Opinions 2002 AD (most recent statements)

"When a human lights a match, are the photons made at the time or were the photons always there?"
-Ted Huntington
Other quotes from me

12-15-02White blood cells in my body have defeated the viruses from last week. Planet Mercury may be more metal (like gold) than other atoms. The most dense atoms (not the largest on the periodic chart I guess) settled closest to the star the earth rotates. Low cost rockets could be sent with walking robots to mine, but probably still more gold here on earth and earth moon to separate. Cars that run on compressed air.
12-03-02 Got virus, bacteria, or microbe (food poisoning) at Happy Veggie in Huntington Beach.
11-23-02 Read good books by Cyril Wecht, thinking of going to other stars, completeing fyrn, getting started on ulsf.
11-12-02 Thane Cesar probably killed RFK. Voting Results.
11-03-02 Humans with access to camera network indicate that "Frank Fiorini" killed JFK (human that shot two bullets from front of JFK), making Richard Nixon appear to be involved since Fiorini was one of the humans caught in the Watergate.
10-27-02 Future of humans very exciting. My opinions on drug/alcohol/soberness.
10-18-02 Stopping violence low priority, stopping pleasure high priority for idiot violent stupid majority.
10-12-02 Millions of most violent hear thoughts but millions of nonviolent, smart excluded from camera and thought network.
10-11-02 Votes for California State 2002 election.updated 10-14-02
10-05-02 Violent human shoots golf ball at me and two other humans, opinions of any new wars (for example with humans in Iraq).
09-28-02 Heros of Psychology, Unknowns of Neurosurgery.
09-21-02 Humans at Dell and HP show their true pro secrecy, anti free information color, and result in a TP ban and investigation.
09-15-02 What 1 million barbaric humans see so can 1 billion.
09-08-02 Reparations for humans involved in drug/prostitution arrests?
08-31-02 Now only putting notes I keep in my hand held computer, because eventually this will be streaming video and audio.
07-16-02 Machine hears thought! Most of you and I are at end of "bread line" for news.
05-14-02 I think that I might have more fun at UC Berkeley than at UC Irvine. New child pornography and molestation arrests by antisexual 'god' group, still no arrests for spanking. The assembly line of jail.
03-16-02 My panty wearing days may be in the past with this anti pleasure group of humans stuck on earth now, funny story from another time I was locked in a jail for trespassing.
02-28-02 Final votes for Primary Election
02-19-02 This will be a live constant web cam image, more anti pleasure humans call me "Ped"
02-11-02 What is worse violence or hate?
02-04-02 Called "Ped" once again, mini drug, molester, psychiatric holocaust continues. Three "I was tied to a table" stories, story from when I was locked in a hospital by 5 CHP humans


Liq n2 cars at howstuffworks.com And compressed air theaircar.com cars =interesting

One brave human in nypd identified a dead male human as killing a female canadian human so that is a plus.

Still no capture of human that millions saw kill jam master jay, not look good for stopping violence.

In mass, usa= child abuse for parents that have marijuana = absurd, and brutal [for tobacco, beer and wine?]

What humans argued against privacy that watched humans in apts, etc...
This could be useful to ending privacy
But also rating/scaling humans

Got juicer=is awesome
Why no 'golden delicious' juice, mac, red del, etc...?
Macintosh apples taste like cider and must be what cider is made from

Walking cleaning robots is where the money is (a more realistic and sooner gold mine), or at least another good secret idea

1 problem with mining gold on mercury is weight of ore, may be more gold here on earth still to find.

Mercury gold may be kept separate from earth gold

important lesson for humans [including me]: Simply communicate to everybody thru thought [when in aptetc...], or at least, there is no need to repeat a good thought out loud=that only wastes precious time

Mine metals on planet mercury [2nd only to earth in number of photons/mass], core in larger than something,

most heavy atoms [metals like gold] moved closer to star. =very interesting secret until now

Current score in providing interesting information: Huntington:87496 Other:-6

i want to find: First use of i sound as in pig, atilla, caligula, etc... And First use of a sound in 'cat', anaximander, apple, ... First 'q' and 'kwu' sound, words 'queen', 'quiet', Th, as in 'theater', theta,... Th as the, these In fact the origin of all sounds [used in language] and letters


A human in the camera and thought network hinted to me that the virus/bacteria I am suffering from was the result of eating food from "Happy Veggie" in Huntington Beach, CA. A female human, "Pam" said "ped" two times, I think, but I will have to see the records. I hate to put down veggie places and this certainly is not good for vegetarian people, but truth is truth...what can I tell you?

One experiment I thought of is measuring the red shift of various frequencies of photons by reflecting off the earth moon...how much red shift due to other photons happens? enough to measure?
Another experiment that has interesting results is: Do photons in the xray bend/change direction (refract) thru water like photons with visible frequency? Do photons with radio, microwave (these can heat h2o), uv and gamma change direction?

Important first steps/goals to full democracy:
1) Internet voting 2) Constant voting on existing laws 3) Cameras in courts 4) Images from streets camera available to public 5) Cameras on all streets with stop lights

Priorities: 1) Stop violence 1) build walking robots 1) find female humans to have sex with/sleep with/talk with 1) tell stories of science/story of universe/life of earth (evolution)/future 2) free info, no privacy, no copyright, exposing image/sound to/from brain send/get machines and camera network 2) promote sex 2) stop nude arrests 2) stop drug arrests/war 2) freeing nonviolent from prison 3) seeing events on earth/news

New pages:
1) humans killed: stories of jfk, rfk, lennon
2) vegetarian restaurant reviews (this is becoming more interesting, I want to see some jailings for assaults, poisonings, etc... as time continues)
3) voting page, a) awards page b) laws for all life

pinuishment 0 = no time in jail punishment 1= 1 second death penalty
punishment 2= life in prison
punishment 3= 50 years in prison
punishment 4= 40 years in prison
punishment 5= 30 years in prison
human killed human (2) human damaged human [depends on amount of damage and importance of matter damaged] -permenantly (paralyzed, missing limbs) (2) -nonpermanently (...) human pained human [depends on amount of pain and importance of body part pained] human attempting to kill human (1) as time continues (5) 500 years from now (0) [also to separate into various degrees of how tried, and potential damage] human attempting to damage human (2) as time continues (5) 500 years from now (0)

One serious problem is that violent laws are not enforced. One reason for this is all of the backward, unfair and trivial laws like drug, prostitution, and molestation laws.

I want to find:
First use of "i" sound as in pig, atilla, caligula, etc... and first use of "a" as in "cat","anaximander", "apple"
first q amd kwu sound words "queen", "quiet" th as in theater, theta th as in these, this, the in fact i want to learn the origin of all sounds [in particular used in lanmguage] and letters

humans will always be at war:
will humns choose:
stop violence?
tolerate nudity?
free info?

I think good, honest, sexual, democratic, drug use tolerant, stop violence humans will win.

A number of humans will ask in the future 'who knew?', or 'what humans knew that thought could be heard?'. Of those humans, although all said not one thing, some at least wanted to, or thought that some human should have explained.

Saw Nixon A&E documentary, great words from Steven Ambrose (now dead). What is appearing to be more and more clear is that Nixon may have been involved with the killing of both John and Robert Kennedy (and I can only guess how many other humans), because of the connection of Frank Fiorini Sturgis as human that killed JFK to Watergate ordered by Nixon. So now, what human could be number 1 to kill on conservative republican religious right? I have to be at or near the top for all the truth I am figuring out and explaining to what ever humans have stumbled on to my page that are not already in the camera/thought network...and write me if you are not (that would be a first)...what is sad is that the democratic/liberal people probably have no such "to kill" list....perhaps even a "to keep from being killed" list that may be identical to the "kill" list of the religious violent antitruth humans.


I saw a beautiful female human in the Newport Beach Library - call me or send me an emesg. Any of you female humans can call me or send an emesg. Go with me to a museum, to eat, watch videos, read, beach, pier, zoo, etc...even just sleep together for one night with or without sex...anything interesting you want to do together.

New language fun, also protest for fonik one symbol=one sound language:

Say 'ed' instead of silent e in any past tense=

Talked = talk-ed

Walked=walk ed

Lit=light ed

ate=eat ed

Ok i am tired of this, but already too late, cannot stop until i get hugg ed.

dating line 2:

Hi, my name is [ted],

Do you want to go out?

[if no], do you want to stay in?

[if no], i just do not want [a separation/to break up] with you now, after being [this close] with you this [long/much time]

Can i buy yu a taco? [be ready to spend up to $5]

For tax money want free avi movie of m31 over 100 years, showing stars+clouds moving

Humans may be dishonest, secretive, stupid, religious, uneducated, mystical, superstitious, antisexual, callous, inaccurate, unrealistic, insensitive, antiscience....all these things, but still chances are that the human has always been nonviolent, or certainly never killed a different human.

That sturgis and cesar [in particular because of forensic evidence] has never been locked in jail for life for human kill human shows how dangerous earth is.

As time continues, more cameras, more copying and sharing of video, images, sounds, etc....the truth more humans will see and hear. I will be calling for no more support for the humans with the nazi wedding ring army. No more religious, antidemocracy, violence threatening humans. Time for truth, science, independent thinking, and wisdom to win, finally.

Saw $40 leather [cow/bull skin] jackets in ralphs grocery. I think this indicates that humans are not buying leather as much [or that killing cows costs less], making more supply than demand. Seeing and smelling cow skins on a rack and knowing that most humans are not even aware that that is parts of a cow is a lesson to me.

Two words:

Gal vani

Are you:

Antiscience? Proudly Stupid? violent? antisexual? Antinude? Brutal? Barbaric? Thug-like? Spartan? secretive? Mean? Religious? Promarriage?

If yes, i think you fit my impression of most humans on earth.

I am happy when humans get sex, kissing, touching= the humans are more happy, less violent, less angry...i worry for humans that are not sexual, antisexual [learned, not biological], or want sex but cannot even get a datehug, kiss, etc...for 5 to 10 years.

probably as a human gets closer the sounds [and also images] the human is thinking gets louder [stronger]



Translates to

Number of photons=mass

Galileo objects fall at same speed/velocity contradicts newton inverse squared law

Here is my plan:

Send robots to mine the goldand platinum on the moon of earth.

Probably more easy for humans to drop idea of jesus and muhommed as being connected to a god, or having special magic powers because there is text and are recorded events before these 2 humans lived, but probably not as easy for humans to lose idea of a god, because the origin of the idea of gods is older, part of the murky prealphabet/prewriting past 500,000 years, probably as old as human sound language.

Xray sources in buildings? I want more info on detecting photons in infraredxray, gamma, etc...


The voting results are in for the 2002 election, and I am disgusted with the humans in the USA. What are you thinking? In California, the only proposition I thought was really important was the "voting and registering on the same day" and this proposition did not pass. This shows me that people do not want more democracy....why do you not want more democracy? Democracy is in serious need, we need to be voting on the Internet already, on all federal laws, on all court decisions...Gray Davis spoke out against this proposition, what was he thinking?

Then look at all the repulican votes (funny that in San Fracisco, a look at the future, the republican votes look more like a radical third party, like a kkk or Nazi group that alwasys gets a handful of votes). Somebody told me that when the economy is bad, people vote conservative, and when there is more money they vote liberal. One thing that is clear is that the depression in the 1920s was the breeding ground for the Nazi, fascist, and communism groups....there is a continuous buying and selling of products, humans will always be buying and selling food, etc...perhaps in less quantity, but buying and selling products is a constant. When you have less money, or are unemployed, why throw away democracy?

Thane cesar [the security human in uniform] probably killed rfk. Thomas noguchi did autopsy, said bullet fired inches away frobehind rfk [not front and meters away from sirhan]. Female human in polka dot dresd passed me this morning-is related to rfk killing.

Thane Cesar (I remember hearing the initials "TC" from Wecht or somebody in a video, and said out loud "TC" what is that?) lived in Pasadena at the time he most likely killed RFK. What humans were the District attorneys, in the police and FBI there at the time? and now? why is this human not locked in jail? I thikn that one reason is that there is a problem with the current legal court system in the USA. One lone human as DA is supposed to lock in jail hundreds of humans that have killed other humans, humans that are in groups of wealthy humans, etc...dangerous people. What human can blame a DA human for feeling fear in arresting and trying a human that killed a different human? The DA human could be killed, or friends and family of DA could be killed. What human wants to take such a risk? The system must be changed so that humans democratically vote to capture and try a human. Then humans in police should simply be paid to enforce the popular opinion. No one human should be responsible for arresting violence humans. Think of how these humans, Frank Fiorini Sturgis, and Thane Cesar got away with killing a different human...what went wrong, where did humans make errors?

I think possibly oswald shot jfk in the back from book depository, and killed tippet, but can only guess, while millions of humans know for sure.

Moving muscles may be done with photons to specific 3d part of brain [not actual muscle].

Here is one thing that was secretly learned from seeing what eye sees:

Resolution of human eye may be =

200,000 x 200,000 pixels

pixel=390 micrometer square

I finally found 17,000 pixels/inch for the human eye on an interplanetary network. ink jet printers are 1,200 dpi. Screens are 70-100 dpi.

Computer screen =

2000x1500, pixel=1 millimeters] square


Newborn Rat = pixel =50um

Adult rat

pixel = 90um


So resolution = 6e-3m/ 90 e-6m=

66 x

Resolution of Fish eye=?

The value of this is that some other species see less or more than humans. In the next 100 years screens/printers/cameras may pass the human eye resolution, making noticing human made images more difficult to detect by looking only.

humans usa humans pay the salaries for in idiot usa cia [should be earth democratic defense/international police to stop violence and capture violent humans] killed 5 humans in yemen. What happened to a trial? some of these cia humans are cold blooded killer humans. All 5 humans had events of violence in past? What evidence is shown? Why not capture car with magnet? Scary.

Saw a good video, 'intimate universe', with plenty of nudity. That was great to see, but then at the end [a trend, 'the big money word'] the human says the hormones or sperm go 'crazy', [like the sperm go faggy, lezzie, religious, voyeurific, cow killer, pissy, nazi, prisonorific, violent] ringing in the death bell for the era of fascist nazi psychiatric persecution. B4 this vid saw awesome vid by history channel on antibiotics where big money word at end was 'prudent'.

You humans lie more than hitler did. I suppose you do not hear thought? You do not watch humans in their apartments? You have no more territorial claims to make in europe? Eventually, most humans realized, every word out of the mouth of hitler [and most humans in the camera thought network] is a lie.

i just finished watching abjfk human, where hundreds of humans, paid and unpaid, lied, boldly in to the camera about the jfk killing [including posner, ford, rather, almost every human in the video! Disgusting is posner that is paid to mislead and lie when he knows exactly what happened to jfk.

Jackie chan protested the free showing of nude images in hong kong, and i think that shows antisexuality and secrecy and will not support jackie chan.


Human [cyril wecht, head of amer acad of forensic sciences] in hugh downs abc jfk show says 'extensively fffffffragmented fracture', i missed that before [the time i first heard this human i thought...cmon...get it out...hmmm...kind of spastic...], this medical human knew as millions of humans do now that the human that killed jfk was/is named 'frank'. This is disgusting.

Josiah thompson made '6 seconds in dallas'

Walter cronkite did 'who shot president kennedy?' [nova?]

Here is what i found by searching google.com 'jfk frank'. Frank fiorini [same last name as secret supporting current ceo human of hp carla fiorini, but like name cyril, can only judge humans from available information, a rose by any other name is still a rose ]. Now, i see that 'fragmented fracture' may refer to frank fiorini, one of the humans caught in watergate hotel. That links fiorini and e howard hunt [2 of 3 hobo humans, see image on web] to nixon. Nixon lost to kennedy, but after kennedy killed, nixon won.

The human driving the jfk car (Greer) went slow and [as is seen in zubruter film] stops for final shot-must have been paid/involved.

Malcolm kilduff, asst press secretsry said to dan rather in video,

'I'll be very frank with you dan...'

Finally, frank fiorini [sturgis] is shown in Rather video "Who killed jfk?", saying "Kennedy tried to kill Castro o gay?...I tried to kill Castro three times....you think for a minute they gonna sit on their ass and not retaliate?" I have to wonder what human was on the other side of the camera, and where the video came from, because those are some brave humans...

----------Different topic-----------

Trying to get humans (myself included to touch and share info):

Send in your best [not unrealistic or too specific] pick lines. Here is an awesome line: 'tell me if you need a hug', then after the hug, say 'and a kiss', then say 'on the lips', and then maybe 'want to do this again later?'... Timing in important but not critical. Plus, try to have a path to open up more make out time out side of a public building.

One question i want answered is what is the rate of brain tumors in the last 300 years? Is there an increase because of killings with microwave photons or no?

Coby sent me a new mp3 that functions correctly!

I think I view most people half as bad as they view me. I tolerate most people more than most people tolerate me.

Jam master jay is killed in nyc. Like lennon killing, where is stop violence group in nyc? What is worse, the human that pulled the trigger [that must have been centimeters from the head of jay] has not been seen by most humans or captured! Mike Moore indicated that 30 to 40 humans are killed each day in america [i am guessing this is actually only in the usa], when will humans on earth wake up and get tough on violence? We need cameras on the streets, a street camera would have given everybody an image of the car and humans involved in the shooting of jay. Jay born on january 21 exactly 4 years b4 me. I have left the majority of my contributions to life of this planet. Every day i battle to stop 1st strike violence, thinking that the life i help to keep alive may eventually be my own. My advice to humans is to get a college degree in science/engineering, drop religions, do as many things as you want to and keep music as a hobby, in particular with the end of copyright and privacy.

Humans by now have watched the killing of jay video ten times.

I took 1 of the scratch samples in my song 'shot dead' [the scratch after mlk, and b4 fred hampton] from 'walk this way' jay may have made.

Voted most important sentences to tell all people:

1) [hands down winner] "An invention that captures photons in the infrared made in 1930 lets any human see and hear thought."

2) "a human with first name frank killed jfk from front, part of at least 2,000 killings that have been solved outside of any idiot court."

3) Cameras fill every building in a secret network seen only by millions.

4) violence/damage/pain is the worse problem on earth, not any nonviolent activity

5) no more privacy/copyright/patent/trademark, let all data,images and sounds be free to own, and copy.

6) no more drug war

7) no more locking nonviolent humans in jails or hospitals

8) make constant vote on internet for all laws of every nation, democracy for all life of earth.

9) religion is not good, science is good, and nobody should be locked in a jail or hospital for either.

10) nudity, touching and sex with consent for free or for money is good and must be tolerated.

11) universe may be made of photons that are matter moving with an unstoppable constant velocity that influence the direction of each other and may form all the matter in the universe

12) images and sounds can be sent to a human brain, millions of humans interpret this as a god (or the main God) talking to them


idiot humans holding hand over mouth now in latest trend of evil. i guess cover your mouth unless you are the dumb ass human that blabbed about the camera and thought network to them. When will the idiot religious antiscience proviolence secretive every word a lie to misdirect humans ever get punished? Give up on privacy, give up on secrecy and start punishing humans that lie and are secretive by hiring, voting and promoting humans that tell all and hide nothing.

Keeping, for example, the killing of jfk, that thought can be heard, that cameras fill apts, secret, is a terrible move/decision. I never want to be the human in the video thinking/yelling for help, and of course, a minority of humans can only watch. Average humans are on the side of truth, to keep that from them is to unnecessarily risk your own life!

There are far too many secrets being kept from the planetary public/majority.

Oviously the humans in the elite camthot net are not elite with 4 star sparkling clean records, many have violent events in their past, theft, antisexuality, lies [obviously], religion [many do not even support evolution-even the humans in the vatican have accepted evolution]. On average, i would have to say these people are more violent, unjust and dishonest than average people!

For the bad humans covering mouth, you can cover eyes [simple wipe forhead], or thousands of humans hold hand in open cup over right side of forehead to show respect for truth of jfk killing from front, not by poor oswald.

Bowling for columbine - i am looking forward to seeing this and happy for the success of that movie, finally somebody that is speaking out against violence. Michaelmoore.com has some good articles and info, no thong or tit images, but se le vie. Also, as usual, psychology is the extent of science, and like most humans, moore uses constant labels of 'insanity', 'madness', and other psychological evaluations. what happened to 'stupid', 'not logical', 'religious'? I am in favor of ballistic tests where democratically supported, and like drugs, i am against making guns extinct or illegal, we can not erase the drawings and designs of guns and have to deal with the reality of using free trade of images and sounds to stop violence. Humans must try to get in orbit, to moon, other planets, and stars. Great to see reporting on violent events on earth. Why is promoting sex and touch with consent not explored? Probably because moore is married (and god lover human willing to 'play along for fun' with god scam/theory), another reason for public tolerance, or approval for moore. I refuse to wear a metal ring like millions of humans in the marriage military. This reminds me of me standing outside santana high school in santee-i will try to find that video and put on web. Moore is not racist, so that is a plus, although i disagree with the conclusion that racism is the main reason for gun violence and think that the casual support for violence in the john wayne cowboy usa, no protest against violence [while plenty against nudity, sex, drugs, violation of privacy, science, free market, etc...]. I support what moore has done and say keep going with speaking out against violence, how could i ever oppose such a message?


In my opinion halloween is stupid and dangerous.

People should make a list like this:

(all with intent, no consent and not in defense of a human from physical damage)

human took property owned by other human = no time in jail, property (or value of property) must be returned

Human pain other human = 1 hour in jail*# of events

Human caused bruise, phsyical damage to other human = 1 year in jail*# of events

Human caused loss of functioning in some organ of other human = 2 years in jail*#events

Human ends life of other human = life in jail

The idea is that a human should not be in jail for theft for more time than a human that has done violence (1st strike violence).

Eventually, (I am happy to type) democratic voting will decide what happens to humans that cause damage

I vote against parole. With a constant vote, humans can vote a human out of jail any time.


Funny cnn wording on paul wellstone death: bush quote: 'man of deep convictions', could relate to human that did killing as already having more than 1 conviction. After a human has killed 1 human, what difference does 1 more make? Bush says 'prayers and heartfelt sympathy', yeah sympathy for a devil is more like it, certainly not for any gods. Always the devil theory, back to basics, that or the psycho or fag theory. In any event, planes should be equipt to survive better...no parachute tests? Backup engines? Yello...?!

Today is red and black clothing day for the evil [stupid, religious, uneducated] people. 10-25-02

John muhammad may have been human shooting humans on east coast. Humans probably knew when promoting the falwell calls muhammad a terrorist story.

Breasts are not sacred, nor are penises, but are still special organs. This will be remembered as a time when other people seeing your genitals was main fear and competition . For me not one thing is sacred.

My view on drugs=

1-drug arrests must end

2-no forced treatment

Absolutely no drug war

Complete free market for all drugs

Support science and phamaceutical advances/experimenting with consent.

In the past i used:


Cocaine [<10 grams over 3 years]


Psilocybin mushrooms



Misc [tried codein, haldol, ...]

I enjoyed both marijuana, mushrooms [to some extent], lsd [to some extent-or for some of the time] and cocaine.

I have never tried heroin, and do not want to.

Like guns, and sweets, using marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco can become habits.

I do not use marijuana, tobacco, lsd, psilocybin or cocaine any more. I rarely drink alcohol now.

The drug wars have made the cost of marijuana and cocaine dangerously and recklessly high.

My advice to other humans is to care for your body, to put in what you want to, to put in [and take out] what ever you want to. you should do what makes you feel good.

I enjoyed challanging my brain. I enjoyed maeijuana to help relax, and stop worrying/forget about the violence, intimidation and ignorance around me. When i first really started using marijuana, I thought, this is perfect for me!

I hated that tobacco smoke made me smell and more importantly was damaging my lungs. How could i ever kiss while smoking? At age 30 i finally quit and should have quit sooner.

I think that younger humans are forced into using alcohol, even though alcohol tastes bad [to me anyway]. Now i enjoy being sober, speaking out against injustice, in favor of science, for sex with consent, and every thing else i am doing. Go for sober science and sex, no more drug war!


New group of humans rebelling against the traditional conforming conservative group. and the conservative unthinking following humans are outraged to see humans that reject neck ties, cosmetics, marriage and religion. They demand slavory to idiocy but are losing over time. Eventually what is inside the human, what values and products a human has made will count more than if married, or appearance. If anything, religion, marriage and formal clothing will be looked down on.


Bought coby mp3 player from jandr.com, player not play mp3s, had to send back player to coby. i should have known better, seeing a big photo of the god and jesus following brutal, violent, antiscience, secretive human rudy guliani on the candj.com web page. what angers me is that here in the usa, the elected humans take orders from the vadican in italy and i think the usa should be ruled by humans in the usa, not humans in italy. We should make an earth democracy and the non 1st strike violent humans of this and all planets should unite to stop first strike violence [and eventually as much violence as possible].

10-18-02 cauc male human walks by swinging baseball bat. Cicerone asked to step down.

Arrests of brian epis, steve mcwilliams scary. Here epis has a degree in electrical engineering, how is the usa going to get ahead when we are letting our least educated, most violent jail our most educated, least violent?

Think if everybody was jailed for using marijuana in the past, think of the humans that would be spending time in jail, clinton, clarence thomas, douglas ginsberg, newt gingrinch, al gore, me, billions of nonviolent humans...

