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JFK jr
Stop Violence

Check out "The Mechanical Universe" series for free, it's amazing and entertaining. It's interesting to see people try to explain the current popular albeit in my view mostly inaccurate views in science:
The Mechanical Universe
It also can be seen on video.google.com in a higher resolution: Google Video
there are many more free videos from Annenberg/CPB Project
Annenberg/CPB web channel

Redux: (samples a variety of 9/11 videos)
This one has the show about the plane hitting the World Trade Center that is amazing. It shows that many people (no doubt in the secret thought-hearing network) knew months before 9/11. And this also has the video that, I think is good proof that WTC 1 was pulled. You can clearly see white smoke from the bottom, and see the camera shake...I mean you can't bring down a building without the seismic effect being measured, which was...Any satellite image would easily have shown the smoke...but where are they?

The classic 9/11/01 free videos are:
Loose Change second edition:
Why the name "Loose Change?", maybe because the 9/11 thing was funded with loose change these republicans are so wealthy. Korey Rowe, Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas, these are SUNY Oneonta college students. What an incredible effort they have put forward. This video appears to connect with the public in a way that the others don't, to me they are all wonderful, but this one is really a phenomenon, it's been number 2 on video.google.com, of all the videos...I mean number 2 of all videos large and small on google. It is the second most watched video of perhaps 100,000 videos. That says something, and something good about society to me.
In Plane Site
Dave vonKleist
This is a classic, very nicely done. This is the first DVD (with Loose Change) that I saw that started raising questions in my mind about the official story. vonKleist is right on the money with a number of points about the media and the US.
There are a large number of videos by Alex Jones
This has the Swartzenegger dad image, and the info about Rove having a grandfather that was a governor in Germany, and the Bund: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6495462761605341661&q=9%2F11+duration%3Along&pl=true
Here is one where Penn and Teller sell out the truth about 9/11:
Here is a really smart presentation given by Steven E Jones, Professor at BYU, given at UVSC. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=964034652002408586&q=9%2F11+duration%3Along&pl=true

David Ray Griffen details the 9/11 "omission" commission. Just an excellent presentation: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3538037502590699697&q=9%2F11+duration%3Along&pl=true

Another more recent (09/11/06) video by David Ray Griffen:

More Alex Jones videos:
Here's a good one:
Look at Jones talking into the camera on cspan, damn, the guy is good at talking.

Part 3 rocks too. This has the Gergen interview. All about the swastika. an interesting guy who did research on Prescott Bush:

The one with the Michael Moore cameo:

There are so many good 9/11 free videos I am just going to start listing the most recent ones of most importance (in my opinion) here:
07/28/06 There is an awesome free video with the testimony of William Rodriguez, the janitor of the WTC at: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4380137365762802294&q=rodriguez Rodriguez really is a hero, it's amazing. And even if the 911 commission ignores his testimony, he has testified to the committee of earth, which is the biggest and most important committee. Here Rodriguez used to eat breakfast with his friends in the skytop restaurant every morning, and of the 70 people that were murdered from there, he was friends with them all. It's just an amazing story of heroism, loss, courage, honesty, integrity and ofcourse, one of the best pieces of evidence that these neocon bastards messed up their plot by detonating explosives in the WTC1 basement just seconds before the WTC1 was hit by a plane. Perhaps they thought nobody would live to testify, or that their testimony would be ignored and rejected. 14 people all tell the same story about this explosion and Felipe David is living proof it happened. Were they trying to bring down the building or just softening it up for later? How can Bush, the neocons, Meyers, Engelhart, controlled-demolition and the rest of these 9/11 murderers escape this one?

Fetzer is awesome. He should get some kind of award for standing up against these vicious murderers.

Video where two witness (Bob and Bri) agree that it was a military plane that hit the WTC2:
This was moved to this new link (3 parts): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4q_j6mGH7w

It's rare for evil (albeit nonviolent) people from behind the scenes to show their faces and openly lie to the public in front of the camera, so that is what makes this video interesting, because the two people from Popular Mechanics are just such people, lying openly infront of the camera. We really get a good look at what modern-day Goebbels-type nazis are like in these two men from Popular Fraudulent Mechanics.
This one moved to, here is the new link:

911 Mysteries, very nicely done. Here we see a beam from the WTC with a diagonal cut in it, obviously because of explosives, and that is apparently a common technique used to cause a building to fall in to the middle. In addition, a very important fact is revealed: one of the spools of smoke exits from the reinforced sky lobby. I am looking forward to the next videos in thie "911 Mysteries".

