SVF, Stop Violence Foundation
The Stop Violence Foundation (SVF) is a foundation dedicated to stopping violence on planet earth and all future locations life grows.

NOP, Nonviolent Out of Prison
Nonviolent Out of Prison, NOP, is a group of people dedicated to the release of most nonviolent humans from prisons, and other buildings, with an emphasis on victims of drug, prostitution, psychiatric, information and speech arrests. In addition this group seeks to enact popular laws to make humane living conditions for those people and other species currently contained in prisons, hospitals or other buildings.

PST, People for Seeing and Hearing Thought
People for Seeing and Hearing Thought (PST), is a group of people that promotes the open education, scientific research, explanation and free trade of machines that see and hear thought.

FACD, Full and Constant Democracy Party (and PFFACD People For Full And Constant Democracy)
The "Full and Constant Democracy" Party, is a group of people that supports government run strictly by majority vote, available to all humans, and constantly recorded. One such system supported is voting over the Internet in a method similar to a credit card purchase.

CFIG, Complete Freedom of all Information Group
CFIG, the "Complete Freedom of all Information Group" supports laws limiting and overturning any restriction on free information, such as those of copyright, patent, privacy, child pornography, images of graphic violence, images violating national or planetary security, etc. In particular, CFIG supports the idea, in the interest of identifying who on earth is doing violence, that we cannot identify and imprison those doing violent crime if we are going to be imprisoned for owning or seeing images of such crimes. CFIG asks people to remember that a violent crime is the big evil, not the recorded image of the violent crime, which may help to capture the person who did violence. CFIG supports simple street cameras that the public can see, which would help to solve 7 of 10 homicides with no loss of inside-house privacy, and these minature cameras may already exist there, but seen only by powerful insider eyes only, so free info can only help to bring what remains of justice for the victims of violence and stop violent people before they do violence again.

PBJ, Particle Beam Justice
PBJ, the "Particle Beam Justice" group supports laws seeking to punish, restrict the freedoms of, and monitarily penalize those people living or dead who used, paid for, or successfully ordered other people to use, particle beams to murder, assault, and/or molest (including writing unpleasant, violent, suicidal or purposely misleading suggestions on to) any person in a way which was not in self defense, defense of another victim of violence or molestation, or equal punishment for an act of violence or molestation. A proposed fine of $100 per second of molestation or the amount of money they were paid for the molestation whichever is larger, $500 per second of assault or the same amount of money that they were paid for the assault whichever is larger, $10,000 per murder or the same amount of money that they were paid for the murder whichever is larger. All money is to be paid directly to the victim, unless the victim is no longer alive, in which case, the money is to be paid directly to the beneficiaries of the victim. Beyond this, all living victims and relatives of victims must have free access to see the images, and thoughts of all those involved in an act of particle beam violence or nonviolent molestation at the expense of the neuron providing companies and the owner of the particle beam equipment used in the crime. In addition, we seek a general monetary penalty to be paid by all those who watched excluded people to the excluded people they watched. This fine is initially $0.01/second of watching the excluded. The neuron provider must surrender any and all money gained from people watching the excluded person directly to the excluded person. Another version of this has the neuron reading and writing provider only paying a percentage of income received for providing videos of excluded people without their permission and in clear violation of known privacy law. Our hope is to embrace full freedom of information for all, and to identify, punish, and lower the wealth of those who use particle beams to do violence and/or to nonviolently molest, and to compensate the victims.