Opinions 2003 AD (most recent statements)

"When a human lights a match, are the photons made at the time or were the photons always there?"
-Ted Huntington
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12-21-03 Happy Winter Solstice, true origin of holidays, Gore arrest, Cheney shoots pheasants
12-14-03 Saddam capture, Coverup of Sturgis/Cesar "unamerican", bizarre Benihana shimp tail flicking
12-07-03 Nonviolent prison reform, overzealous antisexual punishments of this century
12-02-03 Why do millions watch Falwell and Robertson?
12-01-03 Text of Emergency Message
11-23-03 Anti pleasure Jonestown for Jesus Nazi humans in Santa Barbara, put on nazi wear and 40 march onto property of never-violent Michael Jackson
11-17-03 More antitouching arrests, emergency news message
11-09-03 Vote for new President in Russia, after 20 years ppl decide maybe should arrest green river killing Gary Ridgeway
11-02-03 My bicycle tire was unhooked by nazi human
10-27-03 Teddy Kennedy spoke at UC Irvine
10-19-03 Bush locks up a couple of image trading humans in Sacramento as visiting gift to Schwarzenegger
10-12-03 Nazis and golf courses. What is the connection? 4 nazi humans attempt to assault me, ppl in police/FBI/UN look on and do nothing despite being paid millions to enforce assault laws.
10-05-03 Teddy Kennedy speaking at UCI
09-21-03 Republican humans support homocide, Democrat humans not as interested in homocide
09-15-03 Frightening fascy arrest of Tommy Chong, my votes on CA recall.
09-07-03 Calling for "TE" Day, total exclusion of all people and businesses in secret camera and thought privacy violating networks.
07-17-03 Interviewed Ted Charach, first person to say publicly that Thane Eugene Cesar killed Robert Kennedy.
07-08-03 Please do not do first strike violence for me, I strongly oppose first strike violence, and view all violence against mammals as not good.
07-06-03 People silent about violence and drug arrests
06-30-03b update Joseph Parker kills two in Irvine Albertsons
06-30-03 17 year prison sentence for sucking a penis in Kansas
06-23-03 "Lockheed killer on the loose" and epic "Atheism" latest songs
06-16-03 Rape worse than homocide? Need New Free Info law with specifics.
06-08-03 Another attempted assault in Irvine goes unseen by most
06-03-03 I am voting yes for centerline train in Irvine.
06-01-03 4 Years without kiss on lips finally broken.
05-26-03 I just realized something: I am wasting way too much time giving opinions on my web page.
05-18-03 Backward humans in the gestapo claim I raped a female human in 1997
05-12-03 With complete freedom of all info, some business will go bankrupt
05-05-03 Stopping violence versus stopping information
04-28-03 Latest musings
04-21-03 There might be chemical weapons in Iraq. Why bother making up an excuse?
04-14-03 Why are people not voting for the Democratic President human?
04-09-03 conservative humans do not have permission to watch me, see or hear my thoughts when I am in the apartment I rent, unless I get to see their body and see and hear their thoughts too.
04-08-03 comments for last week.
04-04-03 match.com on "George Bush Blvd" allows threats of violence but not offers for sex, terminates my agree, and surprise! no refund.
03-25-03 10,000 more humans with 1st (or 2nd) degree homicide in their past because of Iraq killings and property destruction.
03-16-03 Was on InfidelGuy Show.
03-10-03 I will be on "The Infidel Guy Show" this week!
03-03-03 Use care not to support humans that advocate violence, or do not express a vocal interest in stopping violence
02-24-03 camera network technically illegal, I vote no more copyright
02-16-03 6 of 10 mean and stupid, Humans like to conform, hiring freeze on creationist people
02-09-03 FBI stopping violence?/Redhat joins psychology persecutions
02-03-03 Shuttle explodes, explosion in North Carolina
Atheist emesgs

True origin of holidays is the shortest day, and longest night of the year (for northern hemisphere), the geometrical turning point for the planet earth, the winter solstice (12/22/03 5:02 am PST)

The son of Al Gore was arrested for marijuana. We have reached a high level of fasism under Bush jr and the far right, that I think that their brutality is going to be their undoing. Unlike the Tommy Chong arrest, linking this drug-related arrest to Bush jr and Ashcroft, is not as clear, althought the far right all move as one, dress in uniforms, are violent, antisexual, are religious, etc...
The excuse given by the human in the police was that Gore did not have his lights on. I have to look at the time of the arrest to see if car lights were needed. My guess is that these far right wing people watch people like Gore jr, and brother of Bill Clinton, etc...and think about how they can have them arrested. Drugs like marijuana are many times, the first and easiest option, because many people use marijauna (almost as many as use beer, I guess), also, sexuality is a big source for the far right wing, was there any sex outside of marriage, any prostitution, pornography, etc...
So these far right wing people decided to arrest Gore jr, to try and steer the flock of underinformed people in the USA. This is typical of this Bush jr, group in these kind of Nixonian tactics. They care nothing for stopping violence, but hand-pick people like TOmmy Chong, and Al Gore jr, to prosecute for effect. I think the result will be the oppostire effect, because so many people use marijuana or used marijauna, that they will see this as dirty tricks on the part of the far right, designed to fool the underinformed public. This was absolutely not a coincidental or chance arrest, these arrests are obviously planned. They see Gore jr all the time, in his car, his house, his thoughts, etc..., they could have chosen any time to arrest him and millions of other people they see using marijuana.
I kind of think that the liberal people let this go unchallanged because it may force the issue of decriminalizing marijuana. If the son of the Vice President of the USA (and the democratically elected President), in addition to President Clinton, Howard Dean, and millions of other leading, popular people used marijuana, why do we still arrest people for marijuana?

Dick Cheney shoots more than 20 pheasants. This is amazing to me. The earth is so populated that I think humans should start to question the idea of walking around with a rifle shooting at birds. In addition, killing birds with a rifle is just a brutal activity, in particular for a person that younger people look up to. I can just see Cheney saying "what a magnificent species... ". Perhaps he was reinacting what Frank Sturgis did, as in the movie JFK "it's going to be a turkey shoot....", or the unsolved shooting of Larry Flynt. Can you imagine Cheney walking in a city with a loaded rifle hunting for birds? People would say "tell the kids to come in, there is a guy on the street with a rifle...", "hey...isn't that Vice President Cheney?!"

Judge David Faber sentences Michael Corbett and Sharon Bates to over a year in jail for showing pictures of poop on their web page, in West Virginia.

Hp has ad with jewish appearing person with 2 fingers stradling mouth, i think is a positive sign, but still will wait to see their thoughts. One notebook computer name is 'NX', that is probably for 'Nixon'? Different from Toshiba 'Satellite' or IBM 'Thinkpad', in not being clearly positive or in support of science, technology, truth, democracy, stopping violence, etc...

Sci=intesting to think of how galaxies evolve, start, and end [if ever]do they go from messy spiral to discrete stars in orbit, or simply separate into the vast empty space of the universe?

I read thru the electoral President of the USA speech (or President "Select" as Larry Flynt describes George Bush Jr.), and was kind of surprised to hear "full well" used, clearly referring to "Emergency News"!. In Emergency News I say Arlin Spector knew full well that Frank Sturgis killed JFK with millions of other people...I am not sure what to think of Bush referring to this. Perhaps he is onboard for exposing the truth about Sturgis and JFK, but I think...not bloody likely....but it is an outside possibility. I was watching a JFK video again for the tenth time, or something, and heard Josia Thompson say ... he saw some puffs of smoke over by the fence "under some bushes"...but, I think that there are no bushes above the picket fence, there are only trees, but perhaps I am wrong. But I think that Thompson may be in the camera network and is revealing that the Bush family (in particular Bush senior being in the CIA and from Texas) may have been involved in actively planning the JFK kill, not just actively covering up that Sturgis killed JFK. Maybe Bush is sending a warning out to those involved in the JFK killing still alive (this is 40 years later, and still the public has not been informed), that the JFK-Sturgis story may leak out...but after 40 years I have to think...why not another 30 years? Sturgis has been dead for 10 years. I hope my emergency news 58 minute video does have a positive effect on Manhatten, and look forward to getting any messages from people that saw the video. I plan on showing a 28 minute version in Los Angeles and Orange County in January or February 2004. Bush jr. also used the word "hustle", and so perhaps he is celebrating the most popular of the liberal, or trying to show some support for the liberal group, on the opposite end of the spectrum, perhaps he is saying...I have a microscope on the popular humans in the liberal group and watch out! I am not sure, but if Bush was involved, or even if Nixon was involved in JFK, RFK, MLK killing, I think that would be bad news for the Republican party, but look at what the Republican presidents have gotten away with, they can march in to Afgahanistan and Iraq with flimsy excuses, without international, UN support, do first strike violence, left and right, and the public (although most never seeing this violence) actually support these 1st degree homocides and property destruction!

In his speech, Bush talked about stopping a "murderer", and I thought that was good. Then Bush said the reason there was a deficit was because of the war, and I thought that was kind of funny, because, the reasons for starting both wars were not good enough in my opinion. Clearly Bush started both wars. Adolf Hitler used the same approach of claiming that the Jewish humans kept pulling the Nazi people into war (if people were believing that, then they would believe anything!). I am typing that, 20 people from Afganistan were involved in the 9-11, may be reason to police Afghanistan together with the United Nations, but certainly not reason to start a war (although clearly that was a route, the Iraq army is practically non existant, and there is no air force) with Iraq. Bush also said that people no longer have to live in fear, and I thought that was nice. People disagree, on all sides of public debate, and that is simply free speech. If Gore were electoral President, conservative humans would continue to critsize him, and his policies (if any could be found), as would some liberal people.

In any event, I kind of worry, because there is a large amount of attention on me, and I have surpassed the popularity of Einstein, Elvis, Jesus and God all rolled in to one. I oppose the monarchy type of system where 1 person is all powerful and support a democratic system where there is a nice bell curve of leadership.

I have a prediction of what is going to happen with Afghanistan and Iraq, any democracy there will collapse within 10 to 50 years, and be replaced by Islamic fanatical human(s), unless there is an international effort to stop homocide (and not drug use and prostitution as somehow has tainted the UN recently).

Too bad, Clinton could not reverse the mandatory minimum drug sentences Reagan and the Republicans passed, there was no opposition at all once the democrats took over. But, I think that Clinton and Gore have to recognize that they should have joined in the effort I supported (before the election) to end the electoral college.

I see the United Nations being democratic, in other words, we all get to vote for at least the US representative, if not all UN decisions. Then there may be an international (or earth) defense/police, and the CIA/FBI/Interpol/KGB/Scotland Yard could be incorporated into that structure, with the people seeing everything they are involved in. One thing is clear, and that is that the CIA and militaries of the earth, should be clearly told, not to be involved in homocide, and that any homocides anywhere on earth done by people in any agency like the CIA, DEA, military or police will be stopped and or punished.

I was thinking of the sides of good and evil (or bad), and one thing appears clear, that on the good side, people are probably very honest, and on the bad side, people probably lie all the time, and so this creates an interesting situation. People on the bad side, can never really trust what other bad people say because the bad people lie all the time, they have to check or find themselves tricked. The same is true for violence, the good people can not do first strike violence, where bad people can, and so that always has to be thought of by the bad people...that first strike violence might happen, or that they may use strike violence.

Exciting test flight of star ship 1 at burt rutan 'scaled composites' company.

Lauryn hill vatican speech idiocy. Like these ppl need to be more antisexual. why did the pope not explain that they have been speaking out against sexuality and pleasure for 2 millenias? perhaps the christian humans will bring back out the iron maiden and other torture devices to torture those that massage genitals of children, after all they are getting support, and outrage at sexuality of priests even from atheist groups! Hill walks past all the years of torture and execution of galileo, bruno, witch trials and opposes the religious from being soft on punishing sexuality. There probably will be ppl with signs 'burn the tushy touchers!'

Like saddam hussain, there are plenty or murderers around the planet. Thane cesar, frank fiorini, person that killed jam master jay, nicole and goldman, ...the list must number in at least the thousands in the usa alone! When will they be brought to justice?

In college when i got a 3.8 gpa i was credited as 'presidential scholar', and thinking niwwhat a farce that is. To think that in the usa ppl have ever elected a human that excelled in science and had 3.8 gpa on average, or cared at all for even evolution.

Some interesting statements:
'kill the killers!' [but then, those ppl would be killers ofcourse]
'beat the beaters!'
'shoot the shooters', 'punch the punchers', and so on...you get the idea...
'kiss the kissers!', 'fuck the fuckers!', ...

I like to talk out loud, to think out loud, and oppose those that label talking to yourself as an indication of insanity. Not only do thousands of ppl listen to me talk and even my unspoken thoughts all the time no matter where i am [although always limited to the tiny earth].

in addition, ppl are beaming images and sounds onto my brain, and talking aloud helps me decide what my brain [cpu] will be thinking on, not other humans.

Bonus addition 12-15-03:
This weekend was "Ted is a Nazi" time (sometimes it is "Ted is gay", "Ted is a molester", "Ted is insane", "Ted is fat", "Ted masturbates instead of having sex/has a backward view of sex", and others), and after being called a Nazi again, I got to thinking....
Do you know, that I am against "racial purification"? I am for "racial mixing", but this person that called me a Nazi is in a same race, same religion relationship (as are most people). Racial purity, Arian, Jewish or otherwise, is a popular, but bad idea in my opinion, racial diversity will make a wider variety of humans, with a larger chance of survival. In addition, from my experience, sexual interest in humans that look different from me, is stronger that for those that look similar (for the most part, although I find beauty in a wide variety of female humans). I think people are simply not being honest, and true to the Creator (for those that believe, or Designer of the human body, if any) in rejecting their true nonviolent sexual wants.

I give these arguments, even though, for most people, logic and truth is of no importance and they go on believing what ever they want to, but still I like to comment for the record, for later humans, and the occasional truthful human.

Other statements I have in response to people calling me a Nazi are:
I am not the person that is locking millions of nonviolent humans in prison cells, most of you are.
I am for free information, against secrecy, against privacy, and in favor of explaning that thought can be seen and heard, most of you are not.
I am against initiating first strike violence, most of you think of first strike violence as an option.
Most of the anti-Jewish feelings of Nazi Germany grew from the anti-Jewish feeling in Christianity. I am not Christian, and think religion is fraud. In any event the Christian blaming of Jewish people for the killing of Jesus (also Jewish) is not something I subscribe to or support in any way. I think that Jesus was a human that was fooled, like millions, by the myth of a God. I think that Jesus was a human made of DNA, was not magical, and was killed like millions of other people, legally (although brutally because Jesus only had 1 minor violent event of record), through the Roman justice system.

Saddam capture: I am glad and amazed that Saddam was captured, and then alive, after seeing what was done to his two sons. I am interested in seeing the images or any clear evidence that Saddam was directly involved in the killing of nonviolent humans.

Still, I know the conservative republican people, and they do nothing but lie and keep millions of secrets from the public, so I kind of have to wonder what really happened and how much time Saddam was in custody for.

The truth, I think, about Iraq and other Islamic nations is that unless violence is stopped all over the planet, religion is seriously questioned, and science is promoted, they will again fall under a brutal violence human, without a care for truth, free info, democracy and or science. The fanaticism and idiocy of religion will continue to plague the earth.

I ate at Benihana retaurant in Irvine, on Birch street (after playing a Bob Dylan bootleg from 1964 where Dylan sings "John Birch Paranoid Blues", a protest against the communist witch hunts of the 50s and 60s), and I am eating there and at the end of the meal, the man that was cooking started to flick shrimp tails at this guy on the other end of the table. It was bizarre, the chef guy kept flicking the shrimp tails at the guy at the table, one landed near his drink, another near his plate...and here these 3 guys were in good shape, and the guy getting shrimp tails flicked at him, had huge tatoos that I could see.
The chef human kept going, flicking perhaps as many as 7 shrimp tails at the guy at the table. Everytime I go to a restaurant in Orange County has become a bizarre experience of insults and put downs.
After thinking about the experience, I kind of pieced together what happened. I was watching a History channel video on Stalin, and there is a part where Stalin flicked cigarettes at his wife, then she was killed later that night. This reminded me of a Bill Cosby documentary I saw, where Cosby was showing old films of white people hitting golf balls at black people and how that was considered comedy. And then, how white people hit golf balls at me on my bicycle at least three times.
I think what happened was this, thru the camera thought network, old wealthy white people of orange county, full of religion, and not a hint of science and democracy, paid this pour pawn chef human perhaps $1000, to flick these shrimp tails at the person at the table I was at.
I obviously think these kind of people are dangerous, people that subscribe to using violence to get their way. They refused to yield to democratic opinion for JFK, and RFK, and decided to make change thru violence. There is enough chaos and violence on planet earth, people should be focusing on stopping violence. I am amazed by this recklessness of people with large amounts of money. This reminds me of Oprah using her millions, not to speak out against violence, not to question the arrests of nonviolent people, not to promote science and free information, but to make movies that reinforce a belief in ghosts like "Beloved".

I have contributed a nice statements aobut the communist witch hunts: "the peoplep that lead the communists witch hunts cared nothing for, and spoke little of democracy. They cared nothing for truth, science, and free information. They were selfishly interested in money, and in a monarchistic feeling, their own popularity."

qt: Covering up the truth about Frank Sturgis, and Thane Cesar in the killing of a US President and US Senator is unamerican and undemocratic.

I was glad to read about Bush jr. thinking about developing the moon of earth, and am interested in hearing Howard Dean's interest in promoting and funding science, sending walking robots to the moon of earth, rocket planes that take off horizontally, etc...

I vote against spam law, there are better ways to stop the transmission of spam, and reject messages from individual humans. I absolutely oppose prison time for spamming.

The humans in power in florida [like jeb bush] appear to be far more brutal and backwards than i would think for a location with such good weather. The ppl in power walk clear past nonviolent ppl in jail for drugs, prost, and nonviolent 'crimes' and fund [i can only guess] an effort to free a young male human that brutally beat to death a younger female....and the appeal was based on psychology. W/o seeing the eye images/video and seeing the thoughts, i am not sure what i vote for, but for now, i think 8 years is my vote. To see the image of the female, she clearly was large [or no 2 or 3 year old] and would have taken a severe violent beating to kill. Why did this human not get a lesson in not doing first strike violence, not only from parents, but from government? this was probably a 2nd degree kill.

i vote for life imprison, no chance of parole for mark chapman, and all other humans that clearly did 1st degree, first strike homocide. That ppl are in jail for only 20 years for a clear 1st degree homocide is wrong, unfair, risky and stupid.

I vote for jail until all drug humans out of jail for the human [if any] that loosened my bike wheel and caused me to fall today.

'Stopping of light' = i doubt that photons are slowed, but orbit in an atom, around other photons, or bouncing off other photons. If a photon could actually be slowed or stopped [relative to a sender and detector- 1 problem is that detecting a photon involves the photon being absorbed in an atom like in an eye], i think that there is no real change in the view of a universe of space matter and time, the only matter being photon. The only difference is that photons could then change velocity, different from previously thought, thatt photons can only have a constant velocity.

Opinion on christmas:
All this for 1 guy, and he doesn't even know because he's been dead for centuries.

everything looks good for howard dean to be the next president of the usa. Jessie jackson and Al gore are supporting dean. I look forward to the outspoken nature of dean against violence, war, religious right, for progressive change [hopefully for more democracy and getting nonviolent ppl out of prisons].

As far as i know, dean would be the first doctor elected president of the usa.

george clinton arrested in florida for cocaine. clinton expresses atheist leaning in song '1 nation under a groove' [not under a god]. Florida is a dangerous place to live for the free thinking i am thinking...probably last name of 'clinton' does not help, in particular under right wing jeb bush of florida.

We will get walking robots, legal drugs, prost, full democracy, and end to violence, but with 2 billion humans biting our ankles the whole way.

Qt: I don't remember getting to vote on that.

I think that there can be non-violent prisons that are more like gated stone walled mini-cities. Because every body has no violent events, there can be mixing of genders, shared kitchens, rooms more like civilian apartments, democratic voting...

I do not doubt there will be a race to conquer the earth moon. Like in 1492, nations want to claim as much property as they can for the future. i am glad to hear that humans in the usa will most likely not be left behind. I think what is clear is that bush is seeing that he may lose the next election and is trying to win free market [steel tariff], prodemocratic [democratic palestine] and science [moon cities] votes. For all i know china, europe and russia may claim 1 hemisphere and the americas the other [like a little earth, i hope not!], probably more likely will be ghettoized cities of different nations.

Were you ever spanked? Because that is an assault, and child abuse.

In arizona possible 75 years in prison for pro abortion dr brian finkel for an alledged twisted nipple w/o even a photo of evidence. All those involved for prosecution should be boycotted. The most ppl should be able to do for unwanted nonviolent touching is thru freedom of information. Nobody should be locked in a jail for 1 second for nonviolent unconsentual touching. The evil religious fanatic jorgenson used words 'salvation' and 'pray', indicating that this was more about anti-abortion than anything else. who wants to be a doctor or high school teacher when you can be jailed for life by antisexual religious fanatic zelot human's statements alone w/o a photo of physical evidence? Why doesn't finkel speak out against the injustice of locking nonviolent ppl in jail?

I support alan favish in getting images released/shared with public from the government.

Qt: Religion is nothing but lies, and science is nothing but truth. No where do they mix.

only seeing part of video, doubt homocide in cincinnati was with intent, and was in process of capture for first strike violence, [although original offense if any was nonviolent], but i oppose and think is some form of assault the punching of a human after the human is contained and/or in cuffs, [the goal should be to contain, not to get payback, although i suppose an eye for an eye would allow at least 1 punch back. In inglewood the punch from police human appeared to be first strike] that happened [as seen in vid] in this event with a night stick and in the inglewood vid. i would want to see video from the camera-thought network b4 deciding my votes/opinions.

Can you imagine if surgical procedures were patented? 'Sorry i cannot perform this operation, i need to get permission from the original surgeon.'

I think i will live to see an end to this fascism.

Minnesota gov, tim pawlenty is a brutal stupid antisexual jesus and god fanatic idiot human, probably has spanked, and started violence in the past, and is probably a racist voyeur that advocates violence. he wants to increase penalties for sex offenders, but does not distinguish 'violent' offenders, therefore increasing the brutal life sentences for nonviolent humans that only touched a genital or toe. he fully buys into the pseudoscience of psychology, and is actively involved in using these bogus theories to lock nonviolent ppl away for years [see his page and exec order 3-10]

Show these ppl 'advocate violence - lose popularity', 'do violence - go to jail'

Oc superior court Judge richard toohey sentenced Trenton veches to life in prison [parole in 15 years] for sucking toes. Veches was charged with 'assault', how stupid does a human have to be to consider toe sucking with no objection an assault?

Science=big airbag for big and or small planes and helicopters like nasa mars lander

The religions built around god are like a Koresh or Jonestown cult. They are based on bad pricniples, they are not against violence, they lie about Santa, oppose evolution and people like Galileo and other science truthful people.

Why do millions of people constantly watch Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson? Religion is a scam, and filled with lies like that Jesus was seen after death - have other humans been seen after death too? that Jesus made many loaves of bread from 1, - these things clearly never happened.

What do people like the Pope, Iatolla Khomanie and these religious people offer besides the same lies? We know they are going to lie and spread these false stories. They are not going to reveal to us that all the matter in the universe may be made of particles of light, or that thought can be seen in the infrared and was kept secret from you for as many as 90 years.

I tell people to support truth more than people, then if a person ever lies, or turns bad, there is not an unthinking mass of people that follows them into a brutal monarchy.

By supporting truth, and justice - like stopping violence, we can all move forward independently and see each other in a better future.

For my money, I want to see what people like Carl Sagan were up to, an hear when Asimov chewed out the religious, or what Haught, Helen Ellerbee and Pee Wee (unfortunately, like Jackson, and Poundstone, Pee Wee is not taking on the establishment) have to say. What does Ted Charach say? What are the people in pornography thinking? Are there any outspoken? And in comedy - what is George Carlin up to? or in music what are on the web pages of Kravitz and atheist people saying? These are the people that matter more to me that the televangelists (although I can find some humor in their claims and brutality).

What people are going to tell me that thought can be seen in the infrared, and then produce a photo proving this? I am simply, saying that, why do people constantly check the web pages of dishonest, boring, stupid people? I am on a search for real truth and pleasure.


[text - EMERGENCY NEWS MESSAGE ------ scrolls right to left at bottom for entire show]

"This is an emergency news broadcast, I repeat this is an emergency news broadcast": "These news items are ordered from least important to the most important critical new messages..."

emergency news item...
34) Universities are the center for science and are the most equal in gender and race
One of many secrets of the humans on planet earth is that the best place to be employed for people that are not religious, and that support science are universities. Universities are the main businesses holding science together on planet earth.

It is a myth that smart people should rocket out of college into the corporations.

The corporations are not as equal in gender and race as the universities, and also not as tolerant in dress and physical comfort, for example neck ties and blazer jackets for males are needed in most non academic businesses.

33) News of the future of life currently stuck on Earth
What is clear but never told to the public is the inevitable path of humans on earth. First humans will be building on the moon of earth. Humans will be living on the moon of earth, asteroids, planet Mars, and the moons of Jupiter. Humans will be living in rings around the planet earth, and eventually in rings around the star. Without too much doubt, humans will be sending robots to explore and send back images of planets around the 3 closest stars of Centauri. This path is clear and obvious, but looking and listening to people on tv, in movies, on phones, and in buildings, nobody would ever realize that this future is so obvious.

32) Walking Robots
Currently there are walking robots made at Honda and Sony, but in the next 10 years most of you will see a walking robot in person. Walking robots are the next evolutionary step for computers. Walking robots will be cleaning bathrooms, mowing laws, washing dishes, driving cars, every thing humans can do and more eventually. Two leg walking robots will be building on the earth moon when people eventually get their clould-based religious heads out of the ground.

31) Legal Suicide
People must have the freedom to end their own life. People must own their own body. I support assisted suicide as long as the person themselves physically ends their own life. To not allow a person to use the best drugs and techniques science offers to end their life without pain is brutal.

30) Traditions and Holidays considered "bogus" by some
Traditions like Christmas, and Hannukah are religious and some people are refusing to support religion in any way. They care nothing for traditions like birthdays and anniversaries because people fail to realize that time moves forward every second. Every second is new, yes the earth passes by a similar point around a star every 365 1/4 rotations, but in a few more centuries people will be moving in many directions to other planets and other stars.

I tell people to enjoy and pursue physical and intellectual pleasure every second of their brief 80 year lives.

29) Safer More logical Prisons
The prisons of earth are unbeliably dangerous and unorganized.

One of the first and main laws that should be passed is a law to separate violent from nonviolent people.

Another important law that must be passed in the next decade is the law that requires that: every person gets their own cell

Violent people should not have physical access to each other without clear and constant consent.

28) Muscles can be moved by light
Muscles can be moved by beaming particles of light (probably in the infrared) on to any brain.

Galvani was the first to experiment with moving muscles with electricity.

Perhaps some of you have had your lips moved in to a kissing shape without willfully trying to.

One of the worst parts of this new technology is that these beams of light sent to a brain can be used to make a person drive off a road, or fall down stairs causing damage and possibly homocide.

The eventual future of this technology will probably result in the ability of humans to control and move the muscles of any species in any way possible, even with no consent and clear objection.

Useful applications for this technology include freezing the muscles of a human in the act of violence.

