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"When a human lights a match, are the photons made at the time or were the photons always there?"
-Ted Huntington
Other quotes from me

12-21-07 Pupin's letters ("AT&T treaked me"). Winter Solstace. Conservatives "blow stuff up". Photons like billiard balls? Page of links to smartest most interesting people.
12-14-07 Major media lied about Pupin, CIP, Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar, and now 9/11, is everything they say a lie? What else have they lied about? End of "diffraction", replace with "reflection"?
12-07-07 I have many videos but don't have time to post them
11-16-07 Lots of violence in the news
11-09-07 Ethics because of Dieties. video of Sun. Musharraf police state. outsiders can't possibly hookup, but how on earth can insiders not hook up (besides living during an epoch of antipleasure ferver)? Other "right wing" that is anti-murder. Beyond blue/red, left/right, we are earthlings versus life of other stars when it comes to competition for controlling matter. Hydrogen probably fuel of future. $30 Inverter and car battery useful for power outages. Key to seeing sending thought may be tuning into specific frequency of photons emitted and absorbed by molecules in neurons not found elsewhere. Oral histories and the phenomenon of how we repeat our thoughts out loud. How were electric camera images in houses recorded at AT&T, on plastic film? So stupid people that are against pleasure.
11-02-07 Naomi Wolfe video, Pupin archive, knowing the laws on sex, MIT spelled in E. Coli using photons to push, authorities find kid who started fires, "The Lost Gospel" smart analysis of early Christian history, saw Richard Stallman talk, asked him about complete freedom of all information, says doesn't know what that is
10-26-07 "One frame at a time"=only method to calculate future, microscopic thought seeing cameras sprayed on with water? Measuring mass of charged particle independent of charge, danger of "sane" people, if you have to tel (sic) insiders violence is wrong, you know they aren't stopping it. "CM" possibly did 9/11/01 Pentagon mass murder in a plane. Quantity of food eaten still most important to diet. Seeing thought 100 year anniversary in October 2010. Huntington makes concession on bigger telescope=farther galaxies argument: Bigger telescope argument might not be accurate since at 15 billion light years, light beams are so red-shifted that no coherent image can be put together.
10-19-07 Audio of my question to Kip Thorne and his answer. Weight=242lbs.
10-12-07 "1984" in 1956. just one time for earth. universe at steady state now? fun business cards. Video about Pupin. "CIP". 2 women. Top Ted 41 statements. Weight=243.5lbs.
10-07-07 Inspirational and informational audio
10-05-07 Fahrenheit 451 coffee pot hint? Awesome free videos on Annenberg/CPB page, in particular "The Mechanical Universe". Light Polarization is from direction of light, not from wave nature: see my video demonstration. many old songs now on songs page. subscribed to "Penthouse" and "Vegetarian Times". Drug laws w/o statute of limits? Can you feel the heat from a person's head? Sagan hints CIA responsible for his death. "Ted in ten minutes". illegal prost keeps women poor. rude included. insider savages don't even tell outsiders thought can be sent. weight=245lbs.
09-28-07 The end of aging but not for us, no homosexuals in Iran because all bi, Mijalo Pupin's FITI tells about "wiping memory", sleepy old AT&T the biggest spy camera network on earth? V for vendetta, grimaldi experiment simulation has 3 reflections on each side that Grimaldi didn't account for, my lung inhale muscle was stopped for about 5 to 10 seconds. Numerous well done Annenberg/CPB free videos on the web in particular "The Mechanical Universe". Examples of clear transitions between galaxies from blue prespirals to yellow and globular. 248lbs.
09-23-07 Audio comments
09-21-07 Republicans should be a third party because of their extreme and violent views. Distinguish between star death and star birth nebuli? 250lbs.
09-14-07 It occured to me, that only the horniest survive since sex is required for reproduction. Total full democracy actually protects the lives of powerful leaders, since dependence on them is limited. No law granting parents exceptions for granting their children adult rights (vote, work, to see nudity)? Kathy Griffin's censored comment, Lynn Margulis speaks out about 9/11 being an inside job, Mother Jones sells out, 252lbs.
09-07-07 Right to quit military campaign. More corpuscular videos. Lisa Nova bad mouths porn. Jodie Foster surrenders to God cult. Why no tv station XOF, or NNC? 256lbs!
08-31-07 My top ten goals. Single-hole in box produces spectra. Little know science history. More photon simulation videos. audio messages. 263 lbs.
08-24-07 Not since French atheletes saluted Hitler has there been this bad of foresight. Republican problem=no amount of money can make murder of innocent look good. Many hypothetical corpuscular light theory models. Wave theory and corpuscular basic difference=light beams can cancel out. audio messages. 268 lbs.
08-17-07 Corpuscular theory interpretation of Francesco Grimaldi's "diffraction" experiment, reveals interesting videos. Characteristic and pattern comparison of Nazis and Neocons exposes surprising similarities but with subtle differences. Can the titles "Republican" and "Democrat" be compared to "Murderer" and "The Murder's Victim"? Drug War comes down to single question: jail them or not? 272 lbs!
08-10-07 Top 10 reasons why to tell the truth about seeing, hearing and sending thought (SHAST), "yeah but are they violent?", Sagan and Asimov murdered? I lost 24 pounds, D breast most beautiful or no?
08-07-07 Reiterating my message to old friends from high school
08-03-07 Went to Santa Cruz, losing weight, movie science.
07-27-07 More comments about "Kevin and Bean" show.
07-24-07 Ay carramba! Three of my youtube debate questions were played on the KROQ "Kevin and Bean" show and I they are going to chat with me over the phone tomorrow on the show! Very exciting!
07-20-07 For those who control the secret neuron net, "chewing gun" not "gum" is more to their almost-all-powerful and violently criminal liking. Those are not "freudian slips", but "fraudian slips". Changing your words, making you drop stuff average for the high school drop out camera-thought net controllers. Non-religious should be more fearful and informed about the history and intentions of mainstream religious (Democrat, Republican or other) and the massive cult of Jesus and cult of God, generally they aren't much like us when it comes to values and have a history of killing atheists to their religion.
07-13-07 Lawful woman forced to be electrocuted in NY, no massive smart group in cam-net pulling in other smarties yet, 9/11+war=secret 2000 campaign promise? President reveals immoral government secrets. Gore score with Live Earth. More possible benefit shows. Phone company records every phone call you ever made?
07-06-07 CP=cunt power?, UK blasts=repubs early campaigning? Who cares if classic murderers and their victims were repubs or dems? The more simple bipartisan teams are: murderers vs antimurderers.
06-29-07 Supreme Court just votes their own personal opinion, anybody can do that, and why do 9 people decide the laws for 300 million people whose votes can very easily be counted?
06-25-07 digital video camera for $100, public should be able to do criminal cases, typical "ad" major media paid to mislead, drum riff after most of Bush's statements, more subtle sex laws probably in our future
06-15-07 for minors: drugs and alcohol are ok, sex is no way. Incest might not be best, but again antisexuals lose all sense of logic when pleasure is involved. Nazistic love of pain to genitals and butt. Remember that for every thought and pain: is it real or is it camera-net? Blood hound Forensic Files, America's Most Wanted, and COPS fans finally catch up with 9/11 killers? Voluntary STD database. Photons affected by gravity? People that check-in to prison for free food?
06-08-07 Mysterious "CP", Dem and Repub debates, people think other nations are terrible to their own people, but how many nations killed 3000 of their own citizens? None are that monsterous.
06-01-07 Bush jr worst leader of US history, but worst of all-time? My goals if demoted to President of the US. 9/11 and Guiliani. always with the "gay or strait", what happened to bi? I guess that never happens in nature. The ultimate matter reducer: neuron beams just separate any matter you want to throw away, yes even dookie. But how we build back the dookie from photons still remains a mystery.
05-25-07 Does earth perihelion change relative to the sun? Maybe that explains Mercury perihelion anomoly. Slogans for dems in 2008. More good 9/11 videos. PhD and MD have come to mean pile on unnecessary products and services, so consumers/patients beware in particular of: psychologers, dentists, optomatrists.
05-18-07 Pope, religion
05-11-07 The invention of writing must have caused a renaissance similar to the one caused by the printing press, and the Internet. Inanna, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus are all names for the supposed god of planet Venus.
05-04-07 Jimmy Carter talk. Is George Bush jr. an incubus/dark angel that results from 50 years of failure to stop violence? 7/7 "good old boys" problem. New method to measure mass of particles: measure their delay against earth's gravity. Choice between Democrat and Republican a choice between life and death.
04-27-07 The earliest evidence of human writing includes a pornographic image. The right to be wrong. Two classic secret science experiments. The speed of light may be limited because the distance between two photons and gravitational attraction between two photons might by finite. Jimmy Carter talking at UCI.
04-20-07 The Virginia Tech murders had to be a stand-down maybe to cause a wave of helpful indignation. Up with DNA and down to hell with Thane!
04-17-07 Virginia Tech shooting.
04-13-07 early vision of free speech helps us now, medium length-haired police, what never punished roming free insider murderer's initials will be on your epitaph? Will you be FF'd like JFK?, TC'd like RFK, or AO'd like the WTC victims?
04-06-07 We live in a very violent epoch. Mistake in giving uneducated violent exclusive access to advanced technology. ULSF/9-11 paradox. Broken ribs=collapse to dust? As usual insiders fail to stop or simply allow murder at U of Washington and CNN.
04-02-07 People overly critical of others, global currency already exists as the credit card, pro-gay versus anti-gay in this century of "Gay Wars"
03-23-07 quasars probably just distant galaxies, shifted not overly intense light, Mossbauer effect may mean that photons have variable velocity?
03-20-07 Summary on my Mom
03-12-07 My Mom is dead and it is very upsetting.
03-02-07 Move "Final Cut", camera-thought net+9/11 in 5 minutes
02-23-07 Seeing eyes may be in thermal range (10-20cm), Daniel Hopsicker videos, the right to assault children popular with conservatives
02-16-07 4 screens in brain (2 video, 2 audio), good video about CIA, average particle velocity may be misleading in conservation of momentum calculations.
02-09-07 Psychology diagnosis as valid as test for virus? Abney infrared photography recipe. All waves are particle by nature. What are the exact differences between neutrons and hydrogen atoms?
02-05-07 new voting system!, making an ir old-time camera, molesto-week extravaganza, Interpol has Nazi roots, psychology rebuttle, greatest scientists
01-29-07 Is this stalin china that we can't openly question official stories? Last of 3 on grassy knoll dead, tracing back JFK murder. Velocity cannot be converted to matter. What to get the mass-murderer who has everything. Celibacy, monogomy and denial of senses the height of honor and respect?
01-19-07 There is always a New World.
01-01-07 Happy time to you. Universe probably contains more like 40% hydrogen. Gravity red shifts light. Camera-thought net uses wires so can only be GE and AT&T.

One cool idea is a web page that has links to all the smartest most interesting people on the web, mainly those who post videos, probably mostly to youtube. Just people who are saying the most in terms of:
atheism, 9/11-truth, pupin-lie, anti-violence, pro-consensual health care only, pro-democracy where we vote on the laws, etc...
and then providing those links for the public as a kind of...check out the actual celebrities kind of page...or check out the actual popular people page...or simply...check out the brainiacs...

I paid for about 100 copies of letters to and from Michael Pupin, and there are some interesting letters. It seems like many letters must be missing or not included. There isn't a lot there. In one letter in 1915 Pupin wrote "It goes without saying". In another letter Pupin states that he needs to publish the results of his research so that Columbia may get the proper credit that is due to it (I had never even heard of Columbia, let alone that they were involved in the Manhattan project, and an EE professor there figured out how to see eyes and thought until I was in my 30s, they keep a very low profile).

Here is a funny thread:
How to survive a fascist regime to come?
this is the funniest line:

this skin head puppet types:
"and then your meds kicked in...... %-)"
to which this guy darpa replies:
Darpa: "No. I did not get any pills from the Reeducation division of the Home
Land Security for 'Freedom and Democracy'. They must have sent them to
you. It works wonderful! You have no independent thoughts. What's the
color of your pills?"

I have to agree, after 8 years of Bush, 9/11 inside jobbing, hopefully the next years will bring healing and less stupidity on the part of the public.

I want to draw an image symbolic of what is happening on earth, and that would be similar to the "toy" on a Saturday Night Live that spews blood. It must be a common thought among the lawful and those that think to create that SNL video...I mean that image may resonate. Because the analogy is so accurate in terms of those who control the camera thought net, and much of history. They basically are giant spinning monsters like towers who spew blood all over the lowly surrounding public. I would add spewing shit, and then standing on piles of increasing gold coins. Perhaps some fire could spew from their mouth and hands into the air as they celebrate their unquestioned power and murderous victories. Then around the government/DC center, would be lesser demons, the major media and phone company symbols (AT&T, Verizon, Time-Warner, Disney, etc) and the defense weapons manufacturers, the big religious (I mean logic would imply that those people are there at the top of the big evil lies and secret murders), also spewing blood to a lesser extent on the sides, but still far larger than the tiny people below. There needs to be added perhaps spew of lasers down on all the citizens, then I would add large posters of their heros like Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar, Controlled Demolition, etc. Perhaps there could be an added image of the WTC towers as the fire comes out their mouths. My view of those in power is basically that image.

We have a winter solstace upon us, and an interesting thing I just read is that the length of the day and night are the same everywhere on the earth on equinoxes (not solstaces) being 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night. This year the solstace is on 12/22 Saturday. Then it is 182 rotations of days getting longer and warmer followed by 182 rotations of days getting shorter and colder (the opposite is true for the Southern hemisphere, which would mean that a person who wants summer year round would live months 4-9 in the northern hemisphere and month 10-3 in the southern hemisphere, that would be fun, because then you could see 6 months of different stars and galaxies each time).

Something very interesting occured to me, that a robot can measure depth, a key measurement for 3D modeling objects (and the universe) it sees, by simply moving the focus lens and finding high contrast lines (where two pixel are separated by two very different colors - unfocused objects create blurry similar colored pixels called low contrast). In fact, using the focus lens might be faster and easier to assess a z value for some object than using two camera stereo vision. For 2 camera stereo vision, determining z is easiest for close objeceach camera (I don't think comparing to background objects is even necessary as I once had thought, but simply comparing a line or point that are identical-which is not incredibly easy...you have to align two photos- comparing those 2 lines or points in terms of x and y of the image. One modeling system is the standard system of polygons, another I am thinking of is a system of tiny cubes where a cube is either occupied or not, but I doubt seriously that the tniy cube model would be faster, clearly the polygon model is faster.

I am thinking that viewing photons strictly as masses, they very well may collide and stop like pool balls. If that is true, photons very well may rotate, which might add interesting effects.

One thing I was thinking of, I feel bad about trying to see thought using old-time photography, although I did learn something about it, because it seems somewhat clear that electronics is the best way to see thought, Pupin was an electrical engineer, and it just seems less messy and more logical. In any event, I have more ideas about how seeing thought might be done.
One method is, try to create an array of radio detectors that detect photons in 30 cm photon interval (wavelength).
Another possible method is what I just thought about: Possibly you can start with a CCD or photoelectric effect circuit, and then add layers on it of two substances, both substances should have only one absorption spectral line in common (where to get spectral line info, in particular for 30cm = probably web and libraries). So photons of the desired frequency are only absorbed by the secondary layer, presuming they get past the initial layer. Possibly trying a single layer using a substance with absorption and emission lines in the desired frequency might be the way to go.

The Pupin letters are interesting, I think I am going to go over them in more detail later. It may be that Pupin figured out how to see thought earlier...there is a large buzz of excitement around 1900...and that aligns with Pupins "invention"...even in 1900, he refers to it as "my invention"...not "the relay device" or any other specific label. Pupin refers to "my invention" in FITI too in the 1920s. In the late 1800s Pupin uses the word "thoughts" periodically. In one letter he says he "had a happy thought", but then all use of the word "thought" disappears after 1900. Pupin hand wrote all his letters while the Presidents of Columbia typed them, or had a secretary type them. Pupin lived in the Dakota for some time, some letters have the Dakota letterhead. The Dakota is where John Lennon lived and was murdered. The Dakota must be heavily wired for cam-thought-Pupin net. Pupin has a letter talking about how Harvard and Yale duplicated Roentgen's xrays, and Columbia did too a few days after, Pupin and team had to make their own Crookes tubes, but learned in the process. There are many undertones...the President writes that something is "udderly demoralizing" which may imply what I had heard that women felt embarrassed by xrays...but it could relate the the growing Bell wire tapping, and electric cameras. This was my point that clearly, Pupin had to be working on seeing thought for a long time, and then making a few little milestones of progress. For example, Pupin may have first just simply had a few pixels...and then not tuned to a specific frequency...so he could see that there was a glow from behind the head in heat...but nothing more...a detailed image must have taken some time, and maybe some special trick...because whatever it is, Pupin must have found it clearly while others did not, being that he is generally credited. Pupin states that there is a "general problem", as if some army general is keeping his invention a secret.

People of this centruy are kind of funny, but kind of scary too, in their hyper antipleasuristics...even thought the only thing that is certain is that noone will be even so much as kissed, still the insinuation carries on all day...it's disgust mainly at pleasure...it's like they don't even like a person deriving pleasure from eating a breakfast cereal...saying something to the effect of...oooo look at him...enjoying that cereal...how nasty...kinko...

Kind of a nasty thing that probably many insiders see images of the eyes of people who were murdered, and classically just like outsider movies, they many times show the image of the person who murdered them, which is very helpful in solving the crime, if ever the insiders choose to do that (or how about stopping violence before it occurs, dang). But many of these movies must be the last seconds of people seeing another human shoot them with a gun, those eye movies must number in the millions, and that is terrible that people aren't smart enough to stop the violent and violence. It may just be a stream of people seeing their shooter. Many people are murdered like my Mom was with neuron activation...very little evidence remains...the person's eyes show nothing....but perhaps their thoughts and other neuron sensors reveal what is the cause of death...but even so just seeing the neuron readings doesn't reveal who is on the other end of the neuron laser.

One thing that the conservatives in the USA and England do is blow stuff up...it's unbelievable. They criticize liberals for drug use, sexual impropriety, and other nonviolent crimes...but look at them...here they blow people up all the time...not to mention murder innocent people using neuron activation invisible frequencies of light. Watching the insider neocon repubs must be similar to that old SCTV skit with John Candy and Joe Flaherty where they are two hillbillies watching stuff, including people...mainly people...get "blowed up", and then commenting how they "blowed up good".

Remember that JFK witness who the republicans (probably CIA or maybe ol' Malcolm Wallace) "blowed up" in his car...it's documented in the video Case for Conspiracy by Robert Groden, he was a cop in the Dallas police helping Jim Garrison. I was reminded of that when I heard the song "Here in my car"....and I thought..."yeah...here in my car...where I don't get blowed up...". It's funny to turn the neocon fascists paid-for propaganda into funny and educational parody. You can add "to not get blowed up" to any song they throw your way. I'm as free as a bird now...that don't get blowed up. and so on. She's buying a stairway ... that don't get blowed up. Such is life in these times.

One thing that is interesting on a related topic is what I would call the "recycle" factor. For example, for the 9/11 inside job a number of the regular players were recycled to be used again: Osama Bin Ladin and Controlled Demolition. Ladin was used to blame the Cole and other bombings on, and Controlled Demolition did the clean up at the Murrah building in Oklahoma City. So it occurs to we outsiders that since 9/11 is clearly a crooked inside job...since Osama bin Ladin couldn't have possibly done a controlled demolition like that, or blew apart a small hole in the Pentagon, etc...that so the Cole bombing must be an inside job of some kind too, infact, any crime credited to OBL is probably false. It can't be ruled out that OBL or somebody else actually do train people and build explosives, etc. and they are just being used opportunistically by those who did 9/11. Then also, the Oklahoma city bombing may have been an inside job because again controlled demolition was used. Cleary they had to see the results of the 9/11 inside job, the way beams were cut into two diagonals...obviously they were viewed as being trustworthy to not question the evidence for controlled demolition of 9/11...probably even more likely their expertise was used, if not controlled demolition doing the entire 9/11 demolitions...perhaps even including the small-time chordite explosives at the Pentagon, although maybe that hints at explosive handlers within the rogue criminal portions of the US military.

One funny part in a Pupin letter is where there is a sentence...Pupin is writing about his excitement in 1900 to the President of Columbia in a 3 or 4 page letter. In 1900 is the source of all Pupin's excitement with his "invention" that AT&T bought from him- supposedly something to help long distance communication...but as far as I can see ... it is code-wording for some secret invention because wire is wire...and current moves over it...I just have trouble believing there is any special way of making it go farther....well it can't be ruled out...but it seems to me that it would be more along the lines of materials science and less of physics, but it can't be ruled out. So Pupin starts talking about his negotiations with AT&T, for them to buy his patent and the rights to use his new invention. It implies that there may have been a secret patent (secret government/military patents go back in history a long way...I think into the 1700s), and that AT&T had to buy it from Pupin. It is interesting that nowhere does it appear that Columbia owns Pupin's work. So Pupin talks about his negotioations...and writes that "AT&T treated me"...fairly or something...but Pupin's handwriting makes the sentence look more like "AT&T treaked me", because the t looks exactly like a k, I will try to scan it if I have time. This implies that somehow Pupin may have been tricked by AT&T, at least in his eyes. It is interesting to think about what AT&T would want and what Pupin would want. Clearly Pupin would want money, but then also perhaps more than that....perhaps the right to talk publicly about his invention, perhaps the right to only rent AT&T the rights to use invention, perhaps the right to sell the rights to other companies too... From AT&T's perspective they don't want to pay a lot of money, they want total ownership and total exclusive control over the invention (which again, could be seeing thought). But you know, once people see they can reproduce the invention...by 1900 AT&T was somewhat powerful, perhaps the only telephone company operating in the USA, with perhaps 10,000 customers (I am totally estimating from my own tiny research). It's a mystery as to how things worked with seeing thought. Clearly many duplicated Pupins work after, just like X-rays. X-rays were never patented and possibly Pupin chose not to patent, but I doubt it...Pupin was a patenter like Edison, clearly Pupin believed in patents. So possibly AT&T simply paid Pupin a few thousand and that was it...Pupin as an individual probably did not have a massive bargaining chip...he could say no...you can't use my technology...imagine if PUpin had done that...history might be completely different. It looks clearly that Pupin was either intimidated with threats of violence, or by money, or other pressures to surrender the right to use his invention. Probably any other idea would be swimming upstream against an impossible current. So, all Pupin really could say was that AT&T treaked him, or cheated him into surrendering the rights to seeing thought for a few thousand dollars. Had Pupin not agreed...what options did Pupin have? Possibly he could have gone public with his invention, in the interest of finding more potential buyers or going into business himself to see thought seeing devices/cameras...possibly George Eastman, Edison and others might have been interested. Throughout his letters Pupin appears to view the "public media" as being something to avoid getting into. In addition, as an immigrant, Pupin probably felt somewhat small, but who knows. But anyway, clearly AT&T bought the rights and started rolling out these thought cameras with the other electric cameras. The electric camera must had set a precedent...because it only was made public...not until the 1920s when television made use of them...and even them...they were not sold to the public/consumers until...infact...perhaps not even until...perhaps even ever...actually maybe until the computer...webcams are electric image cameras (although digital). The VCR probably represents the first going public of electronic movie recordings- but it seems clear that they existed around 1900. Perhaps the early wired (RCA ports) wireless "spy" store cameras would represent the first consumer products. That is an interesting aspect of history...to see how much public info has ever been released or is available to see.

It is kind of a gross feeling drinking a milk product knowing that the milk you are drinking comes directly from a cow's udder. It's kind of like you putting your mouth directly on that cow's udder. The feeling is not nearly the same for eating cheese though. In particular knowing that cows are made pregnant year round just to provide milk to humans. I think milk may be relating to flattulence, I didn't know that most of the gas in flatus is nitrogen.

I found a cool book "The history of earth" which is one of the only books to actually look into the future of life on earth. This book has some good illustrations of how the early earth may have looked and the startling idea that the earth was originally small and slowly grew larger as it accumulated matter. In fact the earth is still actually growing in size (and mass) because of meteors that fall to it.

One thing that is interesting is that the massive heat from inside the earth could be used as a heat source to create electricity, from steam, or other methods. Perhaps already humans have dug very deep into the earth to tap into the lava, molten rock that can be used to create a steam engine. Perhaps that heat will be used mainly by those living deep in the earth.

earlier notes that I missed:
Think about the major media: they lied to us about:
1) Pupin (seeing, hearing thought)
2) CP (neuron activation, remotely sending thought, remote muscle moving)
3) Frank Fiorini Sturgis
4) Thane Eugene Cesar
5) 9/11/01

Is there some info coming out of the major media that is not a lie? Clearly we need a new major media, the current major media companies we have now are totally broken and feeding us nothing but lies. We ought to completely reject any news source that, as an example, does not express any doubts about the official 9/11 story as the tiniest and most basic litmus test.

One thing that is interesting in the USA is that those who are telling the truth about 9/11, Sturgis, Thane Cesar in the science establishment are being black listed. For example, Steven Jones, James Fetzer, they are all heros in the USA. Even in the 1900s, in Russia under Stalin, those who rejected Lysenkoism were blacklisted, even though inheritence of acquired traits has been proven inaccurate. This is a similar thing, in Nazi Germany, those scientists who didn't agree with the Nazi line were many times even jailed, certainly they did not climb up the ladder. The same thing is true for those who reject the big bang, time dilation, and other inaccurate popular theories.

Violence is the big evil on earth, not consensual drug use. Atheists tend to be nonviolent logical people. Look at the history of religious murder.

We should ask: does the punishment of death equal the crime? Because murdering people because they sold drugs is a far worse punishment than the crime. The same is true for the death penalty for any crime that did not involve a death. We see the death penalty being used on people convicted of drug trafficking, homosexuality and other sex-related crimes, and we should be working to get laws to prohibit such murders.

Maybe democrats and libertarians should register as Republican and vote for Paul in the primary and then vote for whoever they want in the final election. I was thinking about the value of registering Republican because you might be able to cast your vote against monsters like Bush, although you would not get to vote in the Democratic primary, still, your vote probably won't change that outcome anyway. Beyond that our voting system is probably rigged, I wouldn't doubt it, look how the major media lied about Pupin, Sturgis, Cesar, 9/11...but yet our one day of every 1461 days election is accurate and honest?

Imagine if some massive planetoid hits the Moon and then the Moon bounces off the Earth, that would be the worst. And then it keeps bouncing off the Earth several times. I can also imagine all the thousands of years into the future, and to think that we will not somehow ruin our carefully positioned Earth-Moon stable orbit through our large scale activities. So long as there is an independent human civilization on Mars I would worry less, and probably at that point humans on the Moon will start to seriously entertain ideas about moving themselves into planetary orbit, perhaps even as a safety precaution since two massive spheres rotating so closely is somewhat dangerous because of minute fluctuations.

To those promoting the official Oswald, Sirhan, 13 hijackers story:
I don't have a huge amount of time for 9/11, but in my opinion the evidence is overwhelming for controlled demolition. And not by "the government", but by many corrupted insiders, Bush (who applauded the second plane collision...I mean is that the kind of society you all want to support?! for you and your kids?....I mean that is terrible, those people suffered miserably...that is nothing I would applaud).

If you are purposely lying, I reach out to you to say that the money or allegience to such scoundrals is not worth it. But if you are honestly duped, I think it takes some courageous thinking about the videos of the WTC collapses, the Pentagon hole, and in particular the molten metal. There is just no way a building can fall at free fall speed, there would be delay from matter below. There is no way for molten metal...it is impossible...but it is right there in the video. The Pentagon hole is far too small for a 757, and that photo is accurate. Plus, add in the Pupin lie (first to see thought), add in the Frank Sturgis lie (killer of JFK), the Thane Cesar lie (killer of RFK still on the loose), ... and you can believe that 9/11/01 was also a controlled demolition. The major media lied to us about Oswald, they lied to us about Cesar, they lied to us about Pupin, they lied to us about 9/11...it isn't much of a surprise...that is how the major media exist...they take money to lie to sell false history to the public and future generations. It took Bush 9 months to turn a nation at peace to a nation caught in 2 bloody wars, to turn a financial surplus into the biggest deficit ever...all that from 9/11...and to think...it's about money, and about taking over sovereign nations...now we should be developing cities on the moon and mars, we should be working to stop violence around the planet, to create full democracy around the earth...not simply occupying other nations, and certainly not murdering innocent people such as those in the WTC. Look at WTC7 for example...it is impossible for a building to collapse symmetrically at free fall speed like that...all those joints broken simulatenously...impossible except for precisely planned and placed explosives. I think the public is waking up to that...there is a lot of stupidity, and more importantly a lot of misinformation and simply lying on the part of the massive major media...but we should think about the future...the Nazi reign ended, and many Nazis were executed and jailed. As time continues there is more info not less. Eventually the public will catch on, it seems very likely. In particular because of the videos on the Internet. Apparently, these big money murderers cannot completely control the Internet videos reaching the public, and it is causing change for the better. Let's hope the truth gets out and we all get to see each other's thoughts and all the past history that has been kept secret at at&T. At first I thought my friend was tricked by a UFO story, but looking into the 9/11 videos such as "In Plane Sight" and "Loose Change", "9/11 Mysteries", and so many others, there is no doubt, now I know for sure...it's embarrassing that I was fooled by such an obvious lie for years...I mean to think the gravity collapse of an iron frame building would go at free fall speed without precisely placed and planned explosives...that is absurd....where is our basic sense of physics?

One thing that is kind of interesting is refridgeration in orbit and in between planets moon and stars...basically in empty space...it actually probably will require heating of some kind, and then some mechanism of letting a small amount of air escape to space to freeze object in the cold of empty space, but within the ship. After all, why would you waste electricity to cool something when all the coldness you could ever use is just outside your ship door?

I'm kind of surprised to see the Supreme Court side against the ridiculously harsh sentences for using crack cocaine. This is certainly a good thing for those poor people suffering in prisons for using recreational drugs. Look at these sentences...this is absurd...15 years...for smoking a cigarette?! for drinking a beer...I mean it is ridiculous...violent criminals who assault and murder innocent people... don't get that much time...and here we are talking about people who are simply addicted to recreational drugs...they are only hurting themselves. Sure there may be drug-related crime such as theft and violent crime, but I think we can stop violent people without jailing the 90% of people addicted to drugs that are nonviolent. Beyond that, if we are going to jail people so they can't break their drug addiction, only a few days or weeks at most are needed for a person to "dry-out" or "sober-up"...after 15 years in jail they definitely will not be addicted to crack anymore! But obviously 15 years in jail is shockingly harsh, brutal, far in excess of the "crime", punishement in particular if the goal is simply to make people addicted sober. I hope we are quickly coming to an age where people are saying...look...drugs are bad...don't use recreational drugs...alcohol is bad...dont use it...tobacco is bad..don't use tobacco....being overweight is bad...try to stay healthy...but most importantly....lets not jail those who do become addicted to drugs, who do use alcohol or tobacco, who are overweight...or if we do vote to jail them, let it be only for a few days, until they dry out, lose some weight (ok I'm joking...but this is a very valid point...being overweight is not healthy....just like drug addiction is not healthy....but it is too harsh to lock overweight people in jail until they lose weight and become more healthy...I like to think we each own our own body and so long as other people are not being hurt we should be able to do anything we want to ourselves since we own ourselves...I mean I am amazed that I have to state this!). Let us always remember that violence is the biggest evil, far worse than somebody being addicted to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc. Let's reach out to those nonviolent drug addicted and drug market people, but not jail them. Prohibition of alcohol was terrible, and the illegal drug market is violent...and here college kids are being exposed to violent illegal drug markets...that really should be controlled by budweiser, phillip morris, merk, j&j, phizer, and other companies that are public and out in the open, operating legally, regulated by the public through the government to provide the safest products possible in a nonviolent legal open market providing products to people who want to buy those recreation drug products. Beyond that it's time to decriminalize pleasure for money, consensual prostitution, because fighting for money is legal, it seems illogical to outlaw pleasure for money, and just like the illegal drug and/or alcohol market...with prost legal, the violence and STDs can be filtered out of it, because there are no more secrets and nobody is afraid to report violent crime and theft relating to prostitution. I can't believe people are so opposed to people concentually accepting for a kiss, or some kind of massage...that is ridiculous...make sure there is consent...if some person is enslaved...free them, etc...but let's not jail the 90% who consent to take money for message and other consensual pleasure services, even if we ourselves are not going to participate in those kinds of activities. I have gone through the arguments dozens of times, but another is the young aggressive male...don't we want them to be finding consensual sex? That aggression turns to violence when they can't get sex, and I'm sure that there are many older women out there who are willing to help them especially for money if ever people are not jailed for the prost. Drugs and prost are maybe unpleasant topics for people, but what is going on with jailing these nonviolent harmless people is brutal, think about their lives...they don't deserve this kind of abuse and harsh punishment. Thomas and Alito are the only two who dissented...again we should not be letting 9 people determine the laws for 300 million...we need to make a law to overrule the supreme court with a majority vote by the public. Let's not forget how Thomas and others handed over our government to the worst monsters in US history who them promptly killed thousands of innocent people on 9/11 and used that as an excuse to kill hundreds of thousands more in Afghanistan and Iraq, while spending 200 billion dollars of money we don't even have to do all this illegal murdering.

Just quickly, the last 50 years in the USA have been terrible, since the coup that killed JFK, RFK and many others, this led to the murder of John Lennon, the exclusion of many millions of intellectuals for seeing and hearing thought and seeing even microscopic street cameras, and most recently the 9/11 inside job...with more murderers than ever before on the loose around the planet...not even seen. No doubt this evil group has a long history even before the 1960s, certainly the Nazis were part of it, the Pupin lie, the christian inquisition made it happen...plenty of murdering of smart innocent nonviolent people. But more specifically something terrible is happening in the USA...people don't live as long here as they do in Europe, Canada and other nations, and I think it's from skin heads in the government neuron activation laser killing old people, like they killed my Mom...they apparently don't feel as comfortable to kill young people oddly enough. Then there has been a Jesus cult resurgence that has made matters worse in the USA, you thought there was murdering before, now with the bushes, the unseen murdering of innocent lawful people has been taken to a new high. I think it may very well be true that if a person is over 50, certainly over 60 years old, they might actually not be neuron laser murdered if they move out of the USA to Canada, Europe, or possibly some South American countries. Most people prefer the English speaking and US food etc, so most of us are going to simply take our chances, and hope that the majority makes change, and votes down violent murderous Nazistic murderers like the Bush family, and this current group of popular Republicans. That they expose the Pupin lie, Frank Sturgis, Thane Cesar, the 9/11 million-bad-apple gang, and all the other murderers still on the loose. In a lot of ways the USA is like Chili under Pinochet, the media all are like puppets telling bold-faced lies for the military and wealthy minority that happen to have violently taken power and stay there because peaceful people are too scared to expose and jail them, because after all, they have seen people like Pinochet murder thousands of innocent lawful people...they don't want to be murdered too.

I think it is very likely that we are going to see the end of the idea of "diffraction" which Newton called "inflexion", created by Grimaldi in the 1600s, the idea that light bends around corners. It seems somewhat clear that this phenomenon will correctly be determined to be "reflection", that is particles of light bouncing off other particles. Even now we refer to "diffraction gratings", but isn't it more accurate to be calling these "reflection gratings"? There is still the mystery as to why particles of light separate into different frequencies. I think it has to do with photon-photon collisions, either with each other or with photons in the atoms of the scratch or groove. The photons are reflected at different angles depending on their frequency. Do people honestly still believe that light bends around corners? Clearly any theory of a medium for light (like air and water are for sound) has been proven false.

One thing that many people tend to forget is that...this is our government...we are the owners of our own government, this is not the government of the wealthy elite to own and control...to fill the ranks of government jobs and funding with their cronies...we need to take back our government, open it up, no more governement secrets, every job open to constant public voting, every decision to go to war open to the public who has to fight those wars, all funding open to us to vote on, since it is our money to begin with....our government has been handed over to an elite wealthy minority and we need to take the government back, democratize it, power back to the poor majority, to one person one vote, to a system where the majority rules, where we decide who is charged with a crime, who goes to jail and who goes free. It's true that wealthy people will always be able to buy votes and buy allegience, but at least in a system where everybody gets to vote on all government decisions (which should have happened in the 1960s, it could have happened by paper ballot in the 1800s, it's ridiculous that public voting on government decisions hasn't happened yet). We need to make the best of what little voting we do have to make more.

I'm reading a good book by Elaine Pagal on the origin of the so-called "Satan". Most people are terrified of even the mention of so-called demons, but those of us who understand the history of religions and life on Earth have a lot less fear about learning about such myths. Initially humans were polytheistic...the belief in a multi-God system goes back to the earliest known writing, and was uniform for all early civilizations (Sumer, Akkad, Babylonia, Egypt, India, China-this I need to check), I saw a video that explained that even early Judea was polytheistic which seems logical since Sumer and all surrounding civilizations were. Then the idea of a single diety occured...within recorded history...in other words there is no trace of monotheism until Amenhotep, the Egyptian pharoah. Anyway, to make a long story short, originally there was no "Devil", nor "Hell", there was only an "Underworld" (for example Hades for the Greeks) where they wrongly thought all dead people went after death. I'm not a historical expert so read for yourself, but anyway, at some point, after the development of monotheism, the myth of "angels" arose, perhaps to compensate for the missing other traditional gods of polytheism. Perhaps the concept of angels came before...but like gods, it's obvious to me at least that all these claims of invisible spirits, angels, and even dieties is false. But I was fascinated to read that in the oldest writings of post monotheist Judea, the Satan was originally one of the God's angels who basically took orders from the God, not opposed to the Diety. That portayal only came later. So the original view was that there was only one all powerful Diety with no challange to it's power. Before that of course was polytheism where non of the gods was evil, so far as I know, but they simply played "hijinks" in the lives of humans. Always the gods would screw humans...and that is a central theme in the monotheism of Judea too. So initially, the gods were created to explain nature. We humans define evil as first strike violence against humans, dishonestly, denial of physical pleasure, among other things, and so yes, we define violence in terms of our own prejudice as peace and pleasure loving bodies in the universe. I think we need to drop religions, we don't need to be slaves to the past, we have only been here for 20 to 70 years...why do we need to maintain a cult around a Jewish guy who lived 2000 years ago, or an Arab guy who lived 1400 years ago, or an Indian guy, or Chinese guy...ok you get the picture. It's important to learn about history, in particular so we know where many of the current views and myths originate from. Just as mere monkey-like humans on a tiny sphere, we should have nothing to fear from knowledge and learning, in particular about history and science. I'm thinking in some way, the study of Satan might reveal what the story on Bush, Cheney, Fox news, and them is....why do they support murder of lawful people? and torture? Why do they lie all the time? This book by Pagels is interesting because supposedly, I haven't finished it yet, it tells how early Christians demonized the opposition. I think that there is a terrible tradition of antipleasure and antiscience in many religions...they realize that honesty, wisdom, science, and logic are going to be the end of the popularity of religion, and so they battle against truth and science, for example in the similarity of "Hellas" (Greece) to "Hell", and similarly "Geek" to "Greek". These were tools, fear and scare tactics, early Christian leaders used, and I think still use to try and mislead and trick the underinformed, and badly educated majority. One thing that is frightening is that people throughout history have used mystical claims of blasphemy and heresy to justify murder of innocent lawful people. It's a terrible thing that happens when people put up some excuse and then murder nonviolent people. A person should ask themselves "does the punishment of death fit the so-called crime?", for example fortunately only around 200 years ago the death penalty or any kind of imprisonment or even fine for blasphemy was no longer enforced and was not included, for example in the US Constitution. But when we sum up history of all the Inquisition, and other murders that were never punished using the excuse "blasphomy", or similar claims, the truth is simply that they were all cold-blooded murderers of nonviolent people.

It's sad how most people go unloved and untouched throughout their entire lives, certainly their youth, they probably become used to the lack of feeling as they age. It's stupid in my view, those who actively pursue and claim to enjoy that life style of total abstinance from sensual touching and caress or limit this pleasure to one partner for their entire life. Anti-pleasure, cold, unfeeling, monastic lives of celibacy and monogomy seem to be the unquestionable majority belief in these centuries.

It is interesting that we are not celibate or monogomous with food, movies, books, clothes, etc...we tend to want to see a wide variety of new movies, don't want to eat the same meal every night for dinner, etc, but our hyper-view of reproduction and parenting tends to dominate our views on even benign non sexual pleasure either totally or with other people. Many of us are willing to live such celibate and monogomous lives, but shouldn't we wonder about, examine and openly discuss the alternatives?

When we are looking at the spectrum of humans, to see who are the best and who are the worst, who are the most good and who the most evil, I think the one clear guideline is that the most violent tend to be on the end of the evil side...there you have your mass murderers, you green river killers, your jeff daumers, ted bundys, 9/11 murderers, frank fiorini, thane cesar, charles whitman, Dylan Klebold, Seung-Hui Cho, the unknown killers of Nicole Simpson, Bonnie Bakley, Jam Master Jay, many thousands of other murderers of nonviolent people, those who beam violent suggestions on excluded people unaware that neurons can be remotely triggered, those who beamed suggestions to murderer that actually occured, etc. the good extreme are mostly nonviolent people, possibly some violent people would be on the good side-if any just those who murdered murderers of nonviolent people and even then-exposing and jail is the place for murderers-but in this violent era I think many people can see how murdering murderers is perhaps the only choice to stop them and those who do are certainly taking a huge risk to protect the majority of nonviolent people. But don't we all despise the murderer of a nonviolent person? We certainly should. Beyond that, all the good people are those telling the truth about 9/11, those who care enough, who worry enough about unstopped murder to say something publicly and openly, those like Ted Charach who exposed Thane Cesar as the murderer of RFK, Hankey, similar people like that, those exposing what Pupin did, those are the people we see on the extreme good side of the spectrum of good and bad people.

We should just measure all food items in grams, instead of liters for liquids and grams for solids. It seems more logical since matter is matter, and probably people are more interested in mass than volume.

This "Foodsaver" vacuum container set is cool. I think this can be used to test if photons move a paper in a vacuum/empty space container.

This is amazing, that people could have dropped a bunch of parachutes onto the roofs of WTC buildings 1 and 2 to save the lives of the people trapped at the top that were eventually murdered by Republican neocon skin head fascists in a controlled demolition. I think that progress comes through science, stopping violence and honestly not through religion, murder and dishonesty.

One interesting idea is that a magnetic field moves objects by collision, that is that there are particles in the magnetic field that collide with objects to push them in some direction. It is easy to see that a force or even simply a new direction might be imparted onto some particles if in the way of the stream of particles in a magnetic field.
The particles in the magnetic field which may be electrons or photons, who ta hellas knows... the shadowy insiders do and they aint telling!
In this way, the reason that the electric force is so much larger than gravity might be because this is an example, not of force imparted by gravity, but by collision. Gravity moves particles, but particles colliding into other particles also moves particles. So possibly, the electric force might be so much stronger than the force of gravity because it relates to how many particles are colliding. It is tough to know, and I am just theorizing. Some magnets pull together and stay fastened together with what seems like an enormous force, its tough to visualize how photons colliding could cause such a strong connection.

I have to ask, why aren't wealthy people driving the "decriminalize prostitution" movement? Why is it us poor people? I can't understand it. You would think since they have millions they would want all the finer things in life, the best food, the best mansion, the best moon station and rocket ship, and of course, a different beautiful sex partner every day, maybe 3 or 4. This is a planet of chastity, and celibacy...basically monogomy. The vast majority are living the life of a nun and monk...it's pleasure that's good, pain that's bad...dang!
And for that matter the making-psychistric-health-care-consensual only movement, but I guess they could use their money to buy their freedom, still...they might not be able to buy popular opinion when people call them wacky, but probably they can. It's a mystery. Especially violence...why wouldn't they be concerned about stopping violence? That really is the biggest mystery. or teaching science that too.

No matter what government system is in place, the majority generally tend to get their way, and that being true, the best move in my opinion is to educate and inform the populace.

I would like to see "The Thought Reading Machine" made into a movie, maybe I will do that. It may even be in the public domain by now as being made in 1937, if Harper's didn't renew the copyright. Actually it looks like it was renewed (although perhaps the French version was not):
TITL: The thought reading machine. Translated by James Whitall. NM: translation.
ODAT: 25May38; A117771 RREG: James Whitall ; 1Mar66; R382233.
The French version was renewed too:
TITL: La machine a lire les pensees.
ODAT: 20Oct37; AF37454 RREG: Andre Maurois ; 6Nov64; R348348.

So in this case "The Thought Reading Machine" will enter the public domain after 95 years=2032 CE and 2033 CE. I will be 64 years old then if still alive, unless a representative president changes the copyright law.

I think a good movie idea is that in our future, there are so many good movie ideas set in a more realistic future than has been shown to now, in our future we either decode images that show what species of a multistar system look like or we find a device emitting photons in our star system, perhaps it tries to elude our ships, but we get it and it has been recoding images from earth and is ancient, dating to the oldest rocks of the star system, perhaps revealing individual images from various times. One thing that is interesting, in thinking about intercepting images from life of a multi-star system...they might view planets and other material basically as fuel-spheres and fuel-cubes...not bothering to live on their surfaces but simply mining them for fuel and construction matter for their massive ships which they live in. In fact, it seems logical that they would send 2 leg walking robots to do much of the mining perhaps, unless it could be done with lasers remotely, clearly the two-leg design is a natural efficient design for moving on the surface of a planet. Perhaps thrusting ships would be able to move to more locations, however, on the surface, if surface movement is needed, the two leg (and four, etc leg) designs are natural and probably occur throughout the universe.

There is an entire "in" world of video and scientific advances...in particular videos. For example, the "out" material can't compete with it for shocking truth and entertainment value. Probably there are numerous ULSFs, main videos that show all the existing videos using the AT&T archive of eyes, ears, etc to tell the story of Evolution, Pupin, history of science, CP, the JFK murder, almost every murder you can imagine...all the murders, the entire last century of the USA shown and told in concise video...it has to be like a black and white comparison with the video that the poor outsiders have to sit through like your main stream movies, television shows, .... these are videos from inside people houses and heads....the comparison is like night and day...and shocking separation...like a massive difference between the two sets of videos...those for the insiders (beamed on their eyes in wide screen format...just like they are there in the room) and those for the outsiders where not even nudity is shown, and very little violence, etc. Completely two 100% different worlds. When the outsiders finally do get to see the true history of the last century they are going to totally hurl...they are going to think...I can't believe how stupid that is...what they did with Pupin...the rise of Hitler...it's so terrible...how they all watched...9/11...how they are all so evil and dumb...so stupid...so dishonest...so violent...its unbelievable but yet it's true. Maybe I'm wrong, whatever the true story shows...I can't imagine most thinking people wouldn't say...that is so stupid.

