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In this movie, the particles (photons), move at a constant velocity from 100 individual photons to 3 groups of photons. Groups of photons can hold together for hours (although I have yet to run a simulation for this much time). These videos are RLE compressed, a great compression for a 2 color video with mostly 1 color (black). This is the "no momentum" model, the photons move only in the direction of the closest photons, past movements have no influence.
Remember that each of those points is moving with a constant velocity of 1 pixel/frame (although there is round off error, I should probably use integer math). This localized grouping is very interesting. I think that the location of the groups may have importance (but I could be wrong). For example, some times I see groups of 1 in the center with 4 on each side. Each group has a kind of "brownian motion" or small motion because of the influence of various groups of matter (this is why the groups kind of shake, the group is being pulled by smaller groups within the large group), the final effect can be a total velocity for the group that is well below the velocity of a single particle, infact 2 particles can circle each in other in a single place, with only very small movements in any direction (relative to other groups/particles). Getting back to the idea that location of the groups may be important, the groups may balance each other - the pull on a top group from the middle left and middle right may hold the group from moving left or right, etc... Only when there is some amount of distance between the particles will the group not collapse into 1 group (although even in that group there are smaller groups, particles at constant velocity, would never stop, although I suppose if there was no location to move in to the photon would stop. I am not even sure if a photon can ever even be slowed. When a photon passes thru H2O, water molecules, the velocity of any of the photons (in the water or passing thru) probably never changes, only the direction. The photon may orbit 100 molecules and then move on, or may simply change direction. Now I want to measure the group velocities and try to see if some kind of larger "apparant force" (like electric or magnetic) may be possible. Clearly there is an inverse distance velocity of groups of particles as they get pulled in to each other, even though the influence for the above video is based on inverse distance (not inverse distance squared). There is almost no difference between 1/distance, 1/distance^2, ... for these constant velocity models. They all take the same shapes.

This is possibly how atoms look. Instead of particles orbiting, particles are stuck in these mathmatical groupings. A proton, or even an electron may be similar to one of these groups of photons. One question is why do electrons and protons all have the same size? What explains the electric movement/response of electron groups and not neutron groups?

you have to remember in these simulations that this is a tiny fraction of the number of photons that are in this universe. The photons in the most distant parts of the universe, and from other galaxies must pull the photons in this galaxy in some way, keeping the Milky Way (and all other) galaxy from collapsing.

In this video, the photons are tangled, moving slower than the individual photons that move at a constant velocity, and eventually one gets free from this tangle and zooms away at a constant velocity.
Pieces of matter (photons) moving at constant velocity, each only changing the direction of each other (not the velocity). I tried making the influence inverse distance squared, inverse distance, and inverse distance square rooted (this last looks similar to gluons - if I ever could see a gluon, as the pieces of matter get closer there is less "attraction" or "influence", and farther apart there is more.
Video of photons, or pieces of matter with a constant velocity changing the direction of each other.

3D Video
3-D model of earth and moon with natural motion.
earth moon system

A video of points moving under inverse distance (not the inverse square law of Isaac Newton (F=m1*m2/d^2)). These pieces of matter are moving with F=m1*m2/d.
matter inverse distance

A video of points moving under inverse distance squared (this is the inverse square law of Isaac Newton (F=m1*m2/d^2)).
matter inverse distance squared

More inverse distance squared. A line of matter that splits into 3 galaxies:

I tried to make a ring galaxy and this is as close as I could get:
(Do you see the tiny, massive galaxy that goes thru the center from left to right? disrupting the galaxy like a fart in a classroom.)

Video of me
"Photon Yes, Religion No" Chapter 1 INTRO
"Photon Yes, Religion No" (part of) Chapter 2 RELIGION
"Photon Yes, Religion No" Chapter 7 VIOLENCE/PHYSICAL DAMAGE (stream)
"Photon Yes, Religion No" Chapter 7 VIOLENCE/PHYSICAL DAMAGE (file)
Removed "Sermon: The Gospel Truth", I am going to make all of my videos available in the next month or two. Because I cannot afford to put all of this stuff on the web I will provide CDs and DVDs for a reasonable cost (the cost for me to make and send the products). The products are, as always, still free to copy and distribute.
05-23-2002 Here is an introduction I gave for civil liberties attorney Eddie Tabash for the University of California in Irvine Students for Science and Skepticism
"Modern Enlightenment and Sex Laws: Decriminalizing Prostitution"

Video of My Robot
My robot taking a step. I have the knee going the wrong direction. My robot taking a step. Now knee is going correct direction.