Humans made my lips contract to kiss shape, made right eye wink minutes later. Done with electrons in air? With photons? How much control over muscles do humans have with this [bio] technology?

Nonetheless whorethemore!

Worthington chicken [can buy at mother's], exactly same as chicken, ham not as similar

People lie again and again, but other people still think the person will tell the more accurate truth

Earlier web notes destroyed

One thing conservative and liberal people both support is privacy. For conservative people i can see why: all the hidden violence and brutality would be seen and probably punished. I guess for liberal people the fear is all the nonviolent laws violated.

Question for next presidential debate: are you creationist or evolutionist?

For electoral college or popular vote?

will vote against electoral college?


Ban on 'sunshine' company and 'cheez-its'. Humans support psychiatric persecutions with product 'get nutty'.

Name of human that killed jfk may be 'frank'. Quote on gray davis page by sarah brady 'frankly wish...', plus sound played on my head/eyes after thinking the question.

Working here at uci has dumbed me down, no talk of photons, science, words like 'species', 'universe' never used.

Q; 'threats of violence are worse than invitations for sex'

Tarot card: dear cops, i am god

human holds cops dear,

could never be

dear cops, i am a god


Dear cops, i am an evolutionist


One thing that upsets me the most about the dell rat ad and hp shush ad is the boldness that these humans promote secrecy with, like the glamour of fascism, the opposite of feeling uncomfortable that they are promoting something bad, these humans boldly step forward, like a mousselini, and say 'yes we want secrecy! And what are you going to do about it?'

Humans should make scores for:


Physical beauty



Two phrases i want to focus on for me are:

Quiet discust

Express discust

Questions yu can ask gestapo humans politely and get awsy with:

'You can hear my thoughts, how does it work?'

'can you hear what i am thinking?' [to see a human lie]

'you heard what i thought, what year was that machine made?'

'what human killed jfk?'

'hey declerik, how will life be for you after aparteid?'

'hey comstock, where are your dumb-ass laws now?'

Send more to my eaddress.

Mark chapman, human that killed john lennon could actually be released from jail on 'parole'....this human should be in jail for life with no chance [other than continuous democratic vote] for release. Humans have not been harsh enough against violence.

Speaking of chatty rat fink humans, look at the religious humans! The entire church group is in on the camera network, the violent, nonviolent, humans that steal, lie, the worse humans you can image, brutal to the denied dna have been included to share in this exquisite thought and camera technology. Technology that these humans curse, in addition to the tradition of science they reject.

Humans in gov police excited and actively enforcing drug laws, no excitement for enforcing assault and attempted assault laws? Where is the frenzied activity in stamping out violence like drug use? Both are existing us laws.

Nobel people buy more time with words 'shed light'. I think to win a nobel must cost more than the prize.

2 humans on uci baseball team made to live on same block as me in dartmouth apts. both caucasian male humans, one was hitting stones with a baseball bat in my direction, then on tuesday 10-08-02 the 2 and a 3rd human followed me to the hot tub. These 3 all have hearing and seeing thought service, even in the hot tub! One was describing me thinking about my escape options, the other said 'fink' instead of 'think'. Think of your young smart child at uci: the smart humans do not get to see and hear thought, but the most brutal and violent humans do, so the violent have an advantage over the humans that stop violence, or are nonviolent. Is this a good idea for earth? Only the violent have advanced technology and the nonviolent do not? Think of a young human that you made, the owners of the irvine apt company put violent humans next door to spice up the apt films with violence, common from religious. how could the human concentrate on course material, being bullied and golf balls and rocks being hit at them?

I am calling for these two humans on the uci baseball team, and the humans involved in their placement in dartmouth court apts, uci and irvine to be intimidated with threats of violence, and all humans that attempt to cause pain or damage to any human. If there is so much as a scratch of damage to me these humans are to be beaten bloody. The same goes for any property, a scratch on my finally paid for car, is a massive scratch and dent on their property some time in the future, and what humans would object? Violence for the 1st strike violent. I am not out to start violence, but i am definately ready to crush the 1st strike violent. I never threaten first strike violence, i am not interested in beating any nonviolent human, but if 33 years in this brutal group of humans has taught me anything, that lesson is crush the violent with brutality that surpasses their own.

I have got to get out of here. One of the capo humans in the vichi library told me november, and license plate had 'nov'. Humans in the library are more mean than ever. One woman said 'when they going to catch you?', one larger negroid [i think is the official word for this very definate racial body type, we should not deny the physical appearance of any objects, or perhaps nubian - it is idiocy to say african american or african french, etc...] male human said 'im gonna punch [or 'hit'-millions can wait fora pixel of the ocean of images] that thing', when i walked by.

But this human was never suspended for any amount of time, the boss of this human [also in gestapo cam net] purposely slammed a door in to me, but, again, not one day of suspension for that violence [or threats of violence].


I am with the humans that, the second some violence happens the human is captured and locked in a jail, if that is not possible, let the human get 1 to 10 times the eye for eye violence.

Left phone message for nina hartley. I want to interview people in pornography to promote sex with consent as healthy and humans that show nude body as advanced [nina actually called me last year, i video taped on speaker phone but tape was stolen - like todd mccormick tape audio erase], but so far, 1 week later, no phone call back, plus no free email to nina, so things not look good! If you are in porn and want to promote sex witn consent, free info, stopping vioence, etc...send me a message!

People are hording the brain thought hearing and seeing technology, when will they think of other people? When will everybody else get to see?

Shootings in maryland: i urge people to put cameras on each public street, archive the images, and make them available to taxpayers. This would easily solve 9 of 10 violent crimes. Think of the pain the 34 year old female and 13 year old male human. The idiot humans in the us gov are using tax money for 'pychological profiling'. I think that is a disgrace to modern science, and an obvious waste of tax money and time. The humans in the 'atf' are on the job, so no worries.

Human shot one time, at head? [shooting with intent to kill, if human had learned that] or some other part of body? One human shot in chest, human that shot may not realize brain controls most [all?] body organs.

There is a feeling of superiority that comes from being in the secret gestapo camera thought network.

Not the tiniest appropriation specifically to stop violence, as if humans think they are immortal.

Golf course name where human was not stopped from attempted assault with golf ball= rancho san joaquin near sanburg/culver/harvard in irvine, ca. Human should be locked in jail for at least one hour, like living with kennedy being killed, reagan shot at, etc...should arrest for attempted assault.

Let the most violent, stupid, or religious be the last in the camera and thought network [not the exact opposite]. Let the nonviolent science and pleasure based humans that search for such things in first, the humans that supported free info to start with. Certainly watch out for humans that value privacy [like most web pages indicate], copyright, trademark and patents...because they could be part of a huge law suit against those that put the cameras and sensors in.

Number of humans [richard feynman, hawking, ...] use[d] words that support the psychology industry to dismiss the new, more accurate photon is matter theories i support. And this brings me to the statement: if a theory is inaccurate, labelling the human that supports the theory 'insane', 'on drugs', or 'homosexual' is not disproving the theory. A theory of the universe must be proved or disproved by physical arguments, not be dismissing the source as 'drug induced', 'witchcraft', or 'quakery'. Some idea is either more true or false independent of the source, in my view.

Humans that use web = smarter than average

updated 10-14-02
I looked at web pages of people I am deciding between.
plus, a nice source is:
and also:

This entire voting process took too much time, and the lack of information available is discouraging.

One thing that bothers me, is all of the anti-business, anti-free market statements by people on the ballot. Humans complain endlessly of special interest money, big corporate money, campaign finance reform, ....I am for free market, let all info be seen and freely shared, let the free flow of money be allowed and seen. if some thing unpopular is happening, we can vote to stop it, or stop support for the people involved. Freedom of information is the answer to paid for injustice.

Gray Davis, democratic
not good that Davis supported money for idiot "meth" arrests, but has bland support for education and did put "junk guns", appears to be passively interested in stopping violence.
gary copeland - support for ending drug war, but ending state income tax is too radical (at this time) for me. Some thing else in the primary made me conclude that Davis is perhaps smarter, but I am not sure with the bit of info the public is allowed.

lt. gov (never could be vice gov, or 2nd gov, assistant gov, 2nd most popular etc...):
Donna Warren, green
The worst part of voting for warren is the "slavory reparations", that is not a great idea, in my opinion, in particular since most humans that were slaves are now dead. The positives are pro legal marijauna and making 3 strikes for violent only. Cruz Bustamente (a very close choice 2 for me) has no opinions listed on the drug war or violence that I can see. This is really a vote for speaking out against injustice as opposed to being quiet.
I am sure Cruz will win anyway. I am in favor of racial variety more than most people, ultimately, while physical appearance can not be denied, opinions, values, and skills are most important to me. Much of the voting has already happened for this group of humans to get on the ballot? I would enjoy seeing the most popular people in the state, with nice color (live) images, and all the people that are interested in/are applying for government employment.

Secretary of State
Gail K. Lightfoot, libertarian
Gail does not have a webpage, but I did find some inof on the web. Gail is for making internet voting an option, so this is enough to get my support looking at what info I could find on the other people. I wonder if Lightfoot is a native american human name, and what Gordon Lightfoot is doing now....
before I voted for Valli Sharpe-Geisler, and I think Geisler is ok - I had to search for a web page but did find one.
Louise Allison has a color photo on one web page (but no official web page), so this person may be another possible person to vote for. The transendental meditation could equal that this human is not in to the Jesus based idiocy.

one note about Kevin Shelley for the democratic group (made prop 41, specialized voting machines, I voted no for - vote on the internet already) has priority 3: "Ensure that Voter's Private Voter Information Stays Private". That is not good....and ridiculous, these humans are watching thought and people in their houses and apartments and they have the arrogance to promote privacy? after all they have violated? Do not vote for Kevin Shelley. I am angered that Feinstein and Boxer support this human, and that the democractic group of humans allowed such an elitist human to be put on the ballot. I think that the democratic group of humans could get smart one of these decades, but this indicates we can all wait for that to happen.

Laura Wells, green
because David Delano Blanco did not win primary.
worst problem with Wells: wants to abolish 3 strikes, think violence might be painful? and a problem in any way?
2nd vote for Steve Westly, democratic group. good: involved with e-bay. e-bay is an excellent idea. bad: no serious care for science, and like a majority of humans, only science they ever use deals with psychological bs, for example in the opening paragraph on webpage "i'll" as in "mentally ill", and then he wants to "personally", stop the insanity, as one fascist pro violence human laughed about. To me, humans should focus on stopping violence, what with JFK, MLK, Nicole Simpson, John Lennon and coutless others. One plus is reproduced with asian female human, I am for racial variety and pursuing natural sexual interests - that for most humans (although I can only guess in these millenia of antisexuality) is probably people of a different race.

Jeanne-Marie Rosenmeier, green
changed vote from libertarian (#2 vote for Marian Smithson). Rosenmeier has a web page, a color photo, degree in math.

Attorney General:
***important Ed Kuwatch, libertarian
Looking now at Bill Lockyer text, this human appears angry, perhaps me supporting Kuwatch had some effect! That would be awesome, no more drug war. My number 2 choice is Glen Mowrer, green group, and then Lockyer. Lockyer starts ready to make more violence with the word "fight" (this human should have stopping violence as priority 1), "to protect ... from criminal predators..." "predator" is close to "ped" (what about violencers?, killers, punchers, spankers, and beaters?) and then if there was any doubt the next sentence "We're catching more rapists and child molesters....", molestation is more of a nuisance, and a reason to share info and say - this human is very sexual and likes to touch genitals or buttucks'..etc...if you are against pleasure or want different humans to touch a human you made half of, then keep the young pleasure free human away. Perhaps reason not to be employed with younger humans, but no reason to spend a second in a jail cell, and this will change, no matter how shocking. Reading of sex offender infomation being available, where is the violent offender information? Might we find Lockyer listed there? Violence is far worse than molestation, spanking a buttock is worse than fondling a buttock, come to reality already. Kuwatch has some good stuff in his paragraph, mainly he is going to end the drug war, Lockyer is against "corporate crooks"..again..these humans watch thought, and camera networks...to single out some body like Martha Stewart is brutal and wrong, when they all watch the secret camera network. Finally, "I'm fighting for stronger privacy laws...", that is pure fascism in the view I support. These humans have violated any shred of privacy that may have ever existed, and do so every waking second. Most smart humans have come to terms with the myth of privacy, and are supporting freedom of information. Like most of the humans that support privacy, I can only guess that Lockyer has past events he wants to hide, perhaps events of violence.

Insurance commisioner:
Dale F. Ogden, libertarian
Bring back the libertarian human that had "if elected, I will do away with the employment of insurance commision...where is the grocery commision?", that human is awesome...

United States Representative 48th district:
John Graham
#2 choice Joe Cobb. Graham actually refers to psychoactive drugs and the drug war on his nicely done web pages. Graham supports investigating drug war options and in my view hints that Graham may be in favor of less harsh prison terms for drugs, and perhaps legalization of marijauna, although Graham does not indicate that. The democratic human has a better chance than the libertarian and I want to add my support for the democratic group and John Graham for this particular employment. Cobb is for complete legalization as priority 1, and I think that this indicates that the drug war will be the first to go, with legal prostitution (perhaps), complete free info, and voting on federal laws, etc... coming later. Cobb also supports no federal income tax, and I think that is too much for this decade, but I do think that a part of income tax from each nation should go to the united nations, and that humans should get to vote on all UN decisions and representatives.

Member of the Assembly 70th district
Paul Studier
This humans has the idea. At paulstudier.com, Paul focuses on the popular complaints of now: no more drug war, prison for violent humans - focusing on stopping violence as a high priority. My advice to the libertarian people is to drop the idea of no income tax for now, the idea is too radical, but possible in a future of robots that use the photons from atoms to move and do labor for free, and humans will move to other moons and planets, obviously.
My #2 vote goes to John Kane, both Studier and Kane are in computers, so both probably are smarter than average.

Superintendent of Public Instruction:
Jack O'Connell
What happened to Lynne C. Leach? Katherine Smith wants school uniforms and to teach patriotism? to what our star system? to the nonviolent humans of earth? to the tiny planet earth? North America, or simply the USA and all USA holdings? Ney, I say....I will not vote for "SuperKathy" Smith, but she do gots a webpage.

Equilization 3rd district:
Mary Christian-Heising

,br> Judicial - this all needs to be opened for free information and demoractized.

Judicial - CA Supreme Court:
Kathryn M Werdegar: YES
others: no vote

Judicial - District 4:
Eileen Moore: NO
"litigants" (sometimes also called humans, or people),one CA a supreme human has "litigants" also
"expeditiously" = "ped"
At least this human provided some information including a color photo.
Some of these humans know that "representative" democracy will fall to the past. Replaced by "true democracy", or "popular democracy", where the majority vote rules (or the so-called "mob rules", better than a tiny group of elite humans. I would hear arguments for not making new laws valid until holding popular support for some amount of time, perhaps 1 month to 5 years.

Richard Aronson: YES

Richard Fybel: NO
"faithful", I prefer "thinking", or "scienceful", "logical", etc...
Humans that use the word faith appear to me (although there are exceptions) like the human that chugs a beer, rolls the dice, and throws the hail mary....or the opposite, the dull married neck tie or cosmetic (for female) boring antiscience typical religious human

William F. Rylaarsdam : NO
again "litigants" and "expeditiously" (PED). This must have to do with Ron Kline - that fascist persecution of an old 60 year old non violent human is disgusting and has got to stop in California and every where on earth. Sex is natural, and violence is terrible.

Marvin Baxter: no vote
"treat", "trust" - um is there a 70 year old secret brain machine?

Carlos Moreno: YES
Improve access to justice - could mean opening jury system to all, and cameras in courts, etc...but probably more luke warm.

ok I may have missed some, but I am too bored and moving on...

Judge of the Superior Court office #21
John Adams
The rapid antisexuality and brutal callousness of Gay Sandoval involved in the persecution of Ron Kline indicates that this human must be sending hundreds of nonviolent humans to spend decades in jails.

Office #22:
Vickie Ann Bridgman
not much of a choice, but Maceachern is antisexual, brutal and sending away nonviolent humans for years in jails for simply touching a genital, or buttock. It is a vagina and penis, these organs cause much less damage than guns. Any body ever killed by a penis? Some of these female humans are not incredibly warm and fuzzy - what happened to them? My guess= marriage, and accusations of promisquity.

Office #27:
Glenda Sanders
The web page looks nicer, and with a nice color photo. More info= more good, in the view I support, I am against secrecy.

Reminder: We have a brain imaging machine centennial celebration coming up!

Water District:
There were only 3 people that replied to smartvoter:
Brian Brady=voted for
George Kornievsky (2nd choice)
Jack Wu =voted for
there was not enough info and I had to go from what I had.

Irvine School district:
Only 2 humans responded to smartvoter.org and I am voting for both:
Steven "Steve" Choi
Ruth Sanchez

County Clerk:
Bruce Peotter
only human of the two humans to respond to smartvoter.org

Public administrator:
John Williams
There is no serious difference that I can see.
One funny note is that Vicki Landrus has a degree in Master of Public Administration from University of Southern California. There is actually a major in administrating.

OC Water district division 5:
Paul Cook
Only 3 humans responded to smartvoter, Stokes had some typos and Herrington had "insure".

Water district division 5:
Wayne Clark
ron winship is in 3+ elections...whut du...

Larry Agran

City concil Irvine:
Mitch Goldstone, Beth Krom

irvine school district governing board member:
no vote: "show yourselves!, and speak out!", "at least let all be seen."

County of orange:
measure a: yes
no limit on ad spending

b: yes
I can barely understand this, but if there is radio active photons, the photons should be moved to orbit. I have only a dim view of what this is about.

52: YES
***Important to vote for. More democracy is very important, humans should be voting on the federal (and eventually planet) laws, and all government decisions. This is already happening, but popular opinion is not official, only influential.

Clean the so-called "democratic" laws, take out any laws that are not democratic, or refer to nonexisting objects.

There is one idea that I am thinking of, and that is that with less money going to the government, people will have more money to spend on their individual specific wants. Humans should be looking to the government to provide free services, like free protection from violence, clean water, food, shelter, electricity, phone service, minimum health care,....I am in favor of democratically making the government more focused and efficient, but also seeing what the money is being used for on video.

50: YES
To quote my prior notes: clean water, and air is an actual service (and product), not some abstract crap.

51: NO
Not sure, not specific enough.
Emergency housing, I think is a good idea, I would like to see this clearly explained and shown, what humans are being allowed to live in these rooms? What is the room, or apartment like? I think the bare bones...like a hostel with a shared dorm-style 1 per floor showers and bathroom. In particular for humans that are age <12 and >70.
49: Yes
I think that we should think of syncing families together - most humans work from 8-5, but the younger humans arrive at the house at 3 and so school could be open from 8-5, to keep humans safe from violence, but I guess at high school age, the humans can care for themselves, plus there are millions of cameras. I think that if the younger humans can make friends and do projects (science or otherwise) perhaps that is a good option. I have only limited info, and time for this.

47: YES
13,000,000,000 is a serious amount of money! I would like to see all uses of the money explained, I do not get to vote for the amount, but democracy will get more detailed with time. I am pro education and science, but also what ever crap is being taught in high school ahaha...perhaps these people will stop their first fist fight, teach a universe herstory course, or touch and sex with consent, or a t a minimum, mammal anatomy.


My advice to you, stay bright eyed and bushy tailed and drop the paid for popular. Humans start bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to promote truth, stop injustice and violence, to promote pleasure and what do they find? All the so-called 'heros' are cruel, brutal, gestapo without a hint of honesty, fairness, or interest in progress, truth, justice and pleasure. these humans are all money, marriage and religious based, you have to be rich, married, antisexual, antiscience and think there is a god to be included. That never happens with me. With me, all questions are answered [nobody ever asks], i have everything to show and say, nothing to hide. So stay bright eyed and bushy tailed, and drop the celebrity people, i will not exclude you [in particular if you are honest, care for science, are smart, prosex with consent, pro complete freedom of info, antiviolence,...]

Sad truth: yu humans have watched the humans on tv and movies for years, and will never get those people out of your brain. People that never deserved to be there to start with. I have the same problem but less so.

Still hundreds of mysyeries with camera and thought networks - possibly humans may not have easy time seeing cameras on themselves, in their apts and houses.

The invention thru science of plastic and 'composite' material is helping the tree population on earth. [and probably the future moon tree population ]

truth and I are getting such a shaft here, but the other end of the equation [the future] must be mighty.

At least things on earth are going exponential. Good and bad humanshonest and dishonest are gambling large amounts of money step for step, bet for bet, in a winner take all gamble, that appears to me [for example with the end of the drug war] to always be won by the most honest and smart [ofcourse, the rise of christianity and violent injustice that followed, and the rise of nazism in 1930s are examples where truth and stopping of violence lost [if only temporarily] the gamble. Millions of humans are watching the movie of earthand most are rooting for the good to stop the humans that kill. Most humans want happy endings.

Look at product names:

Toshiba satellite

[pro science, pro future, ...]

Hp pavillion [pro corporate excess, waste]

Canon powershot [pro violence]

Ibm thinkpad [pro thought, pro smart, pro exposing thought machines]

Dell dimension [pro math, physics, but questionable interpretation of dimension as support for psychology persecutions]

Kodak easyshare [pro free info]

War with Iraq. Where did this come from? We should be seeing and stopping violence and potential large scale damage together as planet democracy using cameras and walking robots. Where are any images of violence or fission bombs in iraq or other? With no images, how can every body be sure? Honda and sony have walking robots, but not us military; not enough money? Not smart enough? If us mil has walking robots but secret and not using=risking human lives needlessly?

Think of humans that sell the thought and hidden camera service. Here multimillionaire humans [and businesses] are walking the planet as underground kingpins [or queen pins although i seriously doubt, female humans have much status, certainly not in southern california], but most humans have never ever seen what they look like. How did they become involved/inherit these networks?

Humans on tv hear thought for 20-30 years and never mention? No words ever said 'mind machines', 'brain imaging machine', 'thought network', 'camera network' ... All completely new. What were these humans calling these camera and thought machines and networks?

When looking at films of 1940s, how could so many humans march in step with the obviously brutal nazism? Even in the liberal netherlands humans bought in to nazism, with the thousand year old tradition of stopping human violence, and centuries of science....

When drug war ends, massive change of industries...millions of dollars, some business destroyed and others created.

Human [caucasian male is my guess] shot golf ball at me on harvard street near churchn from golf course. i vote that the human get nothing until dead, and the same for the humans that support this human.

'kink' female human at der ralph's on harvard said 'four'. Laughing at violence, trademark of violencism.

Good video narrated by bill cosby, back when cosby spoke out against injustice, that shows early movies in the usa. One movie had a negroid human dodging golf balls being hit by a caucasian male human. That was considered comedy then, now most humans [i can guess] would be angry and not laugh.

One idea is having a secret trial in a secret court to arrest and charge this human. As scary as that may sound, within the 'gestapo', the hidden camera evidence could be used to capture violent humans that would otherwise go uncaptured, because humans in gestapo not want to make public secret hidden cameras.

Go back to massive survalence archive and identify all events of violence.


Wgbh pbs video 'evolution, what about god?' video, excellent quote from female teacher human wearing cross: 'we haven't been doing our job [in teaching science]'. I absolutely agree, where is the 'science' movie, tv and music?

Company names to support ideals:

Science bank, pro nudity clothes, stop violence inc, free info for all bank,

Like goddard, humans will have to leave the city to test larger rockets, now the place for large atom splitting photon rockets in out at the moons of Jupiter.

I am not for travelling until there is a planet democracy effectively stopping violence, some body could easily have shown me, but by now i have learned that this planet is a bloody battlefield full of killed honest nonviolent humans like mlk, jfk, john lennon, falco, the ghandis, and millions of others. I take a chance every day in my car, eating at a restaurant, flying in a plane. What other human will explain the brain machine?


Changing vote

All humans that send any particles that cause an itch are to be locked in jail until the drug war in done [since these humans have done less] and until there is no copyright, patent, or trademark in both americas.

Humans at Sprint [and b of a] did pay for ads on abc during stossel show 'drug war, war on ourselves'

Humans at Bank of america sent me a hockey puck [i have a song where i say mean people suck urinal puck]: the ad has the words "take a shot", "we're shooting for the ultimate in customer satisfaction" [take a shot at your loved ones?] where is a bank of earth? Or star system bank with free online banking and 8e6 cash in/out machines? Eventually paper money will not be accepted. Very stupid move for humans at b of a, but not new for them.

Q; 'truth is the leader. Most humans would never unite behind one human, but most humans unite behind truth.'

Psychology heros, neurology unknowns?

Billions of Humans worship psychiatry, but no worship of humans that do neurological surgery?

Want scream when see humans that said 'better hitler than that damn einstein and plank'

Capacitors: can humans put a mf label on the capacitor to show capacitance like a resistor already?

Dominos ad:

'A new way to get a kick out of dinner'

buf wing 'kickers', could never be 'pleasures', 'wingers', 'kissers', 'huggers', 'touchers', 'players', 'lovers', 'tasters', 'chewers', 'tenders' [used once already] 'fuckers', 'shitters','pissers', 'poopers' , on the other side

'beaters', 'punchers', 'killers', 'rapers', 'slappers', 'spankers', 'painers', 'hurters', 'whippers',

Pizza hut, had meat on pizza incident, but now sidebar ad is:

'awesome pizza hut deals'=awesome is word for seeing hearing thought [not such a bad technology]

Xerox had a nice ad with a rainbow, supporting racial variety and harmony


So you are in a camera and/or thought network, what now?