27) Light Particles can be used to kill humans and other species
William Rollins killed a pig with an xray beam, and this method of killing may have been used to give George Gershwin and Bob Marley tumors.

I do not doubt that there are lasers intense enough on earth that can kill a human or any species in seconds. Why are these "light guns" being kept secret?

Light is used now by wealthy conservative idiot people that live unseen in secrecy, to make people itch, to make eylid muscles twitch, and to give tiny pains to people. My advice is to vote thru thought to zap the person that zapped you back but only 10 times more. The technical details of this are not clear, are the photons sent from micrometer devices in ceilings of many buildings, or from satellites?

26) Other Species
I ask people to stop supporting the killing of primates, mammals and birds. People can vote for a law similar to homocide, for all primates and mammals. I ask that people stop eating cow, chicken, and pig. There are many vegetable made alternatives to cow, pig, fish and chicken including hamburgers, bacon, sausage, and chicken patties. When people order and eat a hamburger, they are, perhaps, unaware that what they are eating was a thinking cow, with a brain, eyes and memories. People may not even realize, as I did not, that most shoes, sneakers, and belts are made of cow skin! There are shoes, belts and wallets made of non-animal human made or synthetic materials if you search on the Internet for vegan clothing. The first time I ate a hamburger I thought that it tasted like a barnyard, but eventually grew to like the taste, this indicates that people given vegtable based burgers and not cow burgers would never notice any difference, and one less cow would be getting killed.

25) Genderism and Racism are bad ideas
When the word "person" or "human" is used in law, that word must be used to apply to all humans, of any gender or race. People must recognize that there are differences between both genders and all races, but many jobs can be done equally well by both females and males of any race. I support using freedom of information to expose people that are unfairly biased against people because of their gender or race.

Thinking of a human as a second class citizen, or less than human based on race, gender, sexual preference, size or shape, wealth, or popularity is a bad idea in my opinion, people should be judged by their values and actions.

Nobody can deny that there are physical differences between humans, and those differences should be explored and explained. People that make innaccurate or unfair decisions based on race, gender, etc... should not be locked in a jail because that is freedom of thought, speech and information. People must be allowed to support innaccurate or unfair ideas.

My advice is to support businesses and groups of people that show clear gender and racial variety and equality, or at a minimum, a distribution that reflects the distribution of race and gender in that city, or on the planet.

24) Public Nudity must be tolerated
All arrests for nudity must stop, mainly because there is no damage done by simply being nude.

People argue that the nude human body is ugly for most people, in particular overweight people. There are many so-called "ugly" images and people, but ugliness should not be against any law. People should cover their own eyes, or put together a system where they can avoid seeing upsetting images, the universe should not have to change for one person.

People argue that nudity is not healthy or sanitary. Not washing hands is unsanitary, but nobody should be locked in jail for that. In addition, people should still be allowed to be nude on their own property.

Most of the feeling that nudity is wrong originated in religion, for years people were comfortable with nudity, but with the rise of Christianity, people viewed the human body as ugly.

Many of us were shocked and disappointed to see a statue of a female breast covered recently by the current antisexual antinformation proviolence antiscience secretive Jesus based people in the governement of the nation with the title "USA".

Expert humans estimate that probably first, female humans will be allowed to go without a top, eventually total nudity for both genders will be allowed on beaches, then eventually nudity will be legal in every part of earth and all civilized planets and planetesimals of this and all neighboring star systems.

23) Borders, Nations, Countries and Citizenship
Some people are estimating that eventually, there will be no national borders on earth. There will be a time when all the nations are democratic, and everybody votes for laws in an earth democratic government (similar to the United Nations, only democratic).

They say that for now, citizenship should absolutely not be determined by marrital status. They conclude that because of this so-called idiot system, dishonest people try desperately to get married to become citizens, hinting that we should want the smartest, not the most dishonest people to become citizens.

Other people argue that there are already too many humans on planet earth and the planet is over populated, but the reality appears to be that there is more than enough space in the universe for all of the life stuck on earth. Life can easily fit onto the surface of the moon of earth and in the space between planets. Life of earth takes up a tiny tiny part of the star system, and an even smaller part of the Milky Way galaxy.

In addition, on a tiny planet of 6 billion humans, the majority of those humans being nonviolent, and living in some form of democracy, the idea of nationalism is as stupid as planetism, citying or countyism - unthinking allegience to the planet, city or county a person lives in. We live on a tiny planet, and should be looking to unite all the nonviolent and stop violent humans against violence, for freeing the nonviolent, for pleasure, against pain, for science, for truth, for free info, getting into orbit, developing the moon, for all these good things and more.

22) New support for comfort, and against wearing neck ties, cosmetics, and jewelery
People are claiming that people in neck ties look like the people in wigs of the 1700s, or the people in top hats of the 1800s. That neck ties and tuxedos do not feel comfortable, in particular on a hot sunny day, but other people continue to wear neck ties and blazer jackets even in hot temperatures.

Cosmetics are thought to be used by a female human to attract a male human for kissing, but when a person kisses with lipstick they point out, the lipstick gets every where and has to be wiped away, making kissing unpleasant. They are quoted as saying that "the real beauty of a female is underneath all the cosmetics".

21) People in Science versus people in acting, sports, music
According to a report today, people are not showing enough interest in the people working in science. The report argues that the people in science are the smartest people on earth, and gave us the machines that hear thought, are the more honest, and have smart opinions. But instead, it goes on to say, people watch humans without even a college degree in sports, acting and music. "Who cares about acting and sports? People give millions of dollars to people in acting and sports, but nothing for the people in so-called "medicine". These people and the science of healing and repairing human bodies are the only people and methods that may be able to save your life, repair broken bones, or cure your cancer" the report claims. This focus on sports and acting, not on people in science, appears to be stupid and does not contribute to the sciences that go unseen in their effort to make life less painful and more pleasurable.

One might argue that on this planet there is too much focus on athletic skills and not on other skills. The perfect, most well rounded body, will have physical beauty, but also will be smart. For example, there are sports cards, but no science cards. Most people can name hundreds of famous people in sports and acting, but only one or two people in the sciences. The authors of the report say "that sports and acting are entertaining to watch is a myth, continued like alcohol, because of tradition".

There is nothing wrong with focusing on phsycial beauty but people should also include breasts, penises, scrotums, and buttocks instead of neglecting to include these important body parts in rating physical beauty.

One thing the report does make clear is that one of the main reasons that seeing and hearing thought was kept secret from the public for 90 years and counting is because people care so little for science.

20) Marriage is Not Necessary and should get no tax benefits
There are some people that boldy claim that there is no reason to wed, that marriage is not necessary to have a happy family. that there should be no tax benefits to marriage, and all people should pay income tax individually. The tradition of marriage does clearly come from religion and secular marriages are a recent phenomenon. They point out that the idea of monogomy clearly goes against the drive of sexuality for most people, and from my own experience when you see what people think of when they are sexually aroused, what is clear is that they want to touch a wide variety of different people, they appear never to think of the person that they have sex with most often. This is a natural biological reality of a number of species that do not want to eat the same food every day, or see the same movie every week. I see a future where people plan pregnancy very carefully, sexually transmitted bacterias, viruses, and diseases are extremely rare, only 1 in a billion, and females use a "before sex" pill if no pregnancy is wanted.[, in addition to high tech low cost quick tests for pregnancy.] Perhaps people will even have clearly defined contracts describing their financial responsibility in protecting, feeding, cleaning, and educating a human born from their ovum or sperm.

These people argue that if a person really does love a different person, why is a piece of paper indicating this love needed?

That people all wear the same wedding ring on the same finger, is frightening comformity.

19) The basics for humans (clean water, bread, and heat)
In a wealthy democracy like those on earth, clearly people could be passing laws and money to provide clean water, bread and heat to all humans. What ever is a minimum to survive should be provided. This can be extended to free heath care for simple or common problems or with a dollar amount for each human, for example< $1000 dollars/person/year, in addition to free or low cost quick tests for HIV, and other contageous viruses and bacteria.

18) Religion is not any good and there should be no more government benefits
This just in: "There is no god", I repeat, there is no god....apparently humans made up the idea of a god some time after the origin of human language. Again to repeat, this news is apparently official now, that there is no god. I guess on a positive note, there is no devil, easter bunny or Santa, but then most of you already know that.

In other news, our sources have revealed that religion is not any good. Of course, our sources say, people must still be allowed to practice any religion nonviolently, to believe in gods, and devils, to pray, to write, draw, type and enjoy complete freedom of nonviolent expression. Of course, all religions, atheism and even antitheism must be tolerated, but clearly religion is not good. The history of religion is kept secret by the majority of religious humans. This reporter asks: why is this brutal history kept secret?

Some of this violent history includes:

The brutal killing of past religious wars, including the Islamic conquests and crusades.

The thousands of jewish people killed accused of "host nailing", that is destroying the wafer or paper that Jesus based people included in their once every 7 earth rotations meeting late in the growth of Christianity.

The intolerance of other religions and nonreligious, for example when Jewish people were ordered out of England in 1290 and out of Spain in 1492.

The Inquisition where innocent nonviolent people were tortured and killed in some cases with red-hot irons.

The thousands of nonviolent people killed brutally by burning while tied with ropes to a stake, like this old news item: in 1600 the never violent Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake for saying the earth goes around sun

-Galileo (one of the smartest humans on earth at the time, and the first person to see the moons of Jupiter) was almost killed, but instead imprisoned until death for teaching the more accurate theory that the earth goes around sun, and that the sun does not go around the earth.

In the Protistant reformation,

-the anti-Jewish writing of Luther, with the opinion that "Jewish people should be locked in work camps", contributed to justifying the Nazi death camps.

Michael Servetus the first person to correctly describe the circulatory system was burned at the state on orders from John Calvin.

Some popes publically supported the idea that a human could be a witch.

The witch trials where thousands of female humans were killed brutally.

Even now, female humans are killed with stones after being accused of a wide variety of nonviolent activities, mostly physical pleasure related activities in Islamic nations under the brutal religious Sharia law.

This just off the wire: Religious people should pay taxes, and should get no special tax exceptions.

I have a report here indicating that huge numbers of humans are still supporting religion, even though the people in religion, for example, the popes, like people in sports and acting, really have a very inaccurate understanding of the universe if any, and care little for science and truth. One fact appears clear in all of this: You will never hear words like "universe", "photon", "proton", "science", "evolution", "microscope", "telescope", "species" or "DNA" in a religious service, because those people are far removed from reality, but according to reliable sources, the bulk of their numbers makes their unbelievably innaccurate views of the universe and life on earth appear to be normal!

In addition, a number of popular leaders are claiming that the idea of gods, devils, heavens and hells is a recent invention by humans, not as old as the invention of language, the taming of fire, or the invention of the lung.

Again, one of our top stories: "there are no gods". Our investigative team has uncovered that there are no devils, witches, ghosts, spirits, goblins, angels, tooth fairies, souls, phlogiston, aliens, monsters, allah, buddha, magic, voodoo, wizards, zeus, poseidon, genies, werewolfs, vampires, or cupid. So please beware of people that consistantly lie about these myths. According to experts, younger people are the most common victim of these viscous lies.

One thing appears clear to me in light of this report and that is that people in religion clearly have deliberately and actively stopped advances and progress in science, that would have made life on earth much easier and better.

[See books by James Haught and Helen Ellerbee for more details]

17) Antisexuality
I would like to take a minute to talk about antisexuality because I may be one of the only people to make this claim, but I think that antisexuality is a very serious problem on planet earth. I feel compelled to share with you what I have learned from my eyes in the time I have been alive.

I am shocked at the antisexuality I see everyday. There are laws against nudity, people are locked in jail for decades accused with touching the genitals of children, even without a scratch or bruise of damage, even simply for owning a picture of a young human in the nude. Nude humans in public, and even images of the nude human body are forbidden in most nations and violently enforced. Where does this antisexuality come from? What explains this illogical revulsion to the nude human anatomy and sexuality?

For myself, I have concluded that most of this antisexuality comes from religion. What is logical to me is that people should be promoting pleasure and demoting pain, not the other way around. From religion comes the idea that humans have to suffer to gain honor, but nothing in science indicates that suffering is the path to truth, honor or a good future.

(molestation) We start our focus on antisexuality with a topic that enrages millions of people every few hours: molestation.

Part of antisexuality can be clearly seen in a "molestation" hysteria. People are locked in jail for decades after touching the genitals of a human under the age of 18, even when no pain, no physical damage, and no objection. Spanking, hitting with a belt, and slapping are worse than touching of genitals and are actually assaults without consent and most of the time with clear objection. For example, recently a human was sentenced to 27 years in jail, accused with "sucking the toes" of younger humans, not a bruise or scratch caused, nobody spanked, punched, or hurt in any way, but 27 years in jail, in California, no less. In Florida 3 life sentences were given by 12 humans on a jury to a person accused with "kissing the penis" of a human under the age of 18, again, no child was physically harmed in any way.

(age laws) This section is dedicated to unfair age laws surrounding sex and sexuality, in particular for young male humans, where sex is not as painful, and are ready for sex years before female humans.

Male humans start to masturbate at age 12, and I think that they should be allowed to have legal sex at that age. I remember clearly when I was between that ages 12 to 18 wanting strongly to have sex with the females I saw in nude magazines while I masturbated. Perhaps young male humans should be matched with older females for the purpose of sex without pregnancy. Male humans have their sexual prime from age 12 to age 30, at age 30 the male penis does not get as erect for as much time as when younger, so making sex illegal for male humans from age 12 to 18, a third of their sexual prime, is not fair. Making male humans wait until age 18 to have sex is adding to the level of violence on planet earth, because that energy that would go into sex, goes into violence. That younger male humans not only go without penis in vagina sex for 6 years until the age of 18 is like asking for anger and violence that stems from sexual frustration. My guess is that most of the young male humans that do violence in high schools, for example the young humans that killed people at Columbine and Santee never even kissed a person outside of their family. Younger people should be allowed to kiss, hug, and sleep together. People should be encouraged to experience physical pleasure. To deny younger people physical pleasure besides affection from parents, siblings, and pets is unnatural and brutal. Much of this antisexuality is driven from the religious antiscience belief in monogomy and marriage.

(child pornography) In this segment we talk about child pornography. The words "child pornography" conjure images of great violence and unspeakable evil for many people without really examining what child pornography is.

People react violently against people accused of owning child pornography. No body should ever be locked in a jail, or even fined for owning pictures of any kind. A person can own images of 2 humans in bloody combat, but not in gentle consentual touching of genitals? This is a clear indication of the illogical proviolence, puritanical, antisexual views of the majority of humans on earth. Parents suit up the combatant children for violent sports, but are shocked and violently outraged to find young people nonviolently and consentually touching genitals.

If a nonviolent human of any age is held without consent, that human should be freed. If a human of any age is physiaclly hurt and or damaged, without consent and with clear objection, the person that directly caused the pain or damage should be locked in jail for a time that represents the severity of the violent activity, according to hundred year old democratic assault laws. One might argue that people are less interested in stopping violence and more interested in stopping physical pleasure and sexuality.

Simply owning, buying or selling of images of an assault or even pictures of consentual touching must never be illegal. One irony seems obvious, and that is "how can people see what people did violence to children if owning images of child pornography is illegal? As a result the people that actually do hurt young people go unseen and free.

(bisexuality) Now on to a less touchy topic: bisexuality. The majority of humans are shocked and opposed to bisexuality, when in reality, two humans of the same gender touching causes no damage, and is clearly consentual. Next to acts of violence, bisexuality should be the least of the worries for a human on planet earth. But people are beaten, threatened, and for years touching of same gender was actually illegal in many nations. When people finally do get to see the images people think of when masturbating, perhaps in another century or two, they will see that almost all humans have some level of bisexuality.

[masturbation] Our final topic under the emergency news item "antisexuality" is a healthy activity that many people do but few admit to: masturbation.

People refuse to recognize that masturbation is fine, natural and healthy. Male and female humans should be taught how to masturbate, and that masturbating at any age and at any time is "a ok".

In denying the reality of evolution, many people have never learned that for millions of years mammals have been putting penises in vaginas and rectums, millions of years, of erect penises, this is simple anatomy and biology, but religion tries to keep that secret and leave people under informed and ignorant, through the centuries they still appear to be shocked by seeing the nude human anatomy.

16) Robert F Kennedy was killed by Thane Eugene Cesar
Thane Eugene Cesar killed Senator Robert Kennedy in 1968, Sirhan did injure 5 people, but completely missed RFK. The autopsy by Thomas Noguchi shows clearly RFK was shot 4 times at close range from behind. Together with the story told by Karl Eucker and many other people that Sirhan never got his gun more than 3 feet from the front of RFK, and was never behind RFK this appears to be solid proof even without the hidden camera and eye images. Thane Eugene Cesar was employed at Lockheed and Ace Security Guards, throwing some amount of question as to the morality of people at these two companies, in particular the defense industry megagiant Lockheed. That this story is more than 35 years old and still the public has not heard officially that Thane Cesar killed Robert Kennedy is upsetting, but the most shocking parts of the RFK killing are first, that the public actually bought the Sirhan story, even after hearing about the Noguchi autopsy, I understood what happened within 15 minutes. Second, is the number of people in the Los Angeles FBI and police that destroyed evidence, and participate in covering up the truth that Cesar killed RFK even to this day.

[See movie "The Second Gun" at rfkgatetedcharach.com for $19.95]

15) Phonetic Alphabet connects all language
An interesting truth has been brought to light: that all human languages use the same 50 sounds, I repeat, all the humans languages on earth use less than 50 sounds. The exciting result of this is that a simple one letter equals one sound only alphabet can be used as an international phonetic alphabet.

Using a phonetic alphabet makes learning to write and read easier, for example no "exceptions" like silent letters, or confusion of what vowel sound to use have to be learned. This will help future peoples to pronounce the words use on earth at this and all future times.

14) Prostitution must be legal
From the reports we are seeing here, one thing is clear: all arrests and fines for prostitution must stop. People can clean bathrooms and do back breaking labor for money but are not allowed to touch a genital for money. Accepting money for touching a penis, breast, scrotum, or vagina must be legal, for at least one reason: there is no damage done and there is clear consent.

Experts indicate that probably first to be legal will be kissing, hugging, and sleeping together for money, then will be touching buttocks, breasts, scrotums, and masturbating for money, then oral sex, and penis in vagina sex will be legal, and finally penis in rectum will be legal. Eventually, what appears clear is that all nonviolent consentual forms of touching will be legal.

Studies indicate that if sexually frustrated male humans could get legal sex from consenting female humans, that there would be less violence and aggression on the planet earth. People argue that getting money for ejaculating male humans, like cleaning bathrooms, and serving food can provide a female human with money to pay for an apartment and food. Clearly, to keep sex for money illegal is to promote violence. Elenor Roosevelt was a vocal supporter of legal prostitution, and apparently most smart people are.

13) Psychology is actaully fraud and a pseudoscience
In evaluating the sciences, our team has uncovered that psychology appears to not be like the other sciences and is more like the pseudoscience of "phrenology" (the idea that behavior may be determined by shape of skull). The conclusion this team reached is that psychology should not be grouped together with any of the real sciences like neurology, cardiology, dentistry, chemistry, electronics, construction, and robot engineering.

Our findings are simple, most if not all of the theories of psychology are used to determine if a person is unrealistic. With 9 of 10 humans accepting that a god, hell and angels exist, and that astrology is accurate, that most people are unrealistic is common, but punishing and torturing these people until they say that there are no gods, that astrology is pseudoscience, etc...appears to be too brutal and in adidition would violate assault laws. This study concludes that we have to let people be unrealistic, we must let people have their delusions even when we know they are not true. The most we can try to do is educate people with the stories of science and stop them from doing violence.

Our panel of experts all agreed that the labels of psychosis and neurosis are very abstract and do not use anatomical defintions, and they conflict with the recent images pouring out showing what humans see and think of. The panel states "What should be most important is determining if a human is violent or not. The only way to determine if a human is going to be violent, is by seeing if the person has past events of violence, or makes threats of violence, and people in psychology are not using this method, although much of their, often illegal, activity is done secretly."

One thing is clear, people in psychology will never again perform an operation on a human, and for now, can only prescribe drugs.

Our panel looked at the hysteria over labels like "psycho", "scitzo", "nutter", "nut-job" and "mental" concluding that these are similar to the old labels of "witch" and "heretic", in particular when these labels were applied to nonviolent people, many times these labels provide an excuse to lock a nonviolent human in a hospital without consent for years.

We uncovered that thousands of nonviolent people are routinely being tied to hospital beds with 4 point restraints and left for hours, with no choice but to urinate and deficate on themselves in some cases. We found that straight jackets are being used on nonviolent people, and in some rare cases nonviolent people were actually electrocuted (so-called "electro-shock therapy) and given lobotomies (drilling holes in a human skull) without consent and even against clear objection. Finally, involuntary drugging and coercing people to take "meds" was witnessed.

This team concluded that people that break a violent law should go to a prison, not to a hospital and gave the hopeful vision saying "there will be a time when people go through the psychiatric hospitals of the planet, free the nonviolent that want to be free, and transfer the violent people to prisons.", in our opinion a happy ending to a shocking story of human rights violations.

[See "Mad in America" by Robert Whittiker]

12) People must vote to stop all drug wars
Emergency news item 12 should perhaps be ranked higher on the list for the serious level of injustice involved, this is clearly an emergency. All arrests and fines for drug use, owning drugs, buying, trading, or selling drugs must stop. We have made a terrible mistake in our antidrug fever. Guns cause far more damage than drugs and are legal. Putting objects into your own body, no matter how dangerous to your self, that do not physically harm any other person must never be called a crime. Damaging your self must always be your own choice because you must own your own body. We should not arrest people for using drugs, because we should not arrest people for overeating, clearly a risky and unhealthy activity.

The arrests of people that use drugs is a war on nonviolent intellectual people by brutal violent people.

People are shocked and outraged at learning that a person uses drugs, but clearly using drugs is not as bad as first strike violence. Drugs only hurt the person using the drugs, not other people. In many cases, the drug does no clear serious harm in any way. We should let people decide what medicine is best for them, and do away with required prescripture from humans with at least 1 phd degree.

Think of the hypocrisy of people that use alcohol, or tobacco voting to lock other people in jail that use drugs.

During prohibition of alcohol people that sold alcohol were labeled criminals, now companies that sell beer, alcohol, and tobacco are viewed as regular, legal companies. This is similar to the way marijuana and cocaine companies will be viewed in the future.

Many people think that drugs are a bad influence on people, but so is alcohol, tobacco, and religion. We would all love people to stay away from religion, but not by locking them down. The cumulative damage caused by the inaccurate theories of religion total much more physical damage over the years than damage caused by drug use.

Europe made marijuana boring, less people per centum use marijuana where marijuana is decriminalized in europe than in the nations in the 2 Americas.

Locking up nonviolent kids for years simply for owning a 6-pack of beer and a pack of cigarettes is barbaric.

I am not sure that you people realize what is going on, since most of you do not get to see most of these attrocities involving arrests and storage of nonviolent people in prisons. People are being brutalized, their families are being broken up, their property sold. People are not able to pay their monthly house, car and utility payments in prison. The billion dollar sum to cloth, house and feed these nonviolent, self sufficient people is being paid for with important tax money. For many people caught using drugs, not alcohol or tobacco, their property is sold off and the money goes to the people in the government police. All this, when guns are legal and people are using guns, not drugs to kill more and more nonviolent humans. Why do you people not show some more compassion and empathy for those people in prison for drugs that have never been violent, or caused damage to any other person?

11) Nonviolent people out of prisons and hospitals
We uncovered a startling story of unbelievably upside-down logic and priority and that is emergency news item 11: Our finding? That violent people should be sentenced for more time than nonvoilent people in prisons, but this is not what is happening. We found that shockingly, violence is not the highest taboo, sex and drug use are. People should be working to separate violent from nonviolent people in prisons, and working to free nonviolent people. Most of these nonviolent people are in jail for activities they did to them selves, like drug use or prostitution.

We are now entering in to the top ten emergency new items...please pay close and careful attention....

10) John Fitzgerald Kennedy was killed by Frank Fiorini
Frank Fiorini Sturgis one of the people caught in the Watergate killed the President of the USA, John F Kennedy from the front in 1963 indicating that soon to be US President Nixon may have been involved. Frank Fiorini shot JFK first in the throat, and then a Secret Service human named Greer stopped the car and Fiorini shot a second time, this is the shot that killed JFK. This news is now official, after some 40 years of secrecy and lies, the truth has been revealed. Frank Fiorini, of Florida, a self-claimed soldier of fortune with ties to E Howard Hunt and the US CIA, shot and killed John Kennedy from behind a picket fence in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas.

More news just in, Lee Oswald probably did shoot from the Book Depository, probably killed Tippit and may have been funded by Carlos Marcello.

When looking back, perhaps this news seems obvious, this is why Robert Kennedy used the word "effort", Cronkite used the word "official", Cyril Wecht "ffffragmented fracture" - the 2 F's together were for Frank Fiorini. Some people stumbled on a happy coincidence by using the word "frankly" to indicate Frank and Lee were the two people shooting that day in 1963.

In fact, what is clear is that Nixon may have been involved in the killing of JFK is what the Watergate hearings and Nixon resignation was all about, Sam Irvin used the words "for fear", and similar double f's to echo that Nixon together with people in the CIA and the good old boys network were involved with the killing of JFK. Fiorini died in 1992, and never spent 1 day in jail for killing JFK. The majority of the public never even knew that he was the person that killed JFK 40 years before now. As an interesting aside, Fiorini was apparently actually captured that day, taken to the Dallas police station and photographed with E. Howard Hunt, but later let go.

The number of people that covered up and even to this day cover up what really happened to JFK is disgustingly large, including "free full pardon" Gerald Ford, Arlin Spector knew full well what happened in 1963 and still does, the same must be true for hundreds of thousands of brutal conservative humans including Luis Alverez and thousands of other old brutal white people.

[See CBS video "The day the nation cried" for images of Frank Sturgis].

9) History of Science
Shocking news item number 9 is that the history of science is not shown and told to the public, next to evolution this is probably the most important story that people need to learn.

That there is a "Ten Commandments" movie for the large screen, but no telling of the history of science is an indication of how religious the majority of humans on earth are. Most of the events in the story of Moses are clearly not true, like a god talking to Moses, a god giving Moses 2 stone tablets, getting blood from a stone, parting the Red Sea. Like the stories of Jesus turning one loaf of bread into many, or people seeing Jesus after death, these are clearly false.

The history of science is filled with amazing interesting stories:
The taming of fire by Homo erectus
The first ships made of wood
The first seeded and harvested plants
Early pottery
The first casted metal
The first wheel
The building of the pyramids
Anaxagarus saying the sun is a red hot stone, and being locked in jail for atheism during the time of Pericles
Eritothenes correctly measuring the true size of the earth
Tsai Lun of China inventing paper
Mendelev of Russia making the periodic table
Copernicus, Kepler, Newton,
Volta and the first battery, Lise Mitner and Otto Hahn, Edison and the electric light, the first gas engine, Robert Goddard, Albert Einstein, Max Plank, George Washington Carver, and the first images from the brain of a human dreaming, to only name a few.

