Opinions 2005 AD (News + Current Events)

"When a human lights a match, are the photons made at the time or were the photons always there?"
-Ted Huntington
Other quotes from me

12-31-05 I am in awe of the universe, not the human made religions. Bush family the USA "Papa" and "Baby Doc" Duvaliers.
12-28-05 Pakistani muders 4 children because of shame, but what about shame of homicide?
12-27-05 Rise of religion a victory of evil over good, extorsion of Glitter
12-25-05 I look forward to an end to Christmas, and even winter solstace traditions
12-24-05 Pupin and Hemholtz, did the Nazis hear thoughts?
12-23-05 I might get fired from my job.
12-22-05 If spectral lines are only from electrons changing orbits, what about the photons that come from the protons and neutrons when an atom, for example Hydrogen and oxygen are separated into light from simple combustion? How does light leave protons and neutrons? However they do people in mainstream science will continue to ignore it.
12-17-05 Michael Pupin probably was the first to see "eyes" (behind people's head at what they see), that was the "PP" people hinted about
12-16-05 Another death threat extra do-nothing "eye net" gawking please, questions about popular science theories
12-15-05 "Raman effect" could be why the most distant galaxies are red shifted, photoelectric effect=photons causing release of electron or replacing electron?
12-05-05 In a thousand planets, not one this dumb
11-28-05 Infidel Guy, Reggie Finely "Infidel Family" on ABC Wife Swap tonight
11-17-05 The Usual
11-15-05 Static Atom Modeling + Planet Moves Star
11-08-05 Voting
10-26-05 I guess no hurry for RFK, century remembered as 'everybody lies about eyes century', against all the pressure somehow many people still choose nonviolence, D-Link+Global Fullfillment Services+Young America malicious activity/money scam
10-20-05 Saddam/Bush "never pulled trigger" defense, Miers, violence down, tolerance for people with nonviolent "mental/behavioral" disabilities.
10-17-05 Photons through a prism again (this time using Snell's law) but with photons only changed at transitions
10-14-05 Photons through a prism (or pretend particles through pretend objects), future political charts, reality about current group of "liberals", monetary penalties for those in the eye network to those excluded, Oprah Orwell, new levels of dullness
10-08-05 ULSF questions
10-07-05 Interesting questions about the nature of photon and atom interactions. Experiment ideas (can we red shift calcium light on earth?).
10-06-05 Clusters of Glaxies do not look like galaxies, and galaxies do not look like star systems, etc. "The Terror" and the "War on Terror". Low cost VCR head cleaning secret exposed. When matter gets close, it takes off.
10-03-05 Heavier matter goes to center. Future of sex matches when people lighten up. Arrest of Natalia McLennan for prostitution in NY with potential for 15 years in jail is excessive and brutal.
09-28-05 Nastiness is the usual expression from those in the eyeball net. Piracy of the public. A total free info society that results in 20 "Frito-Lay" companies
09-27-05 I am glad for and fully support the peace marches.
09-26-05 New insights revealed about Bush jr to lower popularity ratings? The mystery of what really happened to those on Flight 77 since clearly the Pentagon was hit with a missile, not a 757.
09-22-05 Enough with Leahy and Landrieu, in 1992 I thought I might be Jesus
09-21-05 It's those warm and cheery conservatives!
09-16-05 I wish JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon, Nicole Simpson lived on, Fiorini, Earl Ray, Cesar, Chapman, and OJ (if he tried to kill or succeeded in killing Nicole, which I think the evidence shows he did) had not
09-15-05 Moon impacts made by spherical objects?
09-13-05 Our daily reality: an enormous universe with countless planets and the unseen drama of trillions of living societies
09-12-05 Sunspots, venus, making any atom
09-08-05 Same gender marriage will probably be vetoed, but when does the public get to vote? End of Supreme Court, and any thought of justice in the USA. Are most people against involuntary drugging? Are most people against hospitalizing without trial or sentence?
09-07-05 Mike Moore believes in psychology, but I would like to see more support for real science and against involuntary treatment.
09-06-05 Many liberals may not know that Chili's and Macaroni Grill are owned by ultra conservative Dallas Texas republican white male only funding humans
08-28-05 People will eventually want to talk with me. Other news: Pat Robertson, Christian Leader and supporter of first degree homicide.
08-21-05 Life on earth, a 4 billion year unbroken chain
08-14-05 The time will come when seeing and hearing thought are exposed to the public, what will happen then?
08-10-05 When you light that lighter or match...no nukes buddy! or perhaps go nukes...because you are separating atoms of oxygen and butane into photons and guess what? that includes the neutrons and protons of their nuclei since they are completely destroyed. Why don't the physicists tell us that? Why does only our ol' friend Ted tell us? Democrats should pipe up and establish firmly a second side and very effective counter to the republican propaganda. Why do the democrats only play softball while the republicans appear to run the show without even 1 objection?
07-31-05 Economy recovering, anti-drug million dollar ads, but not one dollar for anti-assault ads
07-24-05 We need more females on the supreme court, not less, to represent the 50/50 ratio of the people, Bush writers write India PM speech?
07-17-05 Atheist emails, we should be leading the way to the moon and walking robots, not wasting money and lives in Iraq, isn't the current effort against violence enough?
07-10-05 London bombs, time to charge Fiorini and Cesar in past due, now is as good a time as any.
07-03-05 Atoms that are good photon distributors, good bye abortion rights, was Bush Senior in CIA in 1963? if only they had to realease info like Time magazine does
06-26-05 You should see "In Plane Site", "Loose Change", "JFK II", Serious problems with 9/11 Gov-Media story
06-19-05 different bathrooms for "included" and "excluded", saw "The Aweful Truth" (Michael Moore), "Kinsey", and "Team America"
06-12-05 table of average life, supreme court rules against scalable democracy, no reply from Plauche typical of secretive cam-thought elites,bought a condo
06-05-05 For elitists they are not that elite. Email from Jody Plauche. Drake chancellor of UCI
05-29-05 Galaxies with the same magnitude but different Doppler shift and vice versa. How does polymerase get past repressor protein?
05-22-05 I accidentally damaged the screen on my hand held computer, so less notes from now on, but not less opinions!
05-15-05 Bizarre "violent threats" week, buying a Condo, mom was released
05-08-05 Modeling light through a prism the old 1700s way, as particles, a "violence against children" law is a good idea to impose mandatory minimum jail sentences for people that do violence against children, including spanking without consent
05-01-05 Sad that the violent Blair will probably be reelected, fusion, frightening nazistic violent Ann Coulter, way to make eukaryotes stay in one life stage forever
04-24-05 Mom's in the slammer for calling 911 again. a murder in town? time to whip the molestors and drug users, not the assaulters and murderers. Jailing Wendy's woman, jail for lying?
04-17-05 Gartenburger azzholes, RIAA, 10000 nearly secret arrests, can we red shift light on earth?, secret voyeurs not perverts but exercising healthy and above average curiosity
04-10-05 Science clubs and recruting as opposed to religious clubs and recruiting, phrase "uncle ted" now reality
04-05-05 atheists are the pearls in the oyster, popes a dime a dozen
04-03-05 Pope dies, to me just a do nothing cult leader. A third beheaded rat (dead rat 3) is placed near me. no to wolfowitz. child porno hypocricy fascist neonazi arrest
03-30-05 My comments on finance.yahoo.com on BED, a bunch of neoconservative red necky nazis dumped about 50 posts to counter my post
03-27-05 Saw Body Worlds 2, school shooting in Minnesota, Bonnie Lee Bakely killer still on loose
03-20-05 Many people here in southern California are rude and stupid, many watch people in their houses and can hear thoughts, but don't want the public to know. Every where violence and religious idiocy is on the rise.
03-13-05 Atheist almost on National television, call me when trial of the year has to do with violence.
03-06-05 Nazi neighbors celebrate locking nonviolent people in hospitals, torturing them, denying them legal representation, no trial, no sentence, no charge and potential life imprisonment, more antigay sentiment and unpunished Feb 28 tumor assaults.
02-27-05 Pope sez same gender love evil, tp sez violence is evil, svts show on Comcast for next 4 Sundays at 8pm.
02-20-05 I am like a Jewish human in a Nazi neighborhood, it is bizarre and scary/If I could be young again
02-13-05 What about Mary Mormon photo of Frank Sturgis, E Howard Hunt, and Gordon Arnold? Was Bush Sr. friends with fellow CIA employee and hometown grassy knoll look-out E Howard Hunt? Isn't it worth discussion? It's not illegal to talk about.
02-06-05 I can not go to a store or restaurant without receiving hundreds of insults and put-downs, when will we all get to see?
01-30-05 Bring in vote file to computer in government building that has retina scan + finger print, 24" plastic telescope
01-23-05 Where are the photons from a flash light going? Fiorini-Cesar get away car getting away, traditional responses to terrorism
01-16-05 Elliptical galaxies probably made by advanced life. Huygens probe lands, husband reforms...ahaha
01-09-05 I think Gonzoles has a moral floor which he will not go below (ok I'm joking) | which came first the 1/4 million armstrong williams "no child" scandel or the hillary fec "scandel" | molestin' 5 card monte (aka molesto lotto)!
01-02-05 I spent 10 days learning about the first cells and have not even gotten to the eukaryotes for ULSF.

I am in awe of the universe, not the 10,000 year old human made religions. The 10,000 year old religions (in fact most may be even younger), don't impress me at all. Nor do they fool me. Their threats of damnation don't scare me, their claims of miracles and their philosophy don't inspire me. The universe may be infinitely large, and for sure, there are billions of other planets with life. I can only imagine the massive activities that have happened in the universe. And here I, and the rest of life on earth are only a tiny part of the universe. The universe may be infinitely old, where human made religions are only a few thousand years old. I think the human made religions are kind of a joke, because they are so recent, formed by people that didn't have automobiles, or lcd screens, etc, people that had never seen the earth from the moon, that didn't even know that the earth goes around the sun. The human made religions are a recent invention, and it is stupid to think that any one human knows the intentions of a god any more than any other human. I can't really put into words well the feeling I have, but basically, the universe is huge and mind numbingly old, but humans and human religion of planet earth is a tiny most recent fad of a tiny place that will probably be forgotten in the vast passing of time. We should recognize that religion is recent, and I think let it pass and think more about our true future and our progress in science and technology, our increased standard of living, our advances in science and moving to other stars, etc. religions are only going to be in the way, slowing or stopping any kind of scientific and social progress, and are based on a continuing lie that some human was magic...I mean I hope cults don't form around the memory of people like Tom Edison who really did do something to make life easier and better for humans. I see nothing wrong with a healthy appreciation for a person like Edison or Jesus, but when that appreciation is unthinking and has little to do with the original message, and is violently enforced, then there is something wrong there.

This will probably conclude my opinions for 2005, as I have said many times before, there is nothing special about each new year, I hate to be a bummer, but on the bright side, every second is precious and new. I was thinking how short life is, life is unbelievably short. Any human alive now over 40, certainly will be dead in 50 years, their lives passed, no doubt in their opinion far too quickly. You name them, over the age of 40, and most will be dead by 2055. Only 50 short earth rotations away. But then, there will be a new set of 40 year old humans whose lives and words shape the popular opinion of humans on earth. It's just shocking to me to reiterate that idea of a future that in my novice opinion seems very likely, a future where humans have changed the human genome to be more like the prokaryote existence of staying alive for as long as there is food, water and heat...there probably will be humans 1,000 years old that still look and function exactly like 20 year olds. It's amazing, but it's not for us in this time...we are far from that point, and getting further away from it by reviving religion and conservative leadership. But they can't stop us from thinking about the future and the inevitable improvement of life and science.

I am reading Michael Pupin's 1930 book "Romance of the Machine". He has some interesting words. He uses the word "latent" a number of times, I think that must be a joke or hint about how his patent on seeing (and it looks like hearing potentially) eyes might be "late". Pupin says: "he who understands the latent powers of the vacuum-tube oscillator and the trend of our civilization knows that this delay will be very brief.", and "the history of the telephone shows, therefore, that the latent powers of an epoch-making machine cannot be permenanently smothered by the legislator's dread of monopolies. These powers will triumph sooner or later. The latent powers of the vacuum-tube oscillator for trans-ocanic communications will not and cannot be smothered very long.", and "Here are two machines which the American machine civiliation has produced, and thus laid the foundation of the radio art, the most subtle and refined of all the technical arts ever conceived by the human mind. No trace of materialism can be detected in their history. On the contrary, their achievements represent tham as messengers from heaven sent to earth to rid the world of barbarous notions and raise it to a higher level of civilization. " Pupin hints about what must be the two machines together, the 1910 seeing eyes, and the 1913 hearing thought. Later sending images, sounds and even smells, were added on. Pupin says (I think either prophetically or perhaps describing the situation even as early as 20 years after seeing eyes): "Before that time it was reserved for the amusement of the sporting rich. The people of ordinary means could not afford it, and it looked as if they were nursing a grudge against those who could. The machine threatened to create a class distinction and the American spirit of democracy rebelled against it." In fact, I think Pupin's book (I think may have been his last published, "Romance of the Machine", is an attempt to try to promote science and technology, to popularize science and technology, to make them seem not materialistic (as is the religious complaint), to make science and technology appear to be natural. It can only be interpretted as reflecting a deep seated want for his invention of seeing eyes behind the head to be made public, perhaps to be recognized as the famous inventor, perhaps to financially benefit from the patent and all the royalties that fame might bring, perhaps in addition to a belief that all people should enjoy seeing eyes, and the clear benefits that such technology brings to life. As far as I know "Romance of the Machine" was the last public writing even put out by Pupin.

I think the scary truth about the USA, and most accurate truth is that we had a coup de tate in 1963, and a virtual second coup de tate in 1968. With a very large, connected wealthy and with lots of technology (cameras, eye imaging etc) people military elite (although very large) group, basically the republican half of the US military taking over the non-military government. And we are still living under that military gang, and the Bush family was close to their gang leader, supervisor of the CIA group that killed JFK (including Sturgis, E Howard Hunt, etc), Gordon Arnold came directly from the US army. They try to claim that it is right versus left, but in reality, they are nothing but a large band of violent lawless criminals versus law and order and democracy. And we are still living under those people. They are the ones that zap us (innocent people) from above, that give tumors with microwave beams, etc. Think of the scale of the number of people that need to be exposed in the JFK killed by Sturgis coverup: all the Warran Commision, many many people...they didn't pull the trigger, but they were involved before and after the fact. I am just in favor of exposing them. But you can see the danger free people in the USA live in...it's like being a person that was opposed to the Duvalier's dictatorship. In addition, when you are talking about this criminal organization, which is similar to a nazi reich, they have a lot of weapons, they have a lot of technology, they have traditionally had a lot of power...they are not going to give up easily and nonviolently. And I think this is why you see a lot of fear on the part of the US media, they don't report about Sturgis, they don't criticise the Bush's in an effective way...talking about the Hoover memo, etc...that is why seeing a movie like "JFK 2", "911 In Plane Site" or my stuff is so different for people, it's like a different language...they have never heard any body target the easy criticism...what about Thane Cesar?...I mean there are some glaring obvious flaws in this coup group, but the media is too afraid to investigate openly those faults, and it's not because the puplic doesn't care, they eat that stuff up, they want to know the truth, they have a large amount of doubt about the official stories of JFK, RFK, 9/11. So we are still living under that Nixon take-over...Nixon was really just the front man for the massive reich of people in the terrorist half of the US military...like those that supported Thane Cesar and his Nazistic racist views, the Lockheed group. That, I think is what 9/11 is all about, funding those big violent lawless military leaders. It is tough to be sure, I vote and hope that the public does get to see all the eye images from the past, and that we go through each year and track down every last homicider and jail them all, and free the nonviolent drug users and prostitutes. This criminal terrorist group that is centered around the Bush family, the group in the CIA that killed JFK, and the military that filmed it, their wealthy backers, is like a massive violent criminal prison escape...I mean the job facing the public is immense, to expose, round up, and capture all these violent criminals, in particular the homiciders like Thane Cesar, and Frank Fiorini (who is dead anyway, but others like him). They are people who openly advocate homicide of their enemies, who fully support and resort to first degree homicide and assault. It's like the Jessie James Gang...just violent, lawless. I was thinking, that it's no wonder that this coup group feels no fear when passing all these laws like Patriot Act, etc, because, it's like the homicide law...they don't have to live under them...they are in the camera eye net, they see it all coming for miles...plus they have so much money, power and influence that they won't ever be arrested no matter what law they violate, only the poor public ever is. So the pee-on public has to live under the massive jungle of laws they never voted on, and the powerful, like the coup group, do what ever they want, knowing that the chances of them ever being charged for homicide, etc, are very small. Here they beat and delete all kinds of stuff, so-called "hack" or break into citizen's computers, assault our bodies with lasers...all illegal, but I guess not for them.
So the US is a lot like Haiti, where the military took over the government and they live for years under the oppression of military leaders, or like Cuba, or Spain where they suffered under Franco. It's a little different because every four years we can elect a different leader...so I think people will all come to accept that (although who knows what info the eye net will reveal), we temporarily threw off the coup group leadership by electing Carter and Clinton, but that the majority of US citizens promptly elected and put in power similar leaders, and even a relative of a person closely connected to that coup group that overthrew the US (non-military part of the) government in 1963.

It's gross that antisexuality and parental control over children results in thing like the recent killing of 4 children by their father in Pakistan. He slit his childrens throats but he didn't kill himself...what a violent nasty greedy self-centered backwards idiot. Then the excuse is that the marriage of his daughter to somebody he didn't approve of brough "shame on to his family", and I have to be the first to wonder: "what about the shame of homicide?" "what about the shame of assault?" isn't that more shameful? isn't violence more shameful? I mean some f'in day, couldn't the shame of first degree violence be more shameful than sexuality?

I hope that people in the camera net that send "suggestions" like "kill your friend", etc...get charged with severe sentences and jailed for long times...even if they are sending violent suggestions to (mostly liberal) people, they ought to be jailed. I am 99% sure that the secret videos, the millions and millions of images of people's "eyes" record the grissly tale of reich-wing nazi conservative religious republicans beaming suggestions on liberals, and the poor liberals not knowing any better taking the suggestions to be their own, no matter how idiotic, and doing stupid things. Their must be a million or more suicides courtesy republican image to brain sending. Then, the liberals do not even send a post card saying "...warning: conservatives are sending images and sounds on to your brain, you cannot be included in this network because it is dominated by conservatives, but please be warned, we care about you, ...please remember that conservatives are sending images and sounds on to your brain in an effort to cause you to do something stupid that will result in your death, arrest or hospitalization..."...they don't care enough for the lives and freedom of fellow humans to even spend 50 cents on such a postcard.

The media in the USA has made the US a "jonestown". They all see that one movie, that one tv show, they all quote the famous lines. Even though, many of the movies and television shows cost little to make, were all set on earth (never going to other planets or seeing life of other stars), involved jobs that any body can do, etc. It's stalinesqe that everybody should only get to see a few of the same movies or shows every year. And ofcourse, peoplw with money, don't own televisions...they watch the millions of humans on earth, their thoughts...they demand a constant stream of variety, not the same family of four friends, etc. Life is like that too, we don't watch the same porno movie, and nude person, we have to have a constant stream of new people to see nude and having sex, etc. The same movie become boring quickly. It is even different from food where we can revisit some food a few months later (although, I think taste reaches a peak in the very first few times we try something, and then smooths out in the later weeks, monthgs and years after we continue to eat some new food.) Then the people go ga-ga over the celebrity people...like the friends female, Brittany Spears, Pam Anderson, Brad Pitt, etc...when really, there are a thousand beautiful people, as physically beautiful, if not more than those celebrities...it's really a bizarre phenomenon...beautiful, smart females and males are thrown out into the dumpster by the public, and the same people are paraded around and showed millions on to. Then, some time I think the public could include wisdom (scientific achievement, even at the level of explaining past science, etc) in addition to physical beauty, but this group isn't even picking for physical beauty.

It's kind of interesting about Gary Glitter, and it's not incredibly pleasant to talk about, but still, people like Glitter are like Godzilla in some nation...he is chased out of Cambodia or where ever, banned from this country, etc...it is a phenomenon. People pass over the killers and assaulters of adults, and or children, and feel more strongly about chasing after the sexual. Sex is the number 1 most emotional thing, violence is second. The excuse is that Glitter assaulted a female under the age of 18 (again I want to stress that I do not involve myself with females under the age of 18, and prefer breasty 20+ females, I am simply talking about a phenomenon, and I want to make the message public to people over 18, both males and females...don't even think...well, thinking about touching the genitals of a minor is technically still legal, but certainly, do not pursue any touching of a minor...people on earth are handing out some kind of uber-sentences for even accusations of an adult touching a minor...even talking aobut the subject has proven career-changing, and dangerous for intellectuals and non-intellectuals alike). Nonetheless, it is a bizarre phenomenon and relic of religion. People always think of adults and minors in a sexual way as some older guy abducting young children, and that certainly forms a part of that, but the laws are made to stop young people who want to initiate sexual activity with adults, like the young male with the nude magazine that dreams of touching breasts, etc. But anyway, I just wasn't sure if I had raised that point before. Also, the point of an older and younger person consentually pleasuring each other without a hint of objection or abduction..I am sure it happens all the time, not every adult that wants to fondle humans under 18 would ever hurt anybody and live completely nonviolent lives. But look at the victim of Glitter (ofcourse even images of the person are kept from the public, but that is again, another double standard), ofcourse, there is no evidence of Glitter assaulting the human, perhaps there is evidence of penis to vagina sex, but there is no video to indicate that the penis to vagina was not consentual. Then, at the worst case, even a person of any age that is assaulted with a penis in a way that does not cause bleeding, or only a minor amount of bleeding...it is terrible, it is certainly assault if no consent, the assaulter should be jailed for some time, no doubt about it, but clearly, and here is the point many people are missing, the assault is not as bad as homicide, and there are even worse assaults, assaults where there is permanent physical damage to a person, a body part is damaged from a bullet, or chopped off with a knife. So, it is amazing, that, ofcourse there are plenty of people that kill and assault around the planet, still on the loose, where is Thane Cesar? Sturgis lived in Florida...there was no lynch mob that chased him around. If there was a "violent offender registry" you would see thousands and thousands of convicted assaulters living among us. Standing next to us in the supermarket, walking next to us in town, etc. The people seem to pass over them, and why? because their crime was not sexual, violence is acceptible...because of that tradition...the tradition that violence is ok, because many times the murdered is forgotten, because those friends of the murdered and assaulted live in fear of being the next murdered, assaulted, etc. They don't chase out and evict the violent, only the people rumored to be overly sexual/affectionate. I hope this view changes soon because first degree violence and violent people should not be ignored, and cause much more damage than the nonviolent.
12/28/05 update: It must be interesting to see all the video and eye images of what is happening to Glitter (or Gadd). I think, and I have to guess, many people know well, but that a family that had little money in Vietnam decided to exploit the pedo molesto fever by sending their daughter to americans to try and make accusations and extort money, and it looks like it actually worked...it's like fishing for pedo fever...you know there are unending pedo-centered fish out there to support the vicious persecution, and probably a good supply of good natured friendly suckers like Glitter willing to take in young females. Not Glitter has paid the families of two females (which appear unharmed, without any scratches or bruises, without any evidence other than their claim) 1,000 pounds which must be the equivalent of $100,000 in viet nam, they will probably not have to work another day in their life. Even though, I doubt Glitter even had sex with the females, and there is no proof that he did, I think many people would allow themselves to be penis'd in the anus for $100,000, if you can endure the embarrassment, the 100,000 could be invested and you could live onthe interest, and your ass would recover...I doubt there would even be one cut. I kind of wonder if the US and UK conservatives had anything to do with the persecution of Glitter (in the UK they may press charges against Glitter, now that is vicious and antisexual)... I kind of think it was just a poor family with an extortion plan that was successful...they knew the antisexual hysteria and they played it very well to the tune of $100,000 and they wanted much more. The US media ofcourse is taking fully the side against Glitter, saying glitter paid them off, quoting people that say 'buying off the prosecution', ... they quote people so it doesn't appear that they are taking a side themselves...but they are quoting conservative antisexuals, not liberal sexuals so that is not fair and even handed. No counter claim that the charge was a 'popular form of extortion' that was planned earlier or after the girls moved in with Glitter, or even that Glitter had tried to negociate a settlement with the family, even when he did nothing wrong, simply because of the ferver and popularity of the antisexual children movement. It appeared that one young female had had numerous sexual intercourse evidence in her vagina (the people in the gov inspected her twat...I mean, how pleasant was that in their scewed antisexual thinking?), so clearly many males had had penis in vagina sex with her, what happened to them? If they were Vietnamese....it would be clear to the family that they could not get any money out of them...maybe that was why they didn't make a stink then...why didn't they say something then? Why was there no arrest then? It seems like selective prosecution, somebody out there must be focused on Glitter in an unhealthy obsessive way, to follow him around and trying to make his life difficult, while Thane Cesar, Frank Sturgis and other violent right-wing killers and assaulter live(d) the life of a kings. One point is that government procecutor humans do not charge just who ever, that would take them forever, they only move for money or public outcry. So what do the eye images and hidden cameras show in the lives of those prosecutors? Might their not be some white right wing american and UK people funding this recent Glitter action? What initiated their activity? I think there is an open door there for white right wealthy mind imaging conservatives to spend a few dollars to the poor Vietnamese prosecutors for an antisexual pedo payoff which they are getting now. I have to wonder because they apparently have not charged any of the other males, only Glitter.

One interesting phenomenon is how this article that was so slanted against Glitter, that did not mention even the idea of "extorsion" was in "The Rolling Stone", a magazine with a liberal left-wing reputation. Wealthy religious conservatives and liberal mainstream media are like a match made in heaven, the best way to reach liberals and young people (that tend to be liberal) is through popular liberal magazines like Rolling Stone, and the people the own the Rolling Stone ofcourse know this, that is why the price is jacked up for the conservative message, after all, they have a liberal reputation to keep, and the conservatives know they have to pay more for a one-sided article slanted against Glitter, sexuality, in favor of sexual persecution without entertaining even one argument by the defense, which I think, when all the videos and eye images are shown will reveal that Glitter was targeted, or at least that the family saw an opportunity for extorsion from a wealthy (compared to most people in Vietnam) UK citizen. So, I think the video will show that reich-wing conservatives fund a lot of the Rolling Stone, in order to sell their nazism to the liberals, liberals that probably would reject conservative opinion, if the opposite side was presented to them. But, I think the magazines will all be a thing of the past once we all get to see "eyes" like they do. I mean, they all don't read magazines, they all are watching the thoughts of people like me and other popular people...they don't read, they get their info in video form beamed on their head. Then, with every last drop of ink, the magazines fight tooth and nail against freedom of information, against their own demise, even if freedom of information is more just and to the benefit of the public, it's gross. In fact, this Internet news magazine is probably the only magazine that is taking the liberal view of the defense of Gary Glitter...because I think it is clear that he is the victim of extorsion and in no way hurt either of those children. Had their been one video, one piece of evidence available to me that Glitter had assaulted any human, I would ofcourse, continue to express me vote to jail first degree violent people, whether they assaulted a child or adult. But, I am alone in speaking the liberal viewpoint, all the major media will take the side of the Orwellian persecution of people like Glitter. The only one magazine or newspaper I can think of that might take the liberal honest view is the "Village Voice". The rest are all Orwellian antisexual greedy reich-wing thought police whose morals are determined by money and popular opinion alone. I wish the people that zealously report the news about Glitter, are just as zealous about reporting the news aobut Thane Cesar, who murdered a person, which one of us would argue is worse than owning images of nude children. They never seem to have the ferver when it comes to Thane Cesar than they do for molestation.

Another suspicious thing about the Glitter arrest is that, at age 50, many people forget that older males have a tougher time staying erect (there is viagara which may help), and are usually less aggressive than younger males. The Glitter thing reminds me alot of the Singapore thing with the killing drug users, but instead of the "drug user mut die" anthem it would be the "moleter mut die" theme as they gas and mow down people with machine guns in the name of religious piety (which curiously allows an ethical exception for mass homicide). Never the violent person mut die. Most of the antisexuality comes from Judeism, which was passed on to Christianity, and then onto Islam. What was their beef with sexuality? Who knows, but whatever it was, it was less so than with violence. If there is a person out there assaulting any person, either with a penis, or any object, by all means, let's vote to have them jailed in proprtion to the pain and damage caused by the assault. Am I the first to say such a thing? I think so. In addition, let's work to get cameras on the street "available for the public" (yes, something that I am the only human of 6 billion to advocate) to help prove those many times difficult to see assaults.

Imagine what is required of the american in Vietnam or some other poor nation, where young females come to your house and won't leave...you have to be an asshole...you have to call the police to have them removed...most single male people probably couldn't be that vicious, unless they were religious and puritanical and cared little for the care of poor young females (or males for that matter). Most people would probably feel like...'you can stay here, I have space and can feed you, but you need to clean, do the dishes, etc.', then to be accused of sexual assault...what could you say? 'No...I didn't they are lying'...good luck. Your best bet is to try and pay off the extortion...it's like the hostage taking of other poor nations. The need for money is the ultimate root of it.

With the legalization of swinging clubs in Canada, I know a million conservative couples must be thinkg: "well, now we must all swing because it is legal". Like drugs, they must think just because something is legal, everybody must do it.

It has to be unusual to hear from excluded people that know they are excluded. That is a voice we never hear from. It must make the included feel less than their usual god-like and invincible. In any event, it must be a rare find to hear opinions from those excluded that know they are excluded, absent must be the patting on the back and constant reassurances of morality and supremecy, that tiny voice of never before heard criticism.

One cool thing aobut this old new technoloy is the "smell" technology. How we can smell various things, any thing we want...to see what something smells like without actually ever smelling it (as far as I know...perhaps it only can make you remember smells)

I think it will be clear to our future descendents, a thousand years from now in 3005, that the rise of religion, and in particular the rise of Christianity, was a victory of evil over good on many levels. Primarily at the level of honesty versus dishonesty, in the way that science of that time (and ofcourse after) was supressed, the best of the scientists punished, the atheists that recognized the arrogance of claiming to know a god were brutally punished, and still are ostracized. It just seems clear to me looking back historically that, many things, the killing of JFK, of John Lennon, the Haulocaust of WW2, the witch trials, the Inquisition, many of these terrible crimes probably would never have happened had science won over religion 2000 years before now, had science won over religion, 1000 years before now, or even 100 years...I doubt we would have much of the injustice that cripples our planet and nations, the massive lies, the abuse of secret technologies, and unseen, unstopped violence in particular.

I look forward to seeing the end of Christmas, honestly, it's all about Jesus and I think Jesus did nothing special, certainly not in science, for democracy, against violence, against secrecy, lying, etc. People on earth are very tuned to the yearly rotation of the earth around the sun, but time is new every nanosecond...just because we experience a year here on earth, doesn't mean that there are not other living objects that are not stuck going around and around a star all the time (But probably most living things are stuck going around and around a star...we are also one of the many stuck going around and around a galaxy, and around and around our own planet's axis).
I was thinking after this brute guy at Trade Joes on campus said ped again, that, do you know, I think psychology people might even be interested in this. There is a subtle point about pedisms. I think that there are maybe at least 2 if not more special kinds of "ped" people. There are definitely, as well all well know, the "pedophile", the person that loves children, but, when you see the people being labeled pedophile, many times they are people that hurt and some times even killed children, so I am not sure, by definition, we can call them "pedophiles", and should probably, more properly label them "krustopeds" or something similar, because clearly, they are people that want to do violence to children. I think that a person that really did love a child, a pedophile, would not want to kill or hurt the child in any way. I think it's clear that hurting or killing a child is not loving a child, it is something different. It's a tough call, because many times, the process of using a penis to assault a child, could perhaps be said to originate in some kind of love for a child, but clearly seeing a child in pain, can't be love, and so I kind of lean toward drawing a line between those that do violence (even sex related) versus those that only touch genitals, or "love children", even in fact the love parents and siblings may impart onto a child in a way that clearly does not bother the child is a form of pedophilia ("loving a child")...if it bothers the child, or makes the child cry, then it is probably an act of "krustopedism" at that point. I think we can see that an adult physically loving a child, even in a legal form is viewed with some amount of suspicion and contempt...it is viewed as "babying" a child, if there were two kids kissing or playing with each others genitals I am sure it would be stopped...I think the point is that religion has sought to eradicate physical pleasure, and religious people are uncomfortable with physical pleasure (even when other people are involved in pleasuring themselves or others). There is a line most people in society draws that stops too much love and physical pleasure, which to me, physical pleasure seems like a logical conclusion for smart people in love, as long as they carefully plan to have or avoid pregnancy (and that is just the case for penis in vagina sex, there are numerous other forms of physical pleasure that have no possibility of pregnancy). And avoiding pregnancy has become very easy to do with plan-b, the so-called morning after pill, and as time continues, I don't doubt that avoiding pregnancy will be even easier. It just seems clear to me that there is a point in the lives of young people where pleasure, they realize, is uncool, and a societal taboo. They have to stop their natural feelings of love toward their playmates and take a more cold, distant approach...and I just think that is wrong...it is probably what is adding to the violence on earth, it is taking away from the amount of love humans would normally feel for each other, or in any event, it's not violent and when consentual there is no reason to stop children, teens in particular, from expressing love in a physical form with each other.
The new pope is being shown on USA national television. I care nothing for the pope, he is the best living example of a "Darth Sideous" there is "Darth Popius", a homophobe, anti-scientist, persecutor of the nonviolent and innocent, jailer and hospitalizer of the opposition, a person with a massive unthinking violently loyal following, and thousands of years of tradition to back them. But in addition, I respect people for their achievements, not for what they inherited. The popes are all a bunch of cult leaders, that do nothing but preach evil backwards policy, in any event they do nothing for science, they stand totally in the way of pleasure, truth, science, justice, free information, wisdom, honesty. It is shocking that a person named Jesus would be the center of a 2000 year reign of fraud. Religion is pure fraud, they don't know a god or gods any better than the average person. What's more, the popes and cardinals know very little about science and the universe. I can't stand to see educated people supporting this continuing scam of religion...there are excellent people that deserve the recognition, not the pope...he is nothing but a represser of women, of non whites, of homosexuals, even bisexuals, the young, oppressor and punisher of the weak, different, drug user, prostitute, science lover, free thinker, atheist, agnostic. It reminds me of when Carl Sagan died, that week they ran "Sister Theresa" eulogies all the time, and ofcourse the religious charade continues, and it's disgusting to see. Humans will eventually drop religion, and the pope will not have the money or popularity to dominate the main stream popular media...people will have gotten wise to the religious scam in a few hundred or thousand years as they already are thanks to those people that recorded history, science and those that teach and learn it. Those people will look back at us, like some of us look back at the people in 1600, sorry for them that they lived such a life of brutal repression, without the tiniest possibility of physical or intellectual pleasure, while we enjoy more intellectual and sexual freedom now.

Something terrible is happening with my cable service. The Cox people said that the cable is defective and I cannot receive cable or even satellite. The Sares-Regis people, the construction company that sold me the condo, guarenteed a 1 year warranty on everything. The last time I talked to a representative of Sares they said that they would call and send somebody over to look at the cable, but now they have not returned 3 of my phone calls (2 different people), so I am going to take them to small claims court to try and get them to fix the cable (I have not had cable since I moved in, in late October 2004). It is annoying because...here these idiots watch me all day, hear my f'in thoughts, see my eyes...but they can't fix my fuck free cable. I can't see my show, I missed Infidel Guy on ABC, Cox won't refund me for each month... it's a hassle. I filed a complaint with the BBB but nothing has happened. It's shocking how unprofessional and like 5 year-olds the people at Sares are...now I worry about the stability of the Condo...is this the way they deal with the contractors who built the Watermarke? Not returning their phone calls...not answering their phones when it's somebody they don't want to talk to? It raises the point about the US legal system. I have never heard of a person talking another person to court to force them to do something...or maybe I have heard about that, but all the courts are divided by the amount of money claimed, not by the kind of response wanted as far as I know. But in any event, how much nicer it would be to be able to file a claim against a company or individual electronically, and have judges collect all the evidence electronically (statements, audio, video, text, etc), view it all after 5pm or whenever, and give their verdict electronically, or request more info electronically. Then nobody would have to go to court...waste time from their job...it would speed up justice, reduce injustice, make the court available to more working people.
update the BBB gives Sares Regis an "F" rating: http://www.labbb.org/BBBWeb/Forms/Business/CompanyReportExtensionPage.aspx?CompanyID=13099338&sm=#ComplaintExperience I haven't seen an "F" rating on even the companies that sell audio visual equipment.

I think an large scale effort to make a "history of science" class mandatory in high school would be very good for scientific and technological progress in the USA. In addition to that a mandatory course dedicated strictly to "evolution", the entire story.

Most of the people I encounter are like 40 year olds with 5 year old minds. Petty, easily embarrassed, rude, stupid, easily influenced by superstition and rumor, know nothing about history, are not able to make friends, never learned how to introduce themselves, not brave enought to be honest, etc.

Woman made good point, "how will we see you?" if they are excluded by the public once the excluded figure out. I have not really decided my vote about what should happen to those people included. But I have the basics, those that were for secrecy should be excluded until dead, those that were clearly for going public with it I probably will still allow to see. Beyond that, I think there should be serious fines and compensation for copyrights violated by people that benefitted from copyrights, and in addition fines for invasion of privacy (and I vote against jails or fines for owning any image, after that). I don't feel much sympathy for those people that did nothing, or very little to include me, why would I? And of course those that supported excluding me, of course I vote for them all to be excluded for life, any thing else would be to fund "anti-everything I hold to be good and true" in my opinion. So, probably those people that care for me (although, honestly...if this is caring, I have yet to get so much as one phone call or tiny explanation let alone a molecule of service... no doubt I and many others will give back the same exact treatment...I certainly hope so), those people that care for me, again, of which there are very few, will probably be voted to still get to see and hear...get the beam. It will be interesting for those of us newly included (the vast majority of the public), I hope they vote to take over the companies that run the technology, or make it public run, in any event fine those people and send them to the bottom without employment. In particular those that abused the technology (which is basically all of them). The simple and clear goals will probably be, on that wonderful day, vote to capture and jail the killers, and then the assaulters. And I mean every fuck free person, going back to the early 1900s that assaulted innocent unsuspecting people with lasers, and to a large extent jail for even those people that made the excluded scratch. Next to fine all the included people relative to their income and usage. Then to exclude those that helped the secret. Some where in there, expose all those who lied about Sturgis, and Cesar. From there, basically identify and publically make available the full record on all those people in the included, and they should be treated much the way the excluded are now, they are to be fully exposed and remembered, not hired (although that is an individual choice obviously, but I hope people remember how callous and what vicious people were in the eye net). It's tough to feel sympathy or warmth for the vicious people in the eye net, even the least worst of them, even the nonviolent of them. For those that funded protection for me (which...if this is protection...why bother?), but no doubt I will repay the vote to stop violence that might happen to them...already I have done more publically to stop violence than they probably ever will do, why? Who knows, most of the included do everything secretly, everything is for secret, nothing for public consumption. Can you imagine me getting to see them? They are the biggest bunch of elitish arrogant self centered people...like I am some tv show for them...and can't extend the tiniest courtesy to me to allow me to see their lives...it's gross, and for them to believe that I think of them as decent equal people is no where near the truth...I view them as being a bunch of, as I just said, arrogant, elitist, self-centered, callous, vicious, people that can't extend the tiniest bit of equality to me, and treat me like some kind of twelfth class citizen. One of the biggest mistakes on the part of the exluded, has been to extend common courtesy to the included...I mean wake up already...these people, the included treat you in the excluded like a bunch of slaves...like a bunch of shit...it's way past time to treat them the way they treat us...send them to the bottom, let us get to watch them, and they can twiddle their fuck free thumbs. The other half of that equation is that the epople that have everything beamed onto their heads, I think, have stopped thinking. Other people now do their thinking for them. The administrators of the eye net fill their head...they take the entire system for granted...it's tough to describe, but they forget that they have an unbelievable different priviledge than the excluded....they scrutinize the excluded lives with a fine tooth comb, but their lives are protected from the excluded behind an iron curtain. Which brings up another topic, related to the eye imaging technology. It appears relatively clear that Michael Pupin was the first to see eyes, and there is more to add, that he worked under the famous German Hemholtz. Not by coincidence, Helmholtz is the very inventor of the "opthalmoscope", the tool that made the National Geographic images I thought were from behind the person's head (and what a bunch of shyte the people at National Geographic are for not telling me that in their response to my email). Helmholtz must have been doing secret research in trying to detect the photons from human brains and Pupin got wind of the experiments...and (I can only guess) went back to Columbia and within 20 years (it must have taken a while if 1910 is correct, but I kind of think that...even 1890...1900 may have been when, if Helmholtz was actively involved...but the included know). Pupin does more hinting in his book "from immigrant to inventor". He says paraphrasing "there is a current flowing through human life", (perhaps hinting...there is a current flowing through the human head, a current that can be detected from the radio "waves", but maybe not...I think it's a photographic plate with a flourescent screen...again where do we buy those? But in addition perhaps a special flourescent screen that response to perhaps even specifiy frequencies of photons in infrared) and "he read my mind" (of an assistant of Hemholtz). It brings me to a topic that must fill secret chat areas...did the Nazi's hear thoughts? (ofcourse they know all the answers to that, so it's probably old news) I think it is definitely possible that they did. Helmholtz must have figured it out...there must have been cameras on Pupin and many others. How much did seeing and hearing thought contribute to Nazism? Some people might say that seeing and hearing thought was the main reason behind Nazism...I think it's more like religion, nationalism, anti-sexual traditions, the popularity of conservatism and widespread mistaken belief that conservatives are moral people...but clearly, seeing and hearing thought is right down Nazi alley...it's the perfect elitist's tool, it gives the user an unbelievable advantage over the excluded (public). With this technology they can basically play people like human video games...directing their lives with a joystic, beaming their propoganda and lies directly onto the public's minds. It must have taken a while to wire up the nation though...so there were limits to their power. They could see and hear the thoughts of a few important people (it grew on top of the secret cameras and microphones)...perhaps people on the streets. But doesn't it seem logical that nazism could have sprang up in part from the unquestionable disproportional advantage the conservatives that have this technology even now still have?...and 1910 is way before the rise of Hitler in the 1930s. But beyond that...Helmholtz invented the opthalmoscope around 1890...40 years before Hitler was even on the scene. That is a long time to be working on seeing and hearing thought without any success. As more evidence, with FDR saying "in thought" it's clear he shows no fear of the Nazi's finding out about hearing and seeing thought, ofcourse it wouldn't be a taboo for FDR to say "in thought" if the the Nazi people already knew. But without too much doubt the fission of uranium which was first done in Germany was kept a secret from the Nazis (or at least using fission as a bomb)...the story is that Hitler did not think fission would be useful.

There was an interesting thought in my mind about how photons go thru a prism. If a beam of light is a beam of photons, which photons make up the blue lines, and which make up the green, red, etc lines? There are a few choices or ideas: 1) photons have different masses, the lighter go into the blue, the heavier go into the red (I doubt it...I think photons probably all have the same mass, but they are so small, who could ever detect a tiny difference?), 2) the atoms in the glass determine how much a photon is refracted...the first photon is absorbed, the second photon goes past because the atom can not accept the photon, etc... so some photons are more refracted than others. 3) The blue part comes from the top of the initial beam of white light and the red part come from photons at the bottom...I think that the photons change direction only at the boundaries and because of the prism triangular shape, more are sent to the blue than to the red, but which ones? since the spectrum of atoms (although there is an open question about the photon frequencies that come from protons and neutrons...do they show specific spectral lines or just random lines?) I thikn for the answer to which photons go to blue and red, it is like 2) where the nature of the atom determines. Because glass is transparent, a large number of photons pass through, perhaps by temporarily entering an atom, or more likely, by not even orbiting any atom even once. There are still questions in my mind about the prism phenomenon and I haven't had time to do more experimenting, obviously because there are a million screaming idiots that surround me like a lynch mob of evil for one reason, but also I have a million other projects and interests.

There is something different about me from most people...it's really unusual, I can't kiss ass...I can't schmooz, I can't do anything other than speak my honest thoughts and tell the truth as best I can...in some ways it's a terrible property to have...I feel fear of evil people...but I can't make my mouth kiss their ass....it doesn't move that way...and all around me are people that do it effortlessly. To me it seems shallow and false to say something I don't believe, or to pretend I care about the things most people do. Still, I am not rude, I am simply honest. I don't want people to feel bad, I want them to change, or simply depending on the circumstance, I want them jailed for violence, etc...I am polite to people, I simply want justice.

That's a point I am trying to make about those in the eye net...their entire life is listening...they don't ever talk...there is no output from their brains...it's all input. Then the point about those that watch me...to me it's shocking how terrible the truth and liberal movement is...they can't even meet and talk with me. They can't put together the tiniest system...even to stop violence, forget about the other big 10. I mean, they can't do the basics of progress, cameras on the street for all, a planetary public information center with images and the complete catalog of all the violent, a violent registry for the public...adds against assault, no shows about evolution...this is a broken record...to sum it up, we are amongst a very stupid people, catatonic is the best word to describe them, they can't do the right thing even if it doesn't require the tiniest big of movement. I am glad to see what just happened in France, they rejected a ban on file sharing, at least their the public is catching on...here in the USA they are absolute idiots and getting worse. Back to that point about the people that watch me...if they cared they would be here already, they would write and explain to me...they would tell me their mind...they would show me what they look like...they would do a million things like that..things that express respect, love, a striving for equality, etc. but yet...they do nothing like that. Because, I think it's clear...people are vicious, callous, stupid, self-centered, dishonest, religious, mystic, antisexual but secretly sexual (at best), just a terrible time to live on earth with terrible people. I wish I had been born in 2500. This time is right after WW2, seeing thought is a 100 year secret and going strong, it's an evil "evangelical" revival where I live, in this time people are strongly marching backwards and into new dangerous directions, not even the casual care to move forward and upward in the tiniest way...not that that would even start to approach the stopping of even one homicide or assault, theft, expose one lie, or allow even one citizen to vote on federal laws, but at least then the public would be moving in a progressive direction.
One thing that people suffer from in this time is the "everybody has to agree on everything" mind set. What a stupid and conformist way of living...the future is going to be people voting and everybody will express diverse opinions, some against the drug war, others for legal prostitution, some for total free info, etc. there will be a wide variety of diversity in opinions.

I think I have put my finger on the voting public in the US, they want one thing and one thing only...and that is absolutely nothing. They want a leader that will not do any thing (although bush is the acception to that because he is ofcourse a radical war and military funding extremist, but that doesn't seem to matter to them). That's why they picked Kerry, he was the person that said the least, that was the least specific about his values, opinions, vision and plans. They will accept and tolerate only one thing and that is no opinion, any opinion and they will abandon ship.

Usually I don't gab about my job, but it looks like I might get fired. I don't know for sure, but one person who is one of the rare friendly people said "fired" last week, and then two people (one who is a vicious nazi, and the other who is not, but still has said some mean things) both said "enjoying your last day?". I spent the last two years trying to leave THe University of California in Irvine, trying to go to San Francisco, I sent more than 50 applications...hundreds, it seemed like, but I didn't get any job. So, two years had gone by, and I thought...well, if I can't get a job in SF, I might as well buy a Condo here in Irvine (this was already after most people had gained $100,000 at least in two years of unbelievable appreciation on their condos and houses). So I did, and decided to again apply to SF in a year or two when I could sell my Condo, I thought, probably I would apply, because, if I couldn't get hired with hundreds of applications, I am not sure it's worth my time to try. So now, I am in a loan that has a 1-year prepay penalty of 2% which is like $6,000 or something (I have to check the actual penalty, it's something like that). They couldn't have picked a worse time to fire me, if they are going to. But in addition, I want to say what terrible people, parents and police the supervisors in Irvine are. It reminds me alot of my own parent parenting and the teachers in my high school...they do nothing to stop the violent attacks of innocent people, and they don't punish those who are rude. In the case of UC Irvine, they have a "code of conduct", but it appears that they bow to a code of "popular opinion", because those people I work with, 80% of them insulted me openly every day, calling me "freak", "gay", "rat", "psycho"...all kinds of put-downs, and I never put any of them down once (ocassionally, I would say "not-see" you later in response to some put-down). But beyond bad supervisors, and parents...at UC Irvine, they go beyond the "let them fight it out" apathy of my parents, to the "punish the victims" type of people. I mean, these people insult me and put me down every day, but then I am punished? I was fined $500 and lost my regular job duties, just for telling a person that I was tired of their put-downs, which definitely, and they all know happened. It's bizarre. You know, the police here (as they are in many places) are some of the most violently criminal (with those ceiling lasers and their secret camera supremecy). That type of lawless apathetic parenting and supervising is terrible. I think a good society would take those people, like most people, we all have our minor first degree assaults that didn't result in any serious damage, and jail them for a few hours, for 3 days, in a safe jail...just to curb their tendacy toward first degree violence. It was interesting that one neonazi I work with said something to me that was so like the "good-by Jews" line from that young girl in "Schindler's List", she said "out!". And here, like the Jewish people of the 1940s I was never even rude to this person. But then, a person who said "hey ped!" instead of "hi ted", who happens to be Jewish, appeared to be hanging out with that other nazi lady...and to me...it's like, somehow they can be vicious to a gentle person like me, but somehow stay friendly to each other...it's really a mystery. The best comparison I can come up with is that they are like Purhana... they are vicious to other species but friendly to each other. It was kind of like a final reich-wing slap in the face, to have the Schindler's list "goodbye Jews" humans and the "hey ped" jewish human walking together, and for the Jewish humans to make it a point to get by me and say "fire everone" instead of "bye everyone". And that is a common feeling I have heard before, the eye-net rude uneducated people argue that it is easier to fire me than to fire all the people that are rude to me. But my argument is that, it is simply an example of very poor parenting (supervising). Those rude people all should have disciplined for violating the "code of Conduct" and just simply the unwritten code of politeness and common courtesy, but because they are all in the camera network, and politically aligned with each other, they aren't ever punished. Being a liberal, I can blink, and I will be fined, but being conservatives in the eye-net they can yell insults (like "leave!") and put-downs from the reference desk at me, and it's like a moquito wing never flapped. And the entire time, I am just trying to do science, the job, to me is just something to survive in order to get money to tell the story of history and to build my walking robot...I don't spend time thinking of my co-workers (and certainly don't want to, if I do), and thinking of new put-downs I can tell them. I think, they should only fire the rude people, but then I realize, that is almost everybody. So, they basically only fire the nice people, I think history will reveal.
I think people will say about Irvine, that it is much like their liver program. They are do-nothing beaurocrats, conservatives that have contempt for science, that don't do the logical thing. They don't discipline the rude, they only fire the polite, they blame the victims, not the administrators. I mean here, people were dying because the UCI administrators would not clean up their act...it took a lawsuit to put their noses in their poop, only then do they change, and then, barely. One thing that is interesting, if you go to Newport Beach Public Library, or even Orange County Public Library, you will see an average library, it has DVDs and CDs on shelves available to be browsed, the UC libraries are a disgrace of backward old-worldian philosophy. I remember the first time I walked in to the MRC and asked "where are the videos?", and was told that I couldn't borrow or even see any, and those that can have to watch them in the media room. UCSD is the same way, it's like a kindergarden, they can't borrow the DVDs and CDs. Irvine is like the 1820's, but add in neonazi secret survalience technology.

One key point, about if I am fired, is that, because I have no money...again I just moved, and spent much of my saved money on furniture and flooring...I can't really fund myself for too long (even with the minimal unemployment, which I have been grateful for). So basically I would have to delete large portions of my web page, I don't think I can hired with all the opinions I have written here, and all my videos. So, for those people, which for all I know are very few <100 that make use of my web page, if you want a record of this stuff, make a backup of it because it is going to be removed from the web if I get fired.
In some way, there are a lot of positives in getting let go from UC Irvine, it shows that, no great scientists are going to be able to work there. It is more like a church. Most smart people are not only smart in science but smart in terms of history, etc. They understand that religion is a recent phenomenon, and the violent and dishonest history of religions. So, I have never felt comfortable which having my work associated with UC Irvine, with UC is ok...but UC irvine, is notorius for being right-wing Nixonian Reagan republican...they helped the Warren commission with fabricated evidence about the "magic bullet"....I mean, that's not a great legacy, although most people don't know the full truth yet. As I said, I tried for 2 solid years to get hired in San Francisco. The weather here is phenomenal, and the weather in SF is terrible, but the people here are so terrible that it's like a living hell everyday for me (and any decent person I think).
So I am, of course, glad to leave, and tried for two years to leave. Wy didn't they open the way then when the timing was good? I just hope that people have lined up a liberal to hire me in San Francisco or Los Angeles county, Cal State, or a community college. But, you know, these people are vicious, and so I wouldn't doubt that they care nothing about where I might get a job from here.
One thing that is interesting to me is how the right-wing, conservatives, are religious, and really are not supporters of science. Although they love to abuse the technology that was created through science, they care very little about science. So, it's an interesting thing...like the republicans basically took over the UC Irvine Library...before me, there was a liberal that was almost fired, but was only transfered, and a different liberal that was fired. I can't understand what conservatives would do with a university, or a library? Of what use is a science book or video to them? I think simply because, it's a building and teratory.
One comment in my mind is that republicans are the violent criminals, and democrats the passive idiots that don't punish them.
I don't doubt that there are many walking robots, and people have known that all matter is made of particles of light for years, secretly, but still, I am glad that with me will be moving a some part of the science of photons, and technology of walking robots, away from Irvine and into some place where science and technology are going to be tolerated if not funded. In addition, to all those ideas of full democracy, full free info, exposing Sturgis, and the republican crimes of the past, stopping violence, freeing the nonviolent, explaining of sexuality, etc. a part of all those things will go with me. For Bush jr, and many others it would probably only mean that they have to turn their head 30 degrees to the right to continue constantly watching me and my latest thoughts from San Francisco or Los Angeles county. In addition, a very popular show would be leaving, many people that don't like attention would be happy, but those that like attention (fame, large scale viewership) would probably be less happy.
This is all what people get for promoting the violent and lawless nazistic republicans to the top of government and business. They moved Howard Stern off of the public radio, jailed Tommy Chong, killed the Kennedies, MLK, John Lennon, and the liberals just sit back either in fear or in approval (as is the case for the invasion of Iraq, Hillary C"li"nton voted in favor of that, Kerry voted in favor of it, "Lie"berman did...just virtual republicans and supporters of homicide).
I hope the next place has full subscriptions to all the science journals because those are useful for my project ULSF, which would be even more delayed if I get fired. But I will definitely keep ULSF on my web page, since there is not too much controversial material there. They could use the camera networks to work together with me to transition me to some other place, compensating me for any time in between jobs, finding a job in a different location that I approve of, and where I will be accepted, etc, but they are vicious gestapos with secret technology, selfish, greedy and callous. For years they kept me at a PA I level, while others in the same exact job description (in different labs) were PA II level. I was telling people that if they want to see true Nazism, if they feel Nazism is dead, then let them come with me and a few cameras [I hope to have walking cameras very soon that will serve this purpose among many others] around to various orange county stores and restaurants, we will see rudeness and Nazism (and more specifically elitism) which has never died.
There are examples that come to mind with similar themes, the way Cyril Wecht was the only 1 of 10 pathologists to say that Kennedy was shot from the front in testimony to the Warren Commission, the way that Thomas Noguchi was the subject of a massive media and legal campaign against him, the way "The Second Gun" movie has been minimalized...there are many similar examples of this kind of thing where the popular opinion is simply evil, stupid, wrong...inaccurate, dishonest...there are many words to describe it, but it still is a terrible thing when the truth loses to popular opinion. Truth losing in a democracy is really the biggest flaw of democracy. Democracy (and really, full democracy, not this "representative" crap), is the fairest system there is, but at the same time, popular opinion is not guaranteed to be the most accurate, the smartest, etc. That is one reason that I spend so much time trying to educate the public on the basics of evolution and history of science, but this is sadly a one person war.
So, it's not clear if I am going to get fired, but it looks like a serious possibility, and that will most likely result in me removing large portions of my web page including all opinions, all books, all the "Photon Yes, Religion No" videos, the other pages would be vastly reduced. If I do get fired, I will indicate here and give 1 week for people to copy stuff.

Is it ever permissable to use violence to stop the flow of information? That is a question we should ask. My answer and vote is "no".

Violent lawless conservatives or any people in power make for a very confusing violent time...because it's like the age old problems of, questions like, is what Erwin Planck, Max Planck's oldest son who was executed when implicated in the attempt on Hitler's life (the bomb in the briefcase, as far as I can remember). Was Erwin Planck doing a first degree homicide? How could people argue that? What mixed feeling liberals must have had. Here Hitler order the killing of 3 million innocent people...how could killing Hitler be remotely thought of as first degree homicide? And that is the kind of society that violent religious conservatives create. The Nazis were extreme conservatives, believers in Jesus, in God, wears of military uniforms, nationalistic, uneducated, violent, they were at the right end of the political spectrum. So, this is the kind of society conservatives make...it's like in war time...could a person walk into a barn and mow down humans in Nazi uniform? Yes, ofcourse. There is no arrest, that is the goal of war, and the chaotic kill or be killed society that war is. It's a breakdown of the homicide and assault laws. Because, so many people on both sides are killing and have been killed that who was first is too difficult to figure out, and then, for conservatives, they continue to do first degree murder anyway...so liberals are left to think...well...if Thane Cesar isn't going to be arrested...why would we help to arrest a killer of conservatives? why would we do that? That would be stupid. I think if the public would pull their head out the ground and start voting for good people, the homicide laws and arresting of killers (and even eventually of assaulters) could start to take shape on earth. But that is not going to happen for centuries the way people are voting now.

Many of us want to be daisy smelling scientists, but the reality we are thrust into, is fighting back against violent thug soldiers in daily combat against those that zap us with ceiling lasers, etc. Because conservatives don't want to be daisy smelling scientists that lay around letting robots service them while they get regular disease free sex, they want to kill, punch, zap, assault, threaten, and spread the Jesus God cult, watch tv and sports, I don't know...it's tough to know exactly what they want, but it seems clear that it is assault, murder, jesus, god, property, money, secrecy, everybody to look the same as them, to think the same as them, to agree with them 100%, to fill the prisons and hospitals with people they don't like, etc.

One of the worst problems of people I think is there willingness to forgive violent people. It's the effect of Jesus-ism. It stops the things that should really be happening, violent people being sent to prison, those that ignore, and threaten violence being demoted and let go. Instead the weight always seems to fall on forgiveness and forgetting, in the hope the bad things will not happen again (which ofcourse they always do, because they don't ever stop them the first time), and appeased by and believers of the lies of the violent.

One of the most disgusting things of all is that me (and many others) are walking around not even knowing that this violent guy in the car is getting near me. Just like RFK had no idea about Thane Cesar. Nobody bothered to beam onto John Lennon the important info about Chapman waiting there all day with a gun and thoughts to shoot Lennon. It's amazing, I mean, there must be a liberal part of the eye net. I was thinking earlier that probably by 1920 liberals realized that they had to make their own camera net...that there had to be at least two major eye nets...they had to put in their own cameras, and microphones, because ofcourse, you can't depend on conservatives to be showing you everything. So, I think that is certain...so then...why wasn't Lennon informed? Why didn't RFK know about Cesar? Why didn't Nicole Simpson know about her killer? Wasn't there anybody there in the eye net that is in charge of sending warnings and instructions to avoid violent people?

It's interesting thinking about what Mike Pupin did to see (and probably he was the one or near the one that heard first) thought.

Is hearing thought done thru light or sound? If sound it would be logical since Pupin is credited with sonar, and must have been involved in detecting sound. It is interesting that Pupin basically amplified things...he amplified photons with the secondary xray technique (and ofcourse what our eyes see), and then also electric current he amplified with an inductor.

One thing that is interesting also with Righi who proved that at least for shorter wavelengths that all frequencies of light can be reflected (which is a phenomenon in itself...it light particles actually stop then, light doesn't move at a constant velocity all the time, but if light orbits, that is amazing too that photons can change direction so quickly. Anyway, didn't somebody try to prove that the longer wavelengths also refract, reflect, etc? THere was some consequence to that awesome experiment (Righi must have contributed much to this understanding ... possibly he proved that light has no amplitude, but didn't recognize it) of seeing if radio could be focused by a lens. I think the feeling that I am getting is that maybe there is a frequency just below visible with a wave length that can easily be measured, which will show, once thru a lens, that amplitude of light is meaningless, in other words, light beams have no amplitude.

science: One key point in all of this is that, for example, photons with xray frequency (which is basically many more photons than visible and radio per second), goes through our skin, where photons with visible frequency do not, I mean obviously visible light does not go thru our arm, but with xray frequency it does. I think we can presume that no light with a frequency lower than visible can go through our arm and all above xray can. That is a simple (probably) truth, that I have never heard before. It's interesting that the (in my opinion) mistaken popular belief, is that, the xray wavelength is small enough to go thru our arm, but I think the reality may be that, there are simply enough photons to get to the other side, I mean it's related to the wavelength, but not in amplitude, it's related because the more photons per second, the more photons will not reflect, or be absorbed, and will get thru.

One interesting thought on the Hertz, very interestng, experiment. I would like to duplicate the Hertz experiment, because it is pretty interesting. It's radio for beginners and is easy to see, etc. The interesting thing is that, I think, possibly that, the Hertz experiment where circular pieces of metal with a tiny air gap, which spark when the wave moves past them, may be another form of the photoelectric effect. In other words, light, and I was thinking, that even visible light (since we see light from sparks), is transmitted from the original spark oscillator, and it collides with the metal of the detector and that causes current thru the photo electric effect. So light of any frequency probably causes current in metal, but the higher the frequency of light and the higher the intensity of the light (which is rarely mentioned when describing the photo-electric effect...mostly people try to stress the point about the higher the frequency the higher the energy of the electrons) the higher the current.

So back to the any light above xray can go thru our arm, and any light below cannot. How are these images, from our eyes captured? I tried using the Sony "night shot" camera with a visible blocking filter and I still get the photons reflected from the back of my head (and not the photons that go thru my eye holes). So, there is more to it. In fact, if the date of 1910 is correct for Pupin's pivotal finding, it took some time for him to figure out how to see what people see. It was 1896 when Pupin made his excellent find of "secondary xrays". So, if 1910 is correct, that is 14 years later. That's a long time. Maybe it was difficult to figure out, or maybe the date I have of 1910 is incorrect, but it has been confirmed at least once. Actually, Pupin was not the first to invent sonar, according to wikipedia, they don't even mention him. But it appears clear that Pupin added to the US sonar technology which clearly places him doing secretive government science, as does the Manhattan project taking place at Columbia University. They have a curious story of a riot at Columbia which resulted in the loss of some of their secret science research, so they claim. So back to the seeing photons reflected off the back of me head. Remembering the National Geographic movie more, it looks like the eyeball is actually visible, and if the eyeball is visible...how can that be? It looks kind of like an xray image, but maybe it is infrared. How can a person filter out light reflected off the back of a head, while still getting the light that went through the eyes? I was thinking that one way, might be to only detect the photon emission frequency of carbon from our heads. I have to feel proud of myself that I actaully came up with that idea. Maybe it was beamed on me. I still can't figure it out. I seriously doubt that photons in the x-ray are beamed thru our eyes to be detected on the other side, we would all get lukemia or cancer if that were true. There is the possibility of the detector being xray detectors and that there are enough xray frequency beams to make a picture, but then there would be enough xray beams reflecting off the back of our heads too. Infrared may be logical, because, our body is emitting photons in the infrared all the time. There must be some frequency that our body emits, that is different from that reflected from our body (ie the back of our heads) and that would be the frequency to tune in. How to filter one tiny frequency is unknown to me...it could be done with some kind of atomic filters (like modern camera filters), or electronically (but then you would need a grid of digital light detectors, that would run through the electronic/computer filter). It could have been done either was by 1910, but probably it was done with some photographic (atomic-based) infrared filters. And maybe that is what took so much time. The first realization may have been...'hey our eyes have holes that take in light...we should be able to see what a person sees'...or it was coincidental...'i was taking xray photos from behind a person's head and I realized that I was seeing what the person was seeing (in the photos or maybe even in real-time). So was seeing eyes the result of logical thought, or lucky experimental find? Clearly Pupin was a smart person. It's evidence that supports an open immigration policy. Clearly the US benefitted from the penniless Pupin. So, clearly, he was a smart person, and already a famous scientists by 1896. Still trying to figure out how he did it is frustrating. I think it has to be similar to his secondary x-ray process, but maybe for photons in some frequency (or range of frequencies) of infrared. So probably I just need more of an infrared filter, something that will block the infrared that is reflecting off my head (a small amount must be emitting from my hair, but perhaps the light through the eyes has more intensity). The key thing I was thinking of is that the light in the visible enters our eyes, and then collides with our neurons, and then I was thinking that the neurons probably emit some of those photons but with a lower frequency, but in the same pattern as the visible that collided with them. In other words, of every 10 photons the neurons take 1 photon is emitted, and that is what creates the infrared beams of photons behind our head. I don't know, send me email with any ideas you may have (that would be a shocking first).

There is so much wonderful science out there, if only people cared for it. I was thinking, as I have lamented many times. There are hundred thousand dollars professors by the million, universities by the thousands, and not one of those people, thought to make a free video, web or otherwise, ever really a mainstream paid-for video/DVD about the history of science, evolution, or the future. I dn't know why, but...I again was thinking...had people really followed science, they would have kept up with Pupin, they would have figured out what the latest greatest science was and would have relished it, and talked all about it...but they didn't and the reason has to the power of mainstream religion. That is my conclusion, that religion is why people do not follow science and all the latest greatest findings.

One thing I was thinking of, is what if Pupin really was evil (in the nonviolent secretive way), as a person that was in favor of killing those that told the secret...I seriously doubt it...it's not typical for people in science. Besides, one key point is that Pupin stood to get a lot of money had seeing thought been made public, because of the idiots that keep it secret Pupin lost a lot of money that really in many ways he deserved (or at least a portion of...in addition to the immense popularity seeing eyes would have brought to him). He is listed as really, a three paragraph scientist, and really, he probably has a few more paragraphs, one which puts him there with Edison, Marconi (although Marconi was brutal and idiotic in supporting Mussolini), etc...people that really accomplished something fantastic.

science: People still call them "x-ray photons", I have the opposite view of them as "photons in x-ray frequency". I think that the frequency is not an aspect of each photon, but an aspect of the distance between photons which are basically identical. It seems illogical to me to talk about photons have different "energies" since they are all the same, have no acceleration, and a constant velocity.

Back again to the idea of the maybe being enough background photons in the xray to detect thru our eyes (but then wouldn't they be reflecting off the back of our head too?...but maybe the light thru our eyes is stronger, or is still visible). in wikipedia there is a photo from Rosat, of the earth moon that is supposedly only photons in the xray at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xray. Not even a mention about Pupin there, whose 'secondary xray' find is still in use and a major part of xrays as far as I know.

I was glad to read about the popularity of Evo Morales in Bolivia. It is awesome to see that Morales is for making coca legal. I don't like all the anti-US talk, but who can blame the people of South America for the callous and barbaric violent way the majority of people in the US have treated them? The people that grow coca have their property violently destroyed, crops burned and poisoned, they are shot at, and locked in jail for years...treated worse than murderers, and here they are only growing plants that people want to buy. THe entire drug market is consentual and voluntary, and it would be totally nonviolent if drugs were legal. I hope Morales does legalize coca in Bolivia (and I ofcourse vote for the end to the drug war all over earth). It's unclear what Morales would do as President of Bolivia, but I hope that they can look back a year or two later and show how they lowered violence, how they freed the nonviolent, how they created jobs, how they raised the standard of living in Bolivia. I was thinking that, like here in the USA, if marijuana were made legal, and all the people locked in the prisons in the USA that were convicted for nonviolent drug possession charges were released, those people would be probably very grateful to the people in government that made that change. So, if Morales, does choose to release the many people in the Bolivia prisons that are there strictly for nonviolent drug possession, then no doubt those people would be grateful to him for their freedom, to be able to return to their families and continue their nonviolent lives. It is brutal to keep people that only grew or used drugs in jail, they are only hurting themselves if anybody. Violence, and really, even nonviolent theft are worse crimes. I hope Morales is smart and educated. That is the key thing I think necessary for good leadership. I am glad to see the rise of the two popular left-wing liberals Morales and Hugo Chavez, and I encourange them to increase the democracy, to support full democracy, and reject communism (since I think many people fear that left-wing people are supporters of communism, which is not a good system in my opinion). I can see keeping open and free trade with Cuba, China and other communist nations, but clearly it looks to me that the communist idea in Cuba, China and Viet Nam, etc. will change as time and technology continues...already in China there is popular support for democracy, and there is something wrong when, in the case of Cuba, one person is the leader for decades, that is more like monarchy. Only time will tell. My advice to those two leaders is to support science, free trade, free information, more democracy, stopping of violence (stopping of violence is what allows popular leaders to rule...for example look at the USA where popular liberals have been killed...JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon...without violence and violent people, those tragic losses can't happen), freeing the nonviolent (in particular for drugs and prostitution), providing minimum clear water, food, clothes, minimum health care, maybe even a room (eventually in the next centuries) for all people. I think people can get the best appeals of communism in a capitalist democratic society. The appeals of taking care of the poor...that can be done democratically by voting a budget and laws to stop starvation and dehydration, etc. I really want to encourage the people of South America to drop the religion and get with science. Christianity and the European gods forced upon them, should show them that religion is not any good. It is stupid to go back to the native religions, and just as stupid to adopt the european religions. What all people on earth should embrace is science, evolution, and technology. We ought to eradicate pain, and tolerate consentual pleasure. It's tough to get a perfect person as president, I am sure that ... for example Chavez seems like a tough character, he was in the military, not a teacher or anything. Still, I support the liberal cause and feel better with the liberals than with the conservatives, who have been violent, lawless, destructive, oppressive, intolerant, secretive, etc. I was thinking that something that people in Bolivia could do that is an interesting idea is making or raising a minimum wage, but keeping it low enough to attract US businesses, but high enough to raise the standard of living for the poor in Bolivia. (It is interesting the idea of a minimum wage...I kind of think the idea is kind of pointless, but I am still trying to figure it out. Pointless, because, raising the minimum wage, probably adds to inflation...the amount of paper currency in circulation...people earn more, so sellers raise their prices. It is funny the way the money in circulation keeps going up...people keep printing more and more paper money...it is an interesting phenomenon...but ultimately there is a trade with other nations and that keeps it a universal value market...there will even be trade of currency (probably only electronic) between planets, and us and the new settlers of Alpha Centauri.

Also some comments on the president of Iran. Those are some reckless statements, and stupid statements. It seems clear that the WW2 haulocaust is a fact, there is a lot of evidence to support it including films. But in addition, what a violent bunch of talk...death to Israel. Why not encourage living together in peace and nonviolence as they have for thousands of years? Why not promote science and extending the nation of Iran onto the moon and into orbit? I think we should focus more on growing off the tiny earth. Then the argument about, why not make an Israel in the US or Europe, and it seems clear that the US and Europe are home for many Arab and Jewish people. We need to start looking at the planet as one big democracy I think. I realize that anti-globalist people disagree, but I think democracy is scalable. A good example is Singapore, look at what they are getting away with there...it is shocking. They are killing drug users. In my opinion, and the opinion of many people, that goes beyond democratic scalability, and there ought to be arrests. It would be different if there was life imprisonment being handed out for drug use...then it could be put to the back as a lower priority. But because it is violent first degree murder, it violates the most popular law of earth, even if it happens to hold a majority in Singapore. But, for the most part, I can see tolerating brutal laws like drug laws if they are popular in some city or nation, because the benefit is for states like California where drugs would be legal and there would then be no planetary of national crack down and arrests because within it's own population, it is popular. Anyway, those statements by Ahmadinejad, the newly elected president of Iran are idiocy and violent. That is like the US conservative dream come true, because they could make an excuse that Iran is a home for terrorists and take it over and turn it democratic (again, Iran and the relgious fanatacism there makes it clear why democracy might not hold together on it's own with a large nation occupying the nation in Iran, Iraq, or other very fundamental religious nations). But in any event, it really is the truth, that all over the planet, there are religious conservatives, but the arab islamic religious conservatives have to be the most fervent and violent (at least individually). The arab people never had a renessaince as Europe did. A book I was reading said that in Islam, the science appears to go backward in time...the farther back in history you go, the better the science was. I look at the arab nations as being poor people with stone tool technology, not as a serious threat...in particular once all the cameras on the streets are available to the public, then we can start to clean up the planet, arresting all the violent people, whereever they are, using walking robots, etc. And in particular protecting the people who speech causes them to be in danger of violence from those that disagree with them. That is a key point and path to progress...if there are women that chose to go with less clothes, we have to make sure to protect them from violence, and to jail those that attempt violence. And that is just one of many examples. Take the example of the person that speaks openly against religion, there two, they must be protected from the people that violently oppose hearing anti-religious talk. In that way, progress can be made...they will have to start tolerating public nudity in images and in person...etc they will become enlightened eventually because violence will be removed as an option.

A cool thing is that the population of our star system may be directly related to how much matter is in orbit of this star. Outside of that, we would need to import (and probably will) matter from other star systems. Because, ultimately we are converting matter to living objects. Every 300 pound human is 300 pounds of matter that cannot be part of a planet, ship, water, air, etc, and the more humans there are, the less other matter there will be. Exporting matter from other stars will be a good gig for many big-time wealthy explorer people. But there may be reasons why each star system has a certain amount of matter...matter may naturally gravitate to evenly distribute the amount of matter around each star, but I think we probably will figure out exactly how much matter we can orbit around our star. I am thinking that life will move to other stars, a long time before this star system runs out of matter.

Biofuel, basically vegtable oil that is used in a diesel engine, is really almost another secret science, but is more public than seeing eyes. see wikipedia, there is good info there. There are pluses and minuses, but the pluses are many:
1) not removing buried carbon from the ground and putting it into the atmosphere (because the plants that make the oil/fuel take CO2 from the air). People can compare putting the CO2 in the air from buried oil as like reversing those billions of years of photosynthesis and species and their fecies being buried.
2) no sulphur in emissions
3) does not smell bad like diesel (so wiki claims...I don't know)
4) we are running out of fossil fuel in the earth, it is a finite supply
5) higher flash point, so less combustible than gas in accident

1) gells up when cold, diesal fuel is thinner....but there have to be easy ways around this, maybe permanently heating the fuel tank by using a battery, or mixing the fuel with some thinner material...finding a plant oil that is thinner, or genetically altering one.
2) costs more than diesel fuel, but maybe not forever, in particular with the price of gas now. I guess we can compare the price of a gallon of gas with a gallon of vegtable oil.

Maybe not everybody will be on board for biofuel but it's good to know about and keep experimenting and learning about. The article on wiki does not mention planes, helicopters, ships, etc.

There are other options on the horizons, I don't doubt that there is already somewhere some 50 year old secret technology kept from the public, by this same group of evil secretive power hungry public users and controllers that keeps eye images secret, some secret technology that uses tiny particle accelerators to separate atoms without photons in the gamma...some clean way of getting electricity or force out of atoms without the radioactivity. Although, it is interesting that a nuclear separation chain reaction can be ignited simply with photons (ie. a match, propane, etc), in addition to neutrons, (and perhaps electrons and protons). SO, burning Hydrogen really is separating protons (and neutrons if deuterium) into it's source photons...there is nothing else...there is no fission of Hydrogen, maybe there is fission of propane but, it is easier and probably more efficient to ignite propane with oxygen. I keep thinking that there must be other atoms beside oxygen, or maybe molecules without oxygen that make for good combustion. This is kind of interesting: http://ptcl.chem.ox.ac.uk/MSDS/incompatibles.html. There are interesting concepts of flashpoint and firepoint, see wiki. It is interesting there is an autoignition temperature, a temperature at which some material will combust (or I guess that is separate into photons, even without a spark or flame). To me, that may be evidence of what is happening in the sun (I am openly exploring explanations other than the left over matter from 4 Hydrogens being converted to 1 Helium, which I can't understand because neutrons contain more matter than protons, but I don't rule this out). Diesel engines do not even need to use a spark to ignite the fuel, the temperature (because of the pressure) is enough.
as I said:

science: maybe atoms are separated into photons simply from the pressure of the matter in the sun.

Maybe the fame of Pupin is what made Putin so popular, it's ony 1 letter difference.

The interesting thing aobut seeing and hearing thought is that is radically changes the society as most people relate to it. Life is totally different when people can communicate thru thought. In my opinion it's radically better. Dishonesty is almost impossible, liars are quickly seen...all the homicides, ...even the smaller lies...finally the public would know the truth instantly or within days. But also, it is faster...it frees our vocal muscles...we don't need to talk any more we can communicate with much less effort by simply thinking. It changes society...now people don't look at a newspaper, its all beamed directly onto their head! In the shower, on the toilet, in bed...you can be watching a movie, or searching the Internet....with the images as clear as can be in your own head.

In the video at tedhuntington.com/bim.htm, you can just see outside of the skull of the human at the left edge. It is black...so that is curious, because wouldn't light be the same whether it went thru the eye or past the head? The brain doesn't amplify the light...or maybe it does. Again, maybe it is that frequency of light recorded is strictly emitted from the neurons of the human flesh (for example from Carbon, with Carbon spectral lines/frequencies), and then that frequency would not be in the light that is going by the the head. Pupin said "microscopic"...the eye is small, maybe they needed to magnify the light...but the eyeball looks to scale in this image. If the eyeball is white, I think it means that all the light is being transmitted there...if it were just the infrared from the back of the head, we would not see the eyeball...and the optic nerve. So the light we are seeing must be coming from in front of the eye ball and thru the head? I guess we can imagine a second eyeball to the right. I can see simply detecting one frequency of light in the infrared...the light goes thru the eye ball...so everything that is white is photons received onto the film, everything in black is the frequency absorbed that does not reach the film. The vein or optic nerve must not be emitting infrared, and in addition, is blocking infrared...perhaps that is after the eyeball. Here is some more poop: This image looks similar to other opthomology images I found on images.google.com. The tools are: opthalmoscope, retinoscope. I know there is one where people shine a light and can see the retina, and it looks similar, but why isn't there a black spot on the eye where the persons hand is? None of the web images have an eye chart on the "retina". Maybe thru one eye the eye chart is seen, and the other the person has the opthalmoscope. http://www.yorku.ca/eye/retview.htm explains that the white circle is called the "optic disc", and is a place where all the blood vessels and nerves converge and go out of the retina to the brain. The dark area is the fovea. So that is interesting, that this image is all inside the eyeball, not on the back of the head as I thought. The white disk is the back of the eyeball. So, now it is back to the mystery of how did they get the eye chart on the back of the eyeball? Maybe they simply used blending of the two films (which would not be great to do in my opinion...science should be shown without any optical tricks). I don't know how the eye chart got on the back of the retna, but it looks clear that the National Geographic images are from an opthalmoscope. I should have known they wouldn't show the thought images that must exist. But...perhaps this segment was meant to hint to people...it certainly worked for me. Hermann von Helmholtz invented the opthalmoscope. So I think, there goes my solid piece of evidence, and I feel a little less esteem for National Geographic, although still, they brought those never before seen images to the public in 1975 and so that is good. I still feel strongly that people can see eyes and hear thoughts, there is a lot of other evidence that I reveal on tedhuntington.com/bim.htm. Interestingly enough, I have yet to find an opthomoscope image that has anything like an eye chart on the back. It still seems clear that Michael Pupin was the first to see eyes...it all adds up, the PP, friends with Edison, Columbia University the center for secret science in the early 1900 for the USA including the Manhatten Project, the currency with the 5 million dinar image. So that is a plus and a minus, finding out about Pupin the plus, finding out that the 1975 National Geographic image is only from an opthalmoscope the minus. The major hope is to duplicate seeing from behind the head, and beyond that trying to intercept video images (but they probably are scrambled, maybe spread spectrum...I can imagine that might be difficult).

I hope the number of people hearing and seeing thoughts is increasing more than the population is, otherwise people are getting more secretive and elitist as time continues.

So there is an initial limit as to the number of humans if all the matter in this star system was converted to humans.

The mass of the planets and moons is ~ 2.8e27kg (the sun is ~2e30 kg about 1000 times more). So if the average human is 150kg (>300lbs) that is a 1.8e25 human limit, but then we need to realize that air, water, food, ships, fuel will take at least 1/2 (and probably more liek 9/10ths), then 9e24 humans. As large as that number seems, it is actually kind of small, when you look at a population that doubles every 100 years (now we are doubling every 40 years and this is only on a tiny planet, without a hint of science to increase aging, potentially to infinity), 9e24 might happen at the current rate around the year 5000AD only 3000 years away (we can look back at 1000BC and that is the amount of time, that all the matter in this star system will be converted to humans and humans will need to go to other stars and import more matter from other stars). That number 9e24 is 9 hexillion (or sesillion), 9000 pentillion people, 9 trillion Megapeople. At a slower population increase, for example at the rate that humans in developed nations are increasing (doubling every 278 years, .25% annually), this number would be reached around: 16000, so much later. That is 14,000 years away...still a finite time...it is like 12,000 BCE, a time before agriculture, but long after sapiens, and there are probably many stone tools that are older than 12,000BCE. So, even at a slow rate of population increase, the conversion of matter to life (and all it's necessary supplies), will probably happen before 16000 AD, 14,000 years from now. That is really a short amount of time. There are ofcourse plenty of other options, humans may feel strongly about preserving the planets of this star system (although...I am telling you...the earth will be wall to wall humans and city in a short amount of time) and import matter from other stars, and actively be moving to other stars. I don't doubt that humans will be importing and moving to other stars anyway...but when I have not calculated yet. This calculation of the limits on the amount of matter in this star system are putting limits on when we will go to other stars...I mean obviously it will be clear that we need to go to other stars by 5000AD, if it isn't already, since there will be no matter left that hasn't been converted to a human or supply. Most futurists tend to be too optomistic, and I want to try to be realistic about these estimations. I am basically predicting a very slow transistion to the other planets and into orbit. I am setting as a guideline, the number of people living on the moon to increase at 10x every 100 years, so 100 people on the moon at 2100, 1000 at 2200, 10000 at 2300 and then decreasing (in rate) from there to 9x every 100 years. There are absolute populations for all planets and that limits the population growth on their surface (and inside them). For example, for earth I doubt that there will ever be more than 1 quadrillion human, and more realistically, there will probably only be 100 trillion people (and that includes all buildings attached to earth), in orbit is a different story, earth orbit will be very crowded making the earth look like... surrounded by spheres of tiny white things. This is the first picture of the future earth of this kind that I have ever seen...nobody projects the earth in this way as I am doing...that there will be many spheres of little white dot ships that cover the earth to such an extent that little and perhaps no blue will be visible. Little or no light will reach the surface anymore, the surface will be totally electric light. It is a very interesting image. Most people will want to move to higher and higher orbits. The poorest will probably be stuck living on earth, and those that are sentimental...set in their ways...conservative.

I skimmed thru "From Immigrant to Inventor", Pupin has near the beginning something like "I won't be disclosing any disclosures" and that is pretty much true throughout the book. Just as a quick review, Pupin expresses some amount of racism in the form of racial pride, saying the one thing he held on to as an immagrant to the US was his feeling of "pride in his race" which I thought was old-worldian (I have to forgive some of this because the book was written around 1920, nearly 100 years ago), but still, for me, amidst all the nazistic owellian society Pupin helped create (perhaps he didn't help...certainly mainly I blame the secretive), I hold on to my pride in "the truth", not "my race" or the English tradition. I think no matter what race a person is, many are against homicide, many are against lying, etc. We are connected not be race, but by shared values. I can certainly imagine being a person in some other nation, longing to be again with English speaking people, with English food, etc. But then, I can barely read the rest of the pulitzer prize winning book, because it is too boring. There are too many trivial asides. My time is too precious. But there are some interesting comments about the science of the day. I was disappointed about the talk about Cambridge, here I was interesting in seeing inside the lab experiences, but all Pupin did was graze over the reputation and the petty interactions involved in his appointment. Throughout the book Pupin does do a lot of hinting. He says "the picture in her mind", and "the image of the memory was so strong in my head", I am paraphrasing a little. One part of interest is his section that discusses how Edison gave him the flourescent screens. He was trying to take an x-ray of a person that had bullets in their hand...it is told differently on a web site I saw, or perhaps by Asimov. And Edison had given Pupin some "flourescent screens" (what a flourescent screen is I am not sure...but where do we all buy one?). Pupin could see the fragments in the hand when he held the flourescent screen over the hand (presumably when the xray bulb [as it is described] was on), so Pupin decided to hold the flourescent screen over the film plate and found that the exposure developed was very good and took only a few seconds. (perhaps he found that on the first exposure the film was all white/clear...so he realized he had to do a shorter exposure). Pupin later makes an interesting statement that he later found that any object xrays (basically photons with xray frequency...we can think of this as a beam chock full of photons...more than visible light and much more than radio...a beam thick with photons. It is unintuitive that we would not see a beam that is stronger than light, but it is because the light detectors in our eyes only can detect visible...it is interesting that a beam with more photons is not detected at all by our eyes...I would think that the photons that form lower frequencies in the beam would activate our detectors, but the quantity of photons ,perhaps disables the detectors all together, or the detectors function only at certain wave lengths ...which means were could see some wavelengths (multiples) of one's we can see....it is ineresting...but I would have to go with the idea that we can detect many frequencies, but our detectors are disabled for frequencies to high...or simply don't function even for the multiples of frequencies we can detect). So Pupin says that any object that is beamed on with xrays emits xrays.

I think that some times I have the feeling that innocent people are zapped by mostly conservatives, like a hostage holder...when the liberals in the eye net start to make noises about going public, the conservatives zap a few innocent of the excluded to say 'do you see...you don't want them being hurt now do you? ... these lasers get a lot more painful and (perhaps) can be used to kill a person in seconds...you wouldn't want us to excersize the option...now would you?".

Like those people testifying about torture at the hands of Saddam Hussain, I would like to testify publically now, about the torture I receive on just about a daily basis from Bush thugs and other right-wing criminally conservative people...I am zapped with lasers just about everyday. Many times they are used to burn my skin, other times, to make me itch certain areas of my skin, sometimes to try and induce cancerous tumors in my brain and other organs. I realize, like the victims of Hussain's henchman, without any good physical evidence, in particular some video of the assaulters, it's tough to believe, but that doesn't change the truth that the torture and first degree assaults are happening.

I am sure a number of people that realize that there are lasers zapping us eventually wonder, where is the center for all this zapping? Where is the person watching us from and zapping us from? I thought more about it, and I think that there have to be centers where people sit and their job is to watch and zap people. Some body owns these lasers in every building, some body administers the zapping, some body put the cameras in there, and somebody is watching them. I am basically concluding that, while there are corporations that do install and watch cameras, and potentially even lasers, the majority of the system is owned and run by people in the US government. In particular, the police, and military, outside of that, it is run by the state, county and city governments. Who else would have legal authority to wire up the nation? Who else has a coordinated network the scale of the nation? The police have special priviledges that the public are not allowed to have (special technology), and humans are afraid to question and investigate police/government, for fear of being arrested on trumped up/bogus charges. So it seems clear that in each city, there is a police station, and in each police station there is at least one secret room, where people are sitting, right now as you read this, watching many people, and zapping a few. It really is a terrible injustice, to have the least educated, most violent, conservative, male only people administering the ceiling cameras and lasers...and then the public does not even get to see. It's tough for me to know, I don't doubt that much of the public, mainly the conservatives do get to see, and that there is some interaction between the public and police.

This raises another good point and that is that: should some people be excluded from seeing and hearing thought, from seeing inside people's houses? Yes, I think, people that have been repeatedly first degree violent, and maybe even have made threats of first degree violence, at least until they have shown that they have stopped for a long time. But, there is a very important point: should those people not even be told that hearing and seeing thought is possible, that such networks exist? Here is where I vote "no". They should know that such systems exist. They should see examples of the technology in use in the past. That is one of the fundamental injustices of the secret of seeing eyes and hearing ears is that many people (and in addition, the excluded are many people like me, for the most part, never violent) are not even told that such technology exists. I think the public should know that what we see can be seen, even if we don't get to see the massive secret networks. It is good to tell people, that conservative enemies might be beaming images on their head...that terrible suggestions might be beamed on their head in the form of images and sounds, sounds that might seem very closely to be thoughts in your own voice, telling you to do violence, to hurt your self, etc. It would help to stop the massive chaos that conservatives are doing with this secret technology, and give people a particle of self protection against this powerful secret technology. I don't doubt for a second that there are many many videos of conservatives beaming suggestions onto innocent people's heads and the people promptly following the suggestion, a suggestion that resulted in their death. It must be terrible to see, and make decent people feel disgusted about the current state of society.

science=Here is something I thought about last night. Because of the simple conclusion that Hydrogen burning in oxygen is the complete separation (most call it the destruction or anhilation) or both Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms, it is clear that the photons received from such reactions would be not only from the electrons separated, but also from the protons and neutrons of both Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. Given that apparant truth, how do protons, neutrons and electrons emit photons? We recognize clearly the spectral signature of every atom, but the current theories of Bohr and Schrodinger describe this only as the changing of electrons to different orbits. How can this be, when the photons are coming from what was once not only the electrons (which again, even then are completely separated...not simply changing orbits), but also the protons and neutrons? Do protons and neutrons also have changing orbits? But then, we are talking about the complete separation, the spectrum lines are more about how photons exit particles, leaving nothing...how atoms disintingrate...not how electrons change orbits and absorb or emit photons. Perhaps ther are two phenomena here, one where current (electrons) are used to make matter luminesce, and a second where the matter is destroyed. Perhaps that is a possibility. But, the thing that angers me, is the question: "How long will the established people in science continue to ignore this truth, not only about hydrogen combustion being a nuclear reaction, but about photons emitted from Hydrogen combustion being not only from electrons but from the protons and neutrons of Hydrogen and Oxygen too, and publically ignoring the question of how photons exit protons and neutrons."

One interesting fact about science publishers (like Science and Nature), is that the amount of science they can publish is becoming less and less, because more and more of the advances in science are being labeled classified. When people make advances from info they have learned in the eye net, they are not allowed to publish their findings, and because much of modern science has been dragged into the secret realm and away from the public, most of those new additional findings cannot be published. The only things that can be published are things about biology (minus genetic experimentation), astronomy, physics (as long as it is old-world physics that embraces relativity, strings, worm-holes, black-holes, etc).
I like to talk about science. It appears unusual to other people who never talk about science. But, there is a transition that is happening, away from religion and sports...away from stupidity and ignorance of science and toward real discussion about the interesting history and future of science and life of earth...to me that is far more interesting that figuring out if the red team won some sports match, or what some people paid millions to act out exciting lives on sitcom television are doing. It's clear, from the number of people that enjoy watching me, that new finds in science and technology are very interesting.

Bill Gates has donated the most money of all humans on earth, but I think I have donated the most exposing and explaining of secrets to the public, which may not be of more value, but certainly takes more courage and concern for the public's level of awareness.

Another thing that pisses me off is how none of us know how much has been uncovered secretly. For all I know many of the things I am finding about how light is the basic particle of all matter has been indendently uncovered by a thousand people...or was recognized in 1920, but kept secret by the evil powers and people that be.

Michael Pupin (Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin (1854 October 4 - March 12, 1935)) was probably the inventor, and first to see what people see from behind their head. That is what the "PP" was people hinted about is: "PuPin". Here is some good info on Pupin:


Look how the circle aligns with the back of Pupin's head, the people of Yugoslavia could not hide their pride in relishing in Pupin's famous find.
So it was Columbia University where Pupin made his greatest achievement of seeing behind the human head. He worked closely with Thomas Edison, the first to make moving pictures. According to one of the above links, Edison gave Pupin a flourescent screen, which Pupin put next to a photographic film and exposed to photons with X-ray frequency. The flourescent screen amplified the photons in the X-ray onto the photographic film and made developing X-ray images available in seconds and not minutes. Before people had to do long exposures, waiting to accumulate photons. There is little duobt that this photon amplification process (with according to the above link is still in use today) was quickly used for other frequencies of light, and this is how Pupin was able, initially to capture images in the infrared (I mean I am still presuming that the photons from our heads are in the infrared), from the back of human heads, which show what the light going thru our eyes records. Wikipedia has:
"He in 1896 invented the method of placing a sheet of paper impregnated with fluorescent dyes next to the photographic plate, thereby permitting an exposure of only a few seconds, rather than that of an hour or more."
"For his work in mathematical physics and its application to the electric transmission of intelligence."

Pupin has a quote:
"Where are those one hundred million dollars which the invention has saved?" Pupin asked. "I know that not even a microscopic part of them is in the pockets of the inventor. I have figured out also, with the same accuracy with which I once figured out the invention, that those hundred million dollars are not in the pockets of the telephone company. They must be, therefore, in the pockets of the American public. The invention made it possible to provide the telephone service, which is now being given, at a lower rate than would otherwise have been possible."

I think this must related also to his feeling that he deserved more money for his invention, which was kept secret. It must be a very interesting story about how seeing thought was kept secret. I don't doubt that it came down to the science establishment versus the military establishment, and ofcourse, the science establishment is a bunch of nonviolent thinkers...so forget winning any kind of actual physical conflict. But it is surprising to the extent that the secretive have prevailed...I mean 100 years...that is some victory...the comparison that is probably always made is the X-ray which was made public very quickly.

By all means check out:
"Mihajlo Idvorski Pupin (1854 October 4 - March 12, 1935) (A.k.a "Michael I. Pupin") Serbian and American physicist, best known for devising a means of greatly extending the range of long-distance telephone communication by placing loading coils (of wire) at predetermined intervals along the transmitting wire."
Other interesting things:
Michael Pupin's autobiography, "From Immigrant to Inventor", won the Pulitzer Prize in 1924.
Again a "PP", Pulitzer was connected to Colubia University too. But look at the letters "FITI"...it could be "fight eye" (the eye network). He must have wanted seeing thought to go public and was pissed when it wasn't allowed by the puritans in power. And then his book: "Romance of the Machine" (1930), "ROTM", could be like "Rotten" which is basically the name for the opposite of the "rats" or "ratten"...that are for telling the secret to the public....basically I am thought to be "ratten" and I view the secretists as the "rotten". Although maybe I am wrong on this point, but obviously there is conflict between those for secrecy and those against.
What companies make these cameras? It has to be any company that makes cameras now: Sony, Canon, JVC, Raytheon, GE, Kodak (perhaps...although they haven't publically made video cameras). Perhaps "eye" seeing will come out in Japan before the USA, it's place of origin, because Japanese people seem to be more into technology, obviously most of the camera companies are Japanese. What do they have to lose? But then, look at the position Sonyhas taken, they bought a big movie studio, and are big into copy protection technology...the leaders at Sony seem to be supporting "planned obsolenscence" and belief that the copyright and secrecy is going to hold for a lot longer. So it is doubtful that they will be the people to first go public with seeing eyes (althought probably National Geographic gets credit as being the first to publically show images from behind a head or what eyes see).

So it was Michael Pupin...that was the "PP"...and most probably the inventor that was first to see what eyes see from behind a head. And then how his invention was supressed from the public by a virtual Nazi group in the USA for 90 years and counting. A very incredible story.

explain relativity "proofs":
1) photons bend, (eclipse, quasar, in basement) due to gravity 2) particles slow down and become more massive (take on photons, maybe slowing result of nature of accelerating charged particles with magnetic fields, is slowing actually lack of constant accel?, we known because of match, that at the root of all matter is the photon. perhaps the particle is becoming more like a single photon, losing photons on the way, or maybe just the opposite gaining photons from the accelerator matter or the particles in the magnetic field, if there are particles in magnetic fields)
3) mercury perihelon, how are they using Newton's equations, Newton's equations used in a simulation can produce procession, if not, maybe not including effects of all atoms of water on earth, in air, etc. but more probable, mercury perihelon can be modeled with Newton equation, although I have not done it, or any planet, but I certainly have seen the procession of an elliptical orbit, and you can see it in the movies of "moving a star". a) this is not an experiment, but the only difference between relativity and newton is time (and matter) dilation, which is highly unintuitive, and in addition, this was from people that lumped all matter into particles, without realizing that photons are the basis of even the particles...so they were thinking (and still are) that particles are very different from each other, for example, there would be a baseball particle, an earth particle, a human particle...when we know that a baseball, for example is a collection of protons, etc.

light as a wave
polarized light- shape of atoms may be responsible (not sine wave shape of light). Perhaps only light going perpendicular is transmitted, the rest is reflected, so "polarized" light, may simply be light that is only coming from 90 degrees (not 89, 60, 30 degrees etc.). When the second polarized material is turn at 90 degrees, perhaps the atoms on the polarized material then only allow light with direction other than 90 degrees (which has already been reflected by the first polarizing sheet).

quantum theory
1) can view standing wave, wave function of debroglie, schrodinger also as a logic function that maintains a photon must be in a circular orbit. The equation may describe how photons are absorbed and emitted, but it does not require that electrons even be orbiting the atom...in addition to elliptical or circular orbits, without any amplitude, the wave function could be viewed as a depth level of electrons statically held in place in some position in an atom.

