08/01/2012 Here are some photos of my Mom when she was younger. She was really beautiful, and modeled for a few years.

Here is one of Norma, my Mom's Mother- I'm not sure what happened to the photo but some pages in the old album got stuck together.

and here is one of my Dad, and I think that must be the Tummer in the Tubber.

2001 AD (edited on 08/06/2012)
I thought that I never show images of any family so here is an image of my Mom, Sylvia, the human that had the ovum that grew to be me;) Sylvia graduated from Western College for Women, did secretary work, modeled for a number of years, and then was a full time house wife caring for my brudder Tom and me. As an atheist she was a ripe target for the Christians and Godders that own remote neuron writing, and as a result, had years of torture in and out of psychiatric hospitals and massive doses of stelazene, thorazine and other neuroleptic drugs, and for what? She was always gentle and friendly. I can count the few times she was ever violent: once May 1, 1985 when she slapped me once, perhaps a spank or two when I was younger, and one time the neuron got her to shove a toothbrush in my mouth when I refused to brush. Mon told me a funny story about how her Mom Norma wanted a divorce and her father, Clyde, tried to have Norma committed to a psychiatric hospital, but a doctor told Norma "lady, you don't need a doctor, you need a lawyer." I saw a funny video of a woman labelled psychotic because she stopped wearing cosmetics and cooking for her husband, but was then healed when she put the cosmetics back on and cooked for her husband again. I'm sure many people think that people should be forcibly drugged. But, I argue that, like witchcraft and religion, having inaccurate, untraditional or irrational views of the universe and other people is no reason to be locked in a hospital or drugged. Perhaps having an inaccurate interpretation of the universe is reason to try and teach a person science and enlighten them with the more accurate truth.

12-04-2002 (edited 08/06/2012)
One thing I want to add is that Sylvia had the vision to see that buying (me and Tom) a computer (an early Apple ][+) was worth her entire $3000 inheritance (from her mother Norma). I learned to program on that computer and now have a career and skills that will help me survive for the rest of my life. So I am grateful for that and think that it hints at the kind of person she was.

As I typed Sylvia was atheist (as am I) and enjoyed reading Ayn Rand books, and enjoyed Rand lectures. That Ayn Rand was also smart, atheist, and proscience, I think appealed to my Mom.

03/25/2007 (updated 08/06/2012)
Well, this is the closing of the book on the life of Sylvia, she was apparently killed by remote neuron writing suffocation on Sunday March 04 2007 around 10PM EST. Although it sounds insane and impossible, insiders have strongly hinted that this is what happened to her. It's kind of bizarre that the death certificate has 03/09/07, because it doesn't take a genius to put together her time of death. My brother was on the phone with her just seconds before she was killed. The corruption among the insiders, in particular under Bush jr, is just Nazistic...it's shockingly terrible. They lie about absolutely everything. They murder innocent people with a push of a button and people just sit there and watch them. Can you imagine an autopsy or investigation that claims that beam technology was probably used to cause a heart attack in a person? It just doesn't happen yet, but I think it will once the public figures out what has been going on for the past century. It will be as easy as insiders have it now to know for sure what really happened to a person that was murdered.
My Mom was a wonderful person, she was very friendly and cared very much for my brother and I. She was very sheltered, for example, she couldn't figure out how to connect her DVD player, and was a product of the 50s and 60s. She couldn't really understand the modern technology. She had a tough time battling the stuff that was constantly being rape-written onto her mind (like many of us do). My brother and I had in some way a privileged interaction with her, because we were the few she really trusted and poured much of her love onto. I tried often to explain to her about how people can see and hear thoughts, I sent her "The Thought Hearing Machine" which she read and enjoyed. I remember once telling her: "if you could hear thoughts of your neighbors, and the people around you, wouldn't you like that?" and she was always adamant in her response of "no". So she didn't really understand the new way of communication that has been kept secret from even before her birth in 1937.
Many of the times my Mom did something unusual (such as write her name on nearly every piece of furniture she owned) had a basis in the secret camera-thought net and the centuries old secrets surrounding remote neuron reading and writing. If we ever do get to see the videos, I think it would be very revealing to see how Nazistic religious fanatic insiders routinely entered her house and stole and moved things, and constantly tortured her by writing terrible stuff onto her neurons. It would explain a lot. And I don't doubt that much of her mistrust would be removed if she was included, and could get video from inside people's houses and heads beamed onto her brain. The story of my family is kind of interesting, because even my Dad, who worked tirelessly 12 hour days helping the Syracuse community was excluded until the mid or late 1990s. It goes to show you how evil the majority of insiders are. As a result the excluded, like my family are victimized by the included, who are lawless, violent, totally criminal in every way, and they pray on excluded, planting terrible suggestions in their minds. Many times, the poor excluded are no match for the hundreds of years old secret technology that stimulates neurons to make images, sounds appear in a person's mind, to move their muscles, and gives them constant annoying reminders of things they don't want to think about, etc. I think probably 50% of the so-called people with "mental" problems are excluded who have come up with creative explanations for this technology that they have never been shown but routinely are involuntarily and viciously subjected to.
I recorded some of the phone calls I had with my Mom, including the last one, a week before she was killed. I sometimes play these, and when I do, her personality comes immediately back to me and fills up my mind. I definitely will miss her phone calls which came every Sunday around 7pm PST. She almost never missed a phone call for years. Being excluded, I don't have many friends. She really was my best friend and we were partners in the "excluded who at least know they are excluded".
If the person that killed my Mom, some insiders hinted that it is a guy named "Steve", this high-school bully who may be some kind of D2B tool for the violent and evil half of the D2B owners and consumers (but he could be some kind of patsy like Bin Laden, Oswald, etc.- it probably takes D2B owners ultimately to remotely murder people), is relatively young, there is still a lot of time to convict them of murder, and there are probably many thousands of other people who are looking for justice for murder victims of secret particle technology. I'm hopeful for the future, there are many murderers on the loose, but the Internet is bringing more and more videos to the public. Eventually, you know it is inevitable, that the excluded will see and figure out that thought has been seen and heard secretly for a century. The only question is when.
In hindsight, it seems likely that my Mom was one of the hundreds of thousands of victims of the Bush and Cheney mass murders of 2000-2008. As a result of their controlled demolition of the three WTC buildings, the Afghan and Iraq invasions, and we can only guess how many remote "galvanizations", Bush and Cheney, probably murdered more innocent and progressive minded people than any other Republican administration in the history of the USA, and my Mom was just another of the thousands murdered in those years.