Orange County TP Less Worse Business Bureau
I am starting a section called non-food rude, because the Better Business Bureau does not publically make available the text of individual experiences, in addition to complaints of rudeness.

As always the: The "eye net rude rating" is as follows:
1=not rude, friendly, very little chance of rudeness, any perceived rudeness may be beamed on your brain, or their muscles were moved to say what they didn't mean to. Perhaps the phrase was taken in a way that it was not meant to be taken, and no double-meaning mystery was intended.
2=lightly rude, not very rude, maybe a few light insults, could be just independent rude eye net employees and probably does not reflect owners. Possibly a small amount of snobbery, for example a few hints at "this is to go...", etc., rudeness not easily detected. Mostly friendly and polite.
3=medium rude, about half and half, some definite rudeness, probably owners are kind of rude or backwards conservatives. I still may go, but that makes them a little volatile.
4=very rude, very likely to be nasty comments and people, no doubts about the rudeness, rudeness goes beyond independent employees, is owner(s), major managers. I basically know to stay away from these places. If I have a good coupon, I may venture a visit, but it is to risk getting unusual items in your food and guaranteed rude insults and put-downs with every interaction.
5=ultra-rude, you definitely will get nasty comments and experience very rude, antisexuals, violenters, secreters, nazis, antisciencers, religious fanatics, and other assorted nasty people. It's tough to know the difference between a 4 and a 5, I don't think any places are 5's, but perhaps my scale should be shifted more.

All Star Glass
National office
07/03/06 employee sez "offer" instead of (our website). This is typical insiders murderous's pure evil. Those in the pupin net try to get the excluded to murder and commit suicide, those people ought to be banned access to the technology after a number of those abuses.

Great Clips for Hair, on campus and california: I usually wait for a female, but decided to let the asian male cut my hair, I don't know his name, but he gave me a "V" in my JFK spot. It looks terrible. So watch out for that person, try for a poor excluded, which are probably many of the females. Only excluded retain the ancient custom of politeness and neutrality, but also do not have an option to participate in the "money for insults" system. 2/7/07 Native looking female, kind of overweight, with mole, cut a V in my JFK spot again. I had to wait months until my hair grew and I could cut it to be straight across my forehead.

Mail boxes etc. in same plaza as Mother's, older woman notarized letter with "JURAT", where no other notarized letters I have ever gotten have this Nazistic sounding text.

Samy's Camera (Scamy's Camera)
3309 S Bristol St, Santa Ana, CA>
(714) 557-9400
2/7/07 female employee sez: "stock"x2, "let me sink (think)"
To me allowing the 9/11 killers, the Lockheed killer, and so many other killers just run free without any criticism, that to me sounds like a stupid plan. plus, I don't think going to a television show for which a reservation was explicitly reserved for me by the same company is an arrestable offense even if told once, months before to leave. Part of the problem, which even now I wonder how I could be so stupid, is that I failed to understand how evil people in the camera-thought net are...I mean it's something most excluded people don't understand and can't believe. Now I know, how they watch me every minute and my thoughts, beaming misleading info onto innocent, decent, nonviolent people's minds, sending them off cliffs, into traffic, all kinds of evil absolutely illegal by any stretch of the imagination activities, such as violating people's bodies with beams, complicity to millions of murders, accessory to murders, invading privacy, assaulting, and many other basic laws. It helps to know that, and how they live a constant lie, have allowed many murders to go unstopped and unpunished. In this particular instance, it's all mainly the 9/11 republicans, the Warren Commission protectors of Sturgis, Cesar, etc. trying to lower my popularity from my song "Those Aren't Your Friends" airing last night on public access, but only those evil murderers know for sure. These people at Scamy's Camera seem very nazistic, in particular when you consider that they are big-time voyeurs watching children in people's houses and their thoughts...I mean total nazistic dishonest scumbags.
As alternatives that are not apparently nearly as evil:
Photo Smith Color Lab
Calumet Photographic Inc
Ritz Camera Center

