Opinions 2004 AD (News + Current Events)

"When a human lights a match, are the photons made at the time or were the photons always there?"
-Ted Huntington
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12-26-04 Huygens probe may deliver some awesome images, I explore and reject dividend scheme
12-19-04 The US is moving to some 1920s era, but what goes down must come up.
12-12-04 Nazi puts dead rat number two, this time outside my apartment.
12-06-04 Fear of God or Hell has not made people more honest or less violent
12-03-04 Poll Comparisons
11-28-04 Only 33% believe evolution, what a revelation
11-21-04 I guess the age of universe now depends on the size of the telescope
11-14-04 DNA experiment, CA proposition comments
11-07-04 After election comments
11-03-04 Kerry concedes election
11-02-04 Still before election
11-01-04 Looking forward to election
10-31-04 I can prove the Big Bang theory false, USA election
10-24-04 Maps keep getting bigger, US Pres vote depends on a few states.
10-16-04 Dead mouse in "H" shape on bike path I take every weekend in Irvine
10-15-04 All my volumnous final Presidential debate notes and "Fahrenheit 9/11" notes deleted from my hand held computer by evil
10-12-04 Debate questions from me
10-10-04 Truth will help me, covering up the truth will help the opposite side. Second pres debate
10-06-04 US Vice Presidential Debate
10-03-04 1% of humans on earth saw US debate
10-01-04 US Presidential Debate
09-26-04 How different is the Bush jr. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq to the Hitler invasion of Czechloslavakia and Poland, were the invasions really their fault?
09-19-04 Colorized photos from JFK Mary Mormon photo are good enough evidence to reopen the JFK case to find out the name of the person in the police uniform and the person in a railroad hat behind him. Actual unemployment and DOW Jones Industrial Average for Clinton and Bush jr years, shows success of Democrats and failure or Republicans.
09-13-04 10+ bad memories of the Bush jr 4 years of misery
09-05-04 The old hair in the food on the Newport Beach pier; puritans think sex ed and atheism for adults only, but lies of religion good for kids: my public access show was moved to Tuesdays 10:30 pm because of "adult nature".
08-29-04 Anti-Gay fever? The Republican Convention is back agin. List of helpful snappy responses to the nazi empire.
08-21-04 I want to have access to a registry of the church going, list 'religion' on questionarres that have race
08-16-04 Summary of my current interpretation of the universe, letter to United Nations
08-09-04 People that assault you and then call you a thug.
08-01-04 Can John Kerry pull the USA out of the fire of war and unseen violence?
07-26-04 "Psychology words" like racist words of the past. prepare for Ted Charach interview in Comcast LA
07-19-04 Gestapo antigay flare up, FYRN in OC, Emergency News in Comcast LA
07-12-04 Had to accept return of my first DVD sale, Bodies in Motion was very good
07-05-04 I sold my first DVD, Bodies in Motion, and Cassini/Huygens
06-27-04 Republicans need a Trump, or Buffett, not a pope, or general that spends all our money on frivalous, no return, and brutal causes.
06-20-04 We live among people still in the 1600s, that refuse to accept that light is a particle of matter influenced by gravity
06-14-04 When will people seriously address problem of violence?
06-10-04 My "Stop Violence, Teach Science" shows air on Comcast in Los Angeles, and Cox in Orange County.
06-06-04 Reagan died and I celebrate, he was a brutal stupid human that did nothing and worse. Prepare for searching for violent crime local news only.
05-30-04 The high paid money buzzword among the secret hypocrite fascist infrared network is, the fraudulant pseudoscience, excuse used when locking thousands of nonviolent people in hospitals (popular with Nazi people, because locking up the first strike violent would decimate their ranks) word: "crazy".
05-23-04 Michael Moore wins a Cannes, now if only people in the USA get to see too
05-16-04 Why do people have no interest in stopping violence? Maybe the 1 million nonviolent people in prison could tell you: because they ARE the violent!
05-09-04 Violent events drift in to the past with the killers never seen or caught, but people spend months and millions buying front pages and court time trying to figure out if Jackson touched a testie
05-02-04 I am for the people with the cameras
04-25-04 Little publicized fact: all living objects on earth recycle the same atoms, all taken from earth, no plants, for example, make any new matter as they grow.
04-21-04 Goal: Liberals more informed than conservatives.
04-12-04 Disney puts out "Kill Bill part 2", but human in NY may be jailed for 1 year for putting "kill [name of a president]" in electronic message for small screen
04-04-04 At the heart of the infrared lie
03-21-04 Chen Bien shot in Taiwan, R Kelley, and Pee Wee.
03-14-04 Destruction in Spain.
03-07-04 A life without love, touch, science, full of violence, and daily lies and secrets makes younger humans mean and violent.
03-01-04 Right wing kills leaders, leaving fatherless children. Linus creates "Linux" alone without ever looking at UNIX? according to source copyrights yes. At least parts with word "sane" attached must be original, no feeling person would support that kind of injustice.
02-22-04 More copyright injustice, reich wing unstopable? the 4 big errors of liberal people
02-17-04 Devil and God myth coupled with antisexuality and psychology (not to mention tolerance of nothing except violence)= problems for earth.
02-09-04 Fascists everywhere that violate every part of my body, but I know truth is the future.
02-01-04 This is not democracy when 70% think medical marijuana should be legal, but is not.
01-25-04 We are trapped in time
01-21-04 To vote republican is to vote for war, waiting for liberal backlash
01-11-04 2004 election, drug war 70 years war, many people thank god, but is that the god of evil?

The huygens probe and cassinni ship are reaching the exciting part, we may get to see the surface of the saturn moon 'titan' up close, this is goi to be awesome. A 7 year journey has led to this point. On 1/14/05 the probe will start descending to the surface. I hope there are plenty of color images from huygens all the way to the end.
Pages are:

We have to work towards securing the freedom to own and make available any images no matter how gruesome, bloody or violent, including child pornography, even if a violation of privacy. The other issues of trespassing, putting cameras in apartments of other ppl w/o permission, etc... We can continue to debate, but lets guarentee, no prison or fine for owning and sharing any image or sound files at all.

Check out buyblue.org and choosetheblue.com to see what businesses gave to democrats or republicans. This is awesome!

I have been against the iraq war since the beginning, check my web notes, if we are doing our fair share with the united nations to enforce homicide laws i support that. Here 100 ppl a week are being killed, bush jr himself admits that that iraqy ppl cannot maintain a democracy w/o us support. The public doesn't get to see the images of this cafeteria tent bomb/missle [we are not even told what the cameras show] because of those in power with everything to hide, but for those ppl in the tent, seeing their coworkers with intestines blown out, arms missing, writhing in pain on the floor will probably stay with them for life if they survive the attack of iraq. I dont remember un peacekeepers being so damaged. What kind of security is there when a person can strap or carry in a backpack explosives, their thoughts can be seen for hours on the base, but they are not detected? If this is iraq can it happen in the usa? We relax on the sofa here, but iraq is not a different planet, those thousands of homicides are happening here only a hemisphere away. I voted against an iraq invasion when first announced, and still am voting against the iraq war. I vote for a united nations peacekeeping group to stay there, otherwise, i vote for pulling out and for a uniform multination policing to identify, and capture ppl with violent crimes like thane cesar.

I hope the defense attorneys pull out some good shit like, we enter exhibit 1442 the eye images of bush jr allowing the 9/11 plan to continue...'at gen; move to strike! Judge: sustained!, def: and further we admit into evidence the eye image of bush senior paying frank fiorini for the killing of jfk. At gen: move to strike!, they are insane! Judge: sustained! We will not have this court be a circus, we will continue with this mockery of democracy....def: bush sn was a frank fiorini funder!....and so on....that would be tits as they say

What stops ppl from buying 1000 shares of some stock just b4 a regular dividend, and then selling after? Perhaps there could be dividends that are only given when a share is owned for at least a year. At $7 to buy and sell, a person could move $10,000 to companies that give divs jan,feb,mar...each month, then sell after the div. For a typical bank that gives 4 quarterly divs at 1%, that is a $100 div -$14 broker fee=$86. If timed well, a person could get 2 dividends/month. That is $100x12=$1200. If moving $50,000, that would be $7,000/year before taxes. it is labor intensive, and perhaps not worth the money, plus price fluctuations while you own the shares could add loss [or gain]. Finding companies that routinely fit into two different halves or 3 thirds of each month is difficult too. At once a month, you might as well keep the money in a share, and count on the regular quarterly div, and spread the shares between companies that give div in different months. For many, the actual date of div fluctuates. most companies announce 10 days b4 when their div will be. Perhaps companies will implement daily dividends so ppl will not be able to time buys to be the day b4 a div and sells the day after. A number of companies offer higher than 3% annual div, some reits offer 5,6, or 7%, which = up to just under 2%/quarter. you would need to do 3 $100,000 buys/sells a month, at 4% yearly div with 36 highly consistent companies, just to get $36,000/year -$500 broker fees. If you simply put $100,000 in a 4% div you would get $4,000 anyway with no work, but the potential for 9x that amount exists with alot of work and analysis. buying and selling takes time to clear when the money cannot be used. Moving a $100,000 chunk around investing in 1 company only is not a great idea to many ppl, so that is another negative. there are many stratagies, one is to space the times you get dividends evenly so you get a regular monthly income each month. More stock sales and buys = more processing when doing yearly taxes. This is a dangerous scheme, and more like gambling then investing. A simple $1 drop in share price can = $400 to $500 lost! If you hold shares for more than 1 year, you only need to pay 20% on any capital gain, but 1 year or less= up to 40%! I think i am almost convinced that this scheme is not worth even trying, because most of the prices after the dividend are less than before almost every time [there is almost always a capital loss]. I am glad to have analyzed this scheme. More info: you have to buy the shares 4 days b4 the div date [they must be settled], and you must hold the stocks until the end of the div day -2. So 1 pattern would be:
Buy 5 days before div
1 buy
4 buy settles
5 sell
7 div date
8 sell settles
Buy div-6 wkdys sell div-2 wkdys
My current conclusion: the price after the x-div date [div date-2] [watch out that yahoo lists x-div date, not div date] almost always is less than b4, so this is not worth it. But looking at prices, there is a predictable gain up to the x-div date that may be greater than the div, if it is, sell, if no, take the div would be the strategy there. one form of that is buy div-7, sell div-3 or take div sell div-2. I think i will pass on this one too, although, for some companies i see a gain 2x the div in the days b4 the x-div date, but you have to subtract $14 broker fee. One i see is .74 gain versus .51 div for 351 shares [$10,000], the difference is $80-$14=$66, not really enough for all the hassle. I think the smarter investment is reits+banks with good 5 year [and 10 year] capital gains+divs for over 1 year. Even if you ignore div spacing, you can live from dividends from each quarter. Dividends are nice because you get money from your money w/o having to do the paperwork of buying/selling shares.

Google accepts $? for 'snow ball fight' ad in favor of violence, same day cox cable aires first 'stop violence' huntington ad.

Pioneer anomoly=corrosion of rocket hole? I guess no, because thrusters not going anymore. Could be collective slowing due to collision with photons, protons, hydrogen atoms in between stars.

Dark matter=is there matter that does not emit photons in infrared? Still, matter can go undetected if we never detect those photons in the infrared.

Congratulations on the relection, this means 4 more years of non stop laser to head assaults from ppl we never see, headaches, and humans killed in iraq for no good reason, just the bizarre first strike violent philosophy of bush jr and those that vote for him. To think that without that 'constant war' philosophy, how many less humans would be killed, and be in the first moon city.

Headline: 'china is removing corruption from government ', that is like 'bush removing religion from government'

We will survive this, what goes down must come up.

Was this election rock versus country, with country music winning? My mom loves cointry and voted for kerry, so i am not sure about that, but bush jr had a country song theme and kerry was in a rock band.

the fire in london, us that what blair calls security and safety? They have infrared cameras, why aren't they using them to stop violence and destruction? In georgia, a person burned the 'loveshack' down. I doubt these are the ppl we want with sole access to infrared cameras.

Is there something in the usa that is not now republican?

We are in gridlock i think, ppl continue to put dead rats, beam my head...perhaps the threats of violence and assaults have increased, but not much has changed as far as i can see. We continue to descend as a nation and planet.

Was reagan obsessed with john lennon? I think reagan was, many ppl were interested in hearing john lennon give his sarcastic appraisals, and kitchen rants. always against reagan, the republicans, nixon... lennon lost reagan some popularity, but probably more importantly, lennon was more popular than reagan...perhaps. I can only guess. In any event, few ppl that are as influential and as smart as john lennon was survive the nazi usa, some have. Nixon constantly watched rfk, and lbj watched mlk...they must have known that when both could see, that them showing more interest in the more funny, witty mlk and rfk meant they were less popular and i am sure that made them jealous and angry to the point of violent [although the majority of ppl in usa are completely unaware of all the cameras]. I think what happened to john lennon was that reagan won the 1980 election promptly and angrily stopped the protection of lennon that carter provided. After lennon was killed reagan said 'that what ive been talking about all this time', perhaps killing lennon was a campaign promise to the rabid violent christians in the secret camera nets. years later the brutal and dull reagan would take credit for killing the prolific, talented lennon in saying 'we didnt just mark off time'. the killing of lennon was about as epochal as thane cesar killing rfk, mlk being killed, and perhaps less epochal than fiorini killing jfk. What will bush jr do with 4 more years? What epochal figures will they kill for the blood hungry immoral christians? I think no one would be a surprise... Not killing innocent wonderful humans is not known to be christian republican fascist nazi values. They live for war. Want constant violence, calling ppl intent on enforcing homicide and assault laws 'pussies and gay'. The brutal republicans are against natural free speech, and free market popularity. If somebody sticks out, is very popular, they view that person as a squeeky wheel, or one of those whack-a-mole type of games, they are not for the free flow of info, stifling the natural interest that exists in uncovering the killers of jfk, 9/11, etc...

I think that i ultimately have the last laugh in thus killed rat incident, in that the ppl in irvine and orange county still have to live under these police [basically without any police, except maybe thought police] and killed rat placing people long after i move. think of those that are not white, not male, exposed a little too much of the eye network, had copies of national geographic....

3 humans in police shot and killed a human at uc davis. No news was reported about the alledged shot fired by the man, did it miss? Did a webcamera and/or microphone capture the event? What about the eye images and thought network, did they? It is impossible for people to imagine the justified killing of a human in police, some how they have many more rights and a different law system, access to info and infrared cameras illegal to citizens not in police.

The dioxin poisoning of yushchenko, the dead rat outside my apartment...the right wing are nothing but a bunch of nazi criminals.

Denice Denton, the new uc santa cruz chancellor is the only [and perhaps first] engineering chancellor in uc.

Look at each time racists, antiscience, antisexual, religious puritans were taught a lesson. In the us civil war, and ww2, the post war situation was very different for the us and europe, slavory and naziism were gone, and the truth and images of auschwitz filled the screens.

Instead of a dead rat by my door, ppl could talk to me in a meeting, we can make a contract, i am willing to stop my pub access show for 1 year if i get to hear thoughts, ... I am willing to negotiate, but these ppl are simply thugs that want to use violence and cannot negociate agreements peacefully.

At some point the ppl in science will be a force to reckon with, they are smarter than the dumb antiscience but less in number.

Recent history tells us that naziism eventually is crushed. But think of yourself as bush jr for a minute, i would think, look at us, we can trash the economy, invade nations, allow 3,000 ppl to be killed in 9/11, make millions of mistakes and the ppl still bow at our feet and worship us like kings and queens! What if we received that kind of mandate? I would think, wow lets move forward with ballot measures to democrate the government, against copyright, and privacy, for legalizing drugs, and prostitution.... wow they are supporting us in every way!

I am against saluting, formality, uniforms...put the money into identifying, capturing, and jailing first strike violent humans, counting votes, building walking robots, cameras, feeding, etc...

I would go down with the freedom democracy sexuality truth free info stop first strike violence equal race and gender ship, i will never give up. Much of my life has been spent promting these ideals and that will be the way the rest of my life [only 100 years, too short in my opinion] is spent.

The usa is moving to some pre 1920s era.

I put out a good message, against first strike violence, for more democracy, for science, for free info, its not my fault the majority of ppl choose to oppose those ideas.

Many ppl think the ideas i am describing, that all matter is made of particles of light, light has no amplitude, and the universe is older than 15 billion years, are bull shit, but what if they are true? That would make me one of the major contributors to science on earth of this time.

Perhaps a bigger pendulum turn is happening. We have seen these patterns, ppl go brutal then eventually go antibrutal. We are seeing, perhaps, the opposite to ww2, the nazification of the usa and the liberalization of europe.

I am interested in telling my story. I am working and ppl ssometimes say what i am thinking! I can remember vividly, the pigeon brain account, ...then i am watching a national geographic special and i see these images [at bim.htm].

The most important and devastating weapon the democrats have is the infrared secret, fiorini, thane cesar...it's information! A bunch of images! Not a high tech gun, not nuclear weapons, not walking robots...it;s just a bunch of eye images! But they refuse to show the public, they refuse to let it go, to air it on national television. Ppl are killed left [and right], but they refuse to show the infrared, i guess they prefer secret violence and maneuvering in the secret nets, and fear public opinion and truth escaping.

I appeal to non white ppl, do you think there will be places for non white ppl under Bush nazism? May be in the gestapo, but never as head of gestapo.

I will never roll over and play dead, i have always fought for the the truth and freedom and will never subscribe to a jesus or ghandi philosophy of turn the other check, i am more for 'an eye for an eye'. Religion is idiocy and corruption, i am for truth, stopping first strike violence, and democracy.

My bottom line opinion is now to try to get out of southern california. If nobody could stop a nazi from putting a dead rat outside my open window, there is not much in the way of police or security in irvine, or anywhere else in southern california. I was thinking of buying a gun, but these ppl have much, much more technology than i do.

I told you that some kind of krystal nacht may happen since bush jr was reelected. Here a dead rat was put outside my door, but maybe your store or house is next, and i am not jewish, nor do i use illegal drugs anymore, i dont even smoke or drink alcohol anymore, i've never touched a penis other than my own, and have much less sex than other people.

Talking about rumsfeld, remember when rumsfeld tried to compare the person that broke in and stabbed george harrison as an angel plundging thee sword into the demon or something like that? And these ppl are going to enforce the assault laws?

What i have been thinking lately: we can cajole, and feel relief in peaceful talk, but the people that put the dead rats near my apt are not gone, they are not stopped, or even slowed, they are not going away, please remember, i have to even remind myself. Peace is an illusion, because there is no resistance or police.

I think bush jr is the worst leader the usa has ever had. Maybe worse than nixon. Although nixon was clearly linked to the killing of jfk and the overthrow of democratic government in the usa. Reagan had john lennon killed...there is tough competition for worst leader.

The bushes sometimes use the word 'democracy', but if they were actually in favor of democracy wouldn't medical marijuana be legal? Wouldnt we be allowed to vote on the federal laws? Even simply gov polling to find the popularity of old laws? On court decisions? I think bush jr supports the current system instead of democracy. I am in favor of true democracy with the public getting to determine the us federal budget, voting for united nations members, for us laws continuously. I dont see any democratic reform coming out of the bush jr radical right christian group.

I saw an article, tragic that 3 nonviolent ppl were arrested in china, the propaganda outlet said 'the right' has had trouble forming democracy in china. What a lie it is to call prodemocracy chinese ppl 'right wing', that is simply 'communism versus democracy'. Most of the chinese for democracy are viewed as radically liberal by all, they are the intellectuals, in the universities and media. there is something beyong 'right' and 'left', where ppl like joe stalin and richard nixon join in like minded policy of violence and jail for nonviolent political opponents.

A wave of stupidity has engulfed much of the earth.

Irvine and southen california is now a nazi territory, if nazis can put a dead rat outside my door, there is no liberal security here.

Nazis start out a little bit at a time, first all they want is you to be quiet, then all they want is your money, then your property, then what else do you have left? Are you going to call the police? They are already all nazi.


I hope you people are very different from me, then you will not have Nazi's put dead rats put on your driveway. I heard of a jewish doctor in Huntington Beach that had a swastika painted on his house. This is just like Nazis.

This is just like the jewish people in Poland. Here I am wanting to leave southern california for San Francisco but am being flatly rejected as if I am some how scummy, just like people wanted to leave Nazi Poland for England, but were completely rejected (except for a few couragous individuals like Sugehara from Japan). Here I am saying, let me build robots for the democratic group, just like the Jewish people in the Polish ghetto asked for weapons to defend themselves, but am being flattly rejected. If I am killed, unless you are very different from me, you will be next. Maybe you enjoy using marijuana, maybe you want to own pornography, maybe you do not want to be forced to attend church, perhaps your writings or past statements contain liberal or sexual material, ... I think for those people you should be concerned with letting Bush jr, the nazis, and the police do whatever they want to me.

The democrats seem to always follow this pattern, they want peace above everything else, the nazis want war and continue to simply push over the marshmellow democratic forces, as far as they can. They violate the WW1 agreement, Chamberlain seeks to appease, they invade a sovereign nation, again Chamberlain gets a "peace in our time" written agreement. The Nazis will continue to appease and talk the language of peace, but the intimidation with dead rats, etc... and secret violence will keep happening. Ofcourse, none of that stopped the Nazis, and the only thing that finally did was large scale violence. I know there must be strong opposition to Bush jr out there (obviously not around my apartment with the dead rat that is still there), the union army beat the confederacy, the allied nations beat the Nazis, although it took a long time and many humans were killed.

Perhaps some united nations, or europe people could be stationed here and escort any people with rats, etc... away.

One last point, does keeping the infrared cameras secret really benefit you and your situation? Keeping Frank Fiorini a secret? Keeping Gene Cesar a secret? Keeping the killers of Nicole Simpson, Jam Jay a secret...does that help you and the cause of democracy, science, sexuality, truth and justice?

I am adding more:
I am definately calling for impeachment of Bush jr, recall on Swartzenegger, demotion of Mike Corona, and demotion of David Maggard, Irvine Chief of police. This is just like kystal nacht, the police not only sit back and watch violent crimes, and intimidation but participate in them.

Many of us just want to live in peace and get our nonviolent work done. If I am intimidated for my videos, any person in music, acting, or film can get the dead rat, the horse head, the dead fish, ... and threats of violence. People start with the perceived "worst" (meaning the best in reality) of the artists, and chip away at the edges to get to the juicy middle. What do the republicans have against us getting our work done? They constantly interrupt with tumor beams, don't they have nonviolent, non-laser work they can do?

I think the infrared net has gone out of control and into the hands of a nationwide nazi movement that is no longer controllable.

If I am killed, any and many Nobel prize winning human, person in radio, television, film, sports, democrat can be killed.

My advice to the democrats is the obvious priorities:
1) expose the infrared nationwide
2) expose frank fiorini nationwide
3) expose Thane Cesar nationwide
4) Use the thought machines to count votes and establish a democratic stop violence system
5) start building walking robots by the billion, and deploying them around the planet to capture, store and transmit images, in addition to identify and capture first strike violent humans.
6) Establish and secure international alliances with all people in favor of democracy and stopping first strike violence.

Some white nazi right wing male human put this dead rat next to my apartment, the second rat to be used to try and intimidate or threaten me with violence.
This is what you get, a society where the right wing Nazis run over the marshmellow democrats, and you all voted for it. You voted for Bush jr, you voted for Swartzenegger, you voted for OC Sherrif Corona, what did you expect, that they would uphold the violent laws?
Whatever you thought, obviously the opposite is true, they are allowing (and the social democrats too! no less) these right wing nazi thugs that pose as Christians to stalk me, and put dead rats around my apartment. Is this what Christianity is about? Is this what good Christians do? Is this law and order? How would the Bush family enjoy finding a dead rat or horse head on their driveway? How would the Swartzeneggers like a dead rat on their back porch? How would Corona like a dead rat on his lawn? A rat on Beth Krom or Larry Agran's lawn, or in their kid's school? Is this the way they want to run Irvine, Orange County, California and the USA where white supremecists go unstopped? I doubt they would like that. I am calling on the United Nations people and the people of other nations to send people to observe our situation here in the USA, why would there not be? Are we not like every other nation? Show the public how social democrats are being intimidated, show the actual video.

Can you imagine that the killing of a US president in 1963 could result in a full scale civil war in the USA 40 years later? A secret kept in 1910 would result in wide scale violence and war 90 years later? My advice, if more violence breaks out in the USA, is to take over a national television station and start showing the story of the infrared eye images, go quickly into how Fiorini killed JFK and Nixon's eye images, etc... how they were all involved, you have to win over the public, and that is national television, that reaches the entire nation (although probably in the racist states they will switch it off), but also a main website at one or more of the national television stations. Truth is on our side. If there is another US Civil War then I think that this war would be fought with lasers, walking robots, and guns and ofcourse would be a bloody mess. To think we could be working together to make a strong economy where everybody has clean water and food to eat, but not for the idiot republican christian nazis, they need blood.

I was saying last night that, the right wing in the USA is like a monkey with a coke bottle, they continue to touch it, and then back away. But, we know there is no stoping them, they are poised to do a military take over when they feel too many secrets have been shown to the public. The more people show the infrared, the more the right wing violence starts happening, there must be a direct correlation. The more people start talking about Fiorini, the more the right wing starts using violence, they can and they go unopposed. The only thing stopping the right wing from imposing a military dictatorship in the USA (more than there already is) are the tv stations, and newspapers, and barely that. I guess half of the army and military, but looking at this dead rat, is there really an opposition, I mean, why wasn't this guy captured and lead off the property? You all saw him, and still do? Why not a three strikes for this kind of thing? This is strike 2, what the ? is going to be strike 3? Isn't there an 'intimidation law', 'stalking law', 'trespassing'?

The right wind stands poised to turn the oceans of earth red with blood, why does nobody oppose them and that religious fervent hate?

You can see the fascism surging forward and yet people can only watch. If you wanted to try and stop it, what could you do? Even if I can't stop it, at least I am trying to by putting out the truth about the infrared, Fiorini and Cesar.

I think that the infrared secret has grown into an unweildy Nazi fascist being that the people that initially kept the secret may have never imagined it would be, and certainly far beyond what liberal people ever wanted. The traditions and secrecy, and enforcement of silence by using violence and intimidation has taken on a life of it's own. This have gotten way out of control, far from the principles this nation was founded on, far from the basic ethics of the ten commandments and more importantly, the laws of the USA and the states.

I am amazed at how married conservative ppl can take so readily To illegal watching ppl and their eyes in their houses, wow i thought i was free wheeling! They feel no moral problems with watching ppl voyeuristically, protecting those who break in, put in the cameras. What about protecting those that use violence to keep the infrared a secret?

It is disgusting the way religious fanatics infiltrate universities and corporations at the highest levels. In particular knowing the history of religious fanatics killing and punishing scientists to have church going christians at the head of schools is corrupting science and stopping the spread of truth. They want gods in the lessons, they hire their church friends no matter if they care for science or know anything about history, they want jesus and prayer in the universities, they vigorously oppose atheism, nudity, sexuality, honesty, free information, democracy, and technology.

I think a person could spend years recording assaults never prosecuted. Ppl have a way of tolerating assault but not sexuality.

The ppl, not the governor, should elect judges. No sentence should be determined by a judge, but by a jury/poll/vote.

For ppl thinking about touching the genitals of a human under age 18 or letting a human under age 18 touch your genitals [this includes penis, vagina, breasts, scrotum, buttocks, kissing on lips, showing pornography to, filming or photographing them in the nude, or to masturbate to], i issue this serious and important warning: don't or be prepared to spend 20 or more years in jail, far more time than ppl spend for homicide [6 yrs], or assault, know that molestation is viewed as a violent crime and mixed with assaultors and killers. ppl in the prisons in jail for molestation are often targets of violence, molestation is viewed as worse than assault of a minor, in addition know that the statute of limitations for molestation and lewd conduct is decades more than that for assault of a minor or adult [only 2 years].

Good wall poster ideas:
Periodic table
Complete world history
World map
Closest stars
murders chart [us or world, solved/unsolved]
History of Science
Hist of inventions
A person in science besides einstein
Classification of species
Possibly laws when they get cleaned up

Buy.com is now using word 'crazy' in spam messages, to me that is callous and scummy, but is about average for the antiscience religious puritan uneducated antisexual masochists in the usa. They are big into torture and jailing nonviolent people for their thoughts and words. I doubt we will see any ads against assault and homicide from buy.com, or for science, or for freeing the nonviolent, or sexuality, criticism of religion. So i am not banning these 'crazy' companies, but am focusing my shopping on newegg, and others who are more neutral, and less apparently brutal. For example, we should not support ppl that are for secrecy, for racism, for violence, etc... It is simple survival mechanism, we should not feel good to support our own imprisonment, oppression, destruction, etc...these ppl will sway back and forth, trying to play both sides, like jellyfish on the ocean. For me, but like a robot, i tend not to forget, the so-called 'middle' is shocking to me, they see the current right, they know about fiorini, about nixon, thane cesar, but say....we can work with these killers. This is an interesting, classic phenomenon. Did the pplmthat went with the flow of nazism, eventually pay for that choice over time or did ppl forget? For many, they paid a price the rest of their lives, others [like von braun] paid less of a price. Ppl still make claims and 'out' former high ranking nazis even now. We will be 'outing' those who were vocally and actively for infrared secrecy, violence, antisexual, for the drug war, psychology...

Any particle we can see, including the 'background radiation' must be from a tiny part of the universe that we can see, while the rest of universe is immeasurably large beyong the tiny part we can see.

I want to see some of what is happening in spain where they are starting to publically condemn the legacy of marcos, happen here, where we examine the truth about nixon, e howard hunt, fiorini, cesar and how a few right wing ppl stopped democracy in the usa for 50+ years.

Here i am watching, like many ppl, watching what is left of my youth knowing i am not getting the regular weekly disease free sex with a variety of different ppl that humans will enjoy in the future, but this way of life is way too exciting already for the majority of ppl.

Scary and tragic that pantera guitar human was shot and killed on stage in colubus, oh. How many ppl knew of the plan from eye images that did nothing to stop it? Why are the videos of the show not copied and made available to the public on the web? maybe because of copyright and privacy.

Those videos of the ppl plotting the killing bof jfk, mlk, rfk and john lennon must be very valuable objects, duplicated many times. Can you imagine if an overzelous, frightened president ordered the videos to be captured and destroyed? Ppl can remember the eye images, but not pixel for pixel. Better to make those valuable videos public and let the images be copied by all. They are the main physical evidence against the now dead fiorini, nixon, and the still living cesar, hunt, bush, etc...

Walking robots picking up trash, grocery shopping, shoveling sidewalks, washing dishes, cleaning, bathrooms, everything humans can do and more.

I think the particle theory of light is the way to go.

Its amazing to think of how many particles are bouncing around on an average day walking on a path even at dusk, all from the sun, reflecting off ppl, trees, every leaf, into our eyes and everywhere else, millions of light particles moving many meters every microsecond, defining everything we see. We dont see the ppl or trees, we see the many particles of light reflected off of them.

What do i think is the future of toilet paper? Wet toilet paper, with disinfectent, and maybe scented for a more effective, comfortable and cleaner wipe.

Good to read ppl are showing more logic and compassion by lessening drug sentences in ny, but some argue not enough.

With the iraq war, didn't we learn all of this from the vietnam war? Wasn't this kind of unpopular military take over thoroughly debated and resolved then? I hope democracy succeeds in iraq, but i have my doubts, women cannot even vote in this new democracy. There should be much more free flow if information, the case for democracy should be out in the open, and behind the scenes trickery [like not allowing caskets to be shown, and no walking or even handheld video cameras allowed] should never be needed, in particular if ppl in iraq are trying to set the example for the future of planetary democracy and policing/enforcement of violence laws.

When a human is attacked there must be the attack [with a laser in the ceiling, etc...] immediately followed by ppl thinking a quick vote to jail the assaulting human, for life [as in my vote, until we can see our attackers], for 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, or 50 years. In this way, democracy will eventually win and stop violence in the process. In fact, i have a permanent vote that any and all humans that first strike assault a human, my vote is automatically counted to jail them for life until the person attacked can see their attacker.

Sentence people to hell with me, it feels good.

The bush victory is a victory for violence, for secrecy, against truth, against sexuaty, against science, for racism, for genderism, for homophobia, for filling prisons and hospitals with nonviolent humans, for deficits, homicide, assault, a bad economy.

I should be where ppl want eyebody to look. if you have a product or service you want millions of ppl to see, put me there. If you have something you want to keep secret don't put me there.

In singapore chewing gum is illegal. A person can get a year in jail. Death by hanging if caught with 500g of marijuana.

One thing i was thinking of, is that magnets must be a source of free electrons in space, since the particles of magnetic [actually electric fields in my opinion] fields are electrons. Using a stronger magnet could free and accelerate those electrons moving outside of any magnet.

With the end of paper money, replaced by credit cards, or even electronic money, goes 'in god we trust', but i am still in favor of changing it to 'in truth we trust', or in 'science' we trust.

Qt: I am amazed that the words used to describe violence are much more acceptable than words that describe sex.

I think perhaps many ppl can relate to the 'jessie james was jailed? Good.' feeling. Or 'jessie james was killed. Well, i think that we will survive as a planet and species.'

Who wants a bush jr knew about 9/11 video, they're everywhere, we want the bush senior eye images for the jfk killing, those are collectors items,...

Taco bell on jamboree gave me an extremely spicy fajita, so spicy i traded it in for a refund. I vote to ever support those involved if possible. if they put some unplesant thing in my food, they will for other ppl, and ofcourse, if something unplesant is in their food i think that is justice. This raises the point, i get more of the laser tumor beams and abuse from other low income people than ppl as popular or less popular than me dont get beamed or get grocery/restaurant insults because i am not wealthy, we dont live in a true free info democracy where all can see. Plus being excluded i have no idea what ppl are good or bad.

Qt: Fear of hell, nor fear or love of god has made any person more honest or less violent.

Or else nobody would fund and protect frank fiorini, thane cesar, etc...or lie about the infrared cameras seeing what our eyes see. No fear of hell for being involved in killing, or lying. Hey asshole, thou shalt not kill and certainly not help in protecting those that do, nor shalt thy lie every second of life.

3 police cars surround a del taco in irvine, but we all have no idea what is going on?! What kind of supervisors are we? The ppl in police use our money to do all these things, and w dont even get to see what they are doing! The public cares nothing about how their money is being spent? Why 3 police cars are outside del taco? If they are in danger... Here we pay for the cars, the jobs, the clothes....why not make a system so taxpayers can see what our money was used for? The idea that ppl in any government should be doing anything secretly is and will always be evil. Not everybody will own a missle, but everybody will control the use and location of that missle.

I think the us economy under this groups of criminals ['republicans'], is like a person in a headlock, for the first 4 years we take a loss, the person cant function in the constant head lock, but the next four years we may see the dow increase as much as 5%! Because the person [economy] in the head lock is learning to eat and do business while still in the headlock.

How many more years are we going to continue to deny that infrared cameras see our thoughts? Is it a fun nazi existence? Living a lie, pretending no network exists? Not for me!

'sweeping un changes', sound trivial to me, where are the images, violent crime databases, the new system of planetary internet voting, a new focus on democratically approved planetary homicide and assault laws, planet income tax, representatives ought to be elected already at regular intervals, ...

The best democratic leaders would give the ppl internet voting on all existing laws, and enable the technology to let the ppl rule.

I am hopeful for the marijuana supreme court decision, will they side with democracy, the 70% of ppl in the usa that support legal Marijuana for medical use, or will the 9 elites reject democracy? Guns, knives, tobacco and alcohol remain legal. That ppl can be punished and are not allowed to decide what they put in their own body is absurd. On the issue of state's rights, i side on state's rights for all laws except violent law which should be enforced on the entire planet, because democracy is scalable, what is popular in 1 city may not be in an other city, if nonviolent then it is a less serious law. I think the states should be viewed as the test bed for future federal programs, experiments in states should absolutely not be squashed by ppl elected in the federal gov, or popular opinion at the national, or even planetary level.

What is the story on those ppl that beam us from above [the ceiling?]? Are they all males? Whites? In us military? Ordered to beam? Paid to beam? acting alone in beaming? To think that our tax money may be funding assaults and attempted homicides of our own nonviolent citizens.

I doubt we will see movies like farenheit 911 in 2004-2008, the tiny chance ppl had and they blew it, now we will have no objections, no truth will escape to the public.

The feeling i have is that we were all kind of laughing that the poor russians ice cream fell to the floor with putin, but now they laugh at us because our ice cream has also fallen to the ground with the bush jr reelection. Neither nation will be a leader in science, human rights, social progress, or technology obviously with such conservative backwards leadership. The russians will have to wait for putin to die of old age, and then the next pres in 2011 will be his like minded ultra conservative neighbor. At least the usa has a chance in 2008 for some relief and change if ppl suddenly remember jfk, mlk, rfk, john lennon and those that killed them, this group of republicans, the infrared eye nets, democracy, stopping violence, etc...

Good to see ukraine parliament voting to dismiss gov of official 'winner', it seems clear that the ppl want and voted for yuschenko. I wonder if the usa had a fair election, seeing how the conservatives just declared victory in the ukraine.

Another hidden reproductive system fact: The menstruation of most species [only mammals menstruate, egg laying species do not] is reabsorbed, only in humans, old world monkeysand some bats does 'overt menstruation' [fluid/blood exit the vagina].

Whatever it takes to make us feel safe from assault and homicide. We have enough money and enough prison space for all the violent millions.

Other popular ppl dont use their voice, their popular influence in their houses to stop being beamed on, unlike me, they let these violent criminals roll the tumor beams all over them.

There are us, those stopping first strike violence, and them, those doing first strike violence and that is all there is to it. It is clear in the camera net, they attack an innocent human, we shut the attacker down [with lasers, pellets, property damage tranquilizer darts, prison, however it works] , the rules are very simple. Any human beaming any other human is to be stopped, the highest priority going to the most popular, and/or the least violent perhaps. There just should not be any argument, somebody is being attacked, it has to be stopped. We have to try to get there.

For all the 'pawns for god' that get killed in the name of violencedo you think those that command them get a drop of blood on them? Ofcourse not, do you think those wealthy white blood hungry killers many ppl vote for and support get beamed on in their house? I seriously doubt it. Only we get assaulted and have no idea where the assaults are coming from.

My feeling on lawless unpunished violence is fed up.

Brussells nailed the 3 ppl on the grassy knoll, naming frank sturgis and e howard hunt, 2 of 3 not bad!

Do you know that if somebody attacks you in your apartment, even if both of you or only they are in the secret camera network, you have the legal right to kill them as an act of self defense, during the attack and even until they leave your apartment. Some may argue, you can only attack them to the extent of the seriousness of their attack, for example if somebody is beating you, you cannot kill them, you can only beat them back, or raping youyou can only rape them back, but i think we all know that no jury would jail a person that shot and killed a human that broke into their house, and certainly if that person attacked you. so i think many can argue that those humans that attack you in your apartment can be legally killed in self defense.

Prompting the poem:
Here lies this piece of shit human
Who dealt with many illegal germs
he liked slot machines and beaming ppl in their homes
And now he is being eaten by worms

We certainly vote to capture and jail those ppl, but i think we know that is not happening when ppl are attacked or anytime after that.

I think the wheeled rover idea for mars is ridiculous, there needs to be walking 2 leg robots to walk around the big rocks laying everywhere.

The number of spurts or orgasms a male may have is interesting, w/o filming, counting is kind of difficult, but i estimate 3 or 4 is normal for me. I wish there were more.

I was in a ihop and they played a song 'i pray for you' and i thought...the usa has turned into some kind of kristna land with air head ppl clapping finger symbols.

I want a stone, o5 metal house, wood can rot, is not durable, and be eaten by insects.

Storing a dead turkey in the refridgerator is so daumer-esque. That there is some dead body, the size of a human fetus, in the refridgerator in various states of being eaten, is an anatomy lesson, but also kind of nasty to me.

Somewhere out there there must be automated machines that cut the heads off of chickens and turkeys. The heads must fall into some big bin of heads. Even cow heads must be collected as the thousands of cows are killed for the millions of hungry humans.

I am a person that wants other ppl to know as much as i do, i dont want to necessarily teach them [i find repeating myself and things i have already kearned more than once boring], but i work hard to make sure everybody has equal access to everything i know, i feel better when other ppl know as much as i know. But many, maybe even most ppl, are the exact opposite, they dont want other ppl to know as much as they do, for example, the less ppl that weld, the better for the weldor, the less surgury ppl know, the more money for the ppl that do know how to do surgury, etc... Which group are you in? The 'want everybody to know as much as you do', or the 'better when everybody doesn't know as much as you do' person?

In some way i dont want ppl to have my credit card numbers, but i dont want a society that depends on secrecy for security, or where if somebody does get my credit card number there is no technology to stop them from charging any thing with it.

The obvious future is where cameras, computers all make who is who very clear and identity theft is impossible because of the technology, like trying to lie in the secret infrared eye and ear networks.

I compared (and found web comparisons of) the pre election polls with the final vote counts and found that (with no voting fraud, I think that there was voting fraud, but we will have to wait for the eye images to be public to know the truth):

Group 1 (Most Accurate for 2004)
Survey USA
Strategic Vision

Group 2 (Next Most Accurate for 2004)
Research 2000
American Research Group

So I think I will think more accurate the data given by the top four polls (in particular Survey USA) for the next election. But people will certainly do more comparisons then too.

Here are my theories on the changes at the cia, but maybe i am wrong: i think when the cia and fbi put the warning of a hijacking in a daily briefing, when they decided to go on record against letting a hijacking happen in the usa they were going against the bush jr orders of going along with letting the hijacking happen to turn ppl conservative and allow emergency powers. Conservatives have a history of reischstag fire type activity. Those trajedies make ppl think they need a strong arm conservative government [for some bizarre reason. Hasnt history shown us that this current right wing are killers and criminals?]. So now bush jr put goss in place to make the cia less of an independent voice, that would include warnings of a hijacking on paper in a highly visible public document, they all knew about in the secret camera infrared eye networks that bush jr wanted to keep secret. Perhaps i am wrong, but that is my under informed guess. If ppl turn liberal, bush jr will probably allow another hijacking or bombing to happen. I think thats what happened in spain, but it backfired, allowing the liberals into power. To pretend that bush jr was angry at the cia for bad info on wmds in iraq [something i actually read] is absurd, they all knew everything from the camera thought networks, bush jr wanted to invade iraq the day after 9/11 according to richard clark.
12/06/04 update: this still does not take care of the rebels in the FBI, which Bush jr may have given up on, or will later make changes in the FBI to remove the people that added the report about Osama Bin Laden to attack in the USA and the people taking flight classes that Bush jr ignored.

I cant understand why the left always bows to psychology, antisexuality and religion, instead of countering the right by saying, 'forget about our perversion, atheism and insanity...what about all your unpunished homicides and assaults, aren't those worse?!' they never do put down the right as violent criminals, instead they conceed that the ppl on the left are perverts and insane and that should be the topic of all the talk. Homicides went up under bush jr, where is the criticism for not cracking down more on violence in the usa?

Listening to the us govt line on the ukraine voting fraud, i have to ask: 'this message is from the bush jr administration?', the demand for fair vote counting, criticism of the conservatives like putin, i wonder how the exit polls differed so much from the 'official' vote count for florida and missouri in the usa election. T is is the administration that forced the doj to not count the 3000 ppl killed in 911 as homicides, but as victims of terrorism.

I think what michael moore, myself and other anti iraq war ppl do is a noble effort to try and save a few thousand more lives, but farenheit 911, all of our efforts were not enough, so now thousands more humans will be killed that would have lived had our efforts suceeded with the public.

