Privacy Lawsuit


This case involves thousands of people. Choosing thousands of the most violated from millions of people, and thousands of the most hypocritical violators from a group of millions of people.

The most popular and therefore most violated people that are being watched in the apartments they rent, and/or houses they own make up the plantiff team. Before this trial, these people have never seen even one of the humans that put and regularly watch cameras in their houses. These people were never paid in any way for permission, and never granted permission and are clearly objecting to cameras being placed in their houses on the condition that they do not get to put cameras in the houses of, nor ever get to see those watching.

What these people want is clear. They want to be paid for all of the images and time spent watching them without clear permission, being a clear violation of US and California State privacy laws. In addition, they demand to see all of those convicted for free anytime they choose until dead.

Either people have to vote down the privacy laws, or live under them.

The most popular people that were violated and excluded from the camera and thought image and sound sharing and selling.
The people violated include:
Ted Huntington
at least 100-1000 other humans

Defendents At this time the people charged with invasion of privacy are:
Atlantic Records
California State University
Chili's Restaurant [Brinker International]
Discovery Communications, Inc.
National Science Foundation
Recording Industry Association of America
Soylent Communications
State Farm Insurance
Universal Studios

in addition to the above listed people:
all people on the US supreme court
current President, Vice President, and cabinet of USA
people of the US senate and house of representatives
all generals in the US army, navy, airforce, and marines
the fbi, cia, secret service, dea

in particular, those people that have gained a substantial amount of money strictly from copyright and invasion of privacy, that participated in watching excluded people and their "eyes". This is mainly those individual people in film (Arnold Swartzenegger, Jackie Chan, Will Smith, Cameron Diaz), television (Oprah Winfrey, David Letterman, Jay Leno, Matt Groening), music (Brittany Spears, Madonna, Phil Collins), radio, books, newspapers, videos, CDs, DVDs. That money is to be distributed to those whose privacy and copyrighted works (which include anything they have ever done) was violated (the above mentioned "excluded"), in proportion to the amount of their works and life illegaly copied and viewed. This money is only to include money gained directly or indirectly from copyright, royalties, etc., and is not to include money gained from performance, sales of physical copies of media, tickets or psychical materials, but ofcourse, a portion of those gains may be related to their large scale abuse of copyright and privacy, and is therefore may potentially be included in each final monetary penalty.

videos: see "The Incredible Human Machine", National Geographic
"Cosmos", Carl Sagan

I ask that people contact me that are ready to provide and have stored/archived video images of:
1) people watching my physical body and the bodies of the most popular humans in the USA
2) people watching the images, and hearing any sounds generated from human brains, commonly called "thoughts"

The plantiffs are asking for:
1) $1 for each minute/person watched when not in public space as proven by video evidence.
2) constant access to a live image and sounds of all defendents, including images and sounds generated from their brains.

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