My advice to you is to:

tell other people on a web page

speak and type out against privacy

speak out against copyrights, patents and/or trademarks

include other people [in particular smart, honest, sensitive, never violent people]

I will not buy any more pizza from ameci, human said

'ju name' [i question if these humans say things like 'yes jewish humans should not be locked in jail for being jewish'], and 'choker' [against choking, spanking, and violence? Somehow i think no]

My mom made rice in 'beef broth', and i have to think 'bleh' ;p imagine a cow hoof sitting in a pot of water with all the hair, hay and dirt...same a 'chicken broth' or 'chicken sweat' as i call itjust put the old chicken claw in there for 30 minutes....bleh make a veggie broth already,

One thing that I want to contribute to you humans is that most humans hold as their idols Sigmond Freud (founder of psychiatry), Emil Kraepelin (founder of modern psychiatry), and Ugo Cerletti (founder of electroshock "therapy") instead of Hippocrates, Herophilus, Malpighi, and Vesalius. The humans in psychology will never again cut into a human or ever perform surgery as far as I can see, but are idolized by billions. Even Carl Sagan supports the psychiatric labelling of humans, for example with the word "bonkers" in "Cosmos". But where is the support for actual medical/healing science? The names of humans in neurosurgery are completely unknown:
Bailey and Cushing first classified brain tumours, and now hundreds of humans routinely remove material that causes seisures and continue (in obscurity) to make advances in the REAL science of neurosurgery.

Certainly a number of humans in actual science were led in to the major field of the psuedo or junk science of psychology (for example Einthoven), but my money is on the humans in the real sciences of anatomy and physiology.

This will be remembered as a time when the enduring tradition was calling everybody (both violent and never violent) some form of "crazy" (not witches as in earlier years).


For all the sex i promote, humans may think i am interested in extreme sex experiences, but i am more interested in regular sex, even if boring for everybody that wants sex. My main interest is in making basic boring honest out in the open, in full view regular sex happen at least once a week for all humans that want sex.

Hiv=dream come true for married.

Secrecy is no solution. Depending on secrecy makes for inefficient systems.

What ever problems occur from complete free information, humans must adapt to.

I am voting no for all drug laws, all privacy, copyright, patent, trademark, prostitution, and forced treatment laws.

Psychology is a dying profession. No psychology humans will ever do surgery. Psychology is borderline science at best, and more likely pseudoscience.

What happening at dell, hp, and sprint?

Dell ad 'dude' refers to tabash support for fascism, antisexuality, secrecy, and antiscience

Dell/sprint ad with mouse/rat, 'rat' is what stupid prosecrecy humans label humans like me that say a 60 year old machine can hear thought. Somebody told them, but they must be special.

Ads make dell look like hill billy people. Dell looked ok and progressive before this. Sprint had some progrssive ads b4, and I can only guess must be heavily involved in camera survalence networks. These humans have nothing to fear from free info humans in science. Religious, nationalistic humans are the biggest threat to free flow of info.

The rat ad is amazingly stupid, perhaps these are humans for reenacting ww2. The nazi humans showed images of rats and then disinfecting buildings with gas. jewish humans were compared to rats in one film ["the eternal jew" ("der ewige jude")].

If you look at dell.com you will see all caucasian male humans. The humans that own this company, I am guessing, are caucasian male married jesus based humans, each human on the main board, wait until you all get to see the video of these people, also at HP, where Fiorini is a stupid uneducated fascist wants to stop the free flow of images caucasian cosmetic jewlery clad power hungry, but can not get, because is too dishonest and stupid. Wait until we all get to watch them in their office for a change, that will reveal what humans are good and bad.

I could not find the Dell "rat chewing on network cable" ad, but perhaps I will some time in the next month. Anybody can freely send me this image.

I am not buying any dell or hp products or services at this time. I will not support the humans that stop, slow, or control the free flow of information in any way.

Hp had ad on hp site with a male human smiling with the traditional, more popular than ever gesture, 'finger over mouth, shhh' gestapo gesture. pioneer has no such appeal

At first i thought, maybe somebody is trying to sabotage hp, because this ad reveals support for secrecy to the millions of humans that watch me. And i think possibly, this may be true by the antiscience, cosmetic and neck tie, not most popular executive over paid humans that think their monopoly on info may be crumbling, and can not take a positive progressive view because they have no care for science, logic and pleasure.

Here is a changed copy of the HP ad ("flush_top_of_search.jpg"):

Is this human a cutie pie of a human? This human will probably have a tough time getting money. What humans want fascist secretive dishonest anti information antieducation and antiscience proviolence and intimidation humans that fill the prisons and psychiatric hospitlas full of never violent?

Where are the proessive ads: a partial nude, no more violence, robots, etc...?

The humans in japan based businesses are not nearly as negative. With the exception of 1 sony ad supporting psychology, the ads as far as i can see, reflect a gentle, funny, technologically [if not morally] progessive view.

The last humans to be included in the secret camera and thought networks should be the humans that still support privacy and copyrights.

I never could circle the wagons around 1 human to dump on that 1 human. I never have made fun of a human for stuttering, being bald, being fat, bisexual, ... I have other things to do. trying to gang up on 1 human to make the human feel bad, or excluded has never felt natural to me.

humans in secret gestapo camera and thought network, not reason for jail [since took part in nazi gestapo activities but not caused no direct violence], but could possibly be reason for boycott, economic sanctions/limits, and/or fines [whatever is decided democratically]. After 10 years of having my thoughts said aloud, and not getting to hear the thoughts of other humans, i am in favor of some punishment, definately boycott [as i have for most movies, tv, radio, and all humans in gestapo]. Make these humans pay for being secretive and dishonest. Show the humans on earth that truth and honesty will be rewarded.

White coats = raise reich hand and declare after me "I am also insensitive and antisexual"

humans in police technically have to enforce the assault laws, grudgingly, they may not want to, it may not jive with their own personal opinions, but are supposed to be stopping violence, and arresting for all [1st strike] assaults whether spanking, bar fights, playground punches, etc... It is the law, if you are against the assault laws, then vote them down.

hopefully, people will run me thru sensitizer training

'ok ted, this is maria and chan, they both like you, they are going to touch you gently, this may sting a little....'

That would be awesome, to remove all the southern california brutal antisexuality.


4 kinds of humans

1=Humans that want to see others [in apts/houses] and will let others see them [me]

2=humans that want to see others and do not want others see them

3=humans that do not want to see others and do not want others to see them [sylvia]

4=humans that do not want to see others but will let others see them


Cross wearing [church attending] christian= special kind of stupid

One up on 'kiss you all over' song:

Ted: 'i will clean you from head to toe with My tongue'

People that deny the brain imaging network use the same approach as people that deny the halocaust.

excellent contributions to science page:

Getting more photons from fusion? Or from left over matter? Putting atoms together will probably take photons going in, not coming out.

I do not view blind obedience to me as a serious problem at this time, blind obedience to the human in the big white pope hat, marriage, antisexuality, loss of free info, and the earth tradition of violence are 3 problems of hundreds that seem to me to be more serious.

comparing status of female humans in pagan [greek] religion vs jesus based religion.

Pagan gods equally fem and mal

But saints all/mostly male

What was father, son and mother was changed to father, son, holy ghost.

no female humans allowed to preach, as reverend, priest, pope, cardinal, etc...males not allowed to be legal nuns

Wearing white coat like saying: 'look at me, I am a brutal, antisexual idiot human." at least I independently found out what Vasalius did on my own.

[kelloggs] Worthington [soy smoked turkey is indistinquishable from actual turkey breast], morningstar

You people should want to die a peaceful death.

Dea kills marijuana plants with chainsaws on camera in sf med marijuana [WAMM] program

Fed humans excitement in arresting the disabledand 60 year olds for child pornography

I look at my fellow humans and see my self.

Q-what 1 million

Humans that send photons to make a human itch=

[this is 1st strike violence, caused small amount of pain, machines unexplained to majority of humans]

1st time=get no support for life, 1 day in jail

2nd time=10 days in jail

3rd time=1 year in jail

4th time=5 years in jail

5th time=10 years in jail




The above a my votes for 1st strike punch, slap, kick or spank

[with no consent]

With constant vote democracy deciding actual punishment

Assumed the best- should not have done that

Stalin kommissar images trotsky erased-similar to time mag photo of oswald with gun?

"Marriage is not on the way in. Marriage is on the way out."

Some humans say 'wonderful' from a video 'Peter' I captured of my gestapo dad, to explain that I have a poor view of sex, and perhaps no allegiance to genetic relation. I am the only human that is saying 'all humans that want penis in vagina sex, should get sex at least once a week', they think sex should be taken 'with a manly grunt rrr', I say ask and risk harassment, the supreme court, and violence from jealous boyfriends and husbands.

some of the better Gestapo humans put hand over front of head [maybe to support telling of jfk and all pivotal events that have been learned thru secret cameras, also to show to me that thought sounds comes from front of brain, and humans walk the earth thinking to each other and 'outloud' in the heads of other humans], the worse gestapo humans put a hand over their jaw [saying, i can only guess, 'sheddup!']

One of the Goebbels (somehow I think sounds like GARBLZ) humans typed the word 'grudge', perhaps says i guess you will hold a grudge for not being included in camera and thought network, and i am saying that i am giving back what i get. Why do they hold such a grudge to exclude me?

Possible reperations for humans involved in arrests for drugs, molestation:

1 week in jail

The [even once] married humans [in particular that always wear a wedding ring like a svastika] are a massive group numbering perhaps 7 of 10 humans and no less than 4 of 10. These humans are rabidly antisexual. Think of humans that 'sucked 1 penis', 'had a penis in rectum', 'had sex with a 15 year old male human' these humans [like me for poking] are excluded. And i say welcome to the wide arms of tp to these humans [and all nonviolent humans]. Perhaps, the married humans think, as carl sagan said in 'cosmos', there is a fear that humans may compromise for 'sexual' reasons. I say good, let humans get money for sex, i want to. More sex with consent=more good, and more chance i will get disease free sex with consent.

Speaking of carl sagan, i applied to a pa2 employment for seti@home at uc berkeley!


Could send walking cameras together with nonviolent majority of earth to stop violence on earth and arrest saddam if saddam has caused any pain or damage to a human by hand

Falco that made excellent song 'der kammissar' killed by human driving bus in dominican republic at age 40 [same age as john lennon] in 1998

Blair; huntington has done a 'blood' purge.

Reality; still waiting for 'skeptic' humans to include me in camera thought network

Most 'skeptic' and official atheist humans crap out on freedom of information, comfort, and sexuality

3 major divisions

God vs no god

Marriages vs no marriage

Secrecy/thought camera network vs complete free info


Make humans lose money for being dishonest. Certainly do not reward dishonesty and or secrecy.

Remember Goebbels? (Nazi minister of information human) (had goering here before - sorry, secrecy still surrounds world history) This is like most humans to the secretive famous acting humans. Goebbels waved his fist in the air saying 'do you want more total radical war?', and more than 1 human must have thought, but what does the dictator really think? Is this really from the dictator? But i guess hitler was not in to releasing home movies.

My argument to the popular humans in the gestapo:

If millions of humans can see already, why not let 6 billion humans see?

L; hyperhistory.com

4 Books

When yu see what (perhaps) most humans think of [in this puritan, religious era of antiinformation and antithought], a number of human (are somewhat forced) from time to time to think of what is thought to be their most serious physical flaw [a pimple, bald spot, or mole]. Stupid mean humans [for sure the religious uneducated] ride, or fuel these thoughts, like the most stupid, violent and overall worse humans in the high schools.

Of all the public schools I would have to say that high schools need the most repair. The four things I would focus on are:
1) Stopping of violence (with jail for humans that start violence) [also using cameras to verify what humans started the violence]
2) world history course
3) history of science course
4) Something to prepare for in the future is allowing/promoting touching and sex with consent, when this becomes more popular.

Humans spew and spew on and on, but we will see what humans were damaged, and what humans did the damaging.

We have heard from humans in the gestapo, who speaks from the other side?

We have heard from the humans in the gestapo:

They say shutup

They say wait

They say we should be happy with what we have

They love to gloat that they get to hear thought but we can't

but who speaks for the humans not in the gestapo? My guess is the number one comment from these humans is 'i want my privacy', not an idea of reality, or that they should get to hear thought by now. For me i say 'freedom of all information, and exposing machines that hear thought is priority 1, the second we forget that millions of humans can hear our thoughts is the beginning of the end for planet earth'

Maybe we humans that explained and revealed that thoughts can be seeand heard will say to those humans that did not:

Be glad you are protected from damage, pain, and violence!

Be glad you are not in a jail, or court!

Be glad you still get to see!


Let humans of all ages vote

Let humans of all ages earn money with consent/and no objection

What a surprise! Humans scream for/want violence, we were not prepared for that at all! How new! What a startling development.

Sneakers not made of cow skin=payless ''manmade'' materials

Trying to stop massive camera survalence useless/pointlesd/impossible. Cameras too small to see without magnifying, can only detect cameras when cameras are transmitting photons, cameras cause no damage, should have nothing to hide, nothing embarrassing in human body, other humansan see if violence, theft, or fire....reflect photons from brain [with reflective mirror/like tinfoil ala 1980s 'blackhole' movie may not work for photons in infrared, plus use thought to communicate]

Q; humans have been saying 'mass' for more than a century, i now say 'number of pieces of matter', and then 'number of photons'

Humans in secret camera and thought gestapo have greed for supremecy

Penises have been getting erect for 100 million years, but some how a new, unknown thing to modern humans

Massive antisexual group not to be taken lightly, same for massive conservative group

The humans involved in the charging of r kelly, martha stewert, james traficant are to get nothing until dead

Century old assault laws=joke

Neo molestation laws=commandment

Humans do not think 'everybody' should get to see camera and thought network, but looking at some of the humans currently in c&t network, i think violent, stupid humans [the bottom of the barrel-i can think of at least 2 female, and 2 male humans that i think represent the most stupid and violent [married and religious] of humans on earth' already can see & hear, and planet not destroyed yet.

I am only putting the notes I keep in my hand held computer, because eventually this will be streaming video and audio from where ever I am, hopefully captured from robots that will follow me where ever I go.

Don't get up...don't worry...i'll get it...i'll figu out the brain machine...no, just sit back...i...no i wouldn't ask yu tu lift a finger...i have an infrared camera, i can figure it out...

We made a big mistake, we should have been stopping violence. We should be stopping violence.

have to be sexual to reproduce, antisexuality not passed on

Here us an idea, pay the people yu love to watch the most instead of every body else

Humans in library all wear white sweaters/coats=saying hey- if we supposed to work in psych hosp, why not dress like it? Feeling of superiority nothing new, for black/afr amer humans, jewish humans, humans labelledbheretics, witches, and so also for humans labelled insane. These humans may be labeled religious? Gestapo? Liar? Violent? Unpredictable, antisexual? I should say (if I would not be whipped for rebutting) almost did not recognize you w/o matching grand wizard/kkk hat and mask/hood

Libraries get filled with random humans because 'library' is not exactly a difficult/complex major 'ok yu have searched for a video, now you get the video'

I may make a Veggie restaurant review page.

Girl missing after parents found slain.

Parents slain [as 20 adults are each day in usa alone], but where is the precious child? Recent focus on child abduct=good for me, what is next? spanking stopped and punished? Stolen property returned? Humans caring to stop a milligram of the violence that covers the planet?

start of gestapo humans anger=end of my anger. expose other side of cameras.

I once stole software from a store, every body (including me) is constantly judged and scored, dishonesty=may trust less, violent=may fear physical attack more, even if human now rejects violence and has decided never to use/initiate 1st strike violence

Vid of photons

Energy turns into matter. what is the energy? matter with more veloc not = more matter. Velocity does not turn into matter

Answer to corporate corruption, theft, dishonesty = freedom of information. ok some human stole [is trying to] or was dishonest let us share that info, so that we can get the property back, and not support [be aware not to trust the human anymore [the next time]


actual laws used against child porn:


Sexual exploitation

Receive & distribute materials involving sexual 'exploitation of a minor'

More humans 60 years in jail, not one scratch of damage

nothing for john k vincent until dead

nothing for Jonathan conklin until dead

Fresno, ca

Vote down:

18 Usc 2251 a d

18 usc 2251 b

18 usc 2252 a 2

Save the children (the group that is actively involved in the persecution of humans that own images of children in the nude), supported by bono, chris tucker, no support for those 2, perhaps Bono was threatened with jail for cocaine.

nothing for Robert bonner until dead, us customs (?what is US customs doing in this?):

We can not take these persecutions lightly - brutal humans must be punished, even if not brutally, but only by simply boycotting

Human "never saw something so dispicable", did somebody have their balls touched? Was there kissing? oh how aweful that must have been...to have a tit touched or licked...think of the pain and damage...well there is actaully no pain or damage, ...but that can be annoying.

Reminds me of 'people vs larry flynt movie"Flynt (describing Reagen sex video taken by vicki morgon): "filthy your honor". All I can ask is: "did a penis go in mouth? Was there lip to lip kissing? How 'filthy' can sex be? Did a penis go in an anus? That would be a new one."


Stossel special

["burning homes", michelle tuzee voice for conservative pro violent]

Tuzee says "burning homes" - we have to watch out for humans that support violence, and make threats of violence - we do not need another Adolf Hitler (or Adolfa), Musellini, or Vichi rising in popularity that not only cares nothing to stop violence (like during Crystal Nacht), but laughs at and promotes violence. I am voting for nothing for Michelle Tuzee of ABC and for all humans behind the "burning homes" comment, make these barbaric humans learn sensitivity and stop violence.

Asa hutchenson, mick....holds newpaper like a stone statue - what an idiot of a human.

"Lets talk about that"...could be almost like the usual threats of violence for "ratting" or exposing machines that hear and see thought.

-reminds me of time i got closest to imbecility and sang "talk about - god muzik"

"Hard to see how you would measure energy" - nice statement from Stossel

"Strange statement from a police chief" - another nice statement - I felt bad, because the detroit police human certainly stood up against the stupid drug wars

Hiv, herpes, syph has been a dream come true for the religious

In all the homophobia, something so trivial-being rubbed w/ penis not as bad as stabbed with knife, where are priorities of brutal? In all antifag hysteria you are stopping regular sex for the violent younger people, so we all get to catch scrapnel like in santee, just because yu think seeing two male humans rubbi each others penides will ruin your marraige

People want violence-to kick ass, strangle the person=is viewed as high comedy

A female human in the "au-lac" vegetarian restaurant in Fountain Valley, CA confirmed being in the gestapo when said "some time I just want to choke the people that eat cow...", and I said (without realizing at the time that this human, like millions, is in the camera thought gestapo network, and was probably making a reference to the female human that was choked/strangled and killed in Stanton that they had to sit thru and watch time and time again) "violence is no answer...!"

What a surprise, what do the humans want? Violence-well, that is new, nobody prepared for that, we all thought- yu would want cheese, and bread, truth, justice, money, free info, sex, huggings...but out of the blue- this humawants violence...

Here we r in prime of life, and the stupid religious idiot gestapo humans will not let every body use the thought

Seeong and hearing machines

Think dor centuries, humans lived and did not have sex, but both wanted, bow thought can be heard-no question if two humans like each orher, want kisd

1e6 to 1 but not eve1 to 1 back, 2 way camera, made dishonest humans wealthy = never to be punished for secrecy, dishonesty ever

The secretive dishonest [anti information ] have won

Something more powerful, important than human made god or go,= the universematter ispace, matter moving in spave, the nstural path-not want to go against pleasure, science, truth

War on ourselves, elected manson [devils], jim jones [no body escapes cult]. Could be prohibitition, could be devil. Think of millions of humans that look to these humansnot berk, not mit, not texas tech, etc....

Web similar to secret camera and thought net, in the secret camera and thought net there are no secrets, everything is known and shared w/in secret camera net=same for web, but for open web humans

Possible problem at payless, 'there is no god' in my information

Drug arrests=eye for an eye justice? like human that punches - being punched as a punishment, somebody that pokes butt with penis - being poked in butt with penis

An atheist human = planetary figure, top of the top (or closest to surface of earth), there are exceptions, reached minimum history lesson/education enuf 2 relize gods made up

Twinkies=have beef fat, please take out the beef fat, thanks

Booing sinead, Hillary Clinton (even if I disagree with most of what Hillary supports), congress humans singing of pledge on court steps=proof that we need more education in USA

Popes were serial killers (or at least commanded and protected serial killing humans)

Humans call me sick, but what i think is unhealthy is a beautiful group of humans on a planet that go for 4 years without a hug, kiss, or even date

How about 10 male humans age 10-60 that are allowed on a plane, and nobody has any idea of their past?

their names, or even images of them

Younger female human (Samantha Runnion) from Stanton killed

police are using the "1 secretive cowboy" technique, will not share any of the camera images in the county

mother of male human accused of killing female human: "Person that did this sohuld be tied to a stick and burned" (you may see what happened to this younger human with this kind of christian brutal antisexual upbringing). Isn't the violence (strangling) the reason for the outraged in the first place?

Female human, mother of dead feamel human blames jury, that is like blaming the knife maker, if we chop off hands, there will be no shootings

Most humans are antissexual/antipleasure, not antiviolent

There should be cameras that everybody can see the images from in all playgrounds and parks and also on all public streets. Any human should be able to get archived images that these cameras capture from the internet. Until we put cameras on playgrounds and streets, we will always be asking "who killed Nicole Simpson?" (except maybe those minority of humans in the gestapo, that as I indicated have below average values any way and would not stop violence, based on the way most humans like a "happy ending" to a show. The gestapo humans get to see the street cameras at the house Nicole Simpson lived in.)

That millions of humans can watch me in my car, and hear my thoughts (although I do not get to see them in their cars, or hear their thoughts) makes me think that this female human from Stanton was killed as a sacrificial religious lamb - religious humans are not much for stopping violence, and are alerted any time a human farts. How these humans missed this human theft is probably interesting video to see some century.

Privacy=either have no laws/punishment, or enforce laws/punishment. I vote for no punishment. Let's go already.

Sex is good, healthy, horniness is good,natural. words that can be used to stop sex=slut, whore, fag, ... Also in use by sex industry (thinking that this is promoting sex, and I am not sure if yes or no)

Puritan promarraige humans put down sexual people as being slut, whore, sex-crazed

Brave humans stand up against the puritan antisexual majority and remain sexual

I worry when humans are not aroused.

I may make a page of Linux hints

Here are two more funny things I heard:

"That cocksucker harassed me"

"Just for calling me antisexual i will not have sex with you"

I may put my opin on various drugs

Shadow is magnified - any object can be magnified by "stretching" image over a surface

Star system times

Name mass avedist

[x10^24] au

Mercury .33022 .3870986

Venus 4.8690 .7233249

Earth 5.9742 1.0000070=1.5e8km

[moon] 0.07483

Mars 0.64191 1.5237285

Jupiter 1898.8 5.203704

Saturn 568.50 9.585032

Uranius 86.625 19.16877

Neptune 102.78 29.98910

Pluto 0.015 39.25024

Sun 2e30kg, 4e33g

Dist between

Earth and

Moon 384,467,000 m

Mars 54.5e9 m 401.3e9 m

Venus 38.2e9 m 261e9 m

Merc 77.3e9 m 221.9e9

Jupiter 588.5e9 m 968.1e9 m

Sat 1195.5e9 m 1658.5e9 m

Star 149.6e9 m [147.1-152.1]

Centauri 4.28 ly [40.660e15 m]

1ly=9.5e15 m

I found the fastest times human will have to get to the earth moon and other planets. There is a limit on the acceleration a human body can take (perhaps of 20- 30 m/s^2 = 2g's. This acceleration limit, puts a time limit on how fast humans can move around the universe. Robots could go ahead, and accelerate faster, but humans in the current biological form would never get to the earth moon from planet earth faster than in 2 hours. Here are the times with an acceleration half way there and then decelleration the second half of the way to slow to a stop at the destination. This also assumes that using fission or atom separation, humans can accelerate a ship (even past the speed of a photon - this may not be possible, not because of relativity, in my view, but because using photons, a particle that moves at 3e8m/s^2 to propel other matter(photons) in some direction, the other matter will never have a velocity > 3e8 the velocity of the photon that moved in the opposite direction to propel the ship. So these times may be even more.

Accel .5 up, .5 down

A=10,20,30 m/s^2

To stop at


T=3.44 hours, 2.4 h, 1.98 hours

Max velocity=62,000 m/s

Fastest plane=2,222 m/s

[5000 mi/hr]


1.4 days-3.7d, 24.3h-2.6d,






5.6d-7.2d, 3.97d-5.1d


8.0 [5.7]d-9.4d ,5.7[4]d-6.7d

Star 2.8d,2.00d

Alpha cent




To pass=


1 d-2.6d, 17h-1.8d,




3.97d-5.1d, 2.8d-3.6d


5.7d-6.67d ,4d


T=24 hours

D=[86400^2]*5=37.3e9 m [v]





T=7 days

D=[604800]*5=3,024,000 m


Watching tv like live feed from vatacan, oooo thats good (said like Merv Griffen), how exciting, bring the popcorn

Sent and got a letter from Todd Mccormick, McCormick has listed himself a pow (prisoner of war).

