I do not eat mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians.

I do eat fish (not often), eggs, milk and cheese.

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My awards for veggie foods are:

(Some of these have egg, but as far as I know have no products from or that hurt/killed any mammals or birds already born/hatched)
My current favorite burgers:
1. Boca, original
2. (Morningstar Farms) Burger King (BK fries are meatless)
3. GardenBurger, Classic
4. Morningstar, Griller
5. Vons, Soy based 6. Yves, McDonald's McVeggie (watchout McDonald's fries have cow sprayed on)
7. Boca, Cheeseburger
8. Worthington, fripats
9. Morningstar, All American
10. Trader Joe, Not sure what name is

1. Boca (vegan)
2. Quorn chicken patty (tasetes better than Boca but has eggs)
3. Morningstar Farms Chicken
4. Worthington - deli slices

1. Garden Burger
1. Trader Joe
1. Morningstar Farms

Hot Dogs
1. Quorn (has eggs) 2. Yves and LiteLife [replied to my email and appear friendly], these need to be microwaved - the grill makes the outside too tough and chewy.

Turkey (deli and roast)
1) LightLife turkey
2) Tofurkey roast turkey
3) Quorn Roast
4) Worthington Smoked turkey (warning: some times does produce gas pain in my abdomin and urgent diarrhea, but the taste is so good and I do not always have this side effect so that I still eat this)
You can get a larger block of this and make large turkey chunks, or buy smaller quantities of already sliced meatless turkey.

1. Veggie master - veggie steak (this can be a steak patty, or also chunks for stew and shishkabob. Mother's stopped selling this, but 99 Ranch on Jeffrey at least (I'm not sure about the Culver store) does.
2. Worthington steaklet (I enjoy this on a seseme bun with Steak sause, some worchester, ketchup, or also, melt chedder cheese on a grill (only 5 or 10 minutes), put with sauteed onions, green peppers, and mushrooms in a sub roll with mayo for a philly cheesesteak no-meat sub (I really missed those, but not any more!)

Ground Beef
1. Quorn (I love the Quorn products, they are number one in almost every catagory. This ground if great for zataran's dirty rice mix, but Mother's stopped selling it and I don't know where else I can buy it. Please send me an email if you know of a place near Irvine. It is kind of rubbery I guess, so maybe not Yves, and LiteLife is better for tacos).
2. Yves (I use this for tacos too)
2. LightLife
3. Morningstar Ground

Taco beef
1. Light Life

1. Light Life
1. Eves

Corn beef
Worthington Foods has a veggie Corned Beef, but I do not know where to buy it

LightLife (excellent for Reuben, also to celebrate sexuality via Pee Wee Herman, Paul Reubens)

1. Morning Star
2. Lite Life

Sausage (breakfast)
1. Boca
2. Morning star
2. Worthington Foods

1. Boca, Smoked

1. Light Life Brat
1. Tofurky Beer Brats
1. Yves Brats

Sausage (large kind for sub)
1. Boca, Italian

Pig, (pork)
Deli Ham
1) Yves
1) Lite Light
1) Worthington

Ribs 1. GardenBurger Riblets (This is the best and only NO meat BBQ Ribs I have ever tasted)
This is ever better than actual ribs because no bones and exact same taste!
2. Morningstar Farms ribs

1. Garden Burger Breaded Cutlets are similar to pig/pork

roast beef
update 8/11/06 there is now one contestant for vegetarian roast beef:
1) Yves (I've tried it, it's good, it's a thick slice, I would like a thin slice, but maybe this is more all purpose, it tastes, I guess...similar to maybe when that roast beast has been around for maybe a day or two perhaps...)

close and good tasting is:
1. Tofurky Philly Steak (like veggie steak-ums, you cook them in a pan, they taste similar to Native Foods, Costa Mesa and Bodhie Tree, Huntington Beach deli meatless meat, so that is sweet since the people that work there are rude and fascist)

1. Supreme Pizza, Morningstar Farms
2. Torfurkey - vegan cheese pizza

Burger type but not taste-a-like:
1. Tomato and Basil Pizza Burger
2. Herb crusted cutlet, gardenburger (like pork)

1. Trader Joes (in glass, for refridge)
2. Healthy Valley mild 3 bean (not thick, but you may not want thick, tases good, not too spicy)

1. Bush's Beans (vegetarian)
2. label - delmonte? or green giant? vegetarian
3. Amy's
1. Gardenburger
+good with mashed potatoes, but not as firm as most of the meatloaf I have had. Sylvia, my mom, makes a good meatloaf, and I remember there being diced onion. 1. Amy's
+this is a creative meatloaf, that as far as I can see, does not try to imitate meatloaf, but makes a new loaded with vegtables loaf, that is still good tasting, but not similar to meat loaf. Plus with Amy's there are side vegtables and mashed potatoes with the entry.
2. Morningstar Nut Loaf/4 bean loaf
These taste good, with some ketchup, but do not taste like meat loaf

Salisbury Steak
1. LightLife

Other veggie ideas:
Portobello burger

Greens, San Francisco - was not insulted and food was good. 08/11/05
I had lunch at Greens last weekend and it was very good. I had a salad made butter lettuces, barbequed corn, pickled red onions, and I can't remember what else. The salad was very good, and since then, I have made two salads with barbequed corn (cut off with a knife ofcourse). It is an interesting idea trying new vegtables, fruits, nuts, and soy meats in a salad.
Like many Americas food vegetarian restaurants, I need to ask to have the menu items translated to common language for me.
The water was without ice which is like Real Foods...I am not sure why that is. I hope it is not pseudoscience or some unfounded belief.
For an entry I got the Portabello burger (I hadn't had one in a long time, the last I had was at Real Foods as far as I remember, since then I had one here back home and it was delicious, but i get tired of them too). It was that or the "brochettes".
One thing about Greens that is pretty cool is that a new menu is dated and printed every day.
Ok so here is one thing...I know that many vegetarian places like to serve very spicy food without warning...I remembered that happening at Greens the last time I ate there. So, one improvement would be to label which food is spicy. This time I was prepared and saw that the burger has "chipotle peppers" (peppers are a wonderfulo vegtable and have an interesting history, according to one web page, Columbus thought they were like the India pepper which is totally different, Chipotle: These can be any pepper, but dried by smoking. Jalapenos are commonly made into even sweet and mild peppers can be called chipotle I guess). The person taking the order kindly allowed me to have them on the side. When I ate one, it was unbelievably hot, I went thru a glass of water to try and neutralize the pH on my tongue.
The salad dressing was kind of vinigery...or plain...after having the spinich salad with the grapefruit vinigrette at Milleniums I was ready for something bizarre and creative.

One of the salads (I think the side salad with the burger) had jicama which was kind of sweet and like many of these veggie restaurants leaves me thinking "I think I will try this at home on my food").

Vegetarian chefs tend to be more creative for some reason than meat chefs. The burger came with a side salad, there were some kind of pumpkin seeds (not like the usual kind...or somehow they were more like beans...they were not crunchy but chewy as I recall, but also tasted good).
The burger was good and very cheesy, there was a piece of chedder (I guess) and perhaps other cheeses on the burger. The bun is called an "acme bun" and was very was toasted and held together which is rare for a portabelo burger. Avocados were in the salad on the side.
I ordered an "ice cream sandwich" for desert which is a very creative idea. There was raspberry icecream between two ginger snap cookies with a fresh mint leaf. It was an interesting combination...I am not really a fan of raspberry icecream or sherbert...but perhaps if I was told that it was handmade i would have tried to appreciate it more. There was a problem with the gingersnaps cookies because I couldn't cut them easily and there was no way of holding and eating the sandwich, so the mechanics need to be figured out more there. Perhaps a softer cookie, or an already broken cookie, I don't know.

I was impressed, the view is very nice, the food was good, and I want to explore the menu more.
Millenium, San Francisco - was not insulted and food was good.
I had dinner at millenium's last weekend and it was very good. I ate:
fresh rye? bread with a delicious eggplant tahini? spread which was very buttery tasting. I finished two servings of that.
A spinich salad with crusted tofu, marinated red onions, a variety of exotic mushrooms, soft croutons, grapefruit pieces, and gratpefruit vinigrette dressing. I have to say that this spinich salad was the high light of my 3 days in San Francisco. What a delicious salad. The grapefruit vinigrette dressing is a really creative idea and was delicious, and the crusted tofu, crusted with seseme seeds was delicious. The exotic mushrooms (and perhaps saten? again what a bad name, is saten the same as satay?) were definately marinaded and delicious. I highly recommend getting the spinich salad.
This restaurant is evidence that people that cook vegetarian food tend to be more creative than meat based food. My feeling was that these are people that have very demanding tastes, and a need for variety. And we get to benefit from all that work. I don't doubt I would get tired of grapefruit dressing after 3 or 4 salads with it, but that I had never had it before made it a wonderful experience.
For main entry, again, as usual, I have to have the menu items translated by the person waitering. I decided on an eggplant "napolean" ratattoey. napolean means a mix of various things (like neopolitan ice cream), and I don't know what ratatoey is, but this was 2 slabs of fried (which is usual for veggie, and certainly welcome and creative) eggplant with white beans and an orange sauce (done in the fancy back and forth on the plate way). This had "smoked tomatoes". Here again is another example of how the vegetarians go above and beyond many times. I was reading the restaurant cook book while waiting for a table and they describe how easy it is to smoke vegtables (and veggie meats, etc). The entire idea of smoking stuff is awesome. What a great way to breathe life into the taste of the same old foods. The entry was fine, I think, perhaps the white beans made it a little dry, and there were no real curious tastes, it was kind of bland compared to the spinich salad which totally rocked.

As an aside, while I was with a friend in China Town there were all kinds of dead animals laying around for that still were moving in the tray, shrimp with the eyes still there, dead chickens plucked and hanging around, ... all kinds of dead mammals, fish and birds. it got me thinking how eating cow muscle is very much like cannibalism. Because, cow muscle is basically identical to human muscle, the same for chicken...It feels too nasty to be biting into the leg of something so much like me. I ate fish while in San Francisco, but even that...the fish have those eyes, just like ours. Plants and fungi move, but their biology is more distantly related to us. I think the future will have plant foods replacing most food items like the way margerine does now. I think that eating mammals is kind of an emergency is interesting to judge young people first impressions when first eating mear...mine were overwhelmingly bad...I thought the burger tasted like a barnyard and not any good. But I came to like it, although I later left it. Now we are fine tuning our tastes as a species, and I think that the plants provide more variety in terms of taste. My feeling was kind of that eating mammals, although the price for cow meat is very high in some places, was something that evolved out of necessity and without much thought about what tastes best.

So for dessert I had strawberry shortcake, which was delicious. It had peach or some other kind of fruit in addition to halved strawberries, and a delicious sweet sugar coated corn bread, and whipped cream. The highlight of that has to bed the sweet corn bread. it was a wonderful mix of flavors. It's no wonder than Millenium gets the best vegetarian restaurant from one magazine every year.

Vegetarian House
520 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, California (95112) (at 11th St, downtown)
Vegan, Asian, International, Catering, Wheel Chair Access, Take-out

Very good, asian food, and some US favorites. The owner appears to be a wealthy woman who has her own religion, and likes to take care of stray dogs. The prices were good. The food was good. The menu is really smart, each item is shown in a color photograph...this is probably the best menu system I have ever seen anywhere. I had a carrot juice that was not shockingly expensive. E-jin and I had summer rolls. They were ok, there were too many to eat, and there was kind of a fiberous taste, but still good, next time the mu shu rolls instead to try. We had the "lucky you lunch" which looked so interesting, I asked about's normally a lunch item but they will serve it for dinner if you ask, and it is delicious, both E-jin and I scarfed that down in minutes. It's kind of like a steak or cutlet or something with a tangy sauce. And we had joyful sweet&sour, which, was not the traditional sweet and sour...perhaps the sauce was not sweet enough...that wasn't to my liking as much, but it was ok. There were no insults to my knowledge, and the food is wonderful. You can see everything on their webpage, like their menus they are very well organized and have taken a smart approach to a restaurant.

Di Lac
1644 E Capitol Expressway, San Jose, California (95121) (at Silver Creek plaza)
Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Take-out
Somewhat positive experience, there may have been one or two minor insults, but it's hard to tell without seeing thoughts and being included. There is a buffet, which I probably should have had. Ejin and I had the seafood sizzle, and crispy noodle, and they weren't too awesome. I think I would stay with chow mein, sweet & sour, etc next time, maybe fried fish. This place is vietnamese I think, like au-lac in Orange County, maybe vegetarianism is popular in Vietnam? In any even we in the USA have benefitted. Generally a good experience. The prices were very good.

Saturn Cafe
145 Laurel St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060. 831-429-8505. Hours: Sun-Wed. 12noon-12 midnight; Thur-Sat 12noon-3am.
E-jin and I went to this place at 9pm and I was worried about tough people, but the place was packed full of young people. I thought this was only a veggie hamburger place, but it is actually somewhat large, like a 50s cafe, and all vegetarian. I could see from the webpage there there was a good vibe, and that was reflected inside too, but I only made one visit there so judge for yourself. There were no perceptible insults to my knowledge, and you have to imagine that insider people are offered money to be rude, so they have to pass up on serious cash to be nice. The planet Saturn is a very smart theme, maybe they can open up a cafe around the actual planet Saturn sometime. E-jin and I had their own veggie burger and a veggie chicken sandwich with thick and thin fries. Their burger tastes good, as I remember, it may kind of fall apart, I can't remember too well. The chicken sandwich was good too, but the bread was twice as big as the chicken, and I don't know, either the bread has to be smaller, or the chicken has to be bigger, probably making the bread smaller is the answer, it's a conundrum. One interesting progressive thing is that the bathrooms are gender neutral and one at a time.
Cafe la vie
429 Front St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060. 831-429-ORGN.
This place is nice, there were a few small rude things (one staff said "rat" and a quick cool customer guy at the bar said "rot!" just out in the this is normal was kind of funny). Another time I swear I heard somebody say "gook" and I can't remember who, (I was with E-jin who is asian), but it mystified me because there is a hot asian female that works there (and another somewhat hot caucasian female waitress) I doubt they are anti-asian. I just report this stuff I don't explain it. The food was good though, it is somewhat expensive. I had a drink with kale, celery and one other green which was ok. There are some raw items which can be good. E-Jin and I had the mushroom pizza and a veggie burger (maybe this was the burger that fell apart I can't remember). The burger I got with the cashew cheese, and the pizza with chedder. The pizza was on a circular rye bread. Both tasted good. People can actually walk from the beach along a path next to the little river that flows inland to this place.

RealFoods, Santa Monica, West LA - good food, positive music, so far no serious insults.

Alisans, Huntington Beach, excellent and friendly, so far not one insult (or poisoning). Sweet and sour pork, ham and potatoes, wan tan, both excellent. update 05/17/06 Alisans closed, I am sad to report, but there is something on the Internet that says that they may be in Anaheim, so search for that.

Au Lac, Fountain Valley
female human said "I just want to choke (people that eat cow)", and I said (on my toes for a first, ready for nonstop verbal combat) "violence, is not the answer".
Went again, and no real negativity, some rumblings but nothing much. Some people recommended this in the form of a "LAC" license plate as an altenative to wheel of life (although there was also a "VIC" plate that appeared later) for this wedding reception dinner...I had totally forgotten about Au Lac, and that is a good choice for those vegetarians who are the victim of constant included rudeness.

