President of Earth

Film Summary

Length (minutes) Description
0 Shooting of President of Planet Earth
5 God's victory speech to planet
10 Comments from news, mate of president, famous people
15 female and male in room receive report to evacuate area
20 earth government connection
25 Earth Government finds bloody robots
30 earth govt data about evil leader god and gog, report finding robot president, god abord military space station, evaluate earth government
35 arriving at spaceport
40 take off and separation to moon
45 pursuit to moon/landing in moon city
50 in seed bank on moon/incoming explosions
55 female 0 and male 0 are both captured on the moon
60 Robot saves female 0 and both escape to a mars shuttle
65 Male 0 taken back to the new moon psychological building
) 70 Female 0 on transport/memories of love
75 Gog/UN gets report from moon
80 Ship to Mars City/Solar System Most Popular (Gov) Humans
90 Finding President alive on Mars/Mars most popular prepare to take earth back
100 Jupiter, Mars, Venus, earth democratic people, robots, and ships prepare for recapture back to democracy earth moon and then earth
110 Moon War. robots fight other robots, any human in ship that fires is swarmed on and killed or captured. battles on moon resolved, robots tranquilize violent species, humans imprisoned for life
115 female 0 frees male 0 drugged and tied to a table/bed
120 Preparing for Earth War 125 star system democracy ships descend in to earth atmosphere
130 Earth hemisphere 0 ground war
135 Earth hemisphere 1 air war
140 Earth hemisphere 1 ground war
145 battles on earth won, gog leader humans leave on ship
150 infiltrating god space station, robot fight, capturing god human(s)
155 back on earth, main group and president of earth house property safe again
160 president speech


0 shooting of president
(The earth and moon appear in front of the sun. The camera zooms out to reveal the president of the solar system government monitoring the video signals from the planets of this star system. He talks with a female:
Most popular/President of Star 0L "With the start of another earth year so close I am looking forward to seeing what human will be the most popular human on planet earth."

female: "The recorded events of the matter orbiting this star continue to accumulate, the recent growth of living developments on the moons of the Jovian planets reaching as far from the sun as the robot outposts outside the orbit of Pluto shows much promise for the growth of peaceful life."

male: "The steady stream of this star 0 vehicles leaving to transmit images of the matter rotating the nearest stars lets me relax, knowing that there will always be new images awaiting the young humans of this star."

female: "Do you want to watch this?..."

male: "yes. What else is happening in the star system?"

Female: "The rest of the planets and moons are reporting the same major events, the earth election is gathering much attention."

pres of star system: "Atom Green is the clear popular choice on earth."

female human (breast feeding): "Yes, he is determined, and has some of the best ideas for life on the planet. He may someday rival the illustrious reign of the President of Mars."

female humans "president Sadan? ... unlikely..."

p of star: "Green is a good human, an unquestionable leader for peaceful life."

female: "The competition is very close with the most popular human on the other half of the planet, in the center of the old Russian sectors. brown may have to settle for ruling one hald of the planet earth."

p o s: "I don't think that Silovson is as tolerant as Green, many of his policies simply mimic Green's."

female: "it is unclear...the two share many of the same ideas."

[The camera zooms in on the screen with the image of the earth and earth moon zooming in to the surface of the planet earth. The sound of hovering vehicles fly over the president at his house, loud powerful music plays. Two lanes of crossing hovering vehicles pass nearby above the president. The presiednt appears on the screen in a house. There are large crowds of mixed humans surrounding the humans, cameras and robots. Hovering veihcles circle around the most popular human filming from above. Earth wired and wireless network, film cameras are positioned all around most popular human. Behind the most popular president human in descending order, starting with an image of the known universe, next the virgo cluster, then Milky Way galaxy, the image of the a group of local stars, the star system, followed by a current image of the planet earth. On both sides of the Milky way galaxy will be similar Virgo Cluster galaxy images of Andromeda galaxy, Fornax galaxies, Magelleanic clouds. On both sides of star system image will be similar single, doubg, triple star systems such as Barnard's system, Tau Ceti, Alpha Centauri, etc... Under the large image of planet Earth are two current images of both hemispheres of the planet earth. On screens next to the president are the most popular from each part of the planet earth. Each humans is the most popular of a particular sector, and each secot is shown. Also in view are current (live) images of the most popular organisms of each major species. The president stands open to the cameras and begins speaking (in the background robots/humans quietly translations in many different languages can be heard.)

poe: "No nude law!"

crowd: "no nude law!"

poe: "No drug law!"

crowd: "no drug law!"

humans cheer, and say "no nude law., no drug law, no nude law..."

president: "You elected me president of planet earth to make a clear choice to stop all physical violence against humans and other higher order species, to legalize the purchase and sale of all drugs, medicines and alcohols for the free and open earth market, and to allow humans nudity and sex in every location in the volume of this planet system. You elected a human that will continue science, evolution, education, development of the earth and earth moon, and the interplanetary and intersteller satellites and transports of earth.

I am the human that released all of the nonviolent humans from prison. I am the human that forced the earth defense to arrest physically violent humans, and stop property theft. I stopped all traffic stops and traffic tickets. I gave each human the right to their own body and 1 meter of space. No other humans will. I established the new set of laws for the planet earth and reinforced the universally accepted physical laws that best describe the universe and followed by the government of this universe, the virgo cluster, all known star systems of the Milky Way Galaxy, and the governments that rule the planets in this star system.

I put science back into the main focus of life on earth. I removed religion from the government and references to god or gods from all earth money. i establish this global government and global paper money, and remove all taxes to make 1 equal 10% income tax for every human. This income has been refocused to exploration of the entire universe, exploration of the closest stars, the development of the growing cities on the moons and planets of this star system, the physical needs of life on the planet earth, the stopping of violence between living organisms, the free education for all intelligent life, robot and machine development, the stopping of property destruction, unnecessary explosives and explosion events, uncontrolled fires, containment of viruses, unstable atoms, flood, meteor impact, and radioactive matter.

I established the first planetary vote for President of Earth and all popularly elected planetary leaders, building on and refining the preexisting national election methods. I made all drugs and medicines legal and available to every violent body in the earth prisons. I established the first earth prison. I refocused money being spent on the war on drugs nd prostitution to sciance and bodily freedom for the organisms on the earth.

I opened earth's planetary network for free unrestricted and uncensored exchange of information between all intelligent species. I stopped the censorship of movies, television, radio, newspapers and magazines. I opened the radio for data, music, free speech, science, for the most talented life earth has to offer. I am sometimes overcome with awe and swell with emotion when I realize how simple the changes I made are, and the profound damage that was happening to life in the past with the old government until the all unpopular laws could be voted down and more humane laws were voted in. No nonviolent organism should ever be tied or restrained by other organisms, and I am the only human that directly interceded and stopped this barbaric practice in every building and the complete volume of the planet earth..

I exposed and helped to develop the system to identify and monitor all living organisms from birth to total atomic decay. This system now tracks the origin and current locations of all dangerous objects, weapons, fissionable materials and explosives. I identified and stopped the spread of all viruses. I support the continued development of the moon cities, the life growing in orbit and on the surfaces of other planets of this star, and the fledgling interstellar space ships that are currently relaying images of the planets of the closest stars. I stopped the killing, attacking, and hunting of the higher order species; all primates, mammals, and endangered species.

I have nothing to hide, the current image of me is on the earth network, in full view of any body in the star system at all times. I showed you the secret video taped images of the murders of the great leaders of the past: JFK, Martin Luther King Jr, John Lennon, Itsak Rabin and Anwar Sadat to name a few.

I made all earth laws apply to all humans with no regard to age. Events of rape and touching without consent are happening less and are being stopped more than any time before now. I gave all species the freedom to speak and express themselves with sound up to 60 decibels in any location owned by the government or by themselves.

I removed religion and nationalism from all public earth schools. I provided free water and bread for all humans on this and other planets. I found the equation detailing how many trees and plants are necessary to sustain the ecosystem on earth and continue to make sure that the minimum requirements for life to continue are met. I replenished the ozone in the earth's upper atmosphere. I aided in the search for the first controlled fusion chain reaction, and the continuing search for life in other unexplored regions of the universe. I aided in the ease of mating for humans and the other higher order species.

While most humans did nothing or made the problems of life on this and other planets worse, I showed the widespread violence and dishonesty in major cities like Washington DC, San Paolo, Moscow, Bombay, Paris and Hong Kong to name a few. I opened the way for walking robots that translate. I introduced the popular international phonetic alphabet that has made one global language system for all humans.

I gave you free public apartments with toilets, showers, soap, hot and cold running water, electricity, and free access to the earth network. I stopped all property destruction and damage of government and non government property.

Protecting the many important artifacts of the past is an endless pursuit of scince that I value highly and will continue under my popularity."

And look at the results. Number of humans killed is down from 20,000 5 years before now to 17,000, a 30 percent drop. The number of violent assaults has fallen a mighty 45 percent. Our ideas are clearly working. We are stopping violence and make a better life for humans in the USA and the entire planet. The number of trade transactions reached an all time high this year, more people are making, selling and buying more products and services.

hispanic male human in front of screen: "Be careful of the caucasian male humans all dressed the same."

nubian female human in front of screen (worried): "Some of the crowd is grouping together..."

oriental male human: "..part of the crowd is moving forward...."

caucasian female: "ok..hold the humans moving forward..." "

male human "...humans in group 1 move robots to stop the humans moving forward in the crowd..."

robot: "One human with gun weapon less than 200 meters of president human...3 humans holding gun weapons less than 200 meters from president human...."