Intesting that dan rather is quitting. I haven't watched tv news for byears, i prefer tto see the ap stories in text format and then go to video if there is any. plus most News is nothing but paid for fluff propaganda, 24 humans are killed in the usa each day but that news doesnt get told, plus the secret infrared eye network was never reported, etc... I dont get to see behind the scenes, but clearly this is the result of his liberal democratic sided story that questioned Bush jr's military record, nobody denies that. That is the cover story, but i think there must be more to it. Rather is recognized for doing 'who killed jfk' stories more than other anchor news people, even showing video of the killer of jfk frank fiorini. That must anger the bush family and the rest of the right wing that want to protect and keep secret fiorini, and keep the jfk killing quiet. Even with the cover story, a person does a liberal story and has to step down because of pressure from the ppl currently in the us govmnt? Or else face fcc, sec, etc... probes, while right wing machines like the fox network dont have to pay a dollar. I wonder if there was a trade because that religious antisexual puppet zelot Brokaw had to step down too.

Its an amazing thing in the ukraine, what is happening. This seems to me that the earth has reached a stage where the group with the largest army is the winner of 'democratic' votes. I, and probably most ppl are voting for a nonviolent transition to the human that won the popular vote, that appears to be yushchenko. i think the main answer to these election problems for the future is for total freedom of all information. Possibly, the ukraine may split into russian/ukrainian, i wonder what the usa would be like north/south, east/west. I'm looking to moon city 1 already.

In this group, the less dull you are the less success you can expect, and ofcourse the more dull, the more success. There is the exception of ppl like bush jr, reagan, hitler, etc... that are dull, but also first strike violent. Their first strike violence seems to offset some of their dullness.

i think a serious effort should go to making sure voting is easy [internet], and accurate [allowing ppl to verify their votes], making all votes public to let all ppl check the results. Because i think ppl will look back at the eye images from nows and see vote fraud [for example in the ukraine and usa].

The jesus fable in a subset of the god myth. The god/allah/zeus myth is by far the most popular theory of the universe. Ppl use the word god or allah much more than 'muhommed' or 'jesus'. The 'god' cult is the most powerful, with 'jesus' taking second. the word 'god' has much more influence than the words 'jesus' or 'christ' and appeals to far more ppl.

That gallop poll that only 33% in the usa support evolution has been a revelation to me. That is like saying only 33% care even remotely for the most basic of science theories. I think we will not have science leadership in government [unless by tricking the anti-science majority, and that is not likely] until that number is 51%, sometime in the 2070s, if science and life of earth survive until then. That 33% of ppl in the us believe evolution should remove any optomism for the 2008,2012,2016,2020,2024,2028,2032,2036,2040,2044,2048,2052,2056,2060,2064, or 2068 elections.

But since 48% voted democrat, i think at least there will probably be democrats elected in the next century. Even if only 33% think evolution is true, 51% may be against violence, etc...

What about kucinich? I voted for kucinich in the primary. He could win ohio, ny, il, ca, the northeast, hawaii, the north mid west, the north west. The dems need to win ohio or florida and that is all, unless a person from california, like reagan [who despite being a brutal stupid right winger won california both times, but then this is where thane cesar publically gets away with murder of a us senator] .

Ironic that the pro-war blair is in the so-called 'liberal' party in england and anti-war michael howard is in the conservative 'torrey' party.

at .5% growing support for legal marijuana, 51% of usa will support legal marijuana in 2036.

35% of ppl in the usa think evolution is supported by the evidence. I am dumbfounded. Evolution is a bedrock theory of science by now, ppl are beyond questioning evolution, they are working out the nitty gritty details already. See gallup.com front page. No wonder the ppl for science keep losing elections. Like that national geographic voice over, i agree, 'how we see things right side up is still a mystery'. 45% god created human in present form. This makes really clear why people like me are excluded from seeing the images like the 1975 (30 years ago) National Geographic image. 30 years (at least, more like 100 in 2010) without people seeing behind the head in infrared. That 30% think evolution is not supported by the evidence shows clearly why JFK was killed, why the democrats lost the last election. Like one of the teachers in the "Evolution" show said "we are clearly not doing our job" if so many people doubt evolution. The theory of evolution is like the theory that there is air on the earth, it is that obvious.

Because we live in a nation where the majority do not like to think, and will not obey reason, these problems like violence, the drug war, the deficit continue to go unsolved and unattended to.

88,619 54% in federal prison for drugs

246,100 20% in state prisons [state gov does more arresting than fed gov]

97 ppl in federal prisons for 'national security' reasons.

The average prison time served in the usa for homicide is 6 years, for rape 5.5 years, the difference between average time served for rape and homicide is 6 months. 6 years for murder? Are we sure that is enough? In 1992 violent offenders served 48% of their sentence.
[source: usdoj prison sentences and time served for violence]

Ooo look, the right is planting the seeds for an iran invasion. In some way i wonder if war keeps them too busy to kill innocent ppl in the usa.

Jesus, now there's a cult buuoiii. hey wuts about muhommed? the truth and pleasure cults are more to my liking, thank you! Jesus and muhommed was televanlists for a 'gods' theory before there was television.

Sit back and let ppl be raped, beat and killed? No thanks. We are slowly moving to a time where the laws against violence are enforced all over the earth, like a well oiled machine operating for thousands of years.

Are you all about the 'put down your project, the confererates are attempting to kill us with lasers in the ceiling again'?

Every time there is a new invention, there are those people that want to keep the invention a secret between a small elite group of ppl. Can you imagine if these ppl succeeded every time? We would have no telephones, computers, xray machines, nuclear power stations, batteries, combustion engines, microwaves ovens, or they would be used only for a tiny elite.

Just as there are 'drug' talks in high school, so should there be 'violence' talks. In fact, in the beginning of the drug talk, the person should be required to say 'ofcourse first strike violence is far worse than drug use.'

White supremecist 'tim schaad' at albertsons on campus drive said 'freak out' and 'hit the button' [why never 'press' or 'touch']. I vote for no support for schaad. Why do those ppl look for conflict? Here i use the self checkout precisely to avoid conflict. That stupid philosophy of looking for conflict is a suicidal and homicidal path.

Nobody should have to wait to vote, either absentee voting should be vigorously encouraged for all ppl, or secure internet voting [or many computers recording votes should be used] should be explored. With modern pc computers, there is no need for specialized voting machines.

To the ppl that see and hear thoughts who gives a shit, but to those that don't, to their credit they are skeptical when it comes to believing thst ppl see what they see and hear their thoughts, but to their debit, they are overly skeptical and unimaginative in terms of their understanding of science and technology, in particular when the national geographic video presents clear physical evidence that what we see can be seen in infrared.

Ppl are ppl, there are good and bad german, russian, us, english, etc... Ppl but why is the first non english governor of california german and right wing? Why is a right wing german human more acceptible than a jewish, black, native/mexican, asian, french, spanish, russian human? [one irish born human was gov, john downey, and possibly a native/mex human romualdo pacheco in 1875] i think this is because the white christian power structure feels more comfortable with like minded caucasian christian ppl, and where there is strong christianity there is nazism and racism. Thane cesar is probably still in the nazi party, the ruby ridge group were in the nazi/white supremecist party, the serial killer [no not nixon, at least not officially] joseph paul franklin the person that shot larry flynt was nazi, naming himself after the total ass kisser and movie making denier to the end joseph goerbals.

To show how fervent nationalism is, I doubt a us human, or non native will be elected in uk, france, germany, russia, or china anytime soon.

the feeling i have is complete frustration, i speak a language to illiterate ppl. I know ppl that bow to mecca 5 times a day or go to a church once every 7 days never understand what i am sayong. No matter how true what you say is, it is of no importance.

What is amazing is a planet where claiming that a god lives in the clouds and a human named jesus rose from the dead is deemed sane, and normal, but any other theory, no matter how accurate, is viewed as insanity and abnormal.

The married humans form one of the largest blocks of ppl, they own and control everything, they form the majority of all political parties in all governments of earth.

This is the thing that constantly pisses me off, what do the spartans care about constant warring, being shot at and shooting? They care nothing for science, they have no projects, understanding of history, or hobbies...they can war all day! They are willing to sacrifice their daughters, sons, mothers and fathers, blinded by their anger. We have to put down our peacetime projects and gear up the walking robots for gun turrets, etc... Because, although we have a life, they don't.

Can you imagine being picked up off the street and being locked in a psychiatric hospital. There you are saying, 'i'm not crazy', i have a good interpretation of the universe, im not violent. Im just me, what did i do? I dont remember getting a trial, but if i ever do, won't it be 13 ppl in the camera net?

4 young asian female humans all kicked with their legs at me when i drove by. That is some parenting and educating job. It's kind of hard to explain, but they see me in a secret micricamera network and are part of a fascist network that have seen and heard thought for years. They follow me like nazis followed jews and democrats. its like that white guy that pointed his finger in a gun shape at me and then lowered the thumb. They hate sex, ironic being that sex is why life continues. Even in the netherlands they were marching and heiling only 70 years ago. To me these are threats of first strike violence, and ppl that threaten first strike violence are opening themselves to that kind of activity. we live on a shaky edge with the secret camera thought nets, where will it go? Will it go more and more nazi/antisexual or more and more open? Upsetting to see, in particular females and then asians, i can see thane cesar doing that kind of thing, being male and white, but women, children, noncaucasian, bisexual, openly sexual, ppl labelled insane, liberalsscientists, intellectuals, etc... have to know that in minds that focus on superiority, and elitism, the white fascists view any nonwhite as a lessor race. Why support that kind of philosophy? I guess because it is popular, it is traditional, it is what the parents and ppl on tv fervently support. Think of the future when we all get to see your thoughts and judge your past actions. It may seem impossible, but it is a possibility however remote. I vote for 1 hour of jail for those humans that kick at me for a [gesturial] threat of violence and no support for 10 years of non first strike violent behavior.

The ppl of the usa are just stupid, i talk and talk, in favor of enforcing and bolstering the homicide and assault laws, they scream for more and more street fights, killing and blood.

Interesting to me are the ppl that constantly advocate secrecy. They dont want other ppl to see thought too. That would take away power from them. That would be giving power to somebody else.

Inv:I see a future of electronic telescopes. They will be small flat surfaces filled with micro-light detectors, like 1000 video camera ccds [but even smaller] all wired to integrated circuits. A person will hold the small flat surface like a mirror to the moon, an insect, or anything. Because the detectors are smaller than the detectors in the human eye, the image received can be spread out for the human eye. Perhaps larger surfaces will be needed to get light particles from more distant light sources [galaxies] where less particles arrive per 1cm3 of space.

I never heard about the head on car crashes with mick jagger and ted kennedy until i listened to mae brussell.

detecting the direction [vector] of stars and galaxies from dopplar shift from 2 different locations should be possible.

Peterson verdict: pergaps i am the only person that thinks there is something wrong when millions of ppl knew who killed lacy peterson within 24 hours of her death, but the trial took 2 years to complete. If the eye images and house cameras left any doubt, ppl could go to the street cameras for more proof.

Many ppl think that i am insane and a dangerous person, but see things from my point of view: they beeve thats a god exists, and that jesus rose from the deadat least i understand that humans evolved and made the idea of gods and jesus was made of dna, they may believe god is talking to them, or sending one of many mystical 'signs', where i dont. for all my fast talking and occassional rudeness i have never been violent and many of them have.

Because ppl still insist that the infrared and cameras be kept secret, most ppl are left to talk only about the most unbelievably trivial topics, like zits, and even the tiniest sexual event sends them over into euphoria.

Smut peddler who cares, must be code for:
SP and WC [or PS or CW]
Who are those ppl and what did they do?

We should demand more from our government. For starters, a court system that provides data freely on the web to indicate how many ppl charged, convicted, and their sentences for each case. Gov attorneys that provide stats on how many ppl they charged, with what crimes, how many convicted. gov psychiatric hospitals that report how many ppl held there, number of ppl with nonviolent 'crime', and violent crime, and for how much time.

experiment idea: does splitting the circle of DNA in bacteria stop them from reproducing/copying? Because this tests the theory that a protein follows the ladder of DNA, and is the DNA is not a circle then the organism stops living when the end of the chain is reached. Think of the other alternatives, that the protein just attaches to some point and walks up the ladder. There are some basic things that DNA does: copy, make a complete copy of a DNA strand (that is the basic requirement for our kind of life, maybe there is life that does not copy somewhere in the universe), it may have to know what side to grow on to form the shape needed for a heart (for exapmle), or liver, etc...or perhaps that is done by simply making some cells copy, and others not copy and building in spheres, or the natural shape of the DNA helix.

the beautiful sometimes cyclical nature of sexuality/love is displayed when a person is aroused by/friendly to you and that causes you to be aroused/friendly back...this cycle builds up to a peak and hopefully with variety of ppl/partners remains as positive friendship for life.

Possibly all huntingtons in the usa have some jewish in their dna, simon is, [as far as i know], a jewish name and simon and one other chap are the progenitors of all huntingtons in the usa to the best of my knowledge. I would not doubt that the 6 billion humans have a lot of dna in common with all other races, obviouusly more than we do with chimpanzees.

I look forward to a time when ppl say things like 'ok you get the kissing/macking/makeout session for $12.50, the 69ing for $24.95...'

Great to see movie 'kinsey'.

I have been enjoying listening to mae brussell mp3s, they are only $10/cd at maebrusell.com. Mae was a true liberal dedicated to truth. I thought i would hear endless bizarre conspiracy theories, but not true, brussell was smart, and while not being pro legal drugs, and not pro sex/nude, she still is clearly antiviolence, antilying, not very religious, has what i view as basic morals and common decent values, sadly, not common in this current group of humans.

Perhaps i am like other ppl in that, i am for small govt [theoretically a principle of the right], i am anticommunism, i am for low taxes, free market, not in a union, but there is no way i will ever condone killing ppl like jfk, mlk, rfk, or covering up those homicides, that is criminal. If homicide and covering up homicide is 'right', then call me 'left'.

if hinckley plead guilty, like chapman he might have the possibility for parole now. My own vote is for Chapman=life/jail/no parole. Hinkley=life/jail/no parole [although i am for more jail rights], possibly less than life because no homiicide, but Brady being paralized is obviously a very destructive result. Ppl probably argue that reagan had ordered the killing of ppl, john lennon, vicki morgan, and others...but i doubt reagan ever pulled the trigger/pushed the button ending the life of a human himself.

comments on final vote on california propositions:
61=passed, just shows understanding of anatomy and health is poor in usa. No need for 'childrens' hospital, what are the ligitamate differences? I dont doubt its a majority of foo foo erroneous theories mostly vased in psychology.
63=passed. tax for mental health. This is frightening, now more of our tax money is going to mind and thought policing and 'treatments'? 54% approved this. I am interested in suing the psychiatric hospitals to stop the use of 4 point restraints on nonviolent ppl, and involuntary drugging. Do honesty support drugging ppl w/o consent? Even ppl like you, the nonviolent?
64=passed, unfair business limits, why limit ppl in determining a penalty? I can see a law saying, ppl should not have to pay more money than the cost of repairs... I am simoly for free markets, free info, democratic court systems, ...
66=failed, i hope ppl come back with a clearer, 3 strikes for violent or exclude property theft, molestation and clearly nonviolent activity [arson for example is destructive, and there is a question about violent/nonviolent] and scratch any additions [like the molest addition].
68=failed. 83% voted no. What a bunch of puritans, if you dont like gambling, dont gamble, but let others. We all take gambles, i am gambling that than cesar will get jailed b4 he dies of old age.
69=yes by 62%, ofcourse few ppl care about the human rights of ppl when it comes to medical experimentation and treatments, but i am glad this passed. someday we will get to see what eyes see too!
71=passed, yes fine, stem cell 59% [41% said no...scary]
72=failed, employer health insur. 51%. I am surprised this barely failed. Requiring ppl to provide health insurance is ridiculous.
59=passed 83%. This is good to see. Now when do we get to see all the video and hear all that police audio tape?

A female a mcdonalds said 'can i off you?'. I vote for jailing her, and all involved for a threat of violence. For first offence i vote for 1 hour in jail. 1 hour x # of violent threats. nobody has my permission to end my life at any time. Why arent they like me, why dont they want to live in peace? Why dont they want an apple pie? Thats all i want. I didnt want them offd until they threatened me, i just wanted my mcveggie, my milkshake and fuck free pies. This entire thing says to me...che bush...che republicans.... You dont get a sandwich, pie, shake, fries, just a bloody mess and dead kids in your car. This must be that 'working together' feeling the repubs are talking about. For republicans working together means them firing and nonviolent ppl receiving the bullets, with, ofcourse, them protecting those that killed nonviolent humans.

This is one thing i will never understand about this group of people: why give money to ppl that have kept you in the dark about the infrared cameras seeing what our eyes see and hearing our thoughts? Why continue to reward ppl like clinton, bush jr, celebrities, etc... That never breathe a word about the infrared? And then dump all over me, for risking my life to get the truth to you, this is my reward? Ppl continue to give their money to those who will continue to lie about the infrared national geographic image, but not give me a cent for telling the truth?!

Kind of an interesting thing about kerry, edwards, clinton and gore, they are still popular leaders for liberals, democrats, etc... Democracy is a many leader system, the most popular ppl change all the time and there is rarely only 1 'most popular' person.

I have only received:
5 cancer beams to the head
4 swallow the wrong ways
0 sharp, quick, pinpoint laser assaults
20-30 scratch the 'noses' (adjust the bra, wipe the tear, touch the hitler moustashe location, the jfk spot, the opposite side, the rfk spot, the opposite side, ...)
Since the election, so things have been normal or even not nearly as bad as the last 48 months.

I think a certain amount of this us election was the big pendulum. The bush jr win was not a little bump in the chart, but a larger scale conservative up swing. The pendulum will come back to liberal, maybe in 2008 or [gasp] 2012. Perhaps more brutality needs to happen before ppl think 'hmmm maybe we are a little too harsh, maybe time for a liberal' and they explore their sensitive side for 4 , 8, 12 years, then back to the gridiron and theatre of tactical strategic waring. My hope is that 4 years of old uneducated humans will die, 4 years of young educated humans will be added turning things democratic. Eventually the republicans will not be able to elect violent criminals and will have to get a trump, walton, etc...an actual fiscal conservative, not a military general with a limitless public credit card.

I would have challenged the phrase 'war on terror' with 'war on violence and destruction...the war to stop war...etc...'. And instead of 'for a stronger america', i would have 'for a less violent planet', or 'for a smarter usa', not pretending to be a bush jr light, but being honest about stopping violence. The philosophy appears to be, liberals will all vote dem, try to give conservatives a surroget bush option, make them think there is not much difference between the repub and dem.

Instead of campaign buttons, why not spend on massive distribution of 'the second gun' movie? Here the movie is already made, and casts serious doubt on the republican philosophy. Why dont they? Because they are scared. Why wasnt the movie shown on television by dems? Why do the liberals always lay down and die? Spend on getting the history of religious persecution out as an emergency message, the story of evolution, of sex, ppl that argue against religion, etc... Instead of trying to pretend that the dems are the strong men, are ultra religious, ... Why not battle forward, instead of trying to trick conservatives...educate and convert them to science, stopping violence, sexuality....that will do more in the long run. One reason i voted for bush senior is that there were no promises of legal marijuana or stoppi violence [things i could relate to then], but more importantly, i had never heard of frank fiorini or thane cesar, and did not connect the killing of jfk and rfk with bush and nixon.

the reason the dems lost this last election is clear, white older males that reject evolution, history, never heard about sturgis or gene cesar, are antisexual, science, still think jesus did magic, and still go to church every 7 days, dont know violence is technically illegal.

To me, one shock is the ppl in the cam-thought net that know about fiorini and cesar and still voted for the republicans! Wow is that immoral, stupid and dangerous.

I should have known better about this last election, i was too optimistic. Just looking at the ppl i work with 70% [if not 80%] are rude and mean to me every day of our lives, and it is not just orange county. With those kind of numbers, how could ppl like me possibly be in the majority?! the secret camera network make ppl rude and mean for some reason, perhaps the lack of honesty and science, or plenty of religious lies and no hobbies.

I was one of the 50 billion that voted for the democrats, 50 million ppl did not. Why not, is what ppl shhould be asking. I refuse to try and trick ppl, to make them think i am religious, or some thing i am not, trickery and lying is going to get us no where.

I think this election is not as big a deal as ppl may think. This is still only a 51% violent 49% stop violence nation. Just like last month.

Where was your web page for the democrats? Your outspoken support for kerry and edwards? I guess you left that in your thoughts for ppl to find later. For that matter your harsh criticisms of bush and chaney? Perhaps i wasn't looking enough. Your video about sturgis and cesar?

What is amazing to me is how ppl think everybody but them is insane. The feeling in our own head is that every opinion we have is the best opinionand no better opinions exist or we would choose them. At least i recognize that i might be wrong, that my opinions change over time, that i have made mistakes before and probably will again. others have the one and only correct interpretation of the universe and how ppl should act.

Another amazing thing is: if ppl were so worried about my influence why didnt they contact me and provide some guidance? Say, we think you should do this, please don't do this.... Nobody ever sent me 1 email, called me, nothing! They much prefer to follow a blind man, or a magic goose. Ppl seem to be the same, likely to dismiss my support for kerry, my theories, etc as the work of a drug induced insane human.

When you support an elitist aparteid type secret exclusive camera-thought system, ofcourse ppl are going to lean nazistic.

Who will be in the 2008 usa election? Probably jeb bush for the inbread conservativesbut who for liberals? I sayget a person who is beloved by ppl in ohio and no question will win the state. We know ny,ca,il will vote democrat. Maybe somebody that can win florida too, an ohioian with a person with strong support in the southeast as vp [i cant believe how ppl in the southeast turned their back on edwards] unless the electoral college is voted down.

A number of ppl are finding evidence of fraud in florida because it is the only state that has results that deviate from the polls. The same is even more evident for missouri. See election.princeton.com for details.

9 years in jail for spamming?!

Perhaps one result of 51% voting republican is that thane cesar has 4 more years of freedom.

The usa is not the nation of scientists and engineers anymore, its the new church.

what a turn around for the repubcan party, from abe lincoln, being the leader of the union army and antislavory movement, to being the leader of the confederates.

Some argue that the ppl are more excited about a violent criminal nazi dictator like bush jr, and less thrilled with a less violent person like reagan or dole, but i can only guess. I think ppl voted republican, and the brutal bush jr just happened to be there.

Ppl critcize kerry, but the truth? = the democrats simply could not get 51%, it doesn't matter if its kerry, gebheart, dean, kucinich,...or even bush jr, jim jones, or joe stalin...ppl appear to be voting republican or democrat based on the philosophy of those groups. Either they are violent, stupid, religious, antisexual republicans, or antiviolent, smart, educated, prosexual, science democrats. In this nation, there simply are 51% of the bottom of the barrel violent, stupid antisexual religious antiscience reoublicans.

I think this election shows that you can take any human with a few homicides from a prison and elect them president of the usa, the uk, or australia, ppl care that little about homicide.

If there was fear about my influence, i think that must be, obviously, and as usual, vastly overestimated. people reject every noun, verb and adjective i have ever hurled.

The republicans are the only group that can win and still be angry. I think they will never be happy.

I would have voted for judge gray for senate from libertarian party had i known he was the 'gray' on the ballot.

There was a tiny amount of talk about 'gay' [never bi, obviously], and i think this: the republicans hold up a penis, all the males are distracted [not the females for some reason], then in the other hand mow down innocent ppl while the males are fixated on that flapping penis.

Sometimes ppl need to walk right into the concentration camp, stick their nose right into a corpse and only then do they get a flash of insight that they might have done something wrong.

Thinking of ww2 one day, how ridiculous to have a beautiful field and then missles launched from it at planes not made to move people, but to drop bombs, destroying everything below. the beauty of an open field, and then the worst diseases of humans.

Its interesting to me how there is no registry of violent offenders, but there is for sexual offenders. Where is the human instinct for survival? Don't you fear violence more than touching?

Kerry: says 'stank you'. I cant disagree with that. Reminds me of the stones song 'sympathy for the devil', in particular the line 'who killed the kennedy's', and 'when the blitzkrieg raged and the bodies stank'. If there was a devil, bush jr and the ppl that vote for him are as it. They kill, lie, are stupid, lawless violent criminals, ignorance spells victory for them. One feeble reply to fascists from me was once 'frank [sturgis] you'.

Kerry's message had a lot of focus on love. Life goes on, we have much to be grateful for, and i am sure more good is to come in the future, despite the best efforts of the majority of usa citizens.

Where in the world is thane cesar?

One amazing thing is, if the usa becomes more racially diversified then the democrats are sure to win.

I know i have it bad where i live, but imagine living in one of the 'red' states, talk about brutality and injustice. I can only imagine how many innocent ppl are beat and jailed there.

I think the violent criminals [those with assaults and homicides] simply out number those that would stop, capture, try and jail them.

Amazing to me, black ppl were not fooled at all, something like 89%! voted for kerry. Even with condoliza rice and colin powell, black ppl know the deal.

When we look back in 20 years i will be proud to say that 'i knew better', i voted for kerry.

I have much more respect for women than i had before this election, how awesome that they voted for kerry.

The usa is getting to be like what some ppl say about russia, if it something good it cant be in the usa. --election happened---
I vote for getting to see our recorded votes on the internet [.gov and .ca], like our completed tax return we can then verify ourselves that the correct votes were recorded.

I hope to see the conservatives voted out of government in the usa, uk, australia, japan, russia, china, where ever they are oppressing popular opinion.

Of all the billions of objects, humans are probably the most important to watch. That and anything moving.

A few fascists have used the word 'slimy' which is what one of my fascist uncles called me. Slime is used by antisexuals. Here these ppl lie about seeing eyes, hearing thoughts, about fiorini, cesar, nicole brown, jam jay, 9/11, fill the jails and hospitals with Nonviolent humans, curse science, history, evolution... But i am the scum?

What a disappointing, violent, and stupid group of people live in the USA. On a positive note, Kerry clearly won the female human vote, I think there is something to the opinion that female humans on average may be smarter than male humans. Kerry clearly won the non white vote. Kerry won the 18-29 year old humans, but lost the 30-44 year old people. Being 34, I can see that the rest of my generation are idiots. Kerry won among those with college degrees, perhaps the answer to getting more votes is to vigorously promote the history of science and evolution, getting a college degree. cnn.com has all these statistics. The once a week church going (those that are absolutely the bottom of the learning and science) overwhelmingly supported Bush jr as did the strongly conservative, but Kerry won the rarely/never go to church and even the moderate.
I think we will now lose the right to abortion, the separation of church and state, the deficit will get larger, the Dow will gain 5% in the next 4 years for a total of 3% 10 year return on blue chip companies. This is a nation of masochist humans who say, whip us, take our money, charge up our credit card, take our retirement, don't give us even basic health care, continue to fill the prisons and hospitals with the nonviolent, lie to us, send our kids off to kill and be killed in a pointless war, continue to ignore/allow terroist attacks.
I can see that Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Iowa are all on the way to joining civilization, to becoming smarter, democratic, fairer. What can you say about the south east, south midwest, and the mountain west? We need to get the story of evolution to these people, and the history of science, to explain about Frank Sturgis, and Thane Cesar, about infrared imaging...they need to be informed and educated.
Although the results are not final, another issue is: what is the deal with the polls being so off? Even the conservative Gallup poll had Ohio going to Kerry by 3%, the numbers for Florida were similar in many polls.
The number of people that voted for Kerry is quite large, 50% of the people in the USA (150 million of 300 million) voted, and about half of those voted for Kerry.
I see now that Kerry has "conceeded" to Bush jr.
What a group of masochists we live with here in the USA. The feeling I have is like wanting to grab those people heiling Hitler and shake them...what is the matter with you? Don't you see how evil this guy is?
Here Bush jr lost the popular vote but still won the last election, and you people aren't angry about that? No...that is fine with you. The amazing thing is what a fuck up Bush jr is. He has ruined anything he has ever done, but that is a-ok with a majority of the people in the USA. A two term president who was more brutal than even Richard Nixon in the encyclopedias, and any chance of sexuality and science will have to wait for at least 4 years until I am 39 years old in 2008.
One other amazing thing I think about, is: these people all watch me, the react to everything I think and say whether I want them to or not. Throughout each of the 3 debates, both Bush jr, and Kerry took notes from me...but yet people chose to go with the follower, not even the person I recommend! Here we go with 4 more years of ceiling assaults going unpunished, those people unseen and certainly unjailed or even excluded. How poor the sense of smell is for the people of the USA. Did you feel a tiny pain on your leg? Gee where did it come from? Do you need to itch a part of your body that makes you give a gesture you don't agree with? Do you feel something beaming onto your brain? no? wake up already.
The majority of the people in the USA have no vision for the future, no interest in progress, not even a tiny interest in knowing about Frank Sturgis, Thane Cesar, about making marijuana as legal as guns are, about stopping violence, about more democracy like voting on the existing laws...just a terrible group. But, the future is on the side of truth. The younger people voted for Kerry and that shows that our future looks less bleak.
I feel like retiring to do my projects, I am giving up on this group. You people are a loss, why do I bother? Somehow a part of me feels compelled to speak out against the obvious injustice and idiocy, but I think my time may be better spent focusing on my existing unfinished projects. I have grown numb to the nazism, 4 years have gotten me used to it.
I am interested in finding what the vector for our galaxy is compared to other galaxies. This has to be difficult to measure, the red shift needs to be compared to other indicators of distance (variable stars). Perhaps by looking at the most distant galaxies in all directions over centuries, and looking for galaxies that more and more photons are captured from, and the direction that new galaxies appear in.

I think that if Kerry wins, I will think that the people of the USA may be on a linear path up, becoming more educated as time continues, that we are on our way to a good future, that we are not a nation full of idiots. This liberalizing, becoming smarter, more educated, and more informed is a natural process. We are moving from cowboys and indians on horses, to humans in space suits in orbit and between the stars, from trepanning and outlawed autopsies to modern surgury and DNA analysis. But even if Kerry does win, our work is still in front of us, we need to repair the economy, lower the deficit that Bush jr recklessly created. We have 4 years to get the eye images of Frank Fiorini and Thane Cesar, or any thing we can to the public before the next election, to remove the electoral college, legalize marijuana, prostitution, to make a vigorous effort to stop violence, our work is no where near being done. The Republicans will come back in 4 years and no body will remember how terrible life under Bush jr was. There will be a better chance that they will be tired of the existing President.
But if Bush jr wins, our work continues to be ahead of us. The problems of ignorance, lack of information, violence, stupidity, lack of education are still in front of us to be solved. If the public votes for Bush jr (and the fact that more than 40% are) is proof that the job of getting the stories and images of the past to the next generation is not being done successfully, that evolution and science are not reaching enough people, that we need to continue to speak out against violence, tell about Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar, the brain imaging infrared cameras, promoting democracy, an end to copyrights, for cameras on the street with images for all, tolerating the nonviolent, jailing the violent, working together as a planetary democracy to go to the moon, mars and other stars. If Bush jr wins, I think that we are not on a linear line forward in to the future, but in a retreat to the past and into more of this ignoring the deficit, a loss of abortion rights, more violence in Iraq, the new fanatical religious suicide bomber vacation spot. It is frustrating for me to see such stupidity and disregard for human life, why don't more people see how Bush jr is ruining the USA and the rest of the planet?

But again, things look good for Kerry. I think he may win all the states Gore won plus Ohio and maybe even Florida, which will be proof that we are moving forward, learning and becoming smarter and more informed.

I am looking forward to the election. I think things look good for Kerry. I was thinking about this election, if Kerry wins, then I think that this group of people in the USA is not hopeless, that they are not without an idea of good and bad, that there is definitely hope and some amount of education. If Bush jr wins, the ignorance and brutality of this group of people in the USA is a serious problem. Either way, I will continue to promote stopping of violence, teaching of science, history, speaking out against the drug arrests, prostitution arrests, 4 point restraints, drugging of nonviolent people, going to the moon, free information...
I think we are looking at a golden future some time, may be not in the next 50, 100, or even 200 years, but maybe in 10 or 20 years. A time when we all can see the billions of eye images of the past, all about fiorini, gene cesar, matter made of photons, lasers in the ceilings, ... all of it, as unprobable as that sounds, most of us know that it is inevitable.
So I am looking forward to this election. If Kerry wins, we get freedom, a better economy, safety, a positive future, if Bush jr wins, we will continue to be victims of violence, living in fear, under oppressive idiotic religious fanaticism, and longer term economic suffering.

The Big Bang Theory is absolutely false and I can prove it
I ask all people and in particular popular planetary people:
Do you think that the most distant galaxies (and quasars) we see are the farthest galaxies that exist or do you think there are other galaxies that we do not see from earth? Do you think that those galaxies represent the earliest galaxies that existed a short time after the big bang 15 to 20 billion years before now?

I think that there are galaxies that not one photon reaches us, beyond the "visible universe". There is a finite number of light particles that exit a galaxy, at some distance those photons will not connect with our photon detectors (cameras/telescopes). People have made the unbelievable mistake of thinking that the farthest galaxies we can see represent the beginning of the universe!
Here is how to prove that there are galaxies that exist beyond the farthest galaxies we can see: By sending telescopes to Alpha Centauri (or perhaps even to Jupiter), I think those telescopes will detect more distant galaxies 4 light years in the direction of Alpha Centauri that we cannot see here on earth. Another possibility exists: we continue to move in the universe relative to all the other galaxies and as we continue to measure the most distant galaxies in the direction we are moving, we should eventually see new galaxies. Seeing those new galaxies will be proof that there are many galaxies beyond the galaxies we see from earth. Those photons are moving over our head, below us, etc...simply not in our tiny detectors, if we had larger detectors, the size of a star, for example, we certainly would capture some photons from galaxies father than 20 billion light years of distance.

Now for the "background radiation", for years, I thought the background radiation would be the most difficult finding to dispute, those people, Penzias, and Wilson won Nobel prizes for their find. But the answer is simple. There must be galaxies 30e9 light years from here, 40e9 light years...trillions and trillions of light years away that not one photon reaches us, and therefore not even "background radiation" from those galaxies or that space reaches us. So any photons we are receiving are from galaxies that are relatively close to here, any beyond 20 light years would never be received by our tiny detectors.

Now on to the USA election:
I want to make clear that I am giving my full support to John Kerry, John Edwards and all people on the ballot for the Democratic party.
My estimate of the final vote is:
1) Kerry wins. The same as 2000 but Ohio voting democratic party (this is currently the same estimation of election.princeton.edu.
2) Kerry wins. The same as 2000 but Ohio and Florida voting democratic party.
3) Bush jr wins. The exact same as 2000.

I want to stress to you all how important this vote is.
Remember this:
1) Bush jr has ruined the economy. Bush jr, far from lowering taxes and making a smaller government has borrowed an emormous amount of money, ruining the surplus that Clinton and Gore accomplished in 8 years. Unemployment has gone up significantly under Bush jr. Bush jr, has spent 200 billion on an unecessary war that we cannot afford. Bush jr spends like a rich kid who has never been disciplined, but with our money! The Dow Jones Industrial Average is showing a 4 year loss, all of the major companies have suffered losses under Bush jr. 4 more years of Bush Jr economics will turn this recession into a depression. We can't go on with this kind of reckless spending and expect to have money for retirement.
2) Bush jr is a brutal loose cannon who invaded the sovreign nation of Iraq. A nation that has never attacked us, other nations suffer under monarchy and Sharia laws but they are not attacked. Amazing to me that these people cannot abuse the military at the state level, only when they reach the federal level can they abuse the mighty US military. Bush jr has openly talked about using nuclear weapons. What do the next 4 years have in stopre under Bush jr? An attack of North Korea, Iran, Cuba? These brutal military bombings are destablizing the planet. Far from policing, there is not a hint of free information, or nonviolent people getting to see eyes, we have to stop violence in the USA and work together with the UN to stop violence around the planet thru policing and democracy. Bush jr, is condemned by other national leaders for his cowboy reckless invasion of Iraq.
3) 9/11. The thing that keeps echoing in my head is this: we know that millions of people are in the camera-eye network. There is not much chance of fooling them. They know about my every masturbation, my every thought, my every activity. If the people that are part of this massive network of infrared and visible spectrum cameras and microphones that show average people what we think and see were fooled by these 16 arab hijacker people and this year long plan then I can understand why nothing was done. But, according to public record, no less, people in the CIA and FBI knew about the people taking plane lessons, about a plan to hijack planes. They even put it in writing for the record in July, a full two months before the actual hijackings. So there is no question, people in the camera-thought network knew about the islamic people taking plane lessons and the plane to hijack planes, the people in the FBI caught on to the plan at least 2 to 3 months before September. If Gore were president, I don't doubt he would have said what most people would say upon finding this info: "eject them out of the USA", to disrupt the hijacking plan. Why did Bush jr do nothing? At a minimum this was neglect and failure to do his job, but more probably he actively decided with the rest of the militant bottom (because this is not even the extreme right), to allow the hijacking plan to continue. I think that there will be a "krystal nacht" or similar event if Bush jr is reelected for 4 more years. I don't doubt there may be another destructive event in the USA if Bush jr is reelected, although much of the damage has already been done, Bush jr, has spent $200 billion and counting on the US military, but nothing for stopping violence in the USA or any where else. What was the deal with Bush senior, John Major, and half brother of Osama Bin Laden at the Carlyle Group annual meeting at the Ritz0Carleton in DC on 9/11/01?

4) Bush jr has oppressed political opponents here in the USA. Far from uniform, equal justice for all. The Bush jr administration arrested Tommy Chong for selling pipes, and Martha Stweart for insider trading and lying. Bush jr lies all the time. I don't think Bush jr has had a trade that was not an insider trade. Look at his Harkin sale the SEC investigated. He lied about weapons of mass destruction.

5) They covered up the breasts of a statue on less, and for the first time are using US income tax for christian only religious groups.

People that are in Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa, your vote is more important than all of us in California, etc...because of the electoral college. I think if Kerry does win this election, we will all be grateful to the people of Ohio.

6) Bush senior was in the CIA and lived in Dallas where JFK was killed by other CIA people, Frank Fiorini, E Howard Hunt (right hand people to Nixon). How can people honesty vote Republican knwoing that we will have less chance of seeing what Frank Fiorini saw, to see the thoughts of Thane Cesar, hey..to get Thane Cesar arrested for killing RFK already! My advice: keep voting democrat until we see what Gene Cesar is thinking, what the eyes of Frank Fiorini saw, and the arrest of Gene Cesar, even then I still do not trust the republican people.

Dennis Kucinich (who I voted for in the primary) is for legalization/decriminalization of drugs, Howard Dean is for an end to the electoral college, Kerry has promised neither, even when they lose the conservatives win! But to their credit, Kerry and Edwards echoed some limited support for legal prostitution.

When people look back at this time, they will have nothing good to say about us, we had the opportunity to build walking robots, to develop the moon, to stop violence, to promote science, democracy, to see thought, but instead we held to terrible traditions and battled for land on the surface of earth, not making any progress. We did not step up to our 100 year responsibilities, and did not acheive any of the accomplishments we should have (or else we would all see eyes, walking robots would be every where, and we would easily be vacationing on the moon instead of lost in an antisexual, religious, violent, secretive cloud).

I think if democracy had succeeded in the usa, jfk served out a full 8 years as us president, the public probably would be seeing eyes by now. After all on inaugeration day jfk boldly said 'the inside of men's minds'...perhaps one more reason why he was killed, the group of ppl that are influenced by labels like 'rat'/'national secret'.

Ppl think bush jr is a strong leader. hitler was strong, the spokane killer is strong, but who wants them in the most influential job in the usa? and how strong is a human that wont stand up against first strike violence? Against secrecy? For truth? It takes guts to tell ppl about infrared cameras, about thane cesar, frank fiorini, etc...guts that most of these republican pin heads don't have.

They are only murderers and assaulters, not molestors and pedophiles.

If ppl ask 'are you crazy' available answer: 'no are you violenty?'

Good to see yoko releasing more john lennon recordings, i am still waiting for all those 'me greatest shits' fbi videos.

In 2010 ppl will be celebrating 100 years of lies and idiotic secrecy relating to the first person to see what a human sees with an infrared camera placed behind the head.

One person said 'god' to me, i guess to promote their belief against learning history and for unthinking allegence to tradition , and i thought, 'that must be the god of lies that they worship'. The god of lies, of secrect violence, of filling prisons and hospitals with nonviolent people, of empty heads, against science, against democracy, of murder, of antisexuality, ... that is some evil god! How can ppl be sure, with all those lies and secret violence that their god is not the lord of the underworld, the god of evil, the devil, itself.

I see the helix structure in mnany plants [example: pine cone, feather stem], maybe that is a direct extension of the molecular structure of dna in the copying process.

I think i am becoming less worried about the stigma and beef in psychology by ppl that use words like 'crazy', 'insane', etc... Still they should be banned and not given a cent to, just like slavory, i dont want to support that system. Ppl, religious, in particular are inaccurate, unrealistic, delusional, etc... But i think once the 4 pt resaints are not a legal option and 72 hour detention is outlawed labelling ppl crazy will not matter.

Imagine a scientific theory that cannot be challanged even by the smallest human. Is that still science?

Saw eclipse of moon [total lunar eclipse]. The moon moves very slowly around the earth compared to the rate the earth turns, completing 1 orbit in 30 days, so 1/30th of an orbit in 1 day, or 12 degrees/days, .5 degrees/hour. The earth moves around the sun 1/365 degrees in 1 day, around 1 degree/day, .04 degrees an hour [covering much more distance than the moon ofcourse]. i think that the movement of the moon around the earth causes the changing eclipse, not the earth-moon moving around the sun [although that must contribute in a tiny way], but nowhere do i find that statement.

Finally, in the city of cameras, some street cameras. The usa is years behind europe. I hope the public gets access to those images, so the enyart photo destroying ppl do not succeed in removing any video that does not look good for the lapd.

Lets see a show of hands: how many ppl would like to have their old friend frank fiorini over with the family for dinner? Cmon bush jr and jeb, swartzenegger, nixons, reagans....he's your friend remember? And gene cesar, you continue to protect your buddy gene. How many ppl want these homicidal ppl over for dinner? Cmon republicans...whats the problem? Let's see those hands!

The feeling many ppl has is this: a man that sometimes wears breasts and women's clothing will probably murder, and i do not doubt that many ppl think that a female that wears a strap on dildo will also probably murder. But is that the truth? I seriously doubt it.

One of the sets of polls is innaccurate and i am looking forward to seeing which ones either
cnn/gallup/usatoday/reuters/strategic vision/mason-dixon/fox or
latimes/pollingreport.com/american research group/quinnipiac.

I think zogby goes back and forth, perhaps not as right wing as gallup.

Election.princeton.edu has some poll data.

Eventually the entire earth [and star system] will be covered with those that have sex the most.

Would that be interesting if the usa bought mexico? All the ppl that risk their lives and limbs to get to the usa, i think...why not bring the party there? Even making a 'us' part of some border areas in mexico where us law is enforced. the southern united states have large mexican voting influence, and i dont doubt northern mexico has a large us influence.

Sun density=1.4g/cm3
In every cubic cm, 1.4 grams of matter.
Could photons be exiting from surface, or middle and not center?
Average density of sun iis like thick water. Does sun have solid core? Where does magnetic field come from, from metal center?
Liquid h2 has on .07g/cm3 density, there must be heavier atoms in the sun to account for its mass/volume.

Aging may be proammed genetically, for some reasons:
1) outside/external factors dont change, same amount, of light, etc. Aging could still be result of cells suffering wear from years of functioning.
2) cells of species with older dna, like tapeworms, bacteria do not appear to age, and function for thousands of years flawlessly.
3) if species did not die, copying would/might convert all available matter to an ocean of species over millions of years.
Although species would need to recycle input/output products food/waste. we know that dna causes many changes from a zygote to a grown human, and many species have evolved thru paedomorphism, kept a larval stage for life [like chordata from larval starfish]. So perhaps dna is related to time. Maybe as time continues, the 'reader' part of dna moves down the dna helix, and at some point reaches the end and stops producing melanin for hair cells, etc...not as a result of overworked cell mechanics, but as a result of dna coding. imagine that our own deaths may be coded in our dna. The amazing thing is that perhaps we can change the dna, make a loop to keep the dna from reaching the end. One question might be, how long are the strands of dna for each species, is that related to life span?

