University of California

My votes for improving the University of California

1) Allowing videos (cassettes and DVDs) that are not on reserve to be borrowed outside of UC libraries. People should be encouraged to see and learn from science videos, like COSMOS, Frontline, Nova and National Geographic, in order to educate themselves. At this time the videos are gathering dust and are withheld from the public.
2) Allowing drinks and food into the lecture halls.
3) Voting by staff and students for people and salaries in UC (in particular for upper administration, where people are getting $100,000 a year and more [new UCSD Chancellor is getting $350,000/year], simply finding liberal people in science is easy for these do nothing jobs, in particular in a time of less money to spend).
4) Changing the title "Chancellor" used in local UC schools to "President" or "Vice President" (or some more democratic title).
5) A focus on stopping violence, perhaps using cameras.
6) Building and launching a UC satellite
7) Building a UC rocket plane for going to earth orbit and back
8) Organizing plans for a UC orbiting station/laboratory
9) Organizing plans for a UC moon station/laboratory
10) Democratizing all of UC employments and decisions
11) Making the complete evolution of life on earth video available for free on the web
12) Making the complete history of science (including atheism and thought imagers) video available for free on the web
13) Offering low cost education for smart, nonviolent humans in grades 6-12 to remove smart people from brutal violent people in the public middle, junoir and high schools.
14) Building and selling walking robots, cpus, computers, clothes, food, drinks, medicines, books, videos
15) Getting and storing votes to pass a new law that overturns copyright laws.
16) Getting and storing votes to arrest and imprison Frank Sturgis for the killing of JFK, Thane Cesar for the killing of RFK, and any other unpunished homocides.
17) Allowing nudity and pornography on campus. Getting and storing votes to overturn nude and public sex laws.
18) Getting and storing votes against arrests for drug use, trade or ownership.

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