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  Ted Huntington is "the man who figured it out", being one of the few people to recognize that they do not get direct to brain windows (D2BW) while many others do. In a sense, Ted is like a real-life "Good Will Hunting"- but with a special genius for uncovering simple and secret truths. Huntington is the first person to publicly expose that technology that enables seeing, hearing, and sending of thought-images and thought-audio directly to people's eyes and ears (traditionally dismissed because of the mistaken association with the dubious field of "telepathy"), the science of remote neuron reading and writing (RNRAW), a phrase he coined, was probably discovered many years ago, and has been secretly and selfishly kept from public enjoyment.
  But what many people may not know about Huntington is that, not only has he demolished the secret of D2BW, but has dismantled several other very important popular but mistaken scientific theories; most of which are no doubt the result of the corruption associated with the secret of RNRAW.
  Perhaps most prominently, unlike many people before him who have tried, Huntington has disproved the nearly 100-year old theory of a "Big Bang Expanding Universe", with an utterly simple demonstration even a child can perform, by showing that distance of light source clearly and largely changes the position of spectral lines from a diffraction grating, in addition to calling the public's attention to the 1936 Milton Humason photo in which the supposed shifting of calcium absorption lines is obviously the result of the different size of spectra.
  Ted, unlike all other astronomers, is the first to boldly explain that globular clusters are most likely the inevitable result of natural selection, formed by highly adapted living objects, and that our future, should we survive, is to form a globular cluster. Ted is the first to put together the big picture for the public, showing how nebulae grow to spiral galaxies, and how living objects transform spiral galaxies into "globular" galaxies. Huntington is the first to publicly point out where globular galaxies, like fish in an ocean of space, are probably preying on other lesser evolved galaxies.
  Huntington has stood alone in supporting the obvious idea that light is a material particle and the basis of all matter including all subatomic particles, atoms, and even the so-called "antimatter", making Ted the first to claim that antimatter is actually matter. Huntington argues that since galaxies, stars and planets are material objects, it seems logical to conclude that light is also made of material objects, but at a much smaller scale.
  With a new paradigm and clearer vision, many times, comes many other new insights and rewards. For example, Ted has clearly shown that "diffraction", "polarization" and "refraction" can all be explained as particle reflection phenomena, being the first person to correctly provide a particle explanation for light polarization, "interference", refraction, and so-called "double refraction".
  Even the three hundred year old concept of energy has been shaken to it's foundations by Huntington, who realized a surprisingly simple truth: that it seems doubtful that matter and motion can be converted into each other. Similarly, Huntington argues that matter and motion are never created or destroyed, but that motion is simply transferred between masses.
  Beyond that, Huntington has dismantled the electromagnetic theory for light by showing, not only that the best explanation of light is that it is, like galaxies, and star systems, made of material objects, but by explaining that light cannot possibly have an "amplitude" if long wavelength (or "particle interval") radio can be brought to a focal point of varying length with a mirror, in addition to being diffracted with a big grating much like any other regularly spaced material particles. Huntington also points out that radio frequencies, for example, can be produced not only electromagnetically, but even from mechanical sources (like the light emitted by rubbing two sticks), and chemical reactions like simple gas combustion- but yet we do not call light an electromagnetic, mechanical, or chemical wave. Beyond that, Huntington rejects a "longitudinal" wave theory of light (envisioned by Descartes and Hooke), where light is like sound in being a motion made of particles that have regular collisions, with the explanation that it seems unlikely that a regular frequency of light could maintain it's frequency through varying densities of interstellar space, embracing instead, the Newtonian view that interstellar space is mostly empty and light particles move through low density space only rarely colliding. Huntington identifies clearly the simple but unheard of view that "radio" is nothing more than simply the photoelectric effect caused by light particles emitted from electric current.
  Ted is the first to state clearly that "non-Euclidean" surface geometry can be viewed as being only a subset of unrestricted dimensional space, and is unlikely to apply to the universe.
  Like many brave and honest people before him, Huntington rejects the theories of relativity, space and time dilation and contraction, and supposes the universe to have a single universal time.
  To put things into perspective, there is little doubt that Huntington is not the first to realize these great truths, but is, in fact, only the first person to make them public. It may be that Ted is simply a person with a good antenna that captures the voices and ideas of many people who lack the voice or courage to tell the public the many great truths he has brought to light. One way of looking at these achievements is that they are contributions to "excluded science", that form of science who's theories are true, although are not necessarily new, but are new to the many poor people who the wealthy insiders have failed to include.