Density of
Water 1g/cm3
Ice .92g/cm3
H2 liq .07g/cm3
H2 gas 8.9e-5g/cm3
He gas [293k]=.0001g/cm3
He liq = .138g/cm3
Nitrogen liq=
Platinum [293k] 21.45g/cm3
Iron sol [293k] 7.86g/cm3
Iron liq
Earth 5.5g/cm3
Moon 3.3g/cm3
Sun 1.4g/cm3
Gasoline .75g/cm3
Al 2.7g/cm3

This election is coming down to a few important states: Florida, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio. Things look good for Kerry, but the polls at latimes.com (they and nytimes.com, and cnn.com have good election coverage maps) have Bush winning by a handful of electoral votes. Kerry is down in polls in Wisconsin and Iowa and down just 1% in Florida. But there are many undecided votes and the majority probably will go to Kerry. If people vote the same way they did for 2000 but Kerry wins Ohio (as it looks like he may) then Kerry will win easily. I have trouble believing that Wisconsin will vote for Bush jr after a record of Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton, Gore. But if the polls are correct and kerry loses Wisconsin, even if he wins Ohio he would lose. If Kerry wins Florida (and it is very close) Kerry will easily win even if he loses Wisconsin and Iowa. I have to say to the Northern states not voting for Kerry: "Join the Union already" and to Florida, I hope they become California #2 for the USA. Clearly Florida is turning liberal/democratic as time continues.

Maps keep getting bigger and bigger
Imagine millions of years from now if life of earth has reached the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy and sent back images of the most distant galaxies in that direction. Here in this star system, we would have to add those extra distant galaxies to our map of the known universe.

I think people are doing the republicans a favor by voting for John Kerry, because they can go back and get a better candidate, somebody that is embraced by left and right, Bush jr is too extreme can not win liberal support. That entire Sturgis-Cesario wing are violent and criminal.

Bbb.org [or anybody] should make option for ppl to make public their complaints about some company [and even individual humans].

It takes a low human to openly support privacy while privately violate the privacy of millions. The same is true for copyright, patent, trademark, etc...

Part of me thinks, get some handcuffs and arrest the ppl that beam me for assault myself.

If bush loses this election ppl will probably say that the republicans got their foot in the door in 2000 but then ruined that opportunity for the republicans by invading iraq, by ignoring the principle of small government and trashing the federal surplus cliton achieved, by suffering a poor economy with a 4 year dow loss, poor homeland security with the devastation of 9/11, and last but perhaps not least, brutal and individualized persecution of political opponents.

Even though i have 4 shows remaining and was scheduled to air up to november 2, cox silently stopped airing my shows. Ppl would have seen the story of how rfk was killed. Ok instant update: there was a mixup and my shows will air. I have 5 more shows until the next set.

Did you catch the child pornoaphy in fahrenheit 9/11? The nude human with the forearm blown away. Child pornography shown to millions of humans, will they survive? Not since the public domain images of nude diseased children on the cdc.gov page has there been such a display.

Air bags for small planes, would they have saved a life in this last crash?

In my opinion john f kerry is more representative of the baby boomer generation, kerry learned to play a musical instrument, was sent to viet nam in the 60s, like many of that generation turned against the war, and is a typical hardworking american, where bush jr was a rich kid who never worked a day in his life. For example, I think Kerry appears more natural on a us coin, more of a symbol of the story of the usa and thee ppl of the usa, than does bush jr.

The ppl 'shot robin hood' story got me to thinking, although that guy was far from robin hood, he was a violent human, but...i guess the concept of 'copyright' and 'privacy' really does not exist for poor people.

google uses word 'crazy' again, supports tying nonviolent ppl to beds in secrecy. I have trouble understanding why there is no other search engine that has a blank first search page. Now the idiot voyeur gestapo humans at google have trademarked the word 'google', after they copied it from Sagan and Kasner who invented the word 'google'. What a bunch of greedy ppl. Scummy. And to think, all they do is have a program that matches text [not even sounds or images] with other web computer files. No thanks eyeball watching mind police.

I dont doubt that before a star ignites the prestar, unlit body is very hot emitting photons of many frequencies.

I think only friendly and smart ppl should be hired in universities. Let the rude, stupid, antiscience with no hobbies work for churches and religious organizations. Public Universities do not 'teach' religion. To teach you have to have a phd and publish or perish, to attend you have to have 1300 SAT scores and complete all tests, to work in a university all you need is a certificate from your pastor. Rude and uneducated ppl make working anywhere a chore, nobody can make progress in their works with rude ppl swarming around them like vultures. rude ppl make a terrible work environment that ruins friendly and smart ppl's outside activities too. But they are never punished and let go!

the california coast is no place for ryde, stupid, conservative ppl in my opinion, i hope the cali coast turns fully liberal, smart, open, honest, sexual in the next centuries.

i am amazed at ppl that think they are true native ppl in the usa, because they were born in southern california and have never left their city of origin, they feel like 'locals' and true blue cafornians, histile to immigrants. but think of the reality: their ancestors were new comers to california and even the usa. They invaded the americas from europe only a few hundred years ago, but for the idiots i deal with, history started 50 years ago.

Excluding my from the camera-thought networks is not helping me. It is adding serious risk to my physical safety. Not only do i not know who is following me, but ppl are more likely to treat me as a second class citizen because they see i am excluded.

The story of kirk bloodsworth freed from death row by dna testing is evidence of serious flaws with the death penalty at this time.

I urge ppl voting for nader to vote for kerry because it is close.

Putin backs bush jr, no surprise there, they are both lying violent criminals. There was a story about how the 20 ppl that took over the school were all 'addicted to drugs' that was like some 5 year old idiot that never got past 1st grade. I had to laugh at how stupid and typical that story is from the far right. All 20 ppl were addicted to some unnamed drug, to such an extent that their cause of an independent nation was not important, or the real reason behind the violence. Ok, come now chafey. That is laughably absurd.

Ok now i see an updated report that the drug was heroine and that 31 of the islamic ppl regularly used heroine. I am still skeptical, what is the motivation behind this news story? I think it is the right [under the ex-kgb brutal putin] with the right in the usa trying to associate drug use with violence.

Cnn uses word 'crazy' agin, [but not 'witch' or 'nigger' anymore] proof of hillbillies there.

I dont want to sound too negative about the 'team america' Movie, using puppets is a creative idea, and i am sure there is funny liberal humor. I may see it when on tv, or in libraries. Where matt and trey score hi, in my opinion us in antireligious feeling, relitively high scores in sexuality, nudity, in being comfortable with fecies, urine, farts, med to low scores in gender, race, size, shape equality, low scores in stopping violence, in releasing non violent, in antipsychology, antidrug war, free info, democracy. This is a typical alignment [minus the antireligion] of many popular ppl. like trey, i dont like seeing acting humans, i am making pres of earth with 3d characters [unless an offer appears, plus less money to use 3d]. i am for working together with like minded liberal ppl. I dont doubt that 'team america' is probably one of the better movies out there.

If bush jr us reelected, it may not be polite, but the ppl of the usa are simply stupid. how bush lied and attacked iraq, he threw away the surplus clinton made and gave us a huge defecit, jailed chong, covered the breast, ...there are a million reasons to not vote for bush jr but the ppl of the usa and much of earth are suicidal, masochistic, blood thirsty idiots.

Can you imagine, 4 more years of tumor causing zaps, living in fear, ppl beat in parks, playgrounds, schools, without any arrest, more ppl killed in iraq and afghanistan, more stock loses, more deficit, less jobs. My entire 30s, and youth, lived under the brutal, violent, antisexual, religious fanatic, antidemocracy, secretive, dishonest, racist, idiot bush dynasty.

It's a sad day when words like 'shoot' and 'kill' are more acceptible than 'shit' and 'fuck'. [alternates: 'punch' and 'kick', 'piss' and 'fart']

Millions of ppl are religiopaths denying trurh, violentopaths making excuses for fs violence.

How are the presidents of the universities voting? Why dont they reveal their vites for pres of usa? If they vote for bush jr that is an outrage, with his 'beak' and antiscience language and beliefs.

This is small government, the great republican principle? Spending $200b for war on iraq? turning a surplus into a huge deficit? How and when are we going to pay for all that debt?

the variation on polls shows that they are made by biased ppl trying to steer the crowd. On 10/15 time has 48% bush 47% kerry, but newsweek has 50% bush 44% kerry. They only ask ~1000 ppl, and hand pick the ppl they poll to get the desired result. You can see trends:
Gallop, zogby, cbs, are conservative
Time,washington post, are liberal

I think you can look at cnn.com and tilt things 1 or 2% for the democrats and that is probably the reality, paying cnn to tilt the truth must be expensive, but they are naturally conservative being in tv and the control of information.

I think we should closely look at the poll results and the actual outcome to see who tilted the truth.

I am kind of wondering if Bush Senior is more evil than many ppl think. The way he was eventually head of the CIA, a group that included E Howard Hunt, Frank Fiorini, and the people that killed JFK in Dallas, the Bush hometown, then the way Bush Senior and Reagan got John Lennon killed, now the Bush Senoir connection to the Bin Laden family, and 9/11/01.

This (must be Netherlands) woman in f911 is funny, the woman "Bush kills children....he kills thesea young amereekans....and for what...for oil....bush is a terrorist....", then that fascy type woman says "no he's not"
then 'yes he is!...he's a butcher by god.....he's a butcher by god..."

The way Bush jr got away with insider trading, he sold $800,000 worth of shares 2 months before Harkin lost $23 million, The SEC started to investigate him, but he got out of it, then he goes after Martha Stewart for similar activity.

I am removing my vote for Beth Krom, and keep my no vote for Larry Agran, Agran for the golf balls hit at me and other citizens and both for this latest event, a dead mouse or rat arranged with two sticks to look like an "H" (I guess...). I called the Irvine police and the female humans said, the animal control will just throw it away, but then changed to, we will send somebody out there. I said, why don't you take a picture for the records? DO DNA testing on the sticks, this is menacing, threats of violence, or possibly the mouse was killed by a weed wacker and then somebody put two sticks around it, they should find out if there is a violent young male that can't handle their camera network vitamins. Two young males walked by me on the bike path and when I went by one of then hit the wall with the stick. If I was Mayor, I would openup the street cameras to the public on the internet, or at least make them available to the citizens of Irvine, and put cameras on every street, bike path and park. There were no sticks on the path as far as the eye can see. Here is a photo of the mouse:

The way new appointed pres of afghan karzi and vp were unocal consultants. I have to wonder about unocal and the bush/right wing connection.

Without any real opposition, no reporting, no other side, like the history of science, all those juicy facts and images are there for the taking!

John major was there on 9/11/01 in the carlyle group! That dirty bastard!

All the right wing are all identical and aligned for firstt strike violence and other evil.

When the number of us humans killed in afghan and iraq equals 3000, then is it as big a trajedy as 9/11?

What are the japanese doing in iraq?

Why attack iraq? Not north korea, iran, saudi arabia? They behead with swords, [also amputate for theft?=yes I found this link: http://www.venezuelanalysis.com/articles.php?artno=1216], the reason=oil, 2nd largest reserve of oil, for ppl like bushs whose life is oil.
In the above article:
"the Bush administration's involvement in removing democratically elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Haiti earlier this year heightened fears in Venezuela that President Bush will try to intervene in Venezuela -- after all, the Bush administration was the only government in the hemisphere that approved of the 2002 coup."

The one person f911 that says bush sr, john major, jim baker, osana bin laden half brother 'watched as the planes hit the towers'. I think it is safe to say they watch the eyes of the humans flying the planes as the planes crashed.

I should have known better. I was thinking of copying my volumnous notes (pages that are preserved somewhere in the secret networks I do not have access to). It is difficult to win against evil. They have much more technology, if not my hand held they can just delete from my computer or the web computer. I am glad that people see how evil those people that did this are, they can't hide that from within the network.
My (extremely brief reconstructed notes, with many notes missing):

Bush jr tells Michael Moore to "behave himself", for Moore that means, stay closely to the truth, try not to exaggerate, wipe any food off your chin, etc... for Bush jr, behaving himself is like "ok...lower the missle launcher, stop the blowing up people into body parts, behave yourself now..."

bravo for the Shell commercial that says something like "there are enough problems already", this is the way I feel, why make more trouble on earth? Let's start to solve problems like violence, secrecy, Fiorini, Cesar, the infrared networks, ...not increase those secrets, lies, and violence.

Why is the price of gas going up when with the capture of the Iraq oil supply, the second largest reserve on earth, the supply of US owned oil has gone up?

I am usually against regulations, but am in favor of the new messages on antidepressant drugs, that is a relatively negative message: "increase the risk of suicidal thinking and behavior". Bravo, this kind of big money drug company and phd "doctors" drugging of young people is not a good idea, and I have been against this for years. There is no doubt this will slow the popularity of coercing people to take meds to solve trivial or nonexistant problems.
Another area where I am for labels is for any food that has meat.

I think military parts of government, like all the rest of the parts of a government should be volutary only, in other words, people should be able to quit whenever they want to, they can refuse tasks, be let go, not fight in a war they don't agree with, they should only be under the civilian laws, etc...
22 people are killed in the USA by a different person using a gun every day in the USA, what are their names? What do they look like? Who killed them? What happened? Even if you want to find the names of those 22 people killed by guns in the USA alone, you would have a tough time finding that.

How are the bodies being desposed of in Iraq and Afghanistan? By mass burial or cremation? Why is that not being told or shown?

I tapped out all the important info from Fahrenheit 9/11:
I finally saw "Fahrenheit 9/11":
awesome movie!
I wonder know if Bush jr and the rest of the far right wing actually knew about the 9/11 4 hijackings.
I had never even heard of the "Carlyle Group"
Bush senior in same room with half brother of Osama Bin Laden on 09/11/2001 for Carlyle Group annual meeting, again a fact not shown in mainstream media.
The FBI report in the pre-September 11, 2001 months, since nothing is in text anymore, everything is video with the precise evidence, the most important video, I think was ppl in the CIA and FBI going on record as being against the cocki-mamie 9/11 plan.
The way Richard ... explained on Good Morning America the way on 09/12/04 everybody in the administration including Bush Jr were not interested in capturing Osama Bin Laden but were already planning to attack Iraq, as if it was all part of a scheme.
It is like letting a fox in a hen house, once the fox gets in, you can count, 3,2,1...boom! And then the public just showers more gold on the fox instead of gathering any hens still alive
I don't doubt that Bush jr allowed 9/11 to happen.
After knowing about the first plane, Bush jr still goes ahead and enters the classroom in Florida?! As if, he wanted to be on camera to show, he had nothing to do with it, and in addition, as if he was simply going to let it play out!
Brittany Speers says she trusts Bush jr, I ask how much money was paid to her to say that, she is not a brainy human with a strong backbone and values. Where are the atheist females, the females with beautiful bodies, the smart females? I am tired of an oligarchy of celebrities that echo the money party line.
Look at the way Bush jr made Arbusto go busto just like he is doing to the USA economy.
That JFK was killed in the Bush family hometown of Dallas, and that Frank Fiorini has been covered up for 50 years, that the infrared cameras that see thoughts and dreams has been secret for close to 100 years, how could Bush jr and Senior not know?
During the debate I got the feeling that Bush jr was admitting to knowing about the 9/11 hijackings. 3000 humans killed, and his comment was something like "don't be a pussy" as far as I could understand.
The way people had signs like "hail to the cheat"

The way only 1 senator was needed but not one senator would sign the authorization to stop the validation of the Bush jr election.
I can't believe how spinless all of those people are, in particular Daschle, he is basically a republican. What happened to two sides? I think the name of the Democratic party should be changed to "democratish" party, because they are not exactly supporters of true or even more democracy. If anybody are pussies it has to be the democrats, why don't they stand up and start talking about Fiorini, Thane Cesar, Bush Sr and the half brother of Osama Bin Laden, against violence, for legal drugs, for complete free info, about the infrared cameras, etc...?

What is the deal with the Netherlands aligning with bush jr and attacking Iraq? I think all the nationalism has brought far right wing conservatives into power there, in addition to the brutal murder of the right wing Pim. proof that there are stop violence problems there too. I vote against the current Prime Christian Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende, raised with a religious 'education'.
I am amazed at how many facts are pumped into this movie. I have to watch this movie a number of times to fully absorb everything that is revealed. The first half is riviting, and nobody can deny all the facts Moore presents, for example that James R Bath was the money manger for the Bin Laden family, that both he and Bush jr missed their medical exam, that Bath funded Bush jr and Arbusto using the Bin Laden family money. That Bush sn was in the same room with the half brother of Osama Bin Laden on 9/11/01. That Bush jr had a private dinner with Price Bandar of Saudi Arabia on 9/13/01. That the bin Laden family was allowed to leave the USA when even a person that needed a heart transplant was not allowed to have it transported.
Moore says Bush jr must have been thinking that he needs "a big black marker", probably saying like a big black marker david chapman to kill me and or many other innocent nonviolent political opponents. Look at the way Reagan said "... and we didn't just mark off time", he felt getting John Lennon killed was an accomplishment!

I don't doubt Bush jr knew all about the 9/11 plan, why did Ashcroft tell the person in the FBI to stop telling him about the people training in the airplane schools?
They wanted an excuse to make war acceptible to the public, so kill 3000 US citizens?! and now, ofcourse, unending wars and military government and spending.

The entire thing reminded me of the speech Costner gave in the Olicer Stone movie "JFK", about the President being a spokeperson for the military and their hardware. There is a real battle between democracy and the public against the military, and clearly the military has been winning through out the 1960's with the killing of JFK, MLK, RFK...overthrowing the public and their vote for democracy.

I read that in the "Team America" movie that Michael Moore is portrayed as a suicidal bomber, I am more interested in seeing the movie showing how much money was received for that scene to be made. I am guessing now that $250,000 was paid by right wing republicans like Rupert "Murder innocent people and then cover it up for 50 years" Murdoch. If I were Moore I would be all like, "yo Southpark creators, suicide bomb this". People will look at the movies and video of this era like they do at "the eternal Jew", like some kind of backwards right wing propaganda, cowboy and indian era.

I think sexual harrassment is puritanical and petty, people insult me all day, call me gay, psycho, etc... violent actions are far worse. You can be sure the republicans will use sexual harassments against a democrat within 1 year. It is stupid and trivial. Words and images that bother us is the price we have to pay to be free to think and say what ever we want to and not be locked in a jail or hospital.
Bush jr. turned a budget surplus into the largest deficit ever in 4 years, search the web for charts. Here are two:
http://www.cbo.gov/showdoc.cfm?index=1821&sequence=0 (the chart is drawn kind of misleading, perhaps for some reason, you have to look at the second to last row).
unt here:
here is a graphical chart:

3rd Presidential debate:
I took many, many notes on this, but ofcourse they were deleted and now exist only in some hidden fascist network.
I imagine the image behind Kerry are regular good people cheering, and behind Bush jr the rows of Nazis marching.
I was proud of Kerry when the evil reich wing started beaming images of my ass, or similar images...sometimes it is not even an image, just a nasty feeling being beamed onto everybody's heads, and Kerry said "...gross...", halleluja. Those people are as low as it goes, most normal people try to stay positive and have hobbies and projects they are working on. I seriously doubt I would beam upsetting imageas onto the heads of people, or even any images without them knowing about the technology.
This was being done before the VP debate, the criminals in the right wing were beaming some images or Edwards with razors that came out of his head, the wife of Edwards smartly pressed the button on Cheney's jacket, and we all thought of images of Cheney's head dividing and a tactical weapon coming out, etc...
In my opinion, Kerry came off as a regular decent guy and Bush jr as a complete brutal cowboy, idiot, war hungry, and a deceptive liar.
Bush jr lied right in the beginning about not saying he never said he didn't think or care much about Osama Bin Laden. He does say something like that in video in Fahrenheit 9/11.
Bush jr, made some grunting noises, perhaps to speak out against evolution, or to come off with this mini theme of: "we are fucking Ted's wife!"
Bush jr said "and I do so"...or something. "so" is an imaginary girlfriend for me. Sexual jealousy is a powerful weapon. People feel enomous anger at the thought of a husband or wife cheating. Remember that woman threw her and husband life away, just for a penis going in a vagina, or a kiss. There are constantly 3 way killings, I remember one in the LA police department around 1997, why don't they just get a divorce and find some body else? there are 6 billion humans already. For me knowing that for millions of years, penises have been going in mouths, rectums and vaginas, fucking is like shitting, something everybody should do once a day, every few days, or each week. Sex is simply not a big deal to me. But it is to the monogmous and married, so all Bush jr did was to increase the amount of violence due to sexual jealously, for many people, maybe there is an affair, but for many and perhaps even most, there isn't. They are just overly suspicious and let their imagination run wild. But even if there is, it is just a penis in a vagina, simply not a big deal. I am one of the only humans that is making songs like "fuck all you want" and more recently "I will find somebody new, we should love many people". I used to be extremely jealous with a female I was penising for 3 years (but never to the point of violence). You have to understand about the right wing and conservative people (from both wings), they are antisexuals, they have been married in an asexual relationship for 20 to 30 years. Sex is out of the question for them and always has been except when they were young and unmarried. And in the case of the right wing, they are antisexual, they want to stop pornography, for them to pretend they are sexual is unbelievable. The interesting thing with a person like me that is prosexuality, is not possessive, is that there is no "girlfriend" or "wife" to cheat on me with, and even if there is, I am pro touching and sex, touching and sex to me is not a worry, violence is. The cheating while married concept forms a huge part of the sexual fantasies of married people, but less so for me. Also the excitement of watching somebody without them knowning exists in me, but is not taken quite to the extreme that most people have taken it. I feel better when everybody can see everybody, and certainly when the nonviolent can all see.

Bush jr used word "sanity" 3 times. I am actually glad, because it links the concept and system of psychology with the far right, the nazis, Bush jr, ... where it should be.
Kerry responded with "committed", that is what the Bush jr reich wants, to lock up political opponents even if nonviolent on flimsy excuses like talking loud.

Kerry mentions that the daughter of Cheney, Mary Cheney is publically open as a lesbian human. I do not doubt that Mary Cheney feels arousal on seeing various male anatomies, so perhaps bisexual may be more accurate, or bisexual with a homosexual majority. To me there is nothing wrong with that. The liberals accept people of every sexual preference, the conservatives do not.
I think the borders need to be opened, we should be looking at growing the USA down in Mexico and up into Canada. Growing democracy, stopping of violence, standard stop violence laws, and developing the moon, mars and the space between the planets. I am for racial integration and mixed mating.
Affirmative action
I yield to democratic opinion on this, my own feeling is for variety, but against laws about gender and race quotas, etc... but my feelings are not very strong on this topic. I am for free information to help people find out what people are racist and genderist, homophobic, etc... and then remove support from those people and support people that share values more similar to me.

Good to see Bill Gates be the second human to publically say that television will fall to the Internet. Not soon enough for me!

I am just throwing this together, and I doubt these questions will ever be asked outside of the secret eye microcamera networks, but here are some questions I would like to see asked of all people applying for government employment:
1) evolutionist or creationist?
2) What will you do to stop violence? Can you reduce homicide and assault in the USA by 20%?
3) Will you increase the amount of democratic power the public has, keep it the same, or decrease it? Do you have any democratic reforms?
4) Will you support freedom of information? How? Will you limit copyright laws to only 10 or 20 years? Are you in favor of cameras on the streets and in parks? In favor of the pulbic getting to see those images?
5) Will you increase the drug war, keep the drug war the same, or lower the drug war?
6) How will you promote science?
7) what kind of grades in high school and college, major? Please post resume
8) For legal prostitution?
9) For legal gambling on nonviolent events?
10) subsidizing high speed internet?
11) national (even minimum) health care for all US citizens like Canada?
12) What are your views on making homicide and assault federally prosecutable crimes?
13) Are you in favor of developing ships like space ship one for nasa?
14) What are your opinions on releasing nonviolent people from prisons?
15) Do you have plans to reform the procedures that allow nonviolent people to be locked in psychiatric hospitals without being charged with a crime, or violating any law?

Truth is on my side, the more truth that is brought to the public, about fiorini, about photons, about seeing eyes and hearing thought, the more i win, the more the reicht, republicans, fascists in the camera nets lose. Covering up the truth is going to continue to help the fascists, the liars, the violent, the public would stop the flow of money if they see that, for example, oprah has watched ppl in their houses for 2 decades, but failed to mention that to the public.

The evidence of the 2 us presidential debates hints that more humans are watching me now than any other human of earth. More than madonna, more than leno, more than oprah...and why? Because those ppl on tv, gov, sports, are barely high school graduates, they are religious, married, preach about gods, spit on science truth and justice, they are not talking about fiorini, thane cesar, photons, history of science, stopping violence, legal sex, they are boring, nobody wants to hear their stupid talk about psychology, antiscience, antisexuality, antifree info, antidemocracy, their unending support for violence. Imagine if this networkwas open to everybody, i would be doing very well! More ppl would recognize me than brittany speers. Who wants to hear about religious idiocy, monogomy, antifree info, they clearly like what i am saying and thinking, those ppl aren't smart, they're rich, religious, uneducated, they lie all the time, they live a lie of hidden cameras and watching 'eyes', antiscience and antisexuality.

Republican propaganda says 'with friends like these, who needs enemies?', and I have to agree. They search for weakness in the opposite side and clearly have found one. Why do millions of people watch me, but treat me like dirt?

John Howard won in australia, like tony blair, a person that followed the brutal bush jr into invasion of iraq. Those ppl didn't lead an invasion into some nation, they followed the brutal bush who initiated a second war.

I do not want to wake up in 4 years aged 39 to see bush jr still as president. much of my life was lived under the Brutal antisexual antiscience proviolent persecutor reagan, then the religious antiscience persecutor clinton.

To me the $200 billion take over of iraq by bush jr is like a spoiled rich kid suddenly given our credit card, and then wreaking havok with it. Bush jr is used to having millions of dollars at his dismissal to spend on lavish causes. This is the same behavior, only now with our money! This is like kids run wild with the parents credit card.

I think 'frivalous' is a key word to bush jr, chain-gang chaney and many conservative ppl. And here is why:
1) 200 billion to take over iraq =frivalous
2) thousands to arrest, store, feed and cloth nonviolent ppl like tommy chong for selling pipes, george clinton for crack,michael jackson for touching, in the face of violent crime=frivalous
3) $600 to cover the breast of a statue=frivalous

When humans look back at this century they will say 'huntington was cheated of his true democratic spoils.'. It was like there was an elvis or einstein, but nobody ever got to see him because he was only seen by elite kings and queens, a beatles that lived, played and died, never being shown on the ed sullivan show, all the sports ppl like babe ruth, but as if the public never saw them, that they were popular only to a tiny elite priveledged few kings and queens.

This 'pat brown' female human says 'waves red flag', 'he should have more power', 'discover' on courttv eye detective appears to be a slick uniform fascist, ready to flush the history of science, evolution, freedom of information, democracy down the toilet. just another antisexual, uneducated gestapo in the secret eye network for years and years w/o breathing a word about it to the public, preaching her lies, filth, and fascist propaganda to millions. With more facial cosmetics than hinman, who is on the exact opposite side of pat brown, the side of truth, wisdom and justice. I have to go on public access to tell a few hundred humans how matter may be made of particles of light, she probably never graduated from college, cares nothing for newton, vesalius, anybody in science...just a typical nazi that wants to continue filling prisons full of nonviolent ppl for using tobacco, while violent ppl like fiorini and cesar live free and the fascists fully cover it all up. Why aren't they more interested in capturing all the ppl that did homicides seen in the eye image databanks like the human that killed jam jay, and nicole simpson?

I am the only human on earth combatting this right wing eye network violent bullshit.

One song that i think describes our current situation is the handel movement in the classic work 'the messiah', titled 'All we like sheep have gone astray' [and i would add: 'and we gave the keys to the bloody wolves' is more like it].

Explosion in egypt, ppl in secret eye nets must see where they made mistakes. all explosives, and guns have to be tracked from the manufacturers, as do violent ppl not yet captured. We need computers/robots that model the entire universe in 4d each object modeled and tracked, using a triordinate system centered on earth, the star, center of milky way, etc....

As far as i can see this is a classic battle of smart versus stupid.

I vote for Entertainment weekly producers and netscape owners to be given 72 hour torture for "crazy current events".

Why is bill gates the wealthiest human, why not the ceo of intel, after all, most of those computers with windows has an intel cpu in it. I think because when you are selling information, have a monopoly on that information, the cost of copying and distributing that info is next to nothing, where making a chip costs money. It reflects how unnatural and unfair having to pay for copyrighted info is.

Laws on a fully and truly democratic planet should be like a well tended garden, the weed laws should be plucked out of there, and other unpopular old laws [like oral sex laws, etc...] should be subjected to constant vote. Currently the us and state laws are like an overgrown untended garden offlimits to the public.

Trader joe's sign 'going crazy' i vote to tie the 4 limbs of all those involved, including the humans that own trader joes, to a bed for 30 minutes, keep them jailed for 3 days where they will learn the history of science. For a taste of their own medicine, it is only fair. Have fun trying to see and hear the humans that own trader joe's. Like most nazi ppl they hide from the public, watching the public behind closed doors. I did finally find the names of the fascists that own trader joe's: the german karl [84] and theo [81] albrecht, the 3rd wealthiest humans on earth just before paul allen, before even the 4 waltons of the nazi walmart. They all are for the reicht wing of bush jr, not for the people and free info. How have they escaped being pulled over and tortured in psychiatric hospitals? Not enough money? Nobody brave enough? How about hospitalizing dan bane, bryan palbaum, charles pilliter, carol impara the ceo, cfo, svp and vp? Im tired of these mind policing nazis, i vote for habeus corpus, free info, and for democracy. are the albrechts nazi supporters? How much so? Everything is adding up because i often get insults from the rude nazi workers of trader joe, now i understand why. They are no liberals they are puppets for the nazi megabillionaire albrecht brothers. Secrecy is the way the albrechts get away with their nazi ideals, if the public gets to see, their fortune may change drastically.

The albrect brothers worked in their mother's corner store [aldi] in the ruhr valley in the 1940s. The two are so reclusive that no recent photos of them exist. Theo was held hostage for 18 days in 1971. In 1979 they bought trader joes and started pumping out their right wing theories thru the often thought to be 'liberal' market. Why not follow plank and beethoven, instead of paying homage to the antijewish martin luther every 7 rotations? The albrechts probably never went to a university, but are spreading their nazi philosophy so near a university. These are ppl with nothing but contempt for science, education, stopping violence [stoppen sie gewaltakte], free nonviolent [macht frei nicht heftige Menschen], human rights, and democracy [demokratie]. Why do we all have to be kidnapped too?

Here they could be building rocket planes [rakete flachen], walking robots [gehende roboter], the movie called 'science' [Wissenschaft], and one called 'evolution' [entwicklung], but instead they have other uses for all that money.

There should be a division in police, those that will possibly face violent ppl, and those that will not.

I think we win more as nonviolents, liberals and democrats when we do not segregate or exclude those ppl that are nonviolent, for free info, against copyright, against privacy, etc...but when it comes to the violent, ppl for privacy and copyright, nix, nix, secrecy a#1, mums the word old humes, loose lips get nonviolent killed, and privacy fulfilled, etc...

Nobel for lit=good choice, ppl should be on the side of science, truth, justice, and pleasure, against violence, disease and lies, not on the sidelines or opposite side. I am definately against communism and for full democracy, but the movie by jelinek promotes sexuality, the truth of voyeurism, and her books are critical of the far right, and these views i strongly agree with.

Pres debate #2
Wishy washy
Attacked saddam,but not north korea
plan for iraq
Repair relations with other nations
'not popular but ' was right...

TP: "wishy washy"? Bush jr is a stone cold killer, I think some doubt is a good trait, not certainty that might makes right.
A president should be spokesperson for people not minority of elites and cronies, right wing. we are the Planetary nonviolent ppl for peace, the vast majority, for stopping first strike violence

Iran missles, nuclear weapons, sanctions dont work
-evidence to public
-planetary policing
-focus on stopping violence/destuction weapons, less on nonviolent activities
-russia, china have nuclear weapons...(Kerry hinted at this)

Draft rumors
Bush: no draft
TP: -even with promise, lied about cam nets, war starters eventually reinstate draft and stop elections

TP comment: Bush talks, feels like church

Bush jr talks over and stops moderating human charles ..

No terrorist attacks since 9/11, what say ye to assure safety
TP: -no speaking out against violence, for free info, more violence does not = less violent results Religious at wheel, not for science, sharing info, just scare ppl

Drugs from canada
-bush; make sure safe, fda and surg gen looking into it, generics,drug discount card
kerry: -passed in senate, pres blocked
tp: Im for nonpoisonous legal drugs including all recreational drugs, and regulated drugs for consentual and even assisted suicide

Kerry: Bush made more debt

Bush: Kerry chose vp sued medical companies

Kerry: made patients rights,tort reform
[tp=yeah end the restraints, druggings in particular for nonviolent]
Kerry-insurance for young,old
Bush-wont just tax rich,

TP: Somehow i still think 4 more years of zapping with bush jr

-how to limit, cap punitive damages? TP: was question?
Bush: for cap on pun dam

Tp=need to democrtize courts, if there was injustice more people will support that cause, if not there will be much less support, people should be free to accuse anybody of any violation of any law.

Bush=at war, spend what it takes $120b for iraq, $30b for homeland, 13 months got back 1mil jobs, trying to get deficit
Kerry=5.6tril surplus, 2.6tril deficit

Tp=Rich guy spends billions on iraq, we are not rich ppl, but we have to pay for this guys bloody unnecessary party

Cut deficit by 1/2, how?
Bush=Stock market was rising...indicated recession...
Kerry=lost 1.6 million jobs

Kerry promise for <$200,000 will not raise taxes
Bush=raise texas [not taxes]
Kerry=voted for balanced budget, 'we did it'
Tp=protected sturgis, cesar, Sturgis and cesar as babysitters? I guess so.

TP: Bush, kind of violent wordage, when in reality i will probably live no matter who elected, but still scared.

Bush=offroad diesel, increase wetlands, healthy forest bill-not tended for, h2 auto [TP: I continue to ask why people ignore the hydrogen combustion engine, what experimenting exists, what were the results?], fewer h2o complaints
Kerry=Kerry is for faith based programs, orwellian, going backwards, epa resigned, pulled out global warming, Bush jr didnt believe in science

TP: These debate are tough gig, but good to finally see and hear these ppl

How can USA be competitive given wage in USA $50/hour China .50/hour? Kerry=seized, [had good answers, i was taking notes]
Bush=for medical liability reform, kerry will run up taxes

Tp=we are smart, we can build robots, rocket planes on the cheap, loose the neck ties, the jeweleries,
We have low cost fast food, we can have low cost rocket planes, computers and walking bots, use labor of other nations
Rutan $30 million 3 years, nasa $30 billion 50 years
No other nation has the rocket planes, all us employees
Because of religion, other nations moving ahead
Japan salaries compare to usa, and they first with walking robots, living it up, the intellectual thrill of that, but not us.

Kerry=pandering (hints at Tabash lecture, and reforming ridiculously brutal prositution laws)

Patriot act, rights watered down
bush=rights not watered down, req court order, scrut, refers to this fem i want to fuck but wasnt sure she was coming on to me
kerry=everybody concerned, knew about a man 8 months prison with no phone call, senator had to get released, ppl going into churches to get info, kerry believes in patriot act

Stem cells, if no one could buy embryo cells [tp not sure what question was, but was pro abortion]
kerry=understand, but like nancy reagan, michael j fox, chris reeve, can save lives, ethically guided, from fertility clinic, not aborted,
Bush=ends a life, approved non embryonic stem cells, balance ethics and science
Tp=no pain to embryo, but like sperm, ovum, not alive, in body owned by mother

Who appoint to Supreme court
Bush=constitution, not against pledge, letting personal opinion enter, against slavory, not legislators
Kerry=bush said need good conservative judges, fav scalia thomas, not liberal, judge potter stewart: 'cant tell id by lib or conserv mus or chris..', going backwards

Tp=bush will go with a person like scalia, will lose abortion

Voter said abortion is murder, what say ye
Kerry=deeply respect, am catholic, religion huge part of life, raped, etc...
Bush=not going to spend tax on abortion, banned partial birth abort is brutal, unborn victim=2 homicides, good adoption law

Tp=law is right to body of mother and i agree with that, viable=illegal possibly should be delivered
Partial birth abortion=? I am not sure what this refers to, I think an abortion that requires a partial birth? That is very rare, and still, the fetus should only be aborted inside the body, I think, although, I think that there is only a few seconds outside of the womb, that is kind of picky.

bush ='you can run cant hide'

3 instances of wrong decisions
Bush=small mistakes, no big mistakes, kerry voted against 87 bills to equip troops
Kerry=bush made mistakes, 'which is worse?',

Tp=have some, cant think of...poking that guy, biting that nipple, trying to befriend ellen degeneres, cricket, jenny mccarthey, riding those trains without paying for a ticket, talking loud for those 15 seconds in that dmv, not opening that car window the second chp brame tapped on that window, going out in nude once not on a nude beach, watching fictional tv, playing football, pledging, not fucking more, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol,
Closing statements

Kerry 'cede', planetary alliances, fresh start, healthcare, environment, jobs, stronger at home respected in world

Bush who can lead, been thru recess, war, 1.9b jobs, on the move, keep tax low, less/smaller fed gov, energy plan, a broad, after 911 will not rest, wmds, faith in liberty, promote freedom, iraq voting, god bless

next debate: Wed, oct 13

TP: Good to see telprompter/text of summary moderating talk

Tp= 2 questions about abortion? Is that a major issue? What about homicide of adults? Violence? Arrests of nonviolent? More Democracy? Nudity, drug war, prost, ...

Bush jr and cheny on sex is sad/absurd because sex is so foreign to them, like nonviolence and school.

Kerry said 'a war of mass deception', yes, this exactly. I have a porno titled 'weapons of masturbation'.

more Vp debate notes:
audio off sync - on Edwards, what was the deal?
Edwards ripped paper - this refers to my statement: '...are you the head hooker human here? (then rip up arrest paper)', so for legal prositution (not just in porno videos)

queston if Germany and France will not go into Iraq even with Kerry.
TP: France and Germany will never dismiss the ppl they pay in police to stop violence, I don't doubt that if Osama Bin Laden, or a human that did violence with their hands (Laden is equivalent to Nixon, or anybody that paid for the JFK killing), with clear video and eye image evidence made available to the planet, people in France or Germany would certainly arrest violent people wanted by the UN. I don't doubt, that the vast majority of people, nonviolent, opposed to violent, will work together on these steps: 1) identify violent events, humans. 2) Show these images to the public, make the case for capture and jail. 3) capture those people that did violence that a majority of people have voted should be jailed.

Friv lawsuits See my notes on the frivalous iraq war, tommy chong arrest, and breast covering

Cheney: more money
Edwards: more money
TP: need free info, need to give up on myth of privacy, medical and otherwise, people already hear our thoughts, get with it already, the copyright holders are the biggest violators of copyright, we need to seriously try to approach problems of virus, and religious fanatacism of bush jr is not going to solve those problems that need science. We need a history of science for the big screen and history of evolution to raise the next generation of people that will go into science less than sports, psychology instead of finding a cure for viruses and cancer.

TP: look at my chart, a good economy is going to make more jobs, but in addition, we are moving to the robot age, where robots grow and harvest food and humans just sit back and enjoy the products of low cost (the price of electricity, can be from hydrogen, the sun, no radioactive atom separation) labor.

Flip flops
The "President" of any nation is a temporary employment, in my opinion, eventually the people will decide all government decisions in democratic voting, so until then, a president that gives the public what they want sounds like democracy to me. In some way, the public are flip-flopper humans, and the politician humans follow them, telling them what they demand to hear.

There was more Republican propoganda that I am for a ground war only, that is ridiculous. I am certainly against bombing neighborhoods where 1 violent human lives. I am for 'an eye for an eye'. Violence against those that do violence (if capture is not an option). The opinions I support are not supported by most people in either democrat or republican parties, but are closer to democratic ideals. As I said above: 1) identify the violent, 2) show the images to the public vote for capture 3) capture. I am for planetary policing. There are violent criminals in Iraq, there are violent criminals in China, and in the USA, ...we should start in the USA to identify, show the public, and stop violent people, and in the democracies of the planet and work our way into the less developed, less educated, less democratic nations. Obviously we should not be bombing China to free the Tienamin Square political prisoners, that would be a reckless, destructive move, but we can use satellites to identify violent events, and get those images to the people of China and the rest of the planet, so if they ever do enter a democratic nation they will certainly be captured and jailed for their violent crime.

Finally my absantee ballot votes:
President of USA:
John Kerry, John Edwards

US Senator:
Barbara Boxer (libertarian cannot win yet and better than a republican)

US Representative
John Graham (libertarian cannot win yet and better than a republican)

State Senator
Rita B. Siebert (libertarian cannot win yet and better than a republican)

Member of Assembly
Carl Mariz (libertarian cannot win yet and better than a republican)

OC Community College
no vote
no vote

Irvine school board
no vote
Mayor City of Irvine
Beth Krom

City Council

Irvine Water
Annie Yang-McNally
My water is not good, the warm water smell like sulfur, perhaps that is from Dartmouth Apartments

Ballot measures:
once again, these ballot measures are total idiocy, there is almost nothing here, accept three strikes almost for violent only, stem cells, and open govt.

!A=YES. Eventually income tax will go to planetary gov, then go to nation, state/providence, county, city
59=YES. I hope this includes seeing all the video too, like the street cameras, and eye images.
60=no vote, not important enough.

60a=NO, I am against limited the market and ways of paying off bonds

61=NO, children are simply young humans, there is simply not that big of a difference, and all hospitals should be equiped to handle humans of every age. I reject the idea that children are somehow a different unthinking species.

62=YES. People can vote for anybody anytime.

63=NO. absolutely, positively no fucking way, absolutey no, never, not ever. These "mental" police and torture tactics have to end. This is nothing more than these psychologer pseudo sciencers trying to get more money for their psychic bs. Make them get real jobs. Psychology is a pseudoscience, far from ligitimate health sciences like neurology, anasteisiology, chemistry, biology, robot engineering, etc... I see the future of psychiatric hostpials as being consentual only, no more funneling "patients" from the 405, no more punishment without a court, a phone call, legal defence, coerced druggings, unconsentuyal druggings of nonviolent people, no more 4 point restraints tying people to beds, people convicted of assault and homicide do not receive such brutal tortures and these people are mostly nonviolence....and they have the gaul to ask for more money again, and again?!

64=NO. No limits on law suits, let democracy rule, and free info, let people in a democracy determine what the laws and punishments will be.

65=NO. why is this on the ballot? 1A is the boring idiotic trivial frivalous law replacing this one.
66=YES. After much thought, I decided to vote for this, even though it increases the penalties for molestation including "oral copulation". 9 years in jail for letting a 14 yera old human lick your penis? I guy farted on my head when I was under 14, 6 years in jail for that? while homicidal assaulter run as free as frank fiorini, e howard hunt, greer the jfk driver, thane cesar? That this is given "66" is probably no surprise the republicans are corrupt as can be.
I think there are some problems with this measure:
1-the molestation part is absolutely ridiculous and has no place on the concept that many people echod, that 3 strikes should be not for felonies, but for violent crims only. That is where the popular opinion is. They bit off this molestation part, and that is too bad. 2-I think arson, ... is a destructive activity, can kill people (then would be called violent I guess). I would have made "arson that results in damage to a living human or species)
\ 3- to argue for this measure, let me tell you about the most ridiculous "felonies":
first I think many people ask "what is a felony?", the laws ought to be made available to the public, ordered by seriousness, etc...
1) owning child pornography (for example images of a nude human that is under the age of 18, my mom has at least one nude photo of me under the age of 18, cooking in the kitchen).

