Democracy of Earth I [set around the time 2010-2020 CE]

(person watching street scene, people have squares next to their head [or on their head?] that show what they are thinking. People have images of food, drinks, cars, women, men, bathrooms, some are blank (black). Person walks in.
person 1 at screen (all in thought): "So you are a new recruit?"
person 2: "Yes, Allen Jameson."
p1: "Nice to meet you"
p2: "Nice to meet you too"
p1: "So what we do here, is not a glamorous job Jameson."
p2: "No?"
p1: "But it pays the bills."
p2: "uh-huh"
p1: "Basically, we steer the excluded."
p2: "right"
p1: "we send images and sound to their brains...that are going to help our cause..."
p2: "The cause of the conservatives..."
p1: " mostly we take orders as they come in...sometimes people will pay for a specific thing, to make an excluded itch, to steer them after a person or goal that is going to make them look bad, or going to ruin their reputation some how. Mostly we operate on liberals, intellectuals, ... the more popular of the excluded....since they have more influence...more people watch them."
p2: "ok cool"
p1: "For the most part, they will never know anything about you, obviously they can't see you, and they know nothing about you. But anything you ever wanted to know about them is available to you here. Their entire lives, with rare exception is all here and accessible. "
p2: "on video..."
p1: "yes video, of their bodies, their eyes, their mind, their thoughts...its all here. There is nothing that we don't know about these excluded people, and really they know absolutely nothing about any of us. Their social security number, credit card numbers, passwords, deepest secrets, who they have ever had sex with, what they think about when they name it. Mainly we work with their most unethical or embarrassing moments."
p2: "Like if they ever used drugs..."
p1: "Yeah, that helps...mostly the sex stuff...have they ever done anything homosexual...violence...have they ever assaulted, raped...killed anybody...molested...even just a butt touch...have they stolen all is important, and those events are mainly the video we access, and so they are separated out, for example you can search on a person for violence...and this is cataloged for their entire lives...not just violence that is reported to police...even them slapping somebody in their houses is recorded obviously as you probably already know. And here you can sort by the severity of the violence. And then you can search a person's history for sex events, their entire sexual history is one we all enjoy watching. Especially when they are young...that's where you see most of the bisexual, and unusual sexual stuff...cross dressing...tearing up clothing...masturbatings....I mean each person usually has endless videos of their thoughts when they masturbate...but sometimes there is useful material there. Stuff we can use to mislead them with."
p2: "mmhm"
p1: "Even our own histories are in here ofcourse, and so, as you know there aren't many secrets, but since most of us were included at a young age we knew not to do anything unusual."
p2: "But how do you mislead them? It seems like it is hard to change someone's mind."
p1: "In my experience its as easy as pie. Most of them don't know that millions of people can see them and they can't imagine...I is 100% beyond comprehension to them...that thought can be seen and's far outside the realm of possibility in their thoughts. Only a tiny tiny few have figured it out and they are viewed as freaks and lunatics. Not only do none of the other excluded believe them, but they do not even entertain the possibility in their mind...they are dead set against even the remotest possibility that people have figured out how to hear thought. and so...ofcourse, any image we beam onto their thought screen, they 100% accept as being their own. Any image we beam onto their eyes...they just think their mind's playing tricks on them, it's so fast...they don't realize what they saw was beamed there...and as you totally looks like the thing is there and you can touch it...but it's only being beamed onto the screen in their brain...the idea that what you see is a real object is so firmly implanted in people's minds. Because they are so unaware...or mainly those excluded who are unaware of the technology, which is the vast majority, are totally suggestable...they can't imagine the vast network that has secretly grown around them even before most of them were born...and so they are easily influenced. We beam it, and they do it. Watch is a simple example..."
p2: "ok"
p1: "See this woman...ok let's put a song in her head...what song?"
p2: "How about 'der kommisar's in town?'"
p1: "ok here it is..."
(woman hears song in head)
p1: "we play it so's almost impossible to hear but yet..."
p2: "She picked up the song...she's singing her mind"
p1: "and there you go. Almost anything is possible. People can be made to drive into traffic, jump out of buildings, take off all their clothes in public...we can make them sexually aroused by one person and turned off by another....we can lead them all over the place by interacting with their thoughts. Many times the command is to try and make them unravel by constantly beaming the images that disturb them the most, and that activate them...especially images of the people that they hate the most...that bother them the most...anything that will make them unravel or do something radical...and get them in trouble...maybe locked in a psychiatric hospital, or get them riled and beat their spouse...or kids...maybe it sounds bad, but it helps because...they lose popularity and credibility and we can always use that time they were hospitalized or we got them to hit their spouse or children against them to lower their popularity and influence."
p2: "How do you know what to do?"
p1: "Mainly we just follow instructions all day. We receive a constant stream of instructions. Most of the time they are to make a person itch, to zap a person with a laser. As you know microscopic lasers cover the planet and we control them at centers like this one, just like we do the microscopic cameras and microphones, although for the most part the cameras are all automated sending wireless images to the main receivers where the info is sent to the large storage centers the government and industry keep."
p2: "We really are low on the ladder..."
p1: "That's one way of looking at it, but look at these poor bastards who don't even get to hear that is low...."
p2: "yeah, we are like royalty compared to them..."
p1: "heh heh yeah...and some of them...there are people 70, 80 years old...and have never heard or seen...all this time and they have been excluded from hearing their fellow countrymen's thoughts...all kinds of people you will be surprised by who is excluded. "
p2: "probably most rich people figure out how to see"
p1: "for the most part, they have enough money to connect into it, but there are many of these excluded who just don't know anybody. For example the religious they are like lemmings...they group together, and so its a nuisance they always want to include their friends and family....usually they have to pay a lot of money and do other favors...especially sexual favors...but they'll do anything to hear and see thought...its like cocaine but addictive. But anyway, some if they don't go to church or synogogue...then they might not have so many friends...and you know...if you don't have many friends you are never going to be included because there is nobody that is going to approach you and invite you in. Plus, the included are somewhat greedy about the service...they don't actively go looking to include people."
p2: "I'm glad I was included"
p1: "Yeah, well ofcourse, they need to fill jobs...they need people to zap the excluded and misdirect them...convince them something never happened or that it happened differently then it really did. 9/11 is a perfect example...lately we have been focusing every effort on selling that piece a shit story about the terrorists hijacking the planes, because people are starting to unravel it on the Internet. So we have to reinforce the thoughts of people to think the official story is right."
p2: "We they pay the tv and newspapers enough to make the public think it was hijackers."
