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"When a human lights a match, are the photons made at the time or were the photons always there?"
-Ted Huntington
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11-27-01 I want to be in a breeding program
11-05-01 Mystery Man Wins Nobel Prize
10-16-01 Humans Still Kill Other Humans on Planet Earth
10-09-01 Humans of the USA Damage Part of Earth Called Afghanistan
09-26-01 Updated Opinion of World Trade Center after 1 week
09-14-01 Statement on 4 Plane Crash World Trade Center

I am actually willing to see a nude human in public as much as 50 kg overweight and not call humans in police.

I am voluteering as a test subject human for experiments in interracial sex and cuddling. I could go for a nice hispanic or latina (I would enjoy hearing and seeing any difference between the two) female human (with no religion, cosmetics or jewlery) to start with, and also asian, perhaps japanese or main land china female human. From there I can move on to sweet, sweet arab, indian (america and india), nubian (light, medium, and dark) and ofcourse caucasian (black, brown, yellow, and orange hair), and mixes (for example 1/3 hispanic, 1/3 asian, 1/3 india) female humans. I am thinking that perhaps the female humans with mixes may be more interesting and perhaps should be moved more to the front of the list.

One interesting thing I have been calculating (using the simple Newton s=1/2at^2 + vt) is the idea that a human could go more fast than the photons that reflected off of the earth (3e8 m/s) using a ship that is propelled by photons from atoms, to actually view events on earth of the past. The photons are moving 3e8 meters/second. A ship accelerating at 100 m/s^2 in 50 years would get to see/store photons from 13,149 years before now (11,149 BC). Humans could see the americas before sapiens entered, accelerating at 10 m/s2 for 50 years would be 1,314 years (686 AD). Humans could see the violence of early christianity. That distant from the earth would make less the chance of photons from earth that were not absorbed by atoms in space. Plus by sending photons in the radio would be not as fast as sending another ship back to earth that gets (or scoops up as Sagan would say) the photons reflected from earth. A ship that moves more fast than a photon would take less time than photons to get back with the recorded images from 13,000 years before now. How far can photons be separated? Photons are more small than an atom, so I think photons may be separated to see interesting info. Maybe this is only a thought experiment, what is the crime in making such calculations, why have I never seen such talk?

Here is some thing: Why are sex ads on the internet filled with words like "pregnant women!", "grannies!", "transsexuals!", "teens!", "S&M!"? For me, there is certainly some interest perhaps even as much as 1 in 10 parts to see female humans other than the main group of 20-40 year old nicely developed, natural science female humans. I was doing video conferencing with netmeeting and saw entries for humans like "shaved" and "I have a tatoo on my penis". My first thought is "great - I bit off me own finger!!! you and I should get together." Where is the good, clean, normal, healthy sex? I would think this would be 9 of 10 parts. I think that humans are falling in to religious thinking or religious expectation. Religious humans have skewed or not normal views of sex. The whole thing looks to be for humans that actually pay to see a circus, fair or a "freak" show. Most humans in science view sex as normal and natural. Humans in science see ejaculation as an event that should happen once every 24 hours for most humans. I and some (perhaps most) humans in science view bisexuality as being normal and occupying perhaps as much as 4 (to 6) of 10 parts (or thoughts of sex) for average humans. No humans should be beat, locked in a jail or hospital for showing these kinds of images and ideas I am only asking why there is no interest or popularity in images of normal or average nude humans and sex? And also perhaps, why is there such skewed or not normal views of sex?

Look at the FBI, Interpol and Police. Why is there no "violence" and "damage" departments? There are "sex" (or "vice") departments, and other nonviolent departments. Look at the FBI "Top 10 most wanted list". Have all of these humans killed other humans? No! There are one or two of these humans that is wanted for "sex related crimes". Why the focus on sex and not on damage? Some how that an action is sex related makes the crime worse. Some how damage caused in sex is not covered under "damage" laws. Any pain that results from some thing related to sex is not covered under existing "stop pain" laws. If you damage a non sexual part of a body with a knife, fist, or gun than you have escaped severe punishment, but! if you so much as touch (not even damage!) a part of a body related to sex (buttocks, penis, breast) of a human you could be locked in jail for years.