Native Foods
I was excited to go to this place, when a person gave me a menu from the new Costa Mesa store. I saw the video on their web page, and was disgusted to hear John Astin, "Gomez" from "The Adams Family", use the word "crazy" in the video (a believer in brutal, inhumain, torture of nonviolent humans thru the pseudoscience of psychology in psychiatric "hospitals").

But, I these people may be Klan, Nazi, pro-psychology, anti-science, fascist, secret thought and camera networker humans, ...still I doubt it will rear it's ugly head as it did with Victor in the "Wheel of antisexuality (life)".

So, I went 4 times, and some what enjoyed the barbeque love burger, the French Dip, then had the reuben and that was very spicy and tasted nothing like a reuben, I had diarhhea for 2 days, but that is my own fault for eating the sandwich. On time 4 I had the Bali Surf burger, and it was a tempa patty and was not like a cow burger but was ok, on occassion I saw "Ray" walking around, but he did not insult me until the fifth time. I got the jerk burger and it was less spicy than the reuben but was kind of spicy, it was a big rectangular solid piece of seitan (pronounced SA ToN - not great because of the christian and islamic idiotic god of evil with the name satan. Unlike religious people, I recognize that there are no gods or devils, but that good and bad exist, but are human prejudices.).

For some reason, a large number of people, in particular in the secret camera and thought network, need to insult me to my face. I am not exactly sure why, but I think that the main reason is that they are angry with themselves for being so brutal to me in excluding me from the camera-thought network that they need to have a reason why. For many, that reason is based in the pseudoscience of psychology, coupled with a lack of any real care for science, that I equate with a care for truth, and also antisexuality.

When I walked in, a young caucasian male gave the usual fascist call sign of shhh - finger over the lips (or some times hand over mouth).

So I start to eat my sandwich, and the shorter thin female human is really friendly, although the female human with the curly hair insulted me earlier so watch out for her, then as I am eating my sandwich, Ray comes over and says " that computer 'freaking out'?". To me, the word "freak" is like "nigger" or "fag", only the most brutal use the word deliberately. The song "Freak Out" has become a fascist anthem for the fascist people in the secret camera network. I was at a Ralph's grocery and a group of people was playing the song very loudly, unbelievably, and perhaps I am wrong, but paid to be there by right wing religious trying to lower my popularity.

So, what a brutal fascist Ray must be. I think that, perhaps, me being there was causing idiot conservative people (people that married and have kids, and spend large amounts of money in restaurants) to stay away. I am putting my money on the truth, science, free info, stop violence and democracy square, where Ray is putting his on religion, marriage, secrecy, and psychology.

The problem with putting money on elitism, is that the elitist are a minority. Excluding black people, the unmarried, people locked in psychiatric hospitals, fat people, atheists, or bisexual, (I suppose even rascists, the violent, religious, etc...) leaves only a tiny aparteid loving group. The underinformed public, forms a much larger group compared to those of you that currently hear thought. So I think that is something to think of, but also, I support being friendly, but also honest.

I was glad to see labels of food like "threesome", and "love", but pee-u to fascism, greed, psychology, secrecy and put-downs. I never walk up to people and call them antisexual, violent, or brutal, only when they come after me do I respond. I do have opinions, but rarely do I put a person down, I just find it to be rude and also dangerous (because many people are violent). Why is there never a "stop violence salad", a "sex for money sandwich", "no more drug war fries"? "Free info burger"? Because these people depend (perhaps they could survive, but I can only guess) on the god and jesus cult for money, where I really do not have to because I got a degree in computer engineering and care for truth, justice and science.

So, I do not feel comfy with going back there, because Ray is a brutal, thug, anti-science, pro-psychology, fascist (and/or secretive elitist) that called me a "freak" and voted for me to be left out of the secret camera network, see if I ever vote for you and all the other secretive camera thought network nazism thru psychology people!

The amazing truth, is that, most people rarely change after the age of 30. Ray must have been brutal when younger and all the time to now, hiding a violent nature and stupidity is never easily done. Eventually, the violence will seep out. I know from experience with my brother Tom. He cannot go for 5 minutes without insulting me. When he was younger, he could not go for 2 days without being violent, and or making threats of violence, and ofcourse he was never punished for any of that.

I know what it is like to be a black person in the South, being called "nigger" and intimidated out of a restaurant, or bus. But look what is happening, those black people each get to vote, and they have turned things around all over the planet, and I think the same can happen for those of us excluded from the camera-thought networks and nonviolent in prison and hospitals.

Perhaps the female (the 2 must be married with rings), may be very friendly, and I read gives cooking lessons that sound fun, but, with such a brutal male around, what human needs it?

This type of person is common. Use of the word "freak" as applies to me is like trying to pull down science thru psychology. People that want to go back to horse and buggies, and are opposed to street lights. To them Einstein was a freak, Newton was a freak, Galileo was a freak, the Jews were freaks, retarded people are freaks, people with long hair are freaks, people with a missing arm are freaks, etc...this application of the word "freak" to people in science is a even more evil, because people in science are trying to advance truth and to paint truth as odd is evil in my opinion, or certainly not a good idea, but millions of humans participate in doing just that.

Good Mood Food - Raw food place in Huntington Beach, food was very good and interesting, watch out for balding mean, rude waiter human that may speak for other people. Said food has a "kick" to it, and used word "insane".
Happy Veggie ["Deadly Veggie"], Huntington Beach
I may have been poisoned with a virus here and refuse to go back. A pisser because the fried tofu is really good and I will miss that, but I value my life more, hello?
See opinions for more info.

update 12-03-03
I thought that being poisoned was a rare occurence and that perhaps I was wrong, but now I am reading that poisoning with a form of poison used to kill rats is popular in China. In my opinion, even attempting to kill a human is reason enough to be locked in a jail for 20 to 30 years, but I am more or less on my own in this.

update 06-05-06
Happy Veggie is out of business and Wheel of Life 2 is where it was.

Wheel of Life, Irvine
05-25-07 lunch, wife says "gay" (ok) [t if only I had been quick with a "lezzie! lezzie!"]
05-17-06 update
After going back to Native Foods in an effort to patch things up, I realized that maybe Victor has changed his opinions or certainly that he deserved another chance to patch things up and be friendly...for one thing we all make mistakes...I know I have said things I regret. So I thought I might make another visit to Wheel of Life to see if the rudeness was a bad day or is really a strongly felt feeling. My web comments, I think have some amount of influence because on the web page for WOL, the first comment from Jon at Huntington Beach says..."I go there every week"...this is something I get from time to time...and that was my initial feeling at Native Foods...that they were worried about money (it's all about money and staying in business for many if not all of the vegetarian restaurant owners...I can understand that's kind of greedy...sell out your beliefs for almighty dollar?...still, when you have to pay bills maybe you would in my job...I don't need to worry what the public thinks for the most part)..when I eat there for example once a week...people that don't like me for one reason or another might not go there (a classic example is the black person, or perhaps not as classic is a openly homosexual person that eats some place...many ignorant people in the public might not want to eat there anymore...although...for me...who would want somebody that closed minded and backwards?...but anyway...the backwards tend to have the most money).
So I did go back there today, and there was not too much rudeness. One waitress, perhaps a native-looking female cast the first stone with "leave", which I thought was ofcourse rude. I did talk to Kim Victor's wife and, like Victor she has a mellow friendly exterior, which is interesting to me..there are many people like this...friendly for the most part, but kind of touch parts on the inside....infact even my dad has this feature...mostly pleasant and friendly, but occassionally a nasty rude remark which reveals a sort of occassionaly nasty interior. And Kim said "petty", which I think is relatively positive, but then said something I can't remember, and I could see that this was not going to be a positive-positive convo and my mind started preparing responses...and I said "...yeah..see...that's kind of rude...", later Kim was telling a nice story, but then ended quickly with "it was crazy" they took more of a psychology approach to the art of insult this time. I said "...around here this is nice...", which is true...Southern California has some of the rudest people, and it relates to stupidity I think, but maybe it's swirling inescapable negativity that penetrates all southern californians....sort of an out of control green-house warming negativity. There were no insults from a male waiter (which ... I mean...people have to think hard to come up with insults...I don't like to and ofcourse only do in response to first strike insults). The female waitress was alive with these insults (and who knows if this was from Victor on remote, or if these were her own comments...said "bilk" (bill), which was tough to digure out, because the conservatives are bilking us with this 9/11 Iraq crap, religion is pure bilking, but then that I don't tip might be thought of as bilking...but then nobody tipped me when I worked most stores or now...hey pay them a good wage why do we need to compensate? I hate the "pitch into the plate" theory, I like when things are exact transactions...I couldn't understand if that was positive or negative.... that was why it was good to judge from what Kim said...which I would catagorize as relatively friendly...but still the feeling is that I am not very welcome...which reflects what the female waiter-human said). There was an image of a female with nude top which I think is very nice, and does show effort, and shows that my web page comments do have an effect although clearly not nearly as much as I would the point of being courteous in all dealings and exchanges (which clearly is not going to happen I think at WOL...but I am keeping an open mind). It seems clear that many people are influenced by my opinions, but not in a way that changes their minds, not like the way television and the mass media can change their mind I think, even when they are telling obvious lies, like about Oswald, and about 9/11. In any event Victor and Kim opened a second store in Huntington Beach, so clearly my complaints of rudeness had no or even the opposite financial effect. So my current feeling is that I am going to go ahead with the wedding reception dinner there, but that I should not go there...except perhaps once a year or two. But also, the feeling is kind of's not 100% acceptence, and is to a large extent that "leave" feeling (although it depends if the waitress person was echoing the owner's feeling, or simply pocketed some neocon money for what must be a good return on the investment...trying to undo any reconiliation...neocons are notorius for trying to ruin any kind of liberal mending and they spend a lot of money to do that...and poor people, like many of the people I work with, pocket a few hundred in neocon money to try and confuse me, with false messages ... a few at least said "get out of here"...before I went...and that seems to me to be more "pocket the neocon money cha-ching" than some communication of true info...but it's never clear for me to see.

That was another realization I had after eating there again, is that it's usually the powerful that cast the first stone, the weak rarely do. I guess the powerful feel comfortable casting the first stone, there are few examples in history where the powerful ever paid for casting the first stone, but they do exist, the Nazis in WW2 is a good example, but you can look at the many Jewish people's rebellions against the Romans for examples of the weak casting the first stone and losing miserably, and I am not sure Jewish people would call WW2 a 100% win with so many people murdered and most of the murderers free.
There were some nice people as customers, one nasty person said "psycho", but one said "plane", and some had tp-friendly clothing. A person walked in with right hand behind back...and to's not right versus's good versus bad, truth versus lie, justice versus injustice, violence versus stop violence, etc. but all I could think of, is how could anybody support Bush jr and how they did 9/11? No cause is worth 3000 murders or even 1. It's not clear whether this place is republican or democrat, conservative of liberal, and you matter what political beliefs, it's stupid to not have common courtesy in life. I hope we can all expect courtesy in the Wheel of Life and every other business, and I try to keep an open's only words, so ultimately it's nonviolent and nobody is being physically hurt by insults or rudeness, so it's all within the realm of nonviolent activity.
end update

----------- Victor, the human that owns this place called me "ped" and I do not want to go there anymore. I refuse to support antisexuality unless I have to. Did you know most humans go with not 1 kiss or a hug for years? All because of people like you. Also a pisser because the orange chicken is very good, but I value my penis, testicles, physical pleasure and what remains of sexuality in this star system more than good orange soy chicken.
see opinions for more.

Bodhi tree
Main Street
Huntington Beach

I ate here tonight and the Waiter human: said 'lard'
Funny, that I never came out of nowhere and called him 'stupid', or 'phathead', but he knows the story of my birth and all details of my every thought, while I know very little about his average do nothing, rude, infrared fascist life.
a guy eating in camoflague heiled me
then the female huo pham
[owns with brother]
said 'I will show you the can [that the vegan whip cream comes in] if you leave'

Where does this meanness and rudeness come from? Out of no where? I never call them stupid or rude out of the blue.

Plus the 'tough' ppl of hb, many tatooes, chained wallets, tats - but i have no idea what their violent history [if any], or what they really think...

Like many vej places, the food is good, but who needs the rude infrared antisexual antiscience facism?

They must be aligned with Victor, the fascist guy from 'native foods', (a look -a-like of this guy is in my face every day). and other people that see the people in the infrared networks as being the most wealthy and powerful. Juden like me, those excluded from the infrared are to be insulted and put down.
The closest I can compate the experience to is the MTV show "Joe's apartment", where try as Joe may, he cannot hide the thousands of cockroaches that infest the apartment. The date goes perfectly, only a few minor fascist rude remarks from the skin head waiter, then the person that looks like the sweetest female (like the GI from the Iraq prison) displays rude and violent behavior. This female has a nice smile, but the reality is the cockroach inside that seeps out with the mean words 'if you leave...'.
Some idiot guy walked out and said 'kickoff' or some idiot violent stupid crap, and then a female walked out and said 'god bless' (she must be a member of 'atheist trakers united').
Another amazing thing in all of this, is why do they cozy up to the nazis, the fascists, the right wing, the married, the conservatives, the religious? The only answer I can think of is the huge amount of money in the reich wing. After all, non whites like the people that own this restaurant, like unwed parents, females, non protestants, non churh goers, etc... are all viewed as heretics, dirty,....why not align with the tolerant left? I guess= not enough money, plus those people are raised with white religion, they see things thru white protestant eyes, even though they are not white protestant people. Seems like a suicide pact, or a black person funding the clan, ...but for the money, it must be worth it.
One other thing on my mind is: the people like Victor, almost all the vegetarian people, appear to care enough about the other species not to want to kill them, but when it comes to humans, wow are they rude! I think that this comes from a feeling of disgust for humans, like plastic" some how humans are unnatural, not part of life on earth, have not evolved, etc...

Udupi Palace
Pioneer Blvd in "Little India". I had eaten here before and enjoyed it. I have to watch out for spicy indian food, but there is nonspicy indian food. The second time I went here was a little more edgy, in april 2006. A customer said something like "dont come here" and then later I thought I heard a staffer say "dont come back". Then in my polupa (or whatever the lentil and rice flour pancake is), near the center had a nasty sand-like substance...which could be an accident but usually it means...not good. So I feel a little hesitant to go back to udupi too soon. There may have been some antisexual talking too which made me say "this ain't no kajurajo".