[a group of caucasian male humans in green" (black, or red white and blue, perhaps eblems of the earth, north america, the usa, crosses and/or stars of david, religious symbols) military uniforms with machine (or hand) guns enter the view and move to the stage. ]

female human ;"Tell the president to end the speech and retreat to his house..."

male human "President Green", you must stop your speech and retreat back into the house...more than 5 humans in the crowd have gun weapons...."

{President walks frame by frame from the cameras,...the action is very slow...]

(The loud sound of shouting can be heard moving closer and louder)

President (confused) "What's this...? ayyy..." [in very slow frame by frame motion from many different angles, most imges captured killing recorded]

[a group of humans fires 4 or 5 seconds of gun shots at the President and other humans on stage...]

[The President is shot, blood explodes from his head (humans shriek), he falls back against the screens and collapses. Most of the most popular have been killed. Humans run and the uniformed group takes over the area. Several seconds pass and the leader of the "army of god (USA, American gov, God government)" enters the picture with several green military uniformed and tie wearing humans carrying guns on both sides of the evil general leader Named God. Most of the humans in the crowd run away from the house, replaced by a new stream of same colored uniformed weaponed humans.]

5 God's victory speech to planet

Leader of the Government of God (National government, or religion government) in neck tie and blazer jacket (full suit): "People of earth....peace has been restored. I am the new president of earth." The family of God has blessed me and you. God bless America, and God bless the planet aerth. God has led me on a glorious journey to stop these evil people who use drugs and sell pornography. This country has always been a moral community and will continue to uphold the values our families have all grown up with. As your new leader, I am disbanding the planetary government and restoring the old national governments. This land, has always been, and always will be ruled by God. God has seen our struggle and has answered our prayers. What happened today is God's will. This signal will now be terminated until further notice. (Black for a second, audio of leader humans "remove the bodies and clean up this area....get these cameras out of here....", then the picture is pulled back to reveal a screen in a modern apartment. Two young humans sit on a couch moves around the room washing dishes. On a main wall there are multiple displays of humans and other species from around the planet. The robot also carries drinks and food in a small refrigeration compartment.

young male human: "no..."

young female human: "the president is dead"

10 comments from news and famous humans
[channel changes] news female human: "The President of Earth appears to have been killed, shot by members of the Government of God.
female (perhaps mate of poe): (sobbing..) "...this is a trajedy...Atom was a good human...he did so much for everybody and never hurt anybody...."
Star System most popular: "The star system government and the democratic governments of all the planets are expending all of their energy and resources to stop the recent killings and spread of nonviolent arrests.
[channel changes]
From the earth moon:
President of Moon (I am reporting from the earth moon, all life of earth must stay on earth, there is not enough space on the moon for the number of humans trying to leave planet earth. The food and water supplies are no where near as large here as on planet earth."
[channel changes]
Sex channel: (Rows of female and male humans on beds] "rows 10-20 make your selection now"
[channel changes]
From Mars:
President of Mars (pom): "The humans of planet Mars are prepared to defend planet earth according to the popular laws of this star system. A group of 100,000 humans and 200,000 robots are preparing to move in to earth orbit. There is more than adequate jail space on the ships from Mars and on the surface of planet Mars to house all violent humans.
[channel changes]
From Venus:
human: "There is no violence outside of the earth orbit. All satellites of this star from the orbit of Venus to the transmitting ship closest to the star indicate that the rate of violent death outside of earth orbit is staying at the low average."
[channel changes]
science channel
Special on the study of evolution
[channel changes]
Nude and Sex channel censored by new military government
[channel changes]
drug dea army swat teams break into marijuana growing facilities and into the fields in south america knocking over flower pots and burning marijuana fields...
[channel changes]
from Canada
human: "There is conflict between the popular government and the national governments (united nations/nato)..."
[channel changes]
[channel changes]
video phone message: "message from Shing Chen"
message: "A wave of violent arrests has entered this sector [city/32nd/16th]...people are being arrested, the most popular are telling people to leave the area immediately."
[channel changes]
humans: "I think he deserved it.."
[channel changes]
"This apparent homocide is really just another killing of a peaceful person"
[channel changes]
talk show: "How much money would it take to get you to kill?...."
[channel change]
"How can we be sure these images are real, I was not there...."
[channel changes]
human thinks out: "I think this might be a good direction for the country to go in...what do you think?..."
human in audience "It might stop people from using drugs..."
[channel changes]
"...part of the problem is that the earth democracy is not as armed (or as violent) as the old national planetary government is..."
[channel changes]
video phone: "message from mother"
older female human on video phone, "I heard of the violence near you, I think you should move here for some time...."
male human: "No way...I have to leave the planet, ...the earth is too dangerous now..."
video call: "message"
map indicates from NYC
human (possibly with bong/or drugs): "Photon, you have to get out of there, groups of uniformed (US millitary) humans are arresting people in your volume of space (area)."
male (to female): "We have to go..."
15 Female and male in room get report to evacuate area (worry about being safe)
(The main screen on the wall changes to the President of the Western Hemisphere"...An older humans is on the screen.."
President of Eastern half of Planet Earth (euro/russo/asio/indio/africo male human poeh): "I am still alive in the eastern half of the earth, and have image and sound contact with the two most popular humans in the North and South halves of this hemisphere (3d graphic on screen). Both humans confirm no reports of violence against any higher order species of life in these two quarters. When the army of god (national government) stopped the signal linking me to the President of Earth location, they also destroyed the main cables connecting the two hemispheres of the planet, until the cut lines can be repaired, we will have to use satellite communications. The humans that killed most popular humans must be identified, captured, and locked in a prison. The drug arrests, anti sexuality, and violence must stay in the past. "
[An image of a female human crackles on]
Ppresident of planet half 0 female 1: "I see you, you and I are connected through an alternate fiber cable, and earth government satellites. You are now the most popular human on earth. At least 8 humans are confirmed dead, this includes the former most popular, and 8th most popular.  Uniformed armies of antidrug and antisex humans are making arrests and causing damage. Approximately 50 violent events every second are happening in some areas. "
[behind this female human images of two more humans appear]
President of Earth Quarter 3 and Earth Quarter 4 appear:
[african male and hispanic female human]
male : "...I have a connection...."
female: (watching screen with police stops) "..There is a major violent movement in the Los Angeles area, growing from the location where the President was killed. There are arrests for drugs, prostitution, public disturbance, and other nonviolent or free speech laws..."
male human: "There are 10 to 20 groups of violent areas on the east coast of the americas (the old United States)..."
[Presidents of earth eighth 4 (north pacifica ocean, western canada, mexico, western usa), eighth 5 (New York, England, Spain, Western Afican coast), eigth 6 (South Pacific ocean), and eigth 7 (South America)
human: "There have been more than 10,000 arrests and 4 to 5,000 violent events since the killing of the most popular....humans are being stored in federal prisons and hospitals...."
[Presidents of Earth Eighth 0 (Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Italy, Moscow, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Eastern Africa, India, Western China), Eighth 1 (China, Japan, Russia), Eigth 2 (Southern Africa) and Eight 3 (Australia, New Zealand, indian Ocean)]
human: "The army of god has captured a number of earth government prisons, and has released a number of violent humans, enlisting these humans in their army."
humans: "Hundreds of the most violent humans have escaped confinement..."
male 0 (photon): "You and I have to go now..."
female 0: "Where though?..."
male 0: "I have no idea...the moon might be more safe"
female: "the moon is overcrowded...[you heard the president of the moon (insert name)]."
male: "That is a risk we will have to take...."
[young male moves to mirror safe touches and safe opens. male pulls out suitcase out of closet and opens on bed. Male human throws money (and/or clothes) into suitcase. (or perhaps robot does)]
(male 0: "I will need to exchange this...(money)" )
[female 0 opens face recognize safe on other side]
female 0: "Going to the moon is expensive...I will have to use credit..."
male 0: "We will have enough..."
female 0: "What if the moon ports have been closed by the military (army of god, federal government)?"
male 0: "You and I will have to take that chance. I will be in constant contact with the earth network..."
female 0: "The (humans in the) federal government (army of god) will follow us or any popular people no matter where we go...."
male 0: "There should be security locks in place to protect us from humans with metal weapons, explosives."
human on screen: "this sector is being overrun by violent life..."
male 0 [to robot]: "follow me..."
[The three leave thru door and onto roof where hovercar is. The robot sits inthe movement control seat. in the back of the vehicle the two turn on the electronic displays.]
Photon: [testing the elctronic translator on video phone link] "hello" (or "test" or "check") ..." [the hand held computer answers in various languages]
[male 0 and female 0 take off in the vehicleshowing an earth license plate as the vehicle speeds away.."
[ted music starts - and that rocks of course]
[local group]
[male 0 in vehicle uses hand computer to call local friends]
male 1: [from wall image] "There is a safe location in the seed banks in moon colony 8, let me try to contact the president of the area..."
[image on wall] female: "yes?..."
male 0: "Will the refugees in the North Western overrun sectors be safe in the main seed bank holding area in moon city 89?"
President of moon city 89: "relative to your current location, yes...can the humans in the overrun sectors be moved to a different sector on earth?"
female 0: "There are a few hundred humans [and other species], the data they are carrying is very important. The army of god [federal government/united nations] is drawing closer every second, until these violent humans are stopped, the earth moon is the nearest safest place.
president of moon city: "ok...there is space here for no more than 800 humans [primates]. I can meet you at the main space port in Moon City 89"
[image changes to african male human watching screen of news, leaving with uniformed humans after the human. rap drums kind of music starts. Female and male human in hover car(vehicle)]
male human: "that was close enough..."
female: "where are we going to go?"
male human: "maybe New York or Europe..."
[image changes to two (or more) humans mexico]
[image changes to two (or more) humans sf]
[NYC music plays]
[human rushes in on two humans in bed/dressing]
human: "humans in uniforms have entered the building....everybody has to go from the roof..."
female: "hurry!..."
[Uniformed humans chase down and pull over cars....]
female 0: [looking at screen/display] "here is space port 1428 on the local map"
photon : [to robot] "go south to space port 1428"
robot: "ok"
female 0: "more speed " ("faster!", or "speed up!")
robot: "ok" (or "more speed")
(photon: "go over the stop lights..."
robot: "go over the stop lights..." (or "ok"))
On screen: "The US space ports have been captured by government of god humans, we have to go over the old Mexico US border"
 female 0: "Do you have enough fuel to get over the old border line?"
robot: "There is enough fuel for final destination of Space Port 546"
photon: (to robot): "How much fuel"?
robot: "20 kg of matter"
[Some of humans fleeing over border are captured (exploded, killed?)]
on screen: "Strip clubs, sex and homosexual bars are being shut down...tens of thousands have been arrested in NYC...there are numerous drug arrests of humans that were captured on film touching marijuana 30 and 40 years before now."
[change to Government of God/United Nations]
AOG leader to AOG leader2: "Do you have a current image of the remaining most popular democratic earth government leaders?"
AOG human 2 (russian/asian/european): "yes they are still transmitting..."
AOG leader: "good, let me see the 2 hemisphere leaders"
AOG leader2: "Track the location of each human retreating to other countries..."
AOG human: (hispanic) "We have only captured 30,000 of the 50,000 space ports...the rest may still be operational..."
AOG human (catholic religious human): "What is the current count of democratic government money?"
(touches screen and image of caucasian male in suit and tie appears)
"We have taken most of europe and are marching in to Russia to meet the Russian troops."