Augusto Righi
-refracted non-visible light (particles),
(may have actually done radio thru lens experiment, but perhaps didn't know to prove that light has no amplitude). asimov said that Righi could not refract (bend light thru a lens for example) for lower frequencies only for higher ones.

1:15pm 12/16/05
A dark skinned male, arab, polynesian or maybe mongolian looking, with a very round big face, about age 20 with medium curly black hair in black sun glasses learned out of the passenger side of a black car, pointed his finger at me and yelled "I do it" as the car sped by. To which I yelled "hey!" because what the person said hadn't registered for a few seconds. This happened on campus drive right after the bridge near university. I had my video camera (no not like the 5 billion hidden cameras, this one is a consumer camera), but there wasn't time to film the car. It reminds me of a white guy on campus drive, who, a few years ago was the passenger in a pickup that pointed out his finger like a gun at me and lowered his thumb in a typical gun firing gesture. That was scary, but this one is scary too. I can imagine that this guy is in the camera net...how people like that, that threaten violence and homicide, can be included in hearing people's inner most thoughts, and seeing inside their houses and apartments can only be because of the belief that violence is not a big deal. In addition, this kind of thing happens more around Christmas, that was when John Lennon was killed...it's violent Christian religious ferver, under a violent Christian religious furor. Lasers could be used to zap people like that to make them move to protect their heads, but instead lasers were a few minutes later applied to my head! As I continued bicycling, I thought...I better go back to wearing a helmet (one Christmas time I wore my kevlar vest and that confirmed people's suspicious of my insanity...I was stopped in a Salt Lake City airport for wearing kevlar) at least for the rest of December. And I thought ... ever notice how the people in security are the most rabidly Christian conservatives? Is that the best policy? I think it is just a natural flow...security is a job most people don't want because you have to confront violent people...most people don't want they kind of risk, they would rather sit in a nice toasty room and sip hot chocolate. I think security could be a good job for an smart person if the two jobs were clearly separated...in other words people that confront violent people are one job type, and those that simply identify violent people are a different job type and the two never do the same job...in other words, one security job would never have to confront a violent person, they would be working behind the scenes with computers and cameras dispatching the larger violence facing people to ...or wait I am being lasered to the head again...hold on...vote to jail them for assault....zap them back...again...again I say...it's not stopping but I will continue on....to go capture or stop people doing or about to do violence...like this guy. Why include people like that in the infrared eye net? Why allow them to stay in the net? Why accept them into a university? Why hire them for a job? Isn't there some fear that they may make threats of violence against co-workers they dislike, or actually translate those threats into actual violence? Where is the fear of violence? I think for many, it is replaced with the fear of psychiatric people, there is no distinction between if the psychiatric victim was ever violent or not. Here, there is a guy who at least made a threat of homicide with a gun...which I have never done...except maybe in my mind. Any way I look at it, violent lawless males are perfect recruits for republicans, what do they care about violence? They love violence! It's sexuality, science, honesty, freedom of info, an informed public they hate. The other interesting point on my mind is, a person probably never enjoys freedom until that freedom is taken away from them. Most people ever locked in jail or hospital (yes people locked in hospital...it's kind of a secret that is why is sounds so weird), probably realize about day 2 or 3 maybe within hours that they would rather be at home relaxing with the tv or whatever...a big bong and some music...or whatever it is people do. Not stuck in a 5x5 room with no chance of being out any time soonm using a community bathroom, etc...what goes thru their minds many times is the thing that brought them there. Many times, no doubt, the feeling is "how could I be so stupid?", I feel so different now...I can't believe I did what I did...that was so stupid. I don't know, I could drive my car to work instead of my bike, but how much safer is that? Plus I like biking to work...parking is a hassle at UCI. If somebody wants to hurt me, I seriously doubt being on a bike or in a car is going to matter. The more important thing is identifying those people, their plans, and then pulling them over and talking with them in the minutes before their plan to break up their plan of violence, or even threats of violence. The street cameras on campus certainly identified the black car there around 1:15pm with the person in the front passenger seat. But, you know, I don't like calling the police. My mom was locked in a hospital for a month when she did. Somehow, I think they already know...and knew...it's gross and getting grosser by the year, the way society is operating now. That is interesting that "do it" language. It was the actual audio, but in Chapman's own voice that was played again and again on Chapman's head before and during his murder of John Lennon. I was saying earlier this week how in a murder, many times there is a tiny victory for the losing side in that one more Republican pawn is jailed for life (or at least for 20 years...the person in Australia was jailed for 25 years for murdering a guy in a car...people get more time for molestation, and drugs, and there there isn't ever even a scratch of damage or pain! let alone a person killed). So, many times the Republican brain image sending pawn will be jailed or hospitalized (until cured of the possibility of doing violence, of course), ... the wonderful liberal leader, JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon, etc. is dead so they won the largest victory, but the liberals at least get the consolation that the killer, and yet one more religious fanatical right-wing Republican violent zelot is off the streets. But this is not the case for JFK and RFK interestingly enough, where it probably is for MLK, and Lennon...for MLK there was really no even small victory for liberals, because James Earle Ray was looking at life in prison if he didn't kill MLK probably anyway. For JFK and RFK the killer was never arrested and perhaps went on to kill again for the Republicans. Some people suspect that Fiorini was involved in the MLK murder, Ray tried to pin Sturgis as "Raul"...I think the translation is simply that Ray was in the camera net and perhaps worked with Sturgis. You tell us, oh mighty cult of infrared see it alls that never show any. There may be a play on "I" as in "eye" network. As I said before, the eye network, the infrared eyeball network as I sometimes call them...I don't doubt that they have an organized name, and maybe uniforms...who knows...but no doubt they have the loyalty of like a Klan, etc. I kind of hope there are two sides, I would definitely be on the other side...against the secret. One thing that I think will be definite when the secret is out, and info is unstoppable, in particular the way things are going with the Internet, cameras and video. And that is that those people that actually did homicide for the eye net will definitely be jailed by the public, I think that is without question, and perhaps executed if in California. I don't know what the deal on that guy is, but my feeling is that it is a younger aggresive perhaps even violent (I mean obviously...but gun violence many times is done by non-fist fighting type people....what is scary is that a group of young male thugs from the camera net or other could easily beat me or anybody to death the way things are now) male, a young agressive male, probably angry...angry about me telling the secret of the eye net, embarrassed and frustrated about sexuality, jealous of the attention I get, ... I don't know...then again...he could simply be a paid employee of some evil group....but clearly stupid, not much doubt there. Who would throw their life away like that? only an idiot would even pretned to do first degree homicide or violence.

There must be a set of "most asked questions" for people just initiated in to the thought infrared camera see behind the eyes network. Probably some of the most asked questions:
1) Details about the killing of JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Joplin, Hendrix, Morrison.
2) Secret science finds, secret technology
3) secret heros, villians

I guess I am really in a minority as a dreamer and science lover. I am active and ready, looking forward to walking robots, rocket planes, moon vacations, Centauri. Others, no. They do not share my loves and interests. They are clearly different people. Not science and future dreamers. Their focus is on sports, religion, and other things. Are we part of a different evolution? Perhaps different lines of hominids, one with the appreciation of science and one without...or maybe it is strictly social, in other words we all the the potential to be interested in science, physical and intellectual pleasure, but not all are taught or exposed to that way of life. I think that many people would chose science, and pleasure if it was popular, if the majority did. It really is amazing though, how different I am from most people, in dreaming all the time of going to other stars, kissing, vacationing on the moon, voting on the laws we have to live under, walking around with a bunch of robots, etc.

There is only one group more conservative than the religious right in the USA, and that is the religious right in Islam (and possibly in Judeism). The conservatives in Islam make the US republicans look like hippies and peaceniks. On the entire planet, as we sum up the values of all humans, we are asking: who are the most conservative, who are the most violent, etc. who is the prettiest...all kinds of questions like those. When you look at who is the most conservative, it's tough to know what conservative is...I looked it up at dictionary.com:
"Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change"
this is basically what I was thinking. And since a traditional view is religion, conservative are most always in favor of religion, although religion may not have always been so fervently enforced, in particular before the rise of monotheism, or if you look at the tolerance of Pagan Greece. So it is tough to separate the people from radically conservative, and radically religious. But for the most part, the radical conservatives are very religious, and the very religious are usually radical conservatives. So, there is a spectrum, there are liberals, the educated on one side, and conservatives and the religious on the other. It is rare to see a conservative intellectual, in particular with the Nixon-Reagan-Bush dynasty. The closest I think is William F Buckley, or somebody like that...most are uneducated...it is difficult to be educated and still fooled by the lies of the religions. So really, I view Osama Bin Laden as being to the right of Bush jr, but both are on the right side of the spectrum, Bin Laden espouses the views of women as second class citizens, very religious, very into the religious writings, contempt for pleasure, education, all the things typically associated with religion. It is just, I think, enlightening to figure out where all humans fit on a single spectrum of beliefs.

Here comes more anti-republican ranting, but honestly, this happens to be the truth. I am trying to put together the secret coup of 1963, all that has followed, the secret infrared red...trying to understand the truth of our situation in the USA and on earth and to me, it is becoming clearer that the republicans, maybe not all, but the vast majority, have been very bad for life...ok now on with the rant:
There have been two or three dead small field mice on the bike trail I use, there used to be large killed rats, but not it appears small killed field mice. How long would a dead field mouse, let alone two together last on a nature trail? In any event, I recognize this dead mouse/dead rat thing. A simple street camera on campus available and archived for the public would reveal at least the automobile used (if any), the car could be followed...who was it? Who are they connected with? Is it a lone right wing nazi white supremecist, or something...in the infrared eye net acting alone...or is it a person that is part of the police? or...the republican party...somebody taking orders from somebody else? somebody paid to put these dead mice there?...this could be learned by independent interest people in the public with some good public street cameras. Maybe it is not illegal to kill mice and put them in the path of a person, but it is helpful to know who is thinking like that, and doing those kinds of things. I have to wonder what kind of "profile" these type of people have...violent, uneducated, territorial, ritualistic...like many serial killers.

I kind of suspect, as I usually do, right wing conservative republicans, the people that killed the Kennedy's, that covered it all up, that protect murderers like Frank Sturgis, Thane Cesar, etc. Republicans, like it or not, are a terrorist organization. People may reject that claim, but look at the evidence:
Sturgis killed JFK, Bush Senior, Nixon, other high ranking republican party members were deeply involved in the killing, and then the coverup that exPresident and high ranking republican Gerald Ford was highly involved in, with Dulles...They didn't start or stop there...but can we all accept that 1st degree murder and protecting those involved in murder of political opponents is terrorism? Then they were involved with Thane Cesar killing RFK, which they still cover up. The republicans are a lawless, violent, terrorist organization that does not stand for law, order and democracy, civil rights, freedom of expression. There is growing evidence that many republicans were in the Klu Klux Klan, a recognized terrorist group. Maybe people like John McCain are different, and I don't doubt it, but still, after the Nixon, Regan, Bush group, who could support any Republican. I have complaints with the Democrats, but my vote for Democrats is mainly a vote of "absolutely no Republicans", not until Sturgis and Thane Cesar are in jail publically. These dead rats come under the full view of your leaders, Bush jr, Swartzenegger, the people in police hired, not to intimidate nonviolent citizens, but paid to stop intimidation, threats of violence, etc...there is a lot more we need to do with government and in particular with police. We need to open the cameras to the public, integrate the police and the public, remove overly different uniforms/clothing, open up their activities/911 calls, etc for public survallaince, viewing, interaction. Who put the dead mice on the trail along campus road? a simple public camera might get a car model, make, time...the public could track that car and person...what would we uncover? Those people that plant the dead mice, and that assault people with lasers are similar to serial murderes many people, like FBI study to understand...they are violence, many times ritualistic...don't have sex alot, have scewed views on sexuality, what makes them assault, or kill mice, then plant them for people to find? What is their profile? Is it only for money? But what about the people that pay them and instruct them? what is their profile?

People that cover their mouth or make "shhh", etc...they say when it comes to secrets "don't tell!...unless it's me...of course....then tell. Be secretive, unless it is me, then tell all and don't leave out any details...don't keep anything secret from me!".
Should we call a metric ton a Megagram?
ok this is for science buffs. This is awesome. Months ago, I had asked: "can we red shift light here on earth?", thinking that that would probably be impossible ... thinking we would have to send light from here to Neptune to see even a tiny shift in frequency. But I did some reading in Asimov's catalog of scientists, and found that in 1930 a person, Venkata Raman, one of the few Indian scientists won a Nobel prize for experiments that show that the frequency of light can be red shifted (and even blue shifted), by many substances. http://nobelprize.org/physics/laureates/1930/raman-lecture.html is the link of Raman's speech. He was working on the effect first uncovered by Arthur Compton, the "Compton effect", where Compton found that photons with xray frequency would lower have their freqeuncy lowered by crystals. Compton won a Nobel prize in 1927: http://nobelprize.org/physics/laureates/1927/compton-lecture.html. So, not only can light be red-shifted by atoms here on earth in a small laboratory, but they can be red-shifted by the many atoms in between the galaxies. I don't doubt that the doppler effect for closer galaxies does represent their relative velocity to the observer (which may be red or blue), but I think that the red shift of the most distant galaxies, which is uniformly red shifted, may be due more to Raman effect than to velocity. In any event, it opens the fact that not only velocity of source can change the frequency of light, but many other substances can too. The gas CO, N2O, ice, glycerine all shifted light to the red. The interesting thing is that this was uncovered in 1930! Way back when the expanding universe theory was being made...it's almost as if, these experiments were done precisely to explore that theory and alternate explanations...but perhaps I am wrong. But why do people alive today, not openly declare that such an effect is possibile or not possible for those that would naturally think it might be? This current group of "scientists" is like a Stalin-group...unchanging...intolerant...absolutely correct in their theory...without a particle of doubt or receptivity to new theories. It is an interesting phenomenon, in any event. It is interesting that the frequency of photons must be greater in the the atom where the delay is, or perhaps every other photon is reflected to compensate. The Compston effect is interesting too, and the formula that Compton made is simple. The equation relates the angle that a beam of photons with x-ray frequecy reflect off the surface of a crystal (or any material I think), and involves the distance between the atoms in the crystal. But the interesting thing to me was that, if a detector was place vertically, the frequency change in the beam of photons might be due to the change in the Y component of the reflected angle. Because the photons are reflected with a greater Y component angle than the Y component of the initial angle, at the detector, it takes a small amount more of time for each photon to arrive at the detector. If the detector were changed to the angle of the reflected light maybe it would be the same frequency? It seems too simple to be possible, but maybe that is what is happening. Otherwise, even putting the detector directly perpendicular to the resulting beam would show a lowering of the original frequency. I think they measured mainly the same initial frequency and only a small amount of shifted frequency, still moving the detector at various angles would reveal if frequency is effected by detector angle. In any event, no matter what the result, the effect has been confirmed and is clearly fact...light can be red shifted by many materials, and the red shift of the light of the most distant galaxies may be the result of raman effect. But wouldn't some photons get through at the original frequency? Since, the Raman effect only effects a small portion of photons in the original beam, wouldn't most photons make it to here unshifted? I don't know, but I think that those galaxies are so distant that the Raman effect is only the average effect over vast distances...I don't know I have to keep thinking about it, and you should too.

Sometimes I feel like I must be a simpleton, or something because, for example, I wonder, why is lava red hot...is that only when it meats the oxygen? How can light be emited from molten liquid rock/metal in the center of the earth without oxygen? It's like the sun, we see a great fire...but we measure that there is very little oxygen there...so many have accepted the conclusion that it is not the typical "combustion effect" we see when we make a chain reaction by igniting a methane (hydrogen, or propane, etc) flame. The photons are coming from a different process that does not separate oxygen. many concluded that for the sun that effect is the pushing together of Hydrogen atoms to form Helium atoms, with the remaining matter (the matter left over from that smushing event) being emitted as photons. I offered the idea that Hydrogen (and potentially other) atoms are compressed under the weight of the outer matter, until they separate into their original photons. In any event, it is interesting as applied to the molten center of the earth. As a reminder, I showed that the heavier the matter, the more it goes to the center, so by that thinking, which may not be 100% perfect and accurate...we should definitely entertain other ideas...but by that thinking, the sun may contain most of the heavy atoms of the star system. But back to the earth core...which appears to be liquid hot metal/material, as ejected by volcanos (including those in the oceans). How could could it burn without oxygen? Definitely all matter emits photons, only much more slowly than, for example in a flame...like a burning stick. The stick emits photons all the time, but when mixed with a spark, and oxygen, the photons come out much faster. I am rambling here, but the basic question is, what color is the material near the center of the earth...I guess it would take some light to look at it, but if in a vacuum/or empty space, it probably would look like red hot metal, emitting photons with visible red frequency. So, it seems clear that more photons can be squeezed out of matter that is under pressure. The more pressure (from weight for example) the more photons are released and the faster the atoms decay. Maybe there are some experiments in here. Do atoms decay by emitting photons faster when they are compressed? Is the sun like the earth but without a crust? (Most people would rant on and on about fusion, and blah blah blah, they have one singular theory and that is the only one.) One thing that is different is that: does the sun emit photons with gamma frequency and the earth does not? Then there is a clear difference between the two processes that result in molten red hot material.

Here is an interesting fact I uncovered this week:
Did you know that the earth is the biggest terrestrial body in this star system yet found? I didn't know that and it is interesting. Here is the order:
1) Earth 6378 1.00
2) Venus 6052 0.95
3) Mars 3397 0.53
4) J-Ganymede 2641 0.41
5) S-Titan 2575 0.40
6) Mercury 2439 0.38
7) J-Callisto 2400 0.38
8) J-Io 1815 0.28
9) Moon 1738 0.27
10) J-Europa 1569 0.25
11) S-Iapetus 730 0.11
12) S-Tethys 530 0.08
13) S-Enceladus 249 0.04
14) S-Mimas 199 0.03

(did you know that Mars is actually quite small, Venus will hold more humans after the atmosphere is transformed or removed maybe with lasers who to hell knows?). I found all kinds of interesting things when thinking about the future which I will share later in ULSF. One thing I will share now is that humans will probably grow from the earth out initially. So, the highest population will probably be on earth, and in earth orbit until those are maxed out (including the moon), and then mars will become maxed out, Venus, Jupiter will be maxed out next...there will probably be a huge rush to Venus once the temperature is brought down as people rush to own (and also occupy) that precious real estate. But getting back to the above...that is really it for large terrestrial bodies. only 14! That's it. and of those 14, there are 2 earth sized, 1 half that, 4 about a third of that, 3 only a quarter of that, and 4 a tenth or less. There are many other tiny "worldlets", but the need for matter may result in those tiny bodies being separated into H2, O2, N2 and other important atoms to grow living objects.

This is an interesting thing I found. If the sun emits 5 billion kg of matter in the form of photons every second, people could, in theory, bring those photons back together to make 5 billion kg of some other kind of matter, for example 5e9 kg of H2, which could then be used to separate again for electricity, or whatever. But, I calculated that, even if we stood on the surface of the sun, a 1 meter square device that could perfectly (no loss to heat, etc) convert those photons back into protons would result in under 1 gram of matter/year, because the sun is so large. It would be a mammoth effort even to get a gram of matter back, in particular the farther away from the sun you go...although the conversion of photons to electrons, for electricity is very useful.

In the photoelectric effect, are photons separating the atom's electrons, replacing them, or forming new electrons? This can be tested by putting some metal on an insulating material, running the photoelectric effect for some time, then opening the circuit. Is the metal positively charged? If no, then the electrons were replaced, if yes, then the electrons were not replaced. From this people can measure the ratio of photons to electrons (although it is difficult to know which photons went in which atoms), but it still may be a good estimate as to the size and mass of a photon as compared to an electron. Number of Photons/Number of Electons=? 1 Electron=X Photons? I don't understand how the E=hf equation can relate to how many electrons are made from the number of photons beamed on the metal, without knowing the intensity and dimensions of the light beam.

For me, movies fall into one of two catagories: those that take place on the earth and other.
I think it is clear that much of science went the way of the infrared seeing behind the eyes technology; went secret and out of the hands of the public around the early 1900s. Probably it was just the continuation of the paranoia that fueled secrecy before the invention of the microphone and camera. I wonder what the inventors of that technique exposed so well in the National Geographic 1975 video "The Incredible Human Machine", said as the years passed on. For the first ten years they must have thought for sure, within 10 years this thing will come out, just like the xray did. After 20 years, they probably became a little more agitated...around 1930...then 30 years later 1940 they must have started making discouraging statements...Finaly 50 years later when they were all dying of old age around 1960 they must have made deathbed statements about how terrible the secrecy around the invention had become and how Orwellian and Nazistic the USA and society had become. Perhaps they took the more elitist view...the view where it was necessary to keep their invention a secret, that the public could not be trusted with such technology, and it was in better hands with the wealthy elites in power, and in the government. The sciences that went secret are:
1) seeing what eyes see (includes seeing dreams)
2) hearing what brain thinks
3) sending images to brain
4) sending sounds to brain
5) moving muscles remotely using voltage or electron beams
6) using lasers to make people itch
7) the handheld laser as weapon (the CO2 laser is used to cut metal, but the US military has never publically used hand held lasers, and the industrial lasers are too big for handheld)
8) building up and down atoms from protons (Hydrogen) to Ununhexium (element 115), there is a tiny amount of data out there, but clearly people have been converting matter and perfecting this interesting, exciting, and useful activity. But have they made the photon to proton conversion yet?

Electrons are at least 2 photons, because I am beginning to see that electrons are probably not photons as I had suspected. Electrons, like in a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) move freely through empty space, and respond to the electric/magnetic effect where photons, so far as we know, do not. So a photon also moves thru empty space, but is not effected by the electric force. Which is simple, but it is also clear that the photon and electron are intimately related. If you look at the photoelectric effect, photons are replacing (in my opinion) electrons. The mainstream argument is that photons are causing atoms to release electrons, but I doubt the atoms become positively charged in the metals. I think it is also clear that photons are intimately related to all matter, including electrons because we see photons exit a match and the match become less in size. So an electron is not 1 photon, and so it is at least 2 photons tangled together. I don't doubt that an electron may be 1000 photons or even higher. We should try to figure out how many photons each "particle" is.

One of my goals is to eliminate the use of the word "radiation" from the mainstream description of light. We should say (particles of) light, helium nuclei, or electrons. We need to "light is a particle-ize" all of science and then go from there. I can see saying something is "radioactive", but it seems too abstract to call photons with xray frequency "radiation", maybe "gamma rays" would be more specific. I don't know, I just think "radiation" is misleading. Of course I am for full and complete freedom of all nonviolent speech.
Here is an interesting thought. There is the "Newton purist" theory, I guess, i mean, I don't really know exactly what Newton believed. The theory that light particles behave like all matter in obeying the laws of gravity. There are pluses to this: all of matter follows one law, and minuses: since a photon has never been observed to change velocity, and other matter has, there would need to be, as far as I can see, some other interpretation of space-matter-time or just space, where gravitation results in photons keeping a constant velocity at least when moving freely (since we can't see when photons go inside atoms, but perhaps one time can measure the delay). I can't understand how that kind of a theory would work, mainly because light particles, although they certainly change direction because of gravity (as evidenced by double images of quasars, etc), they have never been seen to change velocity, although I remembering seeing somewhere that people had stopped a photon. There are some tricky things that happen, for example, when two photons collide. Do they reflect? Do they change direction so that collision is impossible? If they bounce off each other (as I kind of lean toward), then their velocity could be changed, depending on the nature of photon and photon collisions. There could be three photons that collide...it is a rich source of mystery. When I added colliding into my models I got this:
Basically photons collapse into a static form because they are trapped between a photon in front of them and the gravitational influence of the photons in the mass they are trapped in. So it is interesting. I am trying to figure out the answer to a complicated problem now, because, I can't make this "photon direction" model result in the larger scale effect that gravity has on things like planets where objects take on elliptical orbits, all my objects fall into static points, and eventually collapse into one big object. I need, perhaps, to make the gravitational influence less...I am still working on this theory. A planet is much, much bigger than an atom, and an atom may be much much bigger than a photon, and so, perhaps those gravitational effects are much larger, and I don't have the computing power to model that. But what can be modeled at the atomic scale can be modeled at the galactic scale, using different representations for each point. So to conclude, I think there is the possibility of what I am calling the "Newton purist" theory, and maybe photons change velocity inside atoms, ... it's worth exploring...maybe photons are so light (pun...maybe light is just very light ahaha) that it results in them moving at 3e8m/s, but also that photons move as beams of light is very interesting, why so orderly? why don't they ever combine within a light beam? They don't feel each other's effect within a light beam or not enough to make them group together to form other larger particles. Perhaps it is the way photons enter in and exit out of atoms, in such orderly ways. I think the picture is getting clearer, and I think humans may know soon or maybe already do, and then the public may know centuries after that.
I will never abandon or reject the idea that all matter is made of photons (and really only photons), it is too obvious because of the match that releases light. It's intuitive, and simple. But certainly, all theories must be doubted, questioned, probed, tested, etc. I know that there are photons in every match, and in uranium, and in oxygen, and it seems logical to presume that all matter, even we, have photons "in" us (and really more accurately "are" us). How can you deny the logic and observation? Now, for me, at least, the questions relate to how do you get planets with elliptical orbits? how do you get the electric effect? From a physics where particles of light never change velocity but only change direction as a result of attraction to other particles of light? I know the light is in there...but how do I (or does anybody) explain everything else?
Maybe there is some thing different, for example, I am using inverse distance squared, although I have tried inverse distance, distance, squareroot of distance, and except for square root they all do similar things, square root of distance (as I remember it's been a long time) is interesting...the closer the particles get the less attracted they are, it's interesting, but I doubt it is the way the universe is. I tried inverse distance to the 1.002 power, etc. trying to reduce the attraction of the photons...Can you imagine a universe where photons changed direction by 1/distance^1.002 ? That is highly doubtful, but oh well.

Here is what I need:
1) a constant velocity particle
2) larger scale effects of planet type momentum (where groups of matter pass each other, and take on elliptical orbits-now they just flop together and form a big mass which does have interesting stuff within it...it is the model where things are maxed out...all the photons have collapsed to one point but because there is not enough space they have to occupy other more outer spaces)
3) larger scale electric effect.
4) simulation of at least one living object, an object that appears to control some aspect of it's own bodily movement.

We really should try to culture (grow in a lab) every prokaryote and protist we can, finding exactly what things they need to survive (O2, H2O, light, etc).
I think that the Democrats in the USA may be accepting money to lose. Are Democrats paid to lose? Paid by those wealthy Republicans with all that "grandma's pennies to the millionaire televangelists" money no doubt. I mean, here the Republicans call them gays, psychos, perverts, hippies, so do they return with complaints about Sturgis? Cesar? the violence of the repubs? no microslides of effects of missiles in Iraq? no 9/11 doubts? like vonKleist and that tiny hole in the Pentagon? nothing? Why do they lay down and die? I think it can only be for money, lots of money. It can't possibly be from a lack of material and evidence of crimes, nazism and brutality by republicans.
You know, I voted for George Bush Senior in 1988, the first time I was allowed to vote...of course I had no idea...no idea that he was so closely linked to the killing of JFK...how could I have known that? The Democrats don't make the tiniest effort to expose what Bush Senior did. Dukakis should have been running ad after ad showing the Hoover memo the day after JFK was killed that showed George Bush was in his office, the testimony of the woman in Florida that said Sturgis admitted to killing JFK...it links Nixon at least...Bush's connection to the anti-castro cubans in Florida....Bush's silence about the violence issue, the assault issue,...the filling of the gulags with marijuana users...but Dukakis and the other Democrats didn't do a thing.
The democrats should have voted no, for invasion of Iraq, that was a Fahrenheit 9/11 Dachle "I will help the President" moment. How can they condone murder like that? It must have been because a majority of the idiot public (including democrats) supported it. I would have voted no, and gone down with the ship of law obidingness and stopping not starting violence theory.
Now, comes my most compelling and convincing argument against voting for conservatives. It is very difficult to reject the logic I am going to put forward here by anybody that cares for truth. By voting for the conservatives in the USA you are making your life worse, and here is why. First I propose that seeing and hearing thought would be considered benficial by a person...that most people would prefer, and in fact vote to hear and see thought ("behing the eyes") if they could. Those that do get to hear thought love it and it is like some kind of super purified cocaine complete with big time dealers, etc. So, it seems clear that most people would prefer being able to hear thoughts, and not to be excluded from such technology. Given that truth, here comes the crushing weight of truth conclusion: what people are for allowing the public to see and hear thought...in other words, what people are hinting the most heavily to the public that thought can be heard and seen? What people? Why liberals...the educated. The prime example is the National Geographic 1975 video "The Incredible Human Machine". Each word is carefully chosen, the narrator says "How we still see things right side up is still not fully understood". Clearly, they are expressing that they are left-wing, how people still vote for Nixon, after he was connected to the JFK killing and coverup is a mystery, etc. So, National Geographic, clearly left-wing liberal, educators. Then we have JFK himself, a democrat, and liberal saying in 1960 "the inside of men's minds", how can anybody forget that? I wasn't even alive, but recognized the sentence at an early age from videos. Again, a very strong hint to the public about the possibility that thought could be heard and or seen (ofcourse it didn't do them no good...they just continued to sleep away). So, we have JFK in 1960, NG in 1975, then, the next big hint that I am aware of came in 1985 with Carl Sagan and "Cosmos", Sagan says "it may one day be possible to translate the thoughts..." I can't remember, but I can promise you that each word is carefully chosen. I don't know what "a disquieting thought" means (adt...a dqt...I give up...but it must mean something, maybe a tiny paid for ad for adt security). So Sagan was a professor, an atheist, a clear science-loving, antiracist, left-wing liberal without much doubt. Ok so, those are the three biggest hints I can think of. Are there any conservatives that hinted about this massive multimillion people 100 year old secret technology? No. So, ok, now the conclusion. If you want to hear thought some time before you die, the chances are probably higher that you will if you only vote democrat, and not republican. It is simple logic. The democrats are more for the public getting to hear thought: JFK, NG, Sagan...all left-wing liberals. There is not one right-wing conservative I have ever heard hinting about hearing and seeing thought, or making an impassioned and risky plea to reveal the technology to the public. The liberals/educated/democrats appear to be the only people with doubts about the ethicalness and morality of keeping those infrared cameras a secret from the public. The republicans appear to have no internal conflict with that secret. So, again, to conclude, if you want to see and hear thought, vote democratic party already. The sad truth is that, Clinton never hinted, ... even if a democrat wins, it's no guarantee that they will bother to let the public see or try to make any change for free information at all. Along those lines, you ought to vote for the most pro-free information democratic candidate available if any exist, and if you are determined to see and hear thought, and get in on the infrared cameras.

Do you notice how the infrared thermal imaging cameras are so expensive and only made by companies like "Raytheon"? They start at $10,000, but a webcam costs $20...Is there really, they much expense that goes into making an infrared camera as opposed to a visible camera? It is interesting to try and understand that kind of price fixing.

I think it would be funny to make a promo video with Sally Struthers, or some similar person, pleading the public to contribute money to help:
end the drug war...these people have lost their homes...their families...
help the stupid...these people can't use a computer...I dunno...
to end religion: can't you donate a dollar to help these people?...look at this person...they actually believe Jesus rose from the dead...I mean their gone...their gone...(waving hand over head)
for science...these people have never heard of vesalius, galen, anaxagarus...can't you help?...
to stop violence
against antisexuality

We need to put together and vote together new phonetic signs for sign language (unless I don't doubt there have already been some symbols put together...that is fine lets's hope they are intuitive and simple). It may be easier for deaf people trying to learn how to correctly sound out words, to use signs connected to their sounds, using a one sign=one sound set of signs (based on the traditional signs of course, but with new signs for the "a" in "cat", the "i" in "big", the "o" in "hot", etc.)

The person "Tookie" was killed, and I continue to vote against the dealth penalty for people already in prison (I mean if somebody is doing violence, I agree with the right to use self defense, defense of a human, and violence to stop a violent person, etc). In particular, because of the way the justice system is now, it's far from fully democratic and open. What happened to Sirhan is a perfect example, he would have been killed, and what he did was terrible, he wounded and permanently damaged (to my knowledge) 5 people, but he didn't commit homicide as fate, or luck, or whatever would have it. It was only because of the US supreme court stopping executions in the 1970's that Sirhan is still alive today. There must be even worse examples. People who were later proven to be innocent of murders because of DNA testing. Life in prison is enough, in particular without everybody getting to see all the evidence, and when I say evidence, I am talking about street cameras, eye images, fingerprints, DNA, everything and even then I would leave room for doubt given our secret and violent history as a nation and planet, our involvement with large scale fraud and injustice (like the Warren Commission, the infrared eyeball network, etc). I am for locking up the violent and freeing the nonviolent (for the most part, I can see myself voting to jail some nonviolent people for some amount of time, but only the most violence threatening, theiving, etc people and then only for smaller time than for actual violence). I am a person that is probably more outraged by violence than most other people, and I want to make clear that if Tookie did do the violence he was accused of, he should have been in jail for life, but I have never seen any evidence, and probably never will, and our votes don't currently matter anyway.

If we were to roll the dice, of 1000 planets, not one would be home to living objects that curse their method of reproduction, that lie about seeing behind eyes for 100 years, that punish and supress truth...it's a one in a million kind of stupidity on this planet.

Just as a reminder, we don't hire the Lee Oswalds, Thane Cesars, Frank Sturgises, the John Wilkes-Boothes, or even the the Pat Robertsons; but don't worry, the multibillion dollar conservative movement will hire and take care of them.

after the relative peace, this week=laser war week, and it stretched from 11/15 to even today 12/2 but is tapering off, there have been some nasty high intesity laser burns given to me, but nothing that left a scar. What's the deal...I have to wonder...they appeared to slow when Bush jr got back from China, maybe that was coincidence. As usual, continue to vote to "zap them back", and to jail them. Without your active permission/order (in thought or aloud), to zap back, somebody has to do it for you (the computer may be rigged to automatically zap the zapper back if you express that request, let's hope), and if somebody has to zap a person for you...it's not as pleasant because they might be zapped...when you do it through the computer there is no body but the computer to blame (and the creators of the computer, but I doubt that happens). So remember people, unless you take the time to think "zap them back", (simply visualizing a person with a solemn wish to zap them back may be enough for the computer), the person will probably not be zapped back. In addition or as an alternative, please remember to vote in your mind to jail them, a simple "jail'm" in sound in your mind is probably enough, you may want to include "an hour per [first degree zap assault/itch]". Through using our brain and working together we can defeat the violent criminals that assault us secretly with lasers in our ceilings and in satellites that currently live free and out of prison.

ok so the Infidel Guy family was on national television and here are my comments. As a quick summary, I am grateful that an atheist family was on national television, no smart atheist can say that this was a loss, ofcourse that is a plus, but ay carramba did the makers twist the truth, leaving me feel reminded of the infamous "quiz show" debacle where the contestants had the answers. The show appeared highly controlled and coached. The best example is how Reggie cries, I don't know, but after hearing about 20 interviews, I just have the feeling that Finley is not really much of a crier. In addition "psycho" violing music was played, as the narrator questioned if Finley was losing his "sanity". So, they painted Reggie (and atheism) as mentally unstable people, emotionally unstable...I mean, I guess that was the intent. I was impressed with Reggie's son Dorian, who has a slow thought-out careful delivery in his method of talking...he just sounds very smart, in addition to the Stone-Rock young female who was very mouthy and lively. I can't believe that people actually wash out childs mouth with soap, and I think that is a minor assault, in particular because it is punishment for nonviolent activity. So initially, I thought that the Stonerock father was very puritanical, authoritarian, but later he appeared to be more open minded and gentle. I thought Amber was impressive. She said, "I don't hear voices in my head telling me...etc" which gives excluded people everywhere the possibility to understand what is happening. I kind of think that "girl stuff" is not necessary for females...they can do anything, including "guy things" or "non-girl" things, etc. they should be free to pursue their wants, so that was kind of a loss for people that are strongly for female equal rights, etc. I wish Reggie hadn't been so confrontational with the Stonerock female, instead opting for something like "You are entitled to your opinions, but I disagree with your conclusion that I don't spend enough time with my kids, or I want to explain how desparate our economic situation is, etc." instead of being kind of agressive and defensive, but maybe I am putting a magnifying glass on this show. It was funny and a nice double-meaning when Amber sez "I hope those balls are nice and soft", people falling asleep or in a different room must have asked what kind of show was on, ahaa. abc.com really supressed the Finley "wife swap" show, delaying it for weeks, and then only putting the photo and promo info on the wife swap page at the last minute on Monday and quickly replacing it Tuesday. So, in summary, it's good.

There is a big hub-ub about Wallmart, Greenwald, EJK blog...need I say more? Greenwald who has made some good DVDs, and has released them through the Internet has released his next film speaking out against Walmart. I bought Greenwald's "Outfoxed" and enjoyed that, and "Un-something"...about the war, and that was kind of sedate...kind of mellow, but there was some good poop there. Teddy Kennedy initiated his new "blog" with comments about Walmart that I found interesting and amusing. It's fantastic to see Teddy Kennedy making a b-log, you know...most people in government are secretive...don't tell you what they really think. It's proof to me that Ted Kennedy is still very much alive inside and open minded to embrace the idea of a log of his comments for the public, even allowing the public to comment, and there are some nasty, ridiculous comments after Kennedy's thoughtful typings.
The one point about Greenwald, is that...ok here...Walmart...they are not really a dangerous, nasty, frightening group...they are not the republicans and bush jr, etc. they aren't sturgis, cesar, the cia...the klan, the dea, the eye camera network people, the really vicious, dangerous, violent people, etc...it's kind of a powder-puff group to take on compared to what needs to happen. We need DVDs on the violence problem, the way people care nothing about violence, that there is not one arrest for spanking, not one ad against assault 2) the nonviolent people in prison, the drug arrests...that drug use is terrible, like alcohol abuse, but that jailing people that are only hurting themselves is too brutal, and the same is true for prositution 3) full democracy...what does that involve? Us voting on the laws...it that anarchy...would we destroy ourselves...would it be corrupt and easily abused? 4) full free infomation...what would life be like without privacy, copyrights, patents...? how could popular artists be rewarded, and not be abused? 5) science, with the nsf budget, and the money donated to universities, they cannot make one history of science DVD free for the public on the web? Is this a conspiracy? Is this some kind of anti-science movement, and high level supression? 6) religion, isn't religion becoming a problem? Will religion ever disappear? 7) seeing our eyes...what is the deal with this national geographic image? why won't anybody tell us? we want to see behind the heads of people in what looks like the infrared too...8) cameras on the street are awesome for stopping killers...but when does the public get to see? 9) minimum health care for all thru the gov 10) a gov program to end hunger in the US...a UN program to identify and stop starvation? 11) Sturgis, endless hours, of, yes, Sturgis. etc. etc. etc...these are the real issues...walmart...yeah, ok...maybe there are some unpleasant things there....but what about the lives of the millions in prison simply for using marijuana...their lives ruined...etc..and the same for Kennedy (and all the rest of the democrats) too

There are claims that Wallmart is:
I feel, that ...and this is not a popular view, but that the answer to racism is free information. We need to stop violence, and tolerate bad opinions as best we can. If a group of people is racist, let's expose them like Greenwald and Kennedy are doing (although only with their opinions, and I have yet to see evidence...but I don't doubt that Greenwald presents some evidence in his DVD). Let's get the truth out to the public, and so anti-racist people, such as myself, can find alternative places to buy, speak out myself, etc. Then, I don't doubt that there are groups, businesses, that honestly never realized that the public cared so much about a multi-racial equal gender workforce. I might be convinced to enforce integration by law with arrests and/or fines, but I think ultimately we can't jail people for racism.
Wallmart is a monopoly, too big:
I think there is competition, amazon is huge, ... wallmart has not penetrated the web as much as amazon has. I kind of lean towards free market...if the public feels walmart is too big they can do something thru government and their own actions.
[uc point] changing public disclosure of salaries? what and advocate secrecy?! Are they openly and publically advocating secrecy?!

This is unbelievable. Debra Lafave, an attractive 25 year old, who had consentual sex with a 14 year old male, who no doubt enjoyed the sex and could have stopped at any time. Lafave was sentenced to 3 years home arrest, 7 years probation, and no money can be gained from her story. She plea bargained...she could have gotten 15 years in jail! She was charged with "battery", which is a total lie. There was no damage, no assault to speak of, consentual sex is not a violent crime. Only because the public is so antisexual and stupid, can that trick work. If they had they tiniest sense of logic, it would never work. 15 years in jail...and people that actually assulat children, even much younger than 14, never get a day in jail...I mean assault, with an open hand...with a belt...with a fist (in particular siblings)...leaving bruises, welts...no arrest. The added "no money from story" stipulation, added by the DA, is vindictive...that really, to me, sez...puritan...white male...married...regular jesus church-going anti-sexual "anti-pornography lecture group" puritan. To be that vicious...and then...how does anybody know that the television interview or book is strictly based on what happened to her? This way, the puritans in Florida (and all over), can squash the story. For example, if somebody pays her to pose nude...is that ONLY because she was in trouble for having sex with a 14 year old? I doubt it, maybe partially because the person is attractive. Then...you know, I cannot say enough about how...you know, puritans like the Bush family who lock up these sexual people for minute little touches, and toe sucks, blow-jobs, and shit...but here they killed the Kennedies, King, Lennon, they assault adults and children with ceiling and satellite lasers every day...they are brutal violent criminals...tough tough violent people. Here this woman will be a registered "sex offender", where are the "violent offender" public registries? I've asked a thousand times. People who assaulted and killed don't even have a registry, are people liek this woman more of a threat to our physical safety than people convicted of violent crime? It may seem shocking, but I honestly think that eventally there will be no age laws for consentual sex, and we can still punish for assault (sexual or otherwise). First it will be males 12+ whose parents and they both want them to be masturbated, given oral sex, to have sex with a consenting female over age 18, etc...this will be around 2200 AD, then 2300 females 12+ whose parents also agree, will be allowed to touch genitals of other people, have their genitals touched, etc. maybe by 2500 AD, all age laws against consentual sex of any consentual kind will be voted down.

A would-be assassin of Bush jr, Abu Ali was jailed and may get life imprison. I think we should really try to be as logical and uniform in our decisions as possible, giving all people equal treatment under the same laws we all should live under. So, I have to compare the movie, Flemming made about Bill Gates being assassinated. While, I would never even joke about assassination of a nonviolent person, still...I don't think Flemming should be jailed for plotting a first degree murder. There are plenty of examples of where...it's not pleasant speech, but...there simply is no active attempt at a homicide. It is a difficult thing...I can see people that threaten violence maybe receiving a small amount of jail time. By the way, on the topic, I vote against the auschwitz denying human being jailed in Germany...I think that is overboard and a violation of free speech... in particular when there are no threats of violence. Ofcourse, I accept the reality of Auschwitz, I don't deny the extermination of 3 million Jewish and other people in World War 2, I have very little doubt, and have read a number of accounts from people who survived like Rudy Verba, Philip Muller, and Shoah, and recommend those stories and videos to all. For Abu Ali, I would have to see the evidence...it depends how actively a plan of violence was pursued, simply drawing anti-bush images, I think is not enough...you know the classic picture of a person with an "X" or something...I think is clearly covered under free info. Infact, when I think about it...look at the video games...no doubt people will be blowing away recognized people on earth soon if they are not already...it's complicated and reckless, but...and I am strongly in favor of actively stopping people attempting violence, but I think video games will have a certain amount of freedom by public opinion to pursue violent scenarios...it's tough to stop the freeflow of info, but I hope it is easier to stop people that attempt to do actual violence...in particular as time continues, and, in theory, as more info reaches the public.
I think the Saudi confession is questionable, because any one us could be coerced to lie, but without evidence of bruising it might be more difficult to prove. This could be one way, without the loss of one life, without any assault, or physical damage, to jail a nonviolent liberal, or political opponents for life.
People in stores and that I work with allude to violence all the time, in particular because I expose the eye net...but jail them for life? I vote against that, but perhaps they should receive some jail time for supporting a first degree homicide. Wait until the images start flooding in about the JFK killing, a thousand people, although many dead, actively participated in the JFK murder, and then the coverup, both of which are definately illegal and usually harshly punished. I can see voting some jail time for those who make threats of violence with clear video evidence, even the casual "kick your ass". Why don't people help me to eradicate assault? I think we can end assault, or at least a large amount of it.
As a final note on people involved in plots to do violence, I want to make clear that my advice is for people to not get involved in plots of violence, but I think video games or pictures of violence are not a big deal, and without doubt images of actual violence must always be legal to see and show.

Many of the people now, I think are spoiled rotten. They get to see and hear thoughts, can assault people with lasers in ceiling, ... can you imagine surfing the web on the screen in your head? That's what they get to do...but then surf not only the web, but through your neighbor's houses! All your neighbors nude, and their sexy thoughts...that must be nice...but they feel like it's nothing, they still are like the bratty kid that yells at their mom who buys them everything in the store. It's gross, in particular, because so many, like me, don't get to see a photon from these networks.

I went again to Native Foods in Costa Mesa and an older female with dyed black hair said "get out of hear!" in a whiny type voice. Initially I thought I would call in my order and then just walk in, get my food and I wouldn't have to stay for any geers and put-downs, but I called and the person put me on hold for a long time, so after 5 minutes I called back and I got the answering machine two times, then got through and was put on hold, so I decided, just to go there. So when I got there and walked in, the older female in the dyed black hair then said "get out of here!" in a whiny tone. I look forward to walking around with a robot to capture the actual video and audio of these people...because most people might not believe me. I said "I will need a formal request" not the inphantile annoying "go away tomato with that?" hints. Maybe people will have "we do not serve people that spent time in psychiatric hospital" signs, and I think like not hiring people that smoke...it is the free market and is their choice. Can you imagine seeing "no tatooes", or "no ex-cons"? I think I will scrap my "once a month" plan, and just stay away from Native Foods. It's masochistic for a person like me to go to a place like that. You know, it's very similar to black people in the southeast USA, how they would sit at these lunch counters and the people would spit on them, pour flour on them, beat them to the ground and then kick them....but then shockingly...the black people would go back! My opinion is to not support people that run an elitist business like that, not to fund them! It seems ironic that black people would want to get service at a place full of people that are mean and even violent to them...wouldn't it be more logical for black and white people to pull together and make a lunch counter of their own, fully integrated for all people, that actively rejected rudeness and violence? That is ultimately one of my dreams: to make a vegitarian restaurant that all people can be welcome at, where they won't be insulted and geered at, in particular where I can sit, eat and be welcome. I was just in Albertson's on campus, and the second I walked in, that Nate guy swooped down on me, but didn't say anything until later. Then, later over the loudspeaker, a female voice said "banager". Can you imagine if I got banned from Albertsons and then "crazy, crazy, crazy" Ralphs? I would have to pay somebody to go shopping for me, and then what if they were banned? I would hope that liberal people would put together some kind of food network, I have no idea...how else could I get food to eat?! And then to imagine what my crime is...I have never been violent, and in particular I am not even rude. I don't walk into Native Foods and say "you camera network nazis...give me a burger, asshole"...ofcourse not, I am polite to all people. I don't do put-downs, exept in retaliation, and even then, rarely, except in my mind which I can't stop from responding anyway, but for the most part, I am a pleasant person. When my dad said he wanted to go to Native Foods I kind of grimaced, because, he lives in a christian cloud, and ofcourse is in the eye net, ... but he doesn't know these people like I do, they are 100% nazi to the marrow...they don't change ever...there is no compromising or mediation....or anything like that...they are rude, and stubborn believers in psychology, gods, greedy, elitist...what ever the case may be. I have never seen even one of them ever change for any extended period of time, but people like my cloud-based dad, think people are enlightened and regular, etc... I have never seen rudeness and nastiness like here in southern california and in my opinion it is all a direct result of the secret infrared see-behind-the-eyes like the National Geogaphic picture secret network. It is creating a new nazi USA with two classes, the included and the excluded, and the excluded are viewed as some kind of disease without any rights, even though most have never committed any crime, and are polite as can be.

Some people may find my opinion that "Photon Yes, Religion No" will be popular for a million Neptune years as arrogant. maybe, but that was not my intention, as far as I remember. Perhaps, I wanted to put a statement that would go against the massive view that I am inferior, or to be given second-class status and priveledges. But, in addition, I want to open people's minds about the fact that there are other planets, and that "the year" (it's funny in star was obi-wan says "10 years"...and I thought...earth years...that's based on the planet earth... you know...that is kind of a local small place for such a wide ranging galactic story...I might have used "seconds" or something else), "the year" is the amount of time the earth takes to complete 1 orbit, the year for mars is longer, for venus is less, etc. An earth year, evolved into a very important concept for our ancestors (but perhaps less so for future people). Finally, I think this can be taken to mean, that the idea of all photons being the basis of all matter, etc. is a scientific advance (many deny it, in this time, ofcourse), and humans will look back, I think, on those of us, who advocated such a view as heros and brainy, like some of us look back at Eritosthenes, Aristarchus, etc...what did they say? What did they wear? What did they think about life? we wonder with great interest, etc. An older female human at Newport Beach central library sez to me "you do back at...", the "you do", again hammering home that opinion that I am arrogant. The more I think about it, it's totally like the time when Hitler said "if the jews do not stop oppressing us" (and I am paraphrasing but it was something similar)...as if the jewish people were oppressing the nazis...now the excluded are persecuting the included...evil people tend to express the absolute polar opposite of the truth...when they lie they go for the biggest and most false lie...I am not sure why, but I think because there are always many people that simply believe everything they hear without questioning, and so that cements the needed excuse in people's minds. The other point I would make about me being arrogant is that I always return ligitimate email messages and phone calls (not people asking for money, etc.). My rule is that I am willing to talk to each human on the earth at least once for at least 1 minute, and for the most part I talk to anybody that types me many times, even the shitheads. I corresponded with an idiot who evey letter consisted of "take yer meds"...eventually I stopped replying and they stopped sending I am glad to say. But I want to make a list of the people too arrogant to reply to my email messages. People in the camera network are uber-elitist-arrogant to the extreme...we don't get to hear their thought...we don't get to know about Sturgis...we get the tiniest crumbs from the ocean they get. Then...am I rude? I am obnoxious to them? no...I am polite as can be...they are the people that are not satisfied, curiously. They are the ones who express that nazi sneer and nasty put-downs...I don't need to tell them..."you do", I don't have some point or issue with them...or if I do..you know...I make a video expressing my opinions and philosophy for all people in an general way addressing those larger issues. So here is a partial list of those that did and did not reply to my email: DID REPLY:
Bill Clinton, White House
Russell Doolittle, UCSD
Reggie "Infidel Guy" Finley
Carl Sagan, Cornell
LA Times female reporter, cannot remember name...there are other people I don't remember, but I hope there is a big "not too arrogant" database somewhere
Dave vonKleist
Nina Hartley (did but then got scared and didn't)

Ellen Degeneres, Disney/ABC
John Fuerst, U of Queensland, Australia
Raul Hilberg, Vermont
William Schopf, UCLA
Julia Sweeney
Linus Torvalds
Rudy Verba

I joke that after a week without a response I should send an email with just: "asshole", but I don't, although that does make me laugh every time.

What about Singapore killing that guy that was caught with heroine?! In my opinion that is simply a first degree homicide. Maybe they will eradicate their drug problem, but aren't they creating a first degree homicide problem? I think any person that kills nonviolent humans in Singapore ought to be identified and arrested if they ever set foot in a nation where killing drug users is illegal. Can you imagine if the Grateful Dead played a show in Singapore?! It would be a mass murder! The people in the Singapore government would probably open fire with machine guns into the Dead-head audience perhaps chanting "drug user must die", or perhaps utilize gas chambers for efficiency. Where were the people speaking out against this homicide like me? I could find no comment from Bush jr, none from John Howard, none from Tony Blair, none from Vladimir Putin, the pope...I guess killing a drug user is ok, or certainly a drug user is not somebody they are going to defend. It's the irony that killing a nonviolent person who was only in theory hurting themselves is somehow ok, but using drugs is much much worse. I am the only person to vote for arresting those people that have killed nonviolent people in Singapore...here one of them was being interviewed in an Australian newspaper...here they are talking with a person that has killed many innocent people and is still free. The amazing thing about drug use, is that it is very similar to overeating. Being overweight is unhealthy and may lead to an early death, but I vote against locking overweight people in jail until they reach a healthy weight. In my opinion, it is a person's choice to hurt themselves or to live an unhealthy lifestyle that only harms them and nobody else directly. There are plenty of alternatives the people of Singapore ought to vote for, and this shows the unthinking illogical rigid conformity ... nobody wants to defend drug use...but I tell you all...you can say that drugs are bad, and that nobody should use illegal drugs and still be against jailing people that use drugs. There are plenty of alternatives, they could ban a person from their nation, they could jail a human ... even for life...killing is so vicious and beyond that it is illegal in most nations (since drug use does not justify homicide).

You know, I am against oppressing people that are popular...it's undemocratic. Even somebody like Jerry Falwell, I can't stand that Falwell is popular, but a person that popular should not be excluded from the camera network. It's a tough issue, because, I can imagine that people in the eyeball camera net only want to include people that are anti-privacy, anti-copyright etc...that are not going to complain about their privacy being violated. Still, there is something very undemocratic about excluding popular people like me, the most watched...in addition to being unfair. We have to endure the abuse from the many people that watch us, but many of us, I know for sure that I don't receive any extra benefit, or even normal and average people's priviledges or basic services...if any thing I get less benefits, and all the abuse. It is like what I say about public access television...all the abuse that famous people receive but none of the money.

I kind of wonder if there are anti-neutrinos...because there are no anti-neutrons. Maybe the missing mass in the neutron decay to a proton and electron (which again is very revealing...that, in my opinion, there are electrons in the nucleus, stuck in neutrons)...maybe that missing mass was in the form of photons. Or it certainly was in the form of photons in any event, but perhaps they were orbiting each other in a particle like a neutrino, etc.

People in the eyeball infrared network love to pick on weak people, but when it come to criticisms of the really scary people like the Bushes, Thane Cesar, etc...they are never as brave or rude. They are kind of like wolves that see a sheep on the ground, some of us think...let's help the sheep up, help it to heal, but most of them have the mind-set of beat more on the weak sheep. Kind of like sharks that get a taste of blood. It's really animalistic in my opinion what many of the people around me in the eyeball net are like. Just recently in the last week, one human, a jewish human, no less, said "you're a ped" instead of "[hi] ted", another called me a freak, I could go on...maybe it's the holidays that make people even more vicious. I can tell you without reservation that these evil put-downs and rudeness come from people of every gender and race. There are black people that vigourously believe in psychology and would jail, torture and drug a nonviolent person they think is insane without a second thought, jewish people with the same exact philosophy...gender or race is no guarantee of being friendly or wise. I have seen the evils of mind policing, psychological elitism, violence, dishonesty in all types of people. They have holiday parties here, and honestly, 80% of the people are so vicious "vicious bishes" I call them in my thoughts...so unbelievably rude...honestly, my advice to thinking people it to bring a fencing helmet and an athletic supporter to these things, because the people are always ready with insults and put-downs they have been saving up., always interested in nastiness, in conflict. Some of us have funny, thoughtful, scientific based thoughts...or warm appreciations of beauty...most of the people I experience at work and in the community have minds focused on their next put-down...never positive, never thinking about history, or some project, only bitter, nasty, elitist, etc.

Lately one metaphor seems to fit..and that is "talk with the animals"..."walk with the animals"...it sounds elitist, but I swear it's exactly what life is like for me...if I pick up the phone to call some place...say to order a pizza...I can count on some put-down like "gay" "ped" "weird" something like that...almost never a kind word...when I go to a store...again there are going to be rude put-downs...people are ...I can only conclude paid by right wing conservatives to give these put-downs whether they believe them or not, but I don't doubt that many of them believe the shyte out of their mouthes. It reminds me of the part in "People vs Larry Flynt" where Flynt fires the blow dried jerk motherfucker, and sez "send him out with the animals!"...that is the truth...it's dog eat dog...people are vicious, violent, antisexual, greedy, dishonest, rude, uneducated, religious...we live in a frightening group with bizarre values. I was saying...here we could be focusing on our fate of building walking robots, rocket planes, moon stations...moving to other stars, getting all the sex we want, disease and pregnancy free...fulfilling all our pleasures...but no...millions waste their time in churches, violently supress pleasure, sexuality, nudity, any criticism of religion, technology, cameras, etc. This group of people cannot possibly pull themselves up out of the stone age of ancient religions and books. Hey read a new book already assholes.

What's the deal with the pope's anti-gay ranting? That is pure nazism. There is nothing wrong with gayness, lesbianism, bisexuality...nothing wrong with that at all. It's ridiculous to see homosexuality as immoral or bad in any way. It was just like the Nazi's who were so anti-gay...they passed anti-gay laws...again, I was thinking...the true evil, or at least a large part of that evil, comes from the people that vote those brutal laws and people into power...those idiots standing in rows heiling Hitler, etc...they are just as much the evil as was Hitler, and that should never be denied or forgotten...we should never pretend that evil people act alone...many times the roots of evil, for example the prejudices, antisexuality and antiscience antilogicness of religion are still with us. Can you imagine an antipope? A person that says.."ok get licked to orgasm 3 times and say 4 'there are no gods', and you will be forgiven for your sins of antigayness, or proreligion activities...really pursue pleasure...don't bore yourself by forcing yourself to go to church, synogogue, mosque or temple each week...that is my answer to your confession...live it up...have fun and forget about all the negativity of religion". I guess a truly evil leader would be advocating violence, dishonesty, pain, suffering...hey wait a minute...I guess that is kind of like the pope of the Jesus based religion and the ammams of Islam....for the pope I guess perhaps with the exception of advocating violence...that stopped in the 1600s, after they were burning nonviolent science people on the stake and torturing "heretics" and "witches" with red hot irons, which they definitely did, but are not very interested in telling that truth to any and all people. People like me have to dig out that history, because 90% of the planet supresses those uncomfortable truths.

I was wondering if people in the camera net get to freely copy, or see free copies of copyrighted DVDs. I wonder if there ever are complaints from copyright holders in the eyeball camera net. What could they do though? There probably is nothing they can do...the camera network is like a major union...they have a lot of leverage and power. That must be an interesting issue. I was reading an Asimov book, and he hinted at something like that...it was tough to read into but that was the feeling I got...that there were artists that were angry about the copying and distribution of their copyrighted works in the camera network...but probably they realize not only is there nothing they can do about it, that they are still getting a lot of money from the excluded people, and finally, that they do enjoy freely receiving other people's copyrighted works within the eyeball infrared camera network.

Again, an interesting idea that may have already been done, but it would be interesting to accelerate various atoms...not just the components of atoms like protons, antiprotons, electrons, etc. For example accelerating oxygen ions (the atoms need to have a charge to be moved by electromagnetism)...really any atom...I think the goal is to see what kinds of matter can be made. Ultimately it is clear to me that there are two major processes:
1) separating atoms into the source photons
2) putting photons together to build atoms
In addition to those two, perhaps building up atoms from existing atoms, or separating atoms to make lower atoms. So, I think the main process, on the moon of earth for example, will be focused not on shipping water from earth, but on using particle accelerators to convert the many atoms of silicon (or iron) for example to smaller atoms like oxygen and hydrogen which can then be used to make water, and of course oxygen to breathe. Enrico Fermi indicated in his Nobel prize speech (since good luck finding any info on what must be millions of experiments of building up and down atoms using neutrons and other particles), that most of the time, photons with gamma frequency are emited (and I can guess helium nuclei, so-called alpha particles). That means that many photons are being emitted from the atoms at one time. I was thinking that perhaps those photons could be absorbed by water surrounding the conversion chamber...who really knows what people will come up with? But it seems clear to me that humans will eventually reach the process that probably all advanced life of the universe reaches, although we are probably not there yet, or certainly not there in the best way possible. That process, is the conversion of matter from any form to any other form, from iron to oxygen, from potasium to platinum, etc. even from photons to hydrogen.

It's amazing to think about the globular clusters, and the elliptical galaxies. It is a billion year truth I think...it's our destiny. Things are so slow in the universe, that the plan is easy to see and understand. What an amazing thing to think of, that there are only 140 or something globular clusters around the milky way galaxy, and that that might mean that only 140 different advanced life lines have evolved in all the stars of the milky way in it's unknown age. Each of those 140 clusters has millions of stars. Each of the stars is closer to each other than stars around us. It is very clear that planets can be used to move a star, as I have shown in a video simulation (see videos page), continuously ignored by all major media...I guess they known best what the public is interested in seeing. Just thinking that the life of the globular clusters: is each cluster a specific type of life...for example...living objects that evolved around one star? I kind of think they probably have many different life lines in just one cluster, but I don't know ofcourse. it's like us...we can grow out and using robots...there will be a period just like the 1400 and 1500s of total expansionism...we will be sending robots to explore and colonize all the nearby stars...to stake our claim as owners of those stars and planets...we may scoop up hundreds...thousands of planets...to call our own...some might have life....but perhaps most will not have life any more advanced than us or even you know fish, etc...species clearly not capable of moving from planet to planet and so those would be incorporated into our system, but eventually our most distant robots would encounter advanced life doing the same thing as us...conquering and claiming star systems for their ever growing civilization. basically we are converting matter into humans at a rate approaching the rate bacteria convert matter to bacteria. It would be interesting, and most likely, both sides would agree that those two star systems would serve as the border for the two civilizations. The two civilizations might have different philosophies...there are issues of...how fast to grow, amount of concern for other life...for example...perhaps they are self centered and view their form of life as the only acceptaible form...species-ists that reject living together with other species. I kind of find that doubtful, but I don't doubt that there are weaker species even in our own galaxy. we are a prime example. We can't possibly compete with or challange life of a globular cluster...it's currently no contest...we can't even get off our own measily planet. They would look at us like a moquito...what could we possibly offer them? But no doubt, as civilizations like our grow, we would learn and attain everything those living objects did, and would reach a steady-state equilibrium with very little else to uncover or develop. At some point...can you imagine...the organization involved in globular clusters finally forming the elliptical galaxy? It is masssive planning of millions of stars coming together...converting the last of the hydrogen gas clouds...perhaps even converting larger or smaller stars to some uniform size. Then reaching the stage where everything is all set in the elliptical galaxy to journey to other galaxies pursuing our mysterious goal...is the goal to make the entire universe an elliptical galaxy? I doubt there is enough matter for that...basically I think the goal would be to make the largest elliptical galaxy possible. I don't know what the goal would be, but no doubt living objects would be on a constant unquenchable search for new things to see and learn about. A desire that I doubt will ever be complete in this universe, that appears to be infinitely big and old.

In the book "Past, Present, Future" Isaac Asimov has the sentence (I am paraphrasing) "perhaps every person will have their own television channel", and I think that is very revealing. I think that is very similar to what exists now, and certainly will exist in the future. Basically smart sofware that uses the many public cameras to follow individual people. Ofcourse, each camera has it's own "channel", but it must also be nice to be able to have each moving object tracked on it's own "channel".

I thought that was a smart statement from Senator Charles Schumer of NY, the phrase "legal precident" which is ofcourse very funny...yeah, let's hope the next president is a damn legal president. Somebody that is law abiding, is elected by a popular majority vote. Mainly, the shock to me, is how people up and elected the son of a person that appears to be clearly linked to the killing of a former president. I mean...talk about mistakes! The person that is elected president should be, as I have said before, at least an average person...you know... a person that has lived a nonviolent, law abiding life...I mean we could ofcourse do better, but let's try to get at least that!

I think we have reached the stage in our technological evolution where the use of missiles and explosives is not necessary anymore. Missiles are too messy, we have cameras, we have computers, we have people in police...we can arrest instead of kill people suspected of violent crime. It comes down to the decision of explode a building where a person wanted for a violent crime lives, or try to capture that person using the existing technology (and in particular metal running robots which will be here very soon). And exploding that building will probably kill that person wanted for murder, but it may also kill the neighbor downstairs, the children that live on the other side of the street, etc. and that is if the missile is on target. Haven't we reached the stage of advanced democratic nations working together that we can identify and capture people wanted for violent crime by now without having to use missiles?

My votes on the supreme court nominations, ofcourse are "no" to all three that have come down the pike. I am sorry, but I couldn't possibly condone those people. I doubt it would matter though.

I think a key word for these next few decades is "suggestion", because the evil done with the beaming of images and sounds onto people's heads must be absolutely without question a terrible terrible thing. These are people that I have called "good samaritans", you know...that beam suggestions like "...hey jump off that bridge or that window...", "...give your car away...", "...take off your clothes and run outside...", "kill your children", "drive into traffic", (and ofcourse, anything you can imagine...all for their evil entertainment) etc... it's terrible...and then the poor people, the excluded people...they don't know that some idiot evil human is beaming terrible suggestions onto their head, many times they think that the suggestions are their own...from their own mind...and worse...they think that the messages are from a god....and feel they must comply...it is truly truly terrible. terrible people. I can't understand why the decent people, if such people exist, in the camera infrared eyeball network don't show more responsibility. but the truth is that they are conservative criminals that assault innocent people with ceiling lasers...I mean...you can't expect these Nixonian people to care for human rights and human safety, etc. It seems shocking that people would, for example take the advice of the voice beamed in their head telling them to kill their children...most of us would shrug it off...as a bad feeling...like we do when driving and those pricks beam the drive off the road shit...you have to shake it off and pretend to be a robot...I don't know what to tell you...it's nasty. But many of those people...I know from experience...they literally have not the tiniest idea that somebody is beaming sounds and images on their brain...not the tiniest hint...and if told would probably not believe it. So, those suggestions are very powerful indeed, and as I said, many times the poor excluded person will think that a god is telling them to do something. I just want to end this paragraph by making clear that my advice to people is not to hurt or kill their children in any way, not to drive into traffic, not to hurt themselves, life should be for pleasure, physical and intellectual, not for suffering and pain.

I was getting some nasty burns from ceiling (or satellite I guess) lasers last week...burns I definitely could feel, and it was difficult to block them because they adjust the intensity, I mean I guess! I don't get the instruction manual. And it got me to thinking more about the ceiling lasers. I wonder how powerful they are. There was a smart guy at the SLAC, in Stanford that gave a science demonstration in celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Einstein's 1905 paper on relativity that had a smart statement saying "I won't point this laser out into the audience"...because it's true...there are people out there in power...probably conservatives in governmnet poloce and military that are doing just that! zapping innocents with lasers. So, can those lasers actually burn and cut like CO2 lasers that can cut through metal? Those lasers have to be focused and I am not sure the distance that they can cut, but there is no doubt that the CO2 laser, which is not very difficult to make, can cut clean through iron...and if it can cut through iron, it definitely can cut through human flesh. I mean could they chop off a person's arm or leg with a ceiling laser? If yes, I have never seen it done, obviously. Somewhere thought, somebody must have had a limb severed with a CO2 (or other) laser...it is almost a statistical certainty, although no video exists that the public gets to see. The lasers I have seen are very large...there must be some way of making them very small...I dont know. As they are, there is no way that could be a handheld weapon, but that is a good idea for self defense. Just a laser that could burn a person without killing them. Still, you would have to watch out for mirrors, if you have ever seen some video games, they have laser weapons, ofcourse, star wars, and other science fiction movies have lasers...but lasers are a reality...kept secret from the public. Why hand-lasers are not brought out to the public like the way handguns are is interesting. But again, getting back to that issue...we stand looking at an uncertain future...the tools of mass abuse are in place but the conservative elitists that wield them are kind of like...I can only describe it as being like a dog with a handgun...kind of toying and playing around with it...they zap us and make us itch...but the capability is there to end our lives in a few seconds should they ever chose to exercize that option. (I don't doubt that it would spell the end for many of them too, but as spartan violent religious criminals they care less than people like me, liberal and anti-violence).

I'm not a big fan of scientology, but am of science, as I define science as the equivalent of truth (modern science is more like a religion in supporting only one major party line, that of general relativity, which string theory, supersymmetry theory, etc all derive from, and rejecting and supressing any idea of a photon as matter and the basis of all matter, which is obvious when a person lights a match and the matter in the match exits as photons)...but I think every person ought to fear psychology, as the system exists now. If psychiatric treatment was consentual, maybe it would be a different story. But many nonviolent people, are locked in psychiatric hospitals, without a trial, without a sentence, without a crime being committed (other than to them and their right to habeus corpus, a trial, a finite sentence, etc). So, it never ceases to shock me when educated people are for the mind policing elitism that psychology offers...it's the view that..."my beliefs are the correct beliefs...and all others are disease and dangerous delusion that must receive forced treatment until my beliefs are echoed from the person, or they stop echoing their delusional beliefs".

I can see a time when psychology is voluntary only, and moves out of the realm of human involuntary experimentation which was outlawed in theory in Nuremburg after WW2...then perhaps I would feel better about psychology since again, everything would be clearly consentual and voluntary with not one particle of coercion, involutary physical (for example 4 point) restraint, torture or drugging of nonviolent humans. So again, it's the unconsentual drugging, bodily restraints, and imprisonment without a crime, trial, or sentence that I object to. But I would add, also the arrogant view that only 1 or a handful of theories about the universe is accurate...it's the mind policing that is so disgusting to me...the arrogance that one person claims that their thoughts are sane and other peoples are insane and must not be tolerated. I reject the theories of "psychosis" and "scitzophrenia"...as being too abstract without any real criteria...for example like labels of "violent", and "delusional" where the problem is clearly defined, so I reject even using pychology based words like "crazy", "insane", and prefer "inaccurate", because psychology has been nothing but human rights abuses since it's foundation.

I am against secrecy and pseudoscience, but applaud the critism of psychology. I am in favor of believing in an accurate view of the universe, and so see belief in gods as delusion, belief in Jesus being resurrected as delusion, but those people should not be restrained with four-point restraints, and jailed indefinitely or even jailed for 1 second.

I finished a song "Those Aren't Your Friends" last night:
Those Aren't Your Friends

Sorry I'm late, but the Infidel Guy and family are going to be on "Wife Swap" on ABC tonight so check it out. My cable hasn't been activated because of a technical problem for 3 months so I am trying to see with the antennae which is a terrible picture, why don't they web cast the shows already? It could only increase the number of people the advertising reaches. This is exciting, my interview where I spoke out about all those truthes is only 4 or 5 clicks away from being on national television, that is awesome. Hopefully, many people will learn the truth about the eye network, history, religion, the drug war, psychology, free info, full and total democracy where out votes are constantly counted, seeing thoughts, hearing thoughts, history of science, freeing the nonviolent, legal prostitution, speaking out against antisexuality, the entire 9 meters. An atheist on television, that can only be good for this group of people on earth.

I saw a DVD on Noam Chomsky and concluded one thing after: People can be lead to peace or war, it only depends on how many $4s (ie. how many digits are in the money paid to the major media).

I figured something out about Oprah, and many other people that profile and arrest sex and drug offenders: they prefer to take on nonviolent people. This is why you don't see Oprah profiling any violent people...who wants a violent person pissed at you? Much easier to take on the nonviolent druggie or molester. People in police, for example, know they haven't ever been violent, so you don't have to worry about violence happening to them, in particular for molestation and weed, those people will never be violent.
Isaac Asimov in his history of the world says bravely that with the rise of Christianity the focus became punishing sexual immorality. It would be interesting to see exactly how that was. The history channel did a history of sex, but as far as I remember, it only scratched the surface.

The torture debate: It's revealing to me that the Bush administration is openly opposed to the law that was just passed the senate (although may still be vetoed) specifically outlawing torture of prisoners. That shows them to be on the extreme view, not the mainstream american view. The two republicans Chuck Hagel (R NE) and John McCain (R AZ) both oppose the use of torture. Some people might think they are trying to portray themselves as liberal for the 2008 election, but I kind of think simply that...no decent person would support the use of torture, or would oppose a law making the use of torture illegal. Here, people can see and hear thoughts...what more information can they extract? Use the cameras already. In addition, beyond torture being brutal, the data is probably never accurate because people will confess to anything.
Bush jr said "we do not torture", no, it appears they let other people torture for them...but Bush jr lies all the damn time...60% of the US realizes that by now. The threat to veot the torture bill, now the revelations that there are secret prisons, and the subsequent CIA investigation to find out who informed the public of that aweful (what must be if there is an CIA investigation) truth.

I want to make a funny point about how radically different Bush jr is from the person he claims was his favorite philospher "Christ". Can you imagine Jesus in those first bombers over Afghanistan blowing up buildings...carnage and flames everywhere...Jesus lets another missile fly....blam! a building explodes and body parts go flying....the copilot then says "nice kill savior..." savior: "thanks". I mean, the view is so far removed from Jesus the advocate of peace and nonviolence, the ghandian, so-called "offer the other cheek" philosophy and/or way of life.

"Kansas on the Coast?"
In this section, I will describe my future prediction of the California coast political orientation. When we look at the blue and red maps, we see clearly: the blue is where the biggest cities are, where the most educated are, the red is rural, less formal education, less development. The coast of California where are the people and major cities are (as an aside: if you are a liberal in the US and want to live in warm weather year round, you are looking at California and no where else. Eventually Florida will turn blue with a majority of liberals, but until then, California is the only blue state in the USA that has warm weather year round. It would be interesting to see the blue/red coloring of Mexico and South America. good luck finding that...i tried "mexico polictical map" but nothing, that and a poll on the publics support for copyright and free information we shall not see for years..it's one of those catch-22s for media). So the coast where all the cities are in California is mostly blue, except for Orange and San Diego County. But let me put out a prediction that we can check in 50 years. I predict that both Orange and San Diego County will go blue, that is have a majority of people that vote democrat over republican if not in 50 years, then within 100. (In fact, JFK-gate and RFK-gate may spell the end for the republican party some century). It is a trend. In some way, that tells us that the property value of Orange and San Diego counties will still grow, because it's not filled up yet, as LA and SF are (although Sacramento may be an exception to that, being blue already, and perhaps less developed). The trend is clear, that eventually, the earth will look like the death star but with square ocean aquariums or something, who knows. So, there are similarities between orange county (where I live) and a place like Kansas, where teaching of religious alternative theories to evolution just passed. Both are less developed, have less education...in any event, they both clearly have a red or republican majority. So is Orange county "kansas on the coast?" in terms of their political views, I think there is a good argument that there are many similarities, but things will change here sooner than there. Orange county will go democratic, and my prediction is in 50 years, but we could look at the trends and get a more accurate date. I think it seems clear that, the educated vote democrat, the less educated vote republican. I think that we are looking at just about tipping the scale into a long liberal majority...with the election of Clinton-Gore we appeared to be right on the verge of gaining a 55% majority that could hold strong for many years. I think we are almost there, perhaps less than 25 years away, as more and more people get access to education, information, civilization...as things become more developed, as cities grow.

We have a problem in the FDA. Here they are rejecting all the science to reject making the morning after Plan-B pill available over the counter. I think there needs to be a law passed that the senate can overrule the FDA, inparticular when a majority of independent scientists view a drug as safe. The FDA and these antisexual conservatives are always in the way of science, always slowing technical progress.

I can't understand with the eye networks, there have to be more than 1, and so there must be competition...wouldn't they want to be like cable companies and get as many users as possible? Wouldn't getting more people to use their image sending services mean more money in their pockets? Why are they so slow to grow?

In my nightly masturbations, which are right handed, at one point upon ejaculation I felt a sharp quick pain in my left testicle, perhaps in the vas deferens. So I looked in wikipedia and got a good lesson of anatomy on the human penis and testicles. I was not even aware that, yes, there are 2 separate tubes that carry sperm from the testicales to the urethra. So, I decided to start masturbating with my left hand, which was not nearly as easy as using my right hand, but I can succeed in ejaculating using only my left hand. This experience brings me to feel more strongly that some kind of experimenting should be done try and prove that masturbation takes place in the right or left side, that using right or left hand does or does not make a difference in which brain area is used and in particular that sperm is ejected in equal amounts from both vas deferens', or that sperm comes exclusively from one testicle, or more sperm comes from one testicle than the other. There is at least one experiment I can think of and that is to inject (only with consent ofcourse) dye into a person's testicles and measure the exact color of the sperm that is ejaculated using only right and left hands and comparing for different people. But because of the fervent antisexuality, the science and understanding surrounding sex and sexuality is back in the stone age. Perhaps this relates to why one testicle hangs lower than the other for some people, but maybe not.
I was rememebering a Tabash quote: "you can pay for pain but not pleasure, now that is sick." I was thinking as I was being zapped with hidden lasers...it's unbelievable...here we could be all getting pleasure, sex without disease or pregnancy, building walking robots, rocket planes, vacationing on the moon, with suffering, pain and religion a distant bad memory, but no....this group needs constant suffering...constant laser tag/fights...it's lame...very lame...it's a shyte fest of idiocy.

There are some University of California scandals happening. I think the UCI Medical center scandal is the worst of the scandals yet for UCI, because people actually died as a result of their actions. That is the hospital I go to, and now I have to wonder about what other kind of problems may exist there. I wish people cared more about science and less about sports and acting. People should care deeply about who is performing the best among the doctors, who is less successful, etc. who is making the most contributions to the science of health, medicine, surgury, etc. Then, these problems would be caught earlier. Let me try to summarize what this scandal is about, and I am simply echoing what I have read in the latimes.com. Basically, 1) many people that needed liver transplants did not receive them because livers were rejected by UCI doctors, livers that were later used successfully. In some cases, people died as a result of not getting a liver in time. It appears that they were overly picky about the quality of liver accepted 2) they never informed the people that livers were being offered for transplant 3) there were many warning signs along the way that were not addressed...the procedure for accepting donated livers was changed so that the doctor directly was the only person aware of potential donated livers 4) there were no liver transplant doctors there, only 2 mainly at UCSD that were shared...this is Irvine and UCI they have mega-cash...they should have recognized the problem (they had 2 years to do that)...and quickly hired at least 1 liver transplant doctor...they have more than enough money...now they have sacrificed their reputation for years..hopefully the data will reflect any improvement 5) it was claimed that the main liver doctor at this time was building a practice around liver surgury and not liver transplants (so I guess it's ok to just let those people die damn!). 6) perhaps most importantly, their success rate on the liver transplants they did was in the 60%s, below the national average. There may be other offenses, but those are the basics to my knowledge. One thing that I thought of in all this was, that in the UC, it's very monarchical...many leaders and supervisors are appointed, not elected, and then they have their positions for life. If things were democratic, we would see more movement...a person at the top might lose popularity one year and have a secondary position, or might lose the top highest paying administrative position, but then, years later might very well rise up again in popularity to be in the highest employment again...that is the nature of democracy. Now, with this current structure, it's a little more vicious I think...when there is a scandal sometimes people at the top are "amputated" (or let go) instead of simply sinking lower in a way that reflects popular opinion (even if only among staff). I think, clearly, that this liver transplant scandal is terrible, in particular in the wake of the wonderful success with the stem cell experiments. It is clearly less than average supervision and decision making in terms of the decisions made for the liver transplanet program at the UCI hospital. I hope that they get a much better set of programs and quality checking as we continue into the future.
The other UC scandal is the executive salaries. It is an interesting argument. Being employed in UC, I support the effort before the Regeants to try and make salaries the same as the market. I have outpoken public opinions on this issue of executive salaries and I will repeat them here. I simply think that the salary structure in a true democracy would be more of a pyramid and less of an Eiffel tower. In other words, the bottom level grunts, clerks, etc. may get minimum wage, perhaps $30k/year, then next layer, their supervisors, higher skilled laborers $40k/year, then their supervisors, first level managers, etc $50k, their supervisors, department heads/managers $60, store/building managers $70, company first line employees/regional heads $80, vps $90, ceos/presidents $100, etc... many places have 10+ layers of employment types...I can see the $10k linear increment being a basic guide for voters. But what we see, in universities, and corporations clearly in an exponential scale. The difference between the desk clerk and their supervisor is $10k, but the difference between the vice president and president is $100k, not $200k to $210k...$200k to $300k. What's the deal there? You know, and the funniest thing is the argument..."we just can't get a decent president...we can't compete with a lower salary..."...I have to laugh at that...because...who doesn't want to be president? everybody wants to be CEO. I guess one of the arguments against keeping salaries competetive is that, people are taking money away from students, and university equipment...that that money is going into better benefits, that we pay a price for our wonderful educated surrounding and atmosphere...for job stability...I can recognize all those arguments. There is a web page at the ucop that explains how other university presidents get more money, and CEOs get far more. I think that there is nothing wrong with a university becoming the first fully democratic entity, but I doubt anything like that will happen anytime soon. I don't know what will be the first thing to go totally democratic, it's between government, and corporations/organizations. Still, I think as there is more and more information, more and more public participation, we will see the executive salaries come down into a straight line, but ofcourse I may be wrong. You just have to imagine what would happen if people were allowed to vote on other people salaries, for example, if all the employees could vote for each other's salaries. I guess in theory they could easily ruin a business by voting themselves too much money. Maybe there is some feeling that has remained from the old days of monarchy, a feeling that a leader should be lavishly wealthy, far and away from the rest of the group...and I think that idea is opposed to the recent upstart idea of democracy where the common people have a say, have a chance to rise in the structure from poverty, the common people are viewed as having equality, an equal vote, etc. which for years was denied to them, for example in Athens and other early democracies.

We need to remember people that were outspoken for copyright. Just this week, in China, California Governor Arnold Swartzenegger spoke out against "piracy"...well, they are the biggest pirates of all, they are pirates of the public. I find it highly hypocritical that Swartzenegger so vocally speaks against music and film piracy in China, when here, he and many others are participating in large scale storage of the public's works (presumably copyrighted), their thoughts, their eye images, in secret networks. So, I think we should definitely keep the public records very clear. Swartzenegger (and many other), clearly, without any question, without any doubt at all, fully and publically actively advocated punishing those who were doing exactly what they do, copying images, data and sound. Let's definitely remember...because I have a feeling their stories are going to change when all of the secret network goes public in a few years.

I think we are heading for a society where playing a Michael Jackson song 10 miles from a school will be a felony...because of the witch-huntery of pedomolesto fever in this era (not krustopedia now...im talking about pedolovers)...I thought more about it, and it's a fag-hunt age. People are zeolous about their gays. There is one theory that is prevalent, and that is that nonviolent people are gay...in other words, if you are not violent...you can only be gay. But does the evidence support that? no, ofcourse not. aggressiveness is not a requirement of sex, plenty of nonviolent males are predominantly hetero-sexual, and are far removed from agression and violence. So the arguments flip-flop back and forth. First they scream that everybody is a psycho and pervert, but when the issue is raised that the violent are worse than the nonviolent, they turn to the idea that nonviolent people are fags and wimps, or lesbian if independent, not married and female, etc. It's an interesting phenomenon, I have identified as this: people are mainly concerned with religion, psychology (ie a person's mental status), antisexuality...they care very little for the issues of violence...I mean how else could Thane Cesar live in freedom for so long? How else could OJ get away with double homicide? How else could common assaults be unpunished? How else could spanking be de-facto legal, but consentual genital touching, not only illegal, but getting sentences longer than violent crimes, including homicide?

I have to wonder what the status of the government in Iraq is. First a lawyer for Hussain was murdered, then a second lawyer...I thought...even at the first one...what a lawless place...then the second...you have got to be joking....hello? police? street cameras? nanogram of civilization? now they found 100+ prisoners in the basement of a government building, and the president is claiming that he will investigate...investigate? investigate what is going on in his own damn basement? I found that unusual. In particular with the eye net, which most of the wealthy there must have...it's highly doubtful they didn't know, and then these people were not just warehoused...two were paralyzed...I mean that is brutal. So, it appears much like I have said...I am glad for an experiment of democracy in a nation like Iraq (although I disapprove of the destructive method used), but you simply cannot make a democracy in a nation that is that lawless and violent...in particular when we have not even cleaned up the violence in our own nation.

You know, in summary, I feel more and more that I am a victim of one main thing: "dumb". People elected Bush jr, now that was just dumb, they do a 9/11, that is dumb, damn dumb. They invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and not only was that dumb, but now many people are dead, damn dead. This guy charges up our credit card for the wars, taken a surplus and giving us the biggest deficit ever, if you are the person that own's that credit card, that would be dumb, very dumb...you would not want to charge up your card like that...the interest rates are absurd if you didn't know. Then they re-elect these buffoons who care nothing about evolution, science, sexuality, pleasure, true democracy, free info, stopping violence, freeing nonviolent people. Cmon. dumb. But more than that...it's dumb people...that rule the planet...that insist Jesus rose from the dead...that deny evolution...they run the show, that keep the eye images secret...dumb people I tells yih.

A fun animation would be all the gods battling against each other, although I can't stand violence...maybe trying to fuck each other...I don't know. But I don't doubt Jesus might be able to win over Zeus, and other dieties...but could he take "God"? I doubt it...but for sure, Jesus could waste the "holy ghost" whatever the hell that is, to get rid of anything on his way to the top. But what about Yahweh...technically god and yahweh are different...sure Ball and Marduct would be goners...but what about the biggies...Allah, Vishnu, Yahweh, God, Buddha? the big 5. Who would take the title of those 5?

I was kind of wondering how people request stuff in the eyeball net. What do they ask to see. Shockingly, to me, many request to watch and hear me, I am their favorite show. Many times, people want to see the people that they work with...it's a very interesting phenomenon. Humans are more interested in those they work with, than in other people...even more beuatiful people in different parts of the planet...I guess, perhaps because they see the people they work (or go to class) with much more than other people, so they tend to think more about them. But more people are watching me (and getting reports about what my eyes see) than Brittany Speers it seems like to me, but ofcourse, I don't receive a penny...they have seen their way to heap money on to people with equivalent popularity like those on television, but not me. One favorite, is seeing what I masturbated to...because...I tell you...nothing happens in my life...people in my view have entered an area beyond the dull...and into the "infradull". So probably the biggest news in my life is what I jerk off to, since allowing me any actual sex is out of the question as being way to wild and uncontrollably exciting. But what about the rest of my day? Here is one thing I definitely recognize. A person cannot watch a different person 24 hours a day...they have to sleep. so 12 hours a day...no again...what about their own life? There are many many events in their own life. Think about how often you watch television. Almost never for many of us...even when I enjoyed watching every "Forensic Files"...that was only 1 or 2 hours a day...the rest were original eye images of my life..me fixing food...pooping...pissing. But I tell you...the detail some of these people have on my life is miniscule...I mean totally hum-drum...the dullest of the dull facts about my life and/or day. I can see, for example, glancing at video of my latest projects to see how I am coming along...my latest witty comments....ofcourse yes...latest masturbations...you sexual sexites...[at least that is my hope]...and I am glad that people want to see me...not because I am overly beautiful, but because of the wisdom I impart to everybody. People, I guess, do not want to watch dumb people...they are too predictable...or in any event...boring...there is no masturbation...no sex except with their same old monogomous partner, if even that...people must enjoy watching beautiful people...no doubt about that...but beyond that I think they crave intellectual pleasure. They want the poop on technology, on the nature of the universe...they poo-poo the religious and those that are stuck in churches (which may even be themselves). and finally, there is a certain "sheep" quality, that makes anybody that achieves a tiny amount of popularity gain larger populartiy over the years...but there are many people that gain some popularity but it doesn't pan out because they are not smart enough or honest enough, etc to capture people's attention. It is a serious commitment to watch some body...I found that Forensic Files, I couldn't do it anymore...I am not getting my own work done. Although I like to lounge around and see the web videos now, that is only when I eat because I need to move forward on my own projects.

Just one final note on the Alito nomination. I have a feeling that the entire Miers thing was planned. They would find somebody they knew they would obey their command to resign 2 weeks into it, that republicans would complain... that it would look like Bush jr was for women's rights, women's equality, and women's representation, but that it was the senate that didn't want that. Maybe yes but maybe no, I can only guess, many of you in the eye net know for sure. Any way you look at it, this latest nomination of Alito is not good for female humans in the USA. It takes us back to the time before there were females allowed on the Supreme Court. O'Connor was the first female human appointed to the supreme court. But, can we talk, O'Connor was no prize. In any event, Alito appears to be an uneducated, brown-nosing, no science, church education only, antisexual, antiabortion, proviolence, good old white man only network person. Openly said a woman should not have the right to her own body in the case of abortion (there is something wrong when somebody else own's a person's body besides themselves). Let's face the facts, Alito, is an extreme conservative christian, and does not represent the views and values of average USA citizens. And I blame the people of the USA for this idiocy. A majority of them voted for Bush jr, even re-electing this foo. That's what you get, you asked for it and now will get it, a pox on yourselves and your rights. I had a memory of that time when the west point males were jumping up and down when that one female dropped out...that is scary. I had to pause for a second to regain breathing when the republicans were claiming that Miers was too liberal. But, I think, probably she was just held out there to make Bush jr appear to be a supporter of women's rights. It's back to that statement that I said at the time Oconnor was stepping down: they could even get a female that would be a total puppet for them...give them everything they ever could have dreamed of (as Scalia has)...but no...they don't like women. As far as I can see...or at least professional women, independent self sufficient women. They want white guys...white christian guys....married white christian guys...with black hair...no asian, mexican, negroid, arab, indian, native people ofcourse again no ladies...that's what you republican females get for voting for those pricks. ok now I am done.

Static Atom Models:
----start all current comments on this atom model--------

conclusions about atom modeling with theory that particle groups are:
1) same size
2) are no closer than a speherical radius of the same size for all groups
3) get as close to all particles as possible/ or only particles that fit in the best position will stick to the atom

main issues:
1) atom is sphere? if yes, problem with (electron and nuclear) shells
2) dual nature of atoms?
3) atomic masses correct? more protons+neutrons than thought, or some other phenomenon?
4) find shells using idea of photons groups that require a certain radius of empty space
5) does the nucleus have shells (like the electrons) too? Does the structure of the nucleus of an atom have anything to do with the way atoms bond, or are the outer-most electrons the only component involved in atom to atom bonding and the properties of all atoms?

1) I found that there are, in some models, for example radius=1, clear "shells", where new photon groups must take a significantly more distant location. But for radii of 2,3,4, and 5 the shells, if any exist were not clearly identifiable.
2) There may be a "dual" nature to atoms on the periodic table. A sphere volume grows exponentially with the equation 4/3*pi*R^3, so if atoms are spherical, their shells should grow in size and number of particles. It is a simple conclusion that as a sphere grows, the amount of surface area (A=4*pi*R) also increases. But, we see the pattern of atoms on the periodic table as increasing, not linearly but in a "double" way. The order of shells between noble gas atoms is represented by particles (protons + neutrons) in groups of: 4,+8,+8,+18,+18,+32,+32 (it is presumed that +32 is this outer shell...the tantalizing atom 118, the inert/noble gas was claimed to have been created in 1995 at Berkeley, but was later retracted...so far no Uuo118 has ever been created publically). So, will this atom be a last shell atom (if it can ever be made)? Will it display properties of an inert gas? So back to the "dual nature" that may exist in atoms. I find it highly doubtful, but have to entertain the possibility that atoms may be built in two parts, atoms may have two basic particles, or spheres of matter. Then, the shells would grow as we would expect spheres to grow: 2+2 8+8 18+18 36+36. There is something beautiful about that model, and it fits the periodic table, but I can't help but think how unlikely it would be for only 1 side of an atom half to fill, while the other half waits...there would undoubtably be combinations of atoms that had, for example, 2+2 3+4 and did not fill: 2+2 0+7. One way, out of the problem that atoms do not grow with a spherical shape is described in more detail
in conclusion
3) that the measurements of atomic mass are correct, but that the interpretation of how many protons and neutrons are in the atoms (with more than 2x mass of protons and neutrons) is incorrect, and that there are actually more protons and neutrons in those atoms. There is something lingering in my mind about how a sphere of spheres grows, and in my experiments, I have found that the spheres do always grow in radius, but...perhaps somehow the way when a sphere grows, the increase of volume creates more spaces to connect on and so ...maybe there is some way that a sphere would have shells of 4 8 and then 8....I have to flush this out and see if there is anything there...I don't think there is.
4) There is an issue about atomic mass. Why is there a difference between the measure atomic mass and the theorized number of protons and neutrons? First the "official" explanation: the extra matter is in "binding energy". I have to doubt that because, I interpret the idea of energy and mass being equivalent, first I doubt the existence of "energy", but I interpret the so-called "energy" as being in a material form, i.e. photons, when in mass form. There are two main possiblities I can think of:
a) the measurements of mass with a mass spectrometer is not accurate, because of some inherent flaw...particles from the spectrometer interfere...heavier atoms have extra problems in a beam that lighter atoms do not have...I am only guessing, there could be a million reasons why.
b) That mass is in the form of neutrons and protons, and there actually are more protons and neutrons in those atoms (and every atom after them). This would mean that Argon, the inert gas, is the first atom that appears to have an extra proton and neutron, for example. This theory tends to help the idea that atoms are spheres. And that is a basic idea. Are atoms spheres or some other shape? If they are spheres, then there is aproblem with the current interpretation. But in addition, there is the major split of two branches of theory that have atoms as rotating/moving versus static (although the photons that compose the protons and neutrons are rotating each other). I don't know which is more accurate, but the rotating atom (although I am the first that I have seen to verbally describe the so-called "nucleus" particles as rotating...I have seen this representation in videos. In other words, people are not proudly and openly proclaiming that protons and neutrons orbit each other to my knowledge, but then only 30% actually believe evolution, so perhaps that is the nature of this and many subsequent centuries).
5) in my experiements, many atoms take on similar shapes...one or more spheres in the center, a row of spheres in circumference (many times 5 or 6), and a group of spheres (many times 2 or 3 spheres) on top and bottom. This is one easier way of looking at these models...how many spheres in: 1) center 2) perimeter 3) top 4) bottom.
6) If integer average distances indicate a new shell (which is doubtful, but maybe there is a similarity and there is insight from presuming such a thing), then the order of spheres (protons+neutrons) in each shell would be something like: 19,63,153, but the atoms on the periodic chart show shells (although they are presumed to be electron shells, the number of protons and neutrons is also equal to the number of electrons) more like 20,39,83 (by atomic mass, or 20,36,72 if going by atomic number) a much more compact structure. So perhaps protons and neutrons form spheres of different sizes. One thing that appears clear is that neutrons are protons+electrons+anti-nutrinos and so perhaps that structure should be modeled.

1) so-called "alpha particles" or helium nuclei appear to be the only way atoms decay (atoms can be separated in a variety of ways...but people never see/measure naked protons or neutrons? or do they=have to check), so perhaps helium units of 4 particles. If the number of protons and neutrons is correct (the excessive atomic masses are incorrect), then it would tend to support the idea that atoms are built on units of 4. Each inert gas is divisible by 4 (4,20,36,72,108,172,236) can all be made by (1,5,9,18,27,43,59) units of 4. Explore more what kinds of particles are emited from atoms. I know: 1) photons, 2) electrons, 3) helium nuclei, 4) protons?, 5) neutrons? I know that atoms can be split, so maybe...any cmobination of protons, neutrons, etc is possible. After all, burning propane is completely destroying those atoms into photons. Does burning of gases ever result in protons or neutrons?
2) still can check other
a) shapes (ellipsoids, ...)
b) mixed sized shapes (1 larger sphere and 1 smaller sphere)
this kind of testing I think would need to be automated...it would take a large amount of time
3) glue marbles together
4) I think there is a basic idea of electron shells and nucleus (or nuclear) shells. This prompts the experiment of combining two atoms denuded/stripped of electrons...do they still form molecules? or are the electrons necessary components of all atom to atom bonds? Possible examples, include H+ and O+12, do they still form H2O? or NA+11 and CL+17=do they still form NaCl? If no, then is removing electrons a form of making atoms inert from other atoms that do not have electrons? I suppose electrons could be easily removed from neighboring atoms, and it would be difficult to keep atoms without electrons. I just find it hard to believe that nucleus structure has nothing to do with atomic bonding, and that only the electrons connect atoms, that everything depends on the electron shells. Again, it is not clear to me how electrons hold atoms together. Do they orbit both atoms? Do they orbit other electrons from the other atom? Do they temporarily fill a space where an electrons should be in a different atom? A structural model of the atom where electrons are stationary and attached to the other atom is easier to explain and understand.
5) One thing that was kind of a cool thought was that, perhaps somehow, electromagnetic collective gravitational effect (force) can be explained as a difference in size between particles. Only a certain size particle can move through the atomic lattice (mercury as a liquid conducts electricity so that needs to be thought about too). I don't know, but ultimately, I think that electricity is the pulling of matter to a place where there is more matter, basically gravity, but because of some collective group effect, the force is stronger (perhaps multiplied by quantity of particles, or close interactions [like a small ship with Jupiter] gravitational .

