"Photon Yes, Religion No"

Intro 3
Religion 5
Marriage 11
Funeral 13
Nudity 15
Touch 16
Violence/Physical Damage 18
Insanity 21
Hurting the Self 26
Information/Images/Pictures/Data 26
Sound 33
Drugs 35
Science 40
Masturbate 57
Sex 58
Same Gender Touching and Sex/Bisexual 63
Antisex Humans 65
Matter 71
Relativity and measures of space, matter and time 74
Number Systems 76
Language 76
Phonetic Alphabet 80
Future of Life 85
Time System 87
Traditions/Holidays 90
Words 91
Copyrights/Patents/Licenses/Trademarks 103
Privacy/Secrecy 106
New Machines Kept Secret/Brain Image and Sound Machines 111
Comfort 114
Government for All of Life of Earth 117
Military 120
Police 122
Courts 128
Laws 130
Prisons 137
Taxes 143
Money 144
Borders/Nations/Countries 146
Stolen Property/Objects 148
Famous/Popular Humans 149
Costumes and Uniforms 153
Individual Humans 155
Both Sides of Body 158
Reproduction 158
Internet/Web 159
Robots/Machines 160
Eating 162
Healing/Medical/Doctor 163
Psychiatric Hospitals 140
Life 166
Bad Ideas Humans Should Stop Being Part Of
Songs That Relate To Me 168
Movies and Television That Relate To Me 171
Talk That Relates To Me 173
Exercise 173
Schools/Colleges/Universities/Education 175
Summary 180

Welcome to my book, "Photon Yes, Religion No". In this book I will be describing ideas that may surprise and excite you. Because of the human need for truth, I think that this book and these ideas will be remembered and enjoyed by humans for millions of planet Neptune years to come.

Humans use sounds and images to name objects in the universe. Some words humans make apply to objects that no body sees in the universe. Some words like "person", "plant", and "galaxy" describe real objects made of matter in the universe. Other words like "spirit", "heaven", and "ghost" apply to objects that do not exist in the universe. While words like "ghost" cause a human to remember an image of a human, or a floating white sheet, no ghosts or monsters have ever been included in population counts.

Perhaps more of a surprise to most people is that no god has ever been seen in this universe. No god, devil, santa, witches, heaven, hell, angels, demons, ghosts, spirits, soul, or monsters have ever been seen, heard, touched, smelled, or tasted. With all these things that do not exist and have never been seen in the universe, what things do exist and can be seen?

Matter and space can be seen in the universe. Neutrinos, photons, atoms, molecules, trees, planets, stars, galaxies, every form of matter can be seen in this beautiful universe.

Most humans agree that matter exists, and that space is a real thing. If humans decide to use language, then I think the best use of language is to label the universe, matter and space. Using sounds and images to describe the universe, humans can agree that photons, atoms, molecules, stars, comets, and humans do exist, and are made of matter and space. Language will make moving life to other stars more easy.

I think that a photon is matter. Even the most popular humans in science think that a photon is not matter. The word "light" or "radiation" is used instead of the word "photon". I think that photons have no amplitude and move in a straight line. If a photon moved in a sine wave shape, photons would move 4.71e8 meters/second, not 2.99e8 m/s. Humans should try to describe the universe in more accurate words. I think that all particles are pieces of matter and that a basic unit of matter, possibly photon, is the root of all matter and does occupy space. I think that photons already exist in the universe and are not made at the time of, for example, a fission explosion. The photons that I think are part of all matter can be seen in a spark or fire. In a fire, photons move from the piece of matter that is burning to your eye and other places where there is no human eye, this release of photons makes the burned piece of matter less in size.

I want to stop humans that cause damage as one of the most valued ideas. Violence is more bad than drug use is. I am against locking humans in jail for owning or using drugs or for being nude. I am against locking humans in hospitals. I am against locking humans in jail for having sex for money. I support science and speak out against religion. No human should be locked in a jail or hospital for sounds made that cause no damage. I speak out against marraige, and support touch and sex with consent. I think that all humans are bisexual humans, and same gender touching should be promoted. I support keeping life alive with clean water and bread, and all minimum basic needs of every living object. I am for a democracy for all of life with constant vote on all laws by all living humans. I want variety in gender, race, shape, size and age. I ask for one human one vote. I ask that humans use a one sound for one letter phonetic alphabet for all languages. I am for the sharing of all images, sounds and data. I am against copyrights, patents, and trademarks. A machine more than 20 years old can see and hear the thoughts of any brain, a machine most humans have never seen. I support moving life to orbit, and to other moons and planets. I am for using the photons from uranium fission to send ships to other stars.

In this book I will be describing what exists and does not exist, common errors humans make, and other ideas I have thought of in the time I have been alive.

Most of the stories of all the religions, in particular the stories of supernatural events, are clearly false. While some of the humans in the various religions probably lived on the surface of planet earth, for example Jesus of Nazareth and Muhammad of Mecca, the idea that a human is seen alive after death has never been observed by humans that care for truth. Jesus and Muhammad were both humans made of DNA that did not care for science and truth, and took part in the common wide spread error of thinking there is a god, and telling other humans what the god wants.

The word god was made and first seen in print after the sounds and symbols "G", "O" and "D" were formed. The words used to describe a god or gods go back in time to the oldest symbols ever recorded by life of earth. The 5000 year old hieroglyphs from Egypt tell of more than one god. The word for "god" was different at that time. The Egyptian humans described gods with names like Osiris and Ptach. Later, other gods would be made like Marduk, Zeus, Jupiter, Allah, Vishnu and "God".

The idea that gods exist goes back to a time when humans tried to explain the universe for the first time. Language is a useful tool to describe the universe, and in the search for pleasure and truth. The surviving species that is most close in DNA, the double spiral protein in every cell of every living object on planet earth, to humans is the chimpanzee. Humans are different from chimpanzees because humans evolved more developed vocal muscles, and a brain of more size with more memory for storing images, sounds and smells. These changes added to the chances of humans surviving for enough time to copy. At some time, thousands of years before now, humans started to label the universe. Sad to say that most of these labels have been reduced to not one piece of matter. Why do humans make labels for objects that can not be seen, and do not exist?

No where in the universe is there any god or devil. No heaven has ever been found. Only meter after meter of space and matter. Photons, neutrons, protons, atoms, humans, planets, stars, galaxies are all seen, spirits, goblins and witches never seen. Matter and space is all that is ever seen. There are no gods, or devils. Humans made words like Apollo, and Zeus to explain the universe, how matter in the universe moves, what the universe is. Eventually more accurate descriptions were given. What is interesting to think of is that perhaps a group of humans did not like the values of the humans that used the word "god", and made a different word for god called "Nature". The word "science" may seem like an abstract word also. Different from "religion", the word "science" applies to observed truth, observed thru human senses.

Observed truth is of more value than stories that are obviously false, or have never been seen to be true. No where in the universe is there matter, I would call "Zeus". There are protons, there are photons, there may be statues made of clay in the shape of a human with the word "Zeus", but there is no matter I would call Zeus, diablo, Poseidon, Marduk, Ptach, or any of the more old popular gods. What is interesting is that most humans will agree that there is no Santa. These humans will say, when asked, that there is no tooth fairy, no easter bunny, perhaps even no angels, but when you say soul, spirit, heaven, hell, or god (not gods) these humans will back out. This is what makes me more special. I move forward, when other humans can step forward no further.

Even Albert Einstein made the error of thinking a god exists. Isaac Newton made this error, I made this error, and other humans will make this error. I learned and realize now that humans made the word god, and like all the ghosts, witches and millions of other words, there is no such thing in this universe. If Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton have made this error, what else can be wrong in the thinking of these two humans? This opens the possibility that, like all humans, Einstein and Newton made at least one error. Atheist humans do not make this error, and yet almost no atheist humans are as popular as Einstein and Newton were and are.

Religion is the most popular money for no product or service business of planet earth. When a human thinks, like most humans that there is a god, the human stops and will go no further on the path to truth. Other humans that realize that there is no god or devil continue forward. All religious humans have one thing in common, these humans think that a god exists. What images do humans think of, if any, when a human hears the word "god"? Because this word applies to no matter in the universe, most humans think of an image of a more old than average aged male human.

Not one of the humans in religion has graduated from a college of science. Because all of the humans in all religions have no education and no interest in education, these humans have no skills, or care for truth. The humans in the religions are the most stupid with the least education. How can these humans be seen as caring for truth more than other humans? Religious humans never learned from good and smart humans teaching science in the colleges. Most humans in religion have never learned math, how to type, how to program a computer, anatomy, or to use a musical instrument, but these humans speak to, and are listened to by millions of other humans.

Humans in religion sometimes try to "save appearances" for the missing god. Like the astronomy system described by Ptolomy before the star center system described by Aristarcos and Copernicus was more popular. For example, humans in radio and television buildings use brain image and sound machines to see and hear what humans and all species with brains think. Some of the humans in the television buildings will repeat what some of the humans watching are thinking. The humans watching have never seen a machine that records the images and sounds brains think of, and explain this as a message from god, as coincidence, or as a new machine that can see and hear thoughts. I am happy that television will fall to the internet and the free trade of data, or copying of photons and electrons.

Life of different planets make errors, bad decisions. Some times these decisions can result in the end of life on that planet, other times the error is not enough to end life on the planet. Rejecting truth and science while supporting religion, I think, has been an error that could result in the end of life on earth and in orbit, possibly life of this star system.

Words you will never hear in a church, synagogue, temple, and mosque include "photon", "galaxy", "atom", "ameba", "planet", "species", and "star" (instead of sun). The more religious a human, the less smart. The more religious, the less care for truth. The more religious, the more violent. Most religious humans do not want to go to other stars, most religious humans say that the earth is "the world", not just another planet, in fact, the entire universe is called "the world" to most religious humans. Religious humans are not interested in growing life on other moons and planets, do not care to contain the humans that cause physical damage to other primates, and do not want to make a democracy for all life of earth.

Religion is one of the most serious problems on earth. The influence of religion is stopping sex, biological mating, touching, the capture, making and trade of images and sounds, the search for truth, science, free thinking, difference in appearance, difference in opinion, and pleasure.

Humans in religion try to scare other humans by saying that a human will go to hell after death. The human playing pope this year has told of the pain of being in hell. Dante describes what hell is like. Have these humans been to hell? How did these humans get to hell, by car? bike? rocket plane? How can these humans be sure with no photos? These humans must have special bodies, an extra arm, a third ear that lets the human get more data out of the universe than average humans. There is no hell, and humans have been saying there is a hell, and before the word "hell", a "hades", and before "hades", some other word or words, these humans are not even telling a new story. Humans pay money to hear this same scary story again and again. Hell was thought to be inside the earth. Humans have drilled thousands of meters in to the earth and not found any hell. The stories of religion change to fit the current explanation of the universe as described by humans in science. Do religious humans now think that the "heaven" first described by humans is inside the universe or outside of the universe? Hell is almost always described as being full of fire. I guess the photons in fire are not part of the story. The devil is at almost all times a red colored human with a black moustache and beard. Some times the image of this human will have a tail that looks like a monkey or horse tail. There is no need to make a pretend hell, because religious humans, by stopping pleasure and wasting every precious second telling 2000 year old obviously false stories are making a hell here on earth!

Religious humans pay no taxes in some parts of earth. All humans must be thought of as equal in law. There should be no exceptions, not even for humans that tell more accurate stories.

A good idea of how stupid religious humans are is that religious humans quote and take advice from humans that lived 2000 years before now! Most of the humans in religion are quoting text drawn 2000 or more years before now, a time when there were no planes, cars, electricity, microscopes, telescopes, computers, robots, not even novocaine! These humans are taking advice from humans that lived 2000 and more years before now, how accurate could the humans 2000 and more years before now be? For example, in the christian religion, humans say a female human was made from the rib of a male human. I want to ask how many humans think this story of a female human made from a male human rib is true, and then laugh for 1 or 2 hours.

All the religions on earth hold the idea that there is one or more god. With all the differences between religions, most religious humans are united with the idea that there is one god. The main religions on earth at this time are christianity, judaism, islam, buddhism, and hinduism.

Christianity is the idea that one human of the septillions of humans that have been killed on earth some how had a special connection to a god, was the son of a god. Amazing. How stupid can a human be? To worship one human like a king is never a good idea. No more monarchy, in particular when the human named king is dead! Jesus never contributed to science or cared for truth that is seen and measured. Other humans living at the same time cared more for truth. Why not learn information on and celebrate some body like Hypatia, a human that was killed by christian humans 1570 years before now. At least Hypatia was interested in the search for truth called science.

Judaism is more old than Christianity. Most judeo humans are jewish humans. Jesus was a jewish human and went against judaism, claiming not to actually be god, only being made from the sperm of god. So not the most self centered, only second most self centered. Judaism humans think there is one god and that Jesus was only a normal human made of DNA.

Islam was started after Christianity by another human that did not add to science and did not care for truth with the name Mohammed of Mecca. In Islam, "god" is called "allah", and "satan" is called "shatan".

Buddhism is seen most in China and was formed in India by a human named Buddha I guess. In Buddhism there is the idea of a god. Confucianism and Taoism are two other religions in China. What is good in China is the interest in science and atheism, not good is the lack of democracy.

Hinduism is a religion with more than one god. One of the gods is called "Shiva", I guess. I will have to search more for this.

I compare the humans that wear crosses and stars of David to be similar to the humans in Nazi Germany wearing swastika symbols. The same is true for flags, and other symbols. This kind of need to look like other humans, support the idea of a nation and religion is not good and is some thing to fear. Huygens said "the world is my country, science my religion".

Marriage is a bad idea in my opinion. Marriage is religious, and humans are following a bad tradition. All marriages in the past were given by religious humans, and only in the last hundreds of years have marriages been given by judge humans. Marriage is not natural. The natural design of the human body indicates an interest in variety, a need for touching more than one human. Like a type of food, a song, or a movie, seeing, tasting, or hearing the same thing makes a human (and any body of life on earth) lose interest in the same bread, and gain an interest in some thing different to taste, see, and hear. Natural mating happens with no marriage ceremony, no special costumes, no jewelry or rings. As a result of not natural mating, humans are made by two humans that need fear of a god, and a special tribal costume ceremony to mate. Mating is more good and natural than marriage.

What need is there for a wedding ring if two humans want to live in the same building and reproduce? When did jewelry enter into mating? Every where I look I see humans with the silver plain wedding ring, and on females, some kind of diamond ring. That all these humans wear the same ring, is like marching in some kind of an army. Does no body defy tradition? What is the fear of looking different from every body else?

Why the need for a marriage ceremony? There is no change in life on earth the second both of the humans say "I do". If the two humans really care for each other, there should be no need for the sounds that some other religious or judge human is vibrating in air.

How scripted and boring marriage is. I refuse to think for a second that there is 1 millionth the electricity and excitement in marriage than of touching and having sex of mutual consent with some body you have only seen 10 minutes before. Sexual wants, like other senses are driven by a need for variety, and staying with and only touching one human for 80 years will never provide needed variety.

What keeps married humans together? For the most part a system designed to promote marriage. The humans and laws of governments promote the not natural ceremony of marriage! Humans are not thought of as equal humans and humans that wed can pay different taxes. The whole marriage idea is a bad idea. With some ink put on paper, and three shakes of a stick, two humans are legally considered married, and then have to go to court, to hear more sounds to make the two humans divorced.

Humans go to prison is some parts of earth, for marrying more than one human. The whole thing is a group of sounds, there are no bruises and if there are bruises, now may be the time to take a stand against violence, you will have to put away all your "kill all humans that sell drugs and stop sex" flags, or at least keep the "burn all drugs and hide all vaginas" signs in the back. Go for real interest in other humans not fear of a god that does not exist.

Then there is the divorce where any thing can happen, humans may be ordered by a human in a court to give half of their property and money to another human that has never earned a dollar.

No body needs to wed to reproduce. I hate that there is no system of touching and sex with consent offered by humans in science. I want to reproduce at least one time with a female human of every different kind of body type, hispanic, chinese, arab, india, nubian, jewish, native american, caucasian, as many as possible. There should be clear names, or genomes for all main body types.

I think that a number of humans that have married show less logic on some basic values because of marriage. Like religion, marriage limits the values and opinions of a human. Like religion, most humans that married or think there is a god have stopped or exited from the path of truth and pleasure. Because the truth of reproduction and mating with no marriage is not accepted, this path, probably the most popular in five or six hundred years, has not been explored, described, or shown.

Marriage is the only system offered to reproduce. There is no system of mating offered by humans in science. Most humans are never taught how to mate, never taught how to have sex, how a human is born, learns each sound, puts together sounds to make words, when a human learns to walk, what a human needs to survive, when a human should learn to use a toilet, can dress the self, can earn enough money to be independent.

I think putting a human in a box made out of wood and then putting the human in a box in the ground is not the best way of preserving a human body (or the body of any species). Then again, religious humans do not care for preserving bodies, change, or science and technology. I do not like most traditions, and traditional ceremonies. I like the tradition of science, and the search for truth humans can see. The idea of burial is for the most part religious and stupid.

Neanderthals were the first primates to bury dead bodies. Five thousand earth star rotations before now, humans in Egypt buried a human with different kinds of objects that these humans thought would be needed after death. The pyramids are where a pharaoh human was buried after death. Think of what could have been built for all humans living instead of one big pyramid and objects for a life after death that, of course, never happens.

The idea of a life after death is not new. To think that some part of a human goes to a heaven or hell is obviously less true and more false. Some humans think that the entire body goes to limbo, or heaven. No body ever thinks that the atoms of a dead body may still be here on earth and here in the universe. Most humans think the human body does not stay on earth is of no value once dead. I think that keeping the bodies of popular humans preserved and on display is a good idea. I think that there is no more matter ever made in the universe than the amount of matter that started with the universe. Some other humans think that matter can be made from empty space.

I like celebrating life while humans are alive. "Life is for the living" I say in one song. Billions of good humans have died, and every body will die in time unless humans in science can stop or slow aging. Perhaps there is life some where in the universe that lives for millions of milky way rotations. Humans may some time find a way to stop aging, or design DNA that can copy for the rest of time. When Chistopher Columbus died, one of the most big in size and money parades happened in Spain. Columbus died with less money than average humans. No body cared to celebrate, reward, touch, pleasure, or give money to Columbus when living.

Nude good. Nudity is good. Nudity causes no damage. The human body has beauty as does every object in the universe.

Because of religion and stupidity humans in the nude are some times labeled insane. Nude humans should not be locked in a jail. Nude humans should not be locked in a hospital. In fact no body should be locked in a hospital with no consent. All humans and all of life have beauty. I am one of the only humans to say that I think a nude human has beauty. Male humans have been taken to court for showing interest in the female body, as if male and female humans attracted to each other is bad! I think that teaching human anatomy and the anatomy of the other species will contribute to healing and new sciences that will add to the pleasure of life.

When the nude war is done, and nude humans are free to walk the planet earth and move in the space of the universe, are not locked in a jail or hospital, will the humans that locked humans in jails and hospitals be identified? Will these humans get less for locking humans in jails and hospitals? I think humans that lock humans that have never caused any damage in jails and hospitals will and are already viewed as humans that should get less than other humans.

Why do some humans think nude is bad? What harm does nude do? In my opinion, humans that show and share images of the naked self are advanced humans to be rewarded.

Think of the humans that call the humans in the police to arrest a human in the nude, and then the humans in the police capture the human. Is this Nazi Germany? What have these humans in the nude done? There is no pain or damage caused? These humans are not shooting any body. What is next, jail for wearing a hat?

Touch is good. Touch feels good when done with permission. For all the pleasure that touch gives, why no ads for touch? Why no events where humans touch? Why no body that will speak out for touching? For the most part religious humans think of touch as pleasure, and think pleasure is bad. Most of the humans that speak out against touch, or never speak out for touch are religious.

I get angry when hearing some body say "no public display of affection please!", or humans that try to stop touching in public, for example kissing. I see this in more young than average humans, the new nazi humans of this time. These humans hate to see a male human nude and support violence over nudity.

When a human is touching another body and there is no consent, and perhaps clear objection, the human and the other body should be separated. If there is any physical damage caused by the human, the human should be contained (decided by the constant votes of all humans) and kept alive (only if consent) for some popular decided time.

You must ask yourself when looking at all the humans in all the prisons and hospitals on planet earth:
"did the human (or body) cause any pain or physical damage to another body other than the self?" If no, then the body should not be contained in a room.

Some humans constantly use the word "love". For all the love where is the touching? So I say touch, love is an abstract word similar to hate. The most I can get out of love and hate is that both are sound and cause no bruise. If any thing, threats of violence are reason to watch and perhaps move to stop a human.

Touch at any age is good in my opinion. When there is no objection, no complaint, no bruising, no cuts, swelling, or pain there should be no bodies separated, or locked in a jail or hospital.

I am making an event I call "touch with consent". Where humans use a computer program to indicate a want to touch or be touched. For example "Ted get hug from any female human for 15 seconds", and "Ted give back rub to any human for 5 minutes". The pattern is: (BODY) (GIVE/GET) (TOUCH EVENT) (TO/FROM) (BODY2) (TIME DURATION). The time duration indicates that touching should stop any time before the time limit has ended. This "touch with consent" event will be the first event I have ever seen or heard of where humans can touch each other.

Violence is always wrong except perhaps in self defense from physical attack. Violence is the answer given by humans that never think of other answers. Instead of sending humans in planes to kill humans on some other part of earth (like in Cambodia, Viet Nam, Iraq, or Yugoslavia) put together a government for all of life on earth, and stop violence every where on planet earth by containing bodies that cause damage. Think of the humans sent to bomb Iraq. No images of violence are ever shown on television, magazines, books, or internet. How can any body be sure there is even 1 human in Iraq that has caused damage to a different human? Then, instead of identifying individual humans that caused damage, the humans from the United States explode bombs all over the Iraq surface of earth killing humans and other species that probably did cause damage with no consent, and some number of other humans and species that have not caused damage. Exploding some volume of space where a human that caused damage to a different human is, is not as good as identifying each human, and using robots and machines to capture as many humans that caused damage as possible. I see the machines that destroy, where are the machines that identify and capture?

I support walking cameras and making the images available for every body. Start at the borders of a country (say the United States or Mexico) and start to move the cameras in, as humans attack the cameras, make sure to identify each human and perhaps try to capture the humans causing damage to the cameras. Also use the cameras to identify humans that have caused damage to gain popular support for capturing a human that caused damage. Try to stop mammal on mammal violence on all parts of earth and everywhere life grows to. Do not stop images of violence.

After the killing of John Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Nicole Brown, all the humans in the prisons and killed in World War 2, still humans do not care to show, draw, speak out against, or stop violence. Stopping violence is one of the most low priorities after stopping drug use, stopping sex, stopping humans that drink alcohol and drive. There are 10 times more ads trying to stop drug use than trying to stop violence. No body is protesting for a stop to violence. An indication of the lack of interest in stopping violence can be seen in the never used combination of words "contain bodies that cause damage to other bodies with intent, no consent, and not in defense of a body". These words are proof of the missing thought that should be given to stopping pain, beatings, stabbings and shootings.

Humans are never locked in jail for fist fights. One example of this, is that the only "charge" available is called "assault". There is also "aggravated assault", that shows that some beating may be more bad than a "simple assault". There are no "human punch human", "human bruise human" laws. Police humans only will make an arrest if there is a metal bullet gun being used. Humans that punch other humans in parks and schools are never locked in a jail. A human that shoots other humans that do not die is charged with "attempted homicide", never "damage to other human", does "attempted homicide" include thinking or drawing some body killed?

A good example of how stupid humans on earth are is the time that humans were asking "Who shot JR?", a human pretending to be shot in a popular television play/film/show. I am angered and not really surprised that humans care more for some body that was not killed than for the 34 humans killed each day in the United States alone. 34 humans killed every day in the United States makes me think that 340 humans are killed every day on planet earth. At the time of this typing, no humans have been locked in a prison for the killing of Nicole Brown, the shooting of Larry Flynt, the killing of Diane Fosse... the list of humans never contained on the earth that have damaged another human numbers in the millions or more.

Humans that say the human will use violence are average, and have a clear majority. This is obvious by the popularity of the words "kick ass". Speaking out for violence is more popular than speaking out against violence. While no body should be locked in jail or taken to court for demanding violence, I support humans that demand stopping of violence.

Think of the laws that have been made that I and you never voted on. Most laws do not describe the stopping of pain or physical damage. Some of these laws include slander, obscenity, stalking, printing money, drug use, sex for money, molestation, child pornography, sexual harassment, property theft, trespassing, locking in a hospital for 72 hours, forgery, speeding, reckless driving, nudity, sex in public, lewd, driving while intoxicated, and owning a gun. The list of laws of earth that are not to stop pain or damage number in the millions.

To destroy is more easy than to build. To cause damage is more simple than to stop the cause of damage. This is true for humans killing other humans, to kill some body like Hypatia or John Lennon is more easy than to stop a human from being killed. This is another reason that I use some amount of time to promote the stopping of violence, the containing of humans that have caused pain and damage to other humans, and the moving of matter before an event of damage might happen.

I think that humans should focus on stopping violence and damage with intent and no consent. There is more than one human that has a less than accurate description of the universe. Having bad opinions is no reason to be locked in a prison or hospital room. No body should be forced to stay in a hospital. If a human has been violent and caused physical damage to another human or some other life advanced past mammal (primate for example), the human should get a democratic trial or vote that includes all living humans at all times, to decide what happens to the human. No body should be in a court or jail that has not caused physical damage.

After all the bad that has been done from the use of the word "insane", I do not use the word "insane" to describe humans, I say "less than accurate interpretation of the universe". By this definition most religious humans would be labeled insane humans. No human has or ever will see spirits, gods, devils, ghosts, heaven and hell because none exist. In addition, humans can see when words like "god", and "heaven" were first made by other humans. No body should be locked in a prison for thinking false ideas are true, like thinking that the planet mars rotates the planet earth, because false ideas cause no damage. Humans and other objects cause damage. Deciding what humans are to be called "insane" or not has no value to me, I care more if a human has caused damage to some object or body. Humans that think there is a god are 9 of 10 humans, and so labeling most humans "crazy" has no value to me.

Some humans are labeled "insane" because the human tries to kill the self. If a human is not able or has no interest in staying alive, no body should put any object in to the body, unless there is no objection, to keep the human alive. A human must be free to stop living. A human should own the self. Humans must be free to put in and take out any objects and also end the life of any and all parts of the body.

I also think that a human that has caused damage with intent should be contained in a prison. If the damage was a complete accident decided by continuous popular vote, then the human should not be contained. I hate to see humans like Lorena Bobbit not being contained in a prison because of "insanity". A human that causes damage with intent should be contained in a prison for a standard time decided by popular vote. In my opinion, "insanity" is not a reason to make less prison time. If a human sees the other body being damaged, there is no excuse unless there is no time to stop (for example in a vehicle) or when there is consent.

There may be risky movements, or movements a human made that are more risky than an average body. I think that free trade of data and also the systems humans use to stop physical damage from happening with a good popular set of laws applied to all life is the best any body can do to make risk less, and keep free body movement. For the most part I am a human that supports first containing bodies that have already caused physical damage, asking for this is enough (and a good start) at this time.

Some humans lock other humans in hospitals with the reason that the human is a "danger to self and others". I think that humans must be allowed to damage the self, humans must own the self, their own body. That a majority of humans think that a human may cause damage to other humans is not enough to lock a human in a jail or hospital in my opinion. Making sounds, images, or thoughts asking for or showing violence or damage should not be enough to make a human locked in jail. The free trade of data should allow humans that have caused damage before, made sounds asking for damage, or that tried to cause damage to be recognized.

I ask that all humans be released from all psychiatric hospitals on all planets of this star system. If a human now in a hospital has caused no less than a scratch of damage, the human must be moved to a prison. No matter how inaccurate the opinions of the human may be, even if the human thinks there is a god and a devil, even if the human thinks there is a santa some where in the universe, the human should be free to move in the universe, until causing some kind of physical damage to mammal life (and perhaps objects owned by other mammals).

Here is some thing that happens on earth at this time. A human is seen nude, and other humans call the police humans. Two or more humans in police uniforms capture the nude human, and take the human to a psychiatric hospital like the University of California Los Angeles hospital in Torrence, California, United States. The nude human is always taken in by the humans at the hospital, no body is ever not taken in. The nude human is then tied with cow skin straps on all four limbs to a hospital aluminum bed (humans were tied to walls in some prisons as recently as 1400, the last human locked in jail for "atheism" was in the 1800s) and is left alone tied to the table for 30 or more minutes. The human is then contained in the hospital for 3 days (72 hours) until let go. All of this torture for what reason? There is not one bruise! No body (other than the nude human) felt any pain. Most of this brutal, not fair process can be related to religion and humans that never stop damage.

Think of the number of humans that must be freed from the psychiatric hospitals that have never caused a bruise and would probably accept free food and water. I read in a list of police arrests listed in a Huntington Beach, California news paper that a "suspicious man" was "asking for food", the man was "taken in for mental evaluation". What could the evaluation possibly have been? "Yes, the human does want some food." Making sounds does not seem like a good enough reason to be locked in a hospital.