"The earth democratic government has fallen to the Republic of China military in China"
gog leader human: "excellent, the earth will be ours again"
human on screen: "The prisons are getting full, we will need to build more prisons at this rate...."
spiratual/religious advisor human: [on screen] "These people would take away Santa Claus, easter, halloween, angels, spirits, spirituality, divine mysticism, horoscopes, fortune telling, palm reading, tarot card reading,...think of the money that would be lost..."
human on screen: "These people are lawless, immoral...before the government of God there was total respect for God, sexual perversion, junkies in ever major park, lunatics worshiped like gods..."
gog leader human: "prepare the shuttle, we can get a better position of the earth from earth orbit and prepare to recapture the moon"
20 Earth Government Connection
[President of half 0 (Asia) and rest of most popular earth democratic group on wall screens]
[Identify and Capture humans doing violence center are locations where cameras are linked with smart computer programs that: 1) identify violent events this is done mainly by smart programs that watch cameras, also processes messages from other humans 2) identify the humans/bodies (also for other species and natural catastrophes) casuing the violence, and send commands/info to local humans and the main earth (stop violence group) computers. 3) Humans/and some times robots that get the info/advice send robots and or humans to capture the humans causing violence/to stop the damage.
This scene shows that there are too many violent events to stop, and the number of robots and humans are outnumbered, although do succeed in stopping large amounts of violence temporarily - for 2 to 3 hours, but eventually are overrun, and many of the central computers and robots are destroy, and the humans captured and imprisoned. ]
President half 0: "The earth democratic government has collapsed. The national armies have complete control of the planet. All that remains is to extinguish revolts and any final resistence."
President of half 1: "There is also some underground ocean movement...some violence in the ocean cities has spread from the violence in Western North America. We have to get off this planet or go under ground inside the earth."
male human: (in French translated to english) "The popular controls are still together in Europe, but there is no chance of winning at this time. We have to retreat to outer orbit."
[images of humans in earth government being captured by military humans on screen]
female human: (in russian translated to english) "I am getting important news...the Russian and Chinese sectors have fallen to the national governments and there is growing support for the restoration of the old national governments."
male human (asian): "I am confirming that report. A number of drugs have been declared illegal, drug and sex for money arrests number in the thousands, thousands of humans are being labelled with psychiatric disorders and being locked in hostpials....this is back to the military state..."
human: "this may set life of earth back for centuries..."
human: "Most of this is not being shown to the majority of humans....this is half the problem...if every body could see, I doubt the national democraies could get away with this kind of violence and persecution...."
human (hispanic): "The old holidays and AD calendar has been restored in the government schools, the national themes and anthems are being played in the government schools"
female human (african): "The national governments have captured the major ports and cities of Africa, there are thousands of violent events and arrests..."
male human (india): "India has fallen to the army of god (united nations)...humans with past events of sexuality are being hand cuffed and detained."
(male human (africa): "the number of sex events is decreasing, ... typical of the religious humans...sexual humans are being punished and sex is being stopped...")
human: "The number of human on human violent events is 2 to 3 hundred times above the average..."
human: "The slaughter of higher order species for food has increased to 4 or 5 times the average"
25 Earth Government humans find bloody robots
[In an underground tunnel, a group of humans and robots open a large vault door, with the text Sector (825,2120,3020) [(225 x 100 )]
female human: "This is the closest tunnel. The body is supposed to be above here. Start the robot drill."
male human: "This should only take a few minutes, the tomb is less than a meter away."
[The drill breaks through a concrete floor into the crypt. A female and male slip thru the drilled hole, high power lights are passed thru the hole to the two. They move to the crypt and open it to reveal a body bag. Male human unties bag, and pulls down to reveal face of dead President.]
female: "..uh.."
male human: "This is the president..."
female human: "ok help me move the body..."
[the two carry the president in the bag out on to a moving bed]
[the camera backs out to reveal the body of the President in the examination room. Some people and cameras stand over the body and do an xray...the xray reveals that the body has a mechanical interior.]
[Hundreds of cameras are present and other humans watch on behind thick clear plastic.]
Doctor human: ...(laughs)..."I have never seen any thing like this...."
[news story on finding the robot]
camera from robot lab human explaining robot design...
30 Earth Government data on evil leaders and Gog
[The east and west hemisphere presidents are connected in a large teleconference with the rest of the remaining sector government. A large spherical map of the earth is divided into sector degree grid lines. With violent area in black or red. There are also many displays visible similar to the president of earth display]
department of government, defense of god
[visual pyramid of pictures under text "defense of god"]
[local group of humans]
"These are some of the most evil of the collection of life in the universe. They are incapable of sensitivity and fill the living spectrum like a viral plague that appears with no trace, a sudden random spread of violence with a definite single origin, but no explanation, or method of prediction."
(evil leader "God") planetary power
humans killed 456
higher order species killed 25600
humans attacked 8000
(Evil planet half 0 leader "Z")
projectile weapons fired at human 28000
events of projectile weapons aimed at human 200,000+
[local most popular (gov) group]
human: "The highest number of violent events focused on the drug war. The humans with the most arrests are shown here. These four are the most popular (zealous) of the anti drug police. Two male humans and two female humans."
female human (with orange hair): "Each drug is shown here, the marijuana arrests make up the bulk of the arrests, followed by cocaine, crack, heroin, amphetimines, mushrooms, and LSD."
humans "The life that follows God have access like every body else to the thought and camera networks. These people are sending images and sounds to the brains of millions of humans. Some humans have been killed by photons in the xray."
human :
nonviolent humans locked in hospitals: 5,000,000+
locked in hospitals: 2,000,000+
[arriving at the space port]
[aerial view of the local group humans running to the space port]
[The space port has large runway strips and 20 to 30 large white moon transport shuttles can be seen. The transports sit on larger reusable fuel planes that lift the shuttle a few kilometers from the surface of the planet, allowing the shuttle to reserve all fuel for the flight to the earth orbits, the moon of earth, and other star orbits]
35 Arriving at Space/Moon Port
[the local group enter the space port to find a mobbed crowd]
[The humans check to see how to get to the next moon shuttle and run in that direction]
[uniformed humans enter the port and chase the local group most popular humans]
[The main local group humans walk thru the face/body/DNA recognition security checkpoint, push a button (or say "ok") to pay for the flight, and escape on to a shuttle.]
[the humans in uniforms are stopped at the body/dna recognition check point, and destroy the door]
[The shuttle separates and moves down the runway]
male human in uniform: (spanish translated to english) "Stop that shuttle, this is an order from the President"
flight/ticket sales female human: (spanish translated to english) "This is a democratic space port..."
male human: "arrest this woman (for obstruction of justice)..."
40 Take Off and Separation to Earth Moon
[The shuttle lifts in to the air. The window shows the atmosphere thinning as the shuttle rises into the upper atmosphere]
female 0: (looking out window) "that was heart is pounding"
photon: "we will be safe on the moon"
female 0: "How can you be sure?"
speaker: "Prepare for shuttle separation"
[The shuttle pulls forward and lifts out of the earth atmosphere into empty space, the window becomes black highlighted by stars.]
male 0: "Those apes will never leave the earth atmosphere"
[screen on wall with news..."
star system news human: "The choas on planet earth continues with record numbers of arrests and violent events....Thought images have been outlawed as have images of sex, the open market for drugs has been closed down..."
news human 2(?): "The number of violent events is difficult to determine, because many of the star system democratic robots, computers and cameras have been destroyed or deactivated by the gog (national millitaries)."
[3d graphic appears with earth showing time lapse of blue sphere = total star system earth democracy....eroding on the west coast of North America to red, growing in the major cities of North America, South America, then the hemisphere 0, Europe, Russia, China until only part of europe remains blue...and then the sphere of earth is completely red...]
45 Pursuit to Moon/Landing in Moon City
[The earth moon slowly comes into view from the shuttle. The intricate noticable cities designed by humans become larger as the shuttle gets closer to the moon. The city lights on the moon illuminate the dark part of the earth moon. The shuttle approaches one of the city populations, and slowly docks with an available shuttle port near the edge of a city.]
speaker: "Prepare for descent to the surface of the earth moon. In Moon City 18, shuttles to other moon cities and planets are available and still running without delay. Some shuttles returning to planet earth are still operating. Enjoy your stay on the moon and have a safe trip to your final destination."
handheld computer on photon: (robot/computer voice) "... humans in apartment detected...."
[image of apartment is shown on screen]
Photon: "oh no....humans are in my apartment..."
female 0: " that army of god?"
male: "yes, see the crosses?"
(female 0: " hey...get out of my apartment!..." [humans shut/shoot screen])
50 On Moon, going to seed bank city/incoming explosions
Female 0 and Male 0 (and rest of local group) must go thru security doors/gates, radioactivity, metal, visual, voice, viral, DNA, info records data base scan]
[popular humans from the earth moon meet with the most popular local group humans, give them valuable data ....and tell them (on handheld screen) that they may need to go to planet Mars if the moon is attacked...]
On large screens president of Moon stands with other popular humans on moon. Humans watch the screen and hear the sound. Robots surround the moon most popular human.]
moon president: "The fighting has broken out further in to earth orbit, and envolped the moon and the moon satellites. I was born here and I will stay here. The earth moon is ruled by democracy and the humans of the moon are depending on us to end this recent violence and protect the peaceful population of this beautiful moon"
President of moon: "I am getting a report that uniformed humans from the earth military are landing shuttles on the surface of the moon and are trying to take over/occupy the moon cities. A group of over 50,000 humans, 100,000 robots is preparing to defend the moon, by capturing any humans that cause damage. "
[the loud sound of drilling and pounding on security doors breaks the silence and through a fissure in the door, uniformed human with helmets can be seen ramming the doors open.]
[the local group (with servent robots) runs thru corridors to vehicle/ground shuttle to get to other moon cities]
female 0 (to robot 0): (winded) "hurry!..."
male 0: "come on!...waves female 0 on"
loud male voice with siren getting louder: "This is the police, put your hands up, ...this is the police...stop moving, stop all movement, stay where you are and you, put your hands above your head, get on the floor, lay down on the floor on your stomach, do not move or you may be fired on..."
[the group split up down different corridors]
[female 0, male 0 and robot 0 are captured by a group of 10-20 military humans]
police human: "Get on the ground now..."
mp 1: "lay down on your stomach, keep your hands above your head..."
mp2: "down onthe ground and you won't (nobody will) be hurt..."
mp3: "stupid robot...." (pushes robot 0 and robot 0 falls over)"
mp4: "Cuff these two"
[The military humans cuff female 0 and male 0]
(female 0 and male 0 may recognize military humans)
male 0: "You will never see a photon of light when you are captured for this..."
mp: "You both will burn in hell...."
mp in hand held: "where are we taking these two?"
voice on handheld "take the male to the male holding building, (hospital) number 291, and the female to the female holding building in moon city 347..."
[the two are separated and marched away down different corridors...]
female 0: (to male 0) "we will be free again!...."
male 0: (to female 0) "stay alive! ..."
55 male 0 Captured/Female 0 escapes to Mars Transport

