"It is important that we, as a planet, as a nation, and as individual people start voting on the laws we must live under. I hope these sentences will eventually be voted on, win a majority of votes, and then become law. We need to establish a government set of computers with identity verification and start counting votes on these and all other public supported requests. These sentences are just ideas to get the discussion going, I do not necessarily agree with all the points, but simply list them as probable popular opinions."
Ted Huntington, December, 2005. Ammended 06/05/06.

01/31/07 Update: is my new location for public voting. Please register for an account and start voting and proposing new laws.

Stop Violence
Free Nonviolent
Free Info
More Democracy
Free Market
Courts/Justice System
Other Species
Freedom of Movement
Basic Human Rights
Specific Laws

1) Stop Violence
a) At least 1 hour in jail for any physical assault with no consent, with intent, and not in defense of a human.
b) assault includes spanking, slapping, punching, shoving, kicking, elbowing, kneeing, hitting with an object.
c) cameras on all main streets avilable to public
d) 3 strikes for violent crimes only (or for serious violent crimes where there was damage, or the use of a gun or explosives)
e) make homicide a federal law/homicide law can be enforced at federal, planetary level
f) prioritize police, fbi, military with stopping violence as highest priority
g) "Violence Against Children Act" law. Mandatory 10 years in jail for violence done to a child.
h) There can be no statute of limitations for any violent crime.
i) A violent crime must and can only involve an activity were a body was made to feel pain or sustained damage, sexual touching with no clear objection, and consentual sex at any age cannot be considered "violent" crime.
j) Any humans that use a laser or any other weapon to cause a pain in a human must be locked in a jail for an amount of time equal or greater than the amount of time they inflicted pain in a first degree nature on a different person.
1) This time can be cumulative, for example, 10 minutes in jail for each 1 second laser zap assault times the number of previous laser assaults, to discourage repeat violent offenders.

k) A violent offender free public registry. (must be free, must include names and a photo of all humans ever convicted for a violent crime, the description and date of each crime).

2) Free Nonviolent
a) No jail for using, buying, selling, drugs (end drug war)
1) "No jail for marijuana" act
2) "No jail for cocaine" act
3) "No jail for psychodelic mushrooms" act
4) "No jail for LSD" act
5) "No jail for opium" act
6) "No jail for 'crack'" act
7) "No jail for methamphedimine" act
8) "No jail for prescription drug" act
9) "No jail for herione" act

b) Violent people can never have access to nonviolent (including molestation) in any prison
c) No human in prison for more than 1 year for nonviolent crime
d) Violent and nonviolent people (no violent conviction ever) must be kept completely separate in all prisons
e) No jail for treason, sedition
f) No jail for trading insider information
g) No jail for any crime where no physical damage was done or attempted.
h) No jail for owning, trading, selling, or buying of any image, sound or data.

3) Free Info
a) No more copyrights.
1) alternative: copyrights are only to last for 20 years.

b) No more patents
1) alternative: patents are only to last for 20 years.

c) No more trademarks
d) No arrests for owning, trading, selling, buying any images, sounds, or data including child pornography, that violate national security, that contain violence, that contain sexuality, that contain nudity, that violate the privacy of any human alive or dead.
1) "No arrest for any image" act.
e) No court can be closed to the public.
1) There can be no "secret courts"
2) At least one public camera and microphone must be available to the public in every courtroom of every court.

f) No jurors can be sequestered.
g) No privacy laws
h) High speed internet avilable to all citizens by simply using wall port
i) All 911/police/fire activity must be available to public in real-time.
1) alternative: All 911/police/fire activity must be available to public within 1 month.
2) alternative: All 911/police/fire activity must be available to public within 1 year.

j) All those people that were regularly seeing and hearing thoughts are not allowed to receive the thought seeing and hearing service for as much time as they did see and hear thought. The only exceptions to this law must be voted on individually, and must have showed a clear vote against the secrecy of seeing and hearing thought. All newborn humans, and those excluded from seeing and hearing thought must be allowed to receive the service of hearing and seeing thought. Any individual exceptions may be voted on individually.
1) alternative: All those that heard and saw thought before hearing and seeing thought became available to the public should be excluded from receiving that service for 10 years.