1) shouldn't the atom configurations be the same for all radii? Because the radius of all atoms is the same size. I think the reason there are differences is strictly from integer only differences that would not exist if floating point was used. It seems clear to me that the universe does not function like floating point numbers do, because a particle occupies 1 cubic unit of space, not .5 of a unit of space, etc. It is only the vast difference in size that makes objects appear to have fractional locations, velocities, etc.
2) What are the real differences between using spheres with radius 1, 2, etc. Why do differences exist? What is the representation that should be thought of? Is 1 pixel, 1 of the smallest units of space, or is 1 cubic pixel the smallest unit of space a photon group can fit in?

This is kind of cool. These are 12 transparent spheres stuck together as closely as possible, but within 1 radius of each other:
Here you can see how one more sphere makes 13 spheres which forms a closed shell. Any new sphere will be significantly more distant from the center, in a new outer shell.
Here is the 13 sphere shape, more realistically showing how photon groups might gravitationally balance each other. The distances are the same as the video above (10 pixels), but the spheres are only 1 pixel in radius.
The next shell in the radius=1 pixel model was easy enough to find. It is a 3x3x3 cube:
Again, these shapes evolve naturally, given the formula: for each new sphere (of equal radius) added, find the smallest distance to all spheres, such that this distance is at least as large as the sphere radius. When I did spheres of radius=1, but the minimum distance between their centers could be 10, it was different from the above radius of 1 (I thought it would be the same since radius of 10 is the same as 1 (only everything is *10) in integer only math)
atoms_r1_r10_27.avi 13 and 27 do not fit the periodic table (4,20,40 does...or perhaps 4,20,36), so this shape is probably not how protons and neutrons are put together. 4x4x4 (64 spheres) doesn't form a cube, because the sphere shape starts to show itself beyond 3x3x3:

After 13 spheres, finding the next shell was very difficult. I would need to spend more time adding one sphere at a time...sometimes there are consistent geometries, where spheres will be well balanced together (the 13 spheres video above is a good example, you can see 3 on top, 3 on bottom, 6 around the perimeter, and 1 in the center...very nicely balanced), but more often, there is no symmetrical geometry or a very complicated one.

Here are 134 spheres (protons+neutrons) connected one at a time:

Here are 200 spheres connected one at a time, colored by distance.
average distance from all other spheres:
1 pixel=red (19)
2 pixels=orange (44)
3 pixels=yellow (109)
4 pixels=green
This model is growing larger faster than the atoms on the periodic table do, so perhaps the spheres are smaller (or in integer representation fit more closely at a size of 8 or 9 pixels, since this should be identical to spheres of .8 and .9). 200 spheres is the equivalent of a Platinum, Gold, Mercury, etc atoms, massive atoms. It would be awesome if we some time could actually build atoms like this.

When the required minimum distance is 2*radius, the model is like holding a group of marbles together in your hand or with glue. Although, I doubt this model represents the way protons and neutrons hold together.


----this concludes all current comments on this atom model--------

Planet Moves Star:
----start planet moves star model-----------
This model uses planets to move a star up or down (out of a spiral galaxy to an orbit of a globular cluster).

There is a way to move a star, using gravity. This experiment seeks to find how easy moving a massive star may be. Our star, the sun, is 1 million times more massive than the earth, the earth pulls on the star, but only in very small force. The Sun is 1000 times more massive than planet Jupiter, and Jupiter has enough mass to pull our sun back and forth in a larger amount. Some things seem clear when talking about moving a star with a planet, or some kind of star moving huge piece of matter:
1) A large amount of planning, and continuous checking probably must go into verifying the movement of the star, since the movement of all the atoms in stars and planets cannot be known, only estimates may be used and that requires constant adjustment.
2) A large amount of fuel is needed. For each thrust a planet gives, for example, from some massive Hydrogen+Oxygen engine at it's south pole, a huge number of photons are released from the fuel (H2 and O2), and that makes the mass of the planet less. Perhaps a small initial thrust is all that is needed to set a star moving in a plus or minus y direction, that is what I hope to understand through doing this experiment.

There must be massive trade-offs, probably the smallest star-moving matter will be wanted initially, although advanced civilizations may have massive objects with massive engines for just such purposes. Early advanced life would probably have to start small, with the smallest planet (or star-mover) possible. They would probably accept a very very slow change in star velocity. Perhaps there would be no hurry to get out of the plane of a spiral galaxy. In addition, there is the problem of where all the fuel will come from. Perhaps fuel will need to be imported. Even a tiny thrust might be all that is needed to send a star up or down out of the Milky Way, but then, without doubt that star will come back down some where else in the Galaxy. I would think that globular clusters put together by advanced life would want to stay relatively close to the plane of the spiral galaxy to get more matter to use as fuel, since there is no doubt that they are losing more matter (in the form of stars emiting photons, and any other matter they use that results in photons being lost, all matter emits photons) than they can get from photons they can collect from other distant stars and galaxies.

1) possible to move star very quickly and orderly in -y direction with constant
-.1ypixel/frame constant thrust on 1/100 mass planet.

For a reference, let's say that this planet is where Jupiter is 800e6 km from the star. Each pixel is then 8 million km. This is a planet 10x the mass of Jupiter, thrusting continuously to produce a velocity of .1 pixel a frame= 3 pixels/sec=2.4e6 km/s 2.4 million km every second (that sounds like too much).
2) 1/1000 mass planet, I can see that moving a star might require very little thrust indeed.
In this video, a planet the mass of Jupiter (1/1000x the star) moves a star down, you have to compare the star at the beginning and at the end of the video to see the change in location of the star, which is large, but the velocity of the star is so slow, that the movement is basically unnoticable. The planet thrusts this time for only 1 second at the beginning. The thrust is still huge, resulting in .1 pixel/frame 2.4 million km/second.
3) 1/1000 mass planet, this time with a more realistic initial thrust of 1000km/s for 1 second, this translates to .000033 pixels/frame...a very small change in velocity. I won't bother to show the video, because the position of the star changes by only a fraction of a pixel. The velocity (in the y [down] direction) of the star changes from 0 to: 1.28e-7 pixels/frame = 997 million km/year. At that rate it would take 10,000 years to move 1 light year. But then, only the tiniest amount of thrust was used, a thrust that produced a velocity of 1000 km/s on Jupiter in the y direction for only 1 second. The fastest jet can move 3x the speed of sound ~1 km/s, I don't know how to calculate the amount of fuel needed, and the size of the engine needed to move a planet the mass of Jupiter.
I am not sure what a realistic goal would be, but it seems like, the velocity of the star would be the thing being adjusted. I guess a civilization might want the velocity of the star to be 1 light year/an earth year...that is kind of fast...in four years we would sail by Centauri (4 ly away)...in fact it is the speed of a photon, so is very unrealistic. More realistic would be a tenth of that. We would go past Centauri in 40 years.
4) 1/1000 mass planet, 1 second of thrust that results in planet velocity of .1c 30,000 km/s. again, no real velocity is imparted to the star. I have learned more. Here is some cool stuff: The velocity added to the planet is indirectly tranfered to the star. The planet loses y velocity (after that initial 1s thrust) while the star gains velocity. In this example, the sun y velocity went from 0 to 3.8e-6 (30 km/s) and the planet's y velocity fell from 1.25e-4 (1000 km/s) to 6.8e-5 (544 km/s). Again there was no noticable difference in the location of the star since it did not move even 1 pixel.
5) 1/1000 mass planet, 10 seconds of thrust that makes the velocity .1c (30,000 km/s). This was closer to seeing actual movement in the star. The star velocity went from 0 to 3.7e-5. After only 10 seconds the star had moved .006 of a pixel=48,000km 4,800km/s just over 1% c, which would get us to Centauri in 400 years. That means 10 seconds of a relatively small thrust on Jupiter, could move our star to Centauri in 400 years, not too bad.
6) what about bringing Jupiter in closer, to the distance of Mercury? 5 pixels away at 46 million km from the sun. Actually, things get kind of nasty at that distance because the planet is too close to the star...it is tough to control that close. Because the closer it gets to the star the more gravitational influence (inverse distance squared, so the force is exponential). 1/2 the Jupiter distance is easier to control, 400 million km away, about 100 million km outside of Mars orbit.

I am starting to think about the perfect ship to build, and I think that a good idea would be a ship that has 4 main engines, one on top, bottom, and 2 in the middle on opposite sides. Perhaps even two engines is all that would be needed, one main engine for thrust and the one side engine, the side engine is pulled out to spin the ship on the axis of the main thrust engine. Actually a third engine would be needed to spin the ship at a 90 degree angle to the other steering thruster. Anything else about the ship is open to anything...it could be a sphere, a hollow sphere, a cylinder, a cube, rectoid, ...anything. Probably the ship would have many living compartments, perhaps an all transparent surface so that the inhabitants (at least in the prized outermost units, perhaps many would be public shared spaces) could look out at the universe. It is difficult to know how the future will play out, but potentially, the real business of feeding people may result from atom separating and constructing machines, and have very little to do with growing plants. It is a startling possibility. Any old matter could be turned into any new matter. Probably the valuable matter of trash and human waste would be converted to new delicious food dishes, air, water, etc. How interesting it would be to be living on a huge human-made ship that was thrusting to move the central star (and all accompanying planets, comets, etc...basically every smaller piece of matter in orbit) to a better location. Ofcourse when a star moves up, the much more massive center of the Milky Way Galaxy will pull the star back down eventually, and that equation is even more complex, because of the hundreds of millions of stars, but it too could probably be realtively accurately generalized.

ok the simulation is done. Again, the star did not move 1 pixel (8e6km) in 10 seconds, it moved: .007 of a pixel, so better than before (only .006), but not the real noticable difference I was hoping for. The star had a final velocity of: One problem is getting the initial velocity of the planet to make a perfect unchanging ellipse.

7) ok 2 planets, with the same thrust above in 6).

These models are kind of interesting in that a small object is using wisdom to move a bigger object. Ideally, if we could put the engine in the star we would be getting the most efficient star system movement, but since that is not easily possible, moving a large piece of matter as close as possible is the next best thing.

With two planets, there is little change. The star's velocity goes to: 7.5e-5 (I was hoping for 14e-5 or twice the amount, but there was no such result). But again, we are only using a tiny thrust, and only thrusting for 10 seconds. star1000x_2planets_down_30f.avi

8) I think a good goal would be to get the star to move 1% to 10% the speed of light, that would move us:
1% = 400 years to Centauri
5% = 80 years to Centauri
10% = 40 years to Centauri
1%c=3e4 km/s To move 1 pixel at this scale would take (8e6km/3e4km/s) 266 seconds and would be 3.75e-3 pixels/s, 1.25e-4 pixels/frame (.000125). The most I could get in 7) with 2 planets at 10% the speed of light was .000075, about half that. I am not going to make a 300 second (5 minute) video just to see the star move 1 pixel, but the principle is neat; that it is not too difficult to imagine a relatively advanced civilization (I would say, like us, perhaps in a few thousand years) to actively move their star system without too much trouble. In fact, there is no doubt that with the creation of large ships, the cumulative effect on the star would definately have to be modeled and planned carefully. Ships would be built very small at first, but no doubt they would be modularized, so that they could be combined to form larger ships. The largest ships might be built of many millions of smaller ships.

To get a star to reach that velocity in only 10 seconds is perhaps unrealistic; to get the star to reach that velocity in 10 years might be more realistic...to have 10 solid years of thrust...it would make for an exiting decade for those in that star system, in particular anybody living on the star mover.

This is a basic idea that we can use S=v*t, the distance will equal the velocity*t, so 1-10% c velocity for the sun is probably a good goal for any star system. Actually, I need to see how the velocity of the star is changing over time. Vstar=Vstar+X each second given a constant thrust, so what is
X? V=at is the equation, so I see that for 6) the change in velocity (acceleration) of the star is 8e-6 pix/s/s or 64 km/s/s
V will equal
.01c in [3000 km/s=64*t]=47 seconds (so 47 seconds of thrust on Jupiter should put the star at .01c)
.05c in [15000 km/s=64*t]=234 seconds ~4 minutes (about 4 minutes of thrust that results in .1c velocity on Jupiter)
.10c in [30000 km/s=64*t]=470 seconds ~8 minutes (about 8 minutes of thrust, and the star is going .1c the desired velocity)

Going back to 1 planet, the same mass as Jupiter and same distance. Let's see if we can get the star to go .01c in 47 seconds [1410 frames] of constant thrust. ok it ran past 1410 frames, and at 1749 the velocity of the star is 7.66e-5 pix/sec = 613km/s, still not enough (so the acceleration on the star must be less than 64 km/s/s, here it is only 17km/s^2)....ok I just realized that I stopped the planet thrust after 10 seconds so that explains the lower acceleration. I will keep the simulation going until it reaches .01c, .05c and .10c using constant thrust that results in .1c on the planet. Actually this thrust can be looked at as an acceleration of .000125 pix/frame or 30,000 km/s/s since I am adding this to the velocity of the planet each frame. Perhaps a more realistic acceleration for a planet would be only 1,000 km/s or even less. Yes, it is very unrealistic, since adding .1c to the velocity of the planet quickly puts the planet near the velocity of light. I will test that acceleration
Here are the results for 1 jupiter accelerating at .1c every second:
To reach:
.01c [3000km/s] took 1504 frames = 50 seconds (acceleration=60 km/s^2)
.05c [15000km/s] took [estimate at 60 km/s^2= 250 s = 4 minutes] 7516 frames = 250s=4 minutes, an exact match to the estimate

I can see that, no doubt advanced life would go for a lower constant long term thrust on the planet/star mover. That is a nice capability to have for adjusting velocities later too. In addition, the nature of fuel rationing would favor smaller thrusting over longer times.

Here is a more realistic acceleration on the planet of 1000km/s^2. This could perhaps be thought of as 1000 jet engines, since the fastest jet can go 1km/s.
.01c [3,000 km/s]
.05c [15,000 km/s]
I am going to skip this because it is too unrealistic.

Maybe I should just go for maintaining a constant velocity on the planet, since adding up acceleration may be unrealistic since, as something starts to accelerate, [think of a jet, for example] it becomes more difficult to accelerate more...it takes more fuel to maintain a constant acceleration...like in a car...it is easy to maintain a constant velocity, but you can imagine trying to accelerate at even 1 mi/hour per second more, because the engine is "topped out" and going as fast as it can at 200 mph and can not go any faster. So how long would it take if a constant velocity of 1000km/s could be maintained on Jupiter? I think a constant velocity on Jupiter would mean a constant velocity on the star, so again, we are stuck with the basic idea of: the star will move slower (perhaps .5 the velocity of the planet...this I will check).

Ok, the Y velocity of the star is roughly 1/10 that of the planet and does increase (perhaps because the planet is at times closer to the star and so the velocity is felt more strongly there).

Vplanet=3000km/s (.01c) Vstar=30 km/s (.001c) (3.7e-6 pix/frame) the star has a velocity a tenth the velocity of the planet [this velocity would take 4000 years to Centauri...that would probably be too slow] [the most accurate thrust is probably some where in here between 1 and 5% c] Vplanet=15000km/s Vstar= 6480km/s (2.7e-5 pix/frame) 43% planet and 2%c...not bad...reach Centauri in 185 years
the average velocity after 46s was 13,955km/s, 93%
after 495s the average velocity of the star was 14,329 km/s 96% efficiency, that is phenomenal, but other stars and planets in the Milky Way would make the efficiency less. Centauri would be reached very near 200 years.

ok at 11 minutes the velocity of the star is 15,549 km/s, at 16 minutes the star reached .10c, so something is definitely wrong with my model here. At 54 minutes the ave velocity of:
star: 14,771 km/s
after 20 hours:
star: 14,679 km/s
planet: 14,748km/s

One interesting thing I noticed after 20 hours of simulation is how little the elliptical orbit of the planet changed, there was no recognizable rotation called "procession", where the ellipse rotates (the path the earth takes, an ellipse, rotates very slowly). I can only imagine what billions of years of rotating does to matter and what that would look like sped up into a few minutes.

so I guess this is accurate, since neither velocity averages over 15,000km/s and they are both very close to that velocity. It says to me that almost all the velocity applied to a planet is echoed in the star with almost 100% efficiency because there is very little friction between planets and star. But I have to think that distance from the star when thrust is applied does make a large amount of difference.

This high a velocity is kind of unrealistic, maybe a constant velocity would not be wanted, but a constant thrust instead. I am not sure how to add in thrust to the velocity that results from gravity, because thrusting an engine produces an acceleration that is related to the existing velocity of the engine relative to the rest of the universe. The faster the planet moves, the less acceleration thrusting will add. This phenomenon, I don't completely understand, I think it has to do with the interaction of the photons in the engine, the thrust is produced by photons being thrown in one direction against those photons that are part of the engine that results in movement in the opposite direction. Most people don't describe rocket engines (or any engine) in this way.

Perhaps I am doing the calculation wrong here. I calculate the force (using inverse distance square m/dist^2) of each other piece of matter on each individual piece of matter, add those together (so in theory, the more matter, the larger the force, and the larger the velocity...). I was doing m1*m2/d^2 but quickly saw that one any given piece of matter only the other mass matters, because I am calculating the force on that one piece of matter. In addition, I am not using the gravitational constant = 6.67300 ◊ 10-11 m3 kg-1 s-2, but I think that is ok because it relates to the mass, and I am simply using proportianal masses, but perhaps I should include the actual masses and the gravitational constant. Since multiplying these is linera, it would be the same result but at a different scale.

?) 1/1000 mass planet, this time with a constant thrust of 1000km/s, perhaps this too, is relatively realistic, although, as fuel was used, the mass of the planet would go down (I do not account for this, in this model yet).

major points
1) Should the advanced civilization go for a large initial thrust or a constant (or long term) smaller thrust? I have to think that smaller thrusts from time to time may be used to correct or adjust the star movement. A large initial thrust that gives the star a larger initial velocity, might add up over time, where with smaller thrusts the velocity would be built up over a longer time.
2) Use one big piece of matter or many smaller pieces of matter to move star? I really didn't answer this one, in the one simulation I did there was no significant gain from adding an extra Jupiter-sized star mover, but I find it hard to believe that two planets would not double the velocity of a star.
3) I think the equation can be generalized by v=at. The longer the planet accelerates in the Y, the higher the end Y velocity of the entire system will be. So, for example, to aim for a 1%c end velocity, a variety of "accel*time" combinations exist:
a t (to get to a velocity of .01c)
3000km/s^2 1 sec
300km/s^2 10 sec
30km/s^2 100 sec (1.6 min) *
3km/s^2 1,000 sec (16 min)
300m/s^2 10,000 sec (167 min or 2.7 hours)
30m/s^2 100,000 sec (1,667 min or 27.7 hours)

* let's run this simulation. 100 seconds of 30km/s^2 acceleration. Do we (star and planet) reach a velocity of .01c (3,000km/s)?

after about 6 minutes (12,000 frames), long after the thrust has stopped, it looks like the Y velocity of the planet is oscillating between 2,000km/s and -2,000km/s (it's going up and down in it's periodic orbit). The star is oscillating but much less, between 74km/s and 105km/s. So potentially, it will take more time for the system to settle down and oscillate less. Perhaps then, the remaining portion of the Y velocity that appears in the planet will be more evenly distributed between the star and planet, resulting in something like 150km/s for both star and planet. So it looks like the velocities are far less than the desired 3,000km/s. I guess acceleration on a tiny planet 1/1000 the size of the sun goes 1000 times less on the star. Currently the star only took 3% of the 3,000km/s. If the star will only take at most 5% of this planet's velocity we would need to accelerate for 20x longer [2,000 sec] or 20x larger [600km/s^2] in theory.

looking again, both star and planet are still oscillating but the planet picked up velocity (from only planet-star distance differences I guess) to 88,000km/s to -96,000km/s, and the star 256km/s to -56km/s. So, perhaps the star may reach a final steady-state velocity of more...at least as much as 256km/s almost 10% of the original goal. ok I just measured and the star has an average velocity of 2,504km/s over the last 745 seconds, 83% of the goal. I guess, the velocty of the star of planet at any given time is very misleading, and the average velocity (simply Ystar/time of simulation) is a better guide. As a guide 2,500km/s would go .83%c would go 1 light year in 120 years, 4 light years to the stars of Centauri would be 480 years... it seems unbearably long to people used to our life of flying from city to city, but for a long term plan of moving out of the star system it might be acceptable...in addition, we might not have any choice, given our lack of matter and size of engines, etc. That is simply thrusting with an acceleration of 30km/s^2...in theory even an acceleration as tiny as 30m/s^2 for a few hours could achieve the same result. I don't doubt that advanced life will be going with small engines that constantly thrust (although you have to remember that the matter used for fuel would probably be finite, and have to be highly conserved). I don't doubt at the scale of moving a Jupiter-mass planet, that separating mass from fuel to photons would show a measurable difference in mass on the planet.

It is interesting to think about how the members of some advanced civilization would react to the idea of moving a star. Even after many simulations and assurances, I am sure that many, and even most would be reluctant to try and change the natural order of the movement of the planets and stars in their system...no doubt a smaller and newer test star system would be experimented on first...or would lead the way for the rest of the systems. After seeing the theory successfully performed on one star system, others would probably feel less worried or unsure of success for their star system. Things move on such a slow time scale, that there would probably be large amounts of time and fuel to fix any errors...those living objects would have plenty of time to observe the results of the experiment.

the average velocity of the star is increasing:
850s = ave velocity 2,525km/s
1048s = ave velocity 2,553km/s
23m = ave velocity

the sun reached .01c (3,000 km/s) at 1048 seconds, and .05c (15,000 km/s) in 24 minutes, so clearly there is some kind of cumulative feedback loop happening. The planet now has an oscillating velocity with maximum 1,000,000+ km/s so there is definately some amount of feedback (when a planet can have a fractional distance [less than 1.0], the force may be larger than the planet's initial force).

Perhaps I am using these equations inaccurately (perhaps I should use the gravitational constant and the actual masses, and perhaps something is wrong with simply adding the force exerted by each other object as velocity). I am not sure what to conclude other than that moving stars with planets is definitely possible, but that I need to experiment more to understand the basic relationships between thrusting a distant planet and what effect that has on the star in the center. I thought that I would be able to conclude that over time any force applied to a planet would be applied to the star with almost no loss, in other words the average velocity of the above star and planet would eventually go to 3,000km/s, and I have not ruled that out, but it looks like the velocity of the star (and planet) are exceeding the initial velocity because of close interactions, or for some other reason. Perhaps that is something to watch out for...close interaction with the star that will amplify the Y velocity component.

Perhaps one lesson is that any tiny change in movement may be amplified over time and that may be something to watch out for.
[trying 3km/s^2 for 1,000 sec (16 min) same results?]

finally, for some fun simulations:
1) fast down to centauri direction
2) diagonal
10 seconds of thrust in the +X-Y

3) sideways shuffle
10 seconds of thrust in the X:

1) There are only 151 known globular clusters of the Milky Way Galaxy. That is an interesting number. It could mean 151 advanced civilizations have arisen since the creation of the Milky Way Galaxy. Is the largest cluster the oldest? But there may be even more advanced civilizations that simply joined an existing cluster.
2) http://mb-soft.com/public/globular.html has a few good points...if globular clusters crossed the plane of the glaxy wouldn't they pick up diverse stars? are the clusters close to the central mass of the Milky Way?
3) Globular cluster 47 Tucanae is moving in our direction at 19km/s (.006%c=would take 15,789 years to move 1 light year...to me that seems like a long time, but maybe that is the best a globular cluster can do). M4 is the closest globular cluster to us at 6800 light years. I doubt we could get there in less than 68,000 years and that would be going .1c which is very fast. Perhaps we will make our own globular cluster. I don't doubt that advanced life in the globular clusters would be very observant, and may take a strong interest in knowing what planets are growing life that is advanced enough to go to other stars...or perhaps even advanced enough to leave it's planet of birth. It would be to their advantage to try and steer that new developing life in a way that they want...it's like seeing somebody that is lost...many people would probably want to give them a map. Perhaps they want to control those new civilizations, to stop them from growing uncontrollably...with a civilization that moves star systems around, I seriously doubt there would be any real resistence from new comers like us, ligitimate resistence could probably only come from other medium-developed globular clusters. Are globular clusters built by advanced life? maybe no, but why not pursue both ideas? It is interesting to think about communication with those advanced objects. We certainly would want info...scientific info and history about the galaxy. Some of that could be learned by watching them (capturing photons emiting from them). Everybody wants matter probably...to grow more stars, living objects, etc. It must be a constant quest for more matter, to grow more, in order to reproduce, just like it is for bacteria and most living objects even on the earth. it is important to track the globular clusters, are they following regular motions, or unusual motions that might indicate the presence of advanced life? Do they cross the plane of the Milky Way? What has their motion been? That should be modeled and shown to the public. In addition to the individual stars in globular clusters and elliptical galaxies.
---end planets move star model------------

I never received my absentee voter papers and so, frustratingly I have to vote in a church. Why can't we vote in non-religious places? Voting should be (perhaps just voluntarily at first) on the Internet in the first place and so we can check our vote too.
Just a quick opinion on the ballot measures (here in Orange County and in California): again, a most trivial set of measures. I feel nearly no opinion on all of them except the abortion one. Ballot measure 73: I strongly vote no. I am for full and equal rights for all humans of all ages. Children should enjoy full rights under the laws, and in particular the right to their own body, to make unrestricted choices and decisions about what they will do with their own bodies and that includes any part of their body, including any fetus, using alcohol and other drugs, touching genitals, working, owning property, to press charges for assaults like spanking, sibling and school assaults, etc. Perhaps advice to wait before an abortion is good advice, but I reject the idea that this idea should be enforced by law, maybe we should create a set of sentences that constitute "advice", and that is where I would place the set of sentences in this proposition 73.
I have many, many comments, which I have made to those with hidden cameras, and eye receivers, but I will summarize some of the more major points later.

I look forward to seeing these ballot measures:
Actual meaningful ballot measures:
Measure 213: "violent offender free public registry act"
(est 2050) (this would decimate the Republican numbers, however)
Measure 215: "Government employees cannot confiscate film act"
(est 2100) (Call it the "Enyart act", or "9/11 Pentagon gas station act", "Police film confiscation abuse act"...make the owner of the film be legally required and receive compensation for providing a copy of the original film, there has been too many events of people in police and FBI destroying valuable eye witness film, like that of Scott Enyart, and the 9/11 Pentagon gas station)
Measure 216B: "vote directly on Internet act"
(est 2050) Measure 216B: "count votes on court decisions by Internet voting act"
(est 2150) Measure 217: "right to bear breasts in public"
(est 2100) Measure 218: "right to bear buttocks in public"
(est 2100) Measure 219: "no arrest for any image act"
(est 2100) Measure 220: "Solder can quit from military act"
(est 2250) Measure 221: "no copyright act"
(est 2100) Measure 222: "camera net abuse copyright and privacy reimbursement penalty act"
(est 2150) Measure 223: "kissing for money legal act"
(est 2100) Measure 224: "touching genitals for money legal act"
(est 2150) Measure 238: "masturbating for money legal act"
(est 2150) Measure 239: "free history of science video on .gov Internet"
(est 2200) Measure 240: "free story of evolution video on .gov Internet"
(est 2200) Measure 243: "no jail for marijuana act"
(est 2050)
This is just a start...finally some real ballot measures that will make some decent change around here, although probably not until 2050.

I guess no hurry for RFK
I guess there is no hurry in the public's mind to make justice for RFK by arresting Thane Cesar when they continuosly elect republican governors and presidents. I guess those in the know are saying: 'Thane Cesar can be free for more time...the murder of RFK is not that important'. And that Thane Cesar is still free, and that the coverup of what actually happened to RFK continues to this day is evidence of how bad things really are in the USA, and even in California...the good ol' white boys...those old cigar smoking men that supervised the coverup of the RFK murder in 1968 are still basically in power...maybe not those same individuals, but like-minded people that were younger then. They still stand over the truth about Thane Cesar killing RFK and refuse to allow the truth to be told.

century remembered as 'everybody lies about eyes century'
I think this century will be remembered for the way that millions of people actively participated in secretly seeing behind people's eyes and did nothing or very little to inform the public about their daily habit, addiction, or hobby. All the people you can think of...they were all involved...all the most recognized people of this time. They will all be remembered as participants in the secrecy. It will stand, as the rise of Nazism and other phenomenons do, as an interesting example of the strength and pressure of conformity, even in the face of ridiculously unethical behavior....some how, like religion, no matter how unbelievable the stories are, or nazism, no matter how barbaric the violence to innocent humans is, nobody dares to break the cycle or speak out. I was glad to hear the Phil Collins song with the words "take a look through my eyes". I don't doubt that, after spending years participating in the secret society of those that watch eyes, felt some amount of responsibility to reach out to and try to help the public understand this new phenomenon. I understand it is not easy to do, and takes a large amount of bravery, but ofcourse, I don't doubt that there is some feeling of guilt, some fear of what the public will think in the minds of those who have enjoyed the advantage of being in the eye networks...it has to become public some time...there is not less information as time continues...eventually the public will find out...and I don't doubt many people that have been listening to thought for years recognize that there may be some anger on the part of the public for keeping the technology secret for so much time. I don't know, but I think it will probably be like the end of aparteid in South Africa, or prohibition of alcohol in the USA, slavory, women's right to vote, ...very little retribution...most people getting away with their gains from the unfair era without any punishment.

CNN bravely covered a story about a couple in Pennsylvania that had their new born baby taken from them and placed in foster care because the guy had a rape conviction 20 years before. I thought that was shocking, but it raises the point and problem that I see: People should ask themselves if they are making such decisions because they are anti-violence, or because they are anti-sexuality. Rape is an assault and is obviously violent, but in the example of molestation, many times the punishments appear overly harsh (a male in Irvine got 100 years for toe-sucking, a guy in Florida 100 years on allegations that he kissed the penis of a young male, etc...I don't think people need to look hard for examples of longer than 10 year sentences for molestation)...and I think the truth is that, there appears to be a very fervent bias against sexuality...and not against violence. An assault of a child, which causes much more pain than molestation, is not a shocking taboo...it only garners a few weeks prison sentence if that. So the big point, and I think the clearest flaw in the thinking of removing the children from parents that live together, where one of the people has a past rape offence, is the logical conclusions that if rape is an excuse to remove children and make the taxpayer pay to raise the child in the often love-less, brutal, laborific foster homes, then isn't any assault? even nonsexual assaults like spanking a child, or even assaulting an adult? Clearly, if a person assaulted an adult, even 20 years ago, doesn't that say that this person chose first degree violence and that this violent behavior is dangerous for a child? The entire thing is far beyond out of control in my opinion...after people have done their time for violent crime, they should get a new opportunity...if they do violence again, then by all means let's arrest them, but I object to the idea of guilty before a crime is committed.

I have a bad habit of wanting to repeat out loud my thoughts...I am not sure why...it's almost like the felling that the millions of people that watch me need to hear what I am thinking...I seems to forget that they can already hear what I am thinking and there is no need to repeat out loud what I think...that repeating out loud what I think is kind of annoying for them...it slows things down...it is almost like when we talk, if we had to say everything twice...then life would move twice as slowly, every food order would take twice as long, etc. It's a tough habit to break for me...but I am getting better at it...part of the reason is that I don't get to hear thoughts so I am not in the flow of sending and receiving...I am one of those "read-only" people (as one person described it in a video I saw), because the uptight won't let me hear thoughts, for fear that I will invoke a good time for all. My dad, who is one of the included, was kind of enough to say "you can say that again!" when I saw him last...it's helpful to at least acknowledge what is happening. Sometimes I like to say my thoughts out loud (actually quite often when nobody is near me) because, in this age of people beaming images and songs on our heads, many times it's difficult for the weak signal that originates in my own mind to stay in my brain, so talking out loud, more solidifies my thoughts on some topic that I want to think about. I think probably the most annoying thing for those voyeurs that watch people like me is people that repeat thoughts, that is less annoying than people that think out loud (without repeating any thoughts). How many species "rehearse" the sounds they are going to make? I think it's relatively safe to say, that most people rehearse what they are going to say in their mind, before they say it, although it is done very quickly. When a person hears thoughts...like in a meeting of 10 people, for example, it must sound like many of the things that are eventually said out loud circulate in thought before being said out loud. One thing is clear about the other species, for many of them, the image in their heads is no where near as high resolution (number of pixels width x height) as humans, they may only see 100x100...like an old web cam. In a true free information and free speech society, thinking out loud would not be unusual, or certainly would be more tolerated, after all it's only air.

It is absurd to waste precious time like we do. We should be actively building walking robots, rocket planes into orbit, moon stations, full democracy, full free info...but instead people waste endless hours praying, meeting in religious buildings, watching tv, playing sports, reading...people should do what they like, but to me, I hate to see precious time wasted in such frivolous ways. Millions of people could be enjoying full democracy, regular sex with a different person each week, seeing video histories of the past, but instead watch the idiocy of television in the hopes of something remotely interesting happening.

Think of the available buttons for people that administer the secret eye and camera nets:
1) The image receiving button
2) The sound receiving button
3) The image sending buttong
4) the sound sending button
5) The smell receiving button
6) The smell sending button
7) The "cause an itch/scratch" laser button (this is also used to cause a person to make a gesture)
8) The cause a tumor beam button
9) The muscle moving button
10) The laser "zapper" button also known as the "strong prick" button

It must be a battle of many options to try and figure out which button the conservative idiot in charge may want to wield. There is a clear feeling among the administrators of this secret technology, that muscles moves should be very very brief, that all "sending" activity (receiving in constant...since no body detects receiving of images and sounds from their brain) should be very very brief...the longer they are sending, the more risk of the public catching on...detecting very unusual feelings and experiences and talking about them. The longest sends I have experienced are what I can only call "the tumor beam"...or the "minor pain" beam...this is the one that stays on you for solid minutes at a time. Occasionally there will be long sends on internal organs...those are the most difficult to detect, because the person is left to think..."is this a natural pain or uncomfortable feeling in my body, or is this one of the many conservative criminal beams?" If anybody knows of any other beams, please let me know. I just read about a device, which is now public, that can make a person move by changing their sense of balance by using electricity. I still don't understand how mucle moving is done, Galvani is really where the story starts, and he used voltage to move muscle...but how do you apply voltage to a human muscle without putting any metal on them? Perhaps by activating the neurons in a person's brain that generates the voltages (this is probably more likely), but how do you activate those neurons without putting metal on both sides of them? How can it be done remotely from a ceiling device or satellite? However that may be, it appears clear, that some people on earth figured it out, but never informed the public.

I realized that my photon model needs a few improvements:
1) first I was making the mistake of normalizing the collective influence on the direction of a photon with x/(x+y+z) not x/magnitude (magnitude=(x^2+y^2+z^2)^.5, changing this, had little effect on the model though, the only thing I could notice is that there was a more distributed clumping of photons.
2) I have to include what happens when two or more photons collide (or would occupy the same location). I decided to treat this phenomenon like billiard balls. In this view, the photons bounce off each other, and can be stopped. This photon stopping happens when, for example, two photons collide head on, and one photon has a photon directly behind it...the photon in the middle constantly bounces off the two and stays in the same location, the other interesting point that people may not realize is that the photon on the outside, that you would think...it has free space...why wouldn't it move over and bounce off into empty space, is still attracted to the main matter in the middle and so it's direction is constantly to go to the center...only distant photons can pull it, and they are not close enough to change the direction of the photon. As a result of this new model, photons clump in to a sphere-like object...but these models are probably not entirely accurate...one problem is that there are so many photons in the universe that it is very difficult and time consuming to model even a very tiny space and group of photons...because the influence of the infinite number of other photons in the universe cannot be ignored. Perhaps there is a way to summarize that influence...as an influence that is basically equal in all directions and exibits a definite pull on the photons. It is still a mystery as to how there could always be something "outside" of some space...eventually wouldn't a person have to reach some edge? Perhaps the universe is infinite in space, and so there is no boundary...it is impossible to visualize. For example we recognize 3 dimensional space (or even if you think of time as a spacial dimension)...we can see a 3-d box, but there is always space outside the box...and that space has no end I guess.

Some thing very unusual is happening to me in regard to Cox Communications and my cable service. They won't hook me up in my Condo, but many other people in this condo get Cox Cable. The excuse they gave was that the cable signal is not strong enough, but the person at the HOA told me that Cox installed the cable there months after SBC did the initial install. Thankfully, the HOA is looking into it for me. Perhaps there really is something wrong with the cable, but in that case, since the contract (I presume) was to wire all units, Cox should fulfill their contract and wire my unit with the correct cable, but I worry that this may be one of the many times I am being discriminated against because of my religious and political views and for my choice of lifestyle, in particular, because they want me to stop producing my "Stop violence, teach science" public access show. I have to wonder about the values of people like that...they don't intimidate or threaten those people like the Merlows (Brian and Mercedes) who have a show all about Jesus and Christianity, telling the public during prime time "Jesus couldn't be held in any grave...Jesus is ever living", versus my meager "stop violence" message. The interesting truth, I think about cable is that it will fall to the telephone companies and the Internet. But why be nasty on the way down?

I am shocked at the number of people that have the will power and smarts to not actually subscribe to violence...after all violence is touted on television as the "manly" responsibility. Any person that choses not to use physical violence is called a fag, wimp or pussy. All that peer pressure and even pressure from adults to stand up and be violent. The peer pressure to use marijuana, tobacco and alcohol is not even that strong, but yet, even without one national ad against assault, young and old, people still show the wisdom to not choose first degree violence. It is amazing, and a testiment to the will power of the human species, our independent nature, to pursue our own internal feeling and belief of nonviolence, even if it is overwhelmingly not popular.

I definitely recommend the book "Asimov's chronology of the world", by Isaac Asimov, isbn 0062700367, as being a very smart brief summary of history in an entertaining way, full of clever insights that I had never heard before. One example, of these clear insights is what I read last night: that around 800 BCE, the majority of people in Israel were polytheists, not believers in only one god, in fact, the one-god only Yahwahists were viewed as puritanical and extremists, but when, in the future, the single-god believers became the majority, they portrayed the King at that time, "Ahab" and his wife "Jezabel" in the old testiment writings in a bad light, while the two early Yahwayists (I forget their names) were written as positive figures. But there are many other insights made by Asimov, some probably inaccurate, but many that may probably be true. One exciting insight is Asimov telling that the Phoenetians people, the major traders and sea explorers of the time, who had Cuneiform to the north and Egyptian hieroglyph, developed the first alphabet where symbols could be used to represent any language, so the invention, in that context makes sense, being traders that need to communicate with people of different languages...that scribes were needed, because without an alphabet, there were many accumulated symbols for each object that only a person trained could read...all excellent points that I have never heard before. That, while written language evolved independently at least 3 times (Asimov sights The Tigres-Euphrates, China, and Mexico...although I think we should really put together the evidence and think about this, because there was probably a large amount of intercommunication), the alphabet evolved only once, and all other alphabets evolved from that first phoenecian alphabet. Each page has some interesting insight like those.

The only way to punish unethical immoral people, in my opinion, is to expose them to the public, so that is why I tell the truth about some of the experience I encounter in my life, from people who are biggots, malicious, rude, homophobes, violent, threateners of violence, antisexuals, puritans, mind policers, etc:
I sent in a $25 rebate for a D-Link product, throu Global Fullfillment Services, and they claimed that my purchase was out of the period, but the receipt (I scanned fortunately) shows clearly that the purchase was within the period. It is only $25, but I suspect discrimination by elitist that want to do malicious things like waste my time, or frustrate me.
I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against D-Link, and Global Fulfillment Services. Eventually, a person from Young-America (I thought the company was Global-Fullfillment?) contacted me, I sent the person a scan of my receipt and the person claims that the check is now on the way to me. I saw that the BBB rates D-Link in Fountain Valley with a CCC, which they call good, but since when has a "C" been a good consumer grade?
D-Link is here in Orange County, so I don't doubt that the owners of D-Link, and no doubt Global Fullfillment Services fervently oppose my views on religion, sexuality, etc. At the very least, there appears to be some kind of scam for money going on there. My first guess is that they are malicious christian republicans that was to do their evil to nonviolent honest people like me, and second that they are involved in some kind of money scam where they purposely mark a certain number of rebates as being invalid.
Anyway I look at this, I still have a great amount of suspicion and mistrust about the people and products from D-Link, Young-America, and Global Services. In this day and age of advanced technology, and given the high profile nature of my life and beliefs, I seriously doubt this kind of dishonesty is accidental, but rather deliberate and malicious. Perhaps this type of activity on the part of D-Link, Global Fullfillment Services and Young-America is some kind of unethical (and no doubt illegal) money getting scheme. Without any real physical evidence, and for such a small amount of money, there is no point in pursuing this matter further at this time, but I look forward to a future where everybody's actions are clearly shown to all in the light of day instead of secretly behind close doors seen only by an elitist few. Halleluja (whatever that means) for the time retribution comes, when everybody gets to see the dishonesty and lies of those in the eye networks. Finally, the dishonest will get what they have had coming for a long time, even if only the recognition of the majority of honest people that they are liars...which is much better than now, where they are viewed by the uninformed public as upstanding members of society. I say to those people that want me to move to a different state, that they should move to a red state where their backward views and old-time lifestyles are the majority.

Saddam/Bush "never pulled trigger" defense
My advice to Saddam Hussain and his lawyers, and also to Bush senior and Jr is to argue the "I didn't pull the trigger" defense. At worst they simply ordered the execution (for example of Kurds in the case of Saddam, JFK in the case of Bush sr, and possibly the people in 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq and perhaps US liberals in the case of Bush jr. They didn't actually do the homicide. Hussain could even claim that he never ordered them to be killed, saying..."did I say 'get out of here' in Arabic..yes...but I didn't say 'kill them'...I never explicitlly said 'kill them' (although he probably did have to say something...but maybe not...maybe it was unspoken...the paid for executioners just did what they usually do). Bush senior's lawyers could argue...'sure I was in Hoover's office the day after JFK was killed', 'sure I trained anticastro cubans', 'and yes, I even funded CIA employees Frank Fiorini and E Howard Hunt, ...but I didn't shoot JFK...Fiorini did!'. It's sad but true. It is a little preposterous to actually argue legal points, because the Saddam trial is, ofcourse, just a "show trial"...there is no regard to actual law or logic. But it is interesting to think about. I think that there may eventually be a time where evil popular leaders still bark out execution orders, but all their pawns have been jailed and they are powerless to make people do violence for them.

It is clear that Miers, who wears a cross, is from Texas, is close friends with the Bush family...is against abortion rights except when a female may die as a result of birth. There is no mystery to me...when I saw a headline about conservatives angry Miers might not be conservative enough I had to chuckle...I don't think there is a particle of doubt in my mind that any person in Bush's group would not be ultra conservative, even extremely conservative....religious and pro first strike violence extremists...so I can't understand...maybe all the headlines are just paid for propaganda to get liberals to vote for Miers thinking her liberal. The entire point makes no difference, yes, is moot, because even if all liberals (in Congress ofcourse, this is not actual democracy where we pee-on public get to vote) vote against Miers, she will still get enough republican support (like Roberts) to win. And if she doesn't, Bush will bring on somebody equally as conservative...there is not going to be anything good for our supreme court for decades because of the way people in the USA voted [plus a few dirty tricks] one day in November in 2000 and then that other day in 2004. The entire topic is mind numbing...

violence down
I was glad to see that the recorded rate of violence has gone down since 1992 both in the USA and on the earth. I think we can reduce the amount of violence even more, because this level of violence is completely ridiculous. No body needs to use violence, and ofcourse, violence is illegal. We can live in peace without violence, and certainly without 1st degree violence. There is a certain amount of agression in jailing people that have done violence, but that does not involve assault, it is mostly physical restraint.

tolerance for people with nonviolent "mental/behavioral" disabilities.
That movie with Jodie Foster, where she claims somebody stole her child, made me realize (not that I saw that movie or many movies...those people have too much money already, the movies are all dull, have nothing to do with science, the future, all take place on earth...are filled with religion, myths about demons, etc...to sum it up, they are made by and for idiots, mainly, although there are exceptions.) that there are special designs made for handicapped people, sensitive people will construct ramps...it is even the law in many places...businesses have to provide toilets for people in wheelchairs. I am glad that people provide those things for those in wheelchairs and other physical disabilities. But, when it comes to people that have inaccurate views of the universe, it is an entirely different story. For example, if they continue to make claims to police that somebody has broken into their house, somebody stole their child who has been dead for years, etc. they will be locked in a psychiatric hospital without consent, without a trial, without a sentence, without anybody outside even being informed. Does that sound like tolerance? Ofcourse not. In particular when these people have always been nonviolent, and have not stolen any property...which if they have, disability or no, I think they should be punished...we can try and help, as we try to help all people in prison for violence and theft, but at some point, all there is, is punishment by jailing...removal from free society according to popular law. So, I think that people can tolerate people with innacurate stories, and build systems around such people. People, which experience has shown will always exist. There will always be people that call 911 with a nonexistent emergency. Even if they know there is not an emergency (which may not be the case for many inaccurate people), still we should have computer programs that can tell us: "This person routinely makes claims that are inaccurate. These calls are almost always that a person has abducted her child, but her child has been dead since 1902.", etc.

I can see a time when we will enter the name, or some infomation about a person and get a nice big profile on that person, with images, video, audio, and a summaries of: their criminal record (mainly violence perhaps, but also involuntary hospitalizations) and brief comments about the circumstances of each arrest/event, their medical history, ...probably the first thing people will see is the most important information about a person...maybe even just ratings...is the person violent often? is the person liberal or conservative? married? etc. Can you imagine finding the record of a person that has "masturbated: N"?! What could you tell them....what would you say...it would be shocking.

Ofcourse the female in SF that threw her children in the Bay was beamed on...I think black people are probably targeted more than others with suggestions to commit suicide and homicide...ofcourse by those "good samaritans" that beam images and sounds on people's heads. Couple that with religion, belief in gods, etc...and ofcourse, a person could think a god is telling them to sacrifice the thing they love most, their children, or even worse. You have to see things the way these people that can see what our eyes do...imagine a female who has been told about a god..who has related all of life to a god and then somebody beams a strong image of her throwing her children off a bridge...or into the bay...etc...or even the sound "throw your children in..." played on her brain...maybe in her own voice! it is a powerful influence...many of us can sit back and say...oh I would never be fooled by images and sounds beamed on my head telling me to do violence or do something stupid...but many people have not been told over these decades that maybe some people are beaming images on their brain...that it is people...not any gods. Then, ofcourse, where are the people that try to stop such things? I guess there aren't enough of them to go around with this group of people in the USA...what about people out there that might try to stop the violence and chaos caused by evil suggestions being beamed on innocent unsuspecting people?
I was thinking, and it's funny. Many people think I am weird, and perhaps some people would thank people that call them weird, because they prefer not to be thought of as dull, one-collective-mind type people. But in my experience, I can tell you, that when people have heard a rumor that you are weird, they become ultra-weird themselves...many times out-weirding the supposed weird person. It is a bizarre phenomenon, people go out of their normal way to say or do something unusual...usually overly harsh when around me....or just unusual...say things that they normally don't say (although not one has become overly sexual...to the point where I actually got anything...normally it's overly and unusually rude). The phenomenon I experience is very similar to the "emperor wears no clothes" phenomenon...millions think I am insane, violent, dangerous, unpredictable, overly sexual...but it simply isn't true. My views on the universe are as accurate as any in science, and more accurate than any in religion, which are the majority. I have never been violent to the extent of causing so much as a bruise with the exception of one bitten nipple when I was drunk 9 years ago (and I basically don't drink alcohol now) that was not permanently damaged. I think like a robot or computer...most people can easily predict what my opinions on issues will be...it's the basis for a computer program I want to write...basically violence is bad, consentual pleasure is good. Oversexual...we can argue, but I don't think I search more on the Internet for sex related things than most other people...I am more open and honest about my sexuality, no doubt about that, but am I more sexual than average people? I doubt I get as much sex as average people do. I didn't get sex until age 18. Maybe I do like sexuality more than an average person, although, again, I think that may not be true, but if true, I hardly think that there is anything wrong with that or that being overly sexual is unhealthy, in particular in a person that is so openly and vocally antiviolence, and pro consent-only touching. It's like the sad truth about Jesus of Nazareth...he was just a regular human made of DNA, not a magic messiah...it may make some people cry, it may make others violent...but it happens to be the unpopular, perhaps dull and unfantastic truth.

Here is the photons thru a prism model using Snall's law of refraction (and an index of refraction that is smaller than glass, because I am using floating point and the round off causes problems at the edges). In this video, the photons only change direction at the transitions from empty space (or air) to glass, not in each atom. That phenomenon alone is unintuitive, and should be thought about more...why does the photon change direction (some call slowing down, but I don't think that is clear...the photon simply changes direction) only going from empty space to atoms of glass and then atoms of glass to empty space. I want to model this all in integer, but I am not sure how to do everything like photon direction that I am currently doing to have a magnitude of 1.0 pixels/frame.
Here is the video:
What is not clear to me is that the photons are grouping in the blue toward the bottom. I think maybe, but it's not clear from my primitive model. In addition, can you see a model, where the geometrical shape of the atoms is included as 3d shapes? That would be amazing. I would point out that the photon changing direction may not be a collision but may be a partial orbit, (or maybe and careful measurements would reveal potentially any minor slow downs, but that must require an unbelievable precision). Again, looking at this video, I don't see the grouping that was clear in the other model where each atom does change the direction (although I have to lean seriously toward the Snell model [although with particles of light] since there is so much experimental evidence to support it). Again, this video shows the "oygbiv" experiment is possible, by blocking the top portion of the light the red portion of the spectrum should be blocked because that is where those photons are coming from according to both models.

How would eiffel tower prisms, and the opposite (boob-shaped) prisms change light?

In other news, this morning some person unhooked my front brake on my bike. It's frightening. I want to have cameras on my car and bike at all times, and most importantly on myself...look at that recent homicide in SF County...we are stuck without being on videos all the time...all that will change when everybody has a few walking robots following them around, and also with more free info. It's scary...this is like the time without lampposts!
That bastard, premiere of India Kalam, what an elitist. He can watch satellites any time he wants, but the untouchables in the public aren't allowed to see. This is such a serious problem on the earth. How do these elitists get elected? We need to elect people that are going to be battling for us, so that we can see all the info there is. I don't doubt that Kalam must have a lot to hide...in particular that he watched everybody's eyes without them knowing for a few decades.
The Boy George arrest...again...never call the police is the rule...you are only asking for trouble. Then to add insult to injury they charge George with filing a false report...that is brutal and vindictive. First George was potentially burglerized, then some people in police did steal property from his house (even if the coke was not his, still the people in police should have no right to steal property from a house...I hope people change the laws to make theft more serious than drug possession). Then to read that George could get 15 years just because some body found cocaine in his house...that is absurd! People that assault other people don't get even 1 year. It seems like a huge injustice, the drug war is nothing but Nazism...let people use drugs...guns are legal and do far more damage, the same is true for fists and knives! People using drugs...the public has it all wrong...it's like over eating...no body but the self (if even that) is being hurt. People can easily say don't do drugs, and doing drugs is bad...but nobody should lock another human in jail for deciding themselves to use drugs, that is barbaric. Maybe this was just a publicity stunt by George, but I seriously doubt it...15 potential years in jail to be in some headlines? Again, I think this George arrest proves what many people already understand...when there is a person in a police uniform, feel fear...alot of fear...! Again, with the arrest of the NY person for prostitution, I feel I should remind people in the NorthEast that they are the blue states, not the brutal people that support that type of brutality and backwards thinking.

I got my car repaired, and one delaership was charging $100/hour, can you believe that? And people will pay it! I get under $20/hour, that is unbelievable. It's interesting that the car companies are not racing onto walking robots and moon vehicles...wading in piles of money...they basically are turning stuff from the ground into cars and selling them, then fixing them at $100/hour. It's interesting, that got me thinking about computers. Who gets all the money? Never the hardware people...Gigabit, Biostar, ...other motherboard manufacturers...it's the software person, Microsoft, from the copyright that is getting loads of cash. That seems so backwards to me, because, shouldn't the physical property be worth more? When people sell infomation they just make up a price, above and beyond the actual price to produce the physical media.

These videos are RLE encoded, and definitely play in Microsoft Media Player, but I had trouble getting them to play in some Linux/Unix PC programs.

Take a look at these videos I put together of photons going through a prism. I am still experimenting. I am learning many things here. First, these videos show a model of photons and atoms. In this model in these videos: the direction of photons is changed by each atom of glass in the prism, not as the popular opinion is that (as far as I know) only at the transitions of photons and atoms is the photon direction changed. In fact, I don't change the photons back when they exit the prism. I am trying to duplicate images of light through a prism that I have seen, by my own experimenting and on the web, like this wonderful image from Nasa
a mirror object
atoms spread out in a mirror object
same as above

So to make this model, I had to lower the index of refraction for glass from 1.517 to 1.03, because again, each atom in this model changes (or "slows") the photons of light. The color red is simply a lower frequency of photons. The more space between photons, the more red (and less blue) visible light is. So here, in some way, if this model is true...a prism is a way to red shift light, the same exact way that light is red shifted from distance galaxies. The popular view is that a prism, simply spreads light out (which I agree with), but I think (although I need to experiment and think more about it) that the photons are also being slowed (ie. diverted from their original path)...I actually have read that the view that the photons are slowed by water, glass, diamond, etc. (and we really should try to understand what makes molecules clear to photons with visible frequency...is it simply more space between the atoms?). An entire big idea is being opened up here...what happens when the prism is wider...is the spectrum larger? It seems logical in these models that it might because the photons must go thru more matter. I can't understand some aspects of this. Since, clearly, the index of refraction does not depend on how much matter the light is passing through, how can this model be correct? Because in this model, the light is bent more if it is going thru more matter. Also, perhaps this model is inaccurate in another way, because perhaps photons only change direction when they are near an atom. Glass and prisms, etc are amazing things to me, because...here we have an object that absorbs, reflects, and refracts. Most objects only absorb and reflect. Again, what determines if a photon will be absorbed, reflected or refracted by an atom? I think it has to do with the structure of each atom, how the photon collides with (or just misses) the atom.
There are still other phenomena to examine: the double-slit method of separating white light, objects that "polarize" light, and I want to model both of those. I refuse to give up on the "light as a particle" idea...everything seems to be explanable with it. It seems ridiculous to argue anything else, but that is certainly within the realm of free thought and speech. I think that the double-slit is done with reflection, or perhaps even photons changing each other's direction... It will certainly be interesting to see what I can model when I get there. The polarization of light I probably will model first, because it is easier. It seems clear to me that the way atoms are shaped could easily allow photons thru, or reflect photons depending on their orientation. Can a prism compress a spectrum of light back together? It must be able to, but we don't usually talk about prisms as light compressers...it's like a lens effect. How far does infrared extend above visible on outside? The photons with red frequency toward the top must come from the top of the white light beam. Can the red be blocked (while the oygbiv continues)?

I think it should be clear what the US (and to some extent the planet earth) political chart looks like, for some reason these ideas, and many others, are not told to the public by the single-minded evil media corporations:

In theory, I guess this would be 3-d and there would be other groups, greens/enviromentalists, libertarians, independents, communists, monarchists, etc. Most of those groups will probably never gain a majority, although I think the green and libertarian and no doubt many ideas of independents will make gains in the future.

I think that I was not entirely honest in my descriptions of people like the Clintons and Kerrys. Clearly, people like that are going to do nothing to solve the real problems on earth and in the USA. They are a bunch of powder-puff, religious, uneducated, secretive, beauracrats who do nothing but sit on their ass and look pretty. This is the way the public is voting now. We need somebody that is going to do something about violence. Has John Kerry or Hillary Clinton ever spoken out against violence? made any promises to try to lower the amount of assaults and homicides in the USA? No, ofcourse not. Bill Clinton threatened violence against somebody who criticised Hillary Clinton. Does that sound like a person that's going to enforce the assault laws on our playgrounds and parks? Ofcourse not. Ofcourse, Bush jr is worse, yes, Bush jr is much worse. Look what the people gave us: two wars, 9/11...religion in government worse than ever. Still, that is no excuse for electing empty headed leaders. Kerry is wishy-washy, has no strong feelings towards science, democracy, free info....anything...he should have said...I promise to vigorously promote evolution, the history of science, all the great scientists, moon stations...we will be first to build cities on the moon, not the Chinese...we are going to vacation in orbit...and all the big business that goes with that and walking robots too! but no...they are all christian, do-nothing... Has Hillary ever openly supported evolution? no ofcourse not. But let me be precise. Do they speak out against violence? no. Do they talk about freeing the nonviolent, about reversing the Reagan mandatory drug sentence minimimums? no. to her credit Hillary spoke out against the Rockefeller drugs laws in NYC, but Bill Clinton is responsible for filling the US prisons full of nonviolent people like himself that simply used drugs. More people are in the prisons of the USA, than China or Russia, former communist nations...I mean we are ruining and oppressing the people in our own nation. But these powder-puff type people, to make one small point, always take the moral high ground on drug use....they never did any! same for sex...no they are not sexual! Back to my main line here: Do they promote science? no. Clinton and Kerry that all Jesus cult followers and users of christianity for popular gain. no more jesus ponzi pyramid scheme..enough already! I want the science ponzi pyramid scheme to win. enough with these godders and christians. Again. How about free info? The Clintons, and Kerrys are media darlings...they love the Time Warner Disney money for copyrights, and privacy...they take the media big money over the public little dollar. No chatter about free info...a tiny quote from Bill Clinton about supporting the freedom of information act which is a total myth. But ofcourse, they watch people in their houses and hear thought, watch their eyes...they are up to their necks, like millions of others, in that elitest group. The fact is, they are controlled by money and popular religion. They can't support truth and justice, they would be ruined. How about democracy? Where do they stand on letting us vote on the laws we all have to live under? Doesn't that seem fair? We have to live under these laws...shouldn't we get we get to vote on them? Can't they count our votes? Having to live under laws we never voted for, is "legislation without representation". Was Clinton ever vocally against the electoral college? ofcourse not. Only Dean, and other more liberal democrats finally started to play ball with those that want democracy, by publically questioning the electoral college. As a minor point...and an aside...one of the most annoying idiocies of the idiots on earth, is how they pick some uber-trivial thing out of thin air...and then make that their platform for life...for example..."flip-flop" with Kerry, but even more trivial is the sound Howard Dean made...those idiots on the news media, still always refer to that...it's become a new moniker for Dean...and it was a tiny sound...the most trivial bunch of bs...now we throw away all those ideas? all that a person stands for? ...it is total idiocy. Back to finalize this paragraph...I am simply going on record now to say that...is the Bush regime terrible, yes...are they worse than the Clintons, etc...yes, ofcourse. But let me be clear, that politics in the USA is dead. Both sides are christian conservatives. We are not going to get a real leader, and real justice, and decency, honesty, free info, stopping of violence, promoting science and sexuality...for decades. Let us never be fooled, there will be no end to the drug war under any Clinton or Kerry. Why not support Kucinich? He is not perfect, but at least he has the decency to do something about the drug war and those people whose lives are being and have already been ruined. Never let us forget, that, it is clear, that the christian and godder conservatives are going to be running this boring, dull, do nothing, antilogic, sentimental, pseudoscience, powder-puff show for a few more decades. Why bother getting involved? This is not the half-century of science, truth, and sexuality. That won't stop me from talking, and sharing these truths and ideas with the public. I want to draw the pictures of what justice looks like, and then...we know what we need to do...we know what justice will at least look like.

I want to add that, ofcourse I will vote for whoever the Democratic candidate is, as I voted for Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004, but the truth is, that I want to see stronger liberal leaders, people that don't roll over for the republicans, that stand up against invasions, war, that are for exposing Sturgis and Thane Cesar, that are openly against filling the prisons with nonviolent drug users and people doing prostitution, that speak out against violence, that are for free information and vocally so, a strong supporter of science, and critic of religion...the republicans never seem to roll over for the liberals, why do the liberals give up at the tiniest sign of defeat? They could have battled the 2000 election, only 1 senator needed to sign, but many could have worked to expose and pursue the evidence of voter fraud. They could and should have been firm and spoken out against an invasion of Iraq, and they should respect the popular vote against that invasion and occupation...why do the liberals and those in the government reject the popular opinion against the occupation of Iraq? I could go on for hours, but to summarize...will I vote for the democratic nominee in 2008 no matter who it is? yes, but I think we as a nation need to do much better in terms of who we elect to represent us.

Monetary penalties on those in the eye network to those excluded. It really comes down to: will the excluded majority, outnumber those in that are in the eye network? And then, will they agree that those people in the secret eye nets should be penalized and the money distributed to those they watched (which includes most of them)? As I see things, it is simply what the popular opinion will be once everybody gets to see all the eye images of the past. It is clear to me, that those people that own the media companies, Time Warner, Microsoft, ABC, ...and the individual people...so-called celebrities...are clearly getting wealthy on the copyright, while freely violating the copyrights of those people in the public by watching them in their houses and hearing their thoughts in a one-way only network. It just seems fair to me, that those excluded, in particular, those most abused, ought to be compensated for this injustice. And the scale set back to equal where all information is free, there are no privacy laws, or copyright laws, and every body can proceed as those in the eye network do, with simply copying and seeing anything they want. In addition, I think, my vote is for a period of time for them to be excluded from hearing and seeing thought and in people's houses. In my mind, that seems fair. Perhaps other excluded people will feel differently, and no doubt, those in the eye network will vote against that. Hopefully, the excluded will form a clear majority when everybody gets to see.
I saw in the news, I am glad to say, it was reported to the public, that Oswaldy Orwellian Oprah Winfrey, temporarily unleashed her massive brain-washed unthinking followers to find and capture a person wanted for "molestation", a so-called "molestor" from the FBI "most wanted" list. I have said this a number of times, but, why do they pass over the "assaulters"? I want to start promoting the vigorous identification and arrests of those that spank, slap, belt, punch, and otherwise assault nonviolent humans under the age of 18. So, the funders of Oprah, no doubt Jesus and God cult members, in addition to members in the Orwellian secret "eye" network of hidden cameras, are chosing to stop sexuality as opposed to violence. They are not profiling people wanted for homicide, assault, rape, any violent crime. Joe Walsh is another example of people who take money to do this. I want to add that it's shocking still that the US FBI places people wanted for nonviolent crimes above those with violent crimes, that is some logic there...we got the kid back, they were beaten and killed by the assaulters and killers, but at least their genitals were not messaged, and they were not subjected to feeling any kind of sexual pleasure.
It is truly neo-nazi what people like Oprah and Walsh do (except for profiling violent people, which again...unless the physical evidence is presented...I still don't trust Oprah or Walsh and the other eye netters as far as I can vomit).
I want to ask Oprah Winfrey: "Do you watch what people see from behind their heads with infrared cameras?", "Do you watch people in their houses?", "Are you part of a group of people that is surpressing the fact that thoughts can be seen and heard?", "Do you think evolution is a fact?", "Have you ever masturbated?", "What thoughts do you think of when you masturbate?", "Have you ever seen child pornography?", "Who is your favorite scientist?", "Did you ever use drugs?", "Did you ever drink alcohol?", "Do you think Jesus rose from the dead?", "did you ever punch, or slap any nonviolent person?"...why will they never answer those questions? Why do they have everything to hide?
Many people think people that molest are dangerous people, worse than those that assault. They believe there is a strong link between molestation and homicide. Does such a link exist? Even if there is a small link, there is a larger link relating those that murder, to those that own hand guns...so now, are we to jail those caught with hand guns to lower the murder rate?
There is one thing that is lost in all this, and that is the idea of violent crime. People like Walsh and others like to argue to remember his son "Adam", and that stirs up people...they equate molestation with homicide...it's the old switcharoo...a person that says molestation (which is nonviolent) is not a serious crime, and more like a minor nuisance...compared to being made to itch with a ceiling laser...all the sudden are supporters of homicide! But wait...look at the truth. I am a person who is absolutely against homicide and assault, to adults and children...I am even against touching or restraining against objection (although again...I think that is a minor and complex crime). The fact is that I don't doubt that Walsh has a couple violent assaults against people, and maybe even minors...but that info is not shown to the public. Walsh is a guy that wears a murdered cow...I mean that should be a tip-off. I don't doubt that he would have spanked Adam, if he didn't before Adam was murdered...it's unfashionable to say, but the truth is more important...I don't doubt that Walsh was ready to suit up his child and send them into combat for sporting entertainment, for example, in football, wrestling or boxing. So, those so-called "child-protectors" many times are authoritarian spartan type people that are more likely labelled "child-controllers". In any event, they want to make sure that children are not feeling any sexual pleasure, but feel no real concern when a child is spanked, slapped, beaten, for example in school fist fights, etc. People like Oprah and Walsh are not anti-child-assault...not that I have seen...Oprah takes money from any body, as does Walsh (except atheists, pornographers, etc.), people that protect Thane Cesar, Frank Sturgis...your typical Warren Commision white christian killers...so..ofcourse, Oprah did a show to speak out against "domestic violence", violence against housewives. I think people should understand that Oprah, and the other people on television are part of a thug group of people that are violently enforcing secrecy around the eye network. That fact does not come through on her 1 hour show. The public doesn't get to hear the thoughts in Oprah's head, only Oprah gets to hear their thoughts and ofcourse, watch them in their apartments and houses. I am glad that a black person in on television, but, excuse me for life, a liar and secretive filler of the prisons with nonviolent people of any race is a scumbag. Letterman is the same, Leno is, they all are the same, Peter Jennings, he was a total scum bag who lied and lied about the JFK killing, for money, lots of money. They all are total scum, in my opinion, liars, voyeurs, hypocrites, openly antisexual secretly sexual, supporters of secrecy and secret violence. They sit back and watch murder after murder...why didn't they protect Jam Master Jay? Why don't they force or pay people to capture the person they ALL SAW kill Jam Jay? A simple street camera must have captured the images...I am not even talking aobut all the hidden infrared eye seeing cameras. What about Bonnie Bakley? Why didn't Oprah and Leno do something to protect her? To prosecute ther person that killed her? Why do they continue to keep Thane Cesar a secret? Why didn't they protect Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman? Why didn't they reveal what they know about who murdered them? Why? Because they are scum...hello? Maybe they haven't been violent themselves, to their credit...who really knows? they do! UPDATE: think of all the humans that could have been helped with the eye imaging, just like xrays. TO see what children are thinking...are they crying because they are hungry (seeing pictures of food in their mind perhaps) or some other reason? Is the person in the coma still remembering images? I hate to think people are ending the lives of those whose brains may still be seeing images. In addition, think of all the homicides that would be prevented if the eye images were in the hands of the public or even decent people. All the assaults by repeat offenders that could be stopped. Oprah, Walsh and others see millions of assaults, on children and adults, many homicides, and they do nothing. They sit back and watch it all. They can not even bring themselves to casually speak out for free info...then they go after people wanted for molesting...why? Why not go after all those assaulters and child beaters they see every day before the genital touchers? Why? Because they take money from christian antisexuals...the christian antisexual run every show with an iron fist...no opposing views or dissent even if they have money is ever tolerated or shown. One final point...people watch shows like Oprah and Sally, etc...and what a lovely feel-good time...but the truth, to my mind...is much different...they sit back and collect money on the myths of copyright and privacy, they watch people in their houses, etc...watch our eyes, hear our thoughts...without us getting to see or hear them...if the secrecy continues...they get richer! If free info floureshes...they are off to the court house...maybe jail... seeing a homicide and doing nothing about it is illegal...it's complicity....knowing a homicide or assault will happen and doing nothing to stop it is illegal. I don't agree with it, but it is. Seeing into people's houses I think will be interepretted as being against the constitutional ammendment, right to privacy...I think that is what most people would expect. Again, I don't vote in favor of that ammendment, but it is the law. So, I want to make it clear, that Oprah and Letterman...etc...people on television...all are thugs that tell people to "shut up" about the secret eye network, that intimidate people to be quiet about what they have seen in those secret networks, they intimidate them with threats of violence, in addition to other nonviolent threats. For most...they don't even need to threaten...but some people were hinting to me that there are "displays" of rotting human corpses of people everybody reconizes tried to tell people about the camera net (and no-doubt displays on the opposite side of dead human corpses of those that killed people to keep the secrets). Those must serve as nasty reminders to people, maybe not entirely, since many people must let secrets slide, and certainly many hints are distributed around. I am still alive, and I presume those in National Geographic are still alive and have never even been bruised or assaulted except with lasers...but not permanently, and we are the biggest revealers of the camera "eye" network to my knowledge. What can people do? Vote...speak out..tell the truth...spread the word...make videos...vote for people like Kucinich...even though he is the cam net...clearly the conservatives are the worst...vote for liberal people with loose lips...look at Bill Mahr...he is in the eye network...but he is one of the lessor offensive people...he said "loose lips save ships"...he at least tried to express some help to the underinformed public, those of us who are excluded (where are all of you?), and he was punished and removed from the massive media white wash. So Oprah, Walsh, and the FBI take money from conservative Jesus cult members to clearly vault past the homiciders, the assaulters (sexual or otherwise)...and go for the "genital touchers". I don't touch genitals of people under 18, I know a helluva lot better, but those that do...I don't doubt that there are 14 year old males that touch adult female boobs and the female is jailed for molestation! There are plenty of young males 12-17 that are masturbating, that want sex desperately (if they can figure out what it is and how to do it), sex doesn't hurt for them...but probably many "molestors" are people that touched the penis, scrotum, breasts, vagina of young humans....and I know it sounds shocking...but can you imagine that a child might like to have their genitals touched? Is that out of the realm of possibility? Might there be some parents that think a young 14 year old male should be allowed to touch a breast or genital? to be masturbated? I don't think it's out of the question...and then, as I say in "Emergency News"...what parents are doing in not allowing their 12-17 year old male, and female to touch genitals is negligent, callous...unfeeling..insensitive...brutal...etc. They are denying their child their constitutional right to pursue pleasure and happiness. There is the entire catagory of "molestation" that is "child-driven"...in other words the child initiates and/or requests and directs the touching. That catagory is not even discussed. Final statements on this Orwellian Oprah deal...the fact is that this molestor guy she profiled and that was caught, was wanted for a nonviolent crime...why the focus on nonviolent crime? why not assault? why not violent crime? It's because there is more interest in stopping sex than violence, as shocking as that sounds...what many and perhaps even most of those people jailed for molestation are doing is not abduction or rape...it's probably trying to make children sexual...to make them masturbate...to convince them to masturbate the adult...it's probably very similar to how adults try to get other adults to touch their genitals...thru kissing...etc..in some way I think molestation probably takes the form (although...nobody has publically studied molestation, except for antisexual puritans who are predisposed against sexuality, or are taking money from religious to try and make ligitimate their antisexual beliefs) of people trying to love (cuddle, suckle, kiss, ejaculate, etc.) other people, but those other people are under the age of 18. The phenomenon is probably identical to teaching young adults sexuality. There are no doubt exceptions, but I seriously doubt the "exploitation" theory. That the child is being totally used...I don't doubt that many times, the arousal in the adult comes from making the child feel pleasure. It's neonazism to be trying to stop sexuality and pleasure...the question echos through these 2 millenia of Christianity..."why do they hate sexuality?" "Why are they uncomforatble with sex?". I dunno why, but they (the majority) certainly are. Many are that way from tradition, they took it in with their mother's milk. But I think...maybe it is the tiny tiny minority of violent events that relate to sex...well, maybe it's larger than a tiny number...but violence and sex are not linked for the major majority. Most people equate sex with consentual pleasure. Perhaps there are some other reasons, ask the Kinsey people, who knows?
For me, back to the Oprah Celsius 233 (Fahrenheit 451 in metric)....what was it about that person that the FBI felt was somehow so bad...what was special about that one guy? There are a million people that are wanted for molestation, a million wanted for assault, thousands for homicide...what was it about that guy? Maybe it was random...I don't doubt it...perhaps it was his name...his name represents something they don't like...or perhaps that they do like...was he one who exposes the camera net? Was there anything special about him...but then what were the official reasons? The people in the FBI are secretive and the closest thing to gestapo except the CIA, and perhaps military that the US taxpayer funds without ever checking or even seeing their duties. So I doubt they are talking, but perhaps something about the nature of the molestation...wasn't it the usual touching of a cube sack or titty? Maybe there was an unusual combo...a titty touching, ass grabbing, clitty licking, touch hole tonguing, dick sucking extravajanga? Somehow different from your garden variety molestation...i can't figure it out. I mean, it had to be nonviolent...by definition molestation must always be nonviolent...it had to deal with genitals...although kissing, and toe sucking have been included as forms of molestation....I guess any touching of a child that a person may feel sexual about is punishable as molestation. It is a tough thing to figure out, because most people don't want the child they made to have their genitals touched...or perhaps even be touched nonsexually...although I think compassionate parents would potentially allow the children they made to touch and have their genitals touched consentually and in a controlled setting, and if legal. But still, there is the nuisance of those that touch without consent..what to do about them? It is a tough question, because, I can see voting for small amounts of jail time for people that persist in purposely touching humans (of any age) without consent, whether genitals or other, but I think we should strive for a different system where those people do not need to be jailed for any time because what they are doing is simply a nuisance and not violent (like those that constantly use those lasers in the ceilings against us...what to do with them?). One added extra, is my vote against a 2 year statue of limitations on assault. Can you believe that? molestation carries a 15 year statue of limitations...and that is after the humans turns 18! Two years goes by and those ceiling assaulters are going to start whining about statue of limitations.
Kind of the exciting nature of the modern big brother...montag relationship is that, the more truth that the montag reveals to the public (although the story in F451 is different from today's situation)...the hotter the water around him gets...the higher on the "dangerous to big brother" list he goes...the higher chance of arrest, hospitalization, assault or murder, etc. It's unbelievable...the more people like the maker of "JFK II" and "9/11 In Plane Site" try to inform the public of the truth, the more dangerous their lives become...it's shocking and backwards, that telling the truth to the public would be a life threatening activity. But, because there are so many Montags, like Michael Moore, ... there are many...I won't name all 5 of them...perhaps it's the "swarm defense"...there are too many and it is confusing to pick out who is the worst, in addition, the more truth revealed, in theory, the more popular the person becomes, and therefore more difficult to oppress. So it is a constant battle of info...its a battle of boredom versus fear for me, disgust versus fear. Hey, maybe that's why "Montel" got the job...but he is no Montag...none of them are, even Montag was not a hero, he was a victim. There are real heros though, and the story is fantastic...well..it's very tragic so far, let's hope it gets much much better soon.

I am sorry, but I cannot fail to mention this last item. I am again shocked by the level or dullness and the level of boredom that can be endured by most people alive on earth today. All I want is, like most people, regular daily head and/or sex, including kissing and sucking on boobs, a few walking robots, maybe a vacation on the moon...I have very simple wants, a nice veggie meal, a nice hot shower, enough sleep...I can't believe peopel can sit thru churches and synogogues...can actually watch people on the television...and then not even one tit or penis do we ever see, not any talk about questioning of religion enters the television, not one person that opposed the drug war, the prostitution war, that thinks total free info may some day be a reality....all this stuff could be happening now, but no... it seems to me so inevitable...we build the walking robots, we live on the moon, we all get consentual regular sex with many different people, we care for our children, nobody goes hungry or cold...I mean cmon...it is not difficult to figure out. But the capacity for boredom in most people is shocking to me. They do indeed have "attention surplus disorder"...I mean it is unnatural and unhealthy to have be that boring and dull...to be able to sit through a church session...to not have to see any nudity...to never hear any truth. I find it hard to believe that people can be so asexual...how do they do it? When my peen gets hard...I think it should be ejaculated...that is what feels good...I am looking for those boobs, that pretty face...that round ass...what the f are they looking for? a bible, or some dust on a table? Has they secretly had their clits and balls sanded off? Has a softener been added to their peens? Has a vaginal drier been applicated? How do they do it? Then that they care nothing for science...that they buy into religion and mystic bs...don't they see...walking robots...moon vacation...centauri...all pleasure...no pain...all consent...no objection...pure democracy...no monarchy...all truth...no lies...oh...don't get me started I won't never cold stop.

I sense that many young people are angry, confused and embarrassed about sex. To me, this anger, confusion and embrassment is a terrible thing that is happening. To me, sexuality is not a big deal...people constantly put me down as being gay (which is not true...I love breasts more than most people, at least I admit I entertain thoughts and masturbate to same gender touching although have never been brave enough to actually do any same gender touching...and things are moving so slow, that I will be happy to find a nice smart pretty female to reproduce with...only one for my entire fuck free dull life!), for things from my past, like "retard", etc., but to me, I feel like, you know, I don't get enough sex or physical pleasure, so I feel like I want to promote sex, not demote it...these people all act like they either get more than enough sex and are sexually satisfied, or that they don't need sex ("down boy" I get alot). As I have said before, there have been thousands and thousands of years of penises getting erect...sex is what keeps humans alive and reproducing on earth...sex is why we persist. So, I think the reality is that many people are very sexual, but none will admit it, and that is unhealthy and dishonest. There is also many stigmas, like slut...somehow a female getting regular sex is bad...that everybody is fat, overweight and or ugly...but when you are talking about a clit lick or blow job...for myself I don't care about a female that is overweight...plus...I think there are certainly some "mercenary" people out there that are willing to at least masturbate people (ugly, overweight, or otherwise) for money so that they can feel the pleasure of sex. A little liquid comes out of a penis...big deal...it happens everyday like defication, urination, eating, sleeping...without pregnancy it's not a big deal at all, it is like eating a sandwich...perfectly natural and normal..has been happening for centuries...nothing new..nothing violent...nothing painful...nothing shocking. It's bizarre and such a waste of time to be so antisexual...can you imagine young people that try to turn other people on? It happens. I don't doubt that there are those people who are the opposite of the antisexuals, people that try to make people horney. That to me is more positive...why turn people off instead of turning them on? The only reason I can think of is those that don't want to make a person think that they want any kind of touching. I can understand that, but I think there is also the phenomenon of people being overly selective...and I understand why...that one human you finally do have sex with, or even touch genitals with...that may be your f'in partner for life! Better pick carefully, any mistake here, and there is no reversal...you can only have sex with one person, and that damn well better be the correct person for life. I see a future where people have sex every day with different people...some people they really like...others..that are so-so...some very attractive inside and out...others no so hot...but in addition I can see a future free market where people are ranked according to their popularity, etc. I've said this many times, but...I don't doubt...even the most attractive people probably don't get a lot of sex...there is this atmosphere of puritanicalism that pollutes this century and the centuries to come...that people should not be sexual, that pleasure is bad, etc. People some times ask what is there to do, in a boring city, or college and I say "you can fuck more...", and even "you could lick and suck each other off more...". Those are some ideas that aren't given by most people when asked how to alleviate boredom. Perhaps people with sanitary gloves could set up a booth and provide free sanitary hand jobs as a courtesy to passers by. I am just throwing out ideas, not every one is going to be a keeper. 10/15/05
I want to add that I forgot to add some responses to antisexual (yes we all by now know "antisexual"), but let me volunteer more:
Here is a byute when somebody thinks "down boy!"..think "hey warm up you frigid bitch" [what better way to counter the constant labels of "slut"?], "get sexual", "hey...eunoch...",...all these I had to invent basically...how many people have reposonses to antisexualism? nun! you cold unfeeling callous antisexual (yes, ok there are few words to describe antisexuality, and antiphysical love, antipleasure, etc...). I will endeaver to single-handedly come up with more. "it's called touching [hugging, kissing, etc]...look into it [look it up]", It's as if, no people have ever addressed the problem of antisexuality, antipleasure...they simply shrinked down apologized and wimpered away, got violent, sanded off their genitals...I dunno..wut do they do? Here are some choice thought responses..."get warm you frigid babe...it's hugging...it's still legal"...i gotta million of them. keep um cuming baby!

I looked at buyblue.org and it is shocking...there are only a very few companies that gave to the democratic party, the vast majority gave to the republican party. Google gave to the democrats...shockingly yahoo gave to the republicans...who can understand that? yahoo...in san francisco...ebay gave to the dems...even Heinz gave to the repubs. With all that funding of repubs...I kind of am left here wondering...how on earth did the dems get as close as they did to winning the 2004 election? Clearly the corporate money was with the republicans. Those people that want to fund the Sturgis Cesar show! Blood bath 63! 68! 01! woohooo!

Did the ancestors of dolphins and whales have hands? I want to look at the closest rRNA relatives of mammals that live in the ocean and see if they have hands.
Did the first amphibians come from the ocean or fresh water. Certainly most amphibians currently alive live in fresh water, for example frogs, turtles (although some turtles live in the ocean), salamanders. Again I think a look at the rRNA ancestors might reveal where (fresh or salt water) the earliest amphibians came from.
This raises questions about the nature of fresh water lakes and rivers on earth. Clearly evaporation of water on the surface of earth happened very quickly after the formation of the earth, as soon as the surface of the earth cooled down enough to hold water in liquid form, water probably condensed in the atmosphere and fell to the ground, although much water may have been gained through collisions of comets with earth over the 4.6 billion year existence of the planet earth. So very few people talk about it, but there must have been many salt-free lakes and rivers on the early earth. Evaporation is a good water purifier. It removes the salt (NaCl), does it remove bacteria? or are bacteria and viruses small enough to hitch a ride on the H2O in gas form? What is filtered from the water when it goes from ocean (or lake) to cloud? The first lakes and rivers must have had large amounts of iron, and other atoms that have since bonded with oxygen to form solids which fall to the bottom of bodies of water, since the rise of oxygen on earth. What explains all the salt in the oceans, but not in the lakes? Is it stictly that NaCl is too big to be evaporated with H2O?

there is the question of: do all atoms refract photons
or only those atoms at the boundry?
another great question is: Why and how do some photons reflect, some are absorbed, and others refract when colliding with glass of a prism?
Similarly, why and how do some photons reflect off of any glass, why many other photons in the same beam transmit through the glass?
is it 1) a property of the atom (ie changes in the atom cause some photons to reflect, and others to transmit...in this view all photons are the same)
2) the direction of each photon (in addition to the structure of the atom) determines if the photon reflects or is transmitted. Transmitted=photon missed atom, reflected=photon collided with some part of the atom, refracted=photon missed atom, but was close enough to have direction changed.
3) most unlikely: some how photons are different from each other and some reflect (perhaps are too big to get past the atom), while others are small enough to get thru. another question is: do photons in the same beam all reflect, absorb or transmit?
or can photons of a single beam transmit and others of that same beam reflect?
I think this has to do with the direction of the photons
(either they:
1) collide with the atom and bounce or rotate back
2) collide with the atom but only partially rotate direction
3) just miss the atom and partially rotate
4) completely miss the atom and continue in the same direction
it is amazing to me that photons will be refracted by glass and then refracted back exactly to their original (vector) direction upon leaving.

Is the reflection of photons a phenomenon that happens with only 1 photon and 1 atom, or is it a phenomenon that depends on 1 photon and many atoms? In other words, when we tilt a mirror, and light reflects off in a different direction, are the photons each bouncing off of individual atoms in the mirror, or do they interact with neighboring atoms too?
Is a diamond lens possible? The index of refraction for diamond is 2.417 while glass is only 1.51714. Would a diamond lens refract light more per size than glass? That might make refractor telescopes magnify more for a smaller size lens.
A few experiments:
1) He2-neutrons=H2? if no, then there really is a clear difference between what is an atom and what is a molecule. I am not sure how to remove the neutrons...removing the protons or electrons is easily done with electric/magnetic difference [opposite]. Maybe adding neutrons to H2, would that given D2 or He (not sure how He is isolated), or even He2?
2) experiments with neutron/proton atom separation, always photons in gamma? can separate results of uranium fission? any atom separation that result in no atoms remaining?
3) red shift a light beam on earth
a) box with various gasses, H2, CO2, He2, CH4, etc.. send beam of sodium light thru, reflect with mirrors to lengthen the path of the photons...is there any detectible red shift when the photons exit the box/room? perhaps could be done outside: Is there red shift simply because of gasses in air? The idea is that, we all understand that photons are delayed by other atoms (for example water is the classic example), but is there some way to delay photons in a way that lowers their frequency? The amazing thing to me, is with all the brilliant people on earth, there is no person that can lower the frequency of light? (there are obvious ways, like the way visible light on a dark object, results in light released with frequencies in the infrared...clearly the black object has changed the frequency of the light). It is tough to understand how a beam of photons can be delayed and still maintain the same direction (although we see clearly that photon beams are changing direction as the result of galaxies, etc). How can photons rotate matter (perhaps other photons going other directions, protons, Hydrogen atoms, etc) and return to the same original direction?

Clusters of Galaxies do not look like galaxies (they do not take spiral shapes), galaxies do not look like star systems (although there are similarities, but stars rotating is different from planets rotating), living objects don't look like star systems or galaxies, potentially atoms may not look like star systems of galaxies. The amazing thing to me, is that matter takes on such a variety of shapes at different magnifications. The way matter groups at the scale of galactic clusters is different from the way matter groups at the scale of star systems. What is it about the math of the billions of pieces of matter that form clusters of galaxies, versus the billions of pieces of matter that form galaxies? There must be some large scale collective effects of matter that only exist with large amounts, or something about the nature of math at those dimensions that is different from other dimensions.

Use of the word "Terror", in particular in "the war on terror" by conservatives, perhaps relates to "The Terror", a reference to the French Revolution, where the antimonarchists went overboard killing numerous people with guillotines. In some way, I don't doubt that many conservatives side with monarchy as opposed to democracy, basically they are for conservatism, where things go back to the past or stay the same, against progress. In addition, I think there is a fear of public rule, democracy by many of those in power. I don't doubt that Bush jr and the conservatives play on people's fear of how the public might react in finding about how people kept seeing what species see from behind their heads a secret for 100 years. Many people must have fear about what the uninformed public would do if they ever found out. Would they kill those that watched their eyes? Would they execute those people that supported secrecy as they executed the supporters of the monarchy in the French Revolution? It is rare for democratists to have the upper hand in history, in particular for liberals to have the upper hand. It must be a wonderful feeling, for example, for black people in South Africa to get Nelson Mandela elected, for those that have been excluded for years to get to see those who watched their eyes...I don't doubt it would be very emotional, and a real surge of power for those people...would they go overboard and persecute those that once persecuted them? That is what I think the conservatives are warning about to gain support, but for myself, I seriously doubt anybody would be executed for seeing "eyes". I think many people would be shocked, and certainly angry, and there might even be monetary fines, and perhaps even jail time for some people (although I doubt it), but I doubt seriously that any violence would happen. So should those in power really fear some kind of new "The Terror"? I seriously doubt it. One interesting thing is that perhaps the constant invoking of "terror" may hint that the "total democracy" (or whatever it is called) people or group really is starting to represent a group with substantial power, and a potential threat to those people in government that would not keep their jobs, or who knows, maybe a threat to people that think they would not fair well with the public determining their fate. If that is not happening now, I think that it will happen eventually. Full democracy, all people voting on laws, court decisions, etc, seems inevitable to me, but in addition, it is not a left or right thing because it includes all people. I don't doubt full democracy would result in victories for both liberals and conservatives.

It is interesting to think about the order of how research went when people were first looking at "eyes". Eventually, and probably very quickly, the new technology was applied to all the other species to see what kind of memories they have. They must have seen quickly that, for example, most earlier evolved species have lower size and resolution "screens" in their brain. The human brain and eyes have a marvelous size and resolution that I can only guess is 50,000 pixels x 50,000 pixels with 1um pixels. Most computers screens only have 2,000 x 2,000 pixels with 1mm pixels. This is what allows us to see depth so well, because there are many pixels of difference between the position of an object in one eye versus the other eye. In species with fewer pixels (which must be neurons or groups of neurons), depth perception must be more difficult. But what wonders they must have found and are keeping secret from the public. It really is up to the public to vote against copyright, for total free info if they want to end this charade and injustice.

Speaking about the people getting power, I was about to throw away an old VCR because the picture was totally snowy, but I did a quick search on the Internet and found this wonderful page:
Using simple strips of printer paper and alcohol I was able to clean my video heads (I lnly now realized where they are! on that big metal cylinder). I put in the tape and the picture was clear as can be. I can't believe that shit, and here I was going to throw this thing out. Down with the secrecy, bring on the truth and science already.

When matter gets close, it takes off.
The closer two pieces of matter are, the higher their velocity will be because the relationship is inverse distance squared. The smaller the distance, the higher the "force" between them, this is why ships like Voyager took off when they went around planet jupiter. The people that designed Voyager purposely steered the Voyagers to get that gravitational boost from Jupiter.
I found an interesting thing when modeling 500 points, again with the 1 thru 5 scale, I reversed it to be more in alignment with star colors, with red being mass=1, and blue=mass 5. In addition, I start the points in a sphere, the starting position of the points makes a difference in the shape of the matter in the future. What I found was that when the matter is distributed in a sphere of radius 5, the points fly out with a velocity that is so high that they will not come back together for a long long time, as opposed to starting the points in a sphere of radius 50, where the points settle back together very quickly. Here are two videos, 500 randomly distributed points in a sphere of 5 pixels radius as viewed from 1 million pixels away 1e6_500pt_rad5.avi
and then with a sphere of 50 pixels radius: 1e6_500pt_rad50.avi
. We can imagine that each point is a star, and that they are 1 light year in diameter, and that we are 1 million light years away, or even that we are looking at the components of a star exploding from a great distance away. It was so interesting to me that at radius of 5 (and 10, and 20) the points would not come back within 1 million pixels, that I decided to look at this "explosion" from 1 billion pixels away. At that distance, I didn't see anything but a point, but at 100 million pixels (or I like to pretend, 100 million light years away) I did. Here is what 500 randomly positioned points of mass 1 to 5 look like when grouped in a sphere with a radius of 5 pixels from 100 million pixels away: 1e8_500pt_rad5a.avi
It looks kind of like a super nova, but there is an interesting difference in that, the blue heavier matter is the first out, as opposed to actual supernovas (as far as I know) that explode with the heaviest matter exiting last (but it is interesting to think that some compression of matter, similar to these models is what is happening when a star explodes, or perhaps even when atoms or other objects explode). This gets me thinking that, since the speed of single naked photons is so fast, perhaps I need to change my photon models to make the velocity of the particles much higher to see any effects of large groups of matter (I was just worried that using a velocity more than 1 pixel/frame would create photon hopping, or skipping...like, the photon appears at 0,0,0 and then suddenly at 5,0,0 when in reality the photon covers each pixel...actually maybe I need to view a frame as a partial second...but then I think it's equivalent to what I already have. It's pretty amazing that we are 100 million light years (pixels) away and can still see the matter exploding...it's covering a large amount of space very quickly. That was the amazing thing, that an object can explode from gravity alone (although the points are placed that close together initially, there is every reason to think that pieces of matter might be pushed together in a similar way).

Halleluja the ban on torture that just passed.

I am amazed: A company called "Cambridge Integrated Services Group, Inc." sent me a check for the full amount of the second bicycle of mine that was stolen at UC Irvine because I sent a completed claim form to universal card (my at&t universal card that has 5% cash back reward, 5% cash back reward is awesome, I charge everything instead of using cash...I am looking forward to the time when we just look into the camera and press a button...no cash, no plastic cards, etc.). So that was fantastic, I will always buy every expensive item with my AT&T Universal Card now (although I want to check my other cash back citibank card too for "buyer protection") because of the buyer protection plan. I still feel good about that...finally some damn justice for me.

Heavier matter goes to center. I made some videos of random positioned and weighted points from mass 1 to 5, color coding the points using roygbiv, red=1 (gram for example), orange=2, yellow=3, green=4,blue is heaviest =5. It is clear that the heavier blue points go to the center and basically stay there, the lighter red and orange points take on long elliptical orbits around the central mass. Perhaps galaxies and star systems move the same way, but perhaps other models are more accurate. One question that arises when making these random point simulations is: when does the matter settle down into a spiral? Does that take a few minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries?!, ... I think I have to dedicate one computer to just running one simulation for a few years and see how much time it takes for a group of points to form a spiral (one power outage or computer problem and I would have to restart the simulation). Video: rgb1000.avi
The heavier blue points (can be thought of a stars too, interesting that there are no green or pink stars...it must have to do with how Helium separates into source photons...a process that ejects photons at specific rates) being heaviest appear to move the fastest, and cover the smallest amount of distance, so they probably are the first points to define the future shape of the cluster of matter, while the lighter points take much longer times, and move over much more distance, slowly making large elliptical orbits around the central mass.

Sometimes I feel like I am going to simply stop commenting on my web page. There is plenty of video of me giving my comments from my room. This is a total waste of time and makes this video more dull for future people, but yet something stirs me on. In addition, this group of humans is hopeless, we are never going to get even the tiniest bit of justice or progress. So don't be surprised if I simply stop typing commentary and even remove all my past notes (but ofcourse I would make them available to any body interested). In addition, my main feeling is that, I can not change US politics in any way, although exposing Thane Cesar, Fiorini, etc. I feel is mostly in the "stop violence", stopping "crime" realm...has more to do with law abiding, justice, etc. than government, I have given more than enough info for people to get the basics of what happened, besides being a person that does not get to see eyes, I have only limited info to give. But mainly in terms of trying to help liberals get elected into the US government...my feeling is that this group is bent on not having any progress to speak of, I really feel like I am totally powerless to change the direction people are taking us in. Finally, I am much more interested in science...this next project ULSF, is going to be fantastic. Already if you look at http://tedhuntington.com/ulsfout.htm you will see my beginning of this project. This is going to be awesome, and much better than getting involved with the stinky government in the USA, which will not change for centuries. I hope the younger people and future generations have more vision than this group does and did. I don't think all a complete and total loss or waste of time, there was some amount of progressive opinions from Dennis Kucinich and Howard Dean, Kucinich in favor of decriminalizing drugs, and Dean mentioned ending the electoral college, so those people and opinions are out there, available to the public when they are ready to chose them, and are getting some number of votes.

Future of sex matches when people lighten up. Try to imagine what the future might be like. It is the main source of relief for me...thinking of how the future will be for life of earth. Can you imagine for example, if consentual sex eventually became not a big deal and people paid money to see two people have sex? Perhaps the public would vote and two popular people would get paid to have sex with each other. There is no doubt that the public might be interested in seeing two opposite type people having sex (for example an extreme liberal and extreme conservative), just for fun and entertainment. I don't doubt that many people would not accept money to have sex, but still, if there was going to be a large amount of money, and everything was legal, I don't doubt that many of us might take the money...after all it's only a few minutes of sex for potentially thousands of dollars. THere would, no doubt, be commentary like "she looks to be not putting as much effort as he is into it..." and "it looks like he is going to go for the old 'grab the boob from behind' manuver", etc.

Arrest of Natalia McLennan for prostitution in NY with potential for 15 years in jail is excessive and brutal. 15 years for prostitution?! time to clean up the NY laws. I can't understand when the public accepts pornography, which is a person paying two people to have sex, that somehow a person paying for sex for themselves is such a different an offensive idea. People get less jail time for violent crime. That is brutalx1000. And in NY where the majority is liberal. This is what I have been saying lately, that antisexuality and psychology is where so-called liberal and conservative meet. The conservatives say "cmon you know you hate freaks and perverts...come to the evil...join us...", and many so-called liberals can relate to that because they hate sexuality, and are believers in religions, superstitions, and pseudoscience, so the conservatives (who are also into that stuff) play into that. Legalizing drugs and prostitution should be mainstream liberal positions/opinions. The great advocate of women's rights, Elenor Roosevelt called for decriminlaizing prostitution, CEDAW almost passed under Jimmy Carter, and the Carter administration was seriously focusing on decriminizing drugs for the first time in US history, when the entire Reagan christian uprising swept into power with the Ayatollah in 1980.