[Robot 0 comes back to life. Robot 0 calibrates body. Robot 0 lifts off ground and stands on two legs. Robot 0 screen picks up current corridor camera image of female 0. Robot 0 follows female 0. Robot 0 shoots tranquilizer darts in to military humans and cuts hand cuffs off female 0. There is no time to think as the loud sound of police travelling down the hall, and smashing through the door force female 0 to run down a bording tunnel. Female 0 (puts on an emergency suit with O2 tank) and robot 0 exit through an air lock and walk out on to the moon surface]. The two find a hover vehicle (or wheeled vehicle) and enter hover vehicle traffic. ]

65 Male human being locked in hospital

military human: "This is the place for loonies like you"

mh2: "the lunar looney bin..."

mh3: "last stop for all perverts, molestors, (pedaphiles), psychos, druggies, drunks and homeless...."

photon 0: "You religious type humans have always failed to realize the enormous potential of machines to free humans...."

mh: "shut up"

[humans get to hospital, the military humans talk with the hostpial staff humans]

hospital human: " number 45 fourth floor....after a full medical evaluation..."

female human: "follow me..."

male human: "ok...tie him down, take a blood sample, and inject 20 cc's of haldol"

[The two exit to a space port. Robot 0 and Female 0 board a shuttle to planet Mars. The shuttle doors close and the shuttle thrusts up off the surface of the earth moon.]
70 Female 0 and Robot 0 on ship to Mars

[Images of females memories, walking through no cage zoo of other species, looking at 3d star maps, planet designs....embracing in shower together...sound of water]

[the loud sound of engines send ship off to planet Mars]

70 Gog/UN leader humans get reports

human on earth moon: "God's will has been done here on the moon (your holiest)"

[from behind chair]

main god human/US/UN leader human: "It doesn't look that way from have only taken over 30 small moon cities... you must progress further...."

human on moon: "More humans, robots and weapons are necessary, the current number of humans employed by gog/federal/UN money on the moon number only 15 to 20 thousand."

(human: "we have to keep the neck tie, cosmetic, and jewlery sales going...the number of marraiges is slipping....people are moving away from the old traditions")

human: "Less people are going to churches, synygog, temples and mosques..."

human: "we have to keep marraiges, and funerals going to save the family way..."

human: "it is God's will (it is for God/God will punish them)"

human: "why not kill the earth government pows?"

human: "some can be recruited to the army, and if we start killing prisoners, we will loose popular support..."

human: "we have to be more agressive....destroy the earth government buildings....take no prisoners...."

human: "Easier said than done....the star system government is helping the old earth government....they have advanced defensive technology...our missles are being captured and deactivated before striking their targets...."

human: "We have to keep the star system government out of this...."

human: "already the humans on planet Mars are mounting a possible offensive..."

human: "They will never attack(/take on) the earth..."

religious human: "we need to promote more religion....humans are starting to think for themselves, and question what we are doing...."

medical human: "....we have to make sure that treating people for insanity remains acceptable..."

human: "...let us celebrate...we have the stars and strips (old glory) back in America, and soon we will have the moon. The United Nations flag and the US flag will fly together once again..."

80 Ship to Mars City/Solar System Most Popular (Gov) Humans

[scenes of fighting on the earth moon and earth possible under ground humans]

[3 days have passed since female 0 set out for planet Mars]

human to female 0: "I feel better being 3 days away from the chaos on earth..."

female 0: "..and 4 days from the moons of Jupiter"

speaker on wall: "Preparing enter planet Mars orbit"

video on wall: "Welcome to planet Mars, the red planet. First settled in ANVT, civilization has grown to include more than 500 major cities, and more than 10 billion humans, and more than 1 trillion other species. At an average distance of 230 billion meters from the star, the planet Mars has an outside surface temperature of 200 degrees above absolute zero, as compared to 300 degrees on planet earth. Mars is just over half the size of Earth and you will experience the feelingof low gravity. Some of the beautiful features of this planet include Olypus Mons, the largest mountain in the star system, Mariner Valley, the canyon that covers more than 40 of 100 parts of the planet diameter. In addition to the stunning geolical features of Mars, there are exquisite cities that are home to the humans that live on Mars, and the billions of humans that visit (vacation on) Mars.

The Planet Mars enjoys free trade with other planets, but is also self sufficient, producing and exporting every major plant and metal. There is enough food and air stored here to keep 10 billion humans alive for 200 years. On planet Mars you will enjoy the most advanced technology the star system has to offer. The humans on Mars are proud of the tradition of science, engineering, and education and hold some of the most popular humans of the star system. (Humans describe Mars as being free from all bad traditions, and the leader of good traditions. A majority of humans agree that Mars is the center of progress, and the most advanced planet of this star.)

[the audio fades as a sound on female 0 link shows a new message."

handheld: "Welcome to planet mars (insert name), I am aware of your story...You will be safe here on Mars. The humans of Mars have never tolerated the violence that springs from earth, and never will."

female 0: "That is good to hear (name)..."

popular human on Mars: "You are free to stay in peace in Mars City 12, also called 'seed (sex/anatomy/science/nude) city'."