Undercover gestapo, or at least relatively friendly people isecret camera network, should change pledge to "secrecy and prison for all"

went to skeptic Paul Kurtz talk, human in audience asked "Yu dont think them crop circles iz real?" And a chill went down my spine, and i had to rethink why i was there. some of the skeptic people revolve around psychological crap -not atheism, now there was a movie on crap circles

Preening, cutting hair, playing with hair, teeth cleaning, chimpanzees - but not for humans?

Killing is on the path of violence, all violence needs to be stopped, humans need to take an interest in stopping violence. Think of how many humans in police and other have past events of spanking, slapping, starting fist fights, and threatening violence....look at the agssive language of OC sherrif corona and other humans-do these humans have past undocumented simple and aggravated assaults? Or lost control of temper/anger?

Corona was quoted in the cristian OC Family magazine: "Kicked out zero (people from prison)" sounds like somebody that is going to stop violence? Why not "punched out, shot out, beat out zero humans from prison"? Those damn subhuman prison humans, that could never be humans in the police for violence. Also "found Jesus" - no body ever finds science. Found corona beer bottle cap on back patio after I wrote this in my hand held computer. that is kind of funny and I had to chuckle...

Look at the violence video of a human being punched by a human in police uniform in Inglewood

We humans have done a terrible job of letting the humans in the police, watch themselves. We need to watch the humans int he police, we need to police the police.

Then Cornoa said 'straight up', like a houseless human that was quoted yelling out when I visited SF. I can see the comparison to me "talking crazy talk about brain machines, camera network, and violent humans in police"

Speak out=think out loud, not big deal. No damage caused, and no reason to be locked in a jail or any other building. Punching, spanking and slapping much worse.


in 10 years=wall to wall walking cameras=bravo, finally, bring the violent, religious into the photon light

After unstopped humans let air out of my bike tire, stole my bike seat, and one of my bikes at UCI I say elect new humans. These humans sit back and watch the whole thing and do nothing. Try some body else.

The humans I am employed with all wear ehite coats, coreograph with each other thru the secret camera and thought network in morning before going in to the library.

Kds human called me ped, laptop battery failed 2 times

Have done a poor job electing and promoting dishonest people

Humans in gestapo secret camera and thought network say: "I want to see them, but i dont want them to see me"

What can I tell you people? There was a machine made that can see and hear what any body is thinking. This machine may have been made as early as 1940 because FDR may have hinted that such a machine had been made when FDR said "I do not ask that you remain neutral in thought". I seriously doubt FDR was in the habit of using the word "thought". In 1963 JFK was killed by a human from the front (not Lee Harvey Oswald), and this set back science, pleasure and truth in the USA for decades to come. In December of 1980 Ronald Reagan stopped protecting John Lennon and with in one month Lennon was shot and killed. With the rise of Reagan and conservative humans, millions of nonviolent humans have been arrested and sent to prisons, most for owning, using, or selling drugs (not for violence). In 1985, some humans at National Geographic made the video "The Incredible Machine" showing images of what a human sees. In that same year, Carl Sagan made the video "Cosmos" saying, "it may one day be possible to hear people's thoughts, a disquieting prospect", and also "through the centuries an author is speaking clearly to you inside your head". This shows that by 1985 there is no question in my mind that machines that hear thought (and see thought) existed and were growing in number.

Without any doubt most of the humans I am employed with in 2002 hear thoughts and watch people in apartments and houses. One of two of these humans hinted, when I thought I should make a list of the names of humans that I think can hear my thoughts and see me from hidden cameras, that I would have a smaller list if I named the humans that are not part of the secret thought and camera network(s). By now, in 2002, there must be more than 1,000,000 humans that have can see and hear thoughts from humans and other species.

What is sad is that any body that claims that other humans can hear what the humans is thinking, is labelled "insane"!

Here I am stuck between the humans that hear thoughts but will not admit it, and the humans that are positive that such machines do not exist. This is relatively frustrating!

How could such a secret be kept for 60 years? The killing of Jewish humans in the Nazi concentration camps was only kept secret for 3 or 4 years. Humans have done a poor job of electing, paying and promoting honest people, to say the least.

Many of the humans that do get shown the thought and camera networks are brutally ignorant. Most are married, religious, conservative, and support violence. Most are wealthy, but there are humans that have no money that must see from friends, or parents. These humans must say "I to want to see them, but I don't want them to see me."

The secret thought machines and cameras can not be kept secret for another 10 years. I think that this 60 year old secret, and others will fall in the next decade. With the Internet getting faster and less controllable, there have to be more images being shared. There is no way that millions of humans can keep this machine secret, and most have failed in trying. Every day some human will say what I am thinking, a number of humans try to drop hints to me, trying to answer questions I have about the thought machines and camera networks like:
When was the machine that hears thought invented?
What are the names of the humans that made the machine that hears thought?
Where on the planet earth was this machine first made?
How much does this service cost a month?
So time is on your and my side (if you are not in the camera and thought network and are honest).

I think that there will be a period of every body seeing and massive upheaval toward truth and to stop humans that have been lying for years.

On other topics:
Be careful because "angry = insane", for most humans. My advice is to not shout. Absorb verbal abuse from other humans, eventually humans being mean will be voted down. Why not make the conservative humans angry by showing images of them? I am amazed that a human that watches thoughts and humans in apartments without permission could actaully win a law suit against some body that puts images of them on the Internet without permission. Some body will eventually get images of some body famous in acting, sports or government watching the thoughts of other humans, and these images will get shared thru morpheus, bear share, etc...I would not look for these stories in newspapers, magazines, television, or movies, only on the Internet.

Think of what the orientation must be for humans being introduced to the thought and camera networks for the first time. That must be interesting.

Cameras, robots, and the Internet will leak images of humans hearing thought, sex, and violence.

I am amazed at all the "privacy" crap on the Internet, in particular when all of these humans watch thoughts, and secret cameras.

While I do not think or speak of the people I am employed with, most of these humans spend hours trying to come up with the ultimate put down.

A female human at In and Out said "heeeeerrrreees yur food!", and without missing a microsecond a partially negroid (is this the "official" archaelogical word for this race?) male human said "you are so nice! I can't believe how nice you are (name of female human)". No matter how many times this happens, I am always shocked by humans that put me and my thoughts down, I am always too stunned to be mean back (plus I am not normally mean anyway). but I am slowly catching on to the fascist way here, and getting my snappy educational replies together. (for example "yeah that is crazy"="yeah that is not too friendly is it?"). But I guess this female human magically had seen me before some where (way to hire friendly smart humans - my guess is the human was hired for religious reasons. Also I think that possibly the human was repeating what humanagering or owner humans were saying. A number of humans do not want my kind [the honest, antireligious, sexual kind] in their stores, and that should be their choice.) and felt a need to try and put me down, or perhaps warn other humans that I may some time run with an axe like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". If I were Nicholson (and also Anthony Perkins) I would have spent some time explaining that violence must always be stopped, but peculiar behavior is no reason to lock people in hospitals, and I think that "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is really only the beginning of exposing the injustice and physical torture happening in the "involuntary" hospitals. This is average for what I get. A human at KDS computer today called me "ped", the humans at a GoodYear rotated my tires, and now my car pulls ridiculously (not even slightly) to the right, somebody put broken glass in a drawer at the house my mother lives in, and also a 1" maggot on the couch (Sylvia checked all the trash, and no other maggots were ever found), check the video from the house Sylvia lives in. I think "maggot" is a word used in military groups, and also similar to "faggot" that somebody yelled at me from a car on campus street after I filmed the gay pride parade in LA. These humans going in to the houses and apartments of other humans will stop in the next 20 years when cameras and images are all seen, and these 1400's type humans are finally stopped, and humans can stop an average purse, car, or bike theft.

Some older male human in Laguna Beach pointed to my computer and said "you ok?", and I said "Well I am not not ok!" (again kind of stupified at such idiocy, but at least with a quick response). Later I laughed, and I still laugh at this. As if a computer is supposed to be a sign of mental imbalance. I should have said "no, I have that 'smart' disease"

I think that, like Clinton and every other popular human, Bush uses a popular technique of saying and doing nothing to win support. The less a human says, the less humans are angered. Humans that are presidents of universities and corporations do the same thing. These people never say any thing and hide in secrecy, because I am living proof that any body that speaks out truthfully is persecuted and hated. Bush had Fred Rodjiz (Rodgers) to the white house with Theo and Cleo, and I thought this was clearly trying to let the liberal people have the stage for a day, or to try and win support from liberal people. I think that humans are not getting a good look "behind the scenes" in the government. For example the scheming to arrest Ronald Kline, the watching humans in their apartments and houses, the hearing thoughts, etc...Finally somebody in CNN quoted Bush being open about his support for the drug war. I like this more, when people are open and honest about their opinions. This is saying: "this is what I think and stand for", instead of making people guess.

Most of you and I are at the "end of the bread line" for news. You and I never get to see any nudity, violence, thoughts, swearing, etc...What you and I see is 1/1000000 of what other people get to see. By the time the news gets to us, the only thing left is a stale bread crust, all the main bread has already been eaten out. The JFK killing is a perfect example, even 40 years later, humans have not put together that a caucasian male human in black police uniform shot JFk from front, but still the Nicole Simpson killing, the list of things that some humans know, but most do not grows and grows! Rich humans take out all the violent and sex images at the front of the line. But most of you humans insist that there is too much sex and violence on tv. You have not seen one billionth of what is happening here, all the killings, all the sex, all the theft, all the lying, the secret thought hearing and sending machines, ...

Stil I have not slept with one female human here in Irvine in four years, not even sex. One main reason is that I am not included in the thought and camera network. If you could freely think to thousands of other humans and see humans (and they you) in apartments and dorms, would you want to date a male human that can not hear thought or see humans with out their knowing? probably not, because then you would either need to keep this secret around the male human, or you would need to include the main human and explain every thing (and that could take hours). I think that there must be videos edited with a nice narration explaining things like. Here are the first images from a brain, this was found by John Doe, and Jane Roe at Jones labs in Anyplace, England. Here is the human that killed JFK, here these humans are planning the kill, etc... all the most interesting video that most humans should have seen, but have not yet. All the never seen before video from events that dramatically changed the course of human history. So in any event, there is no way for me to compete with the other male humans (other than to continue to speak out against violence, in support of science, against religion, for sex - because no body else does, I may be viewed as rebellious and dangerous and therefore sexually interesting) that have access to the secret thought and camera networks. no matter how dumb and brutal the male humans may be, still at least they can see and hear thought and I can not.

Again, bush consults with the Pope (Poop Paul or somebody). Why not Madam X? Consulting the horoscope and fortune cookies?

I have uncovered a similarity between the caucasian and asian genome. I am calling this trait "flat assian (FlaT aSEeN)", because both humans tend to have flat asses. Round asses evolved more (or were more selected, or more popular) in negroid and hispanic/azteca humans. I am selecting a round ass as being better than a flat ass, but still any body to sleep with would be better than what is happening now.

The usual: no more support for the humans that keep secrets. When every body gets to see, remember what humans can not be trusted, the humasn that kept the brain machine and cameras secret and supported privacy.

What human will expose the camera and thought network? Do you want to see before you die also? no more copyright, patent, trademark or privacy.

I have to tell humans that watch television and movies: "Do you realize that even the humans that make and are in the tv and movies do not watch television and movies? They are busy watching the best of secret hidden apartment and house cameras and hearing thoughts - watching news items you and I will probably never get to see or hear! All the nudity, sex and violence that you refuse to let be shown."

I think that a number of humans eat because eating is the only thing that is not forbidden. We could be hugging, wrestling, sucking and fucking at least once every 3 days, but that has been forbidden by the religious. This brings me to another topic. I have not had sex in more than 3 years, and I think that when a human that wants sex does not get sex for more than one year, there is some thing un healthy with the society. I am sure I am not the only human that wants sex that has not gotten sex in more than one year. And here the tools to find other humans that want to have sex, and that do not have HIV, herpes of siph lay unused by the Nazis, and most humans have to live in celebacy and ignorence playing the russian roulette game of "gee what humans have HIV or herpes?".

I think that there may be a limit on the velocity that matter may move because photons are all humans have to push off from. How can a human or any matter move faster than a photon, if the only way to propel the matter is by sending photons in the exact opposite direction? I think that looking at the basic equation Einstein used for relativity:
One book I found shows that this equation =0 for photons (is called light-like), >0 for all other matter, the space component is larger than the time component(space-like), and <0 when the time component is larger than the space component (time-like). I think that the =0 is the only equation that could possibly fit the universe. I think that all matter is made of photons, and that photons have a constant velocity. In this view, photons do not accelerate. When viewing matter made of photons, on a larger scale, groups of rotating photons have collective velocity and accelerations. I am still putting together a video to show a simulation of this.

I was looking thru my old 8mm videos and found the Todd McCormick (spending ~5 years in a California prison for using marijuana even with a perscription for medical use, was on "Politically Incorrect" with Bill Mahr and Woody Harrelson) interview and was going to put this on my web page, but the audio from the entire tape has been erased. I have never seen that happen to a tape, and my other tapes of the same manufacturer have audio. This reminds me of the 1995 video tape I had of a human banging on my window from the San Diego CBS building that was stolen.

The Tabash lecture went well, you can see the video for this from my video page. A number of humans were around me with rolled up newspapers, and one violent older brutal male human I am employed with said "at a boy" to me (this is the same unpunished human that slammed a door in to me with intent and has a nasty comment for me every time I see this human - similar to another never demoted female human I work next to that every day has some insult, even though most of the time I never retaliate, or try to insult back - I should be building robots with the best and brightest, not getting insulted every day and then getting blamed for causing conflict). I think these humans are saying that I am like a dog that humps a humans leg, and that the dog should be beat with a newspaper. This is typical of the antisexual, anti information, thug-like, proviolent humans that get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, married and are religious, etc... I say let the dogs hump, only if there is consent. Why not allow and promote sex with consent? My speaking out for sex, and being honest has resulted in no sex, other male humans that have never defended sex or spoken out against anything get more sex with female humans because of tricking, lying, and secrecy, not by being honest or asking for sex.

All the humans I am employed with hear my thoughts but I do not hear their thoughts.

Watch out for these two sentences : "Thank you for your patients" (yeah - mental patients)
"How are they treating you?" (yeah- treating you for your mental problems)

I am the first human to say "camera network", and "camera and thought network","thought machines", "machine that hears thought" - search on the web and see if there are any other humans that have put these words together. I made "brain imaging machine" (although "machine that hears thoughts" may be better), "stop violence" (this phrase was almost never in use before me), "stop damage" (humans look at this like some kind of other language), and of course "stop pain".

Some other good veggie food places are (and perhaps I should make a veggie link part on my links page):
Morningstar farms, Trader Joes, mothers and Amy's.

One thing I can say to the credit of UCI is that applying for a job is advanced. UCI, UCSD, and UC Berkeley all have online applications. UCLA (this was a surprise), and UCSB (also a surprise) do not have online applications!

bob Marley may have been aware of me in the 1980s, because Marley says "so go to hell if what your thinking isn't riyit" and I said "so you don't like the music I play, well you can go straight to hell". There is no hell, and I am not nearly as red necky as I was then. Marley would have been better off, not (possibly) taking that piece of advice from me:) ahaha. Marley may have been killed with photons, but i will have to wait for the FBI videos during the Regean years to finally be released in an FOI lawsuit. Also marley sang "Coming in from the cold" and I made a song "I never left you out in the cold". Lennon may have also seen me and recognized my talent (amazing because I was not actively antireligious until 1991).

There may be machines that use photons to move muscles. Some times my fingers will move without me making them. has that ever happened to you? What if a human could make another human actually walk, or some how freeze the human in place - that could be useful for a human doing violence. Muscles are electrical, but I think that would take some number of photons to do.

I think magnets could possibly be used to move metal or other magnets for as much time as the metal (or ceramic) is magnetized. This would be fun to experiment with, and I have for two or three days, but do not have the time or money to continue as much as I would like to. Like the force that the earth provides, magnetic "force" can probably be harnessed for as long as the water is running down hill, or as long as the magnet is magnetized.

The key in the early robot industry is to make cheap robots that humans will actually buy. Sony probably will do this first. My guess is that the first robots will simply follow a human and avoid objects. The robots may not even know how to get in to a car seat, but this kind of "servant" robot, could carry bags and film a human or group of humans. The images fromthe robot camera eyes could be put on the internet in a wireless network.

I refuse to listen to most popular songs, beacuse of the supporting of violence, antisexuality, monogomy and religion - I do not want to hear any of that filth.

I am interested in all thing history (and herstory). history of trees, of invention, of atheism, of science, of language, ...and now also of illegal trades, of spying, of stopping violence.

Some humans I see are the type of humans that would say "I will kick your ass for calling me violent".

Secrecy has it's rewards. Fucking shit, secrecy IS rewarded!

Is the best idea to give all of the best technology, survallence micro cameras, and thought machines to the least educated (like police and religious) humans on the planet?

60 year old industries have formed on the machines that hear thought. The innocent days of FDR hinting at machines that hear thought are in the past. These humans are like the humans in the illegal alcohol companies before the end of prohibition of alcohol in the USA. These humans have an incredible advantage over other humans in hearing thought, seeing what is going to happen before most humans. I was amazed that humans singled out Martha Stewart for "insider trading". Another freedom of information "crime". Stewart is just a scape goat, taking the blame for millions of other humans that watch and hear thoughts, and see humans in apartments without permission. Millions of humans have "insider" information, I am not sure when information becomes "insider". I thought that was a scream that Bush wants humans to be locked in jail for "fudging" (could be anti bisexual if Bush used word "fudging") their books, when here Bush and the other humans there have lied about the brain imaging machine and watching humans in apartments and houses for decades now! Kind of hypocritical. Think of what kind of money Bush could accumulate by hearing thought and seeing inside apartments and houses.

I wonder if female humans will start wearing veils in the USA, go topless already. Less clothes not more!

One quote from Anne Frank echos in my brain:
(I am paraphrasing) "..every night I see thousands of good innocent people being marched to their death...and all because they are Jews." The same is true for the humans that are in jail for drugs and molestation. All the songs, videos, books, all of no value, or in the background, because they used drugs (think of the humans that use alcohol), all because they are labelled insane, etc...

Humans should be turning each other on sexually (if sex is wanted by the human), not trying to turn each other off.

I question how important "sanity" and "honesty" are. both of these are freedom of information. How serious a problem is some body that is "insane"? How serious is the crime if some body was not "honest"? Can "academic honesty" be of value when humans have kept machines that hear thought and camera networks a secret for years? I am not sure humans should be locked in jail for "dishonesty", think of how many humans claim there is a Santa, Gods, and Ghosts?

When on a planet with little or no info, here is some advice:
ring on 4th finger = married (no chance for sex , friendship - if opposite gender)
female with cosmetic
-lipstick (probably not smart, keep open for exception of smart female human undercover, but this is extremely rare) -finger and toe nail polish (again probably more focus on physical appearance and less on internal values and talents, probably a traditional, shallow female human, but keep eye out for exceptions. Time spent doing nails could be time doing science, plus natural beauty is more pretty in my opinion) -in jewelery (probably not smart, but watch out for female humans with 2 ear rings - not having ear rings or pierced ears is almost heresy for female humans, so a number of smart female humans may have had no choice) -male human in neck/bow tie (could be an exception, perhaps undercover smart male human, but most likely, dull, stupid, shallow, traditional male human, will go along with majority no matter how illogical. These humans have made a bargain for more money, at the expense of less comfort, individuality and expression. Probably not pro science, or antireligion, etc...) -wear cow skin or eat cow (probably not antiviolence, or ignorent of the violence against the other species, probably not really interested in science, because there is the thought that cows are "animals" some how not made by a god (or made of DNA in more realistic words).

race is not a good indicator of pro or anti science, pro or anti voilent, etc... but humans should be free to make decisions based on race - that is all freedom of choice, info, etc...

Me at UCI is kind of like Rodney Dangerfield at a church "hey show some more breast...hay lighten up rev....", like any extremely liberal human in an extremely conservative group.

What humans do you think will be the Democratic president and Vice President choice in 2004? At first I thought Barney Frank and Diane Feinstein, but then I saw that Barney Frank is openly bisexual and prefers male humans, so I think that would lower the popularity of Frank (not my own vote, of course, I am bisexual [as all humans are or should be] and prefer female humans - of course there is some debate as to if I am asexual because I have not had sex for 4 years and counting!) Now I think - Pat Leahy (Vermont) and Diane Feinstein. I think a good idea is to have two smart liberal humans, one from North East coast (or North midwest) and one from California. Perhaps Al Gore and Feinstein, there is the possibility that Feinstein could go for President (although as VP, President would be easier), but I think as VP Feinstein could secure the majority of female humans that vote. how can the people in the democratic group, consistently not find the most popular? ie yie yie...Use the camera networks, and gallop polls, etc... find the most popular of the democratic group, my guess is those humans are also realtively smart.

I am for no religion in government, and I am also for no religion on planet earth, but not at the expense of free thought and information. Feinstein has some text against the "pledge" ruling on her web page. That humans should take an oath is stupid. What is a human going to do - well I was going to support a planetary democracy, but I did take that dern oath...! Plus Diane Feinstein has shown that she is fully immersed in the "god" scam, the idiotic belief that there is a god (and probably a devil, and may be even ghosts). Still, I would probably vote for Feinstein for VP or P, because she has some good images on younger humans that have accelled in science in California.

Here is a group of words you humans should remember living here in the the uSA (and really on planet Earth) at this time:
"There is no liberal only a middle".

Here is a quote: "Religion is not on the way in, religion is on the way out."

Here is a question: "Do religious humans employed in science colleges have some thing good to say for science? Are the humans in science practicing self preservation in hiring religious humans with only contempt for science and engineering to leach on the system of science? Let these religious humans employed in science schools find a 40k/year job in religion.

Here is a question:
"Do you think that Jewish humans got to see what Hitler and the boys were doing in the Chancellery?" Answer: "No, but Hitler got to see them!"
This is similar to how humans view me as some how a bad person, but I never get to see all of you and I let every body see me all the time, but other humans that you never get to see, and refuse to let you see, watch your every thought!

ok that is 2 months condensed. This WILL be a video eventually.

I had an awesome time in San Francisco last weekend! There are more liberal humans in San Francisco than in Los Angeles and Orange County I think. For example, marijuana legalization will probably be a reality in San Francisco before any other city in the entire USA!
I saw the Stanford University (beautiful campus, but I worry that the influence of Jesus based tradition is a worry for humans interested in truth and science. UCSF, I was surprised is a small campus in the city of San Francisco that is medical only (or mostly), and very hilly! UC Berkeley is a beautiful campus, and full of smart humans. There is a "free speech cafe", where would a human in the USA see "free speech" any thing at a university or any where else?
The time I spent in San Francisco makes me think that I may be really giving my self a tough time here at UC Irvine, where I get insults every day from anti sex god believing humans. I think these insults would only be once a week at a place like Berkeley and in the city of San Francisco. There are a number of differences between Los Angeles and San Francisco, I would enjoy living in both for some time. I think I would have a more positive, fun time at Berkeley. UCI could possibly become a liberal center, Irvine is a city with streets named after human in science and this shows that there is a strong group of science humans here. The problem is that I think this growth is in an early stage, and Irvine will be a Jesus based, farm city for a number of decades. Yesterday, there were jesus based humans playing music in the Student Center, and people had written in chalk on the sidewalks "bow before the Lord", "Pray", "Repent", and other christian or religious messages. I doubt this would ever happen at Berkely, not because these religious humans are not tolerated, simply because religion is only for stupid humans.
Humans in religion have always opposed science and truth. Ever before Jesus, Anaxagarus was locked in a jail for saying the moon of earth was not a god, but a real place like the earth. For years, humans like Giordano Bruno were killed by burning for saying that the earth goes around the sun (now of course, most humans think that this is true). Killing humans for speaking truth is the tradition of the Jesus (and Mohommed) based religion(s).
So I want to think more on the possibility of being employed at Berkeley. What ever I do, I will ahve to do every thing my self, not one human can ever even shake my hand, forget pay money to me. One funny thing I thought of is this: what would I be leaving behind in Irvine? I have 4 friends to speak of here. I have one friend that is going back to Spain, two others that are graduating from graduate school here, and one vegan person and that is it. I have not slept with one female human here in the 3 years I have been here. Every where I go, god antisexual humans are mean to me, for example humans here in the Library use words like "how are they treating you?", "thanks for your patience", one day four of five humans at the main desk wore white shirts (perhaps as a protest for being employed with a human thought to be insane), today three humans have "polka-dot" clothes on (because, remember that I poked a human, plus for people with a binary logic system to be opposite the blue striped shirt humans), and of course the endless "ped", "poke", "molestor", "pervert" comments I get once a day must be tolerated. But I have a nice apartment where I can use my lathe to build robots, have a great opportunity to weld at Orange Coast Community College, the cloudless and photon filled skies of Orange County, and enjoy access to all the interesting people in Los Angeles and San Diego, so I will have to think more. Another thing that bothers me with south California is that "punk" music, piercings and tatooes are more popular here than in any other part of the USA. I think there is a real fascist group of humans here, but perhaps I am wrong. in particular, all the punk music is not interesting to me - where is the variety? Where is the psychadelic, funk, jazz, bluegrass, rap, techno etc...? I hate to think that I am giving myself a tougher time than I need to and that I would be more happy at UC Berkeley (or possibly even UC Santa Barbara or UCLA).