Sydney's (Fullerton)
I went here with my wife on 06/04/06 after seeing the Titan Arum (Corpse Flower) at the Fullerton Arboretum (which is a very nice place, and everybody there was very nice). The person behind the counter, a male, perhaps in late 30s said "let me know is you have any questions...ped", which I thought was rude, obviously, but I am used to this type of antisexual, greed, negativity, lies, antiscience, rudeness, etc. it's easy to verbally put-down liberals but not neocons and conservatives, after all people like me promote nonviolence...they know we are powerless and poor, and the conservatives are wealthy, powerful and often support violence against those who question them. I should have known when I saw the same Einstein quote as native foods has that there would be rude people. (Somehow I think there must be video of Einstein eating meat, was Einstein vegetarian?). Plus, you know, Einstein was not the great scientist that people make him out to be in my humble opinion. The view of time-dilation, I think will be viewed as inaccurate, as will the view of all that goes with it, black holes, worm holes, etc., in addition, the same will be shown to be true for the mistaken belief in a big-bang and expanding universe. Einstein refused to talk to the press, and never made any public movies on the history of science. But mainly, in terms of scientific contribution, all there really is in my opinion is recognizing that light is a particle. Even the famous E-mc2 I think will be shown to be false, because energy is an abstract idea that doesn't really apply to the reality of matter in the universe, it's complex, but I think people in a few hundred years will recognize what I am saying is true. All the matter in the universe is photon, in my opinion, Einstein missed that, and the structure Einstein left, Einstein's legacy of general relativity and the later quantum dynamics has been a 100 year dogma on science and truth on earth. Einstein and others I think knowingly supported the idea that science should be for an elite few, should be very complex and difficult, kept secret from the public...known only to those in inner circles. After saying "ped" there wasn't much else from the employee (who is probably the subject of an owner behind the camera curtain somewhere), and the person made small talk as we left and said "come on back" perhaps to compensate for taking that "ped" money. They are no doubt krutopeds, and misopeds, in that they reject full rights (voting, working, owning property, touching genitals, seeing porno) for children. We had three sandwiches: tuna melt, reuben, bbq tofu. The tuna was the most impressive and delicious with a thin slice of avocado inside, I have had veggie tuna before and maybe I didn't give it enough of a try because this tuna was very good. The reuban was good too, unlike native foods this did taste more like a reuben although still, no veggie corn beef has been successful yet, but I am sure will some time soon, then the bbq tofu was ok, for me it was a little tangy. We had slaw and fruit as sides. One thing, this place is kind of expensive, like a number of vegetarian places, I think in some way, it may be justified because, people know they are getting a specialized, or rare kind of food and because supply is less, as usual price is more. We spent about $20 for the 3 sandwiches and so that was relatively reasonable. My wife enjoyed the cole-slaw, but I found it to be somewhat bland, not tangy enough, it had orange juice in it which was different. Overall, I think that the food is good, it's a sandwich and salad shop, there is no greese tank, and it's a small kind of operation, but ofcourse, watch out for rudeness, and this rudeness is typical of Orange County, it comes, I think with fanatical religious conservative extremism, the negativity, and Fullerton is the birthplace of the uber-murderer Nixon (although, as I said Cal State Arboretum staff have all been very friendly and appear pro-science). but this rudeness pervades OC, and no doubt all religious right strong holds, and its logical because they reject logic, truth, science, evolution, sexuality, freeflow of information, democracy, criticism of religion, history, sensitivity, etc. everything I am interested in.

San Diego

Rancho Cocina
This was a pleasant experience, I received not one insult which is extremely rare. One customer said "bud" and "ped'm" (may be against krustopeds? I thought). Again comments from customers are less clearly from ownership and ofcourse I tolerate idiotic customers that is only natural in particular in a conservative county. The chips were warm, there is a nice interior with native american art, large burlap coffee bags. The menu indicates that oil used is either olive or vegtable, and that all rice and beans are vegetarian and vegan, and that the food is fresh daily. There is a market next door. There is at least one other "Rancho" somewhere in SD. I had the 3 enchiladas which was delicious. I have never tasted any of the 3 sauces and none were spicy. One enchilada has guacamole, another had tofu pieces, and a third had refried beans. I highly recommend this to others. It came with spanish rice and refried beans, again we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that that rice and those beans are vegan. My friend had the veggie fajita, and this had broccoli, cauliflower, celery, other vegtables and guacamole. It was good, except it was served with one big flour burrito size tortilla instead of the traditional 4 or 5 small or medium tortilla. I guess we could have asked for the other tortillas, they were, as I said, very friendly, and the waitress refilled our sodas without even being asked. This is one of the 3 vegetarian restaurants clustered around University street.

I was searching for the restaurant "spread" on the Internet and kept getting the message "your request was rejected" or something. Maybe they were in a reboot, but maybe they were trying to say "you not welcome!" or the equivalent, or ofcourse could be provoketeur neocons who hover over me like an evil cologne. I was not sure so I decided to call and chat for awhile (I did this for a few different gives them an oppotunity to be rude and allows me to get a measure of the rude factor), and the person said "go" (so), "jew" (two), and closed with "alrighty". So I thought...that doesn't sound so good. It all depends on how you interpret, but I like either no buzzwords or clearly positive ones. I went by this place and it is a small cafe. I didn't go in. It's one of the 3 vegetarian restaurants clustered around university st, which must be near SDSU.

5501 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
Just near the 805 this is an easy place to get to. Female employee sez "gay". Menu has "come on in, sit down and enjoy". Male employee sez "one is fog it". So I was quickly getting an anti-gay feeling that is offensive. They sell shirts with the chinese symbol for vegetarian and then "Sipz" on the back. My friend and I were directed to a table close to the counter, but the female allowed us to sit by the more distant window. Near where we sat there were shelves of tee-shirts and various food items. There was a bbq sauce with a buddhist swastika label on it, which reminds us that we must allow total freedom of all symbols. There was vegetarian mushroom flavor stir fry sauce, vegetarian hoysin sauce made by Lee Kum Kee, I will have to look for in the 99 Ranch asian grocery. I was glad to see a guy with a yarmulka, and I am definitely for racial variety and equality. This place was busy at 7:20pm and about 30-40 people were there. Music was playing and it was blues, english speaking female voice. My friend and I had the orange chicken: was good, bbq chicken: was good, but too much bbq sauce, this was a thick dark sauce, tangy, and a big lettuce leaf. Pot Stickers: were good with sauce and big lettuce leaf. Basil chicken: we ordered mild spicy, but this was a little more spicy than what I think of as mild. It was good too. White rice came with the 2 entrees, but it was not nearly enough rice for the entree size, and we both finished our rice long before finishing our entree. There was a nice big ice water for each of us. Then things got a little uglier when my friend went to the bathroom and vomited, I ate exactly the same food, and felt fine, I didn't throw at all. It wasn't clear if I should go to the register to pay or wait for the person serving, but the female serving brought the bill, and said I could pay at the table. A guy then came up (which was unusual since the female was serving us up until then...actually this may have been the "one is fog-it" guy who brought us water maybe?), took or returned the credit card and sez "not sit here", then as we were leaving an older female said "hi gone", which I know, everything added up, was just an overall rude experience, and I thought..."not go back there for a while". After this is when I thought..."man...people that can see and hear thought have become's turns average people into savages...".

VegOut, also one of the 3 near university st. Neil Young was playing the song "flying mother nature's silver wings..." which is ofcourse a plus. Female employee covers mouth (we got to ban'm now to save time in the future, at least vote to ban the pro-secretive for as much time as they promote secrecy, even if our vote dont [pi=purposely incorrect] count). a customer said "ped", there was a group of 7 or 8 females, later I would see a group of 7 or 8 females at Sipz, maybe we could have had a orgy, but I doubt it because of this backward age. [plus people dont usually want to be sexual with friends, only strangers]. The female employee said "fat", and ofcourse, as usual I think "yeah...fat brain...fat brain...dumb ol fat brain..." but maybe she mean "fat" and is a fat jam, but who cares. I thought maybe she try to say Rancho uses fat (because that is where I eventually went to eat), but then they had on menu no, only olive and vegtable oil. So who knows, even the included are probably confused. employee male on answering machine said "right now".

It's just coincidence that Pokey's and I are both vegetarian for the most part and that I poked a kid when I was a child. I called and a guy sez "out"...out what? Maybe this is a vote that I should be out, and if yes, then also my vote for them="out" and this is a standing order to the vote counting people and machines: all those who vote to exclude me, I want my vote counted to exclude them too. "hit and miss", there was some evil neocon evil eye net admins trying to make some myth that I would be kilt in SD, and I am here to prove that that mystic junk is all bs and wishful thinking on the part of murdering criminals still on the loose and those that fund and protect them. But that wasn't an incredibly pleasant message..."hit"? Egad, old hume, stop the hitting! I can't understand even the phrase "bong hit" should be "bong puff" or somthing less violent. Or "would you hit her up?" instead of "would you do 'er?". It just shows me how little people are concerned with such a nasty unpleasant problem as violence. "no problems", this probably refers to believed insanity. Here these people no doubt allow huge tatoo biker guys who have a long list of violent crimes in to their restaurant but they are scared of a little ol never-violent atheist. Pokeys looks kind of tough like a punk place and so I was hesitant to go there...Ranchos wasnt tough at all, but still I thought...big "vegetarian" sign, how often do you see that? and how tough could they be if vegetarians? But wait until my Sipz story to see this phenomenon of how some vegetarians claim to be so for animal rights, but then poop all over humans, as if humans are from some completely different creation. I was thinking maybe next time to go to Pokey's, but I dunno, just the conservative nature of SD makes me want to not be in SD or OC for that matter, when I only get massive amounts of abuse and idiotic put-downs.

I was thinking of going there, but the web page has: "shhhh", "kick back", "committed", "mind and soul", "spirit", but then one meager try to attract liberals with "evolution". Just the pro-secrecy is offensive to me mainly, but then couple that with a belief in torture of the nonviolent lawful, a belief in "souls", and I thought it was too much negativity and backwardness to get involved with. Their webpage only works in IE, what's about open-source? I was looking forward to seeing the only vegetarian drive-thru to my knowledge. That is what I want to do for my "Veg" restaurant. Maybe next time I will try there, but still recognize that I vote to exclude those people, no doubt this includes the owners, that promote secrecy while simultaneously violating privacy in the camera thought net, for as much time as they did not advocate total free information for all nonviolent people and those with under 10 minor violent offenses.

Guide to Irvine (and California) Restaurants including "eye net rude rating"

I have eaten at a number of restaurants in Irvine, Orange County, LA and SF and want to share the info I have learned in my experience. This is to serve as a helpful guide to liberals, intellectuals, sexuals, the excluded, etc. I wish there were better records on each restaurant and all people, and I don't doubt that some where there are, but this is at least a tiny start for the public.
I am leaving my above notes on restaurants as a supplemental guide for those who want more detail of my past experiences.

The "eye net rude rating" is as follows:
1=not rude, friendly, very little chance of rudeness, any perceived rudeness may be beamed on your brain, or their muscles were moved to say what they didn't mean to. Perhaps the phrase was taken in a way that it was not meant to be taken.
2=lightly rude, not very rude, maybe a few light insults, could be just independent rude eye net employees and probably does not reflect owners. Possibly a small amount of snobbery, for example a few hints at "this is to go...", etc., rudeness not easily detected. Mostly friendly and polite.
3=medium rude, about half and half, some definite rudeness, probably owners are kind of rude or backwards conservatives. I still may go, but that makes them a little volatile.
4=very rude, very likely to be nasty comments and people, no doubts about the rudeness, rudeness goes beyond independent employees, is owner(s), major managers. I basically know to stay away from these places. If I have a good coupon, I may venture a visit, but it is to risk getting unusual items in your food and guaranteed rude insults and put-downs with every interaction.
5=ultra-rude, you definitely will get nasty comments and experience very rude, antisexuals, violenters, secreters, nazis, antisciencers, religious fanatics, and other assorted nasty people. It's tough to know the difference between a 4 and a 5, I don't think any places are 5's, but perhaps my scale should be shifted more.

two times, so far so good. One time, there was 2 younger guys with 2 females (customers), and one female was nasty and I thought (or the guy thought) of that scene in Star Wars in the cantina but thinking "she doesn't like you very much....I don't like you either...", and I knew it was getting near time to exit.
Alisan They moved from Huntington Beach, and there was a report that they are in Anaheim.
Ameci "ped"x1, of maybe 4 or 5 visits. But it's unclear how conservative they are.
So far, so good, no real negative put-downs or insults in 5 or more visits.
Au Lac Good, perhaps there was some small amount of feeling that I should leave, ... it's tough to be sure in 3 visits.
2 visits and no significant insults except from a few snobby idiot customers (see above)
Baja Grill
Not many rude insults, but once (maybe twice) received the bottom scrapping of the refried beans.
BC's Grill (UC Irvine)
11/10/05 There was a sausage from a pizza in some item in the salad bar that got into my salad...that was stomach first it looked like a garbonzo and I was about to eat it...but it was too big for a garbonzo and I pulled it out and cut it...sure enough it was friend from Taiwan said..."I think it's fake meat"...and I said "...these places don't do fake-meat like this...they only have gardenburgers and those they cook on the meat grill with everything else". That was gross. I am not going back there for a while. Perhaps they are a 1, but that sausage in my salad is fresh in my memory. I don't think I have ever received any other insults verbally or in my food at BC's.
See my notes above, the female said something like "I will pay you to go"
Bruggers Bagels (PCH)
mex male said something pedo-molesto (again, when mex=usually paid for by whitey. They are like puppet masters to those poor people they see on their's a total gephetto. It must be gross to see them, the puppet master select the command, and then the human marionette act it out)
Bruggers Bagels (McCarther)
01/04/07 4th or 5th visit. older black/gray hair female sez: "pervert", and I say "pleasure is good", then she sez more things, and I say "thane ya". I go there at 6 am to support their business and this employee is so rude. They're the perverts who watch us constantly. I'm sure this woman was paid, but still there are others who reject the money and they ought to be given jobs, grants, etc. for standing true to their principles, and having good principles. It's 6 am and these people are pissed, and rude. I'm glad that the public is starting to say enough with the sourpuss low-brow conservatives, we deserve better, we want wisdom, friendliness, pleasure, order, no more of the low brow uneducated rude vicious fascist racist and violent conservatives. They make southern california like a Fox show where people spend every second yelling at each other.

Burger King (harvard)
I have been many times, and very few insults.
11/30/06 Went there a few days ago, and got a bad tomato piece in my veggie burger, it was a tomato circle with a solid white inside (almost like the JFK xray after it was altered by US mean Republicans).
Cafe Zinc
Only 1 time, and was fine. Tough to judge without more experience.
08-10-06 Went yesterday and got the zinc burger which was good, and a half of the "mediterranean" which was just some rye bread with pesto and a slab of gouda or some kind of cheese...that was kind of plain but different, that could come with gespacho soup, which was fine, and greens which were good. There were some positive comments (one was "reich", "weasel" when coupled with "bud"), but one guy behind the counter said something like "I don't feel comfortable", it's typical of the elitests in the nazi camera thought net, I thought "The gas is flying right thru my unclenched asshole, thats how comfy I am", and "Sorry, I'll try not to breathe too loudly", and "well perhaps we need to torture and drug people then...maybe we can make 'uncomfortableness a crime, or those that make a law to jail those who make a majority of people simply 'uncomfortable' and allow them their empty headed tiny brained silent bliss". Then a female employee said "leave" to which I thought "I wish I hadn't left a tip damn!". But then, one prevailing thought is: what a bunch of rude uneducated people live here, what terrible educations they must be getting, then ofcourse, as usual, the secret club of seeing and hearing thought has made them monsters. One person said "narc" and I have a good snappy retort to this now: "I guess we can continue to just keep the camera-thought net for those in police only then....because we don't want narcs who expose the camera net and might get drug users only the police can see now jailed.". And the idiocy just goes on and on like much so, that I know I have to step into the camera network for a second, pretend to observe what they do all the time, all the behind the seens money for insults, and money for propaganda, point it out, and then go back to my side on the seems like much of the idiocy that follows me around is either paid for nazi republicans trying to scew popular opinion in shocking idiotic illogical directions (with constant perv and psycho references, but killers run Tarpley said "Cease sees!") or those who fall victim to their constant lies and paid for propaganda. To me, even if an 9/11 neocon was eating in some restaurant, or some person who supports idiotic ideas like religion, etc. I wouldn't feel comfortable with somebody telling them to leave, or telling them off about the evils of religion, you know, for myself I just an above average person who wants to eat in peace, I don't want to hear constant put-downs and rudeness, even directed at violent criminals. As a funny remark, I was saying in my car, about the antisexuals in the secret camera thought nets that these are people call you are pervert, but then spend days pulling apart your ass checks to inspect for dirt with a magnifying glass.
California Pizza Kitchen

Chi 4 Tea (University Center)
04/2006 There were no insults, but my fried tofu had pieces of fried chicken in the basket too which was gross and shows either sloppiness or purposeful discrimination/negativity. For many people, there is kind of a intense sexual-persecution-financial-ruin fear that makes them want to send a clear message that they are choosing to be the antisexual persecutors rather than the persecuted.