90 Finding President alive on Mars-Mars most popular prepare to take earth back

female human: "There is good news from the earth moon, 40% of the violent life has been captured, and 75% has been identified."

[on large screen president/most popular human on Mars appears."

President of Mars: "(Greetings to every body of Mars)...there is currently no attack from earth on planet Mars, the violence on earth has not left the earth system. You are completely safe here on planet Mars.

The star system most popular humans have told us this: An advanced robot was developed on earth. This robot looks exactly like the president of earth. The robot mimics the movements of the human from a different location. The robot has blood, and uses muscles to move. These robots are designed to test the safety of the most popular, this test erupted in gunfire and violence. The president of earth was not shot and killed, the robot that looks like the President was shot. The President is alive here on planet Mars. This information was not supressed, but was simply not advertised. The remains of the robot have been retrieved and are being repaired."

POE: "This is the President of earth, I am alive, I am not a robot. The star system government most popular humans are coordinating a unified group of humans, robots, ships and weapoons that will stop all violence on the earth and earth moon, and restore the democratic government in the earth system. I will not stop until the most popular voted democratic laws are enforced, and all humans of earth can vote directly on all government decisions again."

human: "That is amazing...a life like robot - I guess we should have realized this technology was coming..."

human: "that is an amazing duplicate..."

poe: "I am aware of the hundreds of millions of nonviolent humans that are locked in the prisons of earth and be sure that these humans will be released when peace has been restored to the earth. "

[message from pres of ss] POSS: "THere is a group of 400 to 500 thousand ships, with 800 million humans and robots that have reached the orbit of planet Mars and are decellerating to earth orbit. An even larger group of ships, humans and robots from planet Mars should reach the earth system at exactly the same hour as the Jupiter ships, The most popular of Venus assure me that the humans of planet Venus will contribute to the star system effort.

The simple plan is to restore the earth democratic government on the earth moon by capturing all identified humans, and freeing all imprisoned nonviolent humans. If there are no violent conflicts, the operation should only last 40 to 80 hours (2 or 3 earth days). First there may be humans and robots that fire on star systems ships in ship to ship battles. Any ships that fire will be singled out and destroyed. Perhaps there could be a less destructive method of capturing the humans in the ships, and certainly some nonviolent humans may be killed in the ships that fired, but there are limited star systems resources, and this is a loss that will have to be accepted.

Once any earth-moon orbit battles have been won and have ended, the star system ships will land on the earth moon with robots and capture the most violent humans and robots. Again there is a chance that some nonviolent humans may be damaged, for example in tanks that fire but contain nonviolent humans that do not press fire buttons.

Once all violent humans have been identified and captured, the prisons will be captured, and all nonviolent humans identified and released. If there is violence, anhy new violent humans will have to be identified and captured. After the star system humans have restored democracy on the earth moon, this group will land on the planet earth. First, the star system humans will stop violence, restore democracy, and release all nonviolent humans in the jails and hospitals. From hemisphere 0, the star system humans will take back hemisphere 1, where all this violence started, and stop the violence that is being done by the government of god (the United Nations) humans.

"You can always watch me to see what the latest progress in the battle to restore democracy in the earth system is. I ask the humans in the star system democracy to be strong and remember that if we lose, we may set back life of the star system for thousands of years. We out number the humans in the government of god, and the probability of winning is with us, but if we lose we could all be locked in buildings or killed. "

[end of image]

human to female 0: "you can stay here on Mars until the fighting is over..."

female 0: "no, I want to go back to the earth moon to free Photon. .."

human: "we can follow the star system ships..."

100 Jupiter, Mars, Venus, earth democratic people, robots, and ships prepare for recapture back to democracy earth moon and then earth

[Jupiter humans]
jh: "This is the most popualr of the Jupiter defense...we are preparing to unite with the Mars defense. The most popular of Saturn has agreed to send 20,000 ships (as a rear guard) to protect the terrestrial/Jovian perimeter/boundary."

[Most popular Mars democratic defence]
mars human: "Thank you people of Jupiter, to remind you, we are destroy any ships that fire on any star system ship. The robots are tracking each of the 8 million government of god ships. Each ship is numbered and should be easy to track, no matter what ship you are in. First the robots will battle. If we can stop violence in orbit, we will land robots on the earth moon to identify and stop violence on the surface."

[images of the ships merging. The space is filled with ships. The Star System ships are yellow, the Jupiter ships are orange. The Mars ships are red, earth ships blue, Venus ships dark orange, mercury white ships, saturn pink ships.]

[humans from venus]
"This is venus...we are happy to be a part of this...."

earth human: [explosions in background] "this is earth...We have lost most of our ships....but 60 thousand earth ships have pulled out and are prepared to join the star system group..."

[talk/thought is exchanged between most popular in star system and leader humans on gog/un]

ssg human: "This is the star system government (some title and name). We are here to stop violence in the earth system. If you do not fire, you will not be killed."

gog human: "If you cross the earth system boundary, we will fire on you. Do not bring more violence on your selves. You are provoking and threatening the people of planet earth. (No armed ships may enter the earth system, unarmed ships may enter through border stations.) The earth has stopped all immigration because of a state of planetary emergency, in addition to overpopulation. I ask again, that you turn around and leave the people of earth alone in the interest of peace."

ssg human: "We have identified more than 100,000 nonviolent humans that are locked in prisons and hospitals. (You are part of a star system democracy and are out voted.) Popular opinion has decided that these humans must be made free as nonviolently and quickly as possible."

gog human: "That may be the popular opinion for the star system, but there is a local democracy here that rules otherwise. Democracy is ruled locally, and most of you do not live in the earth system."

ssg human: "freedom from violence and freedom of information is still being supported on earth, your voting system in not fully democratic - you are excluding the humans in the jails..."

gog human: "that is the nature of the local democracy...each planet is different...some forms of consentual violence are not allowed on planet Mercury, for example....each government is different."

ssg human: "you violently ended the democratic earth government on earth, and this act of violence will not go unpunished."

gog human: "You have been warned. Do not enter earth space, or you will be fired on. "

[robot ships line earth moon boundary]

[gog humans]

human: "we are facing certain defeat...."

human: "not if we can destroy their ships before getting captured....violence/agression is the key. If we do not shoot on there ships, we will certainly lose...."

human: "I think a nonviolent approach may be better, we can wait, we will lose the violent humans that have fought heroically for our side, but we may be able to attack again, after we build up our numbers...."

human: "....there are 20 to 25 million ships to our 8 million...."

human: " takes at least 5 ships to capture 1, if we fire on the star system ships, we may lower the probablility of capture..."

human: " heard the star system most popular, the star system humans have orders to fire on any ships that fire....they are not going to simple capture..."

human: "...there is conflict, a minority of star system humanshave agreed to only capture or try to disable out ships...."

human: " the appointed leader of the gog military, I am commanding you to destroy all star system ships....We will not stop until the entire star system is under God....God is on our side...(we can not lose/our destiny-fate is to win)"

human: "...we fight for the glory of God. His will be done on this star and in heaven...."

human: "shihad!...."

(human: "for yahweh!....")

(human: "drinks are on me if we get out of this alive....")

human: "here they come..."

110 Moon War

[The two massive numbers of ships face each other. The gog ships are white. The gog ships start to fire missles(/gamma photons?)- star system ships (and missles) explode, star system ships fire back on the ships that fired... An intricate battle continues for minutes.

[ships being captured/boarded?].

[talk/thought is exchanged between most popular in star system and leader humans on gog/un]

ssg human: "We are on a mission to stop violence....humans under your employment/command are initiating violence against us..."

gog human: "You have entered our property and we are defending our property. You are the aggressor, we simply want you to move out of the earth system volume."

female 0: (from a ship) "Think of the destruction...all the humans being killed...all the engineering destroyed in seconds...."

human (next to female 0): "destruction is always easier than construction..."

humans in jails on moon (see the explosions from cells): (cheer)

human: "...come on democracy....!"

human: "the tyranny of God should be over any day now...we may go free in less than a week!"

prison guard human: "shut up....(those pussies won't hurt a cow, and can't shoot for shit). Leave it to real men...."

[on earth ]
female human (under ground) "The star system ships have arrived here from Jupiter and Mars...."

human: "We should know the outcome by the end of this week..."

human: "If they lose, democracy in the star system is doomed for centuries..."

human: "There is no chance of them losing...they outnumber the gog 3 to 1."

[from female prison]

human: "...the star system ships are here....they are going to take back the earth and free us!.....]


human: "good, I can get regular sex again...."

human laughs...

[the ship to ship firing and explosions continue...]

[over to UN/GOG head quarters]
UN/GOG human: "The invasion of the moon is not going well..."

GOG human: "more than 1/3 of our ships have been destroyed, disabled, or captured/taken..., not even 1/4 of the star system ships have been destroyed, and they outnumber us 3 to 1"

GOG human: "if we pull out now, we can still protect the earth.."

GOG human: "let's fight on....if we retreat we will appear to be losing..."

Gog leader human: "Move the remaining ships back to earth orbit..."

gog human: "And the troops on the ground?"

gog human: "let them fight...see if we can win on the ground (we can still win on the ground/win the ground/surface war)..."

[possible vote]

[in local (mars orbit) star system gov]

human: "The gog ships are pulling back to join the others surrounding the planet earth..."

human: "prepare for [robots landing] landing robots on the surface of the earth moon...."

robot: "prepare for moon landing..."