2) kidnapping - altohugh there can be threats of violence, this is the equivalent of false imprisonment, which is being done in psychiatric hospitals.
3) burglary, robbery, and theft (I am not sure what the difference is), but if a gun is pointed at the human I would think of that as violent, or threats of violence, but if simply stealing without the person looking, then that is not violent.
4) Stalking is a felony. Without threats of violence, think of the poporazzi people that simply want a photo, 3 times =life imprisonment? With threats of violence, I can see jail time for the voyeur, or stalker. Some guy followed me into mothers and punched his fist into his hand. I am not sure that deserves more than a few days in jail, which ofcourse he is not going to get.
5) Hate Crime - If violent, assault should cover it. You should see the people that are antigay for example. They spray paint their antigay words, and then get life in jail? I duno but sounds harsh, maybe not.
6) Federal Drug and Gun laws. Not sure aobut gun laws, but drug laws are ridiculous. Some person was importing fatty butter and got life in jail, no wait it was alcohol, oops, no it was actually marijuana, ofcourse nobody was hurt.
7) Suicide is a felony - that has to be tough to enforce, unless "attempted suicide", and then...I like to think that a person has the choice to end their own body.
8) Crimes causing harm to property - I think potentially this can be thought of as violent crime, again, people kill cows, damaging a stop sign is now going to be life in jail? Still some time in jail for violence.

67=NO. We need a full health care program from the government.

69=YES. The DNA tests are not intrusive. I am for complete freedom of all information.

70=NO. No exclusive gambling rights.

71=YES. Stem cell resaearch may extend our short lives by 5 years and that is worth it to me.
72=NO. I am absoluitely against mandatory insurance. If people want a government health care program like Canada, I will listen and may vote for.

Vp debate:
Edwards did well. Look at what we are getting with kerry/edwards: canadian drugs, health insurance for the young and seniors, stem cell research, defence of abortion rights.... I cant remember all the promises, but what are bush jr and chaney offering to the public besides negativity and criticism of kerry and edwards? More later. Including the topics unemployment, hiv, france+germany will not enter iraq even witth kerry, frivelous lawsuits, ....

The x prize is going annual=awesome, maybe sometime, the centauri prize for first ship to orbit centauri.

Nobel physics award, i doubt the existence of quarks and a strong force, and think the idea that all particles are made of photons is more interesting, but even the pp guy never won a nobel for being tthe first human to see what eyes see using infrared cameras behind a headnor did the inventor of the camera itself. There ought to be more nobel prizes, for examplefor invention and popularizing science. Perhaps the awards should be democratized. Ppl at Ucsb and uci both got nobel prizes, now i dont doubt that history of physics and chemistry dvds will be available everywhere. Cmon, they will buy one more yacht, the award amounts to 2x their yearly salary

Awesome to see george soros speaking out.

Dont forget to register to vote.

I think what ppl that want the democrats to win, like clinton, michael moore, rutan [perhaps], discovery [perhaps], are vocal in their support of labels of 'nut-case', 'crazy', 'schitzo', etc... to draw in conservatives to vote for kerry, under the promise of treating me as insane, or looking at me in a negative way, showing that they can be just as brutal. In a way bulking that large wing of democrats that does support the nazi tortures of nonviolent ppl, the dismissing of science, justice and fact as lunacy, etc....thus pulling in more right wing votes.

i think the philosophy of rutan is not great. Here he has a 'burt rutan, you are about to win the x prize, what are you going to do?' and essentially rutan says 'i am going to torture me a psycho', 'im going to burn me a heretic', 'i'm going to "blue plus" me a jew', 'im going to lynch me a nigger', 'im going to jail me a suffragette', 'im going to dunk me a witch'....much to the pleasure and approval of the discovery channel funders and elites. Now this philosophy [and that of microsoft] will be associated with every 'mid-air rocket burn' [tm], [patent #243288651]. So a great achievement, but a poor value system. This thought policing philosophy may be in all the first orbitals. This 'psycho' is supporting the non thought policing psychiatric nazis against the 'crazy' brotherhood of injustice and lies. I question the treatment of von braun, the person rutan said was his hero in the discovery channel show [not hans ober, silokovsky, or godderd?]. Von braun was a nazi person, there is no doubt, he worked closely with and supported adolf hitler. In all the time von braun was in the usa, did he ever speak out againt nazism? Not to my knowledge. Why did carl sagan [a jewish human] have such negative connotation on braun saying braun joked that he 'aimed for the moon, but hit london '? Why did sagan not take the line of braun as a visionary and hero? Did sagan interact with braun in the secret eye thought network? Then, i can see bring von braun on as a consultant for a us rocket program, but as leader of that program? A former high ranking nazi? What about the rocket geniuses of the usa, there were none? I was very excited and happy for rutan, but that 'crazy' comment, i think is something to worry about, and for me casts doubt on any support for him or allen, and more interest in exposing their thoughts for all to see and evaluate. Now will the antipsychology ppl match the space ship one achievement? I doubt any time soon, all the medals, awards and money will continue to go to the ppl in the elite eye networks, no non gestapo are going to get a dime this century.

A plane is relatively simple, a middle, 2 wings with movable flaps, 2 turbine jet engines, wheels, brakes, and tail. For a rocket plane simply replace turbine engine[s] with rocket engine.

I was interested to find that the big problem, and only problem with rentry into the earth air is the speed a ship has being too fast, making the ship too hot. Instead of a 'feather' that moves the entire ship, couldn't there simply be 2 to 4 large flaps to slow the ship?

I am probably not the only person wondering how allen and rutan made an orbit rockit plane for a mere 30 million, but nasa couldn't with consistent billions, are they really getting the best?

One difference between me and most ppl: for me 1st strike violence is never an option, for most ppl, first strike violence is the only option.

This is awesome. Poland wants to pull out of iraq in 2005. Just after bush jr used poland as an example in the debate. How amazing to think together, decide popular opinion in poland, and change an unpopular policy. That takes courage and wisdom. I continue to vote for publically identifying violent crimes and ppl, showing the public the evidence, and making every effort, together as a planetary democracy to capture those ppl alive and as nonviolently as possible.

What happened to you ppl? Why don't you care about stopping violence? Fear is no answer. Ppl could easily make ads with no fear, or songs, books, movies, web pages, monetary awards, ... To me, letting the humans that killed jfk, rfk, nicole simpson, jam jay and others go free is like suicide. where is your sense of self preservation, that thing inside that says 'i want to live!'? To do nothing is to increase the probability of violence to you or someebody you care for.

We want the possibility to determine our own fate as a nation and planet. We want those young ppl to get to vote on going to war, to vote on the laws we have to live under, not to have some christian fanatical jesus worshipping preacher like bush or clinton decide for us with the swipe of a pen and 10 cronies from the senate.

We have an opportunity the geman ppl never had, we can vote down an oppresive war starter.

Clinton in time opens with the words 'these are the non nut-case books on my administration', this guy went to harvard, what next the 'non-niggar books?', the 'non pervert books', 'astrology books on my admin...', 'the non jesus fanatic zelots...oh wait me and hillary are both jesus fanatic zelots that go to a church every 7 earth rotations but have no delusions because we know jesus was made of dna although he did do a mess o healin but god was helpin'. 'but they are the violent ppl books'. Again i say, he had 8 years to make the popular vote count, 8 years to undo the reagan mandatory minimums. let nobody deny or ever forget clinton is certainly in the eye network and continues to lie to the public about seeing inside houses, and behind heads. He never supported evolution or science other than to appear in 'contact'. Cared nothing for stopping violence and did nothing for stopping violence [aside from not starting any wars, wow], nothing for releasing the nonviolent, nothing for democracy, no walking robots, just him and the elites watching us and our thoughts and plenty of 'mind crime' arrests w/o a hint of a charge, sentence, defence lawyer, but w/ torture and unconsentual druggings etc...

i find all the adobe programs practically unusable. I have used a variety of video editors and premiere is the worst, i cannot edit text in acrobat, the objects all merge and editing one piece of text sends the rest flying. Just the idea that some part of a document should be edited in a different programis ridiculous. The graphics, like lines and rectangles dont print. who understands layers in photoshop, i can not draw or fill a circle. I can't just press cntl-v to paste an image, ulead has 3d and 2 color text. every other image editor i have ever used were all far more intuitive, the only thing i can say for photoshop is the batch converting images is easy to use.

Ppl think of microsoft as true blue, but not true. Think of all that money, all that money only, i repeat onlyfrom copyright. But what about all the copyrights bill gates, paul allen, and every body at microsoft violate in hearing thoughts and storing images of what the eyes of ppl see? They never got permission to copy those songs and millions of other copyrighted works. Ironic for them to be so actively pursuing copyright violations. I think the public will eventually get smart and say 'look at ms and hollywood, they are scum, they are at one time the biggest holders of copyrights and the biggest violators of copyrights, since we feel no sympathy for them, they are so hypocritical, we vote to end copyright laws.'

I hope kerry, if elected, under public pressure, or for decency, limits the copyright laws to 10 years, and the penalties to under $1000, and no jail time. But only after we subpoena gates and the other wealthy copyrightviolators homes and businesses for copyrighted material illegally copied.

twa800 hit with missle and lie-happy fbi+cia hides truth from public, kudos to the history channel. What happened to providing all the evidence to the public, tested by numerous independent labs, voting, identifying the ppl responsible, showing the public, making a continuous effort to capture those ppl proven [again to the public] to have done violence. The ppl in the governments have become nothing more than groups to hide the truth and all evidence from the public for trivial and elitest purposes.

I dont hear or see you talking about the national geographic pictures, speaking out for democracy,for free info, no more electoral college, voting on laws, voting on the internet, cameras on the streets, stopping of violence, any history of science, any critcism of religion, gather round, its an atheist on tv, no more drug war, no arrests for prostitution w/o a video being made,....i continue to see and hear nothing from you catatonic fascists but cries for more violence and jailing of the nonviolent.

When ppl of tv, for example, discovery say 'shoot', 'make some shots' [for example with a camera], how about getting some shots with the offscreen narrator, jill deacon, and the owners of the network/company, john s hendricks, judith a mchale, donald a baer, barb bennett, scott mcgraw, pandit wright, clark bunting, mona abutaleb, daniel fischer, maureen smith, jane root, diane duggan, nathan fong, william m [billy] campbell III, and their family getting some shots? Maybe around lunch time? That is only fair.

Jail for the violent.
Violence for the violent.

I have to babysit the 50 year old multimillionaire ppl, because they have 3 year old brains.

Have you seen this stupid female human, jill deacon, of science uncoveries this week? I am guessing but, did this human major in English? Why not engineering? somebody that can use a cd? Chemistry, biology? I am so tired of stupid puppets on tv. The cosmetics on this stupid human [spokes person for science? Get real] alone weigh 5kg. I think most ppl would honor a human that made a science channel that they later copied. Which raises a point again, that for ppl that scream for copyright, they are not happy to pay up for those they violate.

One thing that bothers me, is that, with the exception my cable show, when you turn on a television, all you ever get to see are fascists in the secret infrared eye network.

With the wars on afghan and iraq, not 1 photo of a dead body reached the public or were circulated on the internet [googgle, yahoo, or cnn news, etc...]

Great to see somebody win the x prize, but on the fascist discovery channel, the greedy nazi fascist routan admitted to believing in spirits, that only 'manned' ship are to be promoted, then said 'the crowd went crazy'. i guess he couldn't resist the money, but also supports the na I theories of tying nonviolent ppl to tables. These nazis dont talk much about free info, because they have been watching eyes and hearing thoughts for years. Somehow rutan got free from the psychiatric hospitals [no doubt by using money] to practice his antidemocracy fascism in the secret eye network. What a gestapo clone. eat shit greedy gestapo fascists, we will get to see your thoughts within 10 years. All the photon guns in the ceilings, all the infrared cameras, all will be shown. Be glad you won't be jailed for your lies and supporting the arrests and tortures of millions of nonviolent humans.

Rutan is for a closed society with mind policing, i am for an open society with freedom of thought, a clear difference in philosophy. What's all the talk about 'hell', were these ppl raised in a church barn? Didn't they get a public education? No more nazis, if ppl violate a law, let them go to prison, no more psychiatric experimental tortures, druggings and jailings.

What a greedy, genderist, fascist, let down rutan and most of the violent thug gestapos in the eye networks are.

Ppl that support racism, gender inequality, psychology, witchcraft, religion, violence, fascism, dishonesty, elitism, secrecy, arrests for drugs or prostitution will have trouble getting my support.

I would not be surprised to hear 'and the good thing was that there were no psychos, witches, druggies, drunks, sluts, whores, spics or niggers in the crowd'...kind of offensive, but with the eye network nazis that stuff is common. Rednecks with high technology.

1% of the humans on earth [60 million] watched the us presidential debates.

Bush jr spoke out of turn during the debate saying 'i need to keep my daughters on a leash' ... Even figuratively that is kind of brutal/bondage imagery.

Do you know that in 1000 years the word 'god' will be out of circulation, 'universe' will still be circulated.

There will be a time when the public finally gets access to the vast archives of images and sounds that contain evidence of homicides, for example. Then the 'big cleanup' operation will start, counting all the new votes, capturing the humans that killed other humans that the elites in the eye network and the uninformed public let free.

Halleluya the grocery self checkout.

Debate extra: a planetary summit to determine an international plan for iraq, proposed by kerry, is a good idea. I am in favor of an international summit on violence. International court that bush jr rejected, i am in favor of planetary justice system. The bush jr excuse that us soldiers could be jailed isnt great because, those ppl should not be violating major international democratically popular laws, like homicide and assault to begin with.

I decided to watch the debate because i am interested in what the public wants and is supporting. I want to hear from both sides to fine tune my opinions and understanding of popular opinions.

Debate: kerry was awesome. Bush jr was pushy, didn't adhere to rules of debate, and kept assaulting the podium. Kerry was calm and collected. To me, kerry clearly looks and talks more like a us president should. the usa will not be the scientific and industrial genius powerhouse with an extreme christian as leader, we want to be the leader in walking robots, rocket planes, airplanes, cars, computers, electricity, clean air and water, moon stations etc...

No matter what you think of kerry, this election is liberal versus reicht, smart versus stupid, good economy versus bad economy, stop violence versus start violence, and that's all there is to it.

I fear bush jr and chain gang chainey getting reelected because they are cold blooded killers, violent, advocates of violence, assaulters, killers of jfk, mlk, rfk, lennon, liers, religious fanatics, antisexuals, voyeurs, antiscience, stupid, anti-intellectual, antifree info, anti-united nations, and antidemocracy. keeping these ppl in government is like keeping the keys to the sheep with the wolves, why do 50 of 100 ppl not understand that?

This group of republicans is reckless, the way they picked and protect thane cesar and frank fiorini, the way they beam violent sounds and images on the heads of mark chapman and other ppl, they tip the scale in favor of violence and chaos.

Kind of ironic, bush jr arresting tommy chong for pipe selling when he drank alcohol so much, some ppl think alcohol is worse than marijuana. Like covering the statue of the breast but then watching nude ppl in their houses, to me that is hypocritical.

Bill oreilly said the ppl that watch the jon stewart show are mostly pot smokers. The ppl that watch the oreilly show probably only have violent crimes.

It looks like bush jr may be targeting iran next. Instead of the arab nations, they could be renamed, bushland, a vast right wing playground for paintball simulations.

What if a terrorist group from china attacked the us, from russia, from germany, turkey, jordon, canada, Mexico..? Would the right wing still invade their nation? should ppl blame a nation of ppl for the actions of a few ppl, not connected with any part of the government from that nation?

Hilfiger is the latest to be persecuted by the petty bush jr admin, my advice to the liberals is not to get involved in that sort of thing if they do win the 2004 election, its bad for the economy and is petty, biased, unfair, not productive, doesnt help the cause, violence is a more serious problem and needs more of our time and walking robots.

I vote for a name change of fcc to fc-only-the-elites-get-to-see

If you are a person that thinks the warren commission was made to lie to the public, and that somebody else killed jfk from the front, why on earth would you ever vote republican?

If you like the beatles why would you vote for bush jr, reagan and his father did not like john lennon enough to protect him as carter did, reagan and bush didn't like john lennon or the rest of the beatles.

I want to summarize my analysis of the US Presidential Debate last night. Most of the people in main stream media completely ignore all the major points and just print paid for abstract propaganda.
Perhaps I am biased, but I think that Kerry did much better than Bush jr. Bush jr appeared pushy immediately talking after a Kerry answer, talking out of turn over Kerry, punching the podium, where Kerry was cool headed, calm and adhered to the rules of the debate. Perhaps I am missing what was said but Bush went with a mysterious theme using words like "duh", "duty" (perhaps because people were comparing him to Nixon and Clinton said Nixon dedicated his life to dootie, which he did. I am not clear on what the theme was, perhaps that people have no respect for the "President"?
One of my statements before the debate was a quote from Martin Luther King jr., related to the last election, saying that I wished the people in the USA wanted a candidate that said boldly "no more electoral college...I am tired of fighting for something that should have been ours to begin with...", because to me, I see pictures of Bush jr. with other presidents and I think it is ridiculous because he didn't win the popular vote.
I also said that "what were they thinking when they protected Frank Fiorini? and Thane Cesar? and when they beamed "do it do it do it" on to the head of Mark Chapman?
Bush made several references to Sturgis, saying "fffff",...Kerry said "frankly", ...I am not sure what to make of all of that, but whenever I hear "ff", I start dictating, "Frank Fiorini Sturgis, born 1943, killer of JFK, serial number 12321......etc..", perhaps I will make trading cards of all the biggest of evil inc. Kerry did use many of the JFK, RFK words, saying "effort", "rush to judgement", and saying "John Kennedy". Kerry did refer to Ronald Regean in a positive way, and although I think Reagan was terrible, I can't lie to you, still Reagan only had one war (Granada) in 8 years, unlike Bush jr, who is more for war.
Bush jr. started off in a similar way to Nixon in 1968, where Nixon said "are we going to let a group of violent thugs...", clearly his biggest problem being a violent thug. In the same way Bush jr, spoke out hardhly against "violent thugs" or something similar...people like to remove light from their biggest flaw, this is similar to accusing the oppressed the oppressor, hopefully most people can see through those obvious lies.
Kerry had a good word choice, using the word "smarter" which clearly he is compared to Bush jr, but yet Kerry served as a grunt in the trenches of Viet Nam, where many Ivy league graduates found ways to avoid the fighting. I didn't even know that Kerry went to Yale, and wonder what his major and grades were. Yale is one of the top schools of the USA.
I thought Kerry used some overly harsh words in saying "hunt down and kill", ...thinking...technically we say "capture and jail...but ok".
One of the high points for me was, after Bush jr, was hinting that any body that opposes his views may "disappear", Kerry boldly and openly critisized Russian President Putin (who I felt negative about because of what he did to Yukos, and because he, similar to Bush Senior, was in the KGB, but not sure because there is so little info and according to main stream press 90% of the people in Russia voted for and support Putin....basically concluding that Russia needs leaders more like Gorbychev and Yeltsin, not Putin), for arresting "political prisoners", and "owns the 3 newspapers"...clearly a strong statement for democracy, for free market, for potentially some amount of compassion towards the nonviolent people in prisons in the USA...
I was disappointed that Kerry echoed the right wing words "War on Terror", thinking that the "War on Violence" is obviously a smarter choice of words, ultimately we want to stop any destruction and violence, violence done with bombs, missles, guns, knifes...all of it all around the earth. Kerry did say "what is worse?", which refers to the Larry Flynt statement "What is worse sex or war?", clearly war, ofcourse! With a secondary meaning to "what is worse violence or drugs use?"...all good.
The word choice for Bush jr, was kind of negative and followed much of what Kerry said, I am surprised at how closely people listened to me. A large number of people really do watch me and are interested in what I think. For example, Kerry hinted at the issue of the drug war by saying "ups", and then Bush followed with some word that I forget, but here, some of the low brow decisions made during the 4 years of his presidency work against him, when he had Ashcroft arrest Tommy Chong for selling pipes, even people excluded from the eye network could see that Bush jr is radically anti drug, ironic for a person that was addicted to alcohol. Another example, is how Kerry used the word "bi", and then Bush jr, followed with some similar word, but it doesn't ring true, because of the covering of the breast incident, and the recent focus on banning gay marriage. Kerry, as is usual for the Democratic group, are protecters and supporters of sexuality, saying "the mountains" (I think we all kind of felt warm then).
Nobody even mentioned the economy, how the Dow has experienced a 5 year loss for the first time in decades, how unemployment went up under Bush jr, how homicide went up.
I can't remember all the points, but the word choice by Kerry hinted to me, a smart group of people. Kerry looked and sounded more presidential than Bush jr did.
I think that there was way too much talk about Iraq, but there were interesting opinions there too. Clearly Bush may invade Iran, which he called "Iranq"...basically that the too are the same. To Bush's credit, he is a person that changes, he realized he appeared pushy and then changed stratagy after about 15 minutes, and Bush made the good point that the brutal recent Islamic tradition of chopping off hands has been stopped in Iraq...and there is a possibility of a relatively stable democracy in Iraq. Perhaps there is something to be said for quickly overthrowing monarchies and communist governments, in particular where nonviolent people are being brutally tortured and killed, but that is a reckless plan. My complaint is with the reckless and murderous way that this apparant victory was accomplished. I am in favor of international policing, using cameras, satellite, stationary and walking to bring images to the public, to identify individual violent people and work together with the people living in democracies of earth to capture and jail those people with violent crimes. Because the nation of Iraq is now supervised by people in the USA, I think that there is an opportunity to democratically use United Nations people to do peace keeping, and eventually, the no Iraq people have to pull out, because like Viet Nam, no race of people want to be ruled by a different race of people (although there is good racial variety in the USA, this is not true for other nations, to them they view people from other nations as oppressors). Kerry said "90% of the people and money" are from the USA. Bush jr tried to turn my comment of "Poland" against me by stating what must be a fact that Poland was one of the few nations that supported Bush jr. The only thing I could think of is what a surprise it is that the leaders of Poland decided to align themselves with Bush jr, and like Blair, what a bad choice that was. Perhaps they are ultra christian, like Bush jr, perhaps they do not like arab people, I don't know, but the point is still clear. What appears to be fact is that Poland did not attack Nazi Germany, and (although 70% of people that watch Fox news may think so) Iraq was not involved with 9/11. Kerry made great points about working together with the other nations of the planet. Kerry represents a very strong powerful group of people around the planet that want planetary peace. This part reminded me of what Gorbychev said here in Irvine, that when a nation like the USA does a preemptive strike against a sovereign nation other nations build up their military. People see the USA building up their military and they follow suit, which is not good for the stability of the tiny planet. These are huge powerful nations on earth and they have to be friends and it is in the interest of planetary peace that all the major nations get along. Bush jr, has taken a reckless path of a lone cowboy, ignoring the United Nations, and planetary opinion.
Bush jr used the word "democracy", wchich was nice, but does he really support democracy? Kerry used the word "science", (Bush responded with "beaks", clearly antiscience and antieducation). That got me thinking that, with such a ultra christian as Bush jr as President, there is no way that the USA will be the science and industrial power that we have been in the past, already the USA does not lead in walking robots, in computers, in cars, in airplanes, helicopters, ... we need rocket planes, moon stations, ..Kerry made the excellent point of "instead of spending 3/4 of a trillion dollars on Iraq, that money could be used for ..." health care, sewers, etc...and I am adding for movies on the history of science and evolution, for rocket planes, free clean water, free food for those starving in the USA, orbiting stations, and moon stations that will be far more strategic locations for the future.
Then in towards the end, some a-hole human, started assaulting me with a laser in my apartment, perhaps trying to give me a tumor, or simply giving me a tiny pain. What about using technology to stop pain buddy?
Kerry and Bush (as far as I remember) both said that nuclear weapons were the most serious threat to the planet, Bush added something like "and those that use them" which I think is an important point because the weapons are definately dangerous, but the people using them should be punished more than the inanimate object. I think that is a good estimate, nuclear weapons can kill millions of people in seconds, there are other new technologies that can kill many people too. I am in favor of lowering the probability of massive destruction and violence, even on the small scale by controlling the manufacture and location of dangerous weapons through democracy as much as realistically possible. Kerry made the good point that Bush jr is actually exploring the idea of bunker busting nuclear weapons, a bold statement, and that was awesome and true. Kerry supports the ban on nuclear testing that JFK put forward, hinting that the possibility for a project Orion under him is unlikely. Lasers on satellites and mounted in ceilings and street lamps can also kill people in seconds, air/sound bombs can kill millions of humans without even leaving radioactive waste, poisons, viruses and bacteria, tnt, and guns all are very dangerous and all fall into this policy I am supporting of stopping violence and damage causing, and lowering the focus on nonviolent crimes like drugs, prostitution, property theft, treason, lying, insider trading, copyright infrindgement (I am still for physical property rights, but copying some picture or data on to your own disk or paper should be legal, and certainly is not a physical property theft), nudity, pornography...if there are gun fights, sexual assaults...that is all covered under stopping violence. For property theft, I am willing to vote for jail time for repeat offenders, but put the main focus on exposing the people, and returning the property as soon as possible.

Kerry summarized his vision with the words "Freedom Not Fear", halleluja do I agree with that.

I have not looked at any of the major news yet, so I am going to do that now, but I don't expect to see as much detail as I have provided here. I hope the poll numbers have changed for Kerry, he clearly is the better candidate. I am glad that in the USA we have such competitive debates, and I think the VP debate is going to be good too, there is no doubt in my mind that Edwards is going to come out ahead of Chainey. I think seeing and hearing what the people in government are doing is important in making decisions about how to vote, I think we need to see far more about where these people stand, and what they think.

i feel good for the future. Two things ppl cannot deny:
1) high speed internet will replace tv and the major tv companies will lose money and power to program party lines in the public
2) walking robots, cameras on every street, eye images, dna testing, we are reaching the mathematical point where a human may suceed at a homicide but will always be caught. The days of sturgis, cesar, simpson, etc... ppl that kill and get away with it will slowly become a thing of the past. The shock will be when there is a part of earth where a violent event occurred but no photons were captured with a camera!

Although it is not set in stone, looking at the blue/red dow jones industrial average chart hints that if bush jr wins this election if there is an election in 2008 (hey, there could be a terrorist scare that may have to delay the election or the threat of terrorism may cause a state of emergency, I don't remember this many terrorism emergencies under Clinton-Gore, but even if we don't know where, when, what, or who, I will be sure to be safer) will probably go to the democrats, because of the alternating nature of voting in the usa. I think we deserve a long liberal run after the brutal right wing run of nixon, ford, reagan to repair all those homicides and lies.

How different is bush jr's invasion of afghanistan and iraq from hitler's invasions of czechoslovakia and poland? Was it truly their fault?

Bluewatergrill got [bay?] leaf in rice, lobster shell piece in lobster [have to check eye images]

I work with ppl that heil me, point at me, spin there finger in a 'crazy' sign, surprisingly, they so far have not stuck their middle finger at me, although i do get the slit throat, the shhh sign, the mouth cover, the limp wrist sign, just rude stupid ppl with no education or care for science, education, history, truth, justice, etc...

Don't be distracted, keep your eye on the death star and bringing down the empire.

'psychic week' on courttv is upsetting, our f'in tax money is going to these ppl that claim to be psychic?, i will watch porn instead thank you.

Votes for best of liberals, worst of conservatives [basically go by most popular?]

Some person/ppl aree periodically making a rash or bumpy ichy place on my 4th [so-called wedding ring] finger using either biological weapons, or more likely beams of photons.

The ppl that kept the harmless ir/xray cameras that see behind the head a secret, have allowed killers to go free.

Keep voting middle [democrat] until we can vote for a liberal party, then keep voting liberal until there is an ultraliberal party, by then maybee we will see the eye images of sturgis and cesar.
I vote we all can see how ppl voted.

Frank fiorini, republican
Thane cesar, republican
James earle ray, republican
Mark chapman, republican

Einstein, democrat
Pauli, democrat
Pauling, democrat
Wozniak, democrat

What happened to yusef islam [cat stevens] is pure fascist, racist, idiocy and is typical of the petty, singling out of liberals for punishments of the bush jr administration. They have time to single out famous liberals? What about stopping violence that is actually happening, freeing the nonviolent, making democratic reforms [like internet voting], promoting science and evolution, religious tolerance? Where is the evidence? 'peace train' writer against peace?

Frontline told that bush jr told his mom that he thinks non christians are damned and will not get into heaven. Bush jr lives life like this is the 1600s, ofcourse plus adding in [ab]use of massive secret photon technology.

I vote down the fcc, make it democratic if anything, .5 million for showing a breast? Sounds like pure Nazism to me, ofcourse violence is a-ok to show. I am glad for cable and the internet, the fcc is no good. That .5 million + ppl complained indicates to me, need for history of science, anatomy, vigorous verbal support for sexuality and sex education.

Epson leaves hp, canon, and xerox in dust with r200 $99 inkjet printer, prints on writable dvds/cds. But what else is new? Many ppl in japan are able to see the obvious where dullness, stupidity, ultra conservative catatonia [i guess?] stops even basic progress for businesses in the usa. I just bought this printer and it is awesome.

I vote for atm access for bail for ppl in prison, and for 24 hour court so nobody has to stay in jail for the weekend. And ofcourse, as always, only 1 human per cell, in particular, no mixing of ppl with past violent convictions with those that do not.

I vote for an automated post system already where a person pays on the internet or always uses the same number when sending letters/packages, perhaps from return address. There could be internet confirmation [a person can enter to match return address]. Ppl can buy and print delivery labels on the internet for ups and fedex, how about the usps? But in any event the system should be very fast and automatic, just put the thing in the Box and get charged automatically.
Update: usps.com/clicknship
Plus there are automated postal center machines

Went in staples and capo said 'you need to be helped', so i thought, fuck this, i represent a mess o money, and i expect friendliness. I have been insulted there 2 or 3 times, so a tenative ban on staples. Ppl at office depot have never been rude as far as i remember. Maybe this is blue vs red idiocy. Becausei strongly support democracy i am viewed as blue, red is usually communism, antidemocracy, antiscience, antitruth, antifreeinfo, etc...

This is like that queen song:
Di duh dnt dnt dnt another nazi covers their mouth...dnt dnt dnt another nazi covers their mouth...and another one seen and another one exposed another idiot covers their mouth, hey we're gonna see your eyes too, another nazi covers their mouth!

An important principle to think of is the past examples where the oppressed/second class were included and armed. The civil war were the union army hired/allowed black ppl to fight. black ppl must have thought, fight or be a slave fight for my own freedom and human rights, or live for the rest of my life as a slave. And ww2 where jewish ppl in the ghettos were allowed into democratic nations and allowed to join the army, because, again, they were fighting for their life and rights as humans. Now, the oppressed are still mainly the nonmale, nonwhite, but also include bi, les, gay, those labeled insane, users of illegal drugs, nudists, prostitutes, nonviolently sexual, atheists, nonchristians, with physical disabilities, those excluded from eye/ear networks, under 21, over 65, non english speaking, intellectuals, scientists, overweight, ...

Are young ppl becoming more nazistic or less nazistic? More conservative or more liberal? In 1930 ppl probably thought the young ppl were becoming more enlightened, but then they grew nazism and brought on ww2, a backwards step that has set back life of earth for a century, and threatens to do worse. More free info, more access to education would hint that young ppl should be more educated than their parents, less violent, more logical, more openly sexual...but is that true?

What a tremendous feeling of power ppl that get to hear thought of ppl they know cannot hear their thought must be, and how they abuse that technology/knowledge.

If you are excluded from hearing and seeing thought [eyes], you cannot:
Get a job
Get a date/sex
Get friends
Know who has been violent
Know Who likes/does not like you

Kulkin arrest for marijuana in ok= how petty and hand picked/culled/singled out.

Ban on geiko.

I think scitzophrenia is a mythical disease, or far too abstract to be explained clearly. What is much more important is judging the probability that a human will do violence to a different human, and for that I say look for past violent convictions, and past threats of violence, which is, surprisingly, not in any psychology literature.

labels of "insanity" conjure 2 ideas in most people: 1) a person that has an inaccurate interpretation of the universe, is delusional 2) a person that has a high probability of being violent at any time, a danger to self or others

for 1) I was thinking yesterday that it is kind of funny that the "accurate" view of the universe is probably determined by the majority view, which may be creation of the universe by a god, so therefore, any person that supports a big bang theory can be labeled "insane" because their minority view is deemed inaccurate by the majority, is viewed as delusion. So then, a person may be given treatment, re-education to try and cure them of their delusional belief in a non-god creation.

2) As I said, I think people have to look at the past violent convictions of people for evidence of unpredictable violence, or else, anybody could be rounded up and jailed as potential threats, even if never violent, contributing money to violent people, or plotting violence.

To me, a benign way of life, is to simply let people have their delusions, religious or otherwise, as long as they are not violent. Whatever, their delusional views may be, somehow they do not include being violent, so other people whose philosophy does include first degree violence are a higher priority.

I am amazed that of the liberals, and democrats, many are voting for Kerry (and their democratic representative wherever they may be on earth), but that is where the similarities appear to end, unfortunately. For example, I am voting for Kerry, but I am in favor of legalizing drugs, legal prostitution, public nudity, public internet voting directly on the laws and court decisions, no more electoral college, stopping of violence as the highest priority (there may be some agreement here when backed against a wall), anti psychology and pro science (vigorously making videos to educate the public about the history of science and evolution). Psychology appears to be a major principle of even liberals, which is a dangerous philosophy in my opinion. I think psychology fills the void where real science should be, most liberals tend not to be strong advocates of science, but ofcourse, the conservatives are even worse. Generally speaking, the democrats are the liberals the republicans are the conservatives. The democrats want progress and to move toward the future, the republicans want the comfort of tradition, and move toward the past.

party on,
no more dieties!

I saw a video in the Library I work in for the psychology department where a person interviewed so-called "schitzophrenics". For one woman, the "symptoms" were that she stopped wearing cosmetics, and didn't cook dinner for her husband anymore, and I thought: big deal, there are many people that want to not work and get free food and a room, etc....that is hardly a disease, and then, there must be thousands of forms of "schitzophrenia" to include these so-called "problems". Another guy claimed to have sexual thoughts about his sister, again...big deal...whenever there is something sex related, people are shocked and overreact, here the person did not proposition his sister (and even if he did, that is unusual or abnormal, but hardly violent or dangerous, people can have fine insestous relations, avoiding pregnancy, or even with pregnancy although this is discouraged), did not force his sister to have sex, was never violent, as far, as was reported....that is simply fluff or trivial problems.

Yes, the religious delusiuonal people are problems, but locking them in jail is not going to be an acceptible answer. When people vote for delusional religious evangelists, we should not shut down the democracy, we should seek to educate those people to make be them more informed, more educated, to make better votes.

Psychology crimes (which by the way are punishments without a chance of disputing the charge, without the right of obtaining a defense lawyer/legal council, without being charged with a crime, without getting a jury trial (or even a judge or any other kind of trial), without even a defined sentence. Then for nonviolent people to be tied to a hospital bed, and blood withdrawn without permission is a torture that is not inflicted on people accused or even convicted of homicide. In order to obtain DNA or blood samples, people need to have a court order, and again, that is for people charged with homicide, not public nudity, or public disturbance, "crimes" that typically do not go through the better tested (in terms of habeas corpus, human rights, cruel and unusual, torture, etc...) prison system.

One final, informational point is that like drug arrests, psychiatric crimes are most often performed by conservatives on liberals, the people most likely to try and use marijuana, for example, are liberals, intellectuals, hippies, not conservatives, short haired athletic people. Those people mostly do the arresting, while the intellectuals, free-thinking hippie type people are the arrested. The Tommy Chongs are not arresting the Ashcrofts, the Larry Flynts are not arresting the Cincinatti puritans, ...it's the other way around. So I think that mental diseases that are as fashionable as the Beatles, and the drug war are really geared against the liberal cause. I hate to see liberal people labeling their fellow liberals "insane", "perverts/prostitutes", or "druggies" because I feel like that is fueling the right wing excuses to punish them with arrest for nonviolent psychiatric crimes (we can only guess, these are rarely reported, but margo kidder is one), nonviolent sex-related crimes (like Pee wee, paula poundstone, mike jackson, peter townshend, george michael, eddie murphy, jonathan king, hugh grant), and nonviolent drug-related crimes (tommy chong, al gore jr, george clinton, macauly caulkin, todd mccormick, bob denver, willie nelson, jerry garcia...Norml has a list at http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=4439).

Some can argue that psychology is a useful stigma for the liberals to use too, for example the way religious people can be labeled "fanatics" and "religious nuts", and potentially tortured/hospitalized with that basis. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people is that Adolf Hitler was insane, not that he was violent or an orderer of violence. The fact that he ordered the executions of millions of humans is not as important as the inaccurate philosophy behind all this killing and violence. The mental problem was the crime, not the simple act of ordering execution, or simply shooting nonviolent people. Then to see people that do a homicide not go to jail, but ruled "not guilty by reason of insanity" is ridiculous. I think there should be a "guilty by reason of insanity" if anything, but probably I would vote for a verdict more like "the killing was the result of delusion, but the person will still be punished in jail because they are clearly dangerous, and in addition, we cannot let people that do 1st degree homicide even for illogical reasons free").

I am one of the few "democratists", I am for full democracy, which includes voting on all court decisions, and for all laws.

-all atoms on each planets, perhaps temp and interaction of atoms only factors in life of other planets
-following glob clust to see irregular movements, how did stars clusters get out of galaxy?
-Stars can be moved by massive engines on planets orbiting to pull a star out of galactic plane
-helicopter with 3rd z dimension thrust engine. More simple design, no need to tilt main lift rotor.

I think locking up a person for 1st degree homicide that only planned a homicide is not fair, after all some body else actually did the 1st degree homicide by firing a gun, etc...which, in my opinion, is a far worse crime. Both are bad, but killing, not plotting, is worse. Think of all the jfk, mlk, rfk plotter ppl that would get life with no parole, where they should only get 10 to 40 years.

I added a colorized photo of the 3 ppl on grassy knoll on my hkh.htm page. Gordon arnold, fs, and ehh. ppl are either helping me and this side to expose fiorini, and what happened to jfk, mlk, and rfk or they are Not, and are either neutral or on the other side, supporting the homicide of jfk, and trying to cover up what they know really happened. What surprises me is how many ppl are not on my side, where i work there are like 2 supportive ppl, 500 on the 'coverup sturgis' side.

Gordon Arnold,Frank Fiorini, E Howard Hunt
See copy of Mary Mormon colorized photos at tedhuntington.com/hkh.htm

I want mandatory minimums for violent crime. 10 years for cocaine? Hey, then no problem for minimum 10 years for [1st strike 1st degree] assault with a deadly weapon. 5 years for assault that resulted in loss of use of an organ. 2 years when there is a bruise. A min 35 years for 1st degree homicide any where on earth or certainly anywhere in the usa to start. My own vote is life w/o parole for 1st degree homicide no matter what age, in most cases.

Match.com add starts by soliciting for an assault [the old knee to a crotch]. A casual joking about sex raises the nazi club in the usa. They can openly mock the police, the laws [assault law], and get away with it, because we survive on a violent criminal planet. The violent run free and the sexual live in fear.

in orange county, on courttv, a human got life w/o parole, for 1st degree homicide, but never killed a human, only solicited the assault, and then ofcourse, not on national television.

Stupid ppl can never use words and money to argue their point, or that is never enough. they cannot resist their knee-jerk reaction of violence against ppl they disagree with or don't like. and ultimately, and hopefully, that turns civilized ppl off, and they lose. Violence is almost always a stupid, dangerous response to something upsetting.

The right wing only claims free speech when there are violent threats against opponents, when there are violent threats against them the ppl are arrested, and no talk or images of sex are allowed on national television by the right. the first ammendment for the current group of republicans 'the criminal' group, basically only covers threats of and solicitations for violence against opponents.

Orange county, without doubt, is 'idiot county'. I have to get my ass out of here, or stay and battle to the teeth for truth, pleasure and logic.

For me, the vast and unbelievably large universe is much more powerful and awesome than any prehistoric invention of a god by our ancestors that groped in darkness. And to be a part of this universe, a tiny tiny part of this universe, to know i am part of this universe, what ever the plan for the matter and space in the universe is, the matter and space in my body are included, and very much a part of the universe. And to try to understand the universe, to help fulfill our destiny to move to other planets and stars, to make justice here on earth, is of much more value to me than the ancient invention of gods that early humans thought lived in clouds and inside the earth.

I have to say cmon now, you know these last 4 years were not any good. What are you doing voting for bush?

A bush supporter told me that bush has lowered unemployment more than clinton did, and so i checked, and that is just a big lie. these ppl are like moonies, you can say 'the man is just taking your money don't you see that?', but the religious leader can do no wrong in their eyes. i put the image here as evidence. From 1993 to 2000 unemployment goes down to a low not seen for years, which is natural when you realize that the 8 years under clinton were some kind of economic phenomenon, evidence that liberal government is good for business, then from 2000 unemployment goes up. Look at the dow jones industrial average, when has there even been a 5 year loss? Not since the 70s as far as i can see. We are being cheated of a normal return we would normally have and need for retirement.

Unemployment 1975-2004

Dow 1930-2004, clear success of Clinton+Gore years

Dow last 5 years, a rare 5 year loss

All my life ppl have circled around me like a pack of wild dogs.

I have to ask the ppl of the usa: just hand over all of civilization to the violent? All we have learned about evolution, science, engineering, sex, medicine, law, business, machining, electronics, aeronautics, computers, democracy, music, math...just hand control over to the brutal barbarian fascists? All the music we enjoy, mozart, handel, the science we have learned from mendelev, copernicus...to throw it all away by handing over the planet to the uneducated and violent?

Earthlink=stupid thug fascists are looking at a poor future with the 'crazy' commercial, as are all the ppl in favor of secrecy as the public finds out about seeing eyes behind the head. Like slavory, women sufferage, things slowly move forward as millions of backward ppl oppose.

What are the high school and college grades of the 2 US presidential candidates? I have a feeling that Bush jr was a C student, but would like to see if that can be verified.

The statistics for violent crime continued to go down according to the US DOJ, but from 2000 to 2002, sure enough, homicides went up under Bush jr, this is more in line with typical Republican rule, so the rest is a mystery.

I view this election as the religious right with metal grippers coming in to squash the rest of the innocent, but hopefully, people can press the Kerry button in time to send them back into the violence hungry pool they come from for at least 4 years.

I can't believe the way people flip-flop on their votes according to polls, get a value system and stay with it. We have serious problems in the USA, obviously, because more than half of the people cannot recognize a serious difference between Kerry and Bush jr. Bush jr is a violent, thug-like, uneducated, war starting cowboy, and Kerry represents the educated, evolutionists, the liberals and intellectuals, etc...why the constant changing of opinions, what are these people using for values, a crystal ball? a weather map? dice? what the...ay yie yie...

A virus went in my right nostril and spread down my throat. I feel certain that humans will defeat viruses within 1 to 3 centuries.

I want a safe with a retinal scan lock

Send the kia company to the bottom those fuck free nazis. Nazism may be big money this year, but in 10 years they'll be at the bottom of $ with the rest of the nazi gestapo shit for brains reich wing once we all get to see.

There is something wrong with a fickle decision made one day resulting in 4 years of suffering and torture.

I think that ppl that repeatly steal, touch without consent, make threats of violence, send photons/electrons to cause itches, to move muscles usingbphotons/electrrons w/o consent [ie making a person say a word they don't mean to, making an eye lid twitch, repeatedly beaming nonconsentual or upsetting images, sounds or smells to a brain], stalk, trespass, nonpainful repeated nuisance activity etc..., would get my vote for small amounts of jail time.

Glad to know about the secret infrared cameras? Remember who told you: a liberal, yeah a liberal, i know it must be hard to accept.