I found the chapters of the USA federal laws at a Cornell University web page at:
and am entering in the following votes (because in a democracy I can vote on the laws that I am supposed to live under):
I am voting against:
all of Title 17 "Copyrights"
all of Title 35 "Patents"
Chapter 18 "Congressional, Cabinet, and Supreme Court, assassination and assault" - all humans equal
Chapter 19 "Conspiracy" - is freedom of sound and image
Chapter 37 "Espionage and Censorship" - same as chapter 19
Chapter 43 "False Personation" - humans can wear any thing
Chapter 47 "Fraud and False statements" - lying a crime? not good for religion!
Chapter 50 "Gambling"
Chapter 50A "Genocide" - after 10 humans killed, the killing can be called "genocide" - and more punishment beside the usual killing of a human punishment
Chapter 61 "Lotteries" freedom of info and trade
Chapter 63 "Mail Fraud" freedom of info - even for crap (basically all)religions
Chapter 65 "Malicious Mischief" - Stupid Stupidity, or redundant redundaty
Chapter 71 "Obscenity" again no physical damage caused directly by images, sounds, or data (info)
Chapter 79 "Perjury" the human said some thing in a court, so it must be absolutely true!
Chapter 81 "piracy and Privateering" arrgggg matey, alas still ye free speech, argggg
Chapter 84 "presidential assasination" all humans should have homocide law only
Chapter 90 "Protection of trade secrets"
Chapter 95,96 "racketeering"
Chapter 110 "sexual exploitation and other abuse of children" - all humans equal, events where there is either consent or no objection, no pain, or damage.
Chapter 113A "telemarketing fraud" free trade of info will guide people in deciding what humans to trust.
Chapter 113B "terrorism" - what is next "fear causing"?
Chapter 115 "treason, sedition, subversive activities" - all free info on a planet of humans
Chapter 117 "transportation for sex"
Chapter 119,121 "Wire and electronic communication interception"
Chapter 123, "prohibition on release of DMV info"

I will probably have more votes, but for now I am simply voting "no" on the above laws.

I am not against technology, I am against secrecy. Use the camera network! No pain or damage is caused. These camera and thought networks make communication more easy. brain machines and camera networks are the natural evolution of technology, science and communication. I want to experiment and see if I can see how images from the brain are seen. I think that (using the image from National Geographic in the images part of my web page) that photons in the infrared (or some other frequency) can be detected from brains. I want to try to open then close my eyes while capturing the photons/images from the back of my head with an infrared camera. Is there a change in the back of the head? Play loud music on and off, is there a change in the photons from the head?
Burger King now has a veggie burger I tried, and tastes good, although the person would not heat the burger in the microwave. Plus the ads seem to be more positive - I remember some thing like "blast off", and other science (and perhaps ever pro sex with consent) messages. Still, I worry the humans that made other brutal ads "suit up and take a shot!" are still there. Now I microwave two veggie burgers (at my apartment) and take these burgers (only with ketchup and mustard) in the car to get fries, and there is no difference in taste.
I am trying to change myself saying "now, let me see" to "now, I will see".

I (or some body else) made a new word "nis" - as an abbreviation for "no is", for example "There nis a god".

When humans are mean to you that you are employed with, better to not retaliate or try to argue back.

I am having fun doing one sentence movie reviews that use the word "crap". For example
"40 days and 40 nights" = "40 days and 40 nights of crap"
"The Panic Room" = "The panic room, because there is no crapper", or simply "The crap room"

I always have cared for science. Even when I was younger. For example, I never called Carl Sagan a "fag", or Hawking "nuts", etc...but this is sadly missing from most other humans. I enjoy science. I celebrate all new useful inventions and ideas, and feel no anger or jealously for humans that make contributions to science and life. Why are other people so unawed and unimpressed by science? Why do humans have only contempt and anger for the humans that made the vehicles, ovens, clothes, tools, etc... that humans enjoy using?
I am angered and amazed that humans can simply throw away science in a search for money and popularity.

I was molested two times: one time by a nice looking female human in a DMV. The female human touched my buttock. I wanted to have sex with the female human, but was not bold enough to ask. If you are still alive, may be there is still a chance, although most of the spontineity, surprise and excitment would be gone.
another older male human touched my butt in a Carl's Jr, and I think I will live. I still feel no pain, or damage from the event.

I am amazed at the pleasure humans take in labelling other humans insane. You should see the humans I see, constantly with the "are you taking your meds???", and other similar statements.
Here are some statements one human made to me (in an atheism list group):
This was from a human that uses the name "hexagram:
Hi Ted! Nice to see they let you out of the "quiet room" again! What are your favorite medications that you "own"? Do they help? Will you share them with me? No drug wars, Ted! Have you ever tried marijuana? You should! It will make the voices stop, or at least make them speak English to you. Don't "take" any nonsense from them Ted!

here is a message from Sam McKenna:
---------- Why are you so obsessed with the "average humans on planet earth"? What about the humans on other planets?


Yours in barbarism,

p.s. Did you take your meds today?
I see a human that is tied to a bed and injected with drugs with no choice and even with clear objection as being barbaric, but am probably in a minority in that view (although I would like to see how much of a minority). I see humans being beat as bad, I do not laugh at humans being beat. Plus, I at least am aware of the psych war that is happening. I am constantly amazed that humans feel confident in labeling other humans "insane", while still believing in gods, devils, ghosts, spirits, angels, etc...

Think of what humans are seeing when looking through houses and apartments where you live. Most humans probably like to see the humans only meters away -although there may be interest in seeing what humans on the other half of the planet do.
On 03-20-02 more humans involved in pornograpy were arrested again, how many arrests are there for violence? Was any human in the images damaged? or felt pain? Some religious humans want to damage me, or torture me, cause me pain...why not stop violence instead of humans that only bother or get more attention than you? As much as I think religious humans are not good for life, still I think the humans should no feel pain, be beat, or locked in jail or a hospital for being stupid, or barbaric. This is more than most religious humans will say for me.
Because the USA President Bush is ultra religious in the God (sub Jesus) group, there are more antisexual, violent decisions being made. Most of the humans that surround bush are caucasian male Jesus based humans. Ashcroft, employed as Attorney General (a very important employment that should be voted on) is antisexual and religious in the extreme. Religious humans are always the bottom of the group in terms of wisdom. Religious humans are the last to accept truth. The last to accept the sun-centered theory, evolution, equality for female humans, pornograpy, .... every thing pleasure and truth based. Humans in religion have no sense of humor, or a very barbaric sense of humor (laughing at damaging humans, and antisex, every body is a fag/lesbian, etc...) .
Ashcroft said some thing like "We have no king but Jesus". Not good - you humans voted for some kind of fire brand christian tele evangelist human, not the smartest human in science, from MIT or Princeton, any of the fine universities in the USA, is this really a colony only loyal to a "magic" 2000 year old dead jewish guy named Jesus? Pliny the elder (from the same time as Jesus) at least made an encyclopedia book. Ashcroft is part of the "assembly line of jail". Most humans that start to put cameras in the planet, must start at the most important life changing locations. In the USA, the locations are in the government attorney, police and military buildings. Because a person that is in the IRS, FDA, governor, etc...can not bring you in to a court, or have you locked in to a jail. This assembly line will eventually be only for humans that have caused damage, but when religious antisexual humans like Ashcroft (and Janet Reno) get employed in these life changing jobs thousands of humans are locked in jails that have never caused any damage, while humans that do cause damage are never even seen, and definately not captured! Also the domino effect happens. I was amazed that Ari Fleisher (another caucasian male human in the Bush group) laughed at the "grassy-knoll" JFK "conspiracy" people, in particular when Ari and other humans in the Bush group see inside apartments, hear and see thoughts, are connected in to the largest camera network on the planet. In this group the story of how JFK was killed must be clearly detailed and most humans in this elite group of camera network humans (numbering in the millions at least) have to be well aware that a human killed JFK from the front. Any body that has ever seen the Zubruter film can clearly see that JFK was shot from the front. What is more, the human that did the shooting was probably a male caucasian human in a police uniform. But in any event, JFK was shot from the front, and so could not have been Oswald. That Fleisher is joking that humans actually question that Oswald killed JFK is scary, because I am almost certain that Fleisher is well aware that Kennedy was killed from the front, and that most humans have wrongly thought that Oswald killed Kennedy from behind. Fleisher and the Bush humans are probably glad that JFK was killed! I do not want to see humans I think are bad killed, where most religious humans do. Most conservative religious humans are glad when some body they hate is killed.

"Send religion back to hell." is a funny quote I said.
I think there will be a domino effect once most humans (that are probably of average honesty and interest in truth - judging from the way people want the "good/honest people" to win in most movies) get to see some of these images. I think a number of humans will not be locked in a jail or beat, but will be much less popular.
On 4-19-01, Ashcroft appointed John S Gordon (yet another caucasian christian human from the chief of the narcotics section [so this human has to be enlightened - drug arrests is a temporary job and is the bottom of morality - homocide is of course higher and of real need] to interim US Attoney general of California. Although, of course there is no image on the web page, most conservative religious humans have every and any thing to hide.
Then on 10-21-01 Ronald Kline, in Irvine is charged [by USA - no names, does this arrest really represent the wants of most people in the USA?] with owning child pornography. No arrests for punching, spanking (because humans care about the physical saftey of children, remember, not simply trying to stop pleasure), killing, shooting, stabbing....nope! only a 60 year old male human for being meters away from images with various colors on them. Here a 60 year old male human in bifocals that has never caused a scratch and is not any kind of a threat to anybody is dragged through the courts, and possibly jail with out a single bruise or scratch caused. Think of the humans in the police arresting Kline "...there is the suspect....getting the social security check...the one with the walker....watch him....wait to make your move...ok now take down the perf!" Like arresting humans that use marijuana, arresting humans for pornography must be an easy thing, a 60 year old human, or a human mellowing out with some weed is not going to put up a fight and will go nonviolently. This trial will take months, in these months there will be all kinds of brothers punching sisters, mothers spanking children, the usual bar fights, knife fights in the streets outside the bars, the casual playground punchings, none that will be front page any thing, none that will get to a court, none that will be seen. This is an outrage to me.

Here is some thing that is fun, look at the top 10 list on the FBI page:
up there at the top of the list is "Michael Scott Bliss" for sexual exploitation of children. Think of the humans, like Glen Godwin, that is charged with killing at least one other human. Look at James Springette, on the 10 most wanted by the humans in the FBI paid by the humans in the USA. Springette is not being charged with any thing that has caused even a scratch of damage, as far as any body can see, Springette has always been nonviolent! Simply for selling drugs, the humans in the FBI are spending millions of dollars to capture this human (almost more than the money used to enforce "copyrights" on videos - why the intense interest in copyright - out of no where? could it be money from the movie making people? I guess I will have to wait for the movie!). These drug selling humans are the future Bristol-squib humans of the planet, or perhaps the farmer's market humans, in particular once all drugs are available on the open market, and quality and natural competition have an effect. Just as Al Capone and the humans in alcohol were willing to get involved in the dangerous buying and selling of alcohol, and got money, where other humans that did not want the risk, but would have gladly made and sold alcohol lost money, plus the alcohol caused a number of deaths. Prohibition of alcohol and drugs was and is stupid, but there is no way to reach the stupid majority of humans. I say again, and again, guns cause 10,000 times more damage than any drugs and guns are legal (and should be).
Where are the female humans, the asian humans, the jewish humans in the Bush group? Have you humans elected humans in the Klu Klux Klan? Being, perhaps the most liberal, Chainey is known as the "most far out" of the group.
Think of the image collections that humans must have by now. Ted Turner, Howard Stern, ABC...all the sex, the killings, stealing, ....in apartments, cars, office buildings, bathrooms, etc...gigabytes of images and sounds. There certainly are images of humans under the age of 18, touching, being killed, killing, pissing, shitting....any thing that ever happened on earth...This is the amazing irony, that Ashcroft and all these other humans in the executive part of the USA government have complete access to all of this. For example, Ashcroft was using time to argue against drawn pictures of child pornography, and I thought....here this human sees thoughts and hears thoughts. Let there be no doubt that Ashcroft and all the humans in the Bush group watch humans in houses, bathrooms, apartments, hear and watch thought, see children beat, killed, cut, penis in anused and worse - seeing this is ok for them but these humans would hate for you to get to see.

Another amazing thing are these humans trying to stop other humans from putting cameras in their houses....these humans use the key word "creep" (perhaps because I say "crap"). These humans: Susan Wilson, Angie Harmon, and Senator Mary Landrieu (in Louisiana) are to get nothing and are getting my "most hypocritical" award. Here these humans watch humans in apartments, hear thoughts, but still want to make this outlawed. For humans against watching other humans in houses, these humans certainly are fond of using this camera network! I am in the group of humans that demand free trade of any and all info for and by all humans now.

Dione Warwick was arrested in Florida with 6 joints. What is going on in Florida? I can only think that because Jeb Bush is employed as governor there, this kind of brutality is happening. Florida, as far as I can see, is a vacation, tourist location....humans go there to party and for pleasure...what is happening there? First with the Reno molesto-pedo focus, and now this marijauna arrest. Has there been an arrest for a drunk fist fight in the last 10 years there? For a stolen vehicle?

The marijuana (and all drug) arrests remind me of a quote from Otto Frank (father of Anne Frank): "The Germans didn't leave us a thing, all these years, we have nothing anymore...". because when humans are caught with drugs that are making payments on a house and have children, the children can be sent to foster care, how can any body make payments on a house from jail? The same is true for protitution, molestation and child pornography. These humans have to start over, and that is not easy, in particular with no money and nazi fascist god antisexual humans in the majority on earth.
Also in Massachussetts a human was moved from San Diego because a human in Massachussetts said the male human in San Diego did penis in anus to him (with no consent I am guessing) 20 years before now, but some how pressing charges against humans in a psychiatric hospital have a 2 year statute of limitations - even if there was damage! I am against statute of limitations, but still. Look at this human in the former "witch trial" state, this human has lived thru what ever happened - does this human suffer from enflammed ass hole? broken pelvis? HIV or the syph? no - not one broken ligamite. Put I am guessing the human will be hanged at noon, while humans that have caused far more damage will get a tea party with crumpets.

The Sony robot "SDR-4X" is awesome but the "is your girlfriend a psycho?" (supporting the psych war) add on the Sony page was obviously not good.

Two smart humans (with backing from other smart humans) have appeared to battle against the antisexual (out of no where!). Judith Levine is a smart brave humans that some how got a book questioning the illogical anger and violence surrounding touching of younger humans, published by humans at the University of Minnesota (perhaps the enlightened Jessie Ventura has had some positive effect there). The book is called "harmful to minors" and appears to be (with perhaps the exception of a book by Benjamin Spock, and perhaps one or two other books) one of the only books to question the idea that humans under the age of 18 are not sexual, and can not make decisions for them selves. Another human, Harris Mirkin, at the University of Missouri, that gave an excellent interview with Dan Tsang on the KUCI radio (in fact you can here the real audio recording at kuci.org/~dtsang), made a book (or some text) that uses the word "pedophilia". Listen to this interview, Mirkin is funny, smart, and has a New York City accent. I sent a message thanking Harris, and Harris sent back a message. So in my opinion, Harris Mirkin gets good marks for honesty, wisdom and communication.

I have a number of things in common with some humans that hand out papers for a Jesus based religion: I am friendly, I take and absorb verbal abuse from other humans, and I also have a message to teach and share.

Sports games for me take the form of "the one chick's breasts took the lead, but then the other girl had a nice round ass....then the two girls hugging took precedence...."

Think that humans might actually have to see nudity. I can see that this is asking for quite a bit. For example having to see two humans kissing, how could any body ask for that to be tolerated?

There was a good Frontline show "Did Daddy Do It?" that describes how Frank Fuster was locked in jail in Florida (by Janet Reno), and after months of court time was sentenced to jail for years, even though none of the humans that were "molested" had a single scratch or bruise. What was never questioned in the Frontline show that is a surprise to me is the question: "How severe is molestation?", and "How much time should a human spend in jail for molestation?". One human got 3 life sentences, but the humans that the "crime" happened to were not paralized, no broken bones, no bullet holes, no bruises, etc... not one piece of physical damage. Fuster got sentences for years in prison for kissing the buttock of a human under the age of 18. But humans that spank humans under the age of 18 never get a minute in a jail cell. Arrests for molestation are the top news stories, but spanking is not any where to be seen. I think that this is proof that humans really care nothing for the physical safety of humans under the age of 18, but want to stop pleasure and sex.

I am making some progress with a constant velocity simulation or model of the universe. In this model, the photons all have the same mass or amount of matter (1 unit). The photons only change the direction of each other, not the velocity. photons do appear to slow down (in water), but perhaps the photons are only orbiting other atoms for one or two rotations at the usual speed of photons. I also have a newton gravity program that I am using to try and put together a model of electromagnetic force being only the result of the combined movements of photons because of gravity or the geometry of space-time.

Are all humans that are doctors, and police the same? Are these humans above the democratic laws? Never make mistakes? One thing that is amazing with doctor humans is that a number of hospitals have religious names, like "St Jude" and "St Thomas", even if religious has never made any advances in healing. None called "Malpigi", "Vesalius", "Galen", ...in fact no group of doctor humans has ever made a movie even telling the history of healing thru science! Doctor humans are still called "practing medicine", but drugs are only one part of healing. Where is the questioning of psychology as a legitimate part of healing and science? Not one word questioning the involuntary "treatments" in the psychiatric hospitals from these humans.

I have basic wants for humans in prisons and hospitals:
1) no humans can be tied to any object with out clear consent
2) no humans can be injected with any drugs with out clear consent
3) no human can be put in a strait jacket with out clear consent
4) no human can be electrocuted with out clear consent

I first masturbated at the age of 11 or 12 (grade 6 or 7). How old were you when you first masturbated?

A number of humans have sexual jealous anger. I remember for myself being angry because some body I had sex with had sex with a different human. Now, ofcourse, I think humans should share, touch, be honest and open, and have sex with any human any time with consent (no matter if married, befriended as girlfriend/boyfriend, etc...). Sex should be viewed as not serious. Sex should be viewed as similar to defication (shitting), some thing that should happen once a day, or every three days. If some body wants to have sex with a different human than you, my advice to you is to find a different human to have sex with also - not get angry and or violent. There are 3e9 female and male humans each - got to be more than 10 that match and are willing to have sex or only sleep together.

I formed some new groups:
"Humans for stopping violence" with 2 focuses on jailing for spanking and slapping. (there is a new ad from this group saying "why do we arrest humans for spanking? Because we care for the physical safety of children.")

"Humans for science" with a new campaign (or focus) on debunking religion. (one ad is "Religion is crap! We want the machines that hear thought!"

"Humans for Pleasure" with a focus on promoting touch and sex with consent. (one ad is "your parents had sex, why not you? sex IS great!")

So these three groups are going to be changing injustice on planet earth, look for these new ads - and even make your own ads! There is no membership - you can say you are in these groups.

most humans (perhaps) think that humans they hate should be killed or beat. Not me.
ok whew!...that is all for now. I am looking forward to hearing what Eddie Tabash says on may 23, 2002 at 7 Pm in the Bio Science Lecture Hall at UC Irvine!

I want more than most other things to find a female to sleep with (not even sex necessarily although sex would also be great, penis in mouth, or vagina).

waqr on terrorism = reishtag fire, now any violence is justified because of the "terrorists". Does no body see that terrorists fall under the sub catagory of human?There are already 2 or 3 laws that allow humans to stop violence

There is allegiance to a nation, and then allegiance to a planet, and also allegience to the nonviolent majority of humans on the entire planet. Do not get caught by supporting all things "USA", beacuse you can be sure there are violent humans that need to be captured here also, while there are fine humans in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and other parts of earth that should be recognized and protected from violence and not from sex and touching with consent. Nobody needs to put down sex and pleasure, there is clear majority of humans that put down sex and pleasure already.

I am asking humans opiinons on "privacy", what do humans say? Do these humans support "privacy"? Beacuse most of these humans have violated any shred of privacy that ever existed and I find pleasure and relief in making them speak out loud for the record that they support privacy while simultaneously hearing humans think, and watching humans in apartments. Privacy is again and again a myth, there is no way of privacy happening in a universe of photons. There is no damage caused by capturing photons (taking pictures) of humans in apartments and houses. This is already happening, live with it, accept it, and then every body can share in these images and info, to mate, reproduce, learn, etc... to stop violence is a key thing also.

Humans watch other people, including copyrighted material, watch copies of copyrighted material, but scream when some body takes their picture with out permission, or prints their copyrighted text. That is hypocracy, and I will no have no part of making humans get permission to use any thing I type, say or draw in any way the human wants to. I am amazed that some of these humans that can see inside the apartments of humans, and hear thoughts STILL think copyright is a fair idea. The future is complete freedom to copy any data.

Some younger humans were telling me that the humans like the game "Diablo" and the human shoots the "Pagans". Years before now, when I made computer games I described a game where the human kills religious humans, from reverends, to cardinals, and finally the pope in the vadican, and I may try to make this game. Other levels could include psychiatrict hostpials - freeing nonviolent humans and capturing and transfering violent humans. Also drug war, where you go in to a prison and free the humans in jail because of the drug war. Perhaps humans could play both sides. Games like this are fine. Better that a human get agression out on a computer than on a human. Plus, there is no damage caused by playing a video game, although watch these idiot humans go on and on, about how there is damage....What is with these religious bs titles? The religious humans have billions of dollars to spend on this bullshit. "Diablo" is a 2-d game, and is not fun in my opinion, like the dreary "quake", every thing is in a dungeon. I like "Duke Nukem", there, the human goes to orbit, and there are other planets, nukes are a science theme. Wait until humans are getting photons from the atoms in molecules in fecies by using beams of opposite protons.
Other games could include sex versus celebacy, I was thinking of a different 3-d game where humans do not fire a gun, but fire sperm, or some non violent idea. You can be sure the violence would be more accepted than the pleasure, sperm game.
There is not a nude human to be seen, but you humans have had too much!

I thikn there muyst be some serious christian or religious humans at Ben and Jerry's ice cream to have ice cream titles like:
"This is nuts"
(although this is kind of an ad for me, still the persecution in the hostpitals in unforgivable. My reply to Andy Dick was "no these are nuts, " you muther fucka (human).
"Concession obsession", oh obsession!!!! there used to be a law that brought humans in to courts for "seduction".
"Half Baked" - although pro marijuana, perhaps, this again is ignoring the problem in the psych war.
"Bovinity Divinity" - There is nothing divine

Here are some titles I give:
science pleasure sex cream
touching good for all ages with nuts
atom planet galaxy crunch
DNA grown in orbit sucking cream
Grow life to other stars ice cream
Brain machine cream!
No more copyright blue berry stuff
atheist apple
Other companies are worse.
My thanks and support to the humans at Dr. Pepper for not using "God" in an ad, but even more support for the humans at Vons/Pavillion. I bought a "puffed wheat" cereal (like Golden Crisp) from Vons Pavillions and the back had "Great names in science", with riddles and puzzles naming Loius Pasteur, Margoret Sanger (I think), Tom Edison, one riddle was "although a shy person , this human united energy and matter" and the answer was "Albert Einstein". How excellent that these humans are critical of the secrecy and quietness of Einstein. After WW2 any body that critisized a Jewish human (and also nubian humans) was viewed as racist. WIth out a doubt all humans are open for criticism and the truth is that labeling a person that crititcizes a human racist is racist because most critisism are not racial, but these humans think that they are. Einstein did use the word "pot" once, but when asked "what do you think about prohibition?"...Einstein refused to answer. Millions of humans in science could have said more against injustice and violence, against religion, etc...This box is a million times better than some humans in sports, or a race car driving human, or super model human....is this what these younger humans are to aspire to?!?!?!

If humans could hold back from using violence for 3 seconds I think there would be some progress.

I will get to see the camera network when all humans gets to see. Like aparteid in South Africa, slavory in the americas, all elitist systems fail.