Most humans think that a human talking when no body else seems to be listening indicates that the human may be violent, or must be locked in a hospital. I think that simply making sounds is not a reason to be locked in a hospital. I think there is no reason to be locked in a hospital with no consent. I make sounds and speak out all the time, for my self and for the hundreds of thousands of humans that watch and listen to me where ever I am, in an apartment, in a car, walking on a path, in a bus, any where on planet earth. Because of machines built by humans, hearing what I think and say can be done no matter where on the surface of earth I move. So before capturing and locking in rooms humans that seem to be talking, consider that maybe the human is talking to humans that are watching the human like television, in addition, always remember that at most, the human is simply making sounds and has not yet caused any physical damage to a human other than the self. Look for data on the past of the human. Has the human ever thrown a punch or caused any damage?

I hate that humans label other humans with problems. The number one problem the psychiatric humans have is the "labeling humans with problems" problem, and then giving and putting drugs in to humans with no consent. For some reason, injecting humans with drugs does not anger the anti drug humans, only when drugs are used with consent do the anti drug humans get angry.

What definition of "crazy" and "insane" is being used? I am giving a new definition: "If a human thinks that there exist objects in the universe that have never been seen, the human may be named a crazy human". By this definition any human that "prays" to a "god", or thinks there is a "heaven" must be labeled an "insane" human. Can the human describe the explanation of the universe given by science? Can the human describe the past of the universe? Can the human describe what an "atom" is? Does the human think there is "gravity" or does the human think that a "god" moves all of the matter in the universe? I hate to think that 9 of 10 humans must now be locked, fed, and drugged in hospitals because the humans think a "god" exists.

The more fair idea is that no humans should be locked in hospitals ever. If a human has caused damage to a different human then prison is the place to store the damage causing human, if there was no consent, yes intent, and no defense of a mammal.

I think that humans should be free to put in any object, take out any object, heal, or damage the self in any way. In my opinion, you own your own body. There is no reason to lock a human in a jail if there is no damage caused to a different living mammal, bird, amphibian, or reptile body, (and perhaps other clearly defined species with less than 100 living bodies). I support the idea that you can hurt your own body and not be locked in a jail or hospital. I support the choice of killing the self and support humans like Jack Kervorkian that let humans end their own life with no pain.

I support freedom of information. Information has never caused physical damage. A bit of information or data is not responsible for human pain and killing. Humans need to try to stop humans (and other species) from using violence and causing damage. The best way I can think of to stop violence is to capture and contain bodies that cause damage, and let all other bodies free to move.

One of the most popular reasons humans give to stop the free movement of information is "National Security". What is next, "planetary security"? "city security"? "star system security"? A number of humans put more value on data security than human security. Keeping data safe from damage is of less value to me than keeping humans safe from damage. Why all the money and movement for stopping the copying of images, sounds and text and no money and movement for the stopping of damage to humans?

I think that the more humans that have access to data, the more safe life will be. All humans should be included when the word "human" is used in a group of laws. I support one human one vote. Because humans pay for all government objects, all humans paying should get to see all government owned objects. As the sharing of images and sounds continues, humans are learning that life of earth should grow together, recognizing that most humans want to be free to move and search for pleasure. Humans are learning that there should be no more borders, and humans on earth should make one democratic government if any at all. What humans would need to keep secrets if every body lives in democracy on a planet more small than planet Jupiter?

Another reason humans give to stop information is that "images cause violence". More than one human thinks that images cause violence and damage. Some humans think that a human sees images of violence and repeats the violence. Images of any color, any pattern of dots must be free to see. As with the case for guns, the images never do the damage, the humans do the damage. What are humans to do now, destroy every image of a gun? Make every gun extinct? Burn every design of a gun ever drawn? A human must be stopped and contained when violence happens (or after if not captured). Stopping images from being freely displayed, bought, sold, traded, copied and or locking in jail humans for images is not good no matter for what reason. This is how popular humans (for example in governments) get a human to kill a different human even if the popular human (say Herod, Stalin, or Nixon) never actually causes any physical damage.

Think of the price of ignoring information and the free trade of information. The courts on planet earth all full of humans that have never caused any damage, not even pain. One price paid by all of life, is that the violence and physical damage caused all the time by humans (and other species) is never seen, never stopped, and no body that causes damage is ever contained. All the punches, all the kicks, all the stabs, the metal bullet holes, the broken bones, the cuffings, the stopping of breathing, the drug injections, the tying humans to beds, and the broken and stolen property. In the future, humans may focus more time and decisions on events where damage occurred.

Humans (and other species) are killed all the time on planet earth, but I have never seen one human killed on television ever! Humans are only told that some body was killed. You and I never get to see the images of the last seconds alive of a human like Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, or Tom Edison and you can be sure that some humans were, are, and will continue to capture images and sounds of humans in apartments, houses, cars, every and any where on planet earth after 1980.

Here in the United States and other parts of planet earth, a human can be contained in a prison for owning nude images of a different human under the age of 18 earth years. How can any body see what humans are causing physical damage (if any) to humans under the age of 18 when owning the images of humans under the age of 18 is reason to be locked in a prison? No human should be locked in a jail for owning any image. If humans showing images of violence are punished, how can any body see what bodies are doing violence to contain? Will humans that have drawings of humans less than 16 years old touching be locked in jail? If images of nude humans touching, for example holding or sucking a clitoris or penis, under the age of 16 years is reason for court and jail, what will be next, owning images with the color green?

In trying to stop opinions and movement, humans make more popular the opinions and movements the humans are trying to stop. For example, 40 years before now in the United States, humans tried to stop communism, only to make communism more popular. The same is true for trying to stop drug use. Because of the repeating of the same drug messages, humans think that drugs must be used. This is also true for humans drinking alcohol under the age of 21 years. By making an age limit, more humans drink alcohol under the age of 21 than would if given a choice. Free choice and only locking in jail humans that have caused damage will do more to make smart humans that make decision for the self and have all info available.

In making this book there are 30 images of me every second some where. There could be more, for example, dividing a second in to 60 images would capture photons that reflect off a moving humming bird wing. At some interval of time no matter has time to move, not even photons. Images give more information than text alone. Humans may get images and sounds of the text and also of me thinking and typing. There must be images of all interesting humans from 1889 AD to now, the first moving images, John Lennon, George Carver, perhaps even Albert Einstein, any body like me, more popular than average humans. Images from inside cars, apartments, and of thoughts (after 1980 I guess, by 1992), any where and every where a popular human may be. Some humans are interested in keeping a popular human alive, others want to learn from what humans (like Carl Sagan) are saying every day. So, a book like Pale Blue Dot (by Carl Sagan) is interesting to read, however more information can be gotten from images and sounds of Carl making the book. I think that there must be some interesting images of humans like Carl speaking their thoughts, truths that would never get to television or books. Those are the things of more interest and value to me. Most of these images are taken by humans in television buildings, government (like defense, police, military), universities, corporations, and with more money than most humans. Until humans are not taken into court for images these images and sounds will be secret, seen only by hundreds or thousands of humans not millions and billions.

From time to time I hear the words "media leak", as if information is bad! "Media leak" indicates that a human was trying to keep some thing secret and that free trade of information would not be good for some human. For me, information never caused any damage and I support free copy and trade of all data. Also, think of the images of humans in the government, and on planet earth that humans will never see. Humans in the government of some nation get money from humans that live in the nation, and all humans should get to see where the money given to government is going and what the money is buying.

40 years later, most humans can only see 1 blurry image of the male human in a black police uniform that shot and killed John F. Kennedy from the front. 40 years of the inaccurate opinion that Lee Oswald killed John Kennedy. There must be humans that searched and captured images of, not only the human, but the memories and thoughts of the human that killed Kennedy. Humans are more than 40 years behind seeing some of the violence of the past here on the surface of planet earth.

I support the free exchange of all information including medical information. This is a good way to stop the spread of viruses like HIV, and single and multi cell living objects, like the bacteria that causes syphilis, and the microscopic mite that causes scabies. No humans should be made to go to a court, or contained in a prison cell for sharing text, sounds, and images, no matter if the text describes accurate truth or no.

I support the free exchange of all information even if the images or sounds show humans damaged, nude, having sex, are based on race, gender, or age. I think that damaging humans (and some other species) with intent is one of the most bad moves a human can do. I think being nude with consent and having sex with consent are both good! I think that making decision based on gender and race is not good, and will result in serious errors, but no human should be beat, drugged, locked in a jail or hospital for supporting decisions based on age, gender, and race. My advice is to not base decision based on the color of skin, gender, and age of any human. No two humans are identical, or else the humans would be the same human, with the same exact matter and space. No human should judge a race of humans because of the movements or damage caused by a group of humans of one race, for example never touching all USA humans for the damage done to Hiroshima, Japan, or all Japanese humans for the damage done at Pearl Harbor, USA. There are clear physical differences between different types of humans, for example most nubian humans have brown skin, most caucasian humans have white skin, most humans under the age of 1 can not walk. Physical differences are of less value to me than containing humans that cause damage and the opinions a human has. There are a number of humans that are made from more than one race of humans. Variety is a good thing for life on all planets. No body wants to see the same color, smell the same smell, eat the same kind of objects, touch the same objects all the time. Most bodies have a need for new objects to see, touch, hear, smell and taste. Variety is good for survival. For 2.5 billion years (2/3 of the time life has lived on earth) single cell bacteria copied by making identical copies with changes to the DNA code only made by photons from the life star or errors in copying. 1.5 billion years before now more complex single cells formed that copy by sex, the putting together of a female and male set of chromosomes. Copying by sex compared to copying by cell division increases the chances of living objects to survive change (like less photons from a star, or oxygen) on a planet.

Think of all the humans that have never caused damage or even pain that must go to a court. Some reasons given are "slander", "copy right", "treason", "sex for money", "drugs", "nude images of humans between the ages of 4 and 18", the list of these popular reasons for storing humans in prisons that have never caused any damage should be made. Most of the reasons humans are locked in prisons cells are not related to damage caused. Unless there is damage caused with intent, with no consent, and not in defense of a mammal, there is no reason to lock a human in jail. For example, a human that watches a human get killed should not be locked in a jail. Another example of a human that should not be locked in a jail is a human that claims that there is a new god or a new magic medicine, and gets paid money for the new god or the new medicine, even if there is no god and the medicine does not heal any body.

All information based reasons for containing humans in prison must stop because humans should not be put in a prison for sounds and images made or owned.

I am also angered to see that some humans are made to pay millions of dollars in "negligence", and "liability" trials. A human drinks and is damaged by coffee and then gets millions of dollars from the humans in a company that sold the coffee, or a human falls on ice and the group of humans that own the property must pay to heal the damage caused by the fall. Humans live in a risk filled universe, collisions and damage happen all the time. The most safe path is by the free trade of information. If there is a dangerous part of the universe or a body that is less safe than average, humans should share information and educate each other. If a group of humans sell coffee that causes damage, let all humans see.

Some humans say that there is more information than is wanted. More information than is wanted?! I ask what humans have HIV? What do thoughts look and sound like? When do all humans get to see in apartments, houses and buildings? There is not enough information. If a human thinks there is more information, a human can ignore information by wearing cotton over eyes, and in ears.

What humans call "Information" and "data" are more accurately called photons, and electrons. "Information" as a word is getting more old, and will probably be replaced by "image" and "sound", and then "photons", "electrons" and "molecules" as humans get more accurate in labeling.

Humans must be free to make sounds that cause no damage. A popular decided limit for sound may be an amplitude or number of atoms of oxygen, nitrogen and inert gases. Humans must be free to make any sounds at the level of average talk. When some body or thing makes sounds more than the voted level, the sound should be stopped with no damage and any human that caused the sounds should not be locked in a room unless there is physical damage.

Most humans are interested in stopping sounds that are labeled "curse", "dirty" or "swear" words. Some humans think cursing or swearing is bad, but swearing is all part of humans making sounds. No matter what sounds a body makes, the sound making body should not be contained. What makes bad words bad? All words can be connected with sounds. No human should be locked in a hospital or jail for making sounds no matter what letters are put together. Stopping a punch with no consent and with intent is of some value. What I like is looking at the words humans try to stop. Most of these words have to do with body moves kept secret, like sex (the word fuck, dick, schlong, tits, cunt, ...) or body waste (shit, piss, fart, ...). What has made sex and output so bad? I ask that humans stop violence, and allow sounds that are at the volume of average human talk, perhaps 60 decibels.

In the United States, the first amendment does not have printed "no humans can be locked in jail for sounds made that caused no physical damage", humans simply say: "humans should have free speech". Speech is really a subset of sounds made by humans. I think laws should be continuously voted on to make sure each law is still popular, or approved by 51 of 100 humans. For humans that refuse to use the words I advise, there should be no arrest, no humans should be locked in jail for inaccuracy, stupidity, being mean, angry, any thing where there is no physical damage to life other than the self with no consent, with intent and not in self defense from physical attack.

Another theory I am thinking of is the idea of always being positive. Instead of calling humans stupid, simply saying - "I want to see more science....", "I think you can do more...". Even, using positive words, never using the word "no", or "never" (this much I have not put into use yet).

No body should be locked in a prison for any sounds made under 30 decibels. This includes combinations of sounds that are punished some times with violence, and combinations of sounds that anger some humans. This includes the sounds humans have called curse words, or profanity. Sad to think that more than 20 years before now, George Carlin identified this stupid process of punishing humans that use certain words, listing the words thought of by some humans as reason for violence.

I am always an angry human when I read where some body has been taken to court for sounds made, like liable, obscenity, or sexual harassment. One reason I support voting for humans in the United States supreme court is because humans were made to pay because a student human asked to touch the breast of a different student human. Beside there being no pain, and no damage, asking to touch may be more good than touching and not asking to touch.

Sound is how a brain interprets the movement of atoms and molecules on the brain. Some humans want to stop the universe moving. Humans ask for quiet all the time. Most humans try to move where the sound level is a level the human likes. Instead of trying to stop a number of bodies from making sound, a human should close the ear holes of the self. If you do not like sounds made, my advice is to close your ear holes with rubber or cotton objects, or with an electric object that stops sounds not wanted.

I support an open market for all drugs, medicines and molecules. The war on humans that buy, sell and use drugs (the drug war) is a bad idea in my opinion. You put what ever you want in to your own body. You also should take exactly what you want out of your body.

Violence is more bad than drug use. But I see more stop drug ads than stop violence ads. Multimillion dollars of ads and images with the word "drug", and not one ad for stopping violence. These drug ads are being made by groups of humans in the largest of corporations and in the schools. Only after years of me speaking out against violence did a group of humans in a group called "DARE" add "and violence" to the end of the ad with the text "to stop drug use and violence". Maybe some of these humans recognize that violence is more bad than putting some thing into your own body. Even humans in "Kmart" promoted the stop drug ad. How can any human with a different opinion be heard with million dollar drug ads? I am not for stopping any ads, or promoting keeping information secret. I say images cause no damage. I think secrecy and privacy are bad. I am saying that there are more serious problems to speak out against. Stopping religion, promoting science, stopping violence, promoting touch and sex with consent, and more. I am tired of marijuana, alcohol, cocaine, heroine, hash and opium being the only choice for humans, there should be more focus on touching and sex, and freedom to put any object in and out of your own body with no arrest and no property stolen.

Think of the laws being broken in this drug war. Property laws that are more old than drug laws. Now humans can break in to a house, or apartment, steal and destroy property in a search for drugs. What happened to the laws that stop damage to property? Are these laws now of no value? These laws can be erased because of the more valued drug laws? When will the humans in governments (like police, and military) stop violence, not start violence?

What can do more damage, a gun or cocaine? Metal bullet guns are legal to buy and sell for most humans, yet cocaine is not legal to buy and sell. The amount of damage a human can do to a different human is more with a gun compared to heroine. A human with a gun can cause more damage. Guns are legal to buy, and most drugs are not legal to buy. These arguments show an obvious unfairness and stupidity of locking humans in jail for the making, buying, and selling of drugs. Violence is obviously more bad than drug use, but most humans speak out more for stopping drugs than for stopping violence.

Number of humans killed by a different human using a drug: 34/year (United States)
Number of humans killed by a different human using a gun: 8,259/year (United States) (22/day)

Metal bullet, tranquilizer dart, and microwave photon guns are freely available to buy for humans, and should be. There is no way to make guns extinct, and I think guns, are tools made by humans (in science). Some humans want to destroy some objects, and the designs and all information describing the objects being made extinct. I think this kind of destruction is not a good idea.

When the drug war is done, and all drugs are available on the open market, when humans are not locked in jails or hospitals for using drugs, or any objects that cause no damage to any body other than the self, will humans that locked other humans in jail be locked in jail? Will there be war court for those humans that broke down doors, cuffed humans that never caused even a bruise to any body else? My advice is to speak out against promoting humans that locked other humans in jails for drugs. Some humans may want "eye for an eye" justice, where humans must be locked in a jail or hospital for as much time as the humans locked in a jail or hospital for using drugs were.

Why stop advances in medicine, drugs and science? The humans trying to stop drug making, selling and using are stopping humans in schools and companies from making and testing drugs and medicines. Humans must be free to try and stop pain felt and to put any object in or out of the self.

I think that humans may give opinions on the value of various drugs and foods, but should not stop the buying selling and trading of any objects.

Humans stop the flow of trade in drugs. Humans need a "pre scription" or "pre scripture" as I like to say to get drugs. There are a group of humans in some governments that can delay the use of drugs on humans that would consent to try new drugs. For some of these humans there is no way to tell the dead human that humans in the government now allow the use of a drug that would have kept the dead human living. In the United States there are thousands of groups of humans in the government. There is the "DEA", a group of caucasian male humans in uniforms that try to stop drug use, and the "FDA" a group of caucasian male humans in neck ties that try to stop drug use. Where is the VSA (Violence stopping agency)? The CHCPD (Contain humans causing physical damage) agency?

What angers me is that humans fill the prisons with humans that use drugs by choice, and at the same time support drugging humans with no choice in psychiatric hospitals. For some reason, putting drugs in your body by your self is bad, drugs being put in to your body by another human is good. Where is the anger against drug use in humans at the psychiatric hospitals? I guess if a human has a school degree, then using drugs on humans with no choice is ok.

The idea of locking a human in prison for using, buying, or selling drugs is the same as locking a human in prison for using, buying, or selling more butter or sugar than healthy. Will humans be locked in jail for being over or under average weight next? Maybe an extra day in jail depending on the number of grams over or under average weight, or the number of grams of sugar owned. Will humans that try to sell butter, ice cream and sugar be locked in jail? Butter and sugar both may contribute to stopping blood moving, and death by heart problems. Eating sugar and butter, like eating cocaine or heroine may not be good for a human, so should humans be locked in jail that use and sell sugar and butter? Will humans that buy and sell tobacco or buy and sell alcohol be locked in jail next?

Because alcohol, marijuana and tobacco can not be sold to humans under the age of 18, most of the humans under age 18 try to get alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco. Instead of letting a human of any age put any thing the human wants in to the own body of the human, laws made to stop the sale of alcohol and marijuana make humans want to get these secret objects even more. Most humans try alcohol in before the age of 18. Even if a human does not like the taste of alcohol, as most humans do not, a human will still drink alcohol. I remember trying a beer for the first time. I took one drink and then poured the rest in the toilet. I could not drink the rest of the beer, the taste was not good enough to swallow. Marijuana is almost always smoked. Humans never realize that marijuana can be put in the body in tea, or food. The cost of marijuana and lack of information on marijuana makes most humans smoke marijuana in paper, a pipe, or water pipe. Touch, science, and sex is never offered in place of alcohol, tobacco and marijuana.

I support a government providing the minimum needs for the survival of all living objects. Giving clean water, bread, clothes, heat, soap, getting waste, and containing bodies that cause damage. Humans should give the objects needed for basic survival of all species of life on earth. How can humans think that the money spent in storing humans that use and sell drugs in a jail is needed for survival? These are humans that were paying for a roof, clothes and food. Now other humans must pay for the roof, clothes and food. I also want to include the need to make life in orbit or on the earth moon to not depend on life on earth, to double the chances of survival of the life that started on earth.

What is the goal of these drug wars? To make the marijuana, coca and poppy plants extinct? What kind of a goal is that? Every species of plant must be kept alive. Plants make oxygen for mammals to breath, plants are used to eat, and for pleasure. But, at this time, government humans on the surface of earth are burning stolen marijuana, coca and poppy plants, moving smoke in to the air, and destroying property of never violent humans with the goal of extinction.

Why do humans not support and reward the more young than average age humans that like science, education, and learning? Humans that like science should be promoted and supported. In all parts of the planet humans go to schools and learn science. But look at most popular humans. Most popular humans do not care for science. The same is true for humans in the governments of earth. Most of the humans with more than average amounts of money are in sports or acting. I have no interest in watching other humans act or play a sport. Look at the most popular humans in music, again here, less school than most humans, no message of science, for truth that is seen and measured, democracy, stopping violence or stopping damage. Some of the most popular songs include words like "heaven", "magic", "heart", "soul", "king", "queen", and "love" instead of "science", "star", "planet", "atom", "brain", "matter", "Democratis", "popular opinion", and "touch".

Where are the most popular and best humans in science? I think humans in science have good values, skills, and opinions. Most humans in sports and acting never take classes in a college. Going to classes at a college is not needed to learn skills in science. Most humans in sports and acting do not care for science, truth, pleasure, democracy, and stopping violence. For no care in stopping violence, and promoting science and pleasure the humans in sports, acting and music have the most money and are the most popular. There must be a "most popular" group of humans in science. Humans with most viruses identified, most successful operations, most other humans fed could be identified. Best humans in science could include the humans that are the most popular that teach, heal, build and design robots, buildings, planes, cars, clothes and tools.

I am still trying to make a movie called "Science". The story of science is one of the best stories ever told of life on earth. A movie of science will make the movie "The Ten Commandments" look like a story of myth, full of obviously false events. Humans continue to use the products of science with no interest in the origin of all the products that make life more easy for all humans.

One error made by Max Plank, Albert Einstein, and Niels Bohr is the use of the word "radiation", (first used by Marie Curie I read) instead of "photon", or "2 neutrons and 2 protons". A photon is matter. This is clear to me. I think that the change in direction of a photon from a star by the matter of the star planet earth rotates is from gravity, the matter to matter force. This can also be explained by saying that the matter of the photon changes the shape of space-time and is pulled more close to the star that also changes the shape of space-time. The equations of Einstein and Newton may both be accurate if time does not depend on the velocity of photons. Photons may be seen to move more close to the matter of the earth moon, or planet Jupiter. Perhaps more matter, like the matter of a star is needed to change the direction of a photon, because of the 300,000,000 meters every second velocity of a photon. How can a human feel the photons from the earth star and say the photons are not matter? This is one of the most simple errors made by Newton, Einstein, and Plank. I think Plank made the word "photon", but Plank never said that a photon is matter. Photons may move in groups of 3 or more. Photons may be made of hundreds or thousands of pieces of other matter. There could be a piece of matter in the center with two other pieces of matter, perhaps photons, orbiting 90 degrees to each other to explain how photons can be moving in what humans call the magnetic field and the electric field made by each photon. Are all photons the same size? Another interesting thing to think of is, that if a photon, moves in a wave path, a human may think that a photon with a radio frequency is covering less space (in the up-down or left-right dimension) than a photon with an x ray frequency. The space all photons move in the forward-back dimension (most humans think of forward-back as the "Z" dimension of an x,y,z triordinate space) is always the same speed of a photon 300,000,000 (3e8) meters every second.

Even in science I have new ideas and questions. Humans say that there are 4 forces. What defines the word "force"? Force may be describing how matter moves in the universe. The same thing is true for the word "energy". What defines the word "energy"? The word "energy" may define some basic unit of matter plus how the matter moves. What do humans see in the brain, on your own screen in your head when you hear the word "force" or "energy"? If energy really is matter, what may happen to the popular equation of Einstein, E=mc2? Perhaps the E will define the number of photons, or basic units of matter, or this equation may have no value. Because "energy", what ever "energy" is, is equal to matter, does more velocity equal more matter? Do two pieces of matter colliding at a more fast velocity result in more matter than two pieces of matter colliding with less velocity? Is the velocity changed in to matter? I guess no. The amount of matter in the universe stays the same at any and every velocity.

Project Orion. Think of the first human to actually try to make an object that can safely hold a camera and radio transmitter moved by the photons and atoms released by dividing a group of uranium atoms with neutrons. How exciting the images of nuclear explosion moving ships will be. As Carl Sagan says in "Cosmos" "I can't think of a better use for nuclear weapons." Think of how fun and exciting watching the first ships go might be. Maybe humans will have a good enough design to make a ship that will not explode because of the photons and other pieces of matter that are moved from splitting atoms. A group of humans may want to make a fission explosion in star orbit. This process is like making a human made star.

Isaac Newton made the equation:

This equation describes the way matter moves. Most humans learn this equation in school. For a piece of matter, S is the distance the piece of matter moves, a is the acceleration of the matter, v is the velocity of the matter, and t is the amount of time. So in 1 second (t=1), a piece of matter moving with an acceleration of 10 m/s^2 that already has a velocity of 8 m/s, will move a distance of:
S=.5*10*1*1 + 8*1 = 5 + 8 = 13 meters.

This equation can be used to calculate the time for a ship to go to other stars. For a ship starting with no initial velocity vt=0, this makes the equation even more easy!

s=1/2at^2 (or 1/2*acceleration*time*time)

With a constant acceleration of 10 m/s^2.

s=the amount of space between here and Proxima Centauri, measured by some humans as 4.28 photon earth years. This is the space a photon moves in the time earth takes to make 4.28 rotations of the star humans call "the sun". The speed a photon moves in empty space is 3e8 (3 with 8 zeros after) meters in the z dimension every 1 second. The distance between Proxima and Earth Star in meters is:

4.28 * 365.25 days * 24 hours * 60 minutes * 60 seconds * 3e8 meters/second=
4.05199584e16 meters. 40,000,000,000,000,000 meters. 40 quadrillion meters. 40,000 trillion meters. 40 million billion. 40 billion million.

I want to find half of this distance because a ship could be accelerated half the distance, and accelerated in the opposite direction for the second half of the distance at the same rate, here 10 m/s^2, to stop exactly at Proxima Centauri. Half the distance from earth to Proxima Centauri is 2e16 meters.


t=63,655,289 seconds
63,655,289/60 = 1,060,921 minutes/60 = 17,682 hours/24 = 737 days / 365.25 = 2.02 years to half distance * 2 = 4.04 years to Proxima Centauri. Less time than a photon takes.

2.02 years to Proxima Centauri with constant acceleration of 10 m/s^2. This is if the opinion that time is slowed and space is stretched at 299,999,999.999 meters each second less than the speed of photons is false, and other pieces of matter can move faster than photons. If a photon moves from Earth Star to Centauri star in 4.28 years, what slowing of time is there for the photon? How does the photon grow in size? The errors of time slowing I think originate with the error of thinking that a photon is not matter and that time depends on the speed of photons. Humans depend on photons to interpret time. In my opinion, and I could be wrong, time does not depend on photons. I think, like Newton, that time is independent of space and matter.

Four years to go from the earth star to the 3 stars of Centauri! The constant acceleration adds to the velocity. Getting to the speed of a photon would take v=at, 3e8=10t, 3e7=t, 30 million seconds, or 347 days at 10 m/s^2. Once some matter is moving 3e8 meters every second relative to all the other pieces of matter in the universe, stopping in the comfort of 10 m/s^2 would take another earth year! There would be no easy way of stopping a ship moving 3e8 meters every second in less than one earth year. For the slowing part, the last half of the move, the room ceiling would be the room floor.

I vote to build this ship. To get a constant acceleration of 10 m/s^2 is easy to do using uranium split some distance from an aluminum or steel ship. The part of the ship getting most of the photons from the millions of uranium atoms being split would have to be cooled and thick enough to take the number of photons needed to move the ship 10 m/s^2 for 1 year. This ship can be built now! Think of what could be learned in 1 year. Was Einstein accurate in saying that no matter can move more fast than a photon? If yes, then general relativity will be thought of as more accurate than now. If no, then humans should recognize that matter can move more fast than a photon and that Einstein made another error beside thinking a god exists. This experiment is now possible, and should be done!

Think of the images seen on and sent from a ship moving more fast than a photon. In the ship no photons would be seen from behind, no photons moving in the same direction would have more velocity than the ship. Photons would be colliding with the ship from the front and sides. There would be more photons from the front compared to a more slow velocity, stars in front would look more bright. Also think of the images of planets of other stars, only a step from here in the pond of this part of the Milky Way Galaxy. Project Orion is stopped only by the fear of using nuclear fission to save life, and the popularity of using nuclear fission to destroy life.

Here are the times to the Centauri stars for more fast accelerations:

a=20m/s^2 (humans would not live in comfort at 20m/s2 and more, cameras and other machines can)
t=1.43 years

t = 1.16 years

t= 1.00 years (368 days)

t=329 days

A constant acceleration for 1 earth year may use 6.022e23 (Avagadro number) atoms of uranium, 92 grams!

Other interesting ideas in science:

Molecules that copy. What makes DNA (De oxy ribo nucleic acid, the protein found in every living cell of every living object of earth) copy? What part of the DNA molecule is needed for copying? Are there other molecules that copy the self? Other molecules that copy could result in other kinds of life. In truth, life is part of the universe, and can be thought of as matter, or perhaps the idea that no object is living, or every object is living. For years humans have thought that life is some how different from the rest of the universe. At this time, there still is "organic" chemistry and "inorganic" chemistry. There are differences between atoms and molecules and, for example, a virus, one of the most simple forms of life. Like lead, silicon, or carbon, a virus can not move by the self. A bacterium can move the self. Humans think that atoms have no choice in direction or movement, humans are different because humans can decide (from a limited number) what part to move and where to move. Humans, also are moved with no choice in the same way hydrogen is moved, because humans can not control every part of the universe. Humans may make changes to star systems, gravity does not stop humans from moving the moon of earth to orbit the star the earth orbits. Humans may use the hydrogen of Jupiter and move all the moons to orbit more close to the earth star. Because of fission, humans can now send ships and objects from earth to other stars.