[possible scene of robot ships clustering together]
human: "start moon landing..."

robot: "start moon landing..."

[tanks on the surface of the earth moon star firing on the robot ships. millitary robots and humans run in formation....]

human: "First capture the main cities...1 thru 100"

[The moon cities are in flames....]
[ships land on the moon, air ships are used to shoot any sources of laser or projectile fire as robots run out of the ships (lasers cut apart some robot limbs and other objects) (invisible or constant streams? perhaps longer lasting than traditional lasers), robots may have mirror shields or thick shielding of some other kind? Mainly the floating ships will be moving forward with ground ships following. In addition, robots have precise positioning lasers (perhaps in their bodies) they fire at those firing on them. Many robots and humans surrender (in particular non firing robots and people) as the star system advances and are removed from the scene by star system robots. The battle moves into the moon cities, whose buildings are air-tight sealed, and underground in air sealed tunnels and buildings. Robots do not need air, and many humans have air suits on. ]

ssg human: "Millions of humans are being there any way of stopping the destruction?...."

ssg human: "we are doing the best we can...."

[ground tanks and hover tanks explode... The gog tanks are green and white....the star system tanks are the same color as the star ships {orange for Jupiter, Red for Mars, etc...}]

[images of gog humans with hands up, surrendering]....

ssg human: "Most of the main cities of the earth moon have been captured..."

ssg human: "excellent...what is the damage"

ssg humans: "the estimates are hundreds of thousands killed and millions damaged on the surface of the moon alone..."

ssg humans: "better than millions killed and hundreds of millions damaged...

ssg humans: "unite and wait for recapturing the earth"

[gog humans]

Gog human: "The war on the moon is lost..."

GOG human: "We need to reserve our troops to protect an earth attack..."

GOG leader human: "we can pull out, and have the rest of the troops on the moon join the earth military. The moon is small, we will dig in on the earth, we have the advantage here, the earth is our home..."

[perhaps vote, "it is decided...pull out all remaining gog humans and equipment to the earth"...]

GOG human: "They are not going to take the earth without a bloody fight..."

GOG human: "In addition to our own arsinal, we have all the weapons from the earth democratic government and total supremecy in the air, ground and water..."

GOG human: "General (insert name) how are the troops/armies?"

General human: "..this is what we have been training for...we are primed and ready to go..."

GOG human: "This will be a battle of the buldge..."

115 Female 0 finds Photon on earth moon

female 0: "land on the earth moon city 538"

robot: "land on earth moon city 538"

human: "the fighting on the moon has not stopped....wait another 24 hours..."

female 0: "Photon (and the others {most popular}) may not have another 24 hours..."

[possible other scene]

[female 0 lands on the damage earth moon]

[female 0 with other humans and robots (possibly in air suits) drive hover vehicles to a prison.]

human: Link in to the gog computer, match the DNA for Photon...

female 0: "here...he is in a hospital...."

human: "uh oh...he may have been drugged, and possibly tortured..."

female 0: "(moon city 347), hospital 18, room 457"

[humans drive hover crafts to (possibly to different city) hospital]

[robots march in an tranquize humans with guns. Robots secure entrance. Humans walk in building. (take elevator). in hall robots capture and tie gog robots (moved by humans) kick open/saw/drill/explode open door]

[Photon lies drugged and tied to a bed]
female 0: "Photon!..."

[Photon looks with glazed eyes..]

female 0: "untie him"

[robots untie Photon]

female 0: "are you ok...? Can you talk to me?...."

[male 0 does not say any thing...]

female 0: "Carry him with us..."

120 Preparing for Earth War
SSG human: "We have to take the earth...tragic to think that a million humans living now will be dead in another 24 hours."

SSG human: "This has been a lesson to us all..."

SSG human: "The humans on earth should have built more weapons to match the national militaries...."

SSG human: "they assumed that the military would never resort to violence...."

SSG human: "First we have to secure earth orbit, then the air, hemisphere 0 and finally hemisphere 1"

SSG human: "If we win earth orbit and the air, the main war will be over..."

SSG human: "Once on the ground we can free the millions of humans in the jails and hospitals...."

SSG human: "...we are waiting for a popular vote on starting the earth capture/battle...."

SSG human: "the estimated time is in hours...."

SSG humans: "watch the gog lead/main humans for a surrender..."

[GOG humans]

gog/un humans: "The earth attack could happen in minutes...."

gog human: "if we surrender now, millions of our supporters can live to fight again..."

gog humans: "the star system resources are finite....we can win if we can hold on to the earth..."

gog humans: "if the war gets too destructive, the ssg may pull back to take a less aggressive approach/method/technique..."

gog human: "how are negotiations?..."

gog human: "they will only accept unconditional surrender with in 24 hours..."

gog human: "...we could offer surrender in 24 hours to delay."

gog human: "...eventually they will attempt to recapture earth..."

gog human: "...24 hours could give us time to make more weapons and train more humans..."

gog humans: "They are going to attack and we have to fight..."

[star system gov]
SSG human: "...we have a popular vote to start the capture of earth..."

SSG human (from earth): "remember, any human that does a first strike attack on any gog ship that has not fired will be identified, captured and tried...."

SSG human: "the vote is only to stop all violence in the earth system, and realease all nonviolent humans in buildings. "

SSG human: "disabling the weapons on ships that fire on star system ships has also passed popular vote...." (SSG human: "the exception of destroying ships that fire on star system ships has also passed popular vote....")

SSG human: "you are only to fire on ships that have fired...and when your robots fire, you are only to disable weapons..."

SSG human: "Any human that destroys a GOG ship will have to take their chances with popular opinion..."

SSG human: "The basic rule for capturing ships is 3 ships to 1, and the ships need to be the same size or bigger than the ship to be captured."

SSG human: "Sending in the robot ships..."

GOG human: "The attack is starting..."

GOG human: "Destroy any ship that enters the border of planet earth space"

GOG human: "let no ships in and take no prisons..."

GOG human: "guard the entire volume of planet earth, but focus on the main thrust of the star system attack..."

GOG human: "kill them all!"

[earth robot ships move in a massive formation to the massive earth gog ships that surround the earth]

GOG human: "The main group is coming in over hemisphere 0 (europe)..."

europe GOG human: "The european alliance is ready for battle (to battle for god) to the end ..."

[gog ships start to fire missles...]

ssg robot: "ships firing missles identified...tracking...."

ssg robot: "sending missles to intercept GOG missles..."

ssg robot: "sending missle to destroy GOG identified first strike ships"

[missle explode, star system ships explode, ...gog ships explode]

[explosions continue for minutes, some gog ships stay motionless...]

gog human (on ship): "this ship is not firing...."

gog human (on same ship): "you are out of order..."

gog human: "(don't pull rank...) you are under (my) order..."

gog human: "you are disobeying the orders from general (insert name)"

gog human: "firing on the star system ships is suicide..."

gog human: "most of us will be locked in jail for the violence we did..."

gog human: "better than dead...(being bite sized pieces in earth orbit...)"

[in ssg main ships] ssg human: "we have serious losses...hundreds of thousands of ships...."

ssg human: "We should send in the human ships...."

ssg human: "that is ok, most of the gog robot ships have been destroyed...only 7 or 8 thousand remain functioning"

ssg human: "the human ships can stay in the back and board nonviolent or disabled gog ships... to capture violent humans, heal injured humans, and free nonviolent humans. Let the robot ships take the majority of the attacks."

[on ssg ships]

ssg human: "we are approaching a disabled gog ship..."

ssg human: "capture the violent, free the nonviolent, and heal the injured humans..."

[robots enter the captured damaged ship]

[humans watch robot eyes]

robot: (plugs in to ship computer) "This is gog ship number 443713241(UWOJAS)...there are less than 5000 humans assigned to this ship."

robot: "of those humans 3120 have identified unpunished violent movements/violations/actions/events..."

human: "I doubt they are going to give up without a fight..."

[gun fire rips thru the robot....]

human: (possibly laughs) "that is (thats) what I thought..."

human: "all robots are to transquilize and contain all violent humans..."

human: "we have enough robots to capture them all..."

[possibly more of walking thru gog ship]

[on other ssg ship]

ssg: "The orbit war is a success...prepare to start the air war..."

ssg: "remember you are only disabling ships/planes that shoot"

[possible female 0 and Photon, Photon there or in bed]
Photon: "I am back to normal..."

female 0: " are in time to see the earth war..."

Photon: "I see from here..."

female 0: "Humans are calculating that the earth will be restored to democracy in less than 1 week..."

Photon: "I want to go back..."

female 0: "yes, I want to see if any body was killed or hurt..."

Photon: "I am sure that anybody still alive will have sad stories..."

female 0: "I see from some freed satellites that your apartment/house/building is still together."

Photon: "I think I want to move away from earth..."

female 0: "you do?"

Photon: "maybe..."

[ssg most popular hq]
human: "are we tracking all nuclear weapons?..."

human: "I doubt we are aware of all of them..."

human: "our machines have poured over the video tapes and conclude/advise that the probability of the gog humans using nuclear weapons is currently under 20% the main reasons given are because of the self damage that results from gamma photons in such a small volume of space, because the nuclear weapons have not been tested, and because of the unpopularity of using nuclear weapons. "

human: "still, I think the machines may be innaccurate on the probability of a possible self destructive use of nuclear fission...these are deeply religious humans...intrenched in the historical religions of earth...."

human: "until the ssg humans are on the ground, we can only look with satellites...and some ground cameras that are still transmitting..."

human: "the closer the gog is to a final defeat the more chance there is for chaos..."

human: "....another chance we will have to take...the ships are entering the air..."