See notes above.
China West
I might go with a good coupon, but with two clear "Peds"...the second time I was ready for them and after the male human said "ped", I said "said with gusto like a true krusto", to which he replied "what?" or "huh?". So far, there hasn't been anything unusual to my food, so perhaps this place should only be viewed as "moderately rude", but, the clear way in which "ped" was proudly said twice says to me that these are not only conservatives, but rude-ass extremely antisexual conservatives. The amazing irony, is that they are chinese, the republican people's tradition is the klan...the red states are all former slave states...they think chinese people are inferior and should be excluded, and not have the same rights and privelidges white males enjoy. So, it seems clear to me that the owners of China West are really supporting their own persecution and path to second-class citizenship. It's only that liberals keep the republicans from fulfilling that nazi vision to it's logical conclusion.
Claim Jumper
I went once or twice, there was one staffer that had some nasty comments, but most were very friendly. There was a black person serving, so I felt that was a plus. Not enough visits to give rude rating.
Club House
3333 Bristol St # 2802, Costa Mesa, CA
(714) 708-2582
This place was friendly, I have been there maybe 3 times, it is very expensive. Then they suddenly removed their black-bean burger from the menu, which makes the menu void of any non-meat items (as far as I could see). This happens from time to time, because, shockingly, the cam-thought-net owners don't want me (or probably atheist, gay, people labeled insane, pedophiles, etc... intellectuals, non-racists, etc) to go there, so they remove the menu item I usually get, maybe I'm wrong, but let's check the eye net videos later to see. And certainly they have every reich to do that, it's a free market, I can see even legally banning people you don't like (this is the basis of racism, genderism, etc in many parts of earth-it's a person's right to be wrong and many liberals disagree with me in this view, and my view is somewhat weak on forcing people to conform to non-racial, non-gender discriminatory businesses). I don't think that is a good idea, but it's a personal choice.

Cornerstone Cafe (UC Irvine)
11/10/05 cross wearing female sez "all gay" instead of "ok". TP: "thane's, nazi you later". There is accumulating evidence that the owner(s) of Cornerstone Cafe are not only right wing christians, but rude right wing extreme conservatives. There are those businesses that are right wing and conservative, but some how require courtesy and equal service to all customers, liberal and conservative. Who owns Cornerstone Cafe? I am interested in finding that info out. What we need is an Irvine "buyblue" page (with more evidence than offered here). Past incidents here include, every time consistently ignoring my request for "no mustard" on my "roundabout" sandwich. The last roundabout sandwich I got was disgusting, it had large cuts of onion, no avacado and lots of mustard. That is definately the last roundabout I get for a long time. At first I thought it might be poor service and sloppy supervision... this is typical in conservative organizations: when change is needed, everybody is too afraid to say so, and so they continue on their disasterous path until, like Sparta they collapse and lose out to more open minded groups. There is also a mexican guy that works there that did or said something rude, I swore I saw this guy at "Daily Grill" too. Olive Garden in Irvine did this, by removing their manicotti, but then changed back. Maybe I am wrong, again, let's check the eye video replays later. But then I asked a camera-thought-net-cog hostess, and she simply said "gay", which I thought was rude. Anyway just an update, don't bother looking for the black-bean burger at the Club house anymore. It doesn't surprise me, most people in the camera-thought net are monsters, and people are generally shockingly dumb and violent in this century. Better to inform the outsiders out there, what the deal is, what goes on in the thoughts of those shytebrain insiders for a switch. I want to figure out how to make my own black-bean burgers, because they are delicious.

Crab Shack
not enough times, only once or twice

Daily Grill
I had a coupon there (10/05) for $25 off. Outside they had a sign "Sanity Claus" which I think is offensive because it supports 4 point restraints, mind policing, incarceration without charge, trial or sentence. The prices were way too high, and the menu was old worldian (ofcourse no synthetic meat items), there was one vegetarian option the grilled vegtable plate, which I had. There was too much brocchli, in my opinion...the feeling I had was that it was designed with perhaps a kind of contempt or lack of care or understanding about what vegetarian people eat...kind of the "let them eat shyte-loads of broccli, while I will be knawing on the killed farm animal" attitude. Still, there were no major insults, ... there was one remark of "scum" which I called people in the cam-net, not because they are dirty, or poor, but because they lie so me a "scum" is somebody that is dishonest and or violent...but in any event, I don't use the word often. So, I was willing to look past the "scum" remark (from where I dunno...perhaps beamed on my brain from a repub...who ever knows...that's why I have to give people some amount of lee-way). But then, I gave a $2 tip (5% of the bill) and the man who was the waiter camer running over to me and said "sir...was there somzing wrong wiz zuh zervice? you only gave me a 2 dollar tip!"...and I quietly said "no, I don't believe in tipping (or like to tip)"...but I wish I had been more creative and said "what! aren't they paying you enough! why...I am taking this up with the owners!", or "no, I am part of a growing group of people that is for ending tipping alltogether". or "be glad I gave you a tip, I don't even tip department store clerks, fast food servers, or delivery people! It is interesting how people only tip: cab driver (not pilot), parking attendent (only if they have to drive your car), waiting human (waitress/waiter ... who are taxed on that which is even more complex)...I think tipping mainly is done by those who are very wealthy or those that are slaves to tradition. I don't like buying some item with hidden, random and voluntary costs. I like to see sandwich=$10 and then the sandwich costs $10. I am against even sales tax, income tax is enough. My final opinion on the Daily Grill is that the food is fine (but it basically a "steak-house" place with a few pasta options), and that the prices are ridiculously too high for the quality of food received. In addition, there is ownership (Daily Grill is a chain) that casually supports torture and the psychiatric system, in addition to the possibility of a tiny amount of rudeness.
Dell Taco (campus) 05/21/07 No flawless things ever last, I got my first put down at this Del Taco, with a white guy that said "gay" (ok), I did give a rebuttle of "not see!". Still, I will wait for one more put down before lowering their rating to three quarter staff.
For some reason, it is still hard for me to accept, ... I don't know why, but these people have never ever been rude to me even once to my memory. I would think that eventually somebody would be rude or give a rude put-down but it hasn't happened yet...maybe I am not hearing or forgetting. But in the absence of any rude insults, and numerous visits (perhaps 10+) I have to give the Dell Taco on campus a 1 for being very polite and not at all rude.
Dell Taco (3333 Bristol St # 105, just north of 405)
I found a rude Del Taco. A woman behind the counter said "get lost".

Denny's (harvard)

Einstein Bros Bagels (harvard)
"gay" (see above review), on the first visit. That doesn't bode well for any future visit. But their bagels are not as good as bruggers, anyway so I don't mind. That was the morning, there was a person in police uniform just ahead of me who got free bagels, and then a female said "gay" instead of "ok", and I thought...9am and these humans are ready for verbal combat...some people are nasty every day. It is an interesting phenomenon. Aren't they ever happy? It's bizarre. That's why I am making my "sourpuss" song. This is a pattern in business. They take a liberal name, like "Einstein" (or "") and use it to mask a conservative infrastructure. They were rude in Utah too. I just read that Utah has the most support for Bush jr in a time when Ohio and many other states have very low rating on Bush jr. (11/10/05).
El Cholo (Alton and Jeffrey)
Again, because I bought a Condo, I got a coupon for $25 off, and I took a friend to this restaurant. I called first to make sure the coupon was ok, and the person said "yes we accept you", but then "gay" instead of "(o)k" as he hung up. So I quickly got a bad feeling about this place too, just like Gina's, Einstein Bros, Chili's, and many, many sounded like a strong anti-gay obsession fag hunting people...that is a traditional view of the red right wing conservatives...they are the one's who are heavily religious...big time anti-gay... But ofcourse, as usual, I try to keep an open mind. Maybe it was just an independent employee trying to get some cash on the side. I got there and saw that it is a larger, chain restaurant (I read this on their was nice that their menu is on the Internet at, and I remembered, and how most large companies are red conservatives...only a tiny minority are for blue democratic liberals. I'm not sure why that is, but I think it's because of the power and influence of marriage and the family. To wed, I think is a conservative decision. There are many liberal people that wed, but still, I think...a person has to be kind of conservative to reject sexual relationships without marriage, and to go the path of monogomy, one sexual partner only. And so, this is where a large amount of money is...most people going to restaurants are married conservatives with children...that's where the majority of the money is. So, I think that partially explains why I get so many put-downs and abuse. Still, a decent person would be friendly to all people liberal and conservative, but in my experience that is rare from conservatives. It is interesting to think that people putting down a liberal will some how get them more money...wouldn't people think that being friendly to both sides would get more money? I guess not though, perhaps because conservative people have more money, but are usually less smart (or educated, have less care for science), and in their mind...putting down their enemy make s them feel better and more loyal to those people, where I don't feel that...if they put down a conservative I usually feel uncomfortable, in particular if the person didn't deserve it...for example the woman with a condom in her food...pretending that she was a conservative and the person that did it liberal...I still feel like that was nasty, rude and would not support such a thing. Later I found part of a rubber band in my food, although I think this was done by people that have access to my condo. So onto the food and experience. A woman waited on us, and quickly echoed "gay" (or something like that...I can't exactly remember...she started friendly but quickly turned angry...and it got me to thinking...these anti-gay people, are angry...not happy...and maybe it is not coincidence that gay also means happy...because this woman appeared to be very angry as did other people). A guy walked by with a right clenched fist, everything looked right wing...but then a guy walked by with left hand in pocket (a liberal paid him) so it shows that liberals are not extinct in this place. I mixed race couple walked in, and I is so barbaric that black people should be made to feel inferior. In my view there are just people, in many different colors. We should enjoy and explore them all. So I got the vegtable fajita and the other person got the chicken fajita. There were free soda refills. The flour tortillas were very chewy like they had been microwaved too long...I found myself comparing el cholo to el torrito and el torrito didnt have tortillas this chewy and tough, I thought perhaps it was another thing...I had mentioned that when the company is extremely red, sometimes things are done to my food...a big onion chunk...meat in it...etc. so I thought maybe that was what was happening but doubted it. I asked the person to bring more, which she did, they were warm and less chewy. The fajita was not as good as the one I have had at alcopulco, I am not biasing this simply because el cholo seemed very conservative (the waiters all had neck ties, but this is typical in many restaurants...people in neckties are what many conservatives view as clean and legitimate, but the appearance may be different from the reality...we should pay more attention to free information and independent reviews and less to appearances) I am not biasing this, but many times there is an effect on my mind when people at a food place are rude...but it is only a tiny effect if any at all. So...the fajita was friend loved her fajita, and even commented about how good it was a day later. But mine had big chunks of green onion, shredded carrot, spinich, onion, green peppers and that was was ok, it was unusual to see green onions in it. These green onions were a little too big in my opinion. The chips we got initially were not hot and the salsa was not mild, these were the colored chips...I don't feel great about eating a bright red color chip you know...there is something unnatural about it. An older married woman at a different table (customer) said something like "please leave" or "why don't you just leave"...I can't remember, so I muttered at my table "miss manners...where did she learn a baan?"...then a guy came over to clear our table and he said "skate" which I don't know...maybe because I told the waitress "thane's" (thanks). Some guy said "rape", to which I thought..."these people protect first degree murderers". There was a lot of nastiness all around. One guy came by and said "dio!" (earlier when we first sat down), and I sang "europa..." because...after all...these are european gods people are worhipping, not native gods. Worship of native gods was brutally supressed by the Spanish and English that moved to the Americas....but it's amnesia...people know nothing about history. The dessert was not on the menu, but they had fried ice cream, which was yummy, but I think not as good as alcopulco.
El Pollo Loco
I don't go here because the word "loco" is too offensive, and most of there menu is not vegetarian. To me it's like "Ted's torture shack and eatery", isn't that pleasant?! "Involutary injection house of food", "Straight Jacket's", "Thought Policin' Grill" etc.
El Torrito
I have been two or three times and each time no insults.
Extreme Pizza
I went once. I had an internet coupon and ordered over the internet. A person called me saying that I needed to give them the card number, but then a lady called back saying don't worry. I got there, and they wouldn't take the coupon and I had to pay the full ridiculous price of $16 or something. The pizza was half and half, and was very good (definately different from most pizzas, with a variety of different cheeses, and even nuts). The woman said "z" which I thought...I dunno if that's good or bad..could mean..."z pizza is the place for you blacks...stay da hell away from here and my childrens!" or in a positive interpretation "yes, we are like z pizza, come and enjoy at will...". Only future visits will shed light on the truth. I thought they were from the bay and were total liberals with new-age internet ordering, but they have a place in Texas, so it's not clear.
Gen Grill
06/07/07 got first "gay" (ok) one customer ahead of me from the older lady with all the cosmetics that is always there taking the order. It used to be Sagami but they changed the name. I replied with "bi" (hi) and "lezzie" (let's see), since those two catagories seem to be less of a concern to most people. Wait until all of us outsiders get to go through their panty drawer past, finally some justice! But then what do we find, just a dull asexual voyeur who just poo-poos anybody trying to feel good. I feel like telling these people so often...'hey 9/11 was an inside job...don't you even care? you elites in the camera-thought net have been murdering innocent people by the dozen including my Mom and many other parents and kids...don't you care at all...just gay? gay is your big issue? damn...hello....VIOLENCE!...hello MURDER!....wake up and smell the cordite and the sturgio-cesar already...fuckless fuckfree people antisexual nazistic creationist violent fanatical uneducated idiots"
Gina's I had a bad vibe on this place the first time I went there, because I thought I heard some insults. But then a co-worker brought us back in there and everything seemed ok, but much of my mistrust was confirmed when I called to order a pizza and the guy was all ready for me...when I asked for the price he said "I don't know I am not by a menu right now"...he clearly takes offense with the statement I make in "Photon Yes, Religion No" about most people being bisexual to some extent. I later thought about changing it to "sexuality should be promoted", but I don't care enough. I think that it is possible that many people have never masturbated to same gender touching, but I think that those people are extremely closed minded and purposely and agressively try to fend off same gender thoughts. I don't know, but seeing what people think would help to answer those questions. But to me, the most amazing aspect of this is I am just some person calling in a local store for a pizza...and they know me...and they are ready for me...and they have a ready's an amazing era of technology we live in...the most frightening aspect is that the technology as wonderful as it is, is only for an elite minority of's totally the hootu tootsi's nazistic, orwellian. I realize that I am kind of a popular person, but I don't doubt that this kind of "know-every little detail about everybody and their thoughts" is happening for many people. My classic example is a woman walks into a supermarket and over the loudspeaker a person is telling her to stop having the homosexual thoughts she had last night, or commenting on those thoughts in vivid detail. So the owners of Gina's are probably very conservative. On the pizza box it says "god bless you" in Italian. The pizza I think is ok...the crust was kind of plain..similar to Little Cesears. They have a variety of toppings, so that is a plus. There was nothing wrong with my food on the 3 times I ordered from them, so that is a key point. I got a coupon for a free pizza and thought "anti-faggory or not, free pizza is free pizza" and did get a free pizza, and an attractive female pretended to almost touch her breast, which said to me, that they are not all that antisexual (most people say publically that they are not sexual, but inside I think the story is different).
01-31-07 yesterday a guy on the phone said "ped", so clearly these people are gross nazi supporters. That really is the last of any kind of support I have for Gina's, and I encourage people to not support Gina's, because you are supporting the Republicans and their 9/11 Reichstag fire mass murder, the killing of the Kennedys, MLK, Lennon, etc. The antigay people are terrible, I am for helping to defend people like that murdered "Gwen" in the Bay area, not contributing to their risk of murder and assault. I think so much of the liberal failure has to do with christianity and battered wife syndrome. Why do they continue to support those people who assault, murder, and generally poop all over them? I'm not like that. I guess it's the Christian motto of "forgive", and maybe there is some value to forgiving, but not when it comes to releasing murderers from prison, or never jailing them to begin which is the case for many. When people with at least half a brain see murderers stay free from prison for days, then weeks, then months, then years, and then even decades...such as Thane Cesar, Frank Sturgis, the 9/11 controlled demolition murderers, etc. you know something needs to seriously change and liberals should cease support of people who support such a system. Yes, the pizza is not very good tasting in my opinion. The people at Z-Pizza are much more tolerant and express common courtesy no doubt to all sides of the political spectrum, and in my opinion the pizza is much better at Z-Pizza than at Gina's. But knowing that the owner of Gina's is probably vocally anti-gay, anti-sexual, probably pro-republican and pro-violence I would stay away from Gina's. Why liberals go there is a mystery as I said, but then why do battered wives go back to their husbands? It's stupid, nobody enjoys abuse and nobody deserves abuse, and when people abuse I say: don't support them.