Look at bush jr's record in 4 years:
1) 9/11/01 - because of atmosphere of fear and religious ignorance, 3000+ us citizens killed by religious fanatics.
2) starts war with afghanistan, w/o un support throws away idea of planetary policing, killing thousands of humans.
3) rejects kyoto agreement
4) rejects planetary court system
5) starts war with iraq, again defying un nations
6) charges 75 billion to us credit card for all this unpopular carnage
7) plunges us economy into worst recession since reagan.
8) for the first time in us history religious organizations get tax money
9) stops funding for stem cell research
10) jails tommy chong for selling pipes on internet
11) al gore jr, george clinton arrested for drugs
12) walks past campaign against violence to already born humans and focuses on ending abortion rights.
13) high priority for bush jr: tries to pass opposite gender only marriage law, rather than remove marriage benefits completely, or opening marriage contracts between any and all ppl.
14) covers a breast on a statue
15) Does not stop Abu Graib abuses, but does delay news story
16) Complains when media show pictures of caskets coming back from Iraq, the law the bloody and secretive Reagan reinstated

I would like to say that the right wing is interested in stopping violence, in promoting science, but i think we would be lying to ourselves. Starting with the killing of jfk, and perhaps even before, the right has been a serious problem in the usa.

Even though i have seen hundreds of breasts i still think there is something interesting about those floppy bastards.

Gamma ray cameras, radioactive materials would glow. Xray cameras, ir cameras, radio cameras. Where are they?

Jeep commercial supports idea of 'soul', what kind of engineering is being done there where ppl think that a soul exists? Do they believe in phlogisten too?

My mom just told me that when I was 3 or 4 a religious person babysat me, and when they got home, I was shaken telling them that I was going to burn in hell, and of the fires of hell, even drawing a picture (I remember none of this, but do remember the white house the people lived in, and the thoughts the people conjured in my childhood, of being mean, and overregulating their children). My mother called the mother of the sitter and asked what happened, but the wife refused to get to the bottom of it, but they never asked the family to baby sit after that. What a bunch of bs to be telling young people. I see nothing wrong with telling young people about the scary truth of human on human violece, and people killed by cars, but not to lie to them about demons under the bed, witches, and hells. They have enough to worry about without filling their head with stories of ghosts and goblins that don't exist anyway.

S: maybe there is some DNA strand that can be putr into the blood stream of a human that is made to bond with virus DNA, the adjacent matching strand of each virus, to bond with the virus and remove the the part that takes over the DNA of a normal cell. Perhaps some molecule would need to be made to attach to our disintigrate the virus cell wall molecules. There could even be tiny molecular motors that pump blood cell thru matching and bonding to virus cells, but my money is on DNA strands, or cells that bond with viruses.

bravo the history channel. The story of hef and history of sex are both excellent, very interesting and entertaining. And to courttv channel for story of flynt. And showtime for story on adam glasser.

I feel that maybe i am the only human in the usa echoing the words chosen by david lee roth of van halen: 'have you seen junior's grades?!'

I a 'white-only' southern california is a terrible idea. The earth should be a melting pot of variety and integration.

I was at newport pier grill, and somebody put a hair in the food [like at rays pizza but that was a pube] of the spastic person i was eating with and she started yelling 'there is a hair in my food!' and 'i;m hungry', then some nazi guy said 'gay, lets go'...i dont doubt gestapo ppl put the hair there to cruelly trigger this idiot person. She had just lost her job, lost her apt and has no money and is living in the usa with a 1 year card. And they know that, and are brutal. It was like the condom at schmidt and mccormick. Who wants to go there with such a reputation and past history? This is the legacy of the union army and the allies?

A nazi 45yr old redneck female stamped her right foot, indicating what the right only knows, first degree assaults and homicides. I am glad we live on a planet of laws and a majority of cool-headed ppl that enforce them. These violent criminal ppl would be the end of life of earth.

I normally dont go to the beach in southern cal except to get an update measurement on the current state of nazism.

This is the way the right wing tries to addup the probability of conflict happening. Many ppl are angry, frustrated,...why poor gas on it? Why try to cause a cuban missle crisis? Ppl should be defusing dangerous situations not trying to ignite them.

I did get a wireless phone from verizon and am happy with it. A prepay $15 of phone calls/month, nother fees.

I bought an awesome $30 electronic coin sorter new on ebay.

Seeing eyes may be done with xray detectors [xray machine w/o sending light particles, simply capturing images from behind head], or xray ccd detector.

300 remote control airplanes? = No more hurricin.

That or big fans.

Cheepo 1meter+ long wood block electric guitar, use piano wire for long neck.

M: cheepo homemade piano, alternating white/[black] key [not normal spacing]. No curves, triangle, open top, no pedals at first,

Can you believe 28 humans were convinced to throw away ther lives in this russia hostage violence? Only w/o sex and education. Putin calls it 'horrible', there is nothing 'whore' about it, nothing remotely as good as a female that loves and enjoys regular, healthy, natural sex. This was just violence and idiocy.

On tv and for most married ppl sexuality can only lead to/be linked with homicide.

ms tv ad: 'taking crazy ideas like privacy, 1000 year copyrights, jailing nonviolent ppl by the million and making them a craze' i find unhelpful. With no physical products and unixpc [linux] on the way, how many more years until ms is out of business? what poor vision and future planning.

Investment certainties:
1- humans will develop and live on, in and above every part of earth, moon, mars, venus, mercury.
2-walking robots
3-rocket planes
4-infrared/thermal and visible frequency cameras will be produced in millions for pennies

What is next, 'the passion of barkokba?'

Will we reach the stage where those excluded from hearing thought are completely separated from those that can? Or even the complete elimination of those excluded? or those viewed as mentally defective or dangerous even though nonviolent.

I dont doubt that the ppl around me get money [in their checking accts] for being rude and for parroting right wing propganda. The advertising is millions of ppl.

To see 'famous' ppl, to me is not exciting because i know they could never speak out against even violence, certainly not for legal drugs, legal nudity or prostitution, democracy, infrared, free info, etc.. anybody that would would never be successful or allowed. They are all christian antiscience antilogic antithought approved.

Why the apathy and outright contempt for science and education by the owners of cox? Because they are all males? All whites? All married? All church going christians? Have dubious college degrees, like sociology and business? Not one degree in biology, chemistry, engineering. They probably have always had nothing but hostility for science, education, against those that were successful and hardworking in school.

The nazis in south africa and india could learn something from the usa. When you have a mandela or ghandi, you don't lock them in a prison, you lock them in a psychiatric hospital. Only then do you have the stigma of psycho, scitzo, insane, mental, wacko, freak, nutjob, etc... working for you.

The nazis at cox moved my show from wed 5pm to tues 10:30pm because of the 'adult nature', but probably more because it is not christian, is educational and honest. Last wednesday a person on the show after me said 'jesus could not be kept in any grave, christ is ever living.', and this week: 'i have a personal relationship with god thru jesus christ', those lies are for children?

To me, seeing a person like anaxagarus, galileo, modern atheist and ppl that donate time and money to try to teach science to the public, persecuted and supressed is more emotional than seeing ppl like jesus and the early christian ppl oppressed because anaxagarus was actually telling the truth, unlike jesus and mohommed.

Imagine what bush jr and the right will do with 4 more years, sears tower destroyed, new wars with iran, cuba, north korea, and share prices reaching a 10 year low, and more ppl like chong in jail. I am not sure this war on the usa can last. 'Uncle' already!

Businessidea: veggie meats on pizzas

i got a very smart and friendly letter from a person that enjoys the reggie findley [infidelguy] interview with me. Although reggie is pissed at me, the stink of the interview lives on! Ginnsu.arcee.ca is the link, what a sage!

How about a projectile handgun that only hurts ppl/breaks the skin?

We still have much change to complete since 1863 when black humans became full us citizens, and 1920 when female humans got the right to vote. Those recent changes are far from being complete, there are far more males in computer careers than females, most companies are far from racially equal, landscaping and other low income jobs are done mostly by nonwhite humans, we are far from true democracy, stopping violence, and free information. Clearly, the current republicans want things to stay the same, or go back to more 'comfortable' times and thinking, but if anybody does, the democrats want progress and to move forward on these themes of gender and race equality, science, technology, lowering the amount of violence and war, etc....we have a long way to go still, we are not done yet...and humans probably will never be done growing and improving.

"I doubt it"
I doubt the big bang,
i doubt time dilation,
i doubt that space is expanding,
i doubt there are black holes,
i doubt there are nuclear forces,
i doubt there are quarks,
i doubt there is an x particle...

with accumulated/aggregate phenomena, labling 'forces' can go on forever... There could be an 'ant fungus force', the force that makes a particular arrangement of ants chew and deposit leaves to grow a fungus they eat,...the list of aggregate 'forces' can number in the millions.

My theme for the week: 'think of what we will never do [that we could if not for religion], but others will later after we are dead', this includes walk on the moon, mars, go to centauri, be driven by walking robots...

S: possibly particles [photon groups] that are configured with a large variety of oscillations/patterns. For example the photons get stuck in a repeating pattern that sends the group clockwise for a 1/4 spin, then counterclockwise for a 1/4 spin, etc... Like birds in a flock, the motions of individuals can influence the basic motion of the flock.

I am for active and clear, free info democratic controls on all explosives and guns for this star system, using voting to determine what dynamite, for example can and cannot be used/made for. Absolutely with no secrecy, all ppl getting to see and decide. until the machinery of democracy can be fully implemented i think democratic laws and polling can serve as temporary guides.

Think of a space station where ppl follow their natural cycles, no rush hours.

My babysitting job never ended, now i babysit 40 year old ppl with 5 year old minds.

It's the anti-gay fever of the republican convention! yee-haw, round up the gays!

Everyday at work I receive hundreds of the same insults everyday, they are the rudest, more voyeuristic, naziestic, stupid, antiscience, antisexual, homophobic, violent people. Over the years I have learned to recognize the usual insults. I have put together a list of the most used insults I hear everyday, these are phrases that these idiot coworker people spend much, if not most of their life constructing. They have no life outside of me, no hobbies to speak of, besides watching me and my thoughts. In addition I have listed helpful snappy responses that I have put together because every second is a nonstop verbal propoganda war initiated by the nazi people I work with and absorbed by me. I am like a scratching post for these idiot people, normally I do not respond to their endless put downs and insults, but occasionally I will give a snappy retort.
Not all the people I work with are rude 100% of their lives, a very very few are friendly, polite, sympathetic and educated. Why are they so angry all the time? I think because of their guilt with being involved in hearing thoughts and having to lie all the time, being in boring sex relationships (as any marriage is), having only received religious 'education' and the confusion and bizarre logic that results from that. These are possible reasons for their constant anger and rudeness.

I could be building walking robots, rocket planes, making videos telling the history of evolution and science, developing my models of constant velocity particle physics, but more and more I find myself trying to fend off the people in front of me one human at a time.

So here is a helpful list, I am amazed that I must be the only person on the opposite side of the nazis to be first to come up with these responses that were never told to me. Normally I just think my responses, they have to speak the insult if they want me to hear because, ofcourse I have been excluded from the infrared network for not being violent enough, in addition to promoting science and sexuality. This is what the planet earth has come to with this two sided nazi/antinazi reality. It's the minority of the science people versus the religious that have the mind, maturity and wisdom of a 5 year old. So here is my preliminary helpful list:

The list takes the form: Insult
Possible reply 1
Possible reply 2

Since I never insult people, for some reason I just don't feel like putting people down, other people always give the first insult.

the "Sane" people
'im sane that ...' (instead of 'I am saying' that)
Yes, you have to be a 'fanatic' about that (about doing some job)
Maybe there are demons in there (like in a computer)

To 'its crazy', 'insane'
its brutal
its too much for a brain to handle

Psycho [instead of "so i go"], skits instead of "its"
You have to be Fanatical/a zelot
gods [you gods to]

To 'ped', 'lest'
Ant i (and I...)
lent 'er (I have yet to come up with a good violenter trick word)
brews (again, this one is of limited value)
spank you

o-"Gay" instead of "ok", fag got (this is rare), bug
easy killer
Not see you later
'pack of wolves'
You're not bugging me (to 'sorry to bug you, but..')
there is a bug in there?

Infrared/Camera Net People
These are just replies
You have to keep that a secret!
Keep it a secret!
What were they thinking?
Jokingly [only on rare occassion], cmon! There are probably cameras in the ceiling that hear our thoughts using infrared
You read my mind!
Wow, you hear my thoughts!

People that watch you in your apt way too much
These are just possibly helpful phrases:
Do you have any hobbies (besides me)?
Don't look at me...(I don't know the answer)...
'Maybe there is something else i should be watching/looking it, ...'
'there are 6 billion ppl to watch.. And see their reaction..to see what they think'
'i have a lot of hobbies'

The Religious
Evil, hell
zeus (still thinking of a simple way to use this)

This is more specific to me:
People that heil or give 'devil worshopping' gestures
Jfk Hand salute (or wiping/scratching the part of your head where Sturgis shot JFK)

Misc repoonses:
Have to take 5 hours of unending abuse
cant stay positive for 5 minutes
I am like a scratching post
They give unending insults
'dont talk to me, i have to get some work done!'

Simple quick retorts:
not see
Dont start
frank you very much
they can dish but cant take it
Stop violence (instead of bye) [in particular for ppl that have backward priorities, antigay, 'sane' ppl, etc]

For violent ppl:
'If you can ever find that info'

'what?' [dont say what you thought]
'i want to reinforce it....'

'no kidding'
'Yeah, no killing'

'shove it'
'i cant, you're in there'

I: 'dont trust you..'
R: 'trust you...to lie everytime'

End of list---------

Nazi at kokis culver told chef to say 'gay', and i gave the standard 'nazi'. Not a grain of jewish in them, they never smoked a particle of weed, no assaults on their record, they never masturbate to bisexual thoughts, they are sparkling clean true blooded white male yellow haired blue eyed nazis.

I want to go on record as saying that in 2004 the courttv show forensicfiles actually showed and supported the 'skull and step ladder' video that is supposed to be proof that a body may fall forward when shot from the front. I am sending a request to cyril wecht to have shots fired at cadavers videotaped from the side to measure their movement, which is obviously back and to the left.

I have to feel good that the reicht wing 'republic'an group had to spend a few hundred thousand to spew more lies and cover up the truth even further in a massively one sided propoganda piece for court tv. Not since the nbc jfk anniversary have i seen such a stalin-type propoganda video. Cbs with dan rather at least showed an interview with sturgis. I refuse to accept that the usa is going to continue the nazi million human secret infrared sturgio-cesar denier cult.

You may not see where the philosophy of gorging yourself while denying crumbs to the starving opposite side may fail.

Do i walk up to yu and call you stupid? Fanatic? Violent? Spanker, slapster, the puncher? Antipleasure? Nazi? Antiscience? Say 'yer healed!' or call you 'godder'? No. I am nothing but friendly, unless insulted ofcourse, then i refer to my growing collection of snappy retorts.

Business idea:
Shares that are for vegetarian parts of a business only: kroger vegetarian [krv], mcdonalds vegetarian[mcdv], ...the funds gained must be kept separate from meat products [and services]. The same can be for ideas like specific funding pepsi [taco bell only], etc.... For govt, [x] no tax income to drug arrests, because now, much of that money is not being received becauseof 1 or two specific features of some business.

We need new:
pres of uci, uc pres, Uci police, irvine police, uc police, cal state police, gov of cal, fbi california, us pres, us fbi, ...until the xrays or whatever painful beams to our heads are stopped and those ppl beaming exposed, shown to all, and jailed for assault, this is ridiculous.

The right wing is for tradition, they are opposed to change. They are hostile to the new age ideas of gender and race equality, of not wearing neck ties. They support the apparently ligitimate tradition of hiring and including white male christian antisexual only. Racial variety, science, nudity, sexuality, arresting for assault, no neck ties, no blazer jackets, free info, full democracy, no marriage, no cosmetics, and women working represent radical change. So, to me, it is frustrating to see women and non white, etc... Ppl supporting the right.

Thane cesar is 60+ years old. If he dies before being arrested the message that will be sent is: 'in the usa crime pays', and 'the right wing can kill citizens with immunity'... Instead, if cesar is jailed this sends the message 'yes we have problems ane corruption in the usa, but eventually killers get caught, even if 40 years too late'. Already we are too late for sturgis.

I think quark theory is a wild guess and most likely false. In additio, there is no physical evidence to support the idea that a proton, for example, is made of 3 equal sized parts that cannot be observed. In colliding protons and negative protons, or any electrical opposite photon groups, a variety of different sized photon groups. I do not doubt that particle groups of every size between the combined sizes of the 2 original particles, can be found with continued colliding. Another thing to think of is that the protons in a beam may be not perfectly a 1 particle to 1 particle collision, but 2 to 1, etc...

A piece of evidence against the ppl that hold up the party line of time dilation, is that they are not interested in explaining the history of science b4 relativity, nothing about the history of science in the 1800s, the 1700s, 1600s...the same is true for the pseudoscience of psychology, no interest in explaining the history of health/doctoring. They do not want to bring the details of their theories down to earth for the public from the unknowable heavens.

I predict that the idea of dilation of time, which has become a stalinist party line similar to ether with not 1 objection, will fall around 2130 or 2250. But then, ofcourse, only for the 10 of 100 that care for science.

Could there be 1 other honest person that reveals the infrared? Not on this planet!

The kia 'more sanity' ppl have retreated, but for how long, for how long....

Have you ever seen these ppl: 'no, we're not sexual!' i kind of doubt it, but that is their statement. Gee, looking at their thoughts, i definately have to disagree.

Ppl are unrefined, thug-like, and rude in orange county [and many parts of earth]. They are like humans that eat mashed potatoes with their dirty hands.

Why do ppl like rupert murdoch hate ppl like ted kennedy? Why did ppl hate jfk? Because ppl like jfk represent beauty, intelligence, and sexuality. Ppl like mlk, rfk, john lennon... Ppl like murdoch hate them because of their popularity, their honesty, their wisdom, they prefer ppl like nixon and reagan, brutal violent stupid thugs, ready to oppress truth, democracy and sexuality. the right wing ppl have been the worst terrorists of the usa, killing an elected president, senators, musicians, actors, comedians that spoke the truth.

Jfk represents the best of the usa. How could ppl hate a person like that?

Bizarre gestapos at verizon
Some gestapo capo behind the scenes beamed a thought message to puppet manger Gary betts, prompting betts to say 'he was uncomfortable because i was taking notes, it is like he was being recorded', ironic for a guy who secretly watches ppl in their apt and hears thoughts, ...he wanted to call police and try to get me locked in a hospital ...i said 'that you are uncomfortable is making me uncomfortable...', then 'do these things hear thought?...'...he wanted to make a scene by continuing to ask 'what do you mean by that?....no, what are you talking about?...' can you believe that ppl can simply be arrested on the steet and locked in a psychiatric hospital? Even without saying a word. If that happens i will sue every body involved in 'huntington versus nazis'. I just want a cellphone, they want ww3. Why are these ppl antitechnology?
robert - arab guy who gave me nasty looks, and said something nasty when i walked in
Alex - gave satanic match.com beam everybody signal, they are the satanic worshippers. I know their are no devils, only stupid violent humans. They think there is a devil, they celebrate violence, despise pleasure, hate science=truth, coverup thousands of assauls and homicides.

The entire experience is the usual feeling of being jewish in this surreal infrared nazi empire.

Those are some fine hires! What is all this 'good! From an aaron katz jewish looking guy all about?' perhaps that is just some kind of a liberal front like match.com has, while underneath the gestapo drones continue businessas usual, surpessing free info, atheism, science, democracy, truth and justice, but maybe this kind of bizarre hypocriticy and agression happens at the low income desk clerk level only.

Talking to many ppl for me is like trying to walk past a violent dog, me:'hows it going?', other person:'rrrrrrr'

Simple Answers to 9/11:
1) Simple object avoidance system using radar could be implemented [this can easily be in cars too, even as a warning only system]

Short range radio control of plane by different plane

My 5 shows on Comcast in Los Angeles are done, but I will have 5 more sometime near October, when my Orange County shows run out.

I want to have access to a registry of church going ppl, how often they have gone to a church for a service

I want 'religion' and 'married' listed with 'race' on questionarres. Is there an imbalance with regard to religions, marriage and hiring?

A person can hear the improved education, mathematics, and the renaissance in the music of the late 1600s [bach] and the 1700s [mozart/beethoven]. What an exponential improvement from the drugury dull music before then.

why do the ppl in the secret infrared came a net cover their ass? Say 'i against copyright... I won't say why, wink, wink, [i mean we see thought and inside houses]...but i just am...'

Fd: soy delicious:
'chunky mint madness'
['chocolate obsession']
Gee in the secret infrared gestapo?
Why antiscience? And showing ppl the atrocities being kept secret? Made by 'turtle mountain' in oregon, hey, maybe they are in the 'oca', but they will get you if your not sane, and if you are, who cares? They'll get you anyway! Like b&j some money from the sale of each pint goes to locking nonviolent humans in psychiatric hospitals without a crime, trial, or sentence, in addition to keeping the infrared secret one more decade. lets hope those tortured with drug injections and tied to beds are the religious, in the ir cam net, antipleasure, and antiscience. Interestingly, if they had been neutral ppl might never have known about their voyeur infraredding, but some ppl need to boldly promote fascism, to bully it thru, or to show that they are not ashamed of supporting such a brutal philosophy. It is a shame because the brownie almond is delicious, the soy milk iced cream is lighter feeling than milk based iced cream.

Ppl are proud and vocal of the freedom of opinion and diversity in the usa, but 1 person goes on public tv and expresses an atheist view, or a view against prostitution being illegal and the gestapo, christians scream for fanatical violence, no nonviolent debate of the issues, just homicide and assaults are their answer to any body that is different from the stalin christian married line. I critize their antisexuality, they demand killing. I speak out against their drug policies, they want a lynching, etc...they have trouble defending any viewpoint, and resort to threats of 1st strike violence within milliseconds of seeing/hearing a conflicting color or opinion.

Human 'assigned' judge for jackson appears to be far right wing white nazi/christian redneck, no where near neutral or liberal.

Ppl that voted for jfk and rfk have been cheated for 50 years. They didn;t get who they voted for. The killing of jfk in 1963, was a devastasting blow to the usa and, unbelievaby, like marcos in spain, it has taken 50+ years to restore that jfk presidency, wisdom and justice.

in 1992 ppl in the usa finallygot a hhandle on the violent right wing, but in 2000 the violent criminal right escaped and, true to form, has run wild through out the planet, howard dean appeared to capture and lock down the escaped evil, but he was too extreme, ppl do not want to put down the escaped right wing with determination, they simply want them back in the cage, and so kerry is the more popular person and method to caapture the escaped right wing violent criminals that did not win the popular vote in 2000 .

Proton antielectron collisions - similar to so-called matter-antimatter collisions? [also test antiproton-electron]

This morning i was eating a piece of bread when some body beamed my head, made my throat muscle flap contract like galvani, and caused food to go in my trachea. Currently, this attempted choking and 1st degree assault, goes unseen by the majority. I have no idea what human did that to me, their gender, race, name, ...nothing. I cannot try to get them arrested for assault without even knowing their name. Then humans in police wouuld never arrest and charge them with assault. But at least there is civil court where i could try for monetary compensation for the discomfort, pain and danger of the earlier choking. The ppl are currently like the nazi ppl of crystal nacht, not enforcing the violent laws in any way, and in fact many ppl in police, paid to stop violence participating in violence.

I saw 'outfoxed' and think it is very good. I had no idea that fox and rupert murdoch are so right wing. Excellent comments from behind the scenes of tv ppl.

Oil of oley played my parody on 'we are the married', mendelssohn 'wedding march' mvt10 of a 'midsummer night's dream', opus 61, on courttv, that was kind of wild, and a little bit of a tiny buzz.

Issues page, all my opinions.

Viva don henley!

Ppl jailed for years for interrnet pornography in china is frightening and upsetting.

I can summarize the theory of the universe i believe:
1) photon is matter and basis of all matter in universe, does not move in sine shape, but moves in straight line
2) antimatter is actually matter
3) electromagnetism is actually simply electric effect [magnetic and electric fields are identical made of electrons, there is no 90 degree difference between electric and magnetic fields]
4) no black holes
5) universe not expanding

The universe isn't expanding, the galaxies are just going to unseen places where there is much more matter, no new space or matter is being added. Why nobody accepts that there must be billions of galaxies [far more than seen] whose light never reaches the earth is a mystery.

there are no black holes, there is no time dilation, black holes are photon groups

antimatter is actually matter, perhaps 'positive matter'=protons, 'negative matter'=antiprotons, giving 1)gravity=actually the phenomenon that causes photons to change direction, but not velocity, 2) positive/negative matter, protons/antiprotons [made of photons], [the cumulative effect of rotating photon groups] 3) electric effect [electromagnetism], electrons, positrons, protons, antiprotons [a larger cumulative effect of rotating photon groups]
update 08-16-04
Possibly 'antimatter' is simply electrical opposite only. In other words, antielectrons are simply the same size as an electron but with opposite charge. This explains why there are no 'antimatter' particles for particles that show no electric effect, like photons, and neutrons. This would reduce the number of collective effects to only 1 giving:
1) gravity
2) electric
although, we can go on in terms of labeling collective effects, like Van Der Waals effect, Life effect (effect that life has on the universe, clearly different from free moving atoms), etc...

Photons are not massless and form the basic particle of everything in the universe that is not empty space.

Instead of paying for food and shelter for ppl in jail for drugs why not end the drug war and use that money for food and shelter for the elderly and young, who really need it?

Letter to united nations:
1) establish planetary voting system for:
A) elections
b) planetary laws
c) planetary court decisions
d) budget distribution
2) identify, and provide on internet:
a)images/evidence of violent ppl
3) actively capture violent ppl a majority voted for the arrest of, in order of most votes
4) Clean up 'genocide' laws. 'killed with hands', 'ordered/asked for killing', 'paid for killing', number of humans killed, amount of intent, amount of self/other defense
5) identify, make available images of, and free nonviolent from prisons and hospitals, work with amnesty international
6) drop all nonviolent crime enforcement, including drug war involvment, and arrests for prostitution

Ppl should be able to turn on the internet like a tv and change channels/ip addresses that have streaming video just going full screen.

Nj gov should not resign. Why nobody ever comes out as 'bi'?

Here is my advice: if they cant be friendly, don't hire them, in fact hire somebody else and then let them go. And i am not talking about ppl that simply retaliate.

In this century, informing the public is the name of the game.

Dont think for a second that we humans are going to drop civilization by not enforcing the homicide and assault [violent] laws every where on earth.

If ppl agree on no pregnancy [using b4 pill, or condom, or not pen in vag sex], sex is like eating, the transaction begins and ends in minutes, is no big deal at all. If preg is wanted, then all responsible ppl probably will do is agree to some kind of agreement/plan where any newborn human will get a minimum of luxuries.

Atheist ppl truly are the most discriminated against, ppl leave the room when an atheist person is giving a talk, unlike lesbian, gay, females, and non white ppl, cannot get elected, or even have a tv network.

I see ppl in jackets, neck ties, and long pants in 90 degree weather, and they lable me insane!

'keeping it secret is our [business]' - oil of oley.
'stopping first degree homicide and assault is mine asshole' -tph
'To the back of the line faschy'
'back to the draw board attempted homiciders'

the ppl i see every day are typical average ppl of this time. They steal from you and then can you a theif, they assault you and then call you a thug, they watch you in your house and then say you are violating their privacy,...their worst crime is what they promptly accuse you of!

I am for total free infomation, but does that mean I try to change the numbers in some database of some corporation? Ofcourse not, I have ethics, honesty, respect the traditions of property, and in addition to better things to do. But the right wing people have no morals to speak of, or highly scewed morals, where violence is good and pleasure is bad, etc... These people do not simply change your text, they change your fingers when typing, by beaming on your brain...these are no small time Nazis, they go for the full typo, they have decades of secret technology (ofcourse, most simply dealing with beams of photons) at their disposal.

If ppl don't like what i am saying on public access and the internet, violence is not the civilized answer, make videos and go on public access and the internet with the rest of the millions of misguided christians.

if we enforce and support any laws, i think we should support the homicide and assault laws. These are the basis of civilization and the number 1 and 2 most importantlaws.

One thing that appears to be clear to me is that the worst humans of planet earth that i see from day to day have this trait in common: They are always angry, all the time, probably even when sleeping. Even at 10am they are ready with an insult or threats of violence. They have no hobbies to entertain themselves, they are sexually frustrated.

Some guy made a threat of violence at me in mother's store near jamboree. First he clapped loudly and then punched his fist into his hand a few times. I did something similar when i was 16 or 17, before i single handedly realized that violence is the worst offense and problem on earth. While this is not an assault ppl are often jailed for similar activity: calling a person and saying 'i am going to beat the shit out of you', 'i am going to kill you', or 'kick your ass'. And here, [what must be] his young daughter was there too. This guy stalked me to mothers to make this threat of violence. Why not follow ppl you like? How do they see me? Obviously they see images thru my eyes, of what i see, but do they have all these beamed onto their brain, or on to a screen, or both? Do they have the 'extended' cox cable that tracks individual humans? there must be a 'ted huntington' channel just like there is a channel for each human living earth. My channel must be unbelievably popular, and so many random humans can see me [my channel and your too, but you are probably boring].

Look how good has defeated evil over the long term:
females not voting=gone
Alcohol illegal=gone [except <21]
Illegal anal sex=gone [in usa]
Nazi power=gone
the inquisition=gone

The 'ditch' ppl, like fox, areas far as i can see, anti free info, and straight up antijewish christian nazis.

Americas most wanted profiles ppl simply for molestation, a nonviolent crime, think of the fugitives with violent crime [like assault] that will continue to be free. Why not profile the guy that killed the innocent cow whose skin walsh wears?

Weinersnitzel 'started the craze' tv commercial, those cow killing assholes. i dont care how many nazis are going to be exposed. All will see the nazi elites. The 'crazy' nazi alliance will fall, they are in their death throes with the rise of free info, science, and antireligion.

'KF holdings', kraft, post cereal ad has 'the latest craze', proof of right wing fascism. They are basically owned by phillip morris, altria, tobacco. I guess they decided they are the enemy of free info and intelligence/science/education.

Wallmart uses word 'crazy' in tv ad, proof of brutal stupid antiscience pronazi owner humans [uberwealthy wallmart family]. What do they have to hide? I guess free info, democracy, and the infrared and visible micro camera network will show what they do and think, maybe they took part in violence. The effort of ppl that support psychology [hospitalizing nonviolent ppl] is to align on the opposite side of me, to align with the right wing, the nazis, the godders, the religious, the elitest, hypocritical voyeurs, antidemocracy, anti free info, antisexual, antiscience, proviolence, pro-sturgis, pro-cesar, anti truth, blood thirsty gestapo. Hopefully, ppl will know how reicht wing walmart owners are, the liberal proscience ppl may compete with a different store. i hope wallmart loses to more liberal businesses on the internet. I vote for me and the nonviolent public getting to see those fascists and their thoughts.

I am curious as to why these ppl chose to openly challange me and justice, but the battle against injustice will rage on for centuries.

When i listen to many ppl in police, detectives, and in uniform, among the males, i wonder who is the more violent and bloodthirsty, the ppl they arrest or the ppl in the police themselves? What they do for thane cesar and frank sturgis, how they took Enyart's film and destroyed it, how they hear thought but exclude the public, how they care nothing for the assault law, stopping violence and damage....

Business to support: alberto v05, 'free me fresia' and 'free your mind', what a contrast to unilever 'crazy concoction'.

Please take my survey:

How do you order these laws in order of importance?:
1) homicide
2) assault
3) property theft
4) prostitution
5) drug use

The usa is not a nazi nation, and the earth is not a nazi planet, so i think the nightmare of a secret infrared network for the violent only is unrealistic.

Much of what i try to do is to redirect people's antisexuality to antiviolence. Anti-physical pleasure can be a knee-jerk reaction in many ppl. Similarly, balancing the pseudoscience widespread psychology theories against widespread inaccurate religious theories.

1 million nonviolent ppl are locked in jails in the usa alone. with the focus on arrests for drug use, violent ppl are not being arrested. 50/100 ppl vote repiblican. 30 of those probably would not if they knew about sturgis and cesar, and 10 of those are probably the criminally violent, with clear unpunished homicides and assaults.

My sagan quote describing this century: 'the security of data was important, the security of ppl was not'

I have hope for the democratic party to win. If Kerry and Edwards do well they will pull us out of this fire of war, violence and persecution of nonviolent people that Bush jr and the Republican party have sunk the US in to. I doubt there will be any serious change, simply pulling this conservative nation out of the fire and on to the road to a better future. This may create the possibility of real change for the better later on. As time continues more people in the USA will be getting a better education, learning about evolution, the way older people never did, for example. I am guessing now that even over the course of 8 years, if Kerry is reelected, still there will not even be so much change as the end of the electoral college, the mandatory drug minimums Reagan pushed through, a serious program to stop violence, any significant progress in free information, democracy, sexuality (like legal prostitution) or science. The most Kerry and Edwards will be able to accomplish is to hold the line on violence, to not start any wars, to lower the deficit, because the US public does not demand change, and probably is in favor of no real change as radical as an end to the war on drugs, and end to copyrights, or a new program to lower the number of homicides in the USA by 10%. Mark my words, that in 8 years, 2012 we will still have the electoral college. Any change will come from ballot measures at the State level, for example, the people of California will decrimninalize marijuana, probably in 2010, not those people elected to enforce popular opinion.

Each day that we do nothing to stop and capture the violent, to free the nonviolent, to make free information, to increase democracy, to expose Frank Fiorini and Thane Cesar, to promote science, to critisize religion, to support evolution, to tell the history of earth and science, we sink deeper and deeper into this mess of unseen homicide, assaults, lies and large scale injustice, continuing on the backward path that the right wing criminals like LBJ, Nixon, Reagan and Bush have set us on, supported by an underinformed, uneducated, brutal public.

The public is so backward, certain that 1st degree homicide is not as bad as selling cocaine, giving humans that killed other humans 10 to 20 years in jail, but people that sold cocaine, or molested other still living unbruised people, 40 years and more. For me, I would rather be sold cocaine to, or have my underage genitals fondled, than to be killed.

Where are the civil rights people when it comes to psychiatric hospitals? No where to be found. Here we have a nonviolent person being locked in a psychiatric hospital for life, no charge, no trial, no jury, no legal defense, no sentence, no appeal, no habeus corpus, no law broken...that is the sheer strength of the psychology stigma, that a person can have absolutely no rights, the rights that were hard won over hundreds of years next to a charge of insanity by two individual humans.

I want to explain what will probably happen in the future: the democrats will start to form a more solid opposition to the conservative religious right.
The issues will be:
drug legalization: democrats for, republicans against
legal prostitution: democrats for, republicans against
violence: democrats against, republicans for
psychiatric hospital reform: democrats for, republicans against
more free information: democrats for, republicans against
more democracy: democrats for, republicans against
abortion: democrats for, republicans against
exposing Sturgis and Cesar: democrats for, republicans against
racial variety: democrats for, republicans for but less so
gender equality: democrats for, republicans against
free market: democrats for, republicans against
planetary government: dems for, repubs against
update 08-04-04
Some people are making a stink, and I want to remove the next item from the main list, and add more comments.
"gun and laser control: demos against, repubs for"
People can do many things, they can make a policy of "no guns, knives, explosives of any kind allowed in the volume of space owned by this company, or individual", that is clear, fair and falls within property ownership rights, people can escort other people off their property (except for people in police, military, and perhaps some other departments of governments). I think we have to have a view of all people as equal, no matter if in government or not, but in any event we should be smart and democracy should make the final decisions. One thing is clear and that is that, like drugs, we cannot make guns, explosives and poisons extinct, that simply will never happen. We will use democracy to keep weapons out of the hands of those that use them (ofcourse that will take weapons probably to enforce that). That really is one truth, the confusing statement, "you cannot enforce gun control, without guns". Clearly not every human is going to own a nuclear missle, but they will probably be located in at least each quadrant of the planet earth... we all own them, or in any event, we all have to deal with the reality of these weapons, where they should be located, how many there should be, how they can be used, etc... Weapons is one of the most complex issues on the planet, drugs and prostitution are relatively simple compared to weapons in my opinion, since no body is being hurt except the self possibly, drugs and sex for money ought to be legal as soon as possible. As we humans, move off of the earth, people will feel more comfortable with issues of weapons manufacture and trade because life will cover the entire star system, and perhaps even other star systems, not just a tiny rock planet. Although, perhaps people will worry more about people disrupting the star system, although I have to think that is highly doubtful.
I want to add:
making the infrared camera sees eyes secret public: dems for, repubs against (this is clear by JFKs words "the inside of men's minds"...
and is part of support for free information.
science: dems for, repubs for but less so
atheism: dems for, repubs against

Eventually, this is the way the issues will be aligned.

Here is one more excellent argument for legal prostitution: Pornography videos are legal, and that is prositution, people getting money for sex. If porno movies are legal, why isn't prostitution that is not filmed? They are the exact same, so it is absurd to have laws against prostitution when we do not fine or arrest for legal pornography, or images of people have consentual sex for money.

My simon sez republican speech: How can the republicans win a popular vote when they exclude so many ppl? They play a game of simon says: 'simon says all gays must leave' and so bisexual, lesbian, and gay ppl go to the democrats who are willing too accept them, 'simon says only christians can belong' and so jewish, islamic, hindi, agnostic, atheist, etc ppl go and are welcomed in the democrat group. 'Simon says all divorced, unwed, and childless ppl cannot join', 'only white males', 'only protestants', 'only neck tied', and so...you can see how this goes....

I think there are more believers in psychology than in god. Because, by default, the weak brained godder humans believe in psychology, but psychology also scoops up the agnostic and atheist humans.

'science channel', aka discover, uses word 'loco' on 1 'beyond the stars' show. Where is the reported amount of $ $ accepted by them for this fascism? Who are the humans behind it? What do they look like? What do their eyes see? I call for a ban on all ppl involved including the human that narrated, patrick stewart, who has always been a do-nothing fascist voyeur human. Why not lock him [and all involved] up for awhile?

also frequent use of word 'hell', why no questioning of gods and demons?

In addition, the earth-moon model shown is inaccurate. The earth spins around 30 times before the moon completes 1 rotation around the earth. The science channel showed the earth and moon rotating together, the moon making an orbit in 1 day. You can see the moon appears to 'rise' and 'set', the moon does not stay in the same location in the sky as time continues. The earth spins and the moon basically stays in the same location moving very slowly. The fast turning of the earth makes the moon appear to zoom across the sky during the course of a night. If the moon and earth rotate the earth axis together at the same speed, the moon would be at the same angle from ground to the sky as day passed into night. But that is not what we see, the moon is left behind while the earth spins around.

Dreyers - nuts about malt, could not do 'klan rally crunch','anti fag night malt'

Ben & jerry's - 'crazy concoction', could not do 'lock up the nonviolent berry'', 'nazi concoction'

Kia - 'more sanity', tph asks; 'anybody want to end their business?', kia raises hand

Once the psychology theories have been either improved or completely discredited, and this is already happening, judging people sane/insane that believe in angels, that Jesus turned 10 loaves from 1, etc...and then performing various "treatments" and drugs to try and magically make them learn that Jesus was only a human made of DNA is brutal, useless, etc... I think that "insane" will go like the "witch" of the past. Still used on packaging, and even in some mainstream movies and books, but not taken as a serious theory, or the vast majority denying the existence of witches and witchcraft.

I am glad for ppl like linda ronstadt, people should pipe up and long live nonviolent open debate.

I am glad that 5 of 6 billion humans would agree that frank sturgis and thane cesar should be jailed for 1st degree homocide if they could see the past eye images. All over the planet homicide and other forms of first strike violence are opposed.

Thankfully, the laser beaming of my head has been reduced to a minimum in the last 4 or 5 days....I kind of wonder what is going on...I guess that the right wing brutality was not popular, or was losing votes...

You have to read these opinions from bottom to top to read them chronologically.

We all have an x,y,z,t in the universe. A point[s] relative to the center of the earth, a star, the milky way center [all viewed as 0,0,0,t].

S/inv: 3 motor/axis helicopter, top motor only up/down, back motor=forward/back, side motor=left/right. The vehicle is always level.

Will ferrell in the new movie looks funny, i can't help but think this may be partially a parody of me and 'emergency news' [which was banned in new york, and is kind of a parody on news too]. The 70s themes are favorites for me too, i think because that was where the freethinking, honesty, science, sexuality and freedom ended for the usa, and ppl like me perhaps are celebrating that lost feeling and trying to rekindle that thinking.

Jail chess human=absurd.

Here is a proposal: move all the money in the drug war [the dea, narcotics, ...] and use that for a free govt daycare program.

5 or any months in jail for lying or using non-public information [like martha stewart got] is simply wrong, i vote against prison for violation of such laws [perhaps though i would hear the idea of jail and fines for those that secretly heard thoughts].

I just got cable and i cannot believe there is no nude channel, or a xhannel with a different nude human every minute.

'nazi' is not determined by language, size, shape or race, but by values and actions. Plenty of ppl speak german, but are against first strike violence, locking up gay ppl, political opponents, non christian ppl, etc...

Older male human near uci on campus [4289 campus] with an 'ed' nametag said 'pretty good' [me in panties], and 'gay'. are the 'jack in the box' owners antihomosexual? It looks that way. I am not gay, but i support gay rights, and oppose the antigay christian nazi feeling and ppl. More than that, i not only want a public free violent record database for all humans, but a homophobic db, antisexual db, and an infrared network db identifying those in the voyeur networks and how much time they participated. Perhaps a point system could be used to determine how violent a person or company of ppl is.

Then later a female gestap said 'gay', one rebutted with 'by', a ralphs guy said 'gay' when asked how he was, perhaps using the less popular definition of the word 'gay' to mean 'happy'.

A short haired white 40yr old male nazi cashier at trader joes near the nazi j in the b said 'gay' to support his nazi bretheren, justbwhen tj's hired their first black human too.

The so-called liberal ppl rarely if ever put down bi or homosexuality. The beatles, although quiet about tolerating gay, never did speak out against gayity, stones never did, zeplin never does, nor does the who, pink floyd defended gay ppl in 'the wall', clinton never said homosex was wrong or bad, the supreme court recently made anal legal for the entire usa, can you believe thatanal sex in your own house is now legal in the usa! Janis joplin admitted to bisexuality, or strongly hinted, hendrix played on 'kiss this guy', except for that one group that says 'i want it that way', and that is recent phenomenon, the historyof liberal ppl has never spoken out againt bisexuality. Only the extreme right is vocal againt bisexuality, some argue that pat buchanan lost the election for bush snr with his angry antigay talk at the repub convention. The right wing christian Pat Robertson is vocal against bi and homosexuality. The nazis and christians, the far right, have always been vocal not againt violence, but against sexuality.

Perhaps this 'gay' week is from my fyrn 30 minute show, where I say that all people are bisexual and bisexuality should be promoted (among many other things). Perhaps I would change that to say that all people are bisexual and sexuality should be promoted. I hope my public access hosws are making a difference, although only being shown in California, already a liberal state.

Religious organizations should pay taxes like everybody else. Religion is a business, like science and education. They should be made to pay income tax, property tax, and sales tax on products sold. In particular, when religious groups are now part of the us govt and getting govt money. I vote to support no religious tax exemptions. Having to pay equal taxes will make the end of the cancer of religion happen sooner. Then, instead of a church, temple, synogogue or mosque, there can be a corn field, science hospital, or space ship company.

Would 30 million humans watch one of the humans on friends, if they could watch any of 6 billion humans, some would i guess, most would not.

These public access shows will probably be the most controversial shows i ever make, possibly, because ulsf, and other future projects will not be as condensed.

Is attacking ppl with a laser [1st strike assault] a disease? Yes, probably, but who cares, just lock in jail. Perhaps offer drugs like weed as a consentual option, consentual mind you.

For those that are not aware, the republican humans have no use for laws, in particular homicide and assault laws. Law for the right is only to be used to jail nonviolent liberal humans. The right exists above the assault laws that they violate on a regular daily basis using co2 and/or xray lasers planted in every ceiling, without punishment, capture, or even being seen.