There are millions of laws that would never get popular support now and probably did not get popular support when made laws. What is an outrage and shocking is that humans think of all laws as having the same value! When humans want to lock a human in jail for sexual reasons, the humans have to go back to laws with words like "lewd behavior" (for Paula Poundstone), and "buggary" (I had to find the translation for this word, "buggary" is "anal sex", or perhaps "penis in anus") this is being used to lock a human in England (Jonathan King) in jail for 7 years, and ofcourse with not one piece of evidence, not one bruise or scratch. Other humans punch, spank, slap, shoot, stab ... but not one arrest! In fact the laws that describe violence are a disaster, from the 1400s, and getting dust because stopping violence is not of value to the paleolithic humans on earth. Not one human will stand up against these sex laws and arrests no matter how unjust and illogical the arrests and laws seem. The laws are not "human kill human", or "human damage human", or "human shoot human"...the laws are "homocide" (I guess the other species are not thought of), and "assault" (this could include a spank, and a severe beating). Ofcourse, all of these 200 year old laws take a back seat in money and time spent to the 70 year old drug and sex laws.

Lack of reason and logic appears to happen for all things related to sex, drugs and insanity. Humans that have never caused a scratch are beaten in prisons after being sentenced to be locked in a jail for 10 years for touching the buttock of a human under the age of 18. Again, not one bruise to other humans from using drugs, but humans can be locked in jails for 30 years and more for drug related activity. Humans like to say that drugs and the drug trade causes violence, but can the same be said for guns? for religion? Religion causes and has caused humans to kill millions of other humans for religious reasons, should humans now lock in jail humans that trade in religious objects? Because religion is such a bad influence on humans and is related to just as much if not more violence that drug trade. Finally, a human that thinks there is a holy ghost, gods, devils, celebrates a religion based on a human being ressurrected is claimed to be "sane". Why all the focus and concern over what humans are sane? If a human makes unrealistic claims what is the harm? What reason is there to lock an unrealistic human in a hospital? If locking unrealistic unobjective irrational, illogical humans in hospitals is necessary, millions of humans that claim there is a heaven, hell, god and devil, witches, etc... with out any evidence, and only evidence that humans made up such words and ideas with out any physical basis, the hospitals would be full of all humans that attend churches, synygogues, mosques and temples.

What scares me is that the humans in the FBI, Interpol, and other "crime" groups are not interested in stopping violence, there is more focus on stopping images and touching and sex with consent. Pain and damage feel much more bad than humans touching with consent. Even touching with no consent is not as bad as pain and damage, but these humans are lost in a god based cloud of corruption and misuse of money. The humans in the FBIs, militaries, polices of the governments of planet earth get money from the people, but yet every thing is kept secret. I vote that cameras be put in the fbi, military, and legistative buildings and shared with all humans.

Here is some thing funny I was thinking of, in all the "communist scare", and even now when I see humans that speak out against "communism" or label humans "communist" I always say "I am glad that you are really in favor of democracy! You should have no objections to all humans voting on federal laws, voting on supreme court judges, democratising the military and police!". But ofcourse, these humans are not interested in democracy at all! Most are god loving religious humans that want violence and a square piece of the planet earth. Why not spread religion to the earth moon, orbit and mars?

I want to see some more tough on violence people, I am tired of the "soft on violence" humans in governments.

No more of the cloud brained religious humans, humans should be electing 40 year old, science promoting, tough on violence, educated smart humans, not religious, secretive, violence promoting people. I think that the sad truth is that a majority of humans get a bad education, are violence loving, antisexual humans ready to throw away democracy by electing other similar brutal religious humans.

I can keep talking and typing for hours and days, I think nothing is going to change. That 8 out of 10 humans support killing in Afghanistan is proof that 8 out of 10 humans support killing humans that have not caused damage. I guess the difference is that the humans being killed are in a different part of the planet earth. I see no real progress for humans in the next 50 years and only more violence and stopping of sex and pleasure.

No relation to the movie "Good Will Hunting", "Hercules", the songs "All Apologies", "Fly Away", not refered to by ex-President of the USA Clinton when Clinton said "the best is yet to come", or by thousands of others in "the worst is yet to come", or by current President of USA in "Hunt down the people that did this...", a completly unrecognized mystery man could win a Nobel prize.

