Quotes (from me)

"When a human lights a match, are the photons made at the time or were the photons always there?"

"I reject the big bang, expanding universe, background radiation theory, because it is ridiculous to think that the universe just 'ends' at 15 billion light years away. There have to be galaxies so far away that not one particle of light reaches our tiny telescopes here on earth."

"I think that all matter is made out of particles of light (photons) that are not massless, but are matter, and do not have a constant velocity but are subject to the law of gravity just like all matter is."

"I reject the theory of relativity and time and space dilation, because I think whatever time it is here is the same exact time it is in every other part of the universe."

"There is more than enough space in the universe for all of life."

"There is more space than matter, or else there would be a galaxy of space in a universe of matter."

"I think that a photon is matter."

"You can kill a human, you can not kill a photon."

"Stop violence, teach science."

"No nude war, no drug war."

"Let all people see every thing."

"Science is a self rewarding process, and religion is a self punishing process. Science is the search for truth. Science is the search for pleasure. Religion is not a search, all questions in religion have been answered. Religion is the remembering of the same false stories, the stories never change."

"Nothing in science tells us that there is anything wrong with sex with consent, only in religion is sex viewed as bad."

"If we do not defend sex we may never get sex."

"Prison should only be for humans that have caused damage."

"A machine was made that can translate the sounds and images thought from any species with a brain. Most humans have never seen this machine that was made possibly as early as 1940 AD."

"No more copyrights, patents, trademarks, or privacy."

"Let any body see any thing any time any where."

"Because sex is needed to reproduce and continue life, the stopping of and hiding of sex with consent is to try to end life of earth."

"The same humans that like to label other humans 'insane', 'crazy', 'nuts', etc... think that there is a god, a devil, angels, witches, ghosts, etc... What should you do then to make these people more accurate, drug these people until out of fear they tell you what you want to hear or magically learn the stories of science?"

"No body should be locked in a hospital without clear consent."

"No more straight jackets, electroshock, restraints, or unconsentual treatment."

"The humans in psychology will never again cut in to a living human body."

"Democracy for all of life."

"Let all people vote on all laws."

"Stop religion by stopping the arrest of humans for images and sounds."

"There is no need to make a pretend hell, because religious humans, by stopping pleasure and wasting every precious second telling 2000 year old obviously false stories are making a hell here on earth!"

"All the humans on television, radio, magazines, newspapers, movies, sports, music, with more than 1 million dollars after 1990 (christian human time system), all the humans elected President of the most popular universities, every human at CNN, the BBC, Pravda, Howard Stern, Oprah Winfree, Geraldo Rivera, Connie Chung, Diane Sawyer, Jodie Foster, Michael Jordan, David Suzuki, Paula Abdul, Maria Alonzo, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, George Bush, George Soros, Katie Curouk, Cheech and Chong, Mike Wallace ... the most popular humans you can think of, any human you name from movies, television and print, the humans thought to have the most good values, all watched, listened, kept and continue to keep secret the machines that can see and hear what a brain thinks, and all the images and sounds of human thought, humans in apartments, houses, and vehicles."

"A photon (light) probably moves 3e8m/s^2 in a straight line, if photons moved in a sine wave shape they would move 4.71e8m/s^2 in following the shape of the sine wave."

"What is called 'antimatter' is not antimatter. If an antiproton was antimatter then when an antiproton collided with a proton, there would be no matter left, but instead matter is conserved. When an antiproton and a proton collide, all the matter that was the proton and antiproton are separated in to photons. Am I the only human with this opinion? How could humans miss such an obvious conclusion?"

"One irony on planet earth is that a human can be injected with drugs without choice in a psychiatric hospital but is locked in jail if they use drugs by choice."

"Religion is not on the way in, religion is on the way out."

"What 1 million humans see, can not 1 billion see?"

"Truth is the leader. Most humans would never unite behind one human, but most humans can unite behind truth."

"Threats of violence are worse than invitations for sex."

"We cannot blame a race of people for the actions of a few people of the same race."

"Psychology is not a tiny group of people. Psychology is a massive multibillion dollar industry. When a person is brought involuntarily before a psychiatric doctor for an evaluation, think of the decision before the doctor. If the doctor judges the patient to be sane then the patient walks out the door without paying a penny. If the doctor decides to diagnose the person with a psychiatric disorder, then there will be months and perhaps years of treatments for the disease costing hundreds and even thousands of dollars in drugs and services. So, to stay in business, a person with a degree in psychology has to label most, if not all people, brought before them with a psychiatric disorder, to do anything else would be to go hungry!"