I think that an assault as punishment for assault is not that bad, but assault as punishment for nonviolent activity[ like a person that stole, used drugs, walked nude in public, etc...] is simply an illegal assault. Certainly jail and democratic trial is probably best and my first choice, but i think ppl that do 1st strike violence of any age should feel the same pain they inflicted on a nonviolent human.

Wasnt there a biblical quote: 'assault ye fellow humans, and lo, so shalt thine be assaulted'

The public cannot get a whiff or the tiniest hint of what is good and what is evil.

this is like manilla under bush, every second is civil war. The right wing has never been good at losing, hitler would never admit defeat. Nixon chose to kill the competition rather than lose. Nobody can work, we have to constantly punish the violent ppl assaulting with lasers.

A little lesser known law called assault

I am a hold-out for civilization

I wonder if any human said in 500 ad when a different human said: 'have you accepted the lord jesus christ into your heart?' the following: 'hey, the guy died 500 years before now, don't you think it's time to let it go already?'

Ppl that want to start a fight are stupid

Most humans claim 'we do Not like breasts', 'we have no intrest in seeing what buttocks looks like', ... i guess i am the only human that knows better.

The 'insanity' defense is absurd. Who gives a shit if a human that killed a different human needs 'psychiatric' care? Lock them in jail for life and let them be happy they are safe ftom violence and have a regular meal, toilet and shower. Psychology is absolute idiocy. in addition psychiatric sentences/rulings go against habeus corpus, the nuremberg laws, and the laws dealing with a guarenteed trial, defence and sentence. Locking ppl in psychiatric hospitals was used in south africa to stop the publicity of public trials, and there is nothing but human rights abuse when the inaccurate theories of psychology are used. But one major point isas i type:
who cares if the person is delusional, not 1 more cent should be spent on them, they should have access to purchase drugs like everybody else in a free drug market. Then the ppl that killed human[s] may be thought to be 'cured' of their pretend paychiatric 'disease' [like schitzophrenia, psychosis and neurosis] then freed!

S: possibility of separating atoms that do not emit photons as fast as gamma, xray. For example neutrons, or antiprotons splitting nitrogen or iron.

'Body in motion' display at california science center is awesome.

Images of saturn and moons look excellent [from what is available - where are the surfaces of all the moons?]. I am rubbing my hands in anticipation to see the images from the huygens [well named] titan lander. in january 2005, that will be awesome.

Identify the humans that are accomplisses to murder by beaming images and sounds on ppl's brain to plant the idea of doing a homicide or suicide. ppl should vote for some jail time for some [if ot all] of those ppl.

I think the michael douglas, zeta jones related arrest of a person for 'violent threats' is an interesting event. I like to know, that even though, threats of violence can be thought of as free speech and press, that ppl that make continuous threats of violence [not simply one 'kill the ump', or a 'im gunna kick your ass', although perhaps even once] can be charged with a crime [are violating a popular law] and locked in jail for less than 1 year and eventually with total free information even less time.

The difference between democrats and republicans is that democrats simply lay in their own shit, and so do republicans, but republicans have to flick their shit on every body. More simply put, the current group of democrats do nothing, the current group of republicans do worse.

For most ppl, not 1 human has ever been misdiagnosed as insane/bipolar,etc... not 1 human is ever tortured or abused in a psychiatric hospital, or ever has been.

How often are ppl to pray? 5 times a day? once every 7 earth rotations? How often to thank a god? After a while, the god: 'ok, look, for the last time, you are welcome...ok?'

keeping infrared camera technology a secret from the public is such abuse of your fellow humans, like not teaching a person how to read and then taking advantage of them because they cant read, or not showing them how to drive, and taking advantage of them because they cant drive.

This has been said before, first that Bin Laden and Bush have many similarieties, oil magnate humans, both think god talks thru them, and that the devil talks thru the other.
But in addition, for a person that said Christ (not the buzzword "Jesus"), is his favorite philospher, I think that there are 3 basic philosophies summarized thusly:
1) "turn the other cheek" (Jesus and Ghandi both embraced this), in other words, even if you are attacked, do not fight back.
2) "an eye for an eye" (this is more like the philosophy I support, attack only those that attack you).
3) "stick it to them, before they stick it to you" (this is a first strike violent philosophy, and this is what Bush jr has supported, in my opinion, the complete opposite of the Jesus "turn the other cheek".

It is interesting to me that Christianity was once a form of Judaism, and that Jesus and all disciples were Jewish people that follow the religion of Judaism, one of the first religions to have 1 god (Amenhotep 3 the Egyptian Pharaoh was the first monotheist of record).

In my opnion, what the Republican group needs is somebody more like Donald Trump. A nonviolent business human, that knows what to do with money. Maybe somebody like Warren Buffett, or Bill Gates (although he probably is a democrat), not a war starting, wasteful money spending, christian reverand-like person like Bush jr. But, I think, because the power of the white evangelicals (the generic god people), the USA may always have christian zelots for Presidents.

Where i work is 50 hours of ppl saying 'sane' versus me saying 'fanatic'

Is it me? Maybe it's just me, but under Bush, have the tumor causing and tiny burn beam [the bug bite] assaults to your head, arms and legs been continuous, continuous, continuous?!

A nonviolent human was tied to a table and locked in a psychiatric hospital today.

A nonviolent human was locked in jail for using drugs today.

A nonviolent human was injected with a drug without consent in a psychiatric hospital today.

A nonviolent human was locked in jail for prostitution today.

what and where are the exact numbers?

I am making a guess now as to what person will be vp for john kerry: a male, white, godder, neck tie, blazer jacket, cow skin shoes.

I get the feeling that Ppl i see can only view a pencil in terms of how it can be a weapon to kill, or a computer as a blunt object to do violence with.

I am against any human moving any of my muscles using beams of photons without clear verbal or written consent for the st of the time i am alive.

The killing of the transgender araujo is a shocking example of how antisexuality, homophobia, and violence being viewed as acceptible made more homocidal killers. This type of aggression and violence is unbelievably typical of young male humans at this time. Some ppl label this aggression as healthy and normal, but we have popular homicide and assault laws for good reason. I vote for life with no parole for the person with the rope and the pan, and 40 to 50 years for the other 1, 20 years for the 1 that testified, depending on the autopsy and eye images. what are your votes? there is an intersting legal point in that there is only 1 homicide, but a number of ppl contributed to the homocide, all recognizably viscous, violent activities and ppl, that definately must be removed from free society, no nonviolent body deserves to be beaten. Ppl think there is not a violence problem on earth, but this case was not an example of only 1 deviant human that strayed from the human norm of nonviolence, not 2 ppl that expressed this deviance, but 4! And then all those that did nothing to stop the beating and killing. Eventually, a thinking person has to accept that these violent ppl are not exceptions, but form a large group of violent criminal humans, free and out of prison, and that criminals, ppl that do violence, are typical and average, roaming free every where on earth.

In 10 years in south california, i have learned, unbelievably, that the chances are the person next to me is a rude, violent, antisexual, gestapo in a secret infrared and visible camera network that see thru the eyes of other innocent ppl w/o ever explaining that. Any thought of friendly conversation is only a distant memory.

More shocking truths: here i am, a human that has lived a nonviolent life, no assaults, no violent threats, quiet, polite, never rude, but i am viewed as some kind of ultra criminal. Somehow, the ppl i see everyday, and have experienced my entire life that punched, beat, shoved, make threats of violence, and try to start fights are viewed as upstanding? Ppl with big tatoos, and young tough males with grease in their hair and wallet chains that will threaten violence if you look at them for more than 2 seconds, but i am the most feared? Only thru psychology, religion and marriage/antisexuality could there ever be such upside down views.

i amazed at some of the blood thirsty ppl that i am employed with, one said 'we'll take him out', i question what the difference between this human an jeff daumer, the boston strangler, the texas tower guy, the woman that killed her kids because she thought god was talking to her, and ppl like the menedez brothers is.

One bizarre story from this idiot era, is how ppl could watch video and even hear and see thought, imagine this, all you ever wanted to know, who killed jfk, mlk, rfk, nicole simpson, jam jay, marilyn monroe, hendrix, ...but what do they watch? Me watching old videos scrounged from a public library.

You ppl in the infrared networks are juggling way too secrets to last. You can't keep up that kind of supression, there simply is too much info that can reach the public and not enough ways to stop them from reaching the public [not an incredibly nobel pursuit anyway].

We are living in a group of people similar to those in the 1600s, because they still refuse to accept that light is a particle of matter. Newton was the first to say this (as far as I know), although, I am not sure that Newton viewed light as made of matter, and certainly not part of all matter as I do. Biot was the last of record to defend the view in the 1700s losing to Thomas Young and the wave theory. Compton, Plank, and DeBroglie brought back the theory that light is made of particles, but the current view (as far as I know) views light as a "duality", that does not exist until being measured, where I view that the particles of light do exist even when not measured. But, more to an average person is this: No person every uses the word "photon", or "particles of light". In addition, that light particles probably move in straight lines, and change direction because of the effect of gravity on their "mass" or matter, is not accepted as fact, but I think, eventually will be. So, we really are living in a horse and buggy era, walking robots, rocket planes, free information and more democracy will change all of that though.

I just did a review of the book "Bodies of Evidence", and one part of the book describes the common confusion about light:
"Radioactive elements emit three kinds of radiation: alpha particles (helium nucei), beta particles (electrons), and gamma rays (such as X-rays)."
The first two are particles (although probably composed only of photons), and the last, gamma rays are beams of photons separated by less space than beams of photons with "xray" frequecy (or spacing). Light beams with gamma frequency are higher frequency than beams with x-ray frequency. People simply refuse to use the word "photons" or "particles of light", and like the more easily drawn phonetic alphabet, the people in television, newspapers, movies, and magazines, do not feel this info should be brought to the public. But then they never brought the news of infrared cameras seeing what a human sees, frank fiorini killing jfk, or thane cesar, so why would they start now to be even remotely honest or good?

"Hey, drop that scraping of fiber samples...we saw the entire thing in the camera network."

Huntington: "If the road is paved there is a camera there."

I am busy trying to reach out and connect to people, i am trying to lay more cable, communicate with more ppl, but other humans are trying to cut cables, trying to stop the free flow of info, stopping ppl from communicating and seeing what they want to see. The natural evolution of growing communications is unstoppable, but still ppl will inevitably try to stop or slow that growth of information.

Some ppl might think, even if we dont get to see and hear thought, the ppl that do must continue our traditional values. Not true! The ppl in the cam nets took a bizarre path into unrecognizable evil. Did this change happen in the early cam ir nets? Or certainly by the time of fioirini killing jfk, and the rise of one upping the lie by ppl like arlin spector, certainly by then this hypocrisy and violence must have been common. Now when a tiny pixel leaks out, like abu ghraib, ppl are shocked at the values of those ppl that are 'policing' and 'parenting' in the infrared cam nets. The truth is that for some reason, seeing the eyes, and hearing thought, dramatically changed their morals away from mainstream ppl.

My experience with ppl that see n hear thought is that most are mean. Why? What is it about me, and/or the camera net that makes them so angry, hostile, and negative? I think that the anger comes from the shame they feel.

Many problems are solved with free information and democracy; you cannot solve problems you never see, and even if you get to see a problem you can not solve the problem if you can not vote.

A man, 52 yr old henry brown, that shot a 3 ppl was killed in irvine, and there is only 1 ap story i can find on the web. Interesting that in irvine, they shoot to kill.
I guess people might ask "why did they not shoot to kill?", if the person was only shot in the arm and then fired more bullets hurting innocent people.
Perhaps there is a powerful laser or drug that could be safely used to knock a person shooting a gun unconscious instantly. Without doubt and I am sure with popular support, the most important thing is stopping the first strike assault.


s: where are h2 [or other] gas powered guns? [powderless] handheld lasers?

The liberal ppl move things forward into the future, but that is scary for the conservatives who feel more comfortable going back to the more familiar past.

Alternet has book 'after 9/11: solutions for a saner world'. Yeah, they've got our back. This is the big problem with so many so-called liberal ppl, they are too stupid. All the right wing spartan ppl care about is locking nonviolent liberal ppl in jail or hospital (whatever, same difference, whatever works, jail for drugs, sexuality, porno, prost, or to the hospital for 'other'), where i am promoting the tiny, much supressed, opposite idea of filling prisons with violent ppl and letting the nonviolent go free.

Looking for books on homicides all i find are 'the psychology of crime', endless psychological explanations. Ppl must be afraid, not allowed, or simply too stupid to approach the problem and examples of violence. There is endless droning on about why... And psychological theories, just knowing that psychology is all pseudoscience makes me think 'what a waste of time, ink and paper.

I am reading a great book published in 1900 that reads like a modern book, a history of freethought by john robertson. Reading this has taught me that the inquisition, and system of many religions, in particular modern religions, are nothing less than the attempted destruction of wisdom and smartness. The attempted killing, jailing and supression of any ppl exhibiting intelligence.

The elitism of the ppl in the infrared networks is their own undoing. In excluding millions of smart 'undesirable' ppl, the smart ppl have no choice but to expose them and the secret system. Had the excluded been included they may have worked out an agreement to limit the explaining to the majority of other excluded ppl. similar examples exist, where a group of ppl excludes millions of ppl based on race, pseudoscience, gender, etc... They are losing millions of votes, soldier-like ppl and popular support.

I vote again gov programs that council ppl with addictions, there are plenty of groups that do this, info on web pages, videos in libraries, those programs should be voluntary. I aagain 'prison psychologists', there could 'violence appraisers' i suppose, but when looking for lowing budgets, how about these 'counciling' programs. i have the feeling that these only exist because millions of idiot ppl graduate in psychology, sociology and poly sci, and need jobs.

Like religion, magic, and spam, psychology is for the easily fooled.

I would rather be ostracized and smart than well connected and stupid.

Felony charge for 'eavesdropping', sounds harsh for nonviolent 'crime', but maybe this is just what south california needs.

I vote against any copyright laws, including the new bill being pit forward by the big voyeur copyright violating orrin harch and pat leahy. I used to think leahy was on the good side, but i guess $ and perhaps a few unpleasant secrets in his past changed all that.

I am amazed at the way prozac is handed out like candy for pretend diseases, feeding off the ignorance of ppl that trust doctors, to pour money into the drug giants like pfizer, glaxo. I am for free market for drugs, tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol, but there is no real difference between these big legal corporations hustling their drugs into kids, trying yo get theaddicted, as the illegal businesses that are doing the same thing. I have a tough time supporting that kind of uncompassionate greed and deception, in particular when the drugs are forced treatment or when there is high coercion. As far as i know, merck and other companies passed on the shark feeding psychiatric pseudoscience drugging friendzy.

I do not doubt that the ppl that do psychology tests are rigged. In particular when evaluation of 'depressed' or 'happy' can easily be lied about. Where are the videos? The names of those involved. I have a tough time accepting that prozac works better than placebo at making a child happy. Why not cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco? Maybe they make kids more happy? plus, what is wrong with some amount of sadness or anger? Maybe if young ppl got hugs kisses and oral sex from ppl other than parents and sibl9ngs they would not be so angry and violent. Or science truth and justice...maybe if they got to see and do what adults do they would not be so bod.

Ppl that hold a closed fist to their mouth [like a blow pipe] are for free info, those that cover their mouth are for secrecy and are obviously part of the problem.

Its the planet earthwhere every place is like a white-only lunch room counter for those excluded from the infrared camera nets.

This is amazingly absurd: juan aponte may be jailed for 19 years for 25 felonies[?!] and 32 misdemeanors, because some of the ppl he captured photons off of were under 18 years old. That is a felony? This does not bode well for those ppl in police, and media that regularly watch inside houses and heads using infrared and visible spectrum cameras. You know, all of you ppl, the millions in the secret camera-thought nets. This is in west covina, big-time thought voyeur, and hypocrite gloria allred [should be gloria all'infra'red] i think is on the prosecution? The crimes are 'eavesdropping' [a felony?!], and 'invasion of privacy' [a misdemeanor unless the person is under 18 i guess]. All they have say [for those in police and media too remember] is 'child pornography'. When is the defense ever going to pull some photos of their own? I would love if they showed allred watching underage kids in their houses, why don't they show the video of the da watching kids w/o permission? Why hedge? Why not confront these hypocrites? Ppl have to eventually. This will probably be worked out in the camera network, i doubt it will go to trial. juan will probably have to pay off the female humans. Still, it would be awesome to see the defense start pulling out vids of the ppl on the prosecution violating privacy. That would be like what larry flynt did that was so sweet with the ppl in the senate that were trying to impeach clinton, that had affairs. This is another example of how age laws are ridiculously unfair. Nobody was touched, but because 1 person was under 18, instead of $100 fine, 19 years in jail, sounds fair to the prosecution humans and probably a southern cal voyeur jury too. Again this is Being done by la county under the antisexual christian zelotry of steve cooley. I guess this was to small for the fed and state, but bigger than the city of covina to handle, therefore the county gets it.

Is 20 years for first degree homicide enough? Mark chapman would ve out by now. I vote for life imprisonment for even 1 clear [like chapman, although beamed on by reagan reicht wing, still he pulled the trigger] first degree homicide.

I want google and yahoo to catagorize news items, let ppl search by homicide [actual event]...or maybe, dead body found, deaths, homicides, assaults, arrests [violent], arrests [nonviolent], assalts with guns. Then ppl can match up:

Jam jay killed with gun on ...
Unsolved: no person charged with homicide
Person 2: killed with gun on...
Solved: person abd charged 04/02, convicted 05/02 with evidence [see photos]

think of the list of simply homicides in the usa alone. You can search yahoo news for 'shot'.

L: courttv.com

Again, i call for a violent registry.

The usa fbi is an absolute disgrace. At fbi.gov they list how they arrested a person for trying to sell a medal on ebay, this is their front page news item. on the side the top news item, 3 ppl in dallas arrested for selling rape/torture videos [what from ucla hospital?]...i guess only they get to see video evidence of rape/torture...and hey what happened to stopping actual rape/torture? why the focus on stopping info? That and the millions of our dollars used to stop ppl copying dvds appears reckless when compared to actual acts of violence [not the pictures]. Still they have richard steve goldberg listed as 'most wanted'...the guy that did 'sex acts' with female humans under the age of 10 in long beach. What are 'sex acts'? My guess, since there is no assault charge is that these are nonviolent acts [like kissing a vagina, buttocks, or getting a penis kissed...], is that person really priority 1? What about gene cesar and the guy that killed jam jay? Goldberg may be a nuisance, but he is no killer. Just put his name, crime details and photos in the public sex registry, and focus on the 'violent registry'

This is sweet, I just got off the phone with Pat in Public Access at Comcast in Los Angeles, my show "Emergency News" (28:30 minute edition) is going to be shown at 8PM Sun July 18, 2004 AD (AD, the time system based on the birth of the lone fanatical Jebiz, not a time system based on the true age of the earth...closer to 4.6 billion earth-sun rotations). Comcast is great, because they accept DVD format. So, if in LA..."check it owt". I think the show will be for the public, like color-blind people seeing color for the first time, a deaf person hearing for the first time, a celebit gitin sex, ...I guess you get the idea.

Ted Huntington

I am also going to be on Cox cable (Channel 31) every Wednesday at 5PM for at least 20 weeks! starting next Wednesday, June 16!

Reagan died and I sing a happy funky taps, and "all you need is love" in memory of John Lennon. Reagan was a stupid vicious violent religious fanatical human. Every other word out of his mouth was not "allah", but was "god". He will be credited with nothing, the mandatory drug minimums he passed (that we never voted on) ruined the lives of millions of nonviolent humans, while he drank alcohol and spoked plenty of tobacco I am sure. "tear down this wall" reagan said aobut the wall in Germany, but what about the wall between the USA and Mexico? what a hypocrite. Reagan was credited with ending communism in Russia, and that is absolutely ridiculous without question. Communism ended in Russia because the people had had enough and demanded democratic reform, Reagan happened to be sitting US president at that time. Why did people not vote for Mondale and Ferraro? Where were the female humans? They almost had a female as vice president, and perhaps later as the first female president. What were they thinking? Reagan did not think violence was a problem, and violence increased under Reagan. I saw a quote where Reagan complained about the deficit, but Clinton is proof that he could have done something about it, but chose to borrow more. What was the deal with Reagan and Vicki Morgan? According to Larry Flynt in the People versus Larry Flynt, Reagan and Arthur Bloomingdale used to penis the vaginas of women. I thought Reagan never had any affairs? Then Vicki was killed and the video is no where to be found.
Reagan was a part of the family that took power after JFK, MLK, RFK, and I am sure many lesser smart liberal leader people were killed with help from the right wing wealthy and high infrared camera and transmitter technology. Reagan was part of the tradition of those that came after JFK, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush...I am waiting for some republicans that condemn homocide and assault, this group did/does not.

No more marriage=citizenship, that is one of the most ridiculous policies the USA has. citizenship should be democratically voted on, or at a minimum should be based on skills, beauty, wisdom, etc...not that some body was able to wed a US citizen.
Reagan died of natural causes, unlike John Lennon and I am sure thousands of others brutalized by Reagan and his ignorant policies. Regan was proud of allowing John Lennon to get killed and took partial credit when he said, describing his 8 years as USA president, "and we didn't just mark off time...", clearly a reference to Mark David Chapman. There is some question as to if Bob Marley was a victim of the Reagan antidrug religious violent fanaticism. Reagan consulted an astrologer regularly and had color coded days based on the pseudoscience of astrology, he carries a briefcase to look like he was actually doing something. People may think I am inaccurate, and that is their right, but Rollins proved in the 1940s or whenever that tumors can easily be given with microwave beams of photons. The only question is if that is what was done to Marley, not if that was possible.

My mom told me that she was beat by her father with a belt once every 2 months, easily more than 10 times when she was younger. One time she remembered was a Thanksgiving dinner, and there was a woman as guest that was picking at the turkey, and Sylvia said "we don't come over to your house and pick at your turkey", her father, Clyde, became enraged and she ran up to her bedroom, got into her bed and pulled over the covers. Clyde came in pulled of the covers and he took off her belt and beat her severly, enough to cause bruises and welts. She was not allowed to eat any dinner that night, altohugh she said that perhaps Norma, her mother did bring her some turkey later. That is probably typical of many people,a clear and brutal first strike physical assault as defined by federal (or state, should be federal) law. But, ofcourse, Clyde was never arrested or punished in any way. This is typical for the planet earth, and I think that unpunished first strike violence will soon be a thing of the past.

Million spanked and beaten with belts, but Michael Jackson the only person arrested, and then not even for an assault?

I would rather be ostracized and smart than well connected and stupid.

Felony charge for 'eavesdropping', sounds harsh for nonviolent 'crime', but maybe this is just what south california needs.

I vote against any copyright laws, including the new bill being pit forward by the big voyeur copyright violating orrin harch and pat leahy. I used to think leahy was on the good side, but i guess $ and perhaps a few unpleasant secrets in his past changed all that.

I am amazed at the way prozac is handed out like candy for pretend diseases, feeding off the ignorance of ppl that trust doctors, to pour money into the drug giants like pfizer, glaxo. I am for free market for drugs, tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol, but there is no real difference between these big legal corporations hustling their drugs into kids, trying yo get theaddicted, as the illegal businesses that are doing the same thing. I have a tough time supporting that kind of uncompassionate greed and deception, in particular when the drugs are forced treatment or when there is high coercion. As far as i know, merck and other companies passed on the shark feeding psychiatric pseudoscience drugging friendzy.

I do not doubt that the ppl that do psychology tests are rigged. In particular when evaluation of 'depressed' or 'happy' can easily be lied about. Where are the videos? The names of those involved. I have a tough time accepting that prozac works better than placebo at making a child happy. Why not cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, tobacco? Maybe they make kids more happy? plus, what is wrong with some amount of sadness or anger? Maybe if young ppl got hugs kisses and oral sex from ppl other than parents and sibl9ngs they would not be so angry and violent. Or science truth and justice...maybe if they got to see and do what adults do they would not be so bod.

Ppl that hold a closed fist to their mouth [like a blow pipe] are for free info, those that cover their mouth are for secrecy and are obviously part of the problem.

Its the planet earthwhere every place is like a white-only lunch room counter for those excluded from the infrared camera nets.

This is amazingly absurd: juan aponte may be jailed for 19 years for 25 felonies[?!] and 32 misdemeanors, because some of the ppl he captured photons off of were under 18 years old. That is a felony? This does not bode well for those ppl in police, and media that regularly watch inside houses and heads using infrared and visible spectrum cameras. You know, all of you ppl, the millions in the secret camera-thought nets. This is in west covina, big-time thought voyeur, and hypocrite gloria allred [should be gloria all'infra'red] i think is on the prosecution? The crimes are 'eavesdropping' [a felony?!], and 'invasion of privacy' [a misdemeanor unless the person is under 18 i guess]. All they have say [for those in police and media too remember] is 'child pornography'. When is the defense ever going to pull some photos of their own? I would love if they showed allred watching underage kids in their houses, why don't they show the video of the da watching kids w/o permission? Why hedge? Why not confront these hypocrites? Ppl have to eventually. This will probably be worked out in the camera network, i doubt it will go to trial. juan will probably have to pay off the female humans. Still, it would be awesome to see the defense start pulling out vids of the ppl on the prosecution violating privacy. That would be like what larry flynt did that was so sweet with the ppl in the senate that were trying to impeach clinton, that had affairs. This is another example of how age laws are ridiculously unfair. Nobody was touched, but because 1 person was under 18, instead of $100 fine, 19 years in jail, sounds fair to the prosecution humans and probably a southern cal voyeur jury too. Again this is Being done by la county under the antisexual christian zelotry of steve cooley. I guess this was to small for the fed and state, but bigger than the city of covina to handle, therefore the county gets it.

Is 20 years for first degree homicide enough? Mark chapman would ve out by now. I vote for life imprisonment for even 1 clear [like chapman, although beamed on by reagan reicht wing, still he pulled the trigger] first degree homicide.

I want google and yahoo to catagorize news items, let ppl search by homicide [actual event]...or maybe, dead body found, deaths, homicides, assaults, arrests [violent], arrests [nonviolent], assalts with guns. Then ppl can match up:

Jam jay killed with gun on ...
Unsolved: no person charged with homicide
Person 2: killed with gun on...
Solved: person abd charged 04/02, convicted 05/02 with evidence [see photos]

think of the list of simply homicides in the usa alone. You can search yahoo news for 'shot'.

L: courttv.com

Again, I call for a violent registry. Or free criminal records search (even just violent crime only, or excluding drug related).

The usa fbi is an absolute disgrace. At fbi.gov they list how they arrested a person for trying to sell a medal on ebay, this is their front page news item. on the side the top news item, 3 ppl in dallas arrested for selling rape/torture videos [what from ucla hospital?]...i guess only they get to see video evidence of rape/torture...and hey what happened to stopping actual rape/torture? why the focus on stopping info? That and the millions of our dollars used to stop ppl copying dvds appears reckless when compared to actual acts of violence [not the pictures]. Still they have richard steve goldberg listed as 'most wanted'...the guy that did 'sex acts' with female humans under the age of 10 in long beach. What are 'sex acts'? My guess, since there is no assault charge is that these are nonviolent acts [like kissing a vagina, buttocks, or getting a penis kissed...], is that person really priority 1? What about gene cesar and the guy that killed jam jay? Goldberg may be a nuisance, but he is no killer. Just put his name, crime details and photos in the public sex registry, and focus on the 'violent registry'

Let us never forget our number 1 goal of stopping, punishing, and jailing the first strike violent.

Call attention to those people that want to use psychology to fill the prisons (hospitals). Do not let these nazi idiot antiscience persecuting people go unseen, and let us always remember how they participated and actively were involved in the nazi system of psychology.

Again, i say, what continues to be one of the most serious problems on earth? The ppl that we pay to, but fail to, stop homicide and assaults: the police. Lets take the most rootin', tootin', violent, biggest, whitest, least educated male humans, put them all in the same uniform, and then let them run free with unlimited authority, to invade and destroy nonviolent ppls houses, use equipment, like survalience cameras, infrared cameras, info, and weapons that are illegal to average citizens.

Whether a human is homosexual or not is of little importance to me. All that matters to me is, are they violent? And that concern of a person being gay is all the rage, is to me an outrage. Because this kind of determination and debate, like that of the sanity of nonviolent ppl, is a waste of time and resources that should be used building walking robots, rocket planes, more democracy, more free info, and stopping violence. [the topic/requests tend to be the same items always with me, stopping violence, etc...]

i tell ppl to continue to set the example for all ppl in not initiaring first strike violence. I doubt the fs violent will learn, but that is the best choice. And when punishing 1st strike violent, remember to show the images of their first strike violence as a reminder of why they are being punished.

The gun and laser are evidence that physical size, strength, and masculinity are not as important factors in survival anymore. Proof that ppl can live in peace w/o rule by the physically biggest or strongest.

I am not a person that try's to make ppl like me, so that they may agree with opinions i have. I expect ppl to have their own opinions, on psychology, violence, drugs, etc... whether they like me or not. But, many other ppl, with child-like brains, get angry with me, and decide then to support some theory i oppose, and call me psycho, fag, want violence, starting again supporting those ideas they rejected when on better terms with me, etc... I think this fickleness is a problem with ppl, why do they never form a solid set of values? Perhaps, they have a solid set of values, and those values are very poor, but they somehow are able to hide them when on good terms with me.

I know this is impossible to believe, but i care more about the physical safety of children than john walsh does. Without trying to incite a riot, I vigorously advocate cameras on streets and playgroundswith images available to all ppl, walsh does not as far as i know. I speak out against violence and demand that ppl in police arrest for violence and not consentual molestation, walsh does not. Nowhere does 'exploited' show the assault law or explain the age old punishment for assault, only molestation and child pornography laws and punishments are explained, nonviolent 'crimes', that to a child, or any intuitive human, having testies rubbed, being kissed and filmed feels good or else they would object, that this activity is a serious crime must not be obvious or intuitive. But to make it clear, walsh and others watch as millions of kids are beat on playgrounds, in apartments, and houses and say and do nothing. I applaude the effort of distributing pictures of abducted children, great effort, but those kids being beat feel more pain than those being molested, and the crime of assault feels and is worse, excuse me fa' life. I say lets see and stop the violence, and touching with objection [after violence ofcourse], but allow touching with no objection [some parents may want their 14 year old son to get testies massaged, others may not, but there is no violence or objection, and potentially even many requests], and all ownership and copying of all pictures no matter what the contents.

There are 2 schools on info= those of 'nobody knows' [the current regime] and those like me where 'anything goes'.

Cnn entertains naziesque word 'weird', less offensive than 'crazy'. Maybe they will pleade 'not weird'..oh yeah thats right, ppl are never actually given a trial when locked in hospitals. Not that it would matter to stupid under informed ppl on a jury or elsewhere.

Finally a drug company that can distinguish between science and pseudoscience.

Everyday i listen to insults like 'zit', 'psycho' and 'crazy' from ppl perched on high in a secret camera thought network preaching down to the slave excluded that do not get to see, so sure of their superiority, reasoning, and future. What job security they have, to insult the excluded with complete impunity. Ppl view mandela as the barbarian and criminal, decleric the civilized, john lennon was the unkempt hippy, but reagan was official, einstein the sloppy eccentric, hitler the picture of stability, professionalism, and order.

I think those in the secret infrared mega camera networks are uncomfortable with their own immorality, dishonesty and double standard.

What they say is free speech but hardly positive, or uplifting. Somehow i never hear 'photon', 'evolution', 'molecule', 'particle;, 'robot', 'free info', 'democracy', 'stop violence', 'infrared', 'tiny cameras', 'nonviolent', 'i am not allowed to tell', ...

You will find me very consistent, i reject the mainstream theories of psychology every time, not from time to time. This includes theories like 'crazy', 'psychotic', and 'neurotic', instead of 'inaccurate' [also potentially the word 'delusional' as applies to religious ppl] , 'violent', or 'makes numerous threats of violence'.

I vote no to a draft billand such a bill is a step backward, an idiotic waste of time and our money.

No more 'secret patent's

My 4 words on ppl in southern california= extremely wealthy, violent, and stupid [menendez, oj, ...think of all the ppl that fit this in southern cal]

Bring on the psychology nazis we have laws against violence with cave ppl like that in mind. We kicked the psychology nazis ass in the 40s and will do it again.

In la, police swoop down on ppl like hugh grant, george michael, eddie murphy, paula poundstone, oliver stone, al go jr, george clinton, always for 'lewd', or marijuana/hash/coke but destroyed evidence and protected thane cesar, and fail to enforce assault and homicide laws. i guess the reason for that is that there is no money for stopping violence, only for stopping pleasure from sex or drugs. When there are popular liberal ppl having sex or have drugs, look out, the ppl in the los angeles police are more than interested. The more pedo and drugo the more interested they are, violence of course nobody pays any attention to.

Priv=b&j, rotten.com
If you do not like the privacy and copyright laws, speak out and vote against them, otherwise we all have to live under them. It makes more sense to include me in to the privacy violating group, to make me just as guilty, and would appear fairafter you have all have watched perhaps now more than 1 million hours of me without my permission and in clear violation of privacy laws. Go for being awarded ALL the money and property from the owners of the privacy b=violating camera nets, i feel not 1 particle of sympathy for them. We can use that money to end privacy laws. In particular, the most violated/popular should get the settlement money.

Some idiot humans at Daily rotten are believers in the naziesque pseudoscience of psychology too, using the word of the week 'crazy', they are in the camera net too and voyeuristically watch people in their houses. Supporting the theories like neurosis, psychosis, that were used so effectively by right wing [nazi ppl] that freud had to flee germany, but psychology is still as popular as in 1940, nothing has changed. Neuremberg laws are completely ignored and perhaps would not even get popular support if people were allowed to vote. There are definately some idiot red neck hillbilly greedy human[s] at rotten.com. Antisexual ppl, but that is averaage. Ironic that ppl based in sf could support locking nonviolent ppl in hospitals w/o a democratic trial or sentence. Like b&jerrys, they survive on right wing money, are antiscience, antisexual, priviolence, antifreeinfo, proprivacy [except for those they watch with hidden cameras], and care little for democracy. i get a picture of short haired, nationalistic, tobacco spitting, m white male humans with the typical giddy teenager view on sex using words like 'assfucks the constitution' on every other article. Oooo, a penis went in a rectum, somebody saw a groin, somebody rubbed a kid's butt, ...oooo how shocking and serious. These ppl are kind that salivate on sentences like 'assfucks a crack whore'..tee hee hee...constantly restating the worst of the common mistaken ideas and phrases.

I think i have solved that secular versus faith-based social programs problem=no more social programs of any kind. if ppl want to give away free clean water, food, soap to those that need it, that might get my vote.

My vote: No more sales tax. only 1 income tax with a portion going to the un when i get to vote for them.

Bring on the 'camera signature' already. A photo is better proof than a signature. Eventually, a 'camera password' will be used instead of a text password.

Make table: 'crimes and times'
Damage [incl function and sensitivity of damaged body/property part], pain,
consent/objection, nuisance/discomfort,
Attempted damage/pain [aimed at, shot and missed, etc..]
probability of damage [auto firing gun on porch],
Kind of prison/room [nonviolent/violent/freedoms]

Looking at investments, what company has returned the highest percentage of 10 year return for all planetary companies? Ford? Intel? No... Time-warner is number 1 with a 10 year return of 300%, ppl that bought 1 share of time warner in 1994 earned an unbelievable 31x the initial amount [$1000 was turned into $31,000]. What product, a person might ask, does time warner sell that gains them much money? What product? Why, no product, time warner sells air, time warner sells information. They are the ppl that sat on the zubuter film for 30 years. Like microsoft, they get all their money, not by manufacturing actual products, but by getting money from 'ownership' of copyrighted information. how safe is investing in tw and ms? i am for complete free market, but unlike microsoft that only is #8 [on the list i made] currently returning an unbelievable 70% 10 yr return, how does time warner escape monopoly lawsuits? Clearly they have a monopoly [as do tv stations] on what ppl are allowed to see. As i said they bought the zubruter film, and kept the truth about sturgis from the public, think of the other injustices time-warner has done... They knew who killed jam jay seconds after it happened, they own video proof showing who killed nicole simpson...and thousands of other pp but they callously, do not reveal those images. For getting all theirbmoney based on the principle of copyright, they have not shown much concern for that principle when it comes to the copyrights of other ppl, capturing and storing any and all information they want, from inside houses and heads.

If ppl vote down copyright laws, these companies would probably be bankrupt in 10 years. Againthey have no products, only property and equipment they use in producing and storing info in the form of images, sounds and other data. What is disgusting to me is how there are 4 sources for news for the us public [minus the rising internet, which will eventually end tv]. 1/10th of the humans in the usa watched the final show of 'friends', a full 30 million eyeballs [300 million humans live in the usa] watched those 5 people. So obviously, any nonviolent human killed or jailed at that time, got even less attention. News on television has become more of a big paid ad. Tom brokaw, a person millions of humans in the usa recognize, actually made a joke in announcing on the nightly news, 'why would anybody let their child stay with michael jackson?', my retort from a kmart aisle was 'maybe because they know jackson has never been violent and is not a brutal thug like you'. that may be a funny joke for ppl, but is that news? What really are the details behind that story? on a free info planet would the headline be: 'oil magnates do not like sexual black man', 'white men in police see black man touching children with hidden cameras, decide this could be an opportunity to jail an enemy', 'antisexual christian fanatical ppl in law enforcement with numerous events of first strike violence seek to jail popular sexual black male', 'a group of wealthy investors have bought this tv time and message: why would anyone let their children...', ...what is a more accurate telling of the story?

For these reasons, i doubt i will invest in the number 1 turning investment company time-warner, that is investing in keeping the public ignorant and mislead.

Rumsfeld and the right are actually trying to stop every photon of info by banning the use of cameras in the us military. Is that unbelievable? Can you imagine trying to control air on the planet earth? That is a touch job. What is the goal? To stop or obstruct communication between all ppl? I guess the theory is, the less info ppl know, the less danger of ppl seeing injustice. How safe is that theory of no communication? We are a free ppl that openly leads the nonviolent, civilized majority, not a bunch of secretive ppl, living in the shadows, trying to trick the public.

Ppl argue that to not lock nonviolent ppl in jail is to allow ppl to touch any person any way they want even with objection. The answer to this nonviolent action [remember the numerous violent actions can be reason for jail when the millions in law enforcement are focus on the bedrock of civilization, the homicide and assault laws], is if on individually owned property to move the human off, ppl can be banned from entire states if voted on, moving a human is labor intensive but is the future. Eventually there will be ppl moving between stars with so much spacethat a person will easily find ppl they can live near. Because space on earth is limited, and things are so backwards on earth at this time, i would possibly vote for a small jail time for ppl that touch w/o consent but no pain or damage.

The above does not relate to ppl that use drugs, that owned pornography, prostitution, perjury, obstruction of justice, piracy, invasion of privacy, voyeurism, gambling, treason... The list is in the thousands.

One rare exception is property theft [where property should be returned, possibly very small jail time, under 7 days x number of offenses x threats of violence x weapons] depending on popular opinion/vote.

I bought a pint of ben and jerry's 'half baked' ice cream, and like a 'cyclone b' wrapper, there are the words 'a crazy concoction'. What a bunch of thought police, fill the prisons with nonviolent humans, antiscience, anti free information, antitruth, greedy, voyeur humans. B&j have probably never been violent, so they are not as bad as others. They take money to promote the theories of psychology. i think the punishment for that is to give and protect less the ppl of b&js. After all they would have us nonviolent ppl locked and tortured in psychiatric prison hospitals with no charge, no sentence, and no chance of escape, even though we have never hurt or even threatened to hurt anybody! i guess, (they dont voluteer these vids, infrared ir other) that they are for copyrights and owning 'secret recipes', but yet, they have heard illegal copies of my copyrighted music, and broken privacy laws to see me and my thoughts in my apartment and car. When do i get my copyright and privacy payments and royalties? I am guessing, but you can verify, ben and jerry never went to college, or have a non science related fluff college degreeis that true? How brutal. millions of nonviolent ppl are locked in a jail called a hospital, put there for their thoughts and sounds, by ppl that are thought to be 'liberal'.

Again, there never could be a 'free info', 'free thought', 'infrared crunch', 'tiny camera cream', 'atheist butter with nuts', 'vaginas and penises coconut cream', 'free speech beercream', 'stop violence foundation cookie batter ....', 'free the nonviolent peace pie ...'

Do you know what keeps jerry and ben from being locked indefinately in a hospital? Money. That is all. What a barrier, what a boundary money is. Nothing in law is stopping that, no court case has established a precedent finding 2 humans with phds to document them insane costs pennies. Popular opinion is 1 other barrier, but that was not enough for chong, george clinton or al gore jr, why would it be enough for jerry or ben?

Plus in hording info, let them be the last to see, before the violent. Perhaps, supporting other ice cream ppl to copy the popular flavors and ingredients is a good answer to this kind of promoting of persecution of nonviolent.

My apologies for polluting you with the truth, or even opinion.

I am singled handedly bringing down the nazi empire and pseudoscience of psychology. Ppl are leaving the field of psychology in droves. It is an exodus from psychology, because ppl realize there is no future in torturing nonviolent ppl, and forcing drugs and 'treatments' on ppl that do not want them or to pay for them. The entire sales of drugs in psychology is an a number 1 scam, with peer pressure and coercion from so-called 'professionals'. Learn history already. These are the 'fill the prisons and hospitals with nonviolent ppl' nazis.

Stroup at Norml is an idiot thought police nazi human he supports locking nonviolent ppl in hospitals. I guess he might support no jail for using marijuana, but yes, lock nonviolent humans in hospitals that are deemed weird, dress differently, have no religion, are homosexual, walk outside in the nude or sexual clothing, touch buttockes, are missing a body part , are determined to be mentally defective or inferior, although again, self sufficient and nonviolent.

i think i see why so many stupid hs graduate ppl that check grocery items are so rude and stupid, because, they will be the first replaced by machines like robots, because that job is too simple, anybody can do it. This is 1 more reason why i am for robots, make the ppl that married and skip out on learning skills and science realize they made a mistake.

Great to see that Michael Moore won the best film at Cannes. I hope to see more brave people start speaking the truth, and revealing what they have seen "behind the curtain".

S: maybe the written language of native american ppl evolved in the americas, because the symbols are so different from the stroke based chinese written language. perhaps the oral language was developed by the time the first humans reached the americas [50k years b4 now?], but no written language existed at that time.

One field the idiotic child labor laws appear to be not enforced is in acting, the film and tv industry. Why deny young ppl the right to vote, workand earn money with clear consent?

Here is a democracy idea: vote for ppl [heads] in gov commissions, like fda, fcc, ...currently they are appointed.

Many ppl are looking forward to see what will happen to the never violent michael jackson. He will be either another of a million martyrs, or set a precedent for the future. if a martyr [guilty/jailed], no celebraty human, or even average person will be above being locked in jail just on a the word of one or more people without a single piece of video, but if setting a legal precedent [no jail/not guilty], i think that the wave of antisexual trials initiated by antisexual violent fascist ppl may come to an end, or have less steam, perhaps ppl will turn their attention to actual crimes like homicide [of the forgotten jam jay, nicole simpson, rfk, and jfk for example], assault and battary, that might require looking beyond psychology, however.

Sf based Yahoo donates to john walsh business, national center for missing and exploited children. helping to stop abduction=fine, helping to stop violence=fine, stopping child pornography and consentual sexual touching=no. what hypocrite antisexual ppl walsh and ncfmaec must be. They own images of child pornography and big voyeurs watching inside houses and heads of innocent ppl of all ages, but they feel no irony when swooping down to jail never violent ppl like pee wee herman, who does not own 1/100000 of the images nude, sexual or otherwise that walsh and the infrared elite do. They may be out to stop violence and abduction, but also sexuality and free information. Check their site on pornogrsphic images. What a bunch of hypocrite humans, they are all big into infrared voyeurism of children and adults, but you would not know it by this page. Finally, the ppl on us supreme court gave ok to drawings of children touching genitals. Oc sheriff corona, head spartan of antisexual infrared voyeur oc is on the board. What a nazi center that must be, when will they stop violence and get their noses out of every neighborhood ass? Or at least let the public get to see their thoughts for a change.