These stories are not only entertaining and intellectually stimulating, but help to inspire people to contribute to science, and that can only help us as a species. We still have the problems of viruses, bacteria, aging, going to other stars, plenty of problems that need to be examined. In addition more people should be making videos that tell the stories of science. [Book: Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology]
[Video: Cosmos]
[Book: Time Tables of Science]

The history of earth should also be told with a focus on the history of science. [Book: History's Timeline $5 bn.com]
[Book: Compact History of the World $5 bn.com]

8) Evolution
That a large number of people actually do not think that evolution is true is shocking to the entire news team here, clearly evolution is a fact. First DNA copied and made the first procariotic cell, bacteria, where the DNA was protected inside a cell wall, then came the eucaryiotic cell where the procariotic cell was surrounded by a second cell wall, for example amoebas, euglinas, and paramecium. Then the first multicellular living objects grew, worms and jellyfish moved in the oceans of earth more than 1 billion years before now, the first eye evolved, because detecting light gives a body an advantage in surviving long enough to reproduce, that first eye changed over the years to be the basic design of the eyes of every fish, reptile, mammal, and even we humans. Fish evolved into amphibians, and then reptiles, birds and mammals evolved and then finally the first primates. This is clear and should be made in a video, but so far, no video has been made that clearly tells the story of evolution of life on earth.

For all the money in the universities and the National Science Foundations. I am shocked that no video explaining the story of evolution has been made for the public. Clearly shocking and upsetting news.

[Book: Thread of Life, look for more updated books on evolution]

7) Democracy
The panel selected for this emergency news broadcast all voted and emergency democratic reform was voted the 7th most important emergency facing people today. People need to support complete and total democracy for the entire planet earth and all future stars that life grows to. We need to democratize the governments of earth, and start with democratic reforms. We need to be voting on all existing State, National and Planetary Laws to see if they still get popular support. We need to vote on all court decisions, We need to vote for all United Nations people and decisions. We need to be voting on the budget, for people in military, FBI, KGB, police, and every person employed in every government all over the planet.

All court decisions should be voted on by any and all people by counting votes on government computers through the Internet. The language of court decisions should be changed from "guilty or not guilty" to "true or false", and no oath to any god should be required.

Many people in the USA are demanding an end to the electoral college and this may happen in the next 8 years as a result of the injustice of the last Presidential election, where the winning human did not win the popular vote. This relatively minor change would mean that US Presidents would be chosen by popular vote only.

In anticipation of people getting the opportunity to vote on the existing federal laws I want to record some of my votes now.
I vote:
no on all drug laws
no on all prositution and solicitation laws
no on titles 17 and 35, trademark, copyright, and patent
no on Chapter 47 fraud and false statements
no on Chapter 50, gambling
no on chapter 63 mail fraud
no on Chapter 71 "Obscenity"
no on Chapter 79 "Perjury"
no on Chapter 81 arg "piracy and Privateering"
no on Chapter 90 "Protection of trade secrets"
no on Chapters 95 and 96 "racketeering"
no on Chapter 113A "telemarketing fraud"
no on Chapter 115 "treason, sedition, subversive activities"
no on Chapters 119 and 121 "Wire and electronic communication interception"

These are my votes, your votes may differ.

Coming in at number
6) Complete Freedom of All Information
We need complete freedom of all information with no exceptions. We need a end to tradmarks, copyrights and patents. We need an end to privacy. There is no way of stopping particles of light from moving through the universe, and nobody should be locked in a jail for simply owning images, no matter what the images contain.

We must allow all words and pictures, even curse words and images of violence because any combination of sounds and colors must be tolerated.

All sounds and images are in the realm of nonviolent activity, and are less serious than violence.

An end to trademarks? In this segment we examine the idea of the trademark. We conclude that to think that some word, letter or symbol can be owned by a human is ridiculous. This will probably be the first to fall.

Copyright Law voted down. Here we examine a recent vote to end copyrights. People have upheld that stealing physical property can be stopped and the property returned, but ruled against the idea that a person must get permission to copy or use text, audio, images or data of any form. They concluded that copyright law is stopping the spread of information and truth on planet earth and getting permission to use a photo or text from a person is too labor intensive and difficult.

Here at Emergency News, we have uncovered that, at this time, people are watching thought, and seeing inside the houses of people, and that will never be reversed, we ask you to think of the copyrighted images and sounds that people in the governments, and business of earth must have archived that they never paid a photon for, let alone asked permission to copy, store and use.

A committee concluded that the people in large media companies have an irony in vocally supporting copyright, while simulateously secretly accumulating copyright offenses of their own in watching people in their own apartments and houses. When asked why they do not support freedom of info, they responded that they "not see" the eventual reality of having to pay for all those violated copyrights once all the images are finally released and seen on the Internet.

The committee also concluded that like tipping in a restaurant or tavern, copyright royalties, how much a human is to be paid to simply copy a book, song, or video they made is a random process, with no clear rules or order.

Like DNA, copying is human nature, copying is how we learn, any person that has ever done a report, recognizes that you have to find a book, or video as a source for data, learning the alphabet, or to read is to learn to copy and reproduce what you see.

The Internet and massive copying of data going on the planet earth now makes the inevitable end of copyright clear.

Topic 3 of the emergency new item "complete free information of all information" centers on the patent laws. Our panel concluded that Patents are slowing science and technological progress on earth, that one person, or group of people can own some basic idea is ridiculous, and as a typical example, in the case of Samuel Morse, Joe Henry clearly was the first to invent the telegraph, but as usual, those people that an idea is copied from never get a dollar.

Finally, no discussion of complete freedom of all information would be complete with out viewing both sides of the issue of privacy. Our team of experts feels strongly that privacy will probably be the last of the laws that violate free info to fall. I, myself, am personally shocked when looking at Internet web pages, and seeing, even on the ACLU page, a statement at the bottom of the main page that explains how they observe privacy and obey all privacy laws, because the reality is that millions of these people with privacy statements on their web pages watch people in their houses and apartments and even hear and see their thoughts. We all here felt more than a little bit nausious when seeing this, asking why this bunch of hypocrite humans, do not defend free information and question privacy laws? After all, they are clearly violating the privacy of millions of people. Why would they not work to change the privacy laws or question the idea of privacy?

There is no way of stopping the free trade of information, particles of light move freely though the universe. There is no damage done in seeing inside the houses of people, so clearly no reason to lock a human in jail for owning images of humans inside a house.

Entering the house of a human without permission is very dangerous, but I think that there is no way of stopping people from seeing inside houses.

The panel asserted another important fact, claiming that privacy is equivalent to secrecy. In supporting privacy, people want to keep some image secret from other people, and that, the people on the panel conclude is dishonest.

The opposing team argues that medical information should be kept secret because a person may not hire somebody with medical problems. But does concede that this is supporting dishonesty and the idea of tricking people by hiding important information.

Health people scream that an end to privacy will also help stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and argue that complete freedom of all medical information is really the main and perhaps only way of stopping or even slowing the spread of transmittable diseases. While we live in this secrecy and ignorance, we can be sure that more people will get HIV knowing that they never would have HIV if they had access to low cost home tests, and the ability to search planetary health databases.

Legal people are supporting a new law that no court rooms be closed from public view, and that at least 1 camera and microphone capturing images and sounds are made available to the entire public on the Internet, and that all court decisions, in particular, the final verdict should be open to a vote by as many citizens as possible. For example, millions of people wanted to see the OJ Simpson trial, and would have wanted their vote counted.

For myself, what is clear, is that the hysteria of privacy is stopping people from getting to see the billions of interesting images captured and kept secret over the years; images that show clearly what happened to Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, JFK, MLK, and millions of other interesting, smart, important people.

Perhaps most importantly though, this hysteria over privacy is allowing violence to continue, simple cameras on main streets avilable to the public would help to solve 6 of 10 violent assaults and homocides, but the popularity of privacy is allowing these violent people to go unseen and free. The Nicole Simpson and Jam Master Jay killings are clear examples of killings that would now be solved and the human that did the killing in jail because of simple cameras on main streets.

We are entering the top 5 emergency news items. The 5 most important messages we have to deliver to you. Emergency message 5:
5) Violence
Stopping violence should be the number one priority of people on earth. People on planet earth need to change the focus of locking people in jail for nonviolent offenses, like drugs and prositution, and to start locking more people in jail for violent offenses in order to stop the epidemic spread of violence.

Violence is worse than drug use, worse than prostitution, worse than stealing, worse than lying, worse than molestation, worse than treason, worse than almost every activity,...but yet people appear laxidazicle in the effort to actively stop violence.

Why is violence not viewed as the worst evil on planet earth? Why are drug use and sexuality viewed as worse than violence?

Why are there no ad campaign against violence? Not just domestic or sexual violence, but all violence. There are million dollar ads against drug use, but no ads that tell people that violence is wrong, or even explain the laws and punishments for violence.

Another example of this backward set of priorities is the fact that there are "sexual offender" registries, but no "violent offender" registries. In all honesty, I think that we all can agree that, when given the choice to be locked in a room with a human that has nonviolent sexual offenses like molestation or a human with violent crimes like assault, most of us will take the human with the nonviolent sexual crimes every time.

Isn't violence the thing we should worry about the most, before nonviolent "genital touching" crimes? We ask you out there to please vote for a registry of violent offenders as soon as possible, and our advice is to use caution when hiring or accepting into your house or business people with violent events in the past, if you can ever find that infomation. Show a preference for nonviolent humans, and send a clear message to all humans that violent activity will not be promoted or rewarded.

Again, with a final cry of emergency news anguish I say that: low cost cameras on main streets with images archived on government computers, available to the public would stop 6 of 10 violent crimes and help to catch the people that did violence, that now live free out of prison and have only been seen by an elitest few million people. There are a growing number of cameras I see on streets, but when do we all get to see all those images?

Emergency new item 4:
4) All matter is made of light
All matter in the entire universe may be made of particles of light, called photons. Light probably is made of particles, has no amplitude and does not travel in a sine wave shape as previously thought, but moves in a straight line. This finding has resulted in a large amount of startling new ideas and changes in theories that describe the universe.

-when a person lights a match, photons from the match and oxygen in the air enter the eye of the person and keep moving through the universe. Eventually there is no matter left in the match. Most people say that the "mass" of the match was changed into energy, but I claim that the photons that were in the match simply exited and separated from the rest of the matter in the match. In other words, the photons were always in the match and not made at the time of lighting the match. In this view photons are viewed as pieces of matter and the basic unit of all matter (and even the so-called antimatter) in the universe.

-I think that antimatter is actually matter, and may simply be electrically opposite matter

-I think that there are no black holes or worm holes, or any kind of holes in space-time, because I think that a mathematical space-time geometry does not reflect the reality of the universe

-I am stating for the record clearly here, my opinion that there is no "dilation" of time or "contraction" of matter in the universe

-People should show and explain the 10 tensor equations of the general theory of relativity in a simple video that explains the main proofs of the accuracy of the General Theory of Relativity and the same is true for The so-called Standard Model theory of the universe.

-a little known secret of relativity, is that a person has to calculate the movement for all the pieces of matter in the universe to have an accurate model of the universe, and the same is true for planets going around a star, since each piece of matter influences the movement of other pieces of matter, anything else is only an approximation.

-This idea that all matter is made of particles of light is being ignored, covered up, and surpressed by people in science and the media. These people include everybody in all the major universities, all the major television programs like Nova, and all the science magazines like Nature, and Science. These people refuse to even allow the idea that all matter is made of particles of light, that beams of light, even with radio frequency, have no amplitude, and do not travel in a sine wave, to even be heard or seen by the public. Eventually, as was the case for Lysenko in Russia, the truth will be unavoidable as more information leaks out.

emergency new item 3
3) hidden camera networks
What the public does not know but should have known years before now, is that there are billions and billions of microvideo cameras in houses and apartments all around the planet earth. These cameras were put there mainly by people in government, televison and communication companies. For example, people employed for time warner, fbi, cia, interpol, bbc, kgb, nytimes, all the media companies, abc,cbs,ms-nbc,fox,cnn,ATT, many major businesses including universities, and wealthy individual people put cameras inside the houses of as many people as possible and in particular interesting people. This has been happening since the invention of the microphone, camera, wired and wireless communication. Again, these cameras are microscopic in size, powered by photons. Seeing inside a closed room may be possible by detecting photons with infrared frequency. The cameras are part of vast wired and wireless networks. Many of these images may be moving around thru space without most humans knowing. Some images are not scrambled and form a group of free information people, others image and sound signals are scrambled. Think of the images that must be in the archives of the big media companies. Millions of images of violence and sex that would expose thousands of homocidal people that should have been captured and locked in a jail cell years before now. Millions of dishonest people that lied to the public and got away with it, for example all the people that knew that Frank Sturgis killed JFK and actively covered it up from the public.

Emergency news item 2 2) Thought can be seen and heard
Thought can be seen and heard. I realize that this news is incredible and unbelievable. I repeat, thought can be seen and heard. What any brain that has eyes sees can be seen from the back of the head in infrared light.

[Background/Main image "The Incredible Machine" 1985:]
Look closely at these images. These are images taken from behind a human that captures what a brain sees, from the brave people at National Geographic, in the video "The Incredible Machine" made in 1985 and available in many public Libraries.

The round object is a human eyeball. Where this image was taken is a complete mystery to our staff. This is obviously some kind of medical imaging machine. Perhaps as many as a million people now actively use infrared cameras light the camera that captured these images every day. Some of you people know all about this machine. This is the only physical evidence we have uncovered so far shows clearly that what the brain of any species sees can be seen. Do you share my excitment and curiosity? Please contact us with any details you have including images that clearly show the eyeball, and what the brain is seeing, and we will bring these to the public. Again, I repeat that thought can be seen and heard. What any brain that has eyes sees can be seen from the back of the head in infrared light. Images and sounds any species with a brain remembers (humans, horses, cows, dogs), and even dreams can be seen and heard in the infrared.

Now for more shocking news, this uncovery, that what a brain sees can be seen in infrared light was found, perhaps as early as 1910 for seeing images from a brain, and as early as 1913 for hearing memories. Without too much doubt, but some uncertainty, because all the facts are not in, people were seeing thought in the 1940s, and there is no question that by 1980 hundreds of thousands of humans were seeing through the eyes of other people. Humans have been born, lived, and died never knowing that other people were listening and seeing their thoughts.

Think of the secrecy and dishonesty of millions of humans that use these machines every day. Has there ever been such a secret cult of dishonest humans? In the lingo of these people seeing what other people see is to watch the "eyes" of other people.

-where are these infrared micro cameras made, bought and sold? Clearly the people in the government police and millitary, universities, and television companies are involved in buying and developing these devices. If there ever was a patent, perhaps the origin can be traced through that.

Because the television, radio and news paper people are all involved in this secret industry the public has never been informed of these extremely important events. The public learned about nuclear weapons, how to make an atom bomb that can destroy the planet earth, but not the harmless, damage free, nonviolent cameras that see thought in the infrared, or have even been told that some people have succeeded in seeing thought. In addition this finding and these cameras have a real use and are valuable tools for the human species. We could be using these cameras to determine if the brain of a body in a coma is at least remembering images and sounds, if a baby is crying because of hungry (seeing images of food) or if there is some other problem. In addition, these tools make communication must easier, and reveal the truth of many otherwise unsolvable homocides and thefts. The unbelievable callousness of the people that continue this secrecy is ending the lives of people that could have been helped.

People will be talking for decades about the 100 year secret of seeing and hearing thought, just as people still analyze how 3 million people could have been systematically gassed and cremated in World War 2 without the public ever knowing.

and now for the number 1 emergency news message:
1) Images and sounds can be sent to brains
Images and sounds can be sent to any brain. I repeat images and sounds can be sent to any brain, including the human brain. These images and sounds can be beamed directly onto the brain, and do not enter the brain through the eyes or ears. People are being misled and used like pawns or underinformed drones by other people planting images and sounds in their heads. Please be aware that images and sounds in your head may not be your own, and that these images and sounds are not sent from any gods or devils trying to communicate with you, they are sent by right wing conservative religious mystical antiscience antitruth idiot people or in any event, very secretive humans. These machines and communicating by thought have a real positive use and make communicating easier and faster, but they are being horded and abused in the hands of an secretive group of maybe a few million humans, kept from the public that, like the telephone, would be able to enjoy this new form of communication.

This ends this emergency news message, please copy and distribute this video freely, there is no copyright on this video.


My emergency news video is almost done, and is 1 hour 10 minutes. I will probably be putting the video on the web later this week.

I think we all need gloria allrude to come in to our houses and dictate our parenting activities. I am sure she is critical to coach vigorous spanking with 'follow thru more!', and screams of "burn the nudi mags!". Perhaps we can evaluate her parenting and nonviolent activities, and give her low scores for cold anti-physical outside touch neglect, physical abuse (spanking), and no science.

What happens when somebody else spanks your kid? There, certainly is no arrest, many people think: 'hey I am the only person that can hit my kid!'.

Science=battery hydrogen electrons and protons separated [by magnetic field like in particle accelerators] and stored separately in 2 sides of a light battery. When done have p+e hydrogen gas to separate again.

What an amazing product the ppl at dupont and science brought us with the plastic light weigght bullet-proof 'kevlar'. one human in britain has kevlar helmet with 2 bullet holes, 5 cm lower and would be dead. This makes me again say that human in gun fights [military, police, etc..] should have bullet-proof or at least bullet-slowing face masks too, in addition to radio controlled walking cameras. ebay Kevlar helmets cost and vests < $100 us.

I never thought strongly the lbj was involved in jfk kill until i heard all the lies and deception from jack valenti, a person that openly supports secrecy. Plus the stone movies implicates lbj, lbj certainly took part in the coverup, but millions of others never said anything either.

A penis went in a vagina? What are the chances?

I am in favor of allowing legal same gender marriage. take note of those against tolarating same gender marriage as anti-homosexuality and intolerant of homosexuality.

Scene out of nazi germany when 70 police humans raided the property of new age whipping post michael jackson in santa barbara, ca, all for reported 'lewd and lascivious' [standard california nazi charge] charges with no pain, bruise, scratch, or evidence of objection, a crime of touching or perhaps even talking for all most ppl know, but here is the shocker: each count, and there could be as many as they want, can be sentenced for 8 years in a jail. 8x10=80 years in jail, and not even a scratch caused, 1st degree homocide gets less time, and their a human is not only damaged but killed! I hope jackson sues the santa barbara police and all involved. how about frank fiorini? Should ppl not exonerate oswald and correctly identify fiorini?

When are they going to scoop up thane cesar? Is homocide ok in the usa? Think of adam walsh, poly class and jam master jay, is it ok to not punish those homocides?

Think of the effect this arrest in santa barabara has, wealthy ppl must be saying, 'halt the construction ...'when we run 'santa barabara' thru the robot we repeatedly get 'redneck, redneck, ....'

Ppl, like some kind of unthinking mass, have no idea what is happening behind the scenes, as far right wing humans plan and pay for arrests like this, just when jackson and sony release a new cd and ad campaign, clearly selective timing.

This publicity may actually backfire for the nazi antisexual and make jackson more recognized.

Where is the liberal tat for tit? Will there be an arrest for assault and child abuse [for spanking] on 1 of the ppl behind the jackson initiative? Like thomas sneddon? Why do ppl support sneddon and this waste of tax money in puritan antisexual christian redneck brutality? Did sneddon or human accusing spank or belt children? Here Sneddon uses the word "notch in belt" - for those not in secret camera thought network: I recently bought 2 non-cow skin belts, and I may have to make a new hole in one of the belts. Why do these people watch me and get reports on me every 10 minutes? Are there not other people to watch? In particular, violent people! And when do I get compensation for having my privacy violated like Jennifer Annison just did? I guess when I get more physical evidence and 12 honest people are on a US jury.

Tom Brokah was asking "why would anybody let there kids stay with Michael Jackson", and I think "perhaps because Jackson has never caused a scratch of physical damage to a human of any age". I have to ask why Brokah will not reveal that "Frank Fiorini killed JFK", I think that is news worthy, but I guess Brokah feels, as do millions, that touching genitals is more serious than people that were killed and the person that killed then never shown to the public. I ask again for humans to dump television on it's side, and push for complete free info for all people. When do we get to see inside those buildings? I guess showing the inside of the house of a person is ok now? So no problem when sending in the walking cameras to houses of people in the television studios for a closer look, that will be great, what kind of pictures do they have (on the wall)? oh! how sick! pictures!


I am putting together an "emergency news messages" video.

In texas, 10 years in prison when a person says you showed your penis to a 17 year old human.

The 'holding' cell has been an obvious and consistent failure.

Bizarre greece fine for images of 2 male humans kissing, while nudity is ok=homophobic brutal antisexual male humans.

In pennsylvania a human accused of molestation beaten severly in prison. Again, i vote for 1 human 1 cell, and against group cells, in particular when there are more than enough cells. Now will there be assault charges filed against the humans in the cell that did the beating?

Unbelievable decision by us supreme court that forced drugging is ok.

more frightening events in russia as property taken by ppl in gov from Soros building.

Ca attorney general lockyer is not spending time stopping violence, but is actually pursuing the 'sexual harassment and groping' accusations against swartzenegger. What a backwards antiinfo idiot of a human lockyer is. Violence is a problem, like santee, thane cesar, ron goldman, sexy speech or ass taps are not, in my somewhat minority view.

Again, simple video cameras on the public streets available to the public on sea-tac strip would have solved green river killings in 1982.

Gr in 'green river' label may have been for 'gary ridgeway', ppl in media/police probably knew back then.

Some body please explain to me how thousands of ppl can see a human kill a different human, but then the human is never aprehended. My advice is to stay away from following mystic coincidence.

There is something ironic in ppl that get to see my thoughts in the apt i rent, but do not allow me to see their thought in the place they live, calling me a nazi.

Finally justice done on assault charge of bus driving human for slapping human saying word 'penis'

I think that if ppl view ppl in the usa as infidels, we should really start to earn that title. Let us show massive amounts of nudity and species having sex, let us publically and in grand scale curse all religions from godism to devil worshipping.

Green river killing human, ppl must have seen the images of killed humans remembered [during masturbation for example] by this human but did nothing for years, perhaps, the far right conservative humans viewed the killing of female humans that take money for sex as 'cleaning up the streets'. Clearly this human expresses right wing antisexual views. All over the usa, there are serious problems in the police, looking at what happened to the evidence and ppl involved in the RFK, and kurt cobain death should be a hint at how bad the system is. When there is a homocide, many ppl know exactly what happened, ppl included in the camera-thought networks. They know within minutes what really happened, but for stupid reasons they refuse to make justice happen, or share that info with the public.

Health=only muscles that turn to fat Food=nate's meatless meatballs

More nazi anti-information, anti-sexual, anti-intellectual arrests, this time dr. Watzman in chicago suberb. Ppl should vote down arrests for owning any image including pornography. Think of the images of thoughts and inside houses that are only seen by the violent.

Gang of religious school female humans kick and beat nonviolent 'flasher' male human, one more example of how the nazi philosophy [of violence againt sexuality] and jesus based religions are similar. Also shows that violent attacks of nonviolent people are not punished. Why not enforce homocide and assault laws too?

I vote for changes in uci police and admin. For 2nd time my front tire was unlatched while they just watched. I doubt hawking has his tires loosened at cambridge. The human that unconnected the tire should be banned from the camera network.

I vote for a demotion for uci chief of police al brown for not stopping my bike wheel from being disconnected, or capturing the person, in addition to an arrest of a person for marijuana.

Fires=if ppl cared enough, there would be cameras and heat sensors in every part of earth, in particular, the forests, and clear water sources and putting out fire plans.

Ppl should not sit back or pray that fires will not be set, or ppl murdered, they should expect that and prepare to stop the destruction b4 any happens.

------Teddy Kennedy talk--------
Kennedy spoke at uci and refused to let me ask my 2 questions. I think that we can count on at least 1000 more nonviolent humans to be locked in jail for drugs and prostitution each month, and perhaps 100 more humans in never shown body bags because the is no war on violence on earth. 10,000 more ppl following messages they think is from a god but is actually images and sounds beamed onto their brain.
Still, I have to think that Kennedy talking at UCI has to be a good thing for me. I wish I was not so pissed and got a photo shaking hands, but I was angry to not get to ask my questions about the history of violence in the USA, and the need for democratic reform, including removing the electoral college.

Kennedy did say that he was "fairly sure" (Frank Sturgis - people have been "F and S'ing and F and F'ing for 40 years now", but most of the public is not aware at all of how Nixon was linked to Frank Sturgis, the human that killed JFK. Just as shocking, that Thane Eugene Cesar killed RFK has been hidden from the public for no good reason. Stopping violence should be a major liberal democratic party issue, the conservative republicans take doing violence, the liberals take stopping violence. I was surprised to hear Kennedy say that more money should go to "substance abuse programs", in particular since the father of Teddy Kennedy, Joe Kennedy sold alcohol illegally during prohibition of alcohol. Ending the drug arrests and showing compassion for nonviolent drug using people in prison is again, a liberal democratic party issue. The republicans have the brutal drug war and arrests of nonviolent people, the liberals must take the opposite compassionate, logical view.

Kennedy said early in the speech that Swartenegger "has us by the ankle", clearly a reference to the Ted Charach movie (*Charach got wind that EMK was not going to let me ask my question and decided not to go) "The Second Gun" where Karl Eucker mistakes the word "wrist" for "ankle". But also this could be a reference to the people that own the thought seeing and hearing, and sending infrared cameras - I think that there may be an open source group, but probably, the majority of these images are scrambled, and very conservative, violent, stupid people own all the hidden cameras, so EMK may have been referring to the frustration they must feel that nonviolent people are excluded, while violent people are included, giving the violent such a technilogical advantage.

EMK did 2 good impressions, 1 of a southerner human, was very accurate, and EMK was not nervous in any way.

One person that opened hit the nail on the head in using the word "bore", describing one of the most serious problems with the democratic group. For me, this is shocking, they have an unquestionable advantage in pointing out, how the republicans are violent, and have a violent history, how the republicans are traditionally the racists, anti-female rights people, how the republican people are notorious for being anti-sexual. The democrat humans should be loudly complaining how Nixon was involved with the killing of JFK thru Sturgis and Hunt, how RFK, MLK, John Lennon, and thousands of people have been killed while the conservative people never spoke out against violence (while Hubert Humprey did) or made laws to enforce assault laws, and toughen penalties for violent crime, how the republican people are secretive and anti-free information,...how the republicans are anti-science, that the evolution and science vote is with the democratic group.

I was embarrassed that "Chancellor" and part-time voyeur Ralph Cicerone gave the introduction, and then used the word "butch". In my opinion, Cicerone is a thug of a human, brutal, far right conservative, secretive, Nixon-like and I vote to replace Cicerone with a human, more like Linus Pauling, Carl Sagan, or a female Stephen J Gould, etc...a clear liberal human, a dedicated supporter of evolution. a clear leader and outspoken supporter for science, against violence and for freedom of information.

Teddy Kennedy is probably one of the most popular humans to speak at UCI, the only other popular people I can think of is Corretta Scott King, Julian Bond, Arnold Swartzenegger and Lyndon Johnson.

At the end of the talk, as I was trying to get my question answered, Kennedy looked at me and says, "it's nada..." (i.e. he is not going to answer my question, perhaps on the advice of idiot people), then, closes the speech by saying, and for that last question I will send somebody here next week to answer it. (Kennedy started the speech by describing being on the road with JFK and getting a question that JFK could not answer, but answered by saying that JFK would send a person in a week to answetr the question).

----End Teddy Kennedy talk-----------
You have 36,000 ejaculations, how will they be spent?

We live on a 1400 AD planet. We have a 1400's view of sex, 1400's view of science, of clothing, a 1400's legal system...