Music Videos


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Beautiful Rainbow of People

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Stop Violence

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Stop The Drug War

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Other Movies
Other movies by Ted Huntington (90 minutes each)

  "Science" - An action packed thrill ride from beginning to end. A concise, very effective portayal of the stories of science from the past to modern times. The first complete telling of the stories of science on film. The movie does not waste any time in presenting the most epocal, important, exciting, shocking, and useful inventions, discoveries, and ideas in the stories involving science.

"2020" - A startling prediction of a future coup de tat in the United States, started with the accession of a very controverial figure. A very intelligent view is shown with careful detail to state of the art designs and mcachines. Examples include robots, electronic translators, videophones. Some of the controversial elements include discussions of the drug war, the prostitution war, the war on sex, the war on pornography, the ongoing struggle withthe world religions. Travel with the main character of this story, the child of the Earth President, the cast of friends in the Earth Government, and a team of robots to secure the 3 disks containing the designs and complete instructions for travelling to the moon and mars, developing stations for life, and populating those cities with life from earth.

"Animals" (animation) - A stunning portrayal of animals in the wild interacting with humans. Not like the clumsy attempts of Disney and others, this movie displays a more realistic accounting of the true situation for animals on planet earth. A stringent look at the fast food industry, bull, cock, and dog fights of Spain, and Mexico, as well as other gruesome traditions.

"Moon Wars" "Technically exquisite" boasts Ted Huntington, "An intellectual thriller", writes the same movie reviewer. Travel with the President of the Moon to seed and maintain the safety of the seeding robots from the ongoing colony wars between private industrialists. The wars are for territory and property on the moon and employ millions in the construction of serious, massive robotic weapondry to guard and maintain the ground each army has seized. The President of the Moon faces an unsympathetic earth government because of the succession into a planetary orbit, can this single leader maintain the moon for all of the peaceful inhabitants? I don't know!

"Mars" - Same thing as "Moon" only Mars.

"Journey To a Nearby Sun" - An educational look at the realities of going to a nearby sun.

"Robots" - an educational film on modern robots, focus on walking robots, and the future of robots.

"Celebrity Killers" - (or "Shooting Stars") a realistic documentary on the lives, pictures, audio and films of the convicted and unconvicted killers of celebrities. Brief looks at many bizarre deaths from very recent (Michael Kennedy, Sonny Bono, Chris Farley, Michael Hutchenson, John Denver) to relatively recent (Jani Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, JFK, RFK, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, John Lennon, MLK, M X, Tienamen Square leaders, Vietnam murders..."

"Evil" - the evil leaders, religions (Roman Catholic, Christian, Buddist, Muslim, Christian Science, Hindu, Zionism, Hebrew, etc...), astrologers, hate groups (KKK, Nazis, etc...), government agencies (the DEA, FBI, Drug department, CIA information destroying department, Police narcotics, and vice divisions, ATF, FDA, FCC), corporations, and societies of people that regularly participate in evil.

"Good" - the good leaders, science (Carl Sagan, Albert Einstein, Edison...) astronomers (Edwin Hubble, Milton Hummason), peace movement (musicians, comedians, freedom of information people, pornographers, radio, tv and movie people that pushed for good), government leaders from around the planet (JFK, Nelson Mandela, Rabin, etc..), corporations, and groups of people that regularly participate in good.

Currently this video is not here, I am in the process of editing the file and will provide the DVD eventually.
Ted Huntington interviews Ted Charach

Click above image to see the full 2 hour interview.
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Note: You need the most recent Real Player to stream this file

Ted Charach spent a large part of his life trying to explain to the public that Thane Eugene Cesar was the person that killed Senator Robert F Kennedy, not Sirhan Sirhan. For me, the Tom Noguchi autopsy showing that RFK was shot 3 times with a gun only 1 to 3 inches away, together with all the people there saying, include Karl Eucker (the person that grabbed Sirhan after the second shot), Sirhan never got that close is enough proof for me. The web page of Ted Charach and to order the Second Gun $19.95 is http:/www.rfkgatetedcharach.com/

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