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The Infidel Guy
Find the interview with me on with the Infidel Guy, Reginald Finley Sr. There are other excellent free atheist files. My interview is at: interview

Atheist Alliance
There are links, and other atheism things here.

American Atheists
I have sent two messages to these humans and have not got any thing in return. I worry that the "American" title does not include Canada and South America, and may be kind of a nationalistic thing. In any event, any atheism is good. What a relief to read anti religious text.

Atheists United
A Los Angeles based organization. I went to one meeting in Orange County.

Freedom From Religion
This is a group that includes Ann Gaylor senyu, Annie Gaylor junya, and Dan Barker. Dan is the only person that occassionally replies to electronic messages from me. Annie made a great book called "Women Without Superstition" that tells the story of a number of female humans that were not religious. Ann Gaylor senior was on the Phil Donohue show trying to promote birth control to the anti pleasure brigade called humans on earth. The opinions on these pages are ok, but like Haught, Gaylor and Barker are married, so you can expect some amount of anti sexuality, also like Haught the occasional reference to psychological "disorders" or mental problems as being valid.

James Haught
James Haught is a human that is like one humans that cares for truth versus 10 million humans that care nothing for truth. Haught has made a number of excellent books on the factual religious violence of the past. The millions of Jewish humans killed by Jesus based humans in the Crusades, in "Host Nailing" and other scape goat kind of "crimes". Haught has replied to my electronic messages two times! So also communicates more than most humans. Haught is one of the most smart humans on planet earth but is not recognized, never on television, not in videos, etc... That such a smart human is not credited is a disgrace to the human race.

Anti Psychiatry

Finally, some humans are standing up against the psych scam. As if psychological diagnoses are based remotely in science, for example a "chemical imbalance" is used to make things sound like chemistry, but yet, what chemicals? What evidence exists beside what the human says?
The Antipsychiatry Coalition
Mind Freedom

Anti Age Laws
I am not excited that this group limits to only the patriotic "america" (north and south perhaps), but still looking at humans under the age of 21 as 46 chromosome humans and not unthinking property is an idea I support. No message back to the one I sent saying good show.
Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions

This human Sarah Lawrence actually returned two of my messages, so Sarah must be a smart (and pro info) human!
Taking Children Seriously

Human Killed Human ("homicides")

secondgun.com/ Here you can get the Second Gun video for $19.95

Mae Brussell correctly identified Frank Sturgis as the killed of JFK and Thane Cesar as the killed of RFK, so what ever else she said before her death from cancer while she was still in her 60's should not be simply dismissed. There is a strong indication that Brussell was included in the secret eyeball net and that some of the info she talks about has been confirmed by images in those vast secret networks. Some of her theories, about Nutrasweet, for example, are doubtful, probably because she, like most people, lacked real support for science, evolution, ancient history etc, but much of the material is far above average for a human. She clearly had doubts about religion, using phrases like "goodness only knows" (instead of "god only knows" which just reaffirms religious dogma) occassionally. The amazing thing is that Brussell was completely ignored and supressed for her entire life. Where was the liberal support? Even today, the vast majority of people have never heard of Mae Brussell or Ted Charach for that matter.



Honda Humanoid
University of Tokyo Robot
Peter Anderson
Cricuit Specialists
All Electronics

Sex Education
Kinsey Institute
Movies By Mail $4 DVDs
Real Doll

Web Hosting (nudity and antireligious text allowed)
webcheaphost.com (was with)
canaca.com (currently with)

Yahoo (AP/Reuters)
NY Times
LA Times
Washington Post
USA Today
SF Gate
Chicago Sun Times

Liberal Links
Larry Flynt
Michael Moore
Mae Brussell

Famous Deaths/Homocides
RFK - The Second Gun Video $19.95
If this web page is down, here is an alternate method to get "The Second Gun" on VHS tape:
Send $20+$5 (s&h)=$25 to: Telecommunications News, PO Box 396, Beverly Hills, CA 90213. Remember to include a message indicating that you want "The Second Gun" and the address to send to.
9/11/01 Timeline
Vegetarian Links
Pangea Vegan Products