k) Government employees cannot confiscate film.
1) examples of abuse are a) the Scott Enyart film, b) the still secret 9/11/01 Pentagon gas station film. Still secret Oklahoma City videos.
a) the 9/11/01 gas station film must be made public on the web.
b) the 12 Oklahoma videos must be made public on the government web page in entirety
2) The owner of any film people in government deem may be physical evidence is legally required and must receive compensation for providing a copy of the original film. There has been too many events of people in police and FBI destroying valuable eye witness film.
3) Employees of government can only obtain copies of any privately owned video, audio, sound recordings. They cannot confiscate the original recordings.
l) "eye net abuse copyright and privacy reimbursement penalty" act. People that saw and heard thought are to pay those they saw or heard the thoughts of without the subjects knowledge, are to pay those people $1 for every hour they watched or heard.
a) similar to ipod but $1/thought for those who were being watched in their houses, etc.

m) No physical evidence may ever be kept a secret from the public. Images of all evidence must be available to the public.
n) "No Secrets in Government Act" (or "No Secret Government Act"). Nothing in any part of government (including police, military, cia, fbi, courts) may ever be a secret. All activity of government must be transparent and available for public to see.
1) All employees of the government are forbidden from operating in secrecy.
2) All government budgets must be 100% public, no part of any budget can be secret.
o) At least one camera must be in ever government building, and the images must be archived and made available to the public.
1) no government building may ever be offlimits to public inspection, to at least one public camera
p) All government employees must have a camera and microphone recording their activity at all times during their employment.
1) alternative: all government military, police, fbi, cia must be on public camera and microphone at all times.
q) No people can be jailed for treason.
r) No government information can be confidential
1) no government information or property can be kept in secrecy, classified, "top secret", or secret in any way.
s) All employees funded by government money must be clearly identified to the public.
1) There can be no "undercover" or "secret" government employees.
t) "No Secret Media Act". All companies that transmit television signals cannot keep any part of their business a secret from the public, and must keep any and all video, audio, including all thought images and sounds ever recorded by them, available to public viewing and listening.
1) All major media, other businesses, and those individual people involved in watching the public in their houses, that clearly violate the existing "right to privacy", fourth ammendment in the constitution, with a "reasonable expectation of privacy", and certainly in natural principle of fairness and equity, shall be made to pay some democratically decided amount of money, perhaps $1 per hour of watching people in their apartments, houses, etc., and their thoughts without clear consent, and in secrecy without informing them.
a) This amount may be determined from either their current net worth, and/or the amount of money that directly resulted from their copyright holdings, and their sales of any information they obtained that was in violation of the fourth ammendment and general principle of commonly understood privacy.
u) "Copyright only for the Poor" Act (or "Limit on Copy Right for the Wealthy" Act). Limits the copyright to individual people who earn less than $100,000/year, and business that earn less than $500,000/year

4) Democracy
a) Vote on existing and future State laws by all citizens
b) Vote on all USA Federal Laws
c) Vote on people in United Nations
d) No more electoral college, popular vote only
e) Voting for people on Supreme Court
f) Open all court verdicts to popular vote
g) Citizens vote directly on USA budget
h) Citizens can decide where their portion of tax money is to go
i) Voting directly on the Internet.
1) alternative :with photo of person taken at voting machine
2) alternative: voting only in in government buildings
3) People required to see their own votes.
4) alternative: people allowed to see the votes of any and all people on the Internet.
j) Count votes on court decisions by Internet voting.