p1: "Yeah and that usually does the job, but the Internet has been causing problems because we can't control all of it. It's too big and there are too many people to pay off and control. A lot of the stuff is advertising...we send a lot of images of celebrities and want-to-be celebrities onto people's minds to keep them interested in them. They have to pay big bucks to advertise their pictures on people's minds. Images of celebrities are also useful to steer people, because they all want to meet famous people. "
p2: "There must be other methods"
p1: "The big wigs use every trick in the book. They pay people in the included to propagandize for them to excluded...that's big business and as you know, there are many included that get rich just for misleading their followers. It's not hard to control the minds of the excluded...and I'll show you the various methods...mostly you have to replay their memories that tend to confirm the official story. And not just 9/11...I mean there is a huge list of lies we maintain here...the JFK and on and on...I mean there are thousands...but you know the big ones, JFK, MLK, RFK, Lennon, ... 9/11 and the more recent ones. "
p2: "So what kind of freedom do you have here...I mean do you steer people off cliffs or what?"
p1: "no I don't do that...the dangerous stuff...some of that we have's up to you."
p2: "yeah, I'd like to get me some of them hippy liberals..."
p1: "I hear you....and no doubt you will be able to...but you have to be careful Al, because if you off too many of the excluded the liberals in the included...although there aren't nearly as many...and they are all pussies...can get revenge..."
p2: "get outta here..."
p1: "no...I've heard that it happens. It depends on the nature of your know...chances are you won't be punished no matter how reckless your suggestions...but's best if you make them look like can steer a person towards suicide, but don't move their muscle to actually do it. Remember you are in the army now, and ofcourse like the police or any part of government and industry there are two sides, although our side has the huge majority and holds almost all the cards being religious conservatives. You can start moving a person's leg to make them stub their toe, some people make people fall down stairs but I don't recommend might get done back to you...but I doubt it...even so."
p2: "yeah that muscle moving stuff is great..."
p1: "now have to remember's important to keep this technology a secret...and you know...the more you use it...the more chance people are gonna figure out what has been going on for years and can't just fuckin make a person walk into a wall or punch have to be subtle...very subtle...much more subtle than I think you are thinking right now..."
p2: "well, you show me what to do then..."
p1: " you can beam images of a person shooting themselves to a person holding a know...that's ok...and if they shoot themselves...well...nothing is going to happen to you."
p2: "where do you get the picture of them shooting themselves?"
p1: "it's all in the can generate images like that, and you just choose which ones you want...shooting the self, walking into a car, driving into traffic, jumping off a high place their standing on...the main suicide ones are already put together for you...but don't forget that it's also useful to get them to do stupid shit like ... steal something...for that all you need is a quick photo of them grabbing the object and one of them putting it in their bag...maybe even just a photo of the object in the bag is enough to make them steal it...then they get caught...and it bye bye job opportunities and reputation...and then we can always use that against them because people never remember the suggestions that were beamed on their head when the excluded do something immoral..."
p2: "that must be funny to see..."
p1: "the funniest is the sex stuff in my opinion...making them take off their clothes and walk out in public and then they get clubbed by the cops...its funny as hell...but also making them get good and gay...that's a favorite we all like. "
p2: "how easy is that"
p1: "for some people it takes time...but excluded are like sheep just beam it on them and they do it. There are some tough excluded though...mostly the ones that know about the technology...even thought they know certain parts about that some people can hear their thoughts...because this thing has grown wide spread over the last one hundred years...still they don't know even the beginning of it...mostly whatever they know only scratches the surface...very few of them ever fully catch on..."
p2: "what do they know?"
p1: "They are a lot of cameras around...but almost none of them know that there are even cameras in their houses and apartments...most of them think that must be off limits."
p2: "How wrong they are!"
p1: "yeah...heh heh...but some of them have views of the larger scale system...but it's tough for them to imagine how everything is done in the know....there are no hardcopies of thoughts that have ever reached the 100 years since Pupin..."
p2: "that's amazing"
p1: "It's a testament to the secrecy of the included. I don't think there has ever been a better kept secret in all of history."
p2: "nothing gets out of the brotherhood"
p1: "uh-huh. It's interesting to see the excluded that know something is up...many of the turn violent and fizzle out...they flip out and get killed or kill somebody themselves in frustration. The injustice knaws at them...and they know there is nothing they can's like a chimp that can see a banana but can't reach it."
p2: "mmm hm"
p1: "None of them has ever figured it out...some who get close are sometimes included just to shut them up...but even if they tell...who are they going to tell? nobody will believe them and the tv and news are all in on it so they never will tell. But yeah, there are some heavy duty leakers on the web. It's worrisome. We keep hoping that Shush will crack down on them...but they are protected by the other side..."
p2: "yeah?"
p1: "The liberals have a lot of support. These people hate our guts, especially Shush and Shaney and them. Mostly its the blacks, jews, mexicans, the educated...look at this guy he's popular:" guy: "...down with the Nazis..." (p1: "that's us") "....and their reichstag 9/11 shit...we'll track down and arrest every last one of them all the way to Texas if we have to...."
p1: "So you can see...they aren't happy...what with the murder of so many of their leaders over the years...It's just like the Confederates and the Union army, not much has ever changed."
p2: "mmm hm, only now we got the secret thought hearing technology..."
p1: "...the original Nazi's had it too you know, that's how they got so much power...they could see everybodys thoughts and control'm by sending shit to their heads.." p2: "I know" p1; "..I don't understand these democrats's almost like those liberal bastards want to be found out the way they let the leakers tell about the network. To them...they call it...unplugging the clog...but its just leaking information that's none of their business as far as I can see. There is a lot of leaking going on on the Internet...but most people think the secret won't get out for another 200 years if even then."
p2: "yeah, why don't they just kill a few of the rats that are leaking and that will send a message to the rest of them?"
p1: "Well in theory since we are soldiers are cops supposedly enforcing the laws, so we don't say 'kill' since it scares the pussies watching ... you know the housewives and so's better to hint subtly...people have been wanting to ice them for years...they call it the 'war of the rats versus the rotten'...if you haven't heard...It's a stalemate, in theory they would off some of us...but I don't see why we don't just lock up the rats on some trumped up charges..."
p2: "I guess the other side has some poop on them that stops them from sealing all the leaks..."
p1: "Probably. I hope they do something because the leaks are getting way outta control. "
p2: "Yeah, if the excluded ever did get to see us, they would be some pissed off bastards..."
p1: "that's no lie! Well I'm sure you'll like your new job, just go slow and you should be fine."
p2: "ok"