In the last month, a human with the last name "Hunt" won a Nobel Prize and some humans were thinking and saying that I may win a Nobel prize. I have some ideas on this:

I think I would only have a chance at winning the Nobel prize in physics or peace. I think there should be a Nobel prize in "Science", (interesting that the prize for "economics" was added later, and probably should have been an award for "science" in my opinion).

Qustion: Why would I win a Nobel prize, what have I done?
Answer: In physics I credit myself with the following:
1) A photon actually moves 4.71e8 meters every second, not 3e8 meters every second in following a sine curve.
Update - there is the chance that photons define a wave while moving in a straight line at 3e8 m/s. If this is what is happening than, photons do not follow the wave pattern, but the wave pattern is made of photons all moving in a strait line (with no frequency). So if this idea is more true, than a single, individual photon has no frequency or wavelength. 1a) - another contribution I made (perhaps independently of other humans that said the same idea) that is of value is that if photons are matter (as I am claiming) then the "wave" given to a photon (and other pieces of matter) could be the result of gravity or the way matter moves/attracts in a space-time geometry. This is like the pictures on the cover of "Photon Yes, Religion No", a "wave" is made by the gravitational attraction of two (or more) pieces of matter. 2) A photon is a piece of matter
3) Photons may be in orbit of each other, the bending of photons by a star or a more large group of matter can be explained by a photon being matter and changing direction as any piece of matter would because of other pieces of matter.
4) Photons may be the basic piece of matter for all matter in the universe, as shown, for example by the way all matter emits photons with infrared frequencies, or the way photons are released from a piece of wood, when the wood is "on fire", making less wood after most of the photons that the wood was made of went to other places.
5) Antimatter is not antimatter, but is actually only electrical opposite matter, if an antiproton was antimatter, the antiproton and proton would leave no photons, but in fact, the number of photons that remain in a proton, antiproton collision is equal to the original amount of matter in the proton and antiproton.
6) A neutron is actually a proton, electron and antineutrino. That the photons, or matter are always there, and not made at the time when a neutron "decays".
7) A black hole may actually be a "black star" made of photons in orbit and what humans thought was a black "hole" or a hole in a space-time may be only a mathematical interpretation taken from a group of difficult to find, not well explained equations, not the more accurate interpretation of the actual universe.

What humans have ever said the above things?

I possibly could win a Nobel prize for "Peace"
1) For speaking out against religion and living past the age of 30
2) For speaking out for science
3) For promoting a democracy for all of life, the idea of a "planet earth government", or "life of earth government"
4) For speaking out against violence and damage, for putting "stopping violence" at the top of a list that before did not even have "stopping violence"
5) For speaking out against the locking in jail of humans in the nude or having sex with consent. For promoting touch and sex with consent.
6) For speaking out against the locking in jail of humans for using drugs, for promoting the free trade of all drugs
7) For speaking out against the locking in jails and hospitals, humans that have not caused damage to other humans. Almost no humans are brave enough to question and expose the torture, druggings and injustice that is happening in psychiatric hospitals and still remain employed, or earn enough money to eat.
8) For exposing the brain imaging machines and speaking out for the sharing of all data, images, and sounds.
9) Identifiying that all human language uses the same sounds, and that a one symbol=one sound alphabet could be used for all language to make language more simple for all humans of earth.

I think if I do win a Nobel (or any) prize that for one of the first times the money would be spent for science and good things. Most of the humans that win Nobel prizes will spend the money on a new castle, or boat, perhaps a small country, or a team of human servants. I am making a video on the stories of science, what other human is doing that? I am using what money I have to share these ideas of stopping violence on all parts of earth, sharing images, voting on all government decisions, gender and race variety, questioning religion and marraige, promoting touch and sex with consent, the list goes on and on...! What humans are doing any of this? "none" I say again and again (ahaha). Most humans I hear and see have never used the word "science"! (or "galaxy", or "photon", ....I lead a boring life with meter after meter of dull, antisexual, antidata humans that make robots seem friendly).