One thing that is very tough for outsiders to adapt to, is knowing that the insiders can hear your thoughts, and that your thoughts are heard like a stream...apparently they are not ever turned off...although there is some question about that...clearly they must be able to turn off the thoughts of people with like a volume line or something on their mind screen...still they generally tend, in my experience to hear all thoughts around them. But for many centuries humans would hear their own thoughts, but have to repeat them outloud to communicate with others, and so...we tend to play the phrase we may say in our mind a few times (like in the Maurois book). But since the insiders routinely converse with people in thought, their brain gets trained to simply think something and move on, don't dwell on some thought, and that is a key idea I am saying to outsiders...you don't have to say your thoughts out loud to insiders...they definitely hear them. Although sometimes, since they have to say out loud for you to hear, it balances the audio recording and volume of the message to say your thought out loud. Of course, they and we both must talk out loud to maintain the lie that there is no such technology. But their brain may be more trained to process thought faster...although in my experience all humans think about the same speed, however, insiders have a lot more activity in their brains than outsiders...they are constantly getting little video squares beamed onto their eyes. In some way it's like building up a muscle...my feeling is that I need to start strengthening the passageways of me thinking to myself and others...although we still need to talk...it is good to practice solidifying you "talking to them" those watching and listening to your thoughts by only thinking strongly in your mind. Beyond that, you need to throw off their beamed on ads, songs, images, bad memories, etc and establish your own topics, and that takes brainial strength and practice.

One interesting sensor resembles the feeling of water on your hand...that is very interesting...it must be like some sensor pattern...a complex pattern that resembles the way water feels. That was interesting...I made the hand motion to dry my fingers with my other fingers.

It's interesting that when two ants meet there is a protocol for communication, and so there is for humans...although there is certainly a lot of variety. It surprises me that there are no basics and guidance on how to meet people given to all people. For example here is something that seems logical to me:

1) make eye contact with the person
2) if the person holds eye contact say "hi"
3) if the person says hi and holds eye contact state your name "my name is ..."
4) the other person should then state their name "my name is ..."
a) if they do not state their name you should ask "what is your name?"
from there you may want to talk about:
a) your job, where you work, what you do for a living, where do they work
b) you hobbies, your interest, what defines you, your current projects (for me ULSF, robot, full democracy, seeing thought, etc), what do they do for fun, projects they work on?

At some point the conversation is going to close, and you may want to close with no contact info, or you may want to close with contact info (business card, phone number, etc), or some kind of arrangement to meet again

It is no wonder that most people are so shy and unable to make friends and find mates.

Still, the insider Pupin CP technology has short circuited much of this process. I'm sure intros are still needed and some of the pattern is the same, but done through thought only. But there you get to see all the info you could dream of to make fully informed decisions without having to bother with even talking...you can focus in on the best candidates for you to be friends with and mate with...and not the random "person next to you" or "on the web", that we outsiders have to deal with.

It will be cool to see walking robots that ask questions and then try to answer the questions. By asking every possible question new ideas and conclusions in science can be obtained.

An interesting find is that in addition to energy, momentum, mass and velocity being conserved for all collisions and all events in the universe, the concept of massmentum, m^2v is also conserved, as is m^3v, m^4v, m^2v^2, m^3v^2, etc... they are all conserved because any multiple of mass and/or velocity is also conserved if m and v are both conserved, and because of this an interesting truth is revealed, that, even though multiples of some quantity are conserved, this truth is somewhat meaningless in reality because we only care about a single mass and a single velocity, and not an invisible mass equal to mass squared, and so it is with velocity too, although that is more abstract to visualize...there being extra invisible multiple velocities. So that is an interesting point where math has extended beyond actual physical phenomena.

I think there may be some value to some kind of thick iron helmet a person can throw on to stop the remote muscle moving. I wonder what the slimmist device ever secretly invented was, hopefully the public will catch wind of these secrets and start to systematically open up our government and end all punishment for information of any kind, as I am saying "decriminalize information".

It seems logical that the citizens would make use of wireless Internet on the streets and in cities. It seems inevitable that consumers will be putting their own cameras in their cars, apartments, houses, etc...and for this security system to be effective they need to have those cameras sending the pictures wireless on the web (as has been happening since the invention of wireless, but kept to an elite few insiders). So when is the public going to get wise, and start walking around with cameras too? This is going to be a major hassle to murderers, but still not much of one, because most of their murders are done by using neuron beams without outsiders seeing...even if they are there at the time of the murder, because these are beams of light not in the visible spectrum and our eyes can't see them. Beyond that, many insider murderers can take precautions so that not even other insiders capture images of their activities. As outsiders, we may be left not really even knowing who did a lot of the murdering because the republican insiders took precautions to make sure nobody could see who from a "dark house" (a building swept free of cameras...even thought cameras) sent the initial signal to the local neuron laser. The repubs are a lot like the nazis...as bad as you can imagine they probably are doing whatever you can logically imagine....destroying any videos incriminating them, mass murdering people using poison gas...there is no clear physical evidence of this...but we know they are murdering people using neuron activation, we know they did 9/11, we know they protect Thane Cesar, Frank Sturgis...those are just the ones we know about...aside from murders that have absurdly gone "unsolved"...unsolved when a simple street camera would answer who killed who, what car they drove, where they drove it, etc and these people see inside our houses and heads anyway...but yet no arrest? they don't know? hard to believe. Extremely hard to believe. So hard to believe as to be virtually a certainty. So there is no clear evidence of the repubs systematically murdering innocent people like the Nazis did, but they definitely did 9/11, thane cesar, the murderer of my Mom and so many other gradmothers and fathers, etc. Wouldn't they seek to destroy any video of their crimes, even from the AT&T network? Of course they would. Wouldn't they establish secret buildings where they know the other side, the dems can't see them? of course they would (it's a mystery as to if the dems have similar secret dark houses, they probably do, but who can blame them? it's the classic argument of do you let a murderer know some info before their victim? of course not). At this time, in some way, even though many have been secretly murdered, and their killers are at the highest positions of power and wealth, still things are not beyond hope. Because, think about it...right now, there is no full-out war where trying to figure out who is a murderer is very difficult. Right now the murderers are very clear. JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon, the 9/11 victims, my Mom, Wellstone...all these people were nonviolent people, murdered in cold blood...its very simple....too complex for most average insiders...but yet...in my mind...very simple. It's easy to see who is evil and who is good, or at least who is a murderer and who is not a murderer. So in some sense things are not beyond repair.

A good idea for a gas heater is to blow air over an enclosed container where combustion takes place, and reusing any gas that did not combust, since in many gas combustions, some gas does not combust. In addition, for gases that contain carbon, the smell of the uncombusted gas would be kept to a minimum. Perhaps there are other problems with this idea.

I don't think I have ever heard the Bohr model of the atom explained as electrons gain and lose mass in the form of photons, but that is a simple and obvious conclusion and requirement whether you believe photons are matter, or only the energy equivalent of matter. But I think the idea that energy can be converted into mass is looking somewhat weak.

I can't remember if I reported on a latest simulation. I modeled particles (of light) that start at the same point at different times and move past a high mass object modeled with a point (which is unrealistic but is good enough for what I am interested in). I find that the distance between the two points grows (the frequency is red-shifted) as the two approach the high mass, and then the distance shrinks after they both pass the high mass point, however over time, since the mass is behind them, the distance between them grows larger (is red-shifted) but only because the two are moving left to right and there is no mass to the right of them, only to the left (after they pass it). So once conclusion is that a beam of photons is red shifted when there is more mass behind it than in front of it. This seems not to be the case for the universe, presuming that generally mass is evenly distributed. It seems unlikely to me that red shift is due only to light approaching our star because for one thing, there probably is a correlation between apparent size and red shift that is evidence that red shift probably is related to distance (in addition to relative velocity to observer). However this affect, if photons are matter cannot be denied, there would be some acceleration because of gravity on the particles of light, those closer to the Sun would receive just a small amount more of acceleration and so the beam would be red-shifted coming in, and blue-shifted after passing our star. Another interesting point is what is the limit on red-shift? First it depends on the original frequency, the higher the frequency the more red-shifting can be endured. For example a frequency of 1 photon/second stretched 1 million times would then have a photon arriving every 1 million seconds...the observer would have to wait a long time. However, a beam of light with an original frequency of 1 million cycles(photons)/second after 1 million times red-shift would still arrive every second and so we would see it. The limit appears to be on the delay of red-shift, as hard as that appears to be to believe...apparently the claim is that the red-shift sets the limit on the most distant light source we can see...the light is so stretched that the frequency goes below 1 cycle (photon) for a billion years or something...even 1 photon every year would make a beam unrecognizable to us...possibly it could be constructed over the years. There are two views: 1) the size of the telescope is the ultimate limit of how far light sources can be seen (certainly this is part true) and 2) the red-shift is the limit on how far a light source can be seen. I kind of think 2) is more true, but 1) can't be ruled out, the red shift of all more distant galaxies appears to be a fact.

Another interesting thing is the electrical relation between planets. Can we presume that the Sun and planets are all electrically neutral? If they do have charge (which seems likely since they have a so-called magnetic [electric] field) wouldn't Coloumb's law apply? Maybe the force of electrical attraction and repulsion is only within the realm of the small...we should test very large charges and see if two charged objects obey Coulomb's law.

I have many video I have made that are funny and informative. Two main points: I think that we as outsiders really need to find some "whistle-blowers" who are insiders. Maybe there are some older people in their 70s or 80s who are willing to lose the service for the last few years of their life to tell us about all the murders and technology. Even though we would not have any physical evidence beside their say so, still they know it all, and what they tell us can be somewhat verified. In particular a person that really cares about the outsiders, who wants them to know the entire terrible truth...about Pupin, about Frank Sturgis, Thane Cesar, 9/11 all the killers, and many many more that we don't even know about but they do. There are so many millions...it's like knowing about Pupin...even though we have no physical evidence...we have the name Pupin...we know it was he who first saw eyes and thoughts....and that helps tremendously...even without physical evidence...just being able to know that what the insider whistleblower has told us is almost certainly true...and that every single thing, every name they have told us checks out with the little info we can obtain. I can't remember what the second point is. Anyway, loose change final cut is out now but not on the web...im sure it's a good one and hope it gets to the web or the price goes to $10...its an interesting predictament because usually I can borrow DVDs from the public library but not loose change probably. Maybe there will be a showing in OC. With 9/11 I think we need to explore the probable story more...there were workers that planted the dynamite...well who were they? Was it controlled demolition? demolition experts had to be involved, and since CD did the clean up maybe they were there...where were the controlled demolition employees on those days in question? I think a good start would be for insiders to put together a "quick list" for "murders" and "science". So in the event they are excluded, they have a text list of most of the murderers and scientific advances (although the insiders could easily simply take it from them). It might be like Fahrenheit 451, where a person instead of remembering an entire book, might possibly remember thousands of names and dozens of events, dates and locations of science advances and then spill all the beans to we outsiders that know we are excluded and can get the info to the rest of the excluded. The insiders might even then wipe the person's memory. The technological advantage is massive, but still, we figured out Pupin.

Another thing CP might stand for is "child porn"...people might be threatened with being jailed for child porn even though they don't own any...because insiders control the juries and judges who are also insiders. We see this week that the neocons that control the Federal government just charged a liberal radio DJ in SF that might be jailed for decades (5 years a photo) for his research of child porn, two teachers in LA were just charged. By now most people know not to get involved in child porn even if they wanted to because obviously people are being jailed for decades even for talking about it...the entire thing is Orwellian...now you can be jailed for even writing about sex! And here sex is the process that keeps life surviving into the future...it is an ironic end that the species' hatred of their own method of reproduction is what causes their extinction....perhaps it would not be the first time for an explanation as to why a species went extinct.

So much of the problem is that we need one major law, and that is a law that allows the public to vote and have the final word on all laws and government decisions...it's a biggy...its the big law that finally gives all power over the government to the majority. beyond that, I vote for small majority to overrule large majority beyond a certain number, for example a minimum vote of 1000 people...then the city majority is over the county majority, the county over the State, the State over the Nation, the Nation over the planet, the planet over the star system, the star system over the multistar system government majority, the multistar over the globular cluster, the glob over the galaxy, the galaxy majority over the galactic cluster majority, etc.

In one mechanical universe, the teacher says "the theory of relativity was a terrible mistake" or something...I can't remember the exact words...but it is set as a letter from a person with an inaccurate theory. But it seems clear that the insiders must have figured out that time and space dilation is wrong, and other things...and probably a better system of everything made of particles of light...and realized overwhelmingly that relativity is wrong, for example that the speed of light is not constant...that alone is enough to disprove the basis for relativity. So I don't think it's coincidence that the teacher announces that relativity is a terrible mistake...I will try to find the exact words. The actual sentence is "the theory of relativity is a collosal mistake".
"11. Gravity, Electricity, Magnetism Shedding light on the mathematical form of the gravitational, electric, and magnetic forces."

It seems simple that ownership of matter is probably the most likely path to wealth, even wealth itself is ownership of matter (in the form of money), because the living space on the surface of earth is finite, but yet the human population keeps growing steadily. Beyond that, matter is very important for producing the many molecules needed in industry, for example, the volume of the earth's crust a person owns may contain precious metals, and/or minerals, and that is something many people don't think about. All matter is important, and in thousands of years, probably every atom of each planet will be carefully accounted for. That places a great amount of value in the system that determines property ownership, and who owns what. It is an interesting issue to determine how deep into the earth a person might own, owning it is one thing, being able to access (or sell) it is a different issue, one that people who want to open mining companies might run into I guess.

THe Mechanical Universe has some interesting information,
episode 8, "The Apple and the Moon" hints at how people kept seeing thought a secret in one part talking about how Newton kept his ideas a secret.
episode 10, Fundamental Forces, talks about how carbon ions are accelerated into helium gas and form oxygen. It's interesting to me that oxygen can be made from carbon, and that might be useful on planets without oxygen but with large quantities of carbon for example. Much of this research appears to be kept secret, basically what I would call "transmutation experiments" where particle and ion accelerators are used to convert one atom to a different kind of atom.

Here are two frightening stories:
US sets record in STD
I hope people start to promote low cost quick tests, and free open source databases so people can enjoy disease free consensual sex, and then in public...why not? As long as it is on your own property.

and this one:
NY teen with hairbrush shot by police (20 times)

This is just a murder as far as I can see, they all see and hear thought...I wonder what this guy did to make the pupin cam-thought net want to murder him in what appears to be a first degree cold blooded possibly paid-for murder by unnamed people in NY government police. The scaries thing is, you know the news stories are almost 100% false...I mean Sturgis killed JFK, Cesar killed RFK, 9/11 was a controlled demolition...imagine 3 or 4 cops just busting in to a house, restaurant or library and shooting some person...and then later the Republicans pay the media giants and spin some story about how the person had a psychiatric disorder, and blah blah blah... in this case "had a hair brush" is the excuse...had a hair brush...there has to be some one-liner to satisfy the outsiders in the public. New York City is so corrupt and violent, it is going to take years to clean out the murderers from NYC, many of whom are in the government. Just look at the simple facts of John Lennon being murdered there...he didn't even know he was living among a bunch of murderers probably...but then they are everywhere...and the simple fact that fully 1/2 of 9/11, the vast majority of the murdering happened in New York City...it wasn't some backwater town in Texas or the South where people reject evolution, etc. This massive murder group pulled off 9/11...and exquisitly without so much as a photo of any workman moving in explosives...not a single snag in their plan...murdering 3000 people...no delays or misfires...nothing in the way...except maybe a small little puff of smoke towards the bottom of the building as it went down...and a few videos of the collapses (and we should be very grateful for those few videos...in my opinion they are enough evidence to convince me of a free-fall collapse)....but it happened in NYC, so as if the Lennon thing did not cast doubts in people's minds about violence in NYC, the 9/11 thing, the Jam Jay murder....still "unsolved"...and this latest hair brush murder all point to NYC just being a lawless blood bath of violent criminals. It's probably no surprise that Pupin and the seeing thought secret originated and grew from there and that is the center of unpunished murders. Think about that for a minute...they could have rubber bullets...tasers...gun records...beyond even the camera-thought net...clearly this guy was just murdered for some reason...who knows why...only the insiders do....and then shoot the guy 20 times...and shoot to kill...not shoot the leg... here the police have bullet-proof helmets, vests with sleeves, pants....they couldn't just take the guy down? Beyond that, there should be video of everything they do. This will probably be one of the early uses of walking robots...to film arrests and 9/11 responses, and then also to disarm humans with weapons...or those thought to have a weapon. Think about this for somebody who has been locked in a psychiatric hospital before for a 72 hour detention, or voluntarily checked into a hospital, or even just saw a psychiatrist...now if ever you are shot by a person in police...be sure the first sentence by the major media after "person was shot" is going to be "with a history of mental illness", at which point most of the excluded public will close the case in their minds instead of knowing the truth that you were murdered in a cold-blooded first degree homicide. Then after they shoot the guy they take him to a psychiatric hospital...like what are they going to do...torture the guy more? drug'm up while tying him to a bed? It's a joke that people view a psychiatric hospital as a place for a gun-shot wound victim. As for the identity of those who murdered this guy all the outsiders get is: "Mr. Kelly said that five people had fired at Mr. Coppin: two police officers and a sergeant from the local housing police station, PSA 3, and a sergeant and a detective assigned to the local 79th Precinct." Wouldn't the mother have said...he doesn't have a weapon? That is one glaring flaw in the major media cam-thought net account....wouldn't they have known that from the hours of observing him while they talked? One witness apparently said it was just one guy in the police shooting. Maybe its a message to people like me...don't go to NYC to look at the Pupin archive...I wouldn't be surprised...they just kill some kid to scare people. Only the sick and twisted violent murderous society of insiders knows.

What a violent blood-thirsty bastard that Fred Thompson is eh? Our 2 trillion credit card funded right into the pocket of the weapons industry, murder-war based on the 9/11 mass murder lie is not enough...Thompson want to increase the US military...already a massive overfunded money and life wasting part of government.

I said it before, the Nazis have to be tipping their hats to the US Republicans...talk about fooling the public...that the majority would buy the 13 hijacker story for 9/11...I think even Goebbells would step down and hand over the "biggest lie" award to the US Repubs.

The cam-net repubs probably killed Kanye West's Mom: "the 58-year-old mother of rapper Kanye West" ... and how they did it was perhaps common...but is the first time I've heard of this....they neuron zap them while they are under anethesia...or maybe after...then it's blamed on the anethesiologist or surgeon...as if they don't know what they are doing...this sounds like a clear case of neuron-beam murder to me...the same way that my Mom was killed. Forget going under anesthia, damn! I hope the pathologist takes a stand and reports the cause of death as "unknown" and "no evidence of overdose or complications from anethesia...only of possible neuron laser muscle moving Nazis". Kanye famously said "George Bush doesn't care about black people", and so probably West is anti-white-supremacy and therefore anti-Bush. I was just hearing Thane Cesar asian talk, and it reminded me what a white supremecist Cesar is...remember the Second Gun...they should retitle it "The Suppressed 'Second Gun"" by now...no film has been that supressed...where Cesar goes on and on about how there is going to be a race war...and how all he knows 'is that the black man isn't gonna win'..first the white man will do it with his voting...but that might not be enough...and on and on...with his Nazi views....views which must be shared by those Republicans who protect him to this day. A person would think that the non-racists, and non-whites would be able to put up a defense...or even an offense...but apparently not...sadley and wrongly... it's a very strong majority of white white-supremecists in the USA and has been for decades. Then we can add that the neocons also discredit a black surgeon in one swift neuron beaming. Think of the white guy (I mean I think we can presume) that murdered Kanye's Mom...he isn't going to see one day of jail...not unless the public ever gets to see thought and the massive secret history of the phone company and that seems very doubtful any time soon. CNN reports "she stopped breathing at her home"...indicating she was probably suffocated by preventing her brain from contracting her lung muscles to breathe in or out air. I feel like Quincy...but then it just recently was done to me but only for a few seconds. CNN would have said...she was "found unconscious" or something else probably..."found not breathing". As an aside, George Bush doesn't care about black people...that to me seems a minor issue....George Bush conspired to murder 3000 people is probably a larger crime and larger problem...but even with the physical evidence the public doesn't seem to get it. I love shit like that where a person speaks out...steps outside of the Orwellian society to speak a small truth...like when Alex Jones shows up behind a TV news report, or like the 9/11-truth people at the Mar show and other shows...that is funny and it's a tiny leak of truth and light that reaches the public and is quickly shutdown.

I find women of every race pretty and sexy, one thing I noticed in my new Penthouse issues is that all the nude women are all caucazoidal...it seems unusual because caucasian people only make up like 1/6 of the major races if not less...to me, and probably I am in the minority because there must be economic reasons for a magazine to have only white women or maybe that is what their audience wants mostly...but to me, it's like you go into a store and you can only buy 1/6 of the products. Interracial sex also adds a sexual element of excitement for some people, another "forbidden" sex-rule violated. There is something perhaps "bland" about some same-race relations perhaps. It's interesting to me that there is more variety in the caucasian race, for example, there are more hair and eye colors than other races of people that have generally brown eyes and black hair, so that is an interesting aspect of natural selection and evolution. In particular the mixing of traditional races produces, in my opinion, many times, in an individual, a new kind of beauty, unknown before that doesn't fit into the typical features of any major race. I think many people in the US place yellow-hair females over all other hair color and I think yellow-hair females are beautiful, but there is always the issue of too much of one thing creates an interest in something different, and it is too narrow to focus on one hair color people, or one race...I think most people's need for variety and curiosity tends to make them interested in branching out to appreciate the beauty of people with different hair colors, races, etc.

This morning there was a very minute cut made onto a finger, which prompted me to think again about this secret technology. It must be...to make these little muscle movements...such as was done...making my hand just swing to just take a tiny millimeter of skin off my finger from colliding with a shower door metal piece corner...there must be real-time 3d models of people's rooms and even moving bodies...the room 3D models are probably constant and don't require too much updating, while modeling people must take a long time, modeling cars is probably easy because their shape never changes...it's only translational and rotational movement that happens. But modeling people must take a lot of processor speed, because their bodily movements need to be constantly updated, but even then, like cars, people's bodies don't change physically, only segments move...the segments themselves don't change dimension (although, actually muscles do change the dimensions of segments...for example a flexed muscle changes the shape of the arm). So, in real-time, to move a muscle by a tiny quantity, just enough to make it scrape some other 3D surface by a millimeter...take some precision computing...and that appears to be being done.

This is a new neuron remote activation death: making a person inhale large objects in their mouth, such as a big gum wad or piece of food, causing them to choke.

I have doubts about the idea that like charges repel each other, I think it is possible, but could it simply be that objects with like charges simply resist being put together? In this view they don't repulse each other but simply physically block each other from joining together in adjacent spaces. I guess if two like-charged magnet end were some how forced together and then released they would repel each other, and so that would be evidence that there is a force of repulsion. I think we need to keep an open mind and try to make an effort to integrate electricity into gravitation if possible. Electricity could possibly, although I think this needs far more examination, just be two different kinds of particle groups that attract, repulsion just appearing that way because the particles are attracted in the opposite direction. Or repulsion could simply be the physical moving by unseen objects (electrons, photons, atoms, outside the magnet, but too small to be seen with the naked eye or photon detection equipment, etc) pushing against each other.
Another interesting thing in the Mechanical Universe "Fundamental forces" the teacher says "Relativity is a collosal mistake" in joking, but yet, in particular as insiders, there must be significant evidence that this statement actually is true. In any event, that is certainly my view, and I cite Fitzgerald as being the first to create the idea of space dilation to save the aether theory, so it tends to cast doubt, but beyond that, there is evidence for photons being matter. Another part later says "not everyone is going to share the nobel prize with albert einstein", again the key word is probably "share"...in others words there is probably a significant amount of evidence against relativity by those who have kept it secret in the camera-thought network...why keep such a simple thing a secret?...that is bizarre...it shows how backwards the controllers of the info are.

Some people wonder how a person can have morals or ethics without believing in a diety, but I think opposite is true and shocking, that people need fear (or I suppose love) of a diety in order to be moral and ethical? For me, there are many reasons to be not violent, to be honest, etc, that do not relate to any belief in dieties. For one thing, I am repulsed by violence, and it bothers me to see fellow living objects on earth feeling pain, being assaulted, etc. It has nothing to do with any kind of diety. Perhaps it's a feeling that I would not want that to happen to myself applied to other people as a kind of empathy, seeing through their eyes, being in their shoes, etc. Beyond that, I am honest to people because I think through honesty we can move forward as a society, better to tell the truth so we can move forward, many times there is no reason to lie, in which case the truth is always better in my view, plus a dishonest society, or a lie scares me, I fear a society that allows a lie to continue unexposed, that can't lead in a good direction in my opinion, again all decision made without any kind of dieties. Love, care for others and ourselves in biological I think, and then perhaps partially learned too, and there is no need for any religions or dieties for love, fairness, honesty, justice, etc. I don't think many of us think about why we do the things we do, and again it's evidence that there is no thought about dieties involved in at least my decision-making.

Here's a cool video:

I wonder if that is gravity or an electromagnetic field that brings the liquid back down. It's interesting the way gas or liquid is spewed up off the surface like a geyser and then comes back down to the surface. I wonder what kind of atoms that stuff is made off...maybe its motel iron, or hydrogen gas. I guess we could be looking at a solid, liquid or a gas. If this is a gas, we are looking at like a cloud layer like those on earth but of course much higher temperature, but the same density. The material in the streams is definitely finely grained, so is either gas, liquid or as a low probability, granular solid. But whatever it is is emiting light particles in the wavelength of the detector that recorded this. Probably most of the material on the surface of the Sun is emiting light particle at various rates, much more than on a planet.

It's terrible what is happening in Pakistan. It was wrong when Musharaff and the military took over in a coup d'etat in 1999 ousting Nawaz Sharif (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pervez_Musharraf for more info), the elected Prime Minister, and notice how the Bush jr admin readily supported Muscharaff, without any complaint about Musharaff overthrowing the representative democracy. It lessens the excuse that they wanted to remove Saddam Hussain because he was a dictator, since clearly Musharaff is a dictator that they are willing to work with and support. Our government gives Pakistan 1 billion dollars a year, I definitely cast my vote against that, maybe work to end starvation and dehydration there, but that's it. And now Musharaff has made a police state. Some people are arguing that this is some kind of test for the Bush jr admin who may want to implement a police state and suspend the constitution (what remains of it) and the body of laws that came after it, with the excuse of "terrorism" before the 2008 "election". The news stories in the US claim that Musharraf is opposed to Islamic extremists, but it seems more likely that, like all dictators, the largest source of opposition comes from pro-democracy/anti-monarchy people. Packistan and Musharraf's role in 9/11 certainly needs to be fully exposed and explored, clearly one of his closest friends and fellow General Mahmoud Ahmed funded Atta: from the article abouve:
"On July 22, 2004, The Guardian reported that Omar Sheikh, a British-born Islamist, had, on the instructions of General Mahmoud Ahmed, the then head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), wired $100,000 before the 9/11 attacks to Mohammed Atta, the lead hijacker. When Ahmed was exposed by the Wall Street Journal as having sent the money to the hijackers, Musharraf forced him to retire.[80] The 9/11 commission did not investigate this funding."
Look how Musharraf just makes him retire...like Ahmed was one of the thousands with their hands in the 9/11 mass murder who was caught, ... it's like the stop murder forces just made a quick swipe through the thousands of participants and all they could pull out was Ahmed...and so Musharraf just makes him retire and everybody apparently forgets...like oh! you, my close friend who I work with everyday, we're mysteriously funding a 9/11 hijacker patsie...what a surprise that I know nothing about...now I must punish you for being involved with murdering 3000 people by making you retire. No criminal charge, no criminal investigation...I mean its publicly obvious that they are involved and not seeking to expose what happened on 9/11. The shocking thing is here, we funded the 9/11 murders and murderers...they were almost all tax-payed funded, nice eh?

That's kind of interesting if it costs $50,000 to place a full page ad in the NYTimes, then maybe it costs around $5,000 to pay for an article or "news" story that occupies 1/10th of the page.

Probably there will be holidays for every special interest group: weed-mas/drug-mas (I can see a tree with various bongs, crack pipes), gun-mas/weapon-day (perhaps a tree with various weapons), sex-mas, every special interest group there is, for me though, I don't have time to celebrate, I want to end aging, build my walking robots, and get going to alpha centauri before I get much older.

Just thinking back about the "The Thought Reading Machine" book. I sent my Mom a copy and it is nowhere to be found in her possessions, and I think that speaks volumes about the kind of torment she must have endured with insiders stealing her property and beaming who-knows-what onto her mind.

There is a funny thing, sometimes insiders are like...why can't you hook up with anybody around you?...and you know ..it's basically impossible for an outsider to hook up with an insider...it's like dating a blind and deaf person...not many people are willing to endure it...because they communicate through thought but yhe outsider doesn't hear thought...the insider has to say out loud everything...but the exact opposite is true for the included...how can you not hook up when you are included?...I mean you can hear thoughts....there is no mystery at all...it's probably like...hey wanna do it? yeah ok...and it's done...in a millisecond..where for the outsider they never really know...does this person wanna do it or no? do they like me or despise me? etc. Beyond that...the insiders can scour the landscape...all the insides of houses and heads...looking for physical and intellectual matches....an outsider is lucky to be able to scrape up even a date or a kiss ... with anybody...and generally a person not remotely similar, probably not one of the better matches possible. It is incredibly easy to hook up for insiders...it can't fail....but the exact opposite is true for outsiders...it can't possibly succeed...and then add into that evil insiders who beam "don't do it!" onto both outsiders minds...and you can see it will never succeed. And that is part of the Nazistic truth about the at&t pupin people-the insiders...just like a typical auschwitz...they horde everything for themselves....the cup spilleth over for them....while only 2 cm away people are dying from supply shortage.... And then why? only because they are a different race, religion, simply never knew anybody who was inside, an intellectual, who knows...generally honest and wise people are excluded, while the violent and stupid are included...(and like Nazis they hide and remove any trace of what they've done)...maybe I'm wrong, only all the secret at&t videos will show the truth should the public ever care to force them to open up the archive.

I'm tried of people pretending the "right" is a bunch of murdering Nazi criminals. There are many right wingers who are anti-murder, who are anti-Nazi, and I think it's long overdue to hear from those people. People who are disgusted by the secret murdering of the current leaders of the Republicans, people who want full democracy, full rule by the people, and reject the current beaurocratic representative form, in particular with it's dishonest murderous idiot leaders like the Bush family. The right-wing murdering Nazis such as the Bush family have ruled the USA for far too long, and it's time for the true lawful honest right to rise up, expose the Bush's murders (which are in the millions), do the right thing, be honest, tell the truth, stamp out the violent Nazi criminals, and restore decency to the USA. What is going on now goes beyond right and left and relates to good and bad, true and false, those who murder and those who jail murderers, etc. it goes far beyond the trivial white or black, left or right, blue or red analogies.

It's shocking to me that people could allow murderers to roam free just because they feel that the murderer is a "right winger" like them, that is total idiocy and a path to extinction. As I said before, who the fuck cares if the Green River Killer is a Republican?! I mean c'mon what the fuck?

In some way, I compare the left versus right debate to our founding members as a nation, they opposed oppressive and undemocratic rule, they believed in religious and philosophical freedom, we're they right or left? To me, I don't think it mattered, they stood together against injustice and oppression. Another comparison is the right and left of our own bodies, it seems a good example that we need both sides of our body, to use only one side of our body would make life much tougher. We need to think more deeply past the shallow labels of left and right and more towards violent and nonviolent, deeper labels that carry more importance.

One thing that is a unifying force, is the realization that the group of we humans on earth, we earthlings form a relatively small group, and we should be looking to move forward as a species to start colonizing the planets of other stars...we are in a competetition...less against each other, as against life of planets of other stars, who, like us, are also realizing the same things...that to leaverage their future, the future of their kind of life, they need to own a lot of stars...the less matter they control, the less power and influence they will have...but I guess that depends on the idea that all life of the same type would support each other against life of a different kind (if you look at the few science fiction stories...they all show the universal view of earthlings despising life of other stars...in fact there is only one I know of {Contact} where the view of other life from people of earth is not hostile). So perhaps instead of saying go team this, or go team that...we should be saying 'go team earthlings' because ultimately our bigger competitors for supplies and freedoms are those organisms that have made the globular clusters.

Now, when people beam stuff on me, instead of thinking about the item they beamed, I tend to think of where they are...what it is like...a society made of beamers...is it the police? is it the phone company? what buildings are they in? Do they work from home? Is it the electric company? Do they work together to put in cameras? how do the police and military and phone company work together? ... what is their intention in such a beaming? What does it reveal about their environment and beliefs?

It seems clear to me that Hydrogen gas as a fuel is probably going to replace the vast majority of other fuels. Fuels from fossil oil is finite (although from oil made by life is a possibility). Still, I think people will probably figure out how to extract hydrogen the most simple atom from any matter...like the big incinerator in the sky...they will turn garbage into hydrogen gas...it can't be impossible...it must have been recognized as a very early important goal...no doubt it only take a few beams of neutrons and a turning centrifuge or something similar to collect the hydrogen gas that emits from the radioactive garbage. So that being known, it seems like we should have hydrogen combustion engines by now, and in particular hydrogen combustion batteries, hydrogen food grills, ... I mean what is the hold up? I think it has to be the fossil fuel (oil) companies ... but why wouldn't they hop on the hydrogen market? Who knows. It's not 100% certain that hydrogen will be the do-all fuel of the future, but we know fossil fuels are a dead end as a finite resource, I can't see biofuels being fast enough...we have to wait for the bacteria or whatever to reproduce, where with hydrogen we just separate atoms. I guess it's between atom separating and bacteria...but even with bacteria...they may want hydrogen...H2+O2 is a simple combustion...it's the most simple combustion known as far as I know, and probably the most efficient. So where are the hydrogen grills, batteries, generators, cars, helicopters, planes? Why the delay? It must be expensive to create a neutron centrifuge, and then there is no guarantee that it will work...when you are dealing with radioactive material, it can only be expensive and big...It's surprising that there are no bacteria known that can convert H2O into hydrogen gas, maybe using photosynthesis. Clearly in photosynthesis plants are separating H2 and O because they are using the Hydrogen for their hydrocarbon tissues...the hydrogen can only come from H2O...and that is a curious thing in Asimov's encyclopedia of scientists...he doesn't mention that plants use Hydrogen, it seems unusual because that is so obvious, where else could all that massive amount of hydrogen in plant tissue come from? Maybe there are photosynthetic bacteria that produce hydrogen gas from H2O. As I have said before we need to go beyond that into the atom separation realm anyway, because we need to extract hydrogen from atoms on waterless planets and moons.

There is a planned power outage where I live, probably so the phone company can get in there without people's security cameras going and put in more cameras and lasers....lasers that can even kill by making neurons freeze critical muscles such as the human lung inhaling muscle, heart muscle, among many others. But it prompted me to think about getting a battery backup for the electricity in my house. Wouldn't you think that by now people had figured out a way so that a consumer can have a battery backup generator that can last for 24 hours during a power outage...or maybe that can last up to a week? Wouldn't such a thing by the most obviously useful product? But I must be like the first person to ever have thought of this, because there is nothing out there. It's probably one of those "cover-up the technology" phenomena that we (don't) see so often in these fullieval ages. I envision a hydrogen gas generator that runs on water...when you have electricity you build up hydrogen and oxygen gas from water. Then when your electricity goes off, the two tanks of gas start to combust turning an electrical generator and restoring your electricity. The only problem I can think of is how to pressurize the gases...perhaps the water needs to be entered into a closed high-pressure system. Then it will be pressure versus electric seperation of hydrogen and oxygen...yeah I guess the hydrolysis just needs to happen in a closed vessel....also there is the gas pressure versus the water pressure...but I think it would take a lot of pressure to force the gases into the water or back together. So getting back to the power supply backup...it's ridiculously simple...just convert DC from a battery to AC. So there are "UPS" universal power supplies, but they last for under 1 hour...even the most expensive ones you can buy, which is absurd...you know...hey make one with ten batteries...it's ridiculous. Maybe a person could buy ten and string them together? (That "wire them in sequence/why're them in sequins?" of Dave von Kleist resonates on this idea, but maybe its coincidence). Most of the "electrical generators" people can buy are all fossil fuel gas generators. It seems inefficient to run the gas motor all the time, even thoough you only need electricity from time to time, plus it needs to be running all the time, or ready to automatically start when there is a power drop. I see here a gas generator that will go 12 hours on half load...but you can't wheel that into yer house...and it's loud. I think I need to search for an "indoor electrical generator price" or maybe "battery electrical generator price". Xantrex makes some battery generators, but they don't have UPS abillity. People use "watts" to determine how long a battery will last, but also there are amp-hours which is how long a battery will last at 1 amp of use. Rechargable lead acid batteries definitely wear down over time and go bad within a year I think if they are not constantly charged. The lead-acid battery needs to be replaced by something else, maybe lithium, or hydrogen combustion. Another point on this is that possibly I could just get an inverter to connect to any car battery. Here are some: http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/automotive/387680011/ref=pd_zg_hrsr_auto_1_4_last/103-8343419-8269401 For $30 you can have a 400 watt inverter that with a good 12volt car battery will last for a few hours in the event of a power outage. I'm surprised more people don't use these. One person commented that these should be standard in cars, and I would add, and in houses. Some people were saying "in-vert" and that word resonates on this handy item too. Now I need something so that this thing can automatically turn on when the electricity stops. Maybe there is some way of using a UPS that has two inputs, one from the wall and one from a battery, but it only takes from the wall unless there is nothing there. Here is an anomaly: are there now UPS devices with jumper cables or 3-prong plug for an external battery supply? The UPS battery could be vastly extended by simply connecting it to a car battery. Then it would charge the battery when not in use. In theory I guess a person can plug a battery charger into a wall, connect it to a 12V car battery, also connect the inverter to the car battery, and then just run off the inverter. The backup computer with your security cameras would pull current from the battery (I think or possibly from the voltage on the charger...but that could be hazardous if the charger is only designed to handle a few amps and the computer pulls more than the wire thickness is designed for), the rate of charging would have to be higher than the rate of usage, and these batteries take hours to recharge so I doubt this scheme is workable. In some way I think which current is drawn from depends on what has less resistance the wall voltage or battery. It's interesting that the thickness of a wire determines how much current it can move...from robot building I found that a large current can burn apart a thin wire...and melt the insulation around it....even thick wires get hot when moving a large amount of current...it's really interesting. So I would say as a novice to UPS devices, that what an average person would want is a UPS with 2 inputs one from wall and one from car battery(s), and a few outputs to plug devices into. The UPS normally charges the external batteries, unless a voltage drop is detected in which case it uses the battery supply. This is basically a UPS with the option of an external battery which it can charge, and mysteriously there are no such devices available for purchase to my knowledge. With an inverter you can handle a planned power outage, but most power outages are unplanned. http://www.tripplite.com/products/ups/accessories/index.cfm has a UPS that uses external batteries. To sum up, it looks grim. There are no long lasting (24-hours for 1 computer and router) UPS devices in the $100 range (or even above apparently!) to my knowledge. A gas generator is an option, but that needs to be outside, it's noisy and smelly. The best thing I can see is possibly rewiring a UPS to take electricity from an external car battery, and I don't think I am going to bother, but maybe someday I will experiment with it. The inverter with a car battery looks like a possibility for planned outages, and also for a few hours of electricity when the power goes out. I would rather buy a car battery from sears, and replace it for free periodically than have to constantly buy UPS devices when the battery runs out. A UPS is an inverter, a battery charger, and a smart switch all in one, so maybe the rewire to a car battery is the way to go. Here's a useful device: kill-a-watt to measure how many watt a device is using. An inverter seems just like a good low cost device to buy any way, I think I am just going to buy the Xantrex Technologies XPower Plus 400-Watt Inverter #851-0400 and see how long my security camera can last with a 12v battery. With the robot motors, they used the electricity very quickly, within an hour, so I doubt this will last for 8 hours, but maybe. IT's interesting that many people are depended on the electricity and phone wire network, knowing that all eggs are in that one basket, probably some kind of alternative electricity supply and wireless networks will form as the primary backup for those systems...in the even that the phone network is down people would possibly connect wirelessly to some wireless-only satellite network. If those wall and ceiling neuron lasers went out I'm not sure how many people would complain, probably those who aren't the victims of constant assault and molestation with them only would.

Amnesty International sent this out:
"Unpopular and desperate, Musharraf suspended the bulk of Pakistan's Constitution, shut down the judicial system, raided the Office of Human Rights Commission, arrested human rights activists, and restricted TV and radio stations from broadcasting. He is justifying his actions by blaming terrorists -- but he's only targeting opposition leaders, peaceful demonstrators, lawyers and judges. Days ago, he detained several of the Supreme Court Justices, including the Chief Justice."

One interesting point is that electricity flows through the telephone wire too, although I'm not exactly sure what the voltage or current is, both are no doubt small compared to electrical wires in a house, and same for cable television wires, they also carry electricity but what voltage and current they don't care to divulge to the public.

I think possibly that the key to seeing and sending eyes and thought images is tuning into a single frequency of light, one that is emitted and absorbed from neurons. Since no other molecules around are emitting in that wavelength it is easy to isolate to a brain, and in addition, perhaps when neurons absorb photons of that same wavelength (and no doubt there are a variety of frequencies to choose from depending on the molecules in neurons) eventually they will fire, because the absorbed photons have to go somewhere.

Some of the "Oral histories" interviews at Columbia University are interesting.
http://www.columbia.edu/cu/lweb/indiv/oral/heads.html http://www.inthefirstperson.com/firp/firp.result.words.aspx?word=pupin&sortorder=collection In one, Stephen Dunwell states: "Pupin, who did the repeater coil, that made long distance telephone possible, was there. Charles Dunning, who literally holds the patent on the atomic bomb, was there. That was all an earlier period. So it was quite a prestigious place to be if you were into engineering."
The "repeater coil": we basically repeat what we think out loud, but it is unecessary for those who hear thought. This implies that PUpin was involved with hearing thought too. This is a real feature of this 1910s technology, that humans (and other species that make sounds) play a potential statement in their brain before repeating it out loud by moving their mouth muscles. And so, for those few who hear thoughts...they know what the person is going to say before the person says it. But, for some evil reasons, they have chosen not to reveal this simple fact to the public...it's been 100 years and they still have not told the public. It's clear evidence of the nature of many people to look down on their fellow humans, and view them as lesser people who don't deserve equality or even to know the truth. It's shocking that people know how to build a nuclear bomb, and that nuclear bombs exist, but not that thought can be heard. That technology has been kept secret. It's greed too. People realized that hearing thought gives them an unbelievable advantage over those that cannot hear thought, in every way shape and form. There are disadvantages too, however, for example...to outsiders they have to repeat their thoughts...everything takes twice as long if not longer to complete. Plus the corruption of murderers in the inside who can't be exposed and the power and force of public opinion can't be brought in to jail them...and so they are a great risk to the safety of even the insiders because they can murder many people without ever being punished. I don't doubt that the oral histories reveal some good info about the history of science. A person could spend the rest of their life researching the history of 1900s science alone, trying to piece together the actual secret stories. It's similar to reconstructing what really happened with the Bible text. You have to piece together the fragments of text and think deeply about the context, keeping an open mind to all the possibilities....it's a tough thing, but I think it can be done to some extent. I can't believe I figured out that Pupin saw thought, for example, but it was through this method of piecing together fragments, insider hints, etc. How much better and smarter simply telling the public the truth in full detail would be. I think it's a matter of creating laws that protect people who reveal secrets...basically making a government without the possibility of keeping secrets. Perhaps then, secrecy would shift to private companies, but even they could be forced open by the public in a full democracy. It seems clear that once full free info is rolling, there will be very little opportunity for even "private" businesses and people to keep secrets. In my mind, that's a good thing because this planet is too small, and the survival of life far too precious to allow a small group of people to do something secretly. We need to know everything that is going on, everything that might be a threat to the continued survival of life on earth. We have already been overly reckless in allowing secrecy to start wars that very well could have ended civilization. WW1 and 2, Vietnam, Argentina, Panama, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, are all clear examples of how secrecy led to the murder of thousands of innocent people and risked destruction of the tiny planet by lasers, by nuclear fission, even by conventional explosives and guns. My advice to the public is to actively end secrecy, in particular until we can secure life on the moon, mars and on planets of Alpha Centauri...then I think people might be able to relax and be more careless about secrecy.

Somebody really should draw this out for the public...showing how a person thinks something, and then says it aloud. I don't think I've ever seen that.

What's interesting and no doubt a secret is how people for decades after the electric camera, which I have pinpointed to no later than 1900 and probably around 1890 or earlier, how people must have recorded images from electronic cameras (basically like television) onto film...was this done by directly filming a CRT, or through some electronic method? Clearly the electronic minicameras were in all the houses, the electronic signals came back to the phone company, and then what...they have to have a film reel for every camera...and then do they also have a CRT for every camera signal? It would save them money to just have the signal go directly to film...possibly like the early fax machine...they make a line of lights and shine it row by row onto the film? I don't know but I'm sure they figured it out, probably even before 1900. By the time of Pupin in 1910 all this stuff must have already been in place, and no doubt there are movies even of Pupin first seeing thought at AT&T.

To me, people are so stupid in this century, because they reject pleasure...I don't understand it...why they curse physical pleasure...and pretend that they don't like the feeling of physical pleasure...it's ironic and idiotic because pleasure feel so good...I don't think people will ever stop calling people perv's and peds, certainly no time soon, while murderers and assaulters roam free. It's pure idiocy on the part of the majority, but eventually I think the coldness is going to thaw, already it has over the 2 millenia since the rise of Christianity...but antisexuality goes back before Christianity...antisexuality appears to have very distant roots, although for example, the earliest writing shows a society (Sumeria) that accepted and felt no shame about prostitution for example. It's terrible that people have made this a "celebate planet"...that's why when I hear antisexuals it disgusts me knowing how frigid the planet is already...but ultimately I want to try and reach those people, to educate them and change their minds about consensual pleasure or at least help them to recognize and address the problem of unconsenual pain and violence that plagues the planet. The funniest line about this phenomenon is "who are these people who are getting too much pleasure that they can speak out against it?", the antisexuals...apparently they are experiencing a surplus of pleasure...which is hard to imagine in this bone dry era...a few grains of pleasure is far too much for them...that they speak out against and actively try to stop consensual pleasure (even at the level of kissing and message), sexuality (oral, mast, anything remotely related to genitals...many are for actively and involuntarily severing genitals), nudity, prost, etc...it's so stupid. I have to put that up there with the woman who stated "we don't know where it came from!" when asked about her husbands alleged sexual antics. That also applies to most of society in terms of their views on linking sex and why evolution and the human species continues. How about their shock and dismay at seeing two people of the same gender? At seeing nudity? masturbation? It's bizarre. For some, images of nudity are more shocking than graphic images of violence...not to me.