125 Star System ships enter the air of Earth
[a group of massive star system ships hovers over the earth atmosphere, smaller ships pour out of the larger ships and enter the air of earth]

humans underground: (cheer in european) (in nonenglish language translated) "the star system has entered the air!...."
[humans watch from the ground...coming out of hiding....]

[in the air there are formations of shuttles with weapons...]

[some planes fire missles, some missles are intercepted/exploded, others damage star system system ships use photons and tiny missles to disable weapons on planes, but also shoot out the missles on planes, (possibly simply destroy earth planes)]

[in ssg planes]
ssg human: (ssg plane) "remember only track and destroy the planes identified as shooting missles..."

ssg human:(ssg plane) "some of our data collecting is getting jammed...we may not identify all agressive planes, or shoot down some non violents by mistake"

[in hq]
ssg human (in hq): "some of the missles are getting thru, but the majority are being intercepted..."

ssg human (in hq) "their planes are fast..."

ssg human : "The robots can withstand 100m/s2 or more acceleration and some earth humans up to 30m/s2..."

ssg humans "...humans on earth have evolved that way...."

ssg human: "...this battle is going well...we may control the air in less than 5 earth days (a week)."

[on gog planes]
gog human: "This is major (insert name) your weapons...make sure you are in range...wait for a camera lock and computer missle can take out one plane....after you fire your missles, reload in the air if possible, or else get back to the ground stations to reload..."

gog human: "Do not leave your small formations..."

gog human: "no more than three planes should be attacking one plane, "

gog human: "keep your anticollision/auto object avoidance program on at all times..."

[on ssg planes]
ssg robot/human: "we are getting surface to air missles...."

ssg robot/human: "surface to air weapon identified, firing missles..."

[surface guns explode]

[robots and humans run in formation on the surface of earth (in city streets...)...planes crash to the surface...and into buildings]

[air fighting continues...a number of gog planes have not fired and still fly without any damage...]

[ssg hq]

ssg human (perhaps only thinking to others): "The majority of violent humans in planes have been destroyed... The star system has (we have) clear control of hemisphere 0..."

ssg human: "The ground war may be brutal..."

ssg human: "We may not even loose one life in the initial fighting...if we have enough robots..."

ssg human: "once the star systems humans are on the ground is when the real danger for human damage is..."

ssg human: "we can secure a radius using robot tanks and walking robots"

ssg human: "There are millions of tanks, uniformed humans and robots on the surface with automatic weapons and instructions to destroy everything in sight."

ssg humans: "The tanks will have to be disabled, and any humans that fire captured, the robots will have to be disabled or destroyed, and the humans will have to be transquilized, (knocked unconcious) and captured..."

ssg human: " problem that the humans on earth will face for years is the slow evolution of locking violent humans in jails, the violent humans eventually getting released and regrouping in the dangerous national militaries..."

ssg human: "that is the nature of the universe...humans can only try to stop violence, and jail humans that have done violence in the stopping meteor collisions, every thing (life) is a defensive battle..."

ssg human: "...on some planets humans are jailed for even attempting violence...even if not successful..."

(ssg human: "humans have been reordering/rearranging the universe for centuries...we make the universe the way we want the universe to be...every thing is for us...")

ssg: "even after this is over, and the earth is fully democratic again, the star system humans will need to police the planet for years..."

ssg human: "the killed human count is approaching the millions...more than an estimated 200,000 humans were killed in planes...less than 10,000 from the star system least 50,000 dead humans were identified on the surface from falling planes...the number of humans hurt must number in the hundreds of thousands...."

ssg humans: "as soon as the majority of destruction has stopped, we will send the medical robots in to the cities.... and repair hospital buildings..."

ssg human: "hemisphere 0 is going to be easier than hemisphere 1...all of this violence started in the Americas, and there is a massive build up of military in North America..."

[gog hq]
gog human: "the star system ships are landing in Europe..."

gog human: "we must not let them establish a base..."

gog human: (in front of screen...) "they are scattered throughout europe..."

gog human: "perhaps we could negociate for half or 3 quarters of the earth...we are clearly outnumbered and losing..."

gog human: "even if we lose, we will have time to rebuild....the nonviolent will not face jail and our numbers may still be high..."

gog human: "everybody is aware that weapons development on earth is the best of the star system....Their tanks and robots may not match ours...."

gog human: "we are destroying...they are only disabling...if we can destroy enough they will have to may take weeks before they can get more ships and people from the other planets..."

gog human: "dig in for a fierce battle..."

130 Earth hemisphere 0 Ground War
ssg human: "How will the robots and humans be distributed on the surface of earth?" ssg human: "Here are the current planned major distributions: 2 billion in europe, 1.2 billion in Russia, 1.5 billion in China, 1 billion in Africa, 500 million in Australia..." [robots land on europe and run out of ships under heavy fire...]

ssg human: "the robots use metal guns to disable the earth robots, and (photon) guns to transquilize/(make unconscious/knock out) and capture the humans..."

ssg humans: "my robot got destroyed..."

ssg humans: "take one off autopilot..."

ssg human: "we only have 5 billion robots left ... should I send a message for more?"

ssg human: "put out a vote...for 2 billion more robots...if that is too expensive ask for 1.5 billion...."

ssg human: "sending humans against robots is a suicide mission...and nothing I am going to be a part of..."

ssg human: "if we run out of robots...we will have to pull out...."

ssg human: (angry) "we are recklessly/frivalously wasting our robots...we should be shooting to kill...."

[star system robots (yellow, orange, some blue...) run in formation with various guns...thru the cities...]

ssg human: "First (secure) Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Moscow..."

ssg human: "I vote to wait on Rome, Berlin and Moscow...focus on taking western europe back first..."

ssg robot: "We have secured a 30 km radius in Paris..."

ssg robot: "extinguish fires, identify damage humans, free nonviolent humans...."

[robots run with hoses, and in hover vehicles with medical symbols...]

[more robot ships stream into Paris...]

[buildings explode, tanks roll over the ground - and star system ships explode...]

gog human: "for years we have waited for this...we have all the weapons, finally we can use them..."

ssg human: "provide more air cover for the landing robots/units, we are getting sloppy and wasting robots..."

[planes missle tanks, robots attack tanks with saws?]

[robots put out fires, build?, carry wounded humans...]

ssg human: "What is the current status of the moon war..."

robot: "all humans identified with violent events have been captured, we are scanning new images freed in the last hours from earth, to find evidence of other violent humans identified on the earth moon...."

ssg human: "What is the violent event count on the earth moon?"

robot: "The violent event count for he earth moon is 2 violent events every hour. No humans have been killed in the last 3 hours."

other ssg human: "We have completely restored democracy to the earth moon..."

ssg human: "Now, all that is left is rebuilding, healing the damaged, freeing the remaining nonviolent, and capturing the remaining humans with violent events."

ssg human: "And the earth?"

ssg human: "We have complete control of earth orbit and the air over hemisphere 0. We have landed robots in Europe and are moving forward."

ssg human: "The ssg humans have approved the purchase of 1.0 billion more (walking/combat/various) robots."

ssg human: "only 1 billion...."

ssg human: "100 million have already left from Mars..."

([humans in gog start killing popular nonviolent humans locked in prisons?]

gog human: "stop the attack, or more prisoners will be killed"

ssg human: "this is aweful..."

ssg human: "what can we do?.."

ssg human: "we have no choice....we have to keep going to keep the most humans alive...")

ssg human: "The robots have secured the western coast of Europe, and are moving into central Europe against heavy fire..."

ssg human: "Landing the humans in Europe been approved...."

ssg human: "Humans are landing in Europe..."

[on surface of earth humans land in Europe] ssg human (on earth, not in military clothes, in regular clothes): "..(shit) is this planet developed...."

ssg human: " has the most humans per unit of space of any planet of this star."

other ssg human: "I lived on earth when I was younger...this is nothing, wait until you see the Americas..."

ssg human: "...we are getting a message from humans in the old earth democratic government from the 1/32nd number 3..."

[earth human appears on screen]
earth human (translated): "...we number 300,000 humans and 200,000 robots...we will join you to free this 1/32 of earth..."

ssg human: "ok can join us with the freed nonviolent humans of this 1/32."

[map shows europe is part blue, and the rest of earth is red...]

ssg human: "At the current rate, Earth hemisphere 0 should fall to the star system democracy in less than 3 earth days..."

ssg human: (to earth humans) "How are the humans there?"

ssg human (on earth): "The damage could have been worse...most of the damage is a result of the gog military first strike attacks..."

ssg human (in hq station): "How are the humans?"

ssg human (on earth): "the humans are in good shape...the thousands locked in jails were well fed, and show no indication of starvation of damage...most of the humans locked in hospitals appear in good health, although some have been heavily drugged/sedated."

ssg human: "We should wait to attack hemisphere 0 until we have more robots..."