I read (sounds like red) that the Nobel prize is now $1,000,000 dollars US! There is a possibility that I would not win the prize by myself. In any event, this amount of money is limited, and my movie called "Science" (and other ideas) would only get to be seen by thousands of humans at first. I think that after winning a Nobel prize I could actually get paid to teach a class at a university. I am hanging by a piece of dental floss over here. I am at a below average pay (I am guessing) for most humans employed at a university, forget that I am watched by hundreds of thousands of humans all the time! I get angry that most of the most high paid humans in universities see almost no value in what I am saying and have done. There is absolutely no honesty, science or justice at all! Only after a Nobel prize would any of these humans finally "have to" recognize my talent and contributions.

Me winning a Nobel prize, in my opinion, would be a change in course for life of earth. I think me winning a Nobel prize would be comparable to the time Einstein won an award for explaining the "photoelectric effect". The humans that decide what human gets a Nobel prize stood up for truth even if not popular. Not like Einstein I am not running from cameras I own my own. I have no thing to hide and millions of things to say. Any money I get is money well spent. For the first time science would be available for all humans. Humans would hear at least one human questioning religion, marraige, violence, damage, nonviolent humans locked in jail, and sharing of all images. Humans would have more of an interest in explaining science in basic words, millions of humans try to confuse other humans or make things sound more complex than really are.

This is not my Nobel acceptance speech, my Nobel speech would be more inspiring and focused. One thing that would be interesting is that I would probably be the only male human with no neck tie or jacket. I would want some interesting clothes, for the most part the clothes would be most comfortable. I think that both female and male humans should not have to all wear the same clothing and objects. Humans should feel free to wear any clothing.

Some other thoughts:
Another award could be made for "Engineering", or "Invention", this could go to the people at the Honda Humanoid for the first two leg walking robot, and Linus Korvalds for making Linux.
A Nobel prize for "science" (perhaps the stories of science, the basic promoting of science) would have been given to Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan, The Beasties, ... (can you think of any body else that has promoted science? Foster, Bill Nye? - the problem with Nye is the neck tie and white coat, this is more or less science with gods.) humans at National Geographic, Nova or Amnesty International - perhaps there should be "stopping violence", or "atheism", this would go to the "Atheist Alliance" or "Freedom From Religion" people, or George Carlin, Larry Flynt or Hugh Hefner, or James Haught. Perhaps a "sharing information" award could be made.
That I am not recognized, have never been invited on to national television, to speak any where on earth, no magazines, no radio, not one interview indicates that science in the USA and on earth is a disaster. I am not hiding, I am doing every thing I can to share all of my information, for most people I am giving too much information! Humans are missing millions of images of the past and current, the main reason is "privacy" and "copyrights". Both of these ideas will fall to the past in my opinion, if there is a good evolution of life on earth.

Most humans hate to see nude humans, or hear truth, feel the antisexual in you, why hate nudity and sex with consent? Why the rabid hate for drug use, but not violence? Why the anger at two humans touching or having sex with consent?
I think that science in the USA and on planet earth is filled with all religious, married humans. These humans are not willing to accept the current advances in science because of religion. There is a monopoly of employments in schools of religious humans only. Religious (including married) people are given preference at the expense of truth.

Think of what good money in my hands can do that would never be used for any thing good or interesting. No money I own ever goes to:
promote religion
cause damage to other humans
stop touch and sex with consent
stop the capture, copy and trade of any and all data
buying of neck ties
buying of cosmetics, jewlery, or perfumes
lock a human in a jail or hospital that has not caused damage to a different human
keep secrets

One final note, humans should question popular opinions, do not think that any theory is a perfect or final truth. Perhaps one more not perfect theory is: tolerate the questioning of popular opinion. Answer questions, explain science and the universe.

Why have laws? If humans can kill other humans that have not caused damage and not be locked in a jail by popular opinion? Do all laws have the same value and popular support? Obviously no. Laws to contain humans that caused damage are of more value than laws to stop humans from owning images of nude humans under the age of 18. Humans should be voting on laws (what I call sentences or statements). I like to think that a human kill human law, to stop the killing of humans by humans could be voted on by humans of earth at some time.