When each nucleotide (the four parts, amino acids called, Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, and Thymine, used in different combinations in every DNA molecule) of each species has been recorded, humans will probably put together the most accurate map of evolution for all species. Also seeing what each DNA code is for (for example what code grows a finger) will be of value.

I want to list all the groups of observed matter and antimatter, from most small to most large. Like a periodic table. All quarks, photons, electrons, protons, atoms, molecules, viruses, bacteria. This includes isomers (molecules with more than one 3D structure). Also including isotopes (atoms with more neutrons that are named the same atom like Uranium 235 and Uranium 238). The current table first made by a russian human named Dmitri Mendeleev is based on the number of protons, so atom 1, Hydrogen always has 1 proton. I think humans could use the current name for the letters of each atom, for example Lead could be "Le", not "Pb".

A black hole may really be made of matter and called a "black star"? A black star could be photons in a more small orbit than in a neutron star.

Microwaves, x rays and radio are all actually photons. What is the amplitude of wave a photon makes? If a photon moves in a sine wave, the amplitude of any photon is 1/4 wave length, because a complete wave will form two halves of a circle. The diameter of a circle is 2*PI*radius. For some reason humans never speak of amplitude of a photon. The amplitude of a photon moving in a "radio" wave frequency is more than the amplitude of a photon moving in a "visible" frequency. The more space in the wave length, the more high the amplitude. At first I thought that the space covered by a photon in the Y (or X) dimension is less in the radio and more in the gamma, after drawing two photons I realized that this distance is the same, the amplitude changes, the distance moved does not change. I think this is true because of the two or three books I got from a library on radio circuits. One kind of radio antenna is like an antenna on a car, a single cylinder. As photons move in a wave, the photons in different parts of the wave touch the metal cylinder, and move electrons (electrons may be photons) to the circuit. The more size the wave length, the more size the antenna, because wave length is 1/4 amplitude and both increase or decrease together. Humans must consider all three dimensions when calculating the space covered by a photon or any piece of matter. Saying a photon moves 3e8 meters/second is not good enough, 3e8 m/s is only in the z dimension, not the y (or x) dimension also. If a photon moves in a sine wave, a photon actually moves 2*PI*Radius in one wave. In one second, a photon will move 2 * PI * Radius (1/4 * wavelength) * frequency = 1/2 * PI * Speed of Photon in Z dimension (3e8 m/s) = 4.71e8 meters every second. No matter what wave length, a photon moves 471 million (4.71e8) meters every second in empty space. There is a chance that all photons move 3e8 m/s and define a wave shape. In this description a single photon has no wavelength, frequency or amplitude and moves in a straight line. Photons released from an atom (or some other object?) rotating in a circle could make a sine wave of photons. If photons are released in the same direction one at a time from the path of a circle, a sine wave made of photons is made. The problem here is that no atom is as large as the wave length of photons in the radio (this can be meters in amplitude). There is a chance that more amplitude (1/4 wavelength) equals less photons every second. This would explain the way more electrons are moved in a metal when more high frequency photons (like photons with xray frequencies or perhaps photons that are part of a wave with an xray frequency) collide with atoms of the metal (less electrons move with more low frequency photons, like photons with radio frequencies).

The photons from other stars show a red shift or "doplar" shift. Photons from calcium atoms in other stars have less frequency than calcium atoms seen on earth. The most popular interpretation of this is that the star and human seeing the photons are moving away from each other. I am still trying to solve the problem that if a photon detector moves away from photons moving in the direction of the detector, less photons are detected (and the idea, like with sound, is that less photons equals less frequency). The opposite would be true if the photon detector (for example a human) was moving forward in to the photons. For this example, there would be more photons every second, and the frequency would be blue shifted, or more high frequency. The problem I think would be the amplitude. If photons are detected more close or more apart this should not have any effect on amplitude, but my guess is that the amplitude of photons (1/4 wavelength) is also shifted. There is the chance that the photons are less in frequency only because of the distance (slowed by other photons and atoms), and the velocity of the objects does not change the frequency. In this interpretation photons would only indicate distance, not combined velocity of two objects. The problem with this is that red and blue shifted photons have been seen from the star the earth rotates.

I think that photons were made at the start of the universe, or always here in the universe and can not be destroyed. I think that you can kill a human, but you can not kill the photons that are the human. The photons that are a human will continue to be in the universe and move to other spaces. The same is true for any body of life of any planet of any star. Do photons have a set course? If yes, and I think that this is possible, the course is more complex than probably can be calculated, because there are more than 10e100 photons, each that is influenced or moved by each other. Calculating the combined movement of even one photon would depend on all the other photons in the universe. A skin cell from an average mammal has more than 10e10 atoms, each atom may have millions of photons. Calculating the path of 10e10 photons for every 1e-10 second would probably take more time than the photon would take to move in that time. Humans may think that photons are all the same, and hydrogen atoms are all the same, and so there may be some way to calculate the move of 10e10 photons for a certain group of locations in some time. Humans use equations that can be used to describe the paths of groups of photons, like planets and stars. As time continues, these calculations will probably be more accurate. For what humans need to do, go to other planets and stars, drink and eat, move planets, using equations that describe groups of photons (like a planet, or grain of rice) is good enough. I think that humans can change the path of matter in the universe. I am amazed that photons could group and evolve to humans that can make a star, or move a planet.

Photons have been ignored and kept secret. For example, some humans say the color black is when an object takes in all frequencies of photons and white is when all frequencies of photons are reflected. The color white is only a number of different frequencies photons move at reflected off of an object, if white was all frequencies the object would be a mirror. Some mirrors reflect most frequencies of photons. Perfect mirrors would not gain in temperature because no photons would be taken in. All matter gives off photons in the infrared frequency, what mammals feel as "heat". "Heat" may be the velocity of matter, and infrared photons have a wave length that moves the matter in humans. Humans should not fear guessing, most of science is a secret now. There are always photons in the universe if you are made of or using matter.

What is a good way to make oxygen and nitrogen, by using bacteria or plants? How can humans make more matter called ozone (O3)?

Can photons be sent that reflect back to earth from planets of Centauri and planets of other more near stars? How many photons are needed to image planets using radar?

Electrons may be photons. An electric and magnetic force could be explained as the matter to matter force called gravity. Electric and magnetic force is also related by inverse distance squared, like gravity. The equation for electric force is:
and for gravity:
The letters are explained like this: For the electric force, k is a constant (to make the final number equal some human made measuring system like the "meter"), q1 and q2 are numbers that equal two separate "charges", and "distance" is the distance between the two "charges". For the gravity force: "g" is a constant, m1 and m2 are the "mass" of two pieces of matter, and "distance" is the distance between the two pieces of matter. If q1, q2, m1, and m2 are numbers of photons (instead of the abstract idea of "mass" and "charge") then the two forces are the same. Electric and magnetic force can move matter apart and together, not only together, the way gravity is seen to move groups of matter like planets and stars. This may be explained by the direction the photons are rotating in, the way photons collide and are reflected off each other, and or the various group movements of millions of pieces of matter rotating. With electric and magnetic force, like with gravity, the more matter, the more velocity the matter can have. Because of momentum, the velocity a piece of matter keeps, a number of other forces can be explained as momentum. For example what humans called "centripical" force, the force on a piece of matter rotating, can be explained as momentum. Because of momentum, two pieces of matter that are moved together because of gravity may move to each other, but never touch. A piece of matter can rotate another piece of matter because of gravity, but not go directly to and collide with the piece of matter.

What is a surprise to me is that most humans in physics and science still do not accept that a photon is matter. So, as a result the size of a photon has not been measured, what is the number of base units of matter in a photon if any? Why do most photons pass thru Hydrogen gas, SiO4 (glass), and water, but not thru Carbon, Iron, and Sulfur? How many photons are in an electron? What is a good name for the smallest piece of matter if not a photon? What is the amplitude of a photon moving at 10e6 cycles every second, compared to a photon moving at 10e9 cycles every second (some times called Hertz).

Paul Dirac was one of the first humans to think that for every object of matter there is an antimatter object. Antiphotons, antiprotons, antielectrons, maybe even antiplanets, antistars exist or could be made. Antimatter occupies space like matter. Antimatter and matter collide. A group of antiprotons would make a hole in the earth and could be one way to separate objects like planets or stars. Some humans may change opinion to think that there is only matter and space in the universe to thinking that there is only matter, antimatter and space in the universe. I think that antimatter may be matter with a different shape or distribution. Antimatter has the same "mass", so I think antimatter, is actually matter. When protons and antiprotons collide the matter is not changed in to empty space. If matter and antimatter collided and made only empty space then the antiproton (what is being called "antimatter") would actually be "antimatter", the opposite of matter. But, because a proton and antiproton collide and release photons, I think that what is being called "antimatter" is only a "same size" "electric opposite" particle. An antineutron is the combination of an antiproton, antielectron and neutrino.

A neutron will separate to a proton, electron and antineutrino. Most humans in science think that the proton, electron and antineutrino are made at the time the neutron decays. I think that a neutron is actually a proton, electron and antineutrino moving together because of the force of gravity. Perhaps all pieces of matter are made of photons, neutrinos, or some other piece of matter moving only because of the single matter to matter attraction called gravity. Because a neutron separates to a proton, electron and neutrino, and not 3 quarks, I question if quarks exist. No individual quark has ever been "seen". There may be groups of photons that have the same size as any of the six "quarks".

Nuclear fission is when an atom is divided in to 2 more small atoms. There are a number of photons that move out of the atom. There will probably be a time when humans can get all the photons from an atom to move out of the atom. I think that this could be possible with antiprotons, antineutrons or antielectrons. Again, these anti particles are probably not antimatter, and are only electrical opposite particles. The number of photons rotating in an atom is more than are let go when an atom of uranium is split with a neutron to separate in to an atom of xenon and an atom of strontium. What are the frequencies of all the photons that were called "energy" moving from uranium atoms after fission? The photons are some times used to heat water. Think of what could be done if all the photons in atoms already put together could be made free? With matter like a plant, shirt, planet, or atom putting together the photons has already been done! How to put together photons in to an atom is probably of interest only to me at this time.

There is more empty space than matter filled space in this universe, or else there would be a galaxy of space in a universe of matter. Because matter is a part of space, perhaps space-time could be called space-matter-time. Maybe empty space is a form of matter, then I would say a universe of matter, not a universe of space and matter, or maybe a universe of space-matter. In the universe there is empty space and matter in space. If there was only empty space, there would be no stars, planets, and life. If there was only matter in space, there would be no place for matter to move.

Still humans use the words "light", "radio", "microwave", "gamma ray! gamma ray!?", and "x ray". Never do I hear "photon". Or "the photons in the microwave frequency".

Where is the science news? Finally, there is a "science" section in some news papers. Go for moving images already. Where are the most popular humans in science? Why learn science, or do good in school at all?

When did the first apple evolve, the first peach? What came first the apple or orange?

There could be vehicles that move in air only 1 to 10 meters above ground, stopping the need for tar roads.

Any where there is matter moving from one place to a different place humans can get photons to use. For example, the photons moving from one magnet to a different magnet can be used like the moving of water to rotate an object for as much time as there are photons (for a magnet) or water molecules (for a river) moving. The same is true for the attraction of the earth to other pieces of matter (this is what moves water on the surface of earth). The moving of Oxygen and Nitrogen molecules in what humans call "air" is another example of matter moving from one place to a different place. I think that humans will get the most photons from matter by separating matter in to the original photons, perhaps by using antiprotons.

I like to use simple words, less than 7 letter words when describing the universe. Popular words are recognized by more humans, and more easy for humans trying to learn a language. Most of the time a 10 letter word can be exactly matched by a 4 or 5 letter word. Humans use larger words to try to hide basic ideas from other humans, to look important, or to make more abstract interpretations or descriptions of the universe. The main idea for me is to describe the universe in the most accurate words possible.

Humans should be exact in describing the universe. Some humans use the words "germs", or "microbes", think of how much more simple humans would think of science if instead humans use the word "virus", or "bacteria", more accurate, and not making more abstract words that do not apply to any matter, or already defined matter. What is interesting and amazing is how much is learned when humans try to use more simple words. Take for example the word "fire" or "energy", when replaced by the word "photon".

I think that the most accurate description of the universe will include every space and every piece of matter. Each piece of matter in the universe will be included. Also, humans should be using equations that describe the number of pieces of matter, not mass of objects like stars and planets. Even more small than grams (what ever a gram is) are photons. Perhaps photons will be the more small unit of measure, making an electron 10000 photons. I want to see a computer model the universe with matter made of photons. Using a 3 dimensional model that includes photons, quarks, atoms, and molecules of a salt crystal, an iron magnet, or a planet.

Some basic questions are not being explained, for example. Atoms of mercury have 80 protons, neutrons and electrons. Atoms of Iron have 26 protons, neutrons and electrons. Why is 1 cm3 of mercury (a liquid at earth temperatures) less "weight" than 1 cm3 of iron? There must be less matter in 1 cm3 of mercury than in 1 cm3 of iron. If the "weight" of the 1 cm3 of mercury is 5 times less than the weight of 1 cm3 of iron, then a human may guess that there is 5 times more space between atoms of mercury than between atoms of iron at 320 degrees Kelvin. Even if there are more protons, neutrons and electrons in an atom of mercury than in an atom of iron, atoms (or perhaps molecules) of iron are more close to each other. Iron can be moved more fast (heated) to make the iron a liquid and perhaps even a gas. The movement of mercury atoms can be slowed (frozen) to make the mercury a solid, or moved more fast (heated) to make the mercury a gas. Most molecules, and atoms are not the same size, but most protons, neutrons, electrons, and photons (I guess) are the same size. A proton weighs 3.3e-24 grams, 2/6.022e23. 1 gram of any atom, molecule or object made of matter is equal to 3.011e23 protons. There could be 10,000 or more photons orbiting in the space humans are calling a proton. These are basic ideas that are never explained in a way good enough for me.

Humans have not explained the universe by thinking of photons, or that photons are matter. The idea that photons are matter is new and so a number of ideas in science have not been explored. For example, when photons reflect off a mirror do the photons touch other photons, or do the photons rotate other photons and move back in the opposite direction? When photons change direction in water, glass or clear plastic (and perhaps other atom groups) what is causing the photons to change direction? Gravity may be the only force in the universe and all other forces the combined gravity of moving matter. Humans should not fear asking any questions.

As a star and planets form, the matter most close in distance to the star moves more fast. For this reason, the planet Mercury must have the most collisions for the amount of space than any other planet more distant from the star mercury rotates. Planet Jupiter probably gets more collisions because of size.

Perhaps life has evolved on planets of other stars, like the stars of Centauri, Epsilon Eridani, 61 Cygni, or globular clusters. Life of other stars may have recorded part or all of the forming of the planets and life of this star. What a fun group of images that would be to see. Maybe some time when more than 10 humans live off the surface of planet earth and a majority of humans care for truth humans will find more advanced life of other stars.

The method of science is to always provide all information for free, to openly share all things learned. A bad thing that happens is that humans freely copy ideas from humans in science, take the ideas and try to copyright and patent the ideas. The original humans that should be credited with the original idea are forgotten, not celebrated, not rewarded, not exposed.

Science is a self rewarding process, and religion is a self punishing process. Science is the search for truth. Science is the search for pleasure. Religion is not a search, all questions in religion have been answered. Religion is the remembering of the same false stories, the stories never change. Why are humans in science not shown? Why promote religious humans and ignore science humans? How will religious humans advance life of earth? All over the planet earth, humans are learning science. I ask humans to stop support for religion and to continue support for science.

Masturbating is making your self orgasm by using your hands. After puberty mammals, including humans, can feel sexual arousal. For a female human, the vagina may become wet, and rubbing the clitoris will cause pleasure. After a few minutes of rubbing the clitoris and perhaps moving a finger in and out of the vagina, an orgasm will happen, which causes the entire body to shake for a few seconds, and produces a very pleasurable feeling for the female. For a male human, the penis will become hard by touching it, or simply from thinking sexual thoughts. Rubbing the hard (also commonly called "erect") penis on the inside of a hand held in an "O" shape (which is similar to the shape of a vagina) for a few minutes will cause an orgasm in a male human. When this happens a white liquid called sperm (and semen) quickly moves from the testicles and comes out of the penis thru the urethra, the same path urine moves and a very pleasurable feeling is felt by the male. People should be taught about this basic anatomy and physiology of animal species. Masturbation gives pleasure to humans. Orgasming is a pleasure because orgasms can contribute to survival. There is a reason that sex feels good, and that is because if sex did not feel good, humans might not have sex and therefore might not reproduce. The wonderful pleasure of orgasm greatly motivates humans to have sex and therefore make more humans. I think masturbation is good. Bodies can masturbate each other. Because of the religions most humans must masturbate because touching (even making certain sounds at this time) can move humans to a court and or a prison cell. Sad to type that most humans on planet earth must masturbate, because the images humans think of when masturbating can not be made true. Most humans are religious (most christian) to the DNA, and will not take an interest in truth, the universe, and pleasure.
Masturbating stops violence because ejaculation stops anger in a human, a human becomes tired, and relaxed after ejaculation. Masturbation is also a way to think of some thing you may want to try without actually doing what you see in your brain. And thought is simply free and nonviolent images and sounds. Nobody should be punished for their thoughts.
If a human masturbates to orgasm one time a day for each day a human can masturbate, the total number of times a human will orgasm will be no more than 33,000 days (for a life of 100 years), 66,000 ejaculations for two erect penis or wet vagina events in one earth day. I like to ejaculate at least one time every 24 hours. So I am going for just under 30 thousand orgams in the span of my life.
If there is a different human that makes that organ (vagina or penis) cause an orgams, that would equal 33,000 different humans. The current population of humans on planet earth is 6,000,000,000. 33,000/6,000,000,000 is 1/200,000 one over two hundred thousand of the total population of earth. 33,000 humans is not even the population of Cuba. I could not even ejaculate my way out of the state of California.

Sex ... may ..... be a good thing for life on earth.
Clearly sex with consent is a good thing. I like to say make more human. There is more than enough space in the universe for all life. Where is the sex event? I see all the fight events. It is legal to pay people to beat each other in a ring but illegal to pay for gentle genital touching. Sex is a good thing, and still very few people promote sex with consent on television, radio and on paper. Most people actually advertise to stop sex. Almost all of the religious humans and even not religious humans are against sex! There are no rules against sex with consent in science, only in religion. Sex with consent between two humans not wedded is accepted in science, not in religion. Think of how good sex is for life:
Sex with consent feels good. Sex continues life of earth! Sex feels good for a reason! Because humans enjoy sex, female humans get pregnant, and this has kept life going for millions of years. Most species that copy by sex (like all the plants, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals), do not try to copy, but copy because sex feels good. Sex is why life continues. If sex did not feel good, sexual life would probably not be alive now. One reason sexual life is alive now, is because sex feels good now and felt good in the past. Why could copying be a good thing for sexual species, earth or the universe? In any event, good or bad, life copying seems to be what is happening! At this time sex is not needed to copy, humans can put together sperm and ovum. There are also species that copy asexually, with no sex. In my opinion, sex is an average part of life that should be thought of like eating, sleeping, urinating and defecating. Sex has been happening for millions of years. Millions of years of erect penises and wet vaginas, but through the centuries, humans appear to still be surprised, shocked and angered by this natural millions of years old natural phenomenon.
Sex with consent stops violence. Many times the need to move (energy) that would go to sex, instead is used as violence by a human that wants but cannot get sex. In addition, this release of energy (for lack of a better word), may go to violent behavior if a person does not know how to masturbate or chooses not to masturbate because of embarassment or an erroneous belief that masturbation is immoral. Not teaching masturbation, touching and sex with consent also leads to violence. Humans seem to constantly ignore the option of touch and consensual sex. They rarely recognize that sex with consent is a way to release what humans have been calling energy. The release of sperm relaxes male humans. I have never heard that a possible defense for sex with no consent is to make the male human ejaculate as fast as possible, perhaps with hands and or mouth, therefore potentially sparing their vagina or anus from having an erect penis thrust inside without consent, because after orgasm the male will be physically unable to maintain an erect penis and the potential hardened weapon will be neutralized. Without question, humans having sex with no consent should be separated and the unconsensual assaulter jailed by democratic vote. When sex is done with constant consent, there is no bruising or pain, except perhaps a small amount of pain for only the female gender during the first, second and possibly even third occurance of sex.
When it comes to sexuality most humans lose all sense of logic. In my opinion humans should keep their antisexual ferver in check and yield to logic when handing out jail sentences for sex-related crimes and focus more on punishing violent crimes based on the amount of pain and damage involved. The word "sex" is an abstract word that applies to many things. A male human putting the penis in a female human vagina is probably called sex. Is a human putting a finger in a vagina, mouth or anus called sex? I think that humans that are touching breasts or penises are not having sex. I think that the word "sex" will eventually not be as popular and accurate as saying "penis in vagina", or "erect penis in mouth". Labels such as "sex", "rape" and "molestation" are abstractly defined and cause highly emotional feelings in most people in this time. When sexuality is attached to some crime, even for nonviolent crime, the punishment given by the majority of humans is usually far harsher than a similar crime without a sexual component. Many times sex with no consent, many times called "rape", or "sexual assault", is thought to be a worse crime than nonsexual assaults where a person is paralyzed, severly wounded, with broken bones, or in great pain as a result of the nonsexual assault, and even non-sex related murder; the person who commits the many times painless, but clear and unpleasant sex related violation of a person's body, many times receives more jail time than the nonsexual assaulter even if more pain and damage is caused. With molestation, the irony and illogical priority is even more obvious. Humans that touch the buttock, breast, testicles, vagina, penis, or anus of a different human under the age of 18 years even with consent are locked in jail, many times for far more time then humans that have committed violent crimes; more prison time than those who have broken bones, caused severe pain and or bruising on other bodies, and even more jail time than those convicted of manslaughter and murder. If I had a choice between having a penis in my anus with no consent, or having my ulna broken I would take the penis in anus. Which would you choose? In no way do I advocate sexual or nonsexual assault nor nonviolent molestation, and I want to make clear that I do not engage in such activity and tell others not to be involved in illegal activity of any kind. When it comes to humans under age 18, people lose all sense of logic and punish older humans with shockingly harsh sentences. It is illegal even to just show humans under 18 images of nude humans. I think this has less to do with the physical safety of young humans and more to do with protecting the sexual purity of young humans, because spanking, which is clearly assaulting a human under 18 is still not punished and causing little if any anger among most humans. With these sex crimes, I think humans need to do some cleaning up and more organizing. For example, there is a big difference between touching without objection and touching with objection. One is not a bother, while the other is clearly bothering a human as the name "molest" implies. When the touching and even sex is without objection and with clear consent, these are generally not serious crimes or dangerous humans in my opinion. This is like an older female with an under 18 post pubescent male, an older male with an under 18 postpubescent female, or simply gentle touching of parts of the body of a human under 18 that many humans might object to themselves or view as immoral. These are not serious crimes and in my opinion should not be punished with prison time or fines. Touching with clear objection I think is a crime, although in most cases a minor crime. I can see locking a human in jail for a small amount of time for nonviolently touching other humans against clear objection numerous times. All these examples show that asking permission to touch a human initially is probably a good idea; better to clear any future legal trouble about if you were touching with consent or not. In addition to that major distinction, there is a big difference between a nonviolent and a violent sex crime. A nonviolent sex crime is in the realm of a minor nuisance, but no harm done, while a violent sex crime, one that involves physical discomfort, pain, bruising and or physical damage is a far more serious crime, as are all violent crimes sexual or not. Those humans are the more dangerous, having done violence to another humans at least once. One other important aspect is in the area of restraint, abduction and wrongful containment. These are technically nonviolent crimes, but may cause a large amount of discomfort and can be a very serious nonviolent crime, such as the abduction of a child, or the restraining of a person with very little movement or with no water, or a restraint, abduction and wrongful containment crime can be a minor nonviolent crime, for example where a person is temporarily held in a prison cell, or locked in their room for a short period of time as punishment for some other nonviolent crime such as many counts of theft. A human that breaks the arm of a different human with intent and no consent should always be locked in jail for more time than a human that puts an erect penis in a vagina or rectum with intent and no consent because a broken arm is far more painful and involves long lasting pain and discomfort where the victim of sex against objection, also feels discomfort, has their body violated, and may also feel some physical pain, but usually there is no severe or long term pain such as that associated to a broken bone or gun shot wound. Most of the feeling behind making sex with objection have a longer prison sentence than non-sexual assaults that involve more pain and long term suffering may relate to a feeling that the victim has a loss of sexual purity. Clearly, the majority view all over earth is that a less painful sexual assault is far worse than a more painful nonsexual assault. I think in the future, humans will apply more logic and order to these punishments, and perhaps this logic will arise with the coming of full democracy. Humans in religion try to stop sex and physical pleasure and so any event that relates to sex is seen as the most bad. Many religious humans see sex with no consent as more bad than shooting a metal bullet in to a human with no consent! There may be pain and rarely physical damage caused by a penis in a vagina or rectum and so if no consent, then I think the human can be locked in jail for violating the body (invasive touching with clear objection), and of course for any physical pain or damage caused. I rule out so-called "emotional pain or damage" because I think emotional pain is highly abstract and different for each person. For example, nobody should be jailed or fined simply for saying something rude, even if the rudeness causes emotional sadness, or anger, etc. My vote goes to punishing physical crimes, not the emotional results of physical crimes or lawful activity. Currently those who commit sex-related crimes are the most hated by humans in this time. For example, there is a public list of even nonviolent sex offenders, but still no public list of those who have committed violent crimes. Many people try to connect violent crime such as murder with sexual crimes, and certainly there is a link between rape and murder, but probably the majority of rapes do not involve murder. There is also a link to gun ownership and murder, to religious beliefs and murder, etc. In my opinion, humans should always separate rape and murder in terms of criminal offense because obviously a rape is not as bad of a crime as a murder is. Humans survive a vaginal or anal rape and live a pain-free life, where a human is gone forever when they are murdered. Nonviolent touching with clear objection, whether genitals or some other part of a body is annoying, but in my opinion, it is not as serious as violent touching that causes temporary or permanent pain or damage. Most humans do not get enough sex, public sex in every form is illegal, even touching your own genitals or buttocks while clothed in public is punished, sex of any kind for money is not allowed, sex is not taught, and the humans in religion continue to think sex is bad. Because of all these reasons and more, the majority of humans will continue to want a daily orgasm, but will have to go without until there is some kind of new understanding that consensual physical pleasure is good and should be allowed and even encouraged.
I support no jail for humans that have sex for money, what humans that speak english call "prostitution". When there is no pain or physical damage, and only consent I see no reason for locking humans in jail cells. When there is touching with clear objection, the humans should be separated, and for repeat offenders with clear physical evidence, or if clear evidence of pain or damage, the human that touched another human with clear objection should be locked in prison for some democratically decided time. In my opinion, with no clear objection, touching and sex of every form is with consent even if money if traded. Humans can also be asked, "Are you consenting to this sex?", and if there is no sound like "no" made, and no clear physical gestures of objection, then the humans having sex should not be separated. Humans can be paid to consensually assault each other in a boxing ring, it seems ironic that human cannot be paid to gently touch genitals. Humans can be paid to clean toilets but they cannot be legally paid to touch a genital. To me this is obviously illogical, unfair, and simply stupid. I think humans will eventually understand this and decriminalize all forms of consensual prostitution, so paying for sex in its many forms can be as legal as the brutal sport of boxing and paying for consensual violence is.
Each human will probably orgasm (ejaculate) no more than 100,000 times in their entire life, and probably more accurately no more than 30,000 times. Most of these orgasms will be caused by them selves (with their own hands) or by the same other human. This is because humans will not promote sex with consent, total free information does not exist in order to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, humans do not promote variety, and of course because of the backward traditions of the religions.
Any thing that has to do with sex is like going back in time 3000 years. Sex is more secret now than sex was 3000 years before now. For example, I was never taught in school where a "clitoris" is on a female human, that the clitoris is a source of great pleasure for post-pubescent females, or that the word "hymen" is the name of the piece of skin that is broken when an object goes in the vagina of a female human for the first time. I learned these facts on my own much later when I was over 20 years old even though I had been sexually active, orgasming, from age 10 on. Because religious humans try to stop sex with consent, the methods and tools that would provide the most pleasure are less developed, not shared, and difficult to find. For example, humans should be teaching how to masturbate, instead humans learn by them selves, and some times change the shape of or damage their penis from unsymmetric self learned repeated hand moves. Another example, is that most human made penises that I have ever seen are plastic and have no testicles. When there are testicles, the testicles are as hard as rock, not like human testicles. There is no human made penis that feels the same as a human penis to touch, and no human made penis that can be made erect that I have ever seen.
Humans and other species have a need for variety. We do not eat the same meal for dinner every night, see the same movie every weekend, or read the same book every month. This need for variety includes the needs of touch and sex. Some times people view sex as highly complex, but there really are a limited number of ways of having sex. Think of the kinds of touch and sex that can happen. There is: penis in vagina, penis in mouth, mouth to breast, mouth to testicles, hand to buttock, vagina to vagina, penis to penis, penis into rectum, penis in vagina from behind, from the front, with the female on top. There are a very limited number of things humans can do for physical pleasure. The need for variety moves humans to think of these sex and touch events with other humans. After touching one human, there is a want to touch other humans. Tired of touching and having sex with a human the same way every time, humans want to see and touch the bodies of other humans of both genders. As unlikely as it appears now, I think the natural evolution of physical pleasure in the future, perhaps in 5000 years, will include the majority of humans systematically having sex with a different human every 20 hours. If true, this would clearly change the nature of reproduction and the currently popular method of raising children, perhaps from a single location with the same two parents for life, to two locations where each parent happens to be. For most humans, there is no interest in seeing the same movie, hearing the same song, tasting the same bread and smelling the same smell. Humans want, and should get variety in all the human senses including touch, sight, sound, smell and taste.
Why the war on sex? Sex has been good for life for millions of earth star rotations. Why no ads for sex with consent? Why only ads against sex? Why no images of sex allowed? Why stop pleasure? Why go against nature and a design made by the universe?
To support sex is to support the survival of life. To defend sex is to defend life. Life should continue to reproduce by sex. There is more than enough space in the universe for all life, far more space than matter. Stopping humans having sex is the same as stopping life. The living objects of earth will probably continue to grow in number and move to other parts of the universe. Why stop this growth? Why try to stop pleasure and reproduction? The needs of life should be cared for, carefully thought out, not ignored or stopped.