Russia is in the news in the USA because of the arrest of Mikhail Khodorkovsky. That looks like a brutal political arrest of a nonviolent human. This happens in the USA under Bush all the time, a famous person from movies (Tommy Chong) was arrested by federal people for selling pipes, and this is typical of these violent thug-like conservative people. I side with Khodorkovsky (in particular that he helps fund 2 liberal political groups). I wonder if the arrest is from Putin, if yes, then Putin must be a brutal step, compared to Gorbechev and Yeltsin. If no, Putin must be powerless to stop the brutal consertvative people. I hope for another Gorbechev or Yeltsin in the next election for Russia.

Looking at the breasts and butts of clothed pplin public is perhaps thought to be a rude or a small-time invasion of 'privacy'. If that is true, then secretly watching the thoughts of ppl, and inside their rooms is more rude and a larger violation of privacy.

New law idea: child touching hysteria law- nobody may be locked in jail for touching with no clear verbal or gestural objection humans of any age, including kissing, patting, rubbing or hugging any part of a human body besides genitals, unless a parent or with parental permission for genital cleaning purposes only.

Finally phone book white pages are free online at switchboard.com

I vote for the same amount of damage to be given to and 15 years in prison for the human that caused the muscle movement that made my mother fall down a stairs and fracture 2 ribs and spend 1 week in the hospital. The damage could have been much much worse, i thank the human that happened to find out what happened and got sylvia to an emergency room later that day.

There is a good feeling in putting down and stopping bullies.

After yet another attempted assault with a golfball by young white short-haired males. I seriously question the interest David l. Maggard, chief of police of irvine, ca has in stopping and preventing violence to innocent ppl in irvine. If there is a human in the irvine police that protested and voted for action against the caucasian human with the planned premeditated attempted assault at greens miniature golf on oct 12, 2003 near 4pm, elect/promote that human. nonviolent ppl in irvine should not be attacked with golf balls while ppl in police look on with amusement.

I am asking for a ban on support for all ppl involved with the 'hit the...' ads. Inboxrewards.com is one group of these violence promoting ppl. In addition to a call for complete free info, ending privacy and copyright. And finally making stopping and prosecuting violence, in particular assaults and attempted assaults the highest priority of all ppl.

Ballot measure =cam on all main streets avail to public


Simple justice requires low cost cameras to keep the hands of violent and or religious idiot people out of the cookie jar, they cannot do that themselves. I am amazed by what a low cost camera can do, people completely change their behavior! Only after I turned off the camera did 1 of the nazi humans in the "Greens" miniature golf course say "psycho" (not while the camera was capturing light). 2 humans left finger smears on my car, but a simple camera in the car with a low cost computer could have probably stopped that, because the nazi humans see that there is a camera throught the secret camera thought nazi nets. I am the perfect person to test with walking cameras, and probably be no coincidence I am building such things. Movie: 'Kill Bill', what a bunch of violent crap, why fund 1st strike violence? In addition, people that may try to do first strike violence, may get themselves beat, wounded, paralyzed, or killed, so why try? You have to think of this: 1 human that wants to do violence, 1 million humans that want first strike violence stopped, those are not winning odds. Nobody wants their kids hurt, beat, or killed, so why throw money and promote that? Why not a movie "Suck Dick", or "History of Religious Persecution"?Send Tarentino and these other pro first strike violence people a message that stopping violence is going to happen at all costs, even if that means killing the first strike violent. It sounds bloody and violent, but that is all any body can do, hopefully the violent will learn some time in the future, and I feel positive for a future of identifying, exposing, and stopping violence even more with robots, cameras and complete freedom of all info.

Striking grocery humans=perfect opportunity to let go the more nasty mean of those humans, and get a new group based on friendliness factor.

4 neonazi humans attempted to assault me on michelson with 2 golf balls at the miniture golf business 'greens' by mother's restaurant. I am asking for a similar attempted assault on those 2 humans. I am calling for a ban on 'greens' and to be contuned on 'san joaquin' golf course, and all kkk/white only owned businesses, if ppl stop going, they will have to be sold.

Where are the neighborhood watch cameras? The nazis got their asses kicked left to right up and down in the 19400s but they still are coming back for more.

I am tired of the christian 'turn the other cheek' bullshit, 'piss on the first strike violent' is the philosophy i support. No more killing of the nonviolent, stop and jail the violent, for real now!

Remind me again why we pay millions to humans in police?

expose to the clan!

Clan got their ass thoroughly kicked in civil war, and will again.

How nieve and adolescent we were when we came up with zeus and apollo, the single 'god' is a much more mature, advanced idea.

Here is a funny thing about copyright, that if ppl vote down copyright, great! i can tell the stories of science with the best images available, but if ppl rigorously support copyright, whew! Am i in the money! Ms, abc, timewarner, fbi, think of all the copies of my copyrighted songs of the 1990's that will be seen in less than 10 years...

is paying to touch breasts legal? Or scrot? i think that kissing is.

Read that flynt is for closing the border [us-mex border i guess, tabash also supports this conservative exclusionist view] and i oppose that, i am against borders, there is much more space than matter in the universe, i support reform of citizenship laws to include those that are smart, popular, and or have physically beauty, in addition to excluding and even perhaps revoking citizenship for ppl with more than 1 1st strike violent offense. Still, i maintain my vote for flynt because he is for legal prostitution and decrim of drugs.

Watching charach interview: i was mouth muscle moved at lea t 3 times: They appear as 'freudian slips' but are actually controlled by using photons. 1 time is when i say 'is he a cauc', and there are other similar abuses of technology that most ppl will not see for months. The itch on my elbow in the beginning was from human sent light particles.

New bill/law idea: 'Logic in nonviolent sentencing law', requiring or advising that no nonviolent sentence should exceed 1 year in prison.

Science=in my opinion mass does not increase with more speed [as described in lorentz tranform], but looses 'mass' [matter] in the form of photons. If a piece of matter slows down, the matter may be rotating/getting other matter [or slowing may be a result of a change in path of photons already rotating each other]

Ppl are outraged at the petty, indifferent about atrocity.

covering up the killing of nonviolent innocent ppl like jfk, mlk, rfk, nicole brown, etc... For christian ppl is called worship of the devil, or satan, for islamic ppl, this is called worshipping shatan, for atheist ppl, this is simply called evil, bad activity, or bad ppl, etc...so in some sense, we can all agree.

Science, evolution=Perhaps shape of peniss is like mushroom to attract female to put the penis in her mouth, but perhaps there is some other reason. The testies look like eggs in a bird nest, why?

Why do i spend as much time as i do exposing and exploring what happened to jfk, mlk, rfk, john lennon, diane fosse, and nicole simpson? Perhaps because i care more than most people.

Republican thug humans play images of food on my brain [among millions of other bad images and scratches] to try and get me to overeat in my boredom and loneliness.

Teddy Kennedy is going to be giving a speech at uci! I hope ppl will get to ask questions. I want to ask: 1) about violence - frank sturgis killed jfk? Thane cesar killed rfk? why not a focus on stopping violence instead of drug use and prostitution? Also legacy of jfk and rfk, we should have had a kennedy era [full of science like the inside of men's minds, evolution and moon stations] not a nixon reagan era of violence and antiscience.

2) about democracy - future of democracy? no more electoral college, voting on internet, allowing citizens to vote on laws, for un and budget...

Here are my official questions I hope to get the opportunity to read out loud after the talk:

I want to thank you for coming here and talking. I have 2 questions. i am interested in hearing your thoughts on the various theories, for example, that frank fiorini sturgis of watergate fame killed jfk, and thane eugene cesar of lockheed killed rfk, [that questioning the official story brings on labels of insanity,] and this history of violence in the usa. Here we were going to have a kennedy era of science, evolution, moon stations, walking robots, the inside of mens minds, but instead got nixon and then reagan with all the violence, secrecy, and injustice that those 2 supported. With all this violence, shouldn't stopping violence be the highest priority of humans on earth instead of stopping drug use, prostitution, and overeating? And what is going to stop this violence... More cameras available to the public, more freedom of information, science and democracy?
and my second question: what do you see as the future for democracy? ppl voting on ppl in the military, police and united nations? Ppl voting directly on laws, court decisions, and budgets?

Remember the ppl that scammed the public? The snls [savings & loans], uncle milky [millikin]? Were once heros, but then were exposed. Hopefully, the ppl in the thought nets will be viewed this way.

Mcdonalds fries have cow parts as do twinkies.

I vote for complete free info, but until then i vote to remive the loophole of 'natural flavor' listed as an ingredient.

With you ppl all i can say is 'get off the planet and get back...! She's going to blow!!!'

Cronkite describes ashcroft as 'torquemada', nice to see cronkite speaking out against the injustice he must see.

Lying about having cancer should not result in prison time.

I am not part of the problem for humans that see and hear thought, or watch other humans in houses, i am against privacy, the problem humans are those in favor of privacy and copyright laws.

Kind of interesting comparison: if there are terrorist humans in canada or mexico we do not crator the nation with bombs, we carefully use cameras and ppl in police to identify individual terrorist humans and make captures.

Science: building up atoms with neutrons must be big vein of experiment. Seeing how many atoms of 1 kind can be moved up the periodic table.

Science: electric telescope, ccd, see photons of any frequency

Science: can make use of superconductors in places with no air like orbit, moon, jupiter...

Do ppl elected own and use a computer?

I vote for a public registry of 'violent offenders', why was that not b4 sex offenders? Violence is worse than molestation.

Some ppl have trouble telling the difference between democrat and republican humans, and i think one clear difference is that the republican ppl are homocidal, the democrat ppl are not.


There are many laws that can be used to lock up the people in the camera networks once the images are admissible in court:
complicity - they all watched violence and did nothing
treason - they covered up the fact that Frank Fiorini killed JFK, a USA President, and Thane Cesar killed RFK, a USA Senator
Invasion of privacy, copyright violation (in particular for RIAA and the like). THis will be a biggy that may result in large monetary settlements once enough images are copied and seen.
any people that have databases of images probably have images of nude humans under the age of 18 in their vast archives, they can be charged with child pornography.
If ever images of them using drugs (marijuana is probably the easiest) are found, they can be jailed for marijuana possession.
There are also fines for libel, defamation, harassment (this includes calling people or even hinting that a person may be "gay", "fag" - any video of this is fine).

Prop 53: no
These clitoris and penis stomping fasci humans want 33 new prisons and 38 correctional conservation camps? What the fuck is a "correctional conservation camp", prison is fine for all humans, perhaps we can separate violent from nonviolent, and keep violent people from ever being in the same volume of space as any other human beside guard humans.
11 youthful offender institutions, I am against the age discrimination laws, and against age laws, or treating younger humans different in any way.
We have 1 million nonviolent humans in prisons, and they all have to come out. In particular the humans in prison for putting drugs in their own body have to come out, and for prositution, molestation, then we can focus on putting in all these violenter humans (the spankers, punchers, slappers, shooters, beamers, cutters, kickers, etc...).
4 mental health hostpials! absolutely, positively no way, we need to be phasing out mental hospitals, and enforcing an all out well policed stop to all unconsentual "treatment", including 4 point restraints (in particular for nonviolent humans), straight jackets, lobotomies, electroshock, locking in a hospital with out consent. These humans are not going to get a photon, or even an atom from me for psychology, and or mental hospitals, with "4 million square feet of facilities and 2,3000 acres. This reminds me of the Nazi film where the person says "these imbiciles, we build castles for them, and they do not even know it", castle my ass, those are prisons. I vote against a Nazi USA.
"development centers", again, what is a development center? My guess is some abstract fluff bs from people that have degrees inpsychology or sociology, nothing remotely hard science and/or engineering.
More CHP? There are too many, I could see people that clear and repair roads for emergenies, and health people for emergency auto accidents, but speeding tickets are less important, plus the people in the CHP should not be taking people to a prison or hostpial that are nonviolent, and if violent, to a prison not a hospital, but they routinely take nonviolent people to mental hospitals. Until this practice is stopped and more information available, and the CHP policed people should be careful of giving more money to this group.

Proposition 54: NO I vote against restricting free getting, copying and sharing of all information, I do not want a law that bans people from gathering data on how many people are witches, are violent, or go to a religious building 1 of 7 days, even if the first one is useless and stupid, and the last 2 are of value to me.

Recall the Governor: no
I do not feel very strongly about this vote, and here is my summary:
I am for more democracy, perhaps yearly elections, or constant elections, with people entering a vote to last until dead or removed by that person.
I am against "selective democracy", or "opportunistic democracy" where a vote is not at a regular interval or a constant vote. I support a constant election, and yearly election but not a one time recall election based on no good or serious reasons.

Governor: Larry Flynt I was surprised to see Larry on the ballot for governor for the DEmocratic party and am going to vote for Flynt. All the people on the ballot have excluded me from hearing and seeing thought, so why not vote for some body that tried to expose Reagan, that exposed some of the hypocrite humans in the Republican group, that supports nudity and pornography. I would have liked to see Larry put more text on why nothing is wrong with nudity, but everything wrong with violence, but any thing is better than nothing.

For second choice I would vote for Democrat poeple and Green people. One green human used the word "aparteid" to describe the California 2 tier class system. One idea I have is to change the immigration laws to include the smartest, most popular, most honest, most beautiful, not the stupidest and most dishonest that simply wed. Davis had no text in the pamphlet and neither did Arnold so that appears to me to be indicative of people that do not want to share their vision, have no vision, or are not proud of their vision.

I am repeating myself here but:
Copying copyrighted data is not physical theft, since photons of disk are owned by copying human.

Tommy chong sentenced to 9 months in fed us prison for selling drug paraphanalia [not guns or knives that cause far more damage and to other humans]. Bush is probably behind this brutal arrest. i am voting now against a law against selling or owning drug paraphanalia. A 64 year old never violent human is no physical threat, and now we all have to pay for the cell, clothing and food for 1 more of the million fine nonviolent people in usa prisons. Us attornies paul brysh, mary buchanan should get no future support, no money or support ever for paul brysh, mary buchanan, judge arthur schwab, and all involved in the prosecution.

Nobody likes to be excluded, or banned.

Prostitution/sex worker war monument.

Drug war/prohibition halocaust monument.

Want to see tv special on humans that sent large numbers of itches, muscle moves, and nasty images to other humans...the guy that will itch for the rest of his life, the human with the black screened brain for sending thousands of itches and unwanted/nasty/upsetting images w/o even showing how it was done. and/or perhaps most are in prisons by democratic vote.

''bratty fascists of southern california'' -4 stars, very realistic film

The way ppl overvalue ppl in acting gave us Ronald Reagan. We should be finding heros in science, not those always pasted in front of us.

Here is an indication of the era we live in: when most ppl hear the word 'nut' they probably think of definitions related to psychology, but not one can name where on the planet or what kind of tree the cashew or any other nut comes from.

I am calling for a "TE" day starting the "total exclusion" of all people and businesses in secret thought and camera networks that exclude the public, and of all people that took part in the secret of seeing and hearing thought using infrared. In addition a ban on buying all products and services from people that initiated violence. I realize that some people have to buy products and services from people in the "gestapo", but please try to keep these purchases to a minimum. For most of us humans outside of the "gestapo" secret camera and thought networks, determining what people are in the networks is difficult. The time will come when those people are exposed to the public and hopefully, some Nuremberg trials will happen, to expose and discredit those is the aparteid-like system.

Many people in Nazi Germany saw their heros (Hitler, Gerbles, Eva Braun, ... thousands of humans) fall from grace, and I hope and think that a similar thing may happen here in the USA, and all over the planet when everybody gets to see video of people getting images and sounds beamed onto their brains and keeping this 100 year old secret and worse. Ppl cannot have a system of slavory and respectful slaves at the same time. And so it is for the ppl in gestapo/elites and the 2nd class nongestapo.

I saw on library Video Reagan say: '...and we didn't just mark off time...', must be a reference to mark david chapman. Reagan solved the hostage problem and had john lennon killed in the first month as president. reagan in this quote must have been glad that lennon was killed, i wonder what average ppl that enjoyed the beatles would say if they knew.

In keeping excellent body outside and inside, a good body and good brain Usa and earth appear to only exhibit 1 side, outside. ppl are encouraged to excel in sports and most ppl know all the most popular sports ppl, but nobody can honestly say the same thing for science. Where are the all-stars in science? Why this 1 sided unbalanced method?

This is like the 'goodbye jews!' scene in schindler's list, but only 'goodbye peds!' how about 'good bye fags!', or 'goodbye druggies!', scum!, nerds! Pigs! Fat ppl! Whitey! Blacks! Hispanics! Chinese! Polish! Germans! Females!

Geoghan murdered in prison in massachusetts, typical of idiocy in prison system. Geoghan nonviolent [molestation] had direct contact with joe druce jailed for violence [homocide]. ppl in prison for violence should only be allowed physical contact with other humans with clear consent [if even then].

I think that a simple experiment to prove that photons [particles of light] have no amplitude. Probably the easiest to measure is radio having the lowest frequency. A lens can be used to focus the photons. Radio could be directed in 1 direction and photon distribution measured. Are there more photons in a wave distribution, or is the distribution uniform [and/or linear] in eaach dimension?

I ask for a ban on all ppl involved in the arrest of traficant of ohio, any and all ppl that were involved in prosecuting martha stewart and company, paula poundstone, peewee herman, and sec ppl that persecute ppl of huntington banks, all violent ppl, all ppl arresting and trying humans for drugs and or prostitution. Nobody likes to do such things, and some actions are natural anyway [never give money to ppl that go against truth, self and planetary interests, etc...], but if ppl do not, ppl will get pushed around, or walked on, etc...if nobody is stopped and jailed for violence, why would a human not use violence?

I want to buy a camera that captures photons in the infrared [a thermal imager] like ppl in governments have a plenty at borders to detect living objects, but take a look...such a low cost item, millions of visible spectrum cameras, only 1 company makes infrared cameras [raytheon] and the cameras are only for sale in the usa for 10s of thousands of dollars.

Does this happen to you: in masturbating to get hard for sex after already ejaculating normally that same day, my penis will get erect for 5 seconds, ejaculate, then go soft again.

Remember the humans in the RIAA, the hypocritical humans that violated copyrights and privacy at every turn while suing other humans for illegal copying at the same time. These idiot humans are to get nothing until dead. Vote for complete free copying of all images, sound and data of any and every kind. Copying is not physical property theft, copying is moving photons that a person owns.

150 humans in house support a ban on arresting ppl using medical marijuana. Bill did not pass, but good effort. Most ppl voting for were democrat, but a few smart repub voted for too.

Remember when hearing thoughts that you must pretend that you have not already learned everything about everything.

Humans on planet earth are like an overgrown bird still in a tiny nest, this century is the time of all other centuries to finally leave the nest.

Ppl could have used tear gas to capture saddam sons alive. Killing of humans and other mammals, no matter how bad they are is never something to celebrate, in my opinion.

there Is back rub club, now there is kissing club where ppl kiss and are kissed with consent.

Waksal of imclone gets 7 years jail for 'insider trading' = ridiculously random and brutal sentence. Encourage ppl to be ignorant and uninformed? Plus, there simply is no physical damage of violence done, any prison should be less than a violent damage causing activity. Finally, think of how many humans in secret camera and thought images [watching eyes] networks use 'insider information', not available to the public, how can those ppl feel comfortable with this 7 years info crime sentence? Perhaps more frightening is that of 33138 humans 79/100 think this punishment is fair or should be more, proof that ppl can be herded to ruin the life of a small group of humans if enough ads are paid for, no matter how nondestructive/nonviolent the activity was.

Ppl like pat robertson are becoming more rare, ppl that deny evolution. They may not admit this frequently, and appear to be not proud of this antievolution opinion. Different from denying relativity or the big bang, evolution is basic, simple and intuitive. perhaps ppl will find these evolution denying ppl curious like humans in a south american tribe separated from civilization for centuries.

I Would not be surprised to see video of ppl worshipping a pretend devil, a big theater with a big fire breathing devil head, videos of sturgis, cesar and other ppl that killed nonviolent humans. 666 is everywhere and ppl give the index and pinky finger waves. It is probably similar to any church, temple, synogogue or mosque where pretend, lies and violence are the rule. Many Religious ppl believe there is a devil anyway. Even w/o a devil or hell they regularly lie, and support and do violence which is stupid and evil anyway.

We have to remember when be critical of fellow liberal humans that the conservative spend large amounts of money and time to send images and sounds to the brains of liberal humans to try and cause conflicts between liberal humans. Remember that the humans on the far right are far worse. how can ppl rise above images and soun beamed onto their head?

Labels of delusional could apply to humans that deny something as simple, obvious and accepted as evolution . I think that those and any delusional ppl must not be locked in hospitals or prisons. We should tolerate delusional ppl as long as they are not violent to others.

I will take weird over violent every time.

09/04/03: Somebody used a program to get the root password at the webcheaphost.com computers I use and they had to reformat their hard drive (without any warning and without any making back ups of data available). So I am trying to find a backup I made of my web page files. For the person that did delete the files I vote for exposing the person, tracking the person, and not letting processes from this person on computers I use.

I did copy the Charach 2 hour interview and also my 43 new songs so please look for and enjoy those.
update: I updated this copy to the same final Charach Interview I am going to make available on DVD.

I interviewed Ted Charach, the first person to explain publically that Thane Eugene Cesar killed RFK, not Sirhan Sirhan. Charach has led a 35 year investigation resulting in a 1 hour taped interview with Gene Cesar, in addition to finding the actual gun Cesar used to kill Kennedy. Charach made the excellent, Golden Globe nominated film "The Second Gun". Charch told me he was Agent 34, for 7 or 8 shows of "Get Smart", I show I enjoyed and possibly recognize him from that show.
Ted asked that I list his business address:
Ted Charach
PO Box 396
Beverly Hills, CA 90213
and webpage: www.rfkgatetedcharach.com where you can buy the "Second Gun" for $19.95. 07-17-03

Had a great time with Ted Charach, took Ted to lunch at Real Foods cafe on La Cienega. Ted told me some amazing stories, although said less once the camera was taping. Charach is working with a person named Jeff Hecker (not sure of spelling) and releasing a book "Termination 2", so definately look for that. The more info out there that shows what happened to RFK the better. Charach and I had a great time together last Saturday and at the end of the day I talked with him on camera and the result of that interview will be on this web page when completed. I think I may have outdone my brother Tom on this interview, Ted Charach is a very well connected, honest, person very interested in exposing truth as am I. This interview is two very smart people talking together about the kililng of RFK and various people involved. In light of the recent Lockheed killings (where Cesar was working when he killed RFK), this interview would appear to be in the eye of a hurricaine. I was amazed at how friendly, open and honest Charach is and want to do a second interview. After seeing the excellent video "The Second Gun" (available at http://www.rfkgatetedcharach.com/ you can get "The Second Gun" for $20. As far as I know "The Second Gun" is the only video on the RFK killing. The documentary is very well done and was nominated for a Golden Globe in 1973.

Whatever human wins democratic nomination, my current advice is for everybody to vote for that human in the final election.

Has the last elected president human ever not won the 2nd term party nomination?

A violin is $125 at music123.com, truly excellent. Psr225gm yamaha keyboard = $120. Now with kb, yu can play any sound with your computer keyboard. Ok maybe yu do not need to know this.

Jfk supported evolution: 'we came from the sea'...saying the amount of salt in human blood is = to that in ocean.

'i just got here', and want to learn about the 3.8 billion years of life before me and the never ending time still to come.

Masturbation > 5 times/week = 3 times less likely to get prostate cancer according to ausalian researcher graham giles. Possible tp huntington health award for giles.

Awesome what is happening in hong kong china, a bill to outlaw treason and subversion caused massive protests. Treason and subversion are abstract information crimes, used to lock free info ppl in jail; ppl that inform the public of what the elite humans in a government have done and kept secret from the ppl. Why not a bill to secure free info?

Ppl heil, elbow and salute, and that is freedom of movement, and expression and nobody is hurt, but i am not much for saluting, etc...and do not enjoy any relation to ww2 naziism, every in the extreme opposite, or antinazi [as i am]. I say, move freely, i do a casual wavebut perhaps even the wave will fall to the past as a time waster. Some spiders [and numerous other species including humans] have intricate communication movements [protocols] to signal they come in peace, for pleasure, for equal opportunity for all races and both genders of ppl, getting nonviolent ppl out of prisons, etc.... I want to make clear that i appreciate loyalty to stopping violence, free info, science, pleasure and truth, but also against unthinking obedience to any human.

Idiot antisexual pat rober son prays against penis in anus [not against violence ofcourse, only against pleasure], and against something as trivial as anal sex, what is next, praying for school uniforms, an extra $1, the cubs to win?

Human in syracuse that held female human in a prison, anthony aloi says the human is 'manipulator of people', as if ppl cannot think for themselves, ppl w/o much brain use like to use the word 'manipulate', calls jamelske, 'kidnapper and rapist', ppl in police and psychiatric hospitals do kidnapping [and torture] regularly but are never exposed or reprimended. if i were jamelske i would have said 'at least i never killed anybody like you ppl authorized and did in iraq, afghanastan, vietnam and cambodia'. Plus 'you ppl are keeping 1 million ppl in prisons, ruined their lives, sold their property all because they decided to put drugs or penises in their own body, for years these nonviolent ppl you justify being locked in prisons as your drug slaves and antisexual slaves'. Jamelske could have had the option to pay for sex, helping some female humans to have money to eat and rent an apt, but the antipleasure puritan married cannot release a neuron to logic. Yes, jamelske should be locked in a prison, but for any pain, and damage done with no consent, for locking ppl in prison, a nonviolent offense, probably less time than a violent activity, we still have to look carefully at all unjust imprisonments and make arrests of gov ppl. When ever there is a hint of sexuality, religious humans lose all sense of logic.

It would be nice if the civil war typoe battling beyween liberal and conservative would stop and both could work together to stop violence pursue science and pleasure to the moon of earth, other planets and stars, but in reality, the liberal have all their invested in the basics mainly stopping violence, and the conservative ppl obviously [with jfk, mlk, rfk] cannot be trusted to stop violence, or simply are not evolved enough to resist attempts and commands of violence.

Newport beach human that sucked toes got life sentence, could have had 300 years [again for sucking toes], what are the names of the 12 idiot humans on the jury?! Shiela hanson prosecuted. The human was charged with assault?! Where was the webster's dictionary for idiot humans? Mother recognized 'did not even touch a genital'. Again my opinion is that sucking toes is reason to be let go from antisexual proviolence camp, but not 1 day in prison. Spanking, on the other hand should result in at least 1 hour in jail.

Www.sumeria.net/politics/kennedy.html has sturgis and hunt killingbjfk so perhaps has other camera net insider info.

Frank stugis is listed as dying on 12-04-1993 at the relatively young age of 69. I hope what ever memories of killing jfk he had are stored and made available.

Ted Charach told me that Thane Eugene Cesar is said to have fled the country moving to the Phillipines.

Why is the story about the man that killed his 3 children hidden from main stream news outlets? Why? Because we live under a fanatically religious majority of humans that stop such stories from being told and explored. for example, i had no idea until after 20 that the halocaust did not come out of no where, for years religious intolerance and antisemitism existed in christian europe. Killing of children has clear roots in religion, in genesis 22:1-2 god asks abraham to take his only son isaac and kill him. Perhaps a pope could make a papal bull, leaders of islam and judeism could provide opinions too, explaining what to do in case your children appear to be possessed by the devil, clearly explaining not to kill them.