I was locked in a jail in Burbank after being walked on to Disney property with a reservation for an "Ellen" show "after being warned not to come back one time months before, although I think most humans at Disney are not that brutal. Why did Ellen keep repeating my thoughts to millions of humans that would have liked to hear from me? and what I was doing in my apartment? Ellen tried to get the millions of humans that watch me to watch her, but was not willing to shake hands, talk, and invite me on to tv to promote science adn atheism (to make a complex story more simple). These humans in acting are not great humans. Most have no degree, and have never spoken out against some thing as simple and popular as violence! They all watch humans in apartments, and thoughts, care nothing for science, laugh at the humans in jail, laugh about violence, will not share a single image, have not one comment to make, do not answer one letter, have no web page, .....and deserve as little as humans in sports do. These humans are like king and queen humans...like the human prince of dingle or some place that when first heard the phone, dropped the phone with the words "it talks!....". Wait until you humans see what is happening here on earth, you will not watch one of these idiot humans, you will be watching me, and million and millions of other humans. That happened in 1995 or 6. I had to stay in a prison with 6 or 7 other male humans. Because this happened on Friday and the court was closed until Monday (how nice and fair). Here I am the human that made the video demanding that "each human be given their own cell, it is cruel and unusual to put more than one human in one cell with no consent". I was not going to wait until Monday, and so a nice hispanic male human offered to take my wallet, go to an atm, get the $300, pay the $200 bail (no atm in prison and I normally do not carry $200 in paper money), and keep $100. I had to trust the human, these people were in jail for drinking or some thing, any two of these humans could have damaged me or beat me to death. I signed over my wallet to these hispanic humans (the police human said...I wouldn't or some thing..) and sure enough, these people came back with my wallet and bail. These humans were more just, fair and honest than the humans in the mfin Burbank (or most) police. Later Ellen Degeneres shared a fascist laugh with every body saying "somebody call the cops!" (laughs) Other fascist pro violence and persecution humans waved and hooted as I was being taken away in cuffs. Seeing never violent humans locked in jail for tresapssing (in particular with a reservation!), obscenity, prostitution, drugs is funny to most, but not to me. I think all humans involved (from the caucasian religious married humans in neck ties and cosmetics that ordered the arrest, to the Disney security humans that made me sit down and wait, to the Burbank police humans that were involved, and finally the attourney and judge humans) are to be exposed and shown to all humans and get nothing until dead, or perhaps until there are more arrests for violence than any other "crime" (this is more than these humans would say for me!). Humans like to excuse this kind of an injustice with the catch all words "oh...a stalker...he was stalking her...", when are humans going to stop their first fist fight? Their first knifing? When are humans going to even see that? Plus, why lock in jail a human that tresapsses? I think moving the human off the property is enough. But humans are vindictive, the punishments are ALWAYS, more severe then any possilbe crime, EXCEPT for violence of course. I have learned since that time, and I will not give these million dollar do and say nothing human a muther fucking atom. All for science, truth and pleasure, none for other.
Some humans have been saying "I will see you in a bit"
Because when I was in college I would go to a laundry (in desparation to feel a gentle female....and from lack of touch) and put on female underwear (also called panties), bras and masturbate. I also tried on female underware (and bras) when I once watched a house, and later in 1994 in an apartment. I am shocked at how many humans are shocked by this! I ask male humans to try on what are traditionally female cloths. There is real sexual arousal! Even to think of what that would be like is sexually stimulating. I ask the same of female humans, try to wear what are traditionally male clothes, if even for a minute. Try a penis and testicles (even a carrot and two cherry tomatoes) on for 2 or 3 minutes. I think that both genders could benefit from feeling the traditional gentleness of a female (with all the brutal barbaric violent male humans!), and the traditional independence and agressiveness of male gender (for all the passive "give me free stuff" female humans). One human (I am so tired of typing this - when will this be a video already!? humans are easily amused)...one human typed "when you enter a stranger's house and smniff their panties..." and I typed back "oh no the human is smelling panties!!!! run to the hills!!!!!! as if this causes damage in any way. Perhaps I am more sexual then most humans. I worry when humans are not sexually aroused when seeing a human of the opposite gender. I worry when humans feel no sexual arousal at all. There is beoming less difference between male underwear and panties now, I bought some male underwear that is like a sturdy panty and will wear those now if ever I get the chance for sex. When I was younger my erect penis and horniness was much more intense than now. When humans refer to the images these humans GET TO SEE of me in female panties and bras (I never get to see me or them, think of what else human must have done, like the human in American Pie that put penis in a pie, there must be other...oh yes...one human I went to high school, an exceptionally smart human, with a perfect SAT score, masturbated during one class, "how advanced" I thikn now, but at the time, I am not proud to type, I made fun of the human. Now I am aware of this anti pleasure group of humans....these humans number in the billions....there is no winning, I just want to find a female human to sleep with, and reproduce, and I think I may live to see that happen.

My guess is that there is a healthy fuck fest going on for humans included in the camera and thought network [hey every body I put the words "camera and thought network" together!], and not one virus.

I guess I focus on the negative things that happen to me more, because some female humans do try to contact me. This happened two times in the same grocery store. One asian female human made a masturbating motion, and the other (hispanic/or asian female) said "I want the big ones...." (and I thought...my big balls...that must be...). If only these female humans would try again, although I may not recognize....how can I tell if these humans are here to see me? I have made terrible mistakes before when a female human was coming on to me, and then I asked the person out and was yelled at and charged with "sexual harassment" and had to talk to an idiot human, both who will get nothing. I think the word "who" is obsolete and shows a real human prejudice, most humans would never say "who are these molecules?"
So to quote Ted Turner, not every thing has been "gloom and doom".

Sex with the same human for 30,000 days has got to be incredibly boring.

I think the humans in sports, tv and acting, get low scores for secrecy, but there are humans, like Jodie Foster, that get high scores for atheism and science, perhaps these scores will average out. After some thought, I think that movies like the Will Smith movie "Mohommed Ali" are worse than "A Beautiful Mind", because while nonviolent self sufficient humans may be locked and drugged in psychiatric hospitals some times these humans will have side effects of the ridiculous drugs like tartive dyskoesia (Sylvia my neverviolent mother has this now, but still must take resparidol by law and on the advice on an idiot human that has given her a new diagnosis du jour of "scitzo generative {or some thing}") A number of these humans are killed in psychiatric hostitals each year. Some from asphixiation because of strait jackets and restraints, one human used a lighter to light the bed she was tied to and the first human to finally put out the fire was a human in the fire department, that wheeled out her dead body, think of the pain that must have been involved, and then that the psychiatric humans could not hear the female humans call for help.

Still there are humans like Muhommed Ali, that break bones that are more popular than humans of the same or different race and gender that try to put bones back together. If humans keep supporting violence, there is more possibility of humans getting beat, and less of humans getting healed. No more leather jackets. I would like if humans that eat and wear cow, while not caring for the cow mammal species, do stand up against injustice to the human mammal species.

Seeing humans tied to chairs and electricity pumped thru their body with no choice may be funny to some but not to me, and this may still happen in parts of New York City.
A human gave me two web pages that are both good:

Another idea I had is "tiny telescopes", perhaps a convex mirror the size of the beam of photons from the earth star reflected off of the earth moon, or a star could spread the photons out, but perhaps not, I am tired of not being allowed to be wrong.
I think humans should be promoting variety. Only in the USA would humans have the choice to vote for one of 250 million humans and vote for the son of a prior president, you inbred a-hoz humans.

Some humans in the camera thought network have no money, all think there is a god, are all married, could have hacked up their own family but are still accepted! not me tho! I was sexual. oh the inhumanity. What is next, making humans see overweight nude people on a beach...? Think of the years of counciling that will be needed.
This is ridiculous that I spend this much time doing this idiocy.
I hate the way religion is promoted and viewed as "sane". To get out of prison, for :"good behavior", you must reject science and atheism, and all other religions, and join the jesus based group. When really the exact opposite is true. The non religious are not forgiven for violence. I am in favor of locking humans in a prison for some democratic time when the humans does violence, and then NOT constantly putting the human down, and reminding the humans, and gloating, etc...although no human should be drugged or beat for doing such things. I look at life with logic. You do the violence, you go to the jail, you come out (for most humans), you get to try again. end of story. There is no, "fry the dirty bastard!!!!!", "remember..you put apill in your body...", etc...

When you humans get to see this camera network, and hear thoughts (like a dog cow or pig remembering a song on the radio), you will recognize in 1 millisecond that there is no use is lying. I rememeber when I was younger walking on a street whistling (or singing) and then suddenly stopping thinking...what if some body is watching me, how embarrassing that I am singing out loud. Then I thought, perhaps I should live my life like I am always being watched, that will make things easier. What a stupid thing the phrase "talking to yourself" is, in particular with the current camera network (millions of humans watch, some human must always watch at least one human - perhaps being employed to). What is the crime in making sounds? you brutally uptight humans.

There is going to be a Burger King vegtable burger -yes! There is a billion dollar fast food restaurant I have wanted to make for 3 or 4 years called "Veg" that has all veggie only food. Veggie cheese burgers (perhaps small like "White Castle"), fries and soda. How simple! Humans will eat any thing if the human will eat cow parts. I remember the first cow burger I ate, my father said "everybody eats these", I took one bite and the burger tasted like a barn yard, and I said "bleh..." or some thing...and asked "every body eats these?", and Peter said "yes"...so I kept eating...and eventually grew to like the taste.

You humans are missing millions of things. The human that killed JFK and all humans involved, the last images of Janis and Hendrix alive. Brain machines, camera networks, millions of sexings, millions of killings, and the tiny other advances in science that are not recognized for years.
One of these missed things is the development of new non meat foods. While no body was looking excellent "taste the same as meat" (and other) foods made of vegtables are being brilliantly constructed. I ask you to try these products and tell me what you think:
These are some of my favorites:
Boca (burgers, sausages (the smoked sausage is exactly the same as kielbosa - no body could possibly detect a difference), [and chicken patties]) GardenBurger (ribs [and no bones!], [burgers]) LiteLife (deli, italian sausage, chicken strips) Morningstar (sausage, sausage pizza, bacon)

and the prices compare to the same meat product.
See you all later,
Stop violence
Teach science
No nude war
No drug war

Here are my final decisions on the Primary Election:
First the Primary Election is not the final election that happens every November. The Primary Election decides whate networksbuithumans thopballot (o.s in Here ar pice of ape.
r) foal Eleceseburgers - perhaps small like "white castle"tion (the finalon) in Nof some body is watching me, how embarrassing me singas employmentng out loudvember.

I thinvoting should be done othe internet, and should be open at all t (constant vote recording).

Because I do not want to be identified with anrug "party", I have to ask for a party ballot from a human at the polls in order to vote for any governmnet employment (like governer) that is in the party system. This is because of the decision by the 7 humans on the US supreme court. Some how these 7 humans can make a better decision than the millions of humans that vote.

Here are my votes:
First I think that the most important votes are for:
1= District attorney
2= Police chief
3= Governer (perhaps this is 1 or 2)

All the ballot measures, all the other employments are no where near as serious as these 3 employments. The human that is district attorney decides what humans the police capture (arrest) and lock in jail and then go to court. With the current religious, ignorent, uninformed humans on earth and undemocratic court system in the USA, being charged is to be found guilty (or responsible) of "crimes" that (like molestation, drugs, and prostitution) were (perhaps) a nuisance and a bother but did not cause pain or damage.
There are only 2 humans on the ballot for district attorney of Orange County:
Tony Rackauckas
and Wallace Wade

This is an important decision that humans in Orange County are going to make. Thousands of humans, like me, got a paper from each in the paper message box (mail box).
Look at these two papers. Basically this decision is the most popular humans in Orange County answer to this question:
What is worse: molestation or violence?
Perhaps this decision is more complex, but as far as I can see this is Molestation vs Violence. Of course violence is worse you ideiots!!!!!! humans. If you are the kind of human that is on the same side as Harry Potter and are at all sexual than you should vote for Rackauckas. Even if not on the side of people like Harry Potter, and not sexual, still I ask you to vote for Rackauckas ... may be you will regain your lost sexuality if only in thought.

Look at these two ads. Both these humans are caucasian male humans in neck ties. So, not great there, but wait....in one photo Rackauckas has the neck tie on loosely! I think this may be indicating that, Rackauckas (I am not sure how to say this name but I am guessing raKXKiS or ruKXKis or roKXKis or roKoUKiS) at least recognizes that the neck tie may be a thing of the past. The photo of Wade has a flag (taking a full 1/3 of the image), Rackauckas also has a flag (I think the patriotism/nationalism is not good, this is a planet of humans and there is a larger picture of humans stopping violence on the planetary level, where are the earth flags (if any)?)

Look at the humans, Rackauckas has the metal wedding ring clearly displayed, but with Wade there is no wedding ring, I thikn for the most part because there is no question that a human this conservative is married, and in any event would never share an atom of "personal" (or other) data with any body.

Each has a human with a police uniform also in the picture. Rackauckas has a photo of the current human employed as OC Sheriff Mike Corona with a message from Corona. I think the message from Corona is great. I am glad that people have elected what appears (from extremely limited data) to be a good choice for OC Sheriff. The human in the police uniform on the Wade ad has a police uniform and may be in the police, or may be a model human. Both Wade and this human in the police uniform have cosmetics on. Rackaukas and Carona do not (as far as I can recognize). I think wearing cosmetics or make up is stupid. On the Rackaukas ad Corona is quoted as saying "District Attoney Tony Rackauckas and I are a team that works together to drive gangs and violent criminals out of Orange County. He has done a great job...". I think that "gangs" are not a serious problem, because being in a gang should not be a crime any more than being in a club should be. But perhaps Carona has to throw this buzz word out to win votes from conservative humans. Cornona uses the word "job" and this is pro sex, because of the word "blow job" that is some how perhaps from the year 1100 that will probably get replaced with "penis in mouth", or perhaps "pene en la boca" for some...but for now "job" is just easier to use. Of great importance is that Carona says "violent criminals". Violence is worse than drug use, and molestation, and prostitution, and property theft, ...violence is worse than every thing else. The only problem is that most humans are embarrassed or not smart or confident enough to change focus or opinions from the tradition of ignoring violence and stopping sex to tolerating sex with consent and stopping violence. For the past 5 years I have spoken out against violence almost every day. I am shocked that there are no "stop violence" groups, and ads. One song I made two months before now is "stop violence, teach science". Finally the DARE poeple added the word "and violence" to stop drugs. Speaking of drugs, both humans have no text on the ad that relates to drugs. I think both may realize that like guns, alcohol and tobacco, all drugs are going to be legal in 10 to 50 years. The only group of texts is on the Wade ad that indicates that the "California Narcotics Officers Association" supports (or endorses) Wade. This should indicate what a barbaric, conservative human Wade is. There are more than 1 million nonviolent humans in US prisons (more than any other nation) for marijuana. The drug war is a brutal, unjust 70 year persecution of nonviolent humans that use drugs (remember that all humans use drugs).
From the voter information papers:
Wade is saying that Wade will focus on stopping:
rape, robbery, kidnapping, child molestation, and political corruption. From the ad: murder, bribery, rape, child molestation, domestic violence, robbery, burglary, perjury, fraud and criminal conspiracy, political corription, voter fraud, elder abuse, and domestic violence again.

Rackaucas says Rackauckas will focus on:
(from the voter papers):
gangs, death penalty, 3 strikes, violent criminals, child support.
From the ad:
Gang murders, deadbeat dads,environmental, saving tax dollars.

For Wade, child molestation may be a nuisance (like a kiss from gramma), and reason for anti touch humans to speak out against humans touching with no consent, or sexual touching even with consent, but no human feels pain or is physically damaged from molestation. Focusing on stopping touch with no consent that does not cause pain or damage is to try and kill the nearly dead sex on earth. Sex is needed for life of earth to survive, but most humans will not promote sex with consent, because religions have labelled all pleasure as bad. Political corruption, also is in the group of no pain or damage done, there should be free trade of all images, money, products and services. If humans do not like the actions of a human, do not vote for that human, expose that human, etc... Why does violence, have to be hidden in the word group "domestic violence"? What ever happened to plain old violence? Perjury? What the fuck? Lying in a court is a serious focus? Hey some body took my bicycle and bike seat while all you humans watched, why not do some thing there? Some boyd threw a cup of coffee that hit me, why not do some thing then? I am guessing other property is getting stolen and humans being punched, stabbed, etc... One thing that is interesting with Wade, is the phrase "restore integrity", perhaps "restore" is refering to my game 2020, I have no idea, but "integrity"? These humans watch thought no less! Forget watching humans in apartments with out ever even hinting that such a camera network exists, (other humans and perhaps this human, promptly label any body that reveals/exposes this camera network and thought machines "insane" and ready for counciling or an insane asylum). THere is a photo of what looks to be a nubian male human on the Wade ad and I think this is a plus for Wade, but the overall score is low. Wade may be less backwards than Steve Cooley (Los Angeles County DA), but is similar. Humans would be seeing non stop Paula Poundstone, Hugh Grant, pasadena sports couch human arrests, (and possibly even another Ted Huntington arrest), and unsolved, unstopped killing like Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, human kill human events not stopped or even seen. Wade is also employed at UCI, and I think that universities and science are great and getting better. I think that engineering, biology, chemistry, ...probably produce more products for life of earth, but history and democratic studies, ...some of these info producing, or service based employments/fields are probably popular.

For Rackauckas there should be more info, there should be more focus on democracy, sharing info, promoting touch and sex with consent, promoting science, etc... both should have this. Again, being in a gang is not a crime, or people in NOW and the KKK, etc... would be locked in jail for being in a club, not for doing violence.

I could go on, but I am not going to. Please vote for Tony Rackauckas and Mike Carona. PROPOSITIONS:
40= YES or No vote. I am not sure how much money the humans in the USA are in debt, and think that debt is not great, but I am also in $3000 debt. I also do not like "environmental intimidation", I think opinions are changed by sharing facts and information not by bullying and abstract opinion. Where is the money going to? How are the parks going to be safe? Safe from what? oral sex and kissing? violence? How is the air going to be cleaner? Is the air not clean now? What is in place now? THe same for the water? Is this for new pipes? I almost voted no, or no vote because of the lack of info. Be more specific.
41= NO. Vote on the internet already.
42=NO. Spend money any way you want to.
43=YES. More democracy.
44=NO. Free info and democracy should decide what humans have caused damage, not abstract labels for events of no pain or damage.
45=YES (changed). I confused the sentence and see that voting yes is going against term limits. Absolute democracy does not exclude any human.
46=YES. This is a full brainer. Of course all human should be allowed to go topless.
47=YES. Again, a nice measure to see, complete legal marijuana. Bravo, finally some logic after 70 years of marijuana prohibition.
48=YES. Vote for planet earth supreme court decisions.

Measure V: Proposed charter. No, I think voting for this makes not much difference. Mainly, I am in favor of constant, or yearly elections, and more democracy.
Measure W: Stop the El Toro airport. NO. I think this property should be open for fair sale for the highest price, and or democratically decided. This would be an interesting debate if I was included in the camera network. If an airport is not successful, the humans will go out of business, and or move any way. Plus, bring more wise and beautiful humans to south california! This will increase the local human database, and spread gender and racial variety, science and truth. One funny thing with this is the female human in the ad against this measure has no ring (+), no nail polish (+), does have face cosmetics (-) and lipstick (-). This human may be a mixing of asian and caucasian and is very beautiful in my opinion, ofcourse I think all matter is beautiful, still, I have a unique preference that find certain humans more attractive than others, I do think this human is kind of thin or frail looking and has not larger than average breasts, still I would absolutely hug, sleep with, touch, have sex with, ...oh a million things of pleasure and not one of pain with this human. I give free sensual face cleanings for female humans in cosmetics.
Now the humans: (see reasons below)
State of California
1) Governer: Gray Davis (demo)
2) Lt Gov: Donna Warren (green) (#2 Cruz Bustamente [demo] )
3) Secretary of State: Valli Sharpe-Geisler (reform)
4) Attorney General: Ed Kuwatch (libertarian) [this is an important vote!!!!!]
5) Controller: David Delano Blanco (Green) (#2 Laura Wells [green])
6) Treasurer: Marian Smithson (Libertarian) 7) Insurance Commissioner: Dale F. Ogden

Orange County

County of Orange
District Attorney: Tony Rackauckas
Sherrif-Coroner: Mike Carona
County Clerk/Recorder: Bruce Peotter (not Tom Daly - use of "he'll")
Public Administrator: no vote (between Landrus and Williams)
Treasurer-Tax Collector: no vote

Kimberly Menninger (+serious crimes, - death penalty, -Trinity Presbyterian Church)
[DO NOT VOTE for Bruce Dannemeyer - ("president of my church", "all men"))

Karen Taillon (+grateful,-active in our church and community,-death penalty)

Ronald Kline, this is funny as can be...
I got a number of phone messages, and one was an angry caucasian male human in a neck tie, in anti sexual anti pleasure religious fury, this human said "Ronald Kline" has been arrested for (or found with), ..."child pornography"!!!! When will these prude, prehistoric, religious, intolerant, uneducated, anti pleasure, anti touch, anti science humans learn and/or be demoted? Images must be allowed to be owned. Images of nude humans under the age of 18 fill the planet. There is nothing wrong with nudity. No human should be locked in a jail for simple owning an image (or even having an image sent with no permission), ....images flow like photons thru the universe. How is any body supposed to stop violence against humans under the age of 18 if nobody can see images of humans getting beat, spanked, slapped, or penis in the anused under the age of 18?
One human perhaps age 19 expressed a popular view in saying, yeah that human Kline is in jail for molesting.. and I said ..."I will wait for the video"..and the human said "I looked in to it and I guess there is good evidence, ...(or somthing like this), or the human was caught red handed, or that it is for sure that he did it....and I said, who gives a shit about molesting? These people just want to stop sex. Where is the bruise, these people need to stop violence, my bike was stolen here, when are these humans going to stop real crime? I said there should be cameras here...and the human said "people don't want randon cameras..." and I thought...what the fuck, how shockingly uneducated these humans are. There are humans that are unaware that there ALREADY ARE cameras covering every cubic centimeter of california and in poarticular los angeles and orange county. Just as bad are the humans that keep the camera network a secret.
Even though I have not been invited to see humans in apartments and thoughts...as under informed as I am, still I think that this human "Todd Spitzer" (was one of the names given" and "John Adams" must be up to no good, and for the most part are trying to stop good clean sex and touching with plenty of consent....In addition most of these humans, probably including Wade, are simply "anti ted huntington", these humans hate my influence, popularity and changes I am promoting. Most of the humans do not want to let every body see the camera network, and thoughts, are sports loving, spartan (not athenian), and keep secret all info including images of violence, detest science....and worse.
Stand up to these anti pleasure nazi humans, protect sex and pleasure, vote for Kline.
Kelly Mac Eachern - I am not extremely comfortable with this choice, but the human uses the words "Orange County's most violence offenders" - this would be a fine internet and or television show, and would be of great interest to the people of Orange County. "most violent" are words I used in a "Get Real Show". Then there is this part "For years I put rapists and child molesters in prison as a member of the elite Sexual Assault Unit and Child Abuse Servise Team. (ted: sounds like a card carrying Nazi penis and clitoris chopping human...but wait...), Now I prosecute men who batter their wives or girlfriends." This implies that perhaps this human has learned that penis in vagina and/or penis in anus, and/or touching humans under the age of 18 with no consent are not as bad as being shot, having fingers cut off, being punched until bleeding, etc...My guess is that this human is still in the majority group of married, religious, cosmetics, jewlery. Most married humans are asexual, or antisexual, and most definately against other humans having sex. The whole labeling of humans as "molesters", "wives", "girlfriends", the whole system is inhuman, backwards, and has been upgraded by humans like me already, and is only waiting for inevitable popularity. This human is for drug treatment rather than jail. Bravo, that is a bold, smart decision. But then says big drug dealers belong in prison..."hello Johnson and Johnson...you all under arrest". Open the market for drugs, guns do more damage, and what a human puts in the self is the choice of that human. I use the word "that" because remember that most of these humans are part of the secret fascist brain machine regime. The other humans Vickie Bridgman does provide age in earth years (the standard format, and Maceachern does not), and both support death penalty. I think the death penalty is barbaric and in particular the way the US court system is. No constant vote by all humans, etc...Vickie uses the word "committed" - not good, think of the thousands of humans in hospitals that tried to expose the brain machines (unsuccessfully, need less to say). Vickie "believes in the war against terrorism", ...well some body arrest The Pope human and cardinal humans, because these humans terrify me with that anti sexiality. Celebacy, celebacy, save it for the humans in the clergy. Celebacy, celebacy, save it for the humans that got married! "My heart was broken" Bridgman types, but yet, no reports of where the heart was broken, or mended, by what doctor human, was there a bypass, most humans could not live thru a serious tear in heart tissue? Oh wait...there are still the backwards cult of humans that consider the heart (and not the brain) to be the seat of consciousness, ok I guess that could be the case here. Finally Vicki Ann Bridgman (or BriDJmoN) says "worshiped"...there is some debate if there should always be an extra letter in words like worship (worshipped), for past tense. No more worship or pray...only think and machine will show and play sounds of thoughts.

Glenda Sanders, do not vote for David Brent (the ever loving .."child molesters"!!!! again, yeesh...get a job)
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Lynne C. Leach (see reasons below)
County Superintendent of Schools: no vote
WIth no info, perhaps I could search on the web, I do not want to support a human I have no idea of the values the human has, other than that the human will not provide info in the voting papers, but perhaps that costs money.
Assessor - Webster J Guillory. (+keep up with technological changes, + in vote papers)
Auditor = no vote.

Ok that is every thing for now. whew! and just wow...and my word (as me grand mamare used to say). There will eventually be a constant camera (from a robot) of me available for all humans to see at all times some where on the internet.

One final note: Humans should be happy to be involved in democracy. To have and express opinions in order to change or sustain government decisions and the choices life makes on earth is important. If humans do not take an interest in democracy, all of life on earth may suffer from unpopular decisions and unstopped violence. Have opinions, express your values, be aware of and interested in what is happening on planet earth and this universe.