Good Mood Food
(see above) I only went once, and there was no small amount of rudeness, but only having been once, it could have been a nasty employee
Just like Millenium, but perhaps not as much creativity in terms of the menu, but yet a larger menu (see above review). Maybe a little bit of cam-net eyeball snobbery, but that is every where...liberals and conservatives unite under that secret and philosophy (and many other nasty philosophies like psychology, antisexuality, religion, antiscience, etc).
I was giving them a 2 for not very rude, I thought that perhaps with future visits they may become more nasty or clear themselves of negativity and be moved to a 1. I don't think they deserve a 2 simply for saying "great" (most likely camera eye net smuggery, or the advice that saying my thoughts is annoying...but when do we get to hear your thoughts? isn't that equally annoying at least?) ...I don't think I can call that a true, unequivocal put-down or insult.
Happy Veggie
I only went two or three times, think they may have poisoned me...I had terrible stomach pains after eating their turkey dinner, and that was the time tacos etc served me that nasty uber-spicy fish taco...somewhere out there people must know...if I am wrong, I certainly would recommend this place, but without knowing from the secret thought cam net, I seriously doubt I will go there again, and refer to it as "deadly veggie" (see above review). Outside of the poisoning there were no put-downs I can remember. So I am not rating this one in terms of rudeness without really knowing if I was poisoned.
IHOP (International House of Pancakes)
Perhaps there needs to be an inbetween rating (2.5), there are certainly some nice people here, but there was one reich-wing paid for person in the kitchen, and a number of times I have been given very burnt hash browns. Twice I sent them back, and I almost never do anything like that, but they were ridiculously over cooked (a racist's black person's hash browns, or perhaps "the atheist's hash browns").
04/27/06 I am changing this to a 4, the guy at the register, a low-cut hair trimmed, native american male about age 30, said "get out of here" as we left. I am calling for a hiring ban on this person and all people involved. Some people say...oh cmon, this guy needs the money...perhaps he got $100 to say "get out of here" for some rich white neocon, but hear me out: why fund people who put money before ideals? In addition, let's not fund the nazis, the confederates, the clan, the liars, the kennedy killers, the jailers of the innocent, the rude, the mean, the stupid and vicious, etc. why fund those who are only going to work towards our murder, pain, torture, imprisonment, displeasure, against free info, against democracy, againt truth, science, pleasure, etc?
J&J Bakery (J Sweet Bakery) (5408 Walnut Ave)
They purposely (I mean I am kind of's tough to have never seen me, in particular for those that see and hear thought and get video beamed onto their heads, which is most people in Irvine), so they purposely did not make my wedding cake on time. The female that took our order wrote "tuesday, 5/22" instead of "monday 5/22", and so it was not made, but they did exchange an already made cake, but still how dishonest and greedy. I think what happened was that they took a few thousand of neocon dirty trick money to not have the cake ready, only the included know. It was very rude and dishonest, but everything worked out. It's just that reicher-kind of nastiness that many of us recognize. It's amazing to me that so many people live their lives everyday with meaness, anger, and hostility...its the exact opposite of me...I am naturally positive and's really an unusual experience for me to have to prepare rude comebacks for the many rude nazis I encounter every day...Orange County really is rude idiot county, but the weather is so wonderful.
Jack in the Box on Campus and Stanford
Large anti-gay support here. Count on a put-down at least 50% of visits, maybe even 75% if you are a liberal/democrat. I have gone there again, but as for many rude places, you have to come up with a snappy rude comeback, like "not see you", because that is the only way rude people can communicate. Sometimes, the snappy comeback is thankfully not needed.
KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) (culver)
so far so good. Not even one insult to my memory. yet, one more example of differing management styles among the fast food restaurants. KFC (PCH)
Not too bad, keep on your toes, there may have been a few insults. It's unclear, I have only been there 3 times.
KFC/Taco Bell (on Campus)
See above review, but these people always have a rude remark to make. They are 3 of 3 to my memory for rude remarks. One time, I took a few seconds after one insult to say quickly that they were "nazi mind police" or something. Twice they scraped the bottom of the rice and the rice was rock solid in the 7-layer burrito. The second time I thought..."I knew I should have skipped this place", in fact some body made an effort to steer me clear of it, but I get many messages in my head, and have no idea where they actually come from. Now I know for sure, stay clear of this Taco Bell+KFC.

Lampost Pizza
Las Fajitas
No insults the one time I went. I had a veggie burrito and the nachos. My friend said the steak was sour, and they bent over backwards by giving her chicken fajita instead. I had a coupon for $25 (when you buy a house or condo) all the sudden all of these free dinner coupons arrived by post.
Little Ceasars (Sears)
So far it's ok. they hire young people, so occassionaly there is a troubled teen, but mostly everybody is relatively friendly.
McDonalds (Jamboree and Barranca)
in contrast to the main and jeffrey these people have never given me one put-down or insult. I keep expecting the insults, but they haven't yet in 4+ visits. These two mcdonalds are clear examples of a difference in vision. It is really amazing. The other place is only rude 50-70% of the time, but next to this place's 0% so far, there is a clear difference. The employees must know that rudeness will result in some kind of discipline here, just like at the Main and Jeffrey McDonalds, not saying the rude things results in dicipline, or perhaps they are simply allowed to take conservative money to say rude put-downs. It is interesting to me, that liberals most likely don't get involved in that kind of thing...maybe I am wrong, but I know I wouldn't waste my time, and be so nasty to even the worst conservatives.
McDonalds (Main and Jeffrey)
Rude 50-70% of the time. Maybe they should only get a 3. I will keep checking, but it has become routine now. The last time I went there (and I now go to the Jamboree McD), I was ready for an insult, and sure enough there was one, I can't remember...probably an ogay, or psych something...and I delivered yet another "nazi yuh later!".
Millenium (San Francisco)
Good, a tiny amount of potentially camera-nettish smuggery commentia, but not very much...I could imagine if I went there every Satuday they might get violent, but so far, there hasn't been any problems, and the food is very good. (see review above). The first time I went there (and I have only been twice, so perhaps I should and will continue to evaluate) they were friendly saying "burger king" or something...celebrating that Burger king had picked up the veggie burger. I can't confirm the smuggery, so I am giving them a 1, but they very well could be a 2 so you have been made aware.
Native Foods (Costa Mesa)
Watch out for Ray (who once said "freak king out"), but for the most part not too much negativity. I think Ray and the female co-own the Native Foods, and the female may be the nice person and Ray the mean a good cop bad cop routine. I don't know, but the staff are friendly for the most part. Watch out for camera supremecist ideals, lot of psychological analysis, but on the plus not many vegetarians are republican extremists. With some assistence from my dad, I tried to patch together a working relationship with the owners and that went well, I didn't see Ray around (it's fine if he is there...I just object to any kind of rude put-downs) then or a time I went later. That time there was something peculiar. There was something crunchy in my veggie burger...something from the grill in the burger, and then another burnt offerent object from the grill next to the this is where I get the impression of the good cop/bad cop thing. I hope that grill funk was accidental, but I am all too familiar with the "black man's sandwich" (two pieces of bread and an onion..or something like that...that subtle little message that you are not welcome there). I have to guess it was accidental, I did get some video of a tiny mouse scurrying along the outdoor me...they have to eat too and they don't have to worry about being in vegetarian food...maybe it was stuart little I like to think. That wasn't a big deal to me, and what is the alternative...set up traps to kill the mice (these are all around the place...I see them at UCI and where I live). I think by now, with the technology that exists, traps that nonviolently capture rodents could be possible for low/reusable cost. Tania (that is the other owner's name) had some comments on her blog about the famous latina female (there is only one ... that one mexican star...let me search in google for "mexican star" ok yes, Jennifer Lopez (I had to put "latina star") and she doesn't have large boobs...but don't worry everybody...she's not fat...oh thank the maker...never let a fat person be ever seen) wearing fur and wondering if Lopez would actually do the killing, perhaps in some kind of initial which I chuckled at...and I agree...I think wearing fur and animal skins is kind of neolithic, so I was surprised that Ray had such a negative feeling that one time (see notes above). Tania also has typings about praying and astrology...I want nothing to do with those two me it's stupid and pseudoscience mystical myth. It's between a 2 and a 3. I could give them the 2 in hopes that there will be no more rude put-downs, ... I don't know...maybe we should go for a 3 and try to improve. I don't doubt that we can move this to a 2 with future visits. With only the "freaking out" and a possible grill's tough to give native foods in costa mesa a 3, and so I will change this to a 2 if I do not receive any more insults in future visits.
I think that rude rating of 2 is going to have to wait, because a female at the register had alot of "commentary"...the first which was unusual was "no jew" (again maybe I am hearing wrong...and the female looked Jewish...), I replied with "pro-rainbow"...I try to put a little sunshine where there is nastiness if I can...but normally I stay quiet...who can win with this eye-network? anyway, they hear my thoughts anyway loudly and clearly...I wish they would provide the rest of us nonviolent people with that courtesy. Perhaps this is the shockingly stupid theory that I am some how a nazi...I havae never been racist in any way (except maybe one black joke when I was in high school [for which my mom, to her credit scolded me]...but then I was an idiot in high school and had no good guidance...I (and another friend) rejected racism when many others would not. I had a number of non-white friends, including Jewish people. The theory that I am somehow anti-jewish is pure 100% idiocy...beyond stupid...but some will still put it forward. Then again, I am not sure what the meaning of "no Jew" was...I can't read their minds....I can't believe that they [or that female] are nazis and anti-jewish. So, it was kind of unusual...but also I think simply negative. I sensed alot of negativity... there were other kinds of thought-hearing elitist comments...dealing with my thoughts and things I've said in my Condo...just really aggressive kind of nasty comments. One girl (customer) kept saying "weird", and when I looked she had a tatoo above her butt...and I thing that is characteristic of southern california is "tough people". "rude people" and "tough people". Here, I am a regular person in a button down shirt and nice dress piercings....nonviolent...into science...honest, but I am viewed as "weird" by people with tatoos, piercings up and down their body, people that threaten violence, ...but nobody every talks about it...hello are the young people in southern california the toughest looking group of the nation? I don't think we would see that many tatooes and piercings in Indiana, even NYC, Connecticut, Florida, France, England... tatooes and piercings are no measure of how violent a person is, but to looks like tough and scummy. Maybe the person was are a cheap person. This is a reputation I have gotten. Again, my claim is: poor people are cheap. They care more about how they spend their money. You see, there is a stereotype that jewish people are cheap and ... you know, ofcourse it's like any other stereotype there is no truth at all to it, or it certainly does not apply to all people of that race, but "don't be a jew" has become slang for "don't be cheap"...although again, only in the rudest and lowest expression. That was another thing...they appeared perhaps to be vocally asserting their support for freedom of bad speech (I was thinking of how Victor called me "ped" and how maybe I was too extreme and should visit wheel of life again...and endure the taunting and antisexual put-downs of the elitists...I think I may...I am thinking of a "no more than once-a-month" visting policy for some of these places..., they heard this ... that is my thinking on the topic while in my car on the way there...and so I thought the female again at the counter who must have been very agitated...or was taking rapid orders from above...and so I thought I heard this woman call me "ped" twice but I couldn't be sure.) But getting back to the cheap thing...for me to go out to dinner with my current finantial situation is stupid...let alone leave a tip. Tipping, I think, was started and is maintained mostly be the wealthy...they care less about spending money. I am a kind of person that likes a large amount of order...I don't like when things like buying products are left open to haggling or tipping...I like when A=B and it is done in seconds.
This time I got my food to go. I got the fish sandwich, which was very delicious, with fries. The fish sandwich had capers which were a thoughtful tart replacement for relish. The fries were cold, and the food took about 10 to 15 minutes to arrive. Somebody else had arrived and just picked up her food..and I thought...this may be best for me. The longer I stay in some place, the more insults per capita. So, I didn't even think that might be that is really a good idea...simply order the food, pick it up and take it back to my condo to eat.
12/05/05 I went again to Native Foods in Costa Mesa and an older female with dyed black hair said "get out of hear!" in a whiny type voice. Initially I thought I would call in my order and then just walk in, get my food and I wouldn't have to stay for any geers and put-downs, but I called and the person put me on hold for a long time, so after 5 minutes I called back and I got the answering machine two times, then got through and was put on hold, so I decided, just to go there. So when I got there and walked in, the older female in the dyed black hair then said "get out of here!" in a whiny tone. I look forward to walking around with a robot to capture the actual video and audio of these people...because most people might not believe me. I said "I will need a formal request" not the inphantile annoying "go away tomato with that?" hints. Maybe people will have "we do not serve people that spent time in psychiatric hospital" signs, and I think like not hiring people that is the free market and is their choice. Can you imagine seeing "no tatooes", or "no ex-cons"? I think I will scrap my "once a month" plan, and just stay away from Native Foods. It's masochistic for a person like me to go to a place like that. You know, it's very similar to black people in the southeast USA, how they would sit at these lunch counters and the people would spit on them, pour flour on them, beat them to the ground and then kick them....but then shockingly...the black people would go back! My opinion is to not support people that run an elitist business like that, not to fund them! It seems ironic that black people would want to get service at a place full of people that are mean and even violent to them...wouldn't it be more logical for black and white people to pull together and make a lunch counter of their own, fully integrated for all people, that actively rejected rudeness and violence? That is ultimately one of my dreams: to make a vegitarian restaurant that all people can be welcome at, where they won't be insulted and geered at, in particular where I can sit, eat and be welcome. I was just in Albertson's on campus, and the second I walked in, that Nate guy swooped down on me, but didn't say anything until later. Then, later over the loudspeaker, a female voice said "banager". Can you imagine if I got banned from Albertsons and then "crazy, crazy, crazy" Ralphs? I would have to pay somebody to go shopping for me, and then what if they were banned? I would hope that liberal people would put together some kind of food network, I have no else could I get food to eat?! And then to imagine what my crime is...I have never been violent, and in particular I am not even rude. I don't walk into Native Foods and say "you camera network nazis...give me a burger, asshole"...ofcourse not, I am polite to all people. I don't do put-downs, exept in retaliation, and even then, rarely, except in my mind which I can't stop from responding anyway, but for the most part, I am a pleasant person. When my dad said he wanted to go to Native Foods I kind of grimaced, because, he lives in a christian cloud, and ofcourse is in the eye net, ... but he doesn't know these people like I do, they are 100% nazi to the marrow...they don't change ever...there is no compromising or mediation....or anything like that...they are rude, and stubborn believers in psychology, gods, greedy, elitist...what ever the case may be. I have never seen even one of them ever change for any extended period of time, but people like my cloud-based dad, think people are enlightened and regular, etc... I have never seen rudeness and nastiness like here in southern california and in my opinion it is all a direct result of the secret infrared see-behind-the-eyes like the National Geogaphic picture secret network. It is creating a new nazi USA with two classes, the included and the excluded, and the excluded are viewed as some kind of disease without any rights, even though most have never committed any crime, and are polite as can be. People probably follow their stomachs more than their brains, and this place is packed full of people all the time, and with more than one restaurant I doubt they will go out of business any time soon, and I doubt they will change their nasty rude philosophy anytime soon. Perhaps they are polite to other people, I don't doubt it. It's like the white people that eat at racist places, you probably wouldn't appreciate how nasty the people are, unless you were black. I don't doubt I would eat there too...there are only a few vegetarian places to eat. I moved this rude rating down to a 4 because that is vicious routine rudeness.