One of the most simple things I continue to repeat is that, unless there is pain, a bruise, a bullet hole, some kind of physical damage, with no consent, and with clear intent (not an accident), or in defense of a mammal, there should be no human locked in jail, and or made to go to a court.
Many humans believe that I am a homosexual, but I am no homosexual. Most humans in my opinion are bisexual, and then tend to prefer one gender mainly. For me, I prefer the female anatomy much more than the male anatomy, and images of the female anatomy is clearly what humans see if they are allowed to see my thoughts during masturbation. But of course, I occassionaly masturbate to images of male with male touching, probably as a result of a need for variety. In fact, thinking about females touching other females is probably one of my favorite things to masturbate to. For what ever reason, I find large breasts, and large breasted females touching other large breasted females the most erotic thing of all time, and have for many years, although these are not the only types of images I can easily orgasm to. Of course the images and events I find erotic are a diverse group beyond just a plain image of large breasts. It may very well be found once the public is able to see the images of what human's think during masturbation and sex, that they find, in fact, that most females, enjoy picturing males touching other males most. I am happy that there are other humans that bravely allow images of themselves in the nude, and touching those of the opposite and same gender to be publically available for those of us humans with less courage to enjoy and orgasm to.
Words and labels such as "faggot", "queer", "homo" (unless sapiens), "dyke", I think are crude and negative. They mainly serve to stop physical pleasure and sexuality, but of course free speech must always be protected. Even the words "gay" and "lesbian" I think are misleading because most people are probably more accurate described as "bisexual", but perhaps "gay" can be thought to refer to a bisexual person who mainly prefers the same gender.
I question the popular idea of always keeping male with male, and female with female, for example as play mates, schools, even bath rooms may some time be integrated. I think there should be mixing. Male humans should explore and learn with and from female humans, and females with and from male humans. Keeping female and male separate is not a good idea.
Touching with consent is good, and there is good reason for humans and other species of the same or opposite genders to touch with no objections. If there are objections touching should stop and the two bodies (or more) should be separated by at least 1 meter if possible. I can see some small jail time in a nonviolent-only prison, for those who repeatedly, for example more than five times over the course of a year, touch other humans against clear objection and even perhaps those that touch without getting clear consent first.
All thinking humans must have thoughts of touching same gender humans. I think each human should not fear these thoughts. Humans may have female or male cycles. Some other species, like chimpanzees and dolphins touch bodies of the same gender. There are lizards that change gender! Because the cycles are not at the same times for each lizard, the lizards can mate. I hate to think that some humans may be reminded and constantly ridiculed by antisexual humans for past bisexual touching or thoughts until dead! In my experience this routinely happens. A person who had one bisexual experience is forever labeled "gay" or "lesbian", again where "bisexual" is probably more accurate if not "asexual" by the time society is done with them. Humans that follow what must be a natural interest in same gender touching find pleasure in such activity, and certainly provide others with pleasure too. Nothing in science indicates that bisexuality and same gender touching is immoral, unethical, unnatural, or bad in any way. Only in religion is same gender touching viewed as bad.
Same gender touching appears to be a common and natural interest that is part of the design of humans and other species that evolved over the course of time. I think humans should not block any natural interest in same gender touching and should feel free to enjoy such an interest. Because there is no pain or damage caused by touching with consent, nobody should be locked in a jail or hospital for same gender touching. There is simply nothing wrong with same gender consensual touching. Humans of the same gender or different gender for that matter should not be stopped from touching with consent in any way any where in the universe.

I am angered to see most humans trying to stop sex. Humans speak against sex, as if sex is bad! These humans think the human anatomy is ugly, not a thing of beauty or even a dull part of life on earth. Most humans think fat humans should not be shown nude, and feel anger in seeing male humans in a small bathing suit. But yet, humans feel no such repulsion with the sight of an overweight nude chimpanzee or overweight nude dog. When a human goes nude in public, or nude images are posted publically, many humans will call the police, and those humans are routinely locked in hospitals and jails in the United States and other parts of earth. There are humans that speak out in anger even against public touching. For example, some humans say "get a room" when two humans are kissing in public. These humans hate to hear stories of sex or even of touching. Humans have stopped any penises, breasts, vaginas or buttocks from being shown any and every where. What is bad with sex? What can possibly be wrong with nudity? Why are naked human bodies called ugly and why do they need to be hidden? Antisexual humans, like religion, blanket the planet earth.
There are millions of humans that find pleasure in a male human not getting an erect penis and a sexually aroused female finding rejection. These humans never try to make a male human penis erect or actively try to arouse females. Most humans get an erect penis at least once a day I guess. When the penis is erect may be an indication of a good time for the male to have sex, the same is true when the vagina of a female human is more wet than average. Humans seem to celebrate the stopping of sex. Most of these humans are religious humans with a very limited understanding of what sex is, and have a very negative view of sex, touching, and physical pleasure in general. This is a time when humans are being locked in a prison for having sex on their own property when other humans can see. Some humans are violently assaulted, and even murdered for nonviolently touching the penis, breast, or buttocks of a human under the age of 18, even when there was no pain, damage or even objection from the touching! Touching with no objection feels good at any age! A wet vagina, and an erect penis is a good thing, not a bad thing, not some thing to be stopped or punished for. An erect penis and a wet vagina are things to be touched, massaged, and celebrated, with consent and no clear objection.
When I was 16 or 17 years old I had an erect penis two or three times a day. I started enjoying masturbation at age 10 or 11, and so I lived in sexual desperation and unwanted celibacy for 7 very horny years. Sex is not taught or promoted in the United States (or earth for that matter). Male and female humans are not put together, or allowed to select each other for oral sex, to sleep together, or to masturbate together. Another anatomical reality is that sex for males is not painful, while for females the first few times of sex may involve some pain. So males are ready for sex and actively masturbating to images of breasty mature females around age 11, but same-aged females, with my limited knowledge, generally are not as ready for sex as older over 18 year old females are, and since a female allowing a male under 18 to have sex with them is illegal and brutally punished, those males must live a vow of celibacy, masturbating from age 11 to 18 (although they may find same-aged females to kiss and date) at a time when females their age are more open to sex. Touching fills a human need for touch.
One time I was being paid to watch a human aged 13 or 14. I wrestled with this human and got an erect penis and poked this human with my erect penis, and after a short period of time of poking his butt cheek only (there was never any penetration) the human said, "ow ... stop, you're hurting me" or some thing like that. So I did stop, I honestly could never hurt another person of any age and have lived a life of nonviolence. You have to see through the eyes of a seventeen year old male, and I am interested in seeing what images were beamed on my brain and by whom. I was desperate for sex, horney all the time, I could not find one female human to touch me. I tried numerous times, although I lacked the training to understand how to ask girls on dates, and to prepare for many rejections. I am a human that enjoys breasts and the soft female body. So, I never bruised or even scratched, tied, drugged, punched, spanked, or scarred the body of this human in any way.
So I continued to live my life, and try to get a female human to sleep with, and to put my erect penis in a wet vagina. Ten years later, I am living in the part of earth called California, and I start to speak out and gain popularity for saying "stop the nude war, stop the drug war, stop violence, religion is bad, science is good, free trade of sounds and images, no age laws, one set of laws for all of life, etc..". I am taking this minute or two to tell this story because, to my surprise this poke event is a life time pleasure for millions of humans. For example, Pokeman. Some humans find pleasure in stopping sex and truth further by labeling me "Ped" (I was given the name "Ted" at birth), for "pedophile". I went to Sea World in San Diego, and one of the shows, in direct contrast to science and every thing good, was using the words "pinaped tools", some body I was employed with that enjoys hearing and seeing what I am thinking in average antisexual pleasure said "hey babysitter Ted!". So then all week on the four national channels on television, even on "Nature" on what was the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), the human talking over the beautiful images of crocodiles said "babysitting for these crocs ...". Instead of the words "baby sit" I would say "watching humans aged 4 or 5 earth years". Calling humans, "babies" is to think of humans under age 18 as property, not human. Humans at all ages after birth should share the same value in law as all humans do. To me, using the word "baby" is the same as saying "property", or "not living object".
I also tried to have sex with my brother before puberty! Interested in what sex was, and never getting a clear explanation and images, my brother and I must have pieced together stories from same aged humans in school, mixed with trying to copy the bed spring sounds we occassionaly heard and then laughed robustly at the funniness of such an activity. In later years, a friend and I used to nonviolently move (fully clothed) humans less in age on top of each other (without any initial resistance or objection as I remember), like the two humans were having sex and laugh. It is all the interesting things young humans do with their curiosity about sexuality, which is a very dramatic subject for the current group of humans and many before them.
What is amazing is that poking a human with my erect penis when I had 17 years on earth is surprisingly viewed as being more bad than all the humans on earth that have killed other humans. I have never caused even a bruise with my body. Other humans dropped bombs, cut throats, shot metal bullets and cause real damage every day. Sylvia (the human that owned the ovum that grew to be me) one time slapped my face, and a different time slapped my buttocks. Where is the constant reminder like "Hey Sylvia!", "spanky spanky!", "slappy slappy!". Ask your self, have you ever caused a bruise to another human? Have you hit another human, or other species? Ever spanked some human under the age of 18? If yes, may be you should get these constant reminders because slapping a buttock with a hand causes more pain than poking a buttock with a penis. Think of the number of humans that are not poked, but are locked in jail that have not caused any damage (million from drug arrests alone), punched (???), stabbed (???), shot (320/day in the United States) or killed (34/day in United States), each day in the United States, and me using my penis to push on a human buttock gets more value on national television!
Sex is a good thing for life on earth. Pleasure is good at any age. When a humans is touching another human (or any species) with no consent, the most good any body can do is to separate the two bodies. I can see some small jail time for repeat offenders. When there is consent, there should be no separation. We constantly hear about nonviolent sex offenders being assaulted and murdered in prison, and in my opinion, nonviolent sex offenders should only be in nonviolent prisons. Beyond that, any human who assault in prison should be charged with assault. In addition, humans in prison should have the choice to live a life separated from the other humans. Humans with violent crimes should never be mixed with humans that have no violent crimes, and this is an example of the missing logic that should be directed at our justice system.
Most bodies can not hear or see me, because truth is not popular and is being stopped at this time on earth. Many millions of insiders, humans that are part of the telephone companies camera and thought seeing, hearing and sending network watch me every day. But when do the excluded get to see me too? When does the message I have get to be heard by the public?
Most of the humans that direct anger at me and focus on me every second of my life, are in the god religion. This includes most of the human population on earth. There is not one human for me to talk with. For all I have said and done, all the music, all the films, all the words and not one human can even talk with me, sleep with me, walk on a beach or in a zoo with me. The included humans watch me in my bath room, watch my thoughts, never explain or show every body, including me, never explain the machines. Despite my overwhelming popularity, the shockingly large number of humans that routinely watch me, I am never asked on to television, radio, or movies, never asked to see what other humans think, to see a female human that wants to talk with or touch me and that likes truth and science too. So it is a lonely and solitary struggle to get my opinions to the public.
In my need to touch a female human body and ejaculate at the ages of 10 to 25, what all average male humans must share, I tried every thing to find a female human to sleep with and to fill my want for sex. After getting no where with a female human that pretended to sleep on my bed because of no sex education, I wrestled with a human of less age and got an erect penis. Later, in college I would wear female bras and underwear trying to feel what a gentle female feels like. I would masturbate in a bra and female underwear and think of what being and touching a female human must be like. No male human should be locked in a jail or hospital for wearing female clothes and no female humans should be locked in a room for wearing male clothes or a false penis to see what a male feels like.
All human bodies need touch and sex, but are born on a planet where humans try to stop sex because of religion. Most humans may actually try to stop the penis from getting erect, or the vagina from getting wet. For humans that wed, the humans can not talk, touch or have sex with any other human. Most humans go thru ages 10 to 25 with no sex, or only masturbation or penis in vagina sex with one human. Most humans accept the stopping of touch and sex. Because most humans can some how go with no touch or sex. These dull humans must never even think of touch and sex!
Humans could stop the variety of HIV viruses and AIDS by free or 5 dollar home saliva tests that take 15 minutes, and can be done by any body. These tests are not for sale in the United States because of the humans in religion and in the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Because humans are locked in jail and taken to court for sharing medical data, and because humans in religions try to stop sex, HIV infections are growing in number. Most humans are advising not to have sex or to use a condom as the only solution. These religious humans never advise the exchange of medical information, and free or 5 dollar self tests. HIV and AIDS could be stopped by letting humans self test and by the free exchange of medical data. Humans could be enjoying oral, vaginal, and anal sex with consent and no fear of HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea, and herpes, but, because of religion this is not possible now, and I have to think that the antisexual religious like things that way because it stops sex.
There is no organized touch or sex events. Humans must think that sex is new, and have never seen or heard of an erect penis, or wet vagina. The anatomy and touching of living objects of earth should be taught. Sex has been happening for more than a million years on earth and still humans are surprised when seeing two humans having sex. The common method of mating now is that two humans drink alcohol in a bar and touch in dark, only later to wed and live in the same building for 30 thousand days until dead. I think a better method of mating is one with no marriage, no violence, touching with consent, no alcohol needed, with plenty of variety of humans. Sex ... is .... a good thing for life of earth. When humans finally do seriously take up the science of sex I think we will learn many wonderful and interesting things.

Matter and space may be all that are the universe. Perhaps "time" could be included. In any event, What kind of matter is there? Most humans teaching in science do not think photons are matter, so this thinking is never explored. Is a photon the smallest piece of matter in the universe? Also measured in the universe are pieces of matter called neutrinos. What size is a neutrino? No body has even guessed a size for a photon except me, here: Size of photon= 1e-30 m3. In other words, 1e-30 of a meter in all three directions (dimensions). Can other matter be divided into photons? Yes, I think. My guess is that all atoms can be separated into photons. Can photons be separated, split in to more small pieces of matter? I think, possibly yes. What then, is the most small piece of matter measurable, and then the most small piece of matter that could exist? I think, just like Democratis thought that all of matter is made of atoms, for me all of matter is made of photons. There may be a piece of matter more small than even a photon, more small than a neutrino. What ever humans were calling "energy" in the Einstein equation E=mc2 is probably a measure of a number of more small pieces of matter plus the velocity of the pieces of matter.

My opinion is that atoms are made of photons, matter that can be separated in to photons. When a piece of flint is moved at a velocity of 20 m/s in to a piece of iron (or a piece of iron touched to a rotating aluminum oxide wheel), a spark in seen, showing that photons (the only matter the human eye can recognize) and other matter (more large groups of matter) are let go from the flint (and iron), making the flint (and iron) less in size. The same is true for an object that is heated until the object glows red, what is happening is that photons are moving out of orbit, the object is losing photons (matter), the object may contain less photons (matter) than before the object was heated (remember to include the amount of photons and matter that went in to the heating of the object). Most humans in science when asked, would say that the photons are made at the time the spark is made, I think the photons were there the whole time, and are the most old pieces of matter in the universe made when the universe was made.

Any time you see "sparks", or "light" you are seeing photons being released from matter. A nuclear "explosion" is really the release of photons from atoms. Photons may be held in atoms because of gravity.

So how many photons are contained in a proton, an electron, and other pieces of matter? Humans have seen that all atoms are made of three units of matter, neutrons, protons and electrons. Humans have seen that protons and neutrons are both made of three distinct pieces of matter called quarks. Most popular and high paid humans in science will say if asked that a photon is not matter and is said to have 0 mass. Other particles given 0 mass and 0 space are the positive and negative "weak bosons". How many pieces of matter and what size may "bosons" actually be?

There may be only one kind of piece of matter that is located in various points in space in the universe. A group of these pieces of matter could make a photon, quark, electron, proton, hydrogen atom, star, planet, galaxy, all matter. This piece of matter may be a photon, or a Z particle, or some piece of matter not measured or given a name yet. If pieces of matter attract by what is called gravity or because of the movements of matter in space-time, where time is thought of as a fourth dimension, the more complex movements of millions of pieces of matter, could explain the effect of electric and magnetic attraction and separation, hydrogen bonding, nuclear fission and fusion, and the movements of life. I could be wrong, no human should be locked in a jail or hospital for guessing.

Humans never describe a nuclear explosion in amounts of photons released, humans never describe fire as photons captured by a human eye.

Perhaps an integer only math should be used to describe the movements of matter, for example there may be one photon, never 1.45 photons.

When a human finally hears a word from the most famous humans in science, a human hears that there are 12 basic particles and some have no "mass" and occupy no space. The idea of "mass" is used in some equations and by some humans. "Mass" should be thought of as the number of pieces of matter in some object. Perhaps no constants should be used.

I think that the word "energy" may only describe matter and the velocity of the matter. The word "force" describes the way matter moves. There is a clear difference between a word used to describe a piece of the universe and a word used to describe how a piece of the universe moves. Some times I think there is no energy and no force. I think only matter and space exist in this universe. I still want to see and explain the 10 secret equations of Albert Einstein used to calculate the orbit of planet Mercury, and how the secret equations of Isaac Newton are less accurate. How do humans explain the movement of moons like Triton that orbit in the opposite direction? I think that the 10 secret equations of relativity can possibly be used to describe the way matter moves, if the matter has some initial velocity.

What is interesting in looking at human language is the way humans describe the universe. Most humans separate the universe into space, matter and time. When measuring any part of the universe, a human will be measuring space or time. For example, saying an object is large is a measure of space. Space is a relative measure. A mammal is "large" compared to an atom, and a mammal is "small" compared to the planet earth. The same is true for time. An earth year may seem like a "long" time, but is "short" compared to a galactic year. Any measure of space includes a measure of time, because any object that is in space in the universe is in space for some amount of time. A human could say "the planet mars exists", and these words are true for a length of time, not for all of time. The same is true for a measurement of time. Any amount of time, is an amount of time in this universe. Any measurement of space or time is measured in this universe the most large object humans have ever seen. "The universe" includes every object humans have ever seen.

Albert Einstein was probably the first human to think of time as a fourth dimension of space. Every point in space has an x,y,z and t. Einstein promoted the idea of space and time as one thing. The universe really is one thing, all matter and space can be considered one. Einstein used the word "space-time" to describe the universe. Most humans have not accepted the word "space-time" and still describe the universe in words that separate "space" and "time". For example, humans say "Where is a planet?", not "When-Where is a planet?" The word "space-time" makes me think that there is only one possible path for matter in the universe. One piece of matter may change the direction and velocity of other pieces of matter. Adding the possible combined movements makes for an infinite or more than average number of possible future moves. This is one reason calculating the movements of gas is difficult. I think that there is a limited number of locations for each of the most small pieces of matter to occupy and move to.

Humans can use three values (also 4 values) to calculate the distance between galaxies and stars. Humans can view the milky way galaxy as having a center at (0,0,0), or a star as having a center at (0,0,0). Humans some times ask if there is a center to an expanding universe, and there is a center at the point (0,0,0,0). The extra zero indicates that the time was equal to 0 units. The center of the universe is in the past.

The equations and examples of relativity are kept secret or not popular enough to see. More than 90 years after Einstein printed the "Special Theory of Relativity", the equations with an example as simple as the 4 dimensional movement of two pieces of matter are not taught in any school, book or film.

There are only 10 symbols for numbers. A number system based on ten is in every language in use at this time. I think the Aztec and Egypt used more than 10 number symbols and did not use base 10. For computers, humans also use the letters A, B, C, D, E and F to make numbers of base 16. There may be a time when only the alphabet letters (or number symbols and alphabet symbols together) are used as numbers. The letter A could be the number 0, B could be the number 1, continuing for all 10 digits.

Humans make sounds. Most of life growing on the surface of planet earth moves matter that is heard as sound. Humans learned to make simple sounds like o and i. Some sounds, like o and i, are the same in every human language. Humans remember how to move the muscles that make each sound. The sounds humans use grew in number in millions of earth rotations of a star. At this time humans make less than 100 sounds that are in every human language.

At some time in the past, humans, possibly one human, or a group of humans together on some part of the surface of earth connected drawn symbols to sounds used to share ideas. Other species use sound to share ideas. The organized use of sounds by some humans to share thoughts must have happened before the sounds were connected to drawn symbols.

Some words applied to some real objects in the universe, other words applied to no matter, no thing real. Even now, there are millions of words that are used in the past that do not apply to matter ever observed, space, or how matter moves. Millions of words describe no thing ever seen in the universe.

The tradition of using words that apply to no matter is a bad tradition that has always slowed progress for life. Here are words that apply to no matter that has ever been, is, or ever will be. There is no such thing as:
grim reaper
lochness monster
mummy that lives
tooth fairy
big foot

other myths not true:
There is no fountain of youth. Cats have do not have 9 lives. Stepping on a crack does not break the back of the human that made the ovum you were made from. There is no "ether" that fills space between stars. Humans called saints were and are actually average humans made of DNA like all other humans. Reindeer do not fly. A human does not live again after a human dies, the photons that make an atom continue to move in the universe. "Curses", "spells" and "hexes" are only sounds made by humans.

That humans still use the words witch (also which) and support the ideas that spirits, ghosts and witches exist in the universe is a bad thing I think. Remember the humans killed thought to be "witches". I think that humans should describe the universe in the most accurate words. Why tell false stories or try to scare more young than average age humans? What fun do humans have from hearing or telling stories of ghosts, witches, angels and spirits that are never seen and do not exist?

Humans under the age of 15 could be drawing pictures of other stars, planets and life. Humans could be taking part in robot building, telling stories of a real future for life of earth, doing real science with humans of each and every race, age, gender and species. Instead, the most sold and read books are stories like "Harry Potter", where caucasian only humans teach that sorcerers and magic rule the universe. Because of these stories humans are looking for witches, pretending to be ghosts, sorcerers and to do magic, when exploring science and the search for truth will give more pleasure and add more logic to life. No body should be locked in a hospital or prison, drugged, or beat for saying that sorcerers and witches exist, I ask that humans do not support humans that teach that sorcerers, ghosts, and the popular Christian "Santa" exist in this universe.

I think that telling humans that ghosts and devils or any object that is never seen exists in the universe is not a good idea. I think that humans should be told when the objects in a story do not really exist in the universe. Telling stories of life of other star systems or things that could exist is ok, perhaps even good, in my opinion. I might say that life of other stars has not been seen yet, but probably exists in some form because of the simple design of life on earth. If humans tell stories where ghosts, and monsters are described, I would make clear that these objects do not really exist in the universe.

I think that there may be one language for all humans (and other species) at some time in the future. This language could have an alphabet with each letter having one and only one sound. There could be one group of words to describe all objects and the way all objects move in the universe.

I want to share ideas with all humans on planet earth, and so I look at other languages. When I looked at other languages I recognized that all the sounds used in languages humans speak are the same. Each language is based on the same group of sounds. I am amazed that every human uses the O sound (as in NO). I am aware that other humans before me try to use a phonetic system to teach language. One thing that seems to me funny in other phonetic systems, is how each human uses different combinations of letters to try to communicate the sound, for example, "trii" for "try" and "behd" for "bed".

One thing I identified that I think is of some real value is that one symbol may have more than one sound! For example, the symbol "a" in the word "ape" and the word "apple". I am saying that one sound for one symbol will make all human languages more easy for every body. I have never heard or seen any body ever say "one symbol one sound". I am still excited in finding this. So I started making new symbols and a system of language where each symbol has one and only one sound. I started by saying, for the letter "a", this letter will always have the sound "a" as in the words "ape" and "eight". Then I needed to make symbols for the other "a" sounds that are not identified by most humans. I made a new symbol for the "a" sound in the word "cat". This new symbol has never been included in a standard computer symbol group or key board, and I would have to draw the symbol I made by hand. I thought that a symbol A with a line connecting the two lower points can be used to connect to the "a" sound in "bat" and "cat". Then I recognized that drawing symbols not lifting the drawing object would make drawing the symbols more fast. In this system, "O" will always sound like the "O" in "no". The other sounds "O" is used to make, like "pot" will have a new letter. The letter "A" is also used for this second "O" sound, for example in the word "ball". Now I use a symbol "O" with a line from the upper left to the lower right, like a backward 0 (zero). One interesting idea is that by using a LCD (liquid crystal display) touch screen, humans can have any symbols drawn on a key board that is drawn on the screen. With a touch screen keyboard, you can draw and then type in your own letters!

In making these new, or changed symbols, I recognized that each letter has an start time and location on earth! Looking at the more old alphabet of the greek language I saw that there is no Q! So the letter Q must be less old than other letters, the letter A for example. When I was looking at the alphabet for the Russian language, I saw that the letter "C" is always used as the "S" sound, and never as the "K" sound. There is no letter "C" in the greek alphabet. I thought, "Why even use a letter C?" Does the letter "C" describe a sound no other letter describes? "No", I thought, so I took the letter "C" out of the alphabet I was making. Later I put the letter "C" at the end of the alphabet for the sound "CH" like the sound of the italian word "ciao", and the english word "cheese". Like the letter "C", I could not find a single sound for the letter "Q". The sound used for the letter "Q" is "KW", like the word "Queen", or "K", like the word "torque". Perhaps humans will still use the "Q" as a more fast "KW", I think using the letter "Q" is not good for humans trying to learn to use language.

There is an international phonetic alphabet, but the symbols are not as easy to draw as the symbols of the current english alphabet. No matter what phonetic alphabet is used I want to see 2 things: 1 sound for each symbol, and the most popular symbols decided in a constant vote.

What is interesting to me is that all symbols and letters have a start time and location on earth. Because "C" and "Q" are less old, when and what human made these letters? I think that probably the words that use the letter Q may be more new words (or changed from more old words spelled with different letters), for example "queen" and "quick" like any word that uses a letter "Q" must be more new words. What do you think the first sound and symbol put together was? I think may be the sound "O" or "o" (like "stop" and "pot"). The sounds most easy to make, also made by other primates at this time may be the most old sounds and letters made by humans.

When was the sound of the letter "e", as in the words "bed" and "red" first used? The "oo" (this sound is not easy to say at first!) of the words "good" and "would"? The "i" of the words "pig" and "bit"? "a" of "apple" and "map"? The "o" of "stop" and "talk"? The "U" of "Jupiter" and "room"?

The languages of the other species are also interesting to me. All seem to be languages of sound and movement. Like with humans, a group of recognized sounds is combined in different order, or repeated to share ideas. Machines, and humans will record and compare the sounds of other species (birds and mammals for example). Humans will look at the different frequencies, the amplitudes, and other ways of looking at sound and images. Humans or machines will recognize each sound and identify new sounds, the reason and value, if any, of the sounds.

Some interesting things in the english, and probably most alphabets are:
There is no need for silent letters.
There is no need for more than one letter for one sound, like "ph" for "f", "c" for "k" and "s", "q" for "kw" and "k", "x" for "ks" and "k".
There is no need for more than one sounds for one letter, like "a", "o", and "y".
There needs to be one sound for one letter. There should be no question of what the sound for a letter is.

On a computer, when using the more than one sound for one symbol alphabet keys I use lower case symbols to be the less recognized sound of the letter, for example lower case "e" for the "e" in "bed". I use lower case "t" for the "theta" sound of "myth" and "theater", and "w" for the "th" in words like "the" and "this". There is a different between the "r" in "red" and "for". The letters that have a different sound when at the start of a word are the letters "l", "m", "n", and "r". The word "red" would sound like "were red" with no "w" in "were" and no "r" in "red". In some languages, like spanish, the letter "r" may sound different from the two "r" sounds now used in english. This "r" sound is made by moving air from the lungs out the mouth that makes the tongue move up and down 10 to 50 times every second. Here is the alphabet of 40 sounds I have defined at this time:

Here are the phonetic symbols:

I would like to see humans add new hand signs for sign language to include the new letters for the sounds "a" in "cat", "e" in "bed", "i" in "dig", "sh" in "shape", all the sounds of all languages.

I use this phonetic one sound for one letter system for my self. This book is also printed with this phonic alphabet. I am angered to see humans learning the more than one sound for one letter system in use now. These humans ask the same good questions I did. Why use and teach a less logical alphabet? Changing to a one sound for one letter alphabet is easy and simple for me. I see the value of an alphabet with no silent letters. Think of humans that have learn that the word "cat" should not sound like "sat" or "kate". There would be no question what the words of text of the past sound like if there was only one sound for each symbol. I think that humans will start using a one sound for one symbol alphabet and probably make humans that are more religious and more stupid more angry.