(scenes of everyday life and the common abuses of the included, and the democratic systems.)

(scene where the images start to pour out over the Internet)

Finally, in 2007 everybody could see. They finally could see the century of secrets and filthy violence that littered the planet earth's history, before only seen by a tiny elite minority of elitist "included" people. A minority of this "included" group was working from within to bring full freedom of all information to the excluded, but the majority was a dirty immoral lot of the worst of society. Initially, some people wanted to remove all the cameras, but the vast majority recognized the futility of such an action, and understood the value of the once secret camera-thought networks. Nonetheless, some of the more wealthy were able to remove some of the cameras, but it was impossible for them to remove them all, the more they tried the more they failed, none ever completely succeeded in removing all the cameras and microphones or even enough to make any kind of difference. The majority, surprisingly to many of the arrogant and devious included, promptly chose a society of total free information. They readily understood the reality and evil of secrecy, although there was a dim-witted minority that continued to oppose free info, in an ironic war against themselves and their own interest. This was a very important decision on the part of the newly informed excluded majority. Had there been a majority for secrecy, for only some elite group to see and hear thought, for continuing the control of the market for thought-hearing and other machines to an elite abusive few, things may have turned out much more terribly than they ultimately did. Many secrets are brought to light for the public, the majority of which had no idea. Beyond Michael Pupin's early 1900s inventions of seeing and hearing thought, surpressed for almost a century, it took a while to explain it all to the excluded public who had been for most of their lives abused, living in darkness under the evil major media and other included entities. There are the massive numbers of hidden lasers in everybody's houses, the many cameras and microphones in all the houses, the humanoid robots, with 10 times the strength of average humans running around, before only in secret military bases, the particle accelerator atom transmutation machines that convert various atoms into other atoms, many other amazing secrets horded by an evil criminal minority of nazistic violent thugs.

There was no need for court houses since all decisions were voted on instantly and constantly. The Supreme Court building would eventually be turned, like most of the famous old Government buildings, into museums. The Congress and even the White House of the USA would eventually become museums, ancient buildings like the Roman Acropolis, relics of a past philosophy of government, replaced by a better idea. All over the earth, the representative democracies were weakened and collapsing to the rising influence of full and constant democracies ruled by the populace, the representatives, in earlier years weilding royal power, would lose their authority just as monarchs and aristocrats had lost their authority hundreds of years before all over America, Europe and eventually in Africa and Asia.

In the USA, there are two clear sides and these alliances permeate through the entire species on earth still in its infancy of exploration. The majority on earth are a stop-violence lawful group, and the mighty violent lawless criminal group forms a wealthy and powerful minority, although very large second opposing group. Now that all people see all the secret thought images and technology of the past, the lawful decent (anti-nazi/anti-Shush) group is starting the massive effort to bring all the violent criminals on the other half to prison. The lawful group formulates their democratic plan. Their group is a group of mixed race and gender where the lawless violent criminal side is mostly white male.

The democratic forces are organized into a democracy, everything is voted on. The most popular have a large amount of influence, but there is never one person that is viewed as absolute ruler or leader, since this is the nature of democracy. A massive electronic voting system is in place so that the majority opinion of all people can be accurately and instantly recorded, openly verified and displayed to all.

The evil viocon forces are organized around a group of white wealthy men, in particular the Shush family. This group includes major television and "news" moguls, defense industry CEOs, numerous rogue violent racist military generals, their underlings, and similar naziistic murderous decrepid people both wealthy and poor. It is a massive million person army of murderers, although a very few have actually done murder, a larger number plotted and ordered murders, and the vast majority of the rest lie and sought to cover up murders after the fact. While the majority of this group are Republicans, there are many Republicans among the excluded that support the stop violence cause, making the violent group look more like a rogue group, albeit a very large rogue group.

The vast majority of the evil viocons were in clear violation of established laws against violence and already the majority vote on earth is that they all must be jailed. In particular the largest numbers are for jailing those who did 9/11, then those who were involved in killing President John Kennedy, the Black leader Martin Luther King, Senator Robert Kennedy, the muscian John Lennon, and many many others. Although by the time the public finally did get to see all the terrible truth about the bloody and violent history of the USA and earth, many of those murderers, for example Frank Fiorini, the killer of JFK had already died. The evil Shush senior is already near his death bed, but the public hoped desparately that he and the other evil murderers could at least spend the rest of their miserable lives of crime behind bars.