Here is a SouthPark vid on 9/11:
mkay, this video has been moved mkay? Here is a new link:

This is video has some really good backround info on 9/11 and then the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.
Here is a 9/11 video from Barry Zwicker in Canada. Zwicker clearly is a smart and honest guy with some good perspectives on 9/11:

Ok hopefully these videos will stay on youtube, but if not, you owe it to yourself to copy them from a public library:
The Last Hour of Flight 11
Flight 175 - As the World Watched
In these videos watch for the air traffic controller who says "threat", the airforce pilot who says "scare", the husband who lost his wife ends a sentence with "BT" for "bomb threat"...that appears to be the story of the 4 planes...they were told to land because of a "bomb threat/scare", and the wife of one of the pilots say that he was "skilled" which probably means he was killed. You have to understand that many of the people murdered by the neocons in 9/11 were liberal intellectuals, atheists, artists, smart people, probably thorns in the side of the nazistic neocons.

Inside the twin towers
World Trade Center - Rise and Fall of an American Icon
Anatomy of 9/11
Notice the "AO", notice also, how the building creator ends with "LOL" which much mean that Bush, Cheney and the neocons laughed out loud at the misery of those murdered in 9/11...we all can see Bush look up and applaud the second airplane collision. 09/12/07 On the sixth anniversary of 9/11/01 new videos were released. Here is a good one with all the 9/11 heros exposing the truth about 9/11 being an inside job:
9/11 exposers
I saw a wonderful movie by Dave von Kleist and William Lewis "The Ripple Effect" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFxpf5EuCU8
There are so many points, but one that is memorable is how terrible the people in the major medai are to the 9/11 truth people, their like gestapo capos, average people are not that vicious. It's really interesting. These people like vonKleist and so many others are the heros of this century, and yet they are unrecognized by the majority. Hopefully someday people will look back and know that these people stood up against all the lies and violence.
Unter Falscher Flagge

John Hankey made this video, this is awesome. I can't believe the Hoover memo...why didn't the public get told about it?!
Link moved here is a new one:

Oliver Stone interview:

As an outsider, or even simply as a human, you owe it to yourself to see this rare video from the History Channel about how dirty LBJ was:

Here is a rare one on the MLK murder:

Update, the MLK part is from Barry Zwicker and the full video is:
Zwicker has some good info and is one of the few who has critisized main stream liberals who don't openly admit that 9/11 was an inside job.

Here is a link to the Second Gun, the classic movie by Ted Charach and Gerald Alcan telling all about the case against Thane Eugene Cesar.
The Second Gun
My interview with Ted Charach:

John Hankey took the time to explain some of the details of the JFK Jr death. Being excluded I have to guess, but it seems like the murderer might be somebody named Mike C? Hankey has the killer as a Monkey, and maybe that is Mikey, and he stresses the word "key". Something definitely suspicious happened there, there are so many cover-up kinds of pieces, as Hankey explains.
Part 1 ..there are 4 parts, and this is a good way to teach you how to use video.google.com. Search for "jfk jr" and you will instantly get Hankey's videos.

secrets of the CIA
Ex-Cia employees talk about the crimes they witness and took part in for the CIA. One person relates how they were ordered to put cement powder in milk meant for a village that included many children. A woman talks about how the CIA blew up a bridge and were happy about how a group of innocent women was killed in the process. One of the worst things is when violent law breakers are in our own government, the people supposed to be enforcing those important violent laws. Those violent laws are laws because the majority of average people support them and view violence as evil and wrong.

Here is an excellent video I found when searching "CIA": http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8061307149260436858&q=cia. Notice how it has 5 stars after 46 votes. What the people in the CIA have done is absolutely shocking, completely immoral, illegal, and I can't believe the people in the USA have allowed these things to happen. Probably because they did not know about them, is one of the main reasons why the CIA is allowed to continue. In particular the report narrated by Bill Moyers is just scratching the surface of the evils the CIA has done with US taxpayer money. We should be grateful to Moyers and those who summarized what has been made public about these CIA operations over the years in this report.

Infidel Guy talks about history of the concept of "soul"

Paul Kurtz talks about secular humanism, and this is a positive video. Kurtz is a smart guy, and has published books (prometheus) by Jame Haught and many other people.

Anti forced psychology
I simply say something that is obvious to me and inevitable: "Just make psychaitric and all health care consensual only."

This one is short and sweet. Psychiatric drugs are the snakeoils and tonic elixers of this century, or even simply even just a different form of recreational drug for the big pharma companies who are pulling in tens of billions a year for these drugs to treat pretend diseases. And the worst part in my opinion, is not the abuse of the perceived authority of doctors prescribing all these drugs as a cure for trivial or very abstract problems that have to do more with a rigid society, or long term poor upbringing, which is unethical, but it, to me, is the forced unconsentual activity of psychology. I am glad for the people that made this video, how rare is this?:

BBC special on pscyhology
Notice the "hear a voice in their head"
is "the only lie they should tell".

Stop Violence
16 year old Iranian girl is executed for a 4th count of "crimes against chastity". To me the issue is less about age, and more about killing a person for a nonviolent crime that is not even a crime.

Psychiatry: An Industry of Death
People claim this is scientology propaganda, but the fact is that most of the info given is factual, and we should care for truth no matter what the source.

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