Democracy of Earth II [set around the time 2300-2500 CE]

conflict is:
true democracy versus representative governments:
story as of 08/09/2010
This is in a time when life has cities on Mars and Earth, and the Earth moon, a few asteroids, but that is all - some around Venus and Jupiter. As usual, the violent take over earth and the moon - but are stopped before conquoring Mars. The violent replace the democracy of earth with "representatives" who reject the majority vote, and lie to the public by beaming on their brain videos. The violent are very wealthy and can control large groups of people, but the majority of people are against them. Much of the violent structure is strictly for money. Many democratic humans are murdered and jailed - many escape by flying off the planet - while being lasered at. The new president representative inspects the carnage, with the new generals of the representative military. The democratic military leaders are fired, and replaced - many people retreat from the Earth to the moon, mars and orbit of the sun. Then the moon is taken over violently - again here, many humans and robots are destroyed with laser fire and conventional explosives. The nonviolent leaders and forces of the moon retreat temporarily to avoid being massacred further. This is all done mostly with robots. Eventually the humans land on the surface and the new generals of the moon military inspect the damage. A new puppet moon president is put in place. The democratic government that the people vote to control is rejected.

The remaining humans and robots of earth, and the moon, and those of planet Mars, unite, journey to the earth moon, and begin the long hard battle to take back the moon and restore full and constant democracy where the people vote directly on all government decisions. The robots of the democracy alliance eventually push their way onto the surface of the moon. As the violent are leaving they murder many innocent people and prisoners of war. Robots race on foot and in vehicles very quickly to save as many people as possible. The violent retreat to earth. The stop violence, restore democracy alliance humans go to the surface of the moon to inspect the damage. Then begins the massive battle to take back the planet earth. The people on the ground support the invasion and many watch the skies to see the first democratic ships and the massive light particle fight.Many ships fall to the surface in burned smoking chunks. Finally after a long battle the democracy robots land on the surface of earth and start to fight on the ground. Slowly the mars-earth-moon alliance holds positions all over the earth and is cleaning up the remaining violent. Many prisoners are murdered by the violent on earth. Finally there is no where for the violent leaders to escape to. There is a period where they turn on each other. They are all captured and imprisoned. Democracy is restored on the earth.

an older version:
true democracy refuses to obey laws of national government, national government declares martial law, tries to arrest democratic leaders, open civil war starts, democratic ships retreat to mars
-initially the full democracy is privately funded and has no tax income, so the majority vote as reflected by the full democracy government cannot fund people to enforce that opinion, where the representative government can. So when there is a difference between the majority opinion and the opinion of the representatives/president, the people in the military and police are forced to decide between following the order of the majority opinion and the order of the representative government. Since their pay comes entirely from the representative government, the vast majority usually obey the representative government, and don't risk losing their jobs. As time continues, possibly some tax money could be dedicated to this fully democratic voting structure, which then serves as a parallel government in some regard. In that case, there could be some money to enforce the democratic decisions (but perhaps on a per decision basis). Fortunately the star system democracy does have tax money and is fully democratic.

liberal half of earth government versus conservative half:
conservative half simply cracks down on liberal half, perhaps after election? with brute force. Somehow to take over the power of liberal half. Liberal half fights but retreats to mars.

initial scene:
a) fighting starts (action beginning)
b) election, then fighting breaks out (perhaps a slow beginning)

a) follow individual people
1) killing/arrests are quickly detected by democratic leaders and robots. All communicating is done without talk. Liberal leaders (and all people generaly?) go to defensive positions. Many personal body guard robots are killed with lasers. The lasers can be held on, and perhaps cannot be seen or only a tiny line of light aids the shooter. lasers from satellites? from building tops or street lights?

b) large scale action only

robots with lasers burn up walls, domestic robots, many ppl surrender
helicopter cars

planes fire missiles....there are dogfights in the air...the air ships are blue maybe...and it's blue versus blue...

missiles are terrorizing perhaps cities and people escape in lines into orbit...

in orbit ships are fighting...
the democratic ships are doing their identification and teaming up against violence ships...

"...there are too many ships's almost a one ship to one ship ratio..."

earth ships are all blue
large blue cone ships hold Hydrogen and Oxygen fuel and double as Interplanetary transports
small blue fighter and transport ships go in and out of the sides of the big ships, refueling

it's confusing because the ships are all blue, but the computer systems are aware of who is who....some ships are very red, while others maybe are only purple, and then the good ships appear in blue...representing conserv, middle, liber

finally a number of "retreat...retreat..."