"Sex feels good for a reason, if sex did not feel good, humans would not reproduce, and would then be extinct."

"The homicide and assault laws are the most popular and important laws humans of any nation can have, and are the basis of civilization and order on planet earth. To ignore or not enforce these laws is a path to chaos and large scale killing."

"Guns cause more damage than drugs and are completely legal, and destroying every design of a gun, knife or laser is not a good idea."

"We are light. Every thing is light. Humans are made out of light. All matter in the universe is made of particles of light. We are made of particles of light. All objects are made of particles of light. The only matter there is in this universe are particles of light called photons."

"Humans will look back at this century and feel sorry for us for being as antisexual as most people are. For a female to want to wear a penis, or a male to wear breasts is viewed as a reason to be institutionalized, not like eating, shitting, or some common, million year old activity."

"You are either for complete freedom of all information or for secrecy."

"Religion is nothing but lies, and science is nothing but truth. No where do they mix."

"If I could have sex with a different female human every day of my life and I lived for 100 years, that would be less than 36,525 humans; I could not even fuck my way out of California."

I am like most people. I want a sandwich and a drink, a nice sleep, regular sex, a hot shower, not to beat and kill.

In 1999, according to a gallup poll, 73% of people in the usa support legal medical marijuana, but that is not a federal law. There is something wrong with the democracy when popular opinion is not reflected in the laws.

We are trapped in time. We are victims of the curve of history. We cannot skip to a star named lalande, or have walking robots cleaning our kitchen on a moon, we can only live our horse and buggy century through in a linear way, one tiny step for the most part forward at a time. There is no escape, we can only try to teach science, the future and history to the bunk brained humans now on earth, or our fellow travelers stuck in this time with us. The time has less to do with our being stranded and under great threat of violence and destruction, than the people.

Being tortured 3 different times toughened my brain. Picture yourself: you are surrounded by fascists, they have violated every part of your brain and body, your privacy, go through your past with a fine tooth comb, see and hear your every thought and vision, but you know nothing about them, their past, their thoughts....and still i have learned to always remain calm, relaxed, knowing i will survive and that freedom, truth and justice are inevitable.

Atheism was the best and only good part of communism. Communism is terrible but atheism is excellent. Communism is a terrible failure, true and full democracy is the better system. The worst part of communism was that atheism became linked to communism. 'godless communists' is a popular phrase, and 'the left' is also linked by many ppl to communism, not democracy, science, free info, logic, and stopping violence.

most ppl [in particular, religious] view sex and sexuality as a disease, but they do allow a tiny crack of light to escape in allowing sex for the purpose of reproduction, just enough to prevent human extinction.

I do not view anger at injustice as an illness, I view passive acquiescence to injustice as dangerous, and I view violence, not anger as the most serious problem we face on earth.

Nobody is ever alone on a planet of 6 billion humans.

Laws should be like a well tended garden, not the overgrown, untended jungle that exists now.

Now the age of the universe depends on the size of the telescope. When humans make a bigger telescope to detect photons from more distant galaxies, only then will they say "the universe is bigger than we thought!"

Fear of hell, nor fear or love of god has made any person more honest or less violent.

People are such hypocrites, we are genetically coded to love sex, and clearly people are fucking all over the place, because more and more humans are being produced, they must like it...but none will admit it!

It is shocking that on earth, people can pay to see two people beat their brains out in public, but it is illegal to pay them to have sex.

Lighting a match might be a nuclear reaction because the entire atom of oxygen might be separated (destroyed), the neutrons and the protons, into the oxygen's original particles of light.

When these people want you to make a typo, they don't just change the text in your computer, they electronically move your finger muscles...I mean, they go the full typo.

They can change my thoughts, but not my mind. They can move my muscles but not my resolve.

Many people learn at a young age that sexuality is a bad thing. They learn to say what most people publicly claim "I am not sexual.". Most people publicly put out that claim that they are not sexual, that they are not aroused, but rather that they are offended by images of nude humans. But there is a problem in that claim, which is so fervently claimed, and that is the evidence of millions of years of sexual reproduction, and the evidence of the true function, purpose and effect of having genitals. The biological evidence indicates that those people are really lying! The evidence points to them being actually sexual.