Here are what I think life of earth may do in the future:

At some time humans will recognize the order of every piece of DNA in every cell of every living species. From this data humans will put together a more accurate story of how life grew, how each species is related, and what each group of DNA is used for.

More robots will walk and run on two and more legs. Robots will clean, drive, cook, plant, pick, sew and do every thing a human can do. The robots will make life more easy. Robots will take photons from a star to store in a battery to use to grow plants that will be given to humans and other species. The whole system will be free thanks to photons from a star.

I think that humans will grow off the earth and live on the moon of earth, planet mars, venus, the moons of Jupiter, the moons of Saturn, and in orbit of the star earth rotates. Perhaps humans will pull Mercury back in to a more cold distance from the star, and the same for Venus. Humans may try to change the temperature or make air on these planets by using bacteria, one cell or more than one cell living objects, or not living matter.

The bacteria that made all the Oxygen (O2) on earth are called "cyanobacteria" or "blue green algae". These bacteria, or some form of this kind of bacteria may be of value in making oxygen on the moon of earth, or in buildings that orbit the earth star. There must be a bacteria that can live with no oxygen. Perhaps some kind of protein and H2O, like agar can be put on to the surface of some moon, or in some container that bacteria to change to O2. There is also a chance that plants may be used to make oxygen on moons and planets.

The moon of earth probably will be made a planet and made to rotate the self more fast. Humans will at some time recognize the value of "project Orion" (atom fission moves a ship) as a ship that can move to the Centauri system. Dividing atoms will not be thought of as bad or mystical, and will be thought of as simple. The Centauri 3 star system is an easy choice for the first star system to send a vehicle to, being the most close at 4.28 light years from here. The 3 stars of Centauri include one yellow star of more size than the earth star, one orange star less in size than both earth yellow star and the Centauri yellow star, and finally, one red star 1 and 1/2 times the size of planet Jupiter. Planet Jupiter is a red dwarf star that did not start to change Hydrogen to Helium, if that is what is happening in stars.

When these events will happen is a good question! I enjoy thinking of what the first vehicles that uses atom fission to go to a different star may be like. In an orbit ship or on the surface of earth, humans will look a window or an LCD screen wearing eye shades to watch the first fission explosion (a nuclear bomb, for the first time exploding off the surface of planet earth where hundreds of nuclear bombs have been exploded before now) off of the planet earth, perhaps more near planet Jupiter. Perhaps humans of every gender and color will watch the first fission exploding ship send photons to make a line on the eye shades as the ship moves more fast than any ship before to a planet of a different star. A dividing of uranium atom explosion may look the same as the explosions caused by a comet that collided with planet Jupiter captured on film using the Hubble telescope. I like to compare a nuclear explosion in Mars or Jupiter orbit to the most small star. Humans may make human made stars to heat the more dark, cold parts of the universe and more distant from star parts of star systems.

Life of earth will probably grow to other stars. To move to earth orbit, the moon of earth, and planet mars is more than most humans can do at this time. Because of religion, the hate for science, pleasure and truth, the life saving need to grow life that can live with no support from life of earth may take hundreds of more earth star rotations.

The universe and all the matter in the universe are aging. On earth, the rocks that are most old measure 4.6 billion years old. Molecules changed by life show that objects made by DNA may have started on earth 3.8 billion years before now. The most old mammal bones, the size of a paper clip, are from south china and are 195,000,000 years old. Comparing DNA of chimpanzees and sapiens, a common DNA is calculated to exist 6,000,000 years before now. The most old bones of a primate that walked on two legs are 3,000,000 years old. The most old sapien bone is part of a skull from Hungary that is measured to be 400,000 years old. The most old clay statue (the venus of vestonice from the Czech Republic) is 25,000 years old. The most old cloth (also from the Czech Republic) is 5,500 years old. The most old piece of metal is copper found in Anatolia (now part of Turkey) 7,500 years old. The most old glass are beads from Egypt 4,500 years old, the same time the pyramid of Giza was built. The most old metal coin, shaped like the cowrie shell the coin replaced, is from China and is 3,000 years old. The star the planet earth rotate is calculated to be 5 billion years old and will send photons for 5 billion more years. The Milky Way Galaxy is at least 13 billion years old (the age of the most old stars). Photons may have been made in the start of the universe 15 billion years before now, and are still moving. These times will probably change as more and more data humans start to care for truth. At this time no human is certain how old the universe is. I think an estimate may be good enough for now, any thing to replace the BC/AD system.

The BC/AD (Before Christ and Anno Domini translates to "year" and "lord", and is for times 5 years after birth of Jesus) system is not as accurate as a number that represents the age (and continuing growth) of the universe. With no question the earth has existed for more than 2000 years, and the universe has been calculated from the rate of photons from calcium atoms from other galaxies that have a frequency more low than photons from calcium here on earth, by calculating the ages of stars, and by measuring photons from the possible start of the universe to be 15 billion earth years. Human could label year 2000 as year 15,000,000,000. Humans could use the last four numbers of the year or "0000". Perhaps humans will use a base 40, or 100 system instead of the base 10 number system in use now, by using symbols of the alphabet. Like the humans that use hexadecimal numbers on computers to describe a larger number in a smaller amount of space, for example the number a is equal to the number 10. Using a base 40 number system (the forty phonic one sound one symbol letters) makes the year 15,000,000,000 equal the year EhVRAA, only 6 letters to remember, not 11. A number system based on 50 (the ten numbers and forty phonic letters) makes the year 15e9 equal the number w0000, and the year 15,000,000,001 (0001 or 2001) equal w0001. A more universal unit of time may be a second. Humans may want to measure time in plank seconds (10e-43 seconds) in 10e-100 seconds, or 10e10 seconds, there are an infinite number of time units possible.

I think humans should stop using the 1 hour ahead, 1 hour back system. This system is not needed. I think that like the way english speaking humans do not use the letter theta, perhaps some humans were trying to hide the regular movement of the earth and star. With the hour change, recognizing the natural increase or decrease in time that a part of the earth is getting photons from the star is less easy.

Why do humans use 24 hours? Why divide one earth rotation by 24? An earth rotation could be divided in to 10, 50 or any number of hours. 365.25 days in 1 year seems a natural number. There are 365.25 earth self rotations in one earth rotation of a star. Why 60 minutes in 1 hour? There could easily be 50 or 100 minutes in one hour. Why 60 seconds in one minute? Again, 100 seconds in one minute is possible. Why 12 months? Why the seven day weekly cycle? Why not a 10 day or 5 day weekly cycle, or no weekly cycle? Time moves forward and does not repeat.

There are some interesting systems that were made years before now. Some humans say today is Sunday, really time is always new and never repeats, the same thing for the seasons. Even if the earth seems to be in the same location compared to the star, the location of the earth is in a new location relative to the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy, and even compared with the earth star. The change in temperature of the "seasons" is caused by the direction the earth is pointing. Think of the earth rotating the self at an angle of 20 degrees. Then move the earth to rotate a star. You can see that on one side of the star the north half is pointed to the star, on the other side of the star the south half is pointed to the star. A planet or ship can be made that does not have seasons.

Humans should be using the true age of the universe for time keeping. I feel anger when I think that humans are basing the current time system (BC/AD) on the death of one human, and pretending that the universe is 2000 years old. At any time humans can change to a more accurate age of the universe time system, probably called "ABT", or "AST", after the beginning of time, or after the start of time, based on a more accurate age of the universe like 15 billion earth rotations of the star earth orbits.

I do not think holidays and most traditions are good. I do not want to support any thing religious like marriage, Christmas, or Hanukkah. Birthdays seem of no value to me because of each time being new, and also for the same reason I do not celebrate each Mars year from the time I moved out of a womb. Like most humans, I like to not have to go to an employment, and think humans should not have to go to an employment at regular times in an earth year.

I try never to support the Jesus based holidays, like Easter, and Christmas. If any thing I would celebrate the birth or death of George Carver, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Giordano Bruno, Roger Bacon, Aristarcos of Samos, and Thales of Miletus to name only 8 humans in science.

Time continues forward, and while humans may think the earth is in exactly the same location this year as last year, a more true idea is that the earth and star earth rotates are not in the same locations and have also moved compared to other stars in the milky way and other galaxies.

Exciting to me are the question words. Think of the limited number of questions that humans made. "What", "Where", "When", "Why", "Who", "How", "If", "Is" ... Each of these words, I think, is a key to recognizing the growth and change of science, language, reason, and logic.

The word "what" shows that humans think there is some kind of matter, space, or time to be labeled separate from the universe, and also that a "universe" can be defined or labeled.

The word "where" shows the human made idea of space, there must be a location to be in or at to ask "where".

The word "when" shows that humans made a label for time, humans recognized or thought that time is different from space. Humans made the idea of time, and the word "when" is used to describe different values of time. There must be an idea of time, to use the word "when". If humans changed to a space-time definition of the universe, humans would say "Where-when will you touch me next?", or "Where-when will I see you again?". The other human may say, "I will see you at 232 meters, 123 meters, 434 meters, 4e39 seconds.", or perhaps, "I will see you at mars city 1.9e17 seconds after the start of the universe."

The word "why" shows that humans think there is "cause" and "effect". There may be no need for a "why" word. Perhaps there are no answers to questions that start with the word "why", or the word "how" can be used in place of "why". The question word "who" is more easy than "why".

"Who" is for all humans, or some times for all life. The word "who" shows that humans care no amount for other species. The word "who" may be replaced by the word "what", for example "what human said that?" in place of "who said that?".

"How" is a more complex word that shows that humans, like DNA, make lists of movements, or instructions. I should not be the only human interested in question words.

The word "if" shows "cause" and "effect", like "why" and "because", "if" is most times used with "then". "If", "then", and "else" are used in some computer languages to decide true and false. "If a = 1 then b = 2 else b = 3" can translate to if the letter "a" is used to store the value "1" then store the value "2" as the letter "b", but if the letter "a" is being used to store any other number (not the number 1) then make the letter "b" store the number "3".

The word "is" can be used in a question, for example "Is a photon matter?". This is for true and false. There may be no true and false, only "more true than some other group of words", or 99 of 100 parts true.

There may be other words used in questions I have not put here. Some words in a sentence are sounded to get more high in frequency (pitch), for example "I move to a different star?", This is a simple true or false idea.

Some of the words humans use, I think will be lost to the past. Humans on the surface of earth use more than 10 different languages. Each language uses the same sounds with two or three extra sounds that should be put in one alphabet for all humans.

I think that words should apply to real objects in the universe. I always try to use the definition of a word that applies to matter. Instead of "think" I may say, the images (or photons) seen in a brain. I use the word "photon" instead of "light". I use the words "moving electrons" instead of "current".

The words a human uses describe where the human has lived, what the human has seen and heard, the values of a human. Most humans can remember and can say under 10,000 words. Like a human that tries to identify what bodies caused damage, if a human says "this is a marriage between science and religion" you can be sure that the human supports the bad idea of marriage. Same for a human that uses the word "engaged" in any way. Most humans that think marriage is bad, do not use (or make popular, or remembered) words related to marriage, like the word "affair". Watch for religious humans that use the words "pray", "god", "hell", and "faith". Religious humans care not one thing for truth, reason and accuracy.

In using labels some humans hide that all humans are human. Instead of a "doctor", I like to say a human that heals, or a "doctor human". Instead of "cop" or "police", I like to say the "humans that captures humans that have caused damage", or "police human". Instead of "lawyer", I say "lawyer human".

All these labels for humans are used to make humans look not human. For example the word "jew" instead of "jewish human" makes the human look less than human. The same is true for the words "addict", "druggie", "junkie". An "addict" is not thought of as an equal human in popular human law. Making humans not look human is shown in labeling humans "waco", "lunatic", "neurotic" or "psychotic". The human is described as a piece of property, not as an equal human. Then any human that has not caused damage can be locked in a jail or hospital. The word "cop" and "soldier" are used by humans that think that all humans in police and military are the same, not humans in uniforms. When one human in the police is killed, there are parades on a street. When a human not in a police group is killed there is no parade. A human in a military is seen as a piece of property. All humans in military uniforms look like the same object. This is why humans think that killing military humans is ok, even if only one or even none of the group of humans has killed any other human. Instead of identifying and capturing the humans that caused damage, all humans in the same uniform are killed by bombs that send metal and photons in any and every direction.

Think of all the words that will be replaced or added with the word "human": Addict, junkie, lawyer, doctor, cop, thief, molester, bastard, chef, prisoner, soldier, lunatic, psycho, painter, musician, scientist, magician, gambler, winner, loser, cowboy, geek, sailor, actress. These words (all for humans) numbers in the thousands. There are other species.

Some humans use words more large than needed to try and confuse other humans, or to sound like a smart human. A human learns to remember and repeat sounds. Each new sound must be practiced to be remembered and repeated. Most more young than average age humans ask "What does that word mean?" when hearing a group of sounds not recognized. Some words can be replaced by more simple words like the word "converse" can be replaced by the word "talk". Other words are used to describe two or more words at one time, for example the word "sew" can replace "put thread thru needle" and "move needle in and out of cloth". Some words are used to be more specific or accurate, for example the difference between "walk" and "move". There are a number of words that humans learning a language never need to learn or need to use, for example the word "clandestine".

Here are some words I try never to use:

"a lot", "many" - used to measure size or number of objects. I like to use numbers. "What size lot?" I ask some times. What seems like "alot", like "a lot" of planets, may be "a little" compared to the number of atoms.

"ago" - Ago? Ago where? Where should I ago? I use "before now."

"Know" - because of the sound of "know" being the same as "no", humans learning the english language may not recognize what english speaking humans are saying, a more good word may be "remember", or "recognize". When do you "know" some body? After seeing 100 hours of photons reflected off a body, or hearing 3 years of sounds a body has made? How many images of, how many sounds of?

"doctor", "lawyer", "cop", "judge", "gunman" - I say "doctor human", "lawyer human", "human with a gun" ....

"man", "mankind" - Because both genders of human are allowed I use the word "human".

"'s", "'t" ("Robot's" and "Can't") = This is difficult for humans trying to learn the English language.

"not", "didn't", "don't" - The word "no" can replace all these words.

"everybody", "everything" - I use "every body", and "every thing" instead of making a new word of two already existing words.

"yeah", "yep", "ya" - The word "yes" can replace all these words. Interesting to think of when each word started and grew popular.

"too" many - This word sounds like the words "two", and "to". I use the word "also".

"long", "short", "wide", "thin", "big", "small" - For words that are both nouns and verbs, humans need to decide if the measure is of space or time, for example "the shower was short". "Short" in size (space), or short in time? I use a number of units of space and time to be more specific. For example, "the shower was 30 minutes", and "the shower was 3 meters in depth".

"ed", "er", "ified", ... - adding letter groups to the end of words. Some times humans add letter groups like "er" to words. In my opinion, using the words "more" and or "less" is more good (better) than using a word and then adding "er". For example instead of saying "farer" and "smaller", I would say "more far" and "more small". This makes the English language more easy to learn. More letter groups added to words are ality, ification, able, ility, ified, ism, age and tion. Think of how abstract these letter groups make words, for example instead of "I sat on a bus", I may say "I was busified". Instead of "the human was good at cooking", I may say "the humans had cookinality or cookability".

"which" - I use the word "that", because "that" is good enough, and also there is no more need to promote the false idea of witches.

"homicide" - I use the words "human kill of a human".

"vice", "prostitution" - I use the words "sex for money".

"pornography" - I say "images of nude humans".

"hard" - I use the word "difficult" because of the confusion with "hard" as a feature of an object.

"god", "oh god", "oh my god", "god damn", "lord", "devil" = The main reason I do not use these words is to stop religion and start science and the search for truth and pleasure. "Oh my god!" sounds like a group of words from the year 1400, kind of like "oh thee castle!" or "oh thy liege!". This also applies to "thank god", "thank buddha", and "thank allah". With a god, why would humans do any thing? Humans can say, "God killed the witch". With some amount of relief I can say that, the "god" defense is not enough to free humans that have killed other humans with intent, no consent, and not in defense of a human. Saying a human was "insane" is still popular at this time.

"for heaven sake", "what the hell" - there is no heaven and no hell, so these two words should not be used or continued.

"crazy", "insane" - The idea of promoting the labeling of humans or events as crazy or insane adds to the number of humans locked and drugged that have never caused any damage in hospitals in all nations of planet earth. Instead of "are you crazy?" a human may ask "have you found religion?".

"strange", "weird" - These words also contribute to locking humans in hospitals. I would use the words "less than average", "one in one thousand", or "more than one human brain can store".

"love" - I use the words "touch", and "want no pain or damage for a human".

"germs", "microbes", "colds" - I try to use the more accurate words "bacteria", "virus", single, or more than one cell living objects. Scary to think that some humans with pHD degrees still say "do you have a cold?".

tenses - In the future, humans may still uses tenses, or humans may think of a more good system for describing past, present and future. For example, the word "I waited" could be "I wait in past", and "I am waiting for 2 seconds" could be "I wait for 2 seconds".

"geek, dork, loser, dweeb" - all of these words indicate some body that has no interest in science, and perhaps opposes science, learning, and education. These words are used by religious humans to stop science, because science is causing an end of religion. Humans use words like "geek" (perhaps from the word "greek", to stop any learning of life of earth before the Christian religion was popular) and "dork" to keep getting money in a system of backward logic, where bad humans get more and good humans get less.

"it" - the origin of the word "it" is interesting. "It" probably started with the first machines. I like using the object I am describing again to make my statement even more clear. For example, instead of, "I ate the apple. It tasted good", I say "I ate the apple. The apple tasted good."

"she", "he", "them", "they", "we" - I try to be more specific in my sounds. For example, look at the sentence "Jill and Bob moved the tables. They were fun to see." "They" Jill and Bob were fun to see, or "they" the tables were fun to see? Making humans remember or guess what objects words like "they" are describing is not as good as being more clear and saying the name of the objects again.

"right" - translated as "true". The use of the word "right" to apply to some thing being good or true, makes me wonder how many years humans have said "you are probably right handed", or asked "What hand do you eat with?". To think that only one hand should be used may not be as good as using both. Is to be "left" some thing bad, because "right" is good, correct, or true?

"my wife, my kids, my arm..." - Describing other humans as property, or mixing "to own" and "to be related to". I think using the word "my" (or "your") implies that a human owns another human. For "my arm", I think most humans agree that your arm belongs to you, or for "my watch", the watch is your property to do with what you want. The problem happens with "my kids", "my doctor", "my husband" being applied in the same way. Because your "kids" are not actually your "property", and the humans made from ovum and sperm are thought of as equal humans as described by the word "human" in any and all laws. The same is true for "my husband", and "my doctor". The idea is that "my" is interpreted as "the human related or connected to me", and this idea gets confused with the literal interpretation of "my property".

"shut up" - When I hear "shut up" I some times say "open down". I think that "quiet" is probably more accurate. Some times I say "get loud", because stopping humans making sound is not as good as using sound filters on your own ears.

"world", as in "what in the world?". Start saying the word "universe", because there is more space than one "world". Some times I correct humans by saying "what in the worlds?" or "what on earth?". The word "planet" may also be more good than "world".

"guys", as in "hey guys, who wants cheese on these cow parts?" I some times show my chest and say "do these look like a guy?". Humans use the male centered word "guys" to include even female humans. I would use "humans" or "every body" to include as many bodies as possible. Some humans may want to use the word "people" instead of "guys". Both female and male humans should be included when the word "human" is used, and the word "human" should replace the word "man" and "woman". I say "female human" or "male human". Some time humans will think that the other primates also have value.

"Mrs", "Mr", "Ms", "sir", "maam", "lady", "gentleman": I usually call humans by first or last name. I see no need for "Mrs", or "Dr." because all these humans are only humans.

"child", "baby", "kid", "children": All these words are used to think of more young than average age humans as not thinking, pieces of property. I use the word "younger human" (more young than me or the average age of humans). Maybe I should say "humans more young than me", or "humans with less than 32 earth years".

"community", "king", "queen": Communism and monarchy failed and were not as good as democracy. Democracy needs more support. Even Fred Rodgers makes the error of making "Good King Friday" a king, and not a president, or most popular human on earth. Monarchy is also promoted in songs like "Here Comes the Sun King", and "Queen of Hearts" instead of "Here moves the most popular human of a star" and "most popular female human also a more smart female human". You probably can think of another song with the word "king" and "queen", never a song with the word "president". Also the separation of the military part of government from regular humans is found in a group of songs called "Sargent Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", why not "Professor Pepper Robot Star Ship Touch Good Group of Humans"?

With words used to describe violence, I think that humans should not mix words of violence with other not violent movements, like "slap together", "smack dab in the middle", because there should be no question when describing violence, and also, I do not want to promote violence when there is no violence. Humans that use the words "pain in the ass", or "you hurt me when you said bye", are not feeling pain, and use of the word "pain" when there is no pain makes less the value of the word "pain" when there is pain.

"war", "battle": The words "war" and "battle" are more accurately described as some number of human kill human events, some possibly with defense of a human from physical damage or pain.

"crime": I try to use the word "damage" instead of the word "crime". The word "crime" has been used to store humans in prison that have never caused as much as a scratch to other primates (primates includes humans).

"disease": Be more specific. Is there a virus? Are bacteria or cells copying?

"hate" or "like" a human: Most humans have a 0 or 1 opinion of humans. I think a more smart humans will say "I hate that this human is religious, but I like that the human supports no jail for drug use", instead of the all or none of "I like or hate a human". Some religious humans I see hate every word a not religious human says no matter how true the words. Humans in science accept and admit truth no matter what human the words come from.

2 words made in to one word. I see no reason to put to words like "copy" and "right" to make "copyright". I think that when two words are made to one word, the original translation is more difficult to recognize.

Words like "pain" and "hurt" used instead of "sad". I think that words like "pain" should only be used when there is pain, not when a human is sad. Pain with no consent should be stopped and using the word pain, for example "pain in the ass", is to send a false alarm, or make of less value stopping of real pain.

the same word for each gender: some human languages, like spanish, use a different word for each gender of human. For example "humano" and "humana", this makes 2 times the number of words needed. Because female humans were thought of as property for thousands of years, perhaps the female "a" ending may be used for all words that had gender.

No more exceptions to language rules: for example, all past tense words should have a letter "d" added. Humans have made exceptions for the english word "see" and make the past tense "saw" not "seed". All words for more than one object should have the letter "s" (for example "bacteria" and "bacterias", not "bacterium" and "bacteria"). This need to remember exceptions is not logical.

Some of my favorite words:

Popular word groups of this time on earth:
Let me see.
Let me out.

The most used words and number of times used in this book:
the 2647
of 1815
humans 1756
and 1686
a 1495
to 1423
in 1285
that 1096
is 967
human 741
I 738
for 732
or 706
be 680
are 551
not 533
no 464
more 401
with 397
all 369

I think copyrights and patents are bad. Photons and electrons should be free to copy and no body should stop the copying of any photon or electron order (information) for example, a photo, picture, or sounds. A human can own a paper, disk, or any physical object. If some human (or other species) keeps an object you own, the object should be moved back to you and no humans should be locked in jail. What is called "property theft" or "stealing of property" is a more old idea than "copyright".

I argue that property laws have more value and popularity than copyright laws. If I buy a disk or book from some body, that disk or book is my property. All the atoms that are the book and disk are my property. If I make a copy of a book or disk owned by some other human on to blank paper or a blank disk I bought and own, the copy is owned by me. Any human, for example in the police that takes my book or disk is stealing my property. The stolen book and CD are made of atoms that I bought and paid for. The popular support of property laws is more than the popular support of copy right, patent and trade mark laws. What is more bad, your car (or property) is stolen or your car copied and built by some other human? Your book is stolen, or the book is copied?

To stop photons from reflecting off of or moving out of objects is not easy. To own some object that no human can see to copy, the object would need to be kept in a place where no photons (this is not possible, because photons move out of all matter more than zero degrees) could move in or out.

In most patents, copy rights and trade marks, the ideas and words are not new. Most of the time, like in a computer there are parts made by other humans. To say the word "ape", copy right the word, and then try to get money from any body that says the word "ape" again is stupid! I guess the copy right, for example on the letter "A" is part of the past now, and humans that copy the letter "A" can not be locked in a jail.

Think of taking a photo in your bathroom, do you now have to get consent from the humans that designed and built your sink, faucet, painted the walls, stirred the paint that went on your walls, first invented paint, ...? How far will humans go in this stupid consent getting? To use a camera meters from a street a human should first get permission from the humans that made the stop sign, designed the first stop sign, made the first red paint, first drew the letters S, T, O and P, made the first sheet metal, and put the stop sign in the ground. Think of the amount of time trying to get these humans to put ink on a paper would be. Think of when robots are walking the planet capturing billions of photons. I think humans will not get permission and keep moving on and off earth.

When a human copies some data, in the form of photons or electrons, the human is not stealing property, the human is copying property. The original photons and electrons are not stolen. The photons in the copy and in the original will always be different, and can not be identical, because to be exactly identical the photons would then be in the same space.

When a human makes some thing (like a song, or a computer program, or a table) the human may get money for the movements made, get money for the object, or makes the object for free. In other words the human gets money to build a table, gets money for the table, or builds a table for no money. Now should humans give money to this human, the humans that gave the wood or metal for the table, and humans in the past that built tables that look the same, every time the table is used?

Think of the number of humans that are get money from copy rights. One of the humans with the most money on planet earth, Bill Gates, got all the money from copy rights. Humans can argue that some human at Xerox was the first to make the idea of "Windows". The idea of a computer was first described years before "Windows" and payments would be going to humans like the family of Blaise Pascal, Steve Wozniak, John Bardeen, and humans that made the chips that went in the first computers, electron scan displays, keyboards, and more if humans really want to apply the idea of copy right and copy left. All the humans that make music, television, movies, and books get money from copy right.

For the most part, I think the human that gets a patent is not the first human to make the idea. A good example of this is with Joe Henry and Sam Morse. Joe Henry made one of the first telegraphs, most of the objects used were not new. Sam Morse was a human that learned from Henry and built a telegraph (with a different human), and then got a copy right for the telegraph. Morse then spent most of the time alive in courts trying to get money from humans that made telegraphs.

Think of all the human on human damage that needs to be seen and stopped, and the courts and prisons are full of humans that copied information!

I like to go the way of DNA, in every cell of every living object, and copy.

I am against privacy and secrecy. I think photons and atoms that cause no physical damage must be free to move in the universe. No body should have to stay in a court, hospital, or prison that has not caused any damage. What angers me is that millions of humans are in prisons on the planet that have never caused as much as a scratch to another human, even in self defense! There can be no justice until all humans and parts of earth are shown to all and there are no more secrets and things hidden.

There are machines that record the sounds and images that human brains (and all brains) think. These machines have been secret from 1993 (probably more like 1985) the time I was in Lisle, IL and a human on television was saying the sounds I was thinking. After then, in Santa Monica, California a female human on the "Ellen" television show said sounds I was thinking, the sounds "bite me". Because of this and other sounds and images not typed here there is no question for me (even if I can not show this kind of machine and only explain how I think machines like these are made) that machines exist that can hear what a brain is thinking. Later in the movie "Antz", the sounds "bite me" are said again. Steven Spielberg may think that the brain imaging machines should be shown and shared. Think of the good and fun that sharing the thoughts of species with brains will be. There will be no need to use the lungs and throat to say what a human is thinking. Plus the fun of hearing what other species are thinking. Recording sounds from a horse remembering some body say the name of the horse in a soft voice, or a horse remembering and playing back 5 seconds from a popular song. The images a dog thinks of when remembering (or thinking) of other dogs and humans. To see what dreams look like.

I say again and again, 8 years with Bill Clinton as President of the United States and this human never said 1 word to tell every body that machines that can record the sounds and images brains think exist. This secrecy is average for religious humans. All the years the humans in suits and ties on the television news have been watching humans in apartments, and houses (remember that the free trade of images and sound should not be a reason for locking a human in a jail or hospital), seeing and hearing what all humans are thinking, never saying a word. I think that machines that can record the sounds and images any brain thinks of used by millions of humans may be interesting news. I think that all if not most news stories are bought for money.

I think brain machines should be shown to every body and available to buy by any body. What is more bad is that humans must think that there is a god, or gods saying what the human is thinking thru the humans on the television because most humans has never heard of a machine that can see and hear the photons that a brain lets go.

My guess is that the humans in the military (and perhaps in more than one university) have made robots that walk on two legs. I think that these robots are being kept secret from most humans. The humans at Honda have made a robot "the Humanoid" that walks on two legs and where is the interest and excitement? The majority of humans, dull and religious, do not see the value of robots.

I am saying that humans should not keep secrets, and should share data. Humans that do share data should be promoted, humans that keep secrets should not be promoted. The opposite is happening now, for example with humans stored in prisons for "treason" and "espionage". I think most if not all of the humans in film, television, radio, and government employment should not be given any thing for keeping the brain imaging machine secret for more than 10 years of use. Vote and employ new humans. See if other humans will explain.

The way humans ignore science, and ignore the human (or humans) that made this machine is bad. The humans that made this machine should be promoted and shown to every body. Humans use the products of science and do not support the methods of science. One of the most bad problems for the survival of life on the surface of planet earth are the religions. When are humans in science going to be elected? No more religious humans in government and with money. There should be no money for humans that ignore truth that is shown by humans in science.