Bush jr Supreme Court nomination of Miers: I am tired, Bush probably could appoint anybody he wants to, the people have given us a republican government. That Bush jr picked a female is a good thing, even if a hard core conservative that is going to reverse Roe-v-Wade and end abortion rights for females, here at least is a female that worked for her life. There is nothing any liberals can do, it seems to me. Perhaps they should be glad that Bush jr picked a female, he could easily have picked a male and they would have been approved. All this has shown me, that we need a planetary court system. Bush jr opposes that because he claims he doesn't want people in the US military going to jail, but I claim that they should not be violating a planetary law to begin with, although I have doubts that any planetary court would be even remotely democratic. It shows me that the US court system is frighteningly undemocratic and much to powerful. There was a good article from an international news source, that compared the US supreme court with other nations and described the fact that the supreme court has the final word in the USA, as opposed to other nations where the "legislature" (or some century perhaps even "the public") does. I don't doubt that the US supreme court has helped to liberalize many people with decisions that ended segregation, etc, but I have to think that there have been more undemocratic decisions that have not helped the liberal cause. In my mind, democracy should always prevail, it's the least unfair system in existence. It is curious that Bush jr appears to favor people that live in Texas as opposed to people from the south east and other conservative states that brought him into power. This is looking to be an all-Texas government. It is interesting, because for me, I am connected to people through science and wisdom, Bush jr appears to be mainly connected through Texas, as opposed to conservativism, religiousity, etc.

The William Bennett, former DEA drug czar, comment that aborting black newborns would lower crime, I think is typical of extreme conservative opinion. While Bennett said that type of action would be deplorable or something...the truth is that aborting black children, presumably without consent, would create more crime in the form of assaults on black women's bodies, obviously. But, here we see, something that seems to me to be carved out of nature, we see that the DEA is aligned with the extreme conservatives, so in some way, I feel like, the DEA is mainly a conservative, republican organization, and that the idea of a DEA and drug war is not a mainstream liberal agenda. But that is clearly not a public view...we are supposed to believe that the nation is 50/50 on board for the drug war, that the DEA is supported by equal amounts of democrats and republicans, and I think comments from Bennett like this abortion comment, show that 70 years of drug war and prohibition has drawn up sides with conservatives on one side and the educated, progressives on the other. To me, the main new argument about the drug war I am putting forward is this: for some people, maybe the sentence is: "yes, I am very much against illegal drug use, but I am also very much against locking people in jail that use drugs". Then we can have our multimillion dollar anti drug ads, and feel good about ourselves because we are not ruining peoples lives, breaking up their families, with prison for simply putting drugs in their own body. Drug use, may or may not, have a bad effect, or even ruin a person's life, (just like alcohol, tobacoo, violence, or over eating), but jailing people that choose to use drugs will definitely ruin their lives. One of the worst effects of using drugs is possibly death or illness from overdose (although that is very rare according to DOJ statistics), but next would have to be, being caught and locked in a jail for drugs. People were asking for an apology, and I don't doubt Bennett will give one, but I don't care about any apology, I am more interested in exposing that type of thinking...a person would mention the idea of aborting only black humans, this is taken from the fact that most violent crime is done by black people, but couldn't people look at that data, and agree that, more violent crime is done by poor people, just as easily? more violent crime is done by those who have been oppressed for 200 years, ... there are other ways of looking at that data, and other explanations as to what is happening there. To me, I don't think there is any truth to the idea that people with a more negro DNA will be on average more violent, or more likely to commit crime...I think the truth is closer to the idea that any human, of any DNA, would be more likely to commit crime, after 200 years of persecution, living in poverty, being ostracized or treated as a second class citizen, not getting a good education, having fewer or no role models. I don't think violent crime is a race thing, I think it is a societal thing. In any event, no matter what race of person is doing violent crime, they must all be equally stopped and punished.

Rudeness and smug nastiness is the usual expression or commentary I experience from those in the eyball network. It is interesting and ironic to me...here they have the planet at their fingertips, they get to know it all...everything about science, who killed who...who are the friendly sexual lovers and who are the rude nasty haters...(I find that a simple way of catagorizing people I see are smart, friendly, sexual versus stupid, rude, antisexual...but some people vary from time to time, and are not all one or the other). Why do those in the eyball thought hearing tend to be rude? I don't know, but I think there are some things that are clear. 1) you can't have an elite eyeball camera system and not have your nazism too...it just doesn't work that way...that there would be an all white network that would somehow treat nonwhites fairly and equaly. 2) I think they are angry with themselves...or angry with the injustice of the system...embarrassed by being exposed by a person like me. Outside of those two theories...I don't really know. But the fact remains, the majority of those in the secret eye thought network tend to be rude and meaner than average people. Here is a potential 3) they get to see everybody's flaws...all the assaults you did when you were 12, that time you wore a dildo or a bra etc...and they tend to forget that they have flaws, but that they are simply never mentioned...but also that there is a real advantage in knowing that millions of people are watching you that those that don't know don't think about. Would you really steal that object if you knew that thousands would secretly see and hold it over you for the rest of your life, and it would be on your "credit" history for the rest of time? I doubt it.

I read about William Hershel last night and I thought that I doubt people could see galaxies clearly until the invention of time lapse (or long exposure) photography...I remember reading that Hubble could distinguish individual stars in the Andromeda Galaxy (M31) with a telescope he used.

When will the public get compensated for the piracy of their copyrights? I vote against copyright, and you know, the camera network people are the test bed of a information free society...a society without privacy etc...and they function perfectly well as far as I know... But the copyright laws still exist and hold popular support, so even after the public overthrows the copyright laws, there are those copyrighted violations of the past to litigate. By definition, any work a person does is instantly copyrighted. Any book or song a person ever makes is copyrighted...so if a large number of illegal copies of that book or song were made, and it can be proven, under the copyright law, that person is entitled to a percentage or penalty of all the money received from illegal copies of those works. I am not sure how it will play out or when it will ever happen, but it seems clear that, popular people like me would get a large amount of money, because many of our copyrighted songs, books, works, etc. were illegally copied for profit. The more popular a person is, the more people want to buy illegal copies of their songs, books, even their speeches given in their homes...basically every live image and sound of the person. Vast illegal networks have been made that record our thoughts, our speeches, in our houses and apartments, and those people, no doubt, get paid money by people interested in seeing. Don't the most popular people deserve a percentage of that money? In a total free info society, people would probably say "no", because there is no copyright, and it's free trade of info, but we don't live in a free info society, and those people get money for their copyrights. So I don't know how it will play out, but I don't doubt for a second that those that are getting the most money for copyrights will get the biggest penalty for violation of public copyrights or "the copyrights of excluded people". We the pee-on public, are having our copyrights violated by those people, such as Microsoft, people in the federal governments, Warner Brothers, RIAA, etc. that pursue penalties for copyright violations and piracy law, and I think we will eventually be compensated. It seems logical to me, a copyright is a copyright, and every work we create is technically copyrighted. (For myself, I have removed the copyright on all my work, but there was a time before I did that, when all my work was rigorously copyrighted, including with the library of congress where some of my works are still recorded for copyright, and I deserve compensation for those illegal copies...and I am mainly focused on those that received money for illegal copies, like people in the US government, Time Warner, Microsoft, etc.). Just like the movie industry, [some people that pirated Star Wars were charged by Gonzoles and the Bush admin/the fed today] every illegal pirated copy of the public's thoughts and works by people in the US government and media corporations is less money that the popular people in the public that are being illegally copied from are receiving. We need to force the people in the US government and media corporations to stop pirating illegal copies of our works, and pay their fair share for legal copies of our thoughts, videos, songs, typings, writings, and printings. Ultimately, the public should vote down the copyright, trademark, patent and privacy laws, get compensation from the uber-wealthy coroprations that abused copyright, privacy, patent, trademark and let the thing die to the past.

One interesting result of a free info society without copyrights, patents, trademarks, or privacy [people will probably still suppoort a right to owning property and trespassing laws] is that there could be companies that take on the names of larger corporations, so there could be a mom and pop grocery store calling themselves Kroger, which would be kind of funny. A potato chip company that also calls themselves "Frito-Lay" (not "Frita-Lay" as they have to now). It is kind of funny, and info would be important, a person would want to know which store is the biggest, etc, but...basically, people would know who is who...or if products of a company claiming to be some major corporation were not as good. The truth, I think will always come out in a total free info society...it's secrecy that makes people ignorant of the facts, of who is who, of what products are good or bad, etc. I can tell you that the Taco Bell on Culver is better [or the people are less mean] than the Taco Bell on Campus. Is the Taco Bell on Culver more "Taco Bellish?" than the one on Campus? Obviously, there are quality differences even in one corporation.

I am glad for the peace marches. That is awesome to see. I hope we can escape this decade of war and get back on the road to peace, science, truth and justice for all people.

I'm not going to go on for hours, but there are a few quick issues:
Bushes drop in popularity: I am always amazed at these things...I change, but one thing I should mention is that by age 30 I had reached basically my well formed philosophy on life, my values, learned enough about history, etc...so I can't understand when massive numbers of people over the course of a month suddenly turn in favor or against a person like Bush jr...has he changed in the last month? ofcourse not. Perhaps this is grandma and grandpa finally finding out that Bush jr was involved in 9/11...that or just fickleness...as if Bush jr, was not the same violent vicious religious fanatical uneducated antiscience antisexual puritan white supremecist person he and his family have always been...
I am fully in favor of google in this most recent law suit and against copyright, as usual. I think the way that millions of people poop all over the copyrights of the "excluded" by watching us in our apartments and what our eyes see, but then the excluded are expected to obey the "included" people's copyrights is pure nazism and hypocricy.
The mystery of flight 77: It appears very clear that the Pentagon was hit with a missile on 9/11/01, not by flight 77 an American Airlines 757 plane. All the physical evidence, the news videos and photos show exactly the size of the hole, and that it was tiny ... only damaging an area of about 4 windows on the first two floors. I don't doubt that people planted charges to collapse that part of the pentagon to make it look bigger. In any event, the clear reality is that the official story of 9/11 has a fatal flaw in the Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon claim. So, if they are lying about that...what else are they lying about? (aside from seeing what our eyes see for 100 years, ofcourse). One person shed a large amount of light for the public when they said "there was a great ball of fire and smoke came billowing out"...it appears that "great ball" is "GB=George Bush" and "billowing" is "Bill Clinton"...so I conclude although I am guessing, that it's the classic battle of conservatives versus liberals and the liberals sent a missile (probably by a plane...but it is not clear) into the Pentagon in response to the twin tower mass murder committed by Bush jr and the conservatives. The biggest shock in all of this, I think, but perhaps I am wrong, is the question that is probably on the tip of many people's tongue and that is: what the fuck did the reich do with the people on Flight 77? Dave vonKliest suggests that the plane was shot down over the Atlantic...a news report (later retracked) has Flight 77 landing in Ohio...one person claims they are in Guantanamo...it is clear that no flight 77 hit the Pentagon...I mean...if you believe anything...that seems to be true.

It was interesting that of my comments last week, that none of them generated any anger...not legal drugs, legal nudity or prostitution, total free info...the only anger I experienced and nasty comments came regarding my statement to the effect that molestation is not as serious as assault. I am not going to go on for hours, but people appear to be violently angered at the idea of anybody defending molestation even remotely. To me, I want to say that talking about these things is a good idea...through talking about these issues we can flush out the truth, and there is nothing wrong with openly talking about anything in my opinion (with the exception of plotting violence...which I think is certainly free speech but nothing I want to be involved with). In addition, I want to say that I understand I don't win any popularity contents by mentioning that I think molestation is not as serious a crime as many people are making it out to be. I am simply trying to undo what I see as potential paths to future holocausts...or massive decent people being jailed without any real crime committed. Psychology and antisexuality appear to be two main paths thru which that could happen, and so I try to speak out against the hysteria relating to those issues, to prevent nonviolent people from being warehoused like cattle in prisons and hospitals as happened before and during WW2, the violent people left free to run the planet. People have to remember that when we are talking about molestation, we are talking about a nonviolent crime...it's not rape, it's not assault. As I understand, it more or less involves touching a human under the age of 18 in a way that is sexual, or that makes them feel sexual, touching genitals is a classic example, but court decisions have shown that even sucking toes, and no doubt kissing on the lips is also deemed molestation or lewd conduct. There are some things to think about...for example, I think that there exists the case of young people wanting to touch genitals..young males that want sex from age 12 to 17...this law basically denies them that right, when in reality it might not be such a big deal to many young people and their parents to allow some young male to touch or suck a breast, or even for a young male to fuck an older female with a condom or without the chance of pregnancy, etc. Many people may not mind if their under 18 female child was allowed to pursue an interest in touching a penis, etc. So there is child-directed touching of genitals, and I can't see jailing some adult that obliges an under the age 18 person in touching of genitals. These laws also punish people like Mary Latourno, the older woman that a young male fucked, fully consentually...one puritan judge was going to give her 30 years or something, a different judge in Nevada only gave her 6 months of probation (thankfully, a decent person in the US court system...what are the chances?!). When there are such wide divergent opinions on what the sentences should be for under age 18 touching and sexuality I think we should open up a public debate and come to some universal conclusions about how we all feel about what those sentences should be, because clearly they are currently all over the board. Clearly, for my two cents, nonviolent touching is far from a serious crime, violence is a serious crime. I am willing to conceed some points...I can see jail time for abduction with I think is serious, I can see voting for some small jail time for people that repeatedly touch people (of any age) without consent, or in a way that bothers them. I know that when I was 12-17 I dreamed of touching female breasts (and ofcourse still do), and fucking women...but any female that ever tried to pursue fulfilling my dream would be looking at life in prison! How unfair is that? There is a natural system of young males interested in older more developed females, and older females being interested in younger, more easily erect males...it's natural. Only puritans have constructed a dam blocking that natural system from happening. I think there is a gender difference, males from age 12 to 17 should be allowed to fuck legally...it is a different phenomenon for a female...the vagina may not be ready for sex until 17 or 18 and sex could be consentual, but would be no doubt painful...but for a male at 12 there is absolutely no pain at all! They love to ejeculate and feel no pain. I see nothing wrong with a female under the age of 18 touching genitals consentually, and ofcourse I think that eventually, as upsetting and stupid as it sounds, people will have to allow for people to consent to things that may hurt them, even those under the age of 18. I could go on for hours, because there is so much detail there that needs to be considered. For example, do you know that I am the only person I have ever heard that has raised the idea that, I am opposed to violence against children, except in self defense, and perhaps as punishment for violence...no body has ever mentioned that to my knownledge, that a person may have to beat a child (a human under age 18) to defend themselves against that child's attack...that is clearly not "child abuse", but at the same time....I am the first person of my knowledge to identify that spanking is technically illegal because of assault laws (again presuming that it is not in self defense, or perhaps even as punishment by somebody the child did violence to), and to identify the important point that spaking is without doubt an assault if spanking is a punishment for some nonviolent behavior (swearing, lying, staying out too late, accidentally spilling a drink, ... even potentially violence against property...) Perhaps if there was a better system of safe prisons for violent people, parents would feel better about using the prison system to lightly punish violent children, in a way where they could see them, and that the children would be safe, and not be forced to be in close physical contact with other violent people, etc.

It is amazing that we can see the National Geographic video at tedhuntington.com/bim.htm. We can see clearly that what our eyes see, can be seen from the back of our head...but where is the national interest?! Don't we want to know more about it? What it came from? What the machine that captured those images is like? I mean...come on...it seems clear...it's like the hole in the Pentagon... if you believe any images you see...I just don't think that National Geographic faked the images...it seems consistent with all the idiots around me hearing my thoughts and seeing what I do in my condo...when is the public going to finally start getting on the National Geographic "what's the deal with the bim eye chart" band wagon?!

People are such hypocrites, we are genetically coded to love sex, and clearly people are fucking all over the place, because more and more humans are being produced, they must like it...but none will admit it!

The death of the person that died as a result from boxing reminds me of the quote: "It is shocking that on earth, people can pay to see two people beat their brains out, but it is illegal to pay them to have sex."

To add a few tiny news items. A person died while pledging and I want to record my opinion that I think hazing is not a good idea. I wish I hadn't pledged a fraternity and had instead focused on getting good grades and dating females. My grades suffered terribly as a result of pledging. I remember one thing that stands out in my memories, that there were some honorable people in the fraternity that made the motion that one of the unpleasant pledging events be discontinued, I voted in favor of that, but it didn't pass. I just remember those that hazed me as assholes, even after I got in...I never hazed anybody (except once ordering a pledge to get me a pop-tart), I couldn't bring myself to participate in something I thought was wrong, and so I never hazed. Hazing (or yelling at, beating, etc) appeared only to be nasty angry people with an opportunity to take out their aggression and frustration on other innocent people.

Along the lines of me thinking I was Jesus, there are many people that got into the "Age of Aquarius" "hair" movement because I am an aquarius and the play "hair" opened around the late 60s when I was born. I am not a believer in astrology. Some young people did the play "Hair" at UC Irvine, and I heard that they all went nude...what a group of smart, brave people ... and I am sure that it was such a bold statement that it will be remembered for years. I support many of the ideas shown in "hair", but I think an "age of aquarius" and me being aquarius (like millions of people are) is nothing more than coincidence. Believing in astrology is popular, Nancy Reagan had an astrologer, astrology has been practiced for years, and there is just no truth to it, ... horoscope predictions litter every newspaper...it's unbelievable to me. I am interested in the real truth of the universe, and I am trying to figure out what that is, traditionally the method is labeled "science", but the current public view of science is far from what I believe...I believe in evolution, but not in the big bang, that antimatter is antimatter, in black holes, in time dilation, etc. One last comment was that it is kind of surreal for me, if such a play was done to support me, because I still have yet to get included in the eyeball network and really make so much as one friend in my 36 years on earth, not one person will talk to me honestly. All this production around me...but not one person will include me into the "liberal" group...it's ironic and/or stupidity.

I think the people of Vermont and Louisiana ought to vote for other liberals besides Leahy and Landrieu. Both Leahy and Landrieu have been big supporters of clamping down on free info, promoting secrecy and elitism. And I think I know why, because there must be so many videos of them accepting briefcases of money from conservatives for their conservative votes that they fear being exposed if any of those many videos reaches the public. What else explains their bizarre support of Roberts, a person that clearly opposed the Roe vs Wade decision, and is so closely linked to the corrupt Bush family? Even us in the pee-on public got that info. That view of elitism, that only they can see, and we in the public should not get to see, is an old-world view. The view of secrecy, anti-womens rights (it's shocking in particular for Landrieu), is of the past, it's not of now. This is the time when millions are file sharing and more women are getting doctor's degrees than men. Do their backwards views really represent the liberals of today? Leahy used the word "conscience", and I think it should be more like "anti-science". I was angered to see Leahy sponsoring the:
"Inducing Infringement of Copyright Act" (S. 2560)
Sponsors: Sen. Hatch (R-UT) [now there is one backward vicious violent secretive bastard]and Sen. Leahy (D-VT)
Introduction: June 22, 2004
* To prevent infringement over peer-to-peer systems, S. 2560 would amend copyright law to create a new form of secondary copyright liability: intentional inducement
* Libraries oppose because bill threatens continued growth of the information technology industry, thereby endangering librariesí access to affordable digital technology
* see also Anti-Piracy Legislation

But yet, both Leahy and Hatch have been watching eyes for years.
Talk about true definition of hypocrite:
"Under a new bill introduced today by Senator Mary Landrieu(D-La.), secretly videotaping a person in intimate situations without their consent would become a federal crime."
Again, Landrieu has been watching eyes and hearing thoughts for years...but it's not ok for us to see all that juicy video they get to watch? I can't understand what Landrieu is trying to do there...is she trying to bring down the massive camera eyeball network?... the network she uses so much of or more likely, trying to stop amateur voyeur people from getting in on the action? Even is she is opposed to the people that provide her with all the eye images, are those the kind of people we want to support?! no, ofcourse not...we want to eventually let all people see and have real free flow of all info. We can't stop the camera-eye ball-thought network, and should not try to. It sounds shocking, but it is already happening, and no body should be locked in jail for simply owning an image, ... sure breaking into a house is illegal and should be, but simply owning photos should never be.

I can't do this stuff forever, the people of earth have to learn by themselves like all of us do. The evil hypocrites and elitists are not going to publicize their thoughts for all to see.

I am glad to see Kerry and Ted Kennedy voting no, Boxer and Feinstein voting no...they obviously see more than I do, but it seems clear that Roberts has bad values very similar to Renquist, and the obvious fact is that, a female ought to replace O'Conner...and also Renquist...the court should reflect the current population which is 50/50....or at least that should be the guide to how democratic and representative the court is. I think a vote for Roberts is a vote for ultra-conservatism, as far as I can see, it's against sexual freedom, against freedom of thought, against gender equality, against a human's right to their own body, ... the list goes on and on...

Remember my words now that my feeling is that Roberts is a neo-version of Renquist. Maybe I am wrong, but I seriously doubt it. In any event, it may not make any difference if every single democrat votes against Roberts, he may be approved on republican votes alone! That is the bizarre backward set of events that the public has given us.

On to a different topic. There must be some people out there that say things like this:
"I simply want the glory of Frank Sturgis and Thane Cesar shown to the public...the way the conservatives showed the liberals who was in charge...", etc
"It's time the public knew about the work the republicans and conservative christians have been doing behind the scenes to keep conservative christians at the top."
Basically, people that want the truth about the conservative christians involvement with the murders of civil rights leaders, etc shown to the public, to get credit for all they have done in the cause of christianity and conservatism...that the public should know all the work they put into keeping christians and conservatives at the top, the work they put into removing popular liberal leaders like Martine Luthur King jr, and John Lennon. How they killed Vicki Morgon to save the career of Ronald Reagan, etc...all their victories that have been secret from the public for years and years.
Why don't we hear and see more of that? Why aren't their conservatives openly proud of their "achievements"? Aren't they proud of what they did? How they shutup RFK and MLK? How they erased them from popular view? How they changed the USA from going liberal?
It reminds me of a video of a gonzo film journalist that filmed the north vietnamese taking over south vietnam saying "I've been waiting here for you all along, commrade"...the people that try to expose Fiorini and Thane Cesar..."why we've been trying to show the awesome victories of the party all along, commrade".
We don't see or hear much of that... an occasional clap...(I can only guess, but perhaps those people that watch all the eye images...clap when a person is killed...like when Lennon was killed or Reagan was shot...vicious people...but...I guess if you watch...it's understood that...it's a vicious tournament...and the weak simply lose). The conservatives (who have done by far the majority of the killing without question), are not very openly pruod of all their "accomplishments". Why is that? I think the answer, to me, is that they recognize that average people would be shocked and very upset to learn about their murders...to learn the truth about how they killed their way to the top, etc. How they killed people like JFK, MLK, RFK, ...countless others without doubt... they must fear that, that info reaching the public would cause them to lose popular support. I have to agree that...the public's values are probably not as vicious and violent as the Bush family, Pat Robertson...the many vicious religious conservatives that clearly and openly support violence against citizens of other nations.

Finishing up on that point about my emergence from mysticism into science...in 1992 I was deeply affected by people saying my thoughts on national and local television....and again, not one person came to my aid (which is how the rest of my life has been too, it is clear that people have to help themselves at this time). It appeared clear to me that many people were watching me (most likely, at that point, as a result of the music I was writing...not because of my contributions to science which is perhaps more the case now...although clearly the wisdom I showed in criticising religion contributed to my popularity...I would add that I think "Big Breasts", and "I Don't Wanna Marry You", from that time will stand until people stop loving big breasts, and the end of marriage...for many years...), and so I imagined many incorrect theories, for example that I was a reincarnation of Jesus or Nazareth, a second coming of Jesus, and I can't remember other inaccurate theories I had then...that I would be killed in Colorado (much of this was driven by mystics in the image sending network...even now, I fear being in Colorado because of humans that might want to make that idiotic idea a self-fullfilled prophecy..or whatever it's called...when humans make some myth come true)...I simply many times, believed what ever was beamed onto my head...or incorporated it into my own thoughts. There are many people that I sarcastically label "good samaritans"...those with image sending machines that constantly give bad suggestions to people. Suggestions like jumping off a bridge a person happens to be walking on, or into the grand canyon, even ideas like "hey..grab that girl's butt!"... they beam sounds and images to try and make people that don't know that sounds and images are being beamed onto their brains do unusual or dangerous things. I don't doubt for a second that many of those aweful suggestions are actually taken up by innocent unsuspecting people. Here other people can now even move our own muscles even if we don't want to.
I only briefly fully embraced the mystical ideas that I was a second coming of Jesus (without christianity we would never have these idiotic stories), that would end the drug war and free the nonviolent oppressed people of the earth, restoring logic and justice, exposing what happened to JFK, RFK and the many innocent people that were murdered, etc...for example the song "I am Here", and "Jesus Was A Good Man" were designed to have more than one explanation..."I am Here" (like a Jesus), but also "I am Here", (like a Ted...or just a person that is willing to stand up for the truth...I am simply here on the earth...here to stop evil...I don't need to be a Jesus...to pick up where John Lennon and many others left off...nothing magical...nothing supernatural...), etc. I am glad I pulled myself up by my own boot straps (unlike many others), to get back onto that path of truth, science, pleasure, ... it didn't take me long to make songs like "There is no god" (in 2000 or sometime), 8 years later I was refinding that path of science and truth. "Brain Imaging Machine" I made around then, "Evolution"....I was dropping all the mysticism, negativity, ... learning about the secret technology, the idiocy, the denial of evolution and science, the massive religions and their violent history, I was reading about world history, and learning about the amazing past. I realized that all matter is made of light, that light is a particle, that if light traveled in a sine wave (which I think now is absolutely ridiculous) it would move 3.81e8 m/s. I wrote "Photon Yes, Religion No". It was clear that there was no going back to mysticism or any kind of religion for me at that point. By the time "Stop Violence, Teach Science" was complete, I had basically reached the path and form that I will most likely stay with until I die...the path that I am most happy with, that of truth, science, pleasure, history, the future, social justice, democracy, walking robots... and so now, I am making what I think will be the most significant contribution of my life, "Universe, Life, Science, Future", and this is the culmination, the end product, or main product perhaps of my entire life. I am sure I will continue and make many more projects, I still want to make a walking robot although I am very behind many others, I don't doubt I will have a fun hobby in walking robots, I still want to model photons and do more there, to talk about what is happening with humans on earth, to speak out for change here on earth and on my home planet too (just kidding ahaha...). One thing that I recognized in 1992 was that in any event, aside from any reincarnated Jesus' that I am clearly a special person that is somehow isolated and different from other people of this time...it's very bizarre, because I think what I believe is very normal, and what I do is very average...but somehow no other people can see that all matter is made of particles of light, that religions were made by humans and are not any good, that evolution is a fact (there are others but we are only 33%)... None can speak out against violence, the drug war, the illogical zelotry of jailing people for molestation but not for spaking, against jailing people for nudity, exposing the vast hypocritical feeling of antisexuality [pointing out that somebody must be sexual to keep life going, even though none admit it], for legal prostitution, for full democracy where we get to vote, for full free info, for questioning psychology and mind policing, for exposing the secret eye and hearing thought networks... there must be others, and no doubt they are special too where ever they are. It's a messy thing to talk about...much of this paragraph, but it happens to be the truth. Jesus was just a person of recent history, like many that claim to have a special connection to a god, the theory of gods is an oldy, but not nearly as old as human language, and evolution of life on earth, which is most likely a recent phenomenon compared to the age of the universe which I think may be infinite. The story of Jesus was used (not the story of many other persecuted people...just by coincidence it happened to be the story of Jesus and not the person crucified next to him) by leaders of that cult to gain power over the people. It's not entirely clear to me what happened, but I think it's like many things...when everybody wears blue...most people would feel uncomfortable wearing green or something...it's conformity and intolerance of difference, ... if people conformed to truth and science, I think we would have a better life, the popular view of what is true changes and is many times inaccurate...classic examples are the popularity of religious myths, the earth centered theory, the theory that a god created life on earth, that the sun was the center of the galaxy, that our galaxy is the only galaxy, etc. I just want to go on record as saying that I am not a second coming of Jesus, I think I have a much better philosophy than Jesus had...Jesus never spoke out against violence, for science, for going to other stars, for tolerating sexuality with clear consent, for free info...Jesus was just like a person of today that claims that god will punish people for their free market society, their interest in gold and nudity, etc... or perhaps for being in the wrong religion...it's tough to know what Jesus' gripes were, but I feel confident that my gripes are better and more helpful.

I feel embarrassed about thinking I might be Jesus, but don't feel as embarrassed when I think about how hard it is to believe that people can hear and see our thoughts and what our eyes see, and that it's a massive secret that has lasted at least since the 40s...that far back...how many people have realized that people can see and hear their thoughts that were not included besides me? I have to think that is a small group of people, and what an interesting smart group! come to mention it. In addition, I am like a number of people that actually change. I am constantly improving myself, learning new skills, reevaluating older decisions, etc. I compare it to people like John Lennon, or Kurt Cobain...they weren't afraid to make mistakes or too embarassed to change their philosophies. I can't think of many other people like that, that shed off a previous belief system for a new, more accurate one...John Lennon is really a classic example...there are those that take a turn for the worse, but I am mostly interested in those that break free of religion, or innacurate brutal past traditions or beliefs. Many times, people have to go thru many crappy past beliefs to reach a new found truth. There are many different roads to truth, and we all have baggage that stops or slows us from getting there, and what the truth is, is not clearly defined. It is probably too abstract, but, I am glad to be that way...a person not afraid to change in order to reach what I think is the best way of life possible, and that is what much of my life through the 20's was like, here in the 30's my path has become much more clear, sadly, my body is getting older ... I wish I knew then what I know now (although, there is not going to be any good time or even the tiniest good feeling on this planet for probably centuries with this group and at this rate).

Just for my own memory and records: "Sen. Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold, both Wisconsin Democrats, and the committee's top Democrat, Patrick Leahy of Vermont, decided to support making the conservative judge the nation's 17th chief justice.". Maybe Roberts will turn out to be a real human of science, gender and race equality, sexual tolerance, opposed to violence, for free info, and a supporter of right to body, ... but I kinda doubt it...only time will make that as clear as day for the pee-on second class public of which I am a member. Still I can be proud and happy for Feinstein who shocked me with that godder pledge bill, in addition to Kennedy, Kerry, Biden, Schumer, Durbin (IL), Reid (NV) for all voting against Roberts.

Hey everybody it's those warm, fuzzy, cheery republicans! It's kind of funny, because as most people recognize, the conservatives and republicans are the most sourpuss, angry, nasty, violence-loving, antisexual people on the planet.

Some conservatives, as usual, trying to open any tiny crevace that might be available, have compared my video "Another Critic in the Way" to an appeal to fascism, because I wear all black. I want to state clearly, that I have always opposed fascism, and that video is not an appeal to fascism. I support full democracy and have for my entire life. My thinking in making that video, which was way back in 1997 (or near there) was to make a gimmick, something to catch people's attention. If you are just a person in regular closthes many people may turn the channel, or think it's boring, but if you are in a costume, people may stay and watch. Look at many music videos, many people use costumes to get attention, the Beasties all dressed in coveralls, ... almost all musical groups have done similar things...the Beatles had suits, but also wore many costumes, for example in Sgt Peppers. There have been other mistakes I think I have made, in 1992 I had a large amount of attention on me for the first time, and, but ofcourse, nobody came to help me or inform me, to introduce me to the massive camera eyeball net...so I think that many of those messages are very mystical and I don't really support many of the messages in songs I wrote then, for example "Is it Dead", the lyrics are too mystical for my liking now, and the same is true for comparing myself to the anti-Hitler...a little too mystical for my tastes now (and no doubt inaccurate, although I do have some popularity...no where near as much as Hitler did, obviously...only brutal, violence, lying, militant conservatives and mass murderers can attain that kind of popularity). I like my more recent messages critisizing psychology, speaking out against violence, ... I can't fail to mention that some of those 1992 songs still get my approval and support, like "Pot Grower"...nothing has changed in my mind about that, and I think that song is a classic, and will probably only fade out when the drug war is over, and then be remembered with the rest of the anti-prohibition memorabilia in a historical setting. "Sermon: the gospel truth", although it is a derivative of Yes "Round About" and Van Halen ("Running with the Devil", which I am sure people could analyze, and it is unfortunate coincidence that I happened to copy that guitar riff, because atheists get labeled devil-worshippers by many religious, and that is far from the truth, atheists simply are people that do not believe in any gods or devils. I don't doubt that the actual Van Halen song, and people would have to ask the maker of the lyrics, but I think as more of a ... metaphorical "devil"...like the way people that take risks...or disobey their parents...that party too much...have sex...as just an expression, not that they kneel at an alter with a big bull head, and torches, etc...). But the lyrics of the song still stand, as a nice criticism of organized religion, and will probably be interesting until the end of organized religion, at that time, they probably will again, become a tiny part of the history of how religion was finally defeated.

The election in Germany is interesting. First, it is amazing that conservatives would elect a female as chancellor (I guess...they don't have a president and vice president as far as I know)...here females have only risen as high as Senator, and Vice Presidential candidate for a major party (and then, the liberals as most people would expect), but not here in the USA where females got the right to vote in 1920 years before many other nations. Another point that is interesting is that the government system in Germany, and New Zealand are different in that somehow, the votes from various parties are added together to get a majority...I am not exactly sure how it works, but it got me thinking that: Perhaps there should be a run-off vote for president between the two highest vote getting people in the USA, because, there are many people that probably would vote for the liberal (or consertvative) if there were only 2 choices, but instead voted for a third party candidate. Then we could see who the true majority of people in the USA support when given a choice between two people, or liberal versus conservative. I think most of the Greens and perhaps libertarians would add to the democrat vote, but for example, many of those that voted for Ross Perot, would probably have voted republican.
I worry about conservatives in Germany, and this could signal further, the planet sinking into a very nasty age, but perhaps, humans on earth will rise out of this small backwards motion and it will simply be a tiny decade of evil and backwards christian popularity. Nobody can possibly know. I think that the Internet, and the growing spread of information is on our side, the side of science, truth, law and order, justice, democracy...but the current trend is for lies, religion, chaos, war, injustice, elitism, secrecy... I could see military conservatives using a female to win the government, to change the liberal policies and laws, get a foot hold, and then do a full conservative christian take over with all white military males. It is amazing that this could be people following the changes that happened here in the USA with the rise of Bush and the religious conservatives. But what is happening here is terrible and backwards. It's shocking to realize that the family that is deeply linked (George Bush Senior was in Hoover's FBI office the day after JFK was killed, but lied and denied it) to the killing of JFK is so entrenched in the current US and state governments.

One thing that is surprising to me is that, people in the USA have lost what most people refer to as "common sense" in re-electing George Bush jr. When a catastrophe happens, on the scale of 9/11, the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, etc... isn't it time to change the leadership? to roll the dice again...maybe those presidents are not in any way responsible for the devastation, but isn't it a good idea to change leadership, just in case they are? What if they purposely allowed it to happen? Wouldn't most people want to start fresh with a new President to try a different approach, or to clean out any possibility of corruption? ...in any event, I think it is clear that people clearly think that Bush jr had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11, and was not in any way negligent in his role as president. Even for Clinton with the world trade center garage truck bomb...couldn't he have done more? Couldn't he have spoken out against fanatical religion, against violence, increased tracking of explosives and guns? Focused on stopping violence, and less on nonviolent crime? There are many things presidents can do to stop violence and the causes of destruction.

Good to see the federal research that concludes many expensive drugs to treat "schitzophrenia" are about the same as older less expensive drugs with the same level of side effects. The thing that pops into my head is...it's like drugs to cure "witchcraft", "wizardry", "unluckiness", "the effects of coments"...I think I will save those pills for later. Schitzophrenia is such an abstract "disease", I think simply "delusional", "hallucinates", etc...are more accurate descriptive labels.

I am glad to see the report done by people employed at UC Irvine on human stem cells healing nerve damage in mice. How exciting that is. What a shocking find. To think that millions of people handicapped with nerve injuries may be actually healed and able to leave their wheelchairs and walk...religious people would label it a miracle, but I know better. It's simply the benefits of science, and understanding the universe we live in and are part of. Who could have guessed that such a phenomenal useful thing could come from stem cell research so quickly? and here people were just throwing away these cells. Ofcourse, we should never forget the way many conservative religious people opposed and still opposed stem cell research...the way Bush junior cancelled and refuses to fund any stem cell research at the federal level...they are refusing to help heal those with nerve damage. Through out history, the conservative religious have always stood in the way of human health and scientific progress. It's a great thing for UCI, and for all of us that may benefit from such a finding. I think that many people suspected that such a finding may come from stem cells, the first time I saw a hint of such a thing was the somewhat cruel animation of Chris Reeve ripping of the head of a fetus to be able to walk, in a "Southpark" show. Although brutal and nasty, it did show the belief that many people must have realized or at least suspected that stem cells might allow people with nerve damage to heal. To his credit, this finding was funded in part by Christopher Reeve, who has been dead for some time. At least Reeve funded science (and not religion) to find a cure for nerve damage, I wish others would too, and this really serves as a positive event to the memory of Reeve as a person that funded something that we all will benefit from. This really will open up a major line of health research...how can the stem cells be made best, to not be rejected, can all nerve injuries be healed with stem cells, does the amount of time after the nerve injury matter?...there are many many questions that people will answer and many paths of research that people will explore.

I've got 4 more public access shows coming up so get ready to check them out. There was some nastiness about copyright permissions, but I think we will be able to work something out. In addition, there are 2 new "Photon Yes, Religion No" video segments ("Sound" and part of "Drugs"), plus the rest of the info section which is already on the web but hasn't aired on public access yet.

We need a planet where JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon and Nicole Simpson, nonviolent people, live and are protected from violence, and where Frank Fiorini Sturgis, James Earl Ray, Thane Eugene Cesar, Mark David Chapman, and OJ Simpson (if he killed Nicole which I think the evidence shows he did) either do not live on (as they did after their murder), or live on in jail. Not the opposite, which was the way the earth, and inparticular the USA is now. Nonviolent people get killed, and the violent people live on, but most shockingly, two of those people Frank Fiorini and Thane Cesar have never been even arrested for their homicide! The first step is to stop a person that is intent on murdering a human...that would be killing Fiorini on the grassy knoll, or even on the road from Florida to Dallas...I think there was enough intent shown by then, clearly arresting those people is a better approach, but I think most people would accept killing people that are actively pursuing first degree murder. Again, arresting those people for attempted murder is the best approach. But think of how the USA would be different had Fiorini been killed before shooting JFK, killed perhaps because people saw he was actively pursuing plans to kill President Kennedy. What if somebody had stopped Thane Cesar before Cesar killed RFK? Somebody could have simply stopped Cesar and kept him away from RFK for the night. But then there is step 2. The person has already done the murder, it is clear that they are now a first degree murderer. We can't get the innocent murdered person back, they are gone forever, all that remains is either killing the killer, or jailing the killer. For most people it may be that jailing the (majority agreed on) killer is the better answer, but most shockingly, this has not ever happened for Fiorini, who is now reported to have died of old age, nor Thane Cesar who is still alive. Not only were they not stopped, but they have never even been jailed for their murders! What a total failure of the US, our system of justice, even simple everyday justice. It shows just how corrupt and stupid the people of the USA are, here they never caught up with Fiorini, and they are not even headed in the correct direction to catch Thane Cesar. So we as a nation are way off track on stopping violence, and in particular very behind and off track on even the simple act of punishing those people that have already done violence.

My thoughts this morning were: there is much to love in the universe, even if we here on earth can only love each other secretly. Or in some way there is no way of finding love between humans, since it is all but outlawed and heavily regulated, in addition to being socially unacceptable (for example hugging is not popular...it's seen as too corny, but mainly the major taboo is promiscuity...even at the level of kissing or sleeping together with many people but not even having sex, and fear of sexual diseases may be an even more popular reason). Still, my point, is that, there is much to love in the universe...the stories and thoughts of what must be out there, what the future holds for us humans, what our past was, what other life, planets, stars and galaxies might be like. I don't doubt that many people secretly want to hug and kiss other people, I would not doubt that as many as 60% of people dream of kissing and hugging other people (some person they have never hugged or kissed), but do not act on it. While probably only 5% or less actually do, and then of those perhaps only in 3% is the feeling mutual. But that, and I am guessing, that 60% want to hug and or kiss other people, to me, shows that perhaps, that this current group of sapiens may contain a large amount of love at birth, but that they learn to supressed it.

It is interesting to see the history of the moon written on it's surface. One questino that came to mind when I was looking at close up images of the moon is: Since many, and perhaps most of the impact crators on the moon of earth are circular, does that indicate that the objects that collided with the moon where spherical? It would be interesting if most of the meteors that collided with the moon of earth where small (compared to the planet earth) spheres. It's tough to imagine that water ice, metals, etc would form spheres, looking at the moons (which may be captured early star system pieces) demios and phobos, they are clearly not spherical. Perhaps the round shape of the impact crators can be explained by something else? Perhaps the meteors send equal amounts of particles in every direction? I have only a few ideas, but I don't doubt simple impact experiments would shed light on the shape of the impact crator that remains after impact.

I hope the democrat humans in congress reject Roberts for the Supreme Court, they have a better view of his values than I, and are certainly more informed, but my feeling is that Bush is putting forward an extremely one-sided choice first to see if the person will be approved...for the first pick, they pick their favorite, if that doesn't pass, then they have to find somebody more moderate for a second choice (is the thinking at least, but perhaps they would follow some other pattern). It seems clear that Bush and company chose an extremely one-sided person, because if Roberts gets approved they get exactly everything they wanted, as opposed to a moderate or progressive, a more bipartisan choice, where their views may not be fully and unthinkingly obeyed. My fear, and perhaps the reality is that, the people have stacked our governmnet so far to the extreme republican that the democrats form a minority that do not number enough to force two sided appointments, or form any opposition to the extreme brutal cristian conservative uneducated majority.

I think that if we could hear the thoughts of big whig conservatives in the US, we would hear support for the christian democrat party in this next German election, not for Schoeder and the social democrats. This is a fact that repeats itself through history, but sppears to be of no concern to the people of the USA. I don't doubt that the US republicans, the US religious conservatives, naturally support and align themselves with the German christian democrats, the German religious conservatives. We see that the Nazis were an extremely conservative religious party, that shared many values with conservatives around the globe. It was just like the way Prescott Bush was punished for supporting the Nazis, and then turned to financially support Richard Nixon...there just is very little difference between the philosophy of conservatives and the Nazi people. What is shocking to me, is the way people seem to forget what that extreme conservatism and rejection of wisdom, science and education gave us. Extreme conservatism has the appearance of order, clenliness and harmony, but the reality is that extreme conservatism ruined Germany in the 40s. Why would it work for us in the USA? These patterns seems to exist though...extreme conservatives rise in power cause catastophe and chaos, and only then do the people finally turn to the opposite side. The pattern seems to repeat itself, because people are not willing to address and/or reject the causes, which are religion, antisexuality, conformity, hatred of science, intolerance, etc. Now, the mystery is to me...who and what were the reasons for those that opposed Nazism in the 1940's to begin with?...were they truly anti-racist? Were they truly for science and free thought? for human rights? or was their some other motivation? Because, ... obviously with the election and relection of Bush, such an extreme religious conservative, aligned with typically conservative views and people, ... is that anti-nazi view really still in existence in the USA? or was it ever?

I think conservatives must be grateful for psychology and antisexuality. Those two are the main theories that are used to confuse and conflict liberals. In my experience, those two are the main views expressed by other-wise liberal people when there is conflict or turmoil among liberals...when liberals lose. Those two are what gives the republicans their victories. I might include privacy and/or secrecy as a third region of success for the conservatives and conservative philosophy (and likewise the "philosophy of evil", at least as I interpret evil, which is certainly a human prejudice, but I thought more about it, and I think that there may even be universe views of good and bad, for example that destroying some matter that appears to be alive may be "bad"...although there is no doubt that massive civilizations are probably routinely converted to star ship fuel without any thought of good or bad). I am in favor of making one uniform set of laws for the planet, or at least one uniform system of law sets for the earth, all open to vote on by every person at all times...or working toward that goal. Because now we have the shadow system of psychiatric hospitals/laws, the shadow system of the military laws, international treaties...there should be one system so that all humans are guaranteed a democratic jury trial (for example), sentence, etc., and other human rights guarantees. Probably I could include "religion/lack of science" as a fourth "liberals gunna lose" catagory. So all together that makes "psychology", "antisexuality", "privacy/secrecy", "religion/antiscience"...perhaps there is something with "violence"...the way that the liberals cannot stand up against violence that has really been a downfall for liberals, at least in the USA.

How brutal is the 4 year prison sentence for asking for money to not sell nude photos of Cameron Diaz? Steve Cooley and the LA County DA pressed the charge, and Mike Pastor handed out the sentence. I don't think asking for money to not sell a photo should be illegal, and I don't think any nonviolent crime deserves 4 years in jail. That is scary.
9/16 Diaz can simply say "no, I won't pay you to not sell the photos". It's hardly a serious matter, or a crime in any way. Those that think asking for money to not do some nonviolent activity is illegal, I think have poor values. Think of all the examples of this, people could say "give me some money or I will not talk to you any more"...now they should be jailed for 4 years? "Give me 10 dollars or I will buy a computer"...again 4 years in jail for that question? "give me a dollar or I will take your picture", "give me a dollar or I will not take your picture"...the last sounds like a typical sale...pay somebody a dollar to take your picture...now all potential sales are extorsion? To me...extorsion is more like "give me $10 or I will do violence (break your leg, smash your window, etc...) to you. Which is really just a subset of threats of violence. One catagory that is interesting is "allusions to violence", which I get at work often. Both threats and in particular allusions to violence, many argue, are free speech, and protected under the 1st ammendment, and by the perhaps popular belief that all speech should be legal and nobody should be jailed for the content of anything they say, but I lean towards threats of violence (not allusions to), getting some (very small...in hours and days, not weeks unless repeated) jail time. I view threats to expose a person, requsts for money to not expose a person, etc, as perfectly legal, or at least that is my vote if ever counted.
---end 9/16/05 comment

There are plenty of alternate in between fully democratic and single/multi judge decisions. For example, since people are supposed to get a jury trial, a jury of 12 people, wouldn't it seem logical to open appeals to a larger jury? Then instead of 9 people on the supreme court being the final word, a million people could have their vote recorded over the Internet. The corruption of single and multi judge decisions is ruining the justice system and the planet. It is already past the time to open the courts up to public viewing and voting.

One thing that amazes me, and I think about often, is what an enormous universe we live in. Most people don't talk about it in daily conversation, but think of the number of galaxies and stars...trillions and trillions of stars and planets...and on each of those planets, a huge set of events is unraveling. Billions of grains of sand are blowing on Mars today, just like they do on countless millions of planets of stars, a very tiny few of those planets humans may eventually see and share images of, but most will go unseen by humans eyes for ever. It's a stunning reality. I like to dream of going to other stars, or even visiting Venus and being part of the project to cool the surface, or moving my house-ship to Centauri or some other star system...it helps me sleep, and is an endless source of interest and adventure for me. But just to think, like most humans on earth do not, that the universe is filled with stars and planets...billions of stars, trillions of planets...slowly evolved over millions of years, and that on many of those planets there must be life, similar to us, and then life very different from us, the possibilities of matter forming objects we would call alive seem infinite. There must be massive unions of living societies with trillions and trillions of members, and without doubt, massive catastrophe's in the history of the universe where countless living species were destroyed from conflict or by accident. Countless stories, planets, stars, galaxies....as Carl Sagan recognized "numberless moments...". Few recognize our daily reality, but what an awesome and unending truth that is.

I forgot to mention that humans will definitely model every piece of matter (probably generalizing large bodies like the planets, asteroids and comets) to view into the future where all the matter will be, to estimate collisions in the future, etc. But those models will have to be updated all the time because of tiny inaccuracies. Not many people will admit this, but our models of the universe, and in particular the matter in our star system must have to be updated all the time, because the oceans on earth, the influence of the many billions of galaxies, the way objects are modeled for their mass (amount of matter) and not their shape, etc. All these things throw off human estimates and the positions of asteroids, the moons and planets of our system have to be updated, I guess as often as possible. This process has to happen so regularly, that I don't doubt, humans will have machines that meaure and update the actual position of planets, moons and comets automatically.

If people call you "vert", "ped", "molestor", etc...call them "eunuch!" ("antisexual" is an alternative, but has too many syllables which would be spelled "SiLuBL" or something similar had the public enough logic).

I was reading "Stars and Planets", and there is a part on sunspots, and I was thinking, and I certainly could be wrong, and probably am, but could sun spots be chunks of matter that are being burned? Like ice chunks that float in the arctic ocean, maybe sun spots are pieces of liquid iron, or something that come up from the inside of the star and are separated into their source photons at the surface. It is interesting that, it seems clear that the surface of the sun must be the coldest since that is where the 0 degree freezing empty space meets the sun, and I don't doubt that the inside of the sun is even hotter, but because of the pressure, perhaps the inside is liquid (one claim in this book is that the sun is all gas, which I kind of doubt)...I can't believe that there is anything as thin as gas in the sun...people can look at the mass (amount of matter), and the size, see the average density and determine whether that includes liquid, which I think it does. I think there has to be liquid iron in the center or else where would the magnetic field (very visible in the way matter moves on the surface) come from? In fact the explanation given by most people is that sun spots are made by the magnetic fields. One thing that people have completely 100% missed is the idea that all matter is made of photons, and so they have not thought of this idea. One thing that I conclude is that much of the light from stars is not from Hydrogen being fused to helium, but from the chain reaction of hydrogen gas being burned (or separated in source photons). It's like burning a hydrogen gas flame, there is a chain reaction which destroys the protons that are Hydrogen.
There will be a time (presuming humans live for a few more thousand years at least), where humans will definitely lower the temperature of Venus. They could simply want to use all of that dense matter to build ships to other stars, but I think the sentimental, planet-loving humans will win the majority vote to make Venus an oxygen+nitrogen earth-like planet (perhaps they will hollow Venus out, but keep it a hollow sphere as a compromise). I am not sure how the temperature of Venus will be lowered but there is no doubt that some time will mark the beginning and end of that project. It's like the chunnel or any other large engineering project, it seems inevitable that humans will approach it with many good solutions and take it on at some time when the resources are available.

Again, one of the major mile stones, or meter stones...perhaps there is a better word in the history of the future, is when humans are able to take a block of iron and convert it into water, (even Hydrogen would be an accomplishment...which is no doubt already a reality), or any other atom that is wanted. Humans will probably use big blocks of iron to propel themselves in house-ships around the star system. Some of the block will go to propulsion (probably hydrogen and oxygen gas...or who knows?), some of it will go to water (although probably much of the water will be recycled because there will definitely be a price in photons needed to convert iron to water, oxygen, carbon, etc.). I don't know how, but I think the most promising method is through particle accelerators using so-called anti-matter, which could perhaps be called negative matter, but still the idea is that it is simply a different form of matter.

Swartzenegger is going to veto the gay marriage bill, claiming that the majority oppose it, and perhaps that may be true...it is difficult to know without counting the votes of the people. Most polls show that support for same gender marriage does not have a majority in California yet, but that is is gaining and will in perhaps a decade or two. Still making marijuana just a fine is clearly the popular majority but I don't see the conservatives running to make that law out of concern that the popular opinion is not being reflected in the laws.

I want to ask all people, including those elitist secret eye network celebrities if they support:
1) locking nonviolent people in hospitals without any sentences
2) use of 4 point restraints on nonviolent people
3) involuntary drugging of nonviolent people
4) locking nonviolent people in hospitals without legal defense or trial
5) believe evolution is a fact
6) think people that use drugs should be locked in jail

and many other questions. Somehow I am sure no "celebrities" would ever answer.
The fact remains that any person, any Jane Doe, Richard Roe, Lupe Alverez, Hasan Chan, etc can be picked up by people in police any where and locked in a psychiatric hospital indefinitely. period. It happens all the time. And the fact remains, that no body, not Michael Moore, not any body, will come to their defense to try and get them free. Can you imagine a person saying "free the people from the psychiatric hospitals!". Who is going to come to your defense, who is going to take legal action to get you free? nobody. People like Michael Moore will never speak out against those nonviolent innocent people locked in psychiatric hospitals, because it's like the old witch trials...if you say "free Jimmy Doe from Benjamin Rush..." people look at you and think...you must have a mental problem...maybe you are insane! In addition, like defending a person accused of witchcraft, not only do you not want to be labelled a witch, or witch-lover, you don't want witches coming around associating with you...or as applies to people locked in psychiatric hospitals, so-called wackos and psychos becoming involved with you. Although the fact remains, like those people in guantanamo...there may be overwhelming evidence that they have never been violent in any way, have lived a life of nonviolence, have accurate views of the universe, have committed no crime, never violated one law, in particular no violent law. So the fact remains, and a frightening fact that will not be addressed for many decades, that a person can be picked up by people in police, committed to a psychiatric hospital, not having broken one law, not having ever been violent, not even having caused a public disturbance. Does that happen? I can only presume, that yes, it definitely does happen, since the possibility exists. I have heard of at least one example of an older female [a witness to the Martin Luthur King jr, shooting, from the Mark Lane and James Earl Ray book] that was committed involuntarily for life.

I think it is clear now with Bush jr picking 2 supreme court justices that our supreme court is gone, and justice in the US is over for a least 25 years. It will take at least 25 years to make a progressive or liberal educated nonreligious intellectual majority in the supreme court, and the public appears not even to be solidly in that direction. With Bush jr, eventually the original crimes will be in the past, but the stink still lives on in the supreme court. Most people will eventually think...why bother pursuing that issue in the courts? Because, you know the backward majority of conservatives are going to ultimately vote any truth and justice down after millions of dollars and years of struggle. In addition, there is no chance of a planetary court with more authority, or planetary law system, or police to back up any planetary court decisions. Beyond that, we can be sure that any planetary court would be far from democratic, since the UN appears to be the only form of planetary government and that is far removed and no where near or even headed toward more democracy or public voting.

Awesome to see same gender marriage pass the California Senate or whatever it is...now we will get to see if Swatzenegger is going to allow the majority to rule (at least as reflected by the representatives in the CA senate), or if he is going to be a typical republican and make their puritanical backwards religious conservative minority views rule.
I have never actually touched a different male in a sexual way, I have never been brave enough to do that, but at least I have masturbated about it, I am at least that brave. I am not like the chicken-shyte people that will not allow themselves to even masturbate about it...what a bunch of cowards and closed and feeble-minded sapiens.

Michael Moore sent this out: "Our country is in an immediate state of vulnerability. More hurricanes, wars, and other disasters are on the way, and a lazy bunch of self-satisfied lunatics are still running the show."
I'm glad to see what Michael Moore is up to, but I think the word "lunatic" shows that he is a big believer in psychology, and cares little for science. I support his effort to expose Bush and company, and am glad for all his efforts, but it's a reminder that people for science can expect very little from Moore...he's not big into science or supporting the telling of evolution or history of science. It's an interesting phenomenon, how people learn to embrace the far-fetched theories of psychology used to lock people in hospitals without trials or sentences, but care little to disguss the history of science or support the idea of science in daily life. There is no doubt that Bush's interpretation of the universe is far from accurate, I doubt he even believes evolution is a fact, and Bush's lawless and violent philosophy is perhaps not rational or cetainly not ethical or good, making it perhaps insane or "lunacy"...that debate over who's ideas are "sane" will rage for years...I think Moore's philosophy and anti-war opinions are probably more law-abiding, realistic, and safer, but I doubt he really has a very accurate view of the universe that includes light as a particle, evolution, a Jesus made of DNA with no magical powers, etc. What concerns me about Bush is not that his ideas are insane, but that he is so willing to do violence, that he supports religion over science, etc. For centuries though, that idea of "insanity" will be used to try and discredit people...my view is...millions of people are insane...the important thing is are they going to support first degree violence? I hope they find evolution (as 67% in the US have yet to do), I hope they learn about Vesalius, Anaxagarus and others (as 80% or something in the US have yet to do)...but of most importance is enforcing the homicide and assault laws around the planet, and trying to make full democracy where we get to vote. The truth about psychology and labels of insane are that they are being used as a second set of laws to jail people indefinitely...I guess those labels would be less of a concern for me (and the labels are not a huge concern...it's more of a phenomenon...it's interesting to me...why do so many believe in psychology but not science?...what is the appeal of calling people psychos and sickos? but not anti-scientists, stupids, antisexuals or religious fanatics?) if the massive druggings and jailings of people without trials or sentences wasn't the legal end result of such a system.

In terms of relief for people suffering from Hurricaine Katrina I think we need a policy for our government that includes the idea of "no human will be allowed to go thirsty or hungry in the USA". With that rule, motto, or law, (and we could include be without access to a shower, toilet, room, will not need to be cold) many of these disasters would receive the minimum amount of response.

I hate to say something negative about Michael Moore, and I support a large amount of what he is doing, but he hasn't hesitated to question psychology and openly support those defective and offensive theories, ... so much of what Moore does I support, but he is more of like a religious sports kind of anti-bush anti-republican person, not a person that I relate to fully, that would be vocal in favor of evolution, a history of science, etc. so he has a different philosophy or approach than I do (but then so does everybody apparently!). So, I am looking forward to what Michael Moore will do next, but I know it's not going to be something that involves support for science, atheism, or most of the stuff I am interested in...much of Moore's popularity, I think comes from Christians, there is a shyte-load of money christians have...the majority are christians so that's why Moore is the most popular (although how many anti-bush rich people can you name? there are almost none....and the true liberals are few and far between...people like Ted Charach that exposed Thane Cesar, the killer of RFK [or at least is trying to since 1970]...these people are special and I think we are only seeing the very beginning of a second side, a side for truth, against violent crime, for free info, exposing the killers and violent criminals parading as republicans).
That type of language gives this "victorian"-kind of idea of being very careful about what we say..and thoughts of..."am i insane?...is what i said ok?..." where I am for wild ideas and full and open speech. I am not saying let's lock people up without trials or fine them for advocating religion and psychology,...I am simply using language to say...let's open up our tolerance of bizarre ideas...otherwise we are left like a bunch of field mice afraid to say anything for fear of it being inappropriate or being viewed as weird. The worst ideas involve violence anything else is just air blowing...and violent ideas are just bad ideas...it's simple to me...
I have said this before, but it is funny that people find torture and insanity funny...like "el pollo loco", and "crazy eddie", etc... some how delusion and involuntary treatments like drugging is comedic to many people...but then murder is very funny to many people. It's all remnents of religion and a backward interpretation of the universe and life...where sex is bad, pleasure is bad, and violence is acceptable.
There is actually an interesting larger picture that is involved when Moore uses the word "lunatic"...because they are people that are part of the eye networks, etc. they hear thoughts...and I get the feeling that they play big "demographic" games...like...they carefully choose their words to try and scoop up the most supporters, so there must be a need for Moore to separate himself from me...to support psychology...perhaps to diversify the democrats (or potential democrats)...to scoop up those that don't dig what I am saying....for those that are full believers in psychology and need a liberal hero or... leader...there is Moore...he will call a cat a psycho just as soon as look at her...he is one of those mamby-pamby anti-psychologers...he will echo the language they like to hear. So, that's what I think those things are for, not just that Moore believes in the fraudulent theories of psychology (or religion, etc), but that he and his crew are looking to scoop up or maintain those people, religious, psychologer-based, etc. that probably vote democrat. I don't need to pick up such people I have a career on my own...or ... I am more interested in the truth at the expense of popularity. This phenomenon is something I sense all the time...people trying to use language as a result of what they see in the camera network. Remember when Kerry said "boy...", no doubt he saw that many racists were not voting for him, and even though he probably is offended by racism, he needed votes so that a nonracist philospohy could carry the next four years...it's the decision of one slightly racist remark to win enough racist votes to have 4 years with a nonracist leader.

Person at Chili's on Alton in Irvine says "Ped?", after I say my name is "Ted". I later said: "Shame on Chili's for watching what our eyes see without our permission in secret. How unethical is that?", "Thane you", and "Not see you later".
It didn't take much searching on the Internet to find this page:
Chili's (and Macaroni Grill) is owned by "Brinker International". They are centered in Dallas Texas, and according to the buyblue page heavily contribute to conservatives. As I looked around I saw only white employees, except for one asian female, and one mexican male that was cleaning a table. There was one black person, a female customer eating. I thought: "I wonder if she would eat here knowing that Chili's is probably Klan owned, or certainly heavy supporters of republicans, a party known for racism". So stop going to Chili's and Macoroni Grill to stop funding these nazi eye network antisexual racist republican white male only corporations. Look at the owners of Brinker, they are all white males, not one female. If you are a female or nonwhite, why would you use their service? To keep female and nonwhite rights down for another century? So I will never go into a Chili's again (or macaroni grill) if at all possible. There were two Irvine police cars and people there like it was some kind of civil rights movement struggle going on, for a liberal to get a black bean burger, which shat the bed anyway. It was spicy and tasted alot like the gardenburger black bean burger. I thought it would be like the burger I had at a restaurant in Syracuse...The sports something brewery or something which was delicious, this was just a puck of shyte, just like the garden burger black bean burger, nothing to cheer about. Plus the rest of the menu is all meat.
2003-2004 Election Cycle Contribution Statistics
View BuyBlue.org Methodology
Total Spent: $90,000.00

16.34% to Democratic Party candidates
83.66% to Republican Party candidates
0% to Other candidates
Douglas H. (Doug) Brooks - Chairman, President, and CEO
$2,000 to BUSH-CHENEY '04 (PRIMARY) INC (R) on 2003-07-07
(FEC Schedule A: 23992051346)
$1,000 to PETE SESSIONS FOR CONGRESS 2004 (R) on 2004-03-29
(FEC Schedule A: 24991057422)

Thanks to buyblue.org, but why don't other liberals connect me and tell me? Why are they so bent on losing? Don't they want the public to know, to inform themselves, so they can avoid funding or interacting with rascists, antisexuals, homophobes, antiwomen rights, far right wing rude radical religious people? I am so tired of liberal democratic people walking into conservative republican restaurants without knowing it, why don't people tell them? Tell them about Frank Fiorini...they don't know! Tell them about Thane Cesar...they don't know...are we just going to let the criminals, liars, and murderers walk away with our government, our nation and our lives? Tell them!

While on the topic of restaurants to watch out for, those in Irvine, watch out for the Taco Bell, KFC on Campus. They always have an insult at the ready for me. The last time (and I think the last time I will go there) a female taking drive thru orders said "freak", to which I said "nazi", and we left it at that, but how disgusting...who wants that. And then...watch out for this...I got a 7 layer burrito, and it happened twice that the rice was from the bottom and so was rock-hard (many times the beans are scraped from the bottom as happened at Baja grill one time). So liberals beware of that Taco Bell/KFC, other Taco Bell/KFCs I have not had any kind of problem like the one on Culver, ... the one on Jamboree...only once did they do something...I can't remember exactly. But the one on campus, for sure, everytime they have said something rude, stay clear of them if you don't want the "black person's food in the all-white restaurant" experience. As an aside, it is amazing how much the reichers at Chili's sound just like Victor from Wheel of Life, and many others, who I would presume are democrats or liberals, being vegetarians...they echo the same thing "ped" "psycho" "freak" etc... but shockingly they are defacto supporters of the republicans and conservatives (which the conservatives focus on, as a place or concept where they won so-called liberals to their side and the democrats lost). This phenomenon must have been seen in Nazi Germany by smart Jewish people...many must have thought...that Nazi ass kissing shithead...what do they hope to gain? A delayed road to the crematoria?

I think that Bush, Cheney and others know that fascism can't possibly win. The lies about Fiorini and Thane Cesar cannot persist. Eventually, like all Musolini's, the fascists fail. If it wasn't for the 3 tiny tv stations they control, the public would already know all about Frank Sturgis, Thane Cesar, seeing what our eyes see in the infrared...that thought must scare the shit out of Bush and the other people with much to lose...mostly conservatives. They must realize the public would be pissed at them for all the killing and lying, in particular about JFK, RFK, 9/11...the question really is when not if. They are insulated, and protected by the massive lie machinery of the television stations and major media. What keeps the eye images of Thane Cesar and Fiorini ... like the Zubruter film out of the view of the public for decades.

It is interesting that the sun, the star the earth rotates, is releasing billions and billions of photons every second. It is releasing many more photons than it is taking in. A person can simply add up the amount of matter (mass) of our star, divide by the number of photons emitted each second and get an estimate of the maximum age the sun can continue burning (although, as the age burns off matter, it's surface area gets smaller so it would burn less)...in fact the sun is getting smaller each second as it loses more matter. I wonder if we will ever be able to actually measure a difference in diameter after centuries.

Another thing I was thinking about is the way sometime the light from the sun, directly from the same direction, feels hotter than on other days, could that be from solar flares? or simply from high humidity (water in the air that makes the light from the sun feel hotter)?

Awesome to see Alan Dershowitz tell the truth about Supreme Court judge Rehnquist. What an evil piece of shit (although perhaps nonviolent) Rehnquist was, as Dershowitz typed, he was a racist, homophobe, antiwomen rights, religious, conservative, and I am adding a person that pissed all over the public and human rights. We should examine closely those 5 humans that allowed Bush and the confederacy to take over for 8 years: Rehnquist (who had to die rather than retire), Thomas (way to sell out the black people), O'Connor (way to sell out women) [both Reagan appointed], Kennedy (I think was Reagan appointed - just think opposite of other Kennedy family for all decisions...reagan clearly wanted to confuse the public, and depolarize the kennedy versus conservative growth), Scalia (who is a total midevil back-ass backward reicher). What amazes me are that people are supposed to respect and kiss the ass of a person like Rehnquist who stomped all over their rights and freedoms? That 9 humans sit there and decide the laws for 300 million humans is a disgrace and major injustice, let us vote already!

8/25/05 My mom was so excited about an article she read about a female being appointed head chef at the white house that she sent it to a female friend of mine, and my feeling is like...doesn't she understand what is going on...? the conservatives are trying to offset the supreme court nomination of John Roberts...it's all to manipulate the public (and worked perfectly on my mom). who cares about who the head chef at the white house is? that changes every few months...this is the supreme court, a person that will be ruining the USA for 20 or more years....that is replacing a female...instead of replacing with a female, and filing the supreme court making equal representation for women....for example, 4 females and 5 males would be more representative of the US population...we are a few weeks from losing the right to abortion...and she is glad because a female was made head chef? It is such a shallow simple minded political manuever designed to manipulate unsuspecting people who don't undersand the way it works, people pay money to directly print the AP, etc news stories, down to the very words... my mom is old, not in the camera eyeball net, doesn't hear thoughts, got a 1940s education...
I was thinking that they could have found a rapid right wing pawn (like kathreen harris in florida), to end abortion, or do whatever they wanted to...a total christian right wing conservative, knows her place female...but they chose not to. Did Roberts make significant campaign contributions? What moved him forward...did he make some important favorable decisions for the Bush family and fellow conservatives? But I think to answer the question, why not a woman? they view females in the traditional way, that they should serve their husbands, that they should not work, or that a female that is not married, or is employed is a lesbian or trying to be a man. It's only been 85 years since female humans were legally allowed to vote. Those views cannot be easily changed in such a short amount of time. That is why no female, even a pawn that will absolutely echo their wants was chosen. I was thinking, that perhaps it was an extra safeguard to push through making abortion totally illegal...a female might have second thoughts, or waiver...thinking of her own body or be empathethic to other women.

My biggest complaint against psychology is the "treatment without consent" issue, more than the pseudoscience issue. People should not be drugged, even if they have violated some law...even people in prison have basic rights. The right not to be drugged, unconsentually, for example as part of a medical experient. In addition, my biggest complaint about psychology is the jailing of people being restrained with 4 point restraints, without trials, sentences, basic legal rights any person charged with a crime usually has. So, I see the future of psychology, like the future of psychics and astrology as voluntary. There will probably be a psychologer, just like a psychic on a street somewhere, trying to get some money. As long as there is not drugging, restraints or unwillful containment, I think that is the free market, and should be legal (although highly unethical, trickery, dishonest, and far removed from an accurate description of the universe as explained through science).

8/24/05, ammended 8/25/05
My $380 bike was stolen from Steinhaus Hall at UC Irvine. A second bike stolen at UCI. And this bike was locked (the other bike was stolen in 20 minutes but was unlocked). The trajedy is that a simple $30 web camera could have solved or at least helped to solve the crime.

9/15/05 made changes
I want to tell the story about what happened to me at work, I usually don't put this stuff on the web, but it was so disgusting that I want to comment to the public about what my life is like. I was fined $500 (5 days leave without salary) for telling a coworker I was going to complain if she continued giving me put-downs (I'm not going to unload the entire boring saga, but as a summary it is totally gross and disgusting. The entire thing is stomach turning. Basically they all lied, I told the truth, and I was punished. It was like when one sibling is punished for causing the other sibling to beat them up, or like the old south where a black person was put-down or assaulted, but if they so-much as complained they were punished ultra harshly, and the person that they talked back to gets "are you ok?...did that black man hurt you?..." and ultra compassionate treatment. All the people here, and I don't doubt on all of the earth are so dishonest and crappy... we are not going to have justice for centuries with this group. For them 3=7 or whatever is needed. The co-worker said "freak" instead of "free" loudly directed at me as usual. Many of them are like high-schoolers, never went to college and so that high school behavior is still with them (although many of us were polite and mature even in high school). A number of them regularly call me "psycho", "douche", "ped", "kookoo", "freak" (although many times very subtlely, and rarely directly)...I am nothing but polite to them, but they claim I have a social interaction problem. People need 600 math SAT to attend UC, a phd to teach at UC, but they don't need any SAT, or degree to work here. Their life is centered around watching my eyes (and hearing my thoughts) with millions of other people, they have nothing outside of that. Some examples include the person that called me a "douche" by attaching "sh" to the end of the word "do" and a long list of "psycho", one said "fffag"... I recorded over 200 similar disrepectful put-downs by a few dozen people over a period of 6 months. It was very interesting, just for my own records to see who was the rudest/meanest. People must chart and rate all the people of earth to see who are the meanest, rudest, politest and friendliest. I don't doubt that many of the people I work with would clearly receive high "rude" and "mean" scores. In my "recording insults experiment" many people varied like the dow jones, but some rose to the top (or bottom depending on your perspective) as the most prolific insulters. They all lied, and everybody in the secret camera eye net knows it, I was punished harshly but the others didn't get so much as a warning letter, the HR person was totally one sided, they all are, a total camera net reicher, one example was the person that said telling a person: "get out of here" and "leave" [I compare it to "Shindler's List" where the young girl yells "good bye jews!"] is not disrespectful, nor is calling a person "gay" He didn't mention my claims of being called "psycho", "freak", "fffag", "douche", but I don't doubt he would actually claim that those are not disrespectful. They found my telling the person I was going to complain if she continued the put-downs (and I did calmly), made people fear for their safety. Next if I don't say "bless you" when somebody sneezes I may be given a month and a half of administrative (albeit paid) leave as was what happened this time.
[it was implied in the HR person's report that the same is true for calling a person a "psycho", or it was asserted that they didn't believe me]), They rejected my offer to wear a hidden camera and microphone, or use a web camera and microphone on my computer, because they already see what our eyes see, and lie lie lie. and now my new bike stolen within 3 days of owning it, I feel disappointed in the leadership and administration of UC. Certainly at the level of university Librarian, HR, Vice Chancellor and Chancellor. The code of conduct, or the idea of mutual respect in the workplace is a total joke. These people are viscous, and I am nothing but friendly to them. They all appear to support the idea of lying. Not one of those brutal rude people was punished or even given a warning, in some way, it's like they are encouraged. And I don't doubt that much of their insults are funded...they actually get paid money (like a $20,$50, or $100 for calling me "psycho", or some conservative christian buzzword). Mark my words, we will not have 1 web camera on the central parts of UCI [like where my bike was stolen] (unlike USC, Berkeley and many other universities) before the UC monarchy [they aren't elected and don't serve terms] is done. Nor will I ever get my 2 bikes back. As an example, there had to be a law, the Jean Clearly law, to make them even report their statistics on violent crime. They are a bunch of secretive, way overpaid, do nothing brutal people. The people in the eyeball secret networks just sit there and watched them get stolen and do nothing. I think the faculty, students and staff should get to vote for the presidents at UC, and in particular on their outrageously unproportionately giant salaries. The entire UC, not to mention the USA, and earth is just a big mush brained group of brutal people, spineless, violent, lawless, liars. I think bike theft insurance may be a possible answer for me (but there may be a deductible, my bike is only $400). it's just bullies, criminals and liars. They have surrounded me, my entire life. They picked on my in high school, they put me down at work and in the stores, they destroy and steal my property, they exclude me from seeing eyes, ... but through it all, I think there is something positive through it all, and in the universe. I understand the mightyness of the truth that all matter is photons...there must be some kind of ...maybe justice... but some kind of physical equality in the universe. There is some future path for all those photons. We, as photons, probably can never know what those billions of paths are, but yet they exist, will happen, and are as certain as time.
So I feel bad that they chose to go with the lie instead of trying to put a stop to workplace rudeness, bullying and putdowns. In some way, I suppose they are on the side of the bullies and rudites, certainly bonded by the secret "behind the eyes" network, sworn forever to secrecy, but beyond that, they sided on the side of even simple rudeness and repeated put-downs, instead of shoosing to honestly address those rude people, rudeness and put-downs based on sexual preference, perceived mental disability, etc. As a result my job changed and I have to see fewer of the rude people I did, I have my own office, I still have job and same salary. Again simply for telling a person I didn't appreciate being called "freak", they feared for their safety (despite years of nonviolent history, at least for me, and many videos expressing an interest to stop violence, matched by their silence and lack support for such messages). In any event, my feeling is that, things are very bad...in particular here at UCI, in Orange County, the USA, and earth. but mainly here, for me...my conclusion was a helpful one: just ignore the insults, or only answer in my mind, which they hear. Don't sink down to their level, don't let them use up the valuable time of my life. Let their rude insult be the words that ring and echo in their head, not your reply. Make it clear who is rude, think of the positive stuff you want and need to, to get moving on the projects in your life. I am not going to go through all the pluses and minuses, see my paper on "rudeness" for that. In some ways, things have worked out for the better, although, it is shocking that I was punished, when I have been nothing but polite to all people, even if they are persistently rude to me.
09-13-05 update
This is funny, I saw a liberal friend that I work with and she said she was interviewed during that white-wash warren commission "investigation" into my making an employee cry and my complaints of rude put-downs, and she told me that she told the interviewers that yes, she did hear the person call me a "freak" but on a different occassion (a time I kind of remember too, but there are so many put-downs, that I usually forget many of them...they all blend together...I used to keep notes to jog my memory) where the person slammed down some papers and said loudly "freak!". So a person did come to my defense! And to show what a white-wash and dishonest, biased group of people and activities the people conducting the "investigation" are and performed, that interview was omitted entirely from the report given me, it was as if it never happened! All of the person's comments were not included, and no mention was made that the person was even interviewed! What a total coverup and one sided bunch of lies. It's just the way nazis and nazism is, you know, they have their decision which has nothing to do with the truth, and then they change the star system to conform to that decision, surpressing fact after fact. Talking with this person was probably like two people that survived WW2 talking about the bizarre and frightening injustice done before and during WW2, and what a relief to have survived and be able to talk openly about the injustice, brutality and lies done. There is, ofcourse, nothing I can do, and nothing would happen because the entire structure is rotten to the core, but still, it is interesting to see the extent those people went to lie and coverup the truth, in addition to punishing those that tell the truth.
end 09-13-05 update

on a small scale of earth, for every put-down, theft, lie, etc. the evil people continue to go down and the good people go up. Through it all, I think there will be justice and people will get to see and that a majority of decent people will come along and correct the terrible past of life on earth, and solve all of our problems (at least the idiotically simple problems that plague us now).

I view psychology as a disease. Just like religion and antisexuality. Perhaps psychology is even more widespread, because even atheists buy into the bogus theories of psychology (like "psychosis" which is applied to nonviolent old ladies, and violent killers, and usually by those that swear on bibles...so they must be sane). I've concluded that anybody that rejects that particles of light are the basis of all matter is insane, or certainly less accurate than me in describing the universe....delusional in their interpretation of the universe with photons as "massless" and not the basis of all matter (or with none or a god based theory). What is the appeal of psychology where science has failed to reach everyday chat? We hear average people using words like "psycho", "mental", etc...but no stories about science or history. Why did psychology of all professions gain popularity, where chemistry and math have failed to capture the public interest? I can only make an educated guess, but I think that it is because psychology, like religion provides people with a basis for a corrupt social order. It allows people to ignore the truth. Who cares if what the person says is true, we can label them insane so it doesn't matter, it can be ignored, we can win even though we are lying and what they say is true. Like religion, psychology allows people to justify lies and inequality and prejudice in hiring, for example. It's when I hear a person support "sanity", call somebody a "psycho", etc, when I think "yep, see...they have it...they've been infected..." It's like religion, when I hear people talking about accepting jesus into yer heart, it's the same thing...disease that has spread like kudsu and wildfire. Psychology is what is stopping the spread of truth, when scientists are viewed as "wacky" and people that claim JFK was shot from the front as "crazies"...at evey turn I have never seen any good come from psychology, or the torturing and drugging of nonviolent people. Mainly, psychology, like religion, is used by people that view themselves as superior to others, they have the "sane" view, many times those people openly wear crosses and claim Jesus made 10 loaves from 1, etc.

I think people will come to me eventually, because they will eventually want the truth, want to support the truth, hear more from those who speak the truth. In particular about the photon is matter ideas. Perhaps this will only happen after I am dead, but I think it is inevitable. It cannot be denied, it is only a matter of time before the majority take an interest, understand and accept what I am saying about all the matter in the universe (and even the so-called "anti-matter") being made of photons. People will want to talk with me eventually, but perhaps by then it will be too late. Already, people are ridiculously late in presenting these theories to the public.

More on the Robertson demand for violence: To his credit Chavez did not issue any "fatwas" in retailiation against Robertson. To me, that says that Chavez is the more civilized. Just like Robertson there are many dedicated followers and supporters of Chavez and the message they got is one of peace. Robertson calls for violence, I call for stopping violence, we are clearly polar opposites. Robertson has the appearance of Fred Rodgers with a buttoned sweater, but clearly his message is far from "won't you be my neighbor", which is what the message to Venzuela and South and Central America should be, one of working together, as equals, openly, learning from each other, working together in a free market, a free trade of ideas, opening the borders, together as one hemisphere and one planet. Chavez is the democratically elected President of Venezuela, Robertson is calling for the murder of a democratically elected (and recently tested as popular favorite) president, Robertson is certainly not pro-democracy. Robertson opnly supports democracy when a Chrisitian leader is popular, not when somebody from the opposite side is. Despite what Robertson doing as being basically illegal, and people have been given life sentences for plotting murder, I think the law needs to be updated to account for free speech. Even calls for first degree violence (including miltary/slaveowner orders) is a nonviolent activity (although unethical). I don't doubt that we will see 3d shoot-em-up games with preachers versus scientists, etc. In some way those video games are good, beyond being entertaining, nonviolent (even if the game shows images of violence), because they allow a person to relieve their anger, anger that might otherwise be release as actual violence. But the most important message is that those are all nonviolent free speech activities (again, although some might say unethical or dangerous). As a final note, there are those people on cable, christians requesting money to feed starving people, I see nothing wrong with that, and I think that is a good cause, although the cause of religion is not any good. but, look at Pat Robertson, here this guy requests money for another rolls royce to add to his collection. I think the words of the VP of Venezuela are good. Robertson's call for murder is a call for terrorism. ("violence" and "homicide" don't register with most people in the US now, because "terror" has been pumped out to them by the millions). In addition, how important to see a person critical of "fundamentalist religion" in South America. The Jesus cult was thrust upon the native american people of south america by the people that conquered the americas from Spain, and I want to see the native (and all) people of the americas through off the shackles and idiocy of religion. 08/23
Pat Robertson is calling for the killing of the nonviolent Hugo Chavez. This proves that Robertson is a violent criminal. Plotting homicide of nonviolent people, 1st degree "cold blooded" homicide is illegal. The aw is refered to as "conspiracy to commit murder". Why do nonviolent, law abiding people support Robertson? I was thinking of the history of the stop violence laws. The assault laws are a recent phenomenon, not nearly as old as the homicide law. The homicide law is at least as old as the famous old testiment commandent "thou shalt not kill", commandment number 1. Where was the "Thou shalt not even assault"?
I think the Robertson blood thirsty call for first degree murder, is more evidence that christianity is a dangerous cult. The past is littered with Chrisitan first degree murder. The phrase attributed to Jesus of "turn the other cheeck", is far removed from the powerful people in the religion that now holds Jesus as their founder. Many of them echo Robertson's views of first strike violence being an acceptable an preferable way of life, even though it is illegal and barbaric. Where are the calls to stop violence around the planet?
Robertson is calling on his massive following to perform murder for him, and I hate to think that some young impressionable people might feel that they should do violence for Robertson (or any other person). I tell you now, don't do violence. Many people that try to do violence get killed in the process. We have much to live for, and we can live in peace, we need to stop all the violence on earth.
I want to add that I don't agree with everything Chavez in Venzuela is doing, but there is no evidence that Chavez has done violence, and if he has, than, like all violent people, they should be captured, arrested, tried and jailed, not physically hurt or killed, obviously, we have laws and civilization.
It's not clear that Chavez is pro-communism, and as always, I am anti-communism, and strongly pro-full-democracy.

Again, it is just terrible that some impressionable young people might be conflicted about the violent blood thirsty message from Robertson. how callous and irresponsible Robertson is to try and influence some poor pawn to do murder for him. Why don't they try to spread peace and love through the planets?

For many religious people, the truth, law, science, civilization is of no value. When we have no homicide laws, the most important law, what does that say about our civilization? The other frightening aspect, is not only the way important laws are ignored, but the way truth and logic is ignored...for many religious truth is of no value, and I think that is a very dangerous reality.

I don't doubt that Robertson actually verbalized what many of the religious conservative republicans think, believe, but don't say in public. His words remind me of a "Geiko" ad where a baseball coach says "I'm takin' you out!". These people are not warm fuzzy people you want to gather the family around to enjoy wholesome good time entertainment, unless your into bloody execution and persecution of the innocent.

q: Life on earth is a 4 billion year old unbroken chain. 4 billion years at least, and maybe even more.

I feel like telling people: "welcome to the democratic party, where we expose Thane Cesar and Frank Fiorini, Bush senior's connection to the killing of JFK, where we speak out against violence, for freeing the nonviolent, against arresting people for drug use, selling sex, and where we openly expose the lies of 9/11. Who that other party is, we don't know...but the feeling is that they are a rebellious adjunct of the Republican party." There are like 4 or 5 of us, me, the maker of "JFK II", "The Second Gun" (Charach), and a handful of others.

Now we see (although not the actual video - now why is that? Who would have something to hide in not showing a subway video camera?) that the person shot 7 times in the head and once in the shoulder casually walked on the train and sat down, and was in a denim jacket, not an overcoat. What is shocking is how dishonest the so-called eye-witnesses were. Wow, am I glad for ameras, the humans are a total diappointment. Maybe this was a death sentence given on a subway for a person that was involved in the subway bombings. If yes, than I think the court system is a far better way to punish people. But, the public claim from people in the UK government is that the person was not even involved, which makes it a first degree homicide, perhaps with tiny extenuating circumstances. Without doubt the person or persons that shot still unidentified to the public) should definately be banned from owning or using loaded guns or explosives. In addition, the person ought to be charged with some form of homicide. It is shocking how little value is given to human life in this century. Perhaps because so little value is given to the lives of the other species. I don't know, but it is clear, that humans care very little for punishing, stopping or even identifying homicide. Then 43! people were killed in a bomb in Bagdad today. Maybe some street cameras would at least expose where many of these bombs originate from.

For any people in science and education that voted for Bush jr, look at how he is dismantling evolution in schools, and adding christianity to the schools. It is ironic, I think, to see people in education and science that voted for Bush jr, because here, Bush jr, is dismantling their career by dismantling science. It is pure idiocy in my mind. The religious help their cause, they funded and brought one of their own to power, on the opposite side of the spectrum, what have the truthful and pro-science done? Who have they catapulted to the top? No one, many of them supported the christian representative Bush jr. It is really a secret, perhaps, that we in science should not be hiring or promoting the religious, in particular the christians. They are already too dangerous, their message is already too powerful and influential, dangerously influential. Their message is lawless, violent, illogical, dishonest. 8/16
I think it is kinda cool, that humans may buy ships that are more like houses as life grows to and moves between the planets and stars. Even in earth orbit, we will start to see "three story" ships, equipped with steering and fuel tank (perhaps the fuel will be standard blocks of iron or platinum [one of the densest atoms] attached to the back or bottom of each ship), and the usual, bedrooms, bathrooms (water will probably be recycled, and I am sure will be atomically pure, because I doubt like now people will pipe water, or electricity from ship to ship). I was thinking that, I may have to even throw away the idea of a huge ship going to other stars...(although perhaps there might be reasons for a big ship, based on the engine, or speed requirements...or perhaps other reasons)...I see no reason that, like modern highways and airways, smaller individual ships could easily take well travelled paths to the closest stars (again, there are serious time limits on how fast humans in the current form can accelerate, and therefore how fast they can move, in addition to serious limits on engine designs that can only use photons to propel them). Along those highways, maybe there would be "truck stops" and mini cities where people get supplies, where rescue operations are launched, where more fuel can be obtained (the entire idea of trading is kind of interesting if matter can be easily converted into any form, but I don't doubt that converting matter will take some matter to do, so existing forms of matter may have more value...it's interesting that a bar of iron is commonplace, and contains the equivalent of 8 times [or something] the amount of H20, but if a human is thirsty atoms of already made water would probably be more valuable...it all depends on what humans value, I like to get paid in hot babes...ahaha.)

There may be a time when the public changes to support people like me, the honest people. At this time, they prefer to be lied to. They would rather be treated like children. The truth is too upsetting for them, too shocking or upsettingto believe. They are promoting those that will lie to them, sending those people into great wealth and power. But I think that the time is coming for our group, the honest. I feel strongly that people will eventually get smart and support the truth. In fact, history has slowly been moving that way. People are not burned at the stake for Christian heresy in the western nations any more, slavory was outlawed, women have the right to vote. Eventually, the honest may rise to the top, instead of wallowing at the bottom of income and influence.

I think in the future, our strongest friends and long term allies are not going to be our sex partners. I think the two forms of love are not really related. Long term love based on philosophical agreement is of a familiar nature while I think sexual love is based on a new never experienced nature, where people that are familiar to us are not sexy. Perhaps the future will be different where sexuality is closely related to philosophical long term friendships. It's tough to know for sure, because, I doubt people will want to have sex with people that have too many philosophical differences. Mainly when I am talking about an interest in variety it relates to physical appearance (including face, race, shape, etc). And I think that when the idiotic taboos are removed from sex, perhaps people will view sex between long term friends less uncomfortably, as a natural thing like handing a friend a toilet paper.
In the future, humans may reproduce and make many children that move between planets and stars, some may come to be long term allies with their parent, others may not. I wonder if the idea of a family unit that lives together will last as we see walking robots, moving between planets and stars, and people being more honest about there sexual preferences and acceptableness (with no chance of disease) of sex with a variety of different people. There is no doubt that young humans will stay near one or both parents for years until reaching maturity. I don't doubt that humans will definately make new humans that do not age within the next 1000 years. Then life of earth will be a different game altogether. Reproductions may be very carefully regulated, or many people will probably go hungry or thirsty (unless humans can grow at a rate to accumulate enough matter to feed the growing life). Since no humans will be dying (or less humans will be), more and more matter will be being converted into humans (where before it was being recycled). In addition, matter will need to be converted into water and oxygen to maintain the growing unaging life of earth.

The phenomenon of democracy appears to me to be a phenomenon of those at the bottom toppling those at the top. It has always been a battle between the powerless versus the powerful. The lower income majority versus a higher income minority. Eventually in most populations, the majority (the lower income), come to win. It's more fair, since they are the majority, and how terrible those in power and with wealth abuse their advantage to lie, cover up the truth, to keep secret advanced technology they have the wealth to see first, my experience is that most of those in power are almost always terrible. They are overpaid, do little or nothing for those below, ignore popular opinion, and every word out of their mouth is a lie to the majority.

History is full of examples, of the majority or the powerless overthrowing the minority of the powerful. The US rebellion against England, the French rebellion against the French monarchy, the Russian overthrow of the monarchy, ...

I think it is clear that the truth about Fiorini, Thane Cesar, the eye images, the ceililng lasers, the moving of muscles... all of it is going to come out to the public. We know it is. It has to happen. No secret can be kept that long. The truth is very tough to suppress. Maybe that will not happen for 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, 100 years...maybe not even for 00 years, or even 300 years...I find that hard to believe. If I had to guess, I would say within 50 years, certainly no more than 100 years. And what will happen when all those images come pouring out? How will the public react? Will they quietly accept the past crimes, and slowly try to jail those exposed as killers of humans? Or will they react very harshly against those that kept the secrets? Will there be nuremberg type trials for thousands of people? My feeling is that the release of all those images, the days the public finds out about seeing and hearing thought, is going to be remembered like a Pearl Harbor. It will be that striking and significant. Perhaps it will be similar to the way people felt when Krutchev revealed some of what Stalin had done. I think it will be similar to the release of the Auschwitz photos. People will be shocked, and disgusted. Disgusted that they trusted those that lied, that such a large group of lies could have been pulled off on the public. They will instantly see how they were fooled.

When people call me a "rat", I thought of a new thought: "yes, we are the rats that expose you, and you are the criminals that try to shut us up.". They lie to the public, they have many many secrets. It's shocking how many people, violent people, with violent unpunished crimes are out there, seen by all, but not yet arrested, because the entire power structure is corrupted and involved. As I said, arresting people for assault would decimate the republican, police/government ranks...the churches would be empty of males.

I hope New York State doesn't go republican like California did. The republican menace is responsible for killing JFK, RFK, John Lennon, and we can only guess who else. I realize it's difficult to see democrats as opposed to those murders, since they are so silent about Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar, and the coincidence of Reagan winning the election and John lennon getting killed days later, but please try to read between the lines, or frankly, to guess that such lines may exist in the democrat's minds. I, kind of think that what Pirro is doing is noteworthy, a female trying to infiltrate an anti-women, racist organization like the republican party, some people have to be the first to try to colorize the klan, or equalize the men only clubs. If Pirro promises to end the drug war, legalize prostitution, stop violence, distribute free history of science DVDs she probably would get my support, but we all know from abc to xyz, that the republicans are a bunch of violent jesus cult killers or protecters of killers like Thane Cesar at best, and the democrats are not much better, but at least not as bad. I hope California goes back to a much stronger democrat than Davis was, and drops the republicans until they admit that they covered up for and protected Thane Cesar, that it was wrong and illegal.

science+experiment: ďno nukesĒ I was thinking about an idea I thought about months before now, and that is that there is no real difference between hydrogen combustion (simply burning Hydrogen gas), burning methane...burning any gas or any material and nuclear fission and nuclear separation. Nuclear fission is splitting an atom into two or more other atoms (in addition to left over matter/debris), nuclear separation is completely destroying an atom, mainly completely destroying the atom nucleus. Shockingly, this is what happens any time a person lights a lighter or match. Those atoms of gas are being completely destroyed (basically separated into their original photons), their nuclei are being destroyed. When lighting a lighter, a person is destroying neutrons and protons of butane gas and oxygen gas. That oxygen is completely gone, not one neutron remains from many atoms that are separated/destroyed by the chain reaction started by the flint spark. Any human, teacher, president, educator, doctor, physicist (lets go now and ask some....get them on the record), chemist..any body that rejects that, I think is looking up a tough hill...the neutrons are not destroyed? Come on now. So, when a person lights a lighter, you can say...Ēhey man...no nukes buddy.Ē. Because that is nuclear destruction...they are splitting and destroying those oxygen (and gas) atoms. So why do people hate nuclear technology? The key difference is how the atoms are separated. With a slow neutron, large atoms in particular, split and many many photons exit, so many, that the frequency of the photons leaving in all directions is gamma frequency and would easily damage our cells and kill any human. For many interesting reasons, burning gases results in many photons, but, I am guessing mostly photons with visible and infrared frequency. I doubt a gas explosion (in that initial instant, the nastiest part of a gas explosion) would produce photon quantities in xray (but lets do some experiments to prove that). I don't doubt that the nature of most gas explosions, never produces more than ultraviolet frequencies of photons...we know there are visible frequencies...we see the explosion, and infrared..the explosion generates a large amount of heat... but are there enough photons exiting per nanosecond to make xray, gamma frequency from such explosions? Either way, it is very interesting; how atoms unravel. Why with a neutron beam splitting atoms do many atoms give off such large quantities of photons to produce gamma (or x...I honestly don't know) frequencies. but with a spark chain reaction (with a flint on a lighter, or the material on a match head scraped against the match back material...again a mystery to me at this time) the atom unravels in a safer way only producing photons in visible frequency amounts? Oxygen burns/separates very easily compared to all other atoms I think...oxygen is absolutely a necessary component of the ďfireĒ chain-reaction, the reaction used in many rockets H2+O2 and a spark plug, a burning log in a fireplace...what keeps the rocket spewing photons in the visible spectrum (we all can clearly see), but uranium + a few neutrons spewing photons with much higher frequency. The key to me is that ... perhaps there is some common atom (like iron) that can be used as fuel (the gases are usually the number 1 choice...gases have explosive force, most solids don't, but a smart chemist human could actually describe all known combustion reactions...and I don't doubt that is on the Internet somewhere. Maybe there are others that are not yet known. It's interesting about iron because...there are many photons in there waiting to get out...but the only known chain reactions are probably with beams of neutrons...so...I have said numerous times..nucelar engineering people could probably find some separable (or perhaps even fissionable) common atoms that are safer....or don't produce ďradioactivityĒ-which is mainly so many photons at one time (gamma or x frequency) that it is dangerous for human bodies.

This insight that a butane lighter is doing nuclear reactions, I think, has only come about, because of thinking about the ďphoton is matterĒ (or light is a particle of matter that changes direction and not velocity) theory, and is evidence that there may be more interesting and useful facts to find on this tree/line of thought.

To me the earth is like a photon buffet: all the photons you can see. I like to see the photons reflected off of female human breasts, (I am one of the few and the proud that will openly admit it, find a female that will admit to enjoying seeing photons reflected off of a peen, but somehow somebody out there must to keep life going and reproducing. it's a royal scam to pretend that we are all not sexual in any way.) for example, or a pretty female human face or female human buttocks, some times legs, sure, and then a wide variety of females humans, after I've seen how photons reflect the shape of one female body, there is not as much mystery or unknown...it's the same old data. Ofcourse physical beauty is an important and powerful influence, but for me, always looking for friends, to laugh, for some interesting info and insight to some part of the universe, the most important thing about people is what is inside...what they have chosen to put in their brain, their opinions, their statements, thoughts, works, etc. Ofcourse, I realize that in person, I can not look at any human female or male for more than 1 second, because people view being looked at as rude. I can see why people in the secret camera nets enjoy viewing people without their knowledge, because then they can take a good long look and receive as many reflected photons as wanted. It's interesting that in some way I think anti=sexual people fuel my curiousity and interest in breasts and butts, because to me, they are kind of plain and boring, but the antisexuals are so fanatical and furvent about them that perhaps I am not fully appreciating the beauty or all there is to see and know about breasts, vaginas and butts, etc.

I have to wonder about the recent firing of a 4 star general. Because it is Bush jr and the radical religious extremists doing the firing, it has to be a liberal being fired. I was talking earlier about the complications of the US military having 2 sides, but the president being only on one side, because a president can decimate the other side, by firing generals, FBI officers, etc and administrators, etc. Then, this happens, and it seems logical that the republican group thought about what I had said, perhaps not though I don't know. And this brings me to the point that there is something stinky, when they won't tell the public why the person is being fired, then, an additional stink is that the person was only a few months from retirement...that is kind of nasty...not to give the person full retirement benefits. I don't know, but I kind of think this was the dumping of a liberal general, who knows why? The secretive stalin-like republicans are not talking or explaining what happened there.