I keep thinking that eventually we will have a sexual population of humans, because sexuality is a requirement of reproduction, so antisexual people would not reproduce and pass on their DNA, but surprisingly, the antisexual have worked out a higly rigid scheme of reproduction that allows a tiny crack of light for large numbers of antisexuals to reproduce, by submitting to a process they call "marriage" and then participating in secret sex.

02/14/06: The first sex on earth was probably homosexual sex. The first two haploid cells that fused were most likely identical, in other words, the same gender or of no gender. Only later did two non-interchangeable gender cells evolve and fuse.

02/14/06: Our species was built around our ova and sperm, since reproduction is the basis of life, the one thing every living species has in common, the oldest part in the design of our body. Reproduction is the oldest and most essential portion of the design of all living objects. The sperm and ovum are the oldest designs of all cells in our bodies. The path of cells from zygote to sperm or ovum is the root most ancient, and the only necessary part for continued existence of any sexual species. (12/10/2013): When we look at a ovum or sperm, we are looking at something that is probably very similar to one of our most distant protist ancestors.

05/10/06: The current time here on earth is the exact same time that it is in the Andromeda Galaxy and everywhere else in the universe. 8/31/06 What time is it here? The same time it is there! The exact same time it is any where and every where!

05/26/06: There are only 14 major spherical terrestrial bodies in this star system, and the largest is earth. (12/10/2013- but one great secret is that there must be terrestrial spherical planets inside Jupiter (6x Earth), Saturn (4x Earth), Uranus and Neptune, that make the Earth look like a moon.

05/26/06: As humans transform matter into more humans, the first things to go will be the asteroids, then probably the gas giants, or perhaps matter will be imported from other star systems by then.

8/8/06 Nobody should have to live under a law that they do not get to vote on.

08/31/06 Not only are we hurdling through space on a tiny ball, which is scary enough, but we are hurdling through space on a tiny ball of red hot liquid metal with a very thin solid crust.

The funny thing about Democracy is how popular it is among the majority of people. (12/10/2013:) Majority rule is popular among a majority.

03/02/07-updated 12/10/2013
The vast majority of people that receive direct-to-brain windows network will lie about themselves being alive under oath while video evidence to the contrary plays. The people in the secret camera-thought networks rank down there with the Nazis as being the most dishonest humans ever to live on planet earth with the largest quantity of lies per person ever told.

I view the camera-thought network as a good way to stop murder, but sadly, those in power view the camera-thought network as a good way to get away with murder.

Learning one thousand years of history in one hundred years of life is physically impossible, and therefore, even professional historians are only amateurs.

Did you know that every single phone call you have ever made is probably recorded by the phone company. Do you remember the first phone call you ever made? The phone company does!

down with the violent, and down with the silent!

Who ever would have thought that sleepy old dull AT&T would be the largest hidden spy camera and microphone company on earth?

Imagine for a minute what life would be like if people could see, hear and send images and sounds to and from brains...it would be like walking around with speakers blaring your thought audio out to everybody. The screen in your mind would be like a billboard that everybody can see, on which some of the images are created by you, but some images are sent there by other people, like advertisers and friends, perhaps there would be some kind of rule needed to determine how often the owner of the board gets to draw on the eye-thought screen, as opposed to how often those who send images get to draw on the eye-thought screen - perhaps it would be 50/50 or 60/40, maybe even 100/0, but hopefully never 0/100!

There is an interesting irony: you need full freedom of all information to verify that your privacy is not being violated (for example seeing inside governments and phone companies), but then with full freedom of all information there would be no privacy or secrets. So since there is no freedom of all information, there are only those who violate privacy and those who never see them, but simply presume that nobody is violating their privacy without ever verifying or obtaining visual proof.

