Disease Free Database
Disease Free Database - where people can voluntarily and privately store their test results, and which allows people to privately and discretely send test results to people that only they authorize.

1. Change name of "practicing medicine" to "practicing health", or "healing through science"; a more accurate label.

2. There needs to be more explaining of the history of healing including the stories of Hippocrates, Vesalius, Spallanzani, including modern stories and inventions. There needs to be serious critism of religion and promoting of people in science (perhaps science cards with people that have made inventions, new techniques, products, or with high success rates, or popular ratings). This iwll improve the health care humans get and give.

3. Treatment without consent in the psychiatric hospitals must be stopped. Forced or coerced druggings are to be stopped. 4 point restraints, lobotomies, electroshock, straight jackets, or any other devices are not to be used without clear video or hand written consent. Treatment without consent was made illegal with the Nuremberg Laws as treatment without consent, and definately when there is clear objection should be.

4. Female humans should consider having their hymin (the skin that may block the vagina opening) opened by the surgical procedure called "hymenotomy" if necessary and not by an erect penis.

5. A number of dental operations are not necessary, one example is the operation to remove part of the gum with the excuse of making removing plaque more easy as plaque (bacteria) destroys gum tissue under the gum line. Replacing teeth that have not fallen out is an unnecessary operation. Beware of excessive surgury in the field of dentistry,

6. The only drugs that have ever worked for me are:
ibuprofin for a headache
antacid (Tums) for "indigestion", and stomach pain. Basically making the pH (acid to base ratio) in a stomach neutral at 7.0
I hate to think that with all the secrecy and religion that people may not be aware of these two drugs, not to mention the antidrug idiocy.

7. "Masturbation" should be taught to people entering puberty, no body should have to "figure out" how to masturbate on their own. In addition, people should be allowed to perform masturbation on other people as a health procedure to demonstrate and ensure that people have a minimum healthy sexual function/life. Touching of genitals of self or any other human with no clear objection must be allowed no matter what age. In addition, oral sex with no clear objection should be allowed no matter what age since there is clearly no pain. Penis in hand, mouth, vagina or anus touching or sex with no clear objection should be allowed after physical maturity (puberty) at the age of 12. Touching, kissing, hugging between younger people (and people of all ages) is to be encouraged and tolerated, in order that younger people get a normal healthy amount of skin sensation.

8. Humans must have the choice to own their own body and end their own life using the most advanced, most painless methods possible from science.

9. All health information (and all information) must be freely copied. There should be no more privacy, secrecy, deception, lying, hiding information, copyrights, trademarks, or patents.

10. Humans that have MD or PHD degrees should be called by first name, not "Dr. Lastname" to lessen the opinion that people with a health degree are perfect, and do not make errors; to promote the idea that a person with a PHD or MD is still only a human.

11. relax forehead muscles - many people crinkle their forehead muscles without being aware of that happening. I think this may happen when evil people beam images and sounds to their brain using photons to try and bother people, or turn them against each other.

12. People may not realize that the muscles that turn to fat or atrophy (I am not sure of something simple - do muscles turn to fat, or is fat simply stored and muscles only atrophy?) first on a male human are the stomach and side muscles, the legs store less fat and are excersized normally. So I think (and I would be interested in hearing the opinions of other people on this) a male should focus on excersizing these parts (and these parts do not get exercized normally for many people as legs and arms do). For a female, the fat is stored, or the muscles that atrophy are in the buttocks and thighs and so an activity like bicycle riding or walking (where bicycle riding would not remove the fat from a male belly as well as sit-ups would), some activity that contracts and expands those muscles is all that is needed - spending hours exercizing arms and stomach would make less sense as far as I can see.
Excersize: People can focus on the problem muscles, for males the stomach (situps), chest (push ups), and side [love handles] (side bends and twists) muscles, for females the buttocks and upper leg muscles (perhaps bicycle riding). A simple 5 minutes 3 times a week, may be enough to maintain muscle. For a male, perhaps 40 situps, 20 side bends, 10 leg kicks and arm punches, 20 push ups may be enough, people will probably explore the "minimum excersize" more as time continues.

13. Eating/Weight: Do not try to "finish everything on your plate". That people should finish all of there food is a harmful myth that causes people to overeat. People should pay close attention to when they are still hungry and when they are not hungry while eating. I have trouble following my own advice, because I have been programmed to finish all of my food, but left overs can taste better when hungry, and many food products (like salad, bread) are so inexpensive that throwing away is not a big loss.

14. Experiments should explore what part of the human brain is used during masturbation, verfiy that equal amounts of sperm come from each vas deferens, perhaps by using dyes or radioactive markers, that which hand is used to masturbate has no effect on location in brain of activity, nature of thought images and sounds, and source of sperm (which side, or both).

15. How I lost 80 pounds:
I follow the "two meals a day, no snacks, all the drinks I can drink anytime" diet. I am calling this the "quantity diet", based on the principle that weigh gain is primarily based on quantity of food put into the body - with the catch phrase: 'you can't gain weight you don't eat'. The two meals should extend over 24 hours and be at least 8 hours apart. Currently I eat a meal at 7AM and 6PM. Yes, I skip lunch. Sometime I may eat 11AM and 9PM or 12PM and 10PM, if I need to eat lunch. In addition, although have since dropped this technique as being too cumbersome, I counted my bites, not allowing over 30 per meal. Perhaps a camera and software could be made to count and store bites (and weight) for us. I try to weigh myself daily to keep track of my weight. Ok, so just to make clear - I have absolutely no snacks other than drinks - so no candy from coworkers, no brownies, not one kernel of popcorn, etc - but all the coffee, tea, soda and beverages that I want whenever I want them, and all the gum I want. I tend to view a milk shake, or a frappacino as being more like a dessert - and in the food catagory - but each person can determine what works for them. In addition I do a very-quick 20-30 minute workout - although I have since started to get more into it and extended it with a longer distance jog. But I started with a 20 minute very light workout every tuesday, thursday and saturday. This exercize consisted only of: 10 punch movements, 10 kicks, 20 sidebends, 20 situps, 10 benchpresses, 1.25 mile treadmill jog at 5mph. Now I prefer to jog outdoors on a nature path, but I still use a treadmill.

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