Think of what events (matter moving in space and time) are happening on the earth that humans never get to see, because no body ever shows images of violence, killing, nudity and sex. Humans get killed on planet earth, where are the images? What humans are doing the killing? The human that killed John F Kennedy may have never been locked in a jail. Where are the images of the human that shot the bullet in the head of John F Kennedy from the front as recorded on the Zubruter film? Where are the John Lennon images from showers and toilets? The Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison images? The Vicki Morgan and Ronald Reagen sex video tapes? The street camera images of the vehicle the human that killed Nicole Simpson was driving? The last and current seconds of Janis Joplin?

Using the word "privacy" and the support of privacy is not good. I saw in April 2000 on the main ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) web page that going to court to support privacy is a main goal and I thought "how backwards". Because of privacy here in the United States there are no images and sounds from cameras and microphones recording on streets and in parks, and in most places no cameras or microphones at all. Because of privacy the trillions of images and sounds from inside the apartments, houses and cars of humans (more popular or less popular) captured by humans in television buildings, government military and police, humans with more than an average amount of money, universities, and corporations will be not be shared in the time I am alive. Humans will be surprised to see images and sounds hundreds of years from now of humans that said on television "15 humans shot at zoo, no humans captured" that saw the images, sounds and thoughts of the humans, before, during, and after that shot the humans in a zoo. Most of the roots of this secrecy are religion, almost all things bad are because of religion. For some reason the humans in religion have no want for and try to stop pleasure. Religious humans think that the human body is ugly, and sex with consent is bad. I am not sure where in religious books touch and sex is labeled bad, perhaps there may be one or more places. How can I or any body explain this backwards hate of pleasure and the acceptance of violence, pain and damage?

At this time, millions of humans watch other humans in apartments and houses. Because photons are more small than an atom, cameras can be as small as 1e-6 meter. What angers me is that these humans that watch other humans and the thoughts of humans never question the idea of privacy! These humans never question the idea of a "copyright" after seeing and copying data that some other human got a copyright for. These humans never promote the free trade and sharing of all info. After watching humans with no permission in bed rooms and bath rooms, these humans get angry when a human tries to capture photons reflected off the self!

Because of "privacy", the images and sounds that all species with brains are thinking, and the humans that made these brain imaging and sound recording machines will not be seen by most humans in the next 2 or 3 hundred earth rotations of a star. When these machines are shown to most humans, my guess is that most humans will not try to reverse the system that kept brain imaging a secret for more than 20 years. I think that humans will think of the new machines, as if these machines fell to the surface of earth in one piece from life living on a piece of matter orbiting some other star. Humans will never look at the humans that made the machines, the objects in the machines, how the machines are made, and the past of science. The humans that used and kept secret these machines for 20 to 30 years, will still get to use the machines, the machines will not be kept secret from these humans. My opinion is that most of these humans that kept the brain image and sound machines secret should be the last to get the basic objects needed for survival that all humans may get some time.

Every time I hear some body support privacy, support secrets and secrecy, or say "that information is private!" I feel anger. There is no way of stopping photons and atoms from moving in the universe. I think putting a human in prison, hospital or court because the human captured photons that reflected off other humans is stupid and bad. How can any body see what is and has happened on planet earth? Let no part of the universe be secret and all parts of the universe be shown.

Here are machines that have never been seen by most humans:

Brain photon getting and translating machines
Machines that can capture photons from a brain, and draw the images seen (remembered, dreamed) on a screen, and play sounds thought (remembered) on a speaker. Some humans may call these machines "thought machines", or "mind machines". I was calling these machines, "brain image and sound machines". These machines are popular and in use in all television buildings, and by humans with more than an average amount of money. These machines will make life more easy. Think of how many more humans would find touch and sex with consent, if humans could hear share thoughts and opinions with other humans and not have to make a sound! The sad thing is that only stupid, religious, secretive, antisexual humans have these thought hearing machines and are not going to share. Talking may be less popular, because humans can now hear and see thoughts. The muscles involved in talking may, like the tail of primates, be of less value in the future story of life of this star.

Photon to brain sending machines
Sending image and sound data to brains. You thought you saw (heard, smelled, felt) some thing. Do you ever look at a word and for a millisecond see some other word or letter instead of the word you recognize later? You may think that your brain is doing this, when really, humans may have machines that send photons to your brain to change your opinions, or perhaps to make you laugh. These machines are exciting, and make sharing ideas more easy, but put objects in a human body with no permission. Photons enter human eyes all the time. Perhaps, the image screen in the human brain can be made all one color. This could be done by sending more photons than the number of photons entering the eyes of the body with the brain.

Perhaps the same machines that can send or cause images to be seen, can cause sounds and smells to be remembered. Perhaps photons are sent that touch parts of a brain that make the pattern molecules of air for sound or molecules that cause smell make, or to cause a body to remember a sound or smell. If this were true, perhaps there could be a way to reflect or filter the photons. Sound changing happens all the time, I say some thing and humans use computers to change what I hear or what any body may hear in milliseconds. Sound for the brains of mammals (including humans) is made in seconds, machines can make sounds in milliseconds.

Photon or electron muscle moving machines
Controlling human muscles with a beam of electrons or photons. There is the possibility of stopping human movement. I am asking that any human using these machines on not violent, not consenting humans with intent be held in jail until these machines are shown to a majority of humans, and all not violent humans are free from any prisons on earth. The humans that make these machines should not be held in jail if no damage, pain, or muscle control with no consent has been done by the human.

Photon sending tumor making machines
Tumors (brain, colon, breast, testicular, ...) can be made with photons in the gamma, or most probably x ray wave lengths. William Rollins killed a pig with photons in the x ray. Other humans (difficult to see where) have calculated that 200 "rad"s, some number of photons in the gamma or x ray (photons with wave lengths as small or more small than an atom) will kill an average human (the size of George Gershwin or Bob Marley), from changes the photons make to DNA. I vote to store in a prison any human that causes damage, and or pain to a different human with intent, no consent and not in defense of a human. Most humans are not aware that humans that have died of cancer (tumors) in the past 40 or more years may have had the cancer started by other humans pointing streams of x ray photons at the body. Most humans do not think this kind of killing can be done by humans, and so any humans using photons to kill other humans have never been seen by most humans, or captured. The free trade of images and sounds will be good to see what humans if any have killed other humans with photons.

Photon sending heating machines
Humans (any thing with water) can be heated by photons in the micro wave frequency. I have never seen this done, you can be sure that these machines exist. Like a microwave oven, but with a single stream of photons in the microwave frequency.

What do all these secret machines say for humans and the systems of sharing images and sounds in use now?

Humans should want comfort. So why wear neck ties, bow ties, jewelry, or cosmetics? The humans that wear ties, like a human in a wig with powder, look like humans from 80 years before now.

I never wear a tie, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, ink, hair spray, or hair oil.

No human should be locked in prison for wearing some object. What you wear is your choice and causes no damage to other bodies, even if the object you wear is a killed human. If a body has not caused damage, the body should not be in court, prison, or hospital.

Scary to me is that most humans must wear the same objects, and all think the same because of stupid traditions. Most female humans have the standard one hole in each ear. How bad metal connected to ears must feel when sleeping, kissing, or wrestling around with other humans.

Another scary and stupid tradition is the wedding ring. Millions of humans wear a "Jesus ring", the solid metal ring. What use is a ring? Why make touching a different human based on a piece of metal? I like objects that have some use, like a transistor or a helicopter. Rings and jewelry have no use for me. If for beauty I think jewelry hides the beauty of the human body. Also because jewelry is not for comfort, I give less value to the internal beauty (brain) of a human that wears jewelry.

Cosmetics are also no fun for me. What is the fun of lip stick? Getting a face full of lipstick takes time to wash off. Lipstick gets on all cups, sheets, pillows, and towels. The same is true for inks used on the hair above the eye, cheeks, finger and toe nails. Eye cosmetics are as old as the pyramids, and cosmetics on the cheeks is popular with humans in acting. Finger and toe nail paint looks no good to me, the time needed to put on and take off the paint could be time finding pleasure in science and touch. One surprising thing is that cosmetics are supposed to promote touching but do the opposite. Female humans put on cosmetics to try and attract male humans for touching, but cosmetics are not made for touching and get in the way of touching. Any body that has ever been kissed by some body with lipstick remembers the time used to get the lipstick off the cheek. The beauty of a female human is under all the cosmetics for me, the values, opinions and skills, and also the natural shape and color of the body.

I hate to smell most perfumes, some times there is a smell, for example blueberry, I think is ok, this is 1 in a million, and then only for 1 second, not for hours. I think the smell soap gives is enough for me. After 3 minutes of any smell, I open a window for air, or breathe thru my mouth. I think the natural smells of humans are ok.

I never wear denim. Denim is made from cotton. Denim is to me like sand paper and humans wear denim because of tradition, popularity, or national separation, but to me the humans look like humans from 80 years before now in clothes of less comfort than clothes made now. There could be a good use for denim, perhaps denim pants for welding. Here in the bottom part of the California part of the United States part of earth 3 of 10 humans wear denim overalls, showing that less comfort and less smart is popular. Most of the humans that wear denim overalls live in more than one million dollar palaces, but dress like the human lives in a barn church.

I never put oil in my hair. Do humans actually like sleeping in the same bed with some body with all the grease? Running your fingers thru the hair and having a hand full of grease? Think of the grease on the pillow and sheets! I like clean hair.

I never wear any object, like a watch on my arm. I carry a hand held computer with the christian time and date I can look at. In addition to the loss of comfort, I would hate to get an object on my arm like a watch caught on some other object when moving.

Humans in religion are some of the most mean and violent humans. Religious humans cause more gentle thinking humans to make tight forehead muscles. Forehead muscles should be relaxed in my opinion. Religious humans call other humans, fat or ugly to stay with the religious opinion that how a human looks is of more value than what a human thinks, that all humans and the universe is ugly. All of these mean humans also make other humans make more tight shoulder muscles. Shoulder muscles should be relaxed and head can be held up and forward in my opinion.

I never wear cow skin and am not surprised that most humans do wear cow skin for shoes, and some humans wear cow skin for belts and coats. Humans use the word "leather" to hide that most shoes and sneakers are made of cow skin. If the cow or human died by accident, I see no problem with wearing the skin of the dead object. The only other kind of shoe or sneaker I can ever find are cotton sneakers, where are other options like new molecules made by humans in science? In my opinion, to kill a plant is less bad than to kill a mammal or bird. If a human does not care to stop the killing of a cow, why would a human care to stopping the killing of a human, or any other mammal?

I think humans will make democracy for all of life of earth, even for life that has moved to other planets, moons, stars and spaces. Popular opinion will probably always influence decisions even in a monarchy. Humans will store opinions made by all of life. Most popular opinions on a number of decisions will be calculated each second. There will probably be no more representative government, or humans that decide for a group of other humans, only a government of popular decisions. Popular humans will probably always have more influence than less popular humans. Every species of life, and every body of life should be included in popular laws. For example, all of life selects clean water, comfort, and pleasure. If the word 'law' is still used, I think humans will call the most popular word groups (or sentences) 'laws'.

If humans decide that humans employed in a government should exist, I think the main purpose of any government is to provide a minimum standard of life for all of life. Every thing needed to keep life alive including containing the bodies that cause damage with intent (stopping violence), and providing the minimum objects all bodies need to survive (enough heat and to eat for example). I think that the humans in the government should give back to humans that give money to the government and perhaps minimum survival (clean water and food, perhaps as simple as bread) for all humans of earth. For some reason some humans think that money given to the government should never go to giving bread, clean water, electricity, free phone use, and other needs of life, one excuse given is that using money for water and bread is "communism". When a majority of humans vote to give bread and water, the system is called democracy. Where else would the money given to government go? I support democracy for all of life, for all humans on earth and in this star system. I think humans should vote for using government tax money for free clean water, soap, vehicles, drugs, minimum health care if given a chance.

Most humans think that government is some abstract object, or only the humans in a government location. The humans in governments should live any where the humans want to. With free video phone on the internet, there is no need to live in the same city to see or talk to other humans.

I vote for constant elections. A human votes on some decision and that vote should be counted until the human (and other species at some time) is dead. The human can change the vote at any time. When there is a majority of yes or no votes for a decision (opinion, or group of words) then the decision is thought of as a popular law. This kind of a government may start at any time. Stopping violence will, I think, be one of the first popular decisions. Perhaps keeping life alive, with enough to eat, heat, objects necessary for survival for all primates and perhaps mammals will be popular.

I am interested in ideas for the future of governments on earth. I want a democratic government for all of life of this star. You may think that the United Nations is a good start at a government for earth. I am asking that all humans in the United Nations be democratically elected with voting open to all humans. Voting should be each year if not constant. The number of humans employed (paid) in the United Nations should represent the number of humans in the part of the planet the human lives in. Perhaps there should be earth money printed, or an earth tax collected.

I think with the internet, humans may get a chance to vote on all the decisions already made and to make new decisions. Most humans have never voted for or against one national law.

I think that every living object should be thought of when making laws. Is there a punishment for a human ending the life with intent and no consent of another human? primate? mammal? insect?

Humans should own a volume of space, not just some 2 dimensional part (or area) of Earth.

Perhaps humans will decide to have more democracy by making a system where humans vote on sentences like "Any human that kills a different human with intent, no consent, and not in defense of another human must be contained in a prison". Any error or problem can easily be fixed by voting for another sentence like "Any human contained in a prison must have access to any objects that are needed to stay alive." Now that the billions of computers are connected on an internet, this kind of a system should be made. Seeing what popular opinion is has been happening for years.

Look at all the parts of government. I think cameras should be put in each part and free to see at any time by all humans:

The humans in the military parts of the governments of all nations are one of the most serious problems for life on earth. These humans must dress the same, are locked in a jail if an order is not obeyed, are not democratically elected, promoted, or demoted, and are almost all male humans.

Military law should not exist. Humans in all parts of every government must be viewed as equal humans judged by the same laws that are made for and by all humans. Government military decisions are not made democratically, and are made in secret. No cameras show any thing to the humans that pay for all the military humans and equipment. I vote for no more military uniforms. Humans should wear any thing the humans want to. There is no need to all wear the same kind of clothes. There is no need to exercise. There is no need to march. There should be equal gender, race, and age in all parts of government including military.

Think of a government budget like your budget. Do you spend 1/3 of your money on weapons that kill? No, you spend your money on food, shelter, electricity, heat, clean moving water, vehicle, and self defense. I want more money to be used to build objects that identify or capture bodies, for example robots, and less money for objects that cause damage like bombs and metal bullet guns.

A number of humans in the military have killed other humans with intent, no consent, and not in defense of a human. I see no problem in stopping violence on planet earth by containing the humans that have caused physical damage to mammals. I want to identify each body that is causing physical damage with cameras and make the images and sounds available for all humans. Then using life democracy (not only humans from one nation), capture each human that has caused damage (not bomb any thing that moves, killing humans that have not killed other humans), and have a democratic constant vote to decide how much time if any human that caused damage will be stored in a jail for.

For years the only way humans in militaries could stop violence was by dropping objects that explode to damage all matter in a volume of space, identifying and capturing single humans was never an option. Cities, buildings, trees, birds, living bodies are all destroyed instead of the one or more humans that caused damage to start with. Think of the humans, other species, and objects of past life that are damaged or killed by squares of iron in a bomb or missile moved by the "exploding" or molecule moving of cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine (RDX) and trinitrotoluene (TNT). First a human that has killed another human should be identified, the images and sounds available to see by all humans, and then captured. If capturing the human is not possible, then the human should be free until capturing is possible. If there are more humans killing on the planet earth than not killing or than stopping killing, a human that has caused damage that can not be captured could possibly be damaged, or killed with no damage to other objects if supported by popular opinion.

What I want from the humans in the military part of each government is to contain the humans that have caused physical damage to other humans. This is all I want to pay for at this time. Perhaps I would add, to capture images of bodies causing physical damage, and make the images available for all humans, or all humans that gave money to the government. Perhaps in the future, military and police will be made one group of humans elected and employed to identify and contain bodies that cause damage to other bodies with intent, no consent and not in defense of a mammal (including humans).

My guess is that when all the images from this time are viewed, humans in the military, police, prisons, court, and hospital parts of the government will be seen as the most bad. The most objects (like photons and needles) sent in to bodies with no consent, the most pain and damage to other bodies, and the most never violent bodies locked in rooms, will be done by humans in the military, police, hospital, and court parts of all governments.

The humans in the police parts of the national governments are one of the most serious problems for life of earth. Like humans in a military, most humans in police dress the same, are caucasian male humans, are less educated, more violent, and have more advanced machines than average humans. I think that humans in police should only identify and capture humans that caused damage and perhaps return stolen property.

Humans in police or not in police should have equal value in law. Humans in police should get the same amount of time in a jail for causing damage with intent that any human would get. Like laws that separate by race, gender, or age, there should be no popular laws that separate humans in police from other humans. I support no more uniforms for humans in police. There is no need for a uniform. I vote for no more traffic stops of humans that have not caused any damage. I want humans in police to have choice in clothing and use of regular, not police painted cars. I do not support sale of machines only to humans in a police part of a government. Keeping weapons and new machines only in the hands of the less educated, more violent is not a good idea. The basic idea is that humans in police should be looked at as equal and average humans.

In parts of Europe, humans employed in police wear regular clothes, watch cameras, stop violence and return stolen property. In the Americas there are no humans that watch cameras in a park, or the cameras and humans watching cameras are kept secret. Humans fear cameras and free trade of images and sounds. This fear is because of the popularity of a book called "1984" by George Orwell, religion, the popular opinion that a nude human is ugly, and the stupid idea of privacy. Because of all these popular bad ideas and more, use of cameras and free trade of images and sounds is not popular in the Americas. As a result of these stupid values, humans are free to cause damage and never get captured or even seen.

When will the police humans try to stop damage for the first time? If a human has not caused a bruise or pain I vote for no hand cuffs and no arrest. Humans in the Americas should use the good idea started by humans in parts of Europe, where humans with regular clothing of comfort watch cameras in parks and the second there is property (like a purse) taken, or violence, other humans are called to stop the theft or fight. Here in the Americas (and other parts of planet earth), instead of stopping violence, humans in police drive the streets all day and night. I am not sure how much theft happens on the streets, and how many fist fights and shootings are in the middle of a street moving 40 thousand meters every second. A more smart idea is to use cameras and computer programs that describe what is seen by cameras to identify where violence is happening, then the humans most close to the violence could stop the violence.

When I see a human in police stopping a never violent human on the street I some times say to the human in the police "this goes on your record". By free exchange of images and sounds, the most bad humans in police will be identified and given less. No thing (even laws) are going to stop humans in police uniforms from driving the streets stopping humans that have not caused a scratch. Only after all of life has voted to stop humans in police uniforms from stopping humans that have never caused damage to other humans on streets, and is popular for 5 years will humans in police uniform ever stop.

A number of humans want to identify and contain humans that cause damage to other humans, but do not want to wear a uniform, lock humans in jail for nudity, sex for money, or for drugs. I would find pleasure in identifying and capturing (perhaps with a robot or tranquilizer gun) a human that is beating a different human that never threw as much as a punch. There are humans in parks, schools, houses, apartments and on side walks that punch other humans with intent, no consent and not in defense of a human being attacked that never get seen or captured. A human is almost never seen or locked in jail for a punch. A human in only locked in jail when there is a knife or metal bullet gun used. What is backwards is that humans are locked in jails and hospitals that have never caused any damage to other humans, but humans that spank, push, punch, or slap other humans are never locked in jail, or even seen!

There are a number of methods of containing a human that are never explored. The most popular way of capturing is by a group of humans trying to hold and lock hand cuffs on a human, or shooting at other humans with a metal bullet gun. Tranquilizer guns, used on other species like tigers, and bears are never used on humans, instead humans are shot with metal (or rubber) bullet guns. There are a number of things like kevlar, plastics, and metals that can stop metal bullets. Photons in the radio could be used to move a camera on wheels or legs where humans might be shot or damaged. Cameras could be used to identify humans that cause damage to property and living objects but are not, or are being kept secret and not shared.

I want to see cameras in all parts of government. There should be cameras in each police station and car, with images available on the internet. Cameras should be (and may already be) on every street, school room, apartment, house and building. Images from these cameras should be free to share and copy. No humans should be locked in a jail, or be in a court for capturing, buying, selling, or trading images, sound, or data of any kind. More humans may make self images available on the internet to teach or be protected.

Humans hear sirens and have no want to see and hear what tax paid police humans are doing meters away. Humans in the police (in the United States) get all phone messages from stories of violence, to stories of heart attacks and strokes. I think an idea that is more good is to make a different part of government get all the calls. Calls of violence then could be seen by humans in police. Problems that do not cause damage or pain could be seen by other government humans.

Humans need to put values in order. Think of these events:

human damaging other human
human causing pain in other human
human can not move
human needs water or will die in 24 hours
human damaging duck

What order do you give these 5 problems (events) to look at or solve?

With a basic goal of "keep most life alive", this game can be complex. There may some where be a list of these kinds of events. There may be computer programs that can recognize humans in an image from one or more cameras. Perhaps these programs can recognize "human touch other human" events. There may be messages like "human punched other human" or "chance of human damaging other human 90 in 100!" How do humans put these events in order?

I think humans may think that humans causing damage to other humans is the first thing to stop, next may be capturing humans that caused damage to other humans, or humans causing pain to other humans, or moving water to humans that are dying from no water, then probably freeing humans that have not caused damage or pain to other humans that can not move, because of being held, tied, or in a jail or hospital with no consent.

There probably are millions of events that could be put in order. For example, a human is holding a gun full of metal bullets, showing thoughts of shooting the gun to kill a different human, driving in the direction of the other human. No humans should be locked in a jail for holding a gun full of metal bullets and thinking of shooting other humans, but there is reason to think of this human as having more chance of causing damage than 2 nude humans moving in a park. There are millions of humans that should be let go from a jail or hospital, but these humans may not be feeling pain or being damaged, and sad to say that making these humans free may be of less value than stopping and containing humans that cause damage with intent or getting water to humans that will die with none. Not all humans have the same value to me. I would protect a human that speaks out against religion, or for stopping damage before a human that promotes religion, or causes damage. All of these values and more should be and probably are added in to the systems used to keep life alive in use at this time and in the future.

What I want from the humans in the police parts of all governments is to identify and contain the humans that have caused physical damage to other humans with intent, no consent, and not in defense of a human being damaged or made to feel pain. All images and sounds captured should be made available for all humans to see and hear. This is all I want from humans in police at this time. No stopping humans in cars, no capturing humans that buy, use, and sell drugs, no moving nude humans to hospitals. Perhaps I would include containing the humans that cause damage to property of other humans (again with intent, no consent, and not in defense of a human from physical attack), and returning stolen property.

The courts and system of justice on earth needs to made more democratic and fair. The idea of a one time trial decided by 1 to 20 humans will be changed to a constant popular decision by any and all humans that decide to vote. The more humans that vote the more fair the decision. Humans should record current popular opinion for all decisions, no decision should be closed and thought of as a last decision. All decisions, trials, and cases should be open to vote on at any time.

Like all parts of government, cameras and microphones should make images and sounds of what happens in court buildings free to all humans. Humans employed in all parts of government, including courts should be elected in a constant election. A constant election can be done by getting and storing the opinion of any and all humans that are alive. Once a humans has died, all votes and decisions made by that humans should not be counted. Decisions should not be "guilty or not guilty", decisions should be "true or false", "yes or no". Because there is no absolute true of false, only more true or more false, perhaps decisions will be viewed as "250 of 300 humans vote true" or "83 of 100 vote yes".

Humans should not have to be taken to a court for decision getting. A camera can view any human any where in this star system (walking, sitting or sleeping in an apartment, jail, house, car, or plane).

All the humans in every court and every part of government should be elected. Even if the election is on one day every six years there will be more justice.

Humans in the courts should not have to wear costumes. No human should have to wear a black robe, a neck tie, cosmetics, or use a hammer.

No human should ever be thought of as a different human. Humans may try to defend another human with words, but no human should be allowed to be thought of as deciding for a different human.

I am angered and scared that humans can put the name of a corporation, or government on the "plaintiff" part of a court paper. Only the names of humans should be typed or drawn in the "plaintiff" and "defendant" part of court papers, not a group of humans like "City of Hong Kong versus City of Paris".

A human should only be stored in a jail if the human has damaged a different human with intent, no consent, and not in defense of a human that has been damaged or pained with intent and no consent. Humans should not be stored in jail for "touch with no consent", "not paying taxes", "stealing property", "printing money", "slander", "negligence", "molestation", "child pornography", "owning drugs", "selling drugs", "owning a gun", this list numbers in the millions. Humans should only be stored in jail when there is damage to other humans and perhaps primates and mammals. The idea of stopping damage and pain, no matter when and what species is a good idea. Humans and other species need to kill plants at this time, some time, food may be made molecule by molecule from Hydrogen. Until that time, humans should make decisions on what species can be killed or damaged.

The court systems need to change on planet earth. No group of 10 or 20 humans should make decisions for millions of humans. Any change, for example voting for judge humans, or making majority voting (open to all humans) decide a trial instead of one judge human, will make the court decisions more good. Humans must vote to make changes to the court systems. Because the courts are closed, secret, and not democratic, decisions made in courts by 1 to 20 humans do not equal popular opinion, and are less fair than could and should be.

The word "law" may be less used than the words "opinion", "sentence", or "group of words". A "law" should be a group of words that a majority of humans think should be followed. I think that a system will evolve that lets humans make and vote on a number of sentences. The most popular sentences will be thought of as laws. In any event the current set of laws must be open to voting at all times by all humans that must live under the laws. I have never voted on any national law, and a number of national laws were voted on by humans that are dead.

Storing the opinions of all humans for every sentence may not be possible. Humans can try to store the most popular sentences, and all "yes or no" votes on each sentence. Not all humans will have or record an opinion. Humans should think of the majority opinion with the most human opinions recorded as the most popular.

This popular opinion voting system could be done with paper or voting machines, but probably will be more popular on computers and using phone wires. Voting can grow from existing systems. At this time drawing a name in ink is thought by most humans to be consent. In the future, photons reflected from humans will be captured (images of a human will be captured with a camera) and recognized. Consent can be a press of a button. Pressing a button is more easy than drawing a name or making a sound, and more certain than moving an eye or thinking of some image or sound.

Each law (and court decision) should be constantly decided any where in the universe by all humans that have an opinion. Popular opinion should be used to decide what human should be kept alive in a jail, or what human should have money or some objects taken because of other objects taken or destroyed by the human, and more. There should be no government decision closed at any time. All humans should get to vote "true" or "false". For some events, like the killing of John Kennedy and Nicole Brown, millions of humans have opinions. Other events, like the time I killed a mosquito get less human opinions.

Each law should be open to constant vote by all humans. Laws and opinions with no majority support are not to be followed. All current laws must be open for voting at all times. I never voted for any of the federal laws of the United States, or any country, so I should not have to live by those laws. Let all humans vote on sentences. The most popular sentences will make for a more fair democratic life on earth. In addition, other less popular laws will not have enough support to keep a human in court or jail. Will prostitution, pornography, profanity, and slander laws, voted on years before now in a 1 day vote by less than 1 thousand humans that are now dead, be approved by a majority of humans alive now?

The word "human" must apply to all humans no matter what age, shape, size, color of skin, gender, pregnant, or government employed (police, military) all should live with one set of laws for all living objects. All popular opinions and laws should apply to matter only, no opinions should be popular that apply to objects that do not exist, like god and spirits.

Humans may have less accurate and bad opinions. No human should be locked in a jail for having bad opinions. In my opinion, humans should not be locked in a room for saying that deer can fly, humans go to a heaven after death, or that gods decide where matter moves in the universe. Even humans that think and say that some gender or race of humans is more good than some other should not be locked in jail. Human popular opinion may use any words like the words "humans over the age of 4", "pregnant humans", or "humans with no less than 5 nucleotides of Netherlands human". Teaching, learning, sharing data, and searching for truth and pleasure is the only answer for bad, stupid, and not fair decisions and opinions.

Thomas Jefferson drew the letters "all men are created equal", perhaps to promote the idea that nubian humans should be thought of as equal for all laws of the new United States (the United States is only a part of a planet that has existed for 4.6 billion years). Most humans now would change this group of words to be "all humans are made equal" to include female humans. The word "created", I would change to "made", "born", or a less religious more science and truth based word. The idea that all humans should have equal value for voting and in all laws is a good and fair idea.

What angers me, and some problems I see are that, humans have made laws that make humans not equal in law. Any law that is based on the age of a human, the military status of a human, or if a human is a wedded human go against the idea that all humans are equal.

Caucasian male humans in the United States decided that nubian humans can vote in what religious humans call the year 1869. Male humans in the United States decided that female humans should get the choice to vote in 1920. I think that next, humans under the age of 21 will be thought of as equal, get to vote, and get to put in and take out any object wanted, for example alcohol, tobacco, drugs, carrots, or potatoes. Humans in prison should get to vote and humans in government (police, military and courts) should live under the same laws as all other humans.

I think that a good reason to have a government is to stop violence and to give no less than the minimum things needed for all of life to live in comfort. There are millions of bad laws and prisons are full of humans that have never caused any damage to other humans. Humans have made governments that can not give a piece of bread, a used shirt, a bar of soap, or half of a band aid to any human no matter how hungry, cold or damaged.

Laws for other species
I think that there should be popular opinions (laws) for all objects made of DNA. Most laws do not include other species. Think of all the cows, bulls, pigs, chickens, fish and plants that are killed to eat. Also dogs, cats, and rats are killed. What is the value of a human? What is the value of the bodies of other species? The chimpanzees of earth are 99 of 100 parts the same as humans, so should chimpanzees have 99 of 100 parts the value of a human body? Because rabbits are only 95 of 100 parts the same as humans, should rabbits have 95 of 100 parts the value of a human body? Should all the species but humans have no value, and be thought of as property?