I do not have time to keep typing every thing that happens to me, and in addition the level of education, logic and morality in the humans on earth at this time is extremely low. But I will continue to move forward despite great physical and financial danger to explain science, toplet against violence and rligion, to expose the camera and thought networks, to free humans in hospitals and jails that have not caused damage.

I think that eventually I want to have a constant streaming video of me at all times shown on a web page no matter where I am. Four or more robots can follow me at all times, filming everything I do, and everything around mllyinge.

There is nothing new to report, another human called me "Ped" in a bike store called "Jax" in Irvine, CA (in the same plaza as the "Wheel of Life"). I should have and was for the most part expecting this because looking at the store, while there are some friendly humans there, every human employed there is a male human. A different human countered by saying "Tud" to try and offset my anger. This makes me want to explain more of this "Ped" calling. Most of these humans are not acting alone. I immediately said "nothing for this human and all the way up to the top" or some thing like that. These humans are paid for by religious humans. Most religious humans inherited money, because none of the religions gain income, because there are no products, and all income is from donations. There are also humans paid for by atheist and science humans. The interesting thing is that the religious humans are with out a doubt the most mean and nasty. The non religious science humans never say any thing, or if any thing, some thing positive and smart. If only you humans could see what a growing number of humans can see. My guess is that this human in the bike store with a "George" name tag was having sounds sent to his brain from perhaps one of the humans that owns the store, ordering the human to say "Ped". Because hundreds of thousands of humans watch me I can not go to a regular store and buy objects like most humans. But, most humans (only 6 billion) must be stored in planetary databases by now, so there is no way for any human to walk in to a store without a human that owns the store, or security humans in the store pulling up at least one image of the human. Later I saw a license plate with the word "POK" (again you all would see this with a robot sending to a webpage, but for now I will type), and these are the "security" humans for me, nice. I walk the planet like a Jewish human in Nazi Germany, like a Nubian human in a Klan meeting. This anti pleasure group of humans are some of the least educated on the earth. I have never called a human "fatty-fat", or "the great spanker", or "faggot", etc...I never felt the need to, plus I am busy exploring the universe, and with my hobbies. I am not trying to make humans feel bad. Then when the human was giving me my bike, the "George" human said "...no charge..." implying like a number of anti touch humans think I should be locked in a jail for poking a human with my penis! I think this may happen in this anti pleasure anti-sexual group of humans in the USA. Why not lock in jail the humans that spanked? that slap? I was both spanked and slapped. My brother and mother would be looking at months in prison! I threw an elbow once during a sports game. Have you ever thrown a punch? have you ever been spanked? When will the humans that spanked by charged? One women spanked a crying 1 year old or less human in front of the Library here. Ofcourse, no arrest. Humans punch and beat all the time and there is not one arrest. Sex is the ultimate crime! As if a poke in the butt with a penis, or cupping the scrotum of a human causes even a scratch. When will humans start to use logic? Even a "rape" must be viewed as specific events. Was there a penis in the vagina? in the anus? in the mouth? was there verbal objection? was there pain? was there damage? But humans freeze in shock and horror at the word "rape" never finding if there was a penis in a vagina, etc... and then mixing other damage with rape. Penis in anus may cause some bleeding and damage, but that damage will heal and the anus and rectum (for most humans) will be back to normal in under 1 month. But some how, the embarrasment of having a penis in your anus makes this event much, much more severe than a human that broke an arm for example. To end this paragraph, be aware that humans need to make more specific laws for pain, damage, and all forms of touch with no consent. Perhaps this can happen when humans get to vote on federal laws.
In all this anti sexual ignorence no body will stop a simple fist fight or purse theft. My bike was stolen here, and then my bike seat! This is a bit like some body stealing the wheel chair of Steven Hawking, and then stealing a wheel on the replacement chair! And then to think that thousands of humans sat there and watched! I oppose privacy in every form. Let all humans see all things.

I was doing my taxes on the internet for $15 thru taxbrain.com and see that the "Hope" credit is not available to humans with "controlled substance" crimes. I guess "violent" crimes are less severe!!!!???!? What the fuck?! This same illogical hysteria happens with "sex crimes". A human may simply like to touch buttocks, breasts, scrotums, or penises (oh the horror!), but is thought of the same as another human that killed a 14 year old human after putting penis in the anus of the human. Touch with no objection at any age should not be a crime, and touch with no consent that causes no pain should be separated, but is not as serious as a punch with no consent. Because of the human repulsion or hate for pleasure, these "sex" or "genital" touching events take on epic atrocity in the brains of religious and married humans that for the most part are able to be celibate, or monogomous some how.

The anti pleasure, antisex humans are in a 99 or 100 majority. "Sexual harrassment" is most popular "anti sexual harrassment" is not a thought. The same is true for free trade and movement of image, sound and thought. I think a nice addition to the "sex harrassment" stupidity is a "no eye contact" law, or perhaps "no tee shirts", or "no using the word but".

I see as usual that there are car driving humans on cereal boxes. Is this the best role model for younger humans? Is this the farthest younger humans can get? The same is true for the model humans like Cindy Crawford, where are the female humans in engineering, chemistry? biology? computers? Is modelling (and sports) the peak of employment for a growing female human?
One thing that is a rare find is a female (or male) human without an "owner" (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife). Are no humans independent and walk the planet as one human, or a having sex and hugs with more than one human for life?
I think that when humans get to see me, 20 of 100 humans will change in one second. For example, humans will realize that "leather" is the skin of a cow! That all sneakers are made from cow skin (with rare exception). I am asking the humans of Payless shoes, and other show places to provide and explore non cow skin shoes and sneakers. See the "PETA" (People for ethical treatment of animals) web page to see video that is almost never shown.
In another ten years the planet will be covered with walking robots (moving cameras) that will end forever the idiotic idea of privacy.

What is sad is the way younger humans learn by age 15 that touching, pleasure and all thing nude and sex are the most bad. The "combatants" learn by age 10 that touching tushy is punishable by death.

What is worse:
1) Violence or Hate?
2) Violence or Molestation?
3) Violence or Drug Use?
4) Violence or Sex for Money?
5) Violence or Nudity?

Answer for all: Violence.
would you prefer a human beat you or hate you? I choose hate.
Would you prefer having your buttocks grabbed or your face punched. I choose buttocks grabbed.
Would you prefer a human using drugs, or a human beating you? I chose the human using drugs.
Would you prefer a human taking money for penis in mouth or you being punched? I will take the human taking money for penis in mouth.
Would you want a human to be nude in public or a slap in the face? I will take the nude human being allowed in public.

As obvious as these answers are, ask other people and see what the answers are. I have not found one human that thinks violence is worse than hate, or that violence is a more serious problem. perhaps asking if pain, or damage is worse is a better question. Please ask this question also.

Say this to the humans employed in television companies:
I want to hear YOU think (for a change)
I want to see YOU in YOUR house

Some humans argue that not everybody gets to see the 15 year old brain imaging machine just like not everybody owned a tv at first. At least everybody got to see that a television exists! Even if not everybody could afford to buy a television set.
I ask humans to not over react and to not under react to this secret machine that can play the sound a human thinks. This is simply a 20-40 year mistake, not a mistake as serious as religion. Yes, the humans that kept these machines secret should not be rewarded, and should be exposed, but these humans should not be beat, locked in jail or locked in any hospital in my opinion.
One mistake that angers me is that humans think that the humans the people elected and support in movies, television, sports and music are some how the most talented, and morally upright. How many of these humans exposed the brain machine? speaks out against some thing as neutral as violence? against the drug war? against the nude arrests? against the locking and drugging of humans in the psychiatric hostpials? against copyright? none!

For secret brain image and sound machines, let us humans not let this secrecy happen again.

(typed on 2-1-02)
Only 45 minutes before now I was called "Ped" once again, this time by a human (with a medical degree!) named Victor that owns the "Wheel of Life" restaurant in Irvine, CA. I think an older female human in a restaurant called "China West" called me "ped", but with no video I can not be absolutely sure. One human in this Library also called me "Ped" last year. Why do most humans try to stop life of earth? Why stop pleasure? Sex with consent is good for life and is here to stay. If touch with no objection is some how bad, can humans defend this opinion with reason? Even humans with phd degrees in "medicine" (while not speaking a milligram of opposition to the drug arrests or violence) do not support sex with consent, not touching with consent, not pleasure. These people want money, and to be a part of the most massive wide spread money for no product or pleasure scam on earth: the group of humans that claim that a god exists. I do not feel happy to go back to the "Wheel of Life", because how ignorent, uneducated, anti sex and anti science Victor must be. Not one video made by people like this to share, and only contempt for the excellent stories of science, of Vasalius, Spallanzani, Edison, Volta, Sanger, ....humans that were punished every day for there care to keep life alive, feeling pleasure and no pain. If the human put large nude human (perhaps anatomy) posters in the main window and on the walls and perhaps a big sign with the text "nudity is good and causes no damage", or "sex is good for life!", "younger humans deserve to be touched with consent and not to feel pain!", etc... I would feel better, but humans like this will never do any thing like that, because none of these anti pleasure humans support touch and sex with consent, speak openly in favor of touch and sex with consent, or will risk losing a dollar for truth. This reminds me of how people try to live a life trying to get any pennie out of a possible copyright or patent scam. Humans must be getting more than enough sex to be so opposed to promoting sex with consent.
what do these pedo-molesto humans want? What do the humans that call me "PED" want? Would these humans be happy if I was dead? in pain? in jail? for how much time? for me to speak out against touching humans under the age of 18 earth years? An eye for an eye punishment would be to have the male human I poked with my penis, penis poke me in the butt cheek back. Perhaps some of these anti sex humans can be more specific in terms of what the humans want. What I want from you humans is clear. I want you to show the brain image and sounds machines, to show the camera network, to speak out against violence, to promote pleasure, to stop pain, to stop the drug arrests and punishments, to stop the nude and prostitution arrests and trials.

Last night a female human at the grocery store "Ralphs" said, "no kinks in my line", and sounds sent the direction I am in from time to time from people in stores include "you're out of here", in stead of "bye" or "have a nice night". Where is the support for sex and touch with consent?

Here where I am employed, two or three different Unterscharführer humans make mean comments to me each day. The latest is "wakky" and "so". "Wakky" is arguing for locking people in hospitals, and "so" (perhaps a little more abstract) is, I think, a reference to Henry T Yang, the person appointed (like the supreme court, democratically decided by under 100 humans) chancellor of UC Santa Barbara, where some humans want me to go. People watched me as I saw a comment from Yang on the web that started "we are so sorry ....." for the World Trade Center destruction, kind of in the same (perhaps) sarcasm that I say "Praise the Lord, I know him so well.." with full California skeptical tone. So some of these stories are kind of complex to describe in less than 40 words. One final question is, when will humans share all the images and sounds that would stop violence and damage? Of course, humans should stop violence and damage any time now. So (to use a popular word again) obviously people are angry that such damage was not stopped and is not going to be with this group of humans. One latest interesting thing I was thinking of is that perhaps humans in this anti world trade group did not try to stop the World Trade Center destruction, in any event there certainly are a group of some of the most ignorent humans on earth that do not protest violence, not the drug war, not against copyright, but do protest against planetary free trade. My quote on these people is protest some thing of more value, like no more brady bunch reruns.

Almost all the people I am employed with watch people in apartments and listen to thoughts from people next to them. I realize that this is probably difficult to accept, I give the only meager evidence I have later on this page. All this watching humans in apartments and hearing thoughts with out ever confessing that these people do listen to what all the humans think. I some times want to puke and feel nausiated that hundreds of thousands of humans watch people in their houses and apartments, and even listen to thoughts of these people and do not breath a word to any of these people. At the same time these humans support privacy!

I can not talk to any of these people because they are so antiscience, antisexual, secretive and mean. Plus, every thing I do has already been seen by these humans! Every thing is a repeat! I always just repeat things that the person is already aware of. Some of these people are watching what I am typing now (including hearing my thoughts)! I am so excluded or "talk about being out of the loop" as one employed UCI Library capo person said. One time I was walking past one of the people employed here and I thought: "this human looks like she has the brain of a pidgeon! ...just staring into space like that..." I would never say such a thing out loud, and perhaps my thoughts were wondering or I was entertaining various ideas. In any event, less than 1 month later this same woman was saying to a person next to me "because I have a brain like a pidgeon...." revealing that the human had heard what I thought. And I kind of laughed, and was a small part embarrased, but also angry that my thoughts had been heard and I can not see the majority of humans in this popular god based gestapo system. Even my father, Peter and brother Tom can, from time to time, see me and hear my thoughts. (this gives new meaning to the words "Big Brother", actually I think the Orwell story is not good and there should be no more privacy and, but should be complete free trade of all info) Peter I can understand, but Tom must see from other people because getting this service probably costs money. I really do not have great evidence, and am guessing based on words these humans use.

I think I will be included in this system after humans that have killed other humans are also included (killing a human during a "war" is legal, so those humans are viewed as more morally pure than I am, because I poked a human with my erect penis).

So what can I tell these people, some thing the people already are aware of? What a bore! How god and devil loving every body is.

I think that most of this anger and abuse sounded at me is because:

1) I poked a human with me penis (other people spank, punch, knife, ....but nobody is mad at me for these reasons)

2) I have been locked in and tortured in psychiatric hospitals (with millions of other nonviolent, good, realistic humans - as if claiming that witches, ghosts, devils, and gods exist is sane! or reason to be locked in a room and drugged. If I wanted to solve this I would teach the stories of science, not drug humans until the human told me what I wanted to hear.)

For 1)
(the poke with the penis of a human under the age of 18), I am guessing that the outrage and anger is for the pain, or damage to humans under the age of 18. Most of these people will claim "psychological" trauma even if no physical pain. I question this care for the safety of humans under the age of 18. Not one of these humans speaks out against violence, pain and damage. Most of these humans think of "children" as un thinking property. The children can not make choices of what tastes good, when to eat, what to touch. Most of these humans are negligent in denying younger people touch and pleasure. Touching is not promoted and younger people are expected to live with out touching another human for more than 5 seconds. The "child pornography" hysteria has got to end some time also. Images and sounds cause no damage, and there is no other way to see what humans are causing pain and damage to humans of all ages if images of this are not allowed. As usual, the religious, antisex and antiscience humans have caused the exact opposite of what these humans claimed to want. By making humans afraid to own images of humans under the age of 18 being beat, the humans that beat the humans under the age of 18 are almost never seen. I am not sure if you have noticed, but the antisexual religious (for the most part Jesus and Muhommed based religious people) have intensified the assault on sexual reproduction and sex. The recent arrests of Paula Poundstone, Jonathan King, a priest human in Boston, and before this the arrests of Hugh Grant and Paul (Pee Wee Herman) Reubens show clearly that this fascist, nazi, antitouch, antisex, antipleasure, religious group of humans is not being stopped. Molestation never causes a scratch and at worst is the same as being kissed by your grandmother even if you do not want to be kissed. This human in Boston may be beat, and is being all but crucified, decapitated and castrated....and for what? For making a younger human feel attractive and wanted? For finding beauty in human bodies. If there is touch with no consent, there is nothing new here. Millions of humans live in prison cells and hospital rooms that were touched with no consent (or certainly would not consent to being locked in a jail if offered). If there is pain or damage, this is nothing new either. Now could be the first time you speak out against pain and damage! Make more laws to specifically stop pain and damage. Most of the people that are video taped to be "molesting" humans under the age of 18 earth years would not cause pain or damage to any human. One person said on the topic of molestation "it's good for you" and "it (molestation) builds the character a person needs to get through life". There should be no laws stopping humans of any age from touching and having sex with full consent and not one objection. To think that a wet vagina and erect penis should go unejaculated with consent is primitive, backwards, antisexual, and antilife.

For 2) look at most religious people, these humans think there are witches, ghosts, a god and a devil. What do you want to do now, drug these people until out of fear they tell you what you want to hear? How are these people to learn the stories of science with no video of science?

Here is the procedure for humans taken to any psychiatric hospital in the USA (and perhaps every nation of planet earth): (a human is taken to a hospital for example for a "mental evaluation" [much more painful than a "psychic evaluation"], in a public disturbance, suspicious behavior, or 5150 is the excuse, etc...): The human is taken in hand cuffs by one or two humans in a police car to a hospital, like the UCLA Harbor Hospital in Torrence, CA. The human is taken in by a human in the hospital (no body is ever refused as far as I have ever seen) and tied to a hospital bed with four leather straps (four point restraints). Most humans do not resist or struggle and are passive and compliant in being tied to the table. Humans in each hospital are different, but at UCLA and San Diego County Hospital humans have blood withdrawn (probably to find drugs, oh how easy every thing would be explained if only there was a milligram of a drug found, I seriously doubt a human ever hears "why, you are suffering from a lack of sex and touch! Can I masturbate you?"). The human is then left tied to the table for more than 20 minutes (some times for more than 8 hours).

In Illinois I was taken while walking near a railroad track (what was the official charge again?), in San Diego I spoke out for 5 seconds to a group of people in a line at a DMV (and then was promptly thrown to the ground and my head stepped on), in Torrence I was stopped on the highway and eventually my driving license was suspended for "driving with reckless and wanton...something..." after being tortured for 72 hours at UCLA Harbor hospital. The only reason I can think of is that I let a loud song play for 4 or 5 seconds after the human (Ronald Brame) tapped on my window. You should have seen how angry Brame was when I would not roll down the window instantly. 5 minutes later there were 5 male humans in CHP uniforms and I was in cuffs on the side of the road. I never said any thing to these people, but check the car video.

In Belmont, Illinois (the first time I was locked in a hospital for 72 hours - before the 72 hour law humans must have been locked in hospitals for even more time!), I was tied to a bed on one side, and on the other side a sleeping drunk male human was tied to a bed. The male human awoke and called to use a toilet (to the best of my memory, check the video), after two or three times, the human stopped calling out. Later I looked and saw a large wet circle where the human had simply let the urine go. People called out for water and no body did a thing.

In Torrence the humans locked in the hospital were with no doubt more friendly and smart than the humans employed in the hospital. The "patient" humans talked freely and clearly. There was a nice female "patient" human that gave me an email address (I have since lost, but please send again), a nubian male human was friendly if not somewhat defensive (and laughed that I was talking over (and perhaps back to) the humans in the tv station), and an older male human said in a low rough voice "people used to fuck here all the time" in response to a person saying how male and female humans were separated by humans employed in the hospital, or punished for flirting. I was talking with the female human that gave me the email address saying "then some body put a pillow case over my head and withdrew blood from my arm..." and the girl said "yeah!...they did that to me too!" and we both laughed at the barbarity and shared torture. Before being tied to a table (bed) a human was marched past me that had cuts on the arm (perhaps self made). Why not offer to heal the wounds voluntarily instead of forced healing. I am on record as supporting letting humans do what ever a human wants to the self (any thing else is ownership of a human, or giving a human the status of a non living piece of property). Also in Torrence, after 20 minutes in 4 point restraints I had a full bladder and had no idea how much time I would be tied there, so (somehow) I got my penis out and urinated on the ground (better than on myself!), a male capo human came in later and said sarcastically "thanks....". After being released from the 4 point restraints and being locked with other people on one of the floors in the hospital. The people were free to move in the hall and there was a toilet room with a shower. On the first day (and each day after for 3 days) a female human employed there said "now take yer meds!" and handed me some pills (I think everybody there is given drugs no matter what the "crime" the human did was, is that a cutesy name or what: "meds") and I said some thing like "no thanks", and the female human said "if you do not take your meds you will not get dinner", so I took the pills I had no idea what were in my mouth (but later spit the pills out in to a tissue and in to a trash can). In Belmont, Illinois, a female human employed in the hospital put a paper in front of me (still in four point restraints) and said "you need to sign this" and I said "no", then the female human said "if you do not sign you will not be allowed to go", so eventually I signed (but put the name "Hunington" ahahaha). A female human did untie me after I promised to stay there, but as I was sneaking out the door, the door closed and clicked and a nubian male human came running after me and tackled me in the street, then dragged me back in a neck hold. Then the female human locked me in 4 point restraints for another 6 or more hours. I just got (last month) another bill from a collection agency human for being locked and "treated" at Belmont Hospital.

I am interested in talking to other people that have been tied to a bed in a psychiatric hospital (and have never been violent in any way), and what experiences the human had when being locked in a hospital and also humans that were employed in psychiatric hospitals that saw this kind of "treatment" and perhaps worse. What were the events of being taken to a psychiatric hospital by the humans in police uniforms? I tried to get some of the humans that injected me with drugs and tied me to a bed locked in jail (I guess for assault?), and then tried to take some of these humans to court for money (I think the money approach is not a great idea...but there was no way to get the humans arrested). I could only get the names of three of the humans and the rest were Jane and John Doe on the court paper. I called lawyer human after lawyer human and no body would help me (think of the injustice that is happening and real physical damage). How can anybody get the names of the humans that tied the person to a bed, and or injected drugs in to a body with no consent and clear objection? The whole psychiatric hospital industry (and the industry of psych-anything) lives in secrecy and uses "privacy" as an excuse to violate the bodies of millions of humans that have never thrown a punch while labelling humans with pretend diseases and new drug cures.

Think of the secrecy and persecution involved in being locked in a jail and in particular a hospital. What human would ever tell another human that the human was locked in a psychiatric hospital?! I can because I am popular enough and bring in advertising money, in addition because of the photon is matter and other contributions to science I may get a Nobel prize, and the humans in each university will tolerate truth for the possibility of the money and popularity that Nobel prizes bring. If I am let go from UCI, I (and dat money!) will be accepted at UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, USC, Cal State, Cal Tech, Community College.... Why not be pleasent like Annie Besant? In any event, I have been speaking out for truth up to now, and am not planning on stopping yet. Perhaps if I am included in the cameras and hearing thought network I will have to be more secretive, I have already told enough for 10 humans!

There are still the specifics of the brain image machine. I ask you humans that are good with radio to try and decode the photons from your or any brain. What is the frequency? How can these photons be detected and translated? The best evidence I have that a machine that can see and hear thought exists (and has existed since at least 1985) is this:
1) The photo from a National Geographic Video "The Incredible Machine" (see images from my web page)
2) Carl Sagan explains in "Cosmos" that "it may someday be possible to decode thoughts...a disquieting prospect..." (disquieting? what the...these machines are awesome!!!) Some how I think that someday had come by 1985 (when Cosmos was released)!!!
3) The ever loving "bite me" event, although I have no proof other than the story. See my book "Foton yes, Religion no" for the full story.
Where is a human to go with images of the brain machine? To people in tv? humans in the state government? the most popular human of a nation? or the united nations? Each one of the humans has access to these machines!!! and are not about to share those images!!! bleh...nausia... If any human has any info (and good info, not mystical stories that include aliens, CIA [at least these humans exist], or god) that have images of this machine, thoughts, or sounds of humans thinking, perhaps that have even seen such things please send me an electronic message.

Now to change topics. Most humans do not have the speed of thought to change topics, but I will any way.
One funny thing with Boston is that a friend I was employed with at Activision, Jeff Jorczak was funny and brave enough to let me film Jeff walking up to a camera and saying "...hey....you're in that Christian cult aren't you?....", I am still laughing now remembering that line. Anyway, I have not had time to edit the video with Jeff and another friend Gary Jesdanun (by the way, Gary was not brave enough to give my funny word group on camera!) now Jeff is practically mormonized, while Gary is probably more liberal than was then. Some people in the group American Atheists are giving a talk in Boston (perhaps to stir up some thinking) in March 2002 and I think that as a result this religious priest human is being all but cooked on a rotisserie by religious people even after never having caused a bruise. Of course, I think religion is not good and do not support religion. Still, I am not a person that is happy when a human is beat or made to feel pain in any way. I oppose a human being locked in a jail that did not pain or damage a human physically. If this human has caused physical pain, or damage (perhaps with a penis in anus or vagina with no consent and clear objection) than there are existing laws (and more specific laws that should be voted on by all people) that have to do with pain and damage. All of this is obvious and boring to me, so let me continue. At this American Atheists talk in Boston (where I have never been, but may some time. I am interested in what the city looks like and the past of the city), an interesting person, Eddie Tabash (TuBos for people connected with my fonetik alphabet), that is self employed doing civil liberties lawyering with an office in the Flynt building (Larry Flynt, another human for pleasure, justice and skeptical of religion) will be talking. This story is getting boring and word filled so anyway, I asked Eddie Tabash to give a talk here at UCI and Eddie agreed! So now Eddie Tabash is going to give a talk here at UCI, perhaps on the topic "Why God Does Not Exist", or "Modern Enlightenment and Sex Laws: Decriminalizing Prostitution.".

Humans are in the middle of an antisexual persecution. This could actually be a group of pro sex humans compared to the past when female humans were tied to chairs and had hot pokers applied to their breasts by humans in the Jesus based religion until "confessing" to be witches. Antisexual opinions are as old as religion, think of the people that have been persecuted and ostracized for nonviolent sex related movements in the last 10 years:

Pee Wee Herman (Paul Reubens) - oh no, not masturbation!!!!! What a serious crime!!! What will the medical bills be? $$$$$!!!!!