Walking robots march to start arrests of the murderers among the viocons, they set out for Andrew Olsen the detonator of the WTC2 controlled demolition that murdered over 1000 innocent lawful people. The evil side's robot and human forces protect this man. Although the evil leaders are Shush jr, his father, his brothers, Dumsfeld, Sheney and many others, since they have only violated accessory to murder before the fact, a nonviolent crime, they are viewed as a lesser priority. Many argue that they are the main source of the murder and the most important of dangerous people, like a king or queen on a chessboard, or any major leader, to remove the king, many times the pawns, knights, bishops and rooks need to be captured and removed. However, the reality of violent crime being the more serious crime is what gathers majority support. The focus of the lawful democracy forces are set to bring down the most violent of the pawns before taking down the kings of the chess board of earth. The lawful robots confront the robot forces built up by the evil side. Their side is polluted with murderers, assaulters (sexual and otherwise), racists, liars, stealers, uneducated idiots, all manner of violent racist criminal. The hope of the science and democracy forces is to arrest as many murderers as nonviolently as possible, but many are aware of the inevitable conflict that awaits them. Many are concerned with the weapons of mass destruction, the nuclear missiles set in their silos, that might be used by the viocon criminals against them, to destroy cities in the USA, or even to demolish other parts of earth, in addition to conventional weapons. They are a desparate group since their shield of secrecy, the Pupin camera thought network was destroyed by liberal forces using the open public networks.

It is clear that the lawful vastly overpower the lawless viocons, but there are many viocon sympathizers, supporters of cold blooded murder. First, the robots of the democracy group enter the state of New York to capture Andrew Olsen and Tom Emerson the two people that killed the thousands of innocent people who died terrible deaths in the World Trade Center, murders orchestrated and executed by the Shush family in conjunction with many military defense industry and major media killers. The viocons are not going to let these men be captured without a battle. Racist forces robots meet the approaching robots, jet planes swarm overhead, assault racist red army helicopters and tanks roll into New York City, the rogue network that has ruled the USA from the shadows of the public funded Pupin network they usurped for themselves since the murder of JFK and to some degree even before. It was a large display of military might, and many in the democracy reversed their votes fearing full scale civil war. But the blue democratic side robots march on, followed by their own tanks, fighter planes and helicopters. Clearly the robots are going to complete their goal, and continue on their path to their arrest of Olsen and Emerson, held up in a military base near NYC. Suddenly the many cameras show the public that both Olsen and Emerson were being separated and moved.

The inevitable confrontation was going to happen, but the democratic leaders all felt certain that any violence could be shut down quickly, they could see that the popular opinion was on their side, but it could change as it sometimes does. The democratic forces verified the plan of destroying anything that attacks in the order they attack. The nature of the first strike is a terrible thing. While the lawful didn't know what to expect, they imagined many terrible first strike attacks by the lawless criminal organization, perhaps programmed lasers that fire on a million targets at once, the viocons still had access to many of the microscopic lasers in people's houses, in the streets, from satellites. But yet, very little could be secret, their thoughts and plans, and those of the democratic people were clearly visible to all. They appeared to imagine a conventional fight, defending some pieces of property, in addition to the murderers the lawful sought. There were many among their ranks who were envisioning giving up the few murderers to delay their inevitable arrests, while others viewed the arrest of any murderer as a sure sign of their own end.

lawful: "We're coming for you next Shush you slimy evil nazi bastard!" the democractic people shouted..."and all you piece of shit murderers...."

lawless: "Come and get it!" the viocons would yell back. "God is on our side, and you're the criminals! We'll kill all of you!" and other kinds of fanatical and delusional statements, the puritan murderers would yell.

we've been waiting to jail alot of these beamers for a long time...crooked cops, crooked generals...this will be a sweet one...and a long time coming...

we have to remember our priorities and the priorities of the majority...they want Thane Cesar taken down and that is our mission.

Those that are closest are to take out those who attack. These objects will be identified on your screens.

...we need to fund those in the front more...a few are not following the democratic order of taking out those that attack. We need to pull back those who are not complying with the majority opinion of attacking those who first attack (votes change).

There are events of violence. The lawful know they have a majority and their cause is a just and rightous one. The newly exposed violent criminals have little choice but to fight or surrender for their cause, which is one they believe strongly in. Perhaps a hundred or more of the robotic piloted fighter planes fire missiles and are destroyed, this fighting goes on for a few days until the violent leaders have run out of robot airplanes and the rest are controlled by those who are taking a nonviolent course. There are many in the violent criminal group that are only accessories before or after the fact, and they have less dedication to the dubious cause of their evil side. Perhaps in total, a few thousand people and ships are destroyed, the lawful probably losing the majority, as is the nature of first strike indiscriminent violence.

one criminal: we have to give up the WTC 2....

other criminal: no way not yet...not without more fighting...we have to show these bastards who is boss right now...

[rogue planes fire missiles and are taken out, but not before killing a group of robot controlling infantry]

liberal: weve got the might and we're in the right

Pat Robberson: (encouraging on the viocon soldiers) God Bless you...murder those yankee the name of God. Don't let our way of life be violated. They are perverts and hippy freaks! kill the godless commies kill them all!

violent criminal: "now lets hold on..."

liberal: they are instigating arrests of people for bogus nonviolent crimes like drugs and just made up ones like treason (some are being taken to psychiatric hospitals). Ofcourse none of the lawful are resisting arrest...we may have to get them out later.