Think of the war between humans that want to stop damage and violence versus humans that want to cause damage and do violence. The humans that try to stop damage are clearly not winning. Here these humans missed the chance to stop 6,000 humans killed in NYC and are now missing the chance to stop some 2,500 humans being killed in Afghanistan.

Most of the humans of earth are a violent, religious, antisexual group of humans. I say stop violence and damage, instead of killing humans that have never caused a scratch. There must be humans in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Vietnam that ask "What did I ever do?" after having 10 year old legs blown off by a missle that most humans will never get to see.

I vote for planetary policing, not planetary destruction. Stop the humans that cause damage when the humans cause damage. In any event, identify and store images of humans that have caused damage to other humans.

I am against the destroying and damaging of humans and property in the part of planet Earth called "afghanistan". Humans of earth should be using technology like cameras and machines to show what is happening on planet earth. I doubt that the humans in the USA and Britain are interested in capturing any of the humans that told other humans to steal four planes and fly the planes in to buildings in the USA. When will these unprovoked attacks that are clearly not in self defense, are with clear intent and not to defend a different human from physical attack stop? Humans from the USA are killing humans that probably have not caused any damage to other humans. Where are the walking robots besides at Honda? I am amazed at the number of humans (most caucasian humans in neck ties and wedding rings) that support the killing that is happening. Most humans in the USA, Blair or England, Putin of Russia all support this killing. What brutal thug or perhaps thugee based humans.

As usual, the humans that order the killing should not be locked in a jail, the humans that push the button to release the missle or bullet that causes damage should be locked in a planetary jail. All humans should get to vote yes or no on all government decisions. Humans should vote to lock in a jail room each human that causes damage to a different human that has not caused damage, the amount of time if any a human should be stored in a jail, what kind of food, drinks and drugs will be paid for. Humans should not make exceptions for any one human that kills another human not in self defense, with clear intent, and not in defense of another human. I hate to see the number of (probably male) humans risk being locked in jail for killing of a human, or property damage.

Most of the humans causing the damage will never be shown, seen, identified or locked in any jail for all the damage and death caused. This really shows that any human can kill a different human and not be locked in a jail. I am against killing of humans and for containing the humans that do kill other humans (again not the humans that order violence because ordering is only sound that causes no damage).

Here is one idea:
Send in science DVDs and images of nude humans touching and having sex with consent. Show humans what democracy and freedom are like. I like the idea of free vegetarian food and clean water, hey drop that shit over here!

When will this attack stop? After 6000 humans have been killed? I vote for stopping violence by capturing humans that have caused damage. Sharing images and products is the path to a nonviolent democracy for all of life in all parts of earth, not killing humans and destroying buildings that have never caused damage.

Updated opinion of World Trade Center after 1 week:
People keep using the word "terrorism" and I think "damage" and "stolen plane" maybe better words. Humans could be using cameras to stop bike, car, and plane "jacking" or theft, but choose not to. "Terrorism" in my opinion should not be reason to be locked in a jail. "Scaring" people or "terrifying" people causes no damage. Humans should be accurate in deciding what exactly we as humans want to stop (for example violence, damage, bombing, shooting metal pieces at, stabbing, punching, etc...).

Humans should not blame a race of people for the actions of 3 people of the same race. Everybody is different. Humans should not separate humans into "us" versus "them" because there are only 6 billion humans (and the occasional other species) on one planet, some have caused damage and most have not. I look forward to a time when humans of both genders and all races stand together on the moon of earth feeling the most pleasure possible with care for science and the beautiful universe.

The humans that stole and flew the 4 planes were religious people. Once again, religious people, causing damage for a god, in this case "Allah". What are the chances of that? Most humans in the USA are also conservative and religious, but the religion is Christianity and the god is named "God" (confusing huh!). Religious people crash 4 planes and in the USA humans promptly start singing "God Bless America". Ironic that the people flying the 4 planes were probably singing "Allah Bless Afghanistan". If humans got sex with consent, and learned the stories of science I doubt there would be as many people willing to throw their life and body away. Be sure that there is more than one human that will kill other humans when asked to from any military of any nation.