It's interesting that many of these "laser" people that zap us, and also that survail us, ... their primary occupation is "spin"...to spin public opinion...in their favor. I think people need to be able to throw off their powerful suggestions and turn to analysis of how to expose them...what they do...how to stop them...understanding what they are trying to do...where they have made mistakes...that would be a better use of precious time from your mind. Always, the zap given to you, should be returned to them, automatically I think...obviously the victim doesn't want that shit...send it back to the source. The violent criminals have had their turn, now it's the victims' turn.

This is kind of an interesting view we don't hear about too often: the idea that photons enter into material (which is also made of photons) by finding openings, they then bounce around reflecting off of other photons (in atoms), they get "trapped" in the maze of atomic lattice. In bouncing around they push other photons, and I don't know if these photons maintain the same velocity, or change velocity...that is a debate that will last probably for a long time, but maybe the incoming photon's velocity contributes to the average velocity of the other photons in the atoms, and therefore increases it's so-called "temperature", which Maxwell defined as the average velocity of particles (in some volume of space). It's an interesting thing that as light falls on an object, photons are reflected (some bounce off..and here...it would seems that to bounce off at the same angle, they would have to have collided with the exact top of another spherical photon ... any other part of the photon would result in a different angle of reflection, and of course some are absorbed...perhaps it is by gravity that a photon is pulled into orbit of other photons, or perhaps just by limited number of openings in the atomic structure, or both..and this bouncing around of the photons...or the increase of photons in atoms...I'm not sure...heats up the object...as any object heats up in a beam of light ...different atoms absorb and emit different specific frequencies of photons and that is something also to think about...but yet that would seem to be a violation of the black-body radiation principle if they do not emit according to the black-body curve..actually I think they emit at discrete frequencies but all near the lower end...I need to think about it more...when the light is turned off...perhaps the photons in the atom find exits and escape which lowers the overall collision count within an atomic lattice and therefore lowers the temperature. In someway temperature relates to matter density, but it seems to relate to matter movement more than quantity of matter.
It's slow going but I still lost a pound this week and was at 239lbs this morning.

I saw an interesting video of a talk by Naomi Wolfe:
I agree with a lot of what Wolfe says about the parallels of what is happening now with 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq and past models of the rise of a fascist government. I'm pro-pornography and consensual sexuality (it's not clear to me what Wolfe's views are on those issues, but many femanists are against pornography and sexuality which I think is wrong), to me it is so simple and clear that violence is the big problem, not sexuality or information no matter how upsetting. Wolfe refers to "insiders" as some people are doing which is hopeful for us who are excluded from seeing, hearing and sending thought. I would characterize this talk as progressive. It's kind of funny when Wolfe says "is everybody ok?", I must be unlike most people in having a high tolerance for the shocking truth. Seeing the video http://youtube.com/watch?v=doKkduuY-M4 of Wolfe on Colbert is interesting too. It's amazing how quick Colbert is...and how fast the exchange is. Wolfe is just talking about the tip of the iceburg with the massive secret injustice happening. It's interesting that Wolfe is just a little older than me. It's nice to see a person that is somewhat good looking talking about these issues. Wolfe is a good public speaker, but the problem with many modern speakers, for me, is that they are too boring. This talk I barely sat through because of the themes of fascism were interesting enough to me. And interesting point is that Wolfe did not post this video herself, and to my knowledge no major femanists post videos on youtube yet.

While I am in New York State I thought I might possibly go to Columbia University and look at the Pupin archive: http://clio.cul.columbia.edu/cgi-bin/Pwebrecon.cgi?BBRecID=4079580&v2=1
there are 10 boxes, but people can only access microfilm copies of the contents, and then only the contents of boxes 1,2 6 and 7. The key would be to just get an electronic copy of all the images. I think I am interested in finding the names of Pupin's lab assistants. It's possible all 3 major achievements (seeing, hearing and sending) were all part of a "Manhattan project" and done at Columbia, potentially under Pupin's direction. In any event Pupin is clearly the starting point for all this research into sarisammtafb. Perhaps there are some carefully chosen words in his correspondence that might hint at what happened. I doubt seriously there will be any explicit writing, and if there was, that it would not be available to the public. Still, I think that something would be gained from looking at the archive. I'm not sure how to find out who were Pupin's assistants, that would be good info. Columbia is about 4 hours from Syracuse, so I don't know if I am going to go.
The location of these microfilms are: Rare Book, Butler 6th Fl. East (Non-Circulating). The video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-EEm0E_zZa0 on Pupin has the archive at the Low Library. Potentially some of the names of Pupin's assistants might come from the Physics department records 1870-1983:
Interesting Pupin links:
http://www.pupintelecom.co.yu/en/ who states: "in the spirit of cooperation and partnership keeping in mind ecological aspects."
http://www.imp.bg.ac.yu/index.htm Institute Mihailo Pupin which has an image of a woman's eye just like my "business" card.

An interesting part of the archive is:
"Professor Pupin’s daughter, Varvara Smith, and his son-in-law, Louis Graham Smith. His daughter’s letters and documents deal with her financial difficulties, her administration of Pupin’s estate and her claims against Columbia University. Louis G. Smith’s letters deal with his anti-Communist sentiments and his manuscripts a..."
a lot of anti-commie stuff interestingly enough, where is the pro-full-democracy and anti-Nazi stuff I wonder? I know my anti-Nazi pro-full-democracy archive is large.
But look how Pupin's daughter has "financial difficulties"...that indicates that Pupin didn't get a lot of dough for being the first to see thought, but AT&T did. Think about how much people will pay to see inside people houses and to hear thoughts...that has to be a lot of dough.

Some people found that sunlight may reduce a woman's chance of breast cancer, but how tah hellas are they going to get sunlight on their breasts when nudity has been banished?

There was an AP article about how most young people don't know the laws relating to sex, and that is a major topic and should be a ripe vein of activity, because we need to seriously look at our sex laws, can a parent show a child porno? can you have sex if you are under 18? All those questions should be answered and clear, not hidden and secret...then the next thing you know you are looking at 10 years in jail because you didn't know what you did was illegal and what the punishments could be. The same goes for the violence laws. We need to clean up the jungle of our laws too as a third point. We need to fully democratize everything so we can vote and clear out old and unpopular laws.

One cool model is a field of spheres separated by space and then send through a line of spheres. It's one possible simulation of a beam of light particles entering an atom lattice (or even a photon lattice). It's similar to a pachinko or pinball game the way the spheres bounce around. I am trying to find a model for refraction that might explain why a straight beam passes through unbent, but a beam angled to the surface is bent.

Interesting about the Federal indictment of OC Sheriff Corona, I don't know what happened as an outsider, only insiders probably know or maybe not, but usually these Federal charges, in particular when it's money related (and not serious crime such as violent crime related), usually means the victim pissed off the Bush administry or whoever the US President administry happens to be. I used to think Corona was probably not too good, because of all the zapping I get, but now I think maybe he did something good, to be pissing off the Bush jr and the Fed. Or maybe the secret cam thought net turned against Corona, they coughed up an audio recording of Corona...well, Corona must be an insider so...he knows everything is recorded, but AT&T just don't show the public anything...but they make small exceptions for stuff like this. Again, I want to remind people of the possible write in of "Ted Huntington" on the next election, because I think we should let the public vote directly, stop violence, end the drug war, decrim prost, make health care consentual only-clean up psych system, total free info, fully democratic police.

Interesting story about moving microscopic objects with photons:
It's a hopeful bujt meager indication of the tiniest steps forward.
Some people spelled out "MIT" in E. Coli, but there is no image of it. The must be something unsavory about seeing "MIT" spelled in E. Coli, but this is one of the problems with the current view of science and news, that no images are required. You don't announce that people spelled "MIT" in E. Coli and then not show the image of it...but I guess in this pre-scriptural society you do!

Let me get this straight: the authorities culled through millions of people and square miles, and found a kid who started the fires in California by "playing with matches", something sounds unlikely, more likely, the neocons got pissed and laser started the fires from lasers on satellites we funded owned by their private military.

I'm reading an interesting book about the historical story of Christianity according to scholars who study this particular subject. This book is "The Lost Gospel" by Burton Mack who also wrote the more recent "Who wrote the New Testament?" which I am going to look at too. So it will be back-to-back Mack. This book is clearly written which is nice. It's an interesting analysis of the so-called "Q" source. Then the view that the earliest writings are similar to the cynics as Q1, and the later the end-of-the-world text is added as Q2, and there is a later Q3, which are merged together. Then Mark wrote the story of Jesus and these scholars claim, something very interesting, that Mark is basically the originater of the classic story of Jesus, Matthew and Luke copying from the Mark text and using the Q text as a secondary source. It's interesting that the Q source hypothesis arose before there was any physical evidence (other than the actual text of the gospels) for such a document and so there must have been a lot of doubt about it, but then the Gospel of Thomas was found which is a "Jesus sayings" gospel, and is in the genre of the Q text, and is a piece of evidence that such a text actually existed and that this "Jesus' sayings" was the style of early followers of Jesus. Then it's interesting how Mack and other scholars separate the Q source into chronological order. There are 2 clear parts to the Q text which Q1: Jesus giving out philosophical teachings and Q2: Jesus as talking about the day of judgement. This, Mack relates is a clear issue among the Christian scholars, as to ... was Jesus talking about the day of Judgement and then the teachings were added later to soften the message, or as Mack and others argue, was Jesus more of like the Q1 text, giving cynic-like advice (to live in poverty, without possessions, etc), and later Q2 (day of judgement) was added. (I'm not doing this topic justice because I'm not a Christian history scholar, so see the book for a better explanation). So that is very interesting, that Jesus and his early followers may have been similar to cynics in their philosophy. Mack draws an interesting comparison with the early writings of Paul's missionary activity where they lived in voluntary poverty and receive their support (I guess food, clothes, etc) from settled communities in exchange for Christian instruction (as is found in the Q text). It's interesting to me, to try and piece together the actual history of the earth as best as possible without any supernatural beliefs.

I saw Richard Stallman talk against software patents, and I am against all patents including software patents. I made a video of my question "Do you think that the public will ever vote for full information?" and Stallman's answer: "I don't even know what that is.", and I will post that here later. Seeing public speakers is kind of unpleasant because it's usually very dull and repressive, nobody ever says anything interesting, nor asks any interesting questions, because we live in a stone age, where people are entertained by soap opera and sitcom material. After some lady looked at me and said "go", and I thought my latest sound-bite "hey why not learn to tolerate people different from you", but perhaps she was saying "go Ted!", somehow I have trouble believing that. Probably the people at UCI (in thought) forbade Stallman from answering anything other than software patent questions, who to gehana knows, only the insiders know, or even then perhaps they know not. Perhaps it was self censorship. I would never want to limit my interaction with the public in that way, but as I said, maybe that is the price paid to be able to talk to groups of people. My impression is almost always the same, most people are so brutal and mean, we live in a stone age, and a little touch of nausia. Until I can get some walking robots to prepare the journey to Centauri I'm going to have to try to make the best of it. Stallman did some funny things, like hopped around on one leg, I think this may mean that the robots in the military are very dexterous by now, jumping, hopping, sprinting, and no doubt as smart as any human...but the terrible thing is that they are being kept secret. I think again the walking robots are going to have to come through the hobbiest and/or consumer door just like seeing, hearing and sending thought probably will. I'm glad I got out the concept of complete freedom of all information, to a few hundred people. I agree with Stallman on most issues, but there was one issue I probably disagree with Stallman on, and that is free international trade which Stallman refered to as a "sweatshop treaty" or something similar. I view the answer to sweatshops, as free information and full democracy...many people would not support injustice if ever they saw it. I'm not in favor of sweatshops, and soon robots will probably replace all low skill labor anyway, but as long as work is consensual I see nothing wrong with it, the key is to stop violence, stop starvation, etc. Stallman expressed the view that we need to stop people using businesses as weapons to force patent legislation, where I take the view that free info and full democracy are going to be the answers to those problemsm and not some kind of new laws to restrict a company's right to move in or out of a nation. So I record my vote in favor of a full free market, and international democracy where the public gets to vote. Stallman said in a true democracy Bill Gates' vote would be equal to his, and I think to a certain extent that is true, certainly Gates' vote would have the value of a single human, the same as all of our votes, but free info and free market implies that wealthy people will always be able to use their money to influence votes, even to buy votes (as I argue is already happening). It's full democracy and the free market, and I don't think it should be regulated except by itself, and to some degree that is unavoidable, anytime a minority view wins legislation, a majority can and usually will overturn it in the long run. So it's interesting to me that Stallman would not see the inevitability of complete freedom of all information. I am glad to say that Stallman was very approachable, I said "hi" and he took the time to stop, turn around, shake my hand and let me introduce myself, Stallman even stayed around to sell GNU products after his talk and chat with a small group of people. I thought I might stop and chat more about this idea of complete freedom of all information, but then I thought...it would probably just annoy him as people generally appear to be annoyed by me and my questions, and there is a danger in persisting because I could get in trouble for thought and speech crimes, and the Pupin camera thought net might not hear genuine allegience in my "long live big brother!" greeting, and a fire squad might have to instead of put out fires, burn books they find in my house, and obviously I don't want that to happen. Stallman did a few word plays (or perhaps his mouth muscles were remotely moved), one memorable one was "j-ped", I wonder if that relates to krusto or philo?

Cheers to Drew Carey who took part in a video to advocate the US decriminalizing marijuana for medical use, which is already supported by 72% of the public.

This is an interesting topic http://online.wsj.com/article/SB119393867164279313.html

it occurs to me that it is unusual that we don't have solid data on how many psychosurgeries are being performed, where we have solid data on how many other surgeries are being performed. There is a curtain of secrecy around psychological health treatments, in particular those performed unconsensually and/or against clear objection of the patient.

One thing that is interesting in this Orwellian age is that some people in the cam-thought net, in the police, could easily get your DNA from your garbage, and plant it at a murder scene. It would not take too much trouble, but fortunately, so far as I know as an outsider, these kinds of things, have not happened...that is framing innocent people for murders committed by other people who are not publicly identified to the outsiders. One tool in your defense would be any video showing you somewhere else at the time of the murder, but who constantly videos themselves all day?
My weight is at 240lbs, and appears to have reached some kind of bedrock. It hasn't changed significantly for weeks and I am keeping the same program, perhaps I am eating larger portions, but there is little else different. I am sometimes eating a larger lunch, but I can't believe that that makes a major difference, in particular because I'm hungry around 5pm anyway which to me signals that all the food has been processed.

sci: There is a basic principle that few people if any identify, and I would call this principle something like the "one frame at a time" or "can only play movie forward" or maybe "only path to future is through each time interval", which is: currently the only way to accurately estimate the location of any matter in the future, is by taking their location some time in the past or present and running a simulation forward at a very small time interval (for example 1 frame every nanosecond, for my own gravity simulations I run 30 frames a second [a new set of universe calculations each 33ms...matter takes on velocities of however many pixels/frame which translates to some time]). Although for a closed volume of space where only a few pieces of matter move according to periodic regularity, the motions can be generalized geometrically. And I think this is what was done in making the perihelion of planet Mercury comparisons between Newton's equation and the ten tensor quations of Relativity, the only solution I have ever seen in print (although I need to look more) uses a geometrical proof, not an interative (running the movie forward from some given set of planetary positions) proof. So both for Relativity and Newtonian Gravity this concept of "one frame at a time to get to the future" is required. There is no known method to "skip ahead" in time without calculating intermediate mass positions, to my knowledge.

This is somewhat interesting. A "nanotube" radio:

I think this is evidence that microscopic photon sending and receiving devices could have been developed even in the early 20th century, but certainly by the late 1900s. Clearly Pupin uses the word "microscopic", and that likely hints that, even by 1920 microscopic miniturization of photon sending and receiving components probably evolved. That is definitely part of the story of science, even though there is not a lot of physical evidence to prove its existence. As an interesting aside, since the phone company (no doubt funded by the massive money we give to the US military) has access to very close to everybody's house...I mean certainly at the street if not closer, and underground...they can use a huge-ass receiver there where nobody would care, and have the nano or micro devices in people houses which only need to reach the receiver only a few meters away. The video is interesting, in particular how an aluminum sheet is used to block the photon signal. It hints that clearly the anti-blocking technology had to evolve. There were all kinds of subtle technological advances...notice how you can turn your head when you are being zapped and the zapping continues...the many lasers are coordinated to continue a beam on your head no matter how your head moves...although it is probably to your advantage to move as much as possible since you might find "dead areas" where no laser has been installed yet. In addition, I'm sure some of us, I know I have, outsiders have tried to block the beams with metal objects, and I have found from very limited testing that...certainly the lasers can adjust to go through your hand...but maybe metal is tougher to penetrate. This is a long the lines of the running joke about next everybody is going to be wearing a tinfoil hat...still I think tin foil could be penetrated, but isn't that funny. It's ridiculous that society would come to that. I definitely appreciate this NY Times article, they should have accurately reported on what Pupin did in 1910, certainly by 1920, 1930, 1940, 1950 and by 1960 at the latest.

Sci: I think it's important to carefully measure the mass of various particles using a method that is independent of electrical charge. Not only to find the actual true mass of particles but to see if there is, and what the nature of the relationship between mass and charge may be if any. Perhaps one method to determine mass without using charge, is to measure the force conveyed by a beam of particles on some measuring device (but here, the quantity per unit length of beam would have to be known, in addition to the particle velocity). There must be other methods, measuring the movement of charged particles around similar sized neutral particles since the gravity exerted on two masses results in their mutual acceleration, the acceleration (for two similar mass objects) is an indication of the mass.

These psychology believing "sane" people are a dangerous idiotic group in my view, certainly some of psychology is consensual, and free speech of course must never be punished, however...like the rise of the nazis...hey we don't want to support these evil ideas of locking nonviolent people in hospitals for their lives. They are dangerous in particular these people who are included and see inside houses and heads because as I have said many times, while murderers, and assaulters roam free, they are busy locking up the "weird" who have never been violent ever...it's so stupid, and it fits perfectly with an elite secret camera communication system ... hey who ever isn't included...lock them away forever...who cares about them? its gross, and I hope the day comes when they are all exposed, what a wonderful day that will be, hopefully some time in my lifetime. For people to see how decrepid they are, how terrible their values are, the vast and numerous...countless...crimes they committed...and how empty their minds. I'm shocked that I have to come up with some of these arguments and defenses...it's shocking...gee...did you ever think that pleasure might be good? that the violent might be a bigger problem than the weird? jever think that the claims of religion held so dearly by many might be delusion? jever learn about what the nazis did? .... why do I have to be the single source for any of this most absolutely most simple logic...? Gee...why are the violent allowed to beam on us? gee...who are they? hey why not start with excluding the murderers? how is that for a new idea? and forget about the drug addicts, the prosts, the pervs, yes, even the pervs...its unbelivable, the atheists, the nonreligious...just the murderers thanks....just if you can start or ...someday voice some concerns....about excluding them...they, again, the murderers...whom you all see....about jailing them....about seeing them...cmon...I mean duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh all the duuuuuhhhhh you can pile in there too. Addition is more difficult, ok? But these nazi people will continue to focus on nonviolent issues because it's like a bird feeder....they push the perv drugs button and they get the food....and the murderers are safe again. People dont think alot about the danger of these psychology people...or the antisexuals...or the violent...but yet...it is a very real danger...anybody can be locked away w/o a trial for no crime whatsoever...by murderers you never punished...you never even saw....by those who out of fear protect the murderers....it's what gave us nazism...by people too embarassed to tell the truth about religions, about sex, about science, about seeing, hearing and sending thought, etc....these thought people, are a very dangerous group, and they've been growing for 100 years and counting...they have an enormous advantage over the rest of us. Many of them would like to keep that enormous advantage and continue to excluded the rest of society, and murder without punishment any they want to. Again, I am shocked...that I'm the only person who is thinking...hey...don't let these murderers...you know 9/11 controlled demolition, fiorini, cesar, killer of my mom, of so many....hey....don't let them go free! Don't let them see in houses and heads!... and...how can you honestly have a problem with people like me or others who are nonviolent in the face of these murderers running free? and unseen?! ... and I'm excluded....they couldn't figure that out by now? That murderers are the one's to excluded and nonviolent people...no matter what the problem....are of less priority...? I'm the biggest problem in their view? a person who has never controlled demolitioned a building or neuron activationed an innocent old lady to death? that is nazism, that is orwellian, the inquisition, etc. when people actually and truly believe that...that murderers are no problem, but nonviolent people must be murdered. It's as many have said over the centuries completely upside down. Murderers on top, their victims on the bottom. But I somehow, even excluded, see the simplicity of the "violence bad, all else who cares" argument....Even after 100 years of seeing thought, of seeing inside houses...or hearing and seeing million's of people's most intimate and deepest secrets...still...they can't figure out "if violent then problem else not problem;" logic.

In addition, I think there is added complexity by the fact that violence against a person who is in the act of violence is definitely justified, but even so, people should be looking to stop violence, expose and jail the violent. Killing killers might be a temporary answer, and certainly justified, but ultimately we need to expose and jail killers of nonviolent people. And this stuff to me, seems like a no brainer, but yet...it must be beyond the common sense of a great many people.

And the saddest thing is that, the insiders can't do it...they cannot stop the violent...they cannot even excluded the violent...they can't do it. It's the simple example of..."if you have you tell somebody that murder is wrong...to jail the murderers....they don't tell you that....you can forget them actually understanding that...or doing anything to stop murder", obviously. And this is why Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar, the controlled 9/11 demolition people go completely free...never a day in jail...their crimes never even seen by the outsiders and many insiders even, only the results of dead people and a few pieces of physical evidence.

As an added thing about 9/11, from Loose Change it may be that the mass murderer of hundreds of innocent people employed in our government at the Pentagon on 09/11/01 has the initials "CM" and was in a plane because of the statement "Cruise Missile". Somewhat likely that AO, TE, and now CM are 3 major murderers in the USA, and of course quite possibly Rick Gibney too for the patsey passenger plane over Pennsylvania. It's amazing that like in Chili, where 50 years later, people are still trying to piece together the mass murders of 50 years before, and punish those involved. The backwardness and shocking barbaric nature of 9/11 is a disgrace to the USA, and I cannot believe that we as a people are going to allow these monsters to walk away free from that monsterous mass murder and so many others. I think we can do far far better, and we definitely have to!

A couple of people told me that quantity of food isn't what is important in dieting/losing weight, and reasons given were 1) the body shuts down without food and you may actually gain weight...you might diet yourself into obesity, and 2) the kinds of food you eat matters more, you should have low-fat, non-sugary foods. I think there may be something to the idea that eating a little food gets our digestive system going and it may digest more food than going without eating. But I think a simple statement that nobody can argue with is that: you cannot add weight from matter you don't eat...in other words, you can't possibly gain weight from food you don't eat, and so I still think the quantity of food input is the main source of weight gain and loss. It's tough to quantify liquids, since our body outputs most of the liquid (water) that we put into our bodies. All summed, I would say that this idea of limiting the quantity of food input has been the best method I have ever found for losing weight (coupled with regular 15-minute exercize). Knowing that there is a set period for eating (small lunch and dinner only) that begins and ends, without any possibility of snacking outside of that except all the liquids a person wants, is acceptable to me. With this method I haven't been losing a lot of weight each week (aside from the initial loss), but I am still consistently losing about 1 or 2 pounds a week. I say this because, I hope people interested in losing weight are not duped by the many other misleading claims and info. This is a long period of millenia of pseudoscience and illogical beliefs, and I want to try to introduce logic to the planet.

If Pupin saw thought in October of 1910, we outside excluded should be trying to ask insiders for hints about which day, and looking for those anniversary hints. We are coming on the 100 year anniversary of seeing thought in 2010, and we should figure out which day in October 2010, for celebrations.

My weight is around 241lbs so only a loss of 1 pound. It's slow going, so slow, I don't know if I am going to continue to report it. I may be stuck around 240, I hope not, and am certainly going to try to go all the way to 200 or to where I don't look overweight at all. It was interesting that I stopped chewing gum, which I had started and was doing for a few months. I like the sugarfree bubble-gum flavored gum. I don't think people would gain much weight from chewing sugar-free gum, and it might also fulfill the craving for chewing associated with eating, and help to ease boredom that leads to eating. Gum kinds of picks up stuff like popcorn pieces from in between teeth too and generally cleans them in that way, although getting new habits, that some find annoying like gum chewing is something I worry about. But as far as habits go, gum chewing to me is not upsetting or unhealthy at all, and it can make breath nicer.

There is one argument that I think is convincing in favor of a big bang background radiation expanding universe theory, and that is that, at a certain distance, well within the range of an average ground reflecting telescope, light is so red-shifted, that it arrives with such a long wavelength, 1 photon a year or whatever, 1 photon every 1000 years, that distance galaxies are undetectable. I think this idea of light so redshifted that it can't be seen after a certain distance is definitely a possibility. Then it makes disproving the big-bang expanding universe even more difficult, because even a bigger telescope might not matter (this is the argument I would make against the "bigger telescope" arguement if I believed in the red-shift due to expanding universe theory, but few if any do). Still, I think there are possibilities for a larger telescope seeing more distant galaxies. One thing that is interesting is that, we never hear astronomers tell us...in the 1600s the farthest known object was x, in 1700s it was y..., in the 1800s this generation of telescopes received photons from z, in the 1900s the Hubble saw the farthest galaxy which is ..., etc. And don't astronomers have the dream of an even larger telescope than Hubble? larger than the largest ground-based telescope? or far more sensitive than any previous telescope? I think that secretly people have figured out how to detect photons in small areas, because here these people have microcameras in every room, and beam on the tiny neurons in our brain, but they can't produce sub-millimeter pixels or photon detectors? But getting back to this argument about red-shifted light. Another explanation is that some red-shifting happens because of Doppler shift, but much is because of the effects of gravity on beams of light, either by curving them and spreading them out or slowing them down either temporarily or permanently. The pound-rebka experiment is evidence that the speed of photons is not constant, and that even tiny gravity can cause beams of light to be red-shifted. So it may be that light is so bent from the pinball-machine-like journey (another analogy is like a pachinko board journey), that after a certain distance no other galaxies can be seen. But I seriously doubt that there are no galaxies beyond that distance even if photons from them cannot penetrate the sphere in which we are at the center. So perhaps the better question is: how can we be sure that the increasing red-shift of light from galaxies is not due to gravitational red-shift? I still think there are possibilities for a larger telescope seeing farther because it is only natural to presume that a larger mirror would capture photons a smaller mirror would not. Obviously, an 8-inch telescope is going to see more distant galaxies than a 4-inch telescope. I guess there is a limit because of red-shift, that sets a boundary no matter how large a telescope may be...in that case, the only way to see past that limit, would be to move in that direction. We are moving in some direction relative to the other stars we see all the time, and so looking in the direction of our movement, we might see more distant galaxies than when moving in other directions. Seeing more distant galaxies over time because of us moving in that direction is going to be evidence that the universe is probably infinite in size....because clearly the galaxy in that direction we thought represented the beginning of time was not at the beginning. I want to think more about a larger telescope...for example, it seems clear that at some point, no matter how large, it simply may be that no photon can penetrate this far into the sphere we are at the center of, because of all the matter in between, but it seems like since the universe is mostly space as opposed to matter, there might be some path to see more distance. But maybe this limit of seeing distant photons reveals to us something about the size of the photon, if it cannot penetrate over 15 billion light years, than is it similar to 1/15-billionth of a light-year in size? A light year is huge at 9.461e15 m, and so that would would put the size into million of meters, and so that is unlikely. I need to think about the size of detectors, and the nature of how gravity red shifts light beams more before I can reach more solid conclusions. But I can see this arguement that after some distance the red-shift is too large for any light from distant galaxies to get here. But again, I don't think that disproves an infinite universe, because light can simply be red-shifted (and absorbed or reflected) by all the matter in between here and there. I think it does potentially rule out the bigger telescope seeing farther galaxies however, but I think that should be confirmed by building a larger telescope, a second generation Hubble which is larger with more and smaller photon detectors, and then a careful comparison of images from both telescopes. So I think the clear difference between the infinite universe and big bang competing theories is that for the infinite universe a person needs to move to see farther, while the big bang expanding universe people would say that there is nothing to see no matter how much a person moves in the universe. I guess, I mean, I think this is another good point...are the big bangers saying that even moving significantly will result in us all seeing the same most distant galaxies? That seems unlikely. In other words that the most distant galaxies for us are the also the most distant for those observing from M31? That is hard to believe for me. Still, that is a pisser that my bigger-telescope argument which was so wonderful might be gone, oy!

One big mystery about Pupinization is how do the cameras and microphones get into every body's houses? Including the thought seeing and sending cameras and lasers...how do they get into our houses? Because they must be there...I don't think they can see through the walls...
and one answer is that people just spray these nanochips onto the wall with water or something...or perhaps it's part of the telephone wire...but it seems clear that the chips have to be on the surface of the dry wall, on top of the paint.

I made a second video because my analysis in the first video is not entirely accurate, but I still think that atomic structure and not some aspect of light as a wave is responsible for polarization and am still producing models that provide evidence that this view might be accurate. I don't think people should feel embarrassment when they are wrong, but sometimes we can't help it. We shouldn't feel embarrassment, because it doesn't matter, we are only interested in the truth, finding out a person is wrong, is good because you are that much closer to the actual truth. All I care about is what is the actual truth, and I don't think many other people on earth are like that, they care more about what is popular, traditional and what is not embarrassing instead of what is the actual truth. Anyway, I tried this with a regular flashlight and find no difference, so this an interesting video find anyway that I want to think more about. I think possibly just the shape of the laser is enough to cause dimming against the grain of the polarizing lattice, I'm still thinking about it, but here we have a physical phenomenon to explain, a change is definitely happening that depends on the angle of the laser.

There was a cute thing in Vegetarian Times "good gourd!", I have been saying "oh my gourd" as a potential non-religious replacement for "oh my god!". I have tried a number of recipes and they have all been good, the panini sandwich with gruyere, the japanese eggplant with chickpeas, the avocado black-eyed peas salad, the pair salad with beet dressing, the fig salad with lime dressing, the vegetable roast, so those of you subscribing along with me know that those are good and simple ones. I never knew about hazelnut oil, but yes, supermarkets sell it, and also brown rice syrup, what a wonderful sweetening and thicking salad dressing alternative to sugar and sweeteners. I added my own vegetables to the vegetable roast because I could not find baby corn or parsnips, I also figured out that shallots and leeks need to go in much later, with the peppers, squash, tomatoes, etc (less dense vegtables) for the last 15-20 minutes.

I'm glad to report I am at 242lbs which is only 1.5 lbs less than last week but at least I am still losing weight. The days of 4 pounds a week definitely appear to be gone and in their place the slow scraping forward of 1 pound a week. Still at 242 and 1.5lb a week, if I am consistent will result in 220lbs in 15 weeks around Feb 2008, and 200lbs in 28 weeks, around May 2008, and 180lbs in 10 months around August 2008. In the last month I have lost 10 pounds so that is .3lb/day, 1.8lbs/week. I think I am in a steady system that I am happy with which is running 1 mile 3 times/week, and a quick excersize, two small meals a day, no solid snacks and all the beverages I can drink.

I did go to the last part of the talk given by Cal Tech professor Kip Thorne and was able to ask my question and Thorne did respond to my question. Here is the audio:
One thing that was interesting, I had never heard Thorne talk and he has an interesting habit of every few seconds says "awwwt", which I don't think I have ever seen in a person before, and I wonder why that is. I wonder if it is involuntary. To me, the main importance is the content of character and not physical appearance or delivery obviously, but physical traits etc of course cannot be denied. On that topic, the race-based speculation recently by Watson seems to me inaccurate. Of course we need to tolerate total free speech and thought, and in particular nonviolent speech and thought, but I think the evidence to me, although I have not really looked into it, simply from my own personal experience is that race and gender play no role in intelligence, and intelligence is very difficult to define and quantify, which makes such claims very speculative, so speculative as to be useless in my opinion. But by all means, let survey's be conducted, and let people try to understand what intelligence is, and who possesses it, etc. even based on gender and race, although as I said that is not an area of interest to me. My own personal opinion is that we need to undo the injustice done to the persecuted people, such as women, non-white, atheist, etc. people and focus on bringing them (and all people) into science education, to learn about the history of evolution, science, and the future, and of course giving every body equal opportunity to education and science. But getting back to the Thorne talk, most of my comments are recorded in audio and I will post those later. Here was my entire question, but I only got out the first few sentences...up to about the word "aether":
Hi Kip, my name is Ted Huntington and (nicholson) I don't believe in the Big Bang theory, man, (pause for laugh) I believe in a universe of infinite size and age. Because (sagan) I doubt the universe just ends 15 billion light years out. There must be galaxies so far away that not 1 particle of light emitted from them is going in the precise direction of our tiny photon detectors.

And I doubt the theory of time dilation. I think the current time is the same time everywhere in the universe. The theory of space dilation was created by George FitzGerald in the early 1900s to save the aether theory after the Michelson-Morley experiment. Einstein dropped the aether, but included time dilation into the theory of relativity. Time and space dilation is the only difference distinguishing the theories of relativity and Newtonian gravity. So I think we as the public need to closely reexamine the so-called proofs of time dilation such as the perihelion of mercury.

And there's an unhealthy conformity and intolerance for theories opposed to traditional beliefs. For example, I think that the photon is matter and the basis of all matter, but no journal will publish that, and no major scientists will even explain why that might be inaccurate. In science we need to tolerate total free thought, a wide variety of theories, and question the theories of science and in particular the religions, nonviolently, remaining friendly while disagreeing.

So my question is: Do you think that there are galaxies beyond the visible universe? Will we see more currently unknown distant galaxies simply by building a larger telescope? And can you address my doubts about time-dilation. Do you, yourself have doubts about the big bang expanding background radiation universe and time-dilation theories? thankee.

other stuff
1) Pound-Rebka evidence that speed of photons not constant?
2) conservation of velocity and mass, but not exchange of mass into velocity not velocity into mass.
3) thoughts on Sagan and his legacy?
4) globular clusters made by life and natural evolution of life?
5) thoughts on getting history of science to the public?
6) people figured out how to see, hear and send thought images and sounds?
7) psychological treatment by consent only?
8) drug war?
9) views on religions?
10) Any predictions for the far future of life on earth?
Ok so, I will transcribe the actual audio:

Virginia Trimble (Host): "Maybe that should be the last question...yeah"
Ted Huntington: "Hi Kip, my name is Ted Huntington and (Jack Nicholson impression) I don't believe in the Big Bang theory, man, (crowd laughs), you know it's funny, I believe in the universe of infinite size and age, interesting(ly) enough. Because I just have trouble believing (Carl Sagan impression) that the universe just ends 15 billion years...15 billion light-years out (showing edge with hand...ok I somewhat botched my Sagan impression...but you have to understand the hostility of society...there is a lot of pressure and beamings).....(and that was about the breaking line for the patience of the host....)

Trimble: "Do you have a question?!...."

Huntington: "Ok, so my question is: ...and I doubt time-dilation because George Fitzgerald was the first person....

Trimble: "That's not a question!" (damn people are so impatient...it's ridiculous...like we are supposed to just ask a quick 1 second questoin...well some of these questions require some set-up, this shows how intolerant people in mainstream science are, but I guess I am lucky that they did let me ask my question...and of only two questions allowed to be asked...the first question was not memorable...I have it in audio...I don't know I didn't listen to it, maybe I will later...)...."ask your question..."

Huntington: "...I'm just setting up my question...ok and so my question is, do you think that there are galaxies beyond the visible universe? Will we see more currently unknown distant galaxies simply by building a larger telescope? And can you address my doubts about time-dilation and George Fitzgerald who created to save the aether......" (Thorne starts answering before I could get out:'Do you, yourself have doubts about the big bang expanding background radiation universe and time-dilation theories?')

Thorne: (I think this starts out...) "I don't have time to answer all those questions....but let me say first..."

Ted: "thankee."

Thorne: "that the only way to see beyond what we call the cosmological horizon is to wait..." (audience laughs) ".(until)..the cosmic horizon has expanded farther...because when your looking out at the cosmological horizon you're looking back in time to the big bang birth of the universe..."

Trimble: "And if W was less than -1 even that won't work..." [t Trimble..you big banging bastad!]

Thorne: "..that's yes...so the answer is no, not in our lifetime we won't see beyond that... The phenomenon you talk about: the time-dilation, the Lorentz contraction, and the big-bang, they are extremely well verified observationally, observational facts, aight?...so-called dark energy, I didn't believe it when the first data came it, I didn't believe it when the second method of detecting the dark energy came in, finally when the third method... (audience laughs)...the f-first method was disagreement between the ages of the oldest stars and the apparent age of the universe, the second method was supernova observations, magnitude of observation of, the third method was (based) off the microwave background radiation, only when we had 3 very good, completely independent pieces of evidence was I ready to throw in the towel. I was at least as skeptical about that as you are about these things...but science is an observational thing, and as ugly as dark energy always seemed to me to be...I gotta live with it...and so we now are trying to figure out what it is"

Trimble: "But you have a special advantage when omega, when the W less than minus one takes over, the big rip, the great risk in the big rip is that eventually the universe will expand so fast it will pull your hair out..." (audience laughs...and claps...)

Trimble: "We have one small...."
So, my after thoughts were...that damn I should have said "and I'm an atheist", or something so I would not just be dismissed as a creationist, but instead be viewed as an "infinite universer". But addressing Thorne's response: I just again have to give the example of building a larger telescope. I ask that people think about this idea of building a bigger telescope. If we build a bigger telescope we will detect more photons, and in detecting more photons we will no doubt see galaxies farther away whose few photons were scattered too far apart for smaller telescopes to detect. It seems clear to me: build a bigger telescope, see more distance galaxies. And that has been a fact for all of history. With each larger telescope, more distant galaxies were observed and recorded in the catalog of known galaxies (although curiously this simple fact is never told). So imagine that we keep building bigger telescopes, and seeing more distant galaxies...where does the universe end? In my opinion the universe probably doesn't end...that we would continue to see farther and farther into the universe. The two methods (again wonderful research idea to fund) are 1) build a bigger telescope or 2) build smaller sized photon detectors. I think it is clear that when we start to coordinate telescope on earth with those of the earth moon and mars we will see more distant galaxies (through interferometry...but really this should be called something else because interferometry was coined, to the best of my knowledge, by Albert Michelson and relates to light interference, not a method of a very large virtual distributed telescope mirror/lens)...and then my hope is that the popular scientists don't then say "well, it looks like we have to move back the origin of the big bang!"...but instead recognize that..."well, the universe probably extends forever in every direction...."
So onto the next issue:
Thorne: "The phenomenon you talk about: the time-dilation, the Lorentz contraction, and the big-bang, they are extremely well verified observationally, observational facts, aight?"
Lorentz basically adapted Fitzgerald's claim of space-dilation and added time-dilation (again check the history of science as this is just from my memory). So in terms of time dilation, I want to state something that I think all people will agree with, and that is that space dilation originated as an attempt to save the aether theory after the Michelson-Morley experiment provided evidence against a change in velocity of light because of the earth moving through an aether. I think that is established historical fact on which the majority of people will agree. So with that truth revealed, the best light that can be put on space and time dilation is that "ok so space-dilation was wrong in terms of proving that there is an aether, but coincidentally...space-dilation happens to be accurate in describing the geometry of the universe but without an aether.", and that seems to be hard to believe for me....that space-dilation, originally developed to defend the idea of an aether...Fitzgerald claimed that space elongates in the direction of motion (contracts in the opposite direction) just enough to compensate for the expected faster velocity of light in the motion of the earth relative to a light source. This "just enough" argument is very unintuitive, and I think for the record it should be stated that Albert Michelson bravely expressed his own doubts about the theory of time dilation in print in "Studies in Optics" in the 1920s. But all this points to the idea that we need to carefully examine the so-called evidence for time dilation. In particular the early proofs and the major proofs. They are: the perihelion of Mercury, the slowing down of charged particles when accelerated by an electric field, and measurements of time difference between those on the surface of earth and those in a plane. It seems much more logical to me that the current time is the same time throughout the entire universe. And interestingly, that makes the physics of the universe that much easier to understand since one variable (t) is always constant for all x,y,z. I think the direction for me (and others who want to pursue this line of research) are a variety of ideas: 1) show 3D images of how matter warps space using the y dimension to show the force of gravity exerted by a collective mass, and how gravity is equivalent with the idea of matter warping or bending space even thought time is viewed as constant for all locations...basically the view of space-time, but where time is a constant for all spacial dimensions 2) interpretting the quantum dynamic equations with the quantum as a photon only or viewing energy only as a combination of mass and velocity governed by the idea that mass and velocyt are conserved but not interchangable...moving forward the quantum equation(s) for particle beams with photon interval (as opposed to wavelength). 3) careful inspection of time-dilation so-called proofs, reproduction of those experiments, explaining them in corpuscular terms (for example, how is the bending of light around the sun different from a photon as a piece of matter?)....and these are just a few beginning ideas... But all of this is theoretical physics, and although it is very nice to know the basics of the universe, we are already with Newton gravity to start the more practical side of science which mainly involves moving life to other moons, planets and stars, supporting pleasure and justice and ending pain and injustice while here on earth....teaching the history of science...which I view as the opposite of this highly speculative theoretical physics .....teaching the history of science in my view is the most basic starting point for all of science, including all science research no matter how advanced, theoretical or speculative.

I have been looking at a corpuscular interpretation of light polarization and have some videos coming that show what it might look like at the atomic level.

This is kind of nasty, a guy who organizes the SoCal Science Cafe, Brian Hart, a graduate student in physics at UCI whom I met before, wrote to me:

"I see where you're coming from about the Big Bang; however science is NOT a free exchange of ideas in a civilized way -- that's philosophy. Science is a disciplined means of obtaining knowledge whereby wrong theories are thrown away and ignored. I was disheartened by your conduct in the Kip Thorne lecture - it was not becoming a science participant."

and I responded:
"I think you took my question in the wrong light and are being overly judgemental. I think my questions about the big-bang and time-dilation are wonderful and proper questions. That theories of science are not to be questioned=path to worse age than now in. bigger telescope=see farther galaxies, that is simple. Fitzgerald created space contraction to save the aether theory=fact. Learn history, keep an open mind, answer the questions of those who have doubts or offer alternative explanations."

but in addition, I don't think he understands that the tone of my question is comical...it made people laugh...these uptight neck-tied traditional dull people need to lighten up, they are the force that is stopping truth, pleasure, justice...so many things...like oh no..you can't question the 13 hijacker story! you can't question the single-bullet theory!... it's frightening and terrible in my opinion what these people are going for.

Beyond that, what kind of definition of science is that? That is ridiculous...science is definitely a free exchange of ideas in a civilized way...and let the best ideas win....anything else is censorship and closed minded dogma, single-minded one-party thought-control. And then, "disheartened"...I must be alone in this, but the heart is not the seat of consciousness, as Sagan, and Herophilus before him stated, and I think the cloud-brained people of earth need to wake up. This view is that everybody should kiss the ass of the establishment, and I completely reject that, in favor of the search for and allegience to truth. I don't want people to pay lip service to me, I want people to pay lip service to the truth, and of course I feel better if they honestly agree with me and even enhance the explanation, but ultimately I think I feel best when all the physical phenomena support the theory I most believe. I think there is plenty of evidence against the big bang, as opposed to the theory of evolution which the evidence is in accord with. The big bang and time dilation both were major mistakes, as was the sine wave-electromagnetic theory of light, and it's time for people to understand it and correct it. At a minimum, people are certainly justified in questioning the big bang theory on scientific grounds, as they are the claims of religions, and all other claims. Plus the tone of this email is like of the nature of banning me from their talks which is fine, but certainly is elitist, they feeling is that everybody must tow the party line, and I reject that kind of society. This talk was not organized by them anyway, so Hart is kind of talking as an organizer but was actually just an audience member. I can't stomach the current fraud happening with the Pupin secret, the obviously wrong massive mega-billion dollar industry of big bang-expanding universe-background photons-time dilation theory. I would have to say about 99% of the science cafe talks are all either pseudoscience, or too trivial to bother with. Interestingly enough, this will sound arrogant, but it's rare for people to hear me give a public opinion...it's a total hassle for me, and I don't know why I do it...it's work...it's a total bother...but I went to ask my question to try and state the truth publicly...that there is somebody that rejects the multi-billion dollar big-bang-expanding-background-radiation fraud, so the record will reflect at least a tiny millisecond of truth being spoken publicly on earth. Also, not to insult Thorne who was friends with Sagan by not going, and not backing down from criticising this massive fraud and suggesting the more likely alternative of an infinitely sized universem and as an outsider I never know if a person is coming here to talk just to hear a question from me, perhaps to try and reduce my influence...I can only guess...but my basic rule is not to waste my time on people speaking, I can lecture to the insiders (although not outsiders) from my thoughts! but because time is so precious, and this ULSF project is very important to me, and to the future of life on earth. It's stomach turning...that I am the only person telling the history of science in video, and not from the fraudulent big bang perspective....the truth about Pupin...the massive secret murders of the past...it's nausiating...and then the neck-tied religious people with billy clubs who work as capos trying to stop any progress or exposing of the truth. Generally I do my talking on video for the people on the web, and I think it's not a good idea to talk about hearing thoughts, etc around those I work with, and I thought about that, but I made a special exception, and I think everybody had a good laugh, and hopefully...very hopefully...some people heard me out and looked into who George Fitzgerald is, what he did, and thought about "the bigger telescope". I mean c'mon, this is basic.

I have every right to believe in anything I want to, to reject religion, to reject the big bang, to accept the theory of evolution....what ever thoughts I want to...that is in my view the basis of science...that each person must decide for themselves what they believe the most accurate truth is.

Hart responded again, this could go on forever, so I am not going to go on...the trend of these convos seems clear, they completely reject the points I make (bigger telescope=see more, time dilation=to save aether theory) and just go on with mistaken beliefs.