The violent side retreat leaving Andrew Olson unprotected.

liberal making arrest: "...this is for the victims of 9/11" (hand cuffs lock)

liberal 2: "we've got him in custody"

(crowd cheers)

ao: "it wasn't my fault...I didn't have any choice"

stop vio: "I'm sorry"

stop-vio: "eat shit lousy asshole"

viocon: "git those rat bastards!"
viocon 2: "yeah we'll show you for letting out the secret"

(more violence)
(Tom Emerson is captured north or south of DC)

foreboding ahead of all this was the inevitable conflict between the excluded who all just became "included" in the year 2007 and those included who had been abusing them for many years before 2007. The "excluded" as they were called, even though they were now fully included, far outnumber the "included" and the hostility toward the included was very large scale. The voting and majority opinion of people hinted already that many if not all of the included could expect some kind of punishment once the murderers of the included (and a very few of those excluded) were identified, captured and jailed.

The next highest voted capture was the notorius Thane Cesar, murderer of the Senator Robert F Kennedy all the way back in 1968. It had been nearly 40 years after the murder and finally the excluded had started something all the included, in their terrible, dung-filled minds, could not achieve. After a conflict that resulted in less than 100 deaths, Thane Cesar was captured alive and unharmed, although a number of robots and humans protecting him fired and had to be killed, injured or captured. This lifted the emotions of the lawful blue forces as they could see that this capture represented an unusual occurance. For decades Cesar and Sturgis had lived out of prison, like magic somehow escaping arrest, but now that was done.

It takes many months to round up and capture all the murderers of earth. But the massive camera coverage and advanced computer systems makes this task very easy, in particular since all the people were connected and all information had become free.

After the murderers it was time to capture and jail those who plotted the murders and assaults Shush Sheney etc.

And so Sheney was captured, an old piece of shit who stood at the top of a hundred thousand murders with the other republican leaders. Many people voted for their execution, but could not carry a majority.

General Lyers was captured as was Eberfeart to many shouts to the effect of "fuck you nazis".
Many citizens applauded this show, for once the show was for the public of the planet not the wealthy elite violent criminals, and it was a good show for the first time.

There were many people, dirty thugs in police who were captured under shouts of "crooked cop", etc. Years of abuse at the hands of these violent criminals had unleashed strong emotions against them. Many military people were captured and jailed in similar fashion. Fortunatly very few people were cut/burned into parts by powerful lasers or hurt by traditional ballistic weapons, poisons or microorganisms. Like World War 2, the good side was easy to identify, they were those people, many in police and the military that had suffered and were punished for their support against violence and in favor of honesty.

And so it came time to capture Shush jr and his family.

Much of Shush's family was captured and did not put up a fight. They were generally people who did not engage in violence, but like Adolf Hitler, Joe Goebbels, and Herman Gerring only ordered and funded murder, so they were captured without any violence. Many people demanded their execution, but the majority supported life in prison for them. Shush jr and his body guards surrendered without a fight and were taken to a prison for nonviolent orderers and funders of murders. The entire Shush family was jailed, except for the females and young children who did not participate in any of the murderous plots the adult males of the Shush family had all participated in, and therefore had committed no serious crimes.

In the United Kingdom, Tony Plair and the other 9/11 plotters were captured without any violence. The majority in Europe already knew the 9/11 murders were wrong and had since been shown all the gruesome details including all thoughts, many were outraged at the way Shush had applauded the murders. All the other plotters and participants in the 9/11 mass murders, of which there were many, were captured and their jail sentences voted on by a constant popular decree were initiated.

Some argued and voted that only those who actually did violence should be jailed because ordering and paying for violence is free speech, free trade and free information and is itself a nonviolent activity. This view places most of the blame on the dumb coerced people that were the pawns of the wealthy and powerful. The opposition to this view argued that ordering and funding violent activities, in fact even threatening violent activities is too dangerous an activity to leave unimprisonable. If not in prison, amd even to some extent locked in a prison these evil powerful wealthy people might be able to find more pawns to commit violence for money or from some form of coersion. It seemed obvious that people should not be arrested for making stories or movies about violent events, however the majority ruled that some prison time must be given for those who actively plot murders and in particular when those murders succeed. Because of the quanitity of murders in the 9/11 mass murder, most of the plotters received sentences of life imprisonment within days of the public getting to see everything. Now with many of these plotters captured, this ruling was fulfilled. Other people who had helped to coverup the mass murder as their only active role in the murder plot did receive prison sentences that did not amount to as much as the plotters of 9/11, and the same was true for those who helped the lie about the murders of RFK, JFK (for which there were many although many who had since died), and others.

There was a certain amount of calmness and quiet after this bloody conflict, people understood that the worst was behind them. There would be other Shush's, the nazi elitist royalists racist dishonest violent people of earth would not be defeated fully for many years, but the victory was clearly the lawful and democratists, as it was at the end of WW2, the Civil War, and the Revolutionary War. It was a great relief for many many people.

After the arrest of all murderers and those who plotted murder, the public focused on the arrest of assaulters.

Now that all of the murderers in the USA were in jail having received democratic sentences, and even the majority of those who assaulted judged according to the most fair democratic system, that of the entire public voting. The most violent people on earth, who formerly lived protected by the secrecy shrouded on the earth by the included, in jail, were much less of a threat, and so the public, the vast majority who had been excluded before the shocking year of change of 2007, when they all got to see what the included had been seeing in their eyes for many decades, for nearly a century before, consisted mainly of stop-violence nonviolent people.