Photon: "2 billion robots is more than enough to hold on to hemisphere 0 now that the most violent have been captured, and the militaries are left only with nonviolent. Send the other 4 billion to hemisphere 1."

ssg human: "There is no hurry....if we run out of robots, we might have to pull off the surface, or loose our forward momentum..."

other ssg human: "The momentum is on our side now...if we wait, the gog could gain strength and launch an organized offensive attack from hemisphere 1(the americas)."

ssg human: "the numbers are close....make sure we have enough robots and ships to hold what we have now..."

[star system humans capture and free all of europe, and march in to Russia, China, India, Africa, and Australia]
[robots march in to Moscow...]
[robots followed by humans march and drive in to China...]
[robots surround Athens...]
[robots on ships circle Australia]

135 Earth hemisphere 1 air war

ssg human: "The entire hemisphere 0 is secured and democracy has been restored..."

ssg human: "good, the nonviolent humans of earth will have an advantage like never before in history..."

ssg human: "the majority has spoken, the air war on earth hemisphere 1 will start/commence at once..."

[possibly robots control planes by radio photons...]
ssg human: "we have 2 billion robots in armed jets/shuttles ready to descend into hemisphere 1.."

ssg human: "the planes are to be dropped over South America...."

[planes pour out of huge star ships in to the atmosphere]

ssg robots [in planes]: "into formations...prepare to enter hemisphere 1"

gog robot: "enemy/hostile/weaponed planes detected over South America...."

[gog robots in planes swarm in formation...]

gog robot: "destroy all enemy planes..."

[missles launch from gog robot planes]

[some missles explode in air, others explode ssg robot ships..]

ssg robot: "ships that fired identified...."

[missles soar from ssg planes...]

[some missles are intercepted, other destroy specific gog planes]

[gog hq]
gog human: "The star system has moved in to hemisphere 1..."

gog human: "Estimates on the current size of the star system robots are put at 5 to 6 billion to our 2.3 billion..."

gog human: "if we are captured, we may not be locked in jail because we only ordered violence, none of us have actually killed any humans with our own hands...."

gog human: "the earth will be for the molestors, junkies and prostitutes if we lose..."

gog human: "God will not forget us..."

gog human: "Let us pray..."

[airplanes explode over the South American continent]

ssg human: "...the robots are ready to land...."

ssg human: "...quarter/quadrant 4 of earth will be under star system control in less than 2 days...."

ssg human: "at this rate the last quarter of earth will fall in less than 7 days..."

[planes/ships land in Brazil, Protugal, Argentina, Peru, Buenos Aires...]

ssg human: "we are getting images of the humans leading the GOG/UN in New York City, and the North American military in Washington DC..."

(ssg human: "They are in prayer..." (curious look))

ssg human: (laughs...)

ssg human: "What is sad is that non of these humans have any past events of violence....every body else did violence for them..."

ssg human: "There are plenty of humans that do have past events of violence in the outer group....including the humans in the military that shot the most popular group....humans..."

ssg human: "The robots have been approved to enter Mexico and Canada airspace..."

ssg human: "The most reistence will come over the old USA..."

[planes enter quarter 3/hemisphere 1]

gog robot: "enemy planes have crossed the equator and entered earth quarter 3"

gog robot: "enemy planes detected over Canada..."

[a fleet of thousands of ssg ships...]

ssg computer: (on robot ship) "torpedo detected..."

ssg robot: "submarine identified...capture gog submarine and surface"

ssg computer: "torpedo intercepted"

[ssg water ship is hit by torpedo]

ssg robot (on ship): "this ship has been hit and is taking in water..."

ssg robot (on ship): "sealing damaged sections, launching emergency lift devices, surfacing..."

ssg human: "The star system water ships are not as developed as the earth military ships...these ship designs have been tested in the oceans of earth and callisto (europa/gaymede), but not as tested as the water ships on earth...these ships are useless on Mars, Venus and Mercury..."

ssg human: "we have more defensive protections on most ssg ships..."

ssg human: "Start with the main North American continent and then move out to the islands and ocean cities..."

140 Earth hemisphere 1 ground war
[robots march on the ground with guns...]

[robots fire at each other...robots fall]

ssg robot: "the majority of gog robots are firing..."

ssg human: "The ground war in Mexico is going to take more time....we are losing more robots than estimated..."

ssg human: "The gog humans in North America are more aggressive/violent than estimated..."

ssg human: "In a robot versus robot war, the gog humans are going to lose..."

ssg human: "the only advantage they have is the first strike advantage..."

ssg human: "the captured robots could be reprogrammed to stop violence..."

ssg human: "You are forgetting that those robots are owned by other humans..."

ssg human: "Any that have been stolen can be reprogrammed..."

ssg human: "no...those have to be returned to the human that owed the bot..."

ssg human: "unless the human is dead..."

ssg human: "no then...the property goes thru a video and audio search of the humans that owned the property to see if any instructions exist in the event of death..."

[in ssg hq]
ssg human: "The earth has been seriously damaged....these humans/people will have only rebuilding to do when this is done..."

(ssg human: "The humans on earth are a tough group...they will rebound...")

ssg human (of earth) female 0: "This is nothing compared to what the gog/un would have done if violence was not stopped and violent humans contained...."

ssg human (of venus): "there was no arrest of the humans that killed the president, and other most popular humans..."

ssg human (of earth) female 0: "and there was not going to be!"

ssg human: "these humans would take the earth back to the secret camera and thought networks...with out any doubt..."

[planes enter USA]
[airplanes shoot missles and explode]

gog human: "The ssg has entered the USA airspace..."

gog human: "Should I prepare an escape ship?"

gog human: "no, wait to see if the ssg planes survive the initial wave of air attacks..>"

Photon: "...I will to be in the group over California..."

Female 0: "...maybe the most popular will be alive..."

photon 0: "The robots will open up the camera/data networks from the ground..."

other popular from local group: "I am sure that they are safe under ground..."

other popular human from earth: "or in a jail..."

ssg human: "the robot plans are making progress over the USA...."

ssg human: "we are losing more planes faster than any other battle, but no where near enough to empty/exhaust our supply..."

ssg human: "Time is on our side..."

gog human: "at least 20 percent of our air ships have been destroyed...and 30 percent are not firing...that leave only 5 million jets/ships over the east coast of the USA..."

gog human: "prepare the escape ships..."

145 battles on earth won, gog leader humans leave on ship

ssg human: "The gog leaders are trying to escape the surface of earth, taking shuttles from NYC and Washington DC...."

ssg human: "Have at least 10 robots track each human and robot..."

ssg human: "The air war over the west coast of the USA is almost complete...all that remains are a few violent hold outs...."

ssg human: "move the robots in to California, Utah, and Washington"

ssg human: "at least half of the robots in Mexico can go north and the robots in Canada can move meet the robots landing on the surface"

[robots march in to San Francisco and Los Angeles...much more developed then now...]

ssg human: "humans can land in Mexico and Canada...where the robots have cleared..."

ssg human: (speaking spanish): "landing in Mexico City...."

ssg human: "The robots have scanned for explosives set by the religious humans....everything should be safe..."


ssg human: "the robots have secured the western USA, and we can land humans...."

photon: "preparing to land on the surface ...."

ssg human: "the air war over the midwest USA has been won..."

ssg human: "send in the walking robots, tanks and ground secure the midwest"

ssg human: "all that remains is the east coast..." [possibly secure midwest first]

ssg human: "start the air war over the east coast..."

[planes fly over DC and NYC...]

[Photon and female 0 with other local group on surface of earth]

Robots enter the house and capture robots and humans....

photon watches the robot eyes...

photon: "move the humans off the property...jail the humans with violent events"

[the humans and robots run away/or are captured and delivered to prison...]

female 0: "your place/apartment/house looks ok..."

photon: "we can make sure your place/apt/house is ok..."

150 infiltrating god space station, robot fight, capturing god human(s)

ssg human: "the air war has been won over the eastern USA...starting the ground war..."

ssg robot: "we are following the gog lead humans..."

ssg human: "capture the gog ship, board and capture any violent humans..."

gog human: "the violent humans have to be jettisoned/removed... if we are to avoid capture..."

[there is some gun fire, but the violent humans are separated in to a separate part of the ship that is released...]

[part of the ship moves away...]

ssg robot: "part of the ship has split off..."

ssg human: "capture the separated ship and capture any violent humans inside"

gog human: (to ssg human): "There are only nonviolent humans on this ship...there is no need to stop this ship..."

ssg human: "we will verify for ourselves...stop to make the process damageless and faster..."

gog human: (to ssg human): "there is no need to ..."

ssg human: "capture and board the ship..."

[ships send either cables/or smaller ships to control the movement of the other ship]

[robots board the ship]

ssg robot: "no violent humans on board..."

ssg human: "For all the violence these humans commanded, they still have no events of violence themselves..."

ssg human: "there is no reason to contain them..."

gog human: "That is have not heard the last of us..."

ssg human: "your commands will never be followed..."

poe human: "violent life will never win. ssg human (female): "peace has been restored to planet earth (the earth system), there are is no more violence, no more arrests are necessary..."

155 back on earth, main group and president of earth house property safe again

160 president speech

poe human: "no body will ever reverse time, or reverse the goal of life. The life of this planet and the life of other stars will always live in peace (free of violence). This story will stay in the past to teach every body in the future (to tolerate all images sounds, drug use, nudity and sex with consent, and to stop all violence and damage).

[music and picture fases to black...names of people involved in making of movie]