The same is true for save the children who opportunistically and hypocritically helped try to jail their political enemies like pete townsend. They got 1.6 million from citigroup. Why not give to 'care'?

Groups that did not donate to 'pro sexuality', 'strictly stop violence', 'free info', 'stop assault', 'no more lies', 'teach science', 'nonviolent out of prisons and hospitals', 'feed the hungry', the 'evolution movie', or 'ppl for more democracy', but! did donate to center for 'exploited' [what is next 'lied'?, or 'took advantage of? hallelujah, call me when that happens, i will be ready to press for millions]:
Am air, amtrak, atf, compuserve, continental, credit suisse, fbi, freddie mac, greyhound, holiday inn, ibm verisign, irs, kodak,lifetime,mony,maxtor,netscape, phillips, qualcomm, us sec service,

True evil:
Aol, Canon, ford, hp, home depot, honeywell, lexisnexis, msn, dell, philips, polaroid, radioshack, sun, wal-mart, yahoo. This is not small time nazism either, the groups above give 100k a year.

Again, stopping violence and abduction fine, stopping free info and nonviolent consentual touching no. Do they publically advocate using cameras? No!
Not all businesses have succumbed to these nazis: b of a gives to smithsonian, not stc, dfa, or exploited. And there are others that do not fear these nazi antisexual hypocrite fascist antifreeinfo, antidemocracy, proviolence humans.

To be clear, the 'exploited children' company is not out to stop violence. They list laws relating to sexual activity [what is child pornography, prostitution, sex tourism, molestation], not any violent laws [like assault, battary]. They are not involved in stopping violence against children. Do they not realize that violence is worse than porno, and molestation? However much they care, stopping violence, arresting violent ppl, is not where that money is going.

Why not go after violent ppl? I think the answer to that is, the million nonviolent ppl in prisons and hospitals maybe could tell you, why? Because they ARE the violent.

When the infrared goes public and everybody gets to see, let's certainly, identify and arrest the ppl with past violence, and keep clear computer track record on who actively pursued arrests and fines for insider trading, child pornography, copyright and privacy, because those ppl will probably not be jailed for those 4 idiot laws, but identify and rate them to know who to not support.

I want to add that, unlike all of you in the secret ir camera though eyeball nets, i do not own or trade in child pornography, any body that does is risking fines, even jail and being ostricised, nor do i touch genitals of any humans under age 18. I do not use heroin, but support legalizing all drugs. I am not under age 18, but i support voting rights for ppl under age 18, etc...

That is some police group, that do not have or contribute to 1 stop violence organization.

f: lightlife salisbury/gb,brats

Possibly somebody spread wart viruses, only seen by elite ir.

i think there is a good future for electic motor makers. Think of walking robots as computers with 30 or more electric motors each. Multiply that by the number of computers that ppl own now, and that spells serious $ for some electric motor makers. Again, this advice is free, but why do ppl care so little for good advice? And for ppl that reveal secrets?

Links: pubc domain images+sounds
cdc.gov has images of the HIV virus, symphilus, the gon, and even has images of nude children with diseases (to their credit, way to battle the antisexual antiscience people).

Infrared cameras the size of an ant are being used to see thought no less, but ppl that take hostage, store a human and drop the body off in downtown iraq go unseen? the ppl that did a first strike homicide are not only not captured, but not even seen? Maybe some street cameras?

New law:
1-humans have permission to capture photons from [film] any part of the universe.

New laws:
1-ppl can buy and/or sell stock electronically, without a broker.

2-planetary stock exchange created, where ppl can buy and sell stocks of any nation.

3-stock market buying and selling can happen at any time. Any market can be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365.25 days a year.

4-income tax on dividends and capital gains is set by democratic international vote, divided equally by 2 nations or to government of nation where stock or human is located.

These iraq prison photos prove again, clearly, that the public is more civilized and fair by far, than those ppl in the secret camera thought eyeball networks.

Ppl have big problems with love and pleasure: have to be married, only one person for life, must be opposite gender, same race, same age... surprisingly they dont have as many hangups about violence.

Living without walking robots is like living without ekectricity. Why do ppl insist on using candles when they have electricity? Plug in the chord, turn on the switch already! How frustrating that ppl need their outhouse, when we have a toilet with pipes and water purifying machines.

I think the myth that caltech, berkeley, mit, carnegie melon are at the top of science, full of brilliant and visionary ppl. If that were true they would have walking robots by now, something a small group of ppl at honda, sony, toyota, fujitsu were able to do easily in the last 20 years. But they have no walking life size robots, why? because they are seeped in tradition, marriage, religion, conservative, antiscience. You tell me why! In addition, there is no serious research in the future field of rocket planes. when ppl lo back they will see that the most time of this century was spent developing walking robots. Rocket planes, and moon stations came later.

in this time, ppl debate if martha start lied, if jackson molested, but many of the homicides are complex, more serious and deserve more of our attention. For example, the pennsylvania female that after killing some humans in her family, had time to pick up her daughter and kill one more human. More focus needs to be spent on these more serious violent crimes, where the violent events soar into the past many times without there ever being 1 arrest or detailed investigation, while the public spectacle and drama rotates around petty nonviolent activities/'crimes'.

I was thinking, and maybe, those ppl that arrested and prosecuted chong, peewee, michael jackson, gore jr, garfunkle, and martha stewart actually only wanted an autograph.

Look at the group of ppl we live with now: not only do they reject the idea that all matter is made of particles of light, but refuse to allow anybody in the public to even hear of the idea. What good people!

Clearly, past event of violence are not a criteria for inclusion to the secret infrared camera networks, or i would be in years before now. Most of the decision is based on:

Money - has lots of money
Conservative -is conservative
Anti or asexual-is not sexual
Marriage -is married
religious - believes in at least 1 god
From there:
Gender- should be male
Sex-should be hetero
Science-no science, only pseudosciences, should not be smart or intellectual, not good at math, etc...
Secretive-must be trusted to lie to family and friends

Supreme Court David Sutor was assaulted by a group of young male humans in Washington DC, more proof that there is a problem with violence in the USA. Hopefully I can send Sutor a free robot to job with, and pass a law that all major streets have video cameras available to the public.

I saw a magazine cover with Maria Shriver with a big cross, and thought: at least she has not been polluted with education, science, and history.

I am ending any ban on Hewlett Packard that may have existed. They have a new "Evolution" campaign that is good, the offense of making a "shh" signal is relatively small (I recently saw a picture from the 1920s where a female human was making the same signal...already people were surpressing the infrared). HP is competing in the lowest cost laptop market (unlike IBM and Sony - although still alive), makes tablests, and hand held computers. Hopefully, they will be building walking robots too, although they are behind Honda, Sony, Hitachi, Fujitsu, and Toyota in this effort.

We outside (and even some inside) of the camera thought networks are constantly surrounded by evil, but like Ziggy Marley said "we have to carry on in darkness".

The focus on abuse of ppl in [iraq] prisons shines a light, and is good news for nonviolent ppl in psychiatric hospital.

I am with the ppl that use cameras. I am for informing the public and reporting what is happening around the planet. I am opposed to those that complain about privacy.

I am in favor of the european union [eu]. All the nations have more open borders and live under the same laws, accept the euro as currency.
Think for other nations that had or have harsh, conservative drug and antisexual laws, and do not have stop violence programs or a good record on human rights. Plus the integration of races like caucasian and arab in turkey for example.

I literally have to talk out loud in order to think about what i want to now.

The usa has never had a king, and never will. That is 1 reason, we have every opportunity of leading in science, in stopping violence, in free info, in sexuality, democracy, technology, and justice.

Free info, low cost video cameras, and the internet spell the end for evil, and a cure for injustice. Free info is the undoing of the infrared elitest ppl. All the copyrights, and privacy they demanded, while simultaneously violating the copyrights and privacy of millions of other ppl.

you all will learn this: 'send it back from where it came from.'

i was turned away by all male security ppl after a person told me over the phone to buy a ticket at the door. No cameras were allowed. This proves what idiot ppl heather and paul mccartney are, both never went to college, have never done anything for science, history, free information. Heather was in modelling, not chemistry, biology, computers, engineering, what kind of role models are they? Secretive, elitest, stupid, into pseudoscience, antisexual, in the infrared networks for decades. Like ellen degeneres, and millions of other wealthy ppl in sports, acting and music, again and again, they care nothing for science, stopping violence, exposing thane cesar or sturgis, or free info. They pay ppl in newspapers, tv, radio to manipulate the public with tiny bits of information, while they secretly see inside houses and heads. The public loves this being pooped on and dumps money on thefor more. A spartan white guy from the uc police, Richard Worster, made me produce id, wrote down my name, and i tapped in his name [identify the nazi ppl, and expose them] asked me to step aside and told me that i was dressed differently than everybody else, and i said 'it is 90 degrees out here, wearing a suit is not confortable.' hitler dressed 'well', einstein looked like a slob, lets vote for hitler. The blazer jacket, black pants, (and neck tie) is the fascist uniform. wealthy ppl hate for the public to see their values/opinions, and i am glad i now have a better idea about the mccartneys [marriage is all bullshit for status, true love needs no ring or religious hand waving], i got close enough to smell the fascism, most ppl continue to guess or presume.

I always do this, i guess i was raised differently. Out of respect, or compassion, i pay the $12 to see gorbachev, i take time out to hear julian bond and ted kennedy, i make a good effort, even though a bother and a waste of time, to reach a hand out to those ppl in the camera network, and wealthy ppl, and from time to time, like degeneres and the mccartneys, see this kind of brutality, closed mindedness and stupidity...i reach out a hand to shake, and 15 white guys offer up some handcuffs.

John lennon, now there was a human that mattered.

i ask ppl not to support the heather mills mccartney charity, because of the brutal elitism they display. In addition, like 'enslave the children', the purpose of the charity is not to heal ppl that were damaged by landmines as much as trying to get landmines 'banned'. And to that, i think, what about a ban on war? Ban automatic guns, walking shooting robots, satellite lasers, a ban on missles, alcohol, bibles, drugs, butter, knives, matches and glass? Ppl will try, but ultimately the goal of war is to kill as many as possible on the other side. As if ppl, that are shooting at each other would stop and say...'oh poison gas, now that is an alltime new low...they are supposed to kill by very specific rules'. Ppl have a better of stopping wars like that of the right wings of the us and uk on the ppl of iraq. Banning land mines is an unrealistic, foo foo idea, that homicidal ppl care nothing about. Why never address the problem of not arresting ppl for violence? Why not argue for free info so ppl can at least see the violence? For democracy and voting on laws the un and all nations? For making stopping violence the number 1 priority and stopping nonviolent activity a low priority?

Where else has the public made mistakes? Do you have any more heros like oj and nixon? Beyond the millions of humans with high school degrees, or fluff pseudoscience college degrees in entertainment and sports.

This bad experience has not dampened my view on the future. They may be for closed, secret, elitest societies without communication or negotiation, for closed curtains and stone walls, but i remain dedicated to open society, free and open debate, open curtains, borders and communications.

I have an important message to share with people and i refuse to shut out those that want to hear.

One thing that is clear to me is that w/o a clear group of videos/movies detailing evolution, history, and history of science, and the future of life of earth, and a serious stop violence, free nonviolent, sexualize, democratize and free info program...
the unharnessed mass of violent, uninformed, antiscience, antisexual, nationalistic, religious humans are available to be harnessed as hitler did, as reagan did, and as bush is doing [50% recently support the first strike war on iraq, w/o a war starting psident they would lie dormant], in addition, the infrared cameras have created a huge division of the planet into 2, those that hear thought and the other group that is excluded.

Seeing a cross, it is for me a swastika. naziism grew from christian ppl.

New anti-piracy global arrests is nothing but money driven evil and hypocrisy, they all violate privacy and copyright, and rerfuse to focus on stopping violence and damage. 10 nations are involved: Us,uk,singapore [china],belguim, denmark, france, germany, hungary, israel, netherlands, sweden

I am looking forward to seeing what ppl may be violating my copyrights and privacy in currently non-public infrared cam and eye nets. Maybe i will get some money from those that copied and did not pay when there were copyright and privacy laws, oh yeah, that's right, the still are copyright and privacy laws.

One thing that is clear to me is that w/o a clear group of videos/movies detailing evolution, history, and history of science, and the future of life of earth, and a serious stop violence, free nonviolent, sexualize, democratize and free info program...
the unharnessed mass of violent, uninformed, antiscience, antisexual, nationalistic, religious humans are available to be harnessed as hitler did, as reagan did, and as bush is doing [50% recently support the first strike war on iraq, w/o a war starting psident they would lie dormant], in addition, the infrared cameras have created a huge division of the planet into 2, those that hear thought and the other group that is excluded.

Seeing a cross, it is for me a swastika. naziism grew from christian ppl.

New anti-piracy global arrests is nothing but money driven evil and hypocrisy, they all violate privacy and copyright, and rerfuse to focus on stopping violence and damage. 10 nations are involved: Us,uk,singapore [china],belguim, denmark, france, germany, hungary, israel, netherlands, sweden
I am looking forward to seeing what ppl may be violating my copyrights and privacy in currently non-public infrared cam and eye nets. Maybe i will get some money from those that copied and did not pay when there were copyright and privacy laws, oh yeah, that's right, the still are copyright and privacy laws.

S: I realized an interesting fact: that all the matter in plants is from atoms here on earth. The H2O, the Carbon, and phosphorus are all recycled atoms, assembled into molecules (many remain as the original molecules they were before being included into the body of, for example, a plant). Every living object on earth is made from atoms that were already here on earth (except for perhaps some atoms that land here in the form of meteors), no new matter is made in growing plants or any other living object. Building up some thing as small as an electron with particles of light must be a rich field of experiment, but I have never heard any news remotly related to that effort. There must also be people trying to build up already existing atoms with neutrons and protons, already proven to be possible. We can change, atom by atom, atoms like Carbon, to atoms of Oxygen (as far as I know), perhaps we can even build up atoms from Hydrogen to Uranium.

I just read that Michael Jackson was convicted for child molestation. That is ridiculous, a person got their balls played touched and now Jackson may actually have to spend time in a jail, while Thane Cesar, Frank Sturgis, OJ+co, the person you all saw kill Jam Jay is free. I think of the idiocy and selfishness of the person that testified (perhaps out of coersion from greedy and antisexual parent[s]), without really knowing what happened, clearly not one bruise or even pain was endured. What about the suffering Jackson may endure in prison? I know I would rather have my balls played with that live in a prison where actual violence is commonplace and never stopped.
I think this proves that any body can accuse a person of molestation without even a photo of proof, nothing more that a person's word, and the accused can be locked in jail for years, even if the accuser is lying. Do people lie? Ofcourse they do! Could this 16 or 17 year old male human being lying for attention, or money? ofcourse, I would wait for the video and eye images. Still, underlying all of this, is that, no matter what happened, this person accusing Jackson was never hurt in any way.
This also, as if I need to remind you indicates this important lesson: stay far, far away from any human under the age of 18, unless a human born from your ovum or sperm, because, as I stated, only the say so of a person under the age of 18 (at the time of interaction with you, in your house/apt/work/yard) is necessary for a 20 year imprisonment for molestation/lewd conduct, again even with not one scratch of damage on the person accusing you, or even 1 piece of physical evidence, only with statements from people.

I vote for a departure from the past for the liberal group:
How about
Rosie greir, rafer johnson, and rfk hears the thoughts of thane cesar, not the other way around?
Mlk and jessie j know where james earle ray will be, not the other way around.
John and yoko know what humans are waiting outside the dakota...
nicole simpson and ron goldman get to see who is driving on the street...
Jfk knows where sturgis is, pierre salinger hears nixons thoughts at any time, etc...

The liberal ppl have a terrible record on stopping violence and homicide, and i can see why...

Millions of ppl watch me, hear my thoughts, and know every detail about my life, but i know nothing about them...do they have a gun? are they violent? What are they thinking? What is in their past?

When they are too perfect to include flawed nonviolent ppl like me and millions of others in the infrared, how could they ever stop even 1 punch? Not to mention stabbings, shootings, and bombings?

The right wing humans do all the killing and obviously are not interested on stopping violence, look at the security in iraq...they were hanging the us flag at half mast, but permanently? No, that does not look good for their fellow homicidin violenter right wingin buddie humans.

1 year in jail for punching a human 30 or more times on a school bus? Ppl get more time for simply being caught with drugs, a nonviolent activity.

Is there a drug company [yes, pharmaceuticals] that does not provide drugs for psychology based 'diseases' and/or has not donated to 'drug free america'?

How does the usa rate against france, germany, england, russia, china, india, egypt, australia in:
Walking robots
number of nonviolent in prison
Stopping violence
Food production
Number of schools
Alcohol production
Alcohol consumption

Per person, and/or per space
What are the nation strengths and where is improvement needed? Where do the ppl of the usa lead, where do they trail?

Liz figueroa, senator in california [near sf no less], is the face of these hypocritical ppl that see inside houses and heads, but have the gaul to actually fund 'privacy' law suits. In 10 years the infrared will be out thanks to high speed internet, what will ppl think of those involved that battled against freedom of information?
And privacy [piracy] international.

La county, city, and the state of california need an attorney that if elected promises to reopen the rfk case, to get thane cesar extridited and charge thane cesar with homicide. The rfk killing is on the top of my list because:
1) easy to prove [unlike fiorini for jfk]
-noguchi autopsy, rfk shot from behind, no more than 3 inches away with powder burns
-eucker and other eye witnesses that say sirhan never got behind rfk or getting the gun within 3 feet of rfk
-don shulman saw cesar fire gun
2) murderer still alive [for jfk, fiorini is reported dead]

I kind of feel like i am in the cubs, mets, or jets...but the 'infrared should be public' team, 'cubs in 2050!', 'infrared in 2030! go team! We know we will win eventually, like team 'expose sturgis', but so far the shirts only number up to 4 people, soon 10 billion!

update: 04-21-04
Perhaps in some way, people seeing ultra-violence, and human anatomy cut into pieces, or dead is going to be good in preparing the public to see actual violent images, or images of damaged human bodies, like those of the body of Princess Diana, the race car driving human, Nicole Simpson, Jam Master Jay, John Lennon, RFK, JFK, MLK, and all the other people that were killed, in particular images from the infrared, secret camera eye and thought-image networks.

I guess the disney miramax movie 'kill george vol 2', [see link http://bush.150.dk ] or 'kill nixon vol2', 'kill ronald vol1', 'kill quentin vol5', 'kill thurm vol8', 'kill eisner vol.3' will be censored for nudity for the teens, unlike 'kill bill vol2'. Threatening a human in gov can result in 1 or more years in jail. Who is funding these irresponsible movies? Why the secrecy? Why do ppl pay to see that? Where is the fcc [the younger powell] for the violence, only sex is offlimits for the ppl in the usa? What happened to the disney ppl that made movies like 'tron' and 'the black hole'? I am for complete freedom of all information (unlike the right and many liberal humans), but I refuse to support such violent material, when in particular, nudity and sex is still X rated. I am for showing people of all ages the real violence that is happening on earth, like the nightly "human killed human" violence news video that goes on for hours.

Are the ppl in partnership for a drugfreeamerica for volutary treatment of ppl caught using illegal drugs? Or involuntary treatment? For involutary imprisonment of those nonviolent ppl that use illegal drugs like marijuana and exstacy? I want to ask how many of them use alcohol, tobacco or are overweight. Should they get involutary treatment for that?

My advice is to keep voting democrat until there is a new more liberal, more democratic party.

Lets be there before sturgis and oswald, before james ray, before gene cesar, before mark chapman, before oj, b4 dewitt, b4 jam jay human, etc....with an arrest, and reeducation, lessons about history, the future, evolution, science, integration, sexuality, democracy, and the idiocy of violence and religion.

My conclusion of 9-11-01 is that the republican, and to some extent the democrat humans have no serious stop violence program, and care little, in reality, for protecting people from violence. look at the right wing, the murderer thane cesar is among their ranks, sturgis was, why would they care a second for the lives of the ppl of united or american airlines, the ppl employed in the world trade center, jam master jay, the ppl in schools...they can not and will not stop killings, assaults, or even fist fights. They simply have no 'stop violence' program or department or even interest in stopping violence. In addition, they have to spend millions of our dollars to arrest 65 year old never violent ppl like tommy chong, and to stop pornography.

L: ratemyteacher.com
We need ratehumans.com

'Unsolved history' on discovery channel explores rfk killing [in addition to other killings], uk and japan have similar efforts.

The traditional 'race' catagories are far from accurate: 'hispanic' is wrong, ppl are native american at least. In mexico, for example there are native ppl [descended from maya who decended from chinese], european [most from spain, england, netherlands, germany...], and mixed.

The price for infrared arrays [320x240], unlike visible spectrum ccds has been kept unnaturally inflated [$1500 for lowest cost thermal imager camera] to keep 'seeing behind the eyes' from the public.

Struggling antiscientist Heidi barker employed in nbpl, and also part time voyeur yelled out 'psycho!' when i walked in, but is she let go?

Once againwith disney human in oc, touchi a breast not 'battery' [the law needs to be changed to indicate 'violent' beating or pounding, not simply 'offensive' touching], but who cares about truth and logic when sexuality is involved? Battery is an extra law, assault is enough. Battery allows a 'double' charge on a single crime. ppl can charge a human with assault and battery, when they are the same [an assault]. Perhaps battery should be changed to 'pained', or 'damaged'.

'How dare people lie and think they can get away with it." And: 'that is what they get for lying.'

What the ppl in the thought cam network are doing is this: a person [the public] buys a new house, the inspector [cam net] knows the refridgerator is full of cockroaches but refuses to warn the new owner of the surprise in store for them. I view myself as a neighbor hinting to the owner that there may be 1 or more cockroaches in the fridge, but being shushed by the inpectors. Think of the shock and knee-jerk reaction the owner will have, instead of nicely sweeping out the roaches, the person will probably burn the entire refridgerator. There simply has been no hint of free info being the future, no hint of infrared, to slowly guide the public instead of misleading them even more, making the space between the truth and public knowledge even wider, until the truth [nanometer cameras have been capturing thought in millions of buildings] appears too difficult to even imagine or understand.

I will do time for my 'rape' [if the person wants me jailed] if thane cesar is jailed for homicide, frank fiorini charged, tried and his homicide explained to the public, the person that dropped a coffee cup on my crotch is jailed for assault with extra time for pain to genitals, the person that threw a hacky-sack that hit my crotch and caused serious pain is jailed for assault, the humans that tied me to a table are jailed, the human that injected me with droperidol is jailed, when oj is jailed, when the human that killed jam master jay is jailed, the human that shot larry flynt is jailed, all people that spank with objection are jailed....then i will happily sit in a prison cell for my past [extremely minor] violent actions, for a time proportional to the physical pain and damage suffered, knowing that cesar, sturgis, all those ppl with punches, shootings, killings, are locked in a jail too.

To teach at a university you need a phd, to be published, to have a high scoring academic history. To be accepted as a student in a universit you need at least a 550 math sat score, and clear 3.0 high school grades. To be employed to work at a university, all you need is clothing.

B: i doubt what the hutus [viewed as 2nd class by tutsis] did to the elitest tutsis will happen with those excluded from the infrared networks, but it does show the anger ppl feel from being treated unfairly as second class.

I support free or subsidized broadband internet access for all citizens. bush jr has a second plan i support [the moon plan was 1] although i cannot vote for bush because of starting 2 wars and the brutal arrests of ppl like tommy chong. i hope the democrat humans have similar good plans for the public. Kerry has a broadband plan too i am glad to read, good news. This will open the door to improving free trade, free info and internet voting. Each phone port could be an ip, and have a high connection. Free video phone calls around the earth!

That ppl can cheer homicide or assault of nonviolent ppl is a serious problem on earth. This is now common in many backward, uncivilized, tolerant of violence ppl in parts if earth.

B: At the heart of infrared secret was ppl's feeling of superiority to other humans, and also the thought that they are secret agents against an invisible enemy.

The infrared menace.

That ppl in police respond to criticism with intimidation and hostility instead of open honest and logical debate is characteristic of the many problems with the current gov police ppl.

What is happening to the 60yr old priest human in oakland is common place antisexual naziism by the antisexual right wing in police that operate under complete secrecy, above the laws average citizens must live under. They make up a crime for the moment. When are these brute male humans in law enforcement going to stop violence? Where is a picture of a bruise? Video of an assault? I am so tired of these right wing christian married antisexual violent nazis. Sturgis, cesar, infrared, history of evolution, science, nudity, images of violence, stopping of violence ....its all coming out to the public.

I grew up in the 'blender of sexuality', that is on planet earth....the way ppl go for years w/o a hug, or sex....and any boner or thoughts of sexuality are a fascinating focus for the puritans that marry to insult ppl for the rest of their asexual life. I can only imagine what has happened to gentle young ppl that ofcourse, by design, naturally felt horney at one time, before it was trampled by the overwhelming antisexual majority.

You can't stop a homicide, but you can stop a boner, congratulations.

What we have had in the past 50 years is a fascist blood spill, and we are doing the clean-up operation in this decade. Revealing the infrared, fiorini, cesar...a homicide cleanup bigger than the valdez.

Chen Bien, relected President of Taiwan won by a small number of votes, after surviving a shot. As far as I know the person that shot has not been identified or captured. The person in the conservative opposition party said that they oppose the act of violence, but on the other hand...and I am shocked to see such support for violence from such popular humans. Supporting violence is criminal behavior in my opinion. This shooting raises a number of issues. We humans are entering an era of massive numbers of cameras, stationary and walking, we are going to be able to identify every object in a volume of space within a decade. Gone will be the days where people can shoot a gun and never be seen by the public. People hassle me for wearing a kevlar vest and motorcycle helmet, but look at the unstopped, unpunished, unseen violence happening on the earth. A kevlar vest may have saved the life of John Lennon outside his Dakota apartment (and stopped any damage to Chen Bien by the way). When a popular human like John Lennon can be shot in downtown New York City, outside his own apartment, I think we have a problem stopping violence. We have to civilize, parent, and punish the unruly violent of the earth, we cannot simply let them go.

I am shocked by the way people support violence and homicide around me, One lesson is clear to me, and my message to the liberal people:
You may detest cameras on the streets, you may oppose violation of privacy, but let me make sure you understand that the right wing, has already put cameras there! The right wing in over informed and the liberals are vastly underinformed. Look at all the people that were involved in killing JFK, Sturgis, the driver Greer, Hunt, Nixon, the list is large...but no body knew about it, JFK had no idea, RFK did not know, Salinger did not know, Sorenson had no idea, then look at the RFK killing? Cesar knew, Ace Security knew, Lockheed knew, but RFK did not, Rosie Greer, and Rafer Johnson did not know...and this is typical of the liberal people, drop the moral high ground and bring cameras on the street to the public already, because the right wing already has them there, and has been accumulating data for their doing of damage, dishonesty, and destruction for decades now.

what a group of blood thirsty fascist people I see every day. Where is the parenting? where was the history of evolution and science from the parents? The lesson that violence is wrong?

Do you know that if there was a hell, do you know who would be there? All the people that killed JFK, RFK and covered it up from the public, those that killed in Rwanda, those that killed in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, all those that lied about hearing and seeing thought in the infrared,...the typical evil activities: violence, secrecy, lying, antisexuality, capturing, sentencing and locking nonviolent people in jail.

Look at the list of things you in the camera net have left for the public to do:
we have to explain that Frank Fiorini killed JFK
we have to capture and imprison:
Thane Cesar
the human that killed Jam Master Jay
Michael Dewitt
the human(s) that killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman
identify and capture the human that shot Larry Flynt
we have to vote for free information, you have not done a thing in that direction
we have to end the drug war, the vast majority of those in the secret thought camera networks have again, not lifted a finger despite all the injustice and info they get to see.

Good week for pleasure bad week for antisexuality: charges on r kelley dropped, pee wee pays $100 and has to endure 1 yr of being with stupid people, and shows that sex offender registry [not the missing violent offender registry] contains friendly, funny, nonviolent, gentle humans.

The drug war has become a kind of massive social free housing, clothing and food program. With 1 million ppl in jails for drugs, our tax money bought a million beds for those people, a million toilets, a million shoes, shirts, and pants, a million pounds of potatos, rice and corn, a million lunch trays, forks and spoons...all for nonviolent people that used to buy their own.

We know where we are going, we are moving to complete freedom of all information, stopping violence, capturing and jailing the ppl that killed jam master jay, nicole simpson, rfk, ...all nonviolent ppl, getting the nonviolent and ppl that do not make threats of violence out of jails and hospitals....what steps can we take to move toward that future? Here is an example: a law that makes clear that any photo that is at least 50 years old may be copied freely, and used in any way by any person. Photos of edison, einstein, etc... Can all be used freely for school projects, history videos, art projects, etc...without getting permission. Ppl may own the physical object, but not the order the pixels are in. Here is an example of a tiny step in the correct direction for the future, where all info is freely copied.

I think, like the nanny human and others have hinted, that michael dewitt probably killed kurt cobain under directions from courtney love. [see movie 'kurt & courtney' for more evidence.] in any event i demand to see the eye images of all 3 humans during those days, and the images and audio from inside the house. I will never support courtney love in any way, she has contributed nothing and is stupid, greedy and probably violent. Courtney love is most likely an accessory to first degree murder, but howard stern and dave letterman [who both are relatively liberal] parade her on their show w/o the public knowing that kurt was probably killed [either by injection or shotgun] by dewitt with love giving orders. In any event where are the eye images? You ppl are all closet fascists.

What is the number 1 law? Can you guess? I bet you don't know. The number 1 law is homicide. somwbody tell the ppl in the public, military, fbi, and police this.

'En' aired in la, and i feel good knowing that the national geographic thought images played for a few full minutes to thousands of humans.

Some human may have damaged a small part of my tongue using photons, if true, i vote for their jailing + assault charge for 6 months if first time, 1 year if second assault, 2 years if 3rd, 3 for 4th, 5 for fifth, and number of assaults=years in jail after [as a guide, more damage=more time, less damage=less time].

Gorbachev is going to speak in irvine, how exciting, the cheloveck that helped change russia from communism to democracy. That will be interesting, I hope to get some video I can put here. Update: at students=$25 [sold out], $75,$95, and $195 [sold out] tickets, i think [ya dumayu] that i will not go, i have a million projects. I think i will be working on a project at the time i die. Still, i welcome mikhail and look forward to the impression he brings to and leaves with the brutally unfeeling humans of irvine.
update: I am going to go, more tickets were sold to student humans at $25, and I gave $25 to a person taking classes at UCI, and he bought a ticket for me. So I am looking forward to seeing and hearing Gorbachev.

Toyota now has released info and photos of a walking 2 leg robot made there, no robots from ford, gm, or us mil yet [unless the group that seceeded from the public that funds them by keeping every thing secret from the nonviolent majority.]

I am excited to see if any body contacts me and wants to work together. Still, even if nobody does, I am happy knowing that perhaps 1000+ people saw part of all of the message. I feel good knowing that those people have a chance to understand this simple infrared secret fascism, in addition to all the other myths and ignorant beliefs. Any place science is poured leads to positivity, logic and progress. I hope the people that see "emergency news" start using more logic and understand more fully the universe, the past and what is happening now. That they stop throwing away money on religion and start to expose the infrared camera networks. This infrared imaging could be used to determine what if any problems a human has with their eyeballs and vision, but is being withheld from the public by secretive humans with no care for science.

I just read that the people in Spain elected Zapatero, the liberal (social democrat) person. That is a tiny piece of good news for me. I almost never see good news. Zapatero is against war with Iraq, and supports "thou shalt not kill" as I do too! All this after 900+ people were killed in Spain in train bombings, and I got a message from the person that translated my book asking for the name to be removed. I think people made a good decision in this vote, and I look forward to seeing a good future for Spain, full of science, truth, democracy, nonviolence, sexuality, peace and everything good.

Most ppl do not know this: every night there is a 'gun film', ppl that killed with a gun. Every night, ppl can count on it. Somewhere on the earth a human is killed with a gun, and photons reflected off of them and the person shot and killed captured.

Spain bombing= i think the ppl in the gov must have known about the bombs and either took part or did nothing [were complicitous]. We know they see what ppl see, we know they hear thought, we know they see inside the houses and apts of most ppl. How could they not notice such an event. One thing is clear, either they knew and failed to stop it and they are partially responsible for the bombs being not stopped, or they did not know and failed to stop the bombs and so are ineffective against violence and destruction and should be replaced. If these ppl can find the name of the person that translated my book, they can certainly see ppl constructing bombs. I think that like 911, and the russian bombs, it was either negligence and stupidity in not stopping violence [typical of violent conservative ppl], or allowed to happen to cause fear and influence ppl to vote for conservative ppl.

L=any human can try to convict [pss charges] a different human with any law including criminal law. No need for any body to go to court. We need a structure where ppl vote with large video evidence [and free info] to capture violent ppl.

I vote no on any, all and the new 'obscenity' bill, that is popular in the us gov. the laws are far from popular and are scotch tape when the public overreacts to some news story. Later, ppl wonder how these scotch tape laws got passed. In particular, look at the lying, dishonesty, toleration of violence, censorship of images of violence, the censorship is obscene to methe industry and money market of surpressing and keeping secret the truth from the underinformed public is obscene to me, not human anatomy, not the million year old meager survival of sexuality. sex with consent and nudity is healthy or certainly not violence or damage causing to me. Still, i am wasting my time explaining to you ppl, ppl that continue idiocy, and oppose truth, pleasure and can not even obtain the most simple justice.

I guess ppl can think of magnetism as being the exact same phenomenon as electricity, because the particles are electrons for both.

separating matter could possibly be done with different size electrically neutral 'particles' besides neutrons.

1 more homicide has happened in irvine. The 2 ppl were caught and the people that caught them deserve a monetary award. What a stupid way to throw away 3 lives. Imagine if the 20 yr old ppl had a gun and not knife. To me, w/o much data this idiocy can only be from naturally sexually frustrated, violent ppl + alcohol. The stupidest and most violent things i have ever done were after using alcohol. Maybe no, i ask what images and sounds were being beamed onto their brains at the time, that can make a difference. Imagine, on the simpsons if the quicky mart human was killed, what a loss that would be for the ppl of earth.

What is interesting is that these 2 male humans are near the top of the bell curve for potential violence. Male, between 12-40, the top is probably 16-25 yr old male humans. Those humans should get the most stop violence watching/observation/survalience. Ppl at high risk jobs can be told to say or think the word 'help' very loudly to trigger security programs. Smart orograms can recognize Video and audio, for example, the word 'money' said loudly. All these things and more are possible, when ppl are finally ready and onboard for free info and stopping Violence.

Humans know how to separate atoms into the original [perhaps i am speaking latin...but anyway], but it seems to me, to be equally, if not more important to learn how to go the other way, building atoms from photons, otherwise we may destroy every piece of matter [plastics, waste products, ...] into photons that zoom out to other stars, but have no way of capturing photons to build up larger atoms.

Taking atoms apar appears easy, putting them back together is more difficult and has not been done yet. Those ppl that succeed, i think, deserve a pretty penny. Is a star needed, or is there some other way to make atoms out of photons?

I feel positive about seeing and hearing thought being exposed in the near future. I am amazed that infrared has been kept secret for this time, in particular when looking at the National Geographic 1975 image. Look what a simple thing this is. Every nation on earth must by now have this technology. Millions of the most uneducated, viscously mean, violent and stupid people all belong to this network, why not the honest and nonviolent now?

bim: Seeing what a human sees in the infrared may not be that difficult. For all I know, all that is needed is a camera (or ccd), and a visible spectrum filter. It may be poissible to use a ccd and sample with infrared frequency to see the photons coming out of the back of every head.

One thing I realized this week was that many people may not have any physical evidence of seeing and hearing thought (like the National Geographic image), because they are simply end users, they simply see and hear thought, they do not have hardcopies. To have a paper copy, you need to capture/intercept the digital images traveling through space or wires. This is another possibility that instead of reproducing capturing thoughts with a ccd, a person could learn how to decode digital images being transmitted with radio and microwave frequencies.

The exciting part for me is going to be talking with other people that are excluded, but smart enough to understand what is going on. What do we have to lose? To not expose this is just as risky as exposing. Plus, by exposing the infrared, we can speed up the time to when we get to see with everybody else. We can not have the service we are excluded from taken away from us. I think taking these images from National Geographic around to so-called "doctors" to ask what kind of machine made these is a good approach. We can video tape interview them, or if they refuse, indicate that they refused to comment. We can do this to for National Geographic, and tv, radio and newspaper popular people. Most of that will involve how we tried to talk to the person on camera and how they refused or ignored the requests.

I think the economy being poor is (bizarrely) going to cause bush jr to lose the next election [not the 2 wars, not the arrest of chong and co, martha stewart and other random arrests]. What happens, i think is this: a brutal, thug-like, violent, antisexual leader sends a shiver of fear thru the nation and planet, everybody is afraid and lives in fear, the best move is no move or a conservative move, and so the market becomes stagnant and timid. Under a liberal leader there is more freedom and justice, everybody can breathe a sigh of relief and take more liberal moves.

At newport beach public library 2 teen white neonazis were screaming for my blood,mone fascist male said 'rake' instead of 'thank'; they want a native american male human to try and kill me when i walk around aldrich park. But do the owners of nbpl do anytging to punish these threats, allusions to, and ads for violence? Absolutely not, violence is completely acceptible, even in a public library. So watch out for 2 young white ppl that work at the counter in nbpl main branch. 1 has long black hair, the other looks like bill mahr [but obviously is at the opposite end being a typical oc infrared nazi]. Give these violence hungry humans a dollar? Absolutely never. Put them on tv as role models? No, never. Enough ppl are beat, killed, tortured in the usa and on earth, without these violent, stupid, antisexual, antitruth, ppl fueling the fires that kill nonviolent pp. There are plenty of ppl that actually speak out against violence, and they need to be put on tv, they are the good role models, that will bring peace to this planet. by the way, that is some parenting huh? After an intro to the ir gestapo net, no lesson about violence being bad?

Does anybody out there think for 1 second that sending 1st strike body itches and pricks is anything other than bad?

For the stupid, what is true does not matter, only what most people think is true matters.

The grocery strike is done. I am all for freedom to be in unions. I belong to the atheist union, to the stop violence union, ... We all want to organize and exert our popular influence, the power of our population. my main complaint is against all the mean fascist ppl at ralphs and albertsons that happen to be in that union. They are never happy, or polite. At ralphs, the new crew was not mean [the vast majority]. At albertson's they were mean [not all], so no big difference there.

I have yet to talk with or read from 1 human excluded from seeing what other ppl see that thinks what i am saying is true. This is sad...

That 12 ppl judged martha stewart to get a fine and possible jail time for her nonviolent actions is frightening, and cleary a victory for injustice, lying and secrecy. i wonder how many of the 12 ppl are in the secret thought net. Were they paid extra money for their vote? This proves that any nonviolent person can be plucked from the camera network and jailed for years. As usual The 'little guy', if nonviolent can be jailed on the most abstract charges [never assalt for spanking], obstruction of justice, treason, obscenity, public disturbance,....millions of info laws. Another victory for the anti-free info ppl, those that want to keep the public, the 'little guy' in ignorance, unaware that ppl are seeing what they see. All those in the camera nets have info the majority does not, and they abuse that priveledge every second, but lock them in jail? that is not my vote, but let the free debate continue.

Going to jail for lying, now that is something to think about!

There is no way I will ever hop on the bandwagon of jailing nonviolent people.

I really do not even care much for Martha Stewart, she is simply a typical person in the secret thought camera network, that has never said anything against violence, the drug war, antisexuality, ...Stewart and I probably disagree on millions of big issues, but what bothers me is that a nonviolent human, like Stewart is being persecuted for something that millions are actively involved in now. That is too evil, to hand pick somebody that people may not like, and then charge them with a nonviolent "crime" that they all break on a daily basis by using this vast infrared camera and tohught network to get info that the public does not have. Then, that the public does not catch on...the selective arrest of people like Tommy Chong...instead of violent people...they read something in a newspaper, and instantly they are against the person being charged, they believe it all in a millisecond. Once again, I should make a word for this, when a person is singled out, changed with a nonvilent crime that millions are involved in. I see this all the time, what ever did they do? to be seen as so evil? Frank Sturgis, Gene Cesar, now those two should be locked in a jail (althoug Sturgis is dead, substitute the 2 people that killed Nicole and Jam Master Jay). But those that cover it up, in particular in the FBI, CIA, and police should probably not be charged with dereliction of duty, obstruction of justice, complicity, ....the important thing is that even thought they are not doing their job to stop violence, and punish people that have done violence, they have not actually done violence themselves and therefore, should not be locked in a jail.

I want to see what you see, because i know this is possible. National geographic proved it in 1975.

I cannot believe that glenn and kerry oppose going to the moon, that is embarassing...the liberals should be actively supporting science, not on the other side, opposing science. This plus the isolationism and anti free market are upsetting, but kerry is the antiwar vote, and so far looks like he might win.

Here is a good analogy:
there is a huge pile of dirt building up, and you ppl can not pick up a tea spoon. Who is going to inform the public of these past killings, secrets and massive lies?

Ppl i see are like a crocodile mosh pit, the language is full of violence, antisexuality is the peak of purity,sexuality is a disease and social taboo, psychology, religion and marriage are the keys, if any that binds all these mean, antitruth, fascist secret camera thought network ppl. Unending stupid idiocy talk, the usual violence, religion, psychology, antisexuality.

I am angered that liberal and science ppl do not get behind building walking robots. i want to be behind a walking robot, not in front of one. The same is true for the moon of earth, get there before the antiscience spartan violenter humans do.

Parents never told me to 'shutup' when i was younger. Ppl in southern cal say 'shutup' all the time, never 'speak freely'.

In ppl's ferver to put me down they forget that i have full human rights. It might appear that i am second class, but according to us laws and international treaties, i am a full citizen with all the rights [of copyright, privacy, etc...].

Who told you?

Can use camera to capture pictures and sound at?:
Gov prop
State gov prop
Public property
Touch breast for money?
Film in nude for money?
Kiss for money?
Touch buttocks for money?
I support marriage between more than 2 humans

I am calling for a ban on all involved in:
South side towing
775 w 17th street, unit k
costa mesa, ca
949 631 8698
For watching ppl in their apts and selectively towing cars of excluded ppl, plus one skinhead chased me around in my car, presumably, because I was wearing a helmet and filming. Wearing a helmet in your car can land you 72 hours of torture in a California hospital.

That was some concern for the children of humans that nixon, reagan, bush... the right wing killed:
Caroline and john jr kennedy
Dexter scott king
11 children of rfk
Julian and sean lennon
....the list goes on and on

Why do they never seek justice and speak out against violence and how their parent was killed by right wing religious zelots?

Bim: seeing what eyes see no earlier than 1800, the year william hershal [made tremendous contributions to science mostly in astronomy] did experiment measuring temperature using a thermometer in various parts of main star spectrum, finds that invisible part past color red heats thermometer highest. This is the first recorded description of light with infrared frequency.
Progress developed after this 1800 finding. in 1820,
Photographs/first camera must have come b4 seeing eyes in 1830?
Would initially be still images of eyes.
Not until radio probably
Maxwell recognizes all frequencies of light are part of 1 spectrum?
By time of moving images
By time of xrays 1930s
So, i think that w/o doubt by xrays

I sent a message to linus torvalds, the person that took unix and adapted it to a pc [why sun never did is a movie in itself, and like no ibm robot is evidence of poor vision]. But i got no reply from linus, and i think i know why. He strongly follows the pseudoscience of psychology, 'sanity checks' litter the source code of linux. Linus is a follower of jesus and actively participates in the pseudo winter solstice holiday christmas. i enjoy using linux because it is open source, but linus has actually got a trademark on the word 'linux', what a greedy human, in addition he has copyright statements all over code i am sure did not appear out of nowhere, unless he wrote the first operating system ever. With all the thought police racism of 'sane' in the linux kernel, i question how logical, efficient, and science based linux is. Still, linux is better than windows being free, but i worry with such a closed minded, elitest, secretive idiot human at the head. I am glad for linux, but linus is an idiot human, good at understanding how a computer works, but stupid in supporting marriage, psychology, secrecy and trademarks. I hope unix makes a pc flavor, simply using the open source (with all references to 'sane' removed). Why no check for 'science'? for sexuality? 'sane' theory is as offensive as racism, legal as should be all speech and sound, but i vote against such brutal ppl. Think of those nonviolent humans drugged, tied to tables, shocked, and locked in prison hospitals, simply for their gestures, words or thoughts. Yes, some people are unrealistic (they think there are gods), unpredictable (they up and marry), some are illogical (they go to a church every 7 earth rotations), but tie those people to tables, or imprison them for being unrealistic or inaccurate? not for me.