Now it was time to arrest the first degree assaulters, starting with the worst. The public voted down the ridiculous 2 year statute of limitations for assault in a few minutes and started voting arrests. This included the worst of the violent that had never actually done a first degree murder (for which the popular opinion was clearly always a sentence of "life in prison"). The high value assaulters were mainly those in the military and police portions of the US government, uneducated assholes who felt no hesitation in assaulting innocent people with secret hidden lasers at the becon call of their scewed decrepid money masters. At the top of this list were those with the most destructive and most numerous assaults. This included those who used light, in the microwave or other frequencies to try to give tumors to people. As the arrests progressed, many argued for forgiveness because for some the assaults were in the past, but the majority, thankfully and wisely, did not support this. An ordered system arose from popular opinion, some people who inflicted a large amount of pain and damaged with their assaults received long prison sentences, while other less serious assaults received less jail time, in some cases, even under a day. In addition, a victim that requests an assaulter not to be imprisoned usually influences the majority to not vote a jail sentence for the assaulter.

After the violent assaulters are captured the public turned its attention to jailing the botherers.

After the majority of murderers and assaulters were rounded up, and that process alone, caused more first degree murderers and assaulters to be created in the fighting and struggle for law and order, but ultimately the majority of both excluded and included knew what was right, and they sided on the view of nonviolent lives, in the interest of peace for themselves and their families. As one would expect the nonviolent, and stop violent (antiviolent), far outnumbered the violent.

Things now began to settle down after the violent conflict that brought down the Shush family and their naziistic murderous allies.

Now the public focus turned to those who had used lasers to bother people (almost entirely the excluded) although nonviolently. They would serve small amounts of time in prison, the worst and offenders with most occurances would serve over a year, but most spent less than a year in jail and were completely deposed from the government positions they had been appointed (which were now in addition fully and constantly elected positions), and after being fully exposed for the first time in history, only to be hired by the dirty and evil, but still nonviolent and legal, albeit idiots, of the included from there on.

Firing the included from government, replacing with excluded.

Society had come a long way by now. The majority vote, mainly controlled by the excluded (newly included), initially was for a total step-down of included, their vote called for a complete replacement of included by excluded in the administration of the Pupin camera thought net equipment, much of which was owned by the government, and therefore the property of the people, although much of the camera thought net technology was the property of the massive media corporations. The view of the majority of excluded was for a total takeover of the camera-thought network in it's entirety. There was clearly a large amount of hostility in the excluded, because their vote was for all included to be excluded until the included were firmly in control of all the camera-thought network technology. The vote existed, but enforcing it would take time. The entrenched included would not surrender their undemocratic positions without a fight, potentially even a violent fight. Although some excluded complied with the democratic vote dominated by excluded people. A very interesting phenomenon happened, in that, while there was still bipartisan division between conservatives and liberals, there was a certain amount of bipartisan division between excluded and included. So what happened was that among the liberals, the majority of liberal excluded voted other excluded into those jobs, firing the included liberals, and the exact same thing happened, as if a mirror, in the conservatives. Excluded conservatives also outnumbered those conservatives in the included who had for so long dominated the jobs and wealth of the nation. So there was still division between conservative and liberal, but yet, interestingly enough, there was full agreement among both sides within the excluded group for this kind of other words, a majority formed around excluded gaining power and wealth even despite political differences. In some way it was a compromise everybody could live with that did not unfairly bias the government in one political direct
ion of the other, accept in the direction of justice for the excluded at the expense of those included who had unfairly dominated most of the wealth up to then. Both political parties could compromise in the interest of mutual benefit for the excluded against the included...while still favoring the political views of their same-sided political included. Clearly both would not agree on a replacement that had a political advantage to either side.

In any event, the vote of the majority of people, most of which were excluded, was clear, they were voting for a complete take over of the technology the included had abused people for a century with.

many popular views were:
"The important thing is that all future people be included from birth..." They did not want future generations punished for the elitism of their parents, and did not want a two tier system to continue or arise again.

"There is a big difference between those included who were against the secrecy, who did nothing, and who actively supported the secrecy. Those against should be included within a year or two, those who did nothing and those who actively supported the secrecy are to be excluded for the amount of time they were included. In this way, young people will probably be included again, hearing and seeing thought within 10 or 20 years." Some described this as vindictive, but other felt it was a small price to pay.

First the majority of excluded focused on the most protected of the camera net, which was in the US military. About 60-70% of the military was excluded, the 30-40% of the included were generally the top ranked and wealthy people. Of those at least a quarter were against the secrecy.

Entrenched included administrators in US military: "You will only shake up the existing order, and you may destroy the earth in the process...don't change the existing order. Your plan is insane, you people will sacrifice the great USA, this great nation to our enemies. We need to have national secrecy and national security. We have been the keepers of these national secrets and this has been a time of peace...and you are jeapordizing that great tradition..."

excluded (military): "you are the only enemy of the USA"
other excluded: "and life of earth for that matter"

Soon building after building would fall to the excluded group, and included were fired from the government by popular decree/vote. Because the excluded outnumbered the included there was very little violence, most included simply walked off their posts and went home to start their new lives, to look for jobs. All hiring would be mainly excluded people, just as it was mainly included who were hired before. Now excluded hired excluded, and the included had to struggle to survive as the excluded once had.

Once the military Pupin camera thought net had been completely taken over, finally reversing 100 years of upside down society, it was time for the police portions of the camera network to be replaced by included, and here again there was very little resistence, the included people in the police understood that fighting was useless and would only result in their arrest or murder.

Finally, the major media corporations remained with their massive camera thought net, still taking in vast amounts of money for providing the included with thought video.

Here there were conflicting opinions, whereas the government was clearly owned by the majority, which nobody questioned, corporations were not clearly owned by the public, but yet, living under the power of the government, and so filled with corruption, it was clear that the majority was going to seize these companies and force them to operate according to democratic opinion. Forcing them to make their entire archive of videos both from cameras and in particular thoughts available to the public.