2 humans 3 and 5 die in an suv left for only 5 hours? That is unbelievable.

Whenever there is violence, ppl should ask: 1-was the person that did the violence, violent before? 2-does the human that did violence ever make threats of violence or advocate the use of 1st strike violence? 3-is the human very involved in religion? 4-does the human own any weapons besides knives used for cooking? 5-does the human have a clear record of opposition to violence?

When hiring, ppl should look for evidence of past violence.

Where was/is the lockheed, mississippi, usa, earth stop violence security?

These ppl killed the president of the usa, jfk, and then his brother soon to be president, rfk, but they are patriotic? No, they antidemocracy, fascist, and their undoing is the simple truth and the light of day.

One thing i have come to rely on is that most people can not bring themselves to do the tiniest thing if it involves honesty and decency. A good example is: do you think any of the 125,000 humans at lockheed will release a web video explaining how gene cesar actually did kill rfk? That cesar did kill rfk is truth, is a fact...but cmon, everybody, put all the money on them lying, being secretive, dishonest, violent, and indecent. If there is a video, or press release where they explain in great detail how sturgis killed jfk, and how gene cesar, while employed for lockheed kill rfk, i will then think about changing my opinion. We know you will never do the good and true thing with 99.9% certainty. Truth is like a poison to violent, secretive, dishonest, religious, antiscience humans.

Do you think 1 human will say, 'you know what? I think i will change, and speak out against violence...or do something to stop violence', no.

Do birds fart? do reptiles fart? I think that fish do not fart.

Psychology is a useful tool for persecution from both conservative and liberal, labels of 'crazy', 'insane', and 'psycho' are hurled equally from both sides. Psychology has found a home among conservative and liberal ppl, where religion, and violence is typically only conservative. I suppose antisexuality and nationalism/stateism is another universal, as is antiscience.

Linux kernel 'panic' probably more accurately, freed memory write or something. 'panic' kind of abstract.

Please do not do violence for me, for any body, or for any idea. Think before throwing your life away in the idiocy of violence, think of future possibilities, think of future loves and exciting technological progress that we may all get to see. I think we will all get to hear thought, eventually, maybe in 30 years. We may be walking on the moon, or even walking around with 3 or 4 robots, before we die, as all people currently do.

There was a shooting at a Lockheed in Mississippi. If this is related to my song "Lockheed killer" (on the loose), the song about Gene Cesar, I want to say clearly that I oppose violence, and in particular first strike violence (not in self defense, not to protect a human, and not as a punishment for past violence). I am not calling for violence against the diverse people of Lockheed. I am calling for those people to expose Gene Cesar, (employed at Lockheed when he killed RFK) show and explain all information (including video) that exists on the RFK killing. Most of the 100,000 people employed at Lockheed have probably never done too much violence (in particular the female humans), and probably a few oppose violence, and have even spoken out against violence, in any event, none of them deserve to be killed. After years of being the only person to speak out against violence I would be seriously surprised that any human would not understand the simple goal of stopping violence that I support. That includes making arrests for assaults, even if a simple playground fight or spanking, making prison sentences fit the crime, for example, if only a first slap, then only a day or two in jail (not years but certainly more time than a prison sentence for selling or using drugs or selling sex).

People are some times stirred by music to do stupid things, and millions of people misinterpret songs where the message is not clear. I think the messages in my music are some of the clearest messages of any songs, I try never to make my opinions abstract. I like to answer all questions.

Again I type and express clearly, do not do violence for me, I oppose violence and want violence to stop. Let us humans use images and sounds to make justice happen, we must expose the violent and or dishonest people, nonviolently.

I think violence can be used as a last resort to stop a human doing violence (for example shooting at people), but even then, the least amount of violence should be used. For example, if a human has thoughts of killing that millions of humans can see, and has a loaded gun and is on the way to kill a human, that human should be pulled over if in a car, or locked in a jail with the charge "attempted assault", and all weapons should be stolen and stored or destroyed.

These are not easy, simple events, and guns with metal bullets, and now even lasers (photons travel faster than bullets) are very fast weapons that can do large amounts of damage in small amounts of time. Stopping violence is a full time, demanding job and we humans are really losing this battle against violence and need to put more focus on stopping violence including using cameras and letting freedom of information happen.

There are probably a number of people seen with cameras in apartments, houses, and automobiles that are in those 10 to 15 minutes before a person does violence. This is the time that people should pull the human over and take all weapons and perhaps lock a human in a jail for at least 1 day with the charge "attempted assault". This is an important idea. We humans should be using smart computer programs to look at millions of images in a search for thought images of violence. Most of these people and images are people that can control their anger, and certainly thoughts of violence must never be illegal. These images are simply useful in determining that 1 in 100000 human that is actually on the way to do violence (in particular with a fast and or large destruction weapon).

I am not sure what else to tell people, other than that, I have always been opposed to violence, and am one of the most outspoken people against violence. There is no mystery in the messages I am putting out. I am also disgusted by the lack of justice in the USA and on planet earth, why are Sturgis and Gene Cesar still free? How can there be a million humans in a secret network that hear thought and see images from the back of people's heads through tiny micro cameras that cover the planet, but the public not have the tiniest hint that such a thing is happening? How can people spend 5 years in jail for putting an object in their own body? These things shock and disgust me, but they do not make me violent, they do make me angry, no doubt about that, but we have to be smart, get control of that anger and use free expression, free information to expose what is happening, and to educate and inform people of what we see as unjust and work for change thru democracy, nonviolently, and I think that is very possible, and the best policy.

Eventually computers (and walking robots) will be:
calculator, watch, fax,typewriter, tv, radio, camera, recording studio, metrenome, maps,...

What is frightening to me is that the humans in the secret thought camera network are like the worst ppl of auschwitz or any fraternity, they abuse the priveledge they have and haze the 2nd class nongestapi at every turn. never happy that they get to hear thought, while most ppl [the pledges] do not, the brutal ppl in the cam-thought nets have to wave the club high showing no control on their aggression and violence with constant put downs and hazing.

After the killing of jfk, rfk, mlk, nicole simpson, etc...ppl still cannot get a sniff on a forward direction. Violent events do not make ppl crack down on violence, ppl just are made more violent.

In trader joes on university, male humans says on loudspeaker 'ozzy ... Nozzy...', i felt like a black or asian human employed at trader joes, or like an average atheist human in tjs. i think i will let people judge for themselves what humans are nazi or not nazi. watchout for violent white hair human and doc holiday rude guy, both in secret camera net.

I do not remember seeing any public ads or statements by ppl of trader joe criticizing the mass jailing of ppl that use marijuana and other drugs, or for prostitution as i do and have for years. They, like most nazi-esqe ppl will never put a delay in the machinery of imprisonment of nonviolent ppl like mccormick, epsi, poundstone, hugh grant, .... Where was trader joes when these arrests happen? I at least speak out on my web page against the fascism. One of the favorite techniques of fascist ppl is to call the oppressed fascists. according to hitler, the jewish ppl were the cause of war, and oppressors, but clearly the nazi ppl had all the money and ppl in nazi germany, every body else moved or was locked in a prison. But, ofcourse, for the uneducated idiot ppl of earth, 4=2.

That may be a tough one for ppl to figure out. Lets see, do we hear your thoughts, but exclude you from hearing our thoughts? Do we freely trade images of you in your house, while excluding you from seeing images of us in our houses? Do you speak out against violence every day, while we threaten to do violence everyday? ...and so on....

1 irony, i am labelled as insane, while never having fought ever, but a different guy is viewed as sane because his principle is only to fight with other males. When the scariest part of 'insane' ppl is their potential for violence. The violence is what ppl should fear, not the creative unusual language, clothing or expression from a human [although all that can influence a human decision]

Found a good news site at:
This is more truthful in reporting/filtering news stories that contain violence, sexuality or destruction. Although 2 or 3 days behind, still better than nothing.

Where is free uncensored news on the web? Uncensoredpress.com is a start.

Last week 2 religious humans in texas killed their 3 kids thinking the youer humans were possessed by the devil. This is typical of the products of religion.

Half the humans i saw today are wearing long pantseven though the temperature in 85+ degrees f. I really ask if this is for comfort or appearance. Humans must be allowed to be comfortable, and perhaps have never thought about tneir own comfort.

An interesting thing happened 2 weeks b4 irvine killing. A human in the nonpublic camera thought network had placed a large kitchen knife on top of a kitchen microwave i use every morning. I said, 'this is what i am talking about...ppl that try to make violence happen or joke about violent destruction'. A day later the knife was still there and i [being 1 of the only humans with any responsibility or logic] washed the knife and put it in a drawer. again, i explain that religious + high technology = destruction. Even to this time i have no idea what idiot gestapo probiolence human put the knife on the microwave.

I like to think that atheist and science ppl are the same as religious ppl [except for the occassional war or killing for gods] in being upset when violence happens. The main difference is that ppl in atheism and science advise using technology, and logic to stop violence, while religious ppl advocate prayer and exorsizing ppl possessed with demons.

Where are the videos on the internet of this and other killings?

This irvine killing, while not turning tje community focus to stopping violence, sharing camera , or promoting sexuality, probably stirs ppl to be more violent, rude, and reinforces the incorrect theory that psychology is more important than violent history. Most of the idiot ppl i see are more certain then ever that ppl like darwin will 'go ape' at any microsecond, even if never violent and outspoken in favor of showing and stopping violence.

There is an irvine police chaplain?!

107 year sentence for luster and not 1 human killed? not even 1 broken bone or bruise! Can other assaults like spankings, punches, shoves and kicks accumulate to 107 years in jail?

What were ppl in fbi doing during minutes before during and after the irvine violence? For all the money we pay...probably busy sorting thru rooms of confiscated dildos and processing kilos of cocaine.

I support legal same gender marriage. I think there should be no tax or citizen benefits because of marriage.

A male human, Joe Parker killed two humans in a Albertsons grocery in Irvine yesterday (Sunday) morning. Why did people not see the images from the brain of this human before the attack? If this is related to the comments I made about people in a different Albertsons I go to from time to time on Campus, I think that indicates that sending images and sounds to a brain must be exposed and explained to the public.

How could humans filled with unrealistic religious stories of gods, demons, angels and saints stand a chance against the modern technology of beaming images and sounds to steer a human to do violence. This human should have been taught to touch and love, to be sexual and loving, but sexuality and pleasure are forbidden by the religious. People should be learning that doing violence is the taboo not sexuality and pleasure. Learning to stop violence is an important missing lesson too. Violence does not magically stop on it's own.

His mother got it correct when she said "He said voices were telling him to do bad things." That was the same thing that happened to Mark Chapman (person that was steered by beaming images and sounds to his brain by idiot religious mystical far right republican dress, look, and think the same humans to kill John Lennon. They played "do it, do it" in Chapmans own voice in to the brain of Chapman.). Sounds and images were probably sent to the brain of this human by brutal male humans included in the massive idiot-only secret camera and thought networks. What chance did this human, and do other massively under informed humans have?

Described as "schitzophrenic", (people are never described as "violent", violence is considered normal, or not something that people look for or pay attention to), only some abstract psychology theory since that is all average people have, there is no history of science movie available to the public, most people have never heard the details of evolution, or care to try and distinguish violent from nonviolent.

One person said that he "would have full conversations with himself", and to me, I see that as fine and healthy, perhaps an indication of being alone or without a single hug or sex for years. In addition, all people have full conversations with themselves, I like to call that "thinking". I guess talking to yourself is ok, if done in thought, but the second the thought becomes talk, a person is viewed as potentially violent.

The LA Times has a sports headline, and Katherine Hepburn (said "I am atheist and that is all there is to it.", while losing points for secrecy, probably was found in the liberal, smarter part of the grid) is the headline, to me the violence is more important. Why not try to stop violence? Why not focus on events of violence in trying to understand why they happened? Why sweep them under the rug? This 2 people killed in the USA is not even on the front web page of the LA Times, although is on the front web page of cnn.

Ofcourse nobody in the Albertsons was aware (as far as I know) of the potential violence soon to be happening around them. People need to get connected and take an interest in stopping violence before violence happens, or at a minimum seconds or minutes after violence happens (for example the Jam Master Jay killing that must have been watched by millions of people by now, and the killings of millions of other nonviolent humans have never been made public and the humans that did the violence locked in a jail). People should not have to wait for a 911 call, there should be cameras and smart programs to determine if there are screams, or violent events. The human did not have a gun, but was shot dead by a human in police. People could have used instant tranquilizer darts, rubber bullets, or shot the leg of the human, but in any event, that is some thing to think of for the future.

I only found out about this killing of two people (and wounding of others) this morning. We need a system for the public, like a local violence news (violent news only), or perhaps let every body hear the 911 emergency calls, and certainly know what all the people in the government (in particular the police) are doing. I hate when I see police cars and I have no idea what is happening. I pay part for the equipment and salaries, I think I should see what it is being used for. I vote for a law that makes the people in the police (of any and all parts of the usa and planet earth) required to make available all street camera images to the public on the Internet and archive those images and audio for use by the public.

I was saying as I left the Albertsons a week or two before now, watch out for caucasian male humans from 16-35, always the white male humans do the idiot violence, never female humans, never asian, never native american (so-called mexican, hispanic), ...actually there are plenty of violent people, of every race, but for some reason, look at: JFK = Sturgis (white male human 16-35) and Oswald (wmh), RFK = Gene Cesar (whm) and Sir Han (arab mh 16-35), John Lennon = Mark Chapman (wmh). The white male humans are the most ignorant, the least educated, the most religious, most antisexual and violent group of humans on this planet of the idiots.

This entire event, again makes me ask the people at Berkeley to get me out of here. This place is 99.9% gestapo secret camera network violent white people.

The mallard case, the human that hit the other human is a typical event. homocide no intent and no consent happens from time to time. I think that lying may have some effect, but not much...the facts of amount of intent, amounts of damage are most important. Had there been intent with clear video evidence of thoughts and in car video, i would vote for life or 30 years in prison. I think no more than 5 years for mallard [not 60! For an accident?], and none for cousin and jackson for 'tampering with evidence' [not 9 and 10 years!] an information activity that with cameras is more of a nuisance, reason to not be trusted in the future, or let go from a police or health lab.

Excellent pro bisexual tolerance supremecist court decision on no antihomosexual laws [ofcourse the brutal idiotic scalia dissented]. Now matthew limon will be free from a 17 year prison sentence for consentual oral sex on a 14 year old male human.

I think that there is a possibility that the Lecture and radio show Eddie Tabash and I did for legalizing prostitution and thinking logically about the brutal sex laws may have had some influence.

My game 2020 listed on cnet download.com, the largest source of people that see my page that are not in the secret camera thought network, is going to be deleted next month. I could pay $79 to have it evaluated and possibly relisted for some unmentioned amount of time, but the agreement is too 1 sided and ppl there could take my $79 and reject the game as happened with 2020 linux [although no $ was required to pay to cnet from me then].

Moveon.com looks good for more democracy.

oaverage, what ppl are excluded from hearing thought and seeing hidden cameras? My guess is females and nonwhites. Then probably non jesus and god based, and nonmarried. Possibly people with violent past, but doubt it.

At the current time, humans violating information/nonviolent laws have their property stolen [the homemade paper money, credit cards] and are usually also locked in a prison. In the future, people could simply steal and destroy the property w/o locking in jail. There would be the argument of free information versus property theft only.

"Our imaging staff is trying to solve a bit of a medical mystery. It seems that nobody can tell us how this image showing an eye chart as seen through a human eye was made..."

If yu look at the numbers, 100x more violence than other nations, 100x more nonviolent humans in prisons than other nations, you can see easily what is happening in the usa: the violent are locking the nonviolent in prisons, perhaps so they will be unobstructed in doing more violence.

In 300 years humans will only be looking back at the most bloody and violent videos of the 19 and 20 hundreds, by then violence will be at a minimum, actually considered to be the worst evil.

The idea of a god is a recent invention, not as old as the nipple, or early 2 leg walking humans.

In mammals/reptiles, why is the penis not always erect? Because of antisexual religious ferver, these questions do not get asked.

I vote against any and all required library nude human computer filter law.

It is difficult for most people to even consider the possibility of total freedom of all information and what that might look like.

There needs to be a pro sexuality, teaching human anatomy, evolution, legal prostitution lobby, like there is for guns. One of the first goals should be getting nude magazines and videos into libraries. There is a gun lobby, a tobacco lobby, why no sex industry lobby? Sex is not worse than guns or tobacco.

Here is a phrase you and I can use, without sticking out:
'good to hear your thoughts'

Another beautiful thing is that humans cannot do violence for a simple copyright or privacy violation, and so exposing images is not dangerous.

We vote to have public cameras in the fbi, the white house, and the pentagon.

I am tired of debating, tear down the curtain on the secret thought-camera networks and let the public judge.

Vote to burn with a laser, and lock in jail indefinitaly all people that use photons, electrons, or voltage to cause an itch, pain, or move any muscle of any human.

When will the public shit back on the people in the secret camera-thought network that shit on them every second? I refuse to give an atom to any body in the secret camera-thought networks.

most schools are filled with religious people that never realize they are there to learn science. They graduate never having gotten even a brief history of science course.

For the most part I refuse to get into hand 2 hand combat, i am focused on my goals, icluding tearing down the curtain on humans that are part of secret thought-camera networks.

After 10,000 humans violate 1 human on a daily basis, I think that democracy dictates that the human violated should get to see the 10,000 people violating them.

I am chomping at the bit to treat you people like shit. (the way you treat me!)

marriage is for people that need training wheels.

Bill gates now putting millions of dollars, not to teach history of science, not to expose machines that hear thought and billion camera networks, not to expose and or stop violence, but to stop 'spam'. the info stopping humans want to stop bulk messages with video images of them and info exposing their lies. Any limit or punishment for information is wrong. Use info to identify the ppl that send unwanted messages and make a simple free program to reject messages from those people. In other words, limit/stop the info going into your own eyes, cover your own eyes, not the eyes of every body else or the mouths of those sharing info. If you do not like what you see, turn off your computer, do not destroy the internet for every body else.

What human decides what is 'spam' and what is news? When do we all get to vote?

So let me see if i get this straight, you are part of a secret million human group of people that use tiny sensors planted around the planet that capture what people think and beam these images on to your brains in clear 24 bit color. Is that correct? And this has been happening since 1910....true?

Orrin hatch of utah is 1 of the worst ppl in the us gov. How does he keep getting elected? I have to go to utah in december and fear for my safety with this idiot human weilding such influence. This human covered up amd mislead people from what he has known for years: that sturgis killed jfk, said ppl that sell drugs should be locked up and throw away the keys, and now supports destroying the computers of ppl that violate copyright. These fascist ppl, like hatch, hate to see ppl exposing video of all their lies and past activity...they hate the free flow of info. Update: hatch [like millions of ppl] is violating a copyright. hatch is using an unlicensed copy of milonic software on his web page, not to mention having copies of images captured in the secret camera thought network.

We people need a new freedom of information law that specifically forbids: time in jail or fines for violations of:
gag orders
obstruction of justice
violations of copyright
child pornography laws

Passing a new free info bill is needed, the 1977 law is not specific enough, and is not being honored anyway.

It's ok not to arrest gene cesar because he didn't rape rfk, he only killed him.

Haught added more text to his page!

max plank must have been called backwards in bravely supporting the 200+ year old idea that light is made of particles. This idea the brilliant isaac newton put forth [as far as i know]. Biot was the last to defend the light is a particle theory in the late 1600s [i think], and light as a wave was the more popular theory until plank in the early 1900s.

I find talking to myself very helpful to make more solid my thoughts, in particular when images and sounds can be sent to a brain.

My peen does not get erect as often or for as much time now as when i was younger. I noticed a difference when i reached age 30. To me this indicates that the sexual prime for a male human in 12-30, and 17?-40? for a female human. But the younger years are precisely the years younger [male in particular] humans are outlawed from having sex. The days of using my penis as a weapon are passing me by, but knives, guns, and hands are still freely available and can do much worse damage.

Usa judge william h pauley sentenced waksals to 7 years in jail for sharing insider info, that is hypocritical since pauley probably regularly uses info gathered from illegal cameras and microphones for financial gain. Vote down 'insider trading' and other blocks to complete freedom of all information.

Stewart charged with lying to humans in fbi. I am not sure if humans in fbi have ever mention 1 truth, for example that they use cameras, that they see thought, ...what they did last tuesday...what really happened....

Look at the anger and violenced caused by sexual jealousy, a large amount of violence is the result of sexual jealousy. A female human ran over a male human and is in jail for homocide, all because a penis went in a vagina. People kissing or putting penis in mouth is like defication, not a big deal, but religious idiocy and antisexuality makes the billion year old sex look shocking and new. For all the violence, the are no ads questioning sexual jealousy, questioning how serious 'cheating' in a marriage or relationship is.

Another violent human did an attempted assault with a golf ball from the golf course at harvard and university in irvine, the city with laws against everything except violence. The golf ball missed by inches an older female human walking on the bike path, 2 other female humans and me. This again raises the question, why do people give the most advanced technology to the most violent, stupid people? Again, giving proof against the idiocy of making weapons illegal or for an elite few of only the most brutal least educated.

Not stopping violence may get us killed, supporting psychology may get us killed, voting republican may get us killed, emotion may get us killed, not stopping copyright and privacy may get us killed, ...

I think ppl should love as many ppl as possible.

Usually ppl concerned with 'mental hygiene' do not speak out against violence, for evolution, free info, etc... For them everybody must dress and talk the same way

My friend in russia yuri said when visiting me in la, 'if it is free then it is not in russia' [or perhaps if it is easy] and that was funny. I say, 'if it is anything good in the usa, then it will be killed.'

Nazi gestapo antisexual humans in irvine albertsons. One over loud speaker 'dam[i]en' [this was taken from my eyes by gestapo from a popular mechanics news story on google]. But where are not the thug gestapo in the usa?

I want to see gender and race population for all companies, like consumer reports available to all. Are people with negroid features, atheist, jewish, bisexual, nudist, or fat people being excluded? Are violent people being supported?

That is personal choice and free market, but i do not want to support that. I know for a fact that at least 2 brutal caucasian male gestapo humans are employed at albertsons in irvine [the other in the bakery said 'get out of here' upon seeing me]. what human[s] is doing the hiring there? Are they nazi? how much so? Everybody will eventually get to see, the sooner the better.

Nothing like walking into a store and hearing over the loudspeaker 'you in aisle 3, in the sandals...where is your lipstick? We know what you are thinking and don't like it...' what do they look like? What are they thinking?

Most people view budweiser as an all american company, but in the 1930s companies that sold alcohol were viewed as criminals. The same is now true for drugs.

Here humans only have 100 years to learn what happened for 100 [or 5] billion years before now.

Special update:
I am voting for 1 Centerline train in Irvine (Measure A) mainly because an electric train will make Irvine look like a technically advanced city like Tokyo. Now, all we need are some walking robots.

I have uncertainty as to the future of transportation, will there be more individual vehicles (using hydrogen gas, or photons, or new technology), or more group transportation?

I am voting against Measure B, because people should allow the current democratic popular opinion decide current decisions. I am against limiting choice, and in any event, a different sentence could pass later to override the original sentence.

Ironic that of the technology invented in the early 1900s, nuclear weapons were made public, but seeing/hearing thought using infrared was not.

The anti-'spam' laws are not good and the people that support such restrictions on free information should be working to expose the thought images and apartment cameras they enjoy and allowing total freedom of all information, ending copyright, patent [look at what is happening to ebay], and trademark.

Most ppl try to bang down the door thru brutal methods, while continuously rejecting the advice of using the door knob.

I would like to make these 2 songs/audios:

Ppl chant 'sex!, sex!, sex!, sex!...', with individual humans interjecting 'at least once a week!', 'for free or for money!', 'even in public!', 'for all ages!',.....'sex!, sex!, sex!, sex!...'

[perhaps add dates like 15 billion:'
'10000 robots are sent to centauri stars in atom separate propulsion ships'
'10000 robots arrive at stars of centauri '
'10000 robots send images showing that 50 spherical planets rotate the 3 stars of centauri'
'10000 robots build human stations on 3 of the 50 planets'
'5000 humans move to centauri'

Violent white male gestapo thug human at work circled around me with a newspaper club.

People are unbelievable, shocked to see a penis, breasts or vagina of a human (or any species), but yet, these organs are millions of years old. Sex is nothing new! But yet, people actually expect males age 12-30 to go without sex completely. Without any trying to put together younger people for sex, without allowing masturbation to be taught, sex to be taught, pornography, nudity, and sex in public, no sex before the late (for males) age of 18, no taking money for even putting a penis in a mouth, then wonder and are outraged when there is sexual confusion and desperate sex without consent. .

Here is an event: two people want to have sex with each other but are too shy to connect, and can not hear each other's thoughts so do not have sex. For me, this is a loss, I think that is bad and sad, but for the religious and married this is a like a Nixon reelection! They are happy!
Yes! Score one for marriage and against unbridled natural sex.

Well Boca has done it again. The new meatless sausage links are as good and identical to meat sausages. I think there may possibly be room for tiny improvement, but not much.

Some conservative religious people in digging thru the videos of my past, past thoughts, etc... have uncovered another exciting event for them, another potential reason as to why I may be more immoral than them. People love to find faults in me because then they feel excused from guilt/responsibility for being part of a secret thought and camera network, having numerous violent events in their past including spanks, slaps, punches, kicks, projectiles, in addition to numerous threats of violence, and shielding people with homocides like Gene Cesar and Frank Sturgis. These humans found video of me in 1997 from my apartment that millions of people watched everyday but could not bring to include me into to enjoy the roomfulls of willing female humans with plenty of consent and sobriety. What these religious conservative metal ring wearing married idiot humans focus on is saying that I "raped" a human. The word "rape" is an abstract, terrifying, shocking word (as is molestation, and prostitution) that covers a wide variety of events for the religious. Religious people lie for a living. Religious people call a bunt a homerun, a free-throw a 3 pointer, etc...and love to use words like "molestation" to lock nonviolent people (like the human caught kissing toes, not slamming them on the gridiron) in to prisons for decades. A human in Florida was going to be locked in jail for 15 years because his wife said he kissed the penis of a child and this is typical, not a scratch, not a bruise of damage, only 50 years of "I was raped" talk. Other people are shot, killed, parallyzed, punched, spanked, tied to tables, injected with drugs against verbal objection.

Anyway, I have nothing to hide, and millions of people go through the same things I do, there is nothing incredibly special about me, I am simply above average. Most people look at the camera network and think "keep it a secret", I took one look and said "make it public".