"there are way too many reds...."

but fighting continues... because it takes time for the majority to understand that they good group is not going to win easily...

finally all audio is "'s a full retreat...all ships retreat to mars...its a consensus..."

the large blue ships accept all the retreating blue fighter and transport ships and retreat to Mars orbit.

The conservative earth ships fire on them and destroy several large blue fuel interplanetary ships

Conservative p1: "We might be able to exterminate them all if we follow them on their way to Mars..."
Conservative p2: "Just follow them out of earth orbit. Shoot down as many as possible, but dont enter interplanetary space.....we dont want to trigger an intersteller battle/war (or save your fuel)"

on Mars:
there are many relatively equal size medium sized buildings like a city, the buildings are made from Mars sand and so are orangish. There is very little atmosphere so Mars has red ships (similar to fuel/interplanetary ships, fighter ships, and lander ships..where on earth they land with wings, on mars they land with thrust)

Many people on earth stay in their ships? or all come down on Mars landers and enter the all-inside cities. Everything on Mars is air-tight sealed, with double-door/air-lock doors.

Mars leaders: "The remaining survivers from earth are here" or "The ships that escaped the earth war/coup have arrived, and the popular leaders/earthlings are starting to take transports to the surface".

Mars leader 2: "This is a terrible defeat for the earth."

ML: "Terrible but temporary"

ML2: "We hope so...but ofcourse that is far from certain" of story is basically the same
focus on many characters, at least 1 of each gender and race, but more realistically 3 or 4. In particular dealing with various nations of people...the Chinese, Russians, Japanese, South Americans, English, French, German, African....perhaps less developed nations will be not in the picture leaving basically: america, europe, russia, japan, india, australia,

in addition, think about for example south america and europe...I think the only way it would work is that there are basically two sides on earth, liberal and conservative and they are somehow united ... and shockingly not just all white males...
two possibilities
1) mainly white US+Europe+Austalia+Russia+China... versus nonracists, multiracial (Revolu,Civil,WW2,pupin/freeinfo/JFK,vio/stopvio?: republic versus democracy, representatives versus mob rule)
a) here the bad side is mostly white, the good side is multiracial
b) it's hard to believe these people could take over, for example south america...or would try to, or Africa, I think they would simply want to control the government structure of this way they could exclude the people of south america, africa, arab from having a fair/democratic say over planetary ... resources? policy? land?
c) they want control of the land, they want money: to line their personal pockets, they want to enforce their religious beliefs in a very strong-arm way, they want to control: sexuality (to minimize/no prost, no porno or very limited access to porno/no same gender sex), free info (want the info for themselves alone), drug use (want no drug/alcohol/tobacco use),
2) conservatives versus liberals of every race (ideological,money,land,power,religion)
a) here you have "bad" people of every race

Earth Humans on Mars:
EHoM1: "We have to assemble an interplanetary force to regain control of the earth....the longer we wait the more innocent people are going to be murdered...the rogue government is already purging/capturing the leaders of the other/our/the democratic side"

Star System Humans:
SSH1: "There will need to be popular support for that...many people view this as an earth-only conflict"

MH: "We aren't the parents of the earth, we have our own planetary problems"

MH: "Not everybody on Mars feels that way, we love the earth, and I know that there is already support for robots and ships (peacekeepers) to contribute to an intersteller peace-keeping/law-enforcing force/group/coalition/division/battalions"

SSH: "We need to wait for the people of all the planet systems to weigh in on this matter before organizing any kind of intersteller peace-keeping/law-enforcing campaign"

EH: "Time is very precious, already our communications to (democratic forces on) the surface of earth and the earth moon are gone"

SSH: "The longest delay will be waiting for ships from Saturn and Jupiter...that alone may take as many as 50 star-days/rotations"

EH: "This is hopeless, by then there could be a genocide on the scale of millions"

MH: "I think you are blowing this out of proportion, the fighting has ended on earth and most major communications are intact. They are reporting that all the fighting has ceased and that all earthlings and visitors are free to return in safety."

EH: "Its obviously propaganda...we can't contact any of the major democratic leaders...where are they? They're putting out a smoke screen of lies. "

EH: "They were shooting down retreating ships...returning to earth is almost certainly (obviously) suicide"

EH: "Anyway you look at this, this rogue government of earth can't stay in power"

SSH: "I disagree, we ought to compromise, let's make the best of a bad situation..."