Hart: "Science is not about keeping an open mind. Science is about discerning what is and what is not true about the Universe. My point is it's wrong to question a theory without clinching, factual evidence or data proving it wrong. That's how science works actually, is proving things wrong. My friend, aether theory and Steady-State cosmologies have both been utterly falsified. And it's highly irresponsible of you to refuse to accept what is -- that those theories are wrong, proven by experiment."

Ted: "Science is definitely about keeping an open mind, but we can agree to disagree. My intent is definitely not to offend or anger people, and I'm sorry if I do that, but I want these opinions to be heard and debated. There is far too much single-minded conformity in mainstream science, the insiders have a monopoly on everything. You fail to answer my claim of bigger telescope=see farther and George Fitzgerald created space contraction to save the aether theory. You mistake my view: I reject the aether theory...the obvious point I am making is that if space contraction was created to save the aether theory after the Michelson-Morley experiment how could it be any more accurate for relativity? Michelson himself expressed doubts about space contraction in print: "Studies in Optics". And I reject the portion of the traditional (Hoyle's) steady-state theory belief of matter being created out of empty space, I support the view of matter not being created or destroyed but always here."
====== 10/20/07 update: Hart sent yet another message to me:
"I am not going to debate you in this forum because these issues have already been settled in the peer-reviewed literature. Just know that any further outbursts like at Kip Thorne at any future Science Cafe events will get you removed from this group. Not because of what you said, however because of how you chose to conduct yourself in a very offensive way to all present."
If people viewed my conduct as offensive, I am sorry, it wasn't intended to be offensive, it was intended to be funny...some people did laugh and understand that I was doing impressions. I wouldn't call what I did an "outburst" because I was called on to ask my question, presented my question and was silent during and after the answer. That view on scientific debate is overly closed to me, and I think that type of view where theories cannot be questioned and defended is a path to a dark age, worse than we already live in. Beyond that, people like Hart are way too intolerant. I'm looking to make friends and not enemies, and so I think I'm hopeful that people interested in science will support a history of science for the large screen. Many of us may disagree about the interpretation of the universe, but much of the history of science we all can agree about. For example, I don't think many people reject what Lavoisier did, and much of the science before 1900, and so we should be bringing that info to the public. In particular much of the pre-Christian science, and questioning of religion is important in my opinion, but perhaps there is a lot of disagreement there, but certainly in terms of engineering inventions, etc, most people, even religious people would allow to be shown. That is one piece of advice to people with unpopular theories in science: leanr and tell the history that surrounds your theory, and in particular around the popular theory that is opposed to your unpopular theory. Because, that can't possibly be deemed "offensive", since it is simply history, although perhaps your interpretation of the historical facts might differ. I am familiar with intolerance, and it's like everything a person says or does is unseemly, and many times the anger directed at one person, or a group of people, turns into violence, and that is a terrible truth, for example, for some people, people of a different religion not only don't have a right to express their views, and their views appear as "offensive", but they are not even allowed to live! Their existence alone is offensive! That is where this kind of intolerance leads to I think. It's a majority so disgusted by a minority, or a weaker excluded group, that their existence, their very existence is viewed as offensive. That's kind of interesting that Hart has no issue with the content of my question, apparently, although I have doubts, but on the method of delivery. Well, whatever...it was an attempt at comedy that perhaps failed for some. Perhaps my question was too long, that I can accept, however, at the same time, the host interrupted too soon in my opinion. I think there is another key thing to notice: that none of the people address the work of, or mention "George Fitzgerald", nor "a bigger telescope sees farther", and this is something to look for in any debate. Like the 9/11 debate, look how the pro-official story people never address the actual issues, they only try to discredit the person who presents the issue (for example, how could WTC1 fall at free-fall speed? Why no delay is pancaking?)...that is a key thing to look for in any debate....do they answer directly the specific question, or do they brush it aside with some generality or other topic? People might think...'hey yeah..that's right...what about fitzgerald and the bigger telescope?...why didn't they say 'yes fitzgerald was defending the aether theory...but space contraction is still true even without aether' and 'no a bigger telescope would only see more of the galaxies we already see...there are no galaxies beyond the comic horizon"...but they don't address those specific issues....for 9/11 'why free fall speed? because the weight and force of the floors collapsing is so large as to instantaneously break the next floor as if there was no resistence', etc. So watch for those typical techniques...they don't address the actual issue, but instead make threats or put-downs, many of a psychological nature...watch a typical Fox show with a 9/11 truth advocate...it's unending "yer nuts"...and never any factual physical info...and doesn't that show the evils of psychology? That this is the number one tool these 9/11 killers are using. =========
One interesting thing I think I can see in the future I hadn't addressed before, is what seems to me an inevitable realization by the public that the big bang expanding universe is incorrect and the same from time dilation, so I think we can expect this on the timeline of our future...but when? I think it will not be for 50 to 100 years if not longer. See my audio comments (when I post them later) about how while listening to Thorne I had this few seconds of view into the future of how this inaccurate branch of science might actually grow and prosper into an even more massive industry of big-bang-expanding-background-photons-ology ... one comparison is Christianity and the views of those in the 200s (like Pliny the Younger) 300s (like Julian) 400s 500s 600s...who didn't think Christianity would last....because my oh my did it....little did they know that it would grow and form into a massive industry around Jesus for thousands of years, dominating and brutally repressing and murdering opposition (in the form of honest opinion) from supporters of science and atheism.

It's kind of funny, I'm like most people, when on my own I view everything on earth as pleasant, but interacting with other people, one step into a store, turning on television, turning on radio, etc...and it's a quick nausiating realization that it's a vicious barbaric society....not at all like my gentle inquisitive perspective on the universe and life.... One line that relates in my mind is in "People versus Larry Flynt" where Harrelson as Flynt says "send him out to the animals!"...and that is my feeling...average people are so vicious and uneducated about history...brainwashed by religion, psychology and antisexuality and corrupted by the pupin secret. I guess another line is like..."we're not in Kansas anymore Toto", but it's really the opposite because these people are ignorant, violent, uneducated, antisexual, etc. but certainly the slick disceptive dishonest take-the-honest-rube's-money-and-run view of those in the big city applies. But I'm optimistic about the future, I think that we will end violence, establish total free info, get the history of evolution and science out to the public, form an educated full democracy, tolerate rec drug addiction, obesity, end aging, learn science, accept and celebrate consensual pleasure, nudity, prost, and sexuality, etc.

This was something that was scary and I almost didn't mention it:
Last night on my way to exercize there was a red ambulance with the door open...and I thought...I doubt seriously this is all for show for those watching my eyes...but yet...you know...it's...it fits in well...a lot of insiders are saying "sane" etc... and I don't doubt that a nazi insider could easily call 911 and say "there was this guy acting strange at this lecture...and I'm concerned about him being a danger to the community or himself"....or republicans can easily dig up some cash to divert an ambulance (needed for real health emergencies) for propaganda and pseudoscience purposes.....just for asking a question that appears unusual... Can you imagine a society where any body who question the prevailing "science" theory is treated for delusion? That is frightening.

I'm glad I stated the truth for the record, or at least what I think will be proven to be true, early on in the history of earth. And that Thorne had to defend the big bang and time dilation theories publicly on record, which is no big deal anyway...it's like looking back in history at those poor people who...for example...tried to publicly reject the aether theory when aether was the established belief (Pupin was one and of course Michelson stood as a focus of opposition by Fitzgerald and others of the aether camp). We look back and say...how could they have questioned the sun-centered theory...all the evidence pointed in that direction, but yet, the earth-centered people took their belief very very seriously...deathly seriously murdering many who opposed.

Those things, attending lectures and asking funny questions, although I made myself kind of a laugh, and others perhaps got a laugh, are too unpleasant, and I prefer just preaching into a camera on the web, and quietly figuring out my beliefs, and presenting them in text and video in a relaxed setting the public can enjoy at their own leisure. If I am a welcome guest, I think that is fine, I have many many opinions, and of course, I have a very important set of messages for the people of earth that I want to be heard. But even so, I think a large audience is where it's at, I don't want to go from small audience to small audience repeating the same crap.

Come to think about Hoyle, it's interesting that Hoyle rejected the big bang, as far as I know... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fred_Hoyle ...he died in 08/20/2001 ... rejected the big bang (although accepted the expanding universe)...that was another point...at the last minute I withdrew the nicholson impression saying "I don't believe in the big bang expanding background radiation universe theory man"...because I thought the shorter would be better, but thinking now...the longer might have been better...That takes a lot of presence of mind to stand tall, not to have your voice quiver, not to be nervous and deliver an accurate impression...people may overlook that fact....But getting back to Hoyle...he was not trounced upon with trunchions for his views...not that I have...but I all but have! Yes Hoyle rejected the big bang, and had the steady state as an alternative, but I am putting forward the "infinite universe, matter not created, or destroyed but always there" interpretation/theory. Basically the "infinite universe", with the distinctly different features that 1) the universe is not expanding 2) all the matter is made of photons which cannot be created or destroyed, were always here and probably always will be here. Interestingly Hoyle was atheist, and it was his atheism apparently the article claims that was one reason he rejected a big bang. It's interesting that a big bang neatly tucks away questions of an infinite universe, and a beginning, by apparently neatly providing a beginning and presumable ending...but any prolonged thought about a big bang quickly results in the realization of questions such as those asked by Sagan "what came before that?" and we again are confronted with the idea infinity, so the infinite universe may seem far out, but the issues of infinity are always with us even with the big bang theory. I don't see why an infinite universe might be hard for a godder to accept, because in some way...it might seem to add an element of mysticism and unknown to the universe...(although it is completely 100% science, and reality...any mysticism is only apparent from the unknown of what might be out there beyond the universe we can see)

I was thinking about Sagan, and it always surprised me that he would suggest that an advanced civilization living with advanced technology might not be able to survive technological adolescense...I found that, when younger to be so unlikely as to be certainly under 10%...but that was before I knew about the Pupin secret, and Frank Fiorini, and everything else, and the more you look at the rise of religion with it's shockingly opposite-the-truth-and-logic views, the pupin secret, the election of mass murderers...9/11...I mean...does the idea of some idiots or even some bacteria destroying humans seem that unlikely? After all we are all stuck here on a tiny sphere hurdling through space around a massive burning iron ball...if something happens here...that's it for this tiny experiment of humans with brains. Looking at the truth about 9/11 and the people who did 9/11's lust for war...it's not surprising. And then look at Sagan...the one guy who provides new and interesting info...and they (probably) killed him...it doesn't bode well for our planet. And here a few of us understand finally...the system of the universe...how life evolves...pulls stars together...that we are actually all on the same tiny team...and they probably killed one of our all-star players...nice... so few of us understand that if we survive we will grow cities on the moon, mars, and grow to colonize the planets of other stars, pull them closer together, export matter from those newly colonized stars back to our home base stars, and start to interact with other life of the milky way....but only a few of us understand this...we are a tiny minority...and we need to reach the others with this important message...we are competing less between each other, and against other life (potentially) for our own species...the more stars we can colonize and the faster, the more guaranteed our future survival and future position compared to other life. We probably will of course love the other life, but we might not be able to screw them...and so who wants to propagate something you can't screw? But maybe we will merge together with them, and introduce screwing to them, and they some other fun thing for our DNA.

I just realized I didn't examine the last part of Thorne's answer:
"...so-called dark energy, I didn't believe it when the first data came it, I didn't believe it when the second method of detecting the dark energy came in, finally when the third method... (audience laughs)...the f-first method was disagreement between the ages of the oldest stars and the apparent age of the universe, the second method was supernova observations, magnitude of observation of, the third method was (based) off the microwave background radiation, only when we had 3 very good, completely independent pieces of evidence was I ready to throw in the towel. I was at least as skeptical about that as you are about these things...but science is an observational thing, and as ugly as dark energy always seemed to me to be...I gotta live with it...and so we now are trying to figure out what it is"

Well again, this idea of dark energy...I don't ever know the claim is, but my view is this:
there is no "dark matter", all matter emits photons...there is probably only "matter whose photons we can't detect, but the existence of the matter can be deduced from objects whose photons we can detect"...it's basically average matter...I would say a planet who mass we can see from the Doppler shift of stars with planets we cannot see the photons of directly would be called "dark matter"...but it's average matter...let there never be the myth that so-called "dark matter" is anything other than average everyday matter...but it doesnt' emit enough photons in our direction to be seen...it seems clear now that any dark matter must be small objects. So then "dark energy"...again I reject the idea of a new form of energy...and the idea of energy represents a welding of mass and velocity, but must be understood to mean that mass and velocity are conserved but not interchanged. So dark energy can only be average energy, but in masses too small to be seen from our distance. I think we need to remove the obfuscation...any deliberate deception...but people in mainstream multimillion dollar science seem to have the opposite view! Perhaps there is more money in research that the funder cannot understand. I don't know but I think purposeful deception is real...such as using a label like "dark energy" without explaining quickly and clearly that it is just your average "energy"...and is a shorthand for the energy of matter we don't see but which we must include in calculations of how much matter is in the visible universe. And this is what these people are doing is trying to measure the amount of matter in the universe..which is a good idea..but I think it only tells us what the ratio between space and matter for the visible portion of the universe is...is that useful? Its probably good to know...but...it's not going to directly affect our everyday lives and our mission to develop a globular cluster of our own. So I'm not sure if Thorne is talking simply about matter we don't see or not. I am going to presume that he is. The first argument presumes that the big bang is true (I plan on revising my "universe" song for the infinite universe theory)...because what these people do is to try to estimate the rate of expansion of the universe and then come up with an age for the universe, but as I said...in a universe of infinite size and age...it's only as big and old as our largest telescope can see...and so...poof...there goes that calculation....the red-shift is the big phenomenon that is the source of the expanding universe theory...and I can't believe that no other explanation besides Doppler shift is tolerated...because I think there is a good arguement that can be made for gravitational red shift...and the party line is "gravitational red shift is not enough" but that was created by a person with a lot invested in the expanding universe theory, because I don't think it's true...because it's complex...we can't rule out red shift from a wide variety of matter...maybe the light we see has been bent by many different objects...and then how are we to know what it's original direction and original quantity was? Distance we should determine by apparent size + color. I think red shift may be an average measure of distance, but it isn't exact, because some light can be more bent than other light, light in the path of more matter is bent more, light in a path with less matter is bent less...we can only guess how much each light was bent, or delayed...and this is an interesting point, and I have to admit that I am still undecided about the true explanation of red shift...certainly some is Doppler...but some is from gravity...and nobody rejects this. But I think there is an added possibility and that is that the speed of light is not constant but is variable, but generally it remains very fast, and only large gravity can delay it, and then only by a tiny amount..I'm still exploring this idea...it seems unlikely ...and we should detect a change in velocity. The pound-rebka experiment is evidence of the velocity of light not being constant because....how can photon-interval change in empty space because of gravity and the photons keep their same speed?...It can't be unless the experiment was wrong. I think the pound-rebka experiment is somewhat convincing evidence that the speed of light is not constant, and I've said this before. So I think a person interested in this...and this is what I was think about earlier..is that probably an opposing camp will actually rise up...it seems inevitable because...we as a planet need to get to the truth eventually...it will probably require people in the big-bang-is-probably-wrong camp to have influential positions and ownership of major media even to have the ideas heard in print, audio and video.

I think I'm going to go back to my research, ULSF, retool my arguments, with the "bigger telescope=farther galaxies" and "time dilation=fitzgerald creates to save ether", I think I definitely have established 2 decent arguments, one mainly against the big bang and the other against time and space dilation, but I want to come up with even more simple statements that, in my view, chart a course that already exists but waits to be found, of more accurate science into the future.

Here are some cool videos of one of many corpuscular interpretations of polarization:
I would characterize this as one of the most simple atomic geometries:







I would say that anybody that was offended or angered by my questions yesterday, is missing a sense of humor...I mean Nicholson impression...Sagan impression...people need to lighten up and be able to enjoy some playfulness...and it definitely was not my intent to sound mean, to upset people, to be rude, ... physics and science should be dominated by smart and fun playful people...not dull and prim and proper without any fun...in fact Thorne was casually making jokes through the entire lecture...that is the so-called spirit of science in my mind...smart people having fun putting forward their views...in a way that is not insultive...that may be whimsical...etc. It's too dull to me to just be placid, emotionless and subservient, etc. People like me like to stir up the conversation with some whitty riffs, to nonviolently kick it up a notch with some spices, to pump up the jam with some style, ok well you understand, I'm trying to put some a clump of brown sugar in the usual oatmeal.

It was true too that off the entire audience of maybe a hundred people there were only two hands in the air at the end, the person with the first question and me. But unfortunately I think I came off probably as an old timer, religious fanatic for creationism, or local towney who wandered in from a farm on the outskirts of Irvine to reject the new fangled big bang time dilation.

That was one thing that I thought was rude on the hosts part to not even let me finish my question...I'm like...and I doubt time dilation because George Fitzgerald created...ok!...if I were the speaker and host I would allow a person a little more time...and only say "ok that's enough" if they continue for over a minute with an unending rant...in particular about religion....or in particular if they continue to ask questions after their initial question...although in my own opinion one followup comment (or quick question) is fine, but no more than a single follow up. My statements were all in the realm of science, at no time did I advocate religious explanations, .... I didn't even get out my question...which does require setup....it goes...1) I doubt this...2) here is why....3) can you address these doubts? and I got all of 1) but only part of 2) and then all of 3). In addition there was a statment in between which would have been nice, but by now I should know that the level of tolerance (Ted Kennedy did not let me give my questions about Frank Sturgis and Thane Cesar and the legacy of violence in the USA at his talk...wouldn't that have been a perfect spring board to say...'I doubt it was Oswald and or Sirhan...and I encourage people to investigate the truth about those terrible injustices....and yes...there is a terrible legacy of violence in the USA...and it shocks me that many people are ambivalent and indifferent about violence....we need to change that...and I and others have made vigorous efforts to change that with this bill and this bill, and so on), but there were many other people who had questions too)...I should know by now that the level of tolerance is like 10 seconds if not 5 seconds before the hook comes out, far too early in my opinion.

I saw the 1956 version of George Orwell's "1984" on DVD. There are many parallels to modern times. Instead of the cry of "long live big brother", there are those who actively believe the myth of the 13 hijackers, that Oswald killed JFK, not Fiorini, that Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK, not Thane Cesar, that thought cannot be seen, heard or sent, that Jesus was a diety, that a diety watches over the planet earth, and so on. Also the government camera and microphone in every house, that actually is a reality now many hundreds of times over, nothing is secret anymore except from those of us who are excluded. Wouldn't that be sweet if a female sent a note with "I love you", how often does that happen? Never I tells you.

It's kind of interesting that we have different "time zones" so that, for example 1am is always dark, and 1 pm is always light on earth. But time continues forward in a linear way, and so perhaps people should use one universal time, based on the position of the earth around it's own axis, around the sun, around the galaxy, etc. If that were the case, 2am might land in the afternoon on some meridian of earth, but at least it would be 2am everywhere on earth, and there would be no confusion about what time it is, and what time an event happen at.

It's kind of interesting to think that possibly we are already at some steady state in the universe where there will never be more or less globular clusters controlled by advanced life than there are now. (This is not to be confused with the probably inaccurate "steady-state" theory of the universe where matter is made from empty space, I think the more accurate view is an infinite universe where all the matter is already here). Perhaps they don't have the time to quickly convert the matter from newly formed spiral galaxies, or perhaps they choose to allow spiral galaxies to form to the globular stage. Maybe the universe is so large and contains such a small amount of matter compared to the space that there is a physical impossibility of globular galaxies being able to quickly take over the matter of all newly formed galaxies. I wouldn't doubt that there is some steady state of the universe, and that we are already there. Some people theorize that there will be a state where the universe that we can see, which must be a very small portion, will be orderly arranged like an atomic lattice with a globular galaxy evenly spaced, but of course, it is all speculation based on the desires and physical limits of advanced life.

ex: model beam of photons exiting a large gravitational source under the effect of the large gravity, show how photon interval increases.

I want to get some business cards for my 20th high school reunion, and also just as a way of connecting people to my web page. So I need to figure out what I can fit onto the card in terms of important "ted in ten minutes" (or yes, "ted 101") messages.

Here are the 100 business cards I got printed at Staples for <$20. They have an image of a woman's eye and what looks like pavement, clearly designed for the tp crowd.
1 Ted Huntington - tedhuntington.com - youtube.com/tedhuntington
2 The photon is the basis of all matter and moves in a straight line
3 Universe is infinite, big bang background expanding Universe is wrong
4 Stop violence, teach history of science and evolution, not religions
5 Vote for full democracy: we vote directly on all government decisions
6 Stop jailing people for any image, rec drug or consensual prostitution
7 Mijalo Idvorsky Pupin saw thought in 1910 at Columbia University
8 Send/get images, sounds, muscle moves to/from any brain kept secret
9 Make psychological health care consensual only, imagine a lung removed
10 Frank Fiorini killed JFK, Thane Cesar killed RFK, neocons did 9/11
11 Photons form nebuli then spiral galaxies, life then makes them globular

I wish I could include something about antimatter being simply charged particles, and matter and velocity conserved but not exchanged. Hows about walking robots will be walking around in 20 years.

I realized that people are either happy or angry, and that dominates much of their word choice.

My weight report: Losing weight has clearly become much more difficult for me. My current weight was hard to measure correctly, but the closest I can do is: 243.5lbs. for a loss of only 1.5 lbs from last week. Last week I only lost 2 pounds which is below the average I thought I could do (.5/day=3.5lb/week). The scale kept moving from 243 to 245. But clearly I am no more than 244lbs. Even at one pound lost a week, I can still get to 200lbs, but it will take 44 more weeks. I don't know what the reason for the slow down on losing weight is. I have basically been eating the same. One thing that has changed is that I am drinking more "nectar" fruit juices. But that is really about all. There is really no serious difference in my eating or excersize habits. Maybe this is just "tough fat" that takes more ATP to separate. Maybe it has something to do with being less fat now, maybe there is something in my metabolism that makes going from 300 to 250 very easy, but 250 to 200 very difficult. I don't know, but I haven't really changed too much. It's possible that the fruit drinks (kern and hansen) and starbucks frappucino pregnant cow milk drinks are adding sugar which is delaying the use of fats. Possibly it is because I had gruyere cheese and pesto, both which have lipids. Maybe it's the lipids I should stay away from since lipids take more ATP to separate than sugar. It's a mystery but experience should show me what slows weight loss or adds weight gain. I hope I can at least lose 1 pound a week, damn! As I said, even that is enough. Since being on the Kevin and Bean show I have lost a total of 56 pounds, which is no small amount of matter. So I have to feel good about that. I haven't had a week where I have gained weight yet, so all is not lost for me in the lose weight department yet, and I still definitely have about 20-60 pounds to go.

Believe it or not, for you outsiders, or maybe even some insiders who don't know it, there is a video biography on Michael Pupin. It was made in 1993. Here are some clips of it:
and a link where to buy a VHS version (apparently there is no DVD available):
also here:
The Tesla Society, I think, is the group that made it possible.
I got mine from the church, but I probably should have gone through the Tesla society, because look at the other videos, all about Jesus and one about how homosexuals are getting access to children in school. Nice eh? I can't understand why christians are so nazistic about pleasure, it's their tradition I guess, it's bizarre, and they care little about violence it seems but everybody is different. Why no video on stopping violence? Or religious violence of the past and why it is wrong? Religious people are not known for their wisdom or allegience to truth and logic, and as terrible as that sounds, I think it is truthful, and accurate. But anyway, getting back to the video. Ok in this video are numerous hints, but not a huge number...and the hints are very subtle...but the narrator ends with "cip"
...it seems like the neuron activation guy is "cp" so potentially, "cip" how coincidental it would be with "mip", maybe insiders are saying "cp" worked under Pupin. As I said before there was a CP that funded Pupin (as this video reveals), an older guy who ran for US President, whose name I can't think of right now. CIP, like so many words the insiders use probably has more than one connection, they probably use computers to find the most relevent words, CIP also can be "chip" like "microchip", and it seems possible that some of these microchips are microscopic. I think CP, and maybe CIP clearly is somebody too, I don't know who...
Possible CPs:
Cecil Powell (problem: too late, Pupin already has "memory wiped" in 1920s, also not CIP: Cecil Frank Powell)

I think a good idea is to get the names of those people who worked under Pupin. Are there any CPs there?
Possibly last name "Potter" (coffee pot in Farenheit 451 movie, harry potter might be public play on his name), or similar "Peterson", first name could be "Peter". Possibly DP is David Potter, as a wild-azz guess.
Charles H. Townes, the inventor of the maser, clearly may be linked to neuron activation, and that is CT. I think it is very likely that the maser was invented perhaps as early as 1920, maybe 1918. Some people are hinting about 8, in the video they say "some 8 million people"...is it a hint?

One thing that is interesting is the electric camera. It probably happened about the same time as the CRT (way back in 1879 by Karl Braun in Germany). That is more than enough time for people to have figured out how to use the magnets to draw a picture, in fact, I think there is a good argument that in 1879 the first electric camera was invented along with the CRT, the CRT being invented to draw the image from the electric camera...who knows...maybe the CRT started as a way to represent various current with a line or point display. It all blossumed from the use of electron beams from the vacuum tube. But why the secrecy around the electric camera? Clearly it was around by 1910 when Pupin made his major find. Why didn't the inventors just openly show the electric camera and CRT? The CRT was public...why not the electric camera? Why not until Farnsworth and others ... not until the 1920s do they unveil it? And why even then if keeping it secret for that long? What caused the powers that be to release the electric camera (for visible light) to the public? Was it the money that selling the cameras might generate? That has to have been a strong incentive to go public with the technology, just as it must for the seeing thought camera-"phone" technology. But with seeing thought...the powers that be have just been very greedy and conservative about letting it go public.

I think I have found the best way to start talking about sarisammtafb: Simply saying "you know I am becoming kind of well known around the planet....I was on the kevin and bean show in LA....I'm known as the guy who thinks that people figured out how to see, hear and send images and sounds to and from brains wirelessly....etc", that way it's not so abrupt...it's a little more whimsical..."well, there is not a lot of physical evidence for it, and maybe I'm wrong...but if true...it would be an important finding no? And it's a valid line of research...trying to see the images people see and think of eh?". I can see the tone of conversation for the next few centuries...it's going to be outsiders and insiders in out aparteid planet, and the outsiders are going to have to quickly ascertain if the person they are talking to is an insider or not...it's not as easy as you might think. Many insiders are kind enough to say "I see!...I hear you!..." etc. That is the universal insider to outsider phrase to acknowedge that yes, they do see and hear thought. Once that has been established the conversation goes in a different direction. The first decision is: inside or out? if out=watchout, explain technology to fellow outsider or lying insider, if in=try to confirm info, 1910 with Pupin is clear, but 1911 for hear? 1913? 1918 for neuron activation? be ready for a barrage of "what are you talking about?" and "I don't understand what you mean?"...and all kinds of dumb playing...talking with insiders is tricky, but then so is talking to outsiders. For insiders it's one technique, for outsiders it's another. For outsiders...you have to prove that sarisammtafb is definitely possible, to point them out to books, videos, etc., that 9/11 was an inside job, that frank fiorini the watergate burgler was probably the killer of jfk, that thane cesar killed rfk...it's important not to rush and appear frantic....it's not the end of the universe if they don't know...try to hear their doubts and reactions....accept that there are doubts and uncertainties....admit that maybe you sound crazy....but to hear me out.... for insiders ... you have to try to get them to divulge info from the massive database of important information they have access to....did sarisammtafb have anything to do with ww1 and 2? did the nazis have sarisammtafb? etc. Did people try to tell the public like the nytimes, etc? have people been killed who told people without permission? Are the number of included increasing or decreasing over time? Was the person who heard thought working under Pupin? working at Columbia? Was the first person to remotely make a neuron fire the same person to send an image to a brain? Did they work together?

Some people who support the 9/11 murderers say "whooo!" and it's somehow linked to claims of incest between me and my mom, or one version of 5ws where I sing "whooo", perhaps beamed on, or who knows? But woo...who gives a shit...it's a bunch of sound....and it's similar to how these murder supporters say "everything!" which people use, even my brother used, not to try and open up a rift, but it is simply reporting on fact, and was probably paid for, but how much I don't know, could have been beamed, but sounded deliberate, anyway, people are so bizarre and hysterical about sex and pleasure...it's bizarre...they come up with far fetched theories...but yet believable to those who are hysterical about sex...willing to believe even the wildest and most abstract unproven illogical claims...like the Freudian theories of incest...I think if we simply casually perused people's masturbation thought images we would rarely see incestuous images, very rarely, most people are repulsed sexually by their parents, ... the funnies part is that...those who claim this certainly do not escape the same claim for them and their parent(s)...which is just annoying and stupid...even to them...they are gluttons for punishment and idiots to live a constant anger and cast insults onto others only to have them inevitably and consistently thrown back at them. But beyond that, if people do have consensual incest, hey who gives a shit? There's no crime there. What a bunch of idiots...here they make oral sex illegal, anal sex illegal...porn illegall...prost illegal...and on and on...hay...why not get your mits off our genitals and consensual sex lives? You fuck-free fucked up puritan hypocrite antipleasurists? And while on the topic why not hunt down, identify and jail those who murder and assault without consent? duh! talking about hyper about sex...everything about sex is so overwhelmingly apparently new and shocking...everybody might be "gay"...constantly people claim that I am gay, never "bi", we never hear accusations of "bi". As I have said before those people are either liars or their minds are chained with self imposed chains from pressure from other people who see their thought images. There is a lot of chains that are placed on thoughts when you become included probably, you suddenly see that only the outsiders talk about...or so called "cat call" beautiful people...they have trained themselves not to think of genitals, not to think about sex...they have made themselves like some dull gray prisonors. It's interesting that physical pleasure is so shut out of life, even for so-called "genius" people, physical pleasure is not considered to be a part of life, they are to derive all of their pleasure from books, videos, the Internet, from sports, ...not from physical touching...it's shocking absent from life. Unlike millions of other species, because of the uncomfortableness with pleasure that the religious have, humans don't embrace physical pleasure, even thought many secretly and naturally want to.

It's a funny thing and this is in my audio notes too: Two women, both have sex once a week, so their vaginas take the same amount of wear, but one is monogomous and the other isn't...but yet, the non-monogomous woman is called a whore and a slut....but yet...they have exactly the same quantity of sex....so clearly such labels have only to do with the quantity of partners and nothing to do with quantity of sex. Sex once a week is natural, and in my mind, it doesn't really matter how many different people a person has sex with, sex is simply natural, biological, etc. Beyond that, there are plenty of forms of consensual pleasure that absolutely do not cause pregnancy, oral sex, kissing, anal sex, hugging, sleeping together, back rubbing, back scratching, message, masturbating, genital fondling, breast touching, butt touching, etc....all these things....and there is absolutely no chance of pregnancy...so why would people who engage in those activities be immoral or unethical...I don't think they are. The only problem are STDs and of course other viruses that come along whenever two or more humans touch. Free info is the answer to that, but already there are other answers, low cost quick 1 minute tests for the major viruses and bacteria, and then this awesome idea of a voluntary-STD-clean database that people can access, and is completely voluntary...maybe the db owners can pay for the free testing, it could be a wonderful charity and provide an excellent service to the public. It's ironic too that those people who label others "slut" and "whore" are probably not the warmest people on earth...and I have to wonder how they can get into their own monogomous sex while simulateously chastizing the sex of others...it seems unlikely...more likely they are bent against sex altogether, not just promonogomous sex...I mean if they are so critical about other people having sex with too many other people, can they still separate that antisexual feeling, with a strong pro-sexual feeling for the monogomous sex of their own relationship? I kind of think no, that their anti-slut views impede their own monogomous sex, but maybe I'm wrong, maybe even the most vicious anti-slut person, is totally experienced and actively enjoys vigorous sexual activities with their monogomous partner. I just know that the nature of sexual arousal for most people is variety and new experiences, and that works against arousal with the same partner, but possibly like in prisons and hospitals, people in extreme situations such as monogomany can trick themselves into arousal.

Lately I find that I instead of getting in "word matches" with insiders I prefer to step back and just observe where they are coming from with their opinions. But word matches are almost always inevitable, but as an outsider among insiders, it seems pointless for me to say out loud what I think, but in some way it sends a clear message, and for whatever reason, you have not seen an insider pissed until you say a rebuttle out loud and challange their one-word put-down. Another reason to be pensive is that many time their mouth muscle neurons was moved, and as an outsider, and no doubt even more than a few insiders might not know between muscle neuron move and intentional put-down. One key is among those who generally are friendly, I understand that they are beamed on to be mean, and so it's better to brush off any put downs of theirs, time is so precious that I want to focus on positive productive things, we could sit here in a "perv" versus "brutal" match until the end of time. By the way here are common wasy word matches:
"perv": "brutal", "harsh", "callous", "thanks voyeur (thanks for your)", "thane you" (thank you)
"crazy": "brutal", "harsh", "judge mental", "yer healed", "thought police (tough one to fit in)", perhaps "speech"...I have to make these up myself, there has never been a person taking on involuntary psychology, antisexuality, or religion...I was thinking a new one might be "consent"...although it's remote...that psychology health care should be consent only.
"gay": "sourpuss", "not see",

The insiders have a tremendous advantage at quick put-downs because they have a massive team of like-minded insiders feeding them, where outsiders only have their own minds generally speaking. It's stupid to waste time in a constant put-down match, but sometimes a "harsh" or "brutal" might advance life forward for others. It might be worth the air and a few seconds, but otherwise, don't let them get you down, and at least know in your own mind the truth.

It's kind of an amazing thing to know that my own mind is being beamed with nasty suggestions all the time, but particularly when I meet a friend, I know it, and have become used to it, but then to realize too, that they must be receiving similar nasty suggestions, in addition to the nasty suggestions beamed on me, and my own feeble efforts to reject them or replace the beamed images and sounds.

I want to add more science contributions and important science topics to my "Ted in 10 minutes" so here it is again but now in edited form:

I need to put together a 5 minute quick all-encompassing statement for myself. It has to seemlessly cover these major topics:
1) images, sounds, muscle movements sent and received from brains wirelessly (sarisammtafb)+pupin,1910+evidence
2) photon is matter, basis of all matter, straight line not sine wave
3) no big bang, infinite universe
4) stop violence
5) full democracy
6) full free info
7) decrim drugs
8) decrim prost
9) psychology=make consensual
10) fiorini=jfk,cesar=rfk, 9/11=controlled demolition
11) antireligions
12) against antisexuality
13) decrim nudity

somehow I want to squeeze in:
14) cloud->spiral->life->globular galaxy
15) mass and velocity conserved, but not exchanged
16) antimatter is simply matter with electric charge
17) reject time dilation, time everywhere the same
18) current in permanet magnet causes electric not magnetic field
19) combustion must involve total separation of some atoms
20) velocity of light might not be constant, pound-rebka experiment
21) polarization based on direction not wave aspect of light
22) photon basic unit of mass measurement
23) course of matter in universe set but unknowable
24) all human languages contain same sounds, one letter equal one sound alphabet
25) no entropy, only matter, space, time, gravity
26) gravity and permanent electric field source of constant motion
27) doubt nuclear force, but might be, like energy and electricity, useful description
28) photon not carrier of electromagnetic force, light not electromagnetic wave
29) humans started as ovum and sperm protists
30) atom separation is possible reason for light from stars and planets
31) Within 20 years, walking robots in every major city
32) Within 100 years flying helicopter cars, roads layered above and below ground
33) eventually even oceans filled with houses
34) in the far future descendents may actually convert all matter of the planets to build and fuel optimized house-ships
35) Within 1000 years humans will have stopped the process of aging by customizing human DNA, humans age to 20 and later stages of aging are stopped.
----- (beyond this are things of lower or questionable accuracy)
36) neutron may be proton and electron
37) electron is probably photon
38) DNA of reproduction might be most conserved as necessary for survival
39) dual nature of atom, is not spherical
40) light interference may be result of photons bouncing off each other, or absorption and emission, reflection rate of atoms. (possibly reflection from surface features)
41) doubt existence of gravitons or quarks.

I'm still developing this and smoothing everything out so maybe next week for a final paragraph and top 40 list.

Longer talks begin with file name "lecture", music notes begin with "music"
Many of these notes are just notes to myself, but I am too lazy to filter them out.

Mysterious "CP": Well, there are still some unknowns:
First to see thought: Mijalo Idvorsky Pupin, 1910, Columbia University, NY, USA
to hear thought: DP?, 1911, where?
to make a neuron fire: 1912
to send an image directly to brain: 1912 CP? (clearly by 1924 with Pupin's pulitzer prize winning "From Immigrant to Inventor").

More about this possible "CP". It is possible that these are not the initials of anybody, but one of the millions of misinterpretted insider to outsider hints. It seems clear that CP is somebody. There are only a few CPs or PC (but it does seem like CP is the correct order) in science. One is Pierre Curie, however he was killed before 1910 and so is therefore ruled out. Another is Cecil Powell who won a Nobel http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/physics/laureates/1950/powell-bio.html, but Powell's work is somewhat unrelated to sarisammtafb. I would expect an electrical person to be experimenting with neurons, or maybe a biological person. In addition Powell is somewhat late on the scene, and got his phd at the cavendish lab in cambridge in 1927. Clearly working in the cavendish lab he might have made some significant secret scientific advance. Powell is credited with creating a new method for photographing particles, and was the first to identify a new particle called a pi-meson. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cecil_Frank_Powell

It's interesting, that I think "CP" is definitely somebody important, because in the movie "Fahrenheit 451" made back in the 60s, near the end when Montag is on the run he passes a television store, and prominantly displayed is a "coffee pot". Maybe it's nothing, or coincidence, but maybe it is "CP" again. Perhaps the name is "potter"? The reviewer writes "a powerful..." which might be a play on "powellful".

Usually, like Pupin, the person if an inventor of secret technology is involved with the government, or the phone company at&t, which is not the case for Powell, so there again are added doubts. The Nobel page ends on "racquets and tennis." which is "rat", so potentially there is something there.

I would think that Charles Townes, the inventor of the laser would be a good match for the first to send data to a brain, which would be CT, but there are not many CTs and they are probably confused with TC for Thane Cesar. It seems there may have even been a "TP" in the late 1800s or early 1900s who old-time science authors potentially (use the first letter of the last words in a paragraph to) refer to.

I definitely can tell people that after losing 50 pounds (300 to 250lbs) sex is much easier, and there is a clear difference.

I saw the 1966 movie "Fahrenheit 451" and it was ok, the story is a good story. I red the story when younger as required in high school and enjoyed it. As I recall it was small and so that appealed to me as a young person. I have a lot of comments. I't sinteresting that Bradbury wrote it by renting a typewriter in the basement of a UCLA library for .10 an hour or something. I wish the film makers had explored more the aspect of how books have been seen as evil by religious leaders in particular...the index of prohibited works is a classic example, in addition to political leaders. They completely avoided that altogether. In addition, the closest aspect of Fahrenheit 451 that exists today is the burning of child pornography, and they did not really addess the aspect of destroying pornographic images at all...it was not even touched upon, except for a burning book with a female posing in a sort of alluring posture....but just nothing else remotely close...I mean it was a complete miss of one of the central themes, just like the lack of any criticism or relation to religious authority being in charge of book burning. As a quick aside about child porno, and I cringe to even use the words, but the analogy is like images of kids damaged by missile in Iraq, I don't own any images of either, but just because a person owns an image of a minor being damaged, doesn't mean that they support or promote the damage...I mean come to your senses about the right to own pictures of an unpleasant nature, anything else is Fahrentheit 451 and the burning of history. They didn't address the aspect of the importance books serve in passing on history (although at the end with each person memorizing a book)...the view is much more like "oh the wonderful fiction!" where I could not care less about fiction...it's nonfictional history and science that is to me the obvious most important writing. But again, the makers completely fail to address this anti-science, anti-history aspect. Still, it's a fine movie, and worth seeing, there is a sad scene where an old woman goes down with the flames and her books. I think the choice of a lead actor with a German accent may not have been the best choice, because most people reading F451 in the USA have their own US-English voice (although there are many wonderful various languages in the USA and all over the earth), but yet, it gives the movie an international feel. Perhaps the view is that this person is like a Nazi gestapo at first, but later changes sides. A movie, like a music video can unfortunately cast/commit a song or story into a rigid image as opposed to the many visions that might be conjured from simply reading a book or listening to a song. I don't know, the accent kind of took away from some parts, for example, when Montag is explaining how the wives are not really living to the fullest extent, or how they are living a lie...it seemed kind of unsmooth, unrealistic. It's a good story, some movies, such as this one don't need special effects because the story is smart, and that helps it to continue. Just at the end there is a coffee pot in the window (or could be tea-pot), and maybe this is a relation to "CP" a secret science inventor or maybe just coincidence.

Already I have learned something interesting from "The Mechanical Universe", there is a demonstration with 3 polarizing sheets. When a third polarizing sheet is placed at a diagonal angle between two polarizer sheets rotated at 90 degrees, the light appears. It seems unlikely that light would since how could light filtered out at the first polarized surface suddenly reappear after it? I duplicated this with my own $5 polarizing sheets and it is true. I think what must be happening is that photons are reflected into the x dimension from the second polarizer. Some things that could be measured with very precise tools are: is the light displaced? (It might be displaced only at the molecular level and therefore very difficult to prove), what is the exact quantity of photons that get through and how does it vary with each polarizer sheet and angle? I am putting together a corpuscular (light as a particle) simulation of polarization, which I think is the result, not of an electromagnetic wave, but a result of the direction of light beams. The professor uses the word "direction", maybe all this has been proven by insiders in the sarisammtafb but it could be coincidence. This definitely adds complexity to the model. I think it's clear that beams of light have to be reflected into the x dimension, because there is no way beams with x direction values can get through the polarizing sheet (according the the theory I think is most accurate). If this were true then the quantity of light transmitted can only be less or equal to the quantity of light that got past the first sheet. In other words, no new light particles or beams are being created or passed through the first sheet. I think as a statement about science in these centuries, I think that it is possible that average people had more basic logic before Christianity, honestly, because, we should lean towards the more logical and realistic explanation as opposed to highly mathematical and abstract unintuitive theories in the absence of definitive physical proof, but what I think we see is a surrender to basic logic, and embrace of fashionable highly abstract and complex theories. I think we will find our way back to simple logic eventually. And this is a perfect example, I don't think we should abandon the most logical particle interpretation of light just because we have yet to create explanations for all known phenomenon. For example, this is the second light as a particle explanation I have heard for this specific 3 polarizing sheet or glass phenomenon. The teacher makes a funny, what might be a sexual joke in saying "dirty piece of glass", halleluja for pleasure and reproduction.

I am working more with the phenomenon of light "polarization". A simple experiment that anybody can do, I think, is evidence that light beam direction is what is being filtered, not some aspect of a light wave. Simply pointing a laser pointer at a single sheet of polarizing plastic which you can buy inexpensively (http://www.polarization.com/cgi-bin/polarshop/polarshop.cgi or http://scientificsonline.com/product.asp_Q_pn_E_3038490 or search google) and then turn the sheet while holding the laser steadily in place, and you will see that the laser line (again pointed at a diagonal the laser will form a small line segment on the sheet as seen by the photons that are reflected) that goes through the sheet becomes dim at a certain angle. A large amount of laser light gets through, but simply less at this specific angle, and that angle is determined, I think, by the atomic and/or molecular structure of the polarizing material. How photons and other particles reflect and are absorbed by materials is a massive science on its own (Bragg, Raman, and others all have explored this phenomenon). So clearly, and I think without any doubt, I mean here it is before our eyes, light of a particular direction is being filtered (reflected). So, this has to account for at least some, if not all of the light "polarization" phenomenon. In fact, a more accurate description might be light beam "direction filtering" or "filterization", or "direction filterization", "direction filtration". And the amazing thing is this idea that particles of light, simply be reflection, I am not even talking about absorption (gravitational orbiting for example) which probably also takes place, but just by reflection you can imagine as a simple example, a photon light particle that wanders into a labyrinth and reflects around for centuries without ever exiting, and so it may be with atomic structure and particles of light...they may enter some opening in a wall and not escape for centuries in theory. So I think this laser pointer and polarizer film experiment shows clearly that direction of light is what is being reflected. Thinking more about the 3 sheet example where the middle sheet turned diagonally makes the light reappear, I am supporting the idea that light is filtered by direction as I explained above by the first sheet (say for example light only in the x plane is permitted to pass through), and then that light is reflected into the 90 degree dimension by the nature of the diagonal atomic structure (so, that light only from the x plane is reflected like a tennis ball bouncing off a racket to take on values in the y plane). It's somewhat difficult to explain, and easier to understand when you see the 3D model I am making.

10/02/07 Adding more notes to "Is It Dead": I almost didn't add this song because I don't want people to get the wrong idea, and I'm not particularly proud of some of my songs where I was unaware that bad suggestions were being beamed onto my head. I think there will be numerous appeals by people convicted of crimes once everybody understands how images, and sounds can be sent directly to a person's brains, and how the secret videos reveal that the crime they committed was the result of a beamed suggestion that they unknowingly accepted and followed. So anyway, I interpret this song now as saying "...and look what they were beaming on my head....!....all this gruesome imagery and terrible suggestions...". Unlike Stalin, the Warren and 9/11 Commissions, I reject the idea of trying to reshape history to my present day advantage. I accept the truth, however unpleasant, about my mistakes of the past. Beyond that, I've never killed or seriously hurt anybody, so I don't feel that what ever I have done has been so seriously bad. As I recall at the time I had seen some metal bands in Chicago and probably was inspired to try and write a metal song. I still think, for example, metal, speed metal, etc are impressive and have a solid place in music, I can see using music like that as a background for ships going to other stars, or some star system war, etc. But my key message to people is "watch out for the beamed-on suggestions", know that evil people are beaming on to our heads all the time, and that thoughts, images and sounds in our minds, may not be, and in fact many probably do not originate from our own brain but from outside technology, believe it or not. One thing about a lot of heavy metal that to me is annoying is the constant "devil" aspect of so much of heavy metal music. To me it's stupid and funny at best, dangerous and evil at worst. In my opinion, there is no Devil, but there certainly are evil people as we humans define evil, in particular those who do violence against humans, that cause pain, etc. I hate to see the wonderful sound of heavy metal tainted by idiotic religion, or appeals to violence, dishonesty, etc. But for whatever reason, many Christians like the "Devil" aspect of metal, or else it wouldn't sell. So "Is It Dead", which has much more than dreary allusions to death, but also the analogy to robots being alive...for example the line "is it dead?" is used in the movie "Terminator 2", and of course, the Cranberries did "Zombie" which is a kind of an anti-war exposing the thought technology song, which has nothing to do with mysticism. So I would put "Is It Dead?", with the "Ellen" and "Top of My Head" group of songs as being somewhat unpleasant for me, knowing now that I was such a victim of beamed suggestions. But yet, I accept the reality of the past and I'm not trying to hide it in any way. I have said that I don't doubt that people in the CIA actually wrote some of the lyrics in John Lennon's songs, such as "Out of the Blue you came to me, and blew away life's misery" ... and then what's more...those assholes got me to sing it! What a terrible bunch of murderers with advanced technology...and this is precisely how they take advantage of innocent people who are unaware that people figured out how to send images and sounds directly to brains a long time ago. Maybe a person like Mark Chapman heard "Out the Blue" and thought Lennon was calling out to Chapman to "blow away life's misery" (instead of Yoko who was the probable subject, and "blow away" as in nonviolently remove negativity from Lennon's life like wind). You can see how such messages are probably suggested by evil insiders who dominate much of the planet, and innocent victims simply echo them out. I am glad that I finally figured this out, and am taking the message out to all of you, like so many millions of liberals and honest people should have done years before now! Where were they? Where are they? How can they be this stupid, negligent and insensitive?

