Images 1987

I am in the left image in the center. The two closest friends were in different grades, I wish I had tried to be better friends with everybody else, but I was too busy with smoking cigarettes and weed, too embarassased about it, and trapped into a daily routine with friends. I wish I had ventured out to try and make more friends, but in particular had never started smoking tobacco or weed as was required by young people law. I'm not sure what people can do because love is all but outlawed, perhaps I could have asked more girls out to dinner, or to a movie, but I think I would have been rejected by the vast majority. That is my advice, and what I would do if I could live my youth over again: drop sports, smoking, alcohol, and pursue science, learning technical skills, trying to love as many females as possible, amd befriend as many people as possible (I can't do that now because I am too busy with all of my projects, plus they are all in the camera network, religion, etc. are far removed from what I find interesting).

football. I did actually enjoy the games, and football did provide a place for me to take out my agression.

I wish I had done more with music. Maybe making more original music, ... there is not much that can be done, because there is no where that is not scummy to play music, except maybe in schools. It could have added an extra way to find females, and things to do that did not directly involve tobacco, alcohol, etc. there were other people that played music, John Fishman (of Phish) was 3 years ahead of me, he was a senior when I was a freshman, a few other friends played who I thought really had it together, they played "Purple Haze" at their own party and it was very impressive, that was what young people should be doing, although everybody was drunk and stoned (still at least most people were not violent, violence is far worse than drugs and alcohol, and both alcohol and drugs should be legal for all ages).

This is one of those rare photos of me in a neck tie. I wish I had realized that neck ties and suits are stupid traditions and should be left to the past, as I do now.

In San Francisco

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