Some argued: "From here into the future, I think everybody can agree that we need to have a completely open market for the thought-hearing devices, (just like Andre Maurois envisioned in his 1937 book "The Thought-Hearing Machine")...everybody recognizes that we need to have a completely free and open market for all of this technology."

"yes, let's have a free market for all these machines, but let's make sure the included are justly punished first. "

"yes, we all agree the included need to be punished."

They eventually would settle on allowing individual people to rebuild camera thought networks. There was no easy way to stop the former included from reproducing the technology, manufacturing thought-hearing devices, or using their wealthy to bribe excluded to let them hear and see thought, but the vast majority of the existing system would be offlimits to the included. They would have to rebuild their own new system for the included, but many people saw this as futile since they would be included in a few years along with the rest of the public. Many included would try to illegally tap into the system in this period before all could see and hear.

copyright companies
excluded fines on included

So even the major media corporations were forced to comply, to make available their entire video and thought archive (including all new images and sounds) to all the public (excluded and included) at their own expense. And the majority controlled by excluded constantly changed the owner's policies to comply with honest and fully open activity. There would never against be the secrecy in the US government and major media that existed before 2007 when the elitist included were finally seen by their excluded victims.

After the complete reversal of the camera network administration, the public focused on fines for the included. First, it was clear that they wanted to fine those who gained money from copyright. Bill Lates and the owners of Microsoft were chosen for massive fines, RIAA, the music industry were given massive fines...infact Microsoft and the music industry would not survive these fines, even their physical property would be sold off, and the money redistributed to those people whose copyrights and privacy they had abused for many years. All those popular excluded people they had watched without paying a cent to now received a fair reimbursement from the greedy evil media secretive hypocritical conglomerates.

One important thing that should be explained is that the popular opinion had been supressed under the "representative government" or "three tier government" systems set up by the colonists in 1776, and in other nations since. For example, once systems were finally set up to accurately record the public's votes, the majority opinion instantly ended much of the arrests of those who, for example used or sold drugs...the majority had favored drug use only being a fine for many years (not imprisonment), and for some drugs such as marijuana, many, but perhaps not a majority had supported no punishment at all. Some people still under the brain-washing affect of the violent republican criminals of the included that dominated the illegal drug industry favored jailing people that used drugs, some even for jailing those who used drugs in the past which would amount to perhaps a third of the public, but the majority showed a smarter view in tolerance for drug use. (many drug using people worried about the full free information society that was created in 2007, ironically, since before then only the crooked included in the government could see, and the system was undoubtably more unfair under their rule as opposed to the majority of the excluded public. Then it was a russian roulette of who would be jailed for drugs, now it was more of an all or nothing decision, and the public for the most part chose nothing or very little). Another example was how prostitution was decriminalized by the majority, now mainly composed of those who were excluded before 2007.

One priority which was difficult to put a priority on was the freeing of the nonviolent, in accord with the newly recorded popular opinion which clearly required that many people be released from jail, those proven to be innocent of the crime they were charged with by images in the camera-thought net, those jailed for most drugs, and prostitution, all were technically to be freed from prison and allowed to go back to their lives, but not all of the crappy and undemocratic included that still were positioned in the prisons would release them, clearly a larger effort would be needed to enforce the newly democratic laws, many of these people were viewed as useful for the cause against the violent and against the included since the majority were nonviolent and excluded. The priority of the majority placed capturing the violent criminals ahead of freeing the nonviolent now legally determined to be free. In addition there was capturing and imprisoning those who wrongly imprisoned or detained lawful people for large amounts of time. But again, these smaller issues had to wait until the violent people had been rounded up and jailed.

Total freedom of information spelled the end of the free one-sided voyeur copyright ride for big software companies like Microsoft, Adobe, and others, in addition to major media companies like Disney (ABC), CBS, NBC (although GE still survived from other products and services), Fox, ... many smaller companies like the NYTimes, etc still existed but as practically useless almost 100% fictional products that most people chose to ignore, it was clear that the camera thought network was the main source of news and the vast majority of so-called "news" providers, coming from a tradition of being paid-for-news, were highly corrupted and could not compete with the most honest camera-net information.

individual people

Now individual included people were fined by the majority. Mostly those who benefited from royalties, from copyrights, from insider information, and then there were general fines simply for the secrecy, the invasion of privacy (although now a thing of the past). There was plentiful information, and many websites were formed simply to expose all the evidence of those who supported the secrecy. There were unending video of them "shushing" other people, misleading people, intimidating and just simply lying. As a general rule, the vast majority of included were voted to be excluded for the exact same amount of time they were included, exceptions were only rarely made for those people, like those members of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and other similar people that consistently voted against the secrecy and battled for free information for much of the time they were included.

The majority (dominated by the excluded) supported fining the included. It was clear that all money that could be directly related to copyright could be redistributed to those they secretly watched (violated). It was difficult to know how many product sales were from copyright, and so a basic rule was voted together. The most hostility was felt towards those who had profitted from the secrecy of hearing thought, and most of those were in the media companies, and in the government camera and thought administration, who had already been punished virtually into poverty, and the important step of removing these people from their jobs had already been accomplished. So the majority opinion determined that those people who had benefitted directly from copyright (video, book, magazine publishers, artists) should be fined 50% of all net income received from an industry, product or service directly related to the copyright laws not to exceed 50% of their net worth. This money is used to repay all those people who were excluded (in proportion to the amount they were secretly watched?). This way the most abused of the poor excluded were now suddenly thrust into great wealth. It was a tearful justice...they had been so abused for much of their lives. There was no way to undo the abuse they received at the hands of the included, but now the pendulum had swung in their favor and against their abusers. The included also, while angry about being fined, felt a sense of relief to have the punishment behind them, so they could move ahead in their businesses and lives with more financial certainty.