"Perhaps I am wrong about this, and I think its a good idea to always maintain doubts - perhaps I am, in fact, even wrong, in every detail of this - but if not true, this may be technologies that are soon true. But in any case, when, perhaps as early as 1810, humans figured out how to do neuron reading and writing, that is, how to send and receive images, sounds, remote muscle movements, smells, tastes, touch sensations, etc to and from brains, by detecting light particle beams with microwave frequencies to read the images and sounds produced by brains, and by using light (or X-) particle beams with x-ray frequency for writing to the mind, and privately and secretly developed very small, perhaps even hovering and flying microscopic dust-like camera, microphone, neuron reader and writer, particle transmitters and receivers, they made all screens, for example, the cathode rays tube, LCD, television, and all telephones wired and wireless obsolete, outdated, unnecessary, and inconvenient. Since people can get video direct-to-neuron, there is no need to have a computer monitor, television or cellphone - anything shown there on those screens can easily be shown directly in front of a person's eyes - even as if to appear on a television or computer screen. And the only reason I can write this on a webpage publicly, is because I am one of the very few people to figure this out, with a strong enough certainty, never having seen even one clear video in my eyes - although having barely seen maybe a microsecond or two of extremely dim images - that people did in fact, figure out how to do neuron reading and writing, and that I am one of many millions of people who have been excluded from being able to receive this service from the phone company. If a person is included and receives many videos in their eyes, they know they can't tell the public, because they would lose this valuable service. Infact, they must lie about seeing and hearing thought if ever asked - even to members of their own family, for example they must lie to their parents, they must even lie to their own children. But they can hint by word choice, by spelling out words using the first letter of the words that end a paragraph, etc. and still be allowed to receive this very valuable service. If you put yourself in their place, and were seeing a screen over everybody's heads, and could call up videos of the most embarrassing moments of a person's life from inside their houses and heads, you probably would have the same exact addiction, and if I received videos in my eyes and was then able to get sex and reproduce, I probably would not be typing this, I would instead be raising my family and watching with many other people, the many videos of sexual and violent events of earth in my eyes. But on the other side, if a person is excluded and does not receive any videos in their eyes, first it would be unlikely that they would guess that telepathy was figured out 200 years ago, and that the phone companies and governments of earth have grown and distributed many billions of microscopic particle transceivers all over the earth. Secondly, neuron writing is used to prevent them from reaching the correct conclusion, and thirdly, even if they overcame those two great obstacles and realized that neuron reading and writing is true, and that there is a massive secret aparteid and genocide, like the Jewish humans in Nazi Germany, black people and women under slavery, like hootoos and tootsies, etc - very extreme - not a gradual linear separation, between those who see and hear thoughts and get videos in their eyes, and those who are excluded, without any physical evidence to present to other people, and with all major media and insiders not mentioning a word about neuron reading and writing and pretending that reading and writing thought images and sounds never happened, they would feel too much doubt and fear to say anything publicly - for fear of getting a reputation as being crazy, and worse - possibly being diagnosed and labeled with a psychiatric disorder, be locked indefinitely in a psychiatric hospital, drugged, tortured, losing their job, their friends - such that an excluded may be able to win and hold friends given the shocking vicious and abusive nature of those who own neuron writing, etc. But, once you realize this fact, that neuron reading and writing is an old technology - but one shockingly still kept secret because of the great power seeing and sending thought images and sounds and muscle moves brings, all the hints and terrible truths of history start to appear in the writings and in particular the word choices of the wisest scientists of history, like Galvani, Ampere, Faraday, Crookes, Edison, etc. many heros secretly working to try and inform the poor excluded and end the aparteid of the included and excluded, those that get videos in their eyes, and those that do not even know that such thing is possible."

"It is sad to see people walking around with cell phones, what they should have is the 'nerve-cell' phone already like millions of other people do but secretly."

I told the public about remote neuron reading and writing, Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar, and 9/11 as controlled demolition - did you?

I told the public about all matter being made of light particles, our fate to build a star cluster, about evolution, about the history of science...why don't you?

We live in a time where truth is called crazy and crazy is called truth. What is being called truth- that 19 hijackers did 9/11, that Oswald killed JFK, the expanding universe theory, the theory of time dilation, etc. are all far fetched and very doubtful, but if you say 'oh I think that light is a material particle and the basis of all matter, that we need to assemble a globular cluster, that remote neuron writing and reading are possible and probably discovered years ago, that 9/11 was controlled demolition, etc..." you're instantly called crazy, but yet, those claims are all accurate.

One important lesson of these dim centuries is clear: let us never let those involved in murder go unseen, and that includes and absolutely requires that their thought-images and thought-audio be publicly seen and heard too.

To give you an idea of how corrupted our species and society has become, Lucretius, who lived more than 2000 years ago, before even Christianity, in viewing light as made of particles that move very fast, had a more accurate view of light than most modern people do today.

When the public starts to see wireless microphones and cameras the size of dust, we can know that truth and justice are not far behind. The same is true for when the public starts to see images of what the eye sees and starts to hear recordings of what the ear hears, then at that time, truth and justice are most likely right around the corner. Finally, once the public starts to hear recordings of thought-audio, and seeing videos captured of images that animals think of, I think that the public can feel confident that a very long awaited truth and justice are in their very near future.

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