5) Sexuality
a) No jail, punishment or fine for public nudity (public nudity)
1) right to bear breasts in public
2) right to bear buttocks in public

b) No jail, punishment or fine for taking money for sex, touching or any kind.
1) "kissing for money legal" act.
2) "touching genitals for money legal" act
3) "masturbating for money legal" act

c) No jail, punishment or fine for nonviolent molestation
d) The word "molestation" can only apply to nonviolent touching
e) No jail, punishment, or fine for touching any part of any human of any age, besides genitals unless by parents for cleaning or with parental permission for cleaning purposes only.
f) No jail, punishment, or fine for buying, owning, selling, trading any image, sounds, or data including child pornography (same as 3D)
g) No tax exemption for marriage
h) No joint filing status for married people
i) mastubating a human for money legal
j) No jail for touching of genitals if no prior arrest for violence
k) legal public images of nudity
l) kissing for money legal
m) sleeping together in 1 bed for money legal

6) Science/Education
a) Movie of "evolution" made for public funded by US National Science Foundation.
1) Free story of "evolution" video on .gov Internet

b) Movie of "history of science" made for public funded by US National Science Foundation.
1) free "history of science" video on .gov Internet

c) Movie of "history of religious persecution" made for public funded by US National Science Foundation.
d) Walking robots
e) Moon station built by walking robots
f) US and/or UN Orbit ship

7) Citizenship
a) Citizenship can not be based on marriage
b) Citizenship must be based on skills, beauty, popularity and the need for variety

8) Antireligion
a) No tax benefit, or exclusion for any religious people or property. Religious organizations must pay all taxes any other business must pay, including property, income and sales tax.
b) No "In God We Trust" on any money, can be "In Truth We Trust", "In Science We Trust", "In Nature We Trust", "In Democracy We Trust".
c) No "oath" in any court required

9) Free Market
a) Any and all gambling is not advised but must be legal (can exclude gambling on or for violent events)
b) Using any drug without good information is not advised, but all drugs must be legal to own, buy, sell, and trade
c) Any service of touching, sexual or otherwise, including penis in mouth, vagina and or anus must be legal, as long as there is consent, or no clear gestural or verbal objection.
d) Change FDA to advisory group, not regulatory or legislative group.

10) Courts/Justice System
a) Change guilty/not guilty to true/false.
b) No text 'the people...versus' on government court documents, the cases are in no way initiated by 'the people'. Each specific person involved in the complaint or proceeding is to be specifically named.
c) Any human can initiate a 'criminal' [violent] case, not only a humans employed in a Government.
d) "Gag" orders not allowed
e) Jury cannot be "sequestered"
f) At least one camera with images and audio available to the public must be allowed in all court rooms at all times. All cameras and microphones cannot be barred from any courtroom.
g) No oath necessary.

Attorney General, District Attorney:
1) make a web page with all the statistics of numbers and kinds of charges, and convictions.
2) open up the system to public identify verified voting (similar to credit card recognition, but with your vote instead of money, and perhaps with more rigorous identity checking), and this voting will help determine what charges to press against whom, what sentences to pursue that are equal to the majority opinion.
3) If popular approval, allow the public to see all evidence for each case.

11) School
a) No pledge required
b) A percentage of a fund for high schools that teach a "History of Science" course
c) A percentage of a fund for high schools that teach an "Evolution" course

12) Health
1) free government paid from income tax only: a) clean water (for all humans) for drinking
b) bread (only for those who clearly cannot obtain their own food and or suffer from involuntary starvation)
c) heat (only enough to maintain survival and only for those who cannot afford heat)
d) public showers and soap (for all humans)
e) public toilets (for all humans)
f) public rooms (only for those who cannot afford to occupy a non government room, and that obey the rules of room occupation.).
1) perhaps limited to a finite number

13) Age
1) Humans of any age can legally vote.
a) No human of any age may be denied the right to vote.
2) Humans of any age can legally own property.
a) No human of any age may be denied the right to own property.
3) Humans of any age can legally work for money, only with absolute mutual and verbal or written consent.
a) No human of any age may be denied the right to work for money.
4) No age laws for touching and or sex of clear and absolute mutual consent.
a) Age law for consensual penis in vagina sex be reduced to age 12 for males, since penis in vagina sex for males is not as painful as for females of the same age due to clear and obvious biological developmental differences between nature of penis and vagina.