Humans wear cow skin and call the skin leather. There was a time when humans may have worn human skin. Even if humans in cow skin sneakers and shoes never killed the cow, I still think that supporting the killing of cows by buying cow skin shoes is a bad idea. Other fabrics are made from killed plants. Humans call cow "burger", "steak" and "beef", and humans call pig "pork" to hide the idea that humans kill these living objects. Killed chicken is called "chicken".

You can see (and hear) that humans do not care for the other species in the use of words like "animals" and "beasts". These two words show that humans think that only humans try to live on planet earth, not that humans, trees, fish, bacteria, cows, pigs, chickens, every thing living on earth is made of DNA, shares more than one common design, and is trying to live. For example, eyes evolved years before now and are shared with all fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and primates.

Most bodies want comfort. Most monkeys, deer, elephants, horses, and mice all want clean water, touching, bread, heat, sleep and do not want pain. How can these basic wants be provided and protected? A tiger, or bear can be fed and live a life never using violence. If a tiger, dog, or bear does cause damage, the living object (tiger, dog, or bear) should be kept in a jail for some time decided by popular opinion. Other species should be included in laws. Perhaps other species will have a value, humans with a value of 1.0, other primates with a value of .95, cows will have a value of .50, birds .40, down to viruses. In this system, a human that kills a orangutan will probably be locked in a jail for .95 of the time a human is locked in jail for killing a human. Humans should not be allowed to kill all other species to extinction.

I think humans in the government should give to all primates (includes humans) that want: clean water to drink, food to eat from plants only, clothes to wear from plants only, places to clean with soap, places with heat, all minimum objects needed for survival. Humans should calculate the amount of water all mammals will use in a life of 100 years? What number of shirts, soap, and heat will all mammals (including humans) need to stay alive for 100 years?

Age Laws
Humans use word groups like "child labor", and "child molester", even the word "children" to make sure more young than average age humans can be owned and thought of as property. Humans that use the word "children" think humans under some age do not make decisions, do not decide if a food tastes good or bad, if there is pain or not. I think humans at every age do not want pain, and do not eat foods that are not wanted. For "child labor", if a human is tied to a machine, is locked in a building, room, or cage with no consent, like humans in jail and hospitals that have never caused damage to other humans, the lock should be opened, and the human should be allowed to move any where in the universe.

Humans should vote against laws based on age (juvenile law). Humans are to be thought of as equal for all human laws. There should be no age or gender based prisons. Think of the number of humans under some age that are never locked in jail or locked in jail for less time than a more old human for damage caused to life and property.

I think that making some age that a human can be labeled an adult human at is not good. All humans grow at different rates, shown by growth of pubic hair between 10 to 15 earth years after birth. Interesting to ask if humans that grow pubic hair more early than other humans live for less time (or age more fast). Growth of pubic hair may change human decisions, but most humans still want pleasure and do not want pain at every and any age.

If not given water and food a human at the age under 200 months after sperm and ovum start copying will probably not survive. If a human wants a different human to survive, then the human should give or pay humans (perhaps in a government) to give, food, water, drugs, and what ever is needed and wanted.

I think the idea of "child support" is not good and vote for democratically using money to provide objects needed for minimum survival for all humans. In the next 100 years machines will be growing plants, building, doing every thing humans do now, and humans will be making and moving machines and all of life to other stars and other pieces of matter.

I am angered to see that humans are being locked in jail for owning "child pornography". Images must be free. Humans that actually cause damage should be locked in prison rooms. Images, pictures, and drawings never do damage. Photons in wave lengths that can be seen in average numbers never cause any damage. How else can any body see what humans are causing damage if no body can own any of the images?

Laws I vote yes for:
No primate may be locked in a room that has not caused physical damage to a different primate.

Any human that has caused damage to a different human with intent, no consent, and not in defense of a human must be locked in a prison cell for an amount of time decided in a constant popular vote.

All humans employed in all parts of government are to be elected in a constant election.

No less than one camera must be allowed to capture images in each room of all government buildings.

All government decisions are to be decided by a majority of all humans.

No human may be locked in a prison or hospital because of images or sounds made or owned.

The word "human" in all laws and opinions is defined by all humans no matter what gender, race, age, size or shape.

Prison should be a place for bodies that have caused physical damage.
All of the humans and other species in prisons and hospitals that have never caused a bruise, scratch, or more to other humans should be made free. That humans contain humans that have never caused damage to other humans in jail at this time is bad. Some of the most difficult places to see and capture humans that cause damage are in the government (police, military, prisons).

Each body in a prison should be separated from other bodies if touching with no consent. Each body should be provided with enough clean water and food to stay alive. Each body should be given the choice to put what ever the human wants in and out of the body that causes no damage to other bodies. Humans should always have the choice to kill the self in or out of a prison.

I see no problem in having mixed gender prisons. I think humans should get to vote from prison. I think humans should get to touch other humans of each gender with consent in prison. Even if a human has caused damage there is no reason to stop a human from talking or touching any body in a locked cell with consent. Humans should also get to have sex and copy in prison with consent only. Humans should have a choice to be employed in prison and to get money for employment. Any violence with no consent must be stopped in all prisons, and every where life lives.

I think that if humans that have not caused damage (not violent) are to be locked in a jail that these prisons should be separate from the prisons used to hold humans that have caused physical damage with intent, no consent and not in defense of a mammal.

The last time I was locked in a jail room in Burbank, California, I was put in a room with 4 or 5 other male humans. The christian day was called "Friday", because I did not have the 200 dollar to get out of jail, and the courts are closed on Saturday and Sunday, I was told I would have to stay until Monday. Remember, I have never caused any damage to another human. I had debit and credit cards, but both are not allowed to pay humans in police. After more than 24 hours from being locked in the jail, I told the police humans to give my wallet to another human in the cell that got the 200 dollar, got me out of the jail on Saturday, and then gave me back my wallet. From this I learned that debit and credit card should be allowed to pay to get out of jail. The whole idea of bail is bad. Money decides if a human should be locked in a cell or set free? I also support keeping democratic court decisions and courts open at all times. Humans that cause damage do not usually stop for Jesus day.

The prisons are full or humans that have never caused any damage. There are millions of humans locked in prisons on planet earth. What will happen when only humans that have caused damage will be locked in prison? There will be thousands of empty prisons, and millions of empty jail cells. What is interesting to me is that in prison humans are given water, food, clothes, heat and shelter. This is more than any other human not in prison gets from government money. The prisons are kind of like the basic survival program I keep describing, with the main difference being that the humans are locked in the prisons. The prisons could be open, each human could have a key to a cell, two or three pairs of pants and shirts, access to showers, a toilet, a sink, soap, water and food. Humans could touch, have sex, give birth, teach, use drugs, sleep, eat, and move in and out of the prison building by choice. Perhaps, this will happen, or perhaps other humans will buy the 2 dimensional land, destroy the prisons and grow plants or build other buildings where the empty prison will be.

When I want to say some thing good to a human, I say "You should not be beat, drugged, or locked in a jail or hospital because you have not caused any damage to other humans". No human should be locked in a hospital. Humans should be in a hospital by consent only.

I think locking humans in a hospital is a bad idea. I ask that a law get popular support saying that no human may be locked in a hospital if no consent. The psychiatric hospitals of planet earth are full of a variety of humans. Most of the humans in a psychiatric hospital have never caused any damage to other mammals. The rest of the humans locked in the hospitals have caused some kind of damage to a different mammal. If some body has caused damage to a different body, the damage causing body should be contained in a prison, not a hospital. The other humans in a psychiatric hospital should be free.

No matter how not accurate, not logical, not rational, or not objective a human may be, for example the human may think and say that there is a heaven, with a god, a santa, reindeer that fly, and tooth fairies, no matter how not realistic, the human should not be locked in a prison or hospital. The sounds, drawings, and thoughts a human has cause no damage, and no matter what sounds are made, there should be no arrest, or containing in a hospital unless there is some kind of physical damage to a different human. Causing damage to your own body is your own choice, in my opinion. You own your own body at every age, in my opinion. Like Jack Kervorkian, I think all humans should have the choice to stop living.

If humans want to provide shelter, bread, clothes, soap, shower and heat for humans, then let humans live in the psychiatric hospitals by choice, stop locking humans in the building. Humans should be free to move out of any hospital when ever a human wants to.

At this time on planet earth, humans fill the psychiatric hospitals, making clear that any of you humans can be tied to a table, locked in a room, and drugged even if you never caused an atom of damage.

In Nazi Germany, one of the first places used for killing humans was a psychiatric hospital. Humans can drug and tie other humans in a psychiatric hospital, even if the human being tied has never thrown a punch, because the humans doing the tying and drugging hide behind a "degree" or "certificate" on paper, and the fear most humans have of other humans that do not look, sound, move, think or value the same objects most humans do, or have less skills than most humans.

Drugs are the main answer and method of "treatment" for humans in psychology. Drugs are used to try and make humans change opinions that are not popular. No human can have an opinion different from the majority of humans. If a human thinks that marriage and cosmetics are bad, drugs are given to try and change the opinions of the human. Why not let humans have different opinions? Why not let humans think there are gods, and that drugs can make humans wear cosmetics? The most good "treatment" to teach truth to humans is by image, sound and touch with consent. Humans should teach and learn science by free choice, not by injecting drugs in a human until the human agrees. As angry as most humans are when other humans use drugs by choice, most humans are not angry when drugs are put in to another human with no choice in psychiatric hospitals.

I think that psychiatry and the use of the word "psyche" (translates to "soul" in german), started with Sigmond Freud and grew popular after 1900. After Freud, millions of humans have paid for four or more years of lessons in this abstract value system used as a reason to tie humans to hospital beds, and inject humans with new drugs designed to solve problems that do not exist or are not important. The list of these pretend problems number in the thousands. Psychosis, neurosis, manic depression, attention deficit disorder (not attention surplus disorder yet), delusions of grandeur, schizophrenia, all labels for humans that have caused physical damage to a different human or have not caused physical damage to a different human. These humans are never asked, "What is the universe?", "What is an atom?", "What is the planet earth?", "What are stars?" and other questions to decide if the human has a more or less than average accurate scientific interpretation of the universe.

I was moved by humans in police uniforms to 3 different psychiatric hospitals at 3 different times. In Belmont, Illinois, United States I was tied to a table for 8 hours and let go. In San Diego, California, United States I was tied to a table and injected with droperidol in San Diego County Hospital. I tried to take the humans I could identify to court. In Torrance, California, United States I was tied to a table, blood was withdrawn as I objected, I was locked in the Harbor-UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles) Hospital for 3 earth axis rotations. I was told I would not get to eat if I did not use the drugs the humans called "meds". I ask what kind of a healing program is going on at UCLA? Each time I was locked in a hospital, I never caused a single scratch to any other human.

When a human is locked in a prison, the human is allowed to make a phone call, and the amount of time the human will be locked in a prison is shown. When a human is locked in a psychiatric hospital, the human may not be allowed to make a phone call, and the amount of time the human will be locked in a hospital is not shown. Humans in psychiatric hospitals may not get the most basic human choices from laws like the "Magna Carta". Humans throw out reason and justice when the word "psychiatric" or "insane" is said. All that is needed is for one of more humans with a degree to draw on a piece of paper, and a human that has never caused a scratch or bruise of damage can be locked in a hospital building until dead.

Look at the humans that are locked in hospitals. Have each of these humans caused damage to a different human? What reasons are given to lock a human in a hospital?

Remember these two simple rules:

Human has caused damage to other human = Prison
Human has not caused damage to other human = Free

Tax is money (paper, or electrons) that is given from a human to the humans in a government. The humans in the government print paper money and then ask for some of that money back, instead of keeping some money to start with or printing more money.

I vote for one income tax, and no other taxes. In some parts of the planet earth there is "sales" tax. Why stop or slow the buying, trading and selling of objects and services? "Sales" tax makes buying and selling more complex and less popular. I am a human that wants more trade, more objects and services to get more good.

Every time money is given to a different human, the human that gets the money must pay tax. The same money can be taxed thousands of times! Instead of giving a human money, a human may want to pay for objects the human wants or needs, then the second human would have no income and pay no income tax.

There may be an earth government or life government income tax to pay for humans to see, capture and store humans that cause damage on earth.

The past of money is an interesting story. Onions, beans and shells were traded as money, the first metal coins were made in China, paper with ink money was first used in China. Now plastic credit cards, and systems based on the storing, copying and moving of electrons have made trading money as easy as pressing a button.

At this time most humans value gold atoms, and other kinds of matter. There may be a time when atoms can be made from photons, or protons and electrons. What will the value of gold atoms be then?

There are now Euro dollars. Will there ever be Amero dollars? Earth dollars? Human dollars? Life dollars? Thanks to humans that make credit cards, money can be traded any where on the planet earth. Metal coin money was good, because the metal had value for making objects. The problem with metal money, is that metal has more matter than paper and is more difficult to hold and move. One problem with paper money, is that paper has less value than metal. The plastic of a credit card is also of less valued than metal. One other problem of paper, plastic and money based on electrons is that paper, plastic and electrons can all be copied.

With all forms of money, there are systems, and traditions that keep the system popular. Humans try to make the patterns on paper money and plastic credit cards difficult to copy. Humans try to identify each human with cameras, microphones, brain imaging and sound machines, and text. This data is used to identify what humans may be moving in a way not wanted. Also, because at this time humans are locked in prisons for making and using paper money, or credit cards, most humans never try to copy paper money, and credit cards out of fear. Locking humans in jail when there is no damage caused, is a bad way of keeping money systems popular.

Humans should not be locked in a jail for printing and trying to use paper money because no damage is caused. Humans should not be locked in a jail for trying to use the credit card of some other human, again, because there is no damage. Humans should evolve systems of money that are fair and safe. Humans should be stopped or not get the chance to take the property of a different human. If property is moved with no consent, humans should move the property back to the human or humans that own the property. Humans that try to use self made paper money or use the credit card of a different human should be recognized by the free copying and trading of images, sounds and other data, not locked in a jail. If locked in a jail, the human should not be locked in the jail for more time than a human that has caused damage, because damage and pain is more bad than using self made money or credit cards.

There are also paper shares of stock from groups of humans in a business. I think that shares should be bought, sold and traded freely like all objects. My advice is that science will win over religion. Things like liquid crystal displays, touch screens, robots, cameras, vegetables, all things that you buy are good to promote and give money for. I feel more safe giving money to humans in a business that make some product I buy every week than humans that make no product or some product I never buy.

I ask what the value of money is. A human gives value to matter that a human wants to touch, see or use. The trees and plants that paper with ink are made from have some value. All matter has some value to humans. Humans are employed, or given paper money or electrons for movements made by following instructions. Cows, pigs, dogs, and cats are traded for money and thought of as property.

What do humans want on this planet and in this universe? Do humans want to own more land? Even if a human owned a moon, there is no way of being in and watching every part of the moon at all times. I would be happy if humans wanted to own space in other parts of the universe. Some good places to move to are earth orbit, star orbit, moon of earth, planet mars, the moons of Jupiter, and Jupiter orbit. I think most humans want or wanted to touch and be touched by a variety of humans. For me, at this time, I want to go to other stars, see planets of other stars, see life of other stars, feel comfort, never feel pain, teach and learn science, have good objects to put in and on my body, to be free to move any where in the universe, and to touch and sleep with a variety of female humans.

I think that there should be no borders. Borders are lines that separate most nations on planet earth. Humans should look at the planet earth as one spherical object. Life should grow to include all living objects. Humans from different nations are viewed as property, not as equal humans on one planet. Most humans never think of the earth as a planet. When looking at the thoughts of most humans, my guess is that a human never would see images of the spherical earth, and other planets, a human would only see objects on the surface of earth, for example, clouds, trees and humans. Most humans never think that there is a chance to go to earth orbit, the earth moon, other planets, and other stars. Some humans never look at stars or even up! Most humans look forward or down, think only of other humans, not even a single other species, and only things on the surface of earth.

A good way to make democracy more popular is by allowing free trade, allowing free movement and by stopping violence. Humans should promote the humans that cause no damage, and that care for truth, science, and pleasure. Humans should contain the humans that cause damage no matter where on the planet earth. I want to be safe from damage no matter where on the planet earth I may be. I want to think that if some human does cause damage to me with intent, that photons that reflect off the human (an image) will be captured, and that the human will also be captured and contained.

Some times humans that have never caused damage are locked in a jail at the borders of countries for years, property is taken, humans are beat, male humans put penises in the vaginas and anuses of other humans with no consent and are not separated. I have only heard of these events, and do not get to see the cameras that must be in border buildings and prisons.

Until humans on earth are all viewed as humans with one human one vote, there will always be no justice for humans locked in a jail or damaged in a part of the planet different from the part of the planet the human was born in.

Humans on earth want more to lock humans in jail that steal property instead of stopping a theft when the theft happens or moving the property back. In other parts of the planet earth, like England, France, and Germany, for example, video cameras are used, with the images free for all humans to see, and humans in regular clothes watch the cameras and when there is property stolen, other humans capture the human that tries to take the property and the property is returned. Here in the United States, humans do not have the skill or values to stop an average purse theft. Millions of humans are moved into prison buildings that have simply put drugs in to the own body, but no body has put together the idea of using cameras, moving or not moving to capture photons. Yes photons! oh no! not photons reflected off my body! Here is a new idea, share the images!

Some humans damage property (what I like to call "not living objects"). One idea is that when property is damaged, the amount of value of the damaged object, or the amount to repair the object can be taken from the body that caused the damage. Humans should in 4 or 5 hundred years, be sure that all mammals have enough clean water, food, and heat, so taking this money or property will not have a life ending effect. Some humans take property and then put the property back. The best thing to do is to learn from the past. If a human was recorded breaking glass in a glass store with intent 2 or more times, and you own a glass store, you may want to stop the human from going in.

I think that humans that have stolen property should not be locked in a jail. If humans that have stolen property are locked in jail, I think that the time these humans are locked in a jail cell should be less than the time a human that caused pain or damage is locked in a jail cell for. Property theft causes no damage to other humans, and is not as bad as a human that causes pain or damage to a different human. My advice is to use cameras to identify humans that try to take not owned objects, and use the images to stop theft. This may be like stopping a human at the door of a store and taking back some object not paid for. At this time, most humans want to lock humans that take property in jail even when the stolen property has been returned with no damage. Humans are some times stored in jail for more time than humans that caused damage. Identifying and sharing images and sounds of humans that take objects not owned is one of the best ways of teaching not to steal. There should be no death penalty for stealing in my opinion.

Most of the humans in movies, television, radio, and government have more money than average humans, but have less education than average humans. I question why the most popular humans, the humans in movies, television, radio, internet and sports have millions of dollars when these humans never promote science, stopping violence, question the arrests of humans in the nude or with drugs, have a science based college degree, think religion is bad, and more.

I get angry when the human "elected" to the employment of president of the United States (or any part of earth) says "god bless America". You would never hear "god bless these atoms" in the chemistry class most humans take in school. Almost all humans go to schools where humans teach science and not religion. So why elect humans that follow religions? I was angered to read that Al Gore was quoted in People magazine as giving a number one value of faith. Faith?!? What happened to reason, truth, science, stopping violence, feeding, growing and healing life of planet earth?

As religious as humans elected into the various governments on planet earth are, these humans are asked to speak at any university. I am saying, "elect humans that would teach a science class". What is electing and watching the images and sounds of these humans saying to more young than average age humans, "do not care for science and learning, and thank a pretend human made god"?

Humans should be giving money to, voting for and looking at humans in science. These are humans that do not run from cameras, and probably own cameras. Why give to humans that hide and keep every thing secret? You should give to humans that would not keep secrets, that would tell you what you should hear, not that will tell you false stories or hide information from you. You should not want to pay a human that will give you false directions to a store, a human that would tell you false stories, a human that does not give you the product or service money is given for, or a human that never shows a human that would beat you. No human should be locked in a jail, hospital, drugged, or beat for telling false stories or keeping information secret, but you should want to support and give to humans that can be trusted to show and tell you every move the human makes, a human that makes available all information, a human that tells more true stories, a human that has cared for truth at all times. This will keep you and humans you care for more happy, smart and safe.

The most watched and popular humans should be humans that promote science and speak against religion. The most interesting humans should be the most watched, not the same old boring, fear based religious humans. Humans that are the most popular should have various talents and more skill with tools, instruments, and learned movements than average humans. The more popular humans should be more popular because these humans have not one thing to hide, build objects that make life more easy and fun, and have good value systems based on truth and pleasure that can be seen by all humans. Most of the humans with millions of dollars have time and money but no ideas, I have no money or time but millions of good ideas.

Why are humans in sports the most popular humans on earth? There is no question that humans in sports are not recognized because of good values and opinions. Humans in sports are recognized for skill in some sport. Are humans in sports with no interest in science, truth, pleasure and justice humans that more young humans should try to be like? Why are humans in sports that never speak out against religion, for science, against locking in jail and hospitals humans that have never caused damage, for containing humans that cause damage, or showing and explaining the brain imaging machines thought of as having good values? Why are sports popular? Why watch and give millions of dollars to humans in sports? No body gets touched watching sports, there is no physical pleasure. No humans ever get even a hug when watching sports. Most humans want to win, or to accurately predict the future, plus there is some amount of doing what other humans do. I think the most valuable humans are the humans that heal, build, identify and capture humans that caused damage, and speak out for truth. Sad to think that the humans that heal, build, identify and capture humans that caused damage, and speak out for truth are not as popular as humans in sports. One result of this stupid backward thinking is that the chances of a human living past 100 years are less now compared to a time when humans that heal and do science are valued and compared with each other.

All the humans on television, radio, magazines, newspapers, movies, sports, music, with more than 1 million dollars after 1990 (christian human time system), all the humans elected President of the most popular universities, every human at CNN, the BBC, Pravda, Howard Stern, Oprah Winfree, Geraldo Rivera, Connie Chung, Diane Sawyer, Jodie Foster, Michael Jordan, David Suzuki, Paula Abdul, Maria Alonzo, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George Bush, George Soros, Katie Curouk, Cheech and Chong, Mike Wallace ... the most popular humans you can think of, any human you name from movies, television and print, the humans thought to have the most good values, all watched, listened, kept and continue to keep secret the machines that can see and hear what a brain thinks, and all the images and sounds of human thought, humans in apartments, houses, and vehicles. These humans have never said and never will say a word describing brain imaging machines and images of humans in houses. You probably think these humans have good values and I have bad values! Interesting how opposite that opinion will look in one thousand years.

Think of the humans and stories that have never been seen by most humans. Humans killed, in the drug war, the war against psychiatric arrests, the war for truth, the war for nudity, touch and sex with consent, the war for science against religion. Some of the most life and death exciting images, and every body only gets to see and hear the same humans paid millions of dollars not show one image.

The most popular humans have more influence than average humans. So have popular humans, for example those humans listed above, ever said no nude humans should be locked in a hospital or jail? spoke out against locking humans in jail for drugs? spoke for free trade of images and sounds? promoted science? spoke out against religion? against copyrights, patents and licenses? promoted sex and touch with consent? oppose marriage? openly promoted containing humans that caused damage to other humans with intent, no consent, and not in defense of a human? promoted stopping violence? showed humans that would? Even violence! These popular humans can not openly oppose even violence! Why does no body ask these questions? Why are the values of the humans with most influence not questioned?

Costumes and uniforms in my opinion will be proven to be a bad idea in the future. No body should ever be locked in a jail for wearing or not wearing fabric of any color. I oppose the wearing of uniforms and costumes. That humans in police and military parts of governments must wear uniforms is one of the main reasons that humans that damage other humans are never captured and contained. A uniform makes all humans in a group look the same, and not like a unique human. All of the humans look, dress, move, and think the same, so when one human damages a different human, for example shoots a human, or drops a bomb on a group of humans, the individual human that caused the damage is never identified, or captured.

Think of the costumes and uniforms used by humans on earth at this time. Religious humans have all kinds of uniforms, the human playing pope this year wears a hat not needed to keep warm. Military and police uniforms and metal "badges" are popular, judge black robes and hammer. Doctor and pharmacy white coat! White must attract less viruses. I think the human that learned the most in school is the human that does not wear a dress and cap for school graduation.

What will happen if no humans in the military and police have to wear uniforms? My guess is that these humans will be looked at as average and equal humans are looked at, and not thought of as machines or objects. Government humans with no uniforms would not get more or less freedom than all humans get. Humans with no uniforms would live by the same laws all humans live by.

In my opinion wearing a costume is of no use and no comfort. Like wearing of cosmetics and jewelry, costumes are used to hide the natural look of some thing, and to hide a bad value system. Most humans in music, must wear costumes, because of less skill, or because at this time humans do not care for skill.

I think that humans must be free to wear uniforms and costumes. I like clothing of use, for example an oxygen and nitrogen container for breathing on planets and moons with no oxygen and nitrogen. I think the traditions of costumes are not good. As I typed before, no body should be locked in a room for wearing a costume. Another thing to think of is if a costume is for comfort. Clothes should feel good, humans should want to feel comfort, this is why I also oppose wearing neck ties. Think of the time used in putting on a piece of clothing that does not add to comfort. Not wearing a neck tie is part of the war for comfort and choice of clothes. Think of trying to get a job at a trillion dollar business with no neck tie on. This war for comfort will continue for at least 100 years from now.

Humans must recognize individual humans. If you look at most court cases, the names of individual humans are never listed, only business or group names. I am amazed that businesses can be taken to court, never the individual humans in a business. Humans successfully get money for taking words to court. Never are humans taken to court.

In Defense of Hitler, Stalin, Clinton, Herod, Jesus
In Offense of locking in jail humans that killed other humans
This is also the defense for Charles Manson, not the three female humans that killed other humans, as far as I can see because images from the Tate building are not being shared. For Adolph Hitler, what human has one image of Adolph Hitler killing a human, for example Hitler shooting a metal bullet in to a body as evolved as a mammal? This is also true for Joe Stalin, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ron Reagen. Asking (ordering) a human to kill, bomb, or shoot is sound and does no damage. Pushing a button that drops a bomb, or pulling the trigger that moves the bullet that causes damage to a different living object (perhaps mammal only) is reason to be contained in a prison. Until humans start to stop violence (bodies that cause damage) on planet earth, there will be no justice. Why lock humans in jail that are good at moving other humans with sound? Why lock in jail every body but the human causing the damage? Why contain humans for making sounds? What is next, stopping humans from thinking things that other humans do? What was the first no capture kill (of a human) in nazi Germany? My guess is the killing of humans in psychiatric hospitals by doctor humans.

Again, I am saying, yes the humans that killed not only jewish humans in what is called world war 2 must be contained in prisons for ending the life of a human. I am asking that humans get images and sounds, to show that an individual human caused damage. One human saying so, is not enough for me to vote to lock a human in jail if I ever get the chance to. There are images of dead bodies, what happened to those humans? These images are after the kill event. What human(s) killed Nicole Simpson? I will wait for the images that dust must be on in the television, radio, magazine, government, university, and more money human buildings.

The humans some times locked in jail ordered, made sounds asking a different human to shoot metal bullets, or objects that explode. I am saying that humans that order death should not be locked in a jail because a different human does what the first human orders. If some body tells you to kill a human, and then you do kill a human, the human that told you to kill a human should not be locked in a jail for even a second. In looking at the past I ask if Caesar, Alexander, Cleopatra, Pope Innocent 3, or Cyril actually ever killed a different human. I think most humans would agree that the value system of these humans was or is a bad value system, and that there interpretation of the universe is (was) probably less than accurate, based on what most humans see and measure through human senses. I think a more good way to stop humans that have caused damage is by trying to capture the humans. Humans can use robots, tranquilizer guns, micro and walking cameras, kevlar wear, and radio control cameras. In this time when humans are making democracy for life of earth, stopping the bodies that cause damage is what needs to happen.

Humans must decide if a human had intent to cause physical damage. Robots will have the skills to end a human life programmed by humans that are interested (perhaps) in self defense. If the robot gets an error and kills a human, that would be an accident, even if a human programmed the movements.

Think of the humans that dropped bombs to explode and kill humans in Iraq (Gulf War). Clearly this is not self defense. If there is damage (some human on television saying that humans are killing other humans should not be enough for you humans) on planet earth (this is a small planet compared to Jupiter, the number of humans, 6-7 billion can be counted, 1 bit for 1 human, on an average sized disk drive, or CD), the individual human that has caused the damage must be identified and images of the human captured (perhaps by cameras connected to a radio moved object with three or more wheels or legs, even by cameras that are not moving) then given a democratic trial with all humans getting the chance to vote until dead.

Humans almost always do more than should to stop not popular talk, sound, and opinions. That sound causes no damage is never enough. Ironic that humans cause damage to stop humans making sounds, or doing things the humans think cause damage, for example breaking doors to capture a human using drugs, or taking money for sex. Locking humans in rooms that have never caused pain or damage sends a bad message. Then any body that has never caused pain or damage can be locked in a jail for any and no reason.

I think the locking of humans that drink alcohol and drive must stop. If no damage caused I think that humans should not be locked in a jail. No matter what a human says, the only humans that should be locked in jails are humans that have caused damage.

I am against laws that put humans in prison that do not buy insurance. Making humans buy insurance seems like making humans buy a lottery ticket. I think that if I have damaged another human, or property of another human then I should pay to repair the damage, but if I have not caused any damage, why should I have to pay?