New York Pizzaria
So far no insults. Pizza is not expensive (you can get coupons from them to make the price even less) and each person in the family is friendly.
06/05/06 update
Very friendly, for the 3 or 4 times I have been there. I want to add that the manicotti (they can use marinara instead of meat sauce for vegetarians) dinner is delicious, comes with a salad and garlic cheese bread all for under $7 (the same thing at Olive Garden is $15, and also is delicious). 6/8/06 update
ok got first insult, from older young guy, sez "gay" (ok) which was no doubt rude, then "tit u" (thank you), which is probably friendly. And I understand it must be terrible in the high schools around southern california. I would never want to raise children in southern california, people here are so rude, a shocking extreme, rude, and stupid. The homophobia is unbelievable...for me...I never think about's not a large part of my life. But for many idiotic people in the USA, homosexuality the key to is their central focus of is the most major topic of all conversations. For me, who cares about homosexuality? It has nothing to do with me, homosexuality is not part of my life, I am not looking for a same gender sexual relationship. My point is who cares is a person is gay or not? If you aren't then you have nothing to worry about, or even if you's a nonviolent behavior so I don't's trivial in my view, where murder and assault are much more serious to me and no doubt to me alone. And that is the key, I think to the push on homophobia, is because it can be used to justify violence...anybody that decides to be law abiding, and not do assault, can be label gay, even if they are the biggest breast lover of earth. The homophobia, and molesto fever of southern california is one reason I want to move to SF county where there has to be more tolerance and acceptance of bisexual and homosexual people...that is the kind of feeling I feel better raising children around. Violence is a concern in SF county, but also southern Cal, look at Thane Cesar, Bonnie Lee Bakely, the Garden Grove family, there are many examples, and plenty of tough violent people. If we had a registry of violent offenders we might know how many live around us and who to watch out for. The high schools in the USa are like prisons of violent offenders, because there is nobody there that stops violence...look how in Venice a massive fight lasted for minutes, and then resulted in the murder of a young male...where were the security people? It reminds me of where I went to high school, the young humans are just left alone with themselves like some kind of lord of the flys colony, not one adult, not one camera, not one security employee.
Nick's Pizza (Costa Mesa)
see notes above, the mother was a little hostile and there was some amount of anti-faggory and psychological analyses. But that was only 1 time of 4 or 5. The pizza is very good, I like the sauce and crust. They did make a very small effort to try and patch things over, but one lady continued to chide in with the rude put-downs. The tendency is toward negativity in this time...people are all too ready to be negative... I feel it in myself often too.
Olive Garden
A person there once claimed that the manicotti (the only item I ever order) was no longer on the menu (and I remember it not being on the menu), but a few months later it was. I felt like that one black person that doesn't realize that a million angry white klanners watch them with hidden cameras while I be picking my nose, etc thinking nobody is watching. Perhaps they did remove the item, maybe even just to try and stop me from going there...but I can only guess...they have never been rude in any other way so perhaps no. They may be a two, only time will tell.
Panera Bread, Irvine (Bison)
No clear insults by owners through staff, except one "no", or perhaps "know"? Not a good sign to hear something so ambiguous. According to Panera donated to the Democratic party, so I want to support like-minded know...those that at least firmly believe that first degree murder is wrong. "No" is usually said by those who also say "out!", and are telling me that they vote for me to be excluded, and I always, without exception, then vote through thought my vote that if that is their vote, then absolutely my vote is for them to be excluded from hearing thought, seeing inside houses, apartments and heads, etc, in addition to a full hiring ban..but then who would want to hire somebody that only contributes to elitism, rudeness and secrecy? But that must be a new experience for those elite gestapo in the Pupin hear the thoughts of excluded people banning them! banning them of all people...the god-like all-powerful included! Somebody actually thinking back to them. So, probably there is not a lot of positivity there at Panera, and things probably lean towards greed, which is really a form of survival for small business, and even individuals these days. There are only 2 vegetarian sandwiches. I had the portabello which was chopped up portabello (I thought it would be whole), with mozerella cheese and some sauteed onions. It was was basically a mushroom sandwich, which was the first I have ever wasn't incredibly creative, and didn't have the texture of a sandwich...many of the chopped up mushrooms fell out and I found myself eating a bread sandwich. The other sandwich has spicy peppers, and so, because I don't like spices I would order without the peppers, and then maybe the sandwich idea would not be as good. It's nice that the bread is fresh and this place had a line of customers at noon.

Pei Wei
So far, so good, 2 visits. The tofu I highly recommend, I was tempted to call them and verify that it was tofu and not pork because it looks, tastes and has a texture very similar. In this second time, there were numerous carrots and I thought that was many carrots that potentially the rating should go to 2...but this is a rude rating, although rudeness is many times expressed in poor food quality. I will have to check the next time.

Pizza Hut (Bristol)
So far, so good. Once there was a tiny sausage in the center of the veggie pizza I ordered, but when I called and complained they gave me a free pizza.
Pizza Hut (culver)
Watch out for these bastards...again, like Mcdonalds a clear example of different management/supervising visions. The rude to liberals approach (which for all I know does garner large money from conservative fathers), versus the friendly to all approach.
Ray's Pizza
One of the workers put a pubic hair on my plate and I stopped going there. There is a big picture of the pope there. The pizza is actually is thin and has many spices, but that pube and the pope added up to me not wanting to go there anymore. I am not going to rate ray's...if I did I would give it a's tough to know...the rudeness was subtle...the pube...perhaps a 2. Yeah, probably a 3, but don't expect open put-downs.
Real Foods Daily
For the most part friendly (both W Hollywood and Santa Monica). One male waiter said one rude thing I can't remember in the 4 or 5 times I have been there. I understand that some employees are going to take that money, or be conservative. Once a male waiter said "ok chief" ala one flew over the cukoos nest which was fine. There has never been a clearly directed put-down in the shape of something from the owners. That is usually the sign that a place has a rude rating of a 2, 3 or more.
Red Onion
(Taiwanese food) on the corner of Jeffrey and Walnut. My taiwanese friend likes to go here and get the pork chops, and I occassionally get dragged along. The only vegetarian thing that have is vegtable chow mein...maybe there are others, I haven't explored the menu much, but there is not much in the way of vegetarian. In the past they have been very friendly, but this last time the person said instead of "two?" "jew?" which I find offensive. I don't like the stereotype that Jewish people are cheap, and maybe many people are "cheap" because they are poor, poor people being cheap sounds like "smart people", and not dumb people that spend beyond their means. And then I also reject the communist system of one person always pays for others, and the anti-women view that the male should always pay for the female, women have every opportunity to work, I can, as I have said many times, see paying a mate for raising a child, but not for no reason. Beyond that "jew" is frightening because of the neocon revolution that has swept the USA, we know that fervent backward uneducated christian nationalistic violent zelots+power=not good for jewish and other non-white people. So I think these people are appealing to their large republican clientelle, who nowadays are basically Nazis. They protect Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar...murder of innocent people, like 9/11 is fine for them....more of a concern is racial, mental and sexual purity, coupled with a strong allegience and conformity to traditinal beliefs no matter how backward, wrong, and terrible.
Round Table
(jamboree) only a few times, no substantial insults.
Rusty Pelican
Two or three times no insults.

Sam Woo
6/10/06: I am dropping the rating to a 4 since I did finally get a few insults: Asian waiter human sez "go" (not like old-time game), "gay" (not like old-time happy), "i take you out" (not like old-time date)

3 times and never any significant rude comments...a few tiny things from a male server...nothing I could hear clearly, or that was very offensive...clearly my main impression is that of very friendly people, and the food is good quality.
Subway (UCI and culver)
Almost always very good. I don't remember ever hearing any rude remarks, even from the sub making employees. Only once did a person put an avacado stem in my sub [UCI student], but I have to accept that some conservative idiots are going to get through, and they get paid to do that evil stuff. Once, a person (on culver and michelson) actually gave me an extra $10, but I gave it back, because I don't want to get caught up in the moral entanglement of theft, etc. I haven't tried the jamboree but will soon and I don't doubt that there will be no put-downs.
Sydney's (Fullerton)
See above review

Taco Bell (Jamboree)
One time, there was a bad taco and they replaced it for me. They may be a 2, I will keep checking from time to time. Another time the carmel empanada was stuck to the wrapper. That was probably bad packaging, but maybe it was intentional.
2/06 It's edgy's an edgy owner I think...not as bad as on Campus, but probably worse than on Culver.
03/27/07 12:00 pm, female at counter sez "gay" twice, and these are probably not people who are against discrimination against people for homosexuality, but instead, more likely Nazistic antigay people, people who watch the public in their homes and have heard their thoughts for a century without permission or even the knowledge of most of the public. The way to fight against these Nazis is to nonviolently expose them, let all people see publically how they are antigay, how they view homosexuality as immoral, as reason for discrimination, and potentially as reason for imprisonment and/or psychiatric treatment. Let all see the owners of Taco Bell and Pepsi and their thoughts, their true and honest views about homo and bisexuality, violence, 9/11, honesty, drugs, sexuality, etc. There is a reason that the owners of Taco Bell and Pepsi do not buy up time on television to express views against homosexuality, in favor of 9/11, etc. because they know the majority of the public would probably frown on that kind of Nazistic philosophy, but yet no doubt dome of those people support those views, and so free information is going to be the best answer to expose the Nazis who work to stop consensual sex hetero or otherwise, who were complicitous and accessories after the fact to the 9/11 murders done by controlled demolition and explosives. Better for the public to know who they are giving money to then to be left in ignorance. Having antigay views is not illegal, nor should it be, but by all means let the public know who the anti-gay Nazis are. And that is why I spend time to record these comments in text, and hopefully very soon in video. For example, who owns this Taco Bell on Jamboree? Who is this female employee? Who paid her to say "gay"? These are all questions the public should and I think will eventually get to know. There is no harm in knowing and free info, and not knowing and secrecy are the root of so much evil and choas in the USA and on earth. I have had no such anti-gay experience at Del Taco on Campus, and I think there is something to that. I'm not gay, and that is what makes these Nazistic Taco Bell people even scarier, because the truth doesn't matter to them. Nazis like this woman are always looking to get money, and fill the prisons and hospitals with their enemies, even when those enemies are completely lawful. The anti-gayness, the belief in religion, violence and psychology are things to fear not to embrace. A good reply to "gay" is "not say", and "not see, you".

Taco Bell + KFC (campus)
see notes on KFC above
Taco's etc. (culver)
Was given an unusually spicy fish taco (I rarely eat fish), one that was almost unedibly hot, and very different from previous fish tacos I bought there. I mistakely walked into the Bristol st restaurant and was served a regular meal...I later realized that this was the same name of the place with the hot fish taco conservative stool pidgeon mexican people. It is again, an example of nonwhites taking money from conservative whites whose belief is that mexican people are second's just like the jewish people that helped the's a common phenomenon, but still shocking. It's based on money mainly. The only and most important thing is's the green paper flag many people salute and unthinkingly break laws, and do unethical things simply for a quick fix of $20 etc.
I have been here 4 or 5 times, and there have been very few insults. It can be a banter between the conservatives and liberals with cons casting first stone, and libs responding. They only have one or two vegetarian meals, I usually get the Veggie Yaki Soba. Once the salad literally has about a full cup of salad dressing, which I found to be unusual.

Tony Marconi
So far no substantial insults. One calzone I had there was not really too good...I can't remember why...maybe not enough or too much ricotta. The pizza is good with potatoes, but at least once they didn't have them. There is kind of a tough-guy photo on their menus with 3 big guys holding rolling pins and some statement that leans pro-violence. It's tough to know...there are just as many liberals (ala labor union) that advocate violence as the nazistic conservative thugs (ala Nixon, etc).
Wheel of Life
05/22/06 Eat here with 8 people. This time asian male waiter said "leave". Kim said "leave it" and the unusual "get beat". Maybe there are multiple meanings there (like a vote for George Bush=vote for getting beat), but, my statement as always is "ting zi bao li" (stop violence), at least initiating violence, ofcourse violence in self defense is obviously fair, although jail is the preferable place for those that initiate violence. Victor did not have any rude words at all, even saying "come back often", which was very nice. For the most part everybody was friendly. Still because of the waiter "leave" I am hesitant to lift this rating below a 4, but perhaps as time continues more politeness will grow.
05/17/06 I think I am going to leave the rude rating at 4 because of the "leave" from the waitress human, but over time maybe this will be a 3.
Perhaps I should lower this rude rating, because the owner only called me "ped" once of 4 visits.
Veggie Grill
I have only eaten here once, and it was a free meal, which was very nice. This place is run by the rude guy, Ray that apparently does not own or work at Native Foods anymore (halleluja to that and all who call science lovers "freaks"). The food is basically identical to Native Foods but with less selection. The two owners are polite and friendly, but ofcourse Ray, who appears to be a manager, is a rude idiot. It's nice to have a vegetarian place near UCI, and no doubt many excluded (and included alike) will be able to persevere through the constant hail of subtle rude comments. (I came prepared with a few snappy comebacks, I don't spend much time coming up with snappy retorts, but this time I had some free time and ofcourse it is inevitable, as it is with any elitist two sided society, that those in power will abuse their priviledge and poop on those excluded, so I was prepared with: "they do nine eleven (plunging an invisible detonator with my hands), but we're the weird ones. Now that Jesus stuff..? Now that is sanity. Not the rude people in the camera-thought net...we get this everywhere we go"). Sadly, my wife chose to sit in a place in front of Ray and that only caused more conflict. Ray was saying "Ped", and all kinds of crap, then ran across the room, grabbed a young kid, and held the child up, to show, one might guess, his love of children...but love of children within reason...not to the extent of illegality unless ofcourse it involves spanking which, although illegal, many feel is not truly child assault. The wings are good, the sweet potato fries are tasty, the slaw was very bland, as were the salads, when I went but maybe that has since changed. The sandwiches all seem to have the same veggie meat, and they don't have the wonderful veggie-fish sandwich which I enjoy at Native Foods (but talk about rude, some of those neo-camera-thought-fascists that work at Native Foods are rude and no doubt violent too, even for take-out only I would encourage sending the robot instead, and then check the food for "hate messages" like a hardened piece of food stuck in the sandwich that says "we hate you", etc).
It's kind of a disappointment that a number of people there decided to be rude, because I was hoping for a nice friendly place (many times it's the low- wage camera-thought netters that supplement their income by accepting repub money for rude insults, gladly, that money must be balanced on the other side with less opportunities from the anti-rude...I mean who wants low-brow rude greedy nazi hole lickers working for them?). I'm hopeful for the future, we are reaching a time when everything will be on film, and there will be no more secret, behind the curtain tampering with the food, violence, etc. all will be seen, and it will be a total free info for all people society. But until then, it's going to be like this Bush-Nixon nazistic secret society doing evil secretly behind the scenes, none of the innocent public getting to see who is doing what for years.