I should do a blog because I am adding this shyte after the date, but I am glad to hear that a new Roilling Stones song describes the current US administration clearly, how they say they are for democracy (what a joke), but anybody that disagrees with them is jailed without a trial (and potentially tortured I might add).

I was saying that an indication of the quality of a news outlet is if they refer to Michael Jackson as "jacko". To me, that is unprofessional, (I made "reago" to directly make that point), is kind of low-brow, and shows perhaps racism and certainly bias, it's clearly a derogatory nick-name. Today google.com showed "Scotsman" with "jacko" in the headline, I think I remember usatoday doing that too, although both have run some great stories too. news.google.com had "TP" in one headline recently. CNN recently interviewed Cheech Marin, who I imitate in my pulbic access and web animated video, so that is helpful to me, I don't think CNN, NYTimes or LATimes have ever refered to Michael jackson as "Jacko", I kind of remember Reuters and/or the AP echoing the "jacko" word, but I can't be sure.

I am not a person that likes heights, too many possibilities for me being killed. Nowadays people can wink your eye, make you say words, moce any muscle in your body...they no doubt can march a person right out an open window with the person having any control at all, I think that is a ridiculously obvious truth...perhas the coordination is complex, but I doubt it is unsurmountable. What we see in this decade is like ape-men playing with some kind of laser...it's being abused but only in a small way, to my knownledge, and experience, they only move mouth muscles for a second or two, never 10 seconds. Can you imagine some human talking for hours without one second of consent? The people that perfected that technology must have gotten an eyeball network full of those images and sounds (of people having their muscles moved for long time periods). The end picture must be very shocking and interesting to see...armies of humans harnesed like slave robots...unable to control the muscles of their own body, moved by other humans (via computers which control the lasers that track the victim's brain). This is the conservative parental dream come true, the children can be forced by muscle movers to live in a precise mold of how their parents demand...the power hungry, control other people conservatives love that feeling. To complete the analogy of fear of heights, I think that many humans in the secret camera see -behind the eyes network, are the opposite, they love the heights, they love separating from those that are excluded, the feeling of elitism, of exclusivity... they try to find new ways to mislead the public/excluded to make the distance between them even larger. But the beauty, for those excluded is that the higher the height difference, generally, the larger the fall.

It is interesting that the 9/11 commission rejected the US army info that recognized some 9/11 hijackers (although there is some doubt as to what happened to the Pentagon, and other serious problems with the official 9/11 story) a year before 9/11/01. I think that is an important fact for the 9/11 commission to exclude from the final report. I am surprised that it is a republican (Curt Weldon R-Pa) that is revealing the tiniest piece of the story of 9/11. The fact is that, the US army, and FBI probably have archive after archive not only of 24-bit digital movies of Atta and other reported 9/11 hijackers, and no doubt even eye images, etc. I am trying to figure out where this data fits in with the 9/11 story bravely being publicly pieced together by Dave vonKleist and others. Is this evidence that the makers of the bogus 9/11 cover story knew about Atta and decided to pick him as the person to frame? Or was Atta actually a hijacker and many people in the Army, FBI, etc knew about the plan? The fact that the Pentagon was hit with a missile, and the size of the hole is impssible to accommodate a full size jet...so clearly something much different happened there and the cover story has a gapping and fatal flaw, but alas, not as gaping as the Zubruter film, or Noguchi autopsy, so...reality sets in, this public is shite city, dumb? I think it's a special kind of dumb.

AOL, the thought parents, sugar coater, sanitizer, and information police of the planet, commercial with the ďspam guyĒ; I canít help but think that the phrase ďwowĒ, ďyeah thanks for blocking himĒ, applies to me. Perhaps people like me will be saying ďwowĒ, ďthanks for punishing AOL too, those fuck free privacy violating hypocrites and extreme voyeursĒ. Letís all vote to make sure all those involved in the AOL ad, and people that voted against free info at AOL, and in particular the information hording Time Warner (which own AOL and virtually everything) get prosecuted, and have to pay serious monetary penalties for invasion of privacy for being a major part of secret cameras in peopleís houses, that capture images in the visual spectrum in addition to images of what their eyes see and ears hear. In addition Time Warner should be sued for accessory to murder after the fact for many thousands of murders and assaults employees and owners witness and failed to report. I want a commercial where the people say ďhow could they protect Thane Cesar, Frank Sturgis, and other murderers?Ē

Iíve had some time to look at MTV and VH1. It is interesting that MTV is so polarized between white and black, there is a video with an all black group playing typically black music (rap, heavy rhythm, bass, many rap hand waving gestures) then there is a video with an all white (and usually all male) group playing typically white music (distorted guitars, harmonizing vocals) then a black. Itís nice to see beautiful female bodies on mtv, they have sex being good healthy and natural correct. Iím surprised there is not more integrated music and groups. I am tired of rap, I think like what Linkin Park has done is creative and keeping rap alive, but I think rap is getting old, but I donít doubt people will breathe life into it. Itís like folk and acoustic guitar, itís tough to sit through it with all the synths and new sounds available and being played. A sax solo, even horns may be thought of as old. I thought VH1 would be boring, but there are actually some interesting older videos of like Zepellin, 60s and 70s groups, even interesting stuff from the past like devo that wont get played on mtv, in addition to songs I didnít even know there were videos for (like pink floyd welcome to the machine). Many of the messages on mtv and vh1 are positive. I was kind of surprised to see that there was not too much negativity. One thing I noticed is that I think the self-loathing phase (with I never subscribed to, enjoyed, or supported in any way), like ďI give myself the creepsĒ, ďIím a loser, baby ÖĒ, have changed to more confident messages. Still, ofcourse there is never be any kind of actual message, there are some that are positive and hint at actual issues, like Black Eyed Peas (although they also say what ppl with a lot of money tell them to, many times conservative republicans, for example bush jr money probably went into making the lead singer wear a cccp soviet union shirt to try and relate the left to communism, and paid money for them to do the ďshut-upĒ song, to their credit they did a ďdonít lieĒ song). Many songs have the typical religious sentimental, overly dramatic, whiny soundÖthis is the bush jesus cult years, not years of real truth and creativity. One thing that is shocking is that both black and white, they almost all have big crosses on. Itís bizarre, all those wrongly killed from gun shots, knives, fists, in cars, lynched, burned at stakes, crucifiedÖbut that one bad ass Jewish guy Jesus takes the scene.

The latimes.com bravely ran a headline about the death of Marilyn Monroe. I think it is entirely possible that Monroe was killed, as a number of people hint, by people working for Sam Giancana. What a tragedy that such a beauty and free-thinking female was killed. What a stamp on feminism, youth, freedom, and sexuality by brutal violent (probably antisexual and conservative) people. There is little doubt that there must exist many videos, not only of what Monroe saw from her eyes, but video from her bedroom and probably every room of her house, in addition to sound recordings from hidden microphones. Although nothing very interesting is probably revealed by the article (I wonít even bother to read most of it, I know the routine), at least the open questioning is healthy and certainly not illegal, or even that shocking or taboo. The headline is simply that a prosecutor (from LA County DA?) told of audio tapes made for a psychiatrist (blehÖitís unbelievable that wealthy people waste money on that idiocy) and that the tapes show that Monroe was far from suicidal. What a crime it was to kill Monroe, itís like trying to kill the USA, innocence, sexuality, beauty and what they all represent. And then the crime of not prosecuting those involved. What a slow, and corrupt violence stopping and punishing system we have in the USA. After more readingÖitís kind of sad that Monroe was tricked by Freud and psychology. The idea of ďneurosisĒ is pure fraud, and pseudoscience. Many people are fooled, like religion (at least Monroe was not centered on that idiocy as far as this one letter to her doctor goes). Shakesphere is old world material that should be left in the past, in my opinion, people only pretend to be interested in the same old boring un-understandable stories. We want some sex, nude, to see the truth about those who are violentÖwho killed whoÖall the stuff those in the cameras eyeball net see.

What I experience from many people is that they are intellectual softies, but physical violence toughies. They are tough as can be when it comes to making threats of physical violence, but not one threat of jailing people for violence, or that the drug war should be stopped, prostitution should be legal, molestation is not as bad as violence, evolution is fact, etc., none of the stuff that an intellectual heavy-weight is left to reveal.

Hitler and the Nazis made great use of lies. Had images of Auschwitz reached the people of Europe, perhaps support for Hitler would have been lowered (perhaps not), perhaps people in the USA, etc would have entered Europe earlier. This brings back that point of the need for democrats and liberals to expose the Bush family involvement with the killing of JFK, and expose Thane Cesar and Sturgis, because the power of the lies is already too dangerous. And to think that only a few main stream national television shows, and mainstream movies are all that might be needed to expose Sturgis, and Cesar, and the Bush Senior connection to the JFK killing. Hitler described the democratic leaders as soft, and it was definitely true. They chose not to expose Hitler, they sat on all the images and sound recordings of Hitler, no negative propaganda was distributed at all during the rise of the Nazis. The only criticisms were done very subtly with people like Charlie Chaplin. No serious criticism and exposure of Hitler by democratists was done in any way, and as a result Hitler rose unchallenged, and promptly converted Germany to a monarchy. The importance of truth and the public learning truth can not be understated. A classic example for me, is that when I first was allowed to vote (after age 18), I was convinced to vote for George Bush Senior. Had I known what I know now, that Bush was linked to E Howard Hunt, and was so closely linked to the killing of JFK, that Prescott, his dad, was a banker for the Nazis, I never would have voted for Bush Senior, and that probably is the story for many people.

One of the most frightening things with the people in the camera eyeball network is not knowing what they are going to do, how they will respond to me and what I say, since they clearly care absolutely nothing about the truth. I doubt most of these people will be violent, but who really knows what they will do?, Maybe they will try to change the basis of arithmetic, so 4+3 will equal a number determined by their leaders for each occurance. because they obviously care nothing about lying about everything and anything. Without question, they used Sturgis to kill JFK, Cesar to kill RFK, and who knows who else? Who knows what happened to Jam Jay and Bonnie Bakely? And a million othersÖ They clearly have protected Sturgis to his death, and Cesar until now. And all the time, most of the public is as unaware as possible.

Burlington Coat Factory used the words ďfreakĒ and ďshut-upĒ in their commercial. Those fuck free fascist camera eyeball watching elitists. Let them get jailed without a sentence, lawyer, trial, be tied to a table, injected with drugs and jailed indefinitely. I am tired of people suck-holing the JFK and RFK murderers, Fioriniís and Cesarís protectors, the secret camera eyeball thought 100 year old elite nazi networks, and other extreme right wing idiots. They are nothing but a bunch of money grubbing republican secretive ass kissers. I donít think I will be buying any Burlington Coat Factory products any time soon. The fact is that, name brand companies donít like the idea of free information, and life without patents, where people care little for clothing company names and buy generic unlabeled quality clothing. Ultimately, I doubt those responsible will ever be locked in a jail or a hospital for even 1 second, but letís vote for those responsible to be excluded from hearing thought and seeing eye images and memories for the rest of their life, and how about some serious fines for invasion of privacy. They should be explsaining how they see and hear thought, and watch people in their houses, how Sturgis killed JFK, and Thane Cesar killed RFK, the lasers in our ceilings, like decent honest people, not fueling the fire of Nazism, secrecy, fascism, and persecution of innocent people. The makers of that Burlington Coat factory ad are scum, no doubt the owners are too, and I am glad to know it. And the same is true for those other Vermont pieces of shit camera eyeball lock-them-up information horders and elitists that own Ben and Jerryís. We are taking Sturgis, the copyright, violence, the drug war, the arrests for prostitution, antisexuality, religion, anti-science, creationism, secrecy, elitism, racism, genderism, those that keep the camera and eyeball network images and sound recordings secret, the shut-up, the psychiatric, psychologers, the violenters, the assaulters, mind police, and send them all to the bottom.

To me, criticizing and exposing psychology, the illegal abuses of humans in psychiatric hospitals, etc. is not a difficult decision for me. Psychology is one of the mighty pseudosciences/theories being used against me; to stop me from getting to see and hear thought, to make female humans that might befriend me frightened for no reason, to stop me from getting employment offers. It's not difficult for me, to see who and what the enemy is, so I spend solid amounts of time and money combating psychology, people's ultra judgemental views of what behavior is ďinsaneĒ or ďweirdĒ, etc., what should happen to people labelled ďinsaneĒ, etc, and then if what is done to them is actually legal or not. I don't doubt that when the public gets to see all the secret video and memories, etc. they will see how many decent nonviolent liberal people were labeled ďmentalĒ, excluded from seeing and hearing thought and ostricized. I don't doubt that most of those excluded with the reason ďmentalĒ and other nonviolent reasons are all democrats, and the labels like ďmentalĒ, etc. are being fully utilized and abused by conservative/republican violent conservatives.

One thing that is clear to me is that, for having equal numbers, the democrats in the USA, do not put forward equal (so-called) propaganda. The republicans appear to control the information the public sees, the television stations, the major media companies, ... but shockingly, even independent DVDs, magazines, and newspapers. Although, we are only now seeing a very tiny beginning to seeing a second side, the so-called ďother sideĒ, through groups like moveon.org, like the ďair americaĒ radio show, etc. There should be 2 major sides, at least, in the USA. For example, we all understand that the Republican party line and propaganda is that Oswald killed JFK, that it should be left in the past, and any talk about the JFK killing is lunacy and delusion. But where is the opposite side? Shouldn't there be propaganda to the opposite effect? Should there not be mainstream DVDs and national television programs that express the view that some body else killed JFK, that it was done by republicans, that republicans cover the truth about it up, ... investigations and information about Frank Sturgis, E Howard Hunt, Gordon Arnold, etc. And this is true for every major issue. The killing of JFK and RFK are weak spots of the republican party, and they should be exposed and utilized. But most of the public has never even heard the name ďThane CesarĒ. Why is that? And there is a perfectly simple way that they could hear about Thane Cesar and that is thru ďThe Second GunĒ, which the democratic party should have bought and still should buy the rights to, and widely distribute for free to the planetary public, but in particular to voters in the USA. In addition, things like a call for and new programs to identify and expose those who did violence, to advocate more democracy and counting the votes of the public on the budgets, and new legislation, open calls and programs to end arrests of people that use drugs, or engage in prostitution, skepticism of mainstream religion, support for science, videos that express the importance of racial and gender integration and harmony, that defend sexuality and same gender relationships as being natural and normal in nature, that question the abuses in psychiatric hospitals and the fraudulent theories of psychology, astrology, etc... we don't see any of this... but yet, these are the mainstream issues and differences between conservatives and liberals. Perhaps, I am not explaining this well, but it is clear, that the JFK murder is a clear two sided issue, you are either for the murder and coverup, or against it. It's simply that simple. Most republicans are for the coverup, more democrats are against it, so why don't we see more info, exposing and calls for arrests of those involved in that murder? And that issue of there being two sides, with equal amounts of propaganda, resonates for all issues. It's natural for there to be two sides to every issue and story, many times, the difference is between those that are lying versus those that are telling the truth.

One example, of this missing democrat side, is what happened to Dukakis. Bush senior said ďwhat was he thinking when he released Willie Horton?Ē, a fine question, and many of us wondered why there was no effort to punish violent people, but where was the counter propaganda? It was no where to be found. What about the Hoover memo about Bush senior' being in the CIA and showing up at Hoover's office the day after the killing of JFK? About Bush being offshore in Florida? About Bush's involvement with the Bay of Pigs? About Bush's lying that he was not in the CIA...no other evidence could be found and exposed to the public with all that democratic money? As a result of that collapse of a second side, a shocking thing happened, a person directly linked to a major homicide was elected president of the USA, and many people in the public voted without knowing that, or even hearing that that might be true.

I think orange county, california is the next california county to turn blue (democrat). It is frustrating that living here, I know that whatever happens here will be 20 years behind San Francisco and probably 10 years behind Los Angeles. They will have legal prostitution and marijuana decades before Orange County does, but even Orange County eventually will follow their lead. Although there certainly is less violence in Orange County (as far as I know) which is surprising given the red-necky and dishonest nature of a majority of it's residents, in addition, I read of Segways being outlawed in San Francisco and that does not bode well for walking robots there, where Orange County may not be as restrictive.

Bush jr.'s vocal support for teaching creationism in public schools leaves no question about his religious and anti-evolution views. It reveals a frightening truth about the way the Christians have taken over the US government. I find it surprising that only 33% of people in the USA are evolutionists. What we will probably eventually see, however, is the rising up of the college educated, and those that learned evolution in high school gaining a majority in the next decades, and replacing the Christian cults leaders with science leaders.

We don't see a republican ideal of small government that is off the backs of the people, we are seeing that the current form of republicanism is large government and parental government, where large amounts of money are spent and parental controls are excersized over free markets (in particular for television, radio, and illegal drugs)

What if that story of Pinocchio was true, that when people that lied, their noses grew? I think we would see many, many people with very large noses.

Here in the USA and perhaps in many nations, the leaders are not scholars, they are preachers. Claiming Christianity is the way to the top, not supporting science and logic. Neonazism, for example, cannot come through a nazi portal because that is too obvious. It needs to mask itself as Christianity, which is much more popular, or perhaps as fashion, nationalism, antisexual groups, parents in the guise of protecting children, secret camera networks, national security, or psychology. Those are the major available popular portals of fervor and fanaticism. Christianity, shockingly, is what is popular now in the USA. How they have decided to go back more than 200 years, to focus in on a 2000 year old cult is frightening and stupid. It is a life of shifting from shock at the stupidity to fear of the stupidity as pertains to religious zealotry, unthinking allegiance, and violence.

frightening news that in Texas a government funded high school is now teaching a bible class. It figures it would be in Texas. That goes against the constitution mandate of government not respecting any religion (and ofcourse the main and most frightening religion is the one formed around a Jewish man that was executed 2000 years ago, around which was formed a middle eastern and Roman cult which thrived and expanded into millions of unthinking followers, Christianity). I can see the possibility of democratic opinion overturning many laws and even the US constitution, but if that were to happen all votes would need to be counted fairly and constantly and that is clearly not happening at least publically. I know I have no opportunity to vote on any law or public school course. I hope people sue the school and close down the religious class, because public money should not go for religion. I think it is a fine line between, teaching the bible as a historical document, versus teaching that the statements in the Old or New testiment books are actual fact. For example, people do not teach astrology or witchcraft as a ligitimate science, and nor should religious miracles be taught as fact in any school, although freedom of information does allow that possibility. I am just glad that the majority of people know better. Still, why are there no courses called ďevolutionĒ, ďhistory of scienceĒ, ďworld historyĒ? Aren't they missing the basics in the US high schools, and isn't a focus on 1 book of history a very narrow view? What about a course of ďancient writingsĒ that includes all ancient texts and postulates on who wrote them and how and why they were created? One thing that is interesting is that by focusing in and actually reading the stories of the old and new testament, people may realize the historical context of Jesus, and also the obvious myths and mistakes people of that time made. Why is the focus on the christian documents, and not on Islamic Koran, the Hindi Vedas, and famous documents of other religions or atheism? To me, it's a disappointment to see people in the USA not going forward with walking robots, orbiting and moon stations and vacations, sexuality, science, evolution, free information, total democracy, freeing the nonviolent, but with this backward closed minded religious dull idiocy.

I think people will characterize the conservative republican religious as a group that spent a lot of time, perhaps most of there time and money trying to trip up the other side, not move forward with their own projects or projects for the collective good.

I have to credit Bush jr for not ruining the economy in the last 6 months. I can't figure out if he ran out of steam or learned a tough lesson from big money people that depend on a strong economy, and changed his philosophy. In any event, the economy (mainly the stock market is what I pay attention to, but I don't doubt unemployment, etc are all connected) appears to be recovering. I think the reason is because there have not been any new wars, and/or massive expenses charged to the public, no recent instabilities. I have doubts that this peace and stability will last, they have done 2 wars and may very well start a third war, or war more heavily on the US public, which could result in economic loss. I hope the peace and economic prosperity continues, now there is even talk that the people in the US army will be coming back from Iraq. One bad thing is that, if the economy is good the interest rates go up and my MTA variable rate condo payment goes up, but it is a small price to pay for peace and prosperity. I want to stress that, I don't trust the Bush jr admin, and I think anybody that does is a fool, they have 3 plus more years to destroy the earth, or some how ruin the economy as they usually do.

There was a total propaganda hour video on Courttv friday night at 11pm about the ‚??meth emergency‚?Ě with all kinds of misinformation and emotion. It's just like prohibition of alcohol. Can you imagine police people kicking down your door and taking all your beer and wine, arresting you and locking you in jail for 25 years for possession? I don't even drink alcohol in plain form, but I do sometimes use japanese rice wine and white wine in cooking. I think most of us have some alcohol in our kitchens. I think the data indicates that the drugs ruin the lives less than the jailing of the people ruins their life. By using drugs they don't lose their kids, job, car, and house, it's from being locked in jail. Then we have to pay for all their children's foster parents, and their clothes and food. I think many of us wish that people would not use drugs, would not overeat, would not smoke tobacco, would not become overweight, etc. but locking them in jail when they do is brutal, and any way, they are only hurting themselves if anybody, shouldn't people be allowed to hurt themselves by being obese, smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol? Then, in addition, who funds these expensive propaganda videos? The group of people that spends money on anti-drug messages is spending very large amounts of money, much more money than any group has or spends on stop violence (which most would agree is a more serious problem) ads. Why are people spending that kind of excessive money on anti-drug propaganda? What makes them so zelously anti-drug use as opposed to many other more serious problems. It's like some kind of addiction to anti-drug propaganda. They neglect all other problems, violence, starvation, infection, obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse, speeding, religious fervor, racism, gender inequality, ... in their obsession with anti-drug messages. Spending millions and millions on it. What justifies spending millions? I don't know, as I said, maybe an unhealthy obsession with stopping illegal drug use, some other ideas are that they spend the money to justify the money spent on the massive drug war (all the DEA and narcotics jobs), maybe to throw people off of the real problems of violence, which would result in Fiorini, Thane Cesar, or stopping war potentially becoming the focus of the people, I don't know...maybe to keep the illegal market in drugs going, perhaps to fund the prohibition police, to fuel demand for illegal drugs by making illegal drugs the unending topic.

To their credit, at the same time, History International, on ‚??World Justice‚?Ě, revealed a shocking story of Japanese shocking, shocking abuse of people during World War 2. They dropped bombs of bubonic plague fleas over Chinese towns killing thousands. I had never heard any thing about that. About Shiro Ishi, unit 731, experiments on humans, live dissections of humans. I can only imagine what secrets the people in the USA have, seeing thoughts and Frank Fiorini are probably just the tip of the iceberg.

We will always see excuses to take the place of stopping violence, drug usage is one of the major excuses, but molestation is also a very big distraction. The basic idea is that all things sexual, and drugs can be used to distract the public from focusing on violence, capturing fiorini, cesar, solving the homicides of the past, preventing the homicides of the future. The recent phenomenon is ‚??terror‚?Ě, which is kind of getting on track to stopping violence, since, although ‚??terror‚?Ě is mostly related to the idea of scaring a person, for example the way many horror movies do (oh for the time when it's whorer movies that are popular), so is Stephan King, a person that terrifies people the big evil? I don't think so, it's those that ‚??do violence‚?Ě, that ‚??misuse explosives, guns, lasers and knives‚?Ě. But ofcourse, we don't hear the leaders of any nations standing up and saying ‚??yes, ok terror...we want to stop terrorism, ofcourse, and in particular any violence, misuse of exploses, killings of nonviolent humans, and ofcourse assaults too‚?Ě..they just don't say those kinds of things. They more or less echo the same pabulum the people are used to. This is the ‚??terror‚?Ě decade. The next decade may be something else, maybe ‚??pornography‚?Ě decade, or ‚??drug scourge‚?Ě decade, although hopefully people will get smart, and leave those labels in this decade of idiocy. For all the ‚??terror‚?Ě, ‚??religious fanaticism‚?Ě is not a big concern, but yet, wasn't it religious fanaticism that caused 9/11 and the willingness for people to kill themselves for religious causes [to get to a ‚??heaven‚?Ě]? Hopefully there will be a ‚??exposed the liars‚?Ě decade, ‚??the infrared eye camera finally went public‚?Ě decade. ‚??JFK killers fully exposed‚?Ě decade, ... these decades certainly are coming due some time in the future, but when? I gues whenever the public makes it happen, they have every opportunity to with their once every 4 years vote for president, they could have voted for Kucinich and ended the drug war, Dean and ended the electoral college, there were many options available, but they squandered their votes on Bush jr and Kerry (although Kerry would have put on on a much better course than Bush jr obviously, but I doubt Kerry would have made the serious changes necessary, ie. free info, full democracy, even ending the electoral college, or even slowing the drug war, I don't doubt violence would have gone down under Kerry and everybody would be home from Iraq and Afghanistan before 2008).

To me, it's shocking that millions of people see other people's eyes, and hear their thoughts, but they can't bring themselves to support cameras on the street for the public (where the public actually gets to access the archives). They are not in any kind of hurry for the rest of the public to see even the tiniest pixel of even a car, forget about our dreams, the past 100 years of memories, brutal homicides, sex and science uncoveries.

Some people refer to me when there is a sex-related killing of a child, and it's bizarre, as if I would agree that killing a child is ok. After years of putting out ‚??stop violence‚?Ě messages, single=handedly making the only ‚??stop violence‚?Ě video ad on any television station, while others just looked on, didn't spend a dollar to help me, or for that same stop violence effort, and cursed me for my efforts at every step, as if I would some how then say ‚??no it's ok to kill children‚?Ě. Ofcourse, I am against violence to children too! I am against and for punishing spanking and sibling assaults... how can people sit there and not feel any anger at the assaulter or sympathy for a child that is spanked or assaulted by a sibling or parent for something they said or some nonviolent behavior? To me that is an illegal assault, but most people see that as justified. So, ofcourse I am against violence to children. Harris Mirkin said it so simply, if a child is hurt then clearly something is wrong. I would add that, if a child is crying, or trying to escape there is probably either an assault without consent (a child may not want to press charges for many spanking/assaults on a parent or sibling after the fact). To me, life is like a massive majority of people that constantly say 5=2. 5=2 if religion and tradition says it does. No amount of logic, talk, or evidence will sway the public. Look at the way this same group of people that makes threats of violence against any body that thinks that molestation is not a big deal, that children should be able to be legally and consensually loved, touched, even genitals, even kissing on lips, even toe sucking, etc... [not that I am going to ever run out and do those things, obviously, much of my message is a warning to those that might try or be doing such things, as gasp, actually showing a child pornography or trying to explain masturbation to an 11 year old male, perhaps with the rare exception of a direct offspring, that is already masturbating] these same people protected and protect Thane Cesar, the person that killed a father of 10 children! Those are some moral people! They cover up for Sturgis killing the father of 2 children, they allowed the killing of John Lennon, Vicki Morgan, Nicole Simpson, Jam Jay, they saw it all! They see our eyes, they hear our thoughts...they protect a million murderers! every day, and are going to continue to! But I am the big criminal?! Touching the genitals of children is the big crime?! How about Thane Cesar and company are the big criminals and homicide is the big crime!

It's kind of become a tradition to become emotional and zelous when ‚??children‚?Ě are involved. I don't share that prejudice...I guess in some way young people are more beautiful than older people, but violence to any human is terrible in my opinion...I don't suddenly increase my response because it's a child, any person being hurt is bad to me.

I was in a public library and I saw the title ‚??fictional history‚?Ě (I think ‚??The DaVinci Code‚?Ě is one example), and it is shocking to me. That people are actually interested in ‚??fictional history‚?Ě. A person can just pick up any news paper, magazine, or turn on tv news for that. This for a people that have never even learned nonfictional history!

Nothing says humble like a mega church, being in that row 5000 in the Sports arena while a greasy haired millionaire fat guy with a head set talks all about Jesus, now that's religion.

Killing Bush jr (as the person with that threw the hand grenade tried to do) is not a good answer in my opinion. We should strive to jail Bush jr for accessory to homicide before the fact, for the many homicides in 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition we should be working to jail Bush senior for accessory to murder before the fact for the killing of JFK. Although it is true that the earth would probably be a better place if the two Bushes were killed, there will always be more √ʬ?¬?Ayatollah Khomeini√ʬ?¬?s of the West√ʬ?¬Ě to replace them. That is the truth about unthinking obedience to violence and religion, it doesn√ʬ?¬?t take any new ideas or creativity, the second in command is very much like the first, and so on down the line, where for liberals, each person differs more, and the loss of a person, for example, like John Lennon, represents a loss not as easy to replace. I think people should jail them, not kill them. But we should certainly be allowed to have video games where 3d models of the Bushes, Thane Cesar, Frank Fiorini, E Howard Hunt, etc are hung from flag poles and shot at. Like that √ʬ?¬?assassinate JFK√ʬ?¬Ě game and √ʬ?¬?Team America√ʬ?¬Ě, that is just freedom of information.

I am amazed at the lack of oversight and supervision that happened in the middle school and high school (Jamesville-DeWitt, in Central NY State) I was required to go to. Not one adult was in the lunch room or outside on the playground during the lunch periods. It was like having violent prisoners loose without guards in a courtyard. Not one adult, not one guard. As a result, as I have stated before a group of ppl was allowed to chant √ʬ?¬?ted is gay√ʬ?¬Ě, nearly causing a huge 20 person fight (that I stopped from happening), I remember other incidents, one where a person walked up and down the aisle putting individual people down loudly and intimidating them. Responsible adults in charge of the schools would have been there, perhaps had video cameras and microphones (at least), and removed the aggressive people, and made them eat in a separate room for the rest of the year. But, because those people were (and perhaps still are) do-nothing and empty-headed, the entire grade was forced to submit to the worst of the grade.

To me, the US supreme court is 9 people committing fraud on the public. I think most people can decide if abortion should be legal or not, if pornography should be allowed or not, there is nothing complex about those issues. We all have opinions on those issues, but our votes are not counted. With all due respect to the representatives of the people, and the system of representative democracy, an argument can still be made that the US Congress, the US President and Executive Branch is fraud, because the people should rule the USA, not 3 or 4 hundred representatives, our votes can now and should now be counted. As if 9 people should be in charge of determining the nations moral standards for the millions, when those millions of people are perfectly capable of deciding for themselves, are very opinionated, and eventually will have their vote counted, and their votes will have the highest authority, beyond any supreme court, congress or president. I am interested in seeing what people recognized the value of and supported the idea of total democracy 200 years before now with the founding of the USA. I know such people existed, and it is clear now, that they were visionaries, far ahead of their time. There is no doubt that there will always be those individual people that are most and more popular, and their opinions will have a large affect on the public, what views they support may be immediately echoed by large parts of the public, but ultimately the public, the 6 billion people of earth should have the final say. In addition, true democracy exists despite monarchy and representative democracy, in some reduced form. Finally, democracy is a scalable phenomenon, and, I think that there is a very good possibility that people will respect differences in local values and votes from city to city, and that may in fact violate the planetary majority opinion. It all is a matter of priority, what is at the top of the voting list? Probably, the most serious and important issue, not the more minor issues that tend to make up the differences in popular opinions between cities. I am not for anarchy (in other words no government) I am in favor of the public votes being counted and verified by computers and people, laws supported by popular vote, enforced by people voted for to work in jobs for the planetary (or national) government. A progressive in between idea is to simply to record and verify each person's vote and use that popular opinion as a guide, although the actual votes themselves still do not count.

A new book √ʬ?¬?Madhouse√ʬ?¬Ě describes the brutal surgeries of Henry Cotton:

It√ʬ?¬?s just shocking what is happening in the USA, it√ʬ?¬?s unbelievable. Why are we going backward in time? We are not getting more females on the Supreme Court, we are getting less! We are sinking further and further into the midevil religious past. Is this the nation of thousands of universities, education, freedom and wisdom? It is a shock and a disappointment that we happen to live in one of the most backward eras of US and planetary history. Perhaps this is a temporary set back, but it will take us decades to undo the damage done by the Bush family and the rest of the criminally violent right wing racist religious humans in the USA.

I vote for the sentence √ʬ?¬?No human should be locked in a jail or fined for withholding information of any kind.√ʬ?¬Ě as star system law.

It was shocking to hear the Prime Minister of India echo a speech that sounded like it was written from the Bush speech writers. Here the PM of India was using the word √ʬ?¬?terror√ʬ?¬Ě, which I find to be something only the rabid Bush extreme religious reich are using. √ʬ?¬?Terror√ʬ?¬Ě is a very abstract word, it is the equivalent to √ʬ?¬?fear√ʬ?¬Ě, we are not going to jail Stephen King for making movies that √ʬ?¬?terrify√ʬ?¬Ě people. Again, the real problem is stopping √ʬ?¬?violence√ʬ?¬Ě, √ʬ?¬?the illegal and destructive use of explosives√ʬ?¬Ě, not √ʬ?¬?terror√ʬ?¬Ě. It is like watching a room full of people that have had their brains removed. My concern is, don√ʬ?¬?t the people of India have independent thoughts and opinions? Must their elected representatives parrot out the language of the Bush administration? Are they that dependent on the US administration that they can abandon truth? It is shocking, but I think that truth has taken a back seat to money. I expected some kind of neutral and smart speech, not Bush puppetry and pabulum.

I agree with London Mayor, Ken Livingstone that the London bombings are a product of US attacks on Islamic people. People like Livingston are a far better choice to elect as Prime Minister of England, than people like Tony Blair. Blair has the hutzpuh to claim that the London bombings are not linked to their invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? That is a no-brainer. The bombing was supposedly done by Islamic people, what else could ever be the reason? I want to say that ofcourse, I have been against violence, publically and vocally, and I vote to jail all people directly linked to causing any violence. In addition, nobody should back down from stopping violence simply because there may be reprisals, but the reasons for the London bombing appear to be clearly related to Bush and Blair√ʬ?¬?s invasion of those arab nations. In addition, I think 9/11, as I said was the work of Bush senior and jr, in addition to parts of the US military, the Carlyle Group, and had less to do with Islamic anger with the US. After all, the hole in the Pentagon was no where near big enough to fit a 757 in, and so that calls the entire official 9/11 story into doubt. I think there is a very strong possibility that Blair (who like many can see and hear thought using vast secret infrared cameras) decided to allow the London bombings to try and boost the popularity of the occupation of Iraq. Again, at a minimum Blair is neglecting his duties to fund and focus on tracking explosives, weapons, and violent humans (but then wouldn√ʬ?¬?t they be tracking themselves for all the first degree violence they have done and called for, it can√ʬ?¬?t be denied). Update 7/22/05: a person was tackled to the ground and then executed with 5 shots by a person in police. That is a brutal murder. I hate to think that any person could be tackled and gunned down in such a way. In particular, since according to witnesses the person was on the ground and basically captured when the person in police shot him, and then 5 times. That is brutally excessive and suspicious. They had the man captured and then executed him without a jury, trial, the man was captured already. Did the person have a gun or explosive? Did the human fire at people? Even if he did, the man was captured and on the floor when executed. I was shocked to read that Livingstone backed the shooting, proof that Livingstone is not above brutality. Bush says Britons will can overcome 'thugs and assasins', straight from the Nixon handbook. They aren√ʬ?¬?t thugs and assassins.

John Roberts is a terrible choice for Supreme Court. He is anti-roe v wade decision, was appointed by Bush jr, a thousand time orderer of first degree homicide whose father is neck deep in the JFK killing. Roberts voted for military tribunals. Military tribunals are barbaric, there should be only 1 set of laws, 1 court system for all people in the USA, and earth for that matter. I vote against military law. In fact I vote for people being able to quit and disobey orders like any other job. This, 9/11, the thousands killed in Iraq, are all the frightening results and price we are paying for electing such vicious violent people to the highest parts of our government, and refusing to inform and educate our populace. Roberts clerked for the brutal and extreme racist radical Renquist, who at 80 years old could retire or die at any time making two Bush jr, who is beyond even Nixon I think in his brutality and violence, Supreme court choices. Think of the legacy this would leave. At 50 years old Roberts would be polluting the highest court decisions with Christian Puritanism corruption, lawlessness, allowances for violence, voting fraud, secret military kangaroo courts, and anti-democratic decisions against marijuana, etc. for two decades if not more. The republican senators comments about Roberts √ʬ?¬?He√ʬ?¬?s brilliant!√ʬ?¬Ě√ʬ?¬¶that is funny√ʬ?¬¶Roberts is nothing more than an unthinking yes-man that parrots out and obeys word for word whatever the extreme republicans in power dictate. If ever there was an unthinking, nonhuman√ʬ?¬¶why put a human there? Since they are simply going to echo the party line? Another white male, when there is a clear absence of female representation on the supreme court. I think Bush jr is trying the first choice, a carbon copy of his views, and if that fails maybe he will make the next more towards center. My vote is no on Roberts and probably any body else Bush jr nominates. We may have to wait until 2009 to get somebody confirmed.

I see things similar but not quite as much as a Harry Potter book, or Star Wars, where an individual goes against, exposes and pulls down the evil empire. Life on earth is very similar at this time. The evil people, I would characterize as those that directed and funded Frank Fiorini, the Warren Commission, Thane Cesar (Evil Younger, those that protect Thane Cesar to this day), those that do homicide and are never punished, religion, secrecy, anti-sexuality, etc. I can think of millions of examples of common everyday evil, the drug war for example, drugs may not be great, but filling people that use them into prisons is unbelievably brutal (can you imagine a √?¬?cops√?¬? show where they go after people for tobacco, alcohol, Sugar, Guns, Knives, pornography? Get ready to see that at the rate things are going). The massive secrecy around the camera network. All of these evils are building awesome heros. And the difference is that it is not just one person that is exposing and opposing the evil, there are many of us, speaking out against the killers of JFK (never caught), RFK (not yet caught), John Lennon, those that keep the eye images secret, those that protect copyrights (Tron was a similar message of opening the information back to the public). Many people are speaking out against violence, for public cameras, for jailing cesar, for democracy, for and end to the drug war√?¬?there are many leias, skywalkers, Nancy Drews and harry potters, etc. Years before they battled for the right for females to vote, for an end to slavery, to end prohibition of alcohol, now there are new battles.

It is shocking how many people go to a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple. I am glad I was never indoctrinated with that. All of our presidents are C students and all go to lavish churches on a regular basis, not one is not involved in some church. It is shocking. How backwards the ideas talked about in the churches are. All about people that lived thousands of years before now, with all backwards ideas. I don√?¬?t doubt some of the messages are positive, but it is a pre-gothic experience, it is of the midevil ages. Think of the millions that don√?¬?t bother going to churches, and then those that do√?¬?what a waste of time to go to a church. I don√?¬?t think I could ever spend much time with any religious people (in particular females). I think I could have good sex with a religious female, but there is no way any good conversation could ever exist between a religious female and me, as far as I can tell. It is obvious to me that religions are fraud, even if religions are as popular as ever. I can√?¬?t help it, if the majority of people are easily fooled or slaves to tradition. I am busy trying to explore what humans are going to do in the future, what is going to happen next scientifically, I know there are going to be walking robots are around, I know humans are going to be going to the moon and mars, √?¬? those are topics far removed from any religion. Religion is boring and dull, and it is no coincidence that religious people are too. And it is frightening. When people care next to nothing for truth, we get all of these massive 50 year secrets, about Fiorini, about eye images, the secret lasers that assault us (do you feel those? I know I do! And how. Some person was burning one of my toes this morning, and as I speak burning a tiny spot on my head), millions get locked in jails and hospitals, those that tried to tell the truth, those that spoke the truth openly, √?¬? those that simply looked different√?¬? religion and willingness to throw away truth gives us all the injustice that litters the history of humans.

Becoming a US citizen is a ridiculously unfair process. All people need to do is get married (those that reject fake marriages are left behind to struggle). Another loophole is (adult) adoption. Any person can be √?¬?adopted√?¬? by a citizen and instantly become a citizen. What we need is some standard way of voting on people, to exclude the violent, to include the smartest, not simply those that find some body to adopt or marry them. In addition, we may want to open citizenship of earth to people, and even open US citizenship to all nonviolent people eventually.

I can√?¬?t understand for taking over the second largest oil supply on earth (Iraq), why our gas prices in the USA are as high as ever. I thought the average consumer would benefit from that new supply of oil, but I guess not.

There is a constant war on violence, all over the planet, in every nation, people are examining evidence to determine who did violence, capturing people suspected of violence, and that will last for years and years. There will always be a perpetual √?¬?war on violence√?¬? until violence is eradicated, and that will probably never happen, but I don√?¬?t doubt that violence will eventually be highly unlikely. So I think that, this effort to stop violence around the planet is the best any body can ask for, or fund, to stop violence, whether that is terrorist bombings, assaults to adults or children, homicides, etc. And I think that we should work together to be consistent and open with the information, for example images of violent crimes, all taking the same (or compatible) format, freely shared for all people of earth to see, all images and descriptions of the evidence available to the public of earth. Then when a human is identified and all the evidence, made available to the public, convinces the public that the person did the act of violence, the person can be identified, captured, tried and jailed. If there are people identified by a majority as being responsible for some violent crime, but they live in some nation that does not participate in a global public sharing of violent crime information, then people in the sharing nations can still feel safe in knowing that if the person ever enters one of the stop violence shared database nations they will be quickly recognized and captured. In addition, information (images, evidence of a human√?¬?s involvement with a violent crime) can be made available to people of the non-participating nation, to gain popular support to capture and arrest, or not to support the violent human.

I don√?¬?t understand why there are not democrats requesting to know if George H W Bush was in the CIA in 1963, and was the George Bush that Hoover referred to as visiting Hoover in a Hoover memo the day after JFK was killed. What was George H W Bush doing in Hoover√?¬?s office the day after JFK was killed?

As the USA, we should be taking over the moon, not bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan, and I am surprised that other nations, like those in Europe, Russia, China, Japan are not spending their money and resources on reaching the moon before us. Here we are, pouring money into the underdeveloped deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq, and we should be positioning ourselves on the moon, so that English is the main language on the moon, mercury and venus. We should be the first to make labs, and resorts on the moon, on mars, on the moons of Jupiter, the first to the stars of Alpha Centauri, not following China, Europe, Russia, or Japan. Look already, how far we are trailing Japan in walking robots. Japan is taking an enormous lead in walking robots, while we our pouring money into Iraq. And it√?¬?s because of religion and ignorance, I think, that we, the USA, are trailing Japan in walking robots, because of this religious Christian revival. The USA has more diversity than any other nation, if you go to Japan or China, I doubt you will see many black, or native American, or Indian, or Caucasian people, and the same is true for Europe. The USA is probably the most racially diverse nation of any nation. And that is a perfect breeding ground for science, new ideas and social justice among other excellent things. The people of the USA are in a perfect position to take the lead with walking robots, and with moon stations, but with this leadership, and this occupation of Iraq, √?¬? this philosophy is not going to do it for us. This is not going to put the USA first with walking robots and first and unquestioned owners of valuable moon property. We could be mining the moon, and mercury, and building those important ships that will move walking robots and humans between planets and stars√?¬?learning how that is done, learning the best ways to do that√?¬?.but the people of the USA are taking a back seat to the people of Japan, in terms of walking robots. What we need is either a leader with As, Bs and certainly not Cs that is fully on board for science, as Carl Sagan was, some body like that, and/or for some other nation to actively go to the moon, to show us, that we have our heads in our butts. Already, the way the people of Japan are moving out the walking robots, developing them to clean kitchens and bathrooms, etc√?¬? is proof that we in the USA are not leading the way in science anymore. In addition, the USA may be the most democratic of any nation, again a perfect breeding ground for science, improvement, progress. The USA is probably more democratic than the nations of Europe (we had democracy first), Russia, China (which does not even have democracy yet), Japan√?¬?.the USA was first to democracy, and I think it√?¬?s time to improve our √?¬?representative√?¬? democracy√?¬?to more democracy, whether that is allowing people to vote on the existing laws only as a reference, or as an actual vote, allowing the people to vote on the budgets, on every government hire, removing the electoral college√?¬? we need to make the next step forward in democracy, to take the lead for more democracy, we were the first to have democracy 200 years before now, and I think we should be the first to bravely move forward with more democracy, the technology is now more than adequate to store and count all votes of each person. Here, the USA was first to allow females to vote (1920), before England (1928). Slavery ended in England (some have 1774 others have 1790) before the USA (1863 although it took a civil war and the US military to enforce), so again I can√?¬?t understand this backwards motion in England, other than to say they are following the USA when they really should not be. Who will be the first to emancipate children (for example allowing them to vote, own property, etc)? The USA was first to the moon and only the USA and Russia have ever sent anything to the moon. Why stop that lead we have? Why succumb to planetary squabbles?

It is amazing what is happening on the earth now. I can√?¬?t understand why the union (non slave states) non racists are second to the confederates and racists. The union, north, is viewed as the technical, the scientific, the nonracist, the civilized, the more advanced all around. There are certainly exceptions like the majority of people in El Paso, Texas, many people in Florida voted democratic, etc. just as many people in the North voted for Bush and this group violent criminal republicans. (I can imagine a decent group of republicans obeying laws, but this group are bloody criminals with the blood of JFK and RFK all over them, in addition to the blood of the Iraq invasion, and there is no way a 757 crashed into the Pentagon√?¬?it√?¬?s clear that a missile did, so something other than hijackers happened there and so clearly, the entire official 9/11 story is in question). Then to see the people of England re-electing Tony Blair for 7 more years is shocking. I always viewed England as being civilized, so I can√?¬?t understand why they would side with the Confederate south of the USA? What this tells me is that if there was a second civil war in the USA, the people of England would side with the racist south?! Not the union north? I find that hard to believe. There is no doubt that France would be allied with the union, non racist north. The home of Newton and Darwin, supporting such backward views and leaders, is frustrating. It is shocking that Japan and Netherlands actually supported the invasion of Iraq. The only way I can understand that is that the people of Japan thought that sacrificing a few Japanese humans in Iraq was worth being on good terms to get some of the oil from Bush and the current leaders of the USA. What else explains the loss of morals and ethics of the Japanese and Netherlands leaders?

One thing that is interesting that people are never told is that, as far as I know, the best sex is when the female and the male orgasm at the same time. A little known fact, I think is that females take more time than males to reach orgasm, females need more time to warm up to the orgasm, where males orgasm usually within minutes. One simple point to research or ask females is: can the female orgasm be delayed? Without doubt the male orgasm can be delayed, although it is difficult to do, but it is many times possible (in my own experience), although it can also feel unnatural or result in less orgasm potentially (like trying to delay a rush of water, the second rush may not be as large as the first). So if a male can delay the orgasm, but a female cannot and the female needs more time, a male that wants the best sex for both people may want to wait and hold off on ejaculating until feeling that the female is orgasming (the female will start to shake in jerky movements, and most females will definitely shake and it will be clear when they are having an orgasm, in addition the her head will feel cold after orgasm). Both female and male orgasm (again in my experience) are very quick, lasting only a second or two. In my experience, it is very difficult to time my ejaculation with the female ejaculation (in particular as the older a male gets, or for a very young male, the male will ejaculate long before the female will orgasm). In my experience, in my prime (at least 6 years past me now at 36), I found sex would go like this: either I orgasmed before the female, or I could hold off and orgasm just after the female orgasmed, but I can only remember 1 time in my entire life where the 2 orgasms happened basically simultaneously. It is shocking that this basic truth is never told to people.

When this president Bush reads a speech has there ever been a president that is so clearly reading? It sounds like somebody reading a form to a group of people√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?at the bottom of the page you will find a line for your signature√?¬?.√?¬?, it probably comes from reading the meaningless biblical texts where nobody listens and even the reader doesn√?¬?t care about what they are reading√?¬?it√?¬?s almost like a √?¬?repeat after me√?¬? oath. √?¬?I solemnly swear√?¬? and shit. At least the economy is looking up, and somehow there hasn√?¬?t been any third invasion since March 2003, a full two years without any new invasion.

Various atheism@yahoogroups.com messages from me:
one link that a person sent that has some good info on christianity being antisexual, ... much of this I agree with, why are these truths kept so secret, and appear to be so foreign to average people?

Other human:
> There is no > part of this > universe that is a trillion light years away much > less a "trillion > trillion".

Carl Sagan said in Cosmos "...and the number of galaxies we can see (he refers to as 200 billion) is only the tiniest fraction of the number of galaxies that are...". To me that implies a potential belief in the possibility that the universe may be larger than the visible universe we see with the best of our telescopes.

The proofs of time dilation are very few, one claim is that "particles slow down near the speed of light", but that is a phenomenon that is seen in particle accelerators and may be a property of the limit of accelerating charged particles in accelerators. But one thing that makes me doubt time dilation is that the theory was made 100 years ago, and even today people do not recognize that all matter is made of photons and that the photon is the only piece of matter, so the only equations that work are for "light-like" (not time-like" or "space-like". I doubt there is any where the modeling of even one particle using relativity, it is a secret science kept to an elite group of secretive people that don't care to explain to the public the details. One other thing that is interesting is that, even with relativity, people still need to calculate the movement of every piece of matter (as far as I understand it), people are not keen on telling the public that. So my thinking is that, if the framers of relativity did not recognize that a photon was a piece of matter, an idea that Newton and Biot were the last to explore, in the 1700s no less!, they certainly could easily be wrong about time dilation. But beyond that, there is one other thing that makes me think time dilation is not real, and that is that, in relativity people view time as a variable (t for example) and it is viewed as exactly the same as x,y,z which are spacial dimensions. But I think there is a problem in thinking that time is dependent on space, I think time is an independent variable. Finally, even Carl Sagan admits that time dilation is "counter intuitive", and I add that it is something we can view in math, but probably not in the universe, and it is a little too magical for what I think is ultimately a boring physics of the universe (although the many possible combinations of matter add to the beauty and complexity of the universe, in addition to the vast quantities of matter and space).

Again, I think we should keep an open mind about there being a much larger universe than only 15 or 20 billion light years. This is a classic mistake of humans: they always underestimate. First they thought the earth was the center of the universe, then the sun, then they thought there was our galaxies and the other galaxies were only nebulae, ... it would clearly fit the pattern if the universe turns out to be much larger than 20 billion light years. Some people even now still believe that the earth is only a few thousand years old. I don't think people are understanding the basic idea that telescopes and our eyes are basically photon detectors, tiny photon detectors compared to the universe. The bigger the telescope the more photons that are detected. If we had a telescope as big as the earth we would definately detect more photons than we do now. We would get all those photons that fly into the earth that do not go into our tiny telescopes here on earth. One key idea is that a sun send out photons, and as a person moves away from the sun, less and less photons reach them. The reduction of photons is exponential (to the power of 2 as far as I know). It is interesting to realize that those photons leave a star more or less in a sphere shape. As they move in space they separate because of differences in their initial directions. At some distance, there is no chance of even one photon reaching the person, but ofcourse that star still exists and is releasing photons.

Here is one important question. If humans build a bigger telescope as they inevitably will. And with that telescope they uncover more distant galaxies or quasars than ever detected before, here is the important question: will they then entertain the idea that the universe is much larger than they thought before the new telescope (that answer is most definately yes), but the more important question is:

Will they then entertain the idea that the universe is much larger than they now are able to see or will they simply adopt an larger finite universe theory?

I seriously doubt there was a big bang. First it's based on the idea of there being many different exotic particles, and all those particles are only combinations of photons. I doubt new space is being added to the universe. I accept that the red shift of distant galaxies is real, but I think that it is due more to distance than to velocity.

One last point is about anti-matter. I think it should be called opposite-matter or some other name, because there is no such thing as true anti-matter. That would be an anti-photon, which has never been found. In a particle accelerator, there is a simple fact. When a proton and antiproton collide there is not empty space, all amtter is accounted for in the form of photons.

It is interesting how many major theories I think are wrong:
1) big bang
2) expanding universe
3) time dilation
4) black holes/worm holes
5) anti-matter
6) energy (I am still working this out)
7) magnetism (is basically electricity, is conveyed by electrons, I am still working this out)

but theories/phenomena I accept:
1) evolution
2) red shift
3) gravity (although I redefine gravity as the influence a photon has to change the direction [not velocity] of a different particle of light)

I don't doubt I am wrong on many of these but I am going to continue to pursue these ideas, they are more simple and logical in my opinion.

Other person:
> Stars as > such are not an > optimal use of local matter for a sufficiently > advanced intelligence. >

That's an interesting point. Stars are messy and a waste of photons. Photons can be stored in the form of the most densest atoms like platinum, or even in the form of water molecules, and then converted to heat, etc when ever needed. Yeah, that is an interesting idea. I think that a group of living objects would probably want to grow in number (but maybe not) and for that they would need to capture and carry more matter. In addition, living objects would probably want to explore the rest of the universe and for that, they would need fuel (matter), so they must be on an unending quest to get more matter.

Other person:
> > In theory it will be possible to record human > memories. >

That is brave of you. Do you know that in 1960 JFK described seeing "the inside of men's minds", and later in 1985 Carl Sagan described hearing thought "a disquieting possibility". I want to make a story where all the secrets of seeing what people's eyes see reach the public on the Internet. That, and another story where Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar, and all those that covered up the many murders jailed. I think we are going to see a wave of new liberal DVDs as more and more people get educated and technology gets better.

Other person:
> The trick there is to use
> something like a > virus vector to introduce the genetic mod desied > (simple ones today) > throughout the body. The abilities will only. > improve. Genetic > tweaking is only one among many current and on the > drawing board > tools. Therapeutic cloning could shortly give us > the means to > replace damaged or aging organs, Nanotech holds > bright promises for > repair work at the cellular level, several > experimental drugs

Perhaps there will be some way to change DNA on the fly on our bodies. THat is an exiting possiblity, in addition to nanomotors and cameras, etc. that change DNA. Somehow I doubt those will be available to most people for hundreds of years.

Other person:
> Read the previous link I put out. Things will > change very rapidly > for good and/or ill in this new century. > > http://www.kurzweilai.net/articles/art0134.html?printable=1 >

I think these exponential doubling theories may be true, but I am more interested in the specifics. In addition, there are physical limits that may be reached, the speed of photons, some smallest sized transistors. I don't doubt that we will eventually reach some limit that all species in the universe eventually reach. One problem with focusing only on math is that they don't remember the limits of the physical universe. We are stuck with space, and photons and that is about it. We have gravity, the electric effect, maybe a few others, and that's about it. I doubt we will ever have particles smaller or faster than photons. So the speed that we can communicate and travel is limited to the speed of particles of light. That's some good info, I hope the public gets to see and enjoy these technological advances.

From other person:
>Do you have a link to the story about the Texas >couple?√?¬† I like to send such lunacy to my believing >friends and relatives as wake up call.


----------- July 1, 2005 latimes.com
Mother Says She Beheaded Children
From Associated Press

BROWNSVILLE, Texas √?¬? A woman pleaded guilty to murder Thursday in the decapitation slayings of her three children, after reaching an agreement with prosecutors that spares her from the death penalty.

Angela Camacho, 25, will receive three concurrent life sentences and will be eligible for parole in 40 years.

tp: parole in 40 years, egad! That is our idiotic justice system. my uncounted vote is for life imprisonment no parole (if she did the actual murders, I would have to see some evidence).

Camacho and 24-year-old John Allen Rubio, her common-law husband, were accused of strangling and decapitating 3-year-old Julissa Quezada, 1-year-old John Esthefan Rubio and 2-month-old Mary Jane Rubio in March 2003.

A relative called police, who found the girls stuffed in a trash bag and the boy on a bed. The couple told police they thought the children were possessed.

Rubio was convicted in 2003 and sentenced to death after he requested the death penalty. Rubio has since decided to fight the sentence.

Digging around for that article I found:

it's stomach turning to read, and all because of the misguided belief in the ancient christian (or islamic, etc) cults. What people may not understand is how often and how very routine religious beliefs resulting in violent crime are, and the religious certainly do not promote those stories or learn from then in any way. There are no, for example, religious groups saying..."you know the idea of demonic possession is probably unrealistic and an outdated idea that we should speak out against.". I don't doubt that since a majority of them believe in a devil, that they also believe in demonic possession. I have to wonder what on earth those children could have possibly done to make a person think they were possessed by the devil, and somehow I have a feeling that they were never ever even violent (since if anything is demonic, it's first degree violence).

From other person:
>Well, let's not completely forget
> that religion has a lot to do with the early > development of technology in the first place.

I don't know aobut that, I think the need for food spurred agricultural tools, water aquiducts, the plow, etc.

A Nobel prize winning human said recently that, I can't remember exactly, but something like that the belief in a god inspires many people to wonder about the universe and try to understand the universe. I have the quote wrong, but in any event, I think the god theory was the only and first theory applied to the universe, so in some way, perhaps the god theory was an early explanation of the universe. Simply put, that a big human made and maintain the universe (other groups of people have similar myths). How does the sun move from east to west every day? Because Apollo (many images depict in a human form) carries the sun in his chariot. When Anaxagarus hypothesized that the sun was a red hot stone he was punished by the religious majority. So that is a clear example, of millions and millions of examples of how religions have stood in direct opposition to science and truth.

We should never ignore and always remember that the early christians closed the Alexandria University, the Academy, and ushered in the "dark age" where there was little to no progress in science until the enlightenment with Da Vinci, Galileo (who was punished with many other scientists by the main stream religious leaders).

From other person:
> you are correct that many of the assumptions were > wrong, but thanks to belief in gods the expansion of > knowledge, the keeping of records, mathematics as > applied to the heavens and scholarly capabilities > came about. So there. >

I don't doubt that, for example, the first universities came about from religious sponsership. There is no way to separate religion from any aspect of life from the earliest recorded human history to even now. So many religious people have funded science, but strictly in terms of religious theory, nothing good will ever come of any religion, in my opinion. I am amazed that some people still call the universe the "heavens". I think that the expansion of knowledge happened in great part from the printing press which was invented in China and didn't catch on in backward Europe for hundreds of years until Guttenburg who used it to print bibles and then died in poverty. I hate to sound negative, but it's tough for me to say anything positive about religion, and I can't stand the millions that cow-tow or kiss up to religions, in particular after all the devastation they have caused. On a similar topic I was thinking that, perhaps I like the idea of lowering taxes, and small government, which is usually related to republicanism, if you can believe that, [is this group of republicans (in the USA anyway) the biggest bunch of spenders and bloaters of government ever?], but who can condone the way they killed JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon, perhaps millions of innocent people the planet over?

I doubt a hot or cold death of the universe, most people deny that there must be galaxies beyond those we see. I say now that the age of the universe now depends on the size of the largest telescope, because you know a larger telescope will allow us to see more distant galaxies. But the issue of reengineering our bodies is a fantastic issue. I think that by the year 3000, without doubt, and it will probably be called a different year, not based on the life of Jesus, at that time, humans will have engineered a generation of humans that, like prokaryotes do not age. In addition, they may even then have made DNA that, like salamanders, can regrow organs (including limbs, etc). So then, humans may live for millions of years, and they may even lose an arm or two, bt I don't doubt there will still be some events that will kill them, but many will live for hundreds of thousands of years. Then, the equations will focus more, like bacteria, on how much water, air, and food for the rapidly accumulating living objects there is, since lack of space and perhaps even matter will not be an issue in this universe, once we can move from star to star.

I doubt that. I think the so-called "background radiation" (why don't they call it "background photons?", isn't "radiation" kind of an old term?) is nothing more than photons from galaxies that are too far to see, or the collective photons from galaxies that are visible. As a source of photons (like a galaxy) gets father away, less particles of light reach us, because they are going in some other direction that will not intersect with our tiny telescopes, but I don't doubt that there are many photons whose source of origin may be very difficult to trace, perhaps they have had their directions changed from other matter. I am not sure where all the photons from the "background radiation" come from, but it is clear that beyond some distance, for a 100" (or whatever) detector, no photons from any average sized galaxy will reach the detector. So the background photons have to be from sources relatively close, or certainly no father than 100 billion light years.

Then you are admiting that the universe may be bigger than what we see with the Hubble.

It is an amazing idea, and ofcourse a beautiful universe. It is amazing that we can see galaxies billions of light years away. They are enormous collections of matter, and then that there is nothing but nearly empty space in between them all.

If there are people new to atheism, a good and easy read is James Haught's "Holy Horror", and Helen Ellerbee's "Dark Side of Christian History".

Even if a person believes in a god, still it is amazing to read about how, for example, Jewish people had to wear special hats and yellow circles long before WW2 as a result of christian religious intolerance, and how Pope Innnocent condones torture of "witches" (people were tortured with red hot irons and forced to "confess" and turn in family members), how the early christian founders operated: they took brutal views of paganism and judeism, "saint" ambrose said all kinds of nasty anti-jewish remarks. The list of religious atrocities is amazing, even down to the brutal killing and conversion of the native american people by the European Christians. Some of the most shocking things to me are the so-called "host nailing", where Jewish people were accused of hammering nails through the wafers (I mean the wafer is a more recent addition, and to think that a wafer is the same as a Jesus is ... unthinkable idiocy). Perhaps one of the most shocking and upsetting things is how all of this history is absolutely ignored by the main stream, but yet it is complete fact. Then there are the recent stories of how a Texas couple killed their three beautiful children because they thought they were possessed by the devil (many of us wondered if the no-doubt religious jury would actually acquit, or be beguiled by that stunning claim), and I don't doubt stories like that happen at least once a month around the planet. I mean, the list goes on and on...it's a nightmarish century, but I am hopeful for the future.

I want to add that I am not anti-theist as in anti- theist people, I am anti-theism, so perhaps I am better described as an "antitheism person", "antireligious person", and then only to the degree that I will not support and will actively speak out against religion (and ofcourse in favor of science, logic, truth, democracy and honesty).

So I think that the idea of a god as a creator and that can only be known by understanding the universe by Baruch Spinoza and many others is less offensive and dangerously inaccurate than belief that Jesus or Muhammad, Falwell, etc. have ome kind of divine connection.√?¬†√?¬† Still, I find the entire idea of a god or gods as a hopeless waste of time, when we could be building walking robots, could be going to other stars, could be enjoying physical pleasure and developing science.√?¬† And it is amazing that science as we know it, may not be very different from the science as understood by life of other stars.

My opinion is that this generation is hopelessly lost, we will be lucky to have painless deaths out of a hospital at age 85. I think what is clear is that changing the genome of any human (or any species) affects only the new organism, and is done at the ovum and sperm level (or perhaps zygote phase). So, I don't doubt that there will first be a generation of simply protists that exhibit development up to a certain stage and then life forever like prokaryotes can (perhaps it may be as easy as adding code for more DNA error checking proteins, which some claim is the reason for aging, but I think there is more, because eukaryotic organisms develop in stages).

But the basic reality to me appears to be that there will eventually (perhaps in a thousand years or even less) be humans that are the first few individuals that do not age (that grow to age 20 and stay replenishing those cells exactly nucleotide for nucleotide as long as there is food, water, etc.). Then probably everybody will want an "everliving child", and the everliving generation of humans will fill the earth and this star system. They will look back at us as unfortunate humans that lived mere 100 year lives. Can you imagine a human that is 10,000 years old, but looks like they are 20? Still, they would never remember every image their brains recorded, we are limited by the size of our brains, but perhaps walking robots will remember store and retrieve every image for us. The stories (and I am saying realistic stories) of the future of life on earth are fantastic, but where are they?, certainly not on the planetary television stations. And here millions of people may already be communicating thru thought in secret elitist networks without even the public knowing, but perhaps I am wrong on that point. To me, one of the most frustrating things is that, here we could be using walking robots, having free information, going to the moon and Alpha Centauri, but the majority of people don't even believe evolution and sit in churches once every seven earth rotations, wasting away until their inevitable (but somehow impossible to them) death 80 years later. Death is kind of like sex in the way people refuse to recognize that they will die, just like they refuse to recognize that sex is why life continues to exist. As a final note, I would say that those stories of humans sending walking robots conquering star to star, and pulling those stars out of galactic orbit are by no means guaranteed, we may destroy ourselves or experience a physical catastrophe long before then, in particular in the way we are currently going, which is with more religion, more violence, more secrecy, more lies, less honesty, less sexuality, less science. I don't doubt that we will get there, but not any time soon. In our measly lifetimes we may barely see walking robots on the moon at age 90, and perhaps people will see images of what Frank Fiorini saw when he killed JFK, 300 years after our death.

> > But the issue of reengineering our > > bodies is a fantastic issue. I think that by the > year > > 3000, without doubt, and it will probably be > called a > > different year, not based on the life of Jesus, at > > that time, humans will have engineered a > generation of > > humans that, like prokaryotes do not age. > > Too slow. I expect the capabilities will largely be > present within > the next few decades.

Perhaps, one thing that is interesting is that that first generation of humans will be the "squatters" in this star system. If they are not the smartest humans, it doesn't matter they will be there for thousands of years. One of the saddest things is how close we are to realizing that dream of living forever (ofcourse, as I stated minus accidents, etc... not-aging is not a guarantee of living forever), and perhaps we will benefit from the technology, but I serious doubt people will be able to transplant our brains. They may even be able to replace all of our organs with "ever-living" organs...but I don't doubt they will prefer starting with a fresh genome. Our lives are as good as finite.

> Centuries before the year > 3000, barring major > catastrophe, there will be no humans that have > bodies this puny > except for perhaps a few ultra-conservative groups > on a reservation > somewhere.

Perhaps, but you have to recognize that most humans will be living in zero gravity, and may become more semetrical. I don't know about size of humans, but another thing to think about is acceleration. To get to other stars as fast as possible, bodies that can withstand more acceleration will naturally go farther. One thing that this convo reminds me of is that in globular clusters and elliptical galaxies the stars tend to only be 1 or a few light years apart, so I don't doubt that the advanced life of those stars purposely pulled the stars together, since the average distance between stars in this galaxy (afaik) is more like 4 or 6 light years.

other person typed:
> With therapeutic cloning we are already well on our > way to being able > to grow new parts to replace damaged ones.

I haven't heard or seen anything about that. I know it's possible but it must not have been shown to the public if it was done, which I do not doubt in the least, given the vast secrecy of people.

other person typed:
The flip side is the ability to download > into different or > multiple bodies.

One thing that is certain is that robots will be passing on memories (and training) to future generations of robots. It is a simple idea that you can take one hard drive of images and sounds from a robot that was trained much like a human to clear kitchens, bathrooms, to drive a variety of cars, etc, and simply put that into a brand new robot. Then this new robot will have hundreds of years of memories and experiences lived by other robots. So in this way a brand new robot, will simply get a copy of the hard drive of the ancient robots and off they will go to clean kitchens and drive flying cars, etc.

other person typed:
> > We will drop these relatively inefficient bodies > long before we do > much star hopping I think.

Making more efficient bodies is a wonderful topic. At this time, our bodies depend on air, water, food, heat... at some time humans may use genetics to make anaerobic humans that don't depend on oxygen (I think that is clealy a mammoth task, but think of the advantages...carrying around air wherever we go will prove to be a total hassle, just like it is when we go in water, but in particular into empty space, although heat will forever be a necessity). Perhaps humans can be designed that live on photons, or no food or water at all, if we can simply be given some amount of water and have that amount last forever. Very interesting ideas.

From other person:
> Sparks might fly. Fatwahs might be issued. But Islam > will also be > revealed to be what it is: the hallucinogenic > babblings of the > epileptic child molester who founded this mass > psychosis. >

Yeah, who cares about the mass homicides and assaults of unbelievers, for alledged promiscuity, or for no reason at all, the true crime is that their reasoning is flawed and that they fondle children.

----end atheism@yahoogroups.com
Review: Microtek Scan Maker 5950 Pro. I bought this to scan in legal sized documents for buying the condo, like the condo purchase agreement (200 or 300 pages). It has an autmatic document feeder (adf). It can scan directly to pdf. I have to use ghostscript to merge the pdf files together into 1, but the scanner can do up to 50 pages at a time. The motor is quieter than an HP adf I have used. For $180, this was a good buy. It took a few minutes to figure out how to scan black and white directly into pdf. At first some of the pdf files were corrupt, but I got the latest software from the web, and figured out a way of making the adf work everytime (I think that the adf not getting a paper caused the corrupt pdf file). You have to push the papers in a tiny bit into the adf when it first starts. The paper guides don√?¬?t do a good enough job at keeping the paper going thru straight to make a perfectly straight copy. I think a simple set screw on the paper guide would solve that problem. The documents tent to be tilted a few degrees in the pdf file. But I figured out that by inserting a 1√?¬? 10-24 bolt/screw next to the paper guide, I can keep the paper straight. I am happy with the scanner, the Epson scanner I have got better reviews for quality of scan, but this scanner is passable. The first scanned page had a part of the top missing, so if text was there I had to scan that individual sheet on the glass. Occasionally the first page in the scan was very dark, but a rescan comes out correctly. I had trouble getting a color scan of white paper to appear white, it had a blue tint, and I played and played with the various controls and the best I could do was make the background a tiny bit purple, but mostly whitish. For black and white, which is what most legal contracts are, at $170 this is by far the best product for the money, the next highest in price scanner that can do legal size is $300 at least. The speed is still not as fast as a photocopier (although you are getting an electronic copy√?¬?in some libraries they have free use of scanners, this is amazing, you can do color and b&w scanning [photocopying] for free, and not even have to pay for a copy card, then I can send the scans thru the high speed internet connection at the library to a web drive, and print out the stuff later (if wanted) on my printer for low cost. I can see a time when the paper flies thru the scanner very fast, then scanners really will replace the massive dinosaur copiers.

I can see believing that a god exists as a creator of the universe or that controls all the matter in the space (although I recognize the entire theory of gods in the historical context as being created by humans and, the traditional idea where a god is in a human form is obviously ridiculously wrong), but I find it hard to believe that many people actually believe in the divinity of Jesus, the miracles, that he made many loaves from 1 loaf, etc, and the divine connection of Muhammad. It is clear that those two were just humans made of DNA, people of the most very recent history relative to the billion year evolution of life on earth. In addition, I find the ideas of an after-life as being clearly unbelievable, because humans can not possibly have any prove of such a thing, let alone spend every living moment hoping to get to an afterlife claimed by earlier humans. To me, there are particles of light and empty space in the universe, and that is it. When a human or any living object dies, the photons that compose their body slowly exit to become parts of other objects. It is interesting to think that all the photons exiting from stars travel and travel, eventually get tangled with other atoms and form patches of nebulae (Hydrogen and Helium gas clouds) to start the process of making stars again in an infinite cycle of creation and disintegration.

Etiquette in the secret camera networks is much worse than in the public camera networks. A good example of this is the Rodney Kind beating. For people in the secret camera network, that is acceptable, they see that all the time. But when those events enter the public camera networks, there is a big stink. And the reason for that is that the public etiquette/ethics are much better than the secret camera network etiquette/ethics.

Here is a good idea: a bagel seeded on both sides. The one half with the seeds is awesome, but who wants the plain side?

Paper on rudeness I would add one last part and that is, after much thought, my advice: option 1) ignore the rudeness.

It should make our enemies feel good that we will all never get 1 millionth of the physical pleasure and regular weekly, consensual, disease-free sex with a variety of partners that humans only 500 years from now will be legally getting for free and even for money because of their antisexual puritanism, religion, and secrecy. They have clearly won this century and perhaps the next one too by stopping any hint of consensual physical pleasure, and fulfilling their focus of constant sports, violence and war.

Why don't people get some crash test dummies, or manicans and show that 100 of 100 times the head of the body goes back and to the left when shot from the front and right (relative to the body being shot). Isn't this clear proof that the zubruter film, taken with the Mary Mormon photo is more than sufficient evidence to prove that a person (most likely Frank Fiorini) was the person that shot and killed JFK from behind the picket fence in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas? It's time to charge Frank Fiorini with the murder of JFK, even though Fiorini is dead, and it is time to charge Thane Cesar with homicide of RFK.

If we need some body to quickly roll over and bow to the rabid republicans we should get some Democrats and liberals, no single group surrenders to Republicans and Nazis faster.

I wonder if Blair let the London bombing happen to counter lowering support for staying in Iraq and Afghanistan. They see and hear our eyes and ears, they have the best technology available. They have protected Thane Cesar and Frank Fiorini for decades. At a minimum, they are neglecting their duties to stop violence and destruction.

I am glad for the wikipedia.com, the free web encyclopedia, in particular because they make sure nothing is copyrighted.

This is Nazistic backwards time where people call the police and the police arrest them. An elitest assaults you, and if you complain or fight back, then you are the person arrested!

One of the funniest things I have seen in a while: On CourtTV, Forensic Files, there was a female dancing and then she shook her ass in circles while a 2 or 3 second fart sound played.

I looked at the CNN DVD √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?America Remembers√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě (what is that sarcasm?). ok, I definitely see the thing on the bottom of the 2nd plane, the light worked against the Bush mass murders this time, making the object look even bigger and bulgier nearest the impact frames. But in all honesty, I only see a tiny flash (which is still significant), the √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?flash√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě in the images of √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?911 In Plane Site√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě, which I honestly believe, there is too much truth in the DVD for vonKleist to be making it up. The problem, I think is that I can√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t examine the video frame by frame, and I can√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t copy the DVD mpg2s, and this is not the original video (was the original video a miniDV √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬? that would be awesome because then 720x480, but if only 8mm then we would only get 352x240 which still might be enough). I definitely see a symbol that looks like a United airline symbol (a √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?U√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě) on the tail, but if this multibillion dollar group of people was planning this attack for months, they would easily be able to paint a plane to look like a United Airlines. But I think one of the main questions is that it is clear that a missile hit the Pentagon, but yet the government and media claim is that a plane did. So what happened to that plane and all those people(!) since it is clear that a missile hit the Pentagon. That is one of the weakest parts of the official story, and will probably be the zipper that opens the 9/11 truth wide open to the public when that does happen, which will probably be under a democrat president (and perhaps even the next democrat president). This plane, clearly was 1 solid color, a shade of blue that is light in the light, but dark in shadow, but the UA a two tone blue on bottom with white on top (as far as the 2 images of them I have seen).

A strong group of helicopters with an extendable (resizable) aluminum/plastic/steel tunnel with hand rails inside, could have extended the tunnel into a WTC tower building and saved the lives of a few dozen humans before the tower collapsed. Parachutes could have also been a low cost life saver.

Interesting that according to JFK II Oswald had an informant number S179, getting $200/month from FBI, according to Warren Commision released papers.

According to JFK2 the killing of JFK was some how like:
Rockefellers (John,), Henry Ford, Averill Harriman, (Prescott Bush?), Richard Nixon, LBJ? (funding and planning of JFK killing)
CIA director: Allen Dulles (created, and ordered operation to invade Cuba, role in JFK killing unknown: perhaps planning, finding killers, fired by JFK)
CIA department head?:Richard Bissell (supervised bay of pigs operation, fired by JFK)
CIA operation supervisor?: George Bush Senior (names operation Zapata, names ship to transport vehicles for invasion of Cuba, in charge of operation) (Pays Hunt?)
CIA operative supervisor?: E Howard Hunt (pays Sturgis and Oswald, is on )
CIA operative? (undercover informant for FBI?): Lee Oswald (possibly shot JFK but did not kill JFK) √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬? Frank Sturgis (kills JFK)

Where did these people fit in?
General Charles Cabal (was related to CIA?)
Gordon Arnold (army, 3rd person on grassy knoll standing next to Sturgis films for the Army, where is that film?)
Captain William Edwards of Defense Intelligence Agency (In Hoover memo as going to see Hoover personally in his office on 11/23/1963 day after JFK was killed, according to JFK II to kill Hoover if he didn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t submit [how did Bush and Edwards get into the FBI building and Hoover√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s office? ).

It√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s an interesting point about Bush Senior being closely linked to the killing of JFK, because the rest of the people in power knew they could trust him not to rat them out, because he also would be arrested for conspiracy to murder before the fact. But I don√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t doubt that the camera eyeball ear hear your thoughts net was going strong by the 60s (starting in 1910 and 1913).

5 minutes of video shown to the public on national television could have eneded the career of Richard Nixon, Ford, or George Bush Senior, but the money power people of the democrats and liberals chose not to show (buy) that 5 minutes of video to the public. Instead they allowed them to get elected in to the government and rule for years.

Bush jr orders the people we pay in the federal government to arrest people for √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?unconsentual√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě prostitution in San Francisco (doesn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t the reich love to invade San Francisco all the time?). If the taking money for sex was unconsentual, how were they contained there? With chains? Were they not paid for their services? Where is the video of those people √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?saved√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě from the prostitution testifying that they want to thank the federal humans for arresting them and stopping their source of income? If they weren√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t chained but voluntarily working touching genitals for money, why focus on sex for money, why not cleaning toilets for money, is there really consent there? It√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s always ironic with the extreme reich wing, they arrest people for illegal immigration, sex related activities, and abortion, but then they go and protect the killers of the Kennedys, invade and kill innocent people in Iraq, babies, adults, all innocent people. They fill the prisons, not with violent people, but with nonviolent people. The Nazis jailed social democrats, intellectuals, mostly many nonviolent people. If there were people that didn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t want to masturbate or have sex with people for money, why didn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t they leave? Why did they stay there? They could find other work, in restaurants, as servants, and day care. The upsetting thing to me, is that many people that take money for sex are made to feel like they are bad people, like they are doing something sinful or wrong, and that is clearly wrong. There is nothing wrong with taking money for sex, for providing females or males with sexual pleasure with mutual consent, nothing wrong, nothing sinful, nothing evil, nothing bad, absolutely nothing wrong with that at all, a fine nonviolent profession that I vote to make completely 100% legal. What an antidemocratic way of leadership, just like the SF drug arrests, the Texas Confederate Nazi people in power shockingly elected by 51% of people in the USA, like to bully the people of SF. The people of SF clearly have shown that they don√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t think prostitution and drug use are serious crimes, otherwise they would force people in police to make these arrests themselves, but this group of Federal people with Nazi history, enforce their backwards confederate opinions onto this local city of people. It√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s acts like these that sometimes make me wonder if we in the US wouldn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t be better off if the US reich wingers in power did invade another country to focus attention and persecution off us. Here these females were earning money, living perhaps a better life than they can live in Korea, they didn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t save money to fly back (as far as I know), but now they will be deported. Why don√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t the federal people stop violence, there is 2 homicides every hour in the USA, are there 2 people arrested for homicide, and jailed for homicide every hour too? If no, let√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s get going! They focus on the illegal Korean immigrants, why Korean? Why not other nations? Then only in prostitution? What about the other illegal Korean immigrants? Why the prejudice towards noncitizen/illegal immigrant people that are in prostitution versus other professions? Why no big arrests and sweeps of daycare, landscaping, restaurants, servants? In addition, what will be the sentences for the females and the owners of the massage businesses? Is this a violent crime? No. Is this a crime of property theft? No. Is this a crime where nonviolent people are held, tied to tables or poles, or otherwise jailed against their will? No. How serious is the crime, what will be the sentence, and why will the case not be held in San Francisco or LA? I think we should take a serious look at how much time people are spending in prison for homicide, for assault, for drugs, for vice (prostitution), do that sentences appear to be a logical?

There is this other funny part in √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?JFK II√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě where Bush senior has a caption from his mouth: √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?what an FBI?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě, this is typical, ofcourse they always claim to know nothing, they won√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t admit to their own name, etc.

A person on court tv said √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?finally we get to talk about it√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě (some case he was on the jury of), but doesn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t that apply to those in the camera eyes and ears net? I mean, do these people even talk about the things they see in the eyeball network with each other when the excluded are not around?!

I think one of the worst problems with this nation and the entire planet, is the way that people so readily reject the truth. For example, it is clear that Oswald didn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t kill JFK, from the Zabruter film, and that Thane Cesar killed RFK from the Noguchi autopsy, √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶ but yet for the majority, it√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s ok to lie about these homicides. And that is only scratching the surface of the lies.

I think the future of businesses is going to involve massive number crunching of votes. Getting votes about employees and potential hires. Who are the meanest? who are the friendliest? Logging threats of violence, put downs based on race, gender, sexual preference, weight, honesty, etc. Also I am looking forward to cameras every where, to prove to all what the truth actually is.

Some people are professional liars. It√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s like Franken√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s book title √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?Lying Liars and the Lies they Lie about√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ěor what ever the title is. You can show them the video of them to their face and they will still deny what they did. Isn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t that you in the video? No. Many of these people are hard core liars, and have learned never to speak the truth.

Can you believe that a machine may be our best witness. A camera will tell and show the truth while a thousand humans lie.

I find it hard to believe that 4 people with box cutters could take a cockpit easily from 2 pilots. I find it hard to believe that Taliban people could fly a modern airplane into the WTC towers. But the best evidence is that the hole in the Pentagon was too small. A person at CNN said √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?the trade centers had been hit by airplanes, in washington there is a large fire at the Pentagon√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě (not a plane hit the Pentagon). A person also makes the point to say that √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?The AP and Reuters is reporting that √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě

O√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?Conner is retiring, what Eddie Tabash said way back in 2000 (I estimate) is actually coming true. We will probably loose our hard won right to abortion now, now females that were raped, that may die because of the birth, or thought that they might own their own body and everything inside it, will either have to go through with their pregnancy, even days after fertilization, or find some person that will perform the abortion illegally for a high price. Even now, the anti-abortion violent criminals have stopped most people from agreeing to perform abortions. All this from the people that brought us Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar, filling the jails with the overweight, oh wait, I mean those that use illegal drugs.

It is shocking how close to World War 3 Bush jr, his dad, and some extreme right wing military leaders brought the planet earth on 9/11/2001. That was probably the single most irresponsible action since the CIA flew a spy plane over Russia during the Cuban missile crisis. That the democrats under Clinton sent a missile into the Pentagon shows how nasty that conflict got. The brief civil war, must have been highly staged and preplanned, and ended within a few hours, with the Bushes, Carlyle Group, and Halliburton claiming victory. CNN √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?America Remembers√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě shows how Bush jr went into an underground bunker, to protect himself, not against Islamic terrorists, but probably against people outraged by their planning and execution of 9/11 (the same people that missiled the Pentagon killing hundreds of people). One person in CNN has a good comment on the feeling, saying (of the ppl on the so-called Schanksville plane) that √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?they actually voted√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶perhaps saying that of the people in the WTC that were killed, a number of them actually voted for their killer, Bush, to be President, or perhaps the shock that many people in the camera thought network that watch from people√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s eyes know all the details of the 9/11 mass murder (many people were saying words that start with two m√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s, could that be √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?mass murder√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě, usually that is used to hint that Marilyn Monroe was killed, which many people give as SG, Sam Giancana), many people knew the details of 9/11 and how it was staged by Bush senior, jr, Carlyle, etc. and then still voted for Bush in 2004! (actually this was made in 2003 so that is probably doubtful, but still probably a true fact and equally shocking). I can√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t understand how CNN reports that the Shanksville (shank also is a golf term meaning to hit a golf ball off to the side in the woods√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶perhaps a military joke about how their plane shanked the south tower?) plane went all the way to Ohio (where a report said that the people were isolated on part of the airport and deplaned because of a bomb scare) and then back to Washington DC√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶why wouldn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t they go directly for DC earlier?

I think it is a good idea to develop our non dominant half, to try to learn to so things with our left hand if we are right handed, even zippering a zipper, using a fork, brushing teeth, writing, drawing, etc. What is the effect of only developing one half of our bodies? Can that be a good effect? I have to think that it atrophies or leaves undeveloped the muscles of the left hand and arm in particular, and possibly the parts of the right half of the human brain.

My advice is to verbally object to any and all assaults and any pain that a person might do to your body without clear permission. Then at least there is no case for √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?no objection√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě being default consent in cases where you were assaulted with lasers.

I was thinking that since Time magazine has to reveal the name of it√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s sources, isn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t it only fair that the CIA should have to release the name of all people employed on it√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s payroll in 1963? Wasn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t George Bush employed in the CIA in 1963. Isn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t that George Bush Senior in the memo written by Hoover entitled √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě? Didn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t he lie about his being in the CIA in 1963? In fact, since the government is not a private corporation, but is (in theory) a service to the public, why shouldn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t they have to release all records? It√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s only fair if Time magazine a private corporation, no less, has to give info to the public, so should a public entity like the US government. I am tired of the government having more power than average people and businesses, they work for us, not the other way around. We should get to decide where all the money goes, and see where it is all spent, after all we are the supervisors not the employees.

I was thinking more about 9/11 and hundreds of people above the airplane collision in the twin towers could have lived if there were parachutes there, even the old rip chord cheepo parachutes, but in addition there could have been automatic acceleration opening parachutes. In planes there could and should be parachutes (I have heard of some) and also air bags. Why were there no planes flying overhead to drop extinguisher on the fire? No helicopters even attempted to rescue the people trapped above the crash that were at the windows. There could easily be a device developed to throw parachutes into the building, or a large net that sticks to the building. I think there could be automatically deployed nets on bridges and in buildings with large drops that can catch falling people (inside and outside).

I think that when a particle of light collides with a surface, it is amazing to me that the particle reflects (alternatively it can be absorbed, refracted, or transmitted) at a 90 degree angel to the surface. How does the particle know that you are holding the surface at an angle if it just experiences a collision with a single atom? Does the photon bounce off of other photons in the atom or is the photon absorbed and then the same or a different photon quickly emitted? I kind of feel that I am the only person to ever publicly ask such questions. If a photon bounces off another photon, then is there ever a time when the photon has a velocity of 0 when it is changing to move in the opposite direction? I think that atoms may be static objects that photons do bounce off of, and the shape of the atom also reflects the way a person is holding a plane or surface for example. If a person holds a mirror at 45 degrees (compared to the direction of a beam of light particles), the atoms, which may be cube shaped also have a 45 degree angle (compared to that beam of light particles). It may be that photons in the atom are pushed by the photons and the rest of the atom pushes back causing the photons to move in the opposite direction.

Could you imagine the USA exporting drugs (or any thing else besides violence, radical religion, and drug war crime) to Canada?

It is shocking to me that people in the camera network, republicans, who know that 9/11 was staged by Bush jr and the extreme right wing military, about the missiles on the WTC Tower planes, etc. can actually condone that kind of activity, actually re-elected the killers responsible for that atrocity. It√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s like knowingly supporting the holocaust, or some other mass murder. I can√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t understand what goes thru their heads to support such a brutal, lawless, and destructive event, but yet they continue to support Bush and the republicans that coordinated 9/11, knowing all the details about everything: the thoughts of the passengers, of those involved, the surveillance videos of everybody involved, they know it all. It√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s shocking to me, that they can actually support that massive killing, in the name of raising nationalist or patriotic fervor (which it certainly did without question), or in order for defense shareholders to walk away with taxpayer billions, what ever the reasons. Perhaps they try to forget about 9/11 (and all the other crimes of the republicans, like Frank Fiorini√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s killing of JFK, the protecting of Thane Cesar, √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶ I can only imagine how many homicides were done at the hands of republican people, and supported by their Jonestown Manson-esque Christian and Godder followers). I don√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t doubt that they don√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t like to talk about them, because who wants to be reminded that they voted for a person that they all know clearly arranged the killing of thousands of innocent humans? I guess for some, they disagree with staging 9/11, Frank Fiorini killing JFK, Thane Cesar, maybe even the cover-ups of those crimes, but still support the republican ideal (what ever that could possibly be outside of killing, assaulting, and jailing innocent people in bulk).

The people and leadership of Canada and Spain bravely allow same gender marriage, but here in the USA, the people trail in being as socially enlightened, tolerant and courageous. The US has not been the moral leader since WW2, 1920s women√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s sufferage, the end of prohibition in the 30s, and the end of slavery in the 1860s.

Hoorah for Tom Cruise calling psychology a pseudoscience, and actually mentioning the √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?history of psychology√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě, something people in psychology are not keen on explaining. The theories of psychosis and neurosis are too abstract to be of any use, and √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?delusional√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě covers all religious. Are many people unrealistic, yes, in my opinion, and should they be allowed to take experimental drugs with full and clear consent, free of coercion? Yes, I think so, but no body (in particular nonviolent people) should be tortured or injected with any substance against their will, or tied to a table or bed with restraints, which is happening all the time now in these secret facilities. In addition these people deserve due process of law, legal defense, a fair trail, right of appeal, right of a jury, right of a sentence, right to be only be contained if convicted of an actual crime. In other √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?entertainment√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě news. I kind of wonder about the Bono law suit of the hair dresser human, I mean, doesn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t Bono have enough money, maybe he will win a few combs or nail clippers to add to his multimillion dollar golden ear swab collection. That is kind of petty, but if the property is stolen (which I am not sure it is) it should be returned ofcourse. I can√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t understand the √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?celebrity√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě thinking of most average people, once one of the celebrities reaches a million dollars, time to move on to a new one in my opinion. Perhaps thing would be different if there was some superhero of humans that was single handedly dismantling the drug war, violence, freeing the nonviolent, then, by all means, lets support their effort and if they have a few million who cares, they deserve it, now let√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s get busy stopping violence, teaching science, freeing the nonviolent, building those walking robots, telling the stories of science, evolution, going to other planets, moons and stars, explaining those eye image infrared cameras, getting some cameras on the streets for the public to see not just for the elites, you know, all the good things good people should be and do do.

This must be the years for Supreme Court rulings. I have to wonder what is going on inside the minds of the people on the US Supreme Court (yes I want to see what their √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?eyes√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě see for a switch) when they made this recent decision on Grokster and file sharing software. This decision is highly illogical and only makes sense if the majority deciding justices received some form of large cash payment or some kind of non-monetary reward, so check for that. Saying that a person that makes software is responsible and/or liable for the use of that software for illegal purposes is highly stupid. By that reasoning, copyright holders can win law suits against DVD+-RW manufacturers for people that misuse their devices, VCRs, etc. knife manufacturers for illegal activities done with their knifes, gun manufacturers, etc. In addition to what ever monetary or other rewards these corrupt justices may have received, this is the kind of thinking that humans are baby-like and can not make decisions for them selves, like the tobacco law suits because the company didn√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t inform the buyers that cigarette smoking can cause cancer, why is it their responsibility to inform the public more than any body else√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s? The case for free information is even simpler because there is no physical damage, unlike cancer from smoke. We don√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t need signs every 3 feet with the text √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?life is dangerous, be careful√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě. My vote is for free information, and in favor of Grokster, and my summary: I vote down the copyright laws, and beyond that, even with copyright laws, Grokster or any body else should not be responsible for the use of their product for a violation of any law. I wonder what this will mean if the secret eyeball net goes public and the public sees all the many copyright violations. One possible way around the decision is for no person to claim ownership of a file sharing software program.

I am releasing a textual address to the nation and to the planet: √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?Let us never tolerate inlandish government paid for television propaganda theories any more√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě.

I was watching some 9/11 DVDs and I thought it would be surprising, but perhaps appropriate, when people were forming a line waving to the 9/11 police and FBI for one sardonic lady to say √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?yoohoo√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶I got some videas yiz can steal√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶.√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě

On CBS a person said √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?anticipation√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě of other catastrophies, I can only guess that that refers to me, the baddest cold scientist to ever walk the earth. Condo Rice srefered to me as being safe too later that day of what must have been the verge of a second US civil war. I was just sleepily sitting at a computer on the 5th floor of the UCI Main Library. To think that my life was in some serious danger at that time. I think much of the attack was staged months before.

One thing I forgot to mention was the way people hinted that the Democrats were responsible for dusting Rumsfeld with a missile at the Pentagon when they said √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?Smoke is billowing out of the side√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě and one other √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?bill√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě reference I heard.

Just what the people in the FBI did when they stole the Hilton and gas station videos of the Pentagon is so disgusting. And here we pay their fuck free salaries. They are nothing but criminals and lying sacks of big brother Nazi-istic shyte for stealing those videos and refusing to show the public.

One interesting point, was when I first got a copy of √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?911 In Plane Site√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě, there was dead rat 4 on a sidewalk near UCI, on Stanford near campus, the opposite side of Jack in the Box. But before I could get my video camera it was removed within 24 hours. I think the message is clear, that there is something with 9/11/2001 that is sensitive to the Bush reich in power. For me, I can√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t help but think√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶.If there were 2 military planes, and 3000 people killed by the right half of the US military, and the Pentagon missile was some kind of democratic response, √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶ in addition to Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶I can√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t help but think that we may possibly be looking at some kind of conflict, or complications, or turning point, some moment of reckoning, some time in our future, perhaps within the next 20 to 50 years, because of the Internet, the time when the public finds out about all of this√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬¶.how they react and what happens is going to be interesting to say the least. I hope for a nonviolent solution, where all those involved are arrested, tried, and jailed, democratically without any violence, perhaps a good democratic president could guide us in that way, but I have the sinking feeling that the numbers of violent criminals is too high for a nonviolent solution to arresting all those killers once they are finally exposed to the world on the Internet and television frequencies 24 hours a day. Think of the number of people involved in the JFK cover-up, they controlled the Senate, the House, the TV stations, the newspapers and magazines. Think of 9/11, again, they coordinated 2 military planes to crash into the WTC twin towers, that is not exactly a small group of violent criminals, but the fact remains that they have to lie, I don√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t, they have to lie to the public, because the nonviolent criminals far outweigh the violent criminals, they still have to lie to √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?the public√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬Ě.

The other things about the flag burning are:
1)main point: It√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?s just a cloth, burning cloth should never be illegal (on your own property √?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬? depending on clean air laws)
2)what about old flags, you can√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?t burn them to get rid of them? That is absurd.
3)What is next, burning stamps with the flag on them?
4)What about burning drawings or photos of flags? illegal?
5)What is next burning images of presidents?
6)Is burning US money, or any image of a US symbol next?
7)One seriously important point: Is this what we are paying millions of dollars for?! Is this an item of seriously important legislation? I mean people are filling the prisons because of the drug laws, prostitution, and molestation laws, thousands of murders and assaults go unseen and unsolved, but these people have the time and money to sit back and blow puffs of smoke about issues as trifling as flag burning?

How many people thought when they saw the plane crash into the World Trade Center Tower (perhaps in a hushed voice): √?¬?√?¬?The Bushes are back..√?¬?√?¬? and then that desert whistle music played.

Good to see that some people in Italy have arrest warrants for 13 lawless people in the US CIA. The CIA ought to be consolidated with the FBI, and be under FBI direction for all their lawlessness and international crimem in particular for their links to the JFK killing.
Let√?¬?√?¬?s go through all the unbelievable things about 9/11/2001:
1) Hole in Pentagon not big enough for a 757. Before the wall collapses, there is only a tiny 9 foot hole in the bottom floor, the top 3 floors are fine. There is not enough fire damage for all the supposed fuel. The images show a missile trace of smoke. At least one witness on video near the Pentagon describes missile with wings hit Pentagon.
2) Second plane (that hit the South Tower) has missile on bottom that can easily be seen. People, crew, etc. would have noticed such an object on a commericial plane.
3) First and second plane both have a flash of light when missile ignites meaning both planes had same √?¬?√?¬?missile on bottom√?¬?√?¬? configuration.
4) Building 7 was clearly √?¬?√?¬?pulled√?¬?√?¬?, brought down with explosives, as clearly described by the lease owner of that building on PBS. Were there people still in there? Was anybody hurt. 8 hours after a surprise attack they had changes perfectly placed to bring down the building? There is clear evidence that some person (a fire chief?) decided to pull building 7, isn√?¬?√?¬?t that reason enough for a homicide investigation, or civil suit against the murderers?
5) There are puffs of smoke that show clearly that the two towers were collapsed with timed explosives. The video clearly shows it. This fact alone is shocking. I can see collapsing the building after every person is clearly evacuated within three to 7 days for safety reasons, and certainly evacuating the entire radius of the twin towers. But that act alone, (again how much time went in to planting those charges?), was the single biggest homicide of 2001. That resulted in the massive number of deaths. The plane crashes probably amounted to 1000 people, the collapsing of the towers probably killed the other 2000 humans.
6) Person for Fox News describes the second plane clearly as a √?¬?√?¬?blue plane√?¬?√?¬? √?¬?√?¬?with no windows√?¬?√?¬? and a circular logo/emblem towards the front. Most military planes have no windows, and many are colored blue/gray.
7) Bush jr says √?¬?√?¬?Let us never tolerate conspiracy theories√?¬?√?¬?. That is so suspicious! Never tolerate a theory? Hey, it√?¬?√?¬?s just a theory? By law we have to tolerate free speech and writing. I can see never tolerating violence, but simply a potentially inaccurate theory? Why the big concern there?
8) No videos show the second plane going into the tower from the side where the top can be seen. All 4 public videos only show the same side, where only the bottom can be seen. There are thousands of web cams, and other cameras permanently pointed at the WTC towers, none of them caught the other side of the second plane? Those images would be even better evidence, since we could clearly see that the plane had no windows. (The evil 9/11 killers did not even bother to soup-up a military plane as a faux-commercial plane)
9) No videos show the missile going into the pentagon√?¬?√?¬?why wouldn√?¬?√?¬?t they want to confirm their story that a plane hit the pentagon? Since clearly there were many cameras on the roof of the Pentagon that must have captured photons reflected off it.