Culver and Michelson
6/19/06 employee sez "jew"

Stanbridge College
02/13/07 male employee calls says "tet" (test), T sez "thane you", to which employee sez "tank you so much" [t clearly real intellectual types, ok that's sarcasm, just more nazi military suck hole war and violence loving conservatives out to bilk innocent people for info and books they can find for free on the web, in libraries, or buy cheaply used. Let's not support the suckholers of the republicans and their 9/11 reichstag crimes. It's time to clean up the USA, starting with 9/11 and finishing with Sturgis, the Warren Commission, Thane Cesar and all the other killers.

Culver and Michelson
6/12/06 employee shouts "gay!"

Union Bank
17951 MacArthur Blvd
Caucasian married black hair black full dress female with name plate "Crysta" from behind counter yells: "psycho!" and "freaky!", Ukranian white male with greased hair and name plate "Maxim Savchenko" sez "bug" [tp sez "nein", hey no assaulters in the thought net! ahah. just looking forward to the inevitable rise of the honest, and the public and the downfall of those now in power, the liars, the privates.] and "thats weird", asian male manager sez "assist". By the way, for checking account, like B of A there is a monthly fee, you need to pay $4 unless you have direct deposit or more than $1000 dollars deposited. So my advice is since you are going to experience uneducated rude employees who pick through your thoughts and video from your house with a fine-tooth comb, but yet, become violent at the thought of their thoughts and houses being shown publically, why not just go to WM where the checking is free, even the checks are free ($14 at UBofC), no and monthly fee. Just rude assholes at both places, but what do you expect from 100 years of secrect technology, religion and unpunished secret assaults and murders? So hiring ban on female in black dress, Maxim, and all rude (for free or for money) people, I know it sounds impossible, but I think it can be done, in particular as time continues and more data is available to the public. We don't need to hire the violent (once we know who they are), the liars, the rude, etc. There are nonviolent, non-rude, less stupid, pro-sex, pro-free info people out there waiting to be hired. Washington Mutual
4543 Campus Dr
An arab or indian married woman with a name tag, "Laila", said "perv", "leave", "chink" (instead of "" my wife is Taiwanese), then yelled at my wife "go! go! go!" (waving her away), when my wife wanted her name changed on the checks. a black male clerk said something rude I can't remember (why lick neocon ass?), a different female clerk said "perv" and "you can forget about that (getting video of people in their houses and their thoughts beamed on your head)", to which I retorted "you too", when really the correct answer for the record is "no, you can", which reflects more of the probable public voting for those who shushed, were clearly for secrecy, etc. I say go ahead and ban them with your vote now...why wait? You can do that in thought and it will be duly recorded, althoug probably ignored by the fascist nazis in power now. For this rude female (the "chink" saying human), I actually am filing a BBB complaint because why not try to reach the public with the truth about rude idiot people? The point is that this woman was rude from the very beginning, calling me a "perv" and saying "leave"...I don't walk up to her and say "antisexual" and "move to a red state"....and why? why don't I walk up to people and say those things? Why? Because maybe I have a life, ok? Maybe I do not live in a constant state of mean rudeness. Maybe I don't have an axe to grind with every person I meet. Maybe I have the tiniest bit of education and tolerance. I'm simply not consumed with constant anger as these people appear to be, although many are rude for neocon money. And I have to wonder what kind of a phenomenon that know..these idiot neocons need to pay people to be's kind of interesting when you have to pay for your friends, and then pay them to say what you think, what a natural friendship that must be. And then how it's built around negativity...people could be paid for positive and pleasurable things, but clearly mostly they are getting paid to be mean and rude, and then paid for by conservatives, who have a lot to hide, all the mass murders of 9/11/01, the murder of JFK, of RFK, how they protected Frank Fiorini, the CIA, and Thane Cesar to this wonder they try to divert the public's attention.