"The Day the Republicans Won".
The victory of the Republicans is virtually final as they push-button kill the last of their liberal enemies. The liberals on the surface dropping to the ground like flies under the lasers that induce instant death by stopping blood to the brain. There were only a small minority of survivers under ground, below the reach of the technology which had grown into every house, street and even into the underground networks. Above ground, the Nazistic society continued as usual. Any person not found to be in accord with their puritanical beliefs was instantly push-button murdered to the sound of thunderous applause and laughter. Killing people had become routine entertainment for the society much as it had been during the times of the ancient arenas of Rome where gladiators would kill prisoners. The ironic twist was that these murder victims were guilty only of not fitting in, of having liberal views, or simply being found to be in disfavor with the ruling majority. All people lived with the laser gun pointed at them, and a person with an "itchy trigger finger" ready to zap them at any given time. No matter where they were, in their house, in a store, on the street, etc., even in their cars. The above ground world could not stamp out all resistance, however. There were places on the tiny earth where even their lasers could not penetrate, but it seemed inevitable that the Republicans would ultimately penetrate these places eventually. It was an ironic end for planet earth as life descended from its once lofty explorations of other planets, back to a society that denies the existence of other planets, set on an inevitable course that would undoubtably lead to their own extinction. An extinction caused by a variety of reasons, the secrecy and abuse of advanced technology, the popularity of religion, the inability to stop violence, racism, a fervent antisexuality. The public watched on and cheered as the last of the above ground resistance dropped to the ground one by one as the republican lasers fired away from satellites, rooftops and streetlamps. Uniformed medical people would then collect the bodies. Even the paid-for pseudo-liberals, non-whites who took money to propagandize for the all-powerful Republicans were being murdered to wide spread applause and joking. The medical people generally ruled all such murders as death by "heart arithmia" publically, but it was accepted by those in the know that such people were murdered by neuron-activation beam, beams of light particles nobody could see, that can contract any muscle connected to a brain. The belief had evolved that such people must have deserved this kind of punishment, for not fitting in, because of appearance, for an immoral life, unpopular or unusual views. For those on the other side, most of whom had already been murdered, it was a matter of reaching those "at the button", those that controlled the death machine network that filled every crevace of the earth. And clearly, that would never happen, such people were far beyond the reach of any of the poor and unpopular liberals. You can imagine the impossibility of reaching those murderers at the buttons that controlled the many lasers, because they had fortresses and strongholds of defense, where they could see every heat emitting object for miles. They systematically watched and recorded images of all people, and even their thoughts. Not even a mouse could enter such buildings without being noticed. In addition, those who controlled the killing machines were all of a like-mind and appearance. Conformity had reached an all-time high under the Republicans. These people are all white males with short hair, english speaking, all in uniform. It is the nature of natural selection, that any person not fitting in will be ejected, imprisoned, murdered, and that did happen occassionally, but for the most part, the system was already a well-oiled machine functioning flawlessly. The need to reproduce did allow for the survival of women, but reproduction is very highly controlled. In addition, women are viewed as property, not allowed to talk, not allowed access to the beam network. A male and female must live together for life, sex with a different person or separation could only mean inevitable exclusion and execution. Any deviation of this routine, for example bisexuality, or unusual sexuality resulted in exclusion, imprisonment and inevitable murder. Such people formed the other side, the underground resistance, such that an other side existed. They were composed mainly of all those who could not fit into the Republican ideal: not white, not English speaking, and those whites who were not Godian, not Christian, drug using, with "psychiatric disease", bisexual, divorced, interested in sex, etc. Their only hope is that the Republicans may one day turn the lasers on each other, but such an event seems highly unlikely. Throughout history the pendulum always swung back and forth, from a more violent war-like military society to a less violent peaceful civilian society, and this swing into a military society seemed to have gone farther than ever before.