Veggie Wokery
just a simple "sit" seriously rude insults. 04/24/06 I went back recently, and there were no insults (one waitress female said "say dick" when taking our picture which I thought was interesting...hopefully pro sexual). The older woman, who must be the owner was very friendly, and the food was awesome. I had the crispy chicken which is fried battered veggie chicken pieces and sauce on top of lettuce and spicy peppers (the peppers are too spicy for me, but everything else was delicious), and the orange chicken which I had last time, I thought then that there was some over cooked a mushroom in the food, but when I asked, the woman told me it's an orange peel...ahhh ok that makes me feel better. That was delicious, and I had brown rice with that and it was very good. When I go to a good veggie place I like to get two entries and take the left overs home because how many veggie places are there? only a very few. So I savor the veggie meals I do get. It's such a nice feeling being in a vegetarian restaurant because I know there is not going to be any chance of meat being on the grill, on the pans, on the counter, etc. I think I did have the sweet and sour pork which was good, ... there are many good items on the menu. The won-tons were delicious.
Z Pizza, University Center
On 05/18/07 got a "screw you" over the phone and a "ped" in person from that native american guy who is always at the counter. Some good rebuttles to "ped" are "pet" (because after all that is about the human rights status of most people's children, they don't get to vote, work, own property, see pornography, touch genitals or otherwise pursue pleasure), and "kids are people too", "kids rights", etc. Once before this same guy, who is kind of edgy, said "dont come here" or something like that, a while before that he said "cleo" when I said the pizza was for "theo" which was positive. What we outsiders don't see is probably how this guy took a few thousand dollars to say "ped" from some old white-haired, or skin head wealthy OC nazi/republican/christian who is so jealous that many people like to watch and listen to me.
So far so good. I find this pizza to be very good too. There was only one rude employee once, but that happens and may not reflect the people that own the business.

By Food Type:
Fast Foods

Added Bonus section "groceries"
99 Ranch (Jeffrey by the 5)
This place has some vegitarian items that the culver place might not have. In addition they played John Lennon's "wheels" song (muzak version) twice, so they have to be religiously open minded, or certainly not dogmatic and extremists of a one religion only view.
12/5/05 A female cashier humans said "gay" so I moved the rude rating down to a 2.
99 Ranch (Culver)
02/12/07 "gay" by a female cashier on register 1, but then "makes up" with a "bi bi" at end of transaction. One of the best responses I have come up with to this is "not see you!" (but also "thane's" is acceptable, or simply a direct "so yer fascists in the camera-thought net hm?" very few people speak english and will probably just nod, that or simply "fascists").
Everything here was fine and friendly, but just the last time I went there a woman came up to a woman cashiering and I swear said "retard". Maybe I heard wrong, we will have to check the video and eye images.
01/29/07 A female manager came up with her hand over her mouth on 01/27. I actually appreciate when people do this because it will make it that much clearer when the time comes to start stopping the service to those who openly and unquestionably spoke in favor of excluding the public from knowing about seeing and hearing thought. It helps to have clear unequivocal evidence of their public stance such as video taken from my eyes. Afterwards a female in the bakery said "pig!". Some replies to this are "you are the cam-thought net hogs", "at least I don't kill or eat pigs, why...pigs are friends of mine.", and of course the traditional "you are antisexual nazis". So some nastiness, perhaps because I am getting closer to seeing eyes using old-time photography.
As an aside: Have you ever noticed in 99 Ranch how asian tradition is a little different than English, for example, they announce sales of like $0.07. "On special 13 cents on ..." where generally for english groceries the savings usually forms a round number such as $.50 off, etc. although there certainly are $.13 sales in english, but they are usually annouced as "price only $3.00!", the price is reduced and rounded from $3.13 to $3 which appears to look like a bigger savings than $0.13. The key is to draw attention away from doing the actual math. One technique is making a smaller portion and then selling for a lower price.

Albertson (university)
02/12/07 The deli young guy sez "problem" instead of "no problem". The older guy who had never said a bad word finally broke with tradition and said "fiery", to which I know before Hell which the Christians made probably to propagandize against Hellas (Greece), there was Hades, and Hades was only for dead people both good and bad, and Hades was not filled with fire. The Greeks also had a Heaven as no doubt the ancestor religions of their religion did, but Heaven was only reserved for gods and heros (who were then transformed into gods, although not as common as the regular gods, as far as I know, but I'm not the expert). The Christians changes this, putting only a single god in the heaven and all good people instead of only famous and great leaders and heros. But it just shows how little people know about history, and how little education average people get in terms of the roots of religions. Then an ex-neighbor who bags groceries there sez "gay! (ok) bye-bye!" revealing that she is in the camera-thought net. Nice neighbor eh? They watch you and yer thoughts all day in your house like it's their soap opera and never tell you, decent people hm? From time to time I thought she was included, but was never really sure. She must have that special Nazi-violent-rude-uneducated-dumb-ass-qualities so desired in the camera-thought net. My initial feeling when I went into this Albertsons was "ay carramba this is filled with neonazis!" from all the rudeness and white skin head males that worked there, but then they changed a little perhaps, and now it seems like they are back to hiring neonazis...there is little else to chose from in Orange County. This is the store with all the sweet sweet young college females without cars, yao, there are so many hotties in this store, but what can any excluded person do? There is never a love connection because I can't hear their thoughts because the US Nazis won control of the net.
it's nice to have a self check-out option. There are some tough males there to watch out for, but I haven't seen them around lately. Perhaps the owners are getting smarter about the aggressive males, after that guy killed those people at the other albertsons. I certainly support the effort of disciplining aggressive (and in particular those that threaten first degree violence) people (which ofcourse tend to be males). Even the rude stupid people...they shouldn't be supported, plus they are a liability...a customer may become violent because of the employee's constant put-downs and insults. I can imagine many males, upon being called gay might turn to violence against the person.
11-22-05 update
Male human employee name of "Nate" sed "you need help", I sez " you do ahahaha". Maybe Nate is psycho, or the owner of this Albertsons...mayhe he is psycho, or at least the two have some kind of mental problem because most people are not that rude...they are overly rude, mean and nasty. They were doing so well before up to this. I made the comment earlier that after that guy killed those people with a sword and was shot and killed in the Albertson's in Irvine (Irvine Ave I think?) Joe something...I noticed that the nasty rudites were disappearing from the other store, and I thought...maybe the owners did some thinking and thought...he we ought to lose the rude people, because they might piss off some person to the point of violence...and maybe even they would be pissed to the point of doing violence, like that Joe guy...I mean imagine some guy who takes pleasure (like that lady in Mother's) in calling people "gay"...male humans like me can shrug if off as puritan stupidity and southern cali rudeness, but other males might go violent...perhaps to prove that they aren't gay...the puritans should think about that.

05/21/07 The last time I went people were not rude, but every time before that...once that large tatooed manager guy, who I special order stuff from...I came to the checkout with my usual positive happy-go-lucky attitude with "hey muchacho...", and he had at least 2 rude put-downs, I can't remember what, I rebutted one with "voyeur" [t for yer signature] which he said angrily "what?!" to which I repeated, and then he actually chuckled, I think it was "perv" and I can't remember the second one. I can't imagine walking up to people and just putting them down, that is bizarre. One female with dark long hair is always super friendly, I hope they hold on to her, she is one of the few smart friendly ones, maybe she is FBI or a Canadian agent. Since they were not rude this last time, I should take a second to say that the reason I go to Mother's mainly is for the low cost soy milk, low cost free range eggs ($1), low cost veggie deli meats, quorn hotdogs, quorn crumbles, tuno, and because there are more vegetarian foods there than the main stores, although the big stores now have many of the same items. That rude aggresive "Antigay Art" guy appears to be gone.

Mother's has some of the rudest employees, perhaps because they are smaller, or pay less, or maybe just bad values causing them to hire other people with bad values. Clearly these people take republican money through the camera-thought net to supplement their income by giving rude insults and propaganda to liberals, which is a career for many people in Orange County, in particular when there is a nice juicy democratically popular liberal such as me, ouska freska democratic liberal! $$$$$! probably fills their thoughts. I have to rank Ralph's as least rude, then probably 99 ranch and Wild Oats, then the rest clump at the bottom with perhaps Albertson just edging out Mothers.
young male sez "perv", silly nazi, genitals are for pleasure.
11/30/06: aggressive baseball cap guy, "Art" sez "gay" everytime he sees me, one good reply is "not see you later", also, a dark haired female who wears a cross chimed in with a "gay" too. It's amazing to me that mothers supports such stupid violent people, but maybe those are the only people that will work for that kind of money. Lots of the males that work there say "gay" when I walk by, young males in particular in the USA are violently antigay, and I am not even gay, I'm just tolerant of gay people. In this way, they support Bush jr, and the 9/11 murderers, the republicans...with their gay obsession (and it is also a sex obsession, Tabash said it well...people in the USA are like giggly little children when it comes to the age old phenomenon of sex...they can't handle it...giggly, or damn violent!). That is what is so suprising, that homosexuality is the big issue on their minds, not mass murder, assault, ... I mean there is a president in the USA that authorized and applauded the murder of 3000 innocent people, and these people think gay is the problem, it's idiocy. Gay and drugs are the realm of the sourpuss conservatives. This last time this Art guy (or somebody) ripped off the bag handles and put them in the bag, probably these people are just sweet on me, but it's scary. There is a cool polite (I can only presume smart, because being rude out of nowhere is idiocy) female or two that work at the checkouts, so until we can send the walking robots I would gear your business towards them. It's interesting how this group, I think are aligned along anti-gay lines, which is really interesting...I guess none of them has a gay person in their's like racists ... most of them don't like people who are simply different from them. Clearly, rabid antisexuality is one very basic ingredient to these people. I was the age of 30 and later, I would think that most people would get over their strong emotions when seeing a nude human body (for example in all those hidden cameras they watch in people's houses and apartments) or sexuality, but not this group! But all this kind of antisexual rude thought-cam net nazi elitism reminds me that we are walking around in a time when murderers and in particular multiple assaulters fill the public, while nonviolent artists are jailed in bulk. These people stopped a John Lennon song and were talking over the loudspeaker about how they didn't like it, and then a new guy sez "oh no!" as in yoko ono, which, to me is racist and idiotic...just stupid violent people, low John Lennon was for peace, and wrote such wonderful music, and then Reagan and the nazi republicans had him gunned down outside his apartment...that's some nation...where a popular artist can be gunned down while millions just watch on. But that is what is happening in this time, and it's a terrible time in the USA and on earth in general, because of the rise of the Bush family and the shocking violent and dishonest religious extremists.
~6/18: John guy sez "gay", female says "psychotic" (I got it).
update 5/16/06: that agressive guy, this time with a Redsox cap said "gay", "skitz" (its), "zeeg heil", so I said "not see ya later". Again, confirming this rude rating of 4. This is one reason I went back to Wheel of Life, because look what I endure at Mother's...they are rude as can be, but still I go there...mainly because there isn't much choice. To me, though it's pure uncut stupidity...and no doubt greed...I battle to defend gay rights, and I love tit more than they do...I am not busy trying to lock those nonviolent people in the psychiatric hospitals for even more time without any trial and plenty of druggings and torture (yeah, try to "just say no" there). And with the zeil heil, here is a perfect example of how many people assert the thing they are most guilty of...for Nixon it was "these thugs" (that broke up the democratic national convention), for Adolf Hitler it was "if the Jews continue to oppress us"...oppress...yeah that's a good they were being mass murdered by the thousands in Auschwitz and in the ghettos of Poland. Yes, it's "if the peds continue to oppress us...!"...which is absurd and backwards as anything can possibly be. And "peds" is even's like "reds"...or "psychos"...or "gays" it doesn't even matter if it's even remotely true or not. To think that the Nazis jailed people they thought were gay and made them wear pink stars...and that is precisely the feeling among even these so-called "liberals". And then they are so hysterically and openly anti-gay...why is gay such a huge phenomenon to them? Aren't they certain in their own heterosexuality that somebody being gay would not bother them at all? Why the constant obsession on homosexuality? It's bizarre, in particular for people that most people would think would be liberals.

see above notes:
In early November, a female I recognize as usually nasty said "oh gay" (ok) to which I replied "bye". There was the one female that said "psycho" (see above). But yet, it seemed that 1 person said "Ted" as if they were going to include me into the secret thought net, but it hasn't happened. So, I can't possibly give Mother's a blue rude rating, but there are certainly nice people there. One female cashier is very nice, kind of shorter, a little overweight, wore a tie die once, big boobs, very nice, friendly and polite. 2/06 update: looks like some potential negative vibe happened because a large white guy came up to me out of nowhere and said angrily: "do you need help with anything?", just as the person did at Albertsons (Albertsons since stopped doing that). [update 7/28/06 since this, he has not been rude, and even special ordered some "tuno" for me, it shows the power of informing the public and people being exposed, having accountability, having to live up to their actions]. I wish I had had the presence of mind to say "yiz know...can I special order that Quorn crumbles from you eh?" [update: they now carry this again], but I gave the usual (e gad ol' hume) "no"t in a million years! as always, "your kind of help I don't need.". I think this was best catagorized as "the conservative money ass kiss"...but I have to guess. When the "nazi" eye turns to apparently liberal store owners they have to raise the club against the "jews", even if only in a gestural manner. That's the quick way to make the "nazi" happy, and the "jew" (in this case me) understands...what can they do? They need to shop, they can't win against that kind of a majority. The best people like me can do is bring it to the public...the truth and widespread exposure is one of the best counterbalance against nazism and secrecy, but ofcourse, many times those who risk telling the truth to the public pay the harshest price. Before this, there have been a number of "gay"s, and similar remarks.
04/24/06 a person said "shutup" over the loudspeaker, so I vote to ban that person and all involved from seeing and hearing's only natural. We need to open up the hearing thought net, not close it down further.
7/28/06 thin male 30s short kind of curley hair behind juice counter says "gay" name: Tim? Other taller thin scraggly hair ache? faced guy at register says "gay". Is it me or does TJ and Mothers go out of their way to hire dangerous violent white-supremecist jesus-cult antigay scum bags? Maybe those are the only people who will work for that money, but then, we never see any native american people behind the counter only white people. Shit do I celebrate the check-free self-checkers of Albertsons, and the future of low cost walking robots checking groceries. Mainly, I want to support smart friendy gay-tolerant people not violent rude anti-gay nazistic people. And I am not even gay, I like tits more than most of these anti-gay people do. It's like drugs, I don't use illegal drugs, but I still support the people's right to use recreational drugs. I have never touched a penis, and don't plan to any time soon, but I still vigorously defend the right of any person to consensually touch any body part, in other words I am a full supporter of bi, gay and lesbian rights. I am definitely calling on a hiring ban on those "anti-gay" people, and I don't want to support people who are anti-gay but are polite either, I want to support people who truly believe in equal rights for gay, lesbian and bisexual people, the rest are nazis and backwards idiots who don't deserve a dime, let them be the people that can get government bread and cheese, once such programs are democratically enacted. Some time, no doubt people say rude things to get that rush or high of being mentioned in my listing of "who is who of the nazi people" and other commentary by the number 1 in science of this century, it has to be a thrill, but nonetheless, so be it, where there is a rude nazi person, I think it's important to mention who they are, to call for hiring bans on them, etc. You can see that the violent uneducated scum bags tend toward the conservatives and republicans, and the smart and friendly toward the liberals and democrats. That's why, for example, the initial Nazis were scum, and then beyond that, for years, only scumbags joined the nazis, they were corrupt all the way to the top, and when the allies finally tested their strength they folded like a house of cards, they themselves knew it was a bad system, and it was, it was a system run by violent antigay antidemocracy nazi criminals who murdered, did reichstag fires, lied, etc. The republicans are filled with these "nobody wants them" violent rude uneducated aholes, nobody else will hire them (except ofcourse weak-minded pseudo liberals who support things like the 911 coverup, the Iraq invasion, etc.).

