdered and made examples of - put on display as corpses to remind the neuron consumers that they may be the fresh symbolic corpses posed and put on display. Those who get direct-to-brain-windows have a completely different life from those many millions of people excluded from even knowing about such a club. When you can see millions of people in the nude and can discreetly communicate through thought-audio and images that only other insiders can see- it changes your views on sexuality, on religion, on society, etc. The neuron club becomes a fast-moving free-market, where prostitution is the rule - women requiring to be paid for any kind of physical pleasure services, where many people are murdered and commit suicide for entertainment. A club or society that would shock the average excluded - who has been left to what amounts to 1400s technology - completely unaware of the secret activities going on all around them - but never in their view.
The story then moves to the USA where a group of extreme radicals posing as conservatives start to use this technological advantage to create "false acts of terrorism" in order to justify invading and occupying small nations. They monsterously use explosives to murder thousands of excluded people - create a third world patsy and then use billions of tax dollars to invade other nations - and vastly overcharge the citizens in order to skim massive personal profits.