When these people go Stalin, they go the full nein yars. They get to see the tohughts and "eyes" of people in the Towers and planes, what do we in the public get to see? 4 videos escape the coverup. (people in the US FBI confiscated some videos from a gas station and Hilton near the Pentagon...this is what we are paying for?). No satellite images showing the top of the planes, the cameras from the top of the WTC towers just happened to be off that day. Not one video shows the top of the second plane? Again they watch and hear our thoughts, we don't get to see the street and high way cameras.

In fact, the evil people that planned 9/11messed up, I think in putting a missile on the military planes√?¬?√?¬?I doubt it was necessary, and I doubt 9/11 was even necessary to initiate wars, but perhaps. In particular the missile on each tower plane√?¬?√?¬?as if people would have wondered why the towers collapsed even if there was no inferno. They would accept that structural damage was enough. Now there is clear proof that a missile was on plane 2. What is going to happen with that when we have a democrat president? It will never go away. Had they not put a missile on the bottom, people would be looking at an unusual bottom but there would be no evidence as good as a missile or some kind of cylindrical object attached to the bottom.

One other interesting thing is: you are trying to tell me that there are no satellite images of the top of the second plane as it flew into NY and into the second tower?! Come now chafee. And curiously the 4 videos that are public all show the side of the plane that is turned away so the top of the plane is not visible. Not the other side which must exist, and clearly show that the plane had no windows, was a blue-gray military plane, probably with a circle emblem towards the front. That must have been and still probably is one massive project to try and destroy every video of 9/11 not yet made public. One frightening thing is that, even in the secret camera-thought network the mighty forces of evil must be editing video images, removing the missile to make a video to circulate the web where there is no missile, no flash of light√?¬?√?¬?it is pure Stalin√?¬?√?¬?the way they removed images of Trotsky from photos of Trotsky with Lenin.

The planning of 9/11 must have been massive and taken a long time. Perhaps there were explosives set weeks before when the company that has Marvin Bush, Bush jr√?¬?√?¬?s brother, as a principle (I have to see exactly what this means in terms of how much control over the corporation the person has, but clealy many of these corporations are made of like-minded people), was in charge of security for the World Trade Center, and Dulles airport. I looked at the 9/11/2001 editions of the NYTimes and LATimes, and there are hints, because in the thought camera network they basically know everything, liberals pay for a third (or even less) of the news, and conservative buy the other 2/3s. So I had to recognize the republican propaganda meant to deceive, and the liberal bought words/phrases meant to expose. The NYTimes has few days before the word √?¬?√?¬?jump√?¬?√?¬? on the first page, I can√?¬?√?¬?t remember all the other things on the microfilm. The LATimes had the story of a teacher accussed of a √?¬?√?¬?plane hijacking√?¬?√?¬?.

That they brought down the buildings with many people still inside, shows the extent of their evil. I think centuries from now, people will recognize that part of 9/11 as the most vicious. The shocking brazenness of flying planes into the WTC towers is certainly up there for evil. At the republican convention Rudolph Giuliani used the words similar to √?¬?√?¬?fantastic acts of destruction√?¬?√?¬?, I can√?¬?√?¬?t help but think, at such a radical right wing forum, that this is certainly an appeal to the love of massive killing, the thrill they get from seeing people killed (and many people killed, not just one or two, but even one or two humans killed on video is probably thrilling for them). What else explains such an obvious double meaning of the word √?¬?√?¬?fantastic√?¬?√?¬??

I hope and certainly vote (although I am clearly in a minority) to jail all those people involved in the planning and execution of 9/11. At a minimum they should be exposed to the public in full hidden infrared secret thought camera color. This approach seems the best to me, simply nonviolently informing the public, that is no where near as dangerous as trying to capture, try and jail the killers and accomplices before the fact.

Was there something in the 3 world trade center buildings that had important information, like the Brookings Institute, that would be to the advantage of evil to destroy?

I thought more about the 9/11 evidence:
1) Pentagon hole made by missile (perhaps fired by forces of good at evil), perhaps as a way of scaring Rumsfeld and couldn√?¬?√?¬?t missile Bush because √?¬?√?¬?. And this is the point I realized last night:
Bush jr, decided to place himself among a group of children for 9/11/2001. They all decided that in Florida with a group of children would be the safest place for Bush jr. It is doubtful that the allied anti-nazi forces would shoot a missile at a school full of children just to kill the leader of evil, where they perhaps had less problem shooting at the Pentagon.

The movie √?¬?√?¬?JFK II√?¬?√?¬? is good, and only $10 at jfkii.com. This DVD tells the story very closely to the truth, and is the only time I have ever heard George Bush Senior referred to as √?¬?√?¬?that son of a Nazi bitch√?¬?√?¬?. There are a few good points in jfkii:
1) some person cut a √?¬?√?¬?V√?¬?√?¬? in the bullet entry wound in the front of JFK, one doctor describes it on video.
2) Bush Senior√?¬?√?¬?s father was punished for laundering money for Hitler through his √?¬?√?¬?Union Bank of NY√?¬?√?¬?, which Hoover closed down because of the √?¬?√?¬?trading with the enemy act√?¬?√?¬? around 1942.
3) Stevie Wonder made a wonderful song √?¬?√?¬?Big Brother√?¬?√?¬?
4) They have Sturgis as CIA (and he was training anti-castro Cubans).

5) Nixon was sponsored by George Bushes father, Prescott Bush.
6) Nixon hired George Bush into the White House (who then brought in E Howard Hunt).
7) William Colby head of the CIA was working with the Committee to expose who killed JFK, providing them with the Helms memo accusing Hunt to the JFK killing, as the Nixon (extreme criminal wing) ship was going down. But he was then quickly fired by Ford√?¬?√?¬?s Vice President, John Rockefeller, a replaced with none other than George Bush Senior! Who promptly ended CIA cooperation with the committee.

The story is amazing. Dulles launched the Bay of Pigs with his small CIA army thinking that JFK would back him up, but JFK didn√?¬?√?¬?t (Dulles and these other Nazis are bent on total constant war and destruction of earth, it is shocking to hear how they tried to provoke a conflict between the USA and Russia by running missions into Cuba, and flying a spy plane over Russia. Ultimately the nonviolent method of free information and free market prevailed as Russia fell without a massive military conflict causing the death of millions of innocent people). Immediately after this unauthorized rouge CIA invasion, JFK fired CIA head Dulles, General <>, and one other person in the CIA. JFK II makes it clear that the Rockefeller family (and they identify Henry Ford although don√?¬?√?¬?t present any evidence) funded much of these extreme right wing war hungry zelots. George Bush Senior was in the CIA in 1963 when JFK was killed, was in Dallas, as was Nixon on the day JFK was killed. Hoover made an important memo the day after JFK was killed November 23, 1963, titled √?¬?√?¬?Assassination of President John F. Kennedy√?¬?√?¬? (check the video for exact details) which describes George Bush and one other person in the CIA going to receive a report from Hoover on what the FBI knew about the misguided anti-Castro Cubans link to killing JFK. The CIA wanted to make sure that Hoover closed the case on them, or was not going to be trouble, or confronting them, charging them with the killing (since Hoover did √?¬?√?¬?roll over√?¬?√?¬? and play ball with the JFK killers, clearly LBJ appeared to be in line with the killers and nop doubt involved in at least the coverup). Hoover uses the double-meaning words, saying :the killing of JFk represented √?¬?√?¬?a great loss√?¬?√?¬? to the anti-Castro Cubans√?¬?√?¬? who were, according to JFK II, happy and celebrating at the killing of JFK (although LBJ, Nixon, Reagan and Bush never did anything for them). A great loss, taken to mean great as in good as a wonderful thing to lose. So in some way, Hoover went along in not exposing or fighting the JFK killers, but did not go 100% willingly. So clearly Bush Senior, owner of Zapata oil near Cuba, was the supervisor for Hunt, who supervised Sturgis, the killer of JFK, all in CIA training of anti-Castro Cuban people. Bush Senior denied that the memo referred to him. It is amazing. Richard Helms was director of CIA under Nixon and revealed that Hunt was part of the plan to kill JFK. One of the best pieces of evidence is from Morita Lorenz who went with Sturgis in 2 station wagons full of anti-Castro Cuban humans (and what must have been many CIA people), they went to a hotel and Hunt came in and passed out money. Where did the money come from? Who paid Sturgis to kill JFK? Bush (all references to Bush are Bush senior from here out unless otherwise stated) appears to have been the supervisor of Hunt in the CIA organization. Alan Dulles was probably the supervisor of Bush.

Interesting that some person could have stopped Sturgis and the 2 station wagons full of guns, but they went through southern states, with perhaps less support for JFK and the yankee north.

Everything in JFKII appears to be accurate except for a few small details:
1) The narrator (whose name is not listed, nor registered for the jfkii.com domain name) points the finger at E(dward) Howard Hunt, still alive and making news in Florida (again more proof that Florida is the home to some nasty homicide humans, Sturgis lived and √?¬?√?¬?died√?¬?√?¬? there), but any look at the colorized photo from √?¬?√?¬?The Men that killed Kennedy√?¬?√?¬? shows clearly that Hunt is the person in the railroad hat, Sturgis is in a police uniform, and Gordon Arnold is there from the radical right portion of the US army filming with super-8 camera. (JFK II does not mention Arnold, who links members of the US Army to the killing of JFK).
2) The narrator has Oswald as an agent for the FBI and like the movie √?¬?√?¬?JFK√?¬?√?¬?, has Oswald as an innocent patsy. I kind of think that Oswald did shoot and wound JFK and Connolly, and perhaps Oswald killed Tippett, but I am open minded because I am not in the secret camera thought network. The narrator gives evidence that Oswald went into an anti-castro camp and then the FBI closed it days later. (What about the Oswald link to Marcello?). Hoover felt it important enough to mention Oswald years before the JFK killing. And that Hoover spent money to infiltrate various groups.

It√?¬?√?¬?s interesting that Sturgis and Hunt were recycled again for the Watergate break-in (and I can only guess how many other evil missions). So they risked all that info on the JFK killing when schleping them around for money. It√?¬?√?¬?s kind of funny that the author uses the same objects spinning in circle effect that I use in Photon Yes Religion No, religion. There is also a funny part where Hoover√?¬?√?¬?s head is pasted onto the body of a little old female human.

One of the most shocking things is how Alan Dulles (similar to Dallas), was put in charge of the Warren Commission after JFK had fired him from the CIA, I mean how obvious is that?

I saw √?¬?√?¬?In Plane Sight√?¬?√?¬? (interesting info on 9/11), √?¬?√?¬?JFK II√?¬?√?¬? (Bush senior√?¬?√?¬?s connection to the JFK killing), and √?¬?√?¬?Loose Change√?¬?√?¬? (more info on 9/11). All 3 are excellent and I highly recommend seeing all 3 (while they are not in Libraries, they can be bought for low cost on the Internet, and perhaps ebay). I want to list important info about the 9/11 problems on my hkh.htm page.

For "In Plane Site", Dave vonKleist, is a brave person to defy the state-run story about what happened on 9/11/2001. vonKleist is part of a growing number of people that are forming the "true news", or the "actual news", a rising group of people that are using the Internet and DVDs to reveal the actual news to the public.

These √?¬?√?¬?illegal to burn a USA flag√?¬?√?¬? people are idiots. It is shocking to see Feinstein sponsoring that idiot bill, and the House passed it, let;√?¬?√?¬?s hope that the public√?¬?√?¬?s vote will one day be counted, even if only as a reference guide from which to compare.

15 year sentence of Regis of Adelphia for theft is absurdly harsh, people don√?¬?√?¬?t get that kind of time for violent crime. Just take the money back already. This is a parallel to the Russian Oil person, I don√?¬?√?¬?t doubt Regis must have angered Bush some how, I can only guess what happened.

Awesome to see the solar sail ship getting launched. I will be interested to see how it works. I think ultimately humans need to explore ships like project Orion that use the power of photons from within already assembled atoms. Update: the solar sail failed to get into orbit, perhaps the Nazi-istic religious radicals currently in power in the US had something to do with it, the launch perhaps should have waited until 2009. This wasted 2 or 3 million reminds me, that a basic rapid history of evolution and science available on low cost DVD (perhaps sent or given freely) to the public, mass produced for a million or 2 may have been a safer investment.

I received my first defective product from newegg.com. I find it hard to believe that with the camera hearing and seeing thought network that they and the manufacturer people don't know which products are defective, but perhaps. In any event, I found this kind of interesting:
from Newegg:
Unfortunately your review was deemed unsuitable by our site moderators.
Title: "Had to return, drive would not aopen"
Body: "I had to return one of these the door would not open."

So I think from now on, I will have to take those Newegg.com "reviews" with a grain of salt.

That is kind of unethical, although 100% legal. My review contains no cursing, and states a fact about the drive I received from Newegg. Other reviews apply laud after laud on to newegg, but I never see any criticism. So I filled in a bbb.org complaint.

We hear people called "psycho" alot, but never "assaulto". isn't that curious? Because violent people are much worse than people with delusions (or mental problems) in my opinion.

I tend to take an extreme minority view on sexuality, in thinking that sex with consent is not that big of a deal. For example, I honestly see nothing wrong with people being nude, having sex in public, prostitution (I argue that if adult people can clean toilets for money, why can't they legally mutually consent to touching a genital for money?). To me the two sides are clear, there are a large number of people that want to fill the prisons with nonviolent people because they use drugs or did something sexual (although nonviolent). It's really like the Spartans versus the Athenians. Incredibly they use violence (which is illegal, but it's popularity overrides it being illegal) and imprisonment to enforce their bizarre views of "helping" people to help themselves or to live "clean" life styles (even if, like overeating or eating fatty foods, it really should be a person's own choice to live an unhealthy life and what they chose to nonviolently do with their own body). I even am willing to make exceptions for some prison time for repeat nonviolent offenders that touch without consent, or steal repeatedly, but my focus is on jailing the most violent. I mean, here we live in a nation where the killers of JFK (Frank Sturgis), RFK (Thane Cesar), Nicole Simpson (I kind of am guessing OJ), Jam Jay (I have no idea), Bonnie Lee bakely... I mean the list is in the millions are still on the loose, never charged, where assaults are routine and arrests for assaults are extremely rare. It is frightening to think that many people may have seen and know who did millions of murders, but yet, those murderers are still free and moving around on the tiny planet.

The political system I support is democracy, and not that representative crap, I mean true and full democracy where we get to vote directly on the laws we have to live under, where we get to vote to determine what our tax money is spent on. All the other systems are not as good as true and full democracy in my opinion (perhaps better than even a 3 tier system...people ultimately, in my opinion, should vote to determine all aspects of every trial and all laws, although I am open to voting in "time delays"). The funny thing is that, even in a monarchy, some amount of democracy always prevails. The Warren commission is proof that an elite minority can overrule the public, but ultimately I think the public and popular opinion will win out.

I don't think science and technology are religions (or false gods). I think people create an explanation of the universe, matter, space and time, but it should not be worshipped like a god, nor unthinkingly. If it is, and I think that there is a good argument that maybe it is, that is not what I consider true science. By my definition, true science allows for some uncertainty, and an openess to new ideas and theories. There is no doubt in my mind that the current group of people that claim to be fans of science are very closed minded, but I can't blame science for that. To me science is the search for truth, to them it is something else, or they simply believe a different theory than I do is true and feel they must supress all other theories, where I really don't, I address any and all theories publically. Buddhism and meditation are old ideas and I am not interested in those at this time, but I enjoy reading what other people are interested in, and appreciate your comments.

On a different note, that "In Plain Site" DVD is awesome (as is "Loose Change", I kind of wonder what that title implies...maybe it was loose government money in the military that did 9/11, you know the few billion overruns that spill over the side of the USA humungous military budget), what an unbelievable thing to see the bottom of the second plane that has a missile or something. I can only imagine what the true story is behind 9/11. People will probably be analyzing it for centuries like they do Alexander's conquests, the rise of Adolf Hitler, the nuclear bombs in Japan, Ice Ages, Meteor Impacts of the past, ... all the mass homicides. I don't even know how to summarize it. There are all kinds of questions like, if the to planes that hit the towers were military planes, what happened to the 4 planes and all those people? Were the twin towers actually brought down with explosives? Because if yes, that probably killed the most people, more than any thing else did on 9/11. Then my thoughts go to the people that must have planned it, Bush jr, Rumsfeld, and the radical religious extremists in the US military. After killing JFK, RFK, thousands in 9/11, what kind of violence are they planning next?! Was the Pentagon missile some kind of counter attack against the religious right military people that perhaps were the brain center of the planning of 9/11? Was the thinking that they needed a "Reichstag fire" to justify invading other nations? Because if yes, I don't think they even needed to do that, they could have just invaded Afghanistan and Iraq with some bogus reasons, who would ever stop them? The questions are endless, but I think we can count on a dismal rest of the century of puritan christianity, violence, ignorance and plenty of it.

There are two sides of the fence, I guess, those like me in favor of using science and technology to the fullest, and those that prefer a more traditional and comfortable method. I mean, I am a person that asks "where are the walking robots around here already?", "How about some cameras on the street that the public is allowed to see?", "Where are the videos detailing evolution and the history of science?". Those seem like modest goals to me given the current state of technology, but some how they are unachievable for the majority of even the most elite, wealthy and educated humans.


The √?¬?√?¬?psychic detective√?¬?√?¬? show on Courttv is ofcourse 100% fraud, but some interesting things can be uncovered from these shows. Like the one Christian woman √?¬?√?¬?Etta Smith√?¬?√?¬? that showed the Los Angeles police where a dead nurse was. They all knew, from the camera network, where the dead nurse was, but it took the female human to force the police to process the murder. So they must have been pissed that a citizen broke the protocol of not getting involved in helping to solve homicides using the camera thought networks (but ofcourse it must be difficult for people to watch murder after murder and do nothing in particular when people in police do nothing). So they jailed Etta on homicide. It had to have been punishment for using the camera network to help solve homicides. Etta got the last laugh because she sued and won. Many times the police shockingly pay a √?¬?√?¬?psychic√?¬?√?¬? (since phychicatry√?¬?√?¬? is pure fraud, because they need some excuse besides, √?¬?√?¬?we just looked at the secret camera network pictures√?¬?√?¬?, so they explain that a psychic provided the needed leads (that ofcourse the camera network provided).

I think soon there will be two kinds of bathrooms, those marked √?¬?√?¬?included√?¬?√?¬? and those for √?¬?√?¬?excluded√?¬?√?¬?.

12:30am June 18, 2005, some violent prig exploded an explosive outside my apartment. I was saying earlier today that when the republicans find a tiny fire, they pour gas on it. And I think that when people look back at 9/11 they will see that it was exactly a √?¬?√?¬?Reichstag fire√?¬?√?¬?, for similar minded criminals. They are terrorists and violent killers, but they don√?¬?√?¬?t use suicide bombs, they use sophisticated missiles and automatic guns, but first degree homicide is first degree homicide, no matter how it is done or to whom it is done. That is another thing that is different from me and many republicans that support using violence to transform nations into √?¬?√?¬?democracy√?¬?√?¬? (although representative democracies), I think all humans should have equal value under some kind of democratic planetary laws that we all vote on, but I think those people think that an Iraqi, Chinese, or some other human is of less value than the value of a full US citizen. To me those people are humans, and deserve the full right to life that all humans should have. I see nothing wrong with policing the planet, using cameras to prove that a person was violent to the public, letting the public get to see everything, let the public get to vote for a sentence, working our way together as a planetary democracy, arresting people that clearly are shown in video and with physical evidence to have done homicide and or assault to other humans√?¬?√?¬?you know, capturing Thane Cesar, Frank Fiorini (although he is dead), the killers of Nicole Simpson, Bonnie Bakely, Jam Jay, and a million other killers and assaulters, not wholesale killing of thousands of people.

I saw √?¬?√?¬?Team America√?¬?√?¬? and √?¬?√?¬?Kinsey√?¬?√?¬?. Kinsey is a good movie. It was interesting to hear about sex, how people first masturbated, the interesting stories about sex. I can√?¬?√?¬?t remember all the interesting things, but one was that there a woman cannot feel inside her vagina (although I would have liked to hear what that thing that drops down that I could feel with my penis when they orgasm is), and that there exist people that can get erect and ejaculate in 10 seconds, I can√?¬?√?¬?t remember all the things, but it√?¬?√?¬?s the topic that is very interesting. I am seeing the Kinsey documentary too. It√?¬?√?¬?s enlightening, and refreshing. The people that made both √?¬?√?¬?Kinsey√?¬?√?¬? the drama and √?¬?√?¬?Kinsey√?¬?√?¬? the documentary are brave and smart people. Just the ignorance and inaccurate ideas surrounding sex was interesting. Hearing from Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy, a biographer of Kinsey is very interesting, and then the comments from the producer and writer of the movie are interesting too, because there is a lot of suppression surrounding sex and sexual education. The comments from the people at the Kinsey institute are very interesting and reveal info about the institute and Kinsey. I tried not to cry, but at the end there is a scene with Lynn Redgrave playing a person in a same gender relationship that expresses gratitude to Kinsey where I teared up, it is terrible the way such a trivial thing is viewed as a big evil by many people. The entire movie reminded me of my song √?¬?√?¬?The Glory of the Sex Story√?¬?√?¬?, which I will have to put back up on my web page. The documentary done by PBS from funding from Hugh Hefner, Ford, and others is more informative and has video comments from Kinsey coworker Paul Gebhart who has many interesting things to say. I can√?¬?√?¬?t help but think that I helped to make the movie √?¬?√?¬?Kinsey√?¬?√?¬? by introducing the Eddie Tabash talk √?¬?√?¬?Sex Laws and Modern Enlightenment: Decriminalizing Prostitution√?¬?√?¬?, in addition to remembering Kinsey, and sending an email asking if masturbating with left hand causes sperm to exit from right testicle. By the way, this video has aired on cable tv in Orange County and parts of Los Angeles, check my main web page for dates. In the documentary there is a theme of √?¬?√?¬?squares√?¬?√?¬?, and the grid shirt has become a symbol of the science of sexuality. I wasn√?¬?√?¬?t sure what I was thinking when I decided to wear a grid shirt. Part was my thinking of the great relation with the blue striped shirt many people used to relate to me, so I thought perhaps a grid described my philosophy more accurately, that I am into science, engineering, regular healthy sexuality, etc. to me the symbolism was like graph paper which I still occasionally use even now (although computers have replaced much work on paper).

One thing that is easy to recognize is the method of the current group of republicans, whom I don√?¬?√?¬?t call √?¬?√?¬?right wing√?¬?√?¬?, they are simply the √?¬?√?¬?violent criminal wing√?¬?√?¬?. A right wing would be just a little more conservative than the liberals, but these people are killers. With this group of republicans the Nixons, Reagans, Bushes, the extreme religious, their method is to use violence and to make threats of violence on any body that objects to their Stalin kind of beliefs and policies. They don√?¬?√?¬?t argue with words, and have no real agenda other than doing violence against nonviolent people. This is why it is easy to recognize Republican influence. When a movie is called √?¬?√?¬?Kill Bill√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?yes this sounds like typical Republicanism. When the 10 liberals in the USA are sliced up and killed in effigy in a big screen film..yes, this is Republican money. This is easily recognizable. I think the liberal leaders don√?¬?√?¬?t want first degree violence, if they are like me, they just want Thane Cesar, Frank Fiorini, and all killers jailed (not killed). For example, I think people that make threats of violence potentially should be jailed, not killed. I call for the demotion of people like Bush jr, Bill O√?¬?√?¬?Riley, Jerry Fallwell, Pat Buchanan, not for them to be executed. Although I think a video game where Thane Cesar and Frank Fiorini are waved from the white house flag pole and shot at would be an anger relieving game. That would be an eye for an eye. But the republican message appears to be a very violent message against nonviolent people.

I am kind of disgusted by the √?¬?√?¬?Team America√?¬?√?¬? movie. There are some funny parts, like the song √?¬?√?¬?America, fuck yeah√?¬?√?¬? and √?¬?√?¬?Wut would you do?√?¬?√?¬?. But, the most bizarre scenes involve the blowing up of Michael Moore, and the killing of anti-war acting people like Martin Sheen, Jeanine Garafalo, Helen Hunt, Sean Penn, Danny Glover, Tim Robbins√?¬?√?¬?some of these people, like Alex Baldwin√?¬?√?¬?.I barely recognize as liberal, if not for √?¬?√?¬?Air America√?¬?√?¬? I would have no idea that Garafalo is liberal in any way. Sheen I know because he was one of the 10 people that spoke out (as I did and do) against the Bush jr Iraq invasion, and ofcourse, Michael Moore. It is really bizarre that the South Park people made those people the √?¬?√?¬?bad guys√?¬?√?¬?. There is no way for me to look at those people, the hand full of political dissidents in the USA, really a tiny minority, as bad people√?¬?√?¬?For example, when I see them killed, I kind of see myself being killed, and √?¬?√?¬? that simply is not funny. Perhaps it√?¬?√?¬?s a self preservation thing, although when I was younger, perhaps I would have laughed at such things, like in an Activision game, My bloody head is held by a different team member. Even Bush jr, Rumsfeld, Condi, Cheney getting sliced and diced, to me is not that funny, or funny at all. But also, this is the republican double standard, they can draw pictures of killing famous liberals, but the second a high school kid in NY State draws a painting with the words √?¬?√?¬?kill bush√?¬?√?¬?, he is taken in for questioning by people in the government secret service. More frighteningly, the republicans have actually succeeded in killing many liberals. They killed JFK, MLK jr, RFK, John Lennon (many people did not realize that Reaganism included killing nonviolent popular leaders, but when asked for a comment about the John Lennon killing, Reagan said √?¬?√?¬?That√?¬?√?¬?s what I√?¬?√?¬?ve been talking about all this time√?¬?√?¬?, and later Reagana stated, √?¬?√?¬?We didn√?¬?√?¬?t just mark off time√?¬?√?¬?). Many contributors to the Nixon campaign may never have been informed that some of that money was used to pay Frank Fiorini to shoot and kill JFK. Wikipedia.com had a smart statement on the movie, they have that the movie didn√?¬?√?¬?t make much money because most of the South Park fans are liberals, and to see liberal people killed is difficult to stomach, and conservatives can√?¬?√?¬?t stomach all the cursing and sexuality. As I said before, seeing how much money Matt and Trey took to enact this typical republican violence, now those movies have to be interesting. I don√?¬?√?¬?t doubt there was either a sizable check, or big briefcase full of money. There was a funny scene where a person says √?¬?√?¬?once you take another man√?¬?√?¬?s cock in your mouth√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?, which I think is funny, but does anybody honestly think a bunch of liberal killing sex and gay hating religious extreme right wing people want to hear that? Here Parker and Stone already have millions, but somehow they need that extra few million and they will jump through hoops, kiss republican killer ass to get it? To me, it is like the brutal scene where Kim Jung Ill shoots his translater, that is what life is like cozying up to the violent, they are not √?¬?√?¬?honorable√?¬?√?¬?, honest, trustworthy, logical, etc. I deal in hundreds and thousands and schlep computers around, but I am still true to my beliefs and values. In some way, I suppose people could say that the story is told from the stupid red neck American perspective, but to me, I recognize this as simply a republican victory, √?¬?√?¬?Team America√?¬?√?¬? is clearly a victory for Bush jr. and the rabid reich. That young people are supposed to laugh when liberals are blown up and killed is not great parenting or teaching√?¬?√?¬?you know just dangerous in terms of churning out more violent young people. I was thinking of many of the enemies that people could have made√?¬?√?¬?there was no republican puppets, no Bill O√?¬?√?¬?Reily puppet, no Rush Limbaugh, KKK, Nazis, neonazis, Right to lifers, DEA, Vice cops, Tom Sneddon (is it amazing that this is the century of child sex, terrorism, abortion, don√?¬?√?¬?t the republican religious right ever think of any thing else?! What√?¬?√?¬?s about stopping homicide and assault? Freeing the nonviolent, making total democracy, guaranteeing total freedom of all info, nsf actually making a history of science movie, evolution movie, that is what our NSF money is going to√?¬?√?¬?not one movie of evolution and history of science√?¬?√?¬?they are probably all Christians that doubt evolution√?¬?√?¬?.no wonder people have never heard of Vesalius, Malpigi, Lavoisier, Mendelev, you name it, they haven√?¬?√?¬?t head about it. Do you know that the people that first saw thought have been dead for years?! The public has not ever even heard or seen of them! They all died before the public ever knew them!) , Frank Fiorini fan club, Thane Cesar protection squad, the antisexual puritans, Gloria Allred, Laura Schlesenger, Ann Coulter, this has got me thinking that I should put together a page of all the anti sexual, religious, violent puritans√?¬?√?¬?. Speaking of Coulter, she was one who picked up on the √?¬?√?¬?bomb France√?¬?√?¬? or √?¬?√?¬?invade France√?¬?√?¬? √?¬?√?¬?joke√?¬?√?¬?, and that was played out in √?¬?√?¬?Team America√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?and the point was some what funny in that the Bush invaders would destroy these historical landmarks by accident instead of the actual violent people, that the destruction of missles is very uncontrollable, etc. which is a good liberal point, but I can√?¬?√?¬?t help but thinking that this is such a typically republican scenario, or statement they repeat over and over ad nausium, like Kerry is French, and Kerry flip flops, etc. as if they have 3 neurons which flick on and off in unison. There are millions of bad people and bad groups that would make fine √?¬?√?¬?bad guys√?¬?√?¬?. It is much easier to put down the nonviolent and tiny than to take on the violent and powerful, in addition there is a lot of money to support the party line. There is little doubt that Matt Stone and Trey Parker will be around for decades more. That reminds me, to see a person like Michael Moore portrayed as a violent terrorist bombing human is like labeling Einstein a dangerous thug and violent criminal during WW2√?¬?√?¬?it√?¬?√?¬?s radically backwards. To me, violence is stupid it√?¬?√?¬?s not funny. It is interesting that here in the last South Park movie, was the brave statement √?¬?√?¬?god, that bitch√?¬?√?¬?, and so it√?¬?√?¬?s certainly a bizarre turn for Parker and Stone. But they have so much money, like the Simpsons, they will continue to make movie after movie. I wish wealthy people would do something more productive with their money. As long as there is copyright, famous people will stay wealthy for the rest of their lives, but also there is a phenomenon where people continue to pile their pennies onto the same 100 rich and famous people. Like, why not give some body else a try? Go for variety for the first time in your life. I don√?¬?√?¬?t doubt the next shows and films from Parker and Stone will be back to liberalish type of material, but who knows? My opinion is, it√?¬?√?¬?s tough to support that type of violence done to liberal people (some of those, who I say, are barely liberal√?¬?√?¬?I mean what has Helen Hunt ever done? Or Tim Robbins? I must be missing a lot√?¬?√?¬?there is something about the Baldwin people that Trey has a fixation on√?¬?√?¬?maybe something in the past caused some kind of conflict or hostility between them√?¬?√?¬?in this movie..I kind of have to ask√?¬?√?¬?is Trey addicted to cocaine? What is going on there√?¬?√?¬?? Are you on drugs?!...How could they be such propagandizers for Bush? Bush has them rolling and jumping for money√?¬?√?¬?selling out all the lieberals in grand typical republican fashion. I can tell you though, that even despite this idiocy, they will be around for 50 more years if not more. I much prefer the view shared by Michael Moore, Garafalo (I guess√?¬?√?¬?I presume√?¬?√?¬?) and Martin Sheen, the perspective of anti-bush, anti-war. Perhaps √?¬?√?¬?Team America√?¬?√?¬? is a parody on the vicious right, but to me, that is just irresponsible, unhelpful, not funny, gross, it√?¬?√?¬?s like whipping slaves during slavory√?¬?√?¬?beating jewish humans during Nazi Germany, √?¬?√?¬?simply beating on an already over beaten minority. I would like to make a movie, and video game, where the great achievement is stopping violence, or even killing violent people, that bastard Sturgis, the killers of Nicole Simpson, Jam Jay, etc. One thing that is clear from √?¬?√?¬?Team America√?¬?√?¬? to me is that the cursing is funny, as is the open sexuality, vomit can be funny, farts are still very funny√?¬?√?¬?violence to me is not funny√?¬?√?¬?the liberal people could make a parody on √?¬?√?¬?South Park Killers√?¬?√?¬? where Parker and Stone are killed in a variety of ways, by right wing extremists, but I doubt that will get done√?¬?√?¬?most liberals are nonviolent, wanting to stop violence, even though, I think most people would agree that, that kind of movie would be fair, in addition, that is just more advertising for them and their clearly sometimes (perhaps rarely) backward pro-war (or at least violently against anti-war liberals) philosophy. If the wikipedia article is true, I have to feel kind of good about the public, they chewed down and swallowed whole Michael Moore√?¬?√?¬?s √?¬?√?¬?Fahrenheit 911√?¬?√?¬?, but couldn√?¬?√?¬?t quite stomach √?¬?√?¬?Team America√?¬?√?¬?. I just ordered jfk II at jfkii.com, now that will probably something more to my liking. I am for exposing Frank Fiorini (and here Trey made √?¬?√?¬?Mr Garrison√?¬?√?¬?), and Thane Cesar, you know√?¬?√?¬?trying to get back to justice, and to jail the murderers of US democracy, science and sexuality, before they kill me, and or many other liberals without most of the public knowing or seeing a thing. There will definitely be more √?¬?√?¬?sell-outs√?¬?√?¬? for republican money. I experience it every day. Gore Vidal calls this The United States of Amnesia, and I definitely agree, they can√?¬?√?¬?t remember that JFK was killed and Fiorini never even jailed for homicide, Thane Cesar still on the loose, the memories of Viet Nam, WW2, what John Lennon would bne saying, what MLK would have to say about invading Iraq, what Morrison and Joplin would be saying now in their 60s, that million years of mammalian boners, thousands of generations of new mammals, but these people just popped out onto the earth. Maybe there was some kind of deal in the camera net, like Bush jr would not jail them for drugs, or child porn, or molestation, or some thing, but they had to make a movie where they kill puppets or drawings of liberals to avoid being arrested, but I think it must have just been a few million dollars from the republican funds, maybe the committee to reelect. It√?¬?√?¬?s probably like that 250,000 paid for √?¬?√?¬?no child left behind√?¬?√?¬? propaganda, although that was our money! But that is how you can recognize republican propaganda, it√?¬?√?¬?s almost always words, pictures, or drawings of violence against liberal people, or people that do not march to the party tune. It√?¬?√?¬?s all part of a change that I first noticed after the Bush jr first election in 2000 (although the brewing secret camera thought network elites are growing into some kind of other nazi-esque party altogether and have been for years, with their exponential power over those excluded)., I picked up a √?¬?√?¬?Reader√?¬?√?¬?s Digest√?¬?√?¬? and there was an article about how JFK was a womanizer and drug addict, and I thought, this is so low brow√?¬?√?¬?what about an article about how Frank Fiorini killed JFK and how Nixon and the Republicans paid him, and how Mary Mormon captured a photo of Sturgis, Hunt and Arnold behind the fence in the act? I guess that was not what the money for that article was for. But to me, that was the first time, I saw this kind of Nazi-istic very low-brow propaganda. The fact is that you can not have a nation busting out with newly found fervent fanatical religion and expect to have a decent government, ofcourse, that ignorance and stupidity is going to infect government, and every other part of the nation. But with rare exception, the educated appear to do nothing, no movie detailing evolution, or history of science has appeared, no history of religious atrocity has been shown to so much as 1 human, so without any kind of cure or treatment, I don√?¬?√?¬?t see the virus of religion, secrecy, hypocrisy, anti-science, anti-sexuality, persecution of nonviolent political objectors slowing.

I saw about 12 shows of Michael Moore√?¬?√?¬?s √?¬?√?¬?The Aweful Truth√?¬?√?¬? and I chuckled and laughed at some things, but some things I definitely disagree. Many of those things are relatively trivial. I agree with making homosexuality legal, all anal sex, oral sex, etc√?¬?√?¬?with consent I vote to be legal. Therefore, I found the √?¬?√?¬?sodomobile√?¬?√?¬? very funny√?¬?√?¬?I enjoyed the √?¬?√?¬?witch hunt√?¬?√?¬? very much√?¬?√?¬?that is funny, those √?¬?√?¬?impeach Clinton for a blow job√?¬?√?¬? people√?¬?√?¬?what a bunch of puritans√?¬?√?¬?but Bush can kill people all day, and they have Thane Cesar and Sturgis over for dinner. The polluter people I agree with, I vote to stop pollution. For health care, I can see using government money to make sure no person is dehydrated, starving, and perhaps even has a room and access to a public bathroom, with free soap. I am kind of for a flat tax, which does not really benefit me (except to make taxes more simple perhaps), but I don√?¬?√?¬?t think people should be taxed at different rates, since people should be viewed as equal, but that is a minor point. One thing, I could not understand, is the hatred for rich people√?¬?√?¬?that is kind bizarre√?¬?√?¬?just because they are rich? I agree that CEO√?¬?√?¬?s get too much money, but why don√?¬?√?¬?t the shareholders vote for less? Can√?¬?√?¬?t they do that? And I think shares of stock are a fine investment (at least in main stream banks) even for lower income people. People don√?¬?√?¬?t have to be rich to buy stock. It√?¬?√?¬?s more risky, but some people are willing to take some risk for more gain. Minimum wage is a typical democrat value, but I lean towards a free market, and I think it is difficult to deny that, if you raise people√?¬?√?¬?s wages, people will simply raise the cost of products. It all depends on how much money is in circulation which is simply decided by governments (it is not related to any single piece of matter). So, if the people in governments print another 1 million dollars, in theory 1 million products will go up in price 1 cent. This is why we have inflation. Which is neither good or bad, it is just an interesting phenomenon, that more and more money gets printed and circulated as time continues, and that drives the prices of everything up. It√?¬?√?¬?s almost like, we are trading the same amount of matter as we were in the 1900s (or perhaps even less), but instead of √?¬?√?¬?1√?¬?√?¬? on the paper there is a √?¬?√?¬?20√?¬?√?¬?. I was glad to see the tribute to John Lennon and the outrage that he was killed. I would like to see more focus on stopping violence, freeing the nonviolent, making free info, stopping the drug war, legal prostitution, promoting science, evolution, technology, walking robots, rocket planes to other planets, developing the moon, mars, stories of going to other stars, total democracy, actually voting on the laws, court decisions budgets, criticism of religion, exposing the history of religions, cameras on the street the public gets to see, and history of earth. These are the mainstream platforms I want to promote. I am pro-choice too, and there was a very interesting story on how abortion is nearly illegal in the USA, because of the intimidation of violent anti-abortion people. To me, a person owns every thing in their body, and can end their own life, or any part of their own body at any time. I think a third trimester abortion is not pleasant√?¬?√?¬?and obviously I think killing a newborn human is homicide (although in some circumstances, because of confusion, panic, lack of education, the vicious traditional public opinions of single unwed parents, lack of the people√?¬?√?¬?s dedication to care for new born humans without parents√?¬?√?¬?perhaps I can see lighter sentences for some of those people, perhaps only 20 to 30 years, depending on the amount of pain inflicted). Moore is vocally anti racism (although a supports affirmative action, which I have said numerous times, I kind of lean against, but it is not a major issue in my opinion, I just don√?¬?√?¬?t think racial requirements are very good, but perhaps I can be convinced) as I am, and there is a funny part about how the confederacy actually won the civil war since all presidents have been from the South or once slave states. I was just commenting on the union versus confederate analogy, because it is surprising to me to see the north, and the abolitionist tradition being the minority in the USA, and the last two elections have shown how clearly divided the blue and red states are, right up to the Mason Dixon line. I disagree with the feeling that corporations are somehow the enemy. There is one scene where Moore questions a medical company about faulty catheters, and I think that I seriously doubt that those people intentionally tried to hurt any body, at most, it may be negligence, but there certainly was no intent, that deserved that kind of criticism in my opinion, maybe there was more in the camera thought network that would convince me there was intent, but I doubt it. For a second I thought they were going to take on the psychiatric system when they were talking about people without trials, now that is a real and interesting issue, because it flys in the face of habeas corpus, and dozens of laws made to protect people√?¬?√?¬?s (even those labeled with psychiatric disorders) rights, they don√?¬?√?¬?t get legal defence, there is no sentence, they are tortured, can be injected, and coerced to take drugs, many times for a nonviolent activity that is not even against any law, or against a law that is normally only a fine or short jail sentence. One other point I disagree with is the tobacco larynectomy christmas carol singers. I just want to understand that, because the cigarette companies never informed people that smoking may cause cancer, they should pay for all the tobacco related medical operations? I disagree with that, people must inform themselves in my view. By that thinking, should the knife manufacturer pay for all knife stabbing surgeries? Gun manufacturers must pay for bullet removal surgeries? This is like Ralph Nader, (a person Moore was employed for, for some time) campaign to make the automobile the √?¬?√?¬?corvair√?¬?√?¬? illegal because it was too dangerous. I see a society where the information flows more, and people have resources to learn that tobacco causes cancer (most people know that now because of anti-smoking people funding ads), that a certain car is more dangerous than other cars (like consumer reports). So I reject the idea that companies need to make labels to inform the public (although I am glad for the ingredient list of products, but in a total free info society, that would probably be readily available on the Internet, from some company or part or function of a fully democratic government where the people actually decide what the money is used for [not representatives]). To take that to the extreme, fatty foods would have to have an √?¬?√?¬?overweight√?¬?√?¬? message. These cases are taken to the extreme with people removing a √?¬?√?¬?bridge out√?¬?√?¬? sign, or wiring a building with an electrical security system that kills on impact, those are more complex than the tobacco causes cancer issue.

I think there is a clear pattern of thought that links the 9/11 killings with the invasion of Iraq. It√?¬?√?¬?s the thinking that sacrificing a few lives is a necessary evil to attain some √?¬?√?¬?higher√?¬?√?¬? goal. I just think it is too much of a coincidence that less than 1 year from radical right wing religious people that would start 2 invasions and occupations, 9/11 happened and was then used to justify the two unrelated invasions. It√?¬?√?¬?s too coincidental to believe. 9 months into a new radical Christian war starting group take over in the USA, the US military is suddenly used to take over two nations. They are a war loving group and to me it√?¬?√?¬?s kind of like√?¬?√?¬?if the glass window is broken then we get to loot√?¬?√?¬?oh look..what a coincidence..the glass window just did get broken√?¬?√?¬?however did that happen?

I understand there is a kind of √?¬?√?¬?pile-on 1 person√?¬?√?¬? behavior in many ppl, but ppl should look at that 1 individual that is the temporary or long term focus of derision and hatred and try to determine if they are on the same democrat or liberal side before jumping on the bandwagon. For example, if ppl are √?¬?√?¬?piling on√?¬?√?¬? Howard√?¬?√?¬?s Stern or Dean, Kerry, or Clinton√?¬?√?¬?or some other democrat, I think ppl shoulud resist the natural feeling of joining in, thinking that the better ppl to criticize are on the other side from yourself. Plus it√?¬?√?¬?s nazistic to single out one person or group of people for degrading and putting down, in particular when that group or person is on the same basic voting side as you. Much of it may come from republican funded image and sound √?¬?√?¬?beaming√?¬?√?¬? on to heads, so people should ask themselves: √?¬?√?¬?could I be being beamed on by republicans to make me feel this way? Why am I not more angry with the other side√?¬?√?¬?the republicans? I mean they plotted the killing of JFK, RFK, 9/11√?¬?√?¬?the thousands of humans killed in 9/11, they planned it all, then those killed in Iraq, √?¬?√?¬? why don√?¬?√?¬?t they care more about human lives?√?¬?√?¬?

At 30 is when √?¬?√?¬?skin tags√?¬?√?¬? start to appear on human bodies. These are small growths of skin, why they grow I have no idea, but they are not pleasant and perhaps why this has been kept secret until now.

Finally the grades of Kerry and Bush were released they both graduated with 75% from Princeton. Both had a least one D.

I am glad to see Jackson was found not guilty. According to the nytimes, the trial lasted only 14 weeks, still that was money that could have been used to stop violence and prosecute violent offenders. The Jury forman said there was not enough evidence, and finally, this is what I am saying is the most difficult part of claims of molestation√?¬?√?¬?without a video, it√?¬?√?¬?s simply one person√?¬?√?¬?s word versus another, without fingerprints, DNA, bruises, etc. there is no physical evidence of touching of genitals other than a person√?¬?√?¬?s say so. One other important point in summary, is that even when there is sufficient evidence to prove molestation (a video, etc), the sentence should be less than for assault, being a crime of less pain and a nonviolent √?¬?√?¬?nuisance√?¬?√?¬? crime.

There is almost no doubt that dna from homo erectus could be cloned and a living erectus could be made today, but not for a billion screaming puritans.

It√?¬?√?¬?s unbelievable to watch √?¬?√?¬?Cops√?¬?√?¬?, in particular where the people arrest people for drugs. Many of those arrested are mellow people that simply use drugs. It√?¬?√?¬?s like watching prohibition cops. They bust down doors in a search for pills, powders and plants√?¬?√?¬?it√?¬?√?¬?s unbelievable. And the preaching about how drugs are so bad (and the evils of prostitution), when they routinely do violence, watch people and their thoughts, drink beer, drink alcohol, smoke tobacco (and drug use and prost are nonviolent consensual activities). It√?¬?√?¬?s like when they arrested people for drinking alcohol, it must have been terrible. But still the idiocy continues, the public and their representatives refuse to stop it, and we all continue to fund it with our tax money whether we want to or not. The drugs are like people who are addicted to sports. The people that use drugs are part of a club that is interested in talking about where the drugs are, how much the drugs cost, √?¬?√?¬?, the sports people want to know the scores, who won, how many home runs, touch downs, etc. They basically are into their own thing and people either chose to be a part of it or don√?¬?√?¬?t. Those that don√?¬?√?¬?t like drugs are rarely forced to and the same is true for sports. If a person doesn√?¬?√?¬?t like sports, they rarely watch sports on tv, care about famous sports people, etc. The worst people on the earth are the first degree assaulters, damagers, killers√?¬?√?¬?the first strike violent, the rest are less of a concern. It√?¬?√?¬?s amazing, the people are nonviolent, some have children, they are just like people addicted to tobacco√?¬?√?¬?it√?¬?√?¬?s probably not great parenting, but at least it√?¬?√?¬?s nonviolent. It√?¬?√?¬?s kind of like morality or clean living taken to an extreme to the point of enforcing clean healthy behavior√?¬?√?¬? like this type of thinking is like people in police arresting people that are fat √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?ok put down that sandwich√?¬?√?¬?.get the sandwich!...he swallowed it!√?¬?√?¬?spit it out! Spit it out!√?¬?√?¬? √?¬?√?¬?now you know you shouldn√?¬?√?¬?t be overeating√?¬?√?¬?this stuff has 50 grams of fat√?¬?√?¬?what about your kids√?¬?√?¬?maybe they will grow up to overeat√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?. Or the moralizers about not wearing a suit, or clean clothing, or going to church, swearing (√?¬?√?¬?we know you cursed√?¬?√?¬?we√?¬?√?¬?ve got yih on the video√?¬?√?¬?.)

06-13-05 Bank of America has terrible accounting practices
my Better Business Bureau and web complaint:
I deposited a check in an ATM on 04/05/05 for 76.20, and even though I remember pressing the correct buttons, the ATM handled the transaction not as a deposit to my checking account, but as a "payment". I called Bank of America, and a person said that they saw what happened and would quickly resolve the problem. Since I have no payments with them, it should be obvious, in particular after I called in, that it was a deposit to my checking account. But then, they opened a claim 1433812APR05, and within a month, they closed the claim and withdrew a temporary credit claiming that they were not in error. At that point they had simply stole my $76.20. That alone is highly unethical and simply property theft. They had every record that they cashed my deposited check, but chose to ignore that. Shocked by their action, I called and was told that I had to produce a copy of both sides of the cancelled check. A check they cashed, I must find a copy of, that is disgusting, they are a huge corporation, and they probably have an electronic copy of every check they cash. I told the customer service person that it would cost money to get a photocopy of the check, the person said, "oh we will reimburse you". So I went ahead and paid the $25, and faxed the check, finally Bank of America credited my account, but ofcourse, only for the $76.20, not the $25, as if the photocopy of the check magically appeared, or my credit card statement is something I would forge for an extra few dollars. Here they have cameras in the ATMs and probably on the back of our eyeballs for all I know. But they lied, they didn't reimburse me when I sent them proof (in the form of a credit card statement) of the $25 charge. Yet, another person I talked to, as this dragged on into June 2005, said that I had to produce "a letter stating that I was charged $25". Computershare the company nice enough to send me a photocopy of both sides said they don't do that. So I was out $25 and Bank of America lied after stealing my money. Unbelievably, after talking to a supervisor, a person at Computershare (the issuer of the $76.20 check), agreed to send me a letter stating that they charged me $25. At this point, I seriously do not trust bank of America. They botched this transaction, had no record of cashing my check, what ever back up systems they have completely failed. If there was a different bank with as many ATM machines I would bank there. This entire experience has been a total hassle. Whether this complaint gets resolved or not, I still would like other people to get an opportunity to read about my experience and how disgusting the people at Bank of America were about something they all know was true. What a bunch of terribly dishonest, petty people.

Now I am left wondering what else could be going on with my money at Bank of America. Once my balance on a statement was $666.00 and I wondered if this wasn't some kind of adjustment or corruption that Bank of America was involved in for the massive religious right currently in absolute power. If there was a different bank with as many ATM machines I would definately bank there. Bank of America has a terrible history, they funded Richard Nixon, who was one of the most criminal violent criminal humans ever to live in the USA. Nixon never killed anybody with his own hands, but he certainly paid for the killing of JFK and RFK (and I can only guess how many other innocent nonviolent people).


Timeline of average human live in 2000sAD
Years probable activity
0 learn basics: walking, talking, using toilet
5 printing, writing, start school
10 elementary school during day, reach puberty, male is in sexual prime age 11
15 high school, female sexual prime starts at 16? May experience first violent people in jr or high school, should be identifying what is most pleasurable for career, what main life interest may be, focus on getting good grades to get into good college if enough money or scholarship, can start legally working, saving money buying low risk stocks, or a savings account may be a good idea, in particular because in 10 years stocks may return 10% or more. The younger a person starts to save, the more valuable the savings will be when they are older. Human learns to drive, may learn to use more advanced equipment, musical instruments, carpentry, metal machining, how machines operate, human anatomy, evolution, etc. Many humans may reproduce in these years. Just getting into prime of physical strength.
20 in college, by now career choice should be somewhat solid, not as much mystery about what human likes to do most, graduate from college, either graduate school, or employment. Many humans may reproduce in these years. Probably rent, maybe buy condo. Life√?¬?√?¬?s work may be started here, but is early, maybe precursors to life√?¬?√?¬?s work are here. At prime of physical strength.
30 Now firmly in career, maybe first house, condo, living on own. Male is at end of sexual prime, penis may not stay erect as easily. Many people reproduce in these years. Starting to save for retirement at 60 or 70. Life√?¬?√?¬?s work may be being started here, or in the middle. Past prime of physical strength but still relatively strong (back aches, less muscle strength?, less endurance).
40 Life√?¬?√?¬?s work is in middle or end. Probably earning more money than ever will in rest of life. Probably own condo or house, many people reproduce in these years, but this is relatively late. Saving for retirement. Sexual desirability and physical beauty is lessened from 20√?¬?√?¬?s and 30√?¬?√?¬?s. Far past prime of physical strength but not yet feeble (back aches, less muscle strength?, lower endurance).
50 Life's work is probably at end and complete (although many other projects will probably continue and go unfinished at death). Female is at end of sexual prime here? Menopause happens, female stops ovulating. For both genders, sexual desirability and physical beauty is very low compared to when aged 12-40. Physical strength falls out of prime.
60 Possibly retiring.
70 Probably retired. If enough money can start spending and traveling. Some people will die here, but most will live into 80s.
80 Potential death. Life here is very difficult. Bones and muscles are very weak and flimsy. Most probably most of these people need assistance in everything they do.
90 Probably death. Like 80√?¬?√?¬?s but even worse. Few of these people can probably take full care of themselves (I will have to check this). Driving may be a problem, walking may be very slow.
100 Only a very few humans live to this age. Most humans will be dead by this time. My great grandfather lived to 103 and I remember meeting him when he turned 100. He was in a wheelchair, very frail, and could not remember me after I met him earlier. Most of use will get here, to ignore it is stupid.
110 A few humans may live this long. Life is very much like 80,90, 100.
120 No human has lived to this age that I am aware of, but if yes, then life is probably just like 80,90,100,110, very feeble. But at this point, hearing and seeing the memories of the human may be very interesting, and (although film does just as well) will be images of 100 years before.

I don√?¬?√?¬?t doubt that humans will soon (within 1000 years) figure out how to genetically modify the human genome (and all the others) to stop aging, and even how to regenerate organs. Those humans will have lives of millions of years, and look as young as a 20 year old for their entire lives. How sad and stupid that we will die like the trillion and trillion before us. How special those humans that live forever will be. It will be tough to find water, food and air for all those living objects, and that will probably be the first and most serious problem.

I bought a condo and will be making a "renting or buying a condo/house" page. This is a tiny condo, but in a good location.

People on √?¬?√?¬?celebrity justice√?¬?√?¬? on courttv label people √?¬?√?¬?freakish√?¬?√?¬?, and √?¬?√?¬?crazy√?¬?√?¬?. Famous people are usually uneducated idiots with rare exception. Most pay their way to be on screen, and the vast majority don√?¬?√?¬?t deserve a dime or millisecond of attention. Not one speaks out for evolution, against the drug war, a few to end violence against the other species√?¬?√?¬?but is that not completely out of line with the rest of acting etc√?¬?√?¬? that people would show a gram of wisdom or compassion? Not one of them has a college degree, or if they do it is in some shlock. But people line up to see√?¬?√?¬?em and dump their pennies into the celebrity√?¬?√?¬?s multimillions. The people I deeply respect are those that speak out for truth, that speak out to end the drug war, to stop violence, to allow people to vote on the laws, for complete freedom of information, for public nudity, public sex with consent, legal prostitution, etc... those are the real brave people and the heros on the humans on earth. Most celebrities are just uneducated idiots in acting that paid their way to get on a large screen, care nothing for truth, justice, although perhaps many at least do not vote republican, being in los angeles, most are probably democrat. It√?¬?√?¬?s difficult to be sure, but I think they are people that don√?¬?√?¬?t suffer from racism√?¬?√?¬?their problems are due to lack of education and honesty. Mostly its money, fascism, and pseudoscience that directs their actions. They all have tons of cosmetics, and million dollar clothing, but 5 cent minds, no nothing of history, nothing about science, believe horoscopes, religion, in magic, are superstitious, mysticism, psychics, psychology√?¬?√?¬?just absolute idiots and rude, routinely rude. They did nothing for RFK and do nothing to this day√?¬?√?¬?that should be an indication of how do nothing this group of people is and how without any morals to speak of. Not 1 particle of science enters their brain, no biology, chemistry, computers, mechanics, anatomy, you name the real science√?¬?√?¬?they have nothing to do with it. So it√?¬?√?¬?s a little different from the Bushites and repubs who focus on antisexuality (that is only a minor component in the media particularly pedo-molesto persecution), homophobia (a tiny element in media, but not nearly as much, one reason why these people can be called democrats if a distinction needs to be found), love of war (again these people ignore violence, but violence is out of fasion for the most part√?¬?√?¬?except a fashionable RFK killing, Nicole Simpson, or Bonnie Bakely√?¬?√?¬?actually, they may not fan the flames of violence, but they certainly do nothing to stop it), secrecy (dead on with these people√?¬?√?¬?they both love secrecy no doubts about that), religion (not so much with hollywooders, religion simply fills in with psychology and the other shyte philosophies, another reason why these people normally are called democrats), arresting liberals for drugs (they don√?¬?√?¬?t get off on that as much√?¬?√?¬?except that when there is 1 weak lamb, they do circle like wolves√?¬?√?¬?that seems to be clearly in their nature), antiscience (dead on for both), racism (not as much in Hollywood), antifat (yes, dead on, unless comedy can be extracted from fat person- without a care for what is inside, focus is on what is outside, but with antisexual twinge√?¬?√?¬?because no big breasts allowed) √?¬?√?¬? so there are some differences between the Nazis of the right wing and the fashion based fascists of the media.

Psychology is a lot like nazism, people are either the pushers or the pushed, those that push innocent people around, or the innocent people that get pushed, and so many would rather be the pushers, not the pushed. But, just like WW2,. Sometimes, the pushers become the pushed, and the tables turn, and finally justice gets done, although years too late for many.

Why is it we never hear advocates of freedom of information on television? Because they are not keen on an end to copyright and privacy, unless it√?¬?√?¬?s those excluded from the camera network whose copyrights and privacy they secretly violate on a daily basis. The television owners curse freedom of information, they know it is their end, the end of the millions, the end of the monopoly, the silent handshake with the representatives in governments, the end to all the secrecy they enjoy and minds they get to control.

I find it hard to believe that the union army of today is not more powerful than the confederate army of today. I think if the two sides are sized up, the north/blue/science group would be the more technologically advanced and powerful. The union army never got smaller or weaker, what happened was just a political maneuver that resulted in a confederate president and administration. I don√?¬?√?¬?t think that there is any question that the union army would route the confederate army if there ever was a conflict or war. Even through the 60√?¬?√?¬?s that reality has probably existed. The JFK MLK RFK side was always stronger, but the confederate LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush side controlled much of the government and had just a little more popular support than the union leadership. Maybe because of the weather more people are attracted to the southern half of the USA and they live under the idiot leadership of the south (California is probably an exception down to Orange County, and Orange County is the next county to turn liberal/educated before San Diego and central California) and that may make them lean conservative too, since all they get is confederate propaganda 24 hours a day.

Looking back after 5 years of the Bush administration, I think √?¬?√?¬? people will look back decades from now and perhaps reach the conclusion I am reaching√?¬?√?¬?a person that takes a trillion dollars of the people√?¬?√?¬?s money to invade and occupy two nations, now that is hutzpuh. I am going to take all of your savings and I will tell you what√?¬?√?¬?I am going to invade Afghanistan and Iraq√?¬?√?¬?don√?¬?√?¬?t cry√?¬?√?¬?don√?¬?√?¬?t worry√?¬?√?¬?you will see√?¬?√?¬?.wait until I√?¬?√?¬?m done√?¬?√?¬?that it was worth that trillion I am taking from you√?¬?√?¬?that you spent 8 years to save. It will all be worth it√?¬?√?¬?we will basically own Afghanistan and Iraq√?¬?√?¬?or at least make them democratic for a few years. Amd who gets that trillion? Mostly the people trapped (they certainly can√?¬?√?¬?t quit) in the military, and the specialized government military companies that make all the specialized guns, and vehicles used only by militaries. Imagine if we had such a radical on the opposite extreme, somebody that took a trillion dollars of the people√?¬?√?¬?s money to end war around the earth, to show the public the √?¬?√?¬?eyeball√?¬?√?¬? images, the hearing thought technology, to fully democratize the court system, the United Nations, to stop violence, to make full free information, to end copyrights, privacy, property theft, to free the nonviolent, to end the drug wars around the earth, to use that trillion to make sure the stories of evolution and the history of all the scientists and science reach the public all over the earth. We haven√?¬?√?¬?t ever had a radical on the other extreme, but my feeling is that if we did, they would make true democracy, and the idiot people would stop all progress with their newly acquired right to vote on the laws, budgets, court decisions. But at least we would reach a nice equilibrium where we know what the majority of people think, and a few individuals do not control the fate of millions of people.

Does anybody ever look in the Yellow Pages for a political scientist? For a sociologist? An international studier? A psychologer? Do we often hear corporations say: √?¬?√?¬?do you know what we need right now? we need a political scientist! Let√?¬?√?¬?s find the best sociologist we can find!√?¬?√?¬? But yet humans continue to take those majors, and are encouraged by guidance people into those majors. We don√?¬?√?¬?t need a plumber, car mechanic, carpenter, or chef, what we need is a psychologer or possibly a sociologist.

Interesting that the catholic church has paid out $1 billion in molestation cases, but all the corporations, all the universities, all the high schools, pre-schools, day care centers, have not paid out a dime. Is molestation only a phenomenon of the catholic church? I don√?¬?√?¬?t understand why they are singled out. What about the protestants? They don√?¬?√?¬?t have cases of molesting preachers in √?¬?√?¬?Sunday schools√?¬?√?¬? that certainly must be worth $1 million per buttock cupping, the spanks I guess we can forgive. Non of the Judeism temples have any cases? What about mosques and hindi temples? Aren√?¬?√?¬?t they a ripe lotto machine ready for the 3 card molesto monty?

We have hard drive after hard drive and cases of DVDs filled with all of your lies, exposed for all to see.

I was thinking that homo or bi sexual people simply appreciate the same gender anatomy more than more hetero people. I think all people are bisexual, but most probably lean heavily towards heterosexuality. And people that never even entertain (ie masturbate to) the idea of same gender sexuality are simply stupid, closed minded, and, or live in fear.

It is interesting that a male has a much stronger need for sex than most females (perhaps that will change some time, but I doubt any time soon). The need for a male to ejaculate is very high, and I think people should understand and recognize that. It may be difficult for a female to understand, not having that same kind of urge or biological need. I think a female human may need to stimulate their clitoris, and perhaps their vagina, that part in their brain that results in orgasm, but I think it is perhaps not as strong a need or feeling as is in most male humans.

Isn√?¬?√?¬?t it always true that people on two different sides, tend to slant things to their side? And many times bend the truth to support their side. That is one reason why to not unthinkingly believe what a person says. Another thing I thought of, is that there must be honesty ratings for people. How honest has a person been in their life? Just like there are constantly updated violent ratings for every person, and thee ratings change all the time. If a person makes a threat of violence, their violent rating gets higher, there is an index even for potential violent event, for example a person that somebody else has threatened with violence. A person with more violent assaults in their past will naturally have a higher violent rating, older people have smaller potentially violent ratings, people with weapons have a higher number, females generally have lower numbers, the highest potentially violent numbers are probably on young males.

So far no response back from Jody Plauche. For me, reaching the public is a better idea than silence, but I don√?¬?√?¬?t doubt he does some of that. I was thinking that maybe the young Jody and all young humans should have been told about assault, and sex, how a male penis gets hard, and they have a strong urge to ejaculate, which most control to a high degree, but just like fists, some people (in particular young males) use their penises to do violence. Then, Jody would have known all about what was going on, and that most people don√?¬?√?¬?t do that, and to watch out for that. One other thing is that, I am one of the only people to use the phase √?¬?√?¬?people in the police√?¬?√?¬? instead of √?¬?√?¬?cops√?¬?√?¬? or √?¬?√?¬?police√?¬?√?¬?, I view those people as humans doing a regular job, but something that I hate is how people in one line of work, in particular uniformed, tend to all move as one block (there is certainly a wide variety of people in police, army, etc.). So, when a person jokes about a group of people, many people can be pissed off. I kind of, ramble on and try to make some funny jokes, and not all are as funny as when first hatched as time sometimes reveals. And I don√?¬?√?¬?t like the violent imagery of rubbing people√?¬?√?¬?s nose in the shit, etc. I just want so much to expose Sturgis, and arrest Cesar, and all the killers and I let my emotions get the better of me. Also, I am anti-violence, anti-assault, and ofcourse anti-sexual assault ie anti-rape. I have never supported rape, and never will, but when people try to question the evidence, etc. of an alledged assault, and in particular, some thing sex related√?¬?√?¬?.many people draw completely wrong conclusions. I never said I support rape, I simply said that I think rape needs to be proved with video, and physical evidence if possible, and that people survive rape, they have their life, so to me, rape is not worse than murder, and should not get similar sentences (plus one other thing, is that there are a wide degree of rapes√?¬?√?¬?from breaking in and raping, raping and using a weapon to control a person, to two people having consensual sex and somebody saying √?¬?√?¬?get off√?¬?√?¬? and the person doesn√?¬?√?¬?t for a few seconds.

Once you learn language, what words you use is up to you.

I think one important change that should happen to court systems, not only that cameras must be required for the public to see, but also that the jury decides sentence too, not just the judge, one human determining sentence is too much room for power focused into a single human and far from democratic.

The 9 people on the US supreme court went against a scalable democracy, where cities, counties, and states decide their own policies and laws, and instead cast their elite votes for a minority rule dictatorial-type government in ruling against pople in a state having the right to use marijuana for medical purposes with a doctor√?¬?√?¬?s prescription. The beautiful reality of democracy is that it is scalable, each city may have different values from the nation, but this idea has been crushed by a few power hungry people in power. The truth about medical marijuana is the same for legal recreational use of marijuana, we are going in one of 2 directions. Marijuana, tobacco and alcohol will be all illegal, or will be all legal. And I think it√?¬?√?¬?s clear that at some time in the future the people will make marijuana and all drugs legal, since people are only hurting themselves if even that when they use alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, or any drug taken consentually (as for drugging unconsentual like what is done in psychiatric hospitals, that will probably be voted down as we move into the future). What was surprising is how those people voted:
John Paul Stevens , David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (and she calls herself a bader?! I don√?¬?√?¬?t doubt Bader smoked a bong or joint in her life√?¬?√?¬?does she honestly believe, as a prevailing philosophy, that people like her that tried weed should be locked in jail?!) and Stephen Breyer, and by Kennedy (JFK would have eventually legalized weed, why not this bum?), Scalia (what else is new, we can count on Scalia to make the lowest and worst decisions in any given court ruling, I don√?¬?√?¬?t think there has been such a backward judge since slavery was legal and women couldn√?¬?√?¬?t vote)
Sandra Day O'Connor (this shows some compassion and braveness on the part of O√?¬?√?¬?Connor), Rehnquist (kind of bizarre, this old crusty right winger usually compares with the vicious idiot Scalia), Clarence Thomas (here again Thomas appears to be a liberal, intellectual, perhaps being black and oppressed has caused him to understand the suffering and unfairness of those in jail for marijuana)

According to one paper
the liberals are:
John Paul Stevens, David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer
The Conservatives are:
Rehnquist and Justices Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas

When we look back at these decisions, I don√?¬?√?¬?t doubt people will have the feeling of looking at a bunch of puritan idiots making ridiculous brutal and closed-minded decisions, like prohibition of drugs, prostitution, etc. Now those ideas shock us, but in the future the focus will be not on policing personal health or consensual sex, but on the more important stopping of violence. One newspaper posited that perhaps the justices were stoned when making such a poor decision. All 9 no doubt tried marijuana and watch people and their thoughts daily, so they are law breakers like the 30% who used marijuana including US Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush jr. Locking those people in jail for using marijuana is a harsh view on life, and is not even the majority opinion on earth. Do you know that 72%, according to a gallup poll, think that marijuana should only be a fine. In other worse, 72% of the people in the USA, a clear and vast majority, think no person should be jailed for marijuana use. So here, again, the 9 supreme court elites have voted against the majority opinion of US citizens in a show of throwing away democratic opinion, and majority rule, and making their own individual minority decisions. Proof that we the people do not get to vote, and are taxed but have very little vote over what is done with our money and the laws we must live under. We don√?¬?√?¬?t even get to vote directly on the laws we must live under.

The fact is that the planet is going to fully democratize, and where will the 9 elite supreme court judges be? As time continues they will be replaced by programs that count the publics votes on all court decisions. Why would we need 9 people to tell us what is right and wrong when all of us can have our vote counted? Perhaps in the transition time, the people√?¬?√?¬?s democratic vote will only serve as a guideline for their final decisions, and then when they go against the popular opinion, the public will call for their dismissal as renegade representatives, or over time, people that adhere to popular opinion more closely will be appointed. But, there is no doubt in my mind, that the system of 9 people having control over the 350 million (or what ever) people of the USA is never going to last.

It√?¬?√?¬?s a bizarre bunch of circumstances that determine how the supreme court people vote. I can only imagine what goes on in their heads, lives, and in the camera thought network when they make their bizarre decisions.

I summarize the Michael Jackson trial by saying after millions of tax dollars, and a year of trial, for 2 masturbations and some alcohol: √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?call me when there is a boo-boo.√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě

Can you imagine a spelling bee using a phonetic alphabet? How fun would that be√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶it would be too simple√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶.any body could do it!

I got an email from Jody Plauche, and here is my response, so far no reply back yet:
Hi Jody

Thanks for the message. With your permission I would like to include your message on my web page for the public to see. There are probably many people that would like to get some info on these issues. Communication and free exchange of information is a very helpful thing for many people, and I am a strong supporter of communicating and free info. In particular information is nonviolent and exchange of ideas and info is hardly a serious crime.

Do you know finding information on what happened to you was not easy. I searched the web for at least 1 hour trying to find info on you, Gary Plauche, and Jeff Doucett. First I had to figure out how to spell √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Doucett√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě, this was a crime involving people with difficult to spell √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?French names√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě. I only could find a tiny amount of info on CourtTV, which has excellent pages on various crimes of the past. But of course, one complaint I have is that the people in the government police don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t make all that info available to people on the Internet. That is a trend that I think will be reversed as time continues.

Because sex and sexuality is such an unpleasant topic for most people, many of the details are not described to the public. When it comes to sex most people lose all sense of logical and proportion (the same is true for drug use). For example people can be locked in jail for decades for drug use, when no body was killed, assaulted or even damaged. We shouldn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t lock people in jail for damage they do to themselves, because we shouldn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t lock people in jail for over eating, smoking tobacco, and doing other activities that are dangerous to their health.

I think the thing that unites many people like me, you, and many of the people on earth, is that we are opposed to violence, and in particular unconsensual first degree violence. Although many people enjoy watching the consensual violence of boxing, and sports, and pad up children to pound heads in football and karate teams, I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t think such violent activities are such a good idea, although I can see in this violent age that some amount of self defense skills might be useful for a person of any age. Simple and low cost cameras on streets will allow the public to stop (or at least see) most violence some time in the future.

That you saw my text hints to me that you are in the vast and secret camera thought network (this is my own description of this vast system, perhaps there is a more common name for this camera network). You have to understand from my perspective, being excluded from seeing thoughts, etc. I get insults and put-downs from these people all and every day, the majority of them are the lowest most brutal voyeur uneducated violent anti-sexual idiots to walk the earth since the Nazis. Because I am excluded they feel they can treat me as a second class subhuman citizen and I have to constantly defend myself by labeling them publicly as fascists, liars, peeping toms, violenters [I invented the word!], fanatics and the like.

I am not focusing my life on the injustice done to people locked in prisons accused of molestation (and in particular of sexual assault [rape]), although much of my life is dedicated to stopping violence, jailing the violent and freeing the nonviolent. A large part of my life is involved in science. My current big project is called √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Universe, Life, Science, Future√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě and is going to be a series of videos of the complete telling of my theories of the universe, the complete history of life on earth, the history of science, and possible future [I guess I would call this futurestory or futustory] for all of life of earth. For example I think that the universe must be much older than 20 billion years because there must be galaxies that not one particle of light reaches us, not even as background √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?radiation√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě. I am a person that thinks that particles of light are the basis of all matter in the universe and that light moves in a straight line, not a sine wave. There may be a time when humans genetically modify the human genome (they will be GMO humans, they will have to be careful not to eat themselves) to allow themselves to live forever, like bacteria can, in theory, as long as there is enough oxygen, water and food, minus damage caused by star ship collisions, etc., but then, their DNA may be designed to be like a salamander to regrow damaged organs. So this is the main focus of my life, but sexual freedoms, reform of sexual laws, full and true democracy [where we get to vote directly on the laws, even if only as a guideline for law makers], free information, etc. these other ideas does form a part of my life, and I find many topics interesting. As I said molestation, and sexual assault, rape, etc. are unpleasant topics for many people, but I think we as a society have to address these issues logically, and not turn away from these important problems and events.

So now on to your letter.

Yes, ok I was not aware that you were sexually assaulted and not just molestated (masturbated). But I think most logical people can agree that molestation is always a nonviolent crime, and that molestation specifically should only be used to describe touching of genitals (either of the adult or minor) in a nonviolent way, and even perhaps kissing in a sexual way (not for example a kiss on the cheek of a minor by a genetically related adult). I think perhaps some people would include any and all touching that would be perceived by a majority of people as sexual, but I have to disagree√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶that is too extreme, even kissing is probably too extreme for me to label a crime in any way. But in addition, I fail to see consensual touching of genitals as a serious crime, or even a crime at all. But, in any event it is, and so I certainly advise people to never do any kind of touching of a minor that is sexual or could even be perceived as being sexual. Shockingly, the molestation laws in California (called √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?lewd and licivious√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě) even include showing material to a minor meant to make them feel sexual, so even a parent showing their child pornography or nudity in movies is illegal. I remember the first R rated movie I saw, my mom took me and my brother to see was √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Rough Cut√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě with Burt Reynolds and I definitely remember some nudity in that movie and I relished every second of it as a child. When we finally got HBO I would (and probably my brother too, all the kids in our neighborhood for all I know) scour the HBO guide to look for that √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?N√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě for nudity. Interestingly enough, I also checked for the GV (graphic violence), because I hated that stuff, the nudity I loved, movies like √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Halloween√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě, which my brother and his friends loved, I couldn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t stand.

So I am duly informing the public here (I am going to post my reply on the web) that Jody Plauche was not simply masturbated, but was sexually assaulted a number of times, and so this does change things, and the stories you tell in your email are detailed and interesting. I definitely credit you with being honest and openly talking about what happened to you.

I have a lot of questions about this. If any body was hurting me, there is no way I would return to see them. I can√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t think of an example from when I was young, but the closest there is was in high school. One guy in the same grade, I think was jealous of my popularity, or friendship with some of his friends, and challenged me to a fight one day in the sixth grade, when I was 11 years old. I was confused and walked away without fighting, and from that day on for the next few years, this guy and his friends would chant √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?ted is gay√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě when ever they saw me (or perhaps even at home, or in group sessions for practice). So, even though I was never attacked (imagine if I had fought back, this guy was really a scum bag, he probably would have brought a weapon to seriously hurt me, although later I did go to some parties where this guy was and eventually the gay talk subsided), I dreaded going back to that middle school and even high school. It was nothing but daily torture, but I was required by law to go. And I can tell you that I savored every sick day. I honestly can√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t think of an example where I was assaulted and chose not to go back, but the question seems obvious to me. If some body hurts you to an extent that causes serious pain, why subject yourself to that each week (or however often you did)? Didn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t you tell your parents that Doucett was hurting you? What was their reaction? You had every opportunity to stop going to the karate class (I guess that is what it was), to simply quit at any time. I remember my brother perhaps took a karate class, and I was glad I didn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t have to, I hated football enough as it was. That was one rare example where I wisely didn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t follow my brother. Yeah, I can√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t understand why continuing karate lessons if Doucett was causing pain to you. Was there much pain? Was there bleeding? Was some kind of lubricant used? (I am a total novice, I only accidentally had anal sex with a female once, and then only for a few seconds√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶I didn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t have sex until the age of 18, can you believe that? But I masturbated regularly from 10 or 11 years old on to this very day!). I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt that many of the powder-puff brained only one science and that is psychology people would counter with the argument: kids trust adults, and children don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t know any better, they don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t know they are being hurt, or they think it is what they and all regular kids must endure. (perhaps this is similar to why I endured the pains and exercise of football) But, I think that even a baby will spit out food it doesn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t want, and will cry when hurt. Children have less experience, but can definitely decide what they do and do not like. So, if there was a lot of pain, and maybe even bruising, swelling, (more than discomfort, although that is also pain), why not stop going there? Did you confront your parents after the first penis to rectum event? Did you tell Doucett to stop? Did you resist Doucett (I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt most people would resist being penised in the rectum). Once I had heard that a youngster had put their finger into the rectum of a different youngster on the playground, but there was no arrest. I can even remember their names, but will spare them the embarrassment, that people like me must often endure for poking a kid with my peen when I was 17. I am proud that even without knowing that millions of people were watching me without me knowing it, and that Nixon had Frank Fiorini killed one of our presidents, all the shocking idiotic and violent history, etc. I had the integrity to stop when the kid said √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?ow, that hurts√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě (or something like that). Again, I never penised his rectum or anus, I simply had an erect penis, and poked his butt cheek two or three times, he said √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?ow√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě and I thankfully stopped. Since I was 17 I am not sure if I was breaking any law, but the statute of limitations for sexual assault and even nonviolent molestation far exceeds that of nonsexual assault. Can you believe that in California first degree assault only has a statute of limitations of 2 measly years?! While the statute of limitations on molestation, a nonviolent crime (we all accepted earlier), is something like 20 years? People will never publicly admit that they are sexual, even though life itself depends on sex to continue. So I can summarize this paragraph as: √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Why did you go back time and time again√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě? and √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Didn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t you tell your parents that Doucett was hurting you?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě

My brother non sexually assaulted me a number of times, once banging my head into a wall several times. My mom slapped my once, spanked my buttocks once, and even my Dad spanked my buttocks once. But no charges of assault were ever pressed against any of the 3, and I certainly never first degree assaulted any of them. So my question is, was your dad, Gary violent to you at all? Did he force you to go to karate lessons? I have a tough time believing that a guy that can kill a person with a gun, was nonviolent to his wife and children. So my opinion of Gary is that he was (and perhaps still is) a violent guy, with perhaps numerous undocumented assaults, even of children. My current vote on Gary Plauche is that he should be locked in jail with a sentence of at least 50 years for the first degree homicide with extenuating circumstances of Jeff Doucett (but obviously my vote is probably not in the majority). My vote here is that Thane Eugene Cesar should be in jail for life for the first degree killing of Robert F Kennedy. I think eventually, we all will be getting our votes counted on numerous laws, and votes. You are the second √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?son of a murderer√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě that has contacted me, Gary Eugene Cesar sent me a message saying that he was looking for video on his father, that he wanted the true facts on his dad. The truth is that Thane Cesar killed RFK and is still getting away with it, thanks to people in the LAPD, the LA DAs, Nixon, the Bush family, many powerful and evil people (while probably nonviolent evil, evil nontheless). I told Gary Cesar that his dad would be listed with Frank Fiorini, James Earl Ray, Lee Oswald (although he didn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t kill JFK), all the evil big time killers (so-called √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?shooting stars√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě).

The thing that I am trying to piece together is how exactly your dad, Gary, succeeded in the murder of Doucett. All the community, or at least much of the community must have seen Gary√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?s thoughts and plan to kill Doucett, that is clear. The people at the Lousiana TV station and police certainly saw Doucett and his √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?eyes√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě or plans to shoot Doucett. So I think that there must have been people in √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?the net√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě that were saying √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?C√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?mon√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶what are you all doing? Stop Plauche, don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t let him kill that boy√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶you call yourselves police?!..etc√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě. But the people in police must have thought√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶here is what we will do√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶we will make sure that no person is on Doucett√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?s right hand side, so√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?s that Plauche will get a good and clear shot at Doucett when we walk him slowly by the phone booth. Maybe even going to the extent of saying, (in the cam net) √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?look here Gary, if you want to kill this guy, we can arrange it so that you can√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶now Doucett is going to be flying in at such and such a time [how else would Gary know when Doucett would be there?], at which time we will pick him up from the LA detectives at the gate. We will then walk Doucett past a phone booth right here, where you can wait with a gun√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶now this will be before the metal detector√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶remember..don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t you go through that metal detector√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶.you will know in the camera-thought net when we march him by√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶we will send word through thought that we are in your vicinity√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě and it all worked, because there was no body there to stop them or expose them to the public, and much of the public probably thought Doucett deserved to be killed. But that was no eye for eye justice, Doucett never killed any body he only assaulted them. So, to me, that is like, some body beat and maybe gave a black eye to a kid (for example in school), and then the father of that assaulted kid (or even the kid himself), goes weeks later, and shoots and kills the assaulter in his house or in a mall. Most people that were not raised on a bible, and have a tiny degree of logic, would agree that killing a person that only assaulted a person (although many of us, may feel happy that a violent piece of shit human did finally have violence done to them, like Thane Cesar, or OJ, or Frank Fiorini√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶some people say string them up like Moussolini√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶!) is wrong. One question is, is what Gary Plauche did a first degree homicide?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶and I think most people would agree that there are at least some amount of second strike violence aspect to the homicide, that the violence was punishment for some first strike violence, since clearly there is not one particle of self defense involved in cases like those. So this is why I reduce my usual √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?life√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě sentence for first degree homicide to 50 years for Gary Plauche (but I may be able to be convinced to make it less if there is clear video proof of sexual assaults).

This is another point that is important. For example, molestation is very difficult to prove (without being able to use camera net images), in addition there is no bruising or finger prints, physical evidence√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶ All there ever is for most trials, like the Michael Jackson trial (and I should be clear that Jackson is accused of masturbating a human and giving a minor alcohol, not assaulting or raping a minor, although Jackson may be sentenced to 20 years in jail for that!), is eye witness testimony and pornographic videos or magazines confiscated from a person√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?s house, etc. But instead of going with the idea of innocent until proven guilty, people let their repulsion of sexuality get the better of them and find many people accused of molestation guilty and these people many times get shockingly lengthy prison sentences considering the lack of physical damage, and physical evidence of their supposed molestation crime. One person here in Irvine, was sentenced by a judge who ought to be disbarred for giving such a brutal sentence, of 100 years for the crime of lewd and lascivious behavior, which was basically sucking the toes of children and owning video tapes of the children in addition to pornography. Not one scratch of damage but this guy is sentenced to 100 years, people that assault children are not given that much or even any time in jail! People that murdered a human in cold blood first degree homicide some times get 20, 30 , 40 years. This system, in being undemocratic and secretive, is a shambles and a complete injustice. The PBS television show √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Frontline√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě bravely detailed the story of a person that was given 3 life sentences in Florida, and the most I could get out of the charges were that the wife of the guy claimed that the guy was kissing the penis of a kid. 3 life sentences for kissing a penis, now that is absurd. So, my thought is, that 5 years of probation is still a ridiculously light sentence for homicide. What kind of a message does that send to the public? You can kill some body that molested a kid (even though you were assaulted others might not realize that and make the same mistake I did)? That reminds me of Darryl Gates a Los Angeles Police Chief that was quoted as saying √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?drug dealers ought to be shot√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶what good is having a police when they won√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t enforce the most popular and serious laws of homicide and (nonsexual) assault?

You probably never expected to get this long of a message from me, but I have a lot to say on a million topics.

So back to the topic of actual physical evidence of sexual (or any assault). And that is what rape is, although many will not accept it, but sex is an assault, sub sexual. Rape is an assault with an erect penis, or some object to rectum, vagina, or mouth. Anything else is a sexual assault but not rape, for example assaulting a person some place besides anus, rectum, mouth, or vagina, with an erect penis (finger, fist, or other object), in my opinion (for example in back, buttock, even scrotum, and breasts although I think that the sentence should be proportional to the amount of pain, so assaults to testicles might very well get more time).

So that is kind of interesting that Doucett started with masturbation. In my opinion, if there was no objections on your part, then I part from most people on earth in my vote of that not being a crime (although I live under and obey all the existing laws, I simply vote against many of them, while still abiding by them, although I did violate many a drug law in the past, and did steal tiny amount of property when I was younger). If not consent, and clear objection, then that is touching without consent and with objection, and that happens all the time and is not as serious as an assault, but like the people that make us scratch with ceiling lasers, it is certainly a nuisance, and if good evidence, I might vote for some prison time for repeat offenders. So perhaps that is why you didn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t tell your parents at first, because there was no pain, and the experience was probably not too unpleasant, or certainly not painful. Even the performing oral sex on you, was probably not too bad√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶I know I would enjoy being able to get some oral sex from a female (I am not advanced enough to move on to males and probably never will be in this puritan society), and I would even gladly pay for some females to perform oral sex on me if it was legal, but it is illegal to even ask! I gave and introduction and Eddie Tabash gave a lecture on decriminalizing prostitution that is on the web and we (in particular me, because Tabash is way too timid and off track on the topic) give some good info on the brutality involved in keeping prostitution illegal. I can summarize the entire thing by saying that it is legal for a person to take money to clean a toilet, but not touch a genital?! It is absurd, but persists. So masturbating and oral sex, you obviously got the advanced sex class, and not the karate class! When I was 10 or 11 I started masturbating and I dreamed of having sex with breasty females√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶but if one of those females had allowed me, even with a condom, to fulfill my fantasies, they would be in jail for years, how ridiculous is that? This brings me to my point on masturbating and oral sex between adults and minors√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶to me, although as I say, I warn people, do not try this, and I certainly in no way take part in any thing like that in my very boring life, but to me√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶it√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?s more like a thing where people say √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Jane√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?s parents spank√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶so I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t want you going over there any more, come over here to play from now on√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě, or √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?John√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?s parents swear, and we don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t allow that, and you are not allowed to go there any more√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě, or √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Jill√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?s parents are too religious, I wouldn√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t go there any more√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě or √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?those Johnson kids are too rough, we won√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t allow you to see them any more√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶but no arrests are made (although for assaults I vote that some form of arrest and prison should happen). This is simply √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?That Doucett guy masturbates his students√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶so√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶let√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?s not send our kids there, we want them to be masturbated ok√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶but by females..and then of the same or similar age.√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě (as perhaps some Louisiana parents in the camera nets may have actually said).

When I was in high school I had a terrible time trying to date females, some of it was from me smoking cigarettes, which I am glad I finally quit, but years too late, and some of it was because I was never schooled in how to date girls, but I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt that some of it was because some of them actually believed the rumor that started that day, that I was gay. There was never a √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?tit-test√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě to verify if I did like tits or not, or a √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?blow-job trial√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě to see if I would ejaculate. So, I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt that rumors of you being gay must plague you as they did for me. Even now, today as a matter of fact, some proud father called me gay on a park path because again they watch me in my apartment and I am the central focus of their life.

I can imagine that people constantly insult you and put you down and call you √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?gay√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě, etc. How awesome that a female befriended you, mated you, and you were able to reproduce with her (correct me if I am wrong on any of this). That has not happened for me, but a female did befriend me and is living with me now and I certainly do appreciate her warmth and affection, although she is also in the secret camera net, which can be a bother. I think one thing people are missing is about 99% love, there is not 1% of love to be found in these piss filled sour puss puritan anti-sexual violence loving religious people.

So getting back to the physical evidence. Without video, and only your word, it is hard for me to accept that any of what you say is true, not that you are a person that lies all the time, but simply that, inside of me, I have to be careful about believing every thing that a person says. I have been so lied to over the years, and talk about lies how about the 1910 seeing and 1913 hearing thought? What a bunch of lying liars all those people are. But I also know how people lie, I used to lie about crashing a person√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?s truck, stealing money, a variety of things. I have since changed my ways, but still, of course, I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt I will lie again some time, I certainly hope not. The main principle in my mind is that I need to see video, or physical forensic evidence (and even then many people in police plant evidence, but for the most part I would believe solid forensic evidence presented by people in police, but there are plenty of opportunities for people in police to tamper with evidence, and no doubt they have many times, the RFK killing is a prime example of how people in police destroyed evidence, and the prosecutor √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Fitz√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě framed Sirhan, who only shot and wounded 5 people other than RFK, see √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?The Second Gun√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě at www.rfksecondgunexpose.com for the real truth on that, and my free interview with Ted Charach, the co-producer of that film on tedhuntington.com/video.htm.) So, the rape kit evidence is good evidence, in particular DNA from semen. Again, that is strong evidence that Doucett penised your rectum, but it is not clear that there was any objection or that you tried to escape. In fact, the evidence suggests that you did not strongly object, because you kept going back to see Doucett, if the penis to rectum was truly an unpleasant experience, I doubt most people would go back, but I know from my past that I endured many an unpleasant experience. I think young humans can some how endure more unpleasantness than adults. There is a time frame of age 10 to 30 where a human is their strongest, even 30-50 people can be quite strong and endure physical abuse, but under age 10 and over age perhaps 70 the amount of physical damage and pain they can endure is greatly reduced. Many people tend to think of 10 year olds as fragile, when in fact, many 10 year olds are strong and far from feeble. In addition, I think males, for example, should be allowed to have legal consensual sex as soon as they are able to ejaculate. I know I would have enjoyed that right. Again, I want to remind people that, in no way do I recommend violating any current existing laws, and furthermore, encourage people to obey those laws, in particular the homicide and assault laws that Bush and the other orderers of homicide fail to obey!). We need a free public registry of √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?violent offenders√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬? before one of √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?sexual offenders√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě, since violent assaults are worse than nonviolent sexual offenses.

What an interesting story about how the other kid said √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?it hurts don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t it.√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě Did you answer? Did it hurt? I think the other child was curious, perhaps asking to see what his opinions of being pernised in the rectum might be. And to be honest, it is kind of arousing to hear this kind of story, that there were 3 males, and one male was getting oral sex by a second male that was also being penised in the rectum by a third male, while the first male was performing oral sex on the third male. Perhaps I am confusing the story, perhaps the first male was only getting oral sex from the second male (you) while you were getting penised in the rectum. That is so honest and brave of you to talk about what happened to you. Most other people forever live in shame and embarrassment. For me, the facts are the facts√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶I think the danger is when people refuse to accept or even hear them!

That is one thing that still shocks me to this day, that I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt that even your father, Gary, can see and hear thought, and watch people in their houses, with many other people that murdered a different human, and many millions that assault people (I was assaulted just yesterday two times in a KFC+Taco Bell by a person aloowed to see inside family homes and thoughts using one of their many secret ceiling lasers√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶but wait until we all get to see them and their scummy assaults√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶they will all go directly to jail, we will vote down any statute of limitations and they will definitely be going directly to jail democratically no less), those violent people get to see and hear thought, but not me! I have lived a life of nonviolence, with the exception of one poke and nipple bite while sexually aroused, not one nonsexual assault of any kind, and even my two sexual assaults are miniscule resulting in no bruising and one sore nipple. One thing I was thinking today on my bike was that again, as I have thought on numerous times, millions of sexual assaults would never happen if people of all ages have access to legal paid-for sex. But that is not enough for most of the people of earth, they can√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t let people have fun for money. This group on earth now is a disgrace, they have a laser focus on abortion, but care nothing for routinely bombing a city and filling the prisons with nonviolent people that simply drank a beer, oops I meant smoked a joint.

But honestly, I have to chuckle when you write 5 years of probation, not 5 months√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶still that is a flimsy sentence for murder. But, I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt that you are interested in having the facts made clear and I certainly respect that.

Seeing your words √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?grip on reality√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě I agree, that people ought to drop the deities, religion, claims of Jesus or Muhammad making loaves of bread, and all the lies of the religious stories. That is pure delusion. But at the same time, I think people must be free and not locked in a jail or hospital for being delusional, but we are a long way from that happening. Can you imagine religious people being forced into hospitals and counseled on the history of science, of life, on the details of evolution and not released until they could pass tests proving that they understand evolution, and the brutal history of religion? As shocking as that sounds, that is what is being done to millions of people, but they are not religious people being indoctrinated with science, but nonviolent people being indoctrinated with behaving conservatively and like everybody else. See my music video √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?psychology√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě for my basic core opinions on psychology and all other pseudosciences. The key points are that those people do not get a trial, a sentence, legal defense, and many times, their √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?crime√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě was not illegal, and in particular not violent.

So thanks for your message, and I hope you enjoyed my response, and I hope I can post your message for the public to get to see, and learn from. In addition I hope to get your responses to my questions about: why not leave, why continue if you were having an unpleasant and in particular painful experience? Did your dad also assault you any time? I kind of think your dad, Gary, without trying to be rude, but simply saying my honest opinion, is probably a person with a number of undocumented first degree assaults. People do not have that kind of rage and live a ghandian nonviolent life. Although it is possible. My sentence for Doucett, depending on the evidence, and depending on the number of penis in rectum events with clear objections or proof of physical objection, √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶ to me, you know, I can√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t bring myself to sentence Doucett for any time for penising kids√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬? rectums, because it is not clear that you were raped, but for kidnapping you, I would sentence him to some time√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶depends if he had a weapon, or there was proof that he threatened you with violence√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶again the kidnapping is nonviolent, but is containing a human against their will and restricting their movement (this is similar to a nonviolent person being locked in a hospital, police car or prison√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶and in particular a person that has not violated a crime√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶containing a person to some space, keeping them in that space against their will)√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶that would be perhaps 1 to 5 years, but thinking more about the penis to rectums√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶perhaps I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt I might give a sentence√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶if it was very clear that you objected and in particular if you suffered pain, and there was evidence of swelling, blood, √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶ perhaps a few more years, depending on prior violent assaults, because it is an assault, as if he hit a person, perhaps more serious than an assault, although you live to this day with no serious physical damage from those assaults, but still there may have been pain, and if there was clear physical evidence of physical damage, I would add another 3 to 5 years onto the sentence for Doucett simply for crimes done to you, with stern advice to all young people that if some body assaults you, even your parents, a brother, sister, class mate, call 911, call the people in police, make those bitches and bastards lift a fuck free finger to stop an assault, or at least drag their nose into the shit (like JFK and RFK brain material) they should and are paid to clean up (ie stop) but refuse to, they probably would arrest the 911 caller, or to the other extreme lock up their parents for years for a simple assault, and put the kids in foster care programs (when really a simple day or two in jail for first time assault is a good start, depending on the severity, for an OJ Nicole assault I would say months depending on the nature of the violent threats too). So altogether I would sentence Doucett for no more than 10 years, and I vote to sentence Gary Plauche for 50 years. I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt Gary is glad that the majority of the public do not share my radically anti-first-degree-violent views, they are keen on first degree violence. I like to think that the violence is why people hated Jeff Doucett, the way he hurt you, but I can√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t deny that probably most of that anger is because he was sexual with you, not because he was violent with you. For example, I don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt your dad would have shot and killed Doucett for simply masturbating and oral sex with you (in addition to the kid napping presumably without a weapon√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶with a weapon I can see killing the kidnapper during the commission of the crime, but without, I think that is a different story, and perhaps a non shoot to kill or capture should be required for those events), and many other people might do the same thing (kill a person accused of molestation, even if nonviolent). I sometimes wonder how I would feel if I had not poked that kid when I was 17, but only some how coaxed him to suck my erect penis√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶since that is a nonviolent activity (although still illegal, and I must ask people, don√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t do that, unless you are bent on being a martyr for nonviolent consentual sexuality, because those sentences are unbelievably harsh, and I am not joking). I probably would receive just as much if not more shit than I do nowadays, and be just as unpopular with the ladies, there would not be much difference. The anger and violence associated with sexuality and minors is reminiscent of the witch trials and belief in witches. Some kind of √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?magic√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě takes over people when the topic is sex and kids and they become violently enraged losing all sense of logic, composure, lawfulness, and proportion, it is truly an amazing phenomenon that we rarely see for even violent crime. People around me make it a point to brag about how they beat their kids behind, and one woman beat her infant (I mean this baby was like 1 years old in a crib) on the behind when I walked out of my place of employment (I almost called the police, but those people√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶they already know! They know it all since the 20s√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶ what can I tell them? And whenever I have√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶they show nothing but contempt). That reminds me, do you know, you must know√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬¶I can√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t believe, I was assaulted by a co-worker that whipped a hacky-sack at my scrotum and absolutely connected, and caused serious pain, pain I never caused to any other human, but ofcourse that human will not serve one day in jail, and he is a human with a history of violence. Then I was assaulted, and in particular my genitals were again assaulted, by a person, that millions of people saw, but I have no idea, who he is! On main street in Huntington Beach, this person dropped a coffee cup filled with liquid directly on my crotch and it caused some amount of pain. Again, no arrest, but all the fascists saw. We live on a lawless planet, where people assault and commit homicide every day, and if there is one arrest, it will be the victim! Or without any doubt a nonviolent liberal, in particular a sexual. I could go on for hours, but I think I have given a long and decent summary of cases like this one, and how they ought to be handled by an educated, logical, and smart population of humans.