I can only guess what the motivation is to vigorously assert the word 'sane' and 'sanity' by ppl like linus. I doubt they have pictures of freud on their mantel, carl jung, or emil fisher. I think that labelling other ppl as insane is to answer their questions about why they are so unfair to ppl like me and others excluded from hearing thought. Labelling other insane frees them from guilt, and fulfills their jealousy. Dave Letterman also participates in this when he jokingly calls ppl 'nuts'. If they are 'nuts' we can dismiss what they are saying [about hearing thought, about photons being matter, about the idiocy of religion, wearing neck ties, marriage, etc...] as being inaccurate or untrue.

I, unlike most people, oppose any prison time for nonviolent, non physical damage or pain causing humans, no matter what the nonviolent crime.

I am for free speech, and i speak and type out against and do not support racists, psychologers/nazis, antisexuals, copyrighters, advocates of privacy, etc...

As if torvalds is for free info...he trademarked linux, and has copyrights everywhere, is an active secret member of the thought seeing+hearing networks, but somehow i am the censurer for political correctness. Again, i am for total freedom of all info=no privacy, no child porno arrests, no patents, etc...you all are the censorers, i simply refuse to quietly support torture of nonviolent humans. I do not want a different kernel available w/o 'sane' and 'god' not out of fear or by force, but out of realization of the collective damage the myths of psychology and religion are doing and have done. There can still be the nazi kernel, that is free speech, but i would rather support an antipsychology kernel.

What if there were words or images of 'vagina', 'penis', child porno, etc... ? For sure the antisexual ppl would complain, and there would probably be arrests, i at least am publically and verbally against all that.

I am basically sending out a heads up to people that think Linus may be a good role model, like millions of other secretive humans in the secret camera and thought networks, without much info to go on, presuming a person is upstanding may be a bad presumption. Although presumably never violent (again without as much info as most of the camera gestap have), there are a million people that care nothing for the history of true science, and subscribe fully to the psuedoscience of psychology, and the locking in hospitals of nonviolent humans, here is simply one more, so be informed. There are clearly worse people on the planet (those that are violent, those that actively fill the prisons and hospitals with nonviolent people), and perhaps I should be drawing attention to them, but I want to be on record as having opinions.

What is interesting to me, is that when you look at all of the Linux code, the first line in all of these files is "copyright 1996 Linus Torvalds", and I think that is shocking, because there is no way that Linus made this code out of nowhere. Why would "Linux" be called "Linux" if not based on "Unix"? Clearly, Linus, like all people that hold and defend copyrights is taking responsibility for much more than he should be credited with. Again, I am against copyright, and I am for open source, I am simply typing that there is no way that Linus created all the code he claims with a copyright statement with not one reference to any body that made UNIX. One document I found is interesting, and explains what I think is common knowledge: "...to support multiple file systems, Linux contains VFS...similar...from BSD and Sun" fs/inode.c does all of this, but at the top of the file is the "copyright Linus...", as if it came out of nowhere. I read that SCO is now the owner of UNIX and was surprised, because I thought that UNIX was open source? The only answer that comes out of all of this idiocy (SCO lawsuits, Linus copyrights,...) is that the copyright is ridiculous and must be voted down. With the camera thought network, no individual human can possibly expect to keep an idea their own, and no idea is made without being built on other ideas. We learn from textbooks, and videos, from those that made incremental changes before us. Yes there are individual people that can be seen in their secret hidden videos, kept from the public, that show that one person may be the originator of some new idea, but let freedom of info and democracy made the reward, not laws and courts. Let a well informed public recognize and support true originality with their votes and money, not by some human that tried to win money for a copyright in a court. My experience is that all new ideas are based on ideas read or seen from previous ideas (the people that built the first CPU learned from earlier transistors, those people learned from mechanical switches, etc...), and that the person that truly does have an original idea is rarely recognized, the company they work for gets the copyright/patent or their idea is seen by other people and if they do not have millions of dollars and time to battle in court, they would never get any money in particular from people that did large amounts of work making their idea popular. Anyway I look at it, tradmarks, patents, copyrights, and trademarks are no good and I will never vote to support any of them, and always vote against them.

Think of the patented phone, 100 years later, we finally get to hear about it.

Psychology has been a dream come true for the right wing.

Q; Hate all you want, just don't kill.

Curse all you want, just dont be violent.

Hey, maybe your hubby can be your hobby. Perhaps your wife or kids deserves your attention more than i do.

What am i going to tell ppl? Some news?! the finer points of sturgis and earl ray that they don't know? They already know everything, i cannot possibly know something, that they [in the secret thought-camera net] have not already heard....perhaps photon is matter theory, but still they watch and listen on, perhaps to find out what tiny info the neglected public and those millions of ppl excluded might actually find out.

There is a person in canada that refused to be part of the iraq invasion. I do not understand, can ppl not simply quit the us army? There is no draft...plus i vote against 'deserter' laws.

Bush supports ban on gay marriage. I think this shows how intolerant and asntisexual bush is. I am glad he will lose votes [if there ever were any] from lesbian,gay,bi and hetero ppl that tolerate and support those choices. Again, if a person is bisexual or gay, or tolerates such decisions, why would they ever vote republican?

not only can thought be seen, but a bowling lane can be rigged to steer a bowling ball, although how i am not sure. I have to ask what fun are sports when they are so controlled? I would add, that this is typical of this century. People are abusing the secret technology so unbelievably, plus people are so dishonest. Everything out of their mouth is a lie, every activity is secretly rigged, the list of crap that has been exposed in the camera thought network must be stunning, not least of that being Sturgis (who? most people in the public would ask), and the Gene Cesar crew.
A reliable person in the camera thought net confirmed this for me, using the word "crooked". How ridiculous. I have to wonder how expensive controlling a bowling ball was.

What is amazing to me, is that violent people do not pass through one security checkpoint on their way into the secret camera-thought network, they get a complete free pass, but nonviolent intellectual, freethinking, atheist, agnostic, science, homo or bisexual, unmarried people have to leap through hurdles, pass every credit check that never existed only to be rejected from entrance into these elite secret thought hearing and seeing in the infrared networks.

I encourage people to vote down the trademark, patent and in particular the copyright laws, as soon as possible. Some people in the US FBI are spending more money and time in making warning labels not against homocide, not against violence, not against physical property theft, but against illegal copying. They must get money from copyright holding people and companies, to make such an out of proportion focus on copyright laws, and not on homocide, violence and property theft laws. Even the prostitution and drug laws get less attention from people in the FBI, why?

Just as a reminder:
unauthorized copying and distribution of digital content is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

5 years in prison, and not even a violent crime. I doubt most people will ever be able to save 250,000, in particular people that have to sell copied videos.

I have to wonder what people will say about people like Jana Monroe, assistant director of the FBI's cyber division, and the rest of the cyber division, when they learn about how their privacy, copyrights, and thoughts were all captured, copied and shared by Monroe and everybody else in the FBI without the slightest hint of permission. The same is true for Brad Buckles, executive vice president of the Recording Industry Association of America, and all people in the evil hypocritical RIAA.
Federal court rules 321 Studios must stop making software that allows users to copy DVDs.
This is one more example of how these information police, hypocrite mind watching humans are winning victories for evil, even in San Francisco no less. Look at Judge Susan Illston of U.S. District Court in San Francisco, does she hear thought? does she have illegal copies of data? I think that she does! Why not support freedom of information you secretive hypocritical info police? Any and all info for you and the gestapo secret camera thought infrared net, but not for the public? Feel kind of guilty about your actions being exposed to the uninformed public? I encourage the public and all people to record and remember these anti free information people and vote against them every time.

from washington post: "John Rigas [of Adelphia, where my 2 shows are going to air March 15 and 22 at 8pm] and his sons were taken into custody in July 2002, just two weeks after President Bush announced the formation of a task force to root out corporate fraud.". In my opinion, if the right wing is going after somebody, like Martha Stewart, Tommy Chong, ...etc.. the person that is getting arrested can only be liberal. My guess is that people in the media are mostly liberal (according to the current measuing meter, that is clearly in the center of married, religious, antiscience and antipleasure). Without seeing the videos, but knowing that Bush jr and the right wing must have initiated this, I doubt Rigas and sons did anything illegal, and if so, it can only amount to property theft, that could easily be returned without jail time. What I can not understand is why the shareholding humans are not pressing the chanrges, people in the USA government are.

Ppl that can condone unquestionably 1st degree homocide of nonviolent ppl are a phenomenon of the right wing only.

Here are the big 4 flaws for the so-called liberal humans:
1-no effort, outrage, concern, organization, or programs to stop violence
2-no support for free information, secretive, for privacy, even though hypocritically violate privacy, in favor of keeping infrared thought imaging a secret despite medical benefits, and excluding many nonviolent people
3-antisexuality, ppl like poundstone, mike jackson, pete townshend, etc...all nonviolent can be persecuted on the planetary stage with widespread support, while violent ppl never see a day in jail for punching or fist fighting.
4-no support for science, only psuedosciences like psychology, religion
5-no support for democracy

I want to speak out against swartzenegger and the right wing. Swartzenegger is a violent spartan of a human, secretive, not a care for science and stopping violence. once again, i wonder where the liberal ppl are in california. When will there be order? When will gene cesar be exposed and arrested? Why are they chasing nonviolent ppl like michael jackson instead of ppl with assaults and homocides [the basis of civilization, law and order] like gene cesar? What kind of a degree and grades does swartzenegger have? Why again do ppl elect the violent antisexual and antiscience?

Look at what the right wing did to rfk in la, is that law and order? Look how they continue to ignore the gene cesar, jam master jay, nicole simpson, and thousands of other homocides.

Free speech is on the increase, albertsons makes a cereal named 'freaky fruits', what next? Fuck-free fartlets?

In reading about the history of freethought, atheism, and science i have found that those humans punished and killed in the inquisition, and witch trials, like galileo, bruno, ... Were almost always the top of the class/school of planet earth. They were the "A" students, the 4.0s, the "VG"s, and the ppl that convicted, jailed, tortured, and killed them the bottom of the class, the "C", "D" and "F" students. They were simply the most honest, and the most accurate in their explanations of the universe, includiing stars, planets and people. What a bad recent past and tradition we on earth have.

2/19 The person that translated part of my book 'fyrn' was threatened with being unemployed from teaching at a university if her name was not removed, so i removed her name. I call for a ban on those that try to censor truth. Franco should have been removed in ww2 with moussolini and hitler, but lasted to the 1970s. I guess thinking positively, the book is circulating more.

most ppl [in particular, religious] view sex and sexuality as a disease, but they do allow a tiny crack of light to escape in allowing sex for the purpose of reproduction, just enough to deny human extinction.
02-19 Votes for primary:
President USA: Dennis Kucinich (end the drug war)
Second vote: Howard Dean (end the electoral college)
For these, this is not much freeflow of info when there is only 1 person on the ballot
US Senator: Barbara Boxer
US Representative: John Graham
State Senator: Rita B. Siebert
Member of the State Assembly: Carl Mariz
County of Orange: Bill Campbell

55 = yes, although, again, as I always say, what the money is needed for exactly is not clearly identified, but I have not looked too much on the Internet for that. Basically, more science and education is the undoing of religion, lying, violence and injustice.
56=Yes, 55% instead of 75?% is fine for passing a budget, as time contrinues, people may want to examine if a 50+% majority is enough for true/false court decisions, to pass laws, etc...when everybody gets to vote on federal and state laws, budgets and employments.
57= yes, because I am guessing that we will get a lower interest rate (because the government is viewed as very secure low risk investment) than we currently have for loans in the deficit. I tried to figure out what a bond is. The government prints papers called bonds, and people pay money (only 15 billion in this example) for those papers/agreements. Then the government has to pay interest to those people until some time when the agreement is done and then pay back the amount initially paid to the gov. The interest is .0025% of the income tax. How can they be sure that people will buy all the bonds? that is the part I do not understand. I guess if people do not buy, they have to pay back the individual loans to companies, individual people, etc... that are the deficit.
Some questions I have:
1) what if people do not buy the bonds?
2) This bond allows people to pay off the deficit loans in more time (9 to 14 years instead of 5 years). So are we paying the tax going to actually be paying less total money? Are we getting a better interest rate on a bond than on whatever loans we have currently that form the deficit?
58=Yes, although I am grateful for me credit card, I think for government, a balanced budget is a better idea, actually, I think a balanced budget is a good idea for an individual person and for a government. I have finally balanced my own budget and only use credit cards up to an amount that I can pay in 1 or 2 months. Now I am going to try and save for emergencies, and retirement.

I fully support bisexual, lesbian, and gay marriage. Although I think marriage is not a good idea for any human, I do support a legal right to wed. The people opposed to gay marriage are unbelievable, how puritanical and anti free speech, information, market and expression.

The devil and god myths are 2 of the most powerful myths, then antisexuality and psychology. Ppl have killed their own children thinking that they were 'possessed by the devil', against all evidence, ppl will hijack planes for god, ppl will shoot and kill their wife, a different male and themselves all because of a kiss, or a penis that went in a vagina, finally, ppl will lock up their own kids and wives, claiming the kids and wives have mental problems.

I threw away the badge and uniform, and salary, i am the first human in the stop violence department on earth. Me and 10,000 walking robots.

I guess ppl are rejecting the possibility of ending the electoral college [dean quote] and the drug war [kucinich quote] for this us presidential election, but maybe for 2008.

That 60 of 100 condone homocide of innocent, nonviolent ppl in iraq and afghanistan=weird
Ppl refuse to talk about sturgis=weird
Ppl lie about gene cesar=weird
Locking ppl in jail for 100 years for sucking toes while ppl that punch never see a day in jail=weird
Nonviolent ppl in the nude locked in hospital w/o a jury trial, tied to tables, drugged=weird
Ppl smoking a plant locked in jail for years=weird
they all lied about hearing thought=weird
Lied to friends and family for 40+ years=weird
Watch ppl in their houses, but scream for privacy=weird
Care nothing about stopping violence=weird
Are outspoken against sex, but spend most of their time thinking of nude ppl=weird
Ppl that make thats of violence=weird
Creationist ascience ppl that work at a university dedicated to science=weird

One reason i thinmk george clinton was tracked down and persecuted for cocaine is because of the very entertaining song 'one nation under a groove', an obvious play on 'one nation under god'...the religious right does not find this smart, skeptical of religion, comedy funny. Be less sad that the fascist ppl chose the 'crime' drug use, and not the up and neo fascist underage nonviolent sex-related 'crimes', never does violence appear to be a punishable crime.

Can you believe that taking out to nobody [to yourself] thinking out loud is a taboo, and basically illegal on this stone age planet?

One amazing thing i thought of, is that human life is so short, only 80 years, but ppl like fiorini, chapman, and other homocider humans have to kill humans [like johns kennedy and lennon] that would die in 30 to 40 years anyway.

Registered nonviolent sex offender killed in england by person[s], obviously not registered as violent offensers. Even though many know what human[s] did the killing, no arrest has been made.

Imagine if x rays had been kept secret like seeing memories, "we don't know if the bone is broken","we don't know where the bullet fragments are"...

I finally upgraded to an electric razor and it works [it took me a few dsys to figure out to go against the grain, and long hairs need the hand razoralthough i guess better erazors [i only paid $40] can cut those longer hairs. Some ppl hate technology andrefuse to change, i support new technology, variety and new ideas]

I do not view anger at injustice as an illness, and i view violence as the most serious problem we face on earth.

Insane/delusional/schitzophrenic/psychotic=any human that insists that there is a god

Assaultophile=any living body that punches, pains, hurts, or damages a different living body

Viophelia=ppl that demand, advocate, authorize, support, or do first strike violence

3 super-8 films of jfk killing [that was 1 heavily filmed human!]:

Zapruter film
Marie Muchmore film
Orville nix= other side of zapruter, show person [fiorini] at corner of fence (coincidence that name is Nix?)

I think if Kucinich or Dean do not win this election, that people always have to learn lessons the hard way...this is sometimes true for me too, only after terrible mistakes do people learn.

The popularity of Kucinich and Dean indicate that a strong liberal group is in our future.

Here, people could have had a doctor human as president of the usa (maybe the first doctor human ever to be us president), a person with a good education, but appear to be leaning toward John Kerry and John Edwards. When do we get to see all of their high school and college grades?

Between Kerry and Edwards, I probably lean towards Kerry, but both are probably similar in terms of the info I am allowed to get. After Carter and Clinton, both from the South East of the USA, why not try a North East human? (Reago, Bushter and lil Bush were all from Southern States or southern parts of states).

I was glad to hear the Kerry was an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam war after returning to the USA, that looks good for not starting any wars.

Being tortured 3 different times toughened my brain. Picture yourself: you are surrounded by fascists, they have violated every part of your brain and body, your privacy, go through your past with a fine tooth comb, see and hear your every thought and vision, but you know nothing about them, their past, their thoughts....and still i have learned to always remain calm, relaxed, knowing i will survive and that freedom, truth and justice are inevitable.

Just as 1 human covered a breast, so a different person uncovered a breast.

There is an interesting phenomenon: a group of ppl that dumps on, is rude to, and treats as second class a different group of ppl, almost never can escape persecution w/in their own group. If they can be rude to one human, they can, and probably will be rude, and/or exclude any human. So it was in germany under the nazi ppl, in south africa under the racist white ppl, and in the secret thought-camera networks. A ppl that can routinely poop on one person, eventually will poop on any person including each other.

Q: Atheism was the best and only good part of communism. Communism is terrible but atheism is excellent. Communism is a terrible failure, true and full democracy is the better system. The worst part of communism was that atheism became linked to communism. 'godless communists' is a popular phrase, and 'the left' is also linked by many ppl to communism, not democracy, science, free info, logic, and stopping violence.

I want to remind ppl that on millions of our cereal boxes in the usa we have ppl that race cars.

Video camera helps capture human that abducted and killed 11 yr old carlie brucia, although too late, a late capture is better than no capture as is the case for fiorini, cesar, etc... Again bravo for the car wash ppl.

Democracy takes one more loss and delay: Internet voting dept of defence project 'shut down'. If online credit card transactions are routine, somehow voting cannot be? What was shocking is that there are ppl from various universities, including uc berkeley that actually actively oppose internet voting and worked to stop this project [SERVE].

Law: History of science promoted/offered/required in pub hs.

Evolution, history of earth promoted/rewarded/required in hs

Bush jr wants $23 million for high school drug testing, i vote no. A planet where alcohol, marijuana are extinct, or ppl that use these plant products are severly punished is too brutal. stopping violence to others should be what is happening.

Hiding on this tiny planet is becoming impossible.

dean promised in diane sawyer interview to try to end electoral college, so there is actual substance.

if you want the most matter in the smallest space, platinum is one of the densest atom groups, there must be other objects, perhaps a tiny neutron star.

Will dna copy under pressure? Can be like human made diamond? What is denses structure dna makes? Probably never as dense as metal.

H: blood injections [transfuse] of hiv survivor humans tried? Quick hiv, siph, herp tests

R kelly arrested in miami with charge of owning child pornography. All for photos of consentual sex. Could these far-right wing antisexual nazi arrests be influenced, under the direction of jeb bush, gov of florida?

'indecent exposure' antigay-biased arrests in new antisexual capital: miami, florida, no where near the tourist state florida used to be because of harsh arrests for sexuality and drug use. I have to wonder what the evidence is, a bathroom camera? or the ever reliable 'eye witness'. That ppl in police are busy chasing down ppl having sex in bathrooms and not violent crime is ridiculous, but these are the laws you vote for, but vote for priorizing laws.

I want a different female each day. Different daily females and for them a different male, a daily male. I suppose that there can be repeats.

Legal marijuana is near 35 to 40%, and if linear will carry a majority [50+%] near 2010. Remember that even if popular opinion supports legal marijuana in 2010, we do not live in total democracy, and waiting for a bill to pass into law may take 10 to 20 years making marijuana legal in the usa in 2020 or 2030.

Q: In 1999, according to a gallup poll, 73% of people in the usa support legal medical marijuana, but that is not a federal law. There is something wrong with the democracy where the popular opinion is not reflected in the laws.

Did kerry kill humans in vietnam? Are we electing a human with coerced multiple 2nd degree or possibly 1st degree homocides? That was not an ethical decision in my opinion. Will kerry fill the hospitals with nonviolent political dissedents? Will he be dedicated to stopping violence in the usa? If nominated, i may still vote for kerry, how different from bush is kerry? Both appear brutal, uneducated, antiscience, antisexual, religious, and violent.

If the majority of humans in the usa is not ready for strong opposition to war, we have to live with that. If they oppose stopping of violence and teaching of science, I can only accept that and continue my efforts. There is a constant voting for ideas every second.

Legalizing drugs, prostitution, public nudity, sexuality, abortion, science, space exploration, free information, free water, bread and rooms, more democracy are liberal issues, so i am surprised to see the antisexuality and opposition of right to body [drug use], free info, and science+technology among so-called liberals.

to me things are simple: truth vs false, stop violence versus do violence, free info versus secrecy, science versus antiscience, pleasure versus pain,...

On the top of the resume for millions of ppl should be: Addicted to watching ppl in their apartments and hearing their thoughts without their knowledge. Other hobbies: nun

Law: all 911/police/fire activity must be available to public in real-time,1month,...

If you do not want assault laws, you can vote them down. If you do not want privacy laws, you are free to vote them down. Otherwise, be prepared to live under those laws.

What a bunch if friends jfk and rfk must have, fiorini who? Gene cesar? never hear of him....

how can liberal ppl expect to win, when the person that is the driving liberal force is treated like a 2nd class citizen, continuously excluded, and verbally pooped on?

Fascist ppl beam the question into our heads, then the answer...what we actually think is of no importance.

I am still waiting to hear if my "Emergency News" 58 minute show will be shown on Manhatten Neighborhood Network.

Anything even remotely good has come from the people. Medical marijuana=ballot prop (not floor of senate), 3 strikes=ballot prop,.... The ppl in the governments never do anything unless it is bad (like war, etc...).

I have enormous popularity for telling the truth, for speaking out for stopping violence, for exposing infrared thought seeing and hearing cameras, for promoting democracy, science, and evolution. How did you all of you get your popularity?

Add Garfunkel to the list of Chong, Gore Jr, G. Clinton....when will ppl finally legalize marijuana? 70% think marijuana should be legal, is this democracy?

Hypocritical mike douglas and zeta jones...think of the millions of ppl whose privacy they have violated and continue to everyday, seeing inside apartments, houses and even heads!

We are trapped in time. We are victims of the curve of history. We cannot skip to a star named lalande, or have walking robots cleaning our kitchen on a moon, we can only live our horse and buggy century through in a linear way, one tiny step for the most part forward at a time. There is no escape, we can only try to teach science, the future and history to the bunk brained humans now on earth, or our fellow travellers stuck in this time with us. The time has less to do with our being stranded and under great threat of violence and destruction, than the people.

This is the era of mystical signs, lucky numbers, people possessed by demons, ... was it a sign from the evil one? ... is God showing us a sign? Is God talking to to me in my thoughts?...(I know this one first hand)
That is another thing, you people are willing to leave the public and smart, innocent people to the wolves, not me...I at least throw a life raft for whatever it is worth when I explain that thought can be seen and heard.
Saw Harry Belefonte talk, was good. Belafonte said he is for decriminalizing drugs. There were many points I agree with and some I disagree with.
Belafonte is angered that the USA has the most people in prison, more than any other nation including China with 1 billion people and the USA with only 1/4 billion. Belafonte argues that the people that own the prisons need to fill the prisons, and I think that is wrong. I think that the public does not want to see drug use, nudity, prostitution, ...and the only place to put those people is in prisons and hospitals even though they are only potentially hurting themselves. Belafonte said 'and what are they all in for?....for pot! for drugs!...." and I was highly impressed with that...and many parts of the story he told about his life. Belafonte was in the center of all the activism in the 50s, 60s and even up to now.

In my opinion Bush jr is the loose cannon, here he started 2 wars, used the vast arsenal of the young people in the US military to kill and be killed, what is next dropping nuclear weapons? attacking North Korea? Bush jr is a loaded gun waiting to go off in my opinion, as all people with a history of violence (or certainly advocating 1st strike violence) are.

Ashcroft [and every attorney general] does the dirty work for the far right wing. Ashcroft arrested chong, arrested ron klein, did the medical marijuana arrests,...

With the moon station bush is wheeling and dealing with the public and liberals, intellectuals. He gave the public money back, and ppl like getting money....why will the dems not wheel and deal? They should give the public what they want...[what ppl want promises of new or more taxes or bloated/wasteful/big spending gov?]

I think that we need to bring science and education to the people with active recruiting for minds like the religious do, somehow...not by force, ofcourse, to take away from the rising popularity of religion, that has active advertising.

I am just happy to be like a white blood cell destroying the evil tumor or lies, secrecy, violence and injustice with the truth i say in 'emergency news'. All i see are other leucocytes doing nothing in the face of unseen and unpunished violence, injustice, hypocrisy, antisexuality, antiscience and lies. Perhaps the cancer is too big for the species and humans are doomed, but something inside of me, that is part of me, moves me on to try and expose and remove the cancer thru truth.

We know a liberal backlash is coming, when and how much is [unknown] un-no-win. And i ask that the liberals use that opportunity to make solid change:
+No electoral college
+Stop violence reform [perhaps 3 strikes, serious violence only, homocide federally prosecutable, prioritize police, fbi, military stopping violence on top]
+more democracy [internet highly verified voting, vote counts on federal laws, voting on where tax money will go, voting for un representative,...]
+free info [expose fiorini, cesar, end jail for nonviolent info/pictures crimes, expose hearing and seeing thought for medical necessesity]
+more science [moon base, walking robots,orbit ship]
+reduce drug war [medical marijuana, decrim marijuana...]
+sexuality [legal public images of nudity, legal kissing, mastubating for money, no jail for touching of genitals unless previous arrest for violence...]
+free market
+free [gov paid] water, bread, heat, room, toilet, etc...

The main liberal issues should be moved forward, because we know that there will be a conservative pendulum swing.

After seeing a norml web page, kerry actually shows more support for legal marijuana than dean does. Both admit (as does Edwards) to using weed.

bush jr started 2 wars in 3 years, that has to be a new planetary record.

No moon plans from dems?

iowa results=ppl in usa too brutally conservative, kerry supported war and used word 'soul' [believes a soul exists, soul is a b4 the 1st human autopsy concept]. Kerry is a virtual republican in his conservative proviolence language. kerry says he is going to 'fight', stopping fighting is clearly far from his plans for the usa. Clearly, kerry is taking the right and dean is taking the left [what exists of liberalism on earth]. Edwards, does at least address drug arrests on his web page, but i question if edwards supports science, and like clinton will not take on tough issues, just a wave and smile and no serious change. Edwards does vocally support democracy, and that is good.

I am like most ppl want a sandwich and a drink, a nice sleep, regular sex, a hot shower, not to beat and kill.

Law: I object to 'the people...versus' on gov court documents, the cases are in no way initiated by 'the people'. i am in favor of nongov ppl initiating 'criminal' [violence] cases too.

Fox and google actually use word 'jacko' [but never bushy, bushster, reago, deano, chain-gang chaney, etc...] in headline to dehumanize, and demonize jackson, they are paid to?! What a surprise for the public that will eventually be. Paid by unshown white republican jesus cult member humans?! Jack-o is like jackolantern, holloween, scary...etc...but also..it is jacko, not a human and citizen with full protection under usa and earth laws, since not human, violate at will!

More child porn arrests and hysteria are happening, but violence probably, like under reagan is on the rise.

I ask how many ppl that voted for bush jr are surprised that he started 2 wars.

If hiring me, remember that any where i go will be a new center of attention. If you want to sell some product, or highlight some service, put me there. but, please do not put me with ppl that want to remain anonymous.

Here is the current theory on earth: Let's take the smartest and put them at the bottom, and then take the most stupid and violent and give them unlimited power.

I cannot understand what is wrong with kucinich as choice for us pres. In a field of ppl with no serious public issues, kucinich at least has an end to the drug war. Perhaps, because he was never a governor. Plus being against gatt and nafta is not good.

I refuse to think on negative thoughts [like mean ppl that have endless put downs], and try to focus only on my projects [my walking robot, ships to other stars, future plans] and all the things I like to think of.

1 yr sentence for selling obscene comic book in japan evidence of antisexualy and injustice in japan.

I look forward to seeing drug use as well defended as abortion, both unattractive activities, but defended because of the idea of right to body.

I am in favor of 1 billion $ moon station. we are running out of space on earth, china and other nations are smartly planning on developing/building on the moon, not having all of life on 1 tiny planet inreases the chance for survival by 2. if we are going to spend billions let it be for space exploration, stopping violence, food and water, not war.

This is exciting, if passed, we may see humans and walking robots on the moon of earth again within 10 years, in other words, real USA success and leadership in science.

Bush used word 'mankind', that, i think, shows, a male-only, old fashioned, or female as subservient backwards view.

should ppl be locked in jail simply for ordering/asking/commanding 1st degree violence? Then, ppl like the 'kill the ump', 'kill bill', political cartoonists, bin laden, bush jr, ppl in congress, sadam hussain [ppl that only ordered violencewhose voice and money was the 'weapon'] would all have to be jailed and would be a clear violation of the 1st ammendment and the principle of free speech and free trade.

the record is clear: when you vote republican, you are voting for war.

There always those that want to start violence and those that want to stop violence, i am one of the ppl that wants to stop violence.

I am with the pro fuck forces, protect the fuck, defend consentual pleasure, don't stop the fuck. I am here from the pro consentual kissing forces, continue as you were...

I vote against prison and/or fine for boynton beach female teacher human that allowed 11-yr old male penis in (presumably) vagina. Like horror movies, not every body goes for that, but ppl should not be jailed for nonviolent activity. 'sexual battery', and 'assault' are absurd charges for consentual/no objection sex/touching at any age.

I think marriage is a pyramid or ponzi scheme, as is religion. Perhaps truth is a pyramid scheme, but the goal of truth and the reward of truth is worth participating in for me.

There should be walking robots building stations on the moon and mars, not humans, in my opinion.

The history of the drug war. The 70 years war. First only $100,000 was used, now $3billion+. Millions of lives lost, millions of POWs on both sides. This is going to be longer than the grudge between the english and french 100 years war!

Clearly, there is no real leader for the 2004 us election, kucinich is the closest with the outspoken view against the drug war and a the actual word 'violence' on web page of issues, next would be dean who at least spoke out against the war on afghan and iraq.

I worry that dean is like ford but with a pulse, but i am sure that bush jr is a c student.

Traditionally, hell is down and heaven is up, relative to the milky way galaxy, or our star system, because hell is thought to be inside the earth, and heaven above or in the clouds of planet earth.

Was george bush senior involved in the killing of jfk?
1. Bush was in the cia with e howard hunt during the time when fiorini killed jfk
2. Josiah thompson says in a video [same video as wecht says ffffragmented ffffracture] 'skinny holland and his fellows saw some puffs of smoke ....[i am paraphrasing]...it ment so much to them, that they quickly ran over....near a picket fence under some bushes...'. That thompson says 'under some bushes', when really there were/are trees near the picket fence, indicates that thompson is hinting from insider camera thought net tele information that the bush family was directly involved in the 1st degree homocide.
3.Ari Fletcher said 'the grassy knoll society' refering to Cynthia McKinney, trying to label the important truth about the sturgis jfk kill, a lie and insane.

there is an important distinction between labelling insane a human that thinks that ghosts of dead relatives float around, angels determine daily events, or horoscopes are true, and labelling insane a person that claims that a photon is massless, that thought can be heard, that evolution is a fact, etc...science based theories. Both are not great at this time, but labelling religious delusional is accurate, labelling those in science delusional is facism, and is done to surpress truth.

When ppl say 'i thank god', i always think 'yeah the god of evil maybe....you lying violent humans...'

Some ppl that secretly hear thought say 'we are good', and i think 'yeah, good at evil', or 'good at lying'

Some ppl say 'satan' around me, and i think 'yeah, celebrate your god of violence, lies, secrecy and deception'

In trying to find other ppl that think photons are matter and part of all matter, i found james lawler, who agrees with me that all matter in the universe is made of photons, but thinks that photons are made of 2 opposite 'poles' [particles?]. one difference is that i explain electromagnetic 'force' as a result of orbitting photons. Lawler says nothing about photons orbiting each other or changing each other's direction. so i view the theory i support [so far my theory since nobody else can be found on google with 'photon is matter'], as more simple and accurate. In addition i have computer models. these ideas are waiting for ppl to take an interest in truth and science, and that may not happen for centuries.

I summarize my votes for usa president [of those on the ballot] as:
1) dennis kucinich
2) howard dean
3) libertarian, Carol Braun, Wes Clark, John Kerry, Joe Lieberman

I am sure that the secret hearing of thought networks have torn families apart. Half the family hears thought, the other half knows but is excluded...

When the time comes for psychiatric evaluations, i am sure i will always get the blue cross and not the red check.

I think what happened with the 'syracuse sicko' is that ppl in the cam-thought net decided that they are the only ppl authorized to torture, and didn't want amateurs infringing on their turf....saying 'we have a long established history of torturing children and young girls in our religious schools, juvenile detention prisons, and hospitals....leave the torturing to the professionals and use the traditional instruments... restraints, druggings, straight jackets, and electricity'

I want catagorize all humans, starting with big-titted. Big-titted mainland china, big-titted peruvian/spanish mix14, big-titted egypto-sudaner...

'spirit' [what a shit name, learn anatomy and support science already] has only black and shite photos? 1 small step backwards, i guess ir cameras are out of the question.
Update: ok now there is a color image, whew...

Sentences should be opened to vote, not in the hands of 1 human.

In they go, the woman talking to herself, the man with a joint, the man talking to a bird, the ppl that put cocaine into themselves, those that dress unusually...in they go, nonviolent and all...into the jails and hospitals.

When most ppl are happy i ask 'was a pervert or druggie lynched?'

Lord of the rings, what is next:
Lord of the necklaces
.. of the earrings
...the buttons
...the zippers
...neck ties

Rings are what bind evil together. The married all are connected by the ring. Rings are for ppl that focus on physical appearance and not brain development and skills [internal values and opinions].

In the 70's the movie 'flash gordon' had the ring as evil. Ppl kiss a ring on the pope, etc...

I always find myself against millions of humans. Life for me always appears to be 1 millions versus 1, and I still do battle, I still take on the millions. I can only imagine what life would be like if there were some body else on my side, 2 versus 1 million has never happened for me, I can only dream of 500,000 versus 500,000. I think that that time may come when the fact that thought can be heard reaches the public.

I vote to exclude those humans that heard thought for the same amount of time that they heard thought once hearing thought is made public. You must remember that those ppl view us ppl that do not get to hear thought as pieces of shit. that ppl that heard thought should be excluded, not forever, but for the same time [perhaps minus time if they consistantly voted for free info] that they heard thought seems fair to me, i hope that passes, and i certainly vote for that. Enforcing that might be difficult, but there could be fines if disobeyed.

All these ideas, a universe where all matter is made of particles of light, voting on laws, freedom of information, walking robots, seeing thought, the history of science, and evolution are of no value to you.

Truth is a poison for you, but truth is a healer for me.

After seeing ppl in my so called family, i have decided that i want nothing more to do with any of them [except sylvia], because they all [except me and sylvia] hear thought. They all hear thought and peter and tom both lied directly to me. They are all unbelievably rude, voyeuristic, violent, psychology nazi ppl.

My advice: vote for dennis kucinich because kucinich will end the drug war. Perhapps peace is the number 1 issue for the 2 neuron humans in the usa, and that is fine, but let the liberal ppl realize that the drug war is the major issue for the liberal humans. Kucinich was against the war and is vegan too, where dean has big bloody cow parts hanging out of his mouth. Killing cows, pigs, and chickens is ok for dean, as is locking nonviolent ppl in hospitals. Dean is a believer in psychology, look at the webpage and plans dean has for 'mental hygiene', and why? Because he is getting money from the massive psychology industry of torture and abuse.

Dean is riding on my popularity. Because he lives in the same state as the idiot brutal brother of the smartest human on earth, and like tom and clinton, the list is in the millions, dean hears thought and has kept is secret. For all the popularity howard dean is enjoying from me, does he let me hear thought? Absolutely not. Dean is a greedy and secretive human. some ppl would say, oh my, look at how popular i got, ... Clearly like a mayberry reunion, Ted Huntington is responsible for a large part of this, an ethical human would let old Ted hear thought too like us. But these ppl, dean, etc, are fascists like bush, they hear thought and keep it secret. dean will take all from me, but then claims, antisexuality, and psychology instead of decency. Do not vote for dean if you support me in the primary, vote for kucinich. And only vote for the greedy, secretive, antiscience, antifree information, self centered dean if dean wins the primary. Dean, we all know, is not going to do shit. Mark my words, 8 years from now 1-1-12 there will still be an electoral college, no open vote on usa laws, and number of homocides as high as ever. Dean could have met me half way, reached out to include me in hearing thought, we could have worked together, i would endorse him, but no way for excluding me from hearing thought, and do nothing for me in any way. He could have enjoyed my support....but is greedy and not fair so, do not support these ppl, we want justice, truth, and honesty, not ppl that trample over those that are responsible for their popularity and wealth. But at all costs, even if there are only thought hearing fascists on the ballot, do not vote for the human killing George Bush jr.

Humans possibly can beam activate the human brain fear center, to cause anxiety/fear of heights, etc...so focus your brain to prepare for it and stop/surpress it.

I want numbers on race, gender, religion, married/single, sex pref distribution for all businesses. Not that they should be required by law to have variety, but so the public can know and make more informed decisions.

4 or 5 white spartan Male humans stopped me in salt lake city airport for wearing a kevlar vest, after fbi check, a southwest air person did let me board. not a pleasant experience. I vote to let go these people:
Clothing/fashion police:
Kacey cowley [initial confrontation- this human is a frightening human, and I definately vote to send this human in to a non police employment]
Ryan albrecht
Sgt david j ...
Dm gibbons
David Bywater

i told them that if they stopped violence instead of drug use and prostitution maybe i would not need a bulletproof vest.

That this happened in Utah (Salt Lake City) (and my mace was taken, although I can understand that, I suppose, although these people have cameras on the thoughts of people and a massive database, they all already know all about me), indicates what hill-billy type people are in Utah, the people in the police were all white, not even 1 female of person of even a tan shade of skin. I was roped into going to Utah because of the hillbilly family I am related to, but that will never happen again, give me civilization already. I actually found most of the people in Utah to be about 50/50 nice/mean, but you have to realize that the government under Hatch, and other good old white boys network runs the show no matter how liberal or friendly the people are.

I want to take a minute to explain how evil Orrin Hatch is. Hatch actively covered up that Frank Fiorini killed JFK, said people that sell drugs to children should be locked up and "throw away the key" (fails to see the value of free choice and free market, and ofcourse never a word to try and lower the events of violence in the USA), and actively opposed to free information.

Revel in psychology, that is all you have. You have no chemistry, biology, computer programming, robots, satellites, aeronautics, healing thru science, architecture, construction, machining, geology, anatomy, astronomy, etc....no actual science in anyway, I suppose most of you also have religion and sports.

I vote to exclude those humans that heard thought for the amount of time they heard thought. And economic boycott.

I am voting now that all humans that support psychology, be tied to a table in 4 pt restraints for the length of time for their support of psychology. All the time theybsaid 'freak', 'psycho', 'insane', etc... With no more than 30 minutes at a timed with 5 minute bathroom/eating/drinking intervals. Glad i havrd a vote. They support psychology, let them get a 1st hand experience, a taste of theiir own medicine. i vote for simply locking in a hospital those that support psychology. Psychology for the psychologers!

Draw: cross/relij humans marching over bloody piles of bodies holding crosses, etc...

Forget about the thought police and forget about the clothes police, think and wear what you want.

the college educated, or equivalent should be running the planet, and be the clear majority. I want to kmow what kind of grades bush got in hs and college, to me, bush appears to be a c student, with very little academic success, where dean probably got a's and b's in hs and college.

I have thoughts on this Newdow US Supreme Court decision and I will display them in the visible spectrum:

I think this Newdow decision shows a number of things. First, that there is enough popular interest for the case to get to the US Supreme Court (perhaps a UN court is next?) is good. Next, I think that these 9 decisions show that the US court system is tough to make solid progress in (but ofcourse people like Freedom From Religion, ACLU, Newdow, etc... are more than welcome to continue trying and spending money in that effort).

Perhaps pursuing a ballot measure or bill would be a better effort to make the laws reflect popular opinion. In other words, if a majority of people really is in favor of removing the pledge, or the word "god" off the money, than getting support for a ballot measure should not be difficult (although collecting signatures is expensive, but perhaps an Internet main web page could be harnessed for this). I am in favor of removing "in god we trust" from the money (why not "in truth, justice, nature, freedom, democracy, logic, and/or science we trust"? as if we are going to throw away truth, democracy, law and logic away in exchange for unthinking allegiance to thor the god of the mountains). I think that ulitmately in a democracy the laws should reflect long term popular opinion, and that any legal minority opinions may be nice, but if not popular will never last. A better approach is to introduce evolution, science and atheism to the general populace in my opinion, perhaps in a large history of science movie, or "evolution" movie that shows evolution in 3D. Some people at the BBC did do a nice show on the evolution of dinosaurs, but that is a minor effort compared to what I want to see. Perhaps a US National Science Foundation paid for "history of science" movie the scale of "the Ten Commandments". In addition the history of science is nonexistent in public schools. We ought to be battling against violence, for free information, more democracy, exposing the hypocracy of the religious, and for budgets that go to movies that explain science to the public. Without trying to sound overly negative, because I do want the word "god" off the money, and no pledge, I find the ruling of $1e6 dollars in liable or defamation awarded to Newdow to be unbelievable, we need to have complete freedom of information even with slander, etc... I can only imagine how many people I have slandered on my web page...! I try to never lie, according to what I understand is true. Lying should not be illegal, although lying certainly is upsetting.

I am excited my first of 20 public access shows in Orange County, CA is airing today at 5PM on Cox channel 31.


I support atheism because of an internal (perhaps part genetic and part learned) need and motivation for truth. The need for and interest in truth does appear to be natural. In my opinion, in 1000 years most humans on planet earth, in orbit and living on the moon of earth will be atheist or not religious. You can use any and all of my quotes, I vote against having to get permission to use/copy information.

When the stories of evolution, and recorded history are finally learned by most people, I think that atheism and science will be more popular than the religions. Bowing 5 times a day, or going to a building once every 7 days is idiocy and a waste of precious time in my opinion.

One thing I was thinking of is that, because monotheism was made after polytheism (and perhaps originated with Amenhotep 3), the 1 god idea is easy to question, being recent history. If the 1 god idea came before the many gods of Egypt, Greece and Rome, I think humans now would have a tougher time questioning a 1 god only theory. For me, that human language is a recent invention is one of many proofs that the invention/theory of gods (that control the universe and are portrayed in a human form) is a recent invention, and we know that humans thought heaven was in the clouds, and hell inside the earth, and as time continued, those ideas were adapted to fit new popular models of the universe provided by brave people in science.