I have to laugh when I see that the people in the "Taliban" want to see evidence that Bin Laden was some how instructing people to crash planes. Here in the USA people do not need evidence. Never so much as an image. Where is the video of Laden saying (in arabic) "I want you to steal 4 planes and crash the planes in to buildings."? And even if there was such a video (I think putting some cameras in Afghanistan and on Bin is probably a good idea), what ever the "charge" may be is going to be a crime of sound only. The real problem is humans that will kill because some body tells the person to!

The patriot flag waving is upsetting also. Whenever I see a USA flag on a car, I think there goes a person in the Taliban now. Where are the planet earth flags? There is already a planet democracy forming that will allow humans to move freely on the planet and in between planets with no fear of pain or damage. The humans in the USA have one of the worst security failures since the JFK killing and Pearl Harbor, but are more happy than ever with the current systems and way of doing things in the USA? I can see that security, free trade of all images, sounds and other data, and stopping of violence and damage, is not going to need to improve for the no science, antisexual, violence loving, religious majority of humans in the USA.

Statement on 4 plane crash World Trade Center:
I am telling humans of earth to stay on course for stopping violence and damage, to share images from on the 4 planes that crashed, to expose the 20 year old machines that hear and see thought, to not take part in religion, to stand and support science and truth, to go to and live in orbit, and on the earth moon now more than ever before.

The humans that caused all this damage and loss of life are dead. There are humans that planned, took part in, or could have stopped the 19 humans from killing more than 5000 humans. I ask that humans simply identify and share images and other data indicating what humans are involved. I do not support locking these humans in a jail.

I am saying today that all the images that must be popular, images on board the plane, of the humans in apartments that were to fly and crash a plane are going to be put in the "JFK cabinet", not to be seen for 300 to 500 years from now when humans care less for religion, privacy and secrecy and more for truth that is seen and heard and sharing of all info. Humans in the USA, and on planet earth are not good at stopping violence. Stopping violence and "damage" are not at the top of the list for most humans. This is the part of earth where more than 40 years after a human killed JFK, most humans have never seen one image of the human that actually did kill JFK from the front as shown clearly in the Zubruter film. My guess is the loss of 5000 humans will be no exception for religious humans. These images, also will be kept secret for an elite few, while the vast majority of humans on earth will live in ignorence.

I am angered by all the humans turning to religion. The humans that are President of United Nations, President of the USA, Chancellor of UCI, CEO of American Airlines, Boeing, United Airlines, have all used the word "prayer"! What chance does truth have? I am not going to sit back and watch thousands of more bodies get killed while humans are busy in a church, temple, synygogue, or mosque praying to invisible, non existant, human made up gods and devils. Will these humans be rubbing a rabbit foot? kissing the belly of a buddha? viewing a horoscope? reading tarot cards? chanting with a tamborine like a human in the moonies then jumping off a building?

Where are the images of the 18 humans that did all this damage? Where are the images of the humans killed? Where are the images from the cockpit and aisle of each of the 4 planes? Where are the images taken from the eyes, and thoughts of humans watching the plane from inside the world trade center buildings? Where are the images from each room in the world trade center buildings? Where are humans asking, "should there be cameras on planes?", "should there be cameras in airports?", "should these images be shared with all humans?", "should humans focus on stopping violence more, and less on stopping drug use and prostitution?". I am still against filling the prisons with humans that use, buy and sell drugs, these humans are only causing damage, if any, to self, not to other bodies. Maybe if humans got to see nude humans, got sex once a day, got to hug, kiss, speak and think freely, with no fear of being locked in jail, with no fear of a pretend god, heavens and hells, having heard the story of life of earth and science there would be less violence and damage to this more small than Jupiter sized planet. Humans live on the surface of a planet thousands of times smaller than the star the planet goes around. With 7 of 10 parts of earth now some form of democracy, I ask again that humans make a democracy for all of life of earth, stop violence every where on earth, free humans from jails and hospitals on earth that have not directly caused damage and are being contained with no consent and clear objection.

My main opinions on these 4 plane crashes is that humans must stop violence and damage, must share images and sounds, no more religion, free humans from jails and hospitals that have not caused damage in every part of earth.

Stop religion by stopping the arrest of humans for images and sounds.
Prison for humans that have caused damage only
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