You take care too, and lets vote to get Thane Cesar locked in jail real soon,
Ted Huntington
√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Stop Violence, Teach Science√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě
end email reply to Jody Plauche

I did some more thinking about this, and I think there is no doubt that 2 males, one age 18 and one age 25 (or whatever) can have consensual anal sex, and that is not illegal, so it is not beyond the realm of possibility that a male 17, 16, ..., maybe even 10 years old (and even a female) might actually consent, to anal sex. If there is no consent, then obviously that is an assault, but like a spanking where the child tells police that they consent and that it is a consensual assault. So there is no doubt that an 18 year old can decide they want to enjoy anal sex...many people might consent to anal sex as they do now.

A second thought that a basic guideline about sentences should be thinking about how much damage a person did...if the victim did now die, and lost no use of an organ, or part of their body then I think we are talking about under 20 years of prison time, if the victim was physically damaged in permanent way or killed we are talking more than 30 years...just as basic guidelines, the number of violent assaults, or crimes the person accused may have may also effect jail sentence, but again...unless there is permanent damage, even so much as a scar, then I think we are talking under 20 years of jail. Which if you look at Jeff Doucett, I doubt I would have sentenced him for more than 20 years, but Gary Plauche I think should be sentenced for more than 30 years. It is comlicated, I think if some body breaks into your house and is raping some body they can be killed and no jail time. If somebody breaks into your house and you simply kill them, and it is clear they broke in, I think that is trickier, but still there might not be much jail time if the person really did have theft, or violent intentions, and certainly a weapon, a homicide would be justified. What if Gary walked into the house of Doucett and saw an unconsentual anal rape happening, shooting the rapist in his own house, would you not sentence the person to some amount of jail time? I think that is a little more complex, because the life of the person being raped is not at stake, and it is the rapists house, there was no breaking and entering on their part...I think killing might be a little harsh, but it depends...maybe the rapist is stronger than the person there with the gun, etc...it is complex. I would feel better and doubtfully would give jail time if the person shot the rapist human only wounding them, enough to stop the rape, and be protected from potential violence the raping human might do. Again, it would have to be very clear and on video that the person was in fact involved in unconsentual sex, and pleading and physically trying to escape.

But the thing that stays in my mind is that Doucett was not a killer, he was an assaulter. It is doubtful that Doucett would ever have killed anybody, but yet he was killed. So this was clearly not an eye for an eye, or a life for a life justice, but a life for repeated assaults. I am mostly for a life in prison for a human that killed a human, but I can see the argument to kill a human that killed a human (but because of the possibility of error, I lean more towards life in prison for the human accused with killing a human). I mean, Jody still has his life, he is in perfect health, any damage done to his rectum is probably healed, where other people like Larry Flynt are parazylzed, JFK is dead, but Sturgis lived on without a scratch, RFK was killed but Thane Cesar parties freely in Aruba, ... and the list is in the millions, of people that received serious beatings (and I received a few minor assaults in my life, but I am still in 1 piece and in fine condition), but Doucett, while perhaps not being a steller human, or perhaps one of the more sexual of the group, and one more violent than the rest perhaps, is completely dead. So, again, Doucett was not a great person, and was probably an assaulter, but he didn't kill any body, or even damage any body permanently. I kind of wonder if there is maybe a link between the manly men of karate, basically an all male kind of spartan thing and male to male love. Like many sports that are almost all male only phenomenons...is there an element of male with male sexuality? And in any event, since there are only males, perhaps normal sexuality is being translated onto other males for lack of any opposite genders. To me, a more healthy life is to mix the genders and allow them to touch in a gentle way.

I think in some way that Gary was tricked by society to feel that a sexual assault was the equivalent to murder, or in any event, was as serious as murder, which in my opinion, it is not.

One other thought is, what if Doucett had only masturbated and done oral sex with Plauche (and with total consent and nonviolence)? Shockingly, even thought completely nonviolent and consentual, without even a hint of pain or damage, I still think people would feel that a person killing him would be justified, and that is soomething that I think must change, and peopel eventually will learn perhaps in a few more thousand years.

It's kind of funny that this human, Jody, has been on Montel, Garaldo, Maury, Oprah, Leeza, John Walsh, Connie Chung, and now the Ted Huntington show. But this show is more like Howard Stern, where guests are not coddled, and the same powder puff pap repeated over and over again, but more liberal honest (we talk about the secret camera net), and anti violent, pro sexual, not as anti-homo/bi, more pro science, outspoken antireligious atheist and for total democracy and free info, etc.

Maybe eventually, people may be able to go from DNA to 4d image of the human, or living object that they DNA was from.

There was a time, interestingly enough when the majority of the USA was opposed to racism, the time of Abe Lincoln, of FDR. In the 1930s and 1940s, the people of the US (and Britain) stood up to white-only, racism, conformity, radical religion, and violence behind the Nazi KKK anti-sexual spartan ideal. Now, it is not clear what flag the non-racists, anti-first degree violence, anti-war, pro-science are living under, and the USA is filled with idiot religious anti-evolution, violent zelots, more than any other nation. But then, look at our history, in the 1960s a small group of radical right wing criminals (Johnson, Nixon, Sturgis, Hunt, Bush, Ford, Cesar, Ray) took over our government, and justice has not returned since. You cannot have the killer of a US president, Frank Sturgis, and Thane Cesar, the killer of a US Senator, never arrested and expect to have justice, wisdom, law, order, true democracy, science, freedom, or any honesty in the USA.

For people that hate me, just remember that the main focus of your life, the person to whom you spend all of your time and attention on, the person that determines what color clothing you will wear, your next insult, the topic of your conversation at any given minute, is and will probably always be me, Ted Huntington. For people that like me, that may not be so rough, why not get closer to me, give me some loving if a pretty and smart legal for physical love aged female? Let me love you in person with my hands, my tongue, how about a back rub or breast message, etc.?

I want to see a tree of life (in particular for prokaryotes) that shows each metabolism (and there are many, bacteria convert many molecules in building complete copies of themselves). I did a search in google fr √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?metabolic phylogeny√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě and got only 2 results. Humans should explain in a simply easy to read form, each bacteria (family) and their shared metabolisms.

Female human at KFC/Taco Bell (Pepsi) on Campus Drive in Irvine, CA, says √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?guess√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě (guest) to me. I say √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?fascists√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě. Then I was assaulted twice in the Pepsi building by people using lasers in the ceiling. Wait until the lawsuits of all of us who were assaulted with lasers by people employed in corporations, that will be a mighty payout, not to mention those that will go to jail for assault. To me the shocking thing is that those people that own Pepsi (the shareholders) order that kind of violence in their businesses, how smart is that? When the public does get to see, which may be very soon, I think they will know what to do (ie. jail the Thane Cesars, the killers, the assaults, fine the invaders of privacy, and restrict their access). There are not less cameras as time continues, there is not more restriction on information as we move into the future, data is not moving more slowly as time continues. Talk right back to that fascists, tell them you know they watch people's eyes, they hear thoughts, and they assault people, that they are rude criminals. They deserve to hear it and that is free speech. I say √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Thane You√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě instead of Thank you, because isn't that what they support? It's good to use caution, to remain calm when insulting back, better not to use curse words, remember its just like the civil rights workers facing the elitists in the south, but these people are all races, but mostly whites. Many are mexican people that simply take the republican money to insult liberals, they only want money, but they deserve to pay a price for such rudeness and evil too. The republican money only goes for evil, never for positive and good, only to cause chaos, to insults , put downs, threats of violence, and actual violence like most did not see but many approve of in the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The one thing that is clear is that people are not explaining anything to the public, no matter if how people send images to unsuspecting other people, to even something as basic as the stories of evolution and science history.

It is interesting how slowly ppl are making use of cameras. Modern video cameras have been around for decades, but still no cameras on the streets, in ppl's houses, etc There is still a lack of fulfillment of the camera promise.

Groups of missing people:
-people excluded from hearing thought that actually know it.
-wealthy people funding walking robots, histories of evolution and science, rocket planes to orbit
-ppl against assault

For elitests, they are not that elite!
-Let me explain. Those in the hear-your-thoughts voyeur surveillance secret camera networks are not so pristine, some have done first degree homicide, many have first degree assaults (and not even with ceiling laser beams, but old fashioned bare hand assaults), thefts, millions of lies. For people that are supposed to be moral and ethical, they are not that moral or ethical! But then, the entire system is illegal, but even if you forgive this by saying that it is √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?nonviolent√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě behavior, still there are many that did do violence that still get to see, without them, the republicans would only number 3%, and nonviolent non-republicans in prison would not be 80%.

It is interesting to me how people can sit there and casually talk about a child getting a √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?whupping√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě, or √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?beating their behind√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě but gentle consentual touching (or even showing sexual images) is so radically punished. That a child is made to endure such beatings, the crying, the pain, the bruising on the buttocks, the traumatic memories, and then the assaulter of the minor is not punished in any way. These assaults are completely ignored by adults. In addition, most children do not want to report their parents for assault, or don't know that they could, without their parents they would have no room, no shelter, no food...they must recognize quickly that there are no options for them. I see no problem with beating a child back if they are violent, and pursuing some kind of jail time, (perhaps only 1 hour...but you have to go through the paper work, which should be all electronic some time, in addition to work together with a prosecutor and a judge to guarantee only an hour or something sentence), so beating a child back in self defense I see no problem with, but assaulting a child (or any human, related or not), is illegal, and for good reason. A child may not be a full citizen (they obviosuly don't have the full set of rights adults do, and I think that is a serious mistake), but as far as the current set of existing laws, assaulting any human is illegal, even if the human does not have full human status and accompanying rights accorded to adult humans.

I have an unusual opinion that people that assault should be locked in jails, and nonviolent people should not be locked in jails.

I am glad for the election of Michael Drake as chancellor of UC Irvine. I was voting for a person that has a solid background and enjoyment of science, a liberal, an intellectual, smart, friendly, antiviolence, pro free information. Only time will show how good a choice Drake is. Coming from a chancellor (Cicerone) that invited the framer of the Orwellian Patriot Act and or people exposed (never do they volunteer this info) as thinking torture and dismissing the Geneva Convention International Treaty would be acceptable, the conservative and repressive Jose Asnar of Spain, I think surpassing that kind of thinking should not be difficult. I am completely clueless about what goes on behind the scenes, but I don't doubt that Cicerone was the last republican chancellor in the University of California. I am impressed by the statement made by Drake against elitism captured on video. I also have more respect for the UC President Dynes (pronounced in TP phonetic: √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?DINZ√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě, like √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?dines√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě) for nominating Drake, and all the other people that voted for Drake. If Drake is anything like the 89% of black people that voted against Bush jr in the last election, I think we are in for a real treat and finally some justice, logic, sensitivity, equality, science and education. That a person came along that is perfectly qualified and happens to be of black ancestry is just as natural as the occurrence of a highly qualified person of any other race or gender of human. Most people in science are intellectuals, democrats, liberals, smart; they have learned and read enough about history to not be fooled by mysticism, pseudoscience, religions, cults, and brutal traditions. I am glad for any thing that appears to be a crimp in the radical fanatically religious uneducated lawless secretive anti-sexual camera net Auschwitz-light machinery that exists now. I doubt Drake will be able to reverse or undo the brutal nazi thugs that own the camera nets here in Irvine, but it is nice knowing that at the top of the UCI and even the UC ladder are liberal democrats, that provides some amount of comfort and protection for those of us liberals far below.

I don't doubt there are many science √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?stars√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě in the University of California, most unknown to the public. Some I can think of off the top of my head are Russell Doolittle of UCSD, I think Geoff Marcy may now be in the UC, J. William Schopf of UCLA, Francisco Ayala of UCI, Sandra Faber of UC Santa Cruz, I can't think of any others now (in particular more females and non-white people), but I am sure they must exist. It is interesting to think of the all-stars of science, in terms of most popular, most advances in science, most prolific, (for me, it includes least religious, most pro-sex with consent and pro-sexuality, most out spoken, etc.).

There are two sides to the fence, those that wanted JFK killed, and those that wanted to stop that killing and expose those involved.

The educated lost the last election in the USA to the less educated, and I think this says that the uneducated out number the educated in the USA, and that the educated are not doing a good enough job at reaching the public with the history of evolution and the stories from the history of science, about law and stopping violence, and I plan to change that.

Two Florida teens killed a homeless man, hey at least he wasn't molested. Molestation is the real problem, not violence. These 2 killers will not be appearing in any √?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?violent offender public registry√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě, since none exist.

it seems clear to me that we need to find some sediments that are 3.4 billion years old, 3.3, 3.2, 3.1, 3.0, 2.9 billion years old, every 100 million years from the oldest 3.85. And do vigous and complete tests for all molecular markers (c13/c12, isoprenes, steranes, etc).

It would be interesting to take some mRNA + tRNA + rRNA (or maybe even complete ribosomes) with the mRNA instructions for building cytoplasm and see if some kind of duplicating cell can be made without DNA, only using mRNA as the template. There must also be a ribozyme that can copy RNA (or even an RNA polymerase protein to start the mRNA copying going..actually I think Ancestor's tale tells of an experiment where some thing like this was done, still, more experiments may provide more good data).

I would like to see BIF (Banded Iron Formation) experiments to show exactly how much BIF occurs abiotically and how much occurs biotically, perhaps using a large chamber with water, methane, CO2, iron, etc. because there is some mystery as to if the earliest sediments on earth at 3.85 billion years, which are also BIF, are caused by bacteria that do oxygen photosynthesis or no.

I wonder where I rank against other humans (in particular males) for number of ejaculations if that data is counted. I don't doubt that I am in the front of the pack, and in good smart (and might I add horny) company.

bio: One question I have is: If a √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?repressor√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě protein on an operon stops mRNA transcription, then how can bacteria copying continue when the DNA polymerase gets there? Somehow the polymerase must either remove the repressor, or work around it.

ast: I would love to make a c and c machine that I could use to grind glass to a 24√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě elliptical super thin mirror for a bitchin reflecter telescope.

In no way do I endorse or encourage molestation, I simply think people should be aware of the harsh penalties being handed out for molestation, because many people may not realize that simple nonviolent activities may result in their being imprisoned for a few decades (in the case of a person in southern California that was accused of √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?toe sucking√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě the sentence was 100 years, in Florida the sentence was 3 life sentences for allegedly kissing the penis of a youngster without even a photo or DNA evidence, just simply eye witness testimony). So I think it is important to report to people how important it is not to view or store any images of child pornography if at all possible, and not to show sexual images to young people (although I don√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt that in the case of parents and a legitimate sexual education book, maybe even something like Playboy, again for your own genetic children and no others, a jury might not sentence them to prison) until the laws can be voted on and changed. I just saw the video of Jeff Doucett getting shot on Courttv (it was in √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Bowling for Columbine√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě too), that is gross, to think that his crime was a nonoviolent crime, then the person that killed him, Gary Plauche only got 5 months of probation, not life in prison for first degree homicide (I think there is some question as to whether there should be a 2nd degree homicide, and I think manslaughter, should be human kill human be accident but by risky behavior, or something). An argument or high emotions is no excuse for violence in my vote. So I can't decide between the grossest part of the story, that the people in police must have known all of it before it happened, hearing and seeing thoughts and secret mini cameras for decades upon decades on end, and the tv people knew going so far as to even video tape the killing, or that Plauche killed Doucett for a nonviolent crime...like tracking down and killing a human that pinched your child√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?s butt, (in this case masturbating a human, but also kidnapping-physically containing a human against their will) or that the person that killed Doucett only got 5 month of probation for first degree homicide!? All 3 are gross as all get out. It reminds me of the √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?honor killing√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬? video of the Palestinian parents that killed their daughter that was dating a black guy, but they got life in prison, only because some people in the FBI felt a nanogram of feeling and handed over some surveillance audio tape. The Doucett killing happened in 1984, and the killing in Louisiana. Now Jody Plauche (the person that was masturbated and kidnapped) councils people on sexual violence. All unconsentual assaults are bad and illegal, whether it is a spanking, punching, sexual or otherwise and I vote for those laws to be enforced, but again, I must be the only human on earth that thinks molestation is not a violent crime (the same is true for kidnapping, unless a weapon is used or threats of violence are made... then it is not violent, but involves threats of violence and in my vote is much more serious). Molestation is, as far as I understand, a nonviolent crime of touching genitals, buttocks, or even some how making a human under the age of 18 feel sexual, for example kissing them (in particular on the lips), or I think even showing them images of nude humans with or without consent.. (although for that example there is no touching, so I would not vote for that to be called molestation if my vote was ever counted, and we did in fact live in a true democracy) (perhaps even reading them a sexual story √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬? I remember when I was young √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬? maybe 10 years old, finding out that the Judy Blume book √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?Forever√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě has a part about a person putting after shave lotion on their balls, and got my mom to buy me the book, it is shocking that I guess, legally, my mom had violated √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?lewd and licivious conduct√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě laws as had my dad by not securing his Playboy collection. How I enjoyed seeing the females in Playboy, but then also in Rolling Stone, and other magazines, to me that is good clean healthy normal behavior, but the religious antisexuals have made sexuality a disease. Young people's sexual interests are rarely pampered... they are never allowed to suck that boob, or touch that genital...and if they were pampered and encouraged to pursue their wants, it would be illegal.) .

whats all the hoopla about defiling the koran, you know they were wiping their ass with Job on the other side, and more power to both of them for defiling that religious tripe.

What about a constitution for all the americas? just like the european constitution. Or even better a system where we all get to vote directly on laws, coart decisions, and budgets.

I think the one problem that will exist for √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?molestation charges√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě is providing actual physical evidence of molestation. Because there are no fingerprints on the genitals, no videos of the molestation (people rarely have cameras in their bedrooms or on them at all times, but they should for their own protection), all there ever is, is the claims of people that they were molested. Can you imagine an insurance company paying off every claim that is called in without ever checking and looking for physical evidence? Ofcourse not, the insurance companies want to see the dent, they demand to see street images of the accident, they need physical evidence, they don't just believe every person calling the claim in. Think of how many people lie, a majority of young children lie as proven in various experiments, how mnay times have you seen a parent ask √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?did you eat the cookie?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě or √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?did you steal the money?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě only to hear the child out of fear or to avoid punishment say √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?no√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě. I remember lying to my parents on numerous occassions, for years I smoked and drank alcohol in secret, only later did I realize that honesty is the best policy, but still, if you have weed in your car, how many people are going to answer the person in the police honestly when they ask √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?do you have any drugs in the car?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě? People lie all the time, and insurance companies demand physical evidence as proof of a claim, in molestation trials, people tend to be more gullible and a person's say so is usually enough to lock innocent people in jail for years and years. The other aspect of the molestation laws and trials that is so unfair to me is that, masturbating a human (as Michael Jackson is accused of doing) is hardly a crime. First, it is nonviolent, a spanking is worse, punching a person is worse, I like to think that stabbing and beating people is worse, but sentences handed out for molestation far surpass those for the most vicious bruising and bloody assaults. Even if there was an objection to the touching, at most, that is touching without consent. This happens all the time and is a nuisance but still nonviolent. I hope people can eventually come to realize this, but very few people are willing to talk about molestation (just like drug use, and prostitution) because of the stigma related to it. The facts are simple and clear though, violence is worse, and violent crimes should receive harsher sentences, and since molestation is a nonviolent crime, like drug use, prostitution, property theft, trespassing and all other nonviolent crimes, the sentences should be very light (for drug use and consentual molestation, my vote is that there should be no punishment at all), much lighter than for violent crimes, and nonviolent people in jail should be kept completely separate from violent people. What a well behaved group of people must fill the prisons that have never committed a violent crime, the trajedy is when they are mixed like sheep and wolves with violent offenders. But this is a planet where there are sex offender registries but no violent offender registries, and no hiv registries.

ast: Do any stars not rotate? Do elliptical galaxies rotate?

bio: most ppl care nothing about the other species, but i am interested in understanding what bird calls are for, and what the other species think about. some bird calls are warnings, others are calls to the opposite gender, they call and then listen for birds of the same species to call back.

ast: There are at least 2 ways of interpretting the red shifted photons from distant galaxies. 1)That slowing of the photons is not happening in between there and here


2)That slowing of the photons is happening between there and here

if #2 is true, as I think, than yet another constant may be needed that shifts back (to the blue end) the light we receive from galaxies to find their true velocity. Then their magnitude, the number of photons received from them, can be used for actual distance, the √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?photon delay√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě constant is then multiplied (probably a very small number .00001 nm/light year), that product is then multiplied with the observed Doppler shift to get the velocity of the galaxy. But then, that measure would probably be accurate to only thousands or millions of light years. The constant is something like an √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?amount of red shift due to distance√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě, or √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?amount of red shift due to slowing of photons from other photons and atoms√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě, or simply √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?constant of photon slowing√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ě. This constant represents the amount photons are shifted per unit space averaged for the universe (some places have more matter than others). This constant is expressed in amount of Doppler shift (nm?)/distance (ly), and serves, or results in the most distant galaxies being not as red shifted, but being closer to having 0 x,y and z dimensional velocity. Red shift may then indicate distance, but not velocity of the most distant galaxies. I am a total novice. It is clear that Doppler shift is related to velocity of the source, but also to distance of the source, and separating those 2 components might be very difficult, or perhaps magnitude can be used to determine distance, and then red shift to determine velocity. When this constant is multiplied in, I don't doubt that we would see the most distant galaxies appear to be exactly like more close galaxies, some red shifted, some blue shifted. What I would look for is very distant galaxies that have an unusual magnitude compared galaxies with simillar red shift, that might indicate a velocity that is very far above or below it's neighboring galaxies. That is same red shift, different magnitude. There may also be same magnitude, different red shift.

What about all the humans on the earth that have never heard of Jesus of Nazareth? Are they all damned to hell? The native tribes in the Amazon that have never heard of Gods, or have their own gods, are they all damned for not worshipping the Americas/European god or Jesus? The Indian people in India with a variety of different gods like Vishnu, Kali, and the other Hindi gods, are they all going to be burned in hell for not worshipping Jesus and submitting to the god of the English speaking? And the Chinese that have grown with their own traditions of Buddhism and Confucianism, are they all damned to a hell for not recognizing the divinity of Jesus? I find that hard to believe. I doubt seriously, the Amazonian tribes people would be judged harshly by a diety for not thinking Jesus to be divine or not knowing about the history after the time of Jesus, and perhaps even those that care nothing for history before the life of Jesus. I don√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t doubt that this is what is seen by many people. As a human learns about other peoples around the earth, and their religions, and in particular, about the history of earth, they realize that all the different religions can√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬Ę√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t all be correct, some thinking Jesus to be part of a god and others caring nothing for Jesus, Mohammed, or Confucius, and most smart worldly people must come to the conclusion that no one religion is any better than any other religion, and all of the religions conflict with each other and are believed only by stupid, uneducated, untraveled people.

one point about stem cell research is that, as far as I know, the blastula has no nervous system and feels no pain, and if there was, novacaine could be used.

How people can protect Thane Cesar, kill Iraqis and Afghani people, fill the prisons with nonviolent people, routinely kill every species, but then, like the Presidents council on ethics, have ethical problems with stem cell research and abortion is one of the great ironies of this time on our tiny planet.

Just as I was think 'turn the chan man', a person came up to me and said 'Hess!'. I know nothing about him except one thing, that he is a member of the most monsterous group of elitests to walk the face of the earth since the Nazis, the secret camera thought network group.

The democratic party is the party for the arab people too.

Some ppl might argue that males that prefer a femenine male instead of a female actually may be tougher than males that prefer the more gentle females.

Gateway employee sez 'duuuuuh' [kind of rude, even if antistupidity], tp: 'evolution?' [that is 33% of us humans, does this include you?]

All week people were giving me threats of violence, to which I thought of many witty responses. I am not sure what causes this phenomenon, but they are nasty people filled with negativity and anger, much of which gets vented at me. We may be looking at a future, where it is legal to threaten people with violence (so much for the angry husband and people that stalk other people...it's free speech), where people can even pay money to kill people (all those Nixon compatriots that funded Fiorini to kill JFK, and the Lockheed crew that funded Thane Cesar, ... it's free trade, they didn't pull the trigger and should not be locked in jail), ... that may be our future if you can believe it. Currently. according to the laws as I understand them, paying to have some body killed is the same as first degree homicide, shockingly there is no difference. Sentences handed out for even being an "accessory to murder" are lengthy (years). So it is shocking to me, that people want to rub the lamp of violence. I support free speech more than most people, but even I am wary of making first degree threats of violence (although less so in making second degree threats of violence, although my vote is mainly for jailing the violent).

I have learned a lot in trying to buy a house (condo) and I want to share this info on a special page on home buying/selling. There is much to be known, and much good information out there.

I get a lot of threats and put downs, but i dont hear much criticism of bush and the republicans. I think ppl would rather vent their aggression at nonviolent powerless ppl like me. They fear bush jr and the violent thug republican ppl that support him. If they care nothing about killing afghani and iraqi children in cold blood, why would they care about stopping violence to humans in the usa? Law for this group of republicans is more or less a convenient tool to jail their enemies, not a set of uniform ethical popular principles to be applied equally to all ppl.

Rude nazi guy staffer at 'watermarke condos' in irvine sez 'rape' tp sez 'ssault', 'thane you very much'. Wut a buncha rude voyeur violent orwellian fascists. The Watermarke (Chapman) must be own by "red republicans". Again, I want to see those people, they like to hide behind the camera net curtain, let every body see them, like they see us and all our thoughts. Do they have lasers mounted in their ceilings? Are they being used to assault people? I think that is opening themselves up to law suits if true.

We have reached a point where the weak and powerless are nothing more than screens and speakers for the brutal wealthy puritans in power to beam their propaganda on the billboards of their minds.

When ppl are bored with the brutal dull religious antisexual they will vote in the liberals, but when the are uncomfortable with the wisdom, science, sexuality, nonreligious/secular. But when the long for the more familiar comfortable conservative religion secrecy lies war and violence etc., when the sweetness of the liberals becomes too sweet, they will vote in the conservatives, opening the gate for the violent criminal wolves to supress popular opinion and steal power for decades again. But, ofcourse, the sourness, bitternesd or blandness gets boring and they soon long for the sweetness again, and the liberals come to power and things go back to a forward course, unless they become corrupted and sacrifice liberal, stop violence, honesty, free info, freeing nonviolent, proscience ideals because they are already popular and in power. But that cycle seems to be clear and perhaps predictibly regular.

we need a 'growth economy' leader, not a 'spender'. the democrats save and grow the economy, and then the republicans come in and spend and waste it all.

The religious repubs are antidemocracy, in florida they paid a group to take liberals off the eligible voters that got it 90+% wrong. They curse the idea of ppl getting to vote directly on the laws, and came to power thru the supreme court, against the popular vote count. If they are not democritists, what are they? Their christians, dammit. Not democritists, scientists, or capitalists. Another way they supress the free market is by doing what they did to abc, howard sternclear, bill mahr, dixie chicks, ... No matter how popular the ppl, no matter how high the rating, they intimidate and fine them off the market. They dont support a 'free market', they support a 'fear market'.

Nw mutual made me wait hours for a fax. Then a person there lied about sending it, but did eventually send it. Fem sed 'reish' [right], other feem sed 'nein' [nine]. Lets make clear that the religious right bush republican ppl are as close to nazis as we have on earth now. 89% black ppl voted against them, the majority of women voted against them, the traditionally proslavory states voted for them, the anti-slave states voted against them, they are racists, war starting, violent criminals that fill the prisons and hospitals with nonviolent ppl by the truckload. State farm shits too, but free info will show all of what person is violent or nonviolent, dishonest or honest, etc.

Of thane cesar they say: 'he's not insane, a pervert, or druggie, he only killed a us senator.'

What is it that is making this week so grim and nasty? Maybe me trying to buy a condo? Or just the usual violence and negativity of extreme right wing violent religious criminal rule?

When i was 11 i started masturbating. I thought of the females i saw. I desparately wanted sex with them, even at 11, but if a mature female oblidged me, she would be jailed for years and years, for rape, sexual assault, molestation, lewd and licivious, etc... All for helping me out and giving me what i desperately needed.

Can you imagine a male that says 'get off' during sex, and if the female doesn't and the male then yells rape and calls 911?

Where are the video phones, bush said high speed internet to every house by 2007, is that still going to happen? Enough with not seeing who you are talking to already.

Do you realize ppl in police can come to your house, force you into their police car, lock you in a psychiatric hospital, not tell a single human what they did, and your name not released from the hospital to any body inquiring, w/o a crime, charge, trial, defense attorney, jury, or sentence, ... Possibly held indefinitely with out ever having caused a scratch of damage. That is exactly what happened to my mom but she did get a long distance phone call to me, one person at the hospital violated the policy/law and admitted she was there to me.

Can you imagine the black clothes versus white clothes of the bruce lee 'enter the dragon', but for psychology? [with mouth moving] 'you tortured my brother, now i will torture you', 'you medicated my sister, now is time for your meds', 'you hospitalized my mother, now i will hospitalize you', or the drug war 'you jailed my drug using brother, now i will jail you', ... But this is being carried out on a large scale ... The..you assaulted me, now i will assault you, etc...

Its interesting thst there are so many 'women's' groups. Women's studies, women's help group, etc. But no 'men's crises center', 'men's studies'...i wonder why. I think for one reason, women have been so opressed for so many years. The same is true for black, hispanic, but less so for asian; we see 'black youth fund', and 'latino help center', but no 'asian school of medicine', and definately no 'caucasian education fund', etc...its kind of funny. The separation of ppl based on race is freedom of choice, but i am not sure i would support most of those kind of groups or organizations [mostly the oppressed ppl orgs i think are perhaps helpful, perhaps more atheist scholarships, proporn scholars, etc will appear as time continues].

The senate unanimously approved 82 billion for iraq, i vote against it. I vote to bring everybody back. When will the ppl's votes count? As a reminder, we have a 2 party government, they don't all dress, think and act as one bloc, there is individual opinion that conflicts with the politboro.

Where is it going? Fiorini, the secret thought net as these lies persist into the future each day..where are we heading with this?

Mcdonalds on alton: sickend [second] window. Tp; yeah but yer healed! no more thought police, not see ya later. (these people stand out in the ocean waist deep and fall backwards in their clothes...but I am unrealistic).

We need 1 human 1 vote, not 1 dollar 1 vote. We can have that and full free trade too.

Don't let their negativity turn you negative.

I like to talk.

If ppl threaten me with violence, i threaten back. I'm not ghandi, i'm not jesus over here. I am for an eye for an eye, if not 2 eyes for 1, teach them a lesson about starting violence.

Lying about not hearing thought is obviously evil, the majority agree with that, although nonviolent evil.

When will a group identify the:
Gender, race, religion, political party, evolutionist/creationist, of the employees in every company, and let consumers make informed decisions about the ppl they are funding? many companies i have to deal with appear to have no females, only whites, and are all right wing republican camera netters.

Riverside murder suicide=result of religion? What's the beam report? Sounds in the head? Who was sending them? The person shot his 3 teen children, before self, is that brutal or what? Only the radically religious normally do that. With a huge expensive house, just to throw away a nice life and nice lives like that. Was it brain imageria? That is one reason i try to expose the thought cams, not only because we don't keep vcrs a secret, but because it might be a life saver to millions of easily impressionable humans to know about the potential of ppl beaming sounds and images in very sophisticated, massively developed and secret ways onto their brains. most others leave them to the wolves of the secret cam muscle moving nets.

How can it be to a person's advantage to be rude? Does that embrace them to the other side? A smart person would say, still that is rude. It is tough to find a 'not rude person' in southern California [saying it makes them ruder but truth is more important, and maybe everywhere].

A free database for all houses [like remax.com but with all houses, including new houses, not just mls listed houses]/apt for sale may replace the expensive real estate agents that split 5% of the sale of a sold house, which can total $30,000 and more. Domania.com offers free lists of the price houses sold for [not far enough into the past tho]. Plus simply paying an agent to show a house for sale for a few hours each weekend may be an option.

As time continues, i think violent ppl may get what they have coming, maybe jail or the equivalent of the violence they did done to them. Its too late for sturgis, but not for cesar, not for oj, not for the millions of other killers seen only in the massive camera net.

Countrywide [home loans] representative says 'stick it'. Is that part of fannie mae guidelines to advocate first strike violence on nonviolent ppl? I called them back and said 'if you can't email it, then you stick it right in to that post box'. Can you imagine their thoughts? Their feelings upon hearing and seeing that?! The taste of their own nazi blood in their mouth?! ppl actually punished for their violent crime?! that must shock them! The slaves are striking back at the slaveowners, the elites actually getting pushed back! What a sight, what a beautiful truth, and beautiful justice, how we all look on and say 'ahhh, yes, now that, that is finally fairness!'

update, the person, like some kind of high schooler, or pawn of a high school supervisor, again opens a new round of insults by saying "I will shoot you ... over some message". To which I replied "'you will shoot me' is kind of violent language. how about nonviolently gently sending me the message? Thane you, thank you very much...

There are at least 3 different approaches to respond to threats of violence:
1) ignore (pluses: they are left looking like iolent thugs, which they are, minuses: you are basically their floor mat for them to walk all over, and it makes it look like they are correct
2) threaten violence back (pros: you stand up to their agression and support the laws against first degree violence. negatives: escalates the conflict, since they are violent and stupid to begin with. They will probably forget about their initial threat and think your threat is a first degree threat.
3) Simply think you threat of violence response (pros: since not spoken, they may fell they won, and stop making threats of violence, cons: still kind of being a scratching post, floor mat for them to continue with their violent crime.

This debate is carried out to a serious extreme in the camera entwork, where a nazi right wing thug kills some nonviolent liberal, and the liberals are left to decide: kill the person back, or try to jail them? Many times, I don't doubt it is so fast, that they decide to kill the right wing violent first degree killer(s), because there is no time to think, and the onslaught must be stopped, or else they would march over more people. All through this, most of us non first strike violent people wonder: why do they start? Why don't they get a life, a hobby besides violence? Why must they always start violence? Why don't they focus on the future, on teaching science, on stopping violence, on building robots, on rocket planes to oprbit, the moon, stories of people of the future, cooking, building, ... there are a million things to learn and do that do not involve war like violent thinking and planning. And I think the answer to that is that, they are spartan people, for whom violence plays a large part of their thoughts and life, they care nothing for thousand year old violence laws, they just want to kill their enemies. It's not easy to understand why they do, but it appears clear that people can count on them initiating violence.

What kind of a message is that for earth; 'stick it'? You kids going to school, dont shake hands, dont kiss, dont do science together, tell ppl to 'stick it'. only an idiot would shove a human in the first degree. What are they expecting back? They will probably get a grenade in their ass, their eyes stuck with a stick, what were they expecting? How were they raised? To start violence? To beat, spank, slap, pound, shove, stab, shoot, and kick their way to a quick death? [quicker than 80 tortuous years in any event]

Ppl that call for violence might just get what they want, but only done to them, and who would say it's not reasonable? Maybe the next violence loving idiot humans will learn, but my money is on no, no they won't, not for centuries.

82 billion more for war. And a frivoulous expensive war. We are probably less safe from violence, jailings, torture and human rights violations now than 8 years ago.

In the second gun, evile younger says 'and we did it', just like the arab polka dot female said 'we got him'. That gives a hint on the life the ppl in the secret cam muscle moving net have. They cheer for homicides, they all participate in plotting homicides by funding ppl to beam images on uninformed unsuspecting ppl, turning them into pawn-like killers with some kind of optical/laser technology. They all see each other and everybody else, but must only have time to watch the most potentially violent events. Groups of them share the same blood thirsty criminal illegal wants and watch these potential pawn killers like a sunday night football game that will never end, even after ppl see, although then, much of the possibility of deception and tricking ppl into killing will be gone.

To me it is unbelievably disgusting the way millions of ppl watch me and my thoughts and have for years, but dont let me see one pixel of their thoughts. They use my thought images as a daily guide to insult me, trick me, etc. a society where millions of ppl watch 1 person, and that person is not allowed to see one of them, is not a good healthysociety. I like a society where your neighbor asks you a question and you actually tell the truth. the society now is disgustingly evil, dishonest, cockroachy, unfair,...but i think that like many things, this massive evil cancer of earth will be cured by the public some time and everybody will get to see. Ppl only have 14 days of credit checks, which are scored as 1 credit check.

One of the most idiotic systems that should change is the way your credit score goes down if ppl check to see what it is. that should be free info and will be public as will be all info some time. The main thing limiting me is that i am stuck with a few lenders [although i can get quotes, but eventually they will need to check]. I didnt even realiz a person can check their score for free and not have it effect their credit once a year by going directly to each of the big 3 companies.

Positive thoughts that stop knee-jerk negativity:
its what is inside that is more important.
We all are trying.
I don't know what's inside their minds, they could be smart and friendly [maybe even a person that admits to being sexual].
Thats kind of my statement on tobacco, alcohol, coffee, guns, lasers, cameras, kissing in public, topless males, and pornography: let's keep them legal.
2 killed girls under 10 near zion, sounds like right wing sacrifice of 2 lives for more votes and more antisexual hysteria [never antiviolence, profreeinfo hysteria, if anything this makes ppl more violent and restrictive of information]. They can hear and see thought, but can't stop abduction and homicide?
Update: father of one child is charged, why so late? They all saw in net, was there doubt about authenticity of thought images and street cams? ppl that want violence beamed on his head?

Bush and supporters always refer to 'souls', we fight for the souls of these ppl. This shows how backward theur understanding of anatomy of living bodies and the universe, that they actually believe these old interpretations of the universe and human body, that each human [and maybe other species] have a 'soul' inside them that goes to heaven or hell, that there is only 1 world, not an infinity of stars and planets. Its a common belief, but is not what is taught in school, they teach the cellular theory, not the soul/heaven only 1 world theories.

I saw a guy (parent) neck pinch his young teen daughter until she said 'ow!'. Although perhaps the child would say it was consentual and not to jail the violent father for assault, still it is evidence of how common violence against children is and how it is never viewed as illegal, which in fact, it is.

My mom was released on Tuesday as was planned, so I am glad for that. A number of people are trying to use what happened to my mom against me, or to show that I am insane and should bejailed and tortured, even though I have not violated any law.

When I get a millisecond to model an interesting physics model of light through a prism. I want to model a stream of particles that change direction when they get close to atoms in glass (a prism). This change in direction will happen periodically at each atom (for example each 5 picoseconds, a photon will change direction, in between each 5 picoseconds particles (of light, photons) go thru without changing direction.

Starbucks on campus drive, 1 female sez 'crazy guy' [tp sez not see you], nazi cust sez 'how many shots iz...' [tp blood thirsty violent criminals, the only ppl still free], other employee sez 'disturbing', [tp why continue to jail the nonviolent in bulk?], 'ped' [tp, you condone assault i don't]. Rude camera net gestapo reich assholes. Violent criminal High school graduates with advanced secret 100 year old camera system.

At Wholesome Choice person over newly christianed nazi gestapo secret camera net thought police loudspeaker sez "section 8".

It looks like Sylvia may finally be released this Tuesday, May 10, after15 days of confinement and coerced drugging. I called one time and a person said that they can no longer release information about people being locked their (even involuntarily - we should vote for a law against this), even if they are there or not to family members or any body else. Fortunately somebody had already admitted that Sylvia was being held there.

At Mother's they played "she drives me crazy", never "Lockheed Killer on the Loose", "Gilgamesh", "Pot Grower", "Psychology", "Stop Violence", none of those messages to speak of, just unfailing support for theories like psychosis, and neurosis being actual science. With such a slippery slope criteria, don't they fear being locked in a hospital without a trial, charge, sentence, legal representation, and then tortured and drugged unconsentually against verbal objection?

Blair's party did go from 161 to 68 seats so that is a good sign. Even if a lawless rougue killer is at the top, his gang of like-minded thugs and violent secret camera criminals has been reduced.

Have you had that secret camera criminal crunch? With some soy milk... Its good.

Finally a victory for free info and the public with the overruling of the 'antipiracy' law by federal court humans.

I dont doubt that in a true free info full democracy, sentences/laws will rise up from popular votes. The sentences will be finely pruned to reflect exactly the most popular opinion. Maybe entire conversations function this way, because many ppl believe and say the same things.

Here is a vote for one sentence: a human should be locked in a jail for an equal amount of time that they used photons [in a laser or otherwise] to cause pain or genetic mutation in a different human.

Perhaps we can add more time, so that it accumulates with the number of assaults later. 10x or 100x the time of assault in jail is probably more logical.

What about merging the usa and mexico? Wouldn't that be fun. Perhaps moving the us border down to panama, adding a few new states and stars to the us flag, removing the current border walls, growing us business, democracy and law into mexico and vice versa, maybe changing the name to united states of the americas, perhaps adding some mexican symbols on the side of the us money [every thing is going credit card and paperless push button approval]. Maybe things will go the nafta, gatt, hemisphere/planetary treaties, certainly the un needs to be democratized, there are plenty of ways to integrate ppl and laws of this hemisphere and the earth.

News update: 'blair wins, rest of earth loses'

One thing that seems clear is that we are never going to see pro freedom of information opinions on television or main stream media, because much of their money comes from copyright.

I dont think that it is coincidence that the wealthiest ppl and companies [those that control the camera thought network cameras], microsoft, time warnerare also the biggest pursuers of copyright law. In one company you have the biggest enforcers and violators of copyright! What a natural system. But because violence, imprisonment, and hospitalization are so much worse, ppl care little about having a tea and crumpet party about copyright and privacy.

Think of the fbi and copyrights. They must get millions to enforce them, and millions to not enforce them. Like the police and drugs. i dont doubt for violdnce like assaults and homicide, the same secret money system exists.

The ppl that own the camera networks must be easily identified as the wealthiest ppl on the planet. Think of the billions of ppl that pay to see what ppl like me are saying and thinkingjust from me alone they must pull in billions of dollars every day, ofcourse i dont get a penny of that, but its in their interest to keep me alive to continue bilking me and getting all that money from my popularity. What do ppl have to pay to hear spears' thoughts? to see into the many houses of the presidents? Tha must be a lot of money from a multitude of humans, clearly the business to get into [except for the free flow of info which i doubt they can stop, but still they own the cameras, and most still pay for the service]. But what a bunch of greedy assholes, they cant trickle a dime of excess down upon me. Ive determined that i am beyond a sekf sufficient entity, the monry ppl pay to see me must far exceed the cost to protect and keep me alive being spent.

When is the massive middle going to start policing and arresting the right wing violent criminals? Sturgis, cesar, and the accessories and accomplisses to murder: e howard hunt, gordon arnold, greer [the jfk driver], gerald ford, the warren commission members, etc...

I heard a great quote from a person at a university of cal [berkeley i think] that said 'what that can mean'. Yes! Finally something i can relate to, can the mean ppl! How do they continue with all their constant rudeness?! Don't they ever have a positive millisecond? Don't they have hobbies and projects on their mind? This common rudeness is something i wasn't raised with, or simply have different dna, brain, education, i dunno. Hire the super ultra friendly is my advice/vote, they must be smart to brush off negativity so well. Anger at injustice is natural, but this is just rudeness like calling ppl fat, stupid, pervert, threatening/hinting violence, again and again constantly, with no provocation or retaliation [although i am glad for those that retaliate to some extent, those ppl would otherwise continue on thinking they are the perfect master race of people, etc]. My experience is that at 25+ years old, they won't ever change, they will be nasty and rude the rest of their life.

i always try to think of robots, boobs, science, evolution, buying a condo .... But! The advocates of violence in the secret camera network, the rude right have their own topic [doing 1st degree violence to nonviolent people mainly], and they tend to make it 'the topic'. Again this pattern of 1st strike violence, then retaliation strike back violence emerges when violent ppl are in the most powerful and wealthy positions of the planet. They can't control or contain their desire for 1st degree violence, even though illegal [although rarely enforced].

The ppl in texas trying to stop sexual cheerleading with a new law...next goal= complete abolition of sex.

Bush is far from conservative, he is a massive money spending war starting religious extremist.

A shadow has fallen over the earth, a curtain of religion, violence, antisexuality, secrecy, dishonesty, and zelotry that may take decades to overcome.

I saw 'bush family fortunes' by greg palast, it's a good video, try finding this one in a public library. How true and shocking that palast's stories are seen and broadcast all over the earth, but they can't get over the 'berlin wall' in the usa, as he puts it.

I think we could use a 'voter verification' law where ppl can see how their vote was counted on the Internet .gov pages, [and perhaps the same for electronic copies of our tax returns].

the thug nixon knew what well used buttons to push when way back in 1978 he said 'never be petty'. That can only refer to his nemesis teddy kennedy who probably, like most liberalschose to stop pain instead of pleasure. The 2 sides have remained in static equilibrium for decades. The stop violence science nonreligious sexuals versus the do violence antiscience fanatically religious antisexuals.

I would like to see an 'assault act' that requires a mandatory minimum sentence of 3 years for a first degree assault that left at least bruise [perhaps that requires video evidence of the assault]

Why No 'violence against children' act? Don't they care about the kids? A nice mandatory 10 year minimum for violence against a child.

Why no 'violent against a child registry', or 'violent offender public register'?

what is this, the united sturgis f cesaria?

What explains ppl's love affair with the violent? The way they punish them with soft gloves, light sentences, the way they don't arrest them, the way ppl keep the violent ppl's information private, they protect the violent offenders arrest record and location from the public, the way they don't make mandatory sentence laws for assault,...what explains this love affair and gentle treatment of violent ppl?

I can only imagine the ppl that get 25 years in jail under the florida 'lundsford law'. Some guy that kissed a kid in a day care, or was rumored to have kissed a kid, but fiorini lives freely as does cesar, oj and a million other first degree killers that rarely if ever kissed anybody young or old. This law passed unanimously, i wonder if a new law to execute ppl rumored to have molested or have child porno [besides in police and the cam nets] would meet any resistance. Why not get tougher on the violent? Violent offender registries, tracking and the like?

Why do ppl never go on the bandwagon against the violent? Not ppl in boxing, football, etc., that is consentual violence, but against those that chose to do unconsentual violence? We want to stop the unconsentual violent nature of people through assault laws, and public registries of violent offenders. In particular violence against children whether sexual or nonsexual. Why do they protect the violent and go after the sexual? I think the reason they protect the violent offenders so much is that they all are violent. They spank and slap children and assaulted their way through life. That is why they continue to protect and shelter the violent criminals from being exposed in a public violent registry, from receiving mandatory 25 year jail sentences for assault of a minor.

Florida is notorious for harsh molestation sentences, but surprisingly lenient on violent offenders [but the so is everywhere on earth]. Frontline bravely did a story on molestation witch trials in florida, and i dont doubt 10 years from now we will see the nonviolent victims of the lunsford law featured. Ppl accused of molestation w only 1 or 2 ppl's say so w/o a pixel of real evidence. Molestation is very difficult to prove w/o video, since there is no bruising. The all white christian nazi anti-sex voyeur storm troopers march on unslowed in any way.

Not that I am advocating molestation, but is there data that clearly links molestation to violence, in other words is paedophila (child loving) related to krustopaedia (child hurting)? Is there a clear link between molestation and violence against children? A link stronger than a person being religion and violent against children? or a link between peopel the use drugs and violence? how much of a correspondence is there between gun ownership and violence? And then, if there is, should people now arrest those people, or stiffen sentences for people based on the likelyhood of those relationships, or should people still uphold an innocent until proven guilty system?

The entire understanding of the large scale effects and models of particles that only change each other's directions lies waiting to be explored.

Ppl still have yet to publically determine how many photons are in a gram, or an electron, or proton, etc.

I think time does not bend for space, space bends for time. in the view that x,y,z are determined by [depended on] t, t is not determined by [or dependent on] x,y,z. Without seeing the examples for even 1 or 2 particles [in particular photons] modeled with the general theory of relativity, or the standard model, in addition to not spending any time pursuing answers, knowing for sure is difficult. Basically, i think the relativity model i support is light-like [x^2+y^2+z^2-ct^2=0] only for all matter [and w/o time dilation or dependence on the 3 space dimensions/variables]. But i dont understand how to model matter in this space-time model.

This group of humans in te USA is so stupid that they don't even get the tiniest feeling that Oswald may not have killed JFK, and that the Republicans might be even the tiniest bit crooked. Not a tiny hint of a clue in these people. I have a tough time believing they are in support of the killing of JFK, and protecting of the people involved in that and any other first degree homicide. But the blood thirstyness of the people in the USA is clearly evident in the way they supported an out of the blue multi-billion dollar invasion of Iraq. I mean, how many people would agree to pay $1000/year (plus the lives of 1000 US citizens a year) for 30 years to have democracy in Iraq? I might pay $100/year to put some cameras up all over the earth that we all can see and are used to identify assaults, but I don't want one atom from me going to kill nonviolent people in violent take overs.

My mom is still locked in a building with no way of calling or sending letters out. She can√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?t pay her bills, and may have her utilities discontinued. I am starting a count up of the number of days Sylvia is jailed without a charge, defense attorney, sentence, trial, miranda, continuing to maintain her nonviolent behavior that includes not even one threat of violence. If people want a law to jail people for an indefinite amount of time, without a trial, without legal defense, we can pass such a law. But currently, for what ever flaws that may present, there is no such law that I am aware of, and only laws against such activity. If a person can be jailed for making a bogus 911 call, I look forward to the public reaction when they get to see how millions of people watched them in their houses and watched their thoughts without permission, protected and covered up for Thane Cesar and Frank Fiorini. That will be pleasant to see, perhaps on the Internet within 10 years. So I am initiating the count-up now: Sylvia was certainly jailed by 4/23/05 so this Sunday is 8 days imprisonment without release, defense, charge, sentence, in clear violation of habeus corpus, far past the 72 hour (3 days) law. The sad truth is that people that are tortured in psychiatric hospitals have little or no money, and if they did mount a legal suit, the humans that are judges are all connected by thought to the reich wing church republican establishment and dismiss everything.

I think I was an idiot to rent an apartment for years, buying even a condo is better because then you own something (in addition to the tax deduction for interest expense, and property tax) at the end of 30 years instead of nothing. But almost nobody ever explains this.

I think that time does not bend for space.

I think the photon may become a unit of currency [each atom traded will be valued perhaps by number of photons/mass]. Still controlling photons and protecting from theft or escape will be part of the systemin addition to demand and supply of already assembled molecules like water.

Good experiment: change dna in protozoan with life stages, to stop later life stages by perhaps removing dna that makes protein to initiate later stages.

in the future ppl could give their child dna for beautiful large breast [or peen, or nice round ass!] before zygote stage.

There is a great irony in the secret cam-thought net. How can you trust somebody to lie? If they are required to lie, how can you trust them to be honest in other business dealings and agreements? In the cam net no body can get away with lying, they must all eventually be seen and exposed.

again an exciting thought is that humans may some time in the next 1000 years be able to make humans [and other species] that develop to a certain point in the dna, a certain stage or age, in fact any stage, and then loop forever at that stage [like prokaryotes do]. There could bebppl that are 3 years old for ever [barring starvation, homicide, accidental death], most will probably go for 20 to 30 years old forever. Then life on earth will start to Multyiply at a rate that may make the need for h2o, glucose/food a primary concern. We only have a finite amount of matter in this universe, some will go for new [ever] living objects, some will go for water, some for food/plants, some for ships/buildings/vehicles. We will be on the forever quest for more matter, to globular clusters, then to elliptical galaxies, grateful for the freedom and pleasures of our existence, with sensitivity, logic, wisdom, compassion, and responsibility to live a good life, harmoniously with all the many varieties of life, evolved over billions of earth years.

Aging may = accumulated mutations that eventually stop cells from copying and so beaming w xray may shorten life by some time, but i think eukaryote [multi] cells [dna] have life stages that are not the result of accumulated mutations.

In the runion killing, isn't it the homicide, the pain suffered by the child that we hate more than pedophilia? Pedophilia is unusual, is for many unnatural, unpleasant, but for methe homicide is worse than pedophilia, and not all pedophilia leads to homicide or even assault. Perhaps if this child's parents were in the camera network they could have stopped this homicide. Where were the ppl in the camera-thought net? no thanks to the religious, we are approaching age of smart walking robots that accompany children and send alarms to parents.

There always will be the human under the age of 18 that hypothetically likes to play with other people's genitals consentually. I think it is antisexual, puritanical, and simply inaccurate to label such hypothetical touching unconsentual. As a reminder, i do not advocate touching any human under 18 in a sexual way, nor do i partake in any such activity.

I saw the fusion new story. Maybe there are other atomic/particle reactions that result in more photons out than go in to accelerate the colliding particles. I still think the idea of simply disintingrating some atoms into their source photons may be possible [w/o gamma frequencies of photons exiting the heated water].

With all the court approved wiretaps and secret cameras, why do we never see any government videos as required by the freedom of information act/law?

When are us un representatives going to be elected? Potentially, some time in the future, the un rep may have more planetary influence than the us most popular [president]. The planetary budget may be bigger than the us budget some time, the decisions made by the un may some time overrule the decisions made by 1 nation if they have more popular support.

If ppl want to replace monarchy with democracy why dont they work uniformly together on all monarch nations, not just one? And if they want to stop violence why dont they work together to uniformly provide video evidence to the public of violent crime and uniformly capture and try those ppl charged with assault and homicide of any and all nations? One reason why they don;t is that most of them like to throw away the homicide law and make exceptions for their own first degree secret and even public homicides.

The Bush group is like a bunch of cowboys that ride into town guns blasting, and i can only figure blair as a bar drinkin union leader with big goblet of beer, teamed up with the rough ridin cowboy leaders of the usa, to follow walter the penniless and peter the hermit into frivolous religious expensive brutal war. They are the rootin tootinest world leaders ever.

It looks like Blair will win the may 5 election in britain. my vote is for kennedy and the liberal democrats being the only ppl against the invasion of iraqbut they are only getting 23%. The main battle appears to be between the conservative and labor parties. i wonder if the conservative candidate michael howard would have followed bush into an illegal war. To me bush is an uneducated violent lawless cowboy and anybody that would follow him is an idiot. With the level of support fo blair and not for charles kennedy, britain and the earth are in a bad period of rule by violent criminals, scoundrals, liars, antisexuals, villany, antiscience, brutes, thugs, zelots, religious fanatics, evolution deniers, jailers and hospitalizers of the nonviolent, and nore of that kind.

Good replies to simply think of when nazi-psychology ppl say 'going crazy' to you: staying stupid,going to lie, staying nonviolent,going violenty,going religgy,going fanatiky,going sciency,going smarty

In my opinion the best idea is to be positive, and to not be pawns for the na ty right wing with their evil inside minds. [or whoever might be trying to spread negativity on and around us, mostly for money, or as unknowing beamed on, or uneducated, not sexually fulfilled pawns].

You are either in favor of the homocide laws or are republican.

Good article describing the unconsentual drugging of a 13 year old girl at: Motherjones.com/news/feature/2005/05/medicating_aliah.html most ppl drugged are nonviolent, it is the things they say that cause ppl to do violent unconsentual drugging to them.

you can see the fine line of acceptible behavior in the usual questions by ppl in police 'are you taking your medication', and 'are you on drugs?'.

This group of republicans appears to have the philosophy of winning above enforcing laws like homicide and assault. With such a philosophy, which appears to be kill, assault, intimidate, jail, or hospitalize any person that disagrees with the leader's current opinion/law, ppl that might want to switch to the liberal educated lawfull side are targeted for persecution. Like many extreme right wing uprisings, any ppl that dont march in line are severly punished and purged, there is no space or tolerance for disagreement, or opinions that do not agree with those of that one leader.

Ann coulter is a person that advocates violence, first degree killing of nonviolent humans. I am surprised that the public supports and funds a pro-violence person like ann coulter. Coulter is in favor of killing thousands of north korean children, women, and men with nuclear bombs, and for invading france. If sarcastic, i don't find those statements funny. Coulter is another anti-evolution [or at least not outspoken in favor of evolution, science, free info, true democracy where we get to vote on the budget and planetary democracy, science, stopping violence like homicide and assault, freeing nonviolent drug users and ppl that would take money for sex. Maybe because coulter is a violent, stupid, antisexual christian far right wing republican human that buys her way onto the cover of time magazine, and other places. Any nonwhite male that supports this group of republicans is a suicidal idiot. That criminal philosophy of kill them before they kill me is idiocy, far from the do unto others of the religion those zelots claim to belong to. This is the philosophy of cut off everybody's hands so they can't do violence with knives. Why are there never the anti-coulter ppl on the cover of time? The ppl that agree with koffi annon that the invasion of iraq was illegal, but go further to say that all those involved in the homicides there should be tried and jailed for homicide, accessory to homicide, you know, the 'lynch the warren commission' commission. i think one reason we don't see zelot liberals calling for the execution of all those that protect sturgis or cesar is that liberals tend to be educated, nonviolent, and law abiding. Why do ppl support advocates of first degree murder like coulter? I am glad to go on record saying that coulter is a advocate of violence, and a stupid person that should get no support, other ppl might leave the public guessing about their opinions. It is not difficult for most smart ppl to recognize that advocates of first strike violence should not be supported, but this is the group that elected the criminal bush family, so basic guidance and info is needed.

04-24-2005br> Arrest the wendy's woman for lying? That doesn't get my vote. But those that watched our eyes before everybody got to see or lied about cesar and sturgis just might. Lying is free information, if ppl believe the lie, that is their fault, or all ppl's fault for not proving the truth to the public. Why didnt wendy's provide proof to the publuc that there was no finger found? They lost money because of their silence and lack of showing evidence to the public.

My mom sylvia called 911 to report an intruder, a female asked if she was taking her medicine [medicine is the answer to delusion by the way, if not at least it can make ppl catatonic] and two white males in police uniforms came over, and asked her if she was taking her medicine, told her get in car or they will force her in [nice, threats of violence and abduction of a nonviolent law abiding citizen, just for calling 911 with a false report. Can't they just igore those calls? or filter them out?] this is the time of the bush family, the killers of the kennedy's, the extreme reichish religious right wing and their thug religious uneducated followers. I called and a white woman employee said:
'i'll transfer you Right up there' ['right up', how much higher can they go? They already can torture and kill iraq humans w/o even a trial, jail hand picked ppl like chong for selling pipes, they watch us in our houses, our eyes, hear our thoughts without permission, assault us with lasers in our ceil9ngs and walls...how Much more power do they need? I think perhaps complete and total unthinking allegience without a thought of objection or difference in dress or opinion]. Perhaps after 72 hours sylvia can sue for violation of habeus corpus. Even before i found out [kind of... The ppl in government act without providing videos and details to the public... To protect privacy ofcourse] i guessed:
'My guess, repub beamed images of ppl onto sylvia head.
Sylvia called 911 police, this is like saying; 'yoohoo! Nazis... Toodle loo hello gestapo?...can you come and get me?' mip guise the woman that protected the anne frank family said it well, about gestapo hq, 'some ppl go there... and they don't come back out...' when she went to try and get the frank family released. Ironically,sylvia doesnt blame the ppl in police, or the reich republicans, but blames peter her x-husband and my father [who is in the camera net like my brother, hears thoughts, and can be somewhat brutal, but in late 60s is mellowed and not active, my mom has him as an olympic sprinter breaking in to her house every night.] The reich went so far as to take her to the hospital my dad works at, perhaps to strengthen her theory in her mind, then transfered her [i was never transferred any of the times i was abducted, tortured and jailed, but in ny they routinely jail ppl for months without a charge, trial, or sentence]. I tried to explain 'sylvia, never call the police...dont you understand?!', but she insists 'i will call the police any time i want and you can't stop me!' Amazing that ppl can call the police and they get arrested, good advice is to fear the police? Fear calling 911? Hello, spam checker software? Got trial? On the web page of the hospital cgh.org, there are photos of different races of ppl, but No Mixed race couples, in line with that nazistic we watch you, you dont watch us philosophy. Thomas p quinn is the ceo of the hospital, gee could it be a christian, church going, married, white male that kept hearing thoughts a secret? I guess a few days will go by before sylvia gets to read the two clinton books she recently got. Interestingly enough, delusionsand radically inaccurate opinions are not illegal in the usa. There is no law that a person can be jailed for having delusions. If there was, a strong, but probably unpopular case could be made that religious ppl are delusional since they claim that jesus rose from the dead, that allah lives in a cloudy heaven, when most ppl that like history understand that those ideas are mytys made by early humans but recent in the evolution of life on earth. For sylvia, they couldn't let her simply live her nonviolent life in freedom. Unlike the hundreds or thousands of ppl, many older, that call 911 all the time with made up stories, the ppl in the government police couldn't ignore or make a friendly 'hi, i dont see anybody' visit for sylvia like they do for the hundreds and perhaps even thousands of bogus calls. This was an opportunity for the reich-like republican clan good ol boy network to inflict some suffering on the democratic, nonviolent, intellectuals.

On courttv one killer of a person in vermint had the last name 'dean', another person related to a killer was named 'Dawn', that idiot fascist female was there again with her nazi views saying 'psychopaths' whats about ppl with a 'killer' bump, or hand line, that drew the 'death card' [i cant believe they actually have a show that treats psychics as real science, in particular when they see eyes and thoughts]. But the nazi republicans fund much of tv with their millions to tilt the scales against popular democratic leaders. they spend millions in secret.

This group of religious right republicans are like most violent killers, they will never change, they will kill and kill and kill until they are finally stopped. Like they killed jfk, mlk,rfk,john lennon,9/11, in afghan, in iraq, ...the millions that only those in the camera thought nets know about and did nothing to stop.

What is happening to martin in canada is frightening. This seems to be the conservative religious right ppl operate, they tried to do this to clinton too: they find some scandle and then try to force an impeachment or election, they can't get elected thru a normal election, they have to find a back door like a beer hall pusch. Talk about corruption of republicans, bush spent 1/4 million of our money for favors to promote 'no child left behind'. That's the free market, i am glad for free trade and free info, if ppl don't like it vote for other ppl, actions and laws. I seriously doubt a president of canada would take money that was not his, that would be ridiculously stupid.

For all the religion, the religious aren't to big on confessing or being honest with the public, leave that to the atheists, agnostics and scientists.

Ppl always with god, god, god, allah, allah, allah, when will they get smart and interesting?

We will walk on the moon, build walking robots that clean our kitchens, stop violence, get true constant democracy, go to mars, and alpha centauri, but not through religion and not through prayer. Only through science and thinking will we accomplish all those goals.

ppl can definately credit psychology with the 3+ ppl ed kemper killed after being released from a 'psychiatric sentence'. 6 years for killing 2 humans [both parents], but ppl still believe that psychology is a real science and violent behavior can be cured through psychology theory, as strongly as ever.

I hate to see ppl that lie or dont volunteer the truth get public approval, but the honest ppl are viewe lower by the public, when the liars did exactly the same thing as the honest, assaulted ppl with lasers, watched ppl in their houses, smoked marijuana, etc.

At brugger's bagels off campus the song 'she drives me crazy' was played when i walked in. So they are not exactly 'anti-nazi'. I choose the other path: right to trial, to legal defense, against torture. I want to make a database with all info on each business [in particular restaurants], to mark ratings for violent, republicans/democrats,in camera net, can hear thought, psychology believers, racist, astrology believers, religious, antisexual [homo,pedo/molesto],

New potential 'jessica lunsford' law in florida has molestation of human under 12=mandatory 25 years to life. Isn't it homicide and assault against children that is what upsets us the most? Molestation is a nonviolent nuisance, assault, and homicide are violent, painful, damaging. It's the homicide and violence that upsets me about the lunsford killing, not molestation. Again, how about a registry off violent offenders? Aren't those the crimes we hate most? Transfering the anger of a homicide onto molestation is what ppl are doing, why not crack down on violence not nonviolent sexuality? By that thinking, take the example of the person in texas that killed his kids because he thought they were possessed by the devil. by that thinking shouldn't we impose a minimum 25 years for others who believe ppl can be possessed by devils? Or even 25 years mandatory sentence for the fanatically religious. think of the fine line: a female washes the genitals of a child under 12, but she does not get 25 years in jail, why? Because she didn't think sexual thoughts/feel sexuality when touching the genitals...so no 25 years in jail. I hope they don't feel aroused for even a second...maybe better not to wash young humans alltogether. Then look at the standards of evidence for molestation, is a video of the molestation needed for conviction? No! Photos of the molestation? Again, no! All that is needed is one or more person's say so. Because there is no physical damage from molestation, there simply is no evidence of molestation...no bruises, no swollen or damaged rectum, no red mark, for example from an assault. To me, it os frightening that, a person can lie about being molested, to punish some body they don't like, and win simply because many ppl are easily duped/believers. Another point: imagine an ad where an adult is kissing a child, but they are both actor humans, 25 years in jail for that?

The hand over mouth: is that a symbol of a free and open society? The finger 'shh' symbol: that is the symbol for a free people?

Its ironic for me to read about gov swartzenegger speaking against open borders, being an immigrant human himself. We ought to be growing into and together with the rest of north and south america [and of course the nations of earth on our way to growing to the moon and centauri], making sure to identify and jail ppl with unpunished violent crimes.

The arrest of mary carey in washington is brutal and frightening.

I am living proof of the dangers and evil of psychology, that truth and those that speak it can be so minimized, ostricized, and persecuted.

It is interesting to realize that we are the products of humans that were sexual enough to reproduce, but this effect has not appeared to make humans more sexual as the centuries went on. Wouldn't antisexuality be bred out?

Dworkin had a serious character flaw in being against pornography. Freedom of information is simple, sexuality is good, not only for survival,but for nonviolent pleasure. Nude images of males and females are no problem, violence is. In this age of secret eye networks megamemory archives, ppl arguing to censor some images are idiots and corrupt. Dworkin was no genius, i want to hear from the proporn and prosexuality female humans that are supressed by the religious puritan antisexuals. sexuality and nudity are fine and good, antisexuality seems to be the well worn cancer of these centuries. I like the sentiment of the forgotten matilda gage similar to 'religion is made by celebits, for celebits'. Somehow stopping violence, arresting cesar, exposing sturgis, critisizing religions and religious views of women as unequal, ppromoting science, free info, more democracy all escape many popular so-called femenist ppl's typings. In particular the violence loving aspect of some so-called feminists is reckless and dangerous. the genital mutilation is a popular feature in many sex hating religions. A recent article in latimes.com by one vivian gornick that praises dworkin and lbj, is titled 'a welcome buzz saw in the sex war', to me that hints of sawing off a 'woody' or erect penis, buz saws are not exactly nonviolent and nondestructive. This is not ffor female equality, but is simply violently antisexual, and antimale. I see this in a numberof female [and male] humans that gesture a kick at me, in addition to the 2 unpunished assaults to my testicles and penis i endured, once with a coffee cup full of water and then with a hacky sack. I think lack of regular sex, jealously of ppl that have sex, anger at not getting sex, religious and other backward views about pleasure and sex being evil is what turns most ppl against sex. One other point, should we describe gender as 'gender' and not 'sex' to avoid confusion between gender and sexual intercourse? Can you imagine a person being prosex? A promoter of that function that continues life.

Ppl that believe in psychology are as offensive to me as ppl that believe in other races of ppl being inferior, but they are entitled to their beliefs, no matter how offensive.

Liberal ppl like bill mahr and howard stern are perfect examples of why there a no liberals on television, not because liberal material is not popular, ratings for both shows were fineratings was not why they w are cancelled, right wing republicans use money and intimidation to have them cancelled, for mahr they pressured abc somehow secretly as far as i can see because mahr's ratings were good, and with stern he was fined off the air by bush jr. Liberal material is wildly popular because it is advanced, sexual, truthful, smart, ... But all the public is allowed to see and hear is right wing religious sour puritanism. It's far from democracy, because why wouldnt mahr and stern be allowed to continue? If ppl don't like it, they would turn the channelgiving them poor ratings, and democratically through the free market stern and mahr would fail. But democracy and free market are not popular among the republicans in power, in particular if the other side is more popular or selling more.

I can't stand the antigay crap I hear all the time. I'm not gay, but I tolerate those who are. Bisexuality and preference for same gender occurs in many species and is a natural phenomenon. I think the smartest people all show thoughts during masturbation of bisexuality, only dull, closed minded people don't entertain such thoughts. To me, what people do with their genitals consentually is not a big deal. I can't understand how antigay people can walk past assault, homicide, all the violence, and speak out against consentual touching. I don't watch television too much because it is so backward and prudish, not even breasts are shown. The little television I do watch, I never see any bisexuality. The antigay talk is a bizarre phenomenon, never is there antiviolence talk. I want to see an end to the drug war and want to see some legal prostitution [I argue that people can clean toilets for money but not touch a genital for money?!], but the religious puritans will never have it, and amazingly they can kill and jail nonviolent people without even the tiniest protest from the public. Look at the way Tommy Chong was jailed for selling pipes by these reich wing republicans. That could have easily been me, any of us. It's shocking to me. I think we need to be voting directly on the laws, no more electoral college, focusing on stopping violence, promoting evolution and science, tolerating nudity and bisexuality, people need to learn anatomy, they don't need more homophobic sentiment. 3 young nazis beat a guy to death in northern california after finding he dressed up as a woman, that kind of thing happens all the time, they probably only got 10 years each for killing that person. It is a bizarre phenomenon, the antigay people. They seem to be more hostile to gayness than even violence. If a person is gay, who gives a shit? I like seeing two hot females together, so I would be a hypocrite to be antigay. I could go on for hours. Some female in the store walked by me and said "gay", and I thought... "ok, but now you must never masturbate to same gender touching ever, or else we can yell 'hypocrite!'".

In a network, when your info leaves a netork card, as far as i can see, each bit of your info is on every wire on the network for some time 1ns for gb, 10ns for 100mb/s. In that 1 nanosecond 1 bit of your data is on every wire in the network since only one voltage can be transmitted on a huge set of wires that are all connected. If the phone wire carried 8 wires, 8x more data could be sent/got.

Can we red shift light here on earth? Perhaps using water, electrons, ... ? I would be surprised if there was no way to lower the frequency of light. We certainly can filter light, and there is not doubt some light is filtered in between the stars, just as uv is filtered by ozone, and blue light filtered from the sun at dawn and dusk on earth. light is slowed thru water, light changes direction in prisms.

One of the biggest pieces of evidence that nonviolent sexual crimes are viewed by the majority as worse than violent crime is that there are 'sex offender' public registries, but no 'violent offender' registries. For all i know, i live next to a person that killed a person, or has numerous assaults. The public is not allowed to see the violent record. I don't doubt we would find some interesting data.

Gonzoles makes 10,000 arrests. 4,300 of those ppl are non violent ppl that used or sold drugs. To his credit around 3,000 were for violent crime [1,727 for assault, what is the occassion? victim's rights week], 162 for killing [but not thane cesar or frank sturgis]. As far as i can see these arrests were only reported in the nytimes and washington post. All these arrests should be promptly reported to the public on government web pages, and all police activity, even if delayed by 24 hours, all the 9/11 calls, emergency calls, etc. We have a right to know what the people in government are using our money foir, and to know if there are police emergencies around us.

Asian Female human in 'great clips for hair' in irvine takes ?$ to say 'have sick [seat]'.

The truth never changes, only the ppl do.

The truth never changes, only the ppl's opinion of what is true changes.

Ppl would rather meet the pope, not the galileo, the president [even if an orderer of killing of nonviolent humans], actor, or sports person, not the scientist. It is really bizarre. Ppl alive now have no idea of our idiot place in history, we don't even get legalized drugs, we don't escape the disease of religions, those are for ppl of the distant future.

Bird songs are mostly major themes not minor if they play a 1 to 3 interval. what notes they sing is interesting to me and maybe 5 other humans.

I saw an older asian guy with a 'w' cap, and thought, do you know that much if not most of the republicans function on money, not philosophy. In other words that person was probably there for one reason only, because he was paid to.

For ppl that spare the lives of many other species, many, and perhaps most vegetarian ppl, in my experience [with gardenburger, native foods, wheel of life, mothers] [the exceptions being real foods, and sf places-although i only went there once] are brutal to their fellow humans [certainly to me], rude, into pseudosciences and myths, into secrets, lying, the secret camera thought networks.

I was planning to go to the gardenburger, inc. Annual shareholder meeting in irvine, but the president and ceo saw this in the secret elite camera thought network and decided to [perhaps i can only guess] either not go or go early and end the meeting before 10a. I got their no later than 10 minutes after the meeting time of 10am and nobody was there. There were 6 glasses with water showing that perhaps 6 ppl showed up. That meeting must have lasted less than 5 minutes and all [probably] because of me. A [what must be] liberal person at the desk said 'slick', how true that is. How nixon-like and dishonest the gardenburger $200,000/year executives must be. Then the hilton/double-tree hotel owners put this older white christian guy who stared meanly at me, a stae i recognize as zelous fascist thug reich wing intimidate provoker haul your ass away stare. The best parts of democracy are the parts those in power hate, the press conferences, answering questions from the public [i sent an email to gardenburger.com and unlike the friendly ppl at morningstar, never got any reply], the voting. The wealthy in power appear to support capitalism [buying decisions and position] more than democracy [popular opinion decides, elections, etc.]. The democratic aspects of governments and corporations are the tiniest parts [we don't vote on laws, decisions, budgets, court verdicts, sentences, salaries, etc.]. After this experience, where they ran and hid, i am cganging my opinion to vote against all the existing board members, what a bunch of nixons, they are all old white males in suits. They are paul wenner, founder, scott wallace $350k/year, linford [$250k], trebing [$250k/year] bergeron, coleman, krantz, mazer. It's no wonder the share price is so low, what a bunch of dishonest orwellian white male wealthy elite secretive uncommunicative idiot ppl. Next year if i am still stuck in nazi-orwell-land southern california, i will go an hour early, perhaps. What a bunch of shit for brains ppl though, that seems clear. They certainly didn't wait for stock holders, what if somebody was in the bathroom for 5 minutes until 10:05? They would have missed the entire meeting. I expected to hear a speech on gardenburger, on vegetarianism, their philosophy, the future, the stocks, the economy, ... I was expecting free new food samples. They don't appear to be too into vegetarianism and advertising vegetarianism. If I do go next year, it is not to meet the idiot owners but other vegetarian shareholders. One of the hotel staff told me that there was a Hispanic female there, any other friendly vegetarians are good to meet, but in my experience there are not many friendly people in Southern California, or any where on the planet. Many people are in the secret network which has made two tiers on earth and the uninformed public shows no sign of wanting to advance free info to narrow the space between the two groups. But beyond that, most people are not believers in evolution, shockingly, and have little knowledge of history, and in particular history of science.

i urge ppl to unite and sue riaa and each member for copyright infringement, and invasion of privacy using the national geographic, micro cameras, images of thoughts, etc. To show how these hypocrites are some of the largest violators of copyrights and privacy. These ppl are just evil, bain, the ceo is a far right wing republican, they want to delay the public from seeing all their violent crimes, all their invasions of privacy, the years of memory images and sounds they all have access to. It would be awesome if riaa's greed in suing the public exposes the thought networks.

do you think uci chancellor cicerone did some kind of secret crooked deal with bush jr for the presidency of the national academy of science? Its disgusting that that is the way many things are done in the secret camera thought networks. Probably having viet dinh, john yoo, and jose aznar speak at uci was part of the arrangement but also a lump sum of cash was probably required of cicerone. The republican criminals spent big money to have their 'completely insane anteaters' 'cia' right wing naziesque propaganda polluting the minds of young ppl at uci.

Speaking of flawed history books, the us history books are the klan gestapo versions that have 'and oswald killed jfk, there was some question but the warren commision proved beyond a reasonable doubt...blah blah blah...more right wing naziesque propaganda and lies...' the books should be also priced in 'confederate dollars'

There is something petty about 'molestation victims' protesting. Being an 'assault victim', i wonder where are all the 'assault victims?'. To see these ppl, they are in fine physical condition, no bruises. Touching genitals is far from a seriou crime, but ppl are hysterical about pleasure and sexuality, not so much about assault. The focus of most ppl is to stop sexuality not violence. Its the legacy of religion, i think, that makes 'molestor' worse and more common than 'assaulter'.

I think the antisexual violent reicht is focused on poisoning the minds of the young ppl now by focusing on molestation. they want to remove and scare away pro sex ed and physical affection advocates from access to young ppl, but they are not pyshing any kind of antiviolence messages, no pro evolution messages, no criticism of religious persecutions and violent history, about free information and the 1st ammedment right to free speech ... They don't encourage young ppl to kiss, to hug, to masturbate, to learn human anatomy, to learn about sex, about evolution, history... They appear to want to push their spartan, criminal violence, religious lies, hypocritical antisexuality [after all it was good enough for them to part take in], secrecy, jailing and assaulting with laser the nonviolent and protecting violent ppl like frank fiorini, thane cesar and countless others.

I hope ppl can vote down the puritan and violent ppl and return to the love and the light of science and truth.

One phenomenon i see is large scale conformity and agreement on theorues that are wrong, or illegal, like the wide agreement in the usa that invading and killing iraqi ppl was ok, and in china invading taiwan is popular. Widespread agreement of bad, illegal and violent ideas.

I dont understand the anger of some chinese ppl at the japanese [in particular violent protests]why dont they buy and/or make their own history textbooks? It would be nice if ppl could be honest and unbiased too.

One irony of being called a pervert in this era is that for the person to know that they must be a kink who gets off watching you in your apartment and learni all about your dirty thoughts.

I am glad to type that a new human was born in my immediate family this week making me an uncle and my parents grandparents. We are all excited and happy for my brother and his wife.

Just like there are christian clubs there should be 'science clubs' that make history of science videos, video interview ppl in science, have video public access and/or web round table debates on science, religion, history, etc.. just like the christians recruit with free or low cost food events. Also antipsychology groups, atheist antireligious groups.

Reuters story 'psychopaths at the wheel!'; how many ppl think psychosis is an easily identified disease? 5 companies that give the public 'news'. San marcos university in peru authored the fraudulent pseudoscience report. Will they be issuing an astrological report? Phrenological findings? Psychology and behavioral studies are seriously flawed because its like trying to determine who is lucky, or who is charmed, who is a witch, etc.

I vote for a stop violence un dept and a free the nonviolent un dept, and for now for a human rights dept, as long as they make available on the web images and other video evidence of human rights violations. does human rights violation include homicide and assault? I hope and vote so.

Bravo for hillary and patty murray holding out on crawford nomination until fda approves 'morning after' pill over the counter.

40 year prison sentence for white supremecist matt hale does not bode well for the jfk, mlk, rfk, john lennon plotters.

Ppl that have never masturbated to gay=hello, dull, stupid and closed minded? How about cowards?

I have been thinking of photons and how they interact with atoms [also made of photons according to the theory i support]. one thing seems clear, all atoms absorb and emit photons w/o exception. photons can only go into, past, out of, or around [potentially bounce off of] other photons and atoms. a particle view of light has not been explored or even mentioned sice the 1700s, but it is interesting and ppears to be the more accurate truth to me. In the particle view, millions of photons collide with atoms every picosecond, many are absorbed by the atom, but not all are absorbed,some are reflected [maybe many times photons are reflected at regular rates giving an object specific color]. All matter heats up in light, even mirrors. There are a thousand new explanations to uncover using light as a particle, but ppl in science are silent [could be called silence instead of science at this point].

Male human at mack camera said 'gay' instead of ok, later a female there said 'by by'. They have a prism on web page so that is a plus. I now buy a $60 4 year warranty on every video camera because they always get problems, already 2 years later my canon Minidv has a problem.

I am like one of the only ppl not to kiss pope ass. I don't care much about this last pope's death. I wish religion would die.

Awesome to see other atheists on television and radio, I wonder if they had to pay for their air time, and finally people would take their money.

To me, the real special people, the diamonds in the coal mine, the pearl in the clam, the rare, important people for truth that contribute to the survival of life on earth are the atheists, people like the pope are a dime a dozen. To me, an unknown person like John Robertson, who in 1899 wrote a "History of Freethought" detailing many of the past atrocities of religions, are the special priceless courageous people on the planet, people like the pope that speak out against stem cell research, sexuality, science, etc. are commonplace and are not helping life on earth in any way. The religious are average, not people that find things like novacaine, etc. that really actually help life in terms of stopping suffering, pain, injustice, lies, etc.

When an atheist dies, in particular a person that tried to teach the history of earth, evolution, science... now that is a real loss, that is to lose a precious person, when a religious human dies, there is no serious loss; they never contributed to anything other than injustice, tradition, lies, violence, antisexuality, hypocricy, corruption, etc., that is more like losing a few photons or electrons.

I am surprised at all the people that are paying respect to the pope, all the presidents, Bush, Gorbechev, Castro, ... I am amazed at the way non white people and non male people cry and carry on about the death of the pope. Here the christians killed native americans that rejected christianity and brutally obliterated much of the native religions, sculpture, and history....then turn around and kiss the ass of the white christian male only power structure? Doesn't seem logical to me, but they do. Why fund and support your oppressors? The leader of the cult of Jesus died, but when will all of religion die, 3000 AD?

Was this pope in the camera network? Did he watch us in our houses? Could he see what our eyes see? Was he part of the corrupt criminal voyeur group? Yes he was. And he lied, or certainly never told us he was watching us. But thenreligions are full of lies, they deny evolutionthey claim jesus was ever living, that jesus pulled a rabbit out of a hat, that jesus made 100 loaves of bread from 1, that bones can have magic powers, etc.

One kind of irony i experience is for exposing a big secret, there are not many ppl i encounter that don't already know and have secretly participated in the secret eyeball and regular camera and microphone networks for decades.

I don't doubt that most of us all salivate when the assaulter gets assaulted back, we love it, the bully getting what they deserve.

I think places like asia noodle cafe stay in business because liberals don;t mind funding them, even though they are clearly reich wing republican violent crime supporters. Why do the liberals in oc roll over for the reic wingers, shit on those assholes and not the scrape off a liberal nickel for them. Why do they kiss white violent klan ass so much? Just like asian ppl that worship the pope, there never could be chinese ppl to worship, in particular that have actually done something.

I want to see what stores are red and which are blue. Clearly asia noodle, china west, nick's pizza, einstein's bagels, wheel of life, bodie tree, ... are all red, so where are the blue? I think ihop has only a few rude low level secret multimillion human camera eyeball network employees/slaves for white ring nazi repubs, albertsons, ... a number of places have good gender and racial integration. Where only the nazi ppl at the check stand are is usually their own rude stylings, but for example, in mothers, that seemed to me to come from a brutal thought watcher from higher wealth ownership, which is surprising, because don't they vote democrat? Why not put down repubs if any body? I think because they are tools and victims of republicans, plus good old greed for republican money.

It's an amazing thing to realize that being an evolutionist, for exposing sturgis, cesar, the secret seeing behind the eyes network, for stopping violence and jailing the violent, for science and open consentual sexuality, for true and full democracy, we are really in the minority while the violent criminal humans are the majority. It's like the violent criminals are in power and the nonviolent law abiding being beaten, jailed and threatened.

Most ppl don;t live life like there are 2 sides, but the evil republicans assault us nonviolent liberals and so many of us are forced to deal with them. The 2 sides are interesting. The repubs have more money, are mostly white males, very religious, antiscience, antisexual, more first degree violent, war starters, slightly more ppl [in the usa]. the democrats/liberals have less money, are mostly multi gender and race, not very religious, pro science, pro sexuality, antiviolence, not war starters, with slightly less ppl [but with larger international support]. So the matchup is interesting. Traditionally the conservatives use violence to move ahead and many times are successful [look how early christians stopped science and all other religions], but sometimes they are crushed and justice prevails [for example ww2]. The light of science and justice was never completely destroyed, but neither was the evil of secrecy and violence as some ppl are seeing in this decade.

When the democrats have a turn at president, fill the prisons with the republicans, in particular that were violent, or made threats of violence. Remove the electoral, ppl can quit military, free info whistleblower law where ppl cannot be punished for any picture owned, expose sturgis, arrest cesar, make homicide federally prosecutable, voting on the laws and court decisions as a reference for the public, street cameras for the public, new stop violence initiatives, end reagan mandatory drug laws, decrim marijuana, ...give the republicans the shit they gave us for 8 years of violence, jailings and threats.

A white male irvine nazi thug person beheaded a rat and put the dead rat on the bike path, this is nazi dead rat #3, which meanss the person is still out there, on the loose, using the camera network to stalk me. My vote is that he be locked in jail for threats of first degree violence. Then, surprisingly, in the 'asia noodle cafe' in university center, later that same lazy saturday afternoon around 2;30pm, 4/2/05, the food i bought had a 'beheaded' mushroom, and the owner was standing there the entire time. I have to ask what kind of ppl own asia noodle that support threats of violence, and beheadings, etc. Even if meant for the nazi republicans, i think that is just thuggary, violent, criminal, etc. Certainly use violence on ppl trying to do violence, or even threatening violence, but never initiate violence. Let's never forget all involved, may they never be hired.

Its hard to understand ths latest nazi arrest in texas for child porno. I think perhaps this arrest of the person in texas is to send the message to other texan ppl not to talk to the media about all the weed and beer bush used, the bar fights, his poor grades, etc. Or else they could be hand picked for prosecution. Perhaps this is to fire up the antisexual fires in the puritan violent jailin usa ppl.

An important point that is missed by many ppl is that simply owning or looking at images of child pornography or even violent images does not hurt children, they are just images of violence or sexuality. I for one, am glad that showing violent images is still protected by the 1st ammendment, how else could we know that a person really was killed without photos from an autopsy or who killed a person without the public being allowed to see actual images of the beating, for example. Another interesting point is that the us supreme court ruled that drawings of child pornography are legal and covered under the first ammendment. Perhaps ppl that enjoy child pornography can find pleasure simply from drawn images without having to risk being locked in jail for 20 years and fines 1/4 million dollars.

One opposite label to 'weird' is 'dull', but also 'liable to label somebody weird', 'liable to believe [in religion, myth, superstition, fables, rumor, pseudoscience]', the 'easily duped', 'the first to believe', etc.

That these child porno raids happened in germany is frightening too. White conservative males in black uniforms break down the door of a nonviolent person to see what kind of jpgs files they have on their computer. Why do they never want to enforce the violent laws? This nazism continues to happen all over earth. They want to stop sex, nudity, ... They don't want any body to see it, they dont want to see nudity themselves,... But they have to start with the most unpopular part of sexuality, child pornography and through that door perhaps they can stop all nudity, ... With the ultimate goal of stopping sex altogether, replacing nude statues with clothed statues of their like minded stalinesqe antisexual heros.

The constitution states that all ppl are equal, but clearly some ppl in government have more rights than nongovernment citizens.

It must be an interesting thought that goes through the heads of the ppl in the camera net when a person, like the texas boy shout person, is arrested for child pornography. Clearly they all have child pornography in their vast thought and hidden camera archives, but there is a difference. They do not use the images they see for sexual purposes, they don't think of those images during sex or while masturbating. Otherwise, they would be recognized as absolute hipocrates and fascists for applying a law selectively and or randomly.

It would be interesting to compare the state laws for child pornography, how much do the sentences vary from state to state?

One aspect of life on earth is that ppl are either the accusers or accused, and most would rather be on the side of the accusers. Better to behave like the brutal ppl in power than the oppressed that are routinely persecuted.

Shiavo finally died, and i can't believe that ppl care so muchnfor 1 human but not for rfk, jfk and the 34 humans killed in the usa each day. Rfk was the father of 10, thane cesar killed him, ppl like evile younger protected him, and cesar is still free today. Fiorini the killer of jfk was never caught, the killer of nicole simpson never caught, where is the massive widespread demand for street cameras, an end to violence, the capture of cesar, even knowing the names of those killed each day in the usa.

I definately vote against wolfowitz for world bank, they condoned homicide.

Aging may be the result of accumulated mutations overwhelming cells. In some cells their biological clock is reset when they periodically fix/replace their genomes. That makes the tumor beams seem more logical, the more they beam us, the mor chance tiny cells and their descendants have of not functioning, and innocent ppl dying earlier than they normally would have. Instead of using that info to find a cure, the ppl in power are using it to cause disease.

Does using melanin cause the skin and hair to turn dark? maybe there is a way to replace proteins that stopped being made because of aging.

I was gladened to see that kerry is putting forward a bill to end the electoral college, now when bush and republicans don't support it, will they be recognized as being anti-democracy? If they are anti-democracy what kind of government do they support?

Doug smith, 61 of texas, may get 20 years [and $250,000 fine, i may not earn $250,000 in my life time, who does?] in jail for receiving and distributing child pornography. punishment is not worse than crime? Part of operation 'predator', started in 1997. [what happened to operation assaulter?] Other ppl don't get 1 year for violent crime. When it comes to child porno and any image you can imagine, the eyeball networks have and distribute it all. Bush jr and these antisexual voyeurs like us attorney bret helmer are all antisexuals, violent criminals, child beaters, voyeurs, and neonazi ppl but the public cares nothing about that kind of abuse of technology and hypocrisy.

i think it;s time for legal weed and 'tution.

One phenomenon i haven't described is how so-called liberal ppl would rather verbally attack me than bush jr and the republicans because they fear the visciousness and brutality of the conservatives, while they don't much fear me and nonviolent ppl that use drugs, or are selling/buying sexual services. This happened under hitler too, ppl were afraid to criticize hitler and the nazis.

Praying to a god is such a useless thing to do, like rolling dice for help, but yet when there is a disaster, ppl turn first to prayer and begging gods for help instead of being logical and finding actual answers to problems.

Many ppl in today think threats of violence are an appropriate response to compliments or even insults.

Imagine you could watch any person on the planet right now. Who would you watch. And imagine you could see what their eyes see, and actually hear their thoughts. believe it or not, that is actually the case for many ppl right now as i tap this message.

I would prefer weird over mean [and in particular over violent] ppl around me, if i ever had a choice.

I think one reason we are seeing poor performance on many stocks is obviously because of the poor economy. Bush jr has made what will probably be an 8 year recession in the USA and it may turn into a depression in 2008 if the people of the USA do not lighten up and legalize kissing, for example. To think that Clinton turned a massive deficit into a surplus, giving us the largest DOW increase of history (from 1992-2000), perhaps. Bush jr, is no where near the financial wiz or steady even handed investor that Clinton is.

I want to invest in some company that is buying property in California, because people are flocking to California for the beauty and freedom of the state. The price of land on the tiny earth is always increasing because the population of humans continues to grow, those humans need some place to live and the surface of the earth is very small and finite, so the price of land continues to go up slowly.

Eventually the same thing will happen for the price of land on the moon of earth, on mars, maybe even space in earth orbit. The truth is that people will pay their rent before any other expenses in tough times. We are seeing a huge growth in number of humans, that will continue, hopefully, for many millions of years, unless we allow these fanatical religious, mind policing, war starting, violent, sour puss puritans to continue winning. I hate to sound negative, and I am hopeful for the future.

I am going to hold on to my BED shares and see what happensin the next few years. Still, almost no stocks are winning in these Bush years (except maybe Lockheed and oil companies I guess), we have to face the truth. The BED has a good 10 and 5 year return (when you add in dividends too). So for many, this one year loss may appear to be a good opportunity to buy at a low price. I am interesting in reading more about what happened in 1990 when the BED went to 0. What happened there?



by: fme3456 03/25/05 07:24 am Msg: 568 of 580

Try to drop your Bush-hate and look at reality. "Recession" is 2 consecutive quarters of contracting economy. The economy is not in recession and hasn`t been since 2001-02. It is growing at a 4% rate with 5.3% unemployment. That is one reason the fed is raising rates - - there was no reason to have a 1% fed funds rate when the economy is growing. By the way, those brilliant Germans and French would love to have our growth and unemployment rates. Germany has negative GDP and 11% unemployment. France has 1% GDP growth and 9.5% unemployment.

The notion that Clinton is a financial "wiz" and steady even-handed investor is hilarious. What has Clinton "invested" in? Do you know? Clinton`s term coincided with the internet - dot.com - telecom - Y2K bubble. That bubble burst in early 2000 when Clinton was still in office - - the Nasdaq was at 5048 in March of 2000 and fell more than 50% before Clinton left office. Clinton escaped before the full effects hit, but a recession was already underway, which was accelerated by 9-11. You DO remember 9-11, don`t you?

The DOW was at 7200 in October 2002 and is now well above 10,000. Perhaps you missed that buying opportunity?

I would love to know what part of the USA you live in, if you do. Everywhere I go, I see crowded malls, crowded restaurants, crowded highways and more tractor-trailer traffic than ever. Trucking and railroad stocks are doing very well. hardly signs of a recession. By the way, the Morgan Stanley REIT index is up 130% since Bush took office. By the way, you are a moron.


by: fme3456 03/25/05 07:34 am Msg: 569 of 580

Oh, I see you live in Irvine CA. That explains a lot, assuming it`s true. You say people are flocking to CA. I hear people, especially businesses, are leaving CA in droves because of high taxes, bloated state payrolls and outrageous costs of doing business (such as workers comp). That`s one reason Arnold got elected - - to try to reverse the outmigration. It`s one reason BED stock is suffering. They had too much property in CA markets that went down the tubes wiith the Nasdaq bubble. So, kick back, take another hit on that bong, channel to Wicca, and blame Bush for the wacky CA legislature that YOU elected.


by: huntington_ted (35/M/Irvine, CA) 03/26/05 07:26 am Msg: 570 of 580

Without trying to harass any body, people like this are typical rabid republican idiots. I am always amazed how they can lie, distort the truth, and some how people believe them. The fact is, looking in finance.yahoo.com at ^dji, the Clinton years and the growth of the Dow abruptly stop in 2000 before 9/11 with the election of Bush. I blame Bush jr for 9/11, he and his followers are religious idiots who can't stop a fist fight and no doubt encourage them.

Cliton completely paid off the deficit and then Bush comes along and takes all that money $200 billion or something and starts frivelous wars. We need a consumer business law abiding leader, not a homicidal religious military zelot.

The religious right always tries to report things like "Nasdaq at 1 year high!", etc., but after reaching new lows, it is not a surprise that over a period of 2 months it recovers. They will take a short term gain and report that, but the longer term picture is clear, Bush jr is not, and has never been good with money [he drove Arbusto into the ground, viva Michael Moore for reporting that], has no good vision for the USA (except maybe te moon station program). I don't agree with Bush jr and most of his violent religious philosophy, but the facts appear clear and obvious to me, that a 5 year DOW loss, (not 20% yearly gain as was happening in the Clinton years), is not a good economy.

People will defend fellow Christians to the extreme, denying obvious truths, and I think that unthinking, unquestioning allegiance is the path to an even worse economy and darker age. But we are all entitled to our own opinions. I just think people are unthinkingly following Bush no matter where he goes, even if that means spending trillions on unnecessary war and religious pograms. I tell people, "they didn't reelect Hoover after the Depression, why reelect Bush after 9/11 and a terrible economy?", but the Christians have their own, awe invoking decisions.

I hope the economy and in particular the Dow shows gains in the next 5 years, but looking at the entire history of the ^dji on Yahoo, it goes flatline at Bush, and hasn't budged since he was elected. I want some returns on my stocks, and I don't care if the president is Bush, or who ever, they should be growing the US economy and giving us our regular returns.


by: fme3456 03/26/05 08:25 am Msg: 571 of 580


Really? Just wrote a check out of his own account, did he?

You didn`t refute a word I said, bong-boy. You just repeated the mantra that the market went up under Clinton. You didn`t say what he did to cause it other than being there when it happened. By the way, if he caused it to go up, why didn`t he keep it "up" in his last year of office. Why`d he let Nasdaq fall 50% in 8 months? Could it be he had nothing to do with it going up OR down?

Bong-boy, your smug leftist elitism shows through loud and clear. Republicans are all idiots; Democrats are all brilliant, blah, blah, blah. I like to see that. It means you`ll lose by an even bigger margin next time.

Your profile says you want to stop violence. Why don`t you start right there in CA? I hear your brilliant Democrat friends in Compton and South Central LA do a whole lotta cuttin` and shootin` out deah.


by: huntington_ted (35/M/Irvine, CA) 03/26/05 10:44 pm Msg: 572 of 580

This person fme3456 is crude and rude, but also secrective and probably racist.

Clinton paid off the deficit over 8 years finally reaching an actual surplus in year 7 or 8. He did that by using our tax money and forming budgets that were designed to pay off the debt. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I read that Bush plans on addressing the deficit he created, and I look forward to see if he actually does.