14) Military
1) "Solder can quit from military" act
2) People in military must provide their own clothing.
3) No military judicial system. Only one judicial system for all people.

15) Police
1) System of verified public voting be put in place, and public votes be counted.
a) a system of resident voting on the government Police page, with Verisign, and/or some other identify verification system, so that people can suggest new policies, vote on existing policies, and in particular can vote to approve or disapprove of police chief
2) All video obtained must be made available to the public
a) alt: after 1 year
3) 9/11 calls be made accessible to the public
4) Violent crimes must have priority over nonviolent crimes.
5) Employees in police allowed to wear shorts and short sleave shirt uniforms, or long pants and long sleeve uniforms.
6) Zero tolerance on first degree nonconsensual violence. If this gains a majority vote of the citizens, this will establish that all acts of first degree, nonconsensual violence, with clear physical evidence, will result in arrest and imprisonment for at least 24 hours.
7) If this wins the popular vote, to open up the street camera archives to the public, perhaps only the county citizens, or perhaps to all US citizens, all nonviolent conviction people, etc. I have a feeling that this particular policy, may in fact, win popular support.
8) And end to all drug and vice arrests. Again only if this can gain a majority vote, which perhaps it cannot, but that will not stop me from making this suggestion to the public, and trying my best to garner votes in favor of this police policy. We can vote on whether to transition those narcotics and vice people into violent crime or some other part of the police, or do early retirement, or simply deemploy them...what ever the public decides.
9) If popular, end car chases and simply pursue with stationary street cameras (perhaps helicopters or satellite cameras) and stop people at gas stations, unless human has done violent crime and/or is doing a violent act(s).
10) establish a neighborhood info page that describes what county police are doing in each neighborhood, so that people can check in there and see why there might be many police cars or ambulances there.
11) if popular, separate the arresting and non-arresting staff positions. In other words, people hired would know in advance if they would potentially be facing violent people or not. This way, we can attract smart people to focus on nonviolent police work (for example processing camera images and microphone audio, handling phone calls, reporting police info to the public, assisting arresting officers from a distance remotely with cameras), and focus strictly on those more action-oriented people that want to focus on, or do not mind being involved in the actual capturing of potentially violent people.
So there are 9 promises, and I think those promises are much better and more progressive than any I have seen from other people, in addition, I promise to let the popular vote determine the police policies, and I am sure that the public has many good ideas for the OC police too, and this system allows those ideas to be heard, debated and voted on.
12) If popular approval, allow the public to see all evidence for each case.
13) police cannot take video or images from any civilian, they can only require copies be made for police use at police expense.

16) Other Species
1) All violence and pain laws to be applied to all mammal species.
a) except for cows, chickens, pigs, lamb, unwanted canines, felines, and rodents which if killed must feel no pain.
b) sentences may be reduced for non-human species, for example:
1) apes=full sentence
2) other primates=50% sentence
3) non primate mammals (aside from those defined for food, or overpopulated canines, felines, and rodents)=30% sentence
2) All rights of humans for all apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos, orangutans).
a) all violence and pain laws to be applied to all apes.
3) Right to at least 10x the volume of body size in freedom of movement for all primates
a) 5x for monkeys

17) Freedom of Movement
1) No human may be contained to a volume of space less than 10x their volume.
a) 5x
2) No human may be restrained, or restricted in movement unless being captured, or transported for a violent crime, and then for 1 hour at most.
a) unless previous conviction for violent crime
b) unless in the case of transporting humans with violent conviction, only handcuffs and or leg cuffs can be used for up to 3 hours.
3) No human may be contained unless voted on by majority.
a) includes in a room, vehicle, building, jail, hospital, etc.
b) cannot be contained when clear objection only.
c) cannot be contained when clear objection or an average person would object