Michael Jackson - where was the bruise again????? Norm MacDonald made a joke on Saturday Night Live in absolute antisexual nazi glee saying that Jackson was a male pedophile (not a female pedophile). Oh no, not a human with a scrotum messaged!!!! A buttock held!!!! No!!!!!! again medical bill central for all those band aids. Jackson has probably never thrown a punch or kick directed at another human in anything other than defense from physical attack (not gentle message).

Hugh Grant - forget that purse theft, forget the street fight, put that shooting and stabbing on hold, there is a human with a dildo in an anus...should we drop the A-bomb? I think perhaps 50 cubic centimeters of thorazine will make him antisexual agin!

Jonathan King (in England) - for touching with no bruise or as much as a scratch that supposedly happened in 1970. This from the people that can not stop George Harrison from getting stabbed, but what human is trying to stop violence. Rumfeld made a comment that made me think that Rumfeld thought that this human that stabbed Harrison was trying to stamp out the devil. I do not doubt this kind of religious ignorence.

Paula Poundstone - what human needs as much as a photo of a bruise, scratch, blood, ...? I think that this was started (or perhaps finished) by a human named "Steve Cooley" (most district attourney humans are barbaric as can be). This human went to an all male Jesus based school (how could the human be remotely antisexual, that is only for the humans in the clergy!!!!). The sad thing is that Cooley must have been elected in Los Angeles County. The main crime of Poundstone is being smarter than an average human, and a less religious (and perhaps atheist) person. After showing support for Sinead (beeing booed) at the Dylan concert (saying 'hey this is Bob Dylan...' Do you people have any idea of what Dylan has said or stood for?" I am paraphrasing)

This preacher human in Boston, again probably not one photo or bruise, not even a slight pain, but if pain, now time to speak out against, stop, and contain human that made pain in other human for first time in life.

What human will be next? How has Madonna escaped persecution? I would like to recommend that Dan Rather, and other conservative caucasian male humans be next for the molesto-pedo wagon. Why not the antisexual people, maybe Norm MacDonald can be locked in a jail for using marijuana (or any molestation - what human needs evidence? Better make it hetero sexual.), same for Bill Clinton (you people have a complete confession! possession of a controlled substance!). I think that all laws should be enforced continuously, no matter how far in the past. I am against all statutes of limitations. If people run out of sexual crimes that can end in years in jail with out a single scratch of pain, humans can always lock people in a hospital, I think a good person to label with schizophrenia and manic depression (perhaps the ever loving attention surplus disorder ... the dreaded ASD) and lock in a hospital for monthly evaluations and druggings would be a person like Orrin Hatch in Utah.

I have been reading (enjoying, and finding inspiration from) stories of humans that survived (and escaped) Auschwitz death camp. These humans had a name for the humans that were very thin, slow moving, and going to die within 1 week, and that word was "Musselman" (and also "Moeslim"). This is exactly what I call the humans I see every day. Humans walk by all the time, never saying hi, never hugging or laughing. People could be enjoying great sex with a different human once a day, hugging, smiling and flirting (perhaps like dolphins do), but the majority of religious humans have all but stopped pleasure, free speech, touching and sexuality with puritanical harrassment rules, and homophobic, antisex, antitouch, religious opinions.

I saw that the movie "A Beautiful Mind" was voted to get gold atoms some where. Sylvia (the female human that owned the Ted ovum) enjoyed this movie, but Sylvia thinks schitzophrenia is an actual disease/problem. I look at this movie as more of a "The Eternal Schitzo" (similar to the Nazi human made film "The Eternal Jew"). Howard and Spielberg have done for hygiene what Pasteur did for science by exposing the schitzo gene.
I am glad that science and a probably more smart than average human is the focus (perhaps trying to address or describe the number or feelings of people that watch and hear me, my popularity), but in supporting the labelling of humans with psychiatric diseases Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg have set back the time when people in the psychiatric hospitals (almost all average people that were locked in hospitals with excuses like "taking off their clothes in public", "talking too loud", etc...) will be allowed to be free. What is fun to do is to ask what the person did, since obviously most of these humans have never thrown a punch (and if have, should be locked in a jail for the first time thank you very much) or caused a scratch of damage. All of the "crimes" have to do with nudity, sex, embarrassing sounds, thinking humans can hear thoughts, supporting science, using strange words like "human" and "photon", etc...there is rarely a human that does not have enough skill to eat free food that is locked in a hospital or labelled "crazy" or a more specific psychiatric label. For the main human in the movie (and I have not and will not see this movie if I have any choice - the midevil religious Shrek ["I'm a believer" song, Sagan was an "explainer"] played on a plane I was in) this human put on a diaper at a party (oh the inhumanity!!!!) and thought life of other planets ("aliens" from "outer space" is as specific as this human gets) was communicating with him thru text printed by humans on newspapers. Smart people do get watched by other humans employed at newspapers, television, with wealth and words used by smart people that are popular, and get attention are put on front pages of newspapers, and television news, etc...in any event, thinking that happens is no reason to be locked in a jail or hospital. The same is true for thinking a god, or life of some other star is hearing your thoughts, or watching you in your apartment, not a group of secretive humans at a newspaper or television company. Carl Sagan once said to Ted Turner "we live in space all the time", but still the most "educated" humans use the words "outer space". This group of religious people wants to lower the popularity/value of great people and ideas in science (like me and the brain imaging machine) with a number of techniques, one popular technique is used here: to make people in science appear "crazy", that some how humans in science walk a fine line between genius and insanity. Even if thinking there is a god (and opposition to pleasure) is pure insanity (an illogical interpretation of the universe), the last thing I think should be done is to drug religious humans until the humans magically learn the stories of science (Volta, Spallanzani, Bruno, Vasalius, Eritosthenes, etc...) and the current interpretation of the universe as shown thru humans in science. Thinking that there are aliens from outer space that are communicating with a person through newspapers is probably as valid as thinking Jesus rose from the dead, that a tooth fairy brings money, that spirits, ghosts, and angels exist, and of course that there are gods and devils. Stopping violence, damage and pain is not a thought, only persecuting humans that appear to be sexual, scientific, or atheistic. I think Spielberg has contributed to some excellent documentary films ("Anne Frank" [documentary-not the acted crap], "Kindertransport", ["Children of Berlin" is ok...]) made on the persecution and killing of Jewish humans in 1930-1950, but all the other films show contempt for science, promote religion and are all set on planet earth.
I took out some text here, for one reason because the text is not what I want at this time, or of less or no value to me. I think the text I am deleting was kind of negative and perhaps Spielberg is more liberal, and has (like Ellen Degeneres) made the contribution of hinting that a machine that can hear thoughts exists. (05-14-02)

If you look at this movie, I think that you will see that this movie is made by caucasian religious male humans and made for caucasian religious male humans, while people like me with multi-gender and racial ideas, pro touch and sex with consent, anti marraige, and interested in telling the story of science and atheism must wait for less racist people with more education to be supported and made wealthy. Perhaps I am showing some racism by typing that this jewish-only kind of thinking is popular in a number of jewish humans, and is also seen in groups like the "Negro College Fund", or "Klu Klux Klan", where the decision is based only on the race of a human, not based on the opinions, skills, popularity and products made by a human. Again I think no body should be taken to a court or jail for making such a preference, and I certainly promote gender and racial variety. I think that Spielberg and Ron Howard should both be showing how the two watch humans in apartments and hear the thoughts of humans, questioning religion and what is happening in the psychiatric hospitals with the labels given to people that have never caused a scratch of damage, promoting science, speaking out against violence, for variety in gender and race, for free sharing and copying of all images. Why do people continue to support these two humans? There is no thought of sharing images from the massive camera network, brain images, support for nudity, touch and sex with consent, against violence, for science, etc...these humans have violated every copyright and privacy possible, but still promote the ideas of copyright and privacy.

One other popular technique is putting the focus on me as a human and not the issues and ideas that I support, "stopping violence", "no more drug and nude wars", "all data free to trade", "no more copyrights or privacy", etc...none of the humans will ever let me talk, only point to me to no end, and ofcourse, can never repeat or support any thing I say. These ideas are what I care for, let me speak! Let any and every body get to see and hear me and my thoughts!

There was a person that looked like Ron Howard in a store the night after I was yelling anger for people supporting such a barbaric movie and psychiatrict persecution. One night later a human that looked like Ron Howard (perhaps sent by Jesus based humans) refered to the quote in the excellent book "I Can Not Forgive" (see the book links on my page) that is a great quote. These Jewish humans (including Rudy Vrba) were on a train ramp unloading more jewish humans to be killed in gas chambers, and in order to live, the humans could not tell the people that the people were going to be gassed. One time, one of the Jewish worker humans on the ramp must have been frustrated and said to a jewish woman (that was saying be careful with my bags or something...see the book for details) "you stupid bitch, you will be ashes in 20 minutes!". The women went to an SS human and said "that man told us we were going to be killed", and ofcourse the SS human said "madam, ...of course that is not true, why would we bring you here all this way just to kill you?", then the male human that said this was taken behind the train and shot to death.

This story is similar to what is happening with the secret camera network and brain imaging machines. Not that people that finally figure out that such machines exist are killed for telling people, (labelling the people crazy is enough), but that people like me what to speak as much truth as possible with out losing our jobs. I would say some thing like "you stupid human, there are cameras in every building watched by humans in television stations that can also hear thought!!!" ...kind of a dose of reality.

(Even David Attenboro took money and serious poundage$$$$! [I am guessing] to use the word "crazy" to describe some mammals in a video...no more support for Attenboro, in particular because of this corruption and insensitivity for the humans in the psychiatric hospital. Attenboro is only acting any way and I doubt really cares much for science. Attenboro says in one video "and Darwin was no atheist..." proudly like atheism is some how bad!!!! Let Attenboro sink down in to the million dollar range, like other caucasian male humans in neck ties. Sure there is one part with a human in a blue and white stripped shirt, and plenty of references to ant eaters, but again, I want science, atheism, democracy, free copying of all data, and sexuality promoted more than I want "Ted Huntington" promoted, although I still would enjoy talking on any television/internet show and have only good info to give.

(continued 2-4-02) This brings me to my new policy:
I refuse to support any popular humans in any way at this time. All of these humans have seen and heard thoughts and not shared a thing with the rest of the humans on earth. All of these humans can not bring them selves to speak out against violence, against damage, against religion, for science, for sharing of all images and data. None of these humans has an individual web page, public electronic address, or telephone number as I and other humans that are interested in democratic popularity are. These humans in acting, sports, and television are completely elitest, secretive, and crap on other humans that have questions or want to talk. I view the planet as 6 billion humans, I think I can share 5 seconds with each human at least one time, but no body ever tries to contact me outside of one or two people for my game 2020.

These humans in acting, music, businesses...popular humans watch humans in apartments and thoughts and in the same breathe demand privacy. Either these humans are going to pay me (and everybody else) for all the images and sounds copied and viewed with no permission or these popular humans are going to have to release all of their images and data for free. Buy tickets or give away free tickets. Any other way is corruption/hypocracy, and precisely what is happening now. I refuse to support any of the popular humans in any way.
All of the popular humans (in sports, acting, television, government, businesses, music):
1. Watch humans (including me) in apartments, houses, cars, etc... never showing every body
2. Watch and hear the thoughts of humans and keep the whole thing secret
3. Never speak out against violence, and do not stop violence
4. Demand copyright for the music and movies the people make, but violate the copyright every and any body else has
5. Demand privacy while simultaneously violating any shred of privacy that may have ever existed for all other humans of earth
6. Never saying any thing against the massive drug arrests and persecutions
7. Same for sex, molestation, prostitution, etc..
8. do not speak out for democracy for life of earth (voting on the laws of each nation, on court decisions)
9. Do not have phone numbers, addresses, incomes, medical records, available for all humans.

This list goes on and on. I am simply stopping here.

I refuse to support any popular humans in acting, movies, television, radio, newspapers, magazine, internet, government (in particular monarchy or non democratically popular humans), businesses, universities, religion (obviously), and continuously vote for new humans that have spoken out to show the machine that can hear thought (have you heard this before? most humans never have), against copyright, against privacy, against violence, against locking nonviolent people in hospitals and jails. I think that there are two islands of people on the earth, the sinking island of popular people in acting, sports, governments, secretive, private, etc.. and the other group focused on people like me sharing all images and data, anti secrecy, pro sex, anti religion, pro science, ... The first (sinking in popularity) group of people may be the last people to get wealthy in acting, thanks to the free sharing of images on the internet, and more and more exposure of how these people have kept brain imaging machines and camera networks a secret for 20+ years, all the while speaking out against sex, and not a word for stopping damage, doing nothing or worse while the prisons and hospitals are being filled with nonviolent good people. May be these humans will show the brain machines and/or the camera network, maybe ...ahahaha come on....still there is always a chance.

This opposition and voting (and perhaps some amount of vomit fluid) against the most popular humans in acting, sports, music, etc...(with no email addresses listed) was already in motion. I have not seen any popular "movies" in more than 2 years, and try never to. I hate acting, I hate sports, I hate religion, I hate secrecy, I hate monarchy, etc...this is not really new. I guess the only difference is that I refuse to pretend in any way that these humans are worth my time (any way my email and phone number is always there if you humans want to talk with me where I can talk back), or should be supported in any way. I am waiting for the camera network and brain machines to be shown and for an end to copyright, etc...Some humans (myself included) might think....are you worried that these humans with all kinds of money are not going to be happy? are going to stop protecting you from violence? Then I think...ahahaha...protect me from violence????? are you kidding me? in the last year a human has stolen a $300 bike from me, and a $100 bike seat. Two years before that a person smashed my car window, a person thru a hot coffee that landed on my crotch. not one of these humans (while being watched by hundreds of thousands of humans) was ever shown to me. These humans can not stop a bike theft, a purse theft, a fist fight, a plane theft, a stabbing, a shooting, you name it, they can not stop it, and these humans (on earth) are not going to even try to start stopping violence and property theft! There is not even the language of interest in stopping violence! Certainly there are humans meters away from me all the time that wear blue and white stripped shirts, that wear bright orange shirts, etc...clearly that are some how supposed to be in some kind of "security", but what are these humans going to do? Stand in front of a speeding metal bullet? These humans certainly did not step in to protect my bike, or my body, and the property and bodies of millions of other humans, and are not going to. You have promoted and elected humans not the slightest bit interested or not interested enough in stopping violence and sharing information. Sure the planet is covered with cameras, but watched by the most corrupt, morally backwards, uneffective, apathetic, inactive, violence loving humans. I may not be great with words. May be some other human could describe this in better words, or more detail. In addition, what am I expected to do, live like a servant to queen and king humans that have lived a life of secrecy and dishonesty...all because I want these humans to think that I support what they do, or accept the view of these humans that I am some how inferior? In order to gain protection from violence that is nonexistent to start with? In any event, I like what I think to be the same as what I say. I try not to (and would certainly like even more not to) live a double life, or have a different story for each human.

What is amazing to me is that no body that claims to be "brainy", "smart" or educated ever uses the word "human", "photon", or promotes sex with consent in any way. What is the crime in using these words? you can always tell a truly ignorent, uneducated human by the use of the word "folks". As if no other species besides humans live on this planet with stupid humans stuck to the surface.

How stupid is the group of humans in "Partnership for a Drug Free America"? I am for a "Free Drug America". Drugs are great for life and cause no where near as much damage as humans with guns. If you look at the statistics: deaths caused by drugs to deaths caused by humans with guns is 1:10,000 (please check). Most of these people are against science. A human should be free to put any object in to the self. There can only be damage done to the self. If people think that drugs are a bad influence on people, or cause violence indirectly, then I think religions are open to be made illegal, or perhaps bibles. If you look at the crusades, with the "Deus Vuelt" (God wills the violence), religion was indirectly responsible for all kinds of pain and damage, but this history lesson you will not get in high school and probably not in college. See book references I will list to see the one or two books printed on the crusades, and past religious people that killed, but were never punished. Drugs are not a problem at all. There are millions of various drugs, like ibuprofin, antacid, penicillin, ...but yet these people are speaking out against "drugs", certainly these people would support the use of some drugs. The effect, this abstract complaint has is to stop even legal use of drugs. Let every body choose, no more prohibition of drugs. Look at the guns! Guns can do much more damage, and I think also guns must be legal, or else guns will be in the hands of an elite group of humans, plus no way of making the designs of guns, extinct. Think of the number of humans that have died (or simply had to wait) to get drugs that could have made life less painful by their own informed choice and consent, not a group of 20 religious government people. Do not support the making extinct of the marijuana, coca, and poppy plants, and the brutal locking in jail of more than 1,000,000 for simply putting drugs in their own body!

I want to make a less weight less cost telescope. I am looking at convex mirrors, because a convex mirror spreads out the photons! A telescope is actually a macroscope and a microscope (as far as I can see). The concave mirror at the bottom makes a larger image more small (macroscope) and then another mirror intercepts the image at a higher resolution (I am kind of guessing here...may be some of you can make a free web video on this topic). I made a telescope with a cardboard box (I could also use plastic PVC tube)! I put one toilet paper roll on the top and made an eye hole in the side. Inside the box I made a convex mirror (with a toilet paper roll and some mylar $5 from an art store) One way of magnifying an image (making an image more large, or spread out) is by tilting a flat mirror next to a wall, or white paper. By tilting the mirror you can spread out the photons (or image) that reflect on to a wall. The same is true for a convex mirror. The one problem I can see is that the image is more dim, there are less photons that can be seen. I am playing with reflecting photons from a convex mirror in to a concave mirror. The human eye makes a cone and by looking at a convex mirror the reflected photons are spread on your face (only a small part from the center go in the human eye). So some of those photons from a super magnified part of the object (for example earth moon) perhaps could be gathered in a concave mirror and made more small to fit in to the human eye. The initial results are not good, but simply by using a $5 laser pointer I bought on the web and a piece of paper I can see that the image of the laser pointer is magnified when reflected off of the curved mirror surface as I expected.

For a microscope (I have a $10 microscope I bought at Kmart) the photon releasing object (light bulb) is always under the glass slide, but there could be a photon bulb (light bulb) above the glass slide, reflecting off of the object. Most of these traditions formed because people thought light was an abtract intangible "wave" not pieces of matter moving in a wave pattern.

I do not eat cow or chicken and was eating fish at a Burger King (why no Burger president?, or most popular burger? democracy is better than monarchy). I like to look at the ads on the menu and this ad was not good. The ad had the text "take a shot!" and "suit up!". I am angered that some humans that own Burger King support the double meaning of the word "shot" as applies to basketball (the word "shot" also probably reminds humans that have been shot with a gun of the pain that is usually involved in having a piece of steel spin thru your body or somebody you cared for). The "suit" up refers to the basketball uniforms of the harlem globetrotters (an all nubian human group), but could easily remind a person of the neck tie and blazer "suit" all male humans must wear by law. This is clearly support for uniforms in police and military also. These are (and I am guessing), all caucasian religious (based on Jesus) male humans that made, paid for, and approved these ads. When you are part of killing thousands of cows, pigs and chickens every day and selling the meat for pennies, the concern for a human life could possibly be less. Cows, pigs, chickens, (and also fish) are similar to humans and so most of these humans care nothing for the killing of such mammals and birds. The PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) has some good video on how some of these cows, pigs and chickens may feel pain before or during being killed. I also try never to wear cow skin (leather), truck loads of cows are being killed all the time. I made an interesting movie idea called "Animals" where the various species plead for their lives, try to escape, and some find refuge with a farmer human, but most are killed for fast food. I am busy with telling the stories of science, and maybe as I age I will complete that story. I am not much for fiction, although most of this story is true, and the other species do remember sounds and images that can be used to communicate, what beautiful images these must be for an elite few secretive humans. The McDonalds people put a more pro sex message in the form of the word "creamy", and a pro equality of gender ad on the same menu that said some thing I cannot remember (update the word is "grab" from my song "female humans"). The word was with out doubt pro women equality and female human liberation.

One question I have is if photons are responsible for the electromagnetic "force", than what kind of photons are in a magnetic "field"? what frequency? I am guessing that the magnetic field of a piece of metal is actually made of electrons, or else the frequency of these photons could be measured. Perhaps I am wrong, I am still asking what the particles that move in a magnetic field are.

There is no doubt that cameras cover the planet and in particular the state of California. Now all that needs to happen is that these images need to be shared with all people. The cameras are there, only the images still need to be shared and seen. I am in favor of even more cameras, even bulky obvious cameras, plus walking cameras, called robots of course. Plus one other thing needs to happen and that is that the few million people that do get to see the hidden cameras actually stop violence and property theft instead of the fear of "blowing their cover", "comprimising their identity", what are other words for "blowing your cover", ...because this is a serious problem. "Revealing their identity" I guess is one word group, but I hate the word "identity" because this word is very abstract and is all in the group of free info no damage caused events any way.

Here are the humans and propositions that I am voting for (and against) in this State of California election:

Governor: Gray Davis, Democratic group
Eventually the humans in the democratic group will have to support true democracy, for example voting on federal laws, voting on court decisions, etc...Davis uses the words "junk guns" and I think is recognizing the comparison I make - "what is worse drug use or violence?" can you humans please answer that?
Davis is a caucasian male human that wears a neck tie and a blazer and probably spends most time sleeping, watching humans in apartments, and hearing thoughts. There is simply no other human that is less worse. Republican = Christian, caucasian, male (or female with mandatory cosmetics and jewelery), stupid. The republican group is a group that will be lost to the past I think. Perhaps there will be an "atheism party", or "science party". My guess is that democracy will always be the most popular. Eventually there may not even be humans elected in governments, there will only be decisions voted on directly by all humans. I usually support the libertarian humans for wanting to end the drug war, but this human, Gary Copeland claims to be a "Druid Unitarian" human, not "atheist" as I like to see, or "not religious". A plus for this human is the use of the word "realm", I use the word "realm" in "all of that is in the realm of free info, sound, or data...no pain, or damage done" - that is a simple idea that humans can not accept. A negative group of words are: "criminals" and "foreign invaders". The abstract label of "criminal" is dehumanizing and indicates a human that looks out the window with out really seeing the planet full of living objects. Also the words "foreign invaders" indicates that some how, some kind of human must be excluded from the USA part of earth, or is a second class human, and I see the earth as a planet of humans with one human, one vote. I could add more for the other people, but I will not.

Lieutenant Governor: Donna J Warren (Green Group)
I am not thrilled with "native Californian" and I speak out against the usual enviro abstraction and lack of science from humans in the green group, but this human does use the word "billion" and "stewardship", what could be a reference to Carl Sagan, will ammend 3 strikes for violent crime, bravo (other humans have this also). Plus my vote is to get an equal number of female humans in employments.

Secretary of State: Valli Sharpe-Geisler (Reform group)
This human has "separation of church and state", even though I am for free info more than separation of religion and government, I support humans that question religion, or are not ultra religious.

Attorney General: Ed Kuwatch (Libertarian Group)
This human wants to stop the war on drugs, and 3 strikes for violence only. Both good, although the human is a caucasian male human and wears a neck tie and blazer jacket.

Controller: David Delano Blanco (Green Group)
This was very difficult and for the most part either Laura Wells or David Blanco (both in green group) would get my vote. Blanco is opposed to drug war, and Wells indicates that the jail building (and filling) has to stop, both good.

Treasurer: Marian Smithson, Libertarian group
second choice is Sylvia Valentine from Natural Law group. There was not much real choice here.

Insurance Commisioner: Dale F. Ogden, libertarian group
This employment is stupid, and one person from the libertarian group was going to end this employment if elected last year.

Superintendent of public Instruction:
Lynne C. Leach
"Our children deserve better", I do hate the view that humans under the age of 18 are nonliving, nonthinking property "children", not humans, the positive part is that this could be a reference to a quote from RFK "I think we deserve better in this country" I play from time to time. I usually fear the use of the buzzword "empower", and also "committed", but the other choices are not good. Katherine Smith is for teaching "patriotism" and for "academic attire"! Nein! Jack O'Connell also uses the word "committed" (I think this shows an insensitivity or callousness for the humans being tortured and drugged in psychiatric hospitals, that were "committed"), plus this human is a caucasian male human in a neck tie. No to Joe Taylor because there is no photo, I am for sharing images and all data no more secrecy and privacy!

As usual the propositions are stupid and abstract as can be, not one to end the drug war, the prostitution war, the arrests of nonviolent humans, the free trade of all data, etc...

40 (clean water) - probably yes, because clean water, and air is an actual service, not some abstract crap.
41 -modern voting equipment - absolutely no, make voting on the internet, not with expensive specialized voting equipment
42-use tax from gas for transportation purposes - not sure, think no serious problem, the only thing I oppose is any money going to humans in the California Highway Patrol, until all humans can see what these people are involved in and do at every time.
43-to have vote counted - yes, what difference this law makes is not clear to me, but I always support more democracy, let humans vote on all government decisions (in particular in the courts and at the federal level!)
44-chiropracters unprofessional conduct - no, this is not good, there are already laws that should stop pain and damage, plus free info should show what humans are doing good and bad service....
45-term limits - no, I am for free choice and no limit on democratic voting

Up with science! Down with religion! Up with free trade of all data! Down with violence! Up with sex with consent! Down with antisexuality! Up with touch! Down with privacy!

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