President of Earth

Film Summary

Length (minutes) Description
0 Speech from Most Popular (President) of Planet Earth
5 President of USA speech to planet
10 Comments from news, mate of president, famous people
15 female and male in room receive report to evacuate area
20 earth government connection
25 female 0 and male 0 contact other local government leaders
30 robot turns wheel of vehicle containing female 0 and male 0 with local group to national country border escaping mass arrests
35 flying over border line arriving at space port
40 good leaders finding bloody robots
45 earth govt data about evil leader god and gog, report finding robot president, god abord military space station
50 evil defense of god army evaluating earth government
55 arriving at spaceport/currency machine
60 take off and separation to moon
65 pursuit to moon/landing in moon city
70 in seed bank on moon/incoming explosions
75 female 0 and male 0 are both captured on the moon
80 Robot saves female 0 and both escape to a mars shuttle
85 Male 0 taken back to the new moon psychological building
90 Female 0 on transport/memories of love
95 ship to mars city/meeting solar system govt leaders
100 finding president alive with family on Phobos
105 Jupiter, Mars, Venus, earth democratic people, robots, and ships prepare for recapture back to democracy earth moon and then earth
110 robots fight other robots, any human in ship that fires is swarmed on and killed or captured. battles on moon reolved, robots tranquilize violent species, humans imprisoned for life
115 female 0 frees male 0 drugged and tied to a table/bed
120 star system democracy ships descend in to earth atmosphere
125 battle on earth
130 battles on earth won, travelling to space station
135 infiltrating god space station, robot fight, capturing god human(s)
140 back on earth, main group and president of earth house property safe again
145 president speech


0 shooting of president
(The earth and moon appear in front of the sun. The camera zooms out to reveal the president of the solar system government monitoring the video signals from the planets of this star system. He talks with a female:
Most popular/President of Star 0L "With the start of another earth year so close I am looking forward to seeing what human will be the most popular human on planet earth."

female: "The recorded events of the matter orbiting this star continue to accumulate, the recent growth of living developments on the moons of the Jovian planets reaching as far from the sun as the robot outposts outside the orbit of Pluto shows much promise for the growth of peaceful life."

male: "The steady stream of this star 0 vehicles leaving to transmit images of the matter rotating the nearest stars lets me relax, knowing that there will always be new images awaiting the young humans of this star."

female: "Do you want to watch this?..."

male: "yes. What else is happening in the star system?

Female: "The rest of the planets and moons are reporting the same major events, there is science versus religious conflict on earth and the most popular human, Besin320 is losing popularity."

male: "Besin has such high ratings for science, honesty, nonviolence, products and beauty that this must be a rise in the religious movement."

female (breast feeding): "yes, Besin and the other most popular have the best ideas for life of that planet. He is still younger than average and may some time pass the popularity of the most popular of the star system. "

male: "Jol has has less events of anger and if the humans of earth are smart, Jol will become most popular."

female: "Jol is viewed as not as exciting, plus female humans have been traditionally less popular."

male: "The competition is close, the other hemisphere of earth has Silovson as most popular, Besin may loose most popular of planet and have to settle for most popular of american hemisphere."

female: "Silovson is not as tolerant as Besin, and a majority of what Silovson says is copied from Besin."

male: "The two share many of the same ideas, the origin of these ideas may not be from Besin."

[The camera zooms in on the screen with the image of the earth and earth moon zooming in to the surface of the planet earth. The sound of hovering vehicles fly over the president at this house, loud powerful music plays. Two lanes of crossing hovering vehicles pass nearby above the president. The presiednt appears on the screen in a house. There are large crowds of mixed humans surrounding the humans, cameras and robots. Hovering veihcles circle around the most popular human filming from above. Earth network, wireless internet, film cameras are positioned all around most popular human. Behind the most popular presiednt human in descending order, starting with an image of the known universe, next the virgo cluster, then Milky Way galaxy, the image of the a group of local stars, the star system, followed by a current image of the planet earth. On both sides of the Milky way galaxy will be similar Virgo Cluster galaxy images of Andromeda galaxy, Fornax galaxies, Magelleanic clouds. On both sides of star system image will be similar single, doubg, triple star systems such as Barnard's system, Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, etc... Under the large image of planet Earth are two current images of both hemispheres of the planet earth. On screens next to the president are the most popular from each part of the planet earth. Each humans is the most popular of a particular sector, and each secot is shown. Also in view are current images of the most popular organisms of each major species. The president stands open to the cameras and begins speaking (in the background robots/humans quietly translations in many different languages can be heard.)

Most popular (president) of planet earth: "No nude war, no drug war!"

humans cheer, and say "no nude war., no drug war, no nude war..."

president: "Stop violence, teach science"

humans cheer

president "" You made me the most popular. You made a clear choice to stop all physical violence against humans and the other higher order species, to let all drugs be bought and sold without arrests, to allow human nudity and sex in every part of planet earth. You are voting to continue science, free trade, engineering of the earth and earth moon, and the continuing sending of robots and ships to other planets and stars. Humans on earth are leading the star system in science and exploration. Life started here, trillions of species were born, lived, and died here. Humans of the other planets and moons look to the humans of planet earth for wisdom. Now with the problems of violence and antisexuality coming to a close, the planet earth will be safe for humans to visit. The end of privacy, secrecy, copyrights and patents has allowed the data systems of planet earth to compete again with the data systems of the other planets. Now humans of earth can buy and sell objects on other planets and humans from other planets can buy and sell objects on planet earth with out any paper money, or plastic cards. Together, you and I brought violence down less than 10,000 humans killed, and only 200,000 physicall attacked last year. We stopped the locking of nonviolent humans in jails and hospitals, including the drug and nude arrests. We have made voting at any time from any location more easy. We have put stopping damage and pain as the highest value. We support science, and speak out against but always tolerate religion. We tolerate bisexuality. We are for free trade of all data.