18) Prisons/Jails
1) No human may be forced into labor.
a) No human may be forced into labor in any prison or any jail.
b) although voluntary labor is allowed.
2) Humans with past violent offenses must be kept absolutely separate from those without any violent offense in prison.
a) Nonviolent offenses are to include: any activity where no violence is done.
1) Nonviolent offenses are to include: any activity where no violence is done, or even threatened with a weapon which may include body part.
2) Nonviolent offenses are to include: any activity where no violence is done, or even threatened with a weapon which may not include body part.
3) Nonviolent offenses are to include: any activity where no violence is done, or even threatened with violence.
4) Nonviolent offenses must include: molestation, theft (without threat of violence, or weapon), public nudity, all drug related crimes, prostitution.
5) Nonviolent offenses must include: physical restraint.
3) Every human in a prison or jail must have their own cell.
a) There can be no "holding cell" with more than one person.
b) Only when there are free cells available must humans have their own cell.
c) two or more people may consensually share a cell.
4) Humans must be allowed to post bail using credit card and ATM.
6) Humans must be allowed to post bail 24 hours a day including holidays.
a) nonviolent offenses only
7) Courts must be open 24 hours a day including holidays.
8) People in prison for nonviolent offenses may have people visiting that may touch them.
a) stay 24 hours with them.
b) have sex

19) Basic Human Rights 1) No human may be forced into labor.
2) All human must have the right to vote no matter what age, race, gender or belief.
a) including those in prison.
b) including those with violent offenses.
3) Every effort must be made to stop nonconsensual starvation of any human.
a) any ape, endangered species
b) Free food, in the form of bread must be made and delivered to any human suffering from starvation.
1) only in the USA and US holdings.
c) Consensual starvation must be tolerated.
4) All humans must have access to a free shower
a) soap and shampoo
b) only in the USA
5) All humans must be allowed to sleep on a matress.
a) to occupy a room with a bed
1) could be a gov skyscraper with 1 person rooms for those without any money or job.

20) Specific Laws 1) Thane Cesar must be arrested and tried for murder of Robert Kennedy
2) 9/11/2001 murderers must be identified, arrested and tried for first degree murder
a) those that controlled the planes
b) those that initiated the WTC1 and WTC2 building demolitions
c) those that fired the missile or drone into the Pentagon
3) The 9/11/2001 plotters must be identified, arrested, and tried for accessory to murder before the fact.
a) George Bush jr.
b) Dick Cheney
c) Richard B. Myers
d) Ralph E Eberhart
e) Mahmoud Ahmad
f) George Tenet
g) Porter Goss
h) Bob Graham
i) Jon Kyl
j) Paul Wolfowitz
k) Colin Powell
l) Donald Rumsfeld
m) Jeb Bush
n) Richard Armitage
o) Richard Perle
p) William Bennet
q) Karl Rove
q) all others directly involved in the planning of the 9/11/01 mass murder. 4) same as 3) but simply imprisoned for 1,3 or 5 years times counts of homicide, which easily puts the sentence over 100 years (accessory before the fact to 2500 first degree murders with a sentence of 1 year/homicide each=2500 years. Even 1 month/accessory to murder would = 208 years. 1 day per murder would be about 7 years.)
[note: my own vote for accessory to first degree murder before the fact is 1 to 5 years per count, even though it is free speech and not directly violent, it is still dangerous enough at this time to result in imprisonment if clearly proven, in my opinion, simply in order to lower the shockingly high amount of violence on earth right now.]
5) The people that helped to cover-up the 9/11/2001 mass murders must be identified, arrested, and tried for accessory to murder after the fact.
a) Rudolf Gulianni
b) each member of 9/11 commission (Philip D. Zelikow, Thomas H. Kean, etc)

6) Same as 5) but simply jail those people for 1 day per accessory to murder after the fact and active participant in covering up truth from citizens=7 years)
7) The US FBI must release all video owned by other people, untampered with, back to their original owners.
a) includes untampered with gas station 9/11/2001 video
8) The US military must pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq.
9) The US military budget must be reduced by 50%

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