Some people had reawakened the memory of Augusto Righi, and there is an interested web page that describes his work: http://chem.ch.huji.ac.il/history/righi.html I didn't know or had forgotten that Hertz did successfully reflect, refract and cause interference of so-called "electromagnetic waves", basically I think people describe any light not in the visible spectrum as "electromagnetic waves", but more accurately, these are simply beams of photons with non-visible photon interval (or wavelength), in this case these are simply photon beams with radio wavelength, which is larger than visible light. Righi was the first to produce radio photon beams as small as 2.6cm. It still remains to be publicly shown what wavelengths of light can be focused to a point. A key piece of evidence against the wave theory of light would be found if a clearly measurable wavelength of light was focused to a point through a lens. For example, for light of wavelength 2.6cm to be focused to a point would cause problems for a wave theory of light because no light is measured outside of the focused area, the amplitude of a light beam would be reduced to under 2.6 cm, and that would change the wavelength of the light or simply it could not have an amplitude, which is what I am saying is probably the more accurate interpretation of light (straight line beams of particles where wavelength is distance between particles).

I recently subscribed to the magazine "Vegetarian Times" and the first issue came and there are some nice recipes in it. Whenever I do something, the influence I have is so huge that it sometimes can cause problems and I almost want to send a letter saying that I have subscribed, but that they just should go about their work in the usual manner as if I was not here at all, and by all means continue with their wonderful vegetarian works. And the same goes for Penthouse, to which I just subscribed. I did subscribe and will be reading, however, continue with their quality and independent efforts at eroticism, research of pleasure and sex (processes so closely intertwined with becoming a parent), and insightful commentary as if I was not here in the audience. Over the years, I think it may be true that Penthouse has the most erotic photos of all the major nude mags. It's a tough call, Playboy certainly gets some beautiful busty female humans (but they don't do fem-fem which is my fav), and no doubt Hustler has some erotic situations portrayed on film and in particular good articles like the one Flynt recently did on the 9/11 truthers, but Penthouse is only $20 a year.

Here is another thought about the drug war: imagine that drug laws are made to have no statute of limitations, then any photo of you using drugs, like with a bong, can be used to prosecute you, nice eh? Just another reason why we should vocally be supporting ending the jailing of consensual those who use recreational drugs. Or certainly lowering the sentences to something under a month, with the reason that, a week or two is more than enough time to dry out, become unaddicted to the recreational drug, and get a new chance. Love, logic and free information are the answer, not torturous, illogicaly excessive and brutal punishments. Or even arresting people based on testimony from high school class mates and so on about how they used drugs with you, nice heh?

Interestingly, a person can actually feel the heat from somebody's head. In some way you might be able to actually feel the photons from a person's thoughts, although I doubt seriously you can detect an image just from the heat sensors on your hand. I can definitely feel heat around the heat of my wife, heat around my head is harder to detect, she has a higher body temperature than me, as may be true between asian and caucasian anatomy.

This is going too far into the anti-love frigid realm, this woman banned hugs from school. Can you imagine being her mate trying to get some play, that would be a losing battle, you would be like "give up that kiss!" and she would be like "uh-uh". She has obviously succumbed to the empire's mistaken belief of affection being bad: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071002/ap_on_fe_st/odd_no_hugs;_ylt=An66jWZselCFWJMfD5hfwKqs0NUE

I am having a fun time playing my cello and have figured out that the height and location of the bridge (and on the violin) affects the distance of the string from the bridge (the so-called "action"), and the less space there is between the string and the bridge, the easier the instrument is to play. On the cello I bought the bridge was unsymmetrical, so I bought another, but I didn't realize that I can just sand down the bridge, which I have done and keep as a backup. I see on most cellos that the bridge is positioned directly in the center of the two S-shaped holes, however, given the current height of my bridge I find that sliding the bridge back gives the lowest possible space between strings and bridge. I could sand it down more, but, I can't believe that bridge placement makes any difference in sound so I am not going to bother. But this made me examine the bridge on my violin, and the same thing is true there, the factory setting is not optimal, and the strings can be lowered by sliding back the bridge to make potentially for easier playing, but with the violin, it is not as big an issue.

Evidence against the wave theory of light, light "polarization" due probably to direction of beam and not because of some aspect of light as a wave:

Interesting when talking about the disease that ultimately killed Carl Sagan in his last interview with Charlie Rose Sagan uses the phrase "had a central role" which is typical insider-speak for Central Intelligence Agency. David Ray Griffin uses the word "central" when talking about 9/11 being an inside job, and maybe that is why I noticed it with Sagan this time around.

One piece of helpful advice to people is that if you get threats of terrible methods of death, you should realize that, the current technology can kill a person in milliseconds, and the preferred method is that method which was probably used on my Mom and millions of others: to simply turn off critical muscles until a person dies...so all the tales of being burned, drowned, etc are all very very unlikely, and more or less used to scare people, because if they want to kill you they will with a neuron beam in a few seconds, for whatever reason, that simply is not possible for them or they choose not to if you are still alive. Clear evidence that there must be some force of good working against the massively huge force of evil that has grown and multiplied on earth since the rise of religion.

My advice to those who want to make contributions to science is simple:
1) learn the details of the history of science
2) drop religion
3) don't be afraid to doubt the accuracy of popular existing theories (drop authority)

I would say that studying the details of the history of science is the richest source of new contributions to science, however, having a fresh new self-created interpretation and analysis of the universe and phenomena may also be the source of new advances in science, since you may not be limited by the paths worn out by others. Ultimately the physical observation, the simplicity and logic of the scientific theory is going to be the

I need to put together a 5 minute quick all-encompassing statement for myself. This is when you are on very precious air-time, which is the first few minutes of any interview. This is when the person thanks you for being on the show, and asks you what your deal is. It's important to squish as many important sentences into the smallest time possible, because, millions of people are going to hear and/or see these interviews. In addition, even for smaller interviews, people might only watch or listen to the first few minutes so it's smart to try and dump your load then. After that, you can feel more freely about chit-chatting, but even so, you can use that time to work in important issues of less importance than your prime-time issues.
My statement has to seemlessly cover these major topics:
1) images, sounds, muscle movements sent and received from brains wirelessly (sarisammtafb)+evidence
2) photon is matter, basis of all matter
3) no big bang, infinite universe
4) stop violence
5) full democracy
6) full free info
7) decrim drugs
8) decrim prost
9) psychology=make consensual
10) fiorini=jfk,cesar=rfk, 9/11=controlled demolition
11) antireligions
12) against antisexuality
13) decrim nudity

other possibilities:
14) history of science, evolution (describe ULSF)
15) kid's rights
16) my music

and here is what I have so far (I am calling this "Ted in ten minutes"):
I am known for many things, in particular for claiming that all the matter in the universe is made of particles of light, that particles of light are matter and the basis of all matter, that the big band expanding background radiation theory of the universe is probably wrong and that the universe is probably infinitely large because think of it, the universe doesn't just end 15 billion light years out, there have to be galaxies so far away that not one particle of light from them reaches our tiny telescopes. I'm also know for being one of the only people to advocate full democracy, where we the people get to vote directly on all government decisions, laws, and even court decisions, and I support total freedom of information, that is that nobody should be jailed or punished for any image owned (even if it violates copyright, privacy, pornography, etc other laws). Beyond that, I am one of the many people to support decriminalizing recreational drugs and prostitution. I tell people don't get addicted to recreational drugs, but by all means let's not jail those people who do get addicted to drugs, and if we do jail them, let is be only for a few weeks until they dry out, sober up, and can get a fresh start not for years and years, which is somekind of social program where we pay for their food, clothes and shelter for years. I am one of the only people to publicly finger Frank Fiorini Sturgis as the killer of JFK, one of the few people that identify Thane Cesar as the killer of RFK, and one of the growing group that think the world trade center building were brought down in controlled demolitions. So I am a person who is one of the few to publicly speak out against violence, against religions, nobody punished for religious and delusional beliefs, and in favor of truth, honesty, and science. But probably I am most known as a person who publicly claims that many years ago people figured out how to send and receive images sounds and muscle movements remotely to and from any brain, basically that people figured out how to see, hear and send thought wirelessly, and people are going to claim that I am crazy for saying that, and on the topic of psychology, the key thing I say there is that psychiatric health care needs to be made consensual only, because think about it, we don't let people remove one of our lungs without our clear written consent, so why would psychiatric treatment be any different, those people need the right to a trial, no 4 point restraints, no forcible or co-hearsed drugging. Just quickly, delusion needs to be legal, people should not be punished for being wrong, and religion is the best example, people reject evolution, believe that Jesus brought people back to life, that Muhommed was divine, etc, and those are all clearly delusional, and inaccurate, but nobody should be jailed for believing those things. It is very very hard for people to accept that thought can be seen and heard, but how hard is it to believe that people figured out how to see, hear and send thought. I think it was Mijalo Idvorsky Pupin at Columbia University in 1910 that first figured out how to see what people's eyes see by tuning in a specific wavelength of radio wavelength light from behind a person's head, then somebody must have figured out how to make neurons fire remotely by using invisible beams of light. It sounds unbelievable but there actually is some evidence. For example in 1937, Andre Maurois wrote a book "The Thought Reading Machine" which describes a scientist inventing a device that can hear thought and how they go into business selling the machine, any of you can buy on the Internet for $20. Definitely see the movie "The Final Cut" with Robin Williams who is a comical genius which shows how what a person sees and hears through out there life can be assembled at their death into a movie of their memories. Probably the most convincing evidence is this movie I have on my web site and youtube that shows a researcher at the University of California in Berkeley, Yang Dan, who made a movie of what a cat sees made only from the neurons of the cat. This is clear evidence that people are trying to figure out how to see and hear thought, and trying to see and hear thought is absolutely a valid scientific endeavor, there is nothing pseudoscience about trying to see and hear thought, it is definitely a valid and serious line of scientific research. The key thing to tell you people out there, is to defend yourselves against this technology, because the images and sounds in yo head might not be your own, but instead might be being beamed there by high school drop-outs in our government with advanced secret technology. Finally, beyond that, I am a person who stands up in favor of pleasure and against pain. I think we are living in an antisexual revolution, and it's ironic that people look down upon nudity and sex, in particular because there is a reason that sex feels so good, and that is if sex did not feel good, we wouldn't have sex, females wouldn't get pregnant, and the sexual species would not continue to reproduce, so it is so stupid and ironic that people come down so harshly against physical pleasure and consensual sex...it's almost to say a person is anti-life, since sex is the reason humans keep reproducing and surviving, but yet nobody will publicly admit that they are sexually aroused and like sex and nudity even though biologically they have to be lying.

I have a message, other people go on talk shows and say like "I'm fine...my family is fine...what have I been doing lately? hanging out....", no not me, I have a lot to f'in say my sistas and brothas. I have a message to deliver, and deliver it I am in the process of doing. I have a message from the universe, and it's high time the public heard it. See the above paragraph for a condensed summary of the instructions I have been given.

My drum set came in, I bought this thing for $270 dollars from musiciansfriend.com, and it rocks, but I have to find a place to play it because it would be too loud, but it's ready to roll. I just need some cymbals now too.

Probably another CIA John Lennon lyric is in the song "How", "and the world she is tough, some time I think I've had enough", that would be typical of the CIA's type of writing or whoever they are, high school drop-outs in our government with access to advanced secret beam technology and no good ideas about how to use it.

I am on a quest to see how seeing, hearing and neuron activation was invented and has grown, but also on a quest to duplicate the technology myself, and demonstrate it to the public. Of course, all that might be stopped if I am suddenly included, but it looks like that is not going to happen any time soon, so I am on course for trying to duplicate the technology myself, and to continue to piece together this unbelivable, but yet most probably true story.

One thing that the data agrees with but many people may not think is true, is that those who are against decriminalizing prostitution, whether they know it or not, are actually generally lowering the income of the female gender, because on average those paying for genital touching are males, and those receiving the money are females. So people who are keeping prostitution illegal are stopping large amounts of money from reaching many female's bank accounts from male's. Prostitution being illegal, and even soliciting prostitution being illegal, is not just stopping women from walking the streets, we are talking about middle income women who might be interested in being paid a few thousand dollars just to touch some (probably older) wealthy guy's genitals for a few minutes. Those women are being denied potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in income and revenue. People will say this is wrong, that it is a distorsion, all kinds of other reasons, but the fact remains that those people working to keep prostitution illegal, are, whether they know it or not, drastically and deeply limiting the potential income of the entire female gender, since it is females generally in this day and age who receive the massive quantity of money that would be exchanged for consensual physical pleasure services. I've said it a thousand times, but this kind of view of making prost illegal, of oral and anal sex laws, etc...it's a thing of the past...I don't think the majority even still supports these old puritanical laws...but no representatives want to be called "pervert" and so even if the public supports it, the reps won't enact it. It's going to take ballot measures, and then some kind of US ballot measure to pound this crapper through.

I am willing to admit that I think that there may be some plan for the universe, that we can't possibly ever know, some kind of program, where the photons, space and time are working themselves out, that there is some exact and unchanging course for all the matter and space in the universe, but I reject the old human-made idea of there being any kinds of gods though. The idea of gods is an old fashioned idea, based on the idea that human-like beings control everything in the universe, and even if it was updated, I still reject the entire line of theory as less accurate than expanations offered by science. The best evidence I can give you against belief in a god, changes from time to time, but currently, in my mind, it is this: "for centuries there was no monotheism, only polytheism, then within the last 3000 years there was monotheism, if belief in many gods, was reduced to belief in only one god, and recently, why not just add one more god to the list of non-existant dieties?" People worshipped many gods for centuries before monotheism, and then only a single god...well, if all those other gods don't need to be worshipped, why worship a single god? There are many other arguments, people argued against the existence of gods even before Christianity and Islam, and that is an interesting fact.

A tit apparently accidentally was beamed onto a screen by a US representative recently, and I think at some point, because nudity has been made so illegal and taboo, we might have to display images of actual breasts to identify the nature of the breast that appeared...ok I'm joking....but we can always just simply show breasts anyway for pure entertainment value. People either love or loathe the female breast, but one thing is for sure, they are excited by it.

Vegetarian Times has come forward with their first gestapo insider put-down of "creepy", a word that CNN accepted a few million dollars for. The insiders like it because they think it works against my rising popularity by relating "tee-pee" with "creepy", and providing a theoretical justification for excluding atheists and others based on the shakey foundation of psychological theory. In my own defense, and as a feeble opposition to this all powerful evil empire, I can only say that, Ann Gentry and Ephrom Zimbalest Jr the owners of "Vegetarian Times", maybe are friendly people for those who have ever seen them, but one thing we outsiders should remember is that Gentry and Zimbalest Jr are part of a disgusting secret society of people that voyeuristically and secretly watch people and even their thoughts in their own houses. And among camera-thought net insider addicts, there is little honor, no honesty, and even less wisdom. They will give all kinds of excuses, and try to change the topic, but the simple fact remains that they do watch people in their houses and see thought, and I think the public should at least hear that truth and understand that in the interest of fairness. They publicly do not admit to watching people in their houses, or seeing thought, but yet it is the truth and appears to be a simple fact. Whenever I see these low-brow paid-for propaganda I am somewhat amazed that all this is for me, done by people who watch endless hours of me and my thoughts. Insiders like Gentry and Zimbalest have watched hours of me, all my copyrighted songs, endless hours of my thoughts, but have not shared a single thought image of themselves with me. If we outsiders want to see what Gentry or Zimbalest are up to we have to pay top copyright dollar, but if they want to see us, they just grab whatever they want from our thoughts, and we have not received a single dollar. I'm for total free info, so maybe that is why people, like Bill Gates, and Zimbalest who have received millions of dollars from this one-sided copyright system, would oppose the idea of total free info. I'm interested in what the eye videos show behind this use of the word "creepy", who paid for it? What was the motivation behind it? Probably monetary. It's amazing, here these people have millions, but they are so greedy that they take more millions to dump on poor outsiders instead of taking the higher and longer term financial gain or being kind to both sides. It's similar to an aparteid society of Hutu and Tutsi. My only hope is that the excluded get smart and start to understand how this other group watches them and their thought, and has been part of a disgusting secret society that has existed for 100 years and longer, certainly since the invention of the camera that sees eyes by Michael Pupin in 1910. There are many points, but just quickly, another phenomenon I see in today's society are people who are uneducated, they are suspicious and care nothing about science, they readily accept many of the pseudoscience claims of psychology and religions. It's shocking to explain to people new to the earth that a massive group of people are part of a cult around a Jewish preacher who lived 2000 years ago...that they still worship this guy 2000 years later...it's tough to explain that. Many insiders callously and cruelly support the torture and indefinite detentions of lawful people in psychiatric hospitals. They remain silent about those people not getting free legal defense, a trial, a finite sentence, or even applaud and actively support such a system. One reason people fear speaking out against involuntary psychiatric treatment, is because they don't want people viewing them as having a psychiatric disorder. A perfect example is how Nixon won an election by exposing that the VP running mate of McGovern has seen a psychiatrist. Even the thought that a person might have some kind of psychiatric problem was enough for him to be dropped from the ticket...just talking to some psychiatrist about your marriage, job, or life in general was enough to create a myth of mental instability, and this from people like Nixon who supported and actively engaged in cold blooded first degree murder of innocent people. Like Nelson Mandela said of the white elites in South Africa, I am saying that these savages that watch us in our house and for whom we cannot see a single thought, who have secretly watched and been accessories after the fact to a million murders, are going to preach to us about ethics? But getting back to that issue of no education and easily duped by pseudoscience, many people believe all these inaccurate claims, those of the religions, those of psychology, that there is something bad about science, I see this in the "raw" people too, like there is something unnatural about cooking food, or something spiritual about uncooked food. I like raw food, but I don't have any pseudoscience mystic belief that there is anything unhealthy with cooked food. I hope the excluded wake up sometime soon and start to work against this massive evil insider empire. Throughout history there have always been massive evil empires that ruled with advanced technology oppressing and abusing the weaker groups. However, there are always those, like myself, that oppose the empires, even when the Nazi empire ruled Europe with an iron first, secretly murdering millions, there were many anti-Nazis who worked against them, and ultimately the Nazi empire was toppled, although many of them kept their secret pupin technology and continue to this day. What the outside public sees are films like "Der Ewige Jude" massively spinning propaganda, while the truth of how the Nazis secretly were murdering millions of innocent people with zyklon B continued for years, unknown by the outsider until Eisenhower allowed movies to be released of Auschwitz and other Nazi military work, prison, psychiatric hospital, and death camps. I'm hopeful that even this evil camera-thought phone company information hording empire will collapse, and those involved be punished by the newly informed outsiders. I see this kind of polluted view all the time, I can't turn on a television show or open a magazine, enter a restaurant without the rude included putting me down, the pupin secret, religion, antisexuality, antiscience has polluted every aspect of the planet, and if that were not enough, this evil crap can be beamed directly onto our minds now. So, this kind of stuff with "creepy" it's typical, it's like racism, we can't ever escape it, we have to live with it, and I am working my best to try and educate people about as many truths as possible. There couldn't be a massive secret voyeur elite society and none of their gross views leak out to the public. Some of that disgustingness always seeps out to the public. It's terrible when you look up to see who is shuffling you into the death camp train or the psychiatric prison camp, and it's a liberal vegetarian, a liberal who didn't have a lot of choices who made some bad choices in order to survive in a brutal society, and those people like Gentry and Zimbalest, although tutsi insiders for which, sadly, there will always be a clear and distinct difference, are nothing compared to those who killed JFK, RFK, those in 9/11 and I can only imagine how many others, as I have said when historians in 2500 are summarizing this century, probably the list of those not murdered by secret beam technology will be smaller. Probably the most offensive thing about words like "creepy", "weird", "psycho", "scitzo", "sane", etc. is simply the fact that millions of people are currently the victim of barbaric and human rights violating (but be certain that Amnesty International will not address the involuntary psychiatric treatment question for any nation) unconsensual "treatments". The money behind those at CNN and Vegetarian Times who bought "creepy" (people can buy advertising in magazines, television...even a word like "psycho", etc, but of course, we outsiders don't know the name of the buyer, only the seller), may come from the big psychological pharmaceutical companies who want to continue forcing people to buy their products for a huge cornucopia of made up or trivial diseases with little or no scientific evidence and not one physical diagnostic test for (unlike tests for HIV, cancer, broken bones, etc), and we are talking about people being forced to buy and injest these experimental drugs by law, mandated by law, mandated by court order and government laws, forced to take drugs upon pain of imprisonment and somebody else drugging them. So people look at me like "you are overreacting", but I just want to state for the record, that these "psychol" people are filling the hospitals full of lawful people for indefinite sentences, with no trial to prove themselves innocent of the charge of a neighbor, government police officer, or doctor, supporting forced drugging laws, ... I mean I am pulling my hair out over here, being the only person to understand this...I mean this shit is shocking....and these people who think a god floats around in the clouds, that Jesus is in a cracker, and Jesus watches over them...I mean and on and on...are going to tell us about reality? Even that there is a big bang and the universe just ends 15 billion light years out...just ends...no more universe there....they are going to tell us about reality. Forced psychological treatment is a nightmare of this century, and I hope it ends in this century. But that is going to require radical and massive change on the part of the public, that doesn't appear to be coming anytime soon. I reject the idea that taking money to print "psycho", "creep", articles defending the erroneous 9/11 story, the oswald story, etc, is giving right wing people a say, there are right wing people who are not rude, who reject violence, who reject the Bush's reign of murder, who support science, etc. For example, I support Ron Paul's brand of Republicanism, I am for small government, less taxes, I'm against the sales tax, I'm against a massive overspending military, unnecessary and costly wars, against government legislating our own recreational drug and consensual sex choices, while I support programs to end starvation and basic non-insurance-company-based health care, I'm against massive social programs that have to do with psychology, counciling and other unnecessary services, I'm against massive regulations, for free market, for full democracy where the public gets to vote directly (a policy neither side currently supports), etc. To me it's simple economics, even though they have millions they see these quick-fix short-term payments as beneficial, without worrying about the long term because most people tend to forget the past. What these evil insiders are involved in is a kind of selection, against atheists, against honest, ethical, educated people, by trying to stop them from reproducing, and even from finding conjugal partners, it's eugenics, and a form of genocide, by trying to discredit and exclude those people who reject religion, who reject secrecy, generally anybody that disagrees with those who control Pupin's invention, etc. I doubt we will see "total free info fried food item", "9/11 inside job-pasta", "stop violence soup", "pupin thought seeing pasta", "no drug war sandwich", "pseudoscience ...", "decriminalized ...", "legalize the prost pudding", "consensual health care only loaf", "jesus was only a human burger", "religions are idiocy slaw", "I see people thoughts veggie mash", "let us vote directly on the laws shishkabobs", "evolution is a fact bun", "moon city pie", "new new york state on mars tea", "frank fiorini killed jfk now we want some justice bake", "thane cesar killed rfk now wtf you going to do about it LA? BBQ seitan sandwich", because people are more into money than truth, justice, honesty, progress, science, etc.

Since atheists cannot be punished for "heresy" and "blasphemy" psychology serves as a convenient alternative. Many religious people view atheism as a psychological disorder (just as many atheists view religion as a psychiatric disorder, however there are far more religious than atheists, and so the religious generally have been prevailing). I think I take the high road in saying that nobody should be jailed or locked in a hospital, or legally required to take drugs for their religious, delusional, or inaccurate beliefs.

I generally continue going to businesses even though their employees are rude included, because I have little choice, I have to go to grocery stores, I sometimes like to go to a restaurant, read a magazine, etc...and so of course I have come to accept the disgusting background of filthy camera-thought propaganda and vicious views. It must be a similar feeling for black people in an antiblack society, you have done nothing wrong, but yet you are viewed like a slave, second class citizen or criminal just because of your race, your gender, your religion, etc. and then ironically by a group of actual evil criminals. My view is that generally people who are rude and have inaccurate views days before, still have them today, and will continue to be rude and have those inaccurate views, probably until they die, those "creepy" people will always be out there, and so of course, like racism, violence, dishonesty, it's going to be around here on earth for a long time. I can feel good knowing that I am working overtime to try and teach those who can be reached, to expose those who operate behind a curtain of secrecy, and generally speak out for the truth, against injustice and against popular inaccurate beliefs.

I don't know where to begin with this disgusting disgusting thing:
Here this poor woman who probably gets under $50k a year is fined $222,000 for copyright violation. This is absolutely nazisticly disgusting. Those people in the recording industry are total monsters and shocking hypocrites for watching people in their houses and copying their thought images and sounds. This is grosser than gross. This shows you how disgusting and vicious the music companies are. The public has to go in and vote down the copyright penalties, and democratize the court system. It is going to take us years to reverse these massive injustices done to the excluded by insider wealthy fascist elites. I hope they tried to argue that those people all have watched thought thanks to Pupin for 100 years, why not if you are looking at a 1/4 million dollar settlement, and are a person who will not get 1/4 millions dollars over the sum of your life? What a bunch of terrible people on the grand jury. I have to ask who are these shocking idiots who think this woman has $222,000 laying around? People on juries are so stupid with these ridiculously huge monetary settlements, in particular for a nonviolent crime that these hypocrites in the recording industry commit every 5 minutes. I think we are all salivating waiting for the day when RHIA and all the other copyright companies get exposed for copyright and privacy violations and have to shell out huge sums to the public for whom they have been watching for a century.

To me, I cannot get over how these insiders savages have, over 100 years, not even bothered to tell the outsider public that thought can be seen, heard and sent to their minds. I mean that is vicious, to not even tell them, forget that they would not get to use this technology, but to not even tell them that such technology exists is viciously monsterous and idiotic.

My weight is down to 245lbs, I am reporting this for myself, and don't care if others know. It's nice for me to have a quick record, and for my mind to know where I was at, and if others enjoy it that's fine too. These pounds are clearly harder to lose because I don't think I am doing too many things differently. This is moving my average down to .3 or .4 lbs/day, which is 2-3lbs/week, 8-12lbs/month. At that rate I will not be at 200 for almost 4 months: February 2008, and I don't know if I am going to go to 180, but that would take an additional 2 months to April 2008.

As an outsider, get familiar with the "get away from me" prank phone call, and my advice for you to respond is with "you leave me alone, you fuck-free fascist nazis...dont call me...get away from me...dont call my mind....leave me the fuck alone...turn the channel...watch somebody else constantly....you scummy pieces of fascist secret voyeur shit...." and similar thoughts. Can you imagine a piece of shit calling you just to tell you not to call them? What a bunch of idiot shit heads. If a person has something nice to say, by all means call, but don't waste my time with rude shithead comments and put-downs. In particular, the nature of the mind is much more intrusive and those who prank call the mind should be facing tougher penalties than just for harassing phone calls which a person can choose not answer.

I should say that there is a lot of good stuff in the two "Vegetarian Times" mags I have received. For example, it's wonderful to have a food magazine for which (not being vegan) 100% of the recipes apply to me instead of the usual 10% of meat food magazines. The recipes are creative and many are within the reach of an average person. In addition, most of the material is somewhat liberal-friendly. I just want to state for the record the reality of what is going on behind the scenes, because we are living in a ridiculously unfair one-sided society (and a shockingly violently criminal side at that...I mean to have killed many on 9/11, JFK, RFK...and then the murderers don't do a day of time in jail...I mean we are talking about a very vicious group of people, then add in Pupin's secret for 100 years to make matters much worse). I hate to see a fine group of people steam-rolled over without so much as a whimper of protest or objection.

Take it from the T: "down with the violent, and down with the silent!"

Did they say there were 13 hijackers? well you know thats a lie, so down with those liars. Did they say it was oswald, well you know that's a lie, so down with those liars. and so on. Did they deny hearing thought? Well you know that can't be, so don't with those dishonest. etc. And up with those who tell us the truth.

I am amazed that John Hankey spent $20 to do what all the major media, all the wealthy people, presidents and professors, the entire democratic party can not do, in telling Bush senior's role in the JFK murder. Partial credit goes to Webster Tarpley for exposing Prescott Bush's connection to the German Nazi Party...where were the millionaire democrats, university presidents, and tenured faculty? the uber-wealthy celebs? just silent in every dimension.

An interesting thing that people don't hear often is the fact that young males have a very strong urge to orgasm, much stronger than females young or old, and I think that is an established fact, but yet, people are not informed of this constant reality. It's something a society might want to adapt and compensate for...instead of neglecting and turning they ultra-horny young males out without a single outlet for their pent up sexual necessities. As an aside I am looking into the Orwell movies and in 1984 there is a smart part where the establishment is trying to eliminate the orgasm by using artificial means. The antisexual vein is one of the ripest veins of hypocracy and idiocy. One interesting aspect of same gender attraction as I have said before is the idea that a person loves their own genitals, and so therefore loves them on other humans of the same gender. In addition, it very well may be that people seek out the same gender thinking that their chances of getting sex are higher than with the opposite gender, but the truth about this has yet to be examined scientifically as far as I know. The anti-same-gender touching that exists in "modern" society is so shocking an annoying, why are they so obsessed with it? Why are they so outraged and angered by it? Why do they view same gender attraction as a sign of weakness instead of one of strength, wisdom, tolerance and diversity? Whatever the reasons, it is so annoying and backwards. For me, bisexuality is the least of my concerns, you know, these people throw out the concept of bisexuality, a person that masturbates about same gender touching..or has a same gender touching experience...apparently, who cares about the numerous thoughts and experiences they may have about or with the opposite gender...only those thought images and experiences with them and the same gender matters...from that point on...they can't possibly be bisexual...only lesbian or gay in the idiot minds of many people. They could be a male that loves breasts more than an average person, a female that loves penis as much or more than other women, but no...one thought of the same gender and they are forever inaccurately labeled homosexual by the idiot antisexual majority. As I have said before I don't know anybody that doesn't love both breasts and penises, in particular their own. But beyond this, as a final thought, the real concern for people, in my view, should not be who and what they are touching, but who is violent...I mean the priorities are upside down...murderers roam free in the highest positions of power, while people obsess over the touching of genitals...I mean it is frustrating to see this everyday. People absolutely refuse to enjoy their bodies, and pleasure is viewed as a very evil thing...while violence is viewed with apathy and acceptance..I will never understand it. But my advice to young sexual people out there is watch out for inappropriate sexual behavior, in particular don't do anything remotely sexual with humans under 18 because you might be jailed for life for a tiny minute of uncontrolled horniness, or persecuted for the rest of your life for something sexual you did when you were 16 or 17...and I mean until you are in your 80s and beyond....the insider fascist puritans are secretly keeping a sexual record of all humans large and small and they refer to this like some kind of bible for all their mean and antisexual needs.

The President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, commented that there are no homosexual people in Iran, and there was a lot of outrage, but perhaps he meant that every body in Iran is bisexual? Ok, probably not, but logically it is left as a remaining possible tautology. In all seriousness, there were a number of Persian scientists with contributions to life of earth in the distant past, for example, al-Razi is one person I think was interesting and smart, al-Razi was a doctor known as "Rhazes" in Latin. In addition, al-Haytham (Latin Alhazen) is the first on record to describe a pin-hole camera. Al-Kworizmi is the source of the word "algorism" and "algebra". al-Jabir made contributions to chemistry. The Bayt al-Hikma (house of wisdom) did many translations of Greek scientific writings. It's an interesting story how a difference in views arose between ibn-Sina and al-Ghazzali in terms of the value of the science of the ancient Greek people, many claim the popularity of al-Ghazzali's views is one of the reasons that many Arabic nations fell behind Europe scientifically starting around 1200. Although Ahmadinejad doubts about the Holocaust are most likely inaccurate, his doubts about the official 9/11 story are justified, and I think most people should accept the idea that we should always accept some doubt about even the most apparently accurate theory and reject an absolutist one-view (in particular a one-religion) only planet. I think free info is going to be the best path to identifying injustice and stopping violence around the planet. I think many people are probably glad that Ahmadinejad expressed his interest in peace and open communication.

It's interesting that people have not come up with new replacements for "bitch" such as "mare", "doe", of course there is "babe", "female human", "woman", "girl", "sow", "queen", "heifer", "maiden", "ewe", "bird", "chick", "hen", "goose" ("gander" is male goose), "duck" ("drake" is male duck), "nanny", "filly", "jenny" (female donkey) or "Jennet", "hind" (female deer), "doe" (female rabbit, deer),

There must be some law that the public can create to force AT&T to make available all the images, videos and audio recordings it has. I think, one key is to end the idea of secrecy in government...that would go a long way to getting these criminals off our minds. As it stands now, unseen criminals will be beaming misleading suggestions onto people's brains for another century, and I am not joking. 100 more years will pass before a large segment of the public even starts to accept that an elitist aparteid membership group exists in the USA and other nations and has for a hundred years if not longer, they have taken an oath to secrecy about seeing (Pupin's invention), hearing (DP's invention) and sending images, sounds and muscle movements (CP's invention). They abuse this secret technology to their fullest advantage over the other excluded side.

Years of research and development in Pupinization, seeing, hearing and sending images, sounds and muscle movement to and from brains (SHASISAMMTAFB) have created numerous techniques. For example, there is an entire set of techniques such as:
making a spider make a web in somebody's path, making a bee sting somebody, making a bird poop on a person, using a laser to drop part of a tree on somebody, making a person feel as though an insect, in particular a spider is on their skin, and then there is what I would call visual techniques for those who want to beam some image on a person's eye...to give them the experience, but they don't want to anger the evil cam thought admin so they claim that it is going to "scare the shit" out of the victim, or could "potentially cause an auto accident"...and then they have their evil excuse to beam an image onto an excluded's eyes. And when these very rare occurances happen, what images do they beam onto jane and joe excludeds brains? Usually tiny images of insects, because insects are so fast that we would just explain a tiny dot in the outside of our vision screen as being some insect. Sometimes the image will appear to take on some part of the existing image, for example, if there is a triangle sign in your field of view with text, the text can be quickly changed to some nasty suggestive message...changed for a millisecond, on-the-fly, the programs are smart enough, and have examples from other people's eyes who have seen the same sign from the same perspective. In particular when reading in a book, these cam-net pupin controllers, many at at&t will change text in your eyes to suit their advantage and the advantage of those wealthy people funding them. All this time I thought at&t was this sleepy giant company...I had no idea they were so deeply into the public survallience industry...that at&t is the largest public survalience industry on earth....who would believe that...old at&t that sleepy dull blue-chip company....all this time....was the largest spy camera and microphone network of all time. It's funny, it is amazing how well the secret was kept for all these years, and frightening, let us never let it happen again! Another thing is accenting some part of your field of view...for example on an eye screen of text from say a book, they can pick out some choice word and draw the attention of that central part of your brain that is really an interesting part...the part like a CPU that directs the next instruction...the part that sends all the muscle moving commands and so on...the start of all thought...the very beginning and center source of thought.

People who are interested should read Michael Pupin's "From Immigrant to Inventor", we outsiders should form groups to analyze this, one of the only messages to reach the outside from the inventor of this technology. See my audio notes for more, but just summarizing some initial thoughts...Pupin was the human of the century and people idolized him, although he was censored. But one funny and scary thing is that....Pupin talks alot about his association with AT&T which is natural...but here is the funny scary thing...I think they made up Pupin's invention that supposedly makes a transmission over longer distances easier, and here is why:
1) I seriously doubt the idea of "harmonic" resonance in seriously boosting a telephone signal...a signal that is mostly the human voice...it's an electrical current...I mean...it is simple V=IR. I mean I am not an alternative current expert, but it seems dubious just from my general electrical knowledge.
2) It gives Pupin and AT&T an excuse to work together on seeing thought, it explains why AT&T representative and Pupin would be constantly meeting.
3) It gives Pupin an "invention" to talk about, and an invention used by at&t. It serves as a secondary codeword for the seeing thought technology. Pupin is kind enough to simply and bravely refer only to his "invention", not my "relay", not my "device" or "harmonic oscillator" "the oscillator" or something more deceptive.
A very important sentence is towards the end, Pupin mentions that "that part of my memory had been wiped clean". A very important hint that already by 1925 neuron activation (sending images sounds and muscle movement) was already a reality. Possibly that means that the maser was invented much earlier than the 1950s, and who would doubt or be surprised? Now I want to search in the other piece of solid evidence for we outsiders, "The Thought Reading Machine" of Emile Herzog (Andre Maurois) for hints that sending images was already a reality way back in 1937. So much starts with Pupin. Another interesting point, here Pupin is credited with this tiny invention of a telephone wire "relay"...would he get letters from presidents for that? Would he win many awards for a telephone relay? I doubt it, but maybe.

Pupin expounds on a lot of his feelings about seeing thought and the secret society it has created, but in a very deeply coded way that is frustratingly difficult to clearly decipher. Another key phrase is when he talks about the "strings over every man's head"...hinting that over all of our heads are these devices. But also possibly hinting that getting sex with a female is much easier when you can hear her thoughts...you know if she would or not many times....but for an excluded...we can only guess...and when you need to guess...you tend to guess no. Hearing a lady's thoughts...you can also smooze her better...you know what she likes and what she dislikes, what is capturing her interest and what is boring, what she really thinks about what you are saying, about your appearance, etc.

But then a very interesting ending Pupin writes, all about an "ideal democracy", and most people might think "an ideal democracy? who cares about that?...what does that have to do with anything?", but I think Pupin...seeing the secret thought society...the massive injustice of bad beamed suggestions...knowing that he was in a position to tell and of importance...saw the future of government, and saw that it was full democracy. But it's tough to know. Clearly Pupin was supporting democracy, and claiming that the democracies on earth were not ideal. But was he supporting the idea of full democracy where people vote directly on the laws? I don't know. Maybe he was just hinting that if people were honest and open about his invention, the representative democracy would function better. Think about it...here were have lived for a century with this secret technology over our heads...and millions of Stalin-like false cover stories are created (like the Pupin "relay") to confuse and mislead the public....they all publicly talk about a world as it was in 1900, but secretly live in the 2000s. It's amazing to think that most of the people walking around us all have little video squares in front of their eyes...we are the people without any...just an empty space in front of us....no pictures at all. Nice society eh? Then think about who has controlled this technology all this time, nothing but scoundrels, total low-brow idiots. There does not exist any liberal intellectual side in the camera-thought net...basically I am it. I know it sounds arrogant, but if you are excluded...you don't have little video squares infront of your eyes...who is telling you about Pupin? about those video squares? it's only me....I'm sorry to say. I wish there were many millions more. Maybe as time continues there will be many more people informing the public about seeing, hearing, sending images and sounds and remote muscle moving. Once they are included, you can forget them ever telling the outsiders, and of those who remain excluded, none apparently can bridge the massive space between understanding that shasiastafb is possible and their regular lives empty of video in their eyes. There are people telling the truth about 9/11 being an inside job, so I can't imagine that shasias-truth is far behind. I have made the only video so far, search for "pupin" in videos and you will see that there is nothing else. It's a lonely feeling being the only outsider to know about Pupin. How did I figure it out? It was definitely not easy, and definitely nobody told me. First I definitely recognized "PP". Many people said "PP"...but who is "PP"? I had no idea. It was by reading Isaac Asimov's book that I think I recognized PP for Pupin...I definitely was actively looking for a scientist that might fit the time. I had gotten a hint about the year ("10") from an insider....Before that I had presumed the year was like 1960s 1950s...I was stunned....honestly....1910...that shocked the crap out of me. Another insider did say "poop!" although I wrote a song called "poop" (perhaps beamed or just coincidence, I didn't know about Pupin when I recorded that song) that helped. Now I am all but certain that Pupin was the inventor, the first to see eyes and thought. DP was hearing, and CP was sending. But what are their names? Whoever they are, they are somewhat obscure. Charles Townes the inventor of the maser clearly has an important invention. And when did they find what they found? I think it goes 1910, 1911, 1912 ...it seems clear that 1910, and 1911 are seeing and hearing, but sending is a mystery. Pupin's comment puts it, surprisingly before 1920. In fact, it was probably in October that Pupin first saw images emitted from a brain. More about Pupin. I think the sentence another person has displayed from FITI (From IMmigrant to Inventor), is this very amazing sentence: "Where are those one hundred million dollars which the invention has saved? I know that not even a microscopic part of them is in the pockets of the inventor. I have figured out also, with the same accuracy with which I once figured out the invention, that those hundred million dollars are not in the pockets of the telephone company. They must be, therefore, in the pockets of the American public. The invention made it possible to provide the telephone service, which is now being given, at a lower rate than would otherwise have been possible.". More about this sentence. Ok, so hundred million, maybe "hm" it's obscure, but it could be for "ham radio", it is possible that the wavelength given off by neurons in the brain can even be detected with a ham radio receiver as static when held close to the human brain. Clearly, all things emit photons in radio, and so holding a receiver closer to a brain or any warm body would increase the photon count. The wavelength in question, appears to be 10 to 30 cm. Maybe "hundred million" is 100,000,000 hertz wavelength, which is 3 meters wavelength (or photon interval). That is too large (although who tah hell knows of us outsider(s)? we've never seen it done). 30cm (.3m) is only 1 tenth of that at 1 billion hertz (1 gigahertz), the equation is c=lf. The difference is somewhat small...a tenth (reminds me of Sagan's use of "tenth"). Carl Sagan did a very brave thing in saying publicly in Cosmos that people may someday decode thought. I need to get that clip and put it on my web page. That is how I would start...start working with long wavelength radio circuits, a single pixel/dot receiver. It seems clear that the evil controllers of seeing, hearing and sending (shast) are going to jam those experimenting. For example, I think they jammed my earlier experiments with 1Mhtz sending and receiving...it would not surprise me at all...they are very evil...however, interestingly...they are letting me talk...it's really amazing. They are defending my life in a way that the lives of others may not have been defended. Anybody that is killed these days...of course it could have easily been stopped and people must know about average murders and murderers for days in advance...but callously and shockingly choose to do nothing...it has to be sooooo grossss to see for the newly insiders and no doubt even for some oldtimer insiders. I think it shows that a large number of people are supporting free speech when it comes to shast, or at least from outsiders. That is an interesting point, that technically I am not really a typical "rat" or "whistle blower" because you can't rat out something you are not a part of and have no direct knowledge of. And can you imagine what some of these evil insiders are implying...that even the outsiders should be quiet about their theories about seeing, hearing and sending thought? I mean that is draconian and medieval, hell it's the full evil.

concepts of "sane" have come to be like concepts of witchcraft of the past, it has little or no basis in fact, but is widely believed, and is conveniently useful to oppress those you disagree with, in particular by people of a single religion. In particular where a label like "murderer" or "assaulter" seems to have actual meaning and is reason for actual concern, but yet the majority appears not to use such labels often.

There is a feeling today that the christian religion is one of love and positivity, but a brief look into the past only 300 short years ago reveals how murderous, criminal and brutal many christian leaders were. Quick examples are the persecution of galileo, the burning alive....that is burning alive...feeling the intense pain of fire...one of the most shockingly brutal and heiness methods of murder was routinely used against nonviolent people, in particular scientists such as Giordano Bruno and Michael Servetus...you don't have to look far to see how vicious and violent religious leaders have been in the past. Now we have a tiny window of opportunity...an opportunity to throw off the yokes of the religions, and I think we should take it. It would seem to be a natural evolution to embrace explanations offered by science and logic instead. Millions of people once changed from being polytheists to monotheists, and a massive change like this can and must happen again, but this time from monotheists to atheists, people with no religion, embracers of truth, of logic, of factual science, of consensual physical and intellectual pleasure. It has happened before in the past and it can happen again.

I finally got my "tedhuntington.com/vote" page up again after moving to a different server on canaca.com. It was terrible, it was almost like they were funded to oppose my democracy efforts...they didn't build in DB4 into PHP and refused to, so I am going without a database only using a text file. But yet, everything functions as fast as before. So go ahead enter proposed laws, vote on the existing laws, and let's vote for a new society with democratic, fair and decent popular laws.

qt: Who ever would have thought that sleepy old dull AT&T would be the largest spy camera and microphone company on earth?

I think the view of aging should be changed from the theory that mutation causes aging...that is an unlikely theory in my opinion because clearly there are genetic stages through which most organisms, certainly all multicellular organisms pass. More likely, aging is controlled by a sequence of protein strands (translated from DNA to RNA to protein) which activate and deactivate various portions of the DNA molecule, and functions like a computer program...group 1 set of protein molecules activate one portion of DNA genes, which then activate group 2 genes. Those group 2 proteins deactivate group 1 genes, and activate group 2 genes, group 2 genes then activate group 3 genes which deactivate group 2 genes, and so on, .... and it's possible that there is some "final stage" where only one set of proteins functions without any inhibitors (but there could be a small constant cycle that repeats indefinitely). But then, this happens in every cell of multicellular organisms. Clearly only a tiny portion of the full DNA set is used for any particular specialized cell. But this is a basic concept that is not being told to the public...how protein groups start and stop various stages in the development of a living object. It seems like it would not be very difficult to customize the DNA of some living object to develop, but then to hold at some younger stage in development, without moving forward...it might simply mean cutting the DNA at some particular location, and throwing away the remaining strand...or cutting out specific later stage genes only. Maybe there are key "start" and "stop" genes that turn on/off entire gene groups for a single stage, and then those would only need to be removed. It's so frustrating that we as a species are so close to understanding and ending the process of death by aging, but yet people care next to nothing about it, and we will most likely all die as a result of aging. Imagine that the change is something as simple as a single DNA cut, that would be amazing. First we would see this for protists with are single-celled and therefore far more simple. But I don't see why aging to later stages could not be eliminated for simple multicellular living objects either...and no doubt those would be next for people experimenting with ending aging. For me, I can't believe that people would not have already figured out how to keep some organism from aging to later stages...how difficult could it be? So it probably is known but is being kept secret. The closest thing I heard about to this set of experiments was the person in Japan who used a virus to do something I can't remember what. Some species have naturally evolved in a similar way...because of a mutation they didn't reach full development...I heard about this happening to some tadpoles that evolved into a different species by staying in their young stages. It is a known phenomenon...it even has a name:
I'm not sure if this is the correct term but:
"In developmental biology, pedomorphosis (also spelled paedomorphosis) or juvenification is a phenotypic and/or genotypic change in which the adults of a species retain traits previously seen only in juveniles."
I'm not sure if this is the correct term for what I am talking about. One interpretation might be that their life cycle is extended and I'm not sure that this definition is included under paedomorphosis.