Anyway, after a Jesus birth party (Dec 25,1997) a female human went back to my apartment with me, and I was drunk without any doubt. Lucky to not get a DWI without question. So this female human gets into bed with me and ...I cannot remember every detail, but I am more than 50 of 100 parts sure that her and I started having consentual penis in vagina (sex). After some time, this female would not open her legs [some how perhaps my penis came out and then she closed her legs...I will have to wait for the video] , unless I bit her nipples (which is difficult to explain exactly, but in the course of kissing and groping), and so I somehow, got my penis in her vagina by biting on her nipples (but as far as I remember, never broke the skin). The female human never verbally objected, never got up and back in her car, and drove home, but simply slept with me the rest of the ni1ght. A week or more later, the female approached me at work, and said "You know my nipples were pretty sore...(or something)" and I thought..."uh huh...ok whatever...", for me, I guess coming from a fraternity and a drunken party life (although now, I enjoy soberness, science, and physical pleasure with consent if that ever happens). To me, people wake up after a drunken party and there are panties in the shower, condoms on the drive way...etc...
In any event, I am willing to spend 1 day to 1 week in a prison for assault with teeth and an erect penis, but not 15 fuckless years! are you kidding me? Get real and logical on prison sentences for crimes with a penis or where there is no clear physical pain or damage. People are unbelievable. In that same employement, some human threw a hacky sack at full speed into my scrotum and ofcourse there is and will never be any arrest, also some human dropped a hot cup of coffee from a 2nd story balcony in Huntington Beach on my croach, and while millions saw, no arrest was made. The humans were not even identified to me or any other nonviolent people. For me, in this violent, violent, 1400 era, I feel I have done well. I have never killed a human, I have never thrown a punch, kick, never pointed a loaded gun at any body, never hit somebody with a projectile. Most people have spanks, slaps, punches, my brother Tom slammed my head into a wall! My mother spanked and slapped me at least twice, I have been tied to a table 3 times (I never held this female human down on the bed as I recall, we all will have access to the video some century hopefully). I had sex with a 17 year old female human and that is "statuatory rape". Some female in California was looking at 15 years in jail for consentual sex with her 17 year old male student. I mean you people are unbelievably antisexual puritanical illogical violent humans! So I am willing to spend 1 day in a prison cell for biting nipples and penis in vagina with no consent, after the hacky-sack human spends a day in jail, and the coffeee cup humans, and every spanker human out there, plus Sturgis, Cesar and the human that shot Larry Flynt, John Lennon, and Nicole Simpson are in jail for life.
What I did was similar to a movie "Henry & June". In this movie there is a scene where a female and a male pay two female humans to have sex. One female has a plastic penis on and at first the other female kind of resists, but the female with the penis forcefully holds down the arms of the female human and moves the worn penis in to the vagina of the female human.
As a funny note, that night there was a big photo of the buttocks of the person that owns the company I worked at, and one buttock had a big bite mark from a female human staffer.
Another thing that is amazing, is that I was talking with Sylvia, my mother, and was saying I would rather have my ass grabbed with no consent than be punched in the face, and she took the opposite side. Where is the sense of logic around sex? Credit the antisexuality of religion and marriage for all the confusion and injustice.

There are 2 things to think of an promote:
1) "Rape", "molestation", and "prostitution" are not as bad as people think they are. "Rape" is probably the worst of the three, the other 2 do not even involve violence. But I would rather be anally raped than shot. I would rather be analy raped than have a bone broken. What about you? In any event, rape, even where the sex could be called "rough" or "forceful", or with no clear verbal (or perhaps gestural) objection can get a human locked in a prison for 15 or more years! Rape is a godsend for the religious. How else could they put down sex? There is nothing clearly bad about sex with consent, but yet the religious will never promote that. Rape has shadowed the so-called "nonsex related violence". People are killed for sex without consent, but nobody spends a day in jail for fist fights or spankings. and
2) People refuse to address the underlying problem of male humans needing to ejaculate. Why not support legal prostitution, then 4 of 10 humans will ejeculate into a female human for money not potentially some non consenting human out of desparation. But no.....religious married humans can never breathe a word of support for prostitution, do they not care for those future raped female humans? Plus young male humans, in particular should be getting sex, why not promote sex with consent? why not hook up people for sex?

Here the conservative people, walk past oceans of data indicating that I prefer female humans 20-35, to label me gay and pedaphile. They dig for any molecule of info that I might think a younger human has beauty. All because of an unbeliavabl popularity I have mainly for being one of the first humans to describe the universe as being made of all photons only. But that seems to get lost in the shuffle and anger of jealously and guilt. Rape is a subset of violence. A penis is not a deadly weapon, as a gun, knife, or perhaps even a fist is.

One thing to think about is if the female human thinks that there was consent, or says whatever happened is ok, or not reason for me to be locked in a jail. This may happen for millions of people that were spanked or punched, they should have the option of saying that the violence was ok, allowed, or with no current objection, or with objection but no wish for the human to be locked in jail. What about the so-called "nonsexual violence"? Where is the outrage against that?

And again, and again I say "how did you know?". I think you people are definately too focused on me. I am not that special. Sure I am smart, and outspoken, and not even really good looking, I am overweight...! But yet, these married people, their sex life is over, they are not pursuing new people for sex, and they are religious, and have no projects. So they have plenty of time, to watch me, and sadly go over ever millisecond of my boring existence. Maybe the female human will someday get a bestseller, I hope so. I am glad to see people interested in stopping violence, even nonsexual violence! Yu ppl are into following a blind person on a mystery walk, in spending hours commenting on my every thought. And here i do not get to see 1/1000000 of what you do.

One final statement on my so-called "rape" is that my advice to people is to enlighten yourself aobut sex, and be careful when doing anything sexual, because the puritans are going to use anything sexual against you until dead. Did you think about touching somebody of the same gender? The gestapo knows and will put you down for it. Think of all options. I could have said, "hey if you do not want penis in vagina, how aobut letting me masturbat while sucking your boobs? How about letting me lick you cunt? How aobut masturbating together? How aobut sucking my penis then? but of course I never learned to talk and think about sex/touching/masturbating, etc...If only I had not poked that one younger human, and instead said, hey want to masturbate me? or suck my penis? Then things would be interesting, then things would be different. People could not claim that I was violent to the younger humans, simply that I was inappropriate, or some other abstract idea....Plus I curse alcohol, although alcohol must remain legal (same for guns and all drugs, even poisons I think). I wish, alcohol was not the thing everybody does all the time. Finally at the age of 30 or whenever, I realized that using alcohol, and tobacco are all myths younger people in the USA are caught in, mainly I think, because of the idicioy, antiscience, antisexuality and secrecy of religion.

update: 07/01/03
I never held down this human, and what I did is in the realm of gesturial objection, a very cloudy area of penis in vagina against objection events. What I did is similar to a female pushing off a male, but the male keeps going, or a female shaking her head no, but the male continuing. I never held down this human, and the human was always free to move and leave, as opposed to what happened to me in San Diego County Hospital, where all four of my limbs were tied to a table (even though I had not done any kind of first strike violence, and only tried to escape an assault). I was tied down (like a human is held against consent in a rape), and a needle was injected into my body without consent, and even against verbal objection (I said "I object to this treatment"), I was raped with a needle (if rape is defined as an object entering a body against clear objection).

All over the tiny planet humans are announcing: 'hearing thought since 1992!' and others 'hearing thought since 1954!' [oooo old timer!]

Why such vigorous anger toward drug use? And not violence? I think this is because, ppl that use drugs are viewed as hippies, intellectuals, free thinkers, wealthy rebel/playboygirl. Images thst bother the violent, religious, all white male necktie married majority. While the image of violent people breaking down doors in a search for drugs and pornography, beating ppl like rodney king, the violence of sports, school foghting, etc... Is not upsetting.

1 thing that is ridiculous is the ppl that will not eat chinese, italian, etc... food because they do not want to be unpatriotic.

a number of humans have said 'hey ted' as in the pink floyd song another btick in the wall p2 'hey teacher, leave those kids alone'. for 1 song 'molestation [violence is worse than moolestation]' i would like to have younger humans singing [but will imitate]. There are some standard statements i have:
1) 'hey you 'pull the kids out of the backseat' nazeez [a like cat], let those kids fuck', kiss, hug, or touch...i would have liked to but outside of 1 game of 5 minutes in the closet i never got 1 kiss [but where does the violence come from?]. Or hey antisexual antipleasure antiscience idiot human, teach those kids masturbation [i had to learn on my own], anatomy and the beauty of sex with consent that has happened for a billion years. I did and do not want to be 'left alone' at all times w/o so much as a kiss [not even from a parent yu inbread gestapo elitest hypocrite humans that hear thought and have seen plenty o child pornography]. These antisexual ppl debate every gstring, thong, and insist that all breasts be covered.

2) anth brk in the wall is a protest against forced education [i have never seen anybody advocate voluntary school outside of myself, or ever even heard any discussion of voluntary only public schools with democratically elected people that teach], supression of expression and creativity [as far as i can gather from limited description]. But of course, the married gestapo completelt twist most messages to represent the exact opposite. Where were the anti child labor fanatic humans for that song, and the jesus based vienna choir? I wish dave gilmore and roger waters would sing out against the more serious evils on Earth: violence, religion, marriage, drug war, nude arrests, prostitution arrests, antifree info, and antisexuality as I have.

The amazing thing is that i get insults out of nowhere like that each day, but i must always remain composed, can never even be mean back, or simply explain my view to the ppl in the gestapo. By the way, i tell ppl to not waste the cpu clock cycles thinking up ultimate put downs, just answer doubts/questions for yourself [the gestapo ppl will hear], focus on your projects and loves.

1 reassuring thought is that humans have to be sexual at least 1 time in their life in order to reproduce. If you never have sex your antisexual dna will not be passed on. So, even the rabidly antisexual, rabidly violent married ironically, have to be sexual [to go against their outspoken antisexual regious beliefs and every grain in their body] at least once in order to reproduce.

05-15-03 Bonus edition

I have been having fun putting "Nixon" and "Dullas" in the place of famous tv shows, albums, movies, people, etc...since all those people appear to be involved in the tradition of hypocrisy, secrecy and deception, covering up the secret camera network, the fact that thought can be heard, free information, science, sexuality, the idea of stopping violence, the drug and sex arrests, etc....

All these people continue to cherish and nurture the Nixon ideal of secrecy and dishonesty, I am not saying that Nixon was your instructor, or even mentor, but certainly in the same school.

Instead of "Happy Days", "Nixon Days", "Stairway to Heaven"="Stairway to Nixon", "Sgt Pepper"= "Sgt Dullas"...

I never promised you a Nixon garden... Terms of Endearment = Terms of EnDullasment Silence of the Lambs = Silence of the Dullas' "A Love Story" = A Nixon Story "The Brady Bunch"=The Nixon Bunch Saturday Night Nixon Fever
Late Night with Nixon
Straight Outta Nixon with "F*ck the Damn Dullas"
I Dream of Nixon
Remember Madonna's "Like a Nixon"?
or U2's "Achtung Nixon"
Remember the great business human Donald Trump Nixon?
One flew over the Khmer Rouge
Remeber Gene Cesar Chavez?
The Superbowl= The Vichybowl
I have not had this much fun since calling "People" "Poople", now People can be called "Pol Pot".

They all are in the camera network....

Practice these words with me:
You are not violent, welcome to the camera and thought network.
You are for equality of genders, welcome to the camera and thought network.
You are not racist, welcome to the camera and thought network.
You are against privacy, welcome to the camera and thought network.
You are not antisexual, welcome to the camera and thought network.
You are not registered republican, welcome to the camera and thought network.

I am predicting here (not thru magic, but simply by logic and science) because of complete freedom of all information that will happen in the next century, the fall of all the "information selling" industries.

The most serious bankrupcies will probably be Microsoft (that has no actual products except mice and joysticks - operhaps they will survive in a much smaller form), all the television and information selling industries (although thru advertising they may survive, but there will be clear democratic popular choice - they will have to show truth, nudity, expose violence, exactly what people want to see), also pornography (like many of these companies, I really have no opinion, although am glad for complete freedom of all information. I think the people in pornography may go into legal prostitution or some other service, but even there, except for organizational skills, there really is no physical product, and a service that individual people could be doing thru ebay). Magazine companies, newspapers, ... I am not sure what will happen, but clearly compelte freedom of all information, and end to copyrights, patents, and privacy is going to be a reality within the next century. All the music industry companies, any body that depends on copyright, or royalties will probably run out of money.

You people have shown, and must know by now, that privacy and secrecy on this tiny planet is clearly a myth.

Elenor roosevelt had a 'call for decriminalization' of prostitution in 1949 at the united nations. 50 nations ratified but not the usa!

I am interested in using video to expose ppl that lie. For example i think there was a deliberate lie on cnn. A female human in a us police claimed that malvo laughed in confession, i doubt that is true. I vote for cameras in every us gov building, and in particular in any police interrogation. My experience has been that ppl in police lie more than average ppl.

Stop spanking, and involuntary piercing. Speak out against young ppl having to wear neck ties and blazers, and/or denied physical touch and pleasure.

There is nothing wrong with people that want to get a closer look at me. I like to see people and in particular, female humans that want to check me out is probably more exciting and interesting for me. I like being involved and communicating with other people.

news story on 'new particle', in the view i support all particles are groups of photons and the idiot brutal secretive religious antisexual antiscience antitruth humans in physics and in universities refuse to even let the idea be seen.

When people go to a music store, the largest section should be "Religious/Christian" where you can find "Stairway to Heaven", "Like a Prayer", etc... all the religious classics.

Madonna was vocally supporting copyright, and I have to express how hypocritical and greedy that is, after all, Madonna has never seen a copyright she did not violate. Madonna watches people in their apartments and houses, hears and see thoughts for a decade and more like all the rest of the wealthy and even nonwealthy in the camera thought network. Then Madonna like Metallica, even though they both have terabytes of archived images and sounds from people that had no idea they were being recorded, decides to try to grab that last penny in the fire called copyrights, privacy, patents and trademarks. In 50 years (maybe even 10) copyright will eventually fall, for a number of reasons, probably the main reason is what everybody will eventually see. People like Bill Gates got billions of dollars from a copyright, while simultaneously copying any thing he wanted copyrighted or not. All these idiot copyright people are all the same, they have no education, and want more money with out any care about their own future. I look at Metallica, Madonna, anybody that supports copyright while simulateously violating thousands of copyrights as no people to support and with a certain amount of anger at their hypocrisy!

On a similar topic, there are two groups of people:
People like me that are focusing on stopping violence and people like all of you that focus on stopping information.

I think the stop violence people will win, because stopping information is more difficult.

I try to stop violence, other people try to stop air.

You can not stop photons. Images will be freely copied and traded, and the same is true for sounds. All data. Trying to stop data is impossible, and trying to slow the movement of images or any kind of information being copied and shared is a bad activity in my opinion.

I am stating now that all people that voted or kept me out of the camera and thought network do not have permission to watch me in the apartment I rent, hear or see my thoughts at any time.

I am not gay, but I support allowance, tolerance and protection for gay, bisexual and lesbian people.
I do not molest, but I support not locking people in jail that do, simple separation is enough.
I do not use illegal drugs, but I support not locking people injail that do use, buy and sell illegal drugs.
I do not pay people for sex, but I support no locking in jail people that do pay or take money for sex.
I do not own any child pornography, but I support not locking in jail humans that do own child pornography.

You people have always labelled me and millions of other people incorrectly. I am described as a human that chases down little humans for raping and killing. For years, I was called gay and still am! But the reality is that I am simply a person that wants to lay with a nice mature female human, to reproduce, build my robots, teach science, evolution...I am against violence, and always have been.

Fbi most wanted:
1) Killer ken kinney, 14 homocides, 23 assaults
2) Bill the decapitating deacon, 8 homocides, 63 assaults
3) Tiny tim, baddest nudist molestor of the pecos, nudity, public indecensy, molestation, child pornography
4) brutal bart lady killing jones, 4 homocides, 3 assaults

What if thought could be heard and seen? Simply as a thought experiment. Should people:
A) ban the technology/make all brain hearing machines illegal, destroy any remaining machines, and forbid experiments and documents describing such machines
B) allow the technology, make hearing thought legal, live with the machined

More far right paid for stories, reader digest has 1940s style anti-jfk article, with text 'jfk stabbed a person with a needle', and 'was looser with drugs than with women' [paraphrasing...the actual sentence was even more negative]. any mention of jfk is good, but the article is clearly negative on every point. the language is like 1940s thug talk headlines for example 'husband shows wife who's boss!', 'psycho sicko gets caught with dirty pictures', etc...

The far right conservative religious humans will always have trouble gaining a majority because of their exclusionary view. A view that excludes other gender, race, size or shape.

Humans are finding that thinking is not very different from talking, and telling people to be quiet is the similar to telling people to stop thinking.

In future dna cometely understood. Aging eliminated-altho connected to cell growth so is probably complicated. Think of humans with human designed/changed dna. I got the 4.3 upgrade [b4 sperm + ovum] so i have skin cells more resistant to tumors....
Then, even if yu live for 1 million yearsyou could always die accidentally, or by being killed...so humans would probably be extra care ful. Yu could not die from aging, but could from a virus, or bullets, etc...

I am trying to figure out what is not forbidden by you people...oh now i remember... violence.

I ask that some female human come forward to fuck me (remember fucking is not as bad as violence, and threats of violence and violence are common place). Even if some female from the humans could simply come forward for sleeping together without sex that would be acceptible. Only oral sex is acceptable, infact, even simply a female volunteer to hold hands, go to a museum or zoo together is acceptable. Show some warmth and sensitivity, please, not the usual cold, callous, shy silence. Thank you - Ted.

People can not even defend the most conservative forms of pleasure and sex. you people have no idea that antisexuality finds a home with nazism. You people could easily vocally support sex with consent between 2 consenting adult humans of different gender and exact same age, but you never do, it is to embarrassing.

Fbi most wanted, do not all have homocides. Look at richard steve goldberg. Not one bruise caused but this human is public enemy number 1? Are we sure we want to spend thousands of dollars not to stop violence, but to capture nonviolent people? Touching with no objection, even genitals!, should not be a crime. Touching with clear objection but no pain or damage should be stopped, but is this a higher priority than stopping touch with objection were there is pain or damage, or even potential pain or damage?

one of my goals is to kiss, hug, get sex with consent, i am in pursuit of pleasure with consent...is that a goal for you? do you want to hug and kiss? Most people=no.

saw tiny image of us humans on a bridge in iraq in camoflague cotton clothing and thought, if that were me i would have full kevlar, face mask, etc...like humans in police do, for protect from scrapnel and bullets. First there should be walking robots already, but secondly think defensively and use technology is my advice.

International policing in the form of stopping violence is better than using us military in solo mission.

Excuse given for attacking people in iraq/syria='they have Chemical weapons', is like the reichstag fire excuse. people in the usa have chemical weapons, nuclear weapons, conventional weapons....as if some ways of killing were not civilized.

Opinions Bonus: When is there going to be voting for the humans in the United Nations?

Number of humans killed in iraq?

Bush jr. and Senior, Reagan, Chainey, Nixon, nearly all the humans in the Republican group are not an intellectual, but are more uneducated, brutal, violent, antisexual, religious thug type humans.

What happened to paying off national debt?

Now we have to pay for all the killing we do not even support

Two young neonazi youth took a dog to poop on the property of my 64 year old mom twice in syracuse, ny.

What are common excuses by people that use violence:
1-person is gay
2-person is molestor
3-person is pervert
4-person is thief
5-person is drug addict

How could you search data for threats of violence? You could match on 'cut', 'punch', 'kill', 'beat', 'stab', 'kick', 'shoot', ...

I want to take 5 minutes to explain clearly the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. For these reasons:
1) I cannot believe that people actually vote for people in the Republican group.
2) I actually voted for George Bush Senior in 1988 and think that this indicates that perhaps most of you (as I was) are completely under informed.

1) Race variety: You are not caucasian Jesus based male. If you are not a caucasian male Jesus based (Christian/Catholic) human (for example you are native south american,black, asian, jewish, ...), or you are and want race variety, you should not be voting for people in the Republican group. A prime example is if you look at the people in Congress, any black, hispanic, asian, any non caucasian is in the democratic group. Lederman (was going to be Vice President for Al Gore in 2000) was Jewish and this will only ever be found in the Democratic group, never the Republican group.

2) Gender equality. If you are a female human, or a person that wants female All equality you should vote for the person in the Democratic party. All of the female humans in the US Congress that are female are in the Democratic party, there may be 1 in the Republican group, but I doubt it. Feinstein, Boxer, Moseley-Braun, Clinton are all in the Democratic group. Obviously, if you are female human you should be voting for people in the Democratic group if you want equality. Geraldine Ferraro was the only female human ever to be on the ballot for US Vice President in 1984 that with Mondale lost against the two caucasian male humans Reagan and Bush, and ofcourse, Ferraro was in the Democratic group.

3) Want violence stopped. There was more violence under Reagan than ever before, only after Clinton was elected was the number of homocides, assalts, did etc..less. Look now at the numbers, I am sure that under Bush there has been more violence, that would follow the pattern.

4) You are unmarried, divorced=vote democratic, because the everybody is the same republican group excludes anybody that is not married or was divorced.

5) you feel the tiniest amount of sexuality=vote democratic. Look at the sex related arrests under Bush, That guy that covered the boob statue is typical of .the Republican cauky white neck tie humans.

6) Against starting war. The people in the republican group have a clear record of starting wars (at least Reagan, Bush Sr and Jr), while Clinton did not.

7) Want economic/business president, not general/military president= vote for democratic group humans.

8) want choice of abortion= democrat

9) Want Planetary democracy/international harmony=demo

10) want more democracy=democrat

11) Nixon may have been involved in the killing of John Kennedy (because of the link to Frank Sturgis) and possibly RFK (Nixon won the election that RFK may have won). From Nixon to Reagan and Bush, there is a clear line of people that may have been linked to the killing of JFK. In any event, the conservative people are going to be the last to admit that Sturgis killed JFK, and that Cesar (the former Lockheed employed human) killed RFK. Ronald Reagan may be partially responsible for the killing of John Lennon, as Reagan was just elected and moving into the white house when all security was dropped and forbidden to protect Lennon. This is the bloody, homocidal, secretive tradition of the conservative people.

Why do you people continue to vote for the old white religious conservative republican group?

People think repubican group is:
-fiscally in favor of people
-not radical

I am stating now that no people that have been locked in a jail for a violent offense, no people registered with the Republican Party of the USA, and no people that go to a church, temple, synogogue, or mosque more than 1 time/year for religious reasons have permission to watch me in the apartment I own, or hear or see my thoughts when I am in the apartment I rent, until I get to see their body and see and hear their thoughts too. If you want to watch, vote down the privacy laws, otherwise live under the US and California State privacy laws.

There will probably always be a far radical right, they are usually so inaccurate and unrealistic that their statements are comical: 'kill all the peaceful leaders', 'jfk being killed was good', etc....the people that all wear black and red [and, yes idiot humans, there are exceptions, we must judge by more than clothing worn], and these people are not a real worry while at 10%, but when they move into 20% and 30% this is why i worry.

Let us hear 'it' for people that escape public scrutiny.

Everybody knows that science is the most ligitamate theory. People may try religion for logic and relief in their life, horoscopes, or a psychic, and feel better for some time, but for me and most smart people science is the best way of life humans have found, no other system respects truth, tolerates sex and nudity, and opposes violence.

Think of the time when under:
Ebay.com services-sex
People give feedback like=
Excellent oral sex, friendly, smart, pretty, worth every dollar, great ebayer!!!!!!!!

A human can make approximately 120 individual sounds with 1 pair of lungs full of air, and then must get another lung full of air. Try by saying a-a-a-a-a-a....w/o getting air. A robot/device may already be able to do that, but you pepl could not care less.

Most ppl are not familiar with/used to the system i use where violence is not acceptable or allowed, where violence is the highest taboo, where the disagreement, arguing, and insults never lead/escalate to violence/destruction of living things or property.

I hope this changes but gestspo [secret camera thought] people and nongestapo do not mix well.


I am calling for a full boycott of match.com and all humans owning and employed by match.com and have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.
Business Name    Match.com 
*Address (line 1)    3001 E. George Bush Highway Suite 100 
*City    Richardson 
*State/Province    Texas  

Interesting how people never know who they are giving their money to!

Go with yahoo.com:
Yahoo! Inc.
701 First Avenue
Sunnyvale, California 94089

And these conservative violence loving cockroach humans mask themselves with a "match.com" banner - like "hey! we support Huntington and are liberal to the bone!....give us your liberal money...!". Wait until the light is shown on all people and everybody is finally informed.

These are the people that supporting the killing of nonviolent people. based on their antisexuality, greed in not refunding a prorated amount of money, and hypocricy in watching and hearing thoughts and people in their own homes, but claiming to support privacy.
Here is a message I got from a human a match.com:

Dear Match.com Member:

We're writing to let you know that your Match.com account has been terminated 
to sexually inappropriate emails delivered from your registered email address
through the Match site. 

When you joined Match.com, you agreed to our Terms of Use. As part of that
agreement, you agreed not to transmit to other Match.com members or employees:
"any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, offensive sexually
oriented, threatening, harassing, racially offensive, or illegal material, or 
other material that infringes or violates another party's rights (including, but
not limited to, intellectual property rights, and rights of privacy and

Due to our privacy policy and to protect members we do not divulge the 
but we do have documentation of the emails.

We do not reactivate or issue refunds to accounts that have breached our Terms 


Curtiss H.
Quality Assurance

look at this message I got:
this will be my first and last correspondence.  the fact you told me you work at
the main library makes me want to avoid it at all costs.  just because i'm an
atheist doesn't mean i will just 'fuck' anybody or anything.  you, however, do 
fall within my standards.  the fact you are older than me, i can not look at you
as someone to engage in such 'copulation.'  instead, you're the type of man the
women in the neighborhood tell their young teenage daughters to watch out for,
lest they get molested or worse.  if i were to be 'fucking' i prefer my man meat
to be around my age bracket so that there is no power play going on in regards 
age and experience.  now, excuse me while i scrub myself with an iron scrubber
until my skin turns red.  i feel really dirty and violated after reading your

and at this point if you still don't get it: GODDAMN YOU SICK MOTHER FUCKER STAY
This is clearly a threat of violence, and all I did was invite her to have sex with me by saying "maybe we can fuck" (I do not have the original text). I guess threats of violence are ok but not invitations for sex.

Here was my reply:
lighten up, nothing wrong with sexuality, and antisexuality is nasty. 

I tend to think that violence is the ultimate taboo, not touching of genitals, 
but am
clearly in a minority. 

Oh no, not molested....I am so tired of the antisexual violence and agression. 
touch without consent is no where near as bad as spanking, punching, stabbing
and shooting, but you are not up in arms about spanking, and punching. 

"power" is a word used by people that have not a care for science.  Why not use
voltage since p=vi? 

you are agist, there is nothing unnatural with touching between two people of
vastly different ages, not everybody has to think and dress the same.  you are
probably a fascist hypocrite human that kept hearing and seeing thought a total
secret, screaming for your "privacy", while simulateaously watching your
neighbors in their apartments. 

Pleasure is excellent, antisexuality and religion is filthy.  To reject truth 
sexuality is disgusting. 

you typed: 
"and at this point if you still don't get it: GODDAMN YOU SICK MOTHER 

I never threatened you with violence, but yet you threatened me with violence.  
you or any body did cut me or hurt me physically in any way, I would press full
charges and make sure that you get the maximum sentence under the current
California State Laws for assault.  Why not support stopping of violence like I
do dumb violent shit for brain human? 

You and I are stuck on 1 planet for now and perhaps you should move to a place
where antisexuality and violence are more acceptable. 

I thought you said you are atheist, but yet you are saying "goddamn"?  There is
no god, you violent idiot of a human. 

violent, antisexual, antisciemce, psuedoscience psychology shit for cells 

I think that violent people are the people to look out for, not potential people 

mate with, but yet look at the support for 1st degree homocide of nonviolent
humans in Iraq? 

It's called pleasure, look into it, eat shit 


That one human (with perhaps thousands of others) is responsible for thousands of people killed is shocking, we never got to vote on anything, this is like a monarchy. Gore and Leiberman (the people that won the popular vote) would probably never have ordered this kind of 1st strike violence.