Pavillion (Vons)
Watch out for all white snobby conservative elites at the register. There is one older cool guy, but for some of the younger males the "nazi" hasn't worn off, or they were raised with barn church values. Once a lady came up to me and said "you need help" and I said "no, you do". Sometimes those things may get you tortured for 72 or more hours, but if done quickly/briefly, you can escape with your freedom. Sometimes I reply "your kind of help I don't need!"
Ralph's (Kroger) (harvard)
Watch out for some nasty people (there may be notes above). The red dyed lady is usually nasty, but has tapered lately. A bagger guy with grease hair purposely crushed my bread and buns (the Mark Twain looking manager let me replace though)...he had some nasty comments of an anti-gay nature, but has since been quiet and not rude. [update: he sez he's got kids, and so I guess that is what makes him so angry]. Watch out for the ex-super model lady who had some rude psychology remarks. So far the lady with the band-aids and red hair has been friendly. The bland yellow hair lady (perhaps to her credit she doesn't wear full support there) is ok to go may get an insult here or there, but for the most part not rude. Here there is no choice to self-checkout so you have to face the checker in a showcase showdown, which may result in them getting a few bucks from nazis for insults delivered unto the new
12/5/05 A Ralphs coupon newspaper had in big letter "crazy, crazy, crazy" which I thought was very's like "torture, torture, torture!" or "drug'em, drug'em, drug'em!" "assault! assault! assault!" "kill! kill! kill!" "fanatic, fanatic, fanatic!" "nazi, nazi, nazi!"...just not words I would feel comfortable putting on my ads.
1/06 another person said "gay" but I didn't get the name, overall this place has cleaned up the rudeness and not been too bad.

Stator Brothers
Trader Joe's (campus)
Like Mother's, you can expect some snotty rude remarks from a number of employees. There is one guy who looks like the piano guy from old western movies, he made it a point to always say something rude, but has tapered off lately.
04/24/06 Where else can you hear Pink Floyd over the muzak? Some parts of Trader Joe are good. I like the frozen pizzas from Italy, the lentil soup, their corn chips are good...they aireate the chip as it is being cooked and it makes the chip light and air filled, they have some good salsas, I like their smaller onions (I hate to throw out a big onion when I only need a little, and they never smell or taste the same once cut), for a while I bought dough and made that with cheese or even just as rolls for dinner. There are many good things, many times at low cost at Trader Joes. The cheesecakes are good, better than the main grocery stores.
07/28/06 yesterday, a caucasian male 40s, manager said "gay". Suspect has a tattoo with chinese character on right arm. No name, address, birthdate, criminal/violent history, etc. is known by excluded at this point, but a hiring ban is being called on by me for this antigay nazi person, and all other anti-gay people. It's not illegal to have anti-gay, racist, pro-violence views, but I certainly never want to contribute to those people. After they watch in unseen illegal [but I certainly vote to make legal, but for all people with less than 10 minor violent offenses, except those who I have already banned for their anti-free info views, etc.] hidden camera networks me researching the women's suffragette movement, the owners of Trader Joe's play "yer a bitch" song. It prompted me to think about what songs if any are supportive of women's rights, for example how it was only in 1920 how women got the right to even vote in the USA, and I can only think of my unpublished "No Such Thing", and "Brainy Girl", but after prolonged thought, I think that while there are no known pro-women's rights songs I am aware of, perhaps there are many female people in music, Janis Joplin, Carole King, Heart, Pat Benetar, etc. Now ofcourse, no doubt, tjs (and others) will "appease" those who question their anti-women anti-gay quick-buck statements with some other songs...why be appeased? I prefer people who have a "backbone" that has a long term support for women's rights, not only when people complain. Do you hate these people that are "appeasers"? They are rude, then sure enough within seconds they appologize....oh everything is ok. No thanks. unlike what must be the vast majority, i have an actual memory and respect for truth. The antigay people should be sent to the bottom and the gay-tolerant to the top obviously.
The key argument in my mind is that finally the poor public is getting to see who is who, who killed who, who drove the car, who paid for it, who covered it up, who lied about what, who are the racists, who are the anti-gay, who are the violent, the anti-science, who are the voyeurs, who did what, who believes what...and it is a wonderful thing. For example, most excluded have no idea that Bush jr and other neocons did 9/11, that Bush's dad was deeply involved in the murder of JFK, that his father was a supporter of Adolf Hitler, etc. We are going to reach a point where we should have been years ago, where finally everybody knows who the anti-gay are, the racists, etc. and everything is out in the open and known. At that point there will still be the anti-gay bloc, the anti-women-rights group, etc. and they will as usual exert their power, but at least the public will know who they are, and know who not to support.

Wholesome Choice
usually very friendly, surprisingly friendly...usually there are more bad apples, but there are some bad apples at the chinese food place they were "ped"ing and hooting up a storm...because they must have been getting $10s and $20s for the rude insults. I guess that says alot for those poor people that reject the constant money for insults offers of the nazi conservatives in the nazi eyeball mind beamer nets.

Here is what I like to eat:

Rutabega-turnip-potato salad:

1 rutabega
1 turnip
1 potato
Potato sald is great, you can add, corn, radish, olive, beans, cayanne pepper.

A completely veggie Turkey Bacon Lettuce Tomato

worhtington turkey
morningstar bacon
mayo,tomato,lettuce,thin swiss cheese,3 pieces bread.

I took some Zaka...(forgot name in red box) dirty rice mix (found no meat in ingrediants, although could be some hidden in "natural flavors" or "spices", but I doubt it), and used 1/2 a package of Quorn "Grounds" and made dirty rice (shown here), a spinach salad with mushrooms (can add hard boiled egg) and viniger+oil+nutrasweet dressing, boiled corn, pan fried asparagus (can add zukini, onion, potatos, mushrooms, etc.. in a pot), I buy some dough at Trader Joes (but may start to make some with yeast, flour and water), let 1/2 the dough get warm and then cook the 1/2 in toaster oven for 15 minutes to have a fresh roll.

I wanted to make a fresh roll sub (like subway), but this dough is kind of dense and I need to experiment more, although a veggie sub in a fresh roll with this dough is still delicious.

New foods:
(First, I am looking forward to buying Gardenburger shares when I get more money, because this no meat killing industry is going to me huge)
sweet+sour pork
+very good, tastes exactly like pork rib (perhaps the same soy meat used in the bbq ribs)
I have this with instant brown rice, and is delicious.

Country fried chik'n
+very good, the chicken is up to the quality of Quorn, basically the only difference between this soy chicken and real chicken is that a chicken is not getting killed with the soy chicken, otherwise, no difference.

MorningStar= ital marinara chicken
+have not tried yet, but have in my freezer.
double taco ala Taco Bell (flour tortilla with refried beans + corn taco shell) but vegetarian beef.

Meatless Meatloaf
I just made this last night, and I thought for sure that it would be no where near the original my mom makes from a recipe she learned when she was younger, growing up in Dublin Ohio. Instead of ground beef I use Quorn Crumbles that are sold at Mother's Market.
preheat oven to 350 degrees. mix in a bowl:
3 slices of white bread torn up
1 cup milk
1 egg (I have yet to try eggless or with substitute - but I'm sure it is not very different without egg)
1/2 large vadalia onion [tp=I like less: 1/2 medium brown onion- I find too, that perhaps the onion sohuld be suteed first - or else it sometimes is undercooked.]
1 T worchestershire
1/4 t garlic salt [TP=I like 1/2t or else add salt later]
1/4 t celery salt [TP=I like 1/2t or else add salt later]
1/4 t dry mustard [TP=perhaps 1/2t here too]
1/4 t sage
1 lb ground beef [TP=I use 1 bag Quorn Soy crumbles, but morningstar ground may also work]
In a loaf pan, bake 1 hour 350 degrees. Let cool for 5 to 10 minutes, serve with ketchup, is good in sandwich with mayo.

Japanese Ginger Dressing
I got this off the web and it is similar to orange ginger dressing at Ichiban/Benihana, etc...
1/2 cup minced onion
1/2 cup peanut oil [TP=I use vegtable too]
1/3 cup rice viniger
2 T water [TP=perhaps 3 T]
2 T ginger [TP=i grate it, but include the juice, ginger juice is powerful and awesome tasting, I add a few drops to juiced apples and even the sauce]
2 T celery [TP=or more]
2 T ketchup
4 t soy sauce
2 t sugar
2 t lemon juice [TP=can skip]
1/2 t garlic [TP=if not more]
1/2 t salt
1/4 t black pepper

blend 30 seconds [TP=1 minute] until ginger is pureed

Vegetarian Businesses

Kelloggs: Morningstar Farms (supplies Burger King), Worthington
Kraft: Boca
Hain Celestial Group

Trader Joe's

Pizza Guide

First Class

large sicilian=$17.19


Little Ceasar's
Sears Tustin
large 1 topping=$5
Main Street Pizza and Cafe


Papa John's
large 2 topping=12.99
crust=thin or regular

Pat and Oscars
has carrot as topping
07/05/06 I did have 2 pizzas from Pat and Oscars and everything is fine in terms of politeness so far. I had the veggie and had a coupon for a free medium cheese pizza too, and that was nice. The pizza is good, it has a thick crust, and a smoky flavor which is very unusual for most pizzas I have had and definitely adds to the flavor and experience. The pizza was maybe a little salty, but that's ok, its part of the uniqueness of a pizza to have something like that.
7/10/06 had a second coupon so went back. This time everything fine, but female employee parting word (parting words are many times where the insiders like to put their rude comments...because the excluded is leaving and not thinking...another is the included talking after waiting for the excluded to start talking) "are you doo?" (could be mouth muzleman-movers, this happens to me, and how are the excluded ever to know...they are still guessing about the details of 9/11 thanks to the fervent secrecy of the included). Just to clarify one related point: in my song "everything to hide", in the lyric "everybody shit, nobody tell", the word "shit" should be taken as an in everybody has poor ethics, morals, values, sense of fairness, etc....not as a noun, that everybody is actual fecies. Although as an aside, we are all made of photons in my view.
Round Table

Sweet Basil Pizza Cafe
949 720 1711

Tony Macaroni

Upper Crust

Z Pizza
University: 725-9000
Alton square plaza 551-1555
topping $1.75

Frozen Pizzas
Frozen pizza never tastes as good as fresh pizza, I don't know why. But also, reheated pizza is never as good as fresh pizza either for the most part, perhaps there are exceptions.
California Pizza Kitchen
There are only 4 frozen pizzas from CPK that do not have traditional meat toppings, and one, portabello mushrooms has chicken on it, so that leaves the: 4 cheese with tomatos (and two thin crust pizzas) which I bought when on sale for $4. This pizza is probably the best out of all of the frozen pizzas I have tried so far, although I know I will get tired of it within a short amount of time. update: I have had each of the 3 CPK veggie pizzas and they are all delicious, and rate as the best of the frozen non-meat pizzas, with Stoupher vegetable taking a close second. I think I like the 2 thin crust better.
I tried again, but this time $4.50 (usually $7 is that absurd?) and I forgot to remove the card board. The pizza has an easy to open plastic package which is nice. But since I forgot to remove the cardboard the underside of the dough was kind of raw and it was tough to separate the pizza from the card board, but the pizza did still taste good. It has gouda which makes it taste exotic and different.
Harvest Wheat four cheese: (rising crust) wheat bread is unusual on a pizza, so this does not taste like regular pizza. The pizza is more filling than others.

This is the vegtable one. The crust looks almost like a corn crust, because it is yellow and kind of crumbly. The pizza was ok, the cheese was good...I feel that the crust was almost undercooked and kind of doughy, perhaps I needed to let it cook for more time, but the cheese was all melted, so I thought it was done.

cheese: good, tough to get tired of. Bought on sale for $2.50. This might be number 2 of the frozen pizzas for it's overall long lasting appeal.
4 cheese: Is good, I get tired of.
grilled vegetable: also good, get tired of.


Non-food Rude Orange County Guide
Non-food Rude Orange County Guide
I am starting a section called non-food rude, because the Better Business Bureau does not publically make available the text of individual experiences.

Culver and Michelson
6/19/06 employee sez "jew"

Culver and Michelson
6/12/06 employee shouts "gay!"

Washington Mutual
4543 Campus Dr
An arab or indian married woman with a name tag, "Laila", said "perv", "leave", "chink" (instead of "" my wife is Taiwanese), then yelled at my wife "go! go! go!" (waving her away), when my wife wanted her name changed on the checks. a black male clerk said something rude I can't remember (why lick neocon ass?), a different female clerk said "perv" and "you can forget about that (getting video of people in their houses and their thoughts beamed on your head)", to which I retorted "you too", when really the correct answer for the record is "no, you can", which reflects more of the probable public voting for those who shushed, were clearly for secrecy, etc. I say go ahead and ban them with your vote now...why wait? You can do that in thought and it will be duly recorded, althoug probably ignored by the fascist nazis in power now. For this rude female (the "chink" saying human), I actually am filing a BBB complaint because why not try to reach the public with the truth about rude idiot people? The point is that this woman was rude from the very beginning, calling me a "perv" and saying "leave"...I don't walk up to her and say "antisexual" and "move to a red state"....and why? why don't I walk up to people and say those things? Why? Because maybe I have a life, ok? Maybe I do not live in a constant state of mean rudeness. Maybe I don't have an axe to grind with every person I meet. Maybe I have the tiniest bit of education and tolerance. I'm simply not consumed with constant anger as these people appear to be, although many are rude for neocon money. And I have to wonder what kind of a phenomenon that know..these idiot neocons need to pay people to be's kind of interesting when you have to pay for your friends, and then pay them to say what you think, what a natural friendship that must be. And then how it's built around negativity...people could be paid for positive and pleasurable things, but clearly mostly they are getting paid to be mean and rude, and then paid for by conservatives, who have a lot to hide, all the mass murders of 9/11/01, the murder of JFK, of RFK, how they protected Frank Fiorini, the CIA, and Thane Cesar to this wonder they try to divert the public's attention.