We are keeping science more popular than religion, and the main focus of life of earth. I helped to make a single planet 10% income tax, and stopped all other nation, state and providence and city taxes. This money was voted out of the war on drugs and the war on sex for money and put in to the war against violence and damage. This money was voted to go to free products and services for the minimum needs for life of earth like free water and bread available to all main species on earth. Now there are free apartments with toilets, showers, soap, hot and cold clean running water, electricity, refridgerators, and free access to earth network. This money was voted to engineer the earth, with photon powered vehicles, transportation systems, using science to make sure all species survive, feel no pain, have enough enough space to move. This money is for stopping violence between living objects, for free education, to build robots and machines for dull and heavy labor, the stopping of property destruction, uncontrolled fires, containing viruses, floods meteor impacts and radioactive matter.

Ever since the first votes were counted for the most popular of earth, and the start of instant democracy less than 100 years before now, and even before, humans have supported democracy. Most of the old national prisons are now only museums and free houses replaced by planetary prisons that reflect the popular star system prison design. Now these prisons are for violent humans only. No nonviolent species should ever be tied or locked in a jail or hospital with no consent. The earth planetary data network, is now free for all data, any images and sounds. This is true for all wireless systems also. When I am looking over the planet, the vast lbue oceans of liquid water, the irrigated land that reveal the best ideas life has to offer, I am some times silent with awe and swell with emotion when I realize how sinmple the changes humans made are, and the profound damage that happened in the past until the earth democracy was made. Every part of the earth has been engineered by humans. The need to make the best use of matter and space for all the species has made humans reconstruct the oceans and land to the most popular, smartest order. Humans are using machines to track each living and nonliving object. Calculating how much air, food and water each living object will need on earth. These calculations are important on other planets and on all matter that orbits this star, but on earth the limited space and larger numbers of living objects, in addition to the important historical objects makes these calculations more important.

If not for the earth democracy, the machines that hear thought would still be secret.

The president of the star system said to me: "Why do live in the earth system? Earth is the most violent planet of the star system, full of religious and antisexual humans, you have offers to move to the businesses and universities of planet Mars, Venus , Jupiter and the largest star orbit stations. Why punish your self by living on planet earth?", and I said ""life started on earth, the earth is a beautiful place, humans can live outside without xir containers. I like having the moon of earth this close. There are more humans and other species in the earth system than any other planet. For those reasons and more, I choose to live on and in orbit of planet earth. "
4th most popular "The President of the USA government has ordered a state of emergency and is imposing military law in the USA. The US military is moving to occupy the major cities of the United States. "

(humans run and scream, POE local popular humans move to ships-helicopters?)

1st most popular (POE) (walking fast): "How many humans and robots?"

6th most popular: "This is the entire United States Military, perhaps 50 million humans, 70 million robots, 100 thousand jets, although a minimum of 1/3 have refused to follow, there are minor gun battles where humans are being arrested"

3rd most popular (on screen): "The humans in the earth democratic defense have been fired on, and there are major armed conflicts in all the major cities. Tanks are rolling in to Los Angeles and have entered NYC..."

4: "This is a complete conservative (religious) take over."

8: "This is the federal government trying to take back the old order."

(poe in helicopter)

2nd most popular (in Russian, Chinese, Hindu, German, French, or with English accent): "Humans in the Earth defense are not even capturing violent humans, the momentum is clearly with the US military, there is too much destruction to stop. "

5th most popular human: "The humans in NYC have pulled out, we are pulling out here in Chicago...the US military has more weapons, and are attacking, there is not enough time for capturing the humans firing fast enough, and killing is too destructive. There will be millions of humans killed and damaged if some resolution does not happen in the next hours."

2: "You are not safe there, leave the USA until the violence stops. The earth defense will identify and capture all humans involved. The humans in this hemisphere are prepared to stop any and all violence. You will be more safe in this hemisphere. This is a trajedy for planet earth."

poe: ""Igive me the live image of the President of the USA"

human on screen: "The camera lines have been cut and the wireless is scrambled, there is only a satellite image of the White House."

11: "Some humans have escaped to Canada, Mexico and other parts of earth..."

8th: "Already the killed human count is in the (tens of) thousands"

1st: " This is a serious loss, but there is no chance of this group ending the star system democracy..."
8: "The President of the USA is speaking now..."

President of the USA: "By now you all know that I have declared a national emergency. I did not want this to happen, but had no other choice. What is happening is God's will. We are all united under God. God is punishing the perverted president and the lawless people of the new government. The most popular system of government is a threat to marriage and traditional family values. What these people are doing is insane. They are selling drugs and alcohol to children, pornography litters the planet. These people are a threat to privacy and security.

I know you may be troubled by this action. We have to have faith that this is the right thing to do. We don't want to be part of a planetary government and loose the great American tradition. We don't want those people controlling our lives. We have to restore law and order to our country, to our planet, and to our star.

I have declared a state of military emergency in the USA. All borders have been sealed. I am making a 6 PM curfew until there is order and the streets are safe again. In a few weeks, if everything goes well, we can lower these restrictions and put this aweful chapter behind us."