When people are killing other people like this, in cold blood, not in self defense, or protection of other humans, how can you feel that you and the people you care for are safe? The only difference is that those people are in the military? or that they are part Arab? because they are located some where else on this small planet?

We should be policing the planet, not destroying the planet. We could be using cameras to identify violent people are capture them wherever they are together as a planetary people.

Dishonesty is a risky way of life, and is not for me.

Many people have complaints with what i was thinking in my bathroom.

All over a little machine [that can see and hear thought]. Millions of conflicts.

What do the humans admitted into the secret camera and thought network have in common?
-not race
-can be overweight
-not religion [even atheist people included!]
-can have violent events in past
-can be lower income

So what is it that makes me so different from those people included in the secret camera and thought networks?

Answer=secrecy. They all support secrecy. And stupidity. They are all stupid, or else they would not be secretive. So no smart, honest people can be admitted into that secretive exclusive membership/clan.

Contest for smartest human [female and male] continues in obscurity

This week, thousands of male humans from the usa [and britain] got 1st [or 2nd] degree murder events on their record.

What is shocking to me are the millions of humans that advocate and support the first strike homocides happening in iraq.

These are the same humans that view nudity, touching of genitals, and sexuality the highest crime.

I was on the Infidel Guy (Reginal Finely Sr.) show and enjoyed the experience. Except for forgetting to talk about:
1) the match lit, photon is either there or made at the time example
2) the idiocy of wedding metal rings, and the dangers of conformity following some emblum or symbol.

The show lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes!
You can get the show for $.85! (when the show is eventually listed)

are you like me and hate lying? Lying under pressure or being coerced can be understandable, but how about people like gerald posner that take money or even voluntarily bold face lie to try and misdirect humans?
Glad to see that some peopl ein the Berkeley Business school are checking for people that lie on their resume.

Quote of the century:
'what were you thinking?!'

The "Infidel Guy", Reginald Findley, is going to interview me this Wednesday at 5 pm. This show should be amazing. Two titans of atheism on 1 show. This show will probably be unlike most out there becuase we will be going thru a variety of topics without focusing on any one. Probably one of the fastest moving shows you will ever hear.

I lost most of my notes in installing XP over 98. One good video I found is "Matters of Life and Death" a science Odyssey. One great quote is by a person that said "there seemed to be a lying contest going on." That statement really connects with the way I feel. The people in the camera network, that hear thought lie for their entire lives! What happened to truth and honesty? Another quote is "how could these researchers have a conflict that resulted in a fist fight, and wresting (paraphrased)?" This makes me think, how could people in the universities (in so-called "science") lie every second, and care nothing for exposing and explaining that thought can be seen?

One thing that reveals the "scummy" or "low" values of the humans in the secret camera and thought network, is that, not only do these humans watch me and casually see and hear my thoughts, but watch me and my thoughts practically every waking second of their life. These people watch me more than most other humans. But, still, these people can justify not letting me see or hear any of them for 1 millisecond. Even if I could see 1 or more of them, I doubt I would watch them, I would (like them) make a direct bee-line to the most popular, smart and interesting.

Supporting humans that advocate, threaten, or do not speak out clearly against first strike violence is dangerous, because violence and destruction is the worst activity on earth and never justified. But yet, people still have a casual opinion of humans that bombing, killing, and sometimes simply "violence".

Supremacist people always have the marshmellow dull brain that is surprised when every body finally gets to vote and expresses an interest against them. They ask "where is the unthinking allegence to me?", "why will people not worship me like a god any more?". Unaware, at all, that they should have included other people, whether the supremacy is aparteid, secretly hearing thought, voting for females, etc...

We are light. Every thing is light. Humans are made out of light. All matter in the universe is made of particles of light. We are made of particles of light. All objects are made of particles of light. The only matter there is in this universe are particles of light called photons.

Humans will look back at this century and feel sorry for us for being as antisexual as most people are. For a female to want to wear a penis, or a male to wear breasts is viewed as a reason to be institutionalized, not like eating, shitting, or some common, million year old activity.

One female human said "thanks" in an elevator, another female human said "brrrr" after I thought of deficating some liquid fecies a photo of Richard Nixon, and occasionaly there are 1 of 1 million people that are friendly.

I am glad that Nixon, Reagan and millions of other conservative humans had to lie to the people. That indicates that the USA is in the stage of "hidden" or "secret" fascism, not "open fascism" where people say "we killed JFK because it was the right thing to do" (this ofcourse they all believe and justify to themselves, but as I said, not in public, because the majority of humans in the USA do not agree with/support their violence fascist actions).

Velocity of particle can be used to estimate number of photons in particle. For example a neutron moving 1/20 speed of light= at least 20 photons, i guess. In any event particle can only move at 1c(3e8m/s) or 1/2, 1/3,1/4 ... 2 photons probably move near 1/2c.

1 fun thing for people may be to detect and count insults [instead of retaliating]. Insults/hour per person, etc....

Only 1 museum in orange county and is an art museum.

1 thing i see some times is humans in the camera/thought net forgetting that what they are doing is technically still illegal. These humans forget that most people do not get to see the show they are watching, and that watching this show is illegal and punishable by arrest and imprisonment. Most of these humans spend much of their time in taking a moral high ground/ feeling of superiority on other people, when what you are all involved in is still technically illegal, and this kind of hypocrisy [supporting privacy, while violating privacy] is certainly immoral.

I may have to spend $100 for windowsxp to use my sony dvd+-rw. And i got to thinking, think of the vigorous arrests of humans selling 'pirated' software by humans in the us fbi. These humans must be paid to enforce the copyright laws more vigorously than violent laws. But the reality is that bill gates, and millions of people in ms must by now have copies of my copyrighted 'sermon; the gospel truth', but never are face the same punishment as windows 'boptlegger' humans do, and have never paid me $100 for a copy. And the copyrighted sermon is just 1 of trillions of thoughts, videos, songs and images people in ms, the fbi, and millions of other humans currently own. This hypocrisy is another ason to end copyright and arrests/fines based on information. These people watch people inside houses and hesr thought...but yet complain when you copy the video they broadcast or distribute in bulk?

1 thing that ihas always been secret is that 'news' stories like ads in a newspaper, radio, tv, etc.... Are paid for. Why is that secret? Why hide that?

6 of 10 of the humans I am employed with are mean and stupid, 9 of 10 secretly hear thought.

Most humans like to conform, all dress the same, all put flags on their cars, agree with each other, that was taken further in nazi germany, so any dissent of difference [people w/o flags] was not tolerated.

In match.com can pay for kiss

How explains your protecting sturgis, cesar, and millions of other homocide humans?

The homocide laws are the most popular and important laws we have and are the basis of civilization. To ignore these laws is a path to chaos and large scale killing.

There are easy simple questions to separate smart from dumb:
Been violent?
Threaten 1st strike violence?
Evolution or creation?
Think there is a god?

I am calling for a hiring freeze of creationist people in universities, let them get hired in religious/antiscience businesses.

People tell me 'look at other planets', but i haven't had my fill of boob and peen yet on this one. And i don;t think im going to.

Sex talk never scares me violence talk does

Dvd christianity
Odyssey maya lords of the jungle
Africa w basil davidson

Sci: Redshift [or blueshift] may measure velocity of detector compared to photons detected, not galaxy at the time measured. Velocity of foton may =3e8 when detector velocity=0 compared to photon.

In the search to improve the economy, why do people oppose free trade for drugs and for sex? People could be earning enough money to eat and for a room in addition to stopping violence from lack of sex frustration.
Sex for money will be legal eventually, and humans will pursue all aspects of sex and drugs that cause no damage. Even a limited open market like the market for guns and knives is better thaa closed market.

To me the main war on earth has 2 main goals:
1) identify/show/stop violence
2) free nonviolent from prisons

When humans that have done violence are never seen or captured/jailed the front line is slippi/being lost. The same is true for each arrest [or an increase in arrests ] of nonviolent bodies.

Filed state and fed tax for free on web/internet

I joined match.com (it was $99/year then changed to $150 just before I joined...oy!)
Still for $150/year I think the service is worth the money, to find smart atheist or agnostic female humans...really just any female humans that are friendly, smart and want to be friends.
I like to talk and can talk for hours as some of you may already be aware.

Redhat must have accepted some money from the wealthy modern frinology called psychology group to call latest release 'psyche'. That and the 'sane' package are offensive, like 'witchy', 'ghost', 'druggie', ...but those humans should not be given forced treatment until agreeing to change.
So far mandrake has not supported this involuntary secret state sponsored torturing.

Mueller in us fbi, works with 'race against drugs' but no 'stop violence' groups?

Shuttle exploded opinion:
With the 4 or 5 bits of data streaming in, this looks like a problem with the tiles. There are two things that are the first in my brain:
1) Humans should be building walking robots like me. We humans should start looking more at using walking two leg robots to go in to orbit, live on the earth moon, etc...and that humans are not is proof of the idiocy and stagnation of religion.
2) I look forward to the space-plane - rocket planes that lift off from a runway.
3) The heat tile idea is not a good idea, I remember hearing stories of the tiles constantly falling off. The "teflon" or tile material should be all one piece, or some other idea should be used.

The first thing I said was (I am paraphrasing) "There should be video and audio recorders viewing each location on the shuttle and sending back recodings to mission control, and those images should be made available to the people that paid for all the equipment, the people of the USA. The time has come for the people in the government to earn the money everybody pays them, for the people of the USA to be in charge of the government.

Also in making psychiatric hospitals voluntary treatment only is the problem of the idiot psychology humans judging a human that is there because of violence as healed from pretend psychiatric disease and releasing a human on psychological reasons....5 years after a killing the idiot psychological human may say... l 'what a breakthru...i think you may be finally free of your psychosis [the so-called cause of the violence] and ready to enter society again.....' where i really care no if the human has or is cured of a pretend psychological disease or not, all that matters to me is the violence and time in prison for that violence.
Explosion in North Carolina phamaceutical building. If this is related to the image of the empty tampons, I want to explain for what must be time 10,000, that as the top of my list, the highest priority, I have stopping violence, damage, destruction and/or pain. Any first strike violence that is ever done should result in the humans being identified shown to all people, captured, given a continuous democratic voting trial, and then locked in a jail for an amount of time voted on.

Even second strike violence is not the best idea, identify and capture the humans - take the expensive approach. Simply ending the life of a human that did 1st strike violence with 4e10 photons is too easy.

I think that mammals and birds share a common ancestor. I think that there are clear transistions that happened only once ofor life of planet earth:
cold blooded to hot blooded
no hair (follicle) to haired (follical)
a duck-billed platypus is warm blooded, a mammal (has milk gland [and nipples]), is haired, lays eggs
A bird is warm blooded, has no nipples, is haired, (and feathered), lays eggs
That birds have mammal-like (pink/tan) (as opposed to reptile green/brown thick skin) plus hair (like on the head of an eagle, or any bird) was the first hint to me.
I think that feathers evolved from hair.
I think that there was clearly one and only one body that was warm blooded (I suppose there could have beebn in betewens - I have to learn more of what warm blooded is molecularly- but basically warm blooded bodies heat the body, cold blooded do not. Cold blooded living objects depend on heat from outside and that is risky, and so is egg laying on the ground)
I think there should be 2 divisions called "cold blooded" and "warm blooded" I think there should be a division called "haired".

Where is the liberal outrage? After the killing of JFK, MLK, RFK, and Lennon, you people should be more angry, exposing more, more outspoken against violence.

Always the view that people need to work....why are yu sitting around? Get to work! People out of work...we need to make up shit for them to do...
never a thought that in the future, robots will be doing everything for humans.

peak current is of value when listing capacitors [at least for h-bridge motor circuits]. Add that to better labelling request.

Interesting implications if frequency=num of photons/sec
Light does not move in wave but straight line with no amplitude.
Radio photons detected with radio frequency simply fotons spaced farther apart than visible frequencies. May open door to possible error of detecting the photons of a lower frequency that ignore photons in between. For example, 400 fotons/sec can be detected as 200 fotons/sec if filtering out fotons not in 200 fotons/sec frequency [a 400htz signal is detected as a 200htz]. Should start at highest frequency and then move to slower frequencies as an idea if that were true.

Most of the Atheist humans celebrate the antisexual secretive not one photo of evidence priest molestation witch trials/charges. Why this antisexuality and anti-info view? Molestation, perhaps touching of genitals even with no objection may not be wanted by parents, but is not enough of a violent act to have a human locked in a jail. Why not make humans be more specific: what part touched what part? Was their objection?

Now more and more humans are riding the money train, after seeing how easy getting money for claims of sex abuse against religious groups is. All the damage is thought to be 'psychological', or dealing with the brain, there is of course, no physical damage bruising or broken bones.

Yesterday was antisexual day, actually this is another antisexual millenium, because 1 female human sais 'i had to sit next to a gay guy', and i thought, how closed to never be allowed to think of same gender touching when masturbating. Plus 'gay' is the old 'new jew', eveaccusations of 'gay' are enough to ruin the chances for a male of getting touch, play, sex, hugs etc...then this other female human was gabbing within the usual all female only group and saying 'it was so gross, the t.a. kept hitting on all of the girls' and i thought...'oh yeah how icky sex is, pleasure and sex are evil'. people hate to be complimented.

Saw mc hawking page and 2 good songs. Reminds me of the hypocrite humans that spoke out for copyright and against napster. People like the humans in metallica, dr dre, and others. These humans want to control what humans get to see and hear. You cannot like a song you never get to hear. They are people with larger amounts of money that use that money to control what people get to see and hear. one ironic thing is that the line in metallica song 'take my hand' is probably taken from my copyrighted song 'sermon', 'come take my hand', and these humans are arguing for copyright. That is one reason i will not listen to music by people that vocally support copyright and privacy, i know they have already violated those idiot ideas.

I want tp make a 16 pin port on a pci card. 8/8 port [and 16/16 port]. 8 bits input, 8 bits output. This should have speeds as fast as pci.
There are a variety of port ideas:
I added 5v and ground (0v) pins.
3 or 4 pin 1 device only, serial port 5v,0,data (basically usb but only 1 device)
9x2 = 8bits out,8bits in,5v,0v
if you encode the data bits you can have:
for example 000=0,001=1,010=2, 111=7, 1001=9, etc...
PCI bus is encoded 64 bits
8 bits in/out+5v+gnd=3 bits*2 + 2 = 4 pins x 2 rows (8 pin port)
16 bits in/out+5v+gnd=4 bits*2= 5 pins x 2 (10 pin port)
32 bits = 6 pins x2 (2^5=32)
64 bits = 7 pins x2 !!! (a small port for 64 bits of data! plus 5v and gnd)

1 thing bond did was a symbol i have seen b4. Bond had his rt hand on rt buttock cheek, 1 idiot human i am employed with did it again. They are both elitist humans in the two tier one way thought seeing secret network. One time i was thinking of a skin scar on my right buttock, like cellulite on a female or acne, and this was heaven to the fascist secret religious antiscience thought hearing humans. And i think they want to try and bother me [people put me down every day but i never resort to violence and barely even anger, while they, more than 1, have used violence and/or advocate violence], or argue against everybody getting to see the 60 year old secret thought images because the 'children' will not be able to handle bad thoughts/images. Perhaps bond could explain on julianbond.com. Or the symbol is for toilet paper, or for hand shaking, i can only guess.

What explains you people? you watch people like sturgis, thane cesar, and thousands of other violent humans and refuse to capture them, instead you focus more than ever on antisexual arrests like peewee herman and paula poundstone. this must be the theory of when powerless to stop violence maybe the continued beating of the jew [or in this case, the sexual] will work.

My latest chant= 'sex once a day', 'sex once a day',...
What images do you think of when you masturbate, ejaculate? For me, as I age, more and more are images and scenarios of same gender touching...in particular between two female humans. I view myself as a beginner at sex, and want only to sleep in a bed with a female human or 20 (also because of the brutality surrounding bisexual male humans). I enjoy breasts and the gentleness of female humans, a feeling I have not felt for 3 years, and before that 7 years. But, this is the antisexual revolution of religion and secrecy. My guess is that the older a human gets the less interesting plain female and male missionary style sex appears.

I am impressed that the people in the governments of France, Germany, Russia and China are opposed to bombing of Iraq. I think this is a good opportunity for us humans to stop violence in our own nations and work our way out to stop violence in every nation together thru nonviolent, nondestructive use of cameras, sharing of information, and capture of humans with clear evidence of causing damage.

Superbowl halftime ad on abc, uses word 'crazy'. Nothing for all humans involved until dead. Like textbooks with the word 'sambo', 'crazy' will fall to the past as offensive to those nonviolent humans locked and drugged in hospitals against their will. In addition psychology will be seen as the pseudoscience it is.
No more support for the 'stupid', antiscience, antipleasure, violent humans.

Never support the stupid and violent.

Q: we cannot blame a race of people for the actions of a few.
Saw Julian Bond talk. The high point for me was hearing Bond speak out against the brutality and inequality of the drug war, arguing that the drug arrests are targetting more black people than white people. This is the same argument that Jessie Jackson takes. while I agree, and think the race argument has value, my main argument is that people should not be locked in a jail for some thing they do to themselves. In any event, good to hear Bond question the drug war specifically. I could type for hours on various points...I got to ask Bond a question, and I basically voiced the same concern, and my main priority for all people, asking "what is the highest priority for you...is it stopping violence, freedom of information, teaching the history of science, or the history of the universe...ending discrimination...?". Bond was very nice and gave a good answer saying that there is no one thing that he wants, and all the things I said are good,...and if there was one thing it would be ending discrimination...but that the list goes on forever. This is ridiculous to type this, because most of you saw the video with all the thought audio, etc...

Bond is a smart person and unfortunately did not wear shorts and a tee shirt as I had hoped...for the most part I enjoyed the talk and would enjoy seeing any video that may have been made.

I want humans to remember clearly the idiocy of this group of humans at this time and era. Of the few humans that are interested in science, only 1 questioned the idea of quarks and neutrons made of 3 equal parts, only 1 questioned time dilation, only 1 questioned the 0 mass of photons, only 3 questioned marriage, and perhaps only 1 thousand openly rejected religion and the idea of gods and devils.

In a video i saw, adolf hitler said 'if the jews continue to sink us in to war....' . This is typical of fascism, even now, ... The polar opposite of truth is used. Obviously, hitler wanted to and did start violence and war in europe. So, i am viewed as a nazi, by people that hear my thought, see me in my apartment but, i do not get to see or hear the thoughts of. The direct opposite of truth is argued by the elitest antisexual antidemocratic fascist humans.

most humans do not care about 4 pt restraints and unconsentuakl drugging in psychiatric hospitals, because the chances are against this torture happening to them. The same is true for nonnubian humans about slavory, male humans about female voting, and nondrug using humans about the drug war.

New slogans for merck [and toshiba]:
People you know not to trust
'providing drugs to keep down uppidy teens and wives by making up pretend foo-foo diseases'
'Bold support for torture in psychiatric hospitals'
'need some drugs to pump in to nonviolent humans w/o consent to go with those 4pt restraints, straight jackets, lobotomies, electroshock, insulin coma, clitorotomy [for the 'disease' of nymphomania when a human enjoys sex too much, what is next breatheomania? Talking disease? A Kissing disorder?], spinning chair, needless removal of teeth, inducing tartivedyskinesea in gentle humans.

Remember with the insanity germ...it rubs off same for devil and pedo germs.

Toshiba also hopping on psychology bandwagon with 'committed to the future'...hey where are robots a-hole lock-em-up humans? You want to be forced to take your tablets?

Will never trust humans in secret camera and thought gestapo net. After years of collective lying, how can people trust what they say is not yet another lie?

Stop investment in Merck until slogan
'committed to bringing out the best in medicine', is changed. 'committed' [not dedicated], indicates support for massive drug sales from false/abstract psychology 'diseases' and locking nonviolent humans in psychiatric hospitals. Do the merck humans care that humans diagnosed with abstract psycological disorders might not need their drugs? No, ofcourse not...the bottom line is money not human health.

Idea of agreed sex with guarantee of no pregnancy [not viewed as insult], also sex with planned attempt at pregnancy and standard agerement of financial and any other future responsibilities/requirements.

Humans [thought] can probably be networked. You can probably talk with other sleeping humans wjen 'dreaming'

Psychology/insanity is the first used by stupid humans. Like patriotism, psychology and violence is the refuge for scoundrals w/o a care for science or the brutal tortures like electroshock, lobotomy, and straight jackets forced on thousands of never violent humans. Think of the humans that have supported psychology: sagan, carlin, lennon, stern some of the smartest humans on earth...what chance do nonviolent humans have against the popular theories and labels of psychology? Some humans appear to question psychological forced treatment like foster and paglia. The labels like 'nut-job' are simply too well worn in most people. 'violent', or 'stupid' are never used because violence and stupidity are praised on earth.

What interesting places the psychiatric hospitals are. They are like the 'other prison' where most people committed no crime, but did something to anger some other human. The 3 times i was taken by humans in police and locked in psychiatric hospitals I:
1) was riding on a train for free
2) spoke out at a dmv for 30 seconds and would not put out my cigarette when asked outside by a human in police that then hurt my wrist, thru me down, and stepped on my head.
3) had loud music playing and did not put down my car window the second brame in the chp or long beach pd asked, but did seconds later and never resisted or fought back.
None of the above are violent, or are against any law that i am aware of that would put a human in a jail or hospital.

Humans get opportunity to talk with a famous human. Are they nice? no. they are rude and mean.

Problem in usa/oc=
Stupid, Violent and Wealthy
Stone-age humans with space-age technology

Emergency relief to people in usa == air dropping evolution textbooks and videos.

Fold-out briefcase helicopter. draw picture. May be electronic/gas/compressed air. Only need to get 2 meters off ground.

Antisexual nazi humans in interpol and brit, must have had more unstopped fist fights, because they arrested peter townsend for seeing images of child pornography. Maybe the images from his eyes taken by the thug cauc male brut outerpol humans from inside his house will serve as evidence, but then, seeing the evidence would possiblty open the humans on the jury to charges of child pornography.

To the humans that invent thin soy roast beef go all the arby's money

violent humans rule the camera and thought networks, humans that killed JFK, RFK, Nicole Simpson all free, but I am not allowed to see camera network or see and hear thought because I am some how "immoral, insane and perverted".

Look at the people in the police. Do these people look like the kind of people that are excited to enforce the age old laws stopping violence? No. Most are looking to pop people like Pee-Wee, Poundstone, druggies and prostitutes. Most fit the image of the human that punched the person in Inglewood, CA...or the Rodney King beating. Far from enforcing assault laws, these humans are enforcing assaults!

I saw a Vietnam video with Walter Cronkite and again, Cronkite uses the word "nightmare" (in stark contrast to the message I supported "dream" - this is a typical protest by the fascist people - another is leaving a door open because I tried to talk to a female I thought attractive with nice large tits and had touched my ass, for a date - she may have only been 16-18, and so (mostly religious and married - so their sex life is over) humans that watch me thru cameras in my car, getting images directly from my eyes (brain) and the eyes of the female, and on the street, images that nonfascist people do not get to see, saw me leaving my door open as clear proof of pedaphilia. Terrible people. Antidemocracy, antisexual, proviolence, antiscience without doubt.). What a brutal old violent antisexual antiscience human Cronkite must be. To stand on the throne and crush the bright younger people like me. I can only guess what this human has against me and my popularity. If the drug arrests that he has done nothing to stop, think of the alcohol and tobacco this hypocrite human has used, but use marijuana and you can join the millions of nonviolent humans in the US prison camps for years according to people like Cronkite. Here people like Cronkite sat back and watched Sturgis kill JFK, Cesar kill RFK, Chapman kill Lennon, etc...thousands of nonviolent humans killed in their prime...but does Cronkite speak out against violence?...never. I am getting a strong hint that violence may be a serious problem in the USA after the millionth uncaptured kill of a fine nonviolent human. Then Cronkite says..."dad"...like somehow this human has achieved something, but this is typical from the marshmellow religious, victorian sentimental empty sports loving brain. and the brutal reality is that these marriage nazi humans that all wear the metal jesus ring of antibiology have crushed free sex and reproduction without marriage. Making sure I will never get in to the camera network and find a female to have sex with....marriage would look bad if I could reproduce responsibly and enjoy sex without marriage. Cronkite and the other brutal humans were at home in the violent anarchy of Nixon and the Vietnam war. Sturgis was never captured, Thane Cesar lives free...and Cronkite fits in perfectly. Think of a smarter more sensitive gentle human (perhaps like Sagan, and thousands of others) that could have been on the tiny frequencies used by tv. Open the frequencies up already, open the wireless internet, free market for information and communication. make the internet faster....end copyright already, arrest Sturgis, and Cesar, show the images, show the evidence some time.

What angers me, is that these humans sit back and watch me with millions of other humans, like some kind of elite, slave owners...and I and millions of others in the "real democracy" never get to see them or hear them think. Think of that....Cronkite and others sat there for thirty, forty years hearing thoughts..using this excellent, tremendous technology..that appears to be relatively simple...looking at the National Geographic image of 1985. But Cronkite, like most of these fascist people probably feels, that the public "can't handle that...like he can". Perhaps Cronkite is angry because I tried to film inside a CBS station in 1995 only to be chased out as some caucasian male human pounded on my glass while I was filming the entire time, and then to have the video cassette stolen....this may clash with the Cronkite view of honest news reporting...and perhaps Cronkite (as millions of you people) is angry ewith himself for being a part of such a brutal group involved in violation of privacy, theft, assessory to murder, copyright violation, and probably a million other nonviolent undemocratic laws. Cronkite has hundreds of thousands of dollars for kissing religious ass, and lying his own ass off....going against science and being as brutal as average and never speaking out against violence. Probably 4 or 5 thousand humans watch Cronkite, but I have a feeling that more watch me...but for speaking out honestly, for opposing violence, for opposing the drug arrests, for having nothing to hide, refusing to bow to religions and traditions like marriage, I live from pay check to pay check and at the end of a month have 100 to 400 dollars in my only account, not to mention a $2000 credit card bill. Most of the money I spend goes to building robots that will clean for humans, telling the stories of science, learning world history. Where does Cronkite money go? To continue marriage, religion, psychology, to buy more land of the tiny planet earth, to the Jesus based churches, to making sure violence is not stopped.

I was thinking that after the first 1 million humans see me in my apartment, I could get to see 1 of them. But I guess I was wrong.

Virus is a living object (or piece of life) because made of DNA in my opinion. If a virus could live off of bacteria (and I guess yes, a virus can), then a virus may be a at least as old as bacteria.

None of the male or female humans i ever see are intellectual humans...and i worry.

1 fem human i have never said 10 words to in nb lib said 'all set', then 1 fem human in ralphs on harvard, who i know is nasty [called me 'cheap'] said 'all set'. Perhaps as are the initials of some human that wants to kill me. What is upsetting to me is that some of you are happy that sturgis killed jfk, and cesar killed rfk and are both still free...do you ever think you or somebody you care for could also be killed and the human go uncaptured?

After the killing of jfk, john lennon, nicole simpson, and thousands of other never violent humans, if a violent human gets killed [in particular on the way to do violence] i am not too worried.

where are the laser guns? Photons are faster than a bullet.

If taken to court for copyright violation take pictures house/apt of human charging you - is there vcr? tapes? Cds? Disks? Photocopies? Then take them to court for violation of copyright.