Humans may use both sides of body to chew, masturbate, draw, type, brush, comb, wash, shake hands with, urinate, wipe, use a fork, spoon, and more. Do you remember learning to draw letters in a school? The human probably said that the hand you eat with should be the hand you use to draw letters with. I think humans should learn to use both sides of the human body.

Make more human. Make more life for that matter. There is more than enough space in the universe for all of life.

I think humans that are locked in jail for not feeding or clothing new born humans should not be. Not keeping a human alive is no reason to be locked in a jail even if you made half of the human.

Most humans have a fear of there being more humans than can live on planet earth. I support free abortion and abortion drugs, and still think that humans can move to other moons, planets and orbits to make enough of the objects life needs to keep living and growing.

A computer with an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen and the internet will replace televisions, fax machines, photo copier machines, radios, oscilloscopes, telephones, videophones, cellular phones, pagers, and stereos. I look forward to a time when humans share the data stored in computers connected by photons moving in fiber optic cable or in air. The 6 or 7 television businesses that send images to all humans that own a television is not enough. Never any images of nude humans, and nudity and sex with consent are good! Some combinations of sounds are not allowed on television. The humans in television almost never show humans on earth that are not acting. Most of the humans on television are christian or god humans that are as backward as can be in what there is of a value system. Humans like me that have more than one opinion to share never get asked questions. I am angered that humans with no college degree or interest in science get shown to millions of humans, and asked questions that these humans have no answers for in front of millions of other humans.

In the next 10 years the internet will be like watching millions of channels of television, there will be no less than 30 images and 44000 sounds played and recorded every second. Now there is internet using photons with radio frequency. I think that radio photon internet may replace sound radio and television. There are a limited number of frequencies photons move in, photon frequencies will be used by the most popular and free data, data on the internet.

More computers will start rolling and walking in the next 10 to 50 years. Instead of having to hold the camera to capture images of other humans, a robot will hold (like two eyes) the camera(s). Robots will follow humans to hold bags and boxes. Robots will drive cars, planes and helicopters, so drinking alcohol and driving may not be a problem in 50 years. Robots will build houses, grow plants, pick fruit, protect, watch, capture, cook and feed humans.

There were a number of times I wanted to have a camera when interesting things have happened to me, a robot will be capturing images (photons) every second. Robots can capture a human with a hug of 2 or more arms. Robots may be used as complex guns. Humans may use photons in the radio to move robots with guns, humans will see what the cameras of the robot is seeing or have other methods of seeing where the robots are. At this time, humans can see and hear what any human (or any species with a brain) can see and hear. Robots will be like humans that only need electrons (not food), need no money, need no sleep, and do what is asked.

Robots that walk on two legs are being made by a group of humans at Honda. These humans call one robot "Humanoid" and a second 2 leg walking robot "Asimo" (perhaps to remember Isaac Asimov, a book I like by Asimov is "Biographical Encyclopedia of Science ..."). In all the universities and business of both Americas there is not one two leg walking robot shown on the internet, the human that did the most to stop science employed as "pope" was shown in both Americas. I made a machine that uses a camera and a computer on a box of steel with 2 electric motors and a 12 Volt battery that will follow a cloth of pink and orange cloth by comparing dots of color. This "follower" robot will be good to hold objects and not have to be moved by human touch.

There will be more than one design for robots. One design I thought of uses pulleys (like a pulley used for capturing fish). Some designs will use gears to get more pull from a motor. Other designs that move legs and arms by electric motors with no pulleys or gears may be more simple. Some designs will use "step" motors, motors that move in exact amounts. Moving plastic, aluminum, or steel legs, feet, and fingers is not as complex as deciding what, when, and where to move.

There need to be more lower price electric motors for humans to make robots. Electric motors are interesting objects. The first two electric motors were made separately by Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry in 1831. Humans use electric motors that use gears to slow the motor and make the motor pull more matter. Humans and robots both use electrons to move. Robots will move more fast, hold and pull more matter than any human can. Humans will probably use computer programs like Linux and other free programs to move robots. Free programs that change by popular opinion are more good than programs that are sold and changed by a group of only 100 or less humans. If there are no copy right, patent, or trade mark in the future all computer programs will be free to copy.

One thing that robots need to do is to see 3 dimensional space. 2 dimensional space is easy to see with one camera. Measuring in 3 dimensional space can be done with one camera if the camera moves from side to side, or by using 2 cameras next to each other like primate eyes. Of the two images the computer compares the change in location of each object to decide the distance of each object (and dot). The more change in location the more close the object. Some humans in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have made a robot with wheels and two cameras that can detect depth and draws a view in 3 dimensional space with 3 dimensional objects. Another method of seeing 3 dimensions is the sending and getting of photons in radio frequencies, or by using sound.

Robots may think the same way humans and other species think. Robots will remember sounds and images. Robots may label objects like "refrigerator 2", "Fork 14", "vacuum 1", or perhaps object[39F2J9].name="Dog 1". I want to make a robot that can clean a floor (get the floor to match the original image, or get objects that are not the same color as the floor), use a vacuum, cut vegetables, use a key to open a post box, identify, touch, hold, carry, move, and let go objects. I may say, put all the objects in this room back to the location each object is stored in to clean a room. One of the first goals is to get the robot to clean the toilet, tub, sink, and floor of the bathroom because most humans (like me) are not excited to clean the bath room.

I like when the object I eat has no color added. I want no more ink in soda and pickles.

I eat no mammals, or birds. I do eat fish (and shell fish).

Humans that eat cow and pig, never call the cow and pig parts, "cow", or "pig". The words "steak", "hamburger", "beef", "pork", "ham" and "bacon" are used. These cow and pig eating humans never recognize that the cows and pigs are killed in human kill cow and human kill pig events. If these humans do not care for the killing of other mammals, why would the cow and pig eating humans care for the killing of humans?

I think that if a cow, pig, chicken, human, or any body of life dies and is not killed the body may be eaten. Perhaps there will be dead bodies (cows, pigs, humans) that are sold to eat that have not been killed.

I am angered that humans do not care more for healing. Humans care more for religion, sports and acting than the own body of the humans. The most popular humans are humans in acting, sports, and religion, not doctor humans that heal bodies thru science.

I try never to go to doctor humans that think there is a god, or devil, married, or have any religion at all, because religion is more false and less accurate than other explanations and traditions learned in science. Think of a human ready to cut in to a different human that says a prayer first! No thanks. I want the doctor human to depend on skill, learning, and memory, not some lottery or game of chance.

I try never to take advice from religious doctor humans. If this human thinks there is a god, what other errors are made?! The religious human will be the first human to say "the human is in the hands of god now" and let me die, instead of trying new machines to get my brain or heart going. I try to only go to never married, no religion doctor humans for the most accurate and most sensitive care. What is scary is that the hospitals are named "Saint Joseph", and "Saint Jude" ..., "saints" do not exist! Why not call a hospital "Vesalius Hospital", "The Galen Medical Center", or "Hippocrates Hospital"? How many humans recognize the name William Harvey? Michael Servetus? Marcello Malpighi? A number of parts of earth have religious names, like Los Angeles, San Salvador, and Saint Petersburg. Here are good names to change to: Science City, Truth Town, Sex Burg, Human ville, Species, Drug, Mammal, Life, Touch, Copy, Trade, Las Sciencias, Los Humanos, Thales, No God, and Photon.

I hate that finding a doctor human is like some kind of lottery. There is almost no data on any human that does mammal healing. No prices are ever listed, no web pages are ever made. Questions I have that are not being answered are gender? age? success rate? married? religious? price for all services? I would like more than one human to get this data for all doctor humans.

I am against the idea that doctor humans should need 12 years of school. I think the idea that doctor humans need to be more than average humans is a bad idea. Doctor and all humans should feel comfort at all times, not cutting or healing when tired.

You should question what humans that heal do. Why not let a tooth fall out instead of pull a tooth out? Is a hole in a gum between two teeth ever needed? Most humans do not have money to get an opinion from a different doctor human. I tell humans to get free information on the internet and use basic logic when deciding to give a human permission to damage or change your body.

Humans with no degree can add to science. Here are some ideas I recognize that are being ignored. I think that all female humans should have the choice of having the hymen, a piece of skin covering the vagina opened using novocaine and a sharp clean knife (called a hymenotomy). I am glad to think that most humans have stopped slapping the buttocks of a human at birth. Another idea is to electron start a brain or start a heart by electrons to vagus nerve. There must be are other methods to try to keep humans (that want to be alive) alive.

A basic education in healing is not taught. For example, most humans have never heard that what is called "cancer" is a group of cells that are copying from DNA that is different from the DNA in cells of a body. As far as I have read, "cancer" cells that copy do not damage the other cells of the human body, the damage happens when the cells grow to stop a part of the body, like heart, lungs, brain, and bones from normal movements. In skin cancer, a group of growing cells can separate and move in the blood veins and arteries. Most humans can not say that blood cells move in "arteries" from the heart to other parts of a body, and blood cells move in "veins" from all parts of the body to the heart, or that oxygen is added to blood cells at the lung. This group of cancer cells can connect to an organ like the heart, lung, or brain and then continue to grow. Another example of this never learned basic education is that warts are made from a virus and never separate in to the veins and arteries. A virus can move in air and I want see how much time viruses can live for. I think a virus is living, because any thing with DNA I call a living object, even if not copying.

Perhaps because most humans have no interest in the past of healing, some doctor humans look at other humans like property that can not make any decisions, should not be told what needs to be healed, and should not give advice.

I oppose some of the things happening in psychiatric hospitals. I oppose tying humans to beds. There is never consent and the humans being tied have never caused any damage. Even if humans have caused damage, no humans should be tied to a table or bed with no consent.

I oppose putting in or taking out of any objects, like blood and drugs in or out of a human body with no consent or with objection.

I like to see female doctor humans. I support equal numbers of gender in all employments, plus I think that female humans can be more gentle, and almost never wear neck ties. I try to find humans that are not married, not religious, wear no cosmetics, no jewelry, and do not have holes in any ear.

Some humans, some times in music, say "I will love you forever". I think the word love is not as good as the word touch, with the word "touch" some body may get touched. The word "forever" describes time (the future) in the universe. A more accurate set of words would be "I will touch you for 10 minutes", or even "I will hold your hand for 80 more years". Humans live 36,525 days (for a life of 100 years), bacteria (or possibly viruses) are the oldest living objects on earth. A 250 million year old bacteria was found in a group of salt molecules that eats and copies. If a tape worm is divided in half, the tape worm tail will grow another head. There probably are living objects in the universe that do not age. Some protons, hydrogen atoms, and photons live or exist as a single piece for trillions of seconds. Photons, perhaps made at the start of the universe, moving 4.71e8 m/s may never be destroyed and only fall in to of out of orbit of other photons and groups of photons.

Comparing a chimpanzee body with a human body, I see that less body hair is being selected, more round buttocks has been selected, and more large and round breast has been selected. One difference between a human and chimpanzee is the number of different sounds a human can make with throat, lungs and mouth. I am sure that there are chimps still alive that can make sounds using fingers and computer. What other differences are there between chimpanzees and humans? Chimpanzees are a species that survived, more early forms of humans did not, the walking chimpanzees (Australopithecus) did not, wooly mammoth, saber tooth tiger, and dodo bird all did not survive.

Life of earth will probably grow to the earth moon, planet mars, the moons of Jupiter, billions of star orbits, and other stars. Why no stories of life going to Alpha Centauri, living on the earth moon, in Jupiter orbit, and the oort cloud?

Because there is no damage from any of these things, no humans should be locked in a hospital or jail for doing these things, but, in my opinion, these things are not good:

reading horoscopes
going to see psychic humans
reading fortune cookies
going to or watching sports events
going to a seance
using a ouiga board
going to school to learn psychology
being friends only with humans of the same gender, race or shape.
going to buildings only to drink alcohol every 7 days

In the house I lived in, there was a piano and I learned to play piano. I had fun making songs of my own. Humans learn music from other humans and thru math. I still make songs. One song I made called "Sermon: The Gospel Truth", I made in 1992 describes my anger at humans in religion. Other songs I have made, like "Come Alive" question religion. When I made these songs, like any human that questions religion or shows care for truth, I got more popular. More humans watch because of anger, surprise, and interest in truth and fun. In the years after 1992 other humans that make songs, recognized my songs, and used words and melodies (frequencies) to relate. I think of songs that relate to me as songs from humans that share some of the same opinions that I do. I think that these songs show support for me, I am not angry that humans say or play the same things I do. Sound and info can be copied and shared in my opinion. I copy and share photons and electrons all the time. Here is a list of songs, I think relate to songs I made:

One of the first songs I made was a song I call "Run Away", the three living humans of "The Beatles" have a similar melody in the song "Free As A Bird". I think these humans, like me, still remember John Lennon, and the songs, images, and ideas John made and valued.

My song "I Don't Want To Marry You" is similar to a song "All Apologies" by Kurt Cobain, Dave and Krist of "Nirvana". In this song Kurt says "Mary, Bury". In the end of my song I say "I don't want to marry you ... I don't want to bury you ..." Also, Kurt says "In the sun I feel as one", perhaps relating to a song I call "The Sun".

In a song I made I call "Different" I play guitar and drum sounds at the same time, like "Orange Crush" by REM. The humans in the Breeders (the name perhaps supports the idea that mating may be more good than killing) do the same thing in the song "Cannonball".

In my song "Is It Dead?", I say "Here inside my head". The Cranberries song "Zombie" asks "What's in your head?" In "Terminator 2", one human asks "Is it dead?".

The melody of a song I call "How Long?", is like "It Ain't Over Til It's Over" by Lenny Kravitz. Later I copied a melody from Lenny from "Are you Gonna Go My Way?" for my song "The 60s Never Left Me". Still later Lenny used the word "Mars" from my song "Mars" in "Fly Away".

The Beastie Boys (like most humans that like science, truth, and pleasure) have seen me, and heard my songs. In "Sabotage" the three humans say "It's our number, it's zero". I think this is what I hear. This relates to an error I made in drawing "I am the zero" on a more religious day, confused from humans saying my thoughts but never saying that a machine that can hear and see thought has been made. Like a number of humans, I thought there was a god trying to talk to me.

"Come Alive" and "Get Real" are two songs I made that I think Peter Gabriel combines in to "Get Alive" in the song "Steam".

My song "Loving Life" has a sax melody played on keyboard that is one note different from "All that She Wants" by "Ace of Base".

The guitar part of a song I call "Hypatia" (I changed the name from "Galileo") is similar to a song I have heard on radio that says "... all of your weight falls on me ..."

One song I heard on radio, I think says "Teodor!". This song may not relate to me, but I like the song, and want to find a copy.

"Sweater Song" by "Weezer" is a song that sounds like "The Sun" a song I made in 1992 or 1993.

"Two turntables ..." by Beck is like "Can't Fucking Write Ellen".

Michael Jackson, another human that has never caused a bruise, made "Black or White", perhaps relating to a song I made called "Same Thing" that starts "It's just the same thing no matter if it's black or white", back when I used the apostrophe.

"Love Fool" by "The Cardigans", say "to make you stay" the same words I use in a song I made in 1992 "To Make You Stay".

In the song, "Special" by "Garbage", a humans asks "Do you have an opinion?" This may relate to a film called "Night in the Lime Light" at Syracuse University where I say "take an opinion one way or the other..." at a time when I should have said more to stop the nude and drug wars, for touch with consent and against religion.

Ed and the humans in Pearl Jam made a song called "Do the Evolution" after I made a song called "evolution" I am happy to say.

Before shaking hands with Jewel Kiltcher in San Diego I was playing my song "Hands" that goes "Hands meant to hold, arms meant to fold ...", Jewel made the nice song "My Hands". Sad that Jewel still thinks there is a god that has hands, open a science video, yeesh.

"Going the Distance" by Cake, says "thumping", "thumper" is a name I have been called.

"If you steal my sunshine" by "Len" is a song that uses a "phasor" effect and may relate to a song I made called "Sunshine" where I say "ah sunshine" 20 times and then "feel good".

"Beautiful Stranger" by Madonna is similar to words I say "My lovely stranger" in "I've Seen Your Face", describing the idea that there is a need for variety.

There are other songs, I can not remember or have not heard.

"Beavis and Butthead Do America" "Beavis says "TP for my bunghole", "TP" is a name some humans call me, because I was named three words: "Theodore", "Pelatiah" and "Huntington" (TPH). Also because "TP" is the name for toilet paper, first made by humans in China. Mike Judge also has a bus with the words "Dream America", perhaps like a song I made "American Dream".

In the movie, "Clueless", Cher says "I totally paused". This relates to a movie I made called "Sylvia" where I say "hey you can pause", and perhaps a play with the word "menopause".

"Truman Show" with Jim Carrey and "EdTV" may be describing life for me with millions of humans, even humans I am employed with and have been friends with for years, watching me and never telling me. Jim Carrey also says "I'll see you, ... in hell" on Saturday Night Live after I said the same thing to a female human running by me in Santa Monica, California, United States.

"Good Will Hunting" with good Robin Williams may be related to good Ted Huntington.

"South Park" has "Terrence" and "Phillip" that wear "T" and "P" shirts while learning the fun of farts.

"Hercules" by humans in Disney with the "from zero to hero" song relates to the calling my self zero, and singing "I never said I was your hero" in a song "The One and Only Me". This after some humans at Disney and the Burbank police locked me in a prison for more than 24 hours.

The main male ant in "Antz" by Steve Spielberg is named "Z" (perhaps for "Zero") and says "bite me".

In "Contact", by Carl Sagan, Haddan says "...one of my ...nnnn... gestures...", this relates to a story I made called "President of Earth", where the main human says to the bad religious humans at time of capture in the end of the story, "sorry for any ...nnnn... inconvenience". "Nnnn" relates to a sound Sagan makes in the "Cosmos" shows.

There are some images of the nude buttocks of a human that looks like Elvis Presley in the Wayans movie "Don't be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood". One time I sat face down on my bed, pulled down my pants and slept with my buttocks to millions of humans.

Ann Druyan says "one reason Carl told the gospel of science...". This both relates to my song "Sermon: The Gospel Truth" where I question the values of humans in religion.

One of the "Spice Girls" says "We are not trying to give a sermon here"

The shape of a human body is of less value to me than the values and opinions a human has. Like most things I seem to have a different look at life than most humans. If a human is interested in body shape, I want to type some ideas. For some reason humans never say what the minimum amount of exercise and time needed to stay in an average shape is. For most male humans all that needs to be stretched are the belly, side, and chest muscles. No other parts of the male human body need more than average exercise. No body ever says "male humans only need to exersize belly, side and chest muscles, because all other muscles get regular use." A simple 30 sit ups, 10 side bends, and 10 pushups every other day, or even every third day may be all that is needed. This exercise can take 3 minutes, 3 of 2880 minutes (for two days). For most female humans (I want to learn more of the female body), the only part of the body that needs exercise are the hips (and belly?). No other part of the female human needs more than average stretching to keep muscle from changing to fat. To exercise these parts can be done every (or every other) day for less than 4 minutes. There is a chance that stretching the belly muscles or hip muscles once a week may even be enough to keep muscle from changing to fat for some humans. I have never seen any experiments done that try to find the minimum amount of exercise needed to make a body have an average shape.

Most humans do not want to exercise where other humans can see, for example at employment, or in school. I think most humans expect and want no movement of any kind, every body must look, move and think the same like a military. Humans must be allowed to think, dress, and move differently.

One more way to exercise is sex. Like the moving of feces and urine out of the mammal body, moving sperm out is a natural process that can give pleasure. Sex (penis in vagina, mouth and anus) is a good natural form of exercise. Even touching and wrestling with no sex is exercise and can be fun. Other species wrestle with each other all the time (for example chimpanzees and canines).

Exercise should be fun. Humans should want to do the movements that cause muscle to be used. When I was in college there was a row boat machine, that had a video game attached so a human could move an image of a human on a screen in a race. At this time, there are video games that have the human punching, kicking, dancing, and rowing. This is good thinking, to make exercise fun.

Another idea I have been thinking of is to stop eating when full, even if you must store, or throw away what is on a plate or in a bowl. Eat only when hungry. These are not new ideas, but, the popular idea that humans must not waste food, or must finish all that is on a plate still exists. Another thing I try is to make less food than I think I can eat. For some reason I always make more food than I can eat, because I am hungry when I make food. Some times I think all I need is a piece of carrot and three potato chips to stop brain signals of hunger.

One thing I like to do every day is walk for 10 to 15 minutes when (like most humans) you get a 10 minute time away from employment. I like to walk and think of science. I think of robots I am building, the universe, other stars, other life, life on earth. Because of all the walking now my feet hurt and I had to stop. I still take two 10 minute times to sit and think of the universe.

One thing that angers me is how more thin than attractive humans are on all the magazine covers, and television shows. The only humans in modeling are more thin than what I think is the most beauty for a human. I never see an average thin female or male human with some muscle or breast. Because of religion, humans think that a natural human body looks fat. Also, the humans on the covers of magazines and on television are some of the most stupid humans, never an opinion that is any good, always in cosmetics and jewels, no interest in science, or truth. Not one thing for the 2 million humans that have never caused damage in the jails of earth. Where are the beautiful humans in science, for example Amy Vedder? Most religious humans value more how a human looks and less what is inside, the opinions and skills of a human.

I think the popularity of schools shows that religion is going to lose to science. There are religious schools where some science is taught. Most schools for humans on planet earth are not religious. I do think that giving money to humans in truth and science is more smart than giving money to humans in a religion. Humans will always have an interest in truth and pleasure, humans may not always have an interest in false stories and stopping of pleasure.

I think that humans should not have to go to school. Humans should not be locked in a jail for not going to school. If going to school was by choice there would be more positive memories and talk in government schools. If there was always an open door, humans would not want to get free, or see the school as a prison. Think of the difference in being in high school compared with college. In college every body is more smart and less violent. Humans in college are interested in learning skills. Humans in high school think of the school as a prison, and are not interested in what is being taught, or learning any skills.

I am amazed at the humans that are employed at the universities and colleges, and also in the businesses and governments of planet earth. Most of these humans are religious humans. What angers me is that science is the reason these humans are employed, and what these humans should be doing. Try to find a 30,000 dollar every year employment with free medical care at a church! There are no 30,000 dollar employments in any synagogue, temple, mosque, or church of planet earth. So why promote religion? These humans should be promoting science and the search for truth not religion.

Humans in religions, computer software selling businesses, and universities make and sell no products. Where will these traditions be when photons and electrons, all data is free to copy? I am angered to see that most humans teaching in the colleges and universities focus on text, theory, reading and typing with no product making. An example of this is the way humans graduating in engineering have never used a lathe, mill, saw, or drill. Another example is computer engineering humans that have never turned a motor with a computer. Like the library and school building of Alexandria 2000 years before now, humans in universities should be making objects that can be used by humans on earth. For example, free computer programs, books, disks, bikes, cameras, screens, computers, plants, and clothes. The humans in the colleges should be building satellites, planes, buildings on moons, robots, stopping damage, recycling, plastics, welding, learning math, calculating, experimenting, ... some part of every thing and any thing possible. I hate to think that the humans in schools will always be buying and learning to use tools made by other humans instead of making and learning to make tools in schools. I think the no objects made in schools is because of religion. No body in religion ever moves, builds or gets a hand dirty, while other humans in science build every thing including a gold spoon put in the mouths of the religious humans.

I hate to see humans told to take classes in psychology, sociology, theology, and philosophy, any and all of the programs where the words start with psy, soc, the or philo. No human should be locked in a jail or hospital, drugged or beat for talking a class of no or any value. Humans should look at the most accurate description of what humans in all of these employments do. Most humans in psychology only make abstract data, tie humans to hospital beds and inject drugs in humans with no consent. A number of humans select psychology as a major, and then do some thing else, like primate language. I feel anger that humans are told to get a psychology degree when most humans recognize that there are no people for "psychology" in the yellow pages, because no products are made and no wanted service is provided. How can a human feel good in telling a human to get a diploma in "sociology" with all the data indicating that these human will not get employed and will have no real skills. How stupid and bad! What bad advice!

I think there can be a variety of classes. Humans could learn to make a radio in one class, and then make shoes in another class. There is no reason for humans to take a class the human does not want to take. Humans should look at what kind of employment is wanted and needed and then teach what is needed and more for those employments, then a human can get employed after college instead of learning data of no value and use to humans of this star. When selecting a college and classes, humans should look at what humans in the college and classes, like psychology or english do. What matter is moved? What objects are made? What kind of employment do humans with this diploma get?

Humans are told some times that life will be different after college when the humans enter "the real world". I never use the word "world", I use the word "planet". These humans are sending gentle humans under the age of 30 to other humans that all try to stop touching and sex, wear cosmetics, jewelry, neck ties, are religious to the not recognized DNA, hate science, can sit and watch sports, are one gender and one race only. What bad advice. Humans should try to stay employed in the schools with humans that care more for truth, equality of gender and race, pleasure, and science. I am employed in a library at the University of California in Irvine and I ask that you try to get employed in colleges. Not one of the humans I am employed with cares for truth, science, pleasure, or any and all things fun. The libraries in the University of California schools are not as good as average libraries, for example there are no Beatles music disks, and videos must be watched in the library. Most of these humans watch me and my thoughts, never sharing these interesting machines, images and sounds with me and all humans. Humans that see me every day, watch me in an apartment I rent, sit meters away from me, and say what I am thinking from time to time. This is what life is like for me at this time because of religion. I think that humans in schools and businesses should be elected, and the money paid to each human voted on in a constant vote. The most popular humans will probably get the most money. I hate that most humans employed in the colleges are religious, are all married, and do only bad. I ask you to try to get employed in colleges to keep having fun and make humans in other businesses support variety in gender, age, race and religion.

Why do the humans in science never speak for science and against religion? The only humans to speak out against religion are in music, like the group "Extreme" with the song "There is no god" and comedy, like George Carlin that has a talk named "There is no god". The humans that get the most money in colleges never say one thing for evolution, for science, the stories of science, for touch and sex with consent, against marriage, for democracy, experiment, free trade of data and drugs, not a sound. None of the humans in "science" question the past of religions ever, and are not going to simply because I ask these humans to. You humans should vote and share data to see what humans at what schools care the most for truth.

The most fun available on planet earth is in colleges. The most equality between gender, race and age is in college, not in other businesses, religions, and governments. I would have liked to have found colleges when I was more young. I probably would have touched tens of beautiful female humans interested in science, pleasure and learning by now. The whole idea of humans from different locations of the planet learning science together is good. If violence is going to be stopped any where on earth, violence will be stopped in college property before violence is stopped in other places. In the future there may be businesses that do every thing colleges do. Humans in schools are interested in truth and science, more than any other humans. In colleges, humans are paid to search for, to teach, and to learn truth. For this reason, there is more logic, interest in stopping damage, and promoting of pleasure than other places. The best place to be employed is in a college.

In summary, humans should have values in a good order. I am interested in seeing the order of most popular human values and opinions. Here is a list of my values and my advice to you:

1. Make a system that provides comfort and pleasure for every species of life. Vote for humans and other species to get needed clean water, bread and photons (heat).
2. Stop violence. Identify and stop bodies causing and that caused damage to other bodies. Cameras in all parts of all planets.
3. Free humans that have not caused damage from jails and hospitals. Vote for laws that no body can be locked in prison or hospital that has not caused damage to any other human with intent, no consent and not in defense of a human.
4. Stop nude war. Make laws, get opinions, stop arrests, make images and sounds to stop the nude war.
5. Stop drug war. Same thing as nude war.
6. Democracy for all life. Get opinions and votes. Make images and sounds (ads) that ask for or promote voting for humans and laws in military, police and courts. Try to get one human one vote for all humans on earth. Use internet to get opinions of each human.
7. Promote touch and sex with consent. Make touch with consent events. Make ads for touch and sex with consent.
8. Show the brain image and sound machines and recorded brain sounds and brain images. Show and tell story of brain image and sound machines.
9. Free trade and copying of data. No jail for owning any images or sounds, for copying or showing any data. No more privacy, no more jail for owning images of sex. Show humans trying to stop copying.
10. Do more science, less religion. Give more to humans promoting, explaining and doing science, give less or zero to religious humans. Give more to humans speaking out against religion. Tell and show stories of science.
11. Getting life to orbit, growing and living with no objects needed from earth. Show what is happening in air and rocket plane making businesses.
12. Show, build, and tell stories of robots. Machines that follow on wheels, 2, or 4 legs that move by photons in the radio, and capture images of and the bodies of humans.
13. Project Orion. Smaller than average nuclear explosions (photons) move a block of iron or aluminum with a camera and radio transmitter.
14. Find images of humans in the past and now. Find and share images of all bodies on earth, including the life and last seconds alive of the most popular humans of every part of earth including John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, humans in Tienamen Square, John Kennedy, Carl Sagan, and the humans that watch and watched these humans.
15. Use a phonic alphabet with one letter one sound for all human languages.

To end this book, I want to remind you that I think that a photon is a piece of matter. I think that all matter is made of photons that can be seen, for example, when a piece of flint is moved against a piece of iron. I also want to type that no humans should be locked in a prison that have not caused damage to other humans. No humans should be locked in a hospital, drugged, beat or made to feel pain. A machine that can see and hear thought has been kept secret for 20 or more years. I am asking for humans not to support religions and false stories of ghosts and demons. Humans that tell stories of things that do not exist like magic and gods should not be locked in a jail or hospital. I think humans should teach that things like spirits and witches are not real, and never seen in the universe, instead of saying that these things (like the popular Santa) are real and do exist.