I think "bong-boy" is a stupid label, and like "moron", where is the actual economic data and not just unprovabable abstract opinion and personal verbal attacks? What is interesting about the implication that marijuana use clouds judgement, how about religion clouding judgement? They were wrong about the earth centered theory and evolution, maybe there is a trend. What about all that alcohol Bush drank? Then people finally find out the answer to the question Bush refused to answer about his marijuana use, that yes, Bush did use marijauna. How much marijuana Bush smoked is not known by the public, but he basically lied to the public by withholding that information. I fault the public for not voting for Kerry for being honest with them, and against Bush and his elitist opinion that the public should not know about his marijauna use. Then to fill the prisons with people for marijuana, when alcohol, guns, and cigarettes are legal is brutal. Many argue that alcohol, which Bush was addicted to is far worse than the effects of marijuana on physical ability and judgement.

Although the NASDAQ index ^IXIC goes down in the last year under Clinton, that may be the result of people uncertain about the outcome of the election (probably before most election years where te outcome changed parties there is some loss), natural market fluctuation (the indices go up and down by small amounts all the time). that the Dow shows only a minor loss over that last year, I kind of wonder how permanent that loss would have been had the popular vote been the final answer.

I think I addressed all questions this person had. I think people in California voted for Schwartzenegger for a variety of reasons, but probably the most important being that they recognize him from movies, not based on his education or opinions. I don't doubt that there is violence in California and much of the USA. The USA ranked 24th for homicide in 2000, and 12th for gun homicide. With these high rankings it is a wonder why people and leaders in the USA don't take time to address the problem of violence (for example promising to try to lower homicide by 10% over 4 years). Irvine, where I live is ranked as one of the top ten safest cities in the USA. California is a big state, and in some places there is more violence than others. In Compton people are now using microphone networks to recognize the sound of gun shots, and that is helping to stop violence. If any body is going to make use of cameras and technology it will happen here in California first before other states and nations, except maybe Japan and parts of Europe. Most technology companies and progress is happening here on the California coast.


by: woofguy 03/27/05 11:07 am Msg: 573 of 580

Ted, Ted, Ted, you need to take this discussion to moveon.org, where the rest of your buddies hang out. This is a message board for Bedford Properties. What has Bedford's stock price have to do with Bush and Marijuana? Also, I'm from California and I voted for Arnold because Gray put us at the brink of BANKRUPTCY. As far as Technology in California, you need to take a spin through Silicon Valley, and see the For Lease signs on 50% of the buildings. Remnants of Big Bill's super economy, I guess. Dogbone.com and the rest of 'never make a profit, just cash in our stock option crowd' left us with smaller retirement accounts. That 's what irrational exuberance was all about. So remember, it's Moveon.org, where they like tossing around racism, Bush hatred, etc, etc, etc.

See yaaaaaaaa


by: huntington_ted (35/M/Irvine, CA) 03/28/05 12:26 pm Msg: 574 of 580

I am simply responding to the idiodic responses my post got. I only had one thing to say about BED and the rest has been conservative versus liberal. If you don't want to see more, don't reply. List your posts on fox, or where ever, there are nothing but right wing groups all over.

Reich wingers with blind devosion to like-minded violent Jesus cult fanatics like Bush seem to circle around me. Only the religious conservatives could say Bush-o-nomics is working. This economy is a disgrace, and the economy (and in particular unemployment) under Clinton was excellent. I think it's hard to believe that borrowing billions, creating a huge deficit, not stopping 9/11, starting 2 frivolous wars, is far from fiscally responsible, what happened to the small government principle of conservatism, is starting radical expensive wars a standard conservative policy? I thought keeping the status quo, or even moving a little backward was typical conservatism, but this is going radically back to the 1200s only with abuse of high technology.

The one sentence summary about BED and a million other stocks is that the US economy is terrible right now, and nearly all stocks are going down. Republicans think Bush jr is not to blame and that is their right, but I think Bush and his policies might have something to do with the failing economy.


by: xypsyo 03/29/05 10:11 am Msg: 575 of 580

you sound like an old hippie on drugs


by: cocastclub 03/29/05 10:54 am Msg: 576 of 580

the economy is doing better now than under Clinton.

It√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬īs more balance now and not as dependant on technology. In the late 90√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬īs only technology stocks rose in the bubble. Everything else was flat or down


Final GDP growth for Q4 = +3.8% by: fme3456 03/30/05 09:09 am Msg: 577 of 580

Plus 3.8% is not a recession, except in the land of fruits and nuts. In fact, if that number came in under Clintoon, "ted" would be praising it to the skies.

BED is one of the very few REITs that hasn`t done well in the past few years. Too much property in bong-land. "Ted" therefore focuses on BED. Well, of course he would.

I hear that pot is now legal in CA. All the potheads have to do is get a doctor to sign a letter. Many CA doctors are quite willing to sign - - for a fee - - no questions asked, no medical reasons needed. Then the pothead goes to a pot "clinic" and buys up to 8 ounces. No wonder they produce economic ignoramuses like "ted". Keep on listening to that genius Al Franken. Oh yeah, he`s brilliant. Him and Yeee-Hawww Dean.


DOW up 108! by: fme3456 03/30/05 12:12 pm Msg: 578 of 580

huntington ted blasts investors! "How can this be? This is the worst economy since Hoover! I`m going to call Randi Rhodes on Air America! She`s a financial wizard like me!".

LOL. This puke is a caricature of a Lenin-winger. Notice how he professes to be offended by use of the term "bong-boy". Meanwhile, he freely throws around terms like: "Religious idiots!" "Fanatical religious right!" "Sour puss puritans!" "Racist!" "Violent Jesus cult fanatics!" "Reich-winger!" "Homicidal religious military zealots!"

Where did these snarling, atheistic, hatespewing slime get the idea that they have a monopoly on namecalling and hate?

If ya can`t take it, don`t dish it out.


Re: tough economy by: huntington_ted (35/M/Irvine, CA) 03/30/05 12:16 pm Msg: 579 of 580

You sound like a skinhead on religion.

by: huntington_ted (35/M/Irvine, CA) 03/30/05 12:37 pm Msg: 581 of 581 ----------- I hear that pot is now legal in CA. ------------

Maybe Bush jr will come out here smoke more weed and then lie about it to the public again. The people killing and assaulting is worse than any weed smoking, but what do I know? Legal weed would probably help the economy like legal guns and knives do. Then Bush wouldn't be breaking the law when he used marijuana.

update on 24" telescope project:
I have concluded that this plastic mirror is not shaped accurately enough to make light from an object as large as even the moon come into focus (although I am still leaving room open for me doing something wrong). Through a large amount of experimenting, I have found that the easiest way to check a mirror is to simply hold the mirror up to the stars (or moon, etc.), see the 3d effect (the stars hover at the focal point), then use an eyepiece or convex lens and move your head into the light of the 3d object, you will see the object get bigger in the mirror, the light should fill the mirror, that is when you are exactly at the focal point. I find, at that point, that I can barely get the full moon to be in focus, and stars look like vertical and horizontal lines, they don't look light points and it is impossible to get them into focus. So I am concluding this portion of the project, without really determining what focal length secondary convex mirror is best (perhaps short focal length is good, because I can see the full primary mirror, but maybe long focal length because I only need to have that small beam of focused light reflected). I am not giving up though, I think possibly some time I may want to buy a 24" piece of glass (glass should be cheap to buy) and grind it to a parabolic surface, maybe I will take a telescope making class if one exists for some guidance. Now I at least know what I should see and that is a perfect circle of light and not vertical and horizontal lines of light. If I do grind down a slab of glass, then I want to grind down the back as far as possible to make the mirror as thin as possible. If too expensive, I may just buy a larger telescope like a 12", something I can see galaxies, get time lapse images from (like a web cam in UnixPC), have a motorized mount that can counter the movement of the earth, make full spectrum images from, in particular to find out the redshifts, rotation speeds, and molecular compositions of each galaxy and make that info public.

I was surprised when watching the simpsons [as far as i remember] and one of the parents was saying 'you should never be a snitch'. I imagine that some parents actually say that to children, for me, the truth reaching the public and being know by all is more important than being labelled a 'snitch'.

Good to see cia forced to make public it's documents links to nazi ppl, now bust out the photos, movies and audio tape recordings they have.

I think when ppl look back they will say the wiese shooting was a combination of the psychology theory that drugs should be prescribed to every human on earth [in particular prozac], brutal ppl in the image sending secret networks promoting violence [like trying to spark fires by sending images of violent suggestions to ppl in the hope of violent entertainment in the pubcally secret but large and growing camera nets], antisexuality/antipleasure, religion/lack of science, never punished violence.

We should be setting up long term [1000+ year experiments] to try and determine if all the galaxies are getting brighter or dimmer. Number of photons received over long periods of time may be the best indicator of the velocity of a galaxy relative to this star. If a galaxy is moving away from us at .5 the speed of light, the galaxy is at 13e9 light years, and at 13.5e9 ly no galaxy can be seen, then in 2x.5e9, 1 billion years the galaxy should be no longer visible. If the expanding universe is true, we should see galaxies getting dimmer by 10 photons/century etc. If they don't get dimmer, or some do and others get brighter than the doppler may relate more to distance [delays happening perhaps due to photon interactions with other photons or protons, etc. going in different directions]. i am surprised that this idea of measuring brightness over long periods of times i have never seen b4. We should really check doppler shift versus other methods of measiring. If the universe is not expanding, what does the red shift mean?

One flaw in the trampoline bowling ball marble theory where all the galaxies we can see move out like photons do from flashlights to where there is more matter is that if that happened every where there would be a universe of empty space. But perhaps those galaxies and photons eventually reach some matter center. Perhaps we [the universe we can see] simply live in a sparse part of the universe. I am equally amazed that i have never seen in public [except possibly carl sagan in cosmos] say that there must be many galaxies that are too far away to see. I am leaning now to the idea that the doppler shift relates to distance more than velocity over large distances [and perhaps that can be proved], and that the universe is not expanding [no new space is being added to the universe]. So i am not abandoning the less matter goes to more matter theory, in particular to explain why free photons continue to move in a straight line.

Saw body worlds 2. Does every cell have an artery and vein connected? When i walked a bunch of criminals beamed on my left testicle. I vote for the arrest for assault for each one of them. A large number of ppl want to stop violence and only a small group are do first degree violence.

steps we need to take are secure total free info, no statute of limitation on assaults, start counting votesthen massive arrests of those that have done asaults, probably massive arrests of ppl in police and militaries.

I think that there may be a parallel between the way wiese laughed while shooting ppl, and the way ppl enjoy names like koo koo locos chicken while other ppl are 4 pt restrainted, injected with drugs, lobotomized, locked in hospitals w/o commiting a illegal crime, w/o a trial, w/o free legal defense, etc. Wee, isn't that fun? In addition to the massive killing of chickens and even the larger thinking cows that are hidden behind the scenes. ppl are opposed to having to see the truth about the ways cows, pigs and chickens are killed and packaged.

Good for elizabeth wilmshurst of england that correctly thinks the invasion of iraq is illegal without a un resolution [and i think so even w a un resolution].

Lets vote down emily green of the la times and all involved for using the word 'kooky'. When will the la times expose the human rights violations due to psychology theory? Probably after i expose how they watch ppl's eyes, and protected ppl like gene cesar for money. The owners of the la times wrote articles against tom noguchi, never mentioned ted charach, fully support the sirhan theory, while they all know and knew that thane cesar killed rfk, the nonviolent father of 10 children. Does that sound like decent ppl to you? The vast majority are scum that have mislead the public and protected killers for decades, and i vote to fully expose every thing each of them has done to the public in 24 bit color and 48khz sound.

With the bonnie lee bakely, they have a killed human and a killer still on the loose. I think this is evidence that steve cooley is protecting the real killer, whom they all see the eyes and memories, and street cameras of, for some reason, maybe for money. Just like Nicole simpson and ron goldman, 2 dead humans in la, and the killer or killers are still on the loose. La needs to putt some cameras on the street for the public to see and elect good honest district attorneys, police chiefs, and mayors. Maybe the letters 'sg' relate to the name of the killer. Sg is used for marilyn monroe who many claim sam giancana had killed, so maybe they are saying a person in a mafia killed blakley.

Kind of cool that ppl found soft tissue of t rex, and can dissolve the minerals leaving only the soft tissue, like putting a chicken bone in vinegar. I was just thinking that perhaps ppl can exact bone marrow dna. Bone also has dna and ismade of cells as far as i understand.

Why not make world health org democratic. I vote now against any and all patent laws, and against any patent requirements for membership in the world health organization. In addition, i vote for a world health democratic organization. This is yet another example of how our money funds some group that we have no vote or representation in. This taxation with representation is common. We have very little control over our tax money, at the federal and un level we have none, not one of our direct votes is counted, even for reference purposes.

Weighing in my vote on schiavo, perhaps authority if no will, should be democratically voted on by all family members or even all ppl.

With the 85 ppl killed on 3/23, was any effort made to ask for surrender? Or were the building and ppl fired on with no warning?

Mary schindler sez 'stop the insanity', i say 'stop the thought policing and jailing nonviolent ppl without trials, or sentences, or legal defense for decades. stop lying about seeing and hearing thoughts, watching ppl in their apartments w/o permission.' thought police like schindler are brutal and adding to the human rights violations that continue to go unseen in the psychiatric prisons. i am amazed at the belief in psychology, unlike a belief in religion, even many atheists are elitist enough to label others insane [but their lifestyle, interpretation of the universe, sans photons as matter, their opinions, they feel serve as the absolute template for normality, with no rom for any difference in behavior or opinion.] its no wonder that right wing nazism and christian persecution was and is as successful as it is, every body is so sure that they are normal and readily accept that others are not. Locking ppl in buildings, for unknown sentences, without a trial, for psychiatric crimes, like 'insanity' was how euthenizing ppl started in nazi germany, but who cares about history? Or the nonviolent human right to freedom? these 'mental hygiene' laws still exist, and ppl believe in psychology more than even religion, luck, astrology, science, democracy, educating the public, history. While determining if somebody is insane, has neurosis or psychosis is the equivalent of determining if they are 'lucky', or have 'cooties'...irrelevant judgements. Even if ppl have a reputation as 'weird', as long as they are nonviolent, i am shocked that so many ppl are willing to throw away the key on them as they have done for many a nonviolent human in the past.

Science: What we need are electron microscope 'movies' not just still frames. There must be a way of reflecting photons, or detecting reflected photons. I think we need tiny electronic photon detectors, which would also be good for telescopes.

Another aspect of this minnesota killing was that wiese tells of a previous first strike assault he did, i am sure he was never jailed for that. Young male humans with weapons are the things stop violence ppl should be tracking with computers. wiese made a previous threat, and should have been weighted with high probability of violence.

I find it hard to believe that ppl that can see us in our apartments, see what our eyes see, zap us with micro lasers any where on the planet, and hear our thoughts could not stop the killing that happened in minnesota. I think that, like 9/11 that either this leadership is at best negligent, or allowed the homicide to happen. After 9/11 bush jr reached the highest popularity rating ever and that helped allow the invasion of afghanistan and in particular iraq. Just like i think jose aznar may have known about the train bombing, but unbelievably, it back fired, the opposite reaction to the us 9/11 opinion happened and aznar and the conservatives lost the election. With all the microcameras, microphones, seeing and hearing thought, like the ppl that put a killed rat outside my door, the ppl in these secret nets are not exactly steller or even remotely ethical. [today a white male wound up pretending to kick me - who allowed him to do that? How did he know where i would be? Those are mighty, wealthy and violent ppl not in prison] The planet they see is filled with unpunished murders, lies that have lasted unquestioned for decades, etc. For ppl like bush jr, aznar, etc. A few school children, even the lives of thousands of new yorkers is nothing compared to staying in power, promoting their violent views, shaping popular opinion.

I found a page from google that was cached, the actual link is gone. It was on nazi.org. Wiese talks about being a native american nazi. In beautiful rainbow of ppl i have a character that has a mohawk, for a variety of reasons, but to show that ppl should be judged by their inside more than their outside. I want to state clearly here as i have before that i am against nazism. I am against nationalism, and a nationalistic or even statist view, when we have a tiny planet, of many planets and star systems. I am against violence and focus a lot of my time on speaking out against violence. I doubt most ppl are confused by my opinions. I lived on heil street, but had little choice, i had no money. Heil is a german word and not every thing german is nazi. I declared myself like an anti-hitler when i was much more mystical in 1992, and had no idea ppl have seen and heard thought since the early 1900s. I am for racial integration. I think racial 'purity' is hard to define because racial characteristics are so varied, and i think nature shows that many ppl like to love ppl of many different race. I support free nonviolent expression. The hatred of jewish ppl is a nazi characteristic and i think this can only come from christianity. although it is supressed, the christians killed many ppl, jewish and otherwise, in the past. Jewish ppl were forced to wear hats, and other objects. We are all humans with 46 chromosomes, and ever the other species deserve some rights, for example not to suffer in pain, equality under the laws. To me there is nothing very different about jewish ppl from all the other humans. Jewish ppl evolved around the eastern part of the medeterranian, many look arabic because of racial mixing around the medeterranian sea. Jesus was jewish and so, i think christian ppl should recognize that at least one jewish person was a hero to be respected to them. One thing is obviously clear, to be a non white person supporting nazism is suicide, stupid, and far from a survival mechanism. Ofcourse having bad opinions and/or inaccurate interpretations of the universe is not a reason to be jailed or locked in a hospital in my opinion, but i am probably in the minority there. Racial purity is a person's choice, but one argument against racial purity [however it may be determined] is that inbreeding may cause mutation. That is why many royal families experienced genetic mutations. I am not sure exactly why but i once learned that. Kind of interesti reading the words of a person that killed 9 ppl and himself. The story is tragic his father killed himself, his mom has brain damage, his grandfather was in the police. I dont doubt if there was more love on earth ppl wouldn't turn to violence, but nobody wants or to see or will even permit sexuality or even affection. Coupled with no history of evolution or science, and that is probably why we experience as much violence as we do.

Still no photo released of jeff wiese, 15 or 16 year old human that killed 9 ppl and himself.

An interesting phenomenon is that a female human's breats got larger after having sex, perhaps because of an increase in the hormone estrogen?

I can't believe how the word 'indian' has survived. Columbus did not reach india, why continue that error? It's confusing because indians are ppl from india, native americans are the ppl in the americas.

The assault and killing of the 9 year old jessica lunsford is a trajedy, like all first degree homicides. I saw one photo of lunsford, what a pretty, happy, young female human was killed. Again, like all homicides, maybe more technology could have come to the rescue and violence stopped.

10 ppl killed is a slow day for ppl in iraq. Any way we look at it, i hope ppl focus more than ever before on stopping violence and tolerating nonviolent activity.

Tragic what happened in minnesota with the 10 ppl killed. when these things happen i wonder who the first to know were, perhaps it could have been stopped earlier. They had a metal detector and guard which is more than many schools have andvproof that things are changing and ppl getting more interested in stopping violence. The human was expelled from school, why? For violence, threats of violence? the metal detector alarm, and perhaps microphones with software that recognizes gun sounds may have been the first non-secret camera thought network alarms. Perhaps a double/second door that closes/locks if metal detector alarm goes off. Much of the violence fomes from young males, if only they were allowed to get legal clean sex. This human was teased, just thinking of the ppl i work with, i know how antisexual, stupid, religious, and violent most ppl are. i am assaulted with hidden lasers at least once a day, threatened with violence, a dead rat outside my apt, called ped, gay, lester, fag, psycho, kookoo, mental, loco, rat, kink, vert ... That i will go to hell. most of the ppl around me ared stupid and nasty. they have all kinds of religion. this human echoed the thousands of year questions about a god[s]. Never questions about other stars, robots, sex, science... Aways about the disease of religion that floods the television and every aspect of life. It is interesting that native americans had [and some still have] a religion other than christianity, but obviously that one god christian jesus cult religion is the default/defacto religion on the reservations. I am for integration, and for democracy on the reservations, but perhaps integration will have to wait for life on the earth moon, mars, in orbit. I am against speech regulations, but i vote to promote nice smart ppl, and not mean, antisexual, rude, violent ppl. I battle these ppl non violently by exposing them, their rudeness, lies, viciousness, elitism, idiocy, ... By telling the story of evolution, history of science, of those persecuted, punished, and killed by the religious [like native american ppl in the americas converted by violence to christianity in the 1500s] in their quest for absolute unquestioned superiority. interesting to see that a person in the fbi was commenting to media/ap. I would like to see the fbi have the abity to prosecute for homicide and assault. Then, for example, the ppl that killed civil rights workers could have been prosecuted for homicide, and thane cesar and frank fiorini could be tried, not for civil rights violations, but for homicide.

For ppl that believe evolution is true, probably they think of a god as a creator of the universe. Thinking of a god as the creator of the vast other galaxies and infinite space, it would seem ridiculous that a god would require humans, a tiny speck in the universe, to embrace the myths of past non evolution believing humans that require ppl to go to a religious service every 7 earth rotations. But also a god as creator and perhaps maintainer of the universe should not be the central focus of human life as it is now, getting off the planet, growing to other stars, finding pleasure, building walking robots, finding cures for aging, stopping violence, making actual full democracy, free info, traveling on the path of science that appears to be our natural instruction for survival and enjoyment, should be our main focus.

I doubt bush will invade n korea, or china because bush and company won't attack any ppl that have technology above stone tools. Already ppl are reading that in iraq they have to kill a lot of ppl to keep control of the nation.

Under this group of leaders, free thought is an extravagant commodity, i am too busy zapping them back. They are for constant war. Any idea of creative thought, a lazy afternoon, working on projects, or basic work at all is out of the question.

Some ppl call me brutal for critisizing the famous celebrity and politician ppl, but you have to remember these ppl routinely watch ppl and their thoughts without giving those ppl any opportunity to see or hear their thoughts. They are comfortable in this elitist system, they feel they deserve to be showered with money and praise, any criticism is ignored. They will never tell or show the public how they watch them and hear their thoughts. So they are far from steller ppl. Another truth is that they are not even willing to work together with the excluded, why no words for free info, against 4 point restraints, against jailing ppl for drugs and prostitution. They like the easy money of bland words, they don't ever make a serious public effort against violence, against sturgis, for full democracy, against jailing ppl just for owning pictures, any of it...they sit back and pull in money because the public doesn't know there might be some body else to hear, there might be some other ideas out there that should be heard. Those ppl in the camera networks, wealthy ppl, celebrities; they don't deserve any more money until we see their thoughts and at least as much as they see of us. I hope the piblic gets smart and starts exposing those ppl that sit back watching our thoughts without showing us so much as a pixel of their 'eyes'.

They take and copy all our music, all our books, videos, movies, thoughts any ting they want, but we have to pay them for their works. Then they have the gaul to put down our copyrighted works. Where is their high pious feeling of the rights of artists and copyright as they are freely hearing all of my music, books and videos? I guess that piety vanishes in a millisecond for other people's works. Let's vote that some day they are actually judged to pay for all those copyrights they violated while supporting copyright laws.

Some of the worst armies, the ppl in science and for free info are and will face are the famous ppl [mostly in acting] that battle for secrecy, for more royalties, for their copyrights, and then the legions of the public that unthinkingly follow, fund and support them.

I think as time continues, people will recognize the photon is matter theory, and much of what I am saying, if not being the truth, at least being a worthy alternative theory. Now, the supression is working, and people are in a dull religious haze, but they may some time soon pop out of it and come to take an interest in science, the universe, our future, etc.

I just read a right wing article in the NY Times how the UN is criticized for not participating in the Iraq invasion, what a slanted story. For the first time, the UN actually worked, they didn't take part in the invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq, but they failed in not stopping Bush, Blair and other criminals from attacking Afghanistan and Iraq. And they have failed to seriously stop violence in any nation. They failed in establishing a planetary court. These Annon changes are like nothing. There needs to be serious changes. Let the people vote on all UN decisions. Make the UN representatives elected by the people. Make part of each nation's income tax go to fund the UN. Make democratic planetary laws. Make a database of videos documenting violent crimes, nonviolent people in prisons (all of them, including drug users and people in jail for prostitution, information crimes, etc.). When are they ever going to make democratic reforms? I think there needs to be a real democratist leading the UN and real democratists appointed there. As usual, we need to move democratists into positions of power, to release power from the hands of elites and give power to the people. Those people are difficult to find!

Many idiot ppl in the camera network like to speak their propaganda [like 'leave', and 'psycho', etc.], they abuse the unbelievable access to information and technology to try and tilt the public's opinions. They never expect a nice 'outsider', like me and millions of other fine nonviolent ppl to be just as negative and nasty back, we are supposed to accept the insult quietly, as if what they say is true, or we deserve it. I say no way to that, and have formed standard rude replies back, such as 'voyeur fascist network', 'how long have yu bin hearing thought?' 'thane you', 'frank yu', 'antiscience idiots', 'antisexual voyeurs', 'viva free information', 'wait til we get to see your eyes', 'we support gay rights, because anything else is from the nazi handbook right?', 'some ppl are like thought police eh?' 'next we'll being jailed for our thoughts or things we say, eh?' just a good ol' 'thane you' if you are in a pinch. One rule to remember: listen carefully and wait for the inevitable insult, there is no logic in initiating an insult, that is for negative idiots in the secret networks.

Mae brussells took the truth to the ppl, everybody else lurks in the shadows of the camera nets.

Rude Mother's [ironically on michelson street, i doubt most of them have ever even heard of michelson or morely] nazi pawn name is kacy. Her master that paid her to call me 'psycho' is named = ? Looks like=? Look at humans like this 'kacy' human. Rude, uneducated. She is in or entering her 30s and barely can use a computer. Why so angry, why so rude? They can see thoughts and all info the public can only dream of. She will forever be a checker, andthere are millions of rejects like her that curse education, justice, pleasure, stopping violence, and science. They are the doers of violence and imprisoners of the nonviolent. The ppl that can only 'check groceries' and in particular, the rude ones will be the first replaced with robots. eventually, no thanks to the idiot antiscience on both sides, i will be sending my robots to the store, capturing images and distributing them. Mother's chubby asian pawn guy echos 'get out of my restaurant' but difficult to be sure. I doubt i will eat there and i dont like shopping at mothers, like many places, i cant just relax and be my normal positive self, i have to come up with snappy responses like 'fascist voyeurs', and 'thane you' ready to send back to these abusers of technology w/o a particle of education. I dont care who the rude stupid antiinfo antiscience are, all of them should be exposed and sent to the bottom in terms of money. That is democracy, who wants to support rude and mean ppl? What is going to be a real relief and pleasure for ppl like me is that these antilearning antitechnology ppl have no idea that with the internet and technology, they are all going to be exposed in full color in a matter of years [not centuries], all the images of them watching eyes, and ppl in their houses. They can't use a computer, but ppl who can are going to end their massive abuse of technology or at least make it public.

Senate passed legislation on schiavo case, now ready for 'virgin mary' potato chip laws. Christians enjoy that stuff.

In some psychiatric hospitals they save money in not having to build full rooms by fastening ppl to beds, that way, like dogs on leashes, they don't need a separate room for each, they can fasten them all to beds fastened to walls in one low cost room.

Thinking of drug use, what an injustice has been done to ppl that use drugs besides tobacco and alcohol. Here, unlike those that repeatedly touch without consent [like those that cause me to itch every 4 minutes], drug using humans are not even a nuisance! They are not touching other ppl, they are not trespassing, stealing, or violent, they are simply putting drugs in their own body. Now, the psychiatric criminals, they are more than a nuisance, and touch without consent, restrict the freedom of nonviolent ppl, injecting ppl with drugs without choiice.

I am stating here clearly,that i object, oppose and give no permission whatsoever for any body to use photons, electrons, or any particle or technology to cause me to itch, hurt, damage or bother any part of my body. Now, and for the rest of my life, i do not give permission, and publically oppose any such actions.

Mckinnon article on 'smut' in la times is out of the 1800s. Why don't they address the much more serious problem of homicide and assault? I am insulted 20 times a day, that is free speech. The answer to that is to 'can mean' ppl, to let the stupid mean ppl go, not to hire them. Sex harassment is a violation of free speech, 1st ammendment, but also gives extra rights to females, not equality. I am called 'gay', 'ped', ... thousands of times a year, the answer is not law suits, its exposing those ppl thru free info. As a different point, nobody is forced to do porno, and images of sex are not showing women as inferior, and if they are that is free info amd far less of a problem that locking ppl in jail for drug use.

Mail box etc fem human sez 'your welk'. Although i am 36, i think my songs will still be radically controversial 100 years from now.

When ppl have paid for or nazistic messages like 'leave', i say 'you leave, go to a red state, california is going pro evolution and equality'. orange county will probably turn blue in 2050, and san diego county in 2075.

Perhaps as time continues the 'shut up's will be replaced more with 'you should have spoken up's as a role reversal hopefully happens.

Here are the ppl to include [and ultimately all the nonviolent, and finally evey body]: all democrats, evolutionists, libertarians, atheists, agnostics, non religious, nonviolent, friendly, most watched/popular, proscience, those against copyright, those for open source, against privacy, pro democracy ppl, stop violence ppl, etc.

I want to see the democrats as a strong force of science to be reckoned with, not the roll over and die bleeding hearts. Where are the evolution and history of science videos? The walking robots and rocket planes? the videos exposing sturgis and cesar? All ppl that have Voted democrat in the last 2 elections should be included in seeing and hearing thought and the camera networks. Moveon, the 'out'[foxed] series, george soros, larry flynt, hefner, mar, and michael moore are more like what i am talking about, a real network that exposes the violence and lies of the republican criminals. The current thinking in the democrats is to trick the conservatives into voting for them by acting like republicans, pooping on liberals and fellow democrat voting ppl, not mentioning reduction in violence plans, increasing free info for real, sturgis, cesar, giving the republicans what they want, instead of informing and educating the public, against violence, for real democracy where we vote on the laws and budgets ourselves. To exclude a person like me and other evolutionist, friendly, positive, smart ppl, and to sit back and allow the reich to insult me and put me down at every turn while i never see them, and none of the liberals know who is blue and who is red, is not the path to victory.

The republicans are everything stalin, mao tse dung, pol pot and the nazis were. Haters of intellectuals, scientists, imprisoners without trials, war starters, emergency laws, etc.

30 people killed today, ap top story is brain-damaged woman tube removed.

Here's a key word for these years 'sell-out'. There is a lot of money for a black or jewish person to put down liberals and democrats. Only the scummy, greedy, evil and stupid will take that money. 'quizlings' is what they were called in the 40s. 'turncoats', 'benedict arnolds', etc.

After the stock market collape on 1929 they didn't reelect hoover. Were they exceptionally smart? I am beginning to think so!

Finally after a million preventable pregnancies plan b might be made available w/o a prescripture.

Just like cameras on the street, there should be a web of microphones on all streets with programs listening for loud sounds, screams for help, etc. And the sound files publically accessible.

Usa today receives money to put word 'madness' on front page. How much $? And from whom?

Some great responses: 'thane you [thank you]' and 'frank you [thank you]'. Isn't that justice for those that protect thane cesar and frank sturgis, that they are cesar'd and sturgis'd? And as always 'not see you later'.

Think of the ppl that can see the videos of bush jr and company plotting out the 'weapons of mass destruction' lie and invasion of iraq. That has to be interesting videoand also the pre-911 videos, bush's thoughts when he sees the eyes of ppl in the fbi agreeing to send him a memo about the ppl taking flying lessons.

When ppl say 'gay' you can say, 'yeah let protect gay rights, anything else is naziism'. And when they say 'psycho', say 'yeah im glad for

Nobody pays me $250,000 or a dime to interview ppl like ted charach, to speak out against sturgis, bush, etc. That is one big difference between the current liberals [of those in existence] and conservatives....much of their opinions are paid for.

I see a future where stopping violence is done openly and uniformly. Now all over the planet policing is done secretly, in backrooms secretly behind closed doors. I vote for showing the public every thing, presenting video evidence against violent humans, showing the captures, trials, ... opening the decisions to the public, etc. Working together as a planetary democracy to enforce the homicide an assault laws equally and uniformly, publically and openly, for all nations of earth and not focusing all efforts on only 1 or 2 nations.

When the liberals, stop violence, honest, proscience and free info ppl rise to power again, lets completely expose the republican criminals, completely reveal frank sturgis, thane cesar, the history of science, evolution, end the electoral college, introduce voting directly on laws, budgets and court decisions, end the drug war, end arrests of ppl for pictures or prostitution, etc. Lets not sit on our butts this next time around or even now for that matter.

Sci; to me, it seems that some protein or molecule is like a 'timeline marker' moving along the dna as an organism [not prokaryotes] 'age' or move along in some dna program. I think it may be possible to shape dna or create proteins that keep that marker looping on some middle portion [after a time/age when all specialized organs have developed, for example 20 years old] to keep a human [or any species] from the bad effects of aging, which i think is programmed death. This way ]a zygote that has this dna will grow to 20 years old, and then the dna will loop, always producing more skin cells, heart cells, etc... But the religious and antiscience will not openly debate this exciting theory. Those never aging ppl will look back at us as the unfortunate. They may still die from gun shots, car accidents, etc, but there may be some humans that stay alive for thousands of years, even while new humans are born, with maybe no clear way [other than record keeping] of knowing how old they actually are because they will look 20 years old all the time.

Einstein bagels on harvard cashier fem said 'gay'. Could this unknown voyeur br a kisser of the nazi? I think so. I wish i had said 'anti gay ppl are simply evil'. 7:15 am and these ppl are already vicious and spreading their evil. Like the ppl i work with, they can be rude and nasty at 8:15a. My experience here and a different einstein bros bagels in utah is that they are ppl using the popular einstein name for corporate profit and care nothing for science. This is typical of ppl that follow some popular person, the original message is never adhered to. Albert einstein was a nonconformist, almost never wearing a necktie, against the nazi intolerance of homosexuality and democrats, but these ppl are supporters of the antigay right wing movement that is still dominant on earth. The same os true for jesus, bush jr uses the name jesus as his guiding teacher, but jesus would probably oppose invading a different nation using violence and killing innocent ppl. They dont like that i am proving that the einstein name is overvalued. Einstein is not the inventor of science and giant that ppl have made him into. einstein's contribution to science is an equivalent math to newton's theory, but in addition, einstein added the incorrect dogma of time dilation and never realized photons are matter. So, not in the interest of truth, but of money [and short term money at that] are the owners of 'einstein brothers bakery' and i seriously doubt i will go back there, what a vicious bunch of nazis. perhaps a good reply would be 'thinks, kissinger'. Without doubt the liberal, sexual, educated, stop violence ppl will regain power, and let us never forget those who supported reich ring thinking. Einstein's bagels are owned by 'new world restaurant group. They own noah's bagels, manhattan bagel, chesapeakeagel bakery, and new world coffee. There are 371 company owned and 57 licensed einstein bros bagel locations. Very successful with such reich wing intolerant view points. Where are the liberal competitors? Brubaker? A mexican human took money and orders from the white repubs and called me 'ped' there. Ppl at mcdonald's and bk have never to my knowledge said 'gay' or 'ped' to me, but some ppl at jack in the box have twice. Those who take the time to learn history know that ppl were jailed and forced to wear pink triangles in the 1940s, few of us know where hat intolerent right wing behavior goes. I dont care who they are, the anti gay, lifestyle police, racist, liars and jailers of the nonviolent will always have trouble getting support from me. I like my life and the way i am, i dont kiss criminal ass, i tell ppl i am for democracy, against religion, against murder, lying, secrecy and get less money for it...i have enough money to maintain my opinions openly and tell ppl that don't approve to go to my competitors, i dont need to trick the conservatives or kiss their ass. That is some life for these ppl, 24 hour insults... Better be on your toes with each bagel purchase to fling back a snappy retort. Of course there were no black ppl there, nor liberals that i saw. Repub white christian rich males get ceo jobs, because of their unbelievable wealth. They have a lot of money but no education, and regularly attend church, married, where suits, vote republican. I want to see who are voting repub and who is voting dem. Who is liberal and who is conservative. Anthony wedo is the ceo. Is he white? Is he christian? Is he republican? Is he violent? What is his deal? he sounds anti gay in one wen interview ssying 'pretty good', and 'right now'. Why are they angry and spreading their nazi antigay propaganda at 7am? Vote out that piece of shit and expose all the antigay nazis.

If you are not a person who wants cesar jailed and the facts public i have trouble labelling you a member of the human race, and certainly should get not one dime until dead or changed opinion, but even then.

We need to use cameras, motors and computers to track every object: every human, every vehicle, every gun, every explosive, every bullet...basically every visible object.

to me, a religion around a central cult figure [like jesus, muhommed, etc.] is more offensive and idiotic than a religion centered on a god that created the universe. I deeply respect some ppl, in the past, and even now, but not to the level of worship.

Sci idea= bigger sized heavy [high current 1000a or 15a full time w/o getting even warm] duty transistors.

I hope ppl want to live in peacetime, as civilians again some time soon.

Im not the person killing rats and placing them outside ppl's houses, i'm not the person firing explosives off, i'm not a person that throws punches, i'm just a nonviolent person trying to peacefully learn about evolution, and the history of science for my next project 'ulsf'.

I can't believe there aren't more ppl deperately trying to get the truth of fiorini, hearing thought, the killers of ab and c to the public...how could any body feel good about doing nothing, letting killers get away with murder, and the public believing otherwise or not knowing a thing about any of it?

108 ppl killed violently while in us custody in iraq and afghanistan, how safe and violent law abiding are those prisons?

me and many other ppl pay extra money to live in irvine because it is safer than huntington beach, costa mesa, long beach...think of the money and important ppl, that teach and attend uci, that is a large number of assets in one location. So i expect ppl with dead rats, explosives and other violent thugs to be removed. Gun powder is not cocaine and can cause far more damage. This is all part of electing violent criminals into the highest levels of government. Clinton guided us through, both sides, peacefully. Bush jr cannot do that. put down your book, your microscope, your family, bush jr and the nazi thugs are setting of explosive again. Bush jr and the cristians lie all the time, they changed the 3000 9/11 homicides to 'death by terrorism' to lower the number of homicides under bush jr and i don't doubt they simply changed the numbers of homicides (and votes) themselves. They are ppl that call a car wreck a car 'enhancemment'. They lie all the time and the idiot cristians believe them. If the facts are not to their liking the facts are distorted or supressed. Bush jr and company are violentcriminals that start war, that were involved with sturgis, that are not and will never address the problem of violence in the usa, because they are too busy starting more fresh violence in the usa and every where else on earth. the rest of the ppl on earth know all about bush jr, only in the usa do they appear to be unaware or unconcerned about the violent and criminal bush jr.

Bring on the science, evolution, sex and walking robots....religion is going to be left waist high in dust, and the violent routed to prisons in the next decades.

Some reichstag male human exploded a loud m80 or explosive near my apt to intimidate me. These violent thugs, get ready for prison, and if you come closer perhaps a bullet or co2 laser to your head. Those ppl are up to no good, let's vote that they go to prison. enjoy your freedom, enjoy a beverage, ... But don't try violence. i think prison or death, either way, they get what they deserve, what were they up to, involved in to begin with? Initiating violence, so they deserve to learn an important lesson about starting violence. That that piece of shit human was not stopped before the explosion is a disgrace and far from good policy. Im with the brinks ppl...if ppl think they are going to intimidate, bully, rob, puch, torture, jail or hurt nonviolent ppl in any way they should think again.

Good to see ny times online front page article on psychiatric hospital 'urns' of dead ppl.

This week has been 'gotta sonata' week as i have been listening to piano sonatas from mozart and beethoven.

In my mind half the battle is simply showing the public injustice, and in particular violence in a systematic way. The story of stopping violence on earth is a huge story involving all 6 billion ppl as is the story of freeing nonviolent ppl.

we should have 1 planetary stop violence, or enforce violent laws group.
group A: one part should control the cameras and information, emergency signal response, no arresting, no uniforms
group B: a second group should only do capture/arrest of humans with violent crimes, high probability of violence, no uniform or just a badge, phase out uniforms until walking robots can assist and replace
Perhaps a group c: non violent crimes, no or low potential for violence, non violent offense

If ppl were openly battling against violence, together as a planetary democracy, showing the public openly every thing they were doing, all the evidence against ppl charged with assault and homicide, etc. Images and audio of the arrests, trials, etc i would feel better about the us occupation of afghanistan and iraq.

imagine the ppl that joined the army with 2,4, etc year committments thinking, 'the us hasn't been at war since vietnam', looking for the gi bill and other benefits that find themselves in the middle of all the violence in iraq...nobody knew that the war party would be elected and start up a new war within a year. Perhaps they thought the us military would be like the police where they could quit.

Most of the ppl i meet have an axe to grind and plenty of well thought out insults, shockingly i don't. I've gotten used to a million ppl figuratively piling on my back and i am still moving forward.

Ppl should want the public to know the truth, they shouldnt feel comfortable hiding the truth from anybody.

Here is kind of a brave lyric, from the who in 'we're not going to take it': 'don't want no religion'.

I think one of the funniest parts of faren 911 is when daschell sez 'i will give the president the support he needs', what a spineless ass kisser of the enemy/criminals...and no wonder he wasn't reelected .i wonder if he got paid money for that vote. This is one of the problems with repsentative democracy, that votes by representativesan be bought. Only 1 person needs to be paid not the millions that would vote against such actions if their vote is ever counted. But i get the feeling, the us government may neverchange at the current rate. We need a leader that is going to open democracy for the public.

Q; I prefer being honest, outspoken and poor to being dishonest, silent and wealthy.

If we lived in democracy, i would be very wealthy. Millions of ppl get updates of my latest statements through thought every 5 minutes.

One of the most shocking things about psychology is not that nonviolent ppl are jailed for long sentences without a crime, w/o a charge, w/o a trial, w/o free legal defense, w/o being allowed to attend court proceedings dealing with them, that they are tortured with 4 pt resaints in a why that not even violent offendors are, that many are druged and all are coerced to take drugs....the most shocking part is that when you turn around to see who is locking you up, it is 50% so-called liberals! What a bunch of bendict arnolds, hey thanks comradavich!

I can't believe how the bush family is beloved in the usa. Here they are up to their necks in the jfk killing and are more like the jessie james family. Bush jr robbed our bank and took a surplus clinton worked hard for in 1 year and turned it into the largest deficit ever, and for why? To invade 3rd world countries, not for social security, or medicare.

I vote to end the funding of the brutal drug warriors, and make recational drugs as legal as guns and knives. One thing never mentioned is how the marijuana clubs are ending the illegal market for marijuana and probably a lot of the violence and theft involved in one part of the illegal drug market.

I like mae brussell, when living, brussell served as the liberal media, while the networks and newspapers are nothing more than play toys for the reich to propogandize. Brussell at least fingered sturgis as the killer of jfk, and cesar as the killer

It is disgusting to see nabisco and cnn using the word 'madness'. they are helping to lock nonviolent ppl in prison for life. they are zeig heilers because where is the crimer? Where is the trialer? where is the free legal defender? Maybe because they crossed the tiber and have their greedy tongue in the jewel encrusted butt of our usa monarch. They are helping to continue the ignoring of laws, like habeus corpus, free legal defense, right to trial, that were basic in 1200 ad.

I think there should be a news about the news companies company that reports who is paying for what. For example google probably just accepted 100,000 from white wingers to have the word 'jacko' on their main page. But yet why are offers of 100,000 rejected to list 'busho', or 'bushenvald' on the front page, not enough money? where will the money for propoganda be when every body can see? It sure will be nice to see where all these 'stories' come from.

I am trying to reach out to the ppl, that after 10, 20, 30 years of ppl hearing their thoughts and seeing them in their apartments and houses, know. Know that ppl hear their thoughts, have for years, and they have been excluded. We can do more together than alone, but what i don't know. Mostly expose it on public access, and the internet. Potentially sue the television companies, the government police...mostly expose it, try to explain how seeing eyes is done, duplicate it, try to get more images of thoughts...mostly getting evidence and educating the public...telling the truth about the brutal ppl in the thought and camera secret nets.

How about some cameras on the street, and get this, ... for the public to see too! Yes for the public actually to have access to those images!

As an update, most of the ppl i send emails to never reply. I want to get some of these ppl on record supporting a 15 to 20 billion year old universe for the sake of history and future humans.

Maybe bacteria can grown full organs, or muscle tissue.

Instead of a one year circus around the trial against Michael Jackson, we should see a thousand trials against people that hav done violent crime, Thane Cesar, Frank Fiorini, the person that killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, all the killers, all the assaulters...not a year for somebody accused of masturbating a person. Think of all the assaults going unseen by the majority, uncharged. All the spanking, for which there is no legal exception that I know of, the assaults by siblings, relatives, and people in schools that go unpunished and unprosecuted. That Thane Cesar still lives free after 35 years of freedom, Sturgis died a free man. The trend is clearly more sexual freedoms, eventually, I don't doubt that showing younger humans pornography will be legal, can you believe it? What will the people with the "Down with Sex!" signs do? Perhaps finally admit that sex is the reason much of life continues, that they like sex, and that they actually are sexual, even without everybody having to see their thoughts and activities in their houses and apartments. Nudity in your own house will eventually be legal, even in view of others. I don't doubt we may actually see these changes within 100 years. Masturbating people for money will be legal maybe in the next century or two when the puritan revival has passed, education reaches more people, and free information becomes more of a reality through the Internet. For years anal sex was illegal, people were charged with crimes like "seduction". Even know people are getting molestation and lewd behavior charges. I see a future where nonviolent behavior is more tolerated, and violent behavior is less tolerated.

That the people in the government of China approve of invading Taiwan is brutal, as if the people of Taiwan can fight back in any way. They must be following the Bush jr example of violently attacking nations that can be easily defeated.

It is interesting that people are using √?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?molecular clocks√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬? to determine how much time has passed since two species shared a common ancestor. I was thinking that even if, for example, 2 species diverged from the same 1 species, but separated by centuries, the changes in amino acids, rRNA, and DNA would show that one separated 500,000 years before now and the other only 100,000 years before now from the same ancestor.

I am loving this Epson 2480 Photo Scanner, the software that came with it does OCR, it is really advanced. It can scan a variety of books that have side by side text, with images, etc√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬? Now I can copy and paste the text. I just need to find an easy way to merge all the .rtf files into one book.

Conservatives are asking about my drug use, [what about their violence, protecting killers like sturgis, cesar, and all the lies of the behind the eyes infrared cameras?] and i have nothing to hide, and feel less fear since i have not used illegal drugs for more than 6 years, but do think recreational drugs should be at least as legal as guns and knives are. I enjoyed using marijuana for at least 10 years on a regular basis, to me, weed is like a cup of tea, a way to relax, escape from the negativity of injustice and mean ppl, now i like to be clear headed and sharp, although what a person puts in their own body is not a big deal in my opinion. I used lsd and psilosiben mushrooms, because i think of myself as smart...i wanted to see and experience for myself, i can talk for hours, but, there was good and bad in using lsd and mushrooms. I used cocaine a few times, i think it is very addictive, but maybe more so because making it illegal with overly harsh sentences has made the cost $100 a gram. I did smoke so-called 'crack' cocaine, which has become synonymous with great evil and insanity, but that is an inaccurate myth ofcourse. I only had a few puffs and it did nothing, or was similar to cocaine in powder form. friends and i even used psychology drugs my poor mother was tricked into taking, on me they had little orno effect. We tried codeine, that to mewas like some kimd of speed and unpleasant; i mostly liked tobacco and weed. The one thing i never have tried and never will is forst strike violence, so i consider myself a success story, in particular with all the pressure to be violent, avoid sex, and use alcohol, etc. Looking back, i think the best thing i should have done was to not bother with tobacco, perhaps try 1 marijuana, 1 alcohol, maybe 1 mushroom, and that is about it. I should have been an advocate for science, sex with consent, for walking robots, full democracy, full free info, for pleasure, against violence, every thing i am doing now, only 20 years late.

Good and kind of surprising to see 2 ppl in police charged by federal ppl with homicide [although this is years after the homicides]. Maybe the repubs have turned over a new leaf in making an effort to punish violence, that everybody in the nets have known about for years.

If ppl 'appreciate' [i hear this from ppl in the nets sometimes] the secret camera network, why don't they try to protect free information by voting against copyright extensions, copyright laws, privacy laws, child pornography laws, [drug legalization], etc? Clearly those are the laws that could bring them down or at least cause them to pay large amounts of money in fines and penalties, have to remove cameras from houses, etc. I think there must be more than the worry of being fined by violations of privacy law and losing some cameras [which is absurd because most of the ppl in the net approve of the cameras, and ppl cant physically stop free info any way], but i think more like, they fear all their immorality/violence/lies/drugs/affairs being exposed, they fear the truth about fiorini, cesar, nixon, many homicides they were involved in or covered up being shown.

Why do we not see a year long trial around a person that assaulted a child in santa barbara? I guess masturbating is much more serious and interesting than a simple spanking. Think of all the spankings, slappings, fist fights, assaults in santa barbara and every where else that you all see going un prosecuted. Is spanking legal? No, assault is simply a law that is not enforced.

Vote for leaders that will stop and not start assaults, in particular from lasers [ceiling, satellite, or otherwise].

I vote for hiring ppl that are naturally friendly and smart; that do not have to be threatened into kindness or wisdom.

Things are like sweet&sour, they can't be too nice, it is unusual and out of place, they would be falling out with peers, they need a little sour from time to time, the ying and yang, the up and down of the stock market, etc... But we will see eventually, meanness evolved out...or at least stupidity, violence, antisexuality...most of the evils or problems of earth.

Here is a pattern: ppl insult me out of the blue [or are beamed on until they do], i respond, then the get pissed+.

Ppl in the cam net cannot even see the bridge to the public thru street cameras the public can see...they dont see the growing internet and camera technology as an indication that the public will actually get to see in a few years, and much of the injustice, lies, controversies, violence, theft, and secrets will come to an end.

Ppl have to understand that there is a vast secret empire where ppl see and hear thoughts in a highly organized system. i am starting a 'shocking secret network truth revealed' segment each week.

Shocking camnet truth 1: in the secret cam net ppl may be able to 'buy votes' of ppl on a jury and for elections. Beyond influencing votes with 1 million dollar ads, at $100 a vote a person can buy 10,000 votes for 1 million, 20,000 at $50, 40,000 at $25/vote. With 10 million, a party in the cam net can buy 100,000 votes for $100 each. Many apathetic ppl would probably easily let $100 determine their vote. At $50, 10 million [nothing for the major political parties] could buy 200,000 votes, definately ifluencing a state or city election. And i think that is nonviolent, and is the free market, but $100 could not influence me to elect the killers of j and r fk. In terms of juries, i think w/in the cam thought network, jurors can bargain for up to thousands of dollars, and ofcourse, the majority of the public doesn't get to see. That is 1 more reason why the jury system needs to be opened for everybody to have their vote counted and stored.

I won a free meal at lee's sandwich, and everybody was friendly.

I'm waiting for that scene in the philippenes or where ever: 'come out thane yee fuck free ass hole, give yerself up peacefully...dont be a bastard...the place is surrounded...', 'come out with yer hands up yuh ignant azzhol'

Can you imagine carrying around the arm bone of a 'saint', [or other religious relic] into the office, on the table in the board room,...

I am amazed that ppl wed and the can have sex with who ever they want, because the are viewed as ligitimate because they are married, as long as they wear a ring, but i who openly rejects the dishonesty and deception of marriage is viewed as not ligitimate.

One characterization of this era is that ppl are hysterical about trivial problems [mostly sexuality, religion, psychology, thoughts, behavior, drugs, nudity] but casual about serious problems [like violence, capturing killers, massive secret systems,making full democracy]. ppl talk at length about the most trivial things.

Exciting news: infidel guy, reggie finley and wife amber finley were the subjects of the tv show 'wife swap' on abc, that was to air on 3/16/05 at 10:02 to 11:00 et pm [also 10:02 pst?]. The finley family traded with the stonerock family in michigan. This is awesome for me and truth...because i was intervied by reggie in march 2003, so smart [and all] ppl may hear the interview where i expose that what our eyes see can be seen, the photon is matter universe, criticism of psychology and religion, promote actually voting on the laws, stopping violence criticism of the drug war, prostitution war, promote free ingo, etc... It may give some ppl a fighting chance against the powerful evil suggestions beamed onto their brains by brutal ppl with access to secret photon guns and thought/eyeball seeing/sending technology. The other exciting thing is that so few atheists are on television, the finely's had a good oprtunity to educate the public about the evils and history of religion, something they have never heard. There really should be a show for atheists.

update: ABC cancelled the show (I think perhaps that only Amber Finley was going to be shown, and still may be. I think the petty Bush jr administration and current group of puritan republicans must have threatened SEC, FCC, or other fines and trouble...they are petty, and abuse fully any tiny power they have to stop any particles of truth from escaping to the public.

See my new squirrelmail 'free the nonviolent' logo at tedhuntington.com/sm_logo.png just copy this file into your squirrelmail/images folder to remove the offensive 'webmail for nuts' logo, how ppl can so casually support life imprisonment without a crime violent or otherwise, or even legal defense or trial is not so good!

David byrne is giving a talk at uci, i would like to see, but it will probably be filled to capacity and overspilling outside. I don't doubt the room will need to be changed to a larger room. Byrne has a large amount of comments and opinions on his web page, like many smart liberal ppl, and i find it interesting to hear about his interesting life and experiences that he openly shares in text form. No cameras or microphones are allowed, except for the usual secret camera and microphone net, that would be cool to see the talk web cast. I doubt i will go but there probably will be some brainy females i should soy meet there.

Jose padilla in jail fir 3 years without a charge, legal defense,trial,...this administration and supporters have thrown away human rights laws that date back to the 1200. The same is true for nonviolent ppl locked in psychiatric hospitals. We are now ppl on a planet w/o any guarantee of freedom from imprisonment even if never violent and not even threatening violence. To me that basic principle of habeus corpus supported by ppl in the 1200s is still important and the foundation for human rights.

F: vegtable foods that only the most closed minded meat eaters would not like, and that have the longest lasting taste acceptance:
1 Morningstar grillers
2 Lite life chikn strips
3 Gardenburger ribs
4 Boca sausage links
5 Gburger sweet & sour pork
6 Morningstar bacon strip [although texture not like bacon]
7 Quorn dogs [hot dogs]

Sometimes you have to change the way they are prepared, in a bun, a sub roll, a flour or corn tortilla.

Why were ppl shooting at a car that was driving away, killing the italian person and wounding the italian reporting human? what kind of threat to them was there to fire 300 to 400 bullets at it? Then a bush jr apology should fix it. Even if they went thru a road block [which is not clear, and ofcourse no video is provided], then shoot them? Berlusconi, prime minister and carlo ciampi, prez of italy has 3000 italian humans in iraq, but it is not clear the ppl of italy would approve if they ever got to vote on that decision. It is clear they did not reach the checkpoint b4 they were fired at. Aren't they all in the camera eyeball network? That is bad communication either way. This and the double homicide sound More to me like pissed off ppl with automatic guns taking out their aggressions and perhaps a philosophy of shooting anything that moves, knowing there will be little in the way of law enforcement. Typical of any war, the chances of civility and law enforcement are much less. I think when ppl of 200 or 300 years after now look back at the secret videos and eye images of this time they will be shocked by how much the consevatives lied.

update on 24" telescope: Ok I drilled a hole in the center of the primary mirror. I put a convex mirror on the "hook" object that held the 45 degree mirror, and positioned the secondary mirror on the focal point of the mirror. I think an easy way to estimate the focal point at night is to see where the stars appear to be hovering over the mirror (there is a plane where they hover). I tried a 10cm focal length convex mirror and a 50cm focal length mirror, looking from behind the mirror through the hole I did not see the fuzzy image I was looking for, that fills the mirror, but the stars look their usual small size, and everything was upside down, so I was clearly past the focal point. I continued to lower the secondary mirror (by attaching more 1/4" thick aluminum, rubber cement [so I can remove later] the secondary mirror on to a 1" square wood piece and tying the wood to the aluminum with a velocro strip). I lowered the secondary mirror to maybe 6" above the hole in the mirror. I found that when the 50cm focal length convex mirror was in this 6" above hole position I could see a star as a fuzzy object, but with the 10cm focal length convex mirror, I saw the small star. So I conclude that my convex mirror needs to have a large focal length like 100cm or more. The 50cm focal length convex mirror was able to send the focal point at least the extra 6" back. I guess a flat mirror at that position would be similar, because the focal length is 12", by intercepting the light at 6" the light probably converges 6" away. The larger the focal length of the convex mirror, the more it looks like a flat mirror. I want to be able to stretch the light at 12" (or perhaps 10") away, and send it 12" back. I am still not sure what focal length mirror I need. The only low cost mass produced mirrors I can find go from 5cm to 100cm focal length so this project may delayed until I can figure outwhat I need. The interesting thing was the 6" position. The light of Sirius completely filled the secondary mirror, which is what needs to happen, but at the 12" point (the focal length of the primary mirror), the light of a star does not fill the primary mirror, because there must be flaws in the parabolic shape, but at 6" only the center part of the mirror is reflecting light, and may be more accurate. If I can use this mirror as even an 8" or 10" mirror I may get better images than my 8" Meade telescope mirror.

Thane cesar and e howard hunt must have jumped up in the air and 'wahood' when bush jr got reelected, because they knew they would be free for at least 4 more years if not more.

Weekly Science uncovery: for big mirrors made of glass in telescopes,why not superthin? Grind away the chafe and make a superthin glass mirror, ass feeler.

Can you believe that even some republicans are against murder, and letting murderers live free. It's true! Even some republicans are repulsed by murder.

Ppl on tv are the ultimate pawns and puppets for ppl with money.

one problem i see is that i have a lot of love to give, but not [m]any other ppl i meet do, or care to return that love. I am usually positive, friendly, happy to shop, pay and/or dine in their stores politely, but they often fail to return that kindness or tolerance.

To me the real heros are not the ppl in acting, music, government and sports, the real heros are more like brussell, charach, noguchi, wecht...ppl that stood up for truth and justice, many times 1 against 10, and are still alive [except brussell], unbelievably...despite the absolute failure of the public to embrace even a tiny truth.

some ppl probably think 'hey the water is fine, look fiorini and cesar got away with murder..., the ppl are protecting them...well except for 1 or 2 wackos like brussell and charach'

Nice to see science channel show person in army clothing using a joystick to fire photons with microwave frequency at a different person. The precision of these microwave photons is like a tiny spot in your nose can be pin pointed and tracked/maintained even if you move your body.

Lydia fem human in jack in box on campus sez 'gay' [ok]. Tp sez 'antisexual nazi'. We [but perhaps not owners of jack in the box] know ehere that anti-homosexual intolerance leads to, to ppl accused of homosexuality having to wear pink triangles and living in prisons and hospitals....where that type of philosophy leads is no where good, obviously. And let's remember for the future that the leaders of the christian religion recently fired up the antihomosexual fires....but they were not in league with the nazis ofcourse.

I want to wear a hidden camera and microphone and show the videos of how rude ppl are around me.

Can you imagine nude statues in schools, universities or parks in the usa? The penises, vaginas, breasts, and buttocks would be destroyed and vandalized in hours.

As happy as a christian at a crusifiction.

Pissed because have to pay $25 to efile state tax because have $79.15 income from selling my dvds on ebay. Fed was free tho.

Female human in secret eyeball fascist only net at saddleback college says and plays 'crackpot' after my show, for repub $? I have made many greedy ppl around me rich on white wing money, or perhaps just to support fellow nazis in locking up the innocent w/o trials and laughing all the way. i am not the person censoring the internet, tv, and radio, i vote against fcc fines, i vote for total free info, this faschy fem [and other ppl in the cam net and all the rest that support torture and jailing nonviolent ppl w/o a trial, charge, or sentence, like the multimillionaire steven 'believes in crankpot theory' hawking] should get nothing for life.

How many ppl thought abu graib, and the yu bush jr gonzales vote for torture and against the geneva convention would be no big deal for the public? After all 50% or smething support killing ppl in the invasion of iraq. And as it turns out, both tortures, starting 2 wars, high unemployment, and a bad, economy were not enough to topple the republicans...now that is loyalty and allegiance, you would have to throw away all logic and ethics to do that.

Female human [young female that also waitresses] at mothers on michelson sez 'psycho', i say 'now we have thought crime'. one of a million rude idiots from the secret eyeball net that call themselves 'liberals', but then put their money on filling the jails and hospitals with nonviolent ppl that also vote democrat. Psychological theory, like religion is not a square i am putting my money on. The camera nets are just like alcohol, instant asshole just add secret camera net. Another human that knows that their clothes, their philosophy, their behavior is normal behavior. Another human that has never used words like astronomy, chemistry, robot, engineering, periodic table, neutrino, science, pulsar, neutron...but their view is the one we should all strive to. These are the ppl that got chong locked up, why are they always after the democrats and liberals? to me the delicious justice is when big believers in applying psychology theory to other ppl, get locked in a psychiatric hospital. Is it unfair, probably, but part of me feels like, don;t they deserve it? Perhaps the husband of this female will one day go beyond calling her a psycho bitch and want to go through with having her committed as a danger to herself and others. She did snap at me in mothers, and insult me out of the blue while i was standing in line. In the hospitals, the ppl are more like prison guards and nazis...their solution is that drugs [and many] will change a person's philosophy. it would serve her, and other ppl like that right!

And if that female was echoing some 'master' in the camera net, they should be 5150'd too! see how they like it, maybe that will teach them some manners. And while there, how about learning them some science and history? These are the ppl for hospitalizing noguchi.

For me it's not in my nature to be rude. For example, returning back, 'yeah, well you are stupid and rude.', but yet that is what is called for. Then, my experience is that they are shocked and deeply effected...like nobody has ever dished it back to them! But living everyday with insults is no way to live, or is the way for idiots, not to mention risking being banned from a store for talking back, and fairly so. Another person that has never written one song unpopular or popular...eventually ppl may think...ppl being labeled 'sane' are also those labeled 'dull'. Psych is the button ppl press because it works, they burn that button out from pressing, that and the antisexual 'pedo-molesto' button. They reach in to dark areas of ppls brain, of undefined fears [i hope they relate to violence at least!].

Here we can actually read the pages of the history book of earth, through archaelogy ppl can peal the pages of history back page by page to see a tiny fraction of what happened. Most of the pages are blank, but some have fossils of creatures that lived and died many thousands of years before now. Ppl in archaelogy are reading the biggest Book on earth!

Gun point may be the way to defend democracy, but not to win it.

Supreme court use of cruel and unusual part of constitution [5/4 decision renquist, scalia, thomas, oconnor objecting] looks good for stopping 4 point restraints of nonviolent ppl in psychiatric hospitals. lets hope renquist holds on for at least 4 more years. But if not, reelecting bush jr, may result in much longer term injustice via a supremacy court.

And so the battle continues...between pleasure versus pain, truth versus lies, justice versus injustice, freedom versus enslavement, science versus religion, stopping violence versus doing violence, good vs evil, ....

I think we may be looking at 8 years [and maybe even more] of the dow jones industrial average, and ther indicators flatline [which clearly starts with the bush jr first election, dips at 9/11/01, and stays at about 0% gain until now 3/05. Bush-o-nomics and all religio-right wing criminal and violent behavior will always produce a bad economy.

What is happening in the ukraine needs to happen here. The right wing covered up and protected the murderers of liberals there too, but yushchenko and others stood up, and are now victorius.

Disgusting nazis in sacramento arrest ppl having sex in a car when a nazi called the police on them. Its straight out of nazi handbook. Its like in 'the wall' where the nazis pull out and beat the couple making out in the car. And one of the worst parts of these events is that most of the public thinks it is coincidence, not that reicht wing antisexuals watch everybody's eyes, hear their thoughts, and know every tiny piece of info about them, their ss number, what they are for lunch, what kind of car they have, what images they like to masturbate to, their date of birth, their home address, their past sex partners, etc...but gee....somebody just saw a weird car and tipped off the ppl in police to look at that weird car, i guess not a vast infrared eyeball secret network.

I am glad for democracy in egypt, hopefully egypt will become safer and more liberal, less fanatically religious.

I honestly think that an assault in irvine, that negative injustice, comes around in the form of a reaction, maybe some counter assault, or a change in popular opinion. So where is the reaction to fiorini killing jfk? To thane cesar? I think it must be coming around, but i dont know when.

Remember my motto: we jail for homicide and assault and that's about all.

Certainly i vote to stop property theft, return stolen property, and expose those that lie, free the nonviolent.

Got hundreds of tumor laser assaults and attempted homicides to my head this week. I guess some ppl are not happy just to enjoy a donut, coffee, sandwich, tea, searching the web, planning their vacations, building their telescopes, etc... Fortunately for me, the vast majority of ppl do not want to rumble, and so when a person or ppl start doing violent crime [assaulting] they recognize a small problem in sector 412 or whatever and the law and order ppl [or perhaps just the liberals, science, technology, stop violence, law abiding ppl] or group beat and arrest the violent assaulters back down. And i dont doubt, they punish in a 2 for 1, taking the opportunity when repulsing a new assault to decimate 2x the opposite side to end the conflict, to say to try and get the message through each time for centuries 'don't start'.

Where are the police of the camera net? Are they arresting for assault? How often?

Perhaps there are buildings or rooms where the ppl in the cam net can be relatively sure most [ir+vis] cameras and microphones have been removed, and ppl cannot see inside w/o being there. Then to see what they talked about ppl would have to watch their memories in buildings where their thoughts can be seen, but those ppl must be good at not remembering what happened in the secret rooms.

only with the religious would 2 ppl beating each other up will get more money than 2 ppl beating each other off.

B4 last election, when something isnt working, like 9/11, the economy, the deficit...most ppl try something new, they don't keep the same leader.

update on my 24" plastic mirror telescope: ok I am moving along slowly but steadily. I replaced the 10-24 threaded rod that held the secondary mirror with a 1" square piece of pine I got from Home Depot, and I put a similar piece on the exact opposite side of the telescope, and now the secondary mirror stays positioned, and I have the secondary mirror perfectly on the focus point, attached to a threaded rod, glued to a piece of flat aluminum that I can slide the 45 degree mirror up or down on. THere are 2 useful product I am using: the black+white mix type epoxy for metal (from Ace Hardware but Home Depot has it too), and velrco ties (these velcro ties are new products are are useful for wrapping around a lens, and better than rubber bands for fastening the secondary mirror (and I had a lens there two, but am just going with the mirror for now). I know that the secondary mirror is directly on the focus point because the photons focused at that point are numerous and burn the rubber cement holding the mirror, the velocro straps (this is one reason why I scrapped the rubber band, it burns off too quickly)...the smoke from the velcro straps shows the beam of photons. THe closest thing (I have some video I may post on the web later) I can describe this beam is, that it looks like a tornado, but a perfect cone, but the small end (focus) is some how stretched out. SO I have the secondary mirror positioned and the frame is glued in place. I screw the wood to the mirror (I made some small aluminum bar attachments), and I have some poster board I screwed to the wood that functions as a tube frame for the telescope (telescopes can be open, and I am not sure what differences there are, but one is that light from street lamps, etc... reflects off of scratches and dust on the mirror and makes seeing objects difficult. So I have the secondary mirror perfectly positioned, but here is the problem: I am having trouble moving the focal point to the eyepiece. I am not sure if I need a convex or concave mirror to do that, I thought a concave mirror with a 50cm (19") focus would be ok (I really need a 12" (32cm) focus, but 1/2" is not a big deal), but neither appears to work. I think the concave (which spreads out light particles) would stretch out the light to the 50cm focal length, but what happens (I am not sure, because today was windy and there was not enough smoke to really see clearly the second beam), from what I could see, is that the beam is spread out (the opposite of what I want), I need to have the beam extended. So I need to figure out how to stretch out the focus on the eyepiece.

I have learned some interesting things:
1) a double convex lens works as good as my Plossol eyepiece does, but I need to position my eye the focal length away...perhaps a concave lens will allow me to move my eye around.
2) I made a basic telescope with the Arbor Science lens box (search for "lightbuy2"), you hold a convex lens out at arms length (the lens with a long focal length), and then hold a concave lens close to your eye, when you look through the concave lens at the convex lens you will see a very magnified image of where you point.
3) When I look in my 8" Meade reflector without the eyepiece, I only see the primary mirror and my eye in the secondary mirror, so this is what any Newtonian should look like when aligned. I think I want to see the entire mirror in addition to the image of the eye piece in the primary mirror. (perhaps I need a convex secondary mirror - which I tried, to see the entire primary mirror). Here is the key: when looking at Jupiter or the moon, in particular, you should see, even for Jupitar, or any bright star, the entire mirror is filled with light...the light is grayish, or really spread out, sketchy or dim. This means that your eye is directly on the focus point of the mirror. Making sure the middle of the mirror is exactly pointing at Jupiter is difficult, but as far as I can see, if you see the mirror full of light, then your eye is definately at the focus point, and all you need is a convex lens to spread that collected light out to see the close up image of Jupiter and the moons of Jupiter. So this is what I need to see is that fuzzy light that fills the mirror, but at the eypiece on the side, currently I see the star unmagnified, because I am far past the focus point..it isn't being stretched at all or enough.
4) The 3d effect of these parabolic concave mirrors is interesting as I have said before, but with a secondary mirror that 3d effect is applied to the side.
5) That  plastic mirror (although I think this mirror is not perfectly shaped enough, because only parts of the mirror are covered in light of Jupiter, or the moon (even though my big ol head is in the way...I am still testing this), and that the focus appears not to be a circle but a kind of S shape, or hour glass shape. jup or earth moon doesn't appear to fill the entire mirror, only the top or center, etc...Still, I can't believe that there is something so unique with glass that it can be shaped better than other lighter (or even same weight, although that would probably be of little value) materials. Is the issue the density, or molecular structure, or...?
6) The focus of most reflector telescopes is usually large...it is stretched out,,,My Meade 8" is f/6 so (8"x6) 48". This 24" is only 12" an f/.5 (somebody should tell the Arbor sci people, they said 24"). A shorter focal length appears to be ok, light can be stretched as in cassegrain to the side or back through a hole in the mirror (I thought about this, but I don't want to drill a hold in my telescope just yet, but that would make things perhaps easier...I wonder if I could put a concave (or convex...I am still trying to figure out which one) mirror 12" with a focal length of 12".) THe papers that came with the mirror talked about 2 focus points? I realize that an ellipse has two focuses, but I don't understand where the second focus point is...perhaps that is why the hour glass, but I thought the entire idea of using a parabolic mirror was to have a single focus point, because a spherical mirror does not focus the light to a point (this I can't understand either...it is a sphere shouldn't the light all reflect to a point at the center, if it truly is spherical?

I am using NetZero now (free Internet) and there is no more big bar ad, this is nice, I hope this stays this way.

My thoughts when passing people sometimes: "People are either friendly or mean, and I don't see any smile on you..."

fd:Veat best nonbreaded chik nug

Important science questions: when did aging evolve? Is aging programmed cell death? Is aging coded in dna? Do prokaryotes age? do all eukaryotes die of old age?

Kmart lil cesar piecer guy sez 'gomer'. Somehow hearing thoughts and seeing eyes makes instant geniuses, ppl that can use a computer and build rocket planes. Asian nazi fem at register sez 'gay' . I was saying in my car, while 4.2 million nazis watched on secretly, ... Thats why i like san francisco better than southern cal, ppl can put the rabidly antisexual homocentric 'gay' talk in their lunch pail for 5 seconds to pursue other ideas. as i have said many times: can yu imagine ppl that are antigay...many masturbate, if they don't, they are truly dull and missing out on serious and natural pleasure, but if they do, and i know some of them must...can yu imagine the conflict they must feel in trying to avoid same gender thoughts?! If they succeed, [to me this is a kindergarten lesson, but this is the idiot earth], in supressing same gender thoughts, how unnatural and closed minded. And as always with homophobe female humans i guess there will be no free oral sex conversion process offered, to try and convert, or even just as a litmus test....gee he is hard...he is not objecting...hmmm maybe into females...maybe likes females... having never touched a penis and celebrating big breasts much of my life, i think yu would need to actively try to universally reject truth and any and all evidence, which only antisexual violent religious idiot nazi ppl can do.

Nice to see the exchange of words By bush jr and putin, putin talks about electoral college being less than democratic, and sez he is [although both putin and bush appear to be] 'minister of propaganda'. Reminds me of how bush jr spends 250,000 of our money to propagandize 'no child left' but public never sees who pays whom, or where all this propa is coming and funded from. The truth about democracy is that we should be voting all the time, activey shaping our planet and government...but the repubs are not keen on more democracy in the usa, they vigorously opposed, bush jr knows he came into power not by popular vote, they dont want to remove the electoral college, they dont want to count and make public ppls votes on all issues and laws...for the republicans voting should happen every 1000 years, and then only for a few seconds.

To me the bush jr group is of the lbj, nixon era where there is always a war like viet nam. How coincidental is it that rabid right wingers get elected and the oops! We're in vietnam again within 8 months. Coincidence? Very doubtful. The republicans are the war starting party. They start war when a leaf falls.

This is an amazing thing: by the end of 50 more years and probably sooner, two ppl of the same gender will be able to reproduce, make a human, with their own two ovums/sperms. The main problem that has been overcome by humans for other mammals are called '... genes' genes that can only come from one gender.

I think when the eye images are made public, ppl will want to dismiss the lapd and start with a new group.

there are a million interesting things to pursue, the public seems to choose none of them.

Enough with the cross flag flying over the usa. Why not a science flag? A dna flag? Evolution flag? An ic flag? Airplane flag? Rainbow/multiracial flag, etc...we should not be 'the jesus nation', 'the cult of god nation' or 'the most religious nation'...

Science idea of week: why not modify the dna of e coli to produce casein, and other milk proteins that can be turned into non-cow milk, cheese and ice cream? Just like insulin is made...

Cnn and latimes both have 'putin's soul'...what a bunch of backwards dark age antiscience ppl....to believe in 'souls'...that belief goes back to pre-galen times. Learn human anatomy already. Support for those that recognize 'soul', 'kooties', 'spirits', 'magic', 'angels', 'santa', and gods as nonexistent.

Finally, years after honda, sony, fujitsu, and toyota, ppl at mit [not ibm, hp, ford or gm] have a rudementary walking robot.

Us dept of Immigration going after sex offenders, why not violent offenders [sexual or otherwise]? shouldn't that be a higher priority? Why doesn't anybody in the press ever ask that?

Pope sez: 'homosexuality evil", TP sez "get your mind off of balls all day you dirty ol bastard. no actually, its ok to be obsessed with balls and penises as the poper and many religious seem to be, that's good and healthy, it's the negative opinions we can do without."

Pope sez 'homosexuality evil'. This is so trivial, why not say 'first strike violence is evil?'. I have a statement: 'organized religion is evil'. They jailed, tortured and killed nonviolent smart ppl that supported the sun centered theiryand they continue to this day in supressing the truth about seeing eyes, light being matter, filling the hospitals with opponents of antisexuality and religion. this is typical of the religious, their big concern is something as trivial as homosexuality, walking clear past fiorini, thane cesar, a million murderers never captured...these are similar to breaking news flashes like 'number 32 is evil', 'the color blue is evil', 'laughter is evil', 'cameras are evil'... Why do millions of college graduates still listen to the pope? Here a person who has no education and cannot turn on a calculator is telling us how to live? 6 other cult leaders have stated that 'homosexuality is not evil', so perhaps that offsets the cult surrounding the 2000 year old dead jesus. Homosexuality is not even on my 10 point plan:

1-stop violence
2-free the nonviolent
3-full democracy for earth, voting directly on laws, court decisions, budgets,...
4-full free info, no copyright, no porno laws, no privacy laws, free trade of all information with no penalty
5-tell stories of evolution to public
6-tell stories of science to public 8-expose framk fiorini sturgis [fiorini and cesar have their own number], we can't capture fiorini, he died in 1992.
9-expose and capture thane cesar
10-build walking robots
11-no drug war
12-no prostitution arrests
13-nudity legal

Homo[or bi]sexuality appears on my top 100 list, but then in the form, 'bisexuality is natural and should be promoted', and 'bisexuality must be legal and those ppl protected from violence'

Homosexuality is not a problem, that a us president, and us senator were killed and the killers have not been captured for 40 years...now there is a problem...that a religious leader and black activist was killed, a popular musician and political leader was killed...now those are problems...

The multiracial ppl will rise again, there is strength in number. And so will those for gender and age equality.

Can ppl think of a better less violent word beside 'hacking' for accessing password protected computers?

Bush jr sez 'us getting ready to attack iran is ridiculous...all options are on the table.' to me this reads like...'we aren't going to invade iran, all our money is on trying to kill ted huntington'...and perhaps other nonviolent us citizens. Perhaps bush jr is refering to my famous 'tipping over the table' drawring. And that is a us president...why never outspoken opposition to violence? maybe younger ppl would think twice before doing violence. But also, as if me or anybody else is going to stop bush jr from marching the us military over iran or any other nation...that is ridiculous...they kill ppl without a tribunal, without an arrest, w/o a charge, w/o most ppl even ever seeing! nothing is stopping bush jr and company from charging up another $200 billion and starting a 3rd,4th and 5th war, sending the us into an even more downward spiralling economy.

then watch as they up and invade iran anyway...i am not sure iran has the oil they crave.

Nasa should be moved to los angeles. And they should be able to copy what burt routan did [make a reusable rocket plane] with $20 million dollars.

Science idea of week: make programs that write .wav files with piano, etc... samples. First random melodies, then weight adjacent notes as better, then allow mixing of 2 notes, weight octaves, 3rds, and fifths as good, other combos not as good , experiment with all 16th notes, then 16th,8th,4th,whole notes. Pick out melodies that sound good and make into songs.

The love of right winging is intesting to me, how ppl want to spic and span their neighborhood/the planet, they want everything white and ultra conservative...they are angry whenever an unpleasant reality like images of coffins coming back from the war, or other articles with unpleasant news enter their eyes. But we learned from the nazis that extreme shifting to right wing doesn't necessarily mean conservative unchanging policies...in fact many of these right wing leaders are militant, radicals that start wars, jail millions, that do many secret evil violent and dishonest acts. This right wing machinery was so polished, for example, in the 1930s and 40s that most ppl did not even know the uneasant trurh that 3 million ppl were killed in gas chambers. Not one article of even rumors of ppl being killed or gas chambers reached the public until the last days of world war 2. The ppl that were killed did not even know! So the mystery to me is why ppl shift to the right more and more instead of supporting middle, more stable, less changing, less radical leaders. It is like a collapsing souffle model or something, where ppl keep thinking that they are making things more and more pure and white, stable, and lawful, but in reality they are contributing to radical secret violence, wasteful spending, arrests of nonviolent ppl, and mass deception [or hiding of truth]. To me the right wing nazism of the 30s was absolute idiocy...look how germany was ruined, how millions werekilled, why wasn't a more middle of the road philosophy embraced? Why wasn't radical war philosophy questioned? And now this terrible truth is a part of our history, how much farther we would be along had the rise of extreme right wing christian nazism never happened. Typical of brutality and idiocy, like ppl that only think there is only 1 world, the nazis didn't invision an all nazi moon, they only wanted an all nazi europe.

My life is so amazing. Any time i turn on the tv, or set my mp3 player to 'random', or go to a store, any time i interact with other ppl at all, the experience is almost always unpleasant. All i ever hear is right wing propoganda, nazism, antisexuality, religious fanaticism, ascience idiocy, psychology-based thought and behavior policing, threats of violence...in the usa, this is truly the decade of idiocy.

What appears clear about this group of uneducated right wing religious wealthy ppl is that, like most idiot wealthy ppl, they cannot stand for their to be any where a fair game. They have to destroy the monopoly board so nobody can play, they have to rig the bowling alley, ... They can't accept losing and will kill, assault, lie, steal and cheat to win, nixon was a classic example of this. Unbelievablably they seldom get caught or exposed...but their crudeness is difficult to hide and smart ppl somehow can sense their evil doings.

Unbelievably devil worshippers get more air time then atheists.

As more late advice, i would stay away from television, i could never understand how ppl casit thru all those boring shows, always the same boring dull ppl, never nudity, no atheism, no science...go for seeing what they see, all the ppl in your neighborhoods and their thoughts. At a minimum, public cameras on every street. Also building telescopes.

Good to see that liberal [and antiwar] ppl won the elections in portugal [jose socrates]. If only the ppl in the usa were smart enough to do the same thing here. They care nothing about the economy, let alone all the homicide of the iraq and afghan invasions.

email to Richard Cowen:

Great book, "History of Life". Have you heard of the theory that Eukaryotes evolved through Planctomycetes (prokaryotes with nucleuses)? In searching for more info for that I found in a recent "Science" article, "The Birth of the Nucleus", that even viruses are a possibility for the first eukaryote nucleus. For myself, I rank the theories as: 1) planctomycetes, 2) virus, 3) endosymbiosis. I would be happy to hear your opinions on those theories, perhaps you were aware of them (although they have been ignored by "Nature" and "Science" until late 2004) and felt there was not enough evidence or knew of evidence to disprove them?

Your book is one of the only modern books on the complete chronology of life on earth I can find. I am using books from the 60s, because I can't find any more recent that are good enough (the rest are full of dramatic prose and philosophizing). Hopefully, the price will come down in time (I have this book through UC interlibrary loan, but bn.com lists it as ~$100!), and hopefully color pictures in the next editions.

Again, great book, thanks,
Ted Huntington

email to John Fuerst:


I found some papers of yours about Planctomycetes, when I was searching for information on the evolution of the first Eukaryote cell. After reading:

1) "The chimeric eukaryote: Origin of the nucleus from the karyomastigont in amitochondriate protists Lynn Margulis*, Michael F. Dolan* , and Ricardo Guerrero"

2) Nature 392, 15 - 16 (05 March 1998); doi:10.1038/32033
A paradigm gets shifty
"The hydrogen hypothesis for the first eukaryote"
WILLIAM MARTIN* AND MIKL√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?S M√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?LLER√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?√?¬?

Nature 431, 152 - 155 (09 September 2004); doi:10.1038/nature02848 The ring of life provides evidence for a genome fusion origin of eukaryotes

"History of Life"
Richard Cowen

(all 4 which advocate the symbiosis of 2 prokaryotes, an archaea and a eubacteria)

I wanted to see if there was any data supporting the theory that a prokaryote grew cytoplasm outside of the cell wall by searching for "external membrane" and similar words. I thought initially that an outer membrane could have grown from the periplasmic space in the cell wall of Gram-negative bacteria. Finally, I found an obscure reference to planctomycetes. Then I found a paper by you: "Planctomycetes a phylum of emerging interest for microbial evolution and ecology" where you describe planctmycetes being a possible ancestor of the first eukaryote.

After reading that paper, I think that the evidence is a least as strong, if not stronger for an endogenous evolution as opposed to an endosymbiotic evolution for the first eukaryotes, although I think most people would agree that clearly mitochondria and chroloplasts evolved/were added through endosymbiosis. I am a novice and want to know more about the molecular structure and proteins that help to build the nucleus cytoplasm, the outer cytoplasm, the nucleus and outer cell walls to really be sure that the link from planctomycetes to early eukaryotes is likely.

The evidence that seems clear to me is: 1) simply that the planctomycetes have a double layer nucleus wall (I am not sure how molecularly similar this wall is to eukaryotes, and the proteins used to construct the double wall).
2) both planctomycetes and early eukaryotes, choanoflagellates reproduce by budding clones. In fact, budding appears to be an evolutionary step that may have been an intermediate stage between binary fission and mitosis. In any event, budding is a unique method of copying.
3) It seems unlikely that if two prokaryotes were to merge that the DNA that codes for the cytoplasm of the (archae)bacteria that does not become the nucleus would function properly in building cytoplasm outside a cell wall. In other words, I doubt that DNA which once coded for cytoplasm that grew directly from and next to the DNA (in any prokaryote), could easily adapt to growing that same cytoplasm outside a nucleus wall. It is more likely that the DNA to build archaea cytoplasm would be useless (or would only build more nucleus cytoplasm) and abandoned as opposed to being merged with the eubacteria DNA and those cytoplasm building instructions adapted for building cytoplasm outside the nucleus wall. It is much more simple to have mutation cause cytoplasm to grow outside of the cell wall, or as is the case with Planctomycetes, to grow a cell wall in the cytoplasm inside the cell with breaks in the wall forming pores. In any event, if cytoplasm structure and the proteins used to build the cytoplasm of archaea is different than those used to build the cytoplasm in eubacteria then I would think that the internal and external cytoplasm would be different in eukaryotes. More likely, the proteins and molecules used to build cytoplasm in prokaryotes were extended to use the same proteins and building mechanism to grow the same kind of cytoplasm outside the nucleus when the nucleus first formed.

So this brings me to the final part of this letter. I find no evidence of support for this theory, or even a mention of this theory or planktomycetes in the journals "Nature" or "Science". As I said, I think that the evolution of Eukaryotes from Plaktomycetes is no more speculative than the endosymbiotic and Hydrogen Hypothesis theories. This theory should be presented to mainstream people in science as a major branch that people should be aware of. I am not sure how many people are into the evolution of Eucaryotes, but as a person exploring the various theories I find the endogenous theory of eukaryote evolution through planktomycetes to be a strong possibility. So, in the interest of science and truth, I ask you and/or colleagues to try to publish a basic paper explaining the evidence for Eukaryote evolutuion through Planctomycetes in a major magazine like "Science" or "Nature". As you may know, submitting a paper electronically to both is very easy. I hate to sound pushy, but I think this is an injustice in denying this important theory from mainstream science. I simply feel like a DNA polymerase that found an adenine that should be put on the DNA molecule, or simply doing what seems logical.

To interrupt and add more to this letter, I just did more searching and find the paper "The Birth of the Nucleus" (perhaps a play on "The Birth of a Nation" and the kind of dogma that surrounds science today?) in "Science" that mentions the planktomycetes theory and also the interesting virus as a nucleus theory. So, in some way, the plactomycetes theory (finally in 2004!) is in a mainstream journal (and to the credit of "Science" magazine). The one thing that is interesting to me is when the circular DNA of prokaryotes changed to the linear DNA of eukaryotes (and also when aging evolved). There are some good arguments for a virus forming the nucleus, but again, I think that DNA from a prokaryote merging with a virus DNA would have to initially use the same proteins that build the cytoplasm (and ribosomes) in the bacteria operating through the virus wall. Perhaps a virus with pores in it's cell wall (a simple tear would not be passed on in the next copy) is a possibility. So, I think it comes down to a virus only contributing a cell wall structure and the DNA to build the nucleus wall. That plactomycetes copy by budding and the eukaryote choanoflagellates do too, is strong evidence that the planctomycetes path to eukaryotes may have been the actual path. How do you counter the virus as the nucleus theory? I think that the molecular composition of the nucleus membrane and wall together with full genomes of all living objects (including viruses) will probably provide the most convincing data.

Ted Huntington

I can't believe what a disaster my younger years was. I wish I had never let tobacco run my life, had avoided alcohol, which I have always hated the taste of and still do, and had pursued many more friendships and physical relationships with females. I wish I had focued on playing music, building robots, atheism, science, finding other nonreligious people, finding girls to kiss, sleep with and have sex with. It is amazing to me that one never talked about reality for young people in that every party is based on alcohol. I think deep down, people go to parties to look for love and sex, but the main focus, and how to get there is through alcohol. From age 12 or 16 on...(older people have parties and younger people go), people go to parties that center on alcohol. There was only 1 party I can remember where there was no alcohol and people played "make out games", which I think is much more healthy and fun. People using tobacco was 4 for 4 among my friends, we all had found tobacco (a number of people's parents smoked), I remember thinking (I had heard that smoking causes lung cancer, but never about how the smell stays on your clothing, on your breath, and make kissing unpleasant and less probable). I remember thinking when smoking (first I didn't inhale, I had read "The Outsiders" and thought smoking would be cool as far as I can remember, and I am against age laws for tobacco and alcohol, and I am against censorship, I am for complete free info). I convinced my mom to get me a pack of cigarettes for holloween which I smoked (not inhaling). Eventually a friend told me, ... no you have to inhale...and so I tried that and I cn't remember, but I am sure, coughed and felt very light headed...I remember it was aweful. I remember clearly in my head thinking on those first few cigarettes I smoked with friends (at a very young age, I can imagine we were 11 or 12), thinking "I will never get addicted to this, it feels so terrible", but I forced myself, and out of boredom we had little choice. First we got some alcohol (against thinking probably that drinking alcohol would make us appear grown up or mature...it is funny that at 36 I have realized, and probably am the one human on earth that has, that when you are young is when you should enjoy your body, and enjoy being young, when people are older, they only wish they were young again, plus for males getting a hard penis (something when young never enters a person's mind) is more difficult after 30. I wish I had found jobs at universities, there were older females, perhaps more receptive to physical love. What is clear is that any human that didn't drink alcohol at a party, some person with soda or tea would probably be viewed as a phenomenon. For somebody to enjoy soberiety and looking for sex and relationships, seems to me to be natural, but they would be forming their own society against the back drop of young people using alcohol and weed. There were a few options that I never found, because I had no guidance or instruction to speak of. I wish I had pursued playing music with sober science atheist people, I wish I had pursued building walking robots, or musical instruments, etc..., I wish I had asked more females out or over for dinner or lunch, or out to a movie. I always feared having a party at my house because of drunk people getting out of control and stealing or damaging the house and my parents property (I had already heard and seen in person bad stories about drunk people at parties), where my brother was more adventerous and did have a few parties. I guess my advice to people would be to reject alcohol, and in particular tobacco, to pursue friendships, and physical relationships (even if you get a reputation for being a slut, etc...better to be a martyr for love, and to try to love as many people as possible), in addition my advice is not to focus on 1 person, people should "play the field", it is like finding a job, you should never have tunnel vision on one person, try for as many as possible, and then work with any opportunities you do get (again expecting that opportunities are going to be rare, we live on a puritan backward planet). I would try to figure out the deal on the people around you. Are they conservative, or liberal? Do they go to a church or synogogue every week or no? Do they think Jesus was the son of god, or a regular human? Was Jesus made of DNA? , etc...what do they believe? Are they evolutionists or creationists? If they do go to a church or synogogue do they believe the stories they hear or think it is boring and simply something they are forced to do? I would try to find other nonreligious people, try to find people of the opposite gender to have sex with, or even just to kiss and fondle the genitals of, any thing I could get. So just to summarize, unbelievably, while trying alcohol, tobacco and weed, is something people may want to do, just to understand what it is, if I could live my youth again, I would skip all of the tobacco, alcohol and weed, and focus on getting sex, kisses, science, building walking robots (etc...), atheism and other smart people, trying to do a minimum of excersize to keep from being overweight (I was overweight most of the time when younger, and that always made less my chances for finding love). Where else would you find advice like this?!

Plus, at universities, you will find people saying "don't go into psychology, go into engineering...or practice for your SAT, or this university is better than that one, etc...", which will be good for a young person's life and career. One thing that is so wrong is that, as I have said from time to time, I started masturbating at age 12, and was deeply into females nd breasts at that age, desparately so. If some older, 30 or whatever year old, female decided to entertain my wildest fantasy, to satisfy my deep longing for sex and to suck boobs, they would be risking years and years in jail! Young people are set up to fail in this way, and the system is designed against pleasure and natural behavior. I remember a few smarter people played musical instruments and were in bands, there were some parties were these "kid" bands would play, and I am surprised at how good many were. I was in a band that played at a middle school talent show, and I swear it was like the Beatles, we were mobbed after, it was wall to wall people...it was unbelievable, but we were idiots, we ran out and smoked cigarettes and marveled at the people's reaction, that would never happen again although our popularity was incredibly high in the weeks that followed, so high that I think I became a target for jealous bullies, that would dog me for the rest of the time I was in middle school and high school. I think that our band failed, because, we were not brave enough to sing, and not smart enough to make our our songs (we had no message, or no gripes to sing about, like "how about more kisses, not a mouthful of religious!"), plus we never tried to find places to play, and there were none that I know of. Sadly, I remember a number of females that appeared interested in me, but I was too shy, and didn't known what to say, embarrased about smoking, I didn't even know how to ask a female out, but asking females out never appeared to work, there always had to be a smoother way to access the crowd of people they were friends with to fit in without some kind of stark change in schedule, and for most people that is parties, were every body is together, and you can fit in with their friends, and potentially ask them out to dinner, or to a movie, or a party...prepare for rejection, and my advice is to serious think about how to get even a kiss, but ofcourse touching of genitals (with clear permission, or at least stop if there are objections) too. I think that a person that simply soberly asked people out on dates would be forging a new society, and although rejected at every turn, there is little doubt that some body would accept eventually, and then the opportunity for tit, or dick, depending on the person's preference would be higher.

I can tell you that non of the propoganda against tobacco, alcohol, or drugs (mostly there is propaganda against the abstract "drugs"), I always rejected as being gov't propoganda, and to candy-coated, or religious...I wish there were better messages that might have worked. Perhaps some focus on trying to find people to kiss, or have sex with (I am sure that would not pass the conservatives and religious), but some way of being realistic, promoting science, sobriety and sexuality.

So I would say that playing musical instruments in a band is a good hobby, but to suppliment life with other hobbies, perhaps regular excersize, (also non organized) sports, building robots or musical instruments, go carts, or furniture, forming atheist or shared values groups, mapping out the neighborhood in terms of religious nonreligious, do electronics, chemistry, etc...finding jobs at universities, making science videos, or history of evolution videos. I remember when I was young I went through all kinds of healthy phases, I wanted to make a music group to sing the Bay City Rollers, "Saturday Night", I wanted to perform the plays of Aesop's fables, I played an idiot game where I would hit a tape ball with a pencil and made vast baseball leagues with tiny seseme street dolls, each with a team named after a soda, the Mountain Dews, the Dr Peppers, ...I remember being actively trying to do many things, I tried to build a guitar, a go cart, a chemistry lab, computer games, I only wish I had been coached on how to get dates with females, and how to kiss them, and eventually touch their boobs. There are millions of things to do that I have not thought of, but somebody has to end tis drug war, somebody has to stop violence, somebody has to teach science, and question religion, somebody has to tell about what happens to life in the next thousands of years, ...there are many things that need to be done, but that also are fun to do. I used to be interested in money and banking too, I would make tiny savings accounts, and store away some change each week, ofcourse, then my no good brother borrowed money and never paid me back and I learned a lesson there about bad credit. But I was thinking recently that what if I had taken an allowance of $10 or whatever, and instead of buying weed had saved up and bought stock?! I am not sure that young people can own property or buy stock, but that would be awesome, tracking your portfolio, ... because in 30 years, for example, $500 invested in Bank of America (or probably most banks) could be something like $10,000 or more. Figure an average gain of 10% a year over 30 years. I figured out that if a person had 1/4 million saved, they could live with 40,000/year on interest of 6.25% (which you can find in some REITs, some savings accounts have 3% and so you would need 1/2 a million to live forever on 40,000/year without working a day in your life after you reach 1/2 a million in savings).

The drug war has show us that it's possible to lock a million ppl in prison, so i think this can be applied to violent crime too; we can jail all the assaulters. Violence is obviously worse than drug use. Ofcourse we have to remember that these are violent offenders and may not go as easily as the drug offenders, but still, i think eradicating violence by jailing the many ppl that assault is clearly possible.

Do you vote for a homicide law? I do. Ok, i guess that law will not be enforced for those homicides in afghanistan and iraq, but how about here in usa? Ofcourse, the wealthy leaders all understand that we have to enforce the homicide law, we have to punish ppl we know have done homicides. But what about noncitizens? Enforce the homicide for non-us citizens? I vote yes. But we know the reality, for the wealthy that move ppl in police, there may not be enough money, or influence.

Now, what about an assault law. When you look over the earth,and usa, do you agree with me, that we need an assault law, and that we need to enforce that assault law? .... even in the camera net? Do we need to enforce the assault laws even in the camera nets? I vote yea, what say yee?

Can you imagine an 'assault free america'? The Ppl that made a homicide and an assault law were kind of visionary...a planet free of homicide and assault...truly an unrealistic dream, but yet, that appears to be the goal...no matter how ppl accept violence.

In the nets, ppl see assaults like they see water, perhaps only a tiny per cent are actually punished, mainly because of the all powerful policy of not exposing the hidden cameras. That is an amazing policy! Ppl that kill and beat rome free, all because they 'can't comprimise their security' system! Eventually, for the worst of the homicides, they finally arrest the person [not cesar or sturgis, but others], and then try to put together evidence they actually can use in a court. This system is mind numbingly inefficient compared to using public cameras, even on streets alone.