  Other notable achievements include: 1) pulling the curtain off of the science of atomic transmutation and fusion as common and major secret sciences, 2) theorizing that the ribosome evolved before the first cell did, as a protocell, 3) that atoms, like molecules are probably low density, low temperature objects only that cannot exist in high temperature and density- that atoms form near the colder surface of planets and stars, 4) that the Sun, and Jovian planets are probably similar to Earth in being mostly solid and liquid (Jupiter, for example, having a liquid-solid body 6 times the size of Earth), and that 5) humans will sometime probably reach the center of all the planets through a slow process of cooling and extracting the inner densely compressed matter.
  Ted's clear vision in the field of science also extends into the realm of social ideas. Similar to his science views, Huntington bravely takes stands on controversial issues most people avoid.
  Huntington's central message has a strong focus on stopping violence, which he acknowledges is oddly only a minor issue with the public. Ted coined the phrase "Stop violence, teach science". In terms of the major crimes of recent history, Huntington typically openly rejects the "big lie" "official version" and gives simple and concise arguments that show the glaringly obvious dishonesty of those claims. For example, in the mass murder of 9/11/2001, Ted sides with the "controlled demolition" camp, for the JFK murder, Huntington supports the popular "shot from the front by a person in a police uniform" version. Ted also is known for his focus on the murder of RFK, drawing out Ted Charach into a series of free video interviews on the Internet that reawakened the shocking truth about Thane Cesar as the most obvious murderer of RFK, instead of Sirhan Sirhan.
  Ted is recognized for being an early supporter of full and constant democracy where people vote directly and constantly on all government laws and decisions over the i-net. You might think that somebody before Huntington would have firmly established the phrase "complete freedom of all information", but sadly, that is not the case. Ted is openly atheist, but is not arrogant or disrespectful, choosing instead to focus on outreach, seeking to educate and inform those tricked by the many lies and abuses of religions and supposed science. Ted supports decriminalizing recreational drugs, and sets a precedent in taking the gloves off on the previously taboo issue of decriminalizing consensual adult prostitution, arguing that pleasure for money is not nearly as bad as fighting for money which is already legal, and that a massive pleasure for money industry apparently already exists, but secretly, only for the many wealthy "insiders" who monopolize poor young "hand" maidens. In terms of direct-to-brain windows (D2BW), Ted is the first person to initiate a public discussion on D2B, and the first to really fully explore the possibility that remote neuron reading and writing was discovered in the past, kept secret, and has resulted in an invisible segregation between those who receive D2B and those denied this basic service. Ted discuses the many secret and detailed aspects of D2BW in his 2012 book "Direct To Brain Windows". Huntington is a vegetarian and supporter of rights for the other species. Huntington's "Universe Life Science Future" (ULSF) free videos have many firsts, too numerous to list here, but a few are: 1) theory that humans will ultimately consume the planets, 2) 3D rendering of D2BW, helicopter highways, and Jupiter with clouds removed, 3) that the 30 or so base sounds of all human languages probably evolved before Sapiens left Africa, and that the first human language was probably all single syllable words, 4) that atomic transmutation will probably be the main method of producing water and fuel on other moons and planets. The ULSF videos are the first free public videos to tell a complete version of the story of evolution, science, and the future.
  In addition to all these scientific and social achievements and contributions, is Ted's collection of original music, which he distributes for free on his web page, tedhuntington.org, and on YouTube, much of which typically skewers all dishonest establishment, conformity, and hypocricy, in a witty, and perhaps in some cases bawdy style.
  Despite all these major contributions to science and society, and this long list of accolades, there are, and not surprisingly so, many crooked monies and people intrenched on the opposite side that have made a large part of their career slandering, defaming, and demonizing Huntington and all other like-minded people seeking to show and tell the public the truth, with the usual dishonest and abstract labels like "pervert", "insane", etc. Seeing how effective this constant stream of big money disinformation beamed into our eyes and ears is in demonizing Huntington in the eyes of many people excluded from seeing just about anything, makes us wonder what this kind of professional disinformation machine can do to a person with far less accomplishments than Huntington. The truth, as usual, hidden from the eyes of many outsiders, is far removed from those official claims. In his works Huntington describes well the life that most excluded people live in this shockingly callous age of d2b denial, a mostly celibate life, the obvious result of direct-to-brain windows exclusion; living many years in complete involuntary "drone bee" abstinence, and serving as the "whipping post" for many decadent and sadistic D2B owners and consumers who find flogging, denial of physical affection, and exterminating the honest with "excludocide", erotic and politically helpful. But through all the remote abuse, the deaf and blind excluded isolation, and the million dollar "shilling" directed at Ted everyday, he has never resorted to striking back in violence, and has consistently been one of the very few voices advocating a logical path to the future through exposing, stopping, and punishing violence, and by showing and teaching the public science, in particular, with a focus on revealing any major fraud, lies, or secrets due to the big neuron lie.
  It's impossible to sum all of this into a single sentence, but to conclude, Huntington has dedicated his life to proclaiming and preaching the gospel of stopping violence and teaching science, truth and logic.

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