JH: "I can't believe what I am hearing...this is murder...I mean what planet are you on?"

SH: "the murderers have to be identified captured and jailed to the best of our abilities"

SSH: "The star system democracy/alliance/government has never had a conflict such as this, and our intersteller (majority) laws are still fragile and particular when lives may be lost to enforce them...I mean...are you going to ..uh...volunteer to go (send your child) into this conflict?"

EH: "Ofcourse I intend to return to my home planet, but obviously we need to build up robot forces, and money to hire/pay those people who are willing to participate in the captures/arrests and so on....I mean I'm an old man (lady)...I'm not going to be making any arrests..."

[not all escapees of earth are paid to enforce the laws, although many are...some are people with their own ships...even transports of people that do not even own any ship...public transports...that fled the earth system...the "buses" and jumbo jets of regular traffic]

MH: "refugees from earth are pouring in, and ... you have to understand that the cities on Mars have very balanced and limited resources...we have increased our production of the basic materials, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, but our resources are finite...we can handle maybe a few million refugees from earth, but at some point, if they continue to exit the earth they are going to have to move on to Jupiter. "
MH: "all transports from the earth to the other planets have been stopped...and it looks like an order of marshall law has been declared on the earth and earth moon."

EH: "You have to understand what motivates this group of's a highly violent group characterized mainly by their willingness to do first degree violence, they also are a very antisexual group...they don't like homosexuality, pornography, prostitution....nor recreational drug use or alcohol use for example...and the Christian religion is a very central part of their unity and beliefs...(these are people that worship together every 7 earth days)...their anti-free information...they want very much to be the only people to have inside information and to tightly control what information the majority of people can see, hear and read...they are a very secretive people....

[would the red lie, would they have the opportunity to fool anybody? would they need to?]
[red lies:]
SSH: "You should know by now the story coming from the current earth government...that this was an uprising by the minority liberals/democrats/.."

EH: "I(we) was there, my ship captured the entire scene...all the records is 100% clearly an unprovoked attack by people who have a history of doing unprovoked first strike attacks..."

EH: "all the videos agree, are the same...they reveal small groups of (red/conserves) initiating arrests and murders on the western coast (or coasts/or blue cities) of the USA around 4 am earth time" (and then in air space shortly after that around 4:35am)

SSH: "They've produced videos that show (blue) forces attacking (red) cities/people/...terrorism ..."

MH: "The Mars recorded history of earth that is logged independently tends to support the blue side of the story..."

EH: "It's could we possibly have time to alter these videos?"

JH: "but perhaps their not showing all the videos, they only need to alter the first few minutes...there are less than 100 cameras that caught the earliest attack."

[red does not lie]
SSH: "You should know by now that this rogue/red government is stating that they have restored the representative form of government for the planet earth (by popular majority)

EH: "Representative government has not been supported by the majority for decades now"
(EH: "and what about the rule of law? the laws against violence need to be enforced")
EH: "This is just an excuse so that they can fill the ranks with their members and suppress popular opinion as was done for many centuries before full democracy came into effect."

JH: "It appears that there are growing pains in the new democracy on earth..."

EH: "It's only a temporary set back"
EH: "I think you will see...the majority that remains on earth would still vote in favor of a full democracy, if they were given the chance."

SH: "perhaps we should argue for some kind of vote on earth to resolve this issue."

JP: "none of the other planets have this kind of...backwards's only the earth...with all the people that still think the sun goes around it....afraid to ever leave it..."

MH: "It's life of this star's birth place (or is it?!) and the home base for life of this star...its the cradle of civilization...the pyramids, the ancient Greek learning, ..."

VH: "and all that is at risk now...(we still depend on earth) (earth still serves as an important center of history for our entire civilization)"

EH: "Even thought, yes, we are a planet filled with red-necks, hicks, yokels,'s sad"

MeH: "Some people have never left earth...not even to go into orbit...."

MH: "I suppose there are some people born here on Mars that have never gone into orbit either...we should keep an open mind and be tolerant"

EH: "Is that Mercury?"

MeH: "Yes, we here in the projects in orbit of Mercury send our support to you in your struggle to restore full democracy to earth."
?: "Capturing the violent usually involves some level of violent conflict itself and that is very nasty." ?: "Once the lasers start firing and body parts are sliced off with the swipe of a laser at light speed, total chaos might follow." ?: "yes, and ultimately human heads, not just robots, although plenty of them will certainly be lasered off in such a conflict."