Problem of foton held by gravity for longer radio beams/rays/streams. Possible answer= photons not move in wave

Electron from neutron

I understand how a group of people can be nazi, teaming up against a member of the group viewed as weak or inferior...the humans where i am employed see each other in the morning to decide to all wear either white to support the brutal idiocy of locking nonviolent humans in hospitals, or black and red for traditional nazi colors refering to a costume i wore in a 1997 music video....even a male human that wears female clothing wore white with the others...i have to laugh at how funny and ironic that is and think 'how unbelievably influential labels of insanity and the pseudoscience of psychology are'

There appear 2 sides, windows [copyright] or unix [no copyright] in a number of fields. Copy right versus right to copy, i am with the latter.

Secretive versus public

Hiding info or sharing info

Do 1st violence vs stop 1st violence

Destroy vs build

Lock nonviolent people in prisons vs free non violent humans from prisons

In anne frank video heidi gossler says something of importance='anne collected pictures of movie stars...this i was not interesting at all' [perhaps pretending to not understand english well enough to say 'this i was not interested in at all']. This hints at what and perhaps why millions of humans never guessed that they are watched by millions of other people.

Psychiatric hospital like gestapo building. People are taken in and some times never come out [until dead].

Phrase- it is a statistical impossibility, like hearing the word 'photon' used in the usa.

Bad steering by humans in usa- excluded smartest, included most violent....loss of 2 buildings...you people 'steer like greer'

Pee wee herman, paul reubens arrested for child pornography=pure, unrestricted, unlimited nazi fascism. Here you humans see humans of any age in their houses, hear their thoughts, see brutal violence against humans of every age, and easily see and store millions of images of nude children. What gestapo, nazi humans are responsible for the reubens arrest? the name of the accuser human is not given. steve cooley, district attorney for los angeles county arrested poundstone for lewd. How this human got elected is a mystery. This time, the da for la 'city' the secretive nazi jesus god cult antisexual spatrtabhuman 'rocky delgadillo' is to blame.

questionable 'science' in brazil, 'race not reflected in dna', is race learned?

ofcourse there have to be clear dna patterns that decide skin color, skull shape, hair curliness, etc...

Unbelievable = human 1 [dontee stes, perfect name for the jesus based antisexual] shot with metal bullet gun wounding human 2 that supposedly put penis in mouth and or anus of human 1 10 years before against possible objection....and 12 antisexual proviolence humans on 'jury' let human 1 go! The kind of 'sex abuse' is never shown, but i think this opens the door for shooting the high school bully, shooting a human that spanked you years earlier,..etc

Al gore not want to be on ballot for usa pres, does bravely confirm that the human that killed jfk = 'frankly sensitive' [frank sturgis]

Up with science! Down with religion! Up with free trade of all data! Down with violence! Up with sex with consent! Down with antisexuality! Up with touch! Down with privacy! Free all nonviolent humans (and other species) from prisons

Atheism emesgs:
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People of any age that have genitals touched (molestation) clearly received no physical damage (and I am
sure that most of the time there is no objection), but antisexual religious people consider molestation violent
and as a result people like that man who was killed last month in a Boston prison who was nonviolent but
was exposed to a human in prison for homocide.  When it comes to sex religious people lose all sense of
reality.  People can be locked in jail for years for being accused of "kissing a penis" (in Florida - Frontline
did a story on this case), and "sucking toes" (this happened here in Irvine this year, the person was
sentenced to 27 years even though, of course, there was not even pain, and no clear objection). 

I also think psychology is fraud, that thought was first seen in 1910 and heard in 1913 by viewing humans
in the infrared, and then was surpressed from the public by a group of rabidly nationalistic, fascists humans
numbering in the millions, and that all matter in the universe is made of particles of light, so I have a number
of unpopular views. 

Spanking and violence is much worse than touching the genitals of a human.  Religion is traumatizing, and
so is antisexuality, but I vote against locking in jail those that traumatize with the lies of religion, that ghosts
exist, that magic is real, etc... 

Where is the outrage for spanking?  I think that millions of young people go without even so much as a kiss
for years indicates the antisexuality inherited from religion, then in particular in the case of males age 12-18
that cannot have sex because even oral sex is illegal, that sexual frustration turns into violence like
Columbine and Santee. 

There is a video clip of JFK squeezing the buttock of his daughter Caroline, and I am sure that puritan
antisexual people label that as pedophilia and molestation, and think Caroline should be entitled to millions
of dollars for psychological mental suffering. 

The Michael Jackson case sounds more like people taking advantage of antisexual laws and hysteria for
financial gain.  That people view touching genitals, kissing and or masturbating between humans of any age
without clear objection as a serious crime is ridiculous and barbaric.  That humans under the age of 18 are
unthinking property is also stupid, they know when they are hungry, they do not like pain, and avoid pain,
no body likes to be spanked.  I was spanked, but I am not suing my parents or "babysitters" for emotional
trauma and child abuse.  As in the case for treason, and espionage, molestation may be a reason to inform
other antisexual people and the public that "this human is antisexual, or this human is violent, this human is a
spanker, this human touches buttocks, this human is selling photos to people of other nations..." all
nonviolent activities.  Let the human go from your child care service, let the human go from the FBI, etc....I
vote against jail time as being too barabric for a nonviolent touching or information crime.  We are entering
an era of complete freedom of all information and an end to privacy, I am disappointed that the elite people
that do enjoy complete free information do not feel that the public might also enjoy this system of complete
free info. 

If people really cared about the physical safety of younger people they would be vigorously arresting and
convicting for spankings, belting, fist fighting, ...non sexual violence too. 

One good thing is that there may one day be a majority of people that want to stop violence.  Already there
is a majority of people that are nonviolent (although probably not a majority that do not make threats of
violence), and a beautiful thing is happening:  You cannot use violence to stop the leaking of secrets and
therefore secrets get leaked and the leaking people survive a usually violence-free life. 

This entire antisexuality inherited from religion is the reason people can take money to clean bathrooms, to
spend 12 hours in a field picking berries, but cannot even ask to take money for touching a genital in most
nations.  This is the reason public nudity and sex is outlawed.  This is why people can be tossed away for
27 years for simply sucking the toes of a kid.  I hope that free thinking people can see the logic of stopping
violence at any age, and vigorously pursuing jailing people that initiate violence (and perhaps even make
threats of violence), but not those that are copying or distributing information, or simple touching with no
clear objection.  If there is nonpainful touching without objection, I think the logical answer is for forced
separation, and if painful touching some time in jail decided by popular vote.  Even talking about legal
nudity, legal drugs, supervising younger people kissing and hugging is forbidden by the puritan majority.  I
went without sex until the age of 18, but starting masturbating at age 12, so for 6 years I was denied sexual
and/or physical pleasure.  The day may come where there are lawsuits against people that forbidded their
children to kiss until age 18 because of the brutal denial of physical pleasure, or for spanking by non genetic
related humans of children with clear objection.  One of my best memories is playing "5 minutes in the
closet" in middle school, how great to get to kiss 3 or 4 different girls....I did not kiss another girl until
college 6 or 7 years later.  The antisexuality is brutal, nothing in science tells us that there is anything wrong
at in sleeping together, in hugging, in kissing, and even sex with consent, only in religion is sex viewed as
evil.  In some states of the USA and most of the Islamic nations anal sex is illegal, having sex with some
body that is married is illegal (adultery), seduction was illegal (having sex under the promise of
marriage)...these laws are undemocratic and brutally antisexual, where is the hysteria for stopping
violence?  for teaching science and evolution?  Where is the "history of science" movie?  the "evolution"

On the topic of hiring religious people, I simply think this is critical thinking, I would hire an atheist over an
agnotic, an agnostic over a believer and I think that is a free market choice, I want to support and protect
truth.  There is a belief that religion should not be criticized and I reject that belief. 

On the topic of marriage and last names:  Perhaps you may enjoy my song "Tammy Smeckers-Hanes", and
as always my song "atheism" available at tedhuntington.com all part of the public domain and free to copy
and share. 


I am not sure if the last message got thru because I am having trouble
viewing it, so here it is again.  I have never heard that story about Tom
Edison, but I have great respect for Edison, he was atheist and a hard core
realist.  James Haught has a good quote of Edison "religion is all bunk", I
heard a realaudio interview with a very old Edison, where Edison was asked
about "soul" and Edison replied "what, your brain?", he made the advanced
decision that soul was yet another mystic religious mistake, the religious
banned anatomy and autopsies for years.  Edison took a large number of
insults for his atheist views, but that did not stop him other than to admit
he felt that there was a "higher energy".  I saw a video where Edison when
asked what his opinion of Einstein's theory of relativity was said (I am
paraphrasing because I don't remember the exact quote)  "I don't have any
opinions on something I don't understand".  I would have liked Einstein when
asked "What do you think of prohibition" to say "I used pot, and I think pot
should be legal".  That would have been a scream, but instead he said
"no,no..." and refused comment.


Ted Huntington wrote:

> I am surprised at how violence is acceptible to most people (in
> particular religious people).  Why is there a registry for "sex
> offenders" before a registry for "violent offenders"?  If I had to leave
> a human I made half of in a room with a nonviolent sex offender versus a
> violent offender I would easily choose the sex offender.  The human
> might have a testicle fondled, or be kissed on the lips with the
> nonviolent sex offender, but spanked, punched or slapped by the violent
> offender resulting in pain, possible bruising, and a negative memory.
> There is no law that allows spanking, spanking is a simple assault,
> spanking is not self defense, most children never consent to spanking,
> and verbally and gesturally clearly object, but the assault goes
> unpunished.  Think of the psychological trauma of physical abuse, the
> unpunished fist fighting, the spankings, all acceptible to a cowboy and
> indian, brutally antisexual, violent group of under informed, under
> educated humans.  I am against locking in jail nonviolent parents that
> use drugs, that have poor eating habits, or messy living spaces, etc...
> When I was 14 or 15 I would have loved for an older female (perhaps
> 20-30) to touch the breasts of, to give me oral or vaginal sex, with
> clear consent, and even clear requests! but no female would ever risk
> granting that favor for fear of a life sentence in prison.  If I ever do
> get to vote on any laws I will vote to lower the age of consent for
> males to 12.  No matter what people say, the fact remains that touching
> with no objection between humans of any age is not as bad as violence,
> does not cause any physical pain, and does no physical damage, all
> humans involved are not bruised, are not held against their consent
> (unlike most spankings), are not killed, are not physically damaged in
> any way, excuse me for life if I think that spending millions of dollars
> to stop this kind of touching and ignore violent touching is stupid.
> There is a serious difference between molestation and rape, clearly rape
> (or penis in anus, penis in vagina, penis in mouth, I think that penis
> any where else, for example armpit should not be labelled rape, but am
> interested in reading your opinions) is violent, not consentual and must
> be stopped, and those that did the violence to humans (and primates, and
> perhaps all mammals too) of any age locked in a jail by democratic
> vote.  I think the idea of "statutory rape" is wrong and vote against
> the idea that a human under the age of 18 is unthinking, uneducated, and
> should not be allowed to chose what they can and cannot do or allow with
> their own body.
> The clear priority should be stopping violence, then stopping nonviolent
> activities.  I do look forward to a registry of violent offenders some
> time, I certainly vote for that (wherever the imaginary UN or USA voting
> web page is).
> If only the people that religious people flew the planes into the
> buildings 2 years before now, had gotten regular weekly sex, had heard
> stories of humans going to alpha centauri, had been taught a detailed
> history of evolution, etc...I doubt there would be the error of thinking
> they would go to a heaven, still thinking that Mohommed was not made of
> 46 chromosomes, still using the word Allah or God every 10 words, and
> violently antisexual.
> The topic of molestation is a popular topic, but why don't atheist
> people take on public nudity, legal drugs, planetary democracy, lack of
> science on tv and in movies, secret technology, support for complete
> freedom of information, an end to privacy, cameras on the streets
> available to the public, lowering the number of violent events in the
> USA and on earth, legal prostitution, unjust anal sex, pornography, and
> obscenity laws, Frank Fiorini killed JFK, Thane Cesar killed RFK, why
> the coverup?  Where is the US space program, why are we not vigorously
> building walking robots and moon laboratories?  Why are there more
> cameras, VCRs, DVDs and robots made in Japan?  What happened to the
> people that made the first sustained nuclear fission reaction, the first
> moon landing, have they turned to religion and turned off to science and
> engineering? Who are the least religious candidates?  Who are the least
> violent?  ...there are millions of issues that need to be
> addressed...and I look forward to any comments you may have...
> Ted

I made a new song "atheism" at tedhuntington.com/songs.htm.  Please copy and share freely all my works
are in the public domain. 

I saw a video clip of Ronald Reagan summarizing his 8 
years as US President saying: 
"...and we didn't just mark off time..." 

I think that this refers to Mark David Chapman the human that killed the atheist
John Lennon.  That Reagan and the Republican people that typed that speech
claimed responbility for the killing of atheist John Lennon is the reason that
atheist and even agnostic people should never vote for the current group of
Republicans, they are too violent, dangerous and brutal.  What these radical
right religious people did was to send images and sounds (for example the sounds
"do it, do it") directly onto the brain (I think perhaps in the infrared) of
Mark David Chapman (and thousands of other easily steerable) to get them to
think that god is talking to them, answering questions in their head.  Many
people with strong brains can shake off the suggestions (in the form of sounds,
sometimes in the same pitch as the natural voice of the human), some are not
able to.  Perhaps I am wrong on these details and people can fill in the details
from anything they have seen or heard. 

I do not doubt that there are many paid for (and some even voluneteering for
"the lord") religious republican or otherwise people that follow around the free
thinking to steer the many people that view those interesting people into
negative antitruth and antipleasure views. 

when people say "bless you": (a friend from Spain tells me that it is commonly
accepted that in a lecture hall if a professor sneezes some person in the class
always says "bless you", but in the USA that does not happen).  I say "think,
you!", another snappy someback I am aware of when people say "God bless america"
(I saw this last night on an OCTA bus), I say "yes and the devil curse those
european bastards" - for some reason for a president to say "god bless america"
is ok, but not "the devil curse our enemies".  Belief in a god (not gods) is ok,
but not a devil (at least not openly). 

How about the human that killed the young male human in a faith healing
ceremony?  Last month a female and male killed 3 humans they made thru sexual
reproduction because they thought they were possessed by a devil and this is
common, but the wealthy religious pay to hide the news stories, and people do
not like to hear about violence. 

On the issue of religion separation from government that appears to be the one
and only issue of most established atheist groups, I take this view: 
I support complete freedom of all information and democracy, so if 
people vote to have religion in government then the democratic choice should be
supported, even though I vote against such a decision. 

How can atheist people expect religious people to be fair and yield to logic
when the atheist people will use any tactic possible, even if illogical or
unprincipled, to win?  I have to admit that I am glad that the perhaps unpopular
opinion of removing religion from the government (like currency) has had some
effect, but still I think people should focus on educating the public and
winning thru democratic efforts. 

Hi Mark and Kimba

Great to see atheist people. Atheist people are usually very smart. I
am always interested in seeing how people chose atheism. For me, my
mother is atheist and enjoys Ayn Rand (also atheist). Seeing Cosmos by
Carl Sagan lead me more into atheism, and then reading world history
finalized atheism for me. I am more antitheism (ofcourse tolerating
religion, but advising against religion).

I hope you are talking about nut as in testicle job (that sounds
pleasant) and not the pseudoscience psychiatric holocaust that goes on
unseen. Like the gestapo, humans walk in, and sometimes never walk out.

Are you typing that the xtians (Christians, or Jesus based humans) are
"damned"? Damned to a hell that you supposedly deny the existance of,


Religious people do not even recognize "bisexual" people, 
to them any thoughts of same gender touching make a person "gay". 
But then religious people do not care much for the study of sex 
or human anatomy, unless seeking to ban material. The finer 
points in the universe are lost on most of the brutal religious.

I think that being nice is a good idea - taking abuse from the religious
mean majority but not retaliating shows people that the mean people are
the problem and not that both people arguing should be blamed.

When people are willing to pretend that there is a god, claim there is a
Santa, think there are ghosts, etc...why would they care for truth? Are
if people look at the record of most religions, humans see that the
religious humans have consistently been incorrect in punishing people
like Galileo that made solid contributions to life of earth (but then of
course they apologize centuries later - although not for Giordano Bruno,
or Chavlier).

I first read of the young Chavlier from James Haught. Here is something
I found on the web: (This a typical story from the history of
Christianity/any religion...although seldom ever seen)

"But Voltaire was not so lucky in the case of the Chevalier de la Barre,
a young man of 19 accused of passing a religious procession bearing the
Sacrament without taking off his hat. His tongue was torn out with
pincers; his right hand was cut off; then he was beheaded and burned at
the stake on July 1, 1766. In Abbeville, near Paris, you will see a
statue erected to his honor; the young Chevalier is tied to the stake in
supplication. I will translate the French inscriptions at the base: "for
not having removed his hat when passing a procession."


I like to think that people in science, at least atheist people, change
their opinion based on the physical observations, where religious people
do not.

I think the most I can do is make videos explaining world history. I
was amazed to learn of the past killings done by the Jesus based
people. Most people never learn that, for example, the never violent
Italian Giordano Bruno was burned alive at the stake in 1600 (an easy
date to remember). If most people have never heard of Bruno (or
Chavalier, Voltaire...most of the free thinkers and scientists) how can
I expect them to see the planet and humans from my perspective (unless
ofcourse they have access to machines that detect infrared that shows
what I see in my brain). What upsets me is that most people have never
heard of Lavoisier, Vasalius, or Hero of Alexandria, but the person
appointed Pope gets hours of planetary television time to spread the
lies of religion to the young and old of earth. If there was an atheism
television channel, (there is a history channel I am glad to report) or
a science channel humans would not be as misdirected and steered into
destruction as humans are now.

One thing I was thinking of that is interesting is that life on planet
earth will probably always be viewed as more backward than life on other
planets (although some planets or moons may have such a small human
population that violence and stupidity is more likely). The earth will
be for those people that never went into orbit, and view the universe as
"the world" only. Any body off of the earth will already be familiar
with the idea of other planets.



>  what tests have indicated that there are no
> gods?

The evidence offered by history.  That humans invented language, and
then invented gods.  The explanation that human like gods controlled
universe was the first explanation (by the evolving homonids) of the


I also agree with the explanation that what and where are the gods? 
the gods matter in the universe?  If no, there is no evidence that
gods exist.

The idea is simple, that humans claim that there are ghosts,
angels...these claims are hundreds of years old...humans make words
describe millions of nonexistent objects including gods and devils.
Humans still battle to see if a quark exists or not.

The idea of gods and devils can be compared to witches, ghosts,
spirits, soul (some of these based on early medical/anatomical
explanations - egad pass on the surgury back then!)...even ideas in
science have been proven innaccurate...for example humans thought
gods) that an aether existed in empty space, that has been proven
false.  I guess if I made a robot that judges explanations of the
universe, I would value statements that use the word god as having
.00001 chance of accuracy/truth, given proof of other objects like
"computers", or "cameras" that are backed with physical images as
of existence.


>From the Rig Veda:
"Who knows for certain? Who shall here declare it? Whence was it born
and whence came this creation? The gods were born after this world's
creation. Then, who can know from whence it has arisen? None know
creation has arisen and whether he has or has not produced it. He who
surveys it in the highest heaven, he only knows, or happily, he may
Epicurus (341-270 BC):
"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not
Is he able, but not willing? then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"

Hecataeus of Miletus (~500 BC) said to be weary of religion even
Christianity and Islam.  (please correct me if I am wrong ...because
cannot remember if Hecataeus or some other greek human did).

Any way here is "The Christian Horror Show":

Christian and Islamic people are united in the belief of a god.  The
other side numbers only 1 of 10 or some ridiculously small number but
growing so that 2700 AD,  50 of 100 should realize there is no god.


This song is funny...I am still pissed about that Galileo thing.  The
religious humans have consistently punished the best humans on the
planet.  Punishing people that helped human progress, for being the
first to see and explain the moons of Jupiter - a clear help for
on earth, Galileo (and millions of others) were not rewarded, not
promoted, but only punished....and the religious people continue this
brutality to now!

"elitest leaders, head like peters(?), shoveling religious shit..."
is funny...  put the words on the web page...

If you like antireligious songs you will like my stuff at

Keep going with heresy and truth!


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One thing that is interesting to me is why a male nipple?

Because (obviously) the DNA to code for the nipple isn't
on the X chromosome. 8-)

I think that is not obvious, but does reflect your usual high handed, absolute 
certain, impression, and yet is still helpful. The code for nipples could be 
anywhere on the 46 chromosome for all I have ever been shown. I am now more 
interested in thinking of the evolution of the chromosomes. There must be 
eucariote cells with only 1 or 2 chromosomes. Are the chromosomes all the same 
size? Why do chromosomes split and stay separated? There must be some advantage 
to having chromosomes split instead of 1 longer chromosome. Finally, are more 
recently evolved traits found only on 1 chromosome or can new traits be located 

I worry that people may be presuming too much from bone anatomy.

You mean presuming that we can follow the evolutionary
pathways of certain groups through the fossil record?

No, filling in too many blanks, like muscle structures, hair, skin color, etc... 

from only bones.

Not a presumption. We CAN. And then, wow, when we
apply DNA testing, we find that we were correct.

Well I think we can try, and I look forward to 3d anatomy models using DNA as a 
source code.

That a feather looks like a hair, and also that birds have hair on their
heads. I guess some people could argue that the hair on the head of,
for example a bald eagle

from http://www.baldeagleinfo.com/

Are you being purposefully obtuse? Hairs and feathers
are related: they both evolve similarly from scales and hide
and such. 

hide? I thought a hide was a group of hair, I am doubtful of an origin of hair 
from scales, I think reptile skin cells evolved in to warm blooded (mammal, 
bird, etc..) skin cells.

They both generate proteins in much the same way.
Clearly the basic mechanism for evolution of a hair and of a 
feather are similar. This doesn't mean that they evolved
from each other, or that it can only happen once.

Here is a link that defends feathers evolving from hair (although in
what looks to be a religious page):

"Answers in Genesis" is a site by Young Earth Creationists, whose
goal is to question any science that results in an implication of an
ancient earth, and evolution. IF you claimed to them that feathers
*did* evolve from hair, they would laugh and say "no, feathers
didn't evolve. God created them as they are, perfect." 

Any pretence on AiG's site otherwise, is a ploy to try to discredit
evolution, in this case, Bird evolution. 

I refuse to heavy handily dismiss or ignore all the data provided on any web 
page simply because the site is religious (or racist, or violent, etc..). I like 

to be aware of important data, but truth is truth no matter from what source.

For example, they use the claim that "everyone agrees that 
Archaeopteryx (archie) is a bird" in their attempt to claim that 
archie therefore didn't evolve from therapods. 

I thought archawopteryx was catagorized as a bird, or aves.

since THE measure of whether an organism (on the therapod-bird
lineage) is a bird or not is that it has feathers. (Taxonomists have
to arbitrarily draw the line somewhere.) 

so then the statement was accurate.

[ This is similar to the reptile/mammal distinction being that
mammals have three bones in the inner ear. (The bones
happen to have originally been found in the reptilian jaw, 
and simply shortened, were released, and migrated toward
the back of the skull. This process took place over 100
million years.)

Here is where there could be more in betweens, mor clear numerical examples of 
what species, how many found, no exceptions of other bones growths or missing 

A simple graphical fossil image, location, and evolutionary tree would be nice 
for $10 from barnes and noble.

In the meantime, the animals also became
warm-blooded, got hair, burrowed, and generated milky 
fluid from sweat gland patches. They didn't yet have fully-
defined nipples, not did they give birth to live young. YET
there had to be an aribtrary dividing line somewhere. Since
bone anatomy is the only reliable thing we can get from the
fossil record, that's what is chosen. ]

DNA may show more.

Claiming that archie is a bird is AiGs way of denying that
Archie WAS classified as a therapod dinosaur, 

I seriously doubt this, and religious humans (that believe in evolution) tend to 

echo the party line served them from the so-called science people. Hawking talks 

with and advises the pope, most of the most popular humans in universities 
believe in a god, wed taking an oath to a god and the idiotic antibiological 
monogomy, and that is perfect for the religious. The majority of religious 
people swallow whole the stories of science handed to them by mainstream well 
funded tv, books, etc... Alternative ideas, like that a photon is matter, 
antimatter is actually matter, light does not travel in a sine wave, do not get 
explored or debated by the most popular in science (all 5 of them), and equally 
ignored by those in religion.

of virtually every other feature. And then AiG furthermore
denies every other feature. If you are interested in both
archie's avian features (4 of them!) as well as dinosaur
features (19 of them!), here's a good page:

What is kind of funny is how 1 sided both pages are. For me, I like to address 
the most popular arguments from the other side, not hide them.

I think that the DNA will be more helpful than the 10 or 20 fossils with feather 

impressions. If feathers did evolve from scutes then the chances of finding an 
in between species is probably next to impossible.

Is the opposible big toe in mammals?

I get the feeling that people think I am taking some 1 or 0 opinion, when 
really, I simply am keeping an open mind and not certain, only want truth, with 
the most value going to the opinion that proves the most true to me. I am not 
interested in winning, I am only interested in truth.

This only compares archae and reptiles, I would like to see a comparison to as 
many other species as possible, in particular momotremes.

In addition, I think that not calling a warm blooded (possiblyl haired) living 
object a dinosaur is logical. There should be a clear division between 
haired/not haired, cold-blooded/warm-blooded in evolutionary maps/trees.

A number of these numbers are comparing modern birds and archae, and that is 
interesting, but again, not debunking the idea that birds and monotrems evolved 
from a warm blooded haired object.

There really should be other possible species listed. Showing a list of 
similarities without comparison to any other species (other than modern birds) 
is a comparison of 1 item.

Lesson to be learned: PLEASE don't quote from Creationist
web sites... 

As I typed, truth is truth and good ideas are good, no matter what source. I 
find your view to be closed minded.

Did you know that I came up with the phrase "jesus-based" to describe
all the Christian religions (xtian as some people here indicate) into a
more realistic group, a cult of people that follow a monarchy type of
structure around one human that died in the past. 

But that's just the definition of "Christian". 

a new definition that challanges the rubber-stamp "christian" word.

This consolodation
has helped hundreds or perhaps even more to realize that the confusing
maze of Jesus based religions can be thought of simply as all being
based on 1 person, and therefore similarities can be seen. I am also
adding "jesus worshipping" humans to this list of phrases used to demote
religions. You people could be assisting with this demoting and
simplifying of religion.

What about a further disctinction, between those religions
that think we need to be "saved" or that think we need 
somehow to escape or transcend? This describes Judaism,
Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism, as well as countless
other small ones. I think that's why I like paganism, or
other non-organised religions, which pretty much think
"hey, this is it. Let's enjoy."

I think people need to be more simple and specific. For example "transcend" I 
would replace with "life after death" (perhaps in some other part of the 
universe...that part is not usually detailed, althought some think that the 
bodies float around the earth, or have access to humans on earth, etc...), and 
"escape" is too vague for me, but I get the idea

I think describing and classifying all the religions is a good idea, my main 
interest is pulling/informing humans voluntarily out of religion the best way 

as far as I know paganism had zeus, etc... and I am not sure if there was an 
underworld, or afterlife but I think yes.

Hey if you like debating fine points, I found that Frank Sturgis killed JFK 
(perhaps with Oswald shooting some shots), and Thane Eugene Cesar ("gene cesar") 

shot RFK, while Sirhan did wound 5 people, but not RFK. So now, what human shat