Many argued and voted that the included should serve prison time, but it didn't win a majority for even a single included person. Many voted for total take overs of their businesses and personal property, that too never won a popular majority. As many times happens the majority view was perhaps the fairest view possible, and included ofcourse the many votes of included people (although a clear minority) too.

It was clear that most if not all of those included who had gotten rich in the evil included system before 2007 would remain wealthy until their decrepid deaths. They had accumulated so much wealth and popularity that they would never be faced with the poverty their victims, as honest excluded people, had endured for so much time.

There were also monetary awards given to those who had shown exceptional bravery in exposing the camera-thought net, the truth about the JFK, MLK, RFK, 9/11 and all murders. These were excluded and included both.

It wasn't long before the included who favored and consistently voted to end the secrecy and for full free information were included again. The initial anger of the excluded subsided after the first few years. But just as there were nazi-hunters for many years, and now with no chance of secrecy, those included who supported the secrecy would never rise again, unable to find any kind of support except from those evil people who, like them, supported secrecy, and still retained their wealth through land ownership, inherited wealth, business investments, etc. Evil would never die, but it was an overwhelming victory for the forces of goodness, honesty and fairness.

The excluded who had known the secret about hearing thought were some of the most adament about punishing the included, they desparately put forth their arguments of how the excluded had been abused for years, how the included did not bother to ever inform them that they were included for 100 years, not one book, magazine, video, television show, or even radio...nothing...not one email, not one letter, not one phone call, not the tiniest shield was given to the poor excluded in all those years...the excluded were left to the wolves and the included did nothing. It was in the gentile excluded people's nature to forgive and to trust everybody, they had trouble accepting the truth about the included people being ruthless viscious hardened callous liars and systematic abusers of the excluded's trust. It was very difficult for the excluded to punish the insiders, because they could not grasp the extent of the abuse in such a short time. In addition, the tradition of Christianity with its illogical tradition of forgiving even the worst criminals did not help the matter. Still, the majority of excluded readily understood much of the truth now being revealed to them, and the anger and disgust at the injustice and brutal callousness of the included insiders was clearly a majority view. Even so, the punishment handed to the excluded criminals could never compensate for the decades of abuse and injustice done to the excluded. Slowly the excluded took back the government and restored justice to the USA, and while many of the included would be ostracized for the rest of their lives, a large number of included still continued on because of their accumulate wealth, wealth they had gained mostly from the unfair advantage of secretly hearing people's thoughts for many seemingly endless years.

It was a shocking change for many of the included. Many actually could not understand why the excluded treated them like dirt...but then the answer to their questions were immediate and obvious since they had treated the excluded like dirt for a hundred years. It was their familiarity with the honesty and respect of the excluded they had grown accustomed to before the excluded could see all their dirty lies and were finally given the same opportunity to dissect the decrepit lives of the included. Ofcourse many people woke up to find out that the person they had married and lived much of their life with was a total complete and absolute lying scum bag, who sat back with video in their eyes secretly watching the lives of their mate, having many sexual encounters with other people while claiming fidelity. Many relationships were destroyed, but the honesty and the light of truth was more than worth the cost...those poor excluded had been used, abused, and innocently they trusted the vicious crocodiles of the pupin camera thought net. For many excluded, a life of celebacy was all but guaranteed, while the included found friends and sexual partners with ease, now all of that was changed, and the excluded could finally get to the use the technology horded and denied them by the evil selfish greedy included. It was simply amazing though, at first how the included could not understand why they were so was a total mystery to if they had done nothing wrong at all. Such was the royalistic nature of the majority of these arrogant included idiotic imbeciles, that other people were beneath them and only they should have the privilege to hear and see thoughts.

They had become comfortable with their secret slave society where an elite group had access to warehouses full of information and a daily gold spoon delivered right into their mouth, but the majority only a step away, was reduced to a virtual information blackout and starvation left to gather the crumbs spilt from this nazistic secret society of information hoards. Their biggest complaints were bizarre, what kind of clothes people wore, was the shape of Jesus in a cookie? did their favorite sports team win? was the psychic correct? completely oblivious of the magnitude of the 100 year lie centered and secret society based around the invention by Pupin and subsequent later inventions (kept only to a powerful empty-headed elite), and more serious issues of the mass murder of 9/11, the unpunished murders of JFK, RFK and a million innocent people.

At that moment of inclusion in 2007, what a relief was felt by those poor excluded that knew and had reached out to the excluded only to find the arrogant and evil included bombarding their heads with their propaganda. Those poor excluded that knew, lived in isolation, receiving nothing but constant harrassment, threats and put-downs from the vicious included hostile to their threat of ending their gravy train ride of secrecy. It was a reuniun of epochal proportions once the excluded were all finally united, and the talking would never end...all about the secrecy, the evil they were people they all knew...neighbors, they all lied, and usurped the thought net for themselves, generally about how evil the included were, and how many excluded had struggled to inform the others to little or no avail.

The full democracy had won, but it's power was not guarenteed. As is the nature of freedom of speech, thought, trade, movement, etc, many evil although nonviolent people were still guaranteed freedom, and this group of backwards racist advocates of violence, with a high potential for violence themselves, formed a large group, although not a majority, a wealthy and influential minority. The evil would never completely disappear, even as life of earth started to grow out to the other planets, and the very existence of this evil group continued to pose a constant threat to the flegling full democracy. But for now, the future was bright for the new democracies of earth were secure. Decades of violent murder were at an end. Although the injustice of those secret murders and other injustices could never be repaired, the long awaited punishments of those involved provided some relief and justice for the years of abuse survived by the people of earth. It was a new beginning for the fragile democracies of earth, and happiness was the emotion of the time.