"Neoteny and progenesis are both mechanisms that result in paedomorphosis. Neoteny delays physiological, but not sexual, maturity. Comparatively, progenesis speeds up sexual, but not physiological, maturity [t to me this sounds like peramorphosis]. Progenetic organisms achieve sexual maturity in their juvenile state. This is most commonly found among certain amphibians and insects."
There is also:
"peramorphosis" is a phylogenetic change in which individuals of a species mature past adulthood and take on hitherto unseen traits. It is the reverse of pedomorphosis.
"hypermorphosis" is a form of peramorphosis which represents a delay in the offset of development [t this sounds like paedomorphosis].
this field is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Developmental_biology

It's confusing and needs clearing up but I don't have time.

There is an interesting theory about gravity waves, for example two stars orbiting each other supposedly emit waves of gravity into space. But I have doubts about this theory. It seems clear that a masses gravity field is constantly felt in space by any object relatively near it, but I doubt the field extends past it's immediate radius of gravitational influence or influences any objects outside a certain distance where the gravity fields of other closer objects is felt more. I think those changing gravity fields of two orbiting bodies certainly occupy space, but I doubt they travel or can be felt very far away, and that they travel through space very far. And I think the term "wave" is kind of deceptive, because, for one thing, it presumes that gravity takes time to propagate through space, which may or may not be true, but I kind of doubt it, in other words I think that gravity originating in some photon is felt instantly anywhere in the universe, but I don't know, it's an open question. But also I think we are talking about a changing gravitational field more than a wave, a changing field that does not propagate, but does follow a somewhat predictable changing (oscillating) pattern. So I doubt seriously that gravity waves have a velocity, but changes in a combined gravitational field can relate to the velocity of the matter that is the source. It's not simple, and it is an interesting concept, the speed of gravity (at least this is the simple question I extract from this concept of gravity waves). I doubt gravity has a velocity, and that would imply that gravity is not controlled by a particle (graviton), but is an inherent feature of space, matter (and time).

There was an interesting Simpsons on, where people who told secrets were taken to an island and given daily druggings. I was thinking, that would be more humain than the usual just killing in milliseconds with neuron muscle activation. I think the analogy was to psychiatric hospitals. The words "mind control" were used twice, and that is what this secret system of shasiastafb has become, in particular, and perhaps only because the public has not even been told that such a thing is possible...to beaming images and sounds is like basically controlling a person like a playing piece....because they accept 100% the stuff in their mind as being strictly their own thoughts....they don't even entertain the possibility that somebody else very very subtly sent them a suggestion in the form of an image or sound. That was a good analogy to psychiatric hospitals because there the people have committed no crime (most), never got a trial, received an defacto indefinite sentence (for many), many tried to reveal the fact that people are hearing their thoughts, and of course, they are forcibly and coerced to take "meds" each and every day. And when you think about it, isn't it ridiculous to think that drugs are going to cure some of these problems, like a drug is going to suddenly erase years of religious indoctrination and delusion...a pill will help them to understand that there are no angels, ghosts, dieties, flying Jesuses and dieties that follow them around, or implant the history of science which was missing from their involuntary high school education into their minds, or suddenly make them understand that society is simply currently backwards in condemning pleasure while celebrating violence...a pill will help them understand that? And of course, all the while, they are denied physical touching and pleasure...as if total isolation and little to no sensory stimulus is going to be healthy and create a warm loving logical person. The answer is very simple indeed. The answer is simply to make all health care voluntary only, and to provide many voluntary consensual services to those who violate laws and end up in prison for law breaking. In addition, government services to remedy common problems such as cleaning a person's property that is in violation of popular democratic laws, providing people with in-home consensual health care services...such as delivering needed thyroid drugs for those who can't get them or don't know they need them, etc. A more proactive free health info and delivery system is enough to compensate for making unconsensual treatment illegal. These health services should be integrated into the prisons, and psychiatric hospitals made voluntary admission only. And I want to stress that the health care services in prisons, if any, are to be strictly consensual only, not forced on prisoners in any way, simply available with health advice, consensual examinations, etc. Because the problem starts when a person violates a law, the decision then falls onto people in police to decide: take this law breaker to prison or a psychiatric hospital. We leave this decision to people in police, and the system should be: a person is violating a law, take them to prison, and all hospitals consensual treatment only. Many times there may be a 911 call, and the person is not violating any law, and although it sounds impossible, and very unusual, the person should not be taken anywhere, and people in police must say, and sometimes is the case, "there is nothing we can do because the person has not violated any law". And perhaps there are other alternatives, such as going to the courts directly to win a judgement, creation of new democratically decided laws that address the 911 caller's complaint, etc. We need to close this very dangerous hole in our judicial system...because surrently any lawful citizen can be locked indefinitely in a psychiatric hospital without a trial, without a sentence, etc...this is only happening to a tiny minority, perhaps 1% of the population, but still, that number can be increased at any time and for no reason whatsoever...and so we need to close that loop hole to habeus corpus and other basic principles afforded to all those accused of a crime (outside of the psychiatric and military systems...both these holes need to be closed). I feel confident that these holes will be closed sometime in the future, but when?

Two interesting things I found with a laser pointer using two mirrors (the bathroom wall mirror and a handheld mirror):
1) the laser photons can be made to reflect back and forth between mirrors, but the reflected light gets dimmer and dimmer (potentially because as an observer I can only see stray beams that happen to be reflected in the direction of my eye).
2) There appears to be some kind of potentially interference pattern that forms a large circle of rings when the laser is aligned to bounce almost in the same position between two mirrors. Possibly this is intereference from

It's interesting that, I think I may be the first person to openly and publicly identify the phenomenon that: sex is best the first time with a person, and only goes downhill and less exciting afterwards. It is almost as if sex is built around an initial experience only. Humans have definitely not recognized this truth, and probably openly and publicly reject it upon hearing it, but is it supported by scientific research, is it scientific fact? I think it would be if people did the research.

This is really cool:
Notice how a galaxy changes from blue light to yellow light as it changes from blue star formation to yellow globular cluster. For example:

Pre spirals (somewhat rare): notice the blue only color, how there is no yellow, even no yellow center, is a yellow center created by advanced life or does it evolve abiotically?
1) extans B UGC 5373 DDO 70
2) Leo I UGC 5470 DDO 74

spirals (common): notice mostly blue color, yellow center
1) NGC 3184 UGC 5557 KUG 1015+416
2) NGC 3162 UGC 5510 IRAS 10107+2259

moving from spiral to globular (somewhat rare): notice the transition from bluish color to yellowish color. Is the matter from blue stars used by life?
1) NGC 1068 UGC 2188 ARP 37
2) NGC 2554 UGC 4312 IRAS 08149+2337

globular (common): notice no "dust" (or that there are no rings of widely spaced stars that appear to us like dust), all yellow no blue stars
1) NGC 3379 UGC 5902
2) NGC 4203 UGC 7256 IRAS 12125+3328

I saw "V for Vendetta" and I think it's not too bad, it's ok. There are some good messages in there and some I think I don't agree with. But overall I would say it was interesting and worthwhile to see. I don't watch many movies, so this is why I am seeing this so much time after it was released. There are some good themes, for example, the antireligious theme, the bravely exposing and describing the dangers of this idiotic violent and frightening antisexual anti-samegender/homo/bisexual love massive movement and feeling that exists on earth (usually called "homophobia"...but it is more severe than just homophobia I think, it's like a violently antipleasure, and anti-same-gender touching kind of movement...), and the theme of people in the government doing terrorist acts, and then the major media routinely lying to the public about events. So there are some very good messages in the film. I don't like the violent themes, but there is a truth about violence against murderers that is morally acceptable and ethical to a large degree. There is a certain feeling of justice in punishing murderers. I also don't identify with the anarchistic themes, and any abstract emotional kind of poetry, but I don't mind seeing a different perspective unlike many people. It's no surprise that many people might identify with the theme of vendetta or vengence. Pupin said back in the early 1900s that the public seemed to be "nursing a grudge", and many people are still angry about Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar, and now 9/11 all being covered up, the murderers still free and on the loose. I kind of felt that the story needed to be ironed out more, for example, there were too many problems with E.V. walking out of the prison into V's house, and other kinds of plot problems, but I think the overall message comes through and is a good message. There is definitely an analogy to 9/11 being an inside job and that is very nice to see, in addition to the other already mentioned themes and analogies. I'm thinking that an older English chap or dame should get on the tele and say "a terrible mistake was made...pupin figured out how to see thought and it has been kept a secret for 100 years"

I was thinking that there is a good method for actually talking about shast to people. In general, I would say not to talk about shast to coworkers, but only with people who can't get you into trouble and have no affiliation with your work, but some companies are tolerant to exposing shast anyway. I am going to start by talking about how I have been researching the history of science, and that I found some shocking things that most people don't know about. For example, probably , without a doubt, the most shocking thing I found is that a guy named Michael Pupin working at Columbia University, way back in 1910, figured out how to see thought basically....he figured out how to see what people's eyes see...and the eyes of any species...in the infrared or radio region of light somehow....it's not totally clear...but it seems very likely that this is what happened. Did you know about that already? Many people already know about it! (They will generally a) play dumb or b) honestly not know) That was amazing...then after that, that people immediately in like 1911 figured out how to hear thought, and then in 1912 they actually figured out how to send images and sounds to brains directly...to send images in front of people's eyes....like a television screen is not even needed anymore for those who get this service....the sending sounds and images is basically...how they do it is...they make neurons fire remotely...by using laser beams that we can't see because they are not in the visible spectrum....and if you can make a neuron fire, you can move any muscle in any body that has a brain, because the brain and nervous system are connected and control every single muscle in a body...so that is an amazing truth. People may doubt it, and ask...hey where is the physical evidence...and you have to go through the list of physical evidence. First look in to Pupin, he wrote a book "From Immigrant to Inventor" where he talks about how his invention has made millions for the phone company....then there was a guy in 1937, Andre Maurois who wrote "The THought Reading Machine", look it up, you can buy it for $10 on the Internet. THen JFK said that researchers were probing the inside of men's minds, Carl Sagan says in Cosmos that it may one day be possible to decode thought, Yang Dang, a researcher at UC Berkeley has a movie on the Internet that shows how they captured what a cat's eyes see...although they used physical connections to the actual cat brain neurons....how hard is it to believe that if that is clearly possible, that people cannot see images in our brain remotely? .... and so on...then I will go into other tamer science finds....but without a doubt that was the most shocking find...next would probably be that there must be hand held laser guns much like those in star wars and other movies already...but they are not sold on the open market....only large bulky lasers are sold, and these lasers can slice through people in seconds like they do for metal, and it's proof that the photon is the most dangerous object in the universe, a photon is so fast and destructive that it makes a metal bullet look clumsy and slow. After that I was amazed to find that Newton was not the first to understand the inverse distance relationship of gravity, Ishmael Bullildus was, althought Newton is the first to record to add the masses and a gravitational constant to complete the famous equation. But how about that seeing, hearing and sending thought? Isn't that amazing? What a diabolical secret! Are you included in that group? (they will always deny...generally with "I don't know what yer talking about"), when did you get in? (again dont know what yer talking about), ok, that's ok, I understand you might not want to talk about it if you are included, but if not, you should understand that many people are actively using this technology....they get video beamed directly in front of their eyes....we are outsiders....we are the only people without videos in our eyes...it's tough to believe. From there you may want to say how psychology has been a big mistake and a thought policing nightmare, and how all health care needs to be consensual in your humble opinion. ... But to summarize...with people who cannot fire you from your job, as an outsider, you should feel no shame or hesitation in openly announcing your belief that PUpin figured it out....remember too to keep handy a "well....maybe I'm wrong....but it does seem possible". "maybe I'm wrong" is a wonderful tool....you get the message across, but accept doubts, which removes a person's feeling that you are bent with obsessive tunnel vision on an inaccurate far out belief, but instead that you are whimsically and casually exploring the possibilities of a far out idea.

animated gif, these are taking too much time to load and so I am making them links:

Here is a model I just did of Grimaldi's experiment. This prompts me to notice that Grimaldi, nor Young ever mention, to my knowledge, the material, or depth of the slots used.

Something kind of wild happened to me this morning. While I was sleeping a person in the camera-thought net, a better title might be: sending and receiving data to a from brains (SARDTAFB) or possibly sending and receiving images, sounds and muscle movements to and from brains (SARISAMMTAFB which is like sorry sam tafb), so somebody in the sarisammtafb net stopped my lung muscle from working, which disabled my ability to inhale air for about 5 to 10 seconds. There are a few important points:
1) You might have lingering doubts about this technology until you actually experience it...then you will have far fewer doubts....when you feel what it is like to not be able to breathe in air...it's like suffocation in air...they don't even need to touch you to choke you now.
2) They tend to do these things when you are just waking up, or lightly sleeping, because you tend to write it off as a dream or unusual unknown "sleeping phenomenon".

I wonder if this is how Sylvia was murdered. There are many ways to kill a person when you can control their muscles remotely.
This event makes me want to describe the known ways of using neuron activation to kill a person (this does not include lasers as burning weapons):
quickly and directly:
1) stop their heart (which is a muscle)
2) stop their lung inhaling muscle
3) possibly a muscle that can be made to stop blood circulation
4) cause a heart attack (fibrillation)

quickly and indirectly:
1) beam suggestions of suicide
2) beam suggestions that would, unknown to them, result in their death

Suffocation is very difficult to detect as a cause of death, as is heart stopping. Unlike laser burning, these methods of murder are very difficult to detect, in particular for an outsider to sarisammtafb (sardtafb).

Weight update: 248lbs. Again, the next 50 pounds appear to be tougher than the first 50. Still this diet appears to be slowly and progressively producing results. I think one aspect of this losing weight is like so many things, I think these kinds of things only happen when a person really wants them to, and not just that it would be nice, but that they are really determined, and a change is made in their mind. For example like quitting smoking, it helped to set a day for me, but I had to be convinced in my mind that I wanted to do that or else I don't think it ever would have worked. It has to be something that a person really wants thoroughly, but also I think understanding your mind helps. The change has to be something that you understand the reasons for and have a large amount of logic, reasons, statements, etc to help you if there are weak moments. I think that after a few weeks of staying with some specific change, the toughest part is over, and your body is adapted to the new system (w/o smoking, or to your new eating habits, etc).

I was thinking that maybe why the name google is so successful is because "goo" combines sex and reproduction in one word, through sex, the male goo will cause a baby who will then say "goo goo".

Glad to see the 8% decline in violent crime in LA according to latimes.com. Maybe people are finally turning against violence, and using the technology to stop it.

I am so pissed at myself, the UCI Libraries just had a book and video sale, and there were these VHS videos of "The Mechanical Universe and Beyond", which is a series of videos that explain the history of science concepts. Each was being sold for $1. I thought...you know...VHS...I never even use my VCR anymore...I'm not sure it still works. So I just bought 1 video in the series. But I watched it, and it's very well done. They describe the current sad story of science, and it could be a useful resource for ULSF. I wish I had bought the rest in the series damn! Then come to find out that these tapes are very expensive. On Amazon the cheapest one, and this is VHS, is going for $20, and the rest for $50 and $100. To imagine that it was almost like some person had just set out $1000 in cash on a video rack. I didn't realize that at the time however! And then all from the bogus information laws, isn't that amazing? That;s how Bill Gates became the wealthiest person on earth, just from the sale of information...just for selling air almost. update: atheistic shit! (I am trying to find new phrases for 'holy shit' 'non-holy shit' is yet another) it is free on the web (although copyrighted and somewhat small resolution):
I found this out thanks to wikipedia:
sweet, otherwise I would never get to see these people try and explain the popular albethey backwards views of science. I think I will have video material to watch during dinner for a few months. very nice. That's kind of bizarre how they give it away for free on the web, but sell the DVDs for $50 each. Since clearly they seem to be more focused on the info reaching the public, they should just cover their costs, but who knows, maybe the extra money goes to new science video projects.
This is kind of wild, the Annenberg/CPB channel is on the web for free too: http://www.learner.org/channel/broadband/video.html
and this series is playing there too. They need to advertise more, because I would love to have seen this series earlier.
I think maybe I need to have a "free web videos page"
This series is actually on google videos too: http://video.google.com/videosearch?hl=en&q=the+mechanical+universe&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wv How wrong I was about this video being hard to see!
Speaking about bizarre high priced info items. Try to buy a cheepo copy of the "1984" DVD. Most DVDs sell for <$10 on ebay, even recent DVDs. For example you can buy the more recent "V for Vendetta" for $6, but the 2005 version of "1984" is at least $20. update: I see now that "1984" is out of print, perhaps that explains it?

I am going to put up more mp3 copies of my older recordings so check my songs page for those. Here is one that I missed hearing:
01Syr_Ted Huntington - I Cant Wait.mp3

Rough ideas for songs. I didn't want to release these until I officially record them, but I am accumulating so many songs that I'm not going to bother to wait until they are recording, which could be years from now. These are just rough ideas, not finished song recordings.
The Republicans

My latest lectures and monologues

Other musical ideas in rough form

I am thinking that "SHAST" maybe should be SHASIAS (Seeing, Hearing, and Sending Images and sounds) to be clearer because, this technology has shown that thought is nothing more than the organization of remembered images and sounds. And that is a profound truth that humans should become aware of and familiar with. 09/20/07 update: it's better to use "images and sounds" instead of the more abstract "thoughts". Andre Maurois called them "psychegrams" and "thoughtgrams" like "marconigrams" and "telegrams" probably.

I see the republican party as eventually, like in San Francisco becoming a third party, with a new, perhaps "full democracy" party taking up the left side, and the democratic party being the new right side, because the republicans are too monsterous and violently criminal, and it's obvious, the democrats are business as usual but without the violence generally, and probably will serve as the new conservatives as full democracy parties spring up.

I saw a wonderful movie by Dave von Kleist and William Lewis "The Ripple Effect" :

There are so many points, but one that is memorable is how terrible the people in the major medai are to the 9/11 truth people, their like gestapo capos, average people are not that vicious. It's really interesting. These people like vonKleist and so many others are the heros of this century, and yet they are unrecognized by the majority. Hopefully someday people will look back and know that these people stood up against all the lies and violence.

Just for the record: "pre-spiral galaxy" returns not one image in google.com, nor does "pre-elliptical galaxy" return any images or text results.

Perhaps we should distinguish between exploded stars and star forming nebuli, or perhaps by sizes of nebuli (for example which ones are star sized and which are galaxy sized?). Perhaps there is not much difference between a star forming cloud versus a star death cloud, but the star death clouds generally have a small star at the center.

One thing that I think the E=mc2 equation and Einstein should be credited with is, in some way, this equation implies, if not stating explicitly that all matter is made of particles of light.

I decided to go back to the standard 5th tuning for violin and cello, because (not necessarily in order of importance):
1) the cello C string could not be tuned to an E easily
2) the violin notes are smaller than a guitar (because the neck is much shorter) and so having an octave compressed to two strings (4 notes on a typical scale instead of the 3 typical for a guitar scale) seems more natural and a better fit.
3) it is nice to be able to relate to other violin, cello players and pieces (some pieces are easier to play with the standard tuning because they were written on an instrument with standard tuning)
I do think that there are possibilities for a longer neck violin, similar to a guitar that seems a natural evolution of a new musical instrument, basically a bowed guitar held at the shoulder (I think the only major difference would be the need for a very round fretboard, and of course frets could be done away with too).
In addition, I think it's possible that a 5th tuning for guitar might be a way to standardize string instruments, but, I don't know. I have learned on a 4th tuning and there are certain advantages to a 4th tuning, such as chord structure, but I am sure many things are possible with a 5th tuning too, and new creative structure might be created with a guitar tuned to 5ths.

When people come at'cha with "crazy" you can come back with the "brutal", "callous", "harsh" (in particular for liberal psycholprison lovers), "cold" (also works for antisexual remarks), "vicious", "judgemental". Also "dull", "languid", "boring", etc. You have to practice to remember this stuff, for when these callous bastards come at you with their harshness...most of us outsiders are easy-going positive and friendly...not at all like most insiders who many times for money or for free have been rehearsing their rude put-downs. You can just ignore them, but why not let those aparteid-lovin bastards get a tiny taste of the other side? They might not otherwise know such a view exists. For every tit there should be a tat, should there not? Other good words are "rude", "crude", "mean", on the cold tip: "frigid", "icey", "warm", "nice",... more at http://thesaurus.reference.com/browse/callous and let's never forget that classic affirmation of any statement "that's no lie!".

I picked up the Roman Emperor Julian's "Against the Galileans" where I had left off, and it is interesting that Julian uses a number of arguments against Christianity less than 400 years after the time of Jesus. For example, Julian appeals to nationalism and racism arguing that Romans have changed allegience from the native Roman gods to a dead Jewish person. In some sense, this argument shows how, to its credit, Christianity overcame even the strongest racism, for people of so many different races and nations to choose Christianity as their religion. I am against racism, but I think a similar argument might be that Roman people have rejected their Hellenic and Roman science roots to embrace a mystic cult around a preacher. Julian also argues that people have mistakenly misplaced their worship of gods with worship of a human. Those are criticisms that people never hear, not that I share those criticisms, I am atheist and appeal to people to reject all religions in addition to rejecting racism. Still, I think it is healthy to hear some criticism of the unquestioned Christianity, and the other religions too. Among the many arguments Julian makes is a very valid point, although drenched in the elitist language of Hellenic and Roman superiority, that Jesus never did anything noteworthy, nothing in terms of major contributions to science. Jesus appears to have been a typical preacher, an uneducated human, indoctrinated with Judaism, like most people of the age, who arrogantly presumed to have a better understanding of a diety than everybody else.

My weight is only 250 (2 lbs lost since last Friday). I'm not sure what happened. It was really unusual. I ate a nice small Greek dinner at Daphney's last Saturday and noticed that I had gained 2 pounds the next day. The food was fried, but still, I doubt that was the reason. In addition, I have been getting into different juices like the Kern and Hansen "nectar" drinks that have little fat, but have sugar in the form of corn syrup. Still they are delicious, and carbohydrates like sugar are more easily separated/reduced than lipids, plus they are mostly water. Conservatives put out a news opinion about how sweet drinks are what is making people overweight, as a counter to this idea of 2 small meals and drink anything diet that is so far successful for me. But then liberals fired back with a news opinion that people should drink their weight in ounces of fluids each day (for me that is 250 ounces...a typical water bottle is 8 ounces, so 31 water bottles a day?! I probably drink no more than 10 so 80 ounces of water a day seems more natural to me). I have been observing my weight and drinking/eating habits, and have learned something interesting. Each piff is about 1 pound. It's amazing that I can drop a full pound just by urinating. One night, I am not lying, I pissed 3 times (without drinking too much more), and dropped 3 pounds, 1 pound for each piss. Shet also will cause loss of a pound and potentially 2. I now rarely shet, and when I do, it's cause for celebration because I know I will lose a pound then. So I don't know why my body just up and gained 2 pounds. But I am staying with my diet. It's been fine, I haven't been hungry and feel fine with just two small meals, exercize 3 times a week, and all the drinks I want. So far I have lost 50 pounds, and I think I have another 50 to go before I reach the weight I want to stay at. One thing that is interesting is that I will eat a very small dinner, and then have a glass of juice, and the juice makes me feel full, almost to the point where I feel like I ate too much. THen I usually relax and enjoy a nice coffee or two. Maybe losing weight is somehow tougher at lower weights? Possibly this is some other kind of fat molecules that are not as easily reduced...some of these fat molecules may be decades old.

I got a DAT player and am going to make available some more old recordings on my web page. I don't think I'm going to do every song, but just ones that I am interested in hearing again. My newer songs are smarter and I like much more. Listening to these old past songs is kind of depressing because I know how badly abused and misdirected by criminals in the camera-thought net I was, and how neglectfully liberal insiders have been in excluding so many of us. But still, the kernel of many good ideas are in many of those songs, and that is positive. Those were the rough beginnings of many of the more polished and honed musical and in particular lyrical ideas I am developing now.

The people's representative in the Federal Senate failed to enact the popular opinion to bring home those people employed in our military. Here is how they voted: http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/roll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?congress=110&session=1&vote=00346
Boxer didn't vote, Dodd voted against, Durban (D-IL) didn't vote, bogus war based on the false-flag 9/11 lovers of murder such as Lieberman (I-CT), Nelson (D-NE), Pryor (D-AR) all voted no, all other democrat senators voted yes. Republicans Hagel (R-NE), Smith (R-OR), Snowe (R-PA) voted yes to end this idiotic carnage. 13 more yes votes would be needed for a 60% (3/5) majority. It was tied 47 to 47 with 6 people not voting.

It's interesting that in Germany the political party names all have "Christian" in the title. Can you imagine a political party in the USA with a title like "the Christian Democrat" party, how terrible that would be, I would definitely be voting the "Atheist Democrat" party, but probably by then we will be voting directly on the laws anyway and not need any "representatives" to vote for us.
When fascist laser people make me scratch my nose I use a 3 fingers right hand gesture, because:
1) I am voting for that person to be jailed for 3 days (plus a multiplier for repeat offenses)
2) The republicans (mainly controlled by weapons/"defense" manufacturers) are trying to start world war 3, because think of the money they are pulling in from Iraq and Afghanistan...wouldn't a world war be even more money? But people in the US need to think about that, we take for granted our current society of (very relative) peace and nonviolence, the change to foxholes and bomb shelters would not be a pleasant one.
3) The republicans in their current and probably final form should be like in SF where they are a third party of radical extremists, like the Nazi party, because that is what they are.


A person tring to explain that photons are not matter explains that filling a mirrored container would fill up with photons, which I think is an interesting experiment. Perhaps that is a way to push photons together. I argue that photons are lost through the container because, the container is made of photons, and there are no perfect mirrors, photons are always going to be lost in radio and infrared, and photons will exit through the light source. This person countered with an interesting argument, that there only needs to be more photons entered than lost. I don't know if an condescent, neon, or laser, etc light can produce more photons than would be lost, but it is an interesting concept. In theory it might be possibly to build up electrons, or protons by such a method, but somehow I doubt it, because, it would see like it would take a density like that of a planet or star to smush photons together to form larger particles. There might be some cool designs like a perfectly mirrored inside of a sphere, completely contained, that also contains a light source that can be turned on by transfering electricity throught the wall. Still, we are talking about lumping photons all together into a volume of space, and I don't think there is any easy shortcut besides gravity, which is how photons are lumped together to make stars, planets, atoms, etc. This person also made the shocking claim that violence is good for evolution, which I have heard before from an otherwise enlightened person. I see no need for violence, except against plants. Maybe violence was helpful to survival in our ancestors, but we no longer need to be slaves to the barbaric and ancient societies. These people would let the 9/11 murderers, The Green River Killer, Thane Cesar, Ted Bundy, Charles Whitman, Tex Watson, and Sturgis go free to murder again and again, if not for those of us who think we can stop and eliminate murder and assault altogether. It doesn't take a lot of thought in my mind. We have a massive problem of unpunished murder on the planet, and these people are like on a cloud in a robe meditating. And these people are insiders...I mean insiders...they see all this violence....I mean I can only guess, look at the statistics, listen to hints from insiders, and sort of deduce that it is happening.

A thought occured to me that, really only the horniest survive. Much as most humans will not publicly or even privately admit it, those who are not horney are not going to reproduce, only those who are dedicated enough to go over all the hoops and hurdles or achieving sex are going to even have the possibility of reproducing, and that takes serious dedication in this antisexual idiotic society. Ironically, the way things have gone, murderous idiots have had good conditions to reproduce mainly due to religion and secrecy, most people either don't know they have murdered or assaulted people, and of the rest, most don't care.

I think a good law idea is to make exceptions for parents to overrule the governments restrictions on their children. I'm surprised that no enlightened parents haven't already voiced this idea. For example, a parent can overrule the age restriction on seeing pornography, PG-13, R, or X rated movies, alcohol, tobacco, voting, working, having sex, etc. Because, I think there have to be parents that reject many of the laws that restrict the rights of their child, in particular to learn about sex, to see porno, to vote, to work, etc. shouldn't the parent know better than the government on these issues? Is the government better at parenting than a parent? Does one size fit all people when it comes to allowing your children to be able to see pornography, drink alcohol, have sex, vote and work? Currently those parents might actually serve jail time, and probably worse, their kids would be taken from them and put into the free-child-labor foster care system. It's surprising to me that parents have never thought of that kind of idea, I think most people...it's like recreational drugs...you would rather take your chances of not getting caught, or going without, without trying to make an official change, or cause controversy.

Full democracy has this wonderful feature. It's really amazing. Full democracy, a system where the public votes directly on the laws, does something marvelous in addition to just simply letting the majority control the government all the time...it removes the power of murdering some political leader like JFK...when the president really doesn't matter...their life is then protected, because there is little reason to murder them...since the majority vote remains the same. All murdering a JFK would do is remove an influential popular leader, silencing their voice, but it wouldn't change the government to a fascist government in a day, because the government is not controlled by a single president like JFK, but instead is run by a majority of the public who are constantly voting on laws, court decisions, salaries, budgets, decisions to go to war, voting down unpopular existing laws, voting up new laws, etc.

At least one article author credits Einstein with the revival of the light as a particle:
http://www.springerlink.com/content/jp6g661412346786/fulltext.pdf (you probably need to be at a university library to get access to this). This person explains that Planck only viewed quanta as emitted energy from atoms, and not explicitly as light, and that Einstein was the first to say that light itself consists of quanta. I don't know. I think it comes down to, did Planck know that light is emitted from a black-body? I think Planck had to understand that light is emitted from a heated black-body which changes colors from red to blue. In this view, which I kind of lean to, but am keeping an open mind, Einstein only applied the quantum theory to a different light phenomenon. It would be similar to applying the quantum equation to light reflecting off a surface, to the effect of light in photosynthesis, ... some other phenomenon of light besides heating an object. Still, a significant achievement, in particular, in connecting photons and electrons, light beams and electrical current, which Planck had clearly not done. I think this is going to be yet another debate in the history of science. I am accumulating a list of different interpretations of specific events in the history of science.

I'm looking forward to seeing new videos about the truth of 9/11, in particular I know that Loose Change the Final Cut is going to be released soon and that will be awesome. Sadly, 9/11 is becoming more and more like Sturgis and Cesar...the public doesn't seem to be understanding the truth.

One thing I have found out is that, people on the earth, I think have lost all ability to determine true from false based strictly on physical evidence, and depend only on what is told to them from television and newspapers, but mainly from television and major Internet news sources. Whatever the views of those on national television are viewed as the truth. It's almost as if, the tv news person says that the sky is green, people will insist that the sky is green, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and so it is with 9/11, with Sturgis (JFK), and Thane Cesar (RFK), seeing, hearing and sending thought (Pupin). All it really takes is for national television to support the idea that 9/11 was an inside job, and the public will believe it. That is a surprisingly small thing, isn't it? Just for one television station to simply start taking the position that 9/11 was an inside job, and follow the investigation and prosecution of those involved. And the same for Sturgis, Cesar, and all other murderers. I don't know what will happen, but perhaps a new major media company will rise up, and tell the truth. Things are moving to high-speed Internet, and possibly some popular news source will rise up there such as KPFK, or some people on youtube, etc.

With my weight loss, it's interesting that, for example latimes.com, used the word "shed!" on their Friday edition, CNN is doing a segment on those who have lost a lot of weight. Next I will make a press release at every half pound lost! But seriously, I am only half way there, and look forward to losing the next 50lbs. So I think clearly, a lot of people are watching me at this point. I'm glad because I have a message, and I have something to say, in particular about stopping violence, teaching science, free info, full democracy, etc. But in terms of how I am losing this weight, it really is interesting, and I want to provide info to help others out there, or at least share what I have learned with others who are interested. Basically I would sum up this diet as the two small meals only and any liquid goes. In other words, I am restricting myself to two small (and the smaller the better, recognizing that only a small amount of food is going to stop feelings of hunger) meals (generally a bag of popcorn for lunch, and a sandwich [or half] and side of vegtable for dinner), then the beauty of this diet is that I allow myself to drink as many liquids as possible, which include exotic juices (like naked juice, carrot juice, mango drinks, etc) and all the coffee I can drink. I think I would be careful about too many thick juices, such as the yogurt juices and possibly some thick tomato v8 kind of juices, but I'm still learning about what is going to stop the weight loss and what doesn't matter. The liquids seem to stop any feeling of hunger, which are rare anyway. Then a key, I think is constantly monitoring your weight. I weigh the plate my food is on to see exactly the weight of what I am putting into my body (usually my entire dinner weighs 1/2 pound). One key is strictly not eating anything else, for example, I have to pass on brownies, chips, donuts, nuts, little snacks that other people make, from a vending machine, etc. And that's it. I haven't been thin since I was very young, and it's interesting. Once again, it seems like I have only thrown off so much of the terrible baggage of society (religion, antisexuality, psychology, violence, sports, drugs, alcohol, antiscience, etc) much later in life.

I'm teaching myself to play a violin and cello I just bought. It's fun and I am determined to learn. I am using a guitar tuning on both instruments so that I can apply my understanding of guitar to them. It;s really interesting that guitar got the 4th tuning while all the strings have 5th tunings. Ironically, I think people are going to prefer the 4th tuning for all string instruments, simply because guitar is more popular and generally the first instrument young people are going to want to learn. Only later will they probably turn to other strings, but maybe I'm wrong. Many people in school start with traditional instruments (violin, viola, cello) and then go from there. One thing I find is that I have very large fingers and it almost feels like the violin neck should extend much farther than it does. I want to see about getting a custom made violin with a very long neck extending from the body, because I need a wider note space on the neck (but possibly I can learn to squeeze my fingers together).

When you think about the scale of this secret camera network it is astonishing. There have to be millions and millions of tiny cameras, microphones and lasers in every room of every house, and the shocking thing...is that...the majority of the public....never even knew it....they didn't even know....about millions and millions of microscopic cameras, microphones and lasers all over the place, and carefully and dilligently monitored by millions of people secretly...it's shocking...it sounds like it can't be true, but yet it is.

Kathy Griffin's anti-religious joke is going to be censored from the Emmy's broadcast, and the Catholic League says that this is "hate-speech", and on that topic. To me, hate speech should not be punished by imprisonment or fines. First, my vote goes for nobody being jailed or fined for any thought or speech, but to me, the most offensive speech is "violence speech", which include threats of violence, but we never hear about "violence speech". Now criticism of or jokes about religion is being viewed as hate speech, that is ridiculous. Hate or even simply making fun of injustice, inaccuracy, stupidity or dishonesty, I think is healthy. But in addition, we need to tolerate hate speech. For example, I think it is wrong that halocaust deniers are jailed in parts of Europe. Obviously the halocaust happened, but people need to be allowed to be wrong. I can see making a law to guarentee that nobody can be jailed for having inaccurate opinions. 09/12/07 update: What Griffin said was "a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus... This award is my god now." that is funny...Griffin has a funny look too, and is obviously a smart person. That is so true about Jesus having nothing to do with anything, Jesus never did anything while alive. Pliny the Elder worked his ass off, recording his observations in an encyclopedia. Before Jesus was even born, scholars in Alexandria figured out that the earth goes around the Sun, how large the earth is, ... Jesus has no contributions to science at all. Jesus was like one of the millions of people that claims to have a special connection to a diety. It's amazing to me that people always thank a god or Jesus when they survive surgery, or are released from prison, but it's more likely the surgeons of the past and the legal team (like the "Innocense project") that they should thank. By all means let the anti-atheist jokes fly too, but religion is a cancer on this tiny planet, all jokes aside. But the important thing is stopping violence, anything else is not as important. But I honestly believe religion is going to fall, it has to, we are learning too much about planets of other stars, about science, getting progressively smarter to be fooled by something as obviously false and stupid as the supernatural claims of religious myths, so it's inevitable, but not until 2800 CE probably.
09/13/07 update: According to a person at atheismgroups@yahoo.com: 'Ms. Griffin, who is an open Atheist, told those attending the awards ceremony that "a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus … Can you believe this shit? Hell has frozen over. Suck it, Jesus, this award is my god now." Ellen Johnson, President of American Atheists, told reporters, "It's
permissible to make religious comments at the Emmy Awards and other
public events as long as they do not criticize or threaten the self-
appointed `Religion Police.' Celebrities can go on national
television to `thank' Jesus, or Allah, or Scientology for their
success, but an Atheist cannot make an honest and forthright
statement that their success came from developing their talents and
working hard…"' don't you mean 4th reich? with this Bush 9/11 inside job neocon crap. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kathy_Griffin has a different version where Griffin states "Hell has frozen over."

I think we can accept that some of our own individual views are going to be inaccurate, in particular because we build our framework of beliefs around the learning of the past and present, we can only guess at what new truths will be uncovered in the future that will prove some of our individual beliefs false. Looking at history easily shows an average person that in every generation, people have beliefs that are later proven wrong...beliefs that an entire society might support, are sometimes later proven wrong. But, I think we individual people should seek to lower those inaccurate beliefs as much as possible in ourselves. Some theories are ridiculously false, such as many of the claims of religions, others are not as clear, such as all matter being made of photons. I think we can and should minimize the number of theories in circulation that we are fairly certain are false and focus on the theories that still need to be proven false or true. It's in focusing on these remaining solvable questions, I think, that we can progress and move forward in science, space exploration, society, etc. Still, there are so many people that believe the obviously false stories of religions, that reject evolution, etc, that maybe a good approach is to provide evidence against those popular mistaken beliefs too, it seems like a waste of time to try and change the minds of people on these obvious questions when a person could be moving forward into the future trying to understand the more difficult questions. In ULSF I am basically trying to throw together all the major accurate beliefs, in a way for people to understand where we are, to get an overview, to understand the basics, to build a foundation for society from which they can use as a base to step forward and up into a good future.

Is the electron replaced by photons in the photoelectric effect? I think I have asked this before, becuase if not, eventually the metal would take on a permanent positive charge, which I doubt is observed. In the other case, it would be perhaps a case where the photons are the electron, or replace the electron by becoming another electron.

Wikipedia has some new info about one of Mozart's more comical pieces
Some person has made the claim that Mozart had tourett's syndrome, which to me is absurd, and this song is just playful funny, and in some way may be very smart and progressive in terms of defense and support for sexual and speech freedoms. It's amazing that people can mistake comedy for illness, that is a bizarre reaction to comedy. It's amazing that these compositions were only discovered as recently as 1991. I think this puts my "Big Ol' Dick" song into a better light.

I'm trying to come up with a list of creative answers to questions like "how's it going?" so far I have:
1) I'm feeling no pain

The biologist Lynn Margulis (also Carl Sagan's first wife) has stated publicly her belief that 9/11 was an inside job. That is awesome to see. All my support and thanks to Margulis for her brave statement.
I sent this email in support:


My name is Ted Huntington, I have enjoyed your work on the origins of the first eukaryotic cell. For myself, I kind of lean towards a captured eubacteria in another bacteria because binary division in eukaryotes happens first to the nucleus and then the cytoplasm, and it seems that re-evolving binary fission for the cytoplasm would be too unlikely, however, I don't think the hypothesis of a bacteria growing an outer cytoplasmic layer and extending binary fission from the nucleus to the cytoplasm (perhaps similar to planctobacteria/planctomycetes) can be ignored.

One thing I have found that I think is interesting is that in tracing the genetic tree, it seems more likely to me that the reproductive genes and method of reproduction would be the most conserved as opposed to the ribosomal RNA, because ultimately the reproductive apparatus is the most important process needed to survive. So in that light, a species like the green algae Spyro Gyra that reproduces via conjugation might be very ancient. Still, I don't doubt a eukaryote can easily have two or more methods of reproducing. I think the order of repro after that is budding and then sexual fusion.

Anyway, just quickly, I am sure you are very busy, but I wanted to also give you my support and thanks for stating publicly your view about the attacks of 9/11/01 being an inside job, and I share that view too. That's a very brave statement, and this is a shocking and scary truth. Very nice to see a person of your popularity and influence telling the truth on the 9/11 issue.

thanks again,

That is really an awesome letter eh? I love my letters.

I got a quick reply:
Professor Margulis does not respond to unsolicited email. She may be contacted via phone: 413-545-3244 (Lab) or 413-545-6602 (Celeste, Margulis Lab Administrator).
Or send mail to:
University of Massachusetts
Department of Geosciences
233 Morrill Science Center
611 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003-9297"

I'm too lazy to send an actual letter, but perhaps she will get this through the cam-thought net, you know that mutha has to be included! Nowadays if you have a message for somebody you just lean out your window and yell "hey yo!" and then procede with your message, or more easily just simply think it, and if they are included they will probably get it.

Can you imagine the religious majority passing a new blasphomy law simply by labeling criticism of religion as "hate speech"? Something like that was attempted in NY State but didn't pass. I remember because it was just after a public access channel in Manhattan had aired some of my "Get Real" shows. Criticism of ideas, whether they are religious, or scientific is the basis of progress, and I think punishing people for nonviolent criticisms and speech is a path to extinction or certainly to a very backward society.

In losing this weight, one thing I have learned is that, for me, and probably most other people, the key isn't some trick, special drink, or whatever, it's basically just the quantity of food going in. Once a person controls that variable, losing weight is easy. I'm amazed that I can drink as much as I want and still lose weight. I find that a surprisingly small amount of food can fill me up, in particular drinking coffee and juices after. I hope this advice helps other people out there. Most people are overweight, but I would hate to think that there are underweight people who think they need to lose weight. I'm not sure what weight I am going to settle on, I think I still want to leave some nice muscle and not go for a lanky look. It's wild because I will weigh myself before I go to sleep and my weight is usually about 5 pounds more than in the morning, and then in the morning I weigh myself, and I will have lost the 5 pounds somehow, it must all be through piff, that's my conclusion, it's bizarre.

On the veggie tuna scene:
Mother's won't buy the veggie tuna from Amida and only sell me 2 of the 8 packages that come in a case (for $88). If other vegetarians want to get together and can buy the other packages, we could all chip in to get a case, otherwise I think I am going to have to wait until I live in a place large enough to buy a freezer.

My weight this morning: 252lbs. In August I averaged 1 pound lost per day (31lbs in August), but from 09/14 the average has lowered to .75lbs a day. So far I have lost 48 pounds. I think 250 is like the half-way point on the way to 200 from 300lbs. At this rate I should be at 200 by mid November. At first I thought I was going .5lbs/day, but it's amazing that a person can consistently lose an average of .75lbs a day. In some ways that can be used as a guide (although I might use the .5lb/day as an average guide) to figuring out how long it would take an average person to go from some weight to another using this diet of strictly two very small meals a day plus all the liquids a person wants (plus running 1 mile on a treadmill, 30 situps, 20 bench presses, 3 times a week).

More people to add to the 9/11 sell-out list:
Danny Bonaduce and Mother Jones:
Bonaduce even goes so far as to advocate violence against a celebrity. I said before that I think some aspect of those who advocate violence against popular nonviolent people are antidemocracy to the point of violent fascism/monarchy. Advocating violence against murderers is probably fair, but advocating violence against nonviolent people might be interpretted as illegal if you believe in conpiracy to commit murder. It's amazing to think that Rupert Murdoch and the other owners of Fox will be shown by history to have actively supported the 9/11 murders and subsequent coverup, and some of the most active supporters of protecting those murderers. It's shocking that a wealthy person would involve themselves with murder, clearly they have a barbaric view of society to support murder of innocent people. Any person who advocates violence against innocent people is a total scum. Check the photo of Bonaduce with the nasty sour snarl. People who do violence against nonviolent people should be locked in jail, and those who advocate violence against nonviolent people should be viewed as heading there, and completely not supported. They should be sent to the back of the free bread and room line, because we as a society should not want to support violence against nonviolent people or those who advocate that kind of violent crime. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. It's kind of funny that, what these 9/11 killers did was wave a few hundred thousand around to see what kind of celebrities they could get to sell out, and Bonaduce was the best they could do. Wikipedia reports that Bonaduce said that "Jane Fonda should have been shot for treason", so it shows the Nazistic, fascist, violent criminal nature of Bonaduce. In 1991, he was arrested for beating up Darius Barney, a transvestite hooker. It's amazing to me that such a chaotic violent asshole is funded by nonviolent people. There are those who do violence against nonviolent people, and they are scum and need to be punished, next there are those that threaten to do violence or advocate violence against nonviolent people, and those people are scum, while I don't think they should be jailed, they certainly shouldn't be promoted or supported in any way.
One insider reported that Mother Jones took 3 something, which must be $3 million probably, for this purposely false story, a thousand per murder...but that's just from 9/11, the number of people that have been murdered as a result of the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq is in the hundreds of thousands. I hope Mother Jones subscribers and readers unsubscribe and stop reading them. I stopped reading Mother Jones years ago. Most media is pure crap because of the cam-thought net. They aren't going to talk about seeing, hearing or sending images and sounds directly to brains, so who gives a shit about them?

Somebody should make some clear lists of those exposing 9/11 as an inside job, and those who have sold out for the 9/11 lie.

If I were the programmer of the laser defense system, I think the inevitable design is a "tit-for-tat" design, run completely by machine, so that any person who does a first strike assault, there is instantly an equivalent response that does not require any human. It's the nature of computer controlled weapons. It should be a system where a person who does first strike violence, instantaneously receives the same quantity of violence back onto their body, so in one sense, it is as if they are assaulting themselves anytime they attempt to do a first strike assault of a nonviolent person. This sytem probably already evolved years ago, it's a natural and probably the most logical defense system. You don't want it to depend on humans, because in the event that many humans are killed in a microsecond, you want the computer to be smart enough to give a similar punishment reponse in a millisecond even without any human...a human would be too slow.

Think about the idiots who assault us with lasers and nasty thoughts all day, of course the same crap has to happen to them, so all they end up doing is making life miserable for everybody...but then, that is the definition of stupidity, and that is what they are, it's just shocking that the public tolerates it or doesn't do something about them.

One thing that is shocking is how little people care about murder...the public seems to be like....oh a killer on the loose? oh we can get them in a few months or a year or two...it's not important. We don't need to look into the details of murders in great detail. But a drug user or pornography oh no! The murderers people apparently don't care about...maybe 9/11 was an inside job...oh...I don't see any reason to pursue that line of questioning...as a result there are hundreds of thousands of murderers on the loose, and the public cares little to nothing about it. It's like sheep that don't recognize wolves...but are obsessed with punishing off-color other sheep...it's really a bizarre phenomenon.

THis is kind of cool: http://www.bathsheba.com/crystal/ and this shows that using the focus of a laser beam (which must be a set of tiny monochromatic rays) may be the method used to switch on neurons.

Long story, short, about losing weight: one difficult thing is that, in losing weight, a person is not trying to simply maintain some weight, that is not gain weight, but a person actually has to lose weight, so it's like a temporary life-style a person has to take on, which will change once they have reached the weight they want. Maybe this is short story, long. So, in someway, losing weight requires more work or diligence than maintaining some weight, or simply not gaining weight, which is tougher because not only do you have to not gain weight, but you have to make a deficit of food for your body to lose weight. So, losing weight is a temporary mode, where I think most people probably have to work and focus on what they eat, until they reach the weight they want, and then can figure out their daily eating routine, which will only require them not to gain weight, and they can probably enjoy eating more because they don't need to lose weight, they only need to maintain some weight. So it's interesting that losing weight requires overweight people to work, I think twice as hard, because not only do they have to not gain weight, but they need to enter a temporary cycle of less food than normal if they want to actually lose weight. Still, I am having a good time watching the scale go down, and seeing my body start to lose weight. Some of the weight is starting to be taken from my love handles and gorilla-like belly...some of this weight might be left over from the 70s for all I know.

I can definitely see, a possibly improved theory of universal gravitation, where the units of mass and distance are in "photons", and potentially where there is no gravitational constant. ANother interesting thing is adding a t variable into the famous gravitation equation, F=Gm1m2/d^2. For example, maybe there is a way of merging Newton's and Galileo's S=1/2at^2 equations. The only way I could figure out how t might be added is by using an interative process. And it is interesting that, at that point I realized that, in order to calculate the future locations of any piece of matter, using it's known location and velocity, you have to calculate every single time frame in between the current time and the future time, there is no known shortcut. We can't skip frames, and that is an interesting truth, and limitation on our current knowledge, and maybe a limit on knowledge in the universe itself. It seems that to get an accurate estimate using Newton's equation, the time unit used for each iteration, should be as small as possible. For example, using t=1 second intervals might not be accurate enough, cetainly using t=1 hour intervals will be far from accurate. But anyway, if there was an equation that sums up a universe controlled by the Newton gravity equation it would be:
a summation (or iteration) from t=0 to t=infinity, and the sum is of another sum of all known photons in the universe (for example, a simple model might only include a few photons), and that sum equals another sum which sums up the acceleration on the photon from all other photons in the universe (or possibly within gravitational reach) besides itself. I'm not even going to bother to draw it out, because, I don't think it's incredibly important, it's basically what people have been using for years to model Newton's gravity equations. But it is interesting to try to include a time "t" into Newton's equation for gravitational force. I think the effort is to try and find a shortcut to finding the location of some matter in the future given it's current position, velocity and acceleration. Another interesting point is that Newton never described explicitly that two light corpuscles might collide, and what might happen then. But there is some interesting statements in Newton's "Opticks". For example, Newton asks in Query 1, if Objects might not influence Rays of Light, which is somewhat far reaching. Newton goes on to say that Bodies might influence light by the force of gravity, electricity, or magnetism. In addition, Newton suggests that Objects and Light might be interchanged, one turned into the other. But Newton, never explicitly states the idea that all matter is made of light particles. The idea of light particles colliding is interesting. I am thinking that maybe there is some finite distance between two photons which is what causes the apparent finite velocity of light. It's interesting that 2 photons might collide, but also, more rarely 3 photons might collide, and even more rarely 4 photons might simultaneously collide. Does a simultaneous collision of 3 or more photons result in a lower or higher resulting velocity for each of the photons? There is still the question of how photons form electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, molecules, etc. It's tough to simulate photons, because they are so small, and for example, in a tiny atom are probably millions of photons. In the universe are even more. How can we estimate what a few hundred photons do, when there could be some effect from the millions of other photons in the universe? For example, most simulations, even of trillions of photons, probably all form a big sphere, because there are no photons outside of the sphere to attract photons out of the sphere. There is one debate that I think is an interesting debate: Do photons actually maintain their velocity, or is there a constant average force acting on them? I think most people think that, photons maintain their velocity, because there is no other force changing it, but how do we know that don't maintain their velocity because they are heading for the largest force relative to their location at any given time? In other words, how do we know that the velocity and acceleration of a photon is not determined freshly every picosecond, instead of simply holding it's velocity and acceleration from the last major influence? I probably side on the idea that photons do maintain their own velocity from the last major influence, in the absence of a larger force.

As two photons accelerate towards each other, they increase in velocity, they may either collide or orbit around each other. Either way, after they are a photon or two away from each other in distance, they start to decellerate because of the force of gravity pulling on them from the other photon. (This is in a two photon universe, so it is very limited in terms of how real it is, but perhaps for some very empty space, these kinds of events might happen, probably not in densely photon packed volumes of space however). So, given a velocity of average photons of 3e8m/s, that means that whatever acceleration happens between two photons, has to result in a velocity of around 3e8m/s. But it is difficult to know what that acceleration is, for me, because in a two photon universe model, the two photons collide then fall apart and collide again in an endless cycle. The photons never "escape" each other to maintain some constant velocity (such as 3e8m/s). So it's a mystery. Since, photons reach their maximum velocity when they are closest, it seems like that velocity must be larger than 3e8m/s, because they then slow down because of the gravitational drag on them from the photon they just collided or orbited around (it's the same for any ship using the gravity of the Sun or Jupiter...the same massive body that accelerates the ship to begin with, decellerates it as the ship moves farther away...but they don't tell us about this in our public space cadet schools). So the velocity of two photons when they collide is probably greater than 3e8m/s. And for many photons after they collide, there must be no mass large or close enough to significantly slow the photon down until the next collision.

I'm really interested in finding the mass of a photon, and then also the size relative to know units of measure. I don't know how to do that, maybe other people have ideas.

I do think that Newton's law will actually be surpassed, but I don't know when or how. Possibly the idea of a space-time geometry as an equivalent will replace it. But clearly, the Newton equation needs to be in terms of mass=number of photons, and distance=photon diameters, as at least a progressive step, and then a removal of the gravitational constant. There seems to be clearly, room for improvement, but it might take centuries to really understand how that might be, or perhaps somebody has already figured something out in the camera-thought net that the public has yet to hear about. It seems clear that the smallest units of space for the universe only need to be as large as a photon, and that the smallest time interval only needs to be as small as the smallest time a photon can change position from 1 space to another.

I just saw one of Lisa Nova's vlog entries where she speaks out against pornography that kids can access, and to me that is not a good idea...it's hypocritical I'm sure, it's probably an insider money thing where she needs to get back Bush supporters, for her very funny Bush video, I can only guess. Maybe the Nazi repubs threatened to arrest her in a bogus child porno or molest case like they did to Poundstone and I can only guess how many others..probably this Senator with the toilet shoes. The repubs are total murdering criminals, there is no question about that for anybody who observed their 9/11 northwood, jfk, mlk, rfk, lennon "works"...I mean not even 1 story on national television...no arrests...open fascist coverups...add to that pupin hearing seeing and sending thought and it doesn't take a genius to put toegether that these are Nazistic Stalistic criminals who run much of the republican party, and the US government. But with Nova and others about the anti-porn crusade, isn't that so hypocritical, and she is far from being the only person to claim to be asexual or antisexual publicly, while being probably privately and biologically sexual. For example, you know if we could see Nova when she was a young post-pubescent female, we would find her thumbing through magazines like "lil' loca-girl", Playgirl, and others probably, checking out male anatomy. Either kids do find pornography like I did...I loved pornography as a child, we all did, only I remember that far back, and support people's rights to learn about human anatomy and sex, or they didn't and had a delayed/stunted development/learning about human anatomy and sex...and remained ignorant until college. I see this in so many people, because they can get more popularity by claiming to be sexually pure...to be asexual...or monogomous...not interested in physical pleasure, in this puritanical age, sexual people (even those who enjoy regular weekly healthy sex) are devalued as "cheap", "dirty", etc in particular females...look at how people put down madonna....they turned almost violently antisexual when madonna released her "sex" book...you know ... a few harmless nude photos...it wouldn't be the first human body to be seen nude nor the last...ironically they hate pleasure but care nothing about violence. Maybe Nova, like so many insiders, don't need to go online to get their porn from inside people's houses and heads...they can just get in beamed on them, but we poor outsiders still have to use the old fashioned system of surfing the Internet and buying magazines, so why ruin it for the rest of us? It's amazing to me that so many people turn against pleasure. They are hypocrites, because you know they all loved porno when they were younger, I know I did. Plus, are we to believe that they actually get enough physical pleasure? I for one, have not had my physical pleasure needs fulfilled, or even addressed, and doubt I ever will because people are waging war against physical pleasure. Today there were massive arrests of people advertising on Craig's list and generally harassment of the owners of Craig's list by the Nazistic government pleasure, information and thought police. But yet, these critics of pornography and pleasure voice no concerns over non-sexual violence. Why is that? Perhaps they fear talking about violence will give people the suggestion to do violence, I don't know. Perhaps they fear the violent and so don't want to speak out in favor of jailing them or stopping them, that seems logical. But in any case, it's a trajedy. In that sense, I guess they don't fear the sexual, or certainly not enough to hypocritically chastise them. It's like drug addicts...not much of a threat there apparently to warrant fear about telling people to say no to drugs (except when forcibly druged in hostpials then you should say yes according to these idiots), although thanks to prohibition the drug market is as bloody as the moonshine business was if not bloodier...and that's the way the insiders want it...at least those in power that control it, Bush and the like. I've said it thousands of times, but humans persist because they have sex, and only the horney have survived, those not horney enough don't reproduce. But what a bunch of idiots who curse porno, prost, massage, kissing, nudity and the like. In particular when so-called liberals speak out against consensual sexuality, or pictures of nudity, that is the worst. Here these monsters see, hear and send thoughts, have killed millions with secret neuron beam technology, did 9/11, killed Kennedies and many other fine nonviolent people, but pleasure is the problem? It's idiocy. These so-called liberals are like the pawns of the republican 9/11 murderers, because with friends like that, who needs enemies? The republican fascist murderers can sit back and relax...while the so-called liberals battle against those pro-pleasure people who would stop and jail the violent. The antipleasure is like a disease of this era...it's so stupid...it's anti-life, biologically all humans like physical pleasure...this is total idiocy. But it's not going to change anytime soon, as people horney as can be secretly, continue to publicly pronounce their hatred of perverts, porno and prostitution. To me, it's so shocking to see, what appear to be liberal, funny, talented, educated, smart people embracing antipleasure (no we're not biologically interested pleasure, nudity and sex!), involuntary health care treatments (psychiatric system), antiscience (smart people are geeks theory), religion, advocating or laughing about violence, etc...leave that to the republican mass murdering monsters...there are more than enough of them to keep it going. As an update, it occurs to me that, people could easily be enjoying physical pleasure without having vaginal sex, there is kissing, laying together, genital touching, oral sex, even technically anal sex...all that absolutely cannot result in pregnancy, and for those in the camera-thought net, there must be very good records tracking STDs. The missing public STD records, and quick 5 minute $5 tests are one of the largest holdups to people feeling physical pleasure. 09/06/07 update: also there is the old trusty morning after pill, and condom if all else fails. So, really, I see little reason why, in particular insiders, should not be enjoying physical pleasure to the fullest. I noticed that Lisa Nova has lost weight too, I think she looks pretty now, but she looked softer and rounder before. I was thinking that, in some way, this antipleasure turn of Novas may actually open the door for a less rigid female who views porno more openly and has more pro-pleasure views to surpass Nova in popularity, because I think the future belongs to those who support pleasure, sexuality, etc. The puritan antisexuals will always have an audience of antisexual supporters, but I think many people feel more comfortable with a person who laughs about sex and has a positive enlightened nonthreatening view about porno, prost, religia, violencia, etc. So in all probability we will see potentially other more pro-pleasure females passing Nova, who takes a more rigid view on the carnal pleasures.

It's an interesting conflict in my mind that with every vlog or text commentary I write, my ULSF project drags on and on...sometimes it's like a balance...on one side is the current quick cure for the public, and the other is the long term better cure...and I am pulled constantly to the short term commenting which is terrible, but I think helps people out there to get a good idea about what is going on...in particular the poor outsiders who are such victims of the ruthless insiders who won't even toss the poor outsiders a tiny thimble for a shield of protection against the monsters that beam suggestions on them.

I give you a corpuscular interpretation of:
animated gif: removed because takes too long to load page. total reflection:

partial reflection: ex2_partial_reflect_small.gif

potential refraction (I admit this simulation doesn't answer the corpuscular refraction questions): ex3_refract_small.gif

more potential refraction ideas: ex3_refraction2_small.gif

I don't look for constant verbal warfare with people around me, but they always have put-downs for me...and many must be paid for (how greeedy!)...I don't think like that. I'm busy thinking about my cello, or ULSF, or ... the ladies...I'm not looking to go at it about psychology, or who is and isn't perverted, or religion, etc every minute of the day like these people are. It's always the same constant issues...I am a psycho, I am a pervert, I am gay...all this misinformation...they are easily duped by rumor, myth and traditions. It's amazing, I am the one representative of atheism in the workplace...for all the "this thing is cookuu! that I get, I am the only person who can possibly come up with the other side of "hey this thing's got a demon in it!...or this thing has found religion!...this thing is dodo!.."...etc I wage a one-human battle against a massive single-minded machine of millions of cabbage-headed mindless greedy rude people. And the shocking thing to me is...why do they come after me? Look around...there are the 9/11 killers, the kennedy killers, the old lady neuron killers...so many evil people...liars....assaulters....why single me out? Who did I kill? I'm not even rude. I'm polite to those who are polite to me. It's annoying to say the least, but also it's so stupid too...it's amazing that many people live their lives constantly angry at the people around them. I saw this when I was younger in the various jobs I had...just rude people...don't hire them!

I swear this is a typical example, this actually happened: a woman comes up to me and literaly says "is there a psycho in here?" I wish I had thought to say, "no just a dummo rudo, and a friendly harmless brainiac", but I'm not quick like that...I don't like to constantly engage in verbal combat...I generally am friendly to people...I don't hear their thoughts...but if I did I would have time to prepare for their rude paid-for put-downs. Many people in this society live for that...for some new rude put-down...and spend massive amounts of time thinking about the ultimate rude put-down, I don't, but increasingly I spend more time thinking about the "ultimate come-back" to low-brow common misperceptions, as exemplified in my many audio and video recordings....many with information, to my knowledge, never before discussed...for example...when have you ever heard "psycho" and "schitzo" compared with "dummo" and "violento"? I never have before me! Then many of these insiders stand over me like they are a master and I am a slave (or "serf")...always rude to one person...me...never the other insiders. As I have said before...it's like being a black person in the old south....an insider says something rude and there is no punishment (insiders are not even punished for homicide...I mean...it's shocking...they are lawless monsters that control the cam-thought pupin net)...but an outsider says the same exact, word-for-word thing...or equivalent...and holy shit...get ready to be punished. As I said, it's constantly this hoard of cloaked clanners teaming up against individuals such as me. It's so unfair and like a pack of wolves. In fact "pack" might be a nice word to think of when they are rude, because they are a pack of wild dogs, vicious and apathetic about mass murder for one thing. Who else has said "hey how about consensual-only health care?", to me it takes a smart mind to reduce a complex issue into a sentence. It takes a smart mind to build a one-step robot. To play guitar, to play drums, to play piano...it takes some use of the brain. I think it's maybe a jealousy thing, they can't build robots, they can't make videos, they can't play an instrument...and so those who can't do, criticize those who can. Maybe they would accomplish as much if they didn't spend hours in church, paying homage to a guy like Jesus who did nothing praiseworthy, and praying to gods that don't exist. It's so true as the saying goes...everybody is atheist...to some religion....christians are atheists of paganism and hinduism...hindus are atheists of christianity...a person might think by now that people would have learned history, learned about the history of dieties, and religions, but not this group! Religions now, have less to do with philosophy, and almost everything to do with conforming to popular tradition. A person wears a cross only to fit in, only to look appropriate, only to be popular...like a neck tie...like not having any tatoos, etc.

How about the shitheads that make us itch and zap us. I have been thinking more about these people, and I think they fit into this catagory: they are scummy so-anything-for-money people generally speaking. They are like those people, probably in Vegas (like the poor people who shock insiders by playing Russian roulette for large money...it's totally gross), or like in the movies jack-ass that do stupid and evil things strictly for money, just low-brow greedy scumbags. But how about the evil bastards that fund them? What a bunch of scum too. In particular the Russian roulette for big money metaphor is apt, because when they zap people, everybody that sees them knows that they are a greedy low-brow scum, and so their value instantly goes down. It's like they trade whatever may have been their honor for money, and the result is that their future job possibilities are in doubt, because once everybody sees what assholes they were and how they bothered and misdirected millions of people for money, nobody will hire them, and they will be universally hated. as they probably already are among insiders. The pawns, or cogs that do the itching, and the idiots who pay them...both just total stupid scum. Why don't the people of earth get smart and do something about them? When are they going to? It seems inevitable but when?

I would like to work with people to try and get a "RIGHT TO QUIT THE ARMY" advertising and lobbying campaign going. It's a violation of the labor laws to not be able quit a job without punishment. People can quit Walmart and Sears withuot arrest or fine, why can't they quit the US military without punishment? This is an outrage. Let's work together to get this to the public's and their representatives' attention. Let's hope that someday the public can represent themselves and their votes will count.

We should cherish what little democracy we do have, because we very well could lose the little democratic power, we as a public do have (the right to vote on a President every 4 years, the right to vote on State ballot measures, etc). It seems clear that the trend is for the people getting more say over what their employees in the government do, but that is by no means guaranteed, and we could lose what little democracy we have, in particular if people keep voting for dishonest, violent, power hungry, uneducated people.

More jail sentence ideas for camthought netters:
annoying nonviolent images/sounds=1 day
violent images/sounds=3 days
make you physically move to scratch or gesture=3 days
moved muscle, no possible damage=1 day
moved muscle, potential pain, but no pain resulted=2 days
moved muscle, resulted in pain, 5 days
activated pain in brain somewhere in body=5 days/second
In addition, I would definitely support a multiplier or additive time for repeat offenders, perhaps .1 to 1*SENTENCE*Number of offenses.

I saw a good video on South America and the vicious US Republican fascist murdering of innocent people there by John Pilger: The War on Democracy
Although there are a few segments that are like music videos, which are kind of propagandish, much of the video is fair and balanced (anti-democratic people are shown in large numbers). Imagine a television station called XOF where the exact opposite views of the extremist republican fascist Fox news are expressed...all about Sturgis, Cesar, exposing 9/11 as an inside job...where is such a television station? Wouldn't fairness and equality suggest that such a station should exist? In the absence of a XOF, or SBC, CBA, CBN, SBP, NNC, simet kroy wen, or simet A.L., the one-side is getting away with murders of millions of innocent lawful people, and the public is not being shown or told. People may think what I am saying is not true, but I feel confident that history will show that what I am saying is accurate. How else could Frank Sturgis, Thane Cesar, the 9/11 killers go free? When the evidence against them is so clear and openly obvious? How can it be? Only with 5 powerful mouthpieces all in unison beaming into houses and heads, a single message, without any other opposite side being shown.

As of this morning I now weigh 256lbs. That means I have lost 44 pounds. But I am not done yet, as I plan to go all the way to 200 and maybe bejond.

Get familiar with the a/s (antisexuality) and the a/p (antipleasure). That's a big diverter from stopping violence. I feel kind of like a q/a machine of the future. For some reason, I have been given the job of dispelling many mistaken popular views of this century. It's like you ask the computer a question and it tells you the answer using knowledge from the future. I think people in the future will see clearly how people of this time were wrong on caring nothing about stopping violence, were wrong about being so antisexual to such a shocking extreme, were wrong about religions being good, were wrong about being against science, were wrong about privacy/secrecy controls on free info, were wrong about jailing drug users and those participating in prostitution, were wrong about oswald being the killer of JFK, wrong about sirhan sirhan killing RFK, wrong about 13 hijackers doing 9/11, wrong about the big bang expanding universe, wrong about the massless photon, wrong in their belief that people could not see, hear, send thought or move muscles remotely using photons...etc people in the future will easily see that people in this time were wrong on many many issues. And I feel like I am one of the few people trying to change those mistaken beliefs. Whether I want to or don'ot, those answers are the answers I give, even though it lowers my popularity, it angers many people, it is not always pleasant to say, etc.

In an Entertainment magazine Jodie Foster commented that she "thanked God", and to me it's almost like seeing a photo and some text from a person who has surrendered to the Inquisitors...and yer like 'Jodie...what appened?' and they're like 'God is great Ted...I've just found the light of the god...god is in this pop corn and all things...", and so on...You want to say like "what the hades happened to you? What did those monsters do to you?!....". "...Jesus is our savior...and Jesus died fer you...and I found Jesus...and Jesususszzzzz...." and on and on... it's the same in other religions but it's "...and Muhummed, praise be his name...has saved me...yada..." It's like when a person becomes an insider, they turn into these clones who all respond: "I don't hear your thoughts!" (that's a direct quote from my brother, and any of the few people I've accused) and always... "what are you talking about? that's crazy! I'm going to now call the central authorities on you." Like the moonie cult members who praise the rev moon's works whatever those might be. It's like the cabbage-head analogy of SCTV, or like the people from the ship in The Black Hole when Anthony Perkins pulls off the fencing mask on the ship crewmember. Whenever people say "god" my mind automatically thinks "but which one?", and I think the answer many times is "it don't matter which one...the one that get the money, the one that everybody else has, that's which one foo". Dawkins is an example of a person who is atheist and still popular. I don't see many movies, they are all not interesting to me. "Contact" was a relativly good movie (although the idea of space-time wormholes is doubtful in my opinion, but can't be ruled out). I definitely am grateful for Foster's playing an atheist in that movie. Katherine Hepburn publicly admited she was atheist. I don't see why smart people don't make good movies, about going to other stars, about the history of science, of religious persecution, ... all there is, are stupid movies. There aren't many good movies made in this century. They are all so tame and wimpy, not at all like the web videos that expose 9/11, or John Hankey's JFK II, which tells the truth about Bush Senior's role in the JFK murder, or my latest movie "Seeing, Hearing and Sending Thought" which are more interesting and honest. Fiction to me has become uninteresting and a time waster, time is so precious, why waste it watching stuff that never happened? There is so much shocking secret video of stuff that did happen, not even to include all the shocking stories of history that are true. I would like to see some wealthy intellectuals help me to make a movie called "Science", now that is a good story, or "Democracy of Earth", again something that predicts the future of full democracy, something interesting, that goes beyond a relationship story just set on earth. As I have said before, my main criteria for seeing a movie is: "is it set only on planet earth?" if yes, than I probably don't want to see it. Then the movies are all dull, no nudity, but then graphic and gross violence...I'm for full free info, but it's stupid to watch some fake violence...just watching the videos of actual violence that did happen in the past is gross enough, although necessary to identify and jail the violent. The public has to understand that, most people are now watching people in their houses and their thoughts...there is an entirely new and different media...screens and monitors might be completely replaced by this technology of people just getting images beamed directly onto their head. Sadly, the phasing in of this technology is taking decades...and why? There probably are many reasons. But one certainly is, because an evil greedy group is hording it, because of the immense power it provides them, in addition because the archived images reveal all their crimes, and the less people that see them the less chance of them being punished is. Maybe Foster just is saying that she thanked gods in the past?

I have a scoop on vegetarian tuna salad. I had to werk me arse off to figure this out. But there is a tuna salad, and in my opinion this tastes better than tuno. The only problem is that it costs $88.44/case for an 8 3.3lb package case. Potentially Mothers may be willing to order a case, they were kind enough to special order a case of tuno for me. I don't know what product it is, but it's important to distinguish between tuna "fillet" or "steak" and tuna "salad". That took a few minutes to figure out, because generally these products come from asian nations and the people have limited experience with english, but all are in the cam-thought net so that can help. I don't know the name of the product but it is:
a vegefarm product (they also use yellow and green colors on the packaging like vegeking) vegefarm.com.tw item #B073 at Amida Foods
potentially this is it here:
There are vegetarian fast food restaurants as alternatives to BK, McD, Wendys, etc. believe it or not. A friend recommends this vegetarian place in Pasadena: http://www.oreanshealthexpress.com/default.asp
It's too far to go but if I am in LA I will try it out. She likes the Pastrami and root beer float (non-dairy). Her friend likes the fish sandwich. The prices look awesome, if I lived in Pasadena, I would be there once a month! THere is http://www.fattyscafe.com/ too around the same Pasadena area. There is a new place in LA "SOUL VEGETARIAN" at 4067 W. Pico Blvd. (2 Blocks East of Crenshaw), even though there is no soul (nor only 4 fluids, 4 elements, or phlogiston, etc), "soul food" has become part of common language.

The Osama bin Laden tape, I think what this is may be that the US military and CIA works closely with Bin Ladin (aka "Tim Osmond"), and so basically produced this video. Since 9/11 was an inside job, that is obvious, an outsider can only conclude that Ladin is like an actor for the big military conservatives, Ladin will be playing the uncatchable villian in their made-up story that they are trying to sell to the outsider public. That sounds like the most likely explanation. But only the future will reveal to all outsiders the truth about this video, the specifics of the WTC wiring, etc. Potentially, these script writers could have Ladin captured, and create a new super-villian, but who knows, only the insiders know and they aint tellin! The latimes.com has a funny view in that bin ladin's beard is dark black in the video, but gray in others...you have to wonder where the tape comes from. With the cam-thought network there shouldn't be much mystery. Maybe the CIA got Ladin to use some dye or just photoshopped it in?

I am adding audio later to these opinions, so check out below if you missed some audio I added later!

Here is a lesser reported story about a 48-year old reporter forcibly jailed in a hospital for 46 days after reporting about abuses in the same hospital:
This open door, no crime, no trial, no sentence loop hole has to be closed planet-wide, there should only be a single incarceration system with all human rights guarantees such as right to trial, habeus corpus, etc. Now, you know that people are going to be calling this poor woman "crazy" for the rest of her life, even though she is probably no more or less unrealistic than any other person, and probably has lived a life of nonviolence.

To be candid, it's interesting that after losing weight I honestly feel that my "Jame" feels "at the ready" for more time. Maybe it's my imagination, but it definitely feels like I have more control over the flow of my semenal fluid body movement as well which helps in allowing a lady to reach her climactic moment before I do.

I have found something interesting: A single slit hole can produce a spectrum of light, using a simple box with a slit and eye-hole. But I can only get it to appear with light from the Sun. None of the light bulbs in my unit are bright enough to cause anything other than a single white line without any spectrum lines. But when I look at sunlight, there are many spectral colored lines. And here is something that you can easily verify and is very interesting. These colorful lines which appear on either side of the main white line, appear to be reflected from the sides of the slit. Because, move the box back and forth so that the Sun is above and below the slit. What is seen is that the colored lines are always on the same side as the Sun, because they are reflected. In other words, when the Sun is above the slit, the colored lines are above the white line, when the Sun is below the slit the colored lines are below the white line. To me, this can only mean that they are reflected. Perhaps interference (construction and destruction) happen after the reflection, but I don't think there is any question that the light is initially reflected off the sides of the slit. An interesting issue can be seen with grating_multi11.avi, that the reflected beams that reflect inside all are directed to a single point the same distance from the grating as the light source. And the interesting point is that for the Sun, that distance is so large, that the angle would be so slight ... because the reflected rays would only join at a distance of the Sun to the Earth. I basically used two thin pieces of aluminum 1/8 inch thick flat pieces separated by a few millimeters. Next I am going to see if other low cost, non-metallic items work. I tried a square hole (aperture) with 4 mirrors taped together to form a cylinder and that does not produce the spectrum, but that does produce interesting effects. For example, any low power light can be made to cast 1, 2 or 4 square images on the opposite side. The 4 images are equally spaced around a center point, which says to me, particles of light (we need to remember this is the gold in the rainbow that we are thinking about) are reflecting at least once off the mirrors. To me the mystery is why different wavelengths diffract at different angles. I think it has to do with atomic shape, it's like why an object absorbs one wavelength and reflects another, that probably has less to do with the structure of an atomic lattice and more to do with the absorption and emission of individual atoms.

My weight is really unusual, it dipped down to 265 one morning which shocked me but then popped up to 268 the next morning, although I have been eating only 2 meals and only liquids consistently. In the morning is when I weigh the least. I'm surprised I never carefully tracted my weight before, I think it's a good idea. I will report what I weight tomorrow morning, for all the wild-azz babes and brothas that want to know, ok maybe I'm the only person interested.

Litvinenko, who had been investigating Politkovskaya's death, had said Putin was behind her slaying and also blamed the Russian leader for his own poisoning.

10 people have been arrested for the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. I think the two sides are defined by this text:
"Litvinenko [t the guy who was murdered by poison in England], who had been investigating Politkovskaya's death, had said Putin was behind her slaying and also blamed the Russian leader for his own poisoning.
Days after Politkovskaya's death, Putin suggested her killing could have been plotted by Kremlin foes abroad to harm Russia's image, and his allies have made similar remarks about Litvinenko's death."
In my own novice outsider opinion, I kind of lean towards people in the Russian government killing these two, because, making a nation "look bad" is a weak excuse for murder, and to be giving such a statement, knowing that people can see and hear thoughts, to me sez that these two were probably murdered by people in the Russian government, and if that's true, probably these 10 people are just anti-Putin people...then perhaps the people in the Russian government can kill 2 opponents, and jail 10 more all with one swoop. Blaming the opposition for a murder of a like-minded member is almost a perfectly formulated claim, because then you can promptly jail more of the opposition, but it's weak in my opinion, because I can't believe that a majority of people would accept that a group of people would murder a like-minded friend...it would be very stupid...in fact too stupid to be a reality. Still, people in Russia are different from much of those in Europe and the Americas...although I'm sure very similar in their dislike of violence. It's a guessing game for those us outsiders, I don't know, and I would hate to be wrong, and I can't rule out being wrong. It seems like with something like apparently overwhelming popular support, why would the Putin administration feel the need to murder opponents? I think most people agree that the jailing of the Yukos person was an example of persecution of the opposing political party by Putin's party. Here in the USA the Republicans kill thousands of people annually, most of it is secret and only reaches the obituaries, because they are murdered with secret neuron activation technology, which is very dificult to prove because the beams are not of visible wavelength, and most people have none of their own cameras recording themselves all the time anyway even if they were in the visible spectrum which they ain't. When you compare governments, in particular because of 9/11/01, probably overall, the US Bush administratin has illegally murdered far more than Putin's administration. You tell me who has murdered more nonviolent people. Of course, even one nonviolent person murdered is wrong and evil in my opinion. I think we people who want to stop violence need to get more organized and informed. To me, stopping violence is the number one big issue on earth, it's more important than all other nonviolent issues. Murder and other acts of violence corrupt and ruin a society with lawlessness. I think that at least 50% of the problem is the camera-thought net images being secret for an elite few, in addition to any and all restraints on total free information.

It's interesting that I think many people, in particular outsiders, but even insiders, which is shocking, are victim to constant criticism and enmity towards other nonviolent people, and to me, I think people need to remember, even myself many times, that without a doubt, the worst people on earth, the one's to really fear, are the murderers, those who killed people in 9/11, with secret neuron activation laser technology like those who killed my Mom and thousands of others...now those are the people to hate, those are the ones to fear, those people are the serious problem on earth...people who are overly sexual, or drug addicted, rude, stupid, religious, insane...anything you want to name...still as long as they are nonviolent...they should be the least of our concerns...because they are no serious physical threat to our lives, and the lives of loved ones. I hope people wake up to the truth about who we should be hating, who we should be fearing, who we should be worried about and focusing our discipline and punishments on...and those are definitely the murderers, and in particular those murderers who have not been caught yet because they are protected by the secrecy surrounding shast (seeing, hearing and sending thought). Let's remember this important lesson, next time we are criticising a nonviolent person, next time we are angry at a non-murderer.

That is an interesting proposition about splitting electoral votes so that a person does not win the full state. First I vote for the total popular vote, I vote down the electoral college system. However, I could see voting for the idea of a candidate getting only those electoral votes that are voted for them, if it is done nationwide, even though it might lessen the votes of a democrat and allow more mass murderers like the Bush family into power, because it's ultimately more democracy that way. But only for California, I think that is like throwing away the 2008 election to the murderous criminal republican wolves, and I don't vote for that, not until it's nationwide. Ultimately the popular vote is all that should matter, but in addition, we need to vote directly on the federal government decisions, and so the public should insist on representatives that say they will implement and/or support such a public voting system.

Isaac Newton wrote a letter to the Royal Society on February 6, 1672, and this was his first published letter, which is the first record to my knowledge of a particle theory of light. Newton theorizes that rays of light might be globular, and compares rays of light to moving like tennis balls. But what is interesting to me is that none of the major sources of science history clearly state that this is the earliest evidence in the history of science for a particle theory for light. Many correctly recognize that Newton is the first person to theorize about a particle theory of light. Asimov seems to credit Demokritos, which I don't think is correct, I don't think Demokritos or Leukippos ever describe light as being composed of atoms (which I might accept as a particle theory of light), but I think this needs to be carefully verified. There were theories about light before the particle theory, all wave theories, from Grimaldi, Hooke and Huygens. None of the sources identify this paper with the earliest mention of a particle theory of light, and I think this shows how the particle theory of light is undervalued, and its importance under recognized. But I'm not sure this is the first text that clearly identifies a particle theory for light, in particular because nowhere else is this confirmed by other historians.

Kind of a funny thing that people around me constantly refer to cables connected to people's asses, such as U-ass-B, fire-hole-wire, and simply assernet. It's kind of a funny image and I don't know what info people are expecting to transmit or receive with such a connection.

More findings with single slit cardboard box experiment:
This is really interesting. Because I quickly threw together this box with the two holes in it, one of the aluminum bars fell off the slit, and then promptly the one side of interference pattern dissapeared, and I realized...only one side of aluminum bar is needed to an interference pattern. My shoddy construction actually provided me with an insight! So, it seems that even a single aluminum bar covering part of a rectangular hole in a box (with another hole as an eye-viewing-hole) is enough to generate these colorful spectra lines from the Sun (again no other light I own can do this, and it must take a very bright light). I then tried simple wood bars, but there was no colorful reflection pattern. I then tried a stainless steel rod, and no colorful reflection pattern...it was unexpected...that only the aluminum bar would give a nice colorful spectrum. Again I want to make clear that with the aluminum on only one side of the rectangular hole in the box, the spectrum is only on one side of the middle (order n=0) white line from the Sun, and the spectra lines fall on the same side as the Sun, and the opposite side of the aluminum bar, because clearly they are reflected off the side of the aluminum bar. I have said this before, but it definitely seems to be a fact, that all matter absorbs and emits photons of certain discrete photon intervals (wavelengths), and this cannot be avoided in building a diffraction grating or prism...even glass, as transparent as it is, must absorb and emit photons in some particular intervals...and that puts a limit on the spectra that can be obtained from a particular material (but probably other materials can be used to fill in any unknown lines). So that is one point that is in my mind. Then a second point is that, the aluminum bar is very scratched up, and maybe the colors come from reflection off the scratches...that is the principle of the diffraction grating. So by that standard, the more scratched up and surface the more colors, but also, the wood is evidence that the best spectra in a single-slit box are probably going to come from reflective material, such as aluminum...so clearly the reflectivity of a material contributes to the colorful repeating spectrum pattern on the side of the central white line. In addition, it seems clear that this spectra pattern, which contains at least 3 to 5 complete rgb cycles, is all from a single photon reflection (not from two), because the other side of the slit was just cardboard and clearly was not reflecting, in addition, I could see when the colorful pattern was being blocked by the rough cut out cardboard from the other side of the slit, so it was reflected once, and being blocked on the way into the box. So, that is very insightful that this multispectrum pattern is from a single photon reflection only...it's not that each spectrum comes from an additional reflection. Then a hummingbird (perhaps controlled by the camera-thought neuron activation net) came forward to me and hovered around very close moving around my lower body, and then it was very interesting, it hovered or perched in front of me and turned very slightly and a bright green beam reflected off the chest of the hummingbird (whose feathers have evolved a natural diffraction grating), and I thought...perhaps that is a method of communication a hummingbird uses, simply rotating in sunlight might send a beam of red, orange, yellow, green, blue or violet light to some receiver of the information. That would be fun to send a red light, or a green light, maybe each color has some meaning, or is simply for a pretty impressive display. It was unusual the way the hummingbird just perched very close, until my finger came only a few inches away and then flew off. So back to the aluminum half-slit experiment. Those are my current conclusions that either the spectra is from scratches on the surface of the aluminum, or from the spectra of aluminum itself. I think the angle of the light has something to do with the angles that certain photon interval beams are passed. I am leaning more towards, photons bouncing off each other as the reason for the color spectra phenomena of gratings, prisms, Michelson's half-mirror interference measurements, etc. This, I am going to try and model, and I think provides at least an equivalent corpuscular explanation for how there could be so-called interference patterns, and how a particular wavelenth of beams of monochromatic light can cause dark areas from photons reflecting off each other. I can see how in a grating, there are rows of walls, and with each row, the light source rays are at an increasingly steep angle relative to the vertical. And so that steeper angle reflects off the side of the each grating wall at a steeper angle too, but some rays go through unreflected in the same grating hole, and those collide with those photons reflected earlier who are somewhat delayed behind later photons

Wouldn't it be nice if potential mothers defined clearly what they expect, and the potential sex partners too
For example, maybe a potential mother has certain requirements of a particular would-be-father: to live together for at least 5,10,15,20,life years, require marriage, prenup, to produce a certain number of children, to stay within a certain weight range, I'm flexible, I think it depends a lot on each individual person, what they are looking for, I just know that I want to have at least two children, but again it may or may not have to be with the same person, depending on what is available, what those potential mothers desire, etc. I think it's a bad idea not to think about what each person is looking for. I think most offers I might see if ever accepted into the cam-thought net, would be females looking for the traditional package, of live together for entire life, at least 2 children, no sex, genital touching, or kissing on lips of other people, however hugging, and kiss on cheek is ok, or possibly hand holding. For me, I am totally not possessive, but if a potential mother expects me to be monogomous, I request that she be monogomous too, and if that agreement is violated then I get to indulge in the equivalent of pleasureful touching, or whatever the case may be, of a different female. In all honesty, I think people should keep a progressive, futuristic and open minded unpossessive view on physical pleasure, maybe the key thing is reproduction, but two people who reproduce don't feel particularly jealous or uptight about each other getting oral sex, or touching genitals, getting back rubs, or things of that nature from or with other people. I think in the interest of avoiding future arguments, it is good to clearly define the nature of what kind of touching of other people is allowed and not allowed, and what the consequences of violating that agreement are going to be. In addition, the money question has to be determined. For example, does the female expect to share all money and property? does she expect to keep both properties completely separate? etc. In addition, is she going to raise the children or help to pay for a nanny/day care? I have to figure out how much I am willing to pay a female to care for any children I make. One requirement of mine is definitely no violence except in self defense or against a person in the act of assaulting, this includes no spanking for nonviolent mistakes or behavior in people of any age. And no throwing objects at people or at the wall. Maybe they have certain things such as person must brush their teeth and floss at least twice daily, what sex should be like, etc.

The story of DOE 1: how the public does eventually see and jail the secret murderers, but takes a lot of work.
The order is pretty simple:
1) the public sees the murderers
2) a majority of the public votes to jail them for life
3) murderers start to get jailed (this is when things get risky)
a) If you go for arresting everybody at one time, it might start a planetary or national civil war between the murder stoppers and the murderers.
b) many people will shockingly actually support the murderers, as many insiders do now. However, it seems clear that a solid majority will vote to jail at least the worst of the murderers.
c) Do you start at the top with the nonviolent orderers and payers for violence? Do you start with capturing and jailing those who have murdered the most people? (I think that's a good idea, but they might be entrenched) Do you start with high profile murderers like Thane Cesar, killer of Nicole Simpson, Bonnie Bakely, Chandra Levy, etc, and the 9/11 controlled demolition group and work your way to lesser known murderers? Do you start with the lowest level, easiest to capture murders and work your way up? All those questions need to be answered carefully by the majority working together with those people they employ in the governments of earth to capture and jail murderers.
4) Most if not all murderers are jailed. In addition, there is the reponsibility of stopping, capturing, and jailing new murderers. And some of these murderers take place in milliseconds, maybe computer controlled, and are done with cutting lasers, and neuron activiation lasers. These systems make jailing many of these murderers very difficult and great care will definitely need to be taken.
This is basically the main substance of the DOE 1 movie. This is basically a telling of the story of the probable future, as the public starts to see all this video of the past and present. However, when this happens is completely unknown, and of course, as is always true with the future, we simply cannot know for sure that these things will happen.

It's interesting that the massive lowering of people buying houses, I think is directly correlated to the Federal Reserve increasing interest rates. I think people should do away with the Federal Reserve system, and go to a fully democratic government controlled monetary system. People give excuses as to why the people at the Federal Reserve raise of lower the interest rate, or increase or decrease the quantity of paper money in circulation, but I think the camera-thought net probably tells a very dark and different story about what the real reasons behind their activities are. I think it has little or nothing to do with the so-called economy or markets, and more to do with insider manipulation. But only the insider thought-cam video would reveal what actually goes through their minds.

Glad to see that the forced electroshocking of SImone D. waas overruled in court: http://mindfreedom.org/kb/mental-health-abuse/electroshock/simone-d Now we need to vote to outlaw unconsensual electrocuting of people. My thanks to all involved in the effort to stop this electrocuting of this poor woman, and all others who object to electroshock treatment.

I think as time continues people are "getting wise to the lies", whether they are lies about religious claims of people flying, magic spirits, people bringing other people back to life, parting the sea, making 10 loaves from 1, etc. or more modern lies such as those about what happened on 9/11/01, who actually killed JFK, MLK and RFK, about PUpin and seeing, hearing and sending thought, about so many things. People, I think are starting to get smart about all these lies, and starting to understand how they've been tricked, duped, lied to, and fooled by so many different lies. It's like a new way of thinking that is happening. People are starting to become more skeptical about the information they are being told, because they are starting to realize that many of the things they have been told are clearly false. It's all part of a phenomenon of more and better education, information and wisdom.

Here is a quick summary of 10 of my top priorities:
My message is pretty simple:
1) stop violence, and jail the violent (for 9/11, JFK, MLK, RFK, all murder and assault, etc)
2) the photon is matter and probably the basis of all matter
3) the universe is probably infinite in size and age, and the big bang expanding background radiation universe theory is probably wrong.
4) As hard as it is to believe: Seeing, hearing, and sending images and sounds to and from any brain of any species and remote muscle moving is probably already a secret technology reality started by Michael Pupin at Columbia University.
5) We need full democracy where we vote directly on all government decisions, including all laws, employments, budgets, and court decisions.
6) We need total free info, including a total end to any and all government secrecy, no jail or even penalty for simply owning any image or data, even if copyrighted, privacy, pornographic, or of violence.
7) We need to stop the jailing and executing of people for drug use, sale, transport, and/or purchase.
8) We need to stop the jailing and any kind of punishment for those involved in prost, the consensually selling of physical pleasure services in exchange for money.
9) We need to make sure that all health care is consensual only.
10) We need to make a history of evolution, science and a projection of the future for the large screen to educate the public.

ok now the short list:
My message is pretty simple:
1) Stop violence, jail the violent
2) Photon is matter and basis of all matter
3) Universe is infinite, big bang wrong
4) Seeing, hearing, and sending images and sounds to/from brain and remote muscle moving was figured out (Pupin)
5) Full democracy where we vote directly on all government decisions
6) Total free info, no jail for any image
7) No jail for drugs
8) No jail for prost
9) All health care consensual only
10) History of evolution, science and future movie for big screen.

One thing that is kind of interesting is the concept of photons bouncing off each other. I think many people doubt the possibility of this, but think for a second about it. Clearly photon appear to bounce off everything...mirrors, trees...it's the reason we see anything. Clearly photon are bouncing off (or perhaps rotating around and being released in the opposite direction) other objects. So, for me, it is logical to hypothesize that photons do bounce off each other. So wouldn't we see many beams of light bouncing off each other in the air, for example, photons from a tree colliding with those off the grass? I don't know, I think it's like the phenomenon of interference, I think there is so much space, and photons are so small, that they simply do not often collide. Maybe photons do often collide, but there are so many that don't that everything looks usual. Only in atoms like prisms, and in small spaces such as those in a scratch or diffraction grating are photons perhaps confined enough to collide and reflect off each other. But then the nature of how to particles might bounce off each other is interesting. One question is, do photons rotate? Are they spherical? There is one other point, and that is that the force of gravity would always be acting on two photons that collide, so that adds complexity to the two photons colliding simulation. There is probably some minimum distance that two photons can get to each other, and this must impart the apparently standard velocity we observe photons to have.

This thing is messing with my mind: how can it be, that a photon collides with another photon on some surface, and the photon, the first photon has collided with theoretically recoils bounces into other photons and responds with a force back...but of course, we observe that photons bounce forward, not back in the direction they originated from when they collide with atoms on a flat surface. It's interesting, in that, the reciprocal force, must be directly up, and not directly back at the photon. Somehow, perhaps, photons in atoms moving up and down is more likely than moving side to side or something...it's a mystery because we can't see at that scale, we can only observe the effects in the large scale. Another point is that, if the photon that the reflected photon collides with was at rest, relative to it, the photon would simply stop, as we see a moving billiard ball do when it collides with a stationary billiard ball, tha ball it hits moves, but the initial ball stops.

I ate at IHOP and then another large brunch, and I actually gained a pound or two and it worried me, so on Tuesday I could see that I wasn't too hungry and that I could just skip lunch and so I skipped lunch, and then focused again on that idea that my dinner should be really small (they were growing larger, as I kept adding small miscellaneous sides: although I still am going to keep this idea, of a variety of very small portions, like for my vegtable side, I have 1 brussel sprout, one broccli, one cauliflower, one small carrot, together to make variety), because I only need to stop the feeling of hunger, which takes a surprisingly small amount of food. So I skipped a few days of lunch, and had only 1 small entre and 1 side of vegtables, and now I am down to 262! I find that I can acually lose a full pound or more, by having only 1 small meal a day. That is amazing to actually lose a pound or even more in one day. Plus my regular 3 times/week excersizing has to be helping. I think I need to go down to 200 if not 180, which would mean I will have lost 100 pounds which really surprises me. At 262 I have lost 38 pounds, which is considerable. If I can reach 250 I will be near the half-way point. As I lose weight, everything becomes easier, for example, everytime I am jogging, I have to lift less weight which makes jogging that much easier. One thing that is amazing, is how little money I spend on food now, it's unbelievable to me, because I only eat like 1 sandwich a day, I can't possibly eat all the stuff I buy...the vast majority of it won't be eaten, and I end up throwing out stuff like corn on the cob, baked tofu, fruit, vegtables, so I am kind of moving towards only buying what I am definitely going to eat. But it's amazing, before I spent about $100 a week, now it's like $30 a week. I'm still really trying to find some kind of regular system that I can stay with, but I think it might have to wait until I get to a steady-state weight for me to figure out things like, do I eat a lunch, is a snack when I am hungry possible, etc. Exotic juices have been helpful, because I don't worry about drinking some juice if I am hungry, it stops the hunger, and of course, I will just piff it off later ;).

I think of myself as being a person who can clear up and simplify a lot of issues. For example, it's helpful to look at two ends of a spectrum on particular issues. For example, a good example that this applies to is the classic battle of total free info versus total privacy/secrecy. Basically the main problems cited for total free information are:
1) privacy, 2) national security, 3) copyright, 4) identify theft, 5) trademark, 6) patent. Beyond that, there really are not any other issues with total free information, or the idea that nobody should be jailed or punished no matter what information they own.

A few more interesting things I found are: the first person to theorize that the Sun attracts planets in an inverse distance squared relation was Ismael Bullialdus...it's amazing that the Encyclopedia Britannica, Columbia, and Oxford encyclopedia have no article on Bullialdus, only wikipedia does, which is evidence that wikipedia may be the largest encyclopedia on the Internet and possibly on earth. Robert Hooke understood this inverse distance relation before Newton, but Hooke's claim to anything other than understanding the truth to the inverse distance squared relation, or possibly independently finding it (although I think this is doubtful, but I have to do more checking) is of less importance because of this.

In addition, another interesting thing I found in this research on the history of science is that, so far as I can see, Lucretius, the Roman poet, may very well be the first person to identify light as being made of particles in his poem "De Natura Rerum" ("On the nature of things"). So this lowers the value of Newton's restating this theory, although this is still a valuable restating, as in Planck's restating centuries later.

Here are some more photon simulations:
Photons and a reflective surface
Photons and a partially reflective surface
Photons trapped in an atomic lattice


Carl Sagan had a large scale view of the universe, although not infinite, and a wonderful quote from Sagan in the movie Cosmos is "we are one planet, and a planet at war with itself is doomed to failure." I wish other people saw the truth to this. All over the planet, there are people that want to stop violence, and we are united in that cause. I have just finished researching the life of Christiaan Huygens, and a favorite quote from Huygens is "the world is my country, science my religion". I would extend that to, the universe is my country, science my religion. I hope people take an interest in the future, to going to other stars, to fulfilling our intellectual and physical pleasures.

Some people question my stats on my FYRN Drugs section.
Just FYI, these stats are from a 1997 FBI report. Its on the web, http://www.fbi.gov/filelink.html?file=/ucr/cius_00/xl/00tbl2-10.xls
Murder victims in the USA by weapon. Table 2.10. Of 15,837 murders, 10,729 by handguns, 37 by narcotics. This doesn't even include the secret murders by neuron activation muscle contraction laser. Do people die from overdoses? Yes, of course, but there they are doing it to themselves accidentally or purposely both of which should not be any crime, in these statistics drugs were used to murder a person which definitely should be a crime.

You should see the stats on how long people do time in prison. Murders get out after 20 years on average, or something, it's shocking. Then there is no public registry to even know who and where they are, and these are not molestors, these are murderers.

I have to say again that, the political situation in the USA is basically, not a political issue, but it's a criminal issue....I mean, a person's political views mean nothing...there are just murderers in the highest positions of government and that is the big issue...it has much less to do with taxes, welfare, etc... it has more to do with, killers need to go to jail. And I think people need to understand, that the more murderers they don't jail, the higher the chance that a secret laser neuron activation murderer lives near your house, near your kids...a guy who has killed nonviolent people, like Thane Cesar, Frank Sturgis, the 9/11 controlled demolition crew, ... living on your block, with your kids...near your house...coming into your house...wiring up your house...etc. The less murderers you jail, the more that are out here in society, looking potentially to continue their murdering spree. Why would the 9/11 neuron push-button murderers stop murdering? They have not been punished in any way....there is no chance whatsoever of the outsiders in the public ever seeing all the bloody carnage they have wrought...without being punished, they are free to murder again and again, maybe your family, maybe your neighbor, ... who knows who they gonna kill next? In fact, what people probably watch mostly are: people who had sex, people who were killed...peopl watch liberals to find out probably 'who are they going to screw', and they watch conservatives to find out 'who are they going to kill'. Because the conservatives, the Republicans are simply murderers, plain and simple. They don't pull the trigger or press the key, but they order, fund and protect the murderers who do.

Recently the conservative French PM Nicolas Sarkozy went to Iraq, which is shocking to me, it is a disappointment that the people of France don't have the good enough sense to elect the liberal female Ségolène Royal, who is a fine choice, in particular next to the murderous conservatives who made 9/11, invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq. And here, what is amazing to me, is that, the conservatives in the US curse the French...their big gripe in 2004 was that Kerry was "too French"...it's amazing how people will toss money onto those who only abuse them...just total idiocy...and it's because they feel like conservatives are conservative, not the radical murderous, dishonest monsters that they actually and secretly are. Now perhaps some French kids will be sent to get killed in Iraq, and for what? It's total idiocy. Bush jr and the 9/11 wrecking crew are nothing to support.

Researching Robert Hooke is interesting, there are no known surviving portraits of Hooke although two are believed to have been painted. wikipedia indicates that Newton had all images of Hooke removed from the Royal Society, which reflects badly on Newton's character if true. Newton also failed to give proper credit to Hooke for sending Newton a letter telling Newton about Hooke's theory that planets move according to an inverse squared distance law, which I think is at least 1/4 to 1/2 of Newton's gravity theory (Newton simply adding m1, m2 and the gravitational constant...and the basic understanding of gravity as a force between all matter...although this has origins earlier, for sure, there was the belief that magnetism held the planets in orbit around the Sun). I'm not sure if Newton actually did credit Hooke at the insistence of the Royal Society. Maybe Hooke should not have been nasty about it, but Newton should not have been nasty in response either if true. It's an interesting story, because, in my opinion, much of physics basically stopped frozen in time after Newton, in particular when people rejected the corpuscular theory. Another interesting point I found out is that people are wrong in constantly crediting Einstein with bringing back the light as a particle theory, clearly it was Maxwell Planck who reignited the corpuscular theory, calling the corpuscles "quanta", as a result of Planck's examining the "black-body radiation" phenomenon. Einstein had the good sense to second this concept by applying Planck's quanta to the photo electric effect. I don't think there is any question in my mind that Planck was the first to reawaken the corpuscular theory, so why do people credit Einstein and not Planck? The story of Planck is an interesting story. Planck opposed Hitler, and the rise of the Nazis, and lost his position for it, Planck lost both his sons, one, Ernst, was implicated in the plot to kill Hitler and executed, his house and most of his posessions in WW II. Check my facts, because I haven't fully researched Planck. But that is the story that Isaac Asimov tells in his biography of Planck. I looked at some of Planck's work, and it's highly esoteric and mathematical. It's an extension of Maxwell's work, which also is very abstract and mathematical. The view was that light is an electromagnetic sine wave, and that is clearly wrong, in the view I support, light particles are emitted from electronic current, but have no direct relation to electronics in any other way. Light beams are not electronic, and carry no charge, obviously, photons are electrically neutral particles. But I am interested in seeing if the interpretation of Planck's can be applied to beams of photons with wavelength defined by distance between each quantum. It is interesting that, for some reason, people prefered Author Compton's label "photon" instead of "quantum" for the particle of light. The claim I think is that a "quantum" is a unit of any kind of energy, not just light energy, but Planck was refering to the black-body radiation phenomenon, and so clearly, I think that a photon is a quantum, if I am not mistaken, although maybe a quantum defined more than a photon, and so photon, is a specific kind of quantum. But in any event it seems irrelevent now, since probably all matter is made of photons anyway.
In another book I am reading, "The Last Man Who Knew Everything", Einstein is given credit for ending the ether theory, when I think clearly Michelson-Morley ended the ether theory more than Einstein, although they created no new theory as Einstein did. But then, Einstein's theory is probably wrong, certainly with time and spec dilation, which was taken directly from an explanation by George FitzGerald, in support of an ether as an alternative explanation of the Michelson-Morley experiment results. I think at most, Einstein will be credited with applying quantum theory to the photo-electric effect, and possibly the idea of time as a spacial dimension, much less than Einstein is credited with now. Possibly an equivalent math of Newton's gravity theory, where the interpretation is that the geometry of space-time is responsible for gravitational attraction (either way, gravity or geometry, I think ultimately, the results will be proven to be identical). It is interesting that as Newton dominated the 1700s and his mistakes were made Aristotilian, no matter how illogical and unintuitive, so it is with Einstein in the 1900s. Aristotle and Plato dominated for 2 thousand years, then Newton...I think Newton will actually hold out longer than Einstein will, I don't know, only if Einstein's space-time (and here, I am not even sure that the concept of space-time was Einstein's, I don't think it was, but will have to check) can be shown to be equivalent to gravity and not identical, and then it is simply an equivalent and more cumbersome math with the same exact results, but perhaps a novel explanation that does not require an unexplained "force" of gravity.

In every person of this time, it seems like there are almost 2 people, one that is the nasty negative product of today's backward traditions (religion, antisexuality, secrecy, violence, antiscience, cold, vicious, rude, etc) , and the other a positive gentle person that is a product of a more natural and future society (science, sexuality, openness, antiviolence, warm and love). We are all victim of today's backwards and brutal society, but I think most of us have a gentleness inside that is present but cannot possibly exist all the time because of the sad reality of interacting in the current society with it's system of terrible beliefs and bad values.

I have moved on in these corpuscular models to looking at polarization modeling with light particles. This is really interesting. This is all part of a massive field of modeling, that I have never seen or heard of but that must exist, the modeling of particle interactions with molcular surfaces. For example, there are many holes in an average block of metal, glass, etc. Much more empty space than matter. It's amazing and hard to believe that a cylinder of aluminum or iron, that looks so solid, actually has many holes running through it, because these objects are not totaly dense (unlike the people of earth ahaha). So how do particles of light respond to the different atoms and molecules at the surface of some object? 8/21 In fact, the Braggs, father and son team researched this area of particle interactions with crystal structure, as did Raman in India.

French atheletes salute Hitler, poor intuition, lack of insight into Hitler's violent nature
This recent trip to Iraq by the French Prime Minister: I don't think we have seen such a mistake by the French people since the French atheletes saluted Adolf Hitler at the Olympic Games. What a poor intuition, what a lack of insight into Hitler's violent and racist nature, so openly displayed in his "Mein Kampf", and certainly in secret information from hidden visible and thought cameras and microphones. In their, perhaps religious ferver, or conservative ferver, I don't know what describes it, they hadn't the faintest idea that in a few months Hitler and the Nazis would be rolling their tanks through France. Just very terrible foresight and vision on the part of the French people, and I think we are seeing it again, as if a classic repeat of forgotten or never learned past history.

The people of France should understand that they can be voting directly on all government decisions, and if they want that they should support a representative who is going to deliver that right to vote directly on everything or certainly at least to allow that vote to be counted and publicly displayed. The French elections last 5 years, I think we need an 2-year, or annual election here in the USA, if not constant election, because an unpopular president should not remain for 4 years. Interestingly enough according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S%C3%A9gol%C3%A8ne_Royal Segolene Royal is supposedly in favor of "participatory democracy", which sounds like a general support for more democracy, and more power for the public in terms of the decisions the government makes. But we are not going to see how that flower might have blossomed into a full democracy. Instead, we probably are going to see, what comes typically with conservatives, more violence and more secrets. Another example of the US Republican's view of France was echoed by their paid-for mouthpiece Ann Coulter when she declared in Decemeber 2001 that Bush jr. and the US military should attack France: http://www.townhall.com/columnists/AnnCoulter/2001/12/20/attack_france!
I don't think people of earth should take these words lightly, because Coulter is strictly a message-for-money person for the Nazistic fascist US Republicans (people like Ron Paul aside), she is basically a person who only writes for big money, so people have to know that Coulter is simply parroting out this "attack France" view for Bush Cheney and the Republicans who fund her to write such a message. Isn't this kind of writing so similar to the pretzel-Nazi logic? How Poland and Jewish people were oppressing them, etc. I think it shows clearly, and I am not exaggerating, that in the months after 9/11/01 many of the leaders of the republicans, military and political were floating out ideas about invading and taking over France, or at least attacking them somehow. Probably people in the CIA and military are already actively beaming on the brains of people in France, misdirecting them with false info...not just through the major media, but directly onto their brains...it's tough to reject images and sounds beamed directly onto your mind. The shocking thing is that, here there is still time, we still have a small amount of freedom to vote out the vicious violent Republicans...but people seem not to be concerned.

Problem for Republicans: All the money on earth, not going to make murder look good
I think the problem that the Republicans are up against, is that all the money they have and regularly spend, which is shockingly huge, cannot make their murder of nonviolent people look good. All the billions and billions, and we are talking about huge huge amounts of money, spent to make people gesture, for the major media to lie and spin the truth in totally false directions, to cover up the murders of 9/11, JFK, RFK, and so many others, ... while it has an effect...unquestionably...it keeps them out of prison, it keeps the truth out of the major media....but they can't make any progress, simply because....murder of innocent people just can't be made to look good...and even the stool pidgeons who take the millions of dollars from the Republicans know it...they may take money to tell lies and propagansize for the Nazistic Republicans...and beam all kinds of crap onto the publics bodies and minds...but I think in their own minds, they can't believe in the lies and violenece they are spreading for the vast Republican money...so we see many many sell outs for money...but inside I think it's probably true that they only want money, and their views do not necessarily reflect the shockingly violent and lawless people they are supporting.

Murdered mugs, and the heros of their memories
I think I would like to make more mugs of the murdered, I can see a JFK mug with images of those who stood up for solving the murder, in particular smaller photos of Jim Garrison, Oliver Stone, Cyril Wecht...and then the same for MLK, with Barry Swicker and the many people who work to uncover what happened, and RFK, a nice photo of RFK, and smaller photos of Thomas Noguchi, Ted Charach, Donald Shulman, Godfrey Isaac, Karl Eucker

Brace yourself everybody, because "Tuno" has been discontinued:
Is there another vegetarian tunafish?
A vegan friend gave me these links:
http://www.vegieworld.com/cart/shopdisplayproducts.asp?id=17&cat=Frozen+Products (min order $50, overnight, 2nd day and ground delivery)
Here are some tuno reviews, people either love it or hate it. At first I hated it, then the second time and thereafter I like it:
Here is one with funny reviews. You thought people hated tuno!:
This is kind of an interesting recipe:
Maybe I will try this one, but I think tofu can only go so far.

I have been reading more about Thomas Young, and it seems clear that the major difference between the current wave theory and a particle theory is going to be: "light destruction". Can two beams of light cancel each other out? If light is a beam of particles, it would seems that light beams cannot cancel each other out, although they can join constructively to form various wavelengths by so-called superposition (although I think it still needs to be publicly demonstrates that, for example, an Xray beam can be made from a number of visible beams, etc), but if a light is a wave, it would seem more likely that light can cancel itself out, just as sound waves can. In addition, I think clearly that Thomas Young will definitely be credited with being the first to measure the wavelength of a beam of light, and that is a major contribution to science, among other more minor contributions. Also, another point is the criticism that Young received by some people, those that attacked his theory or character, without addressing his experimental findings and claims with alternative explanations, and in a kind and polite manner. It's all free speech and free info, but to me, the better path is strictly debate on science points, and leave personal and unscientific attacks behind. So this is the big issue: can light destroy itself? Can waves of light beams cancel each other out? Young claimed that they can and do, my own feeling is that they probably do not. But to prove that light cannot cancel itself out, the dark areas of the interference pattern must be explained. For me, I don't have the experimental verification, but I think that one method might be to know the initial photon count, and to measure the resulting photon count from so-called interference pattern experiments. Albert Michelson, to my knowledge, was a master of light interference experimenting, and his books are helpful in this endeaver. But measuring photons, in particular those absorbed, has to be difficult. Still, a general idea of where all the light is going might be possible: do the light bands sum to equal the intensity of the original beam? The 1600s is when science entered a more complex level, although still understandable by the average person. I still think science is understandable by the average person, but the language used by many seeks to remove science from common understanding. Young measures the wavelength of red light by using a very thin lens on top of a reflecting glass surface to cause interference. Young's interpretation was that light waves were cancelling to cause only a red wavelength (which he measured from the size of the lens) to remain. I think there are other possibilities, for example, photons of other wavelengths are reflected in different directions by the lens and glass behind it. Michelson measured wavelengths using interference, so I don't think the so-called interference patterns being proportional to the wavelength of a beam of light is inaccurate. Michelson used a half-silvered mirror to split a beam of light into two, and another mirror attached to very finely tuned machined screws geared down to micrometer size adjustment to cause the two beams of light to meet again and cause an intereference pattern. First the mirror is aligned so that the two divided beams join together again at the same time, then the mirror is adjusted until interference lines are seen. When two split beams from the same light source cause intereference lines, the amount of linear movement of a mirror needed to cause those lines, determines the wavelength of the light. I wish I could build such a table, but I don't have the time or tools anymore, but maybe someday, or even get to use somebody else's "light interference" table. It probably works easiest with single-wavelength light such as a laser. I still don't quite understand how a person knows when the interference lines are correct to know that the wavelength has been reached. Michelson explains it somewhat in his books.

More with this corpuscular interpretation of polarization, which filters by direction of light beam not by orientation of light beam sine wave as the wave interpretation explains. Some photons get trapped in the lattice of atoms and simply bounce around, in theory forever. It seems like there was a way they got in, but many times because of reflections in many different angles, and in particular from imperfect symmetry, photons might get stuck in an atomic lattice. It makes me wonder what the relationship is for different molecules and atoms in terms of photon absorption. I guess black colored materials absorb the most photons, while mirrors absorb the least, color is one indicator of materials that photons are absorbed or trapped in, I guess. Maybe there is a relationship between how much a photon has been bounced around and the lower and infrared wavelengths of light. In the polarization model
See corpuscular polarization model movie, red photons are those that have been reflected many times, and they kind of seep out. Perhaps heat is similar, in that some photons ultimately reach the other side after many reflections, but most are delayed in the lattice. These models are a lot like a pachinko, a popular game in Japan. Maybe some ancient potential genius thought that small particles entering materials might be a similar phenomenon.

I think people have been narrowing in on some basic standard prison sentences for the laser people:
1) making muscles (eye, finger, etc) twitch: 1 day/second + repeat offender multiplier
2) causes human to itch or scratch: 2 days/second + repeat offender multiplier
3) causes pain but no damage in human: 3 days/second + repeat offender multiplier

Generally speaking, again, I think there is some value in the idea that a person should be jailed for as much time as it takes for the damage they purposely caused to heal or be repaired, and all repairs should be done at their expense.

Here is a summary of my 3 latest simulations of light particles:
(Color change = photon was reflected)

1) Corpuscular model of single-slit diffraction
Larger gif
2) Corpuscular model of single-grating diffraction
Larger gif
3) Corpuscular model of light polarization
Larger gif

I am showing "Loose Change" 2nd Edition on my cable access show in 30 minute segments, and this segment ends with how the FBI confiscated all the 9/11 videos. Somebody pointed out that the FBI is more like the FIB. Hopefully, as time continues we can clean up the system, more democracy, more free info, less secrets, more focus on stopping violence and less on nonviolent activity, that seems obvious to me.

Here is kind of a funny way of lloking at light, instead of wavelength it might be called a light ray or beam's "corpuscular interval", that is the interval between light corpuscles moving in the same direction.

I got an email back from a representative of Kelloggs about Tuno being discontinued:
"At this time, there are no plans to reintroduce this product and we have no plans on releasing another tuna substitute."
Damn foo, put out some mo tuna substitute, what the matter with you! That tuno was fine boi! Still, the veggie frozen food market is expanding in a way that the universe is not. I'm amazed at the constant new stream of products that arrive on mainly Mother's shelves, but now even in the main-stream supermercados.

I think the phone company records many if not all phone calls, because people don't realize that the phone company owns all the massive miles of wires that connect all the houses. It's like...the wires all connect right through their buildings...but they are not going to record the info on them? I have a lot of doubt.

This is kind of an interesting thing about photon collisions, if they happen, and if this is true, I don't know, but it seems like, when two photons collide, if it is a perfectly elastic collision, no loss of matter or velocity, then it really is like no collision, because they exchange velocities, and although they change direction, it is as if they haven't because 2 photons (although exchanged) are still moving in the same original direction. But for a three or more photon collision, things are different. There, presumably, some photons might change their direction to a new direction.

In the polarization model, I think there is a very fundamental point revealed, and that is that, in an atomic lattice, there many be many beams of photons trapped in what is like a maze of reflection. No matter if wave or particle theory, this phenomenon still must happen, it seems. And I think that is a good explanation for why all objects emit low wavelength photons, because those are photons who have, after perhaps centuries of bouncing around inside the objects atomic lattice, finally found a surface exit. The more surface exists, the more freely photons can move in and out of an object. I'm surprised that I have never heard this basic explanation before.

I would like to see good triumph over evil, and I mean in the way that evil has triumphed over good in the last 5 decades, without any glimmer of any opposition, without evil gaining even a fractional victory.

Again, I define evil as mainly murder of nonviolent people and other higher species, violence such as assault (nonsexual or otherwise) against nonviolent people and higher order species, and beyond that, into the realm of evil, although not as serious being nonviolent evil, lies, secrets, theft of physical property (not copying of so-called intellectual property, although lying about the true origin of info is nonviolently evil), etc.

With that Mariah Carey song "you've got me feeling emotion", which is a pleasant song, and very popular. My question is about the next line that sez "higher than the heavens above". Now are we to believe that there is a heaven, and that it is above us? And if yes, the heaven is above us, is it then in the clouds as most of our ancestors thought before people realized that we might actually move above the clouds? It's a little ridiculous, the language that we echo from our ancestors, such as the idea that there is a heaven and that it is above us...extending the idea of above us...is the heaven within the Milky Way?...beyond Sirius and Procyon? I have a lot of doubts about these ancient notions. I think the best explanation believers in a Heaven (or Hell for that matter, which for many years was only Hades, not nearly as necessaily nasty as Christians would interpret the ancient myth of an Underworld where everybody except heros and gods went after death) can give is that, Heaven, which they firmly believe exists, is an immaterial thing, that does not exist in any location within the universe, but is part of a different universe, or some kind of nonmaterial location.

The LaTimes reported that the brother of Robin WIlliams died, and because of the movie "The Final Cut", I think people should be very suspicious of deaths of Williams' family members, or the family members of any people who have hinted about the SHAST secret (Seeing, Hearing and Sending Thought). I would not be surprised if Williams' brother was murdered by neuron activation beam, just like I'm fairly sure my Mom Sylvia and countless others were murdered. But of course, as an outsider, and no doubt even more than a few insiders, can only speculate, but I don't doubt that clear video evidence for or against has clearly been captured.

I was just remembering how the universe looked when I was much younger, how wonderful and peaceful the planet seemed before I knew that there are thousands of unseen criminal elite people violating our minds and bodies, making us itch, filling our minds with terrible images, with lasers every minute.

Again with the polarization similation video: polar12.avi

This is a simulation of how polarization might be happening if light is made of particles (corpuscular theory). Instead of in the wave interpretation where only beams of a certain orientation are passed, with the corpuscular interpretation, only beams of a certain direction are passed. Beams of corpuscles must be directed in an (i,j,k) direction of (0,Y,Z) where sqrt(Y^2+Z^2)=1, Y>0, Z>0. It is easy to understand how a similar second plane rotated 90 degrees would only stop beams with (X,0,Z), X>0, Z>0. Both together, only beams moving in the direction (0,0,1) would be passed. Hopefully I will be able to extend this into an easier to see 3D model. With each photon reflection, the color of the photon changes. Notice how some photons reflect around for a long time trapped in the atomic lattice. Maybe this is an explanation of how all objects emit photons in the lowest radio and infrared wavelengths. Some of them might be from photons that were absorbed years in the past, finally reaching a hole at the surface.

There is one classic debate/question: are beams of a certain wavelength separated in a prism, or grating, from a variety of photons, or from distinct rays of photons that entered before being separated? I think most people would believe that the beams separated by a prism or grating are still intact from before they entered, and are not composed of different photons. The consistency of the spectral lines for various atoms and molecules might be evidence to support this view. But I don't think the other view can be ruled out in my own mind, that rays are assembled from a variety of photons that may have originally been part of a different wavelength of light. The consistency of spectral lines might still be preserved because there are no photons in those intervals that reach the prism or grating. It's a confusing issue, and I think I mainly side on the idea that individual beams are held intact in prisms and gratings. This issue might be similar to the potentially unsolvable question of, are the photons reflected off objects the same photons that went in? Because the possibility always exists that the photons were exchanged with photons in protons, neutrons, electrons, in the atoms of the reflected object. I would side on the original photons being reflected, but still, we may never have visual proof of photon-photon interactions at the photon level.

I was wondering about the gravitational acceleration on the surface of the Sun. Here on the surface of Earth it is 10m/s^2. This is one of the interesting consequences of the massive speed of photons. If they are pieces of matter, which I believe they are, then only the strongest gravity, or the tiniest distance to another object would be able to change their velocity. Going 3e8 meters every second, an acceleration of something like 1e7 m/s^2, a million times more than that of earth would be needed to even slow a photon down noticably over time (although the Pound-Rebka experiment may be evidence that even tiny changes in photon velocity can be measured by discrete wavelength atomic photon absorption-atomcs that only strictly absorb specific wavelengths of photon beams). So the acceleration at the surface of the Sun is:
a=Gm/r^2 = (6.67428e-11 m3/kg-s2)*(1.9891e30kg)/(6.955e8m)^2= 1.327581e20/4.837e17
=274 m/s^2, 274m/s^2 still a tiny acceleration on a particle moving with a velocity of 3e8m/s. And the Sun is typical of the gravity in the universe a photon might see (although there are major questions about the microscaled universe). This is 20x the acceleration we feel on earth for those keeping score at home.
For Jupiter the acceleration at the surface is:
a=Gm/r^2=(6.67428e-11 m3/kg-s2)*(1.8986e27kg)/(7.1492e7m)^2=24.8 m/s^2
=24.8 m/s^2, a pittance, only twice that of earth.

I was thinking about the universe in the microscopic direction, and it is interesting, that, I think it might be safe to conclude that, at some point, at the atomic level, there is far more empty space than matter, and objects of matter would be few and far between, similar to the scale level of the galactic clusters in the universe. Zooming in, for example, past the scale of an electron microscope, would much of what we see by simply empty and black, mostly empty space with only islands of occasional particles? It's tough to know, but it seems clear that many objects with low density, have to be probably mostly empty space, even though they appear to be a solid object.

On the BIM SHAST tip, for those interested in building an array of resonant receiver pixels, an infrared eye-seeing camera, like Pupin's: If we are to believe that the wavelength in question is 10cm to 100cm as people's outstretched hands indicate, that would require a resonant receiver circuit (x1024 for a tiny array of 32x32) tuned to say 10cm, which is basically using the trusty formula c=fl 3e8/.1=3e9 a 3Ghz radio receiver pixel. for 20cm it is 1.5GHz...so basically we are talking about Ghz receiver pixels. 100cm=1m=300Mhz, so a tuned array of receivers that detect .3Ghz to 3Ghz signals might just be able to see what the eyes see from behind the head. This is just between microwaves and radio photon intervals (wavelengths). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Electromagnetic-Spectrum.png
The microwave photons, I think relate to heat, so that makes sense, but I would think seeing what the eyes see might be a smaller wavelength, closer to the infrared 1um to 1mm, still all the people indicate that it is around 10 to 30cm. Maybe it's a wavelength that neurons emit, like some strong spectral line emitted from molecules in neurons, such as photoreceptor molecules, or something. If a person does build a 32x32 grid of tuned 30 cm (1GHtz) receivers, I think it would form an interesting little picture, even if it fails to see the eyes, and then you would at least know that at 30cm the head appears to emit no photons. You could see what does emit photons with that wavelength, and maybe see some interesting things. I would probably use a lens to zoom a large image to the small 32x32 grid, but also try without the lens...see if the lens filters out any photons in that wavelength. Then report your findings to me and the public.

Imagine the humans, our descendents, that see the images sent back from ships with walking robot crews, as they pull within viewing distance of the planets of other stars. People would be, I think, very very interested and excited to see the first images of the planets of other nearby stars. Probably many of the newly seen planets will be lifeless, probably the majority, just orbiting around their star for billions of years, untouched by life. 4 billion earth years of just turning around a star, after the initial chaotic formation period. We can imagine that there are other secrets of the universe, other paths to create intelligent life, but perhaps the DNA-way is the only one, and maybe it's an inevitable path, or a less-likely path. My own view leans toward, DNA being the only, or certainly most common path to intelligent living objects, and then that this process is inevitable given a planet of enough size and temperature. There are interesting variations that must exist, certainly the earth is one example, our history is interesting because only after the rise of oxygen producing organisms did multicellular organisms evolve. Is this an inevitable path? There must be a variety of planet sizes and distances that produce liquid water, which seems to be the key for our form of DNA life, there are living objects that do not need oxygen, but all need and are made out of water. Then another very interesting aspect is that technology appears to happen very quickly...so that there must be two main kinds of life...those far away from a multistar system, and those already at a multistar system...our position is a very temporary one as we are quickly going to be moving to other stars within a few thousand years...we have already evolved the necessary changes after 4 billion years of little or no possibility of leaving the earth. So I think our descendents will find 1) mostly dead life-less planets 2) non-leave-their-planet-intelligent DNA living objects isolated to one planet and finally 3) multistar-intelligent DNA living objects. The change between single and multicellular is a significant one, as is no-nucleus cells to those with a nucleus. Are those inevitablely advantageous to survival on an earth-like planet? I don't think I can rule out other molecules substituting the plane of nucleotides...given billions of years, and knowing the complexity of living objects on earth, I think it is entirely possible that many variations on the DNA and RNA molecular theme can build intelligent living objects. By then, our descendents might very well be "ever-living", or simply "non-aging-to-death" through highly or maybe even entirely customized DNA. And they would be following the robots to the other stars...and time would not be a huge issue because they won't age. The journey to a different star, an accomplishment, we humans cannot yet claim, is a journey of a massive distance. I am sure that humans will be able to build ships that can travel that distance, and that will be an amazing achievement and momentous occasion for the quadrillions of humans that will exist by that time, still all stuck rotating around one lonely star. Humans will probably figure out what kind of mass to velocity ratio they can achieve, and that is going to form the limit on the time needed to make that very very large voyage. The method of propulsion will probably be the biggest limit. One concern will have to be matter in between stars. When a ship is moving very fast between stars, there can easily be a massive ice chunk that could collide with the ship. Perhaps photon lasers would extend in all directions, or simply be activated by radar signals to separate any objects with collision paths. Still, it would have to seriously break up the matter and very quickly. I think it's definitely possible, because the speed of photons is probably going to be much much faster than the speed of any ship our descendents make.

With my weight loss story: I'm now at 268, and am holding at about .5 pound a day. In the morning is when I weigh the least. So I have lost 32 pounds, and I still need to lose a lot more. I am basically going with a program of strictly 2 small meals a day, a lunch and a dinner, and absolutely no food snacks, but plenty of juice and liquid snacks. I've found some exotic juices that will stop feelings of hunger and sweetness, without having any food snacks. Trader Joe's makes some nice juices, it's rare to find, for example, carrot juice which is delicious. For lunch sometimes I only have a small popcorn and that is enough, but lately, I've had the Amy's veggie pot pies which are delicious too. A dinner will typically be 3 or 4 small items. One entry such as a veggie burger, veggie fish, or veggie steak, and 2 or 3 tiny vegetable sides (generally broccali, beans, salad, bread, potatoes, etc). I thin potentially I could even go for a smaller dinner, but I am satisfied to be consistently loseing a pound every two days. If for some reason that stops, then I will need to figure out some other plan.

I was looking at a diffraction grating and noticed that the second and other orders must occur over the areas on the grating that they appear, because when I cover up the order 0 part (the image of the light), the other orders are still visible. It occured to me that light must come diagonally from the central light and reflect at an angle. If the reflection was once, it should come back to a point exactly the same distance the light is from the grating, but on the opposite side, but reflected twice would reflect in the outside direction, while reflected 3 times would be towards the middle, etc. So with that in mind, I looked at a new model with many vertical diffraction lines. grating_multi8.avi and grating_multi9.avi. In this video you can see the pink 1st order, blue second order, and green 3rd order. This is what I had thought, that once-reflected beams come back to the point of the light source but on the opposite side. The difference with a diffraction grating is that, some how, for whatever unknown reason to me, those beams do not go back and reform the white light, but instead are spread out, short of the angle that would go back to the light point. Maybe they are refleted more than once, clearly, their photon interval affects the angle they are reflected at. I think I really need to explore the wave theory. I have a tough time believing that photons can cancel each other out. It's interesting that only very slanted beams of light are going to reflect. I have a feeling that there is some simple corpuscular explanation for why photons separate into beams of different intervals, and maybe it will seem logical and mesh with a wave theory of light. Maybe because of the different angle of the reflected light, a viewer looking in the Z direction, sees a different wavelength of light. One inaccurate theory, is that a 10nm wavelength at a 45 degree angle might look like a 7nm wavelength because for a horizontal detector cell, a photon is not spaced every 10nm but is spaced every 7nm, in arriving from a different angle. If that were true, then a laser would appear to be different colors from different angles which is not observed. One way to look at that is that the portion of the velocity that is vertical to the viewer is slower and so photons arrive with the same wavelength from every angle. Still, maybe I am wrong and there is some thing like that, the change in direction causes a change in perceived wavelength for a horizontal viewer. I have a feeling that there may be some simply explanation, but as I typed before, the answer might be related to complex atom-photon interactions, such as an atom holding a photon temporarily until another photon arrives. If this second case is true, I think a corpuscular interpretation might be a tough sell. Hopefully a simple and logical explanation will be made public. I think all the light intensity would add up if people could measure it and sum it all up, in other words I doubt any light is canceled out.

Here is some funny audio clips from me during the week:

I'm feeling good because I have confirmed my belief that photons passing through a hole (or so-called "slit") in for example, a metal sheet, so spread out, apparently not because of an interference pattern, but because of the number of times they reflect off the inside sides of the hole. The so-called "orders", I think,
this video clearly shows, can just as easily be interpretted as the number of times a beam of light has been reflected. See video of photons reflecting off inside of slit and causing what many thought is an interference pattern, but what may be more accurately explained as a reflection pattern. video of photons through a metal slit
My "video" page has more videos.

Watch out for the neocons to do another reichstag fire event. It would be early in my estimates, but maybe not.

I added the same reflection phenomenon, but for a diffraction grating. Here the orders start with n=0 are once reflected, n=1 is twice reflected photons, n=2 thrice reflected, etc. And of course, the same phenomenon is observed. grating07.avi and grating06.avi.

There still remains the question of, why do different wavelengths of light reflect at different angles? What does wavelength have to do with the angle that the photons reflect at? And I honestly, don't know right now, but I have some ideas. I think this question will reveal a great truth about the nature of prisms, diffraction gratings, and the classic Grimaldi experiment, but the question is when is that going to be revealed or answered? And how is it going to be answered? Quite possibly the insiders in the PUpin net have already figured this out long ago, I mean, here, these people who can make us itch our face or feel pain in our toe...certainly they have learned a thing or two about photons. I think that there is definitely a relationship between the way light separates by wavelength with a prism and a grating. Clearly, the index of refraction changes depending on the wavelength of light to account for this separation in a prism, or else the white light would simply pass through unseparated. People, in my experience, have not explained that refraction alone is not enough to account for the separation of light by wavelength in a prism...there is something else happening that accounts for the spreading out of light by wavelength, and so it must be with the grating phenomenon. I think this may be photons colliding off each other (which may explain different directions...shorter wavelengths having less time between collisions and therefore taking a smaller angle), or that atoms hold on to photons for different lengths of time depending on the wavelength of the beam of photons colliding with the atom.

One thing that seems clear is that science advanced tremendously in the 1900s, but those advances were kept from the public. The big problem was communicating those scientific advances to the public, and so the public is living with an 1800s conception of science and technology...it was never updated

For me on the issue of the drug war, it all comes down to one question: "are you going to jail people when they are caught with drugs?". For me, the answer is no. The issue isn't "Are drugs bad?", it's what do you do with them if they do, and prison is not the answer and is far too harsh for a crime that somebody does to themselves that doesn't hurt anybody else. It's similar to being overweight. The issue isn't "Is being overweight bad?", the issue is "Are you going to jail those people who are caught being overweight?". And, again, since being overweight is a person only hurting themselves, without hurting other people, I think prison or any punishment at all is far too harsh. The best we can do is try to inform people with good accurate and honest information to make good choices for themselves about what they should do to their own body.

The similarities to the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party in the 1930s and the rise of the Bush jr administration are really very shocking. First they both have a fake-terrorist act (Hitler: reichstag fire, Bush: 9/11) which is then used to invade a nation starting a war (Hitler: Poland, Bush: Afghanistan), this war is then extended into a neighboring nation (Hitler: Denmark, Norway Bush: Iraq, potentially Iran), and both leaders are mysteriously characterized as very conservative, supporters of a big government military, nationalistic, and devout Christians. Hatred of homosexuality are characteristic. Antisemitism plays a large role in their philosophy (Hitler: Jewish people, Bush: Arab people). The similarities are very identifiable, and I think the reason is that, they both basically are practicing the same philosophy and the same exact technique. There is one major reason for hope, however, because, where Adolf Hitler maintained high popularity and ended the possibility of being unelected, Bush jr has very low popularity and has not ended the possibility of his being unelected, and so there is a glimmer of light, although bleak, that we can stop this second Adolf Hitler and second revival of the so-typically patterned Nazi philosophy.

When we look at history, what can be seen, I think the public, in particular liberals need to wake up to, they need to wake up and smell the cordite, as I have said. It is pretty simple. Look at the people who have been murdered: JFK, MLK, RFK, the many civil rights leaders, John Lennon, Paul Wellstone, Ghandi, etc...so many people...they are all democratically popular intellectual nonviolent leaders, democrats, generally speaking, and who possibly could be murdering them? Who could be allowing those murders to happen in a society where not one thought goes unseen? Who could it be? It can only be the Republicans. It is so obvious. Who is never murdered? The Republicans. Who is always murdered? The Democrats. People need to figure it out already. We might as well change the party names to "Murderers" and "Murder Victims". The two sides now are shockingly simple, those who murder and get away with it, and those who try to expose and stop them. The problem, I think, is that working to expose and jail a murderer of some intellectual leader is unpleasant for the liberals. They have not done a good job of exposing and jailing the murderers of intellectual popular leaders. Frank Sturgis was never caught, it looks clear that Thane Cesar is not going to be caught, the many people involved in 9/11 have not been identified and jailed, the many millions of killers protected behind the Iron Pupin curtain, have not been exposed nor punished...it is tough for the public to punish somebody they cannot see, or to prove that somebody murdered a person (for example like my MOm) without any photographic way of capturing these beams, and then how is a person supposed to know who sent the invisible beam to begin with? But it is really a disservice to those murder victims to forget them, to not pursue justice for their memory, for all they stood for, for their lives. We shouldn't feel any embarrassment or unpleasantness when working to expose, capture and jail the murderers of nonviolent people, and this is something that clearly has to change, we can't keep letting these murderers go unpunished and unseen forever. It seems like a game of musical chairs, because when the music stops, when the public does get to see all the archived thought images, those insider murderers still alive will probably all go to jail, and then probably for life, and I think they may be aware of that. It's only because the music continues to play, that they can continue to murder without ever being seen or punished.

One thing that is terrible is that, not one outsider has figured it out or believes me enough to even send so much as an email saying that they think they might be excluded, that people can see them in their houses, and hear their thoughts, that my video explained a lot of it to them, how they want to talk about it more. It's amazing, I don't think there has ever been a case where the public was more absolutely clueless without the tiniest particle of an idea of the evolution of seeing, hearing and sending thought. It does not even enter the realm of possibility in people's minds I think. Even for me it took years to finally fully accept. I don't doubt for a second that there may be people out there who try to contact me, but the people in control can easily stop an email, or phone call, it can probably be done with a simple program that simply rejects all phone calls and emails to a person, but hopefully not, I wouldn't be surprised though, because after all, they have kept seeing, hearing and sending thought secret for 100 years, that is not exactly an unorganized effort, and murdered millions of innocent people, if they've murdered millions, what is blocking a few emails, phone calls or letters?

One thing that those in control of the beam technology do that pisses me, and no doubt many people off, is that they will beam the image of the face of a friendly person, somebody basically on the same side as me, and then beam a bunch of negative crap, to try and start rifts. It's terrible. The best analogy I can think of is an old "Little Rascals" movie where Alfalfa is reciting "half-a-leg half-a-leg" and after each verse he needs to hold up a shield to stop the onslaught of pellets from the audience. That is the way these beam idiots are. A person will try to be friendly and say something positive, then an onslaught of bad beams comes down from just the most evil a-holes to ever scar the earth, total criminals, who live unseen by the majority, but as soon as society truly embraces free information, their will be seen. Probably these "bad beams" are done on both sides, and it's a total nuisance, a person would think that, like making people itch, both sides would conclude that it is only wasting time and annoying yourself, the constant tit-for-tat, whenever they make somebody itch, somebody always has to return that itch, or bad beam, and so, you would think by now they would have realized that they are only bad beaming themselves and making themselves itch, but these are not incredibly bright people, after all they still follow and believe deeply in things like the Jesus cult. I, for one, am glad, that there are some people who have rejected the all-powerful cult of Jesus, just like there are people who always reject new "messiahs" like Koresh, Jim Jones, ... the list is large, and new cults are formed all the time. But I think the cult that formed around Jesus of Nazareth is the largest and longest-lived cult/religion around a single human in recorded history. Without doubt, there are some people that I deeply respect, Tom Edison, Marie Curie, Michael Faraday, many others, and no doubt those people's lives and message deserve to be honored, remembered and explained, but people like Jesus, who claim to know what a diety wants, seem to me not too special nor brainy, while special and brainy people should be celebrated and promoted.

I feel good I now weigh 272 lbs and so am getting close to having lost 30 lbs of juicy matter to the rest of the universe. I still look overweight and want to get to a healthy weight. Basically I have gratitated towards this general plan: 1 small lunch, 1 small dinner, and only liquids outside of that, no other food goes into my mouth beyond that, although if I reach my prime weight, I can see just eating a tiny piece of food just to stop my stomach from growling, but now I want to lose weight as soon as I can, so am enduring small periods of hunger. I kind of like waiting until my stomach growls and then only eating a tiny object, like 20 popcorn pieces, or a california roll, then waiting until my stomach growls again a few hours later, but it's tough to keep food around, and I think I need to change to just eating two small meals. It's amazing how much less money I am spending on food, and how much more free time I have to dedicate to my ULSF project, because I am not snacking at all. In fact, I can see, shaping my life, less around food, and more around other interests. It's fun to see my weight go down on the scale. I would say that in my mind I keep goals that are motivating me to lose my extra weight: 1) I want to live for as long as possible 2) I want to be physically attractive 3) I want to get and enjoy sex, and in particular find a smart, attractive female to make a family with, and then my plan of 1) eating far less quantity and much more slowly a) 2 very small meals and nothing else, b) only when absolutely necessary to stop hunger, and 2) a small excersizing 3 times/week. And with this in mind and program, I have been able to lose about 1 pound every 2 days. It helps to remember too, that people are going to beam images of food and reminders to eat onto my brain and to be prepared for those by remembering my goals, ... it's easy for me because I have a strong desire to lose the extra weight now. I think once I am at the weight I want to be, I will feel less worried about an occassional snack when hungry, etc. It's amazing how some people can eat and eat and never gain weight, my body is exactly the opposite, I must have a very slow metabolism. Bruce Springsteen sang "you gotta stay hungry", and maybe that is the way I need to think about losing weight. Peter Gabriel sang "take this pain away", and probably that was hunger pain from maintaining that non-overweight look that is needed for widespread popularity.
I have two new youtube.com videos on my youtube page: my you tube page

You know that Cyndy Lauper song "Girls just wanna have fun"? I was thinking and, I believe that it is also true that "Humans just want to have fun", what do you all think about that? So why, do we put up with violence and dishonesty?

I think the people of earth need to get serious about figuring out who the most beautiful, smart, and popular people actually are. And maybe it's embarrassing to say, but in terms of females, maybe people will take offense, but in my opinion, only females with size D breasts are going to be in this top A+ group. It sounds crude, but we need to remember that we are not judging wisdom or smarts, only physical beauty. This is not the overall score of some person, but simply in terms of beauty. I can't understand why society doesn't recognize these females. They look similar to the females depicted in the animated features "Bible Black" and "Discipline". They have to be out there, perhaps as only the top 10% or 20% of all female humans in terms of beauty alone, but yet they go unrecognized publicly, it's a massive injustice. Here they are phillies, mares, in the prime of their life, aged 20-35 or whatever, the height of beauty on the planet, and only females with A and B breasts (and maybe a C occassionally) ever get shown because the puritan Jesus cult are so mixed up in terms of what is beauty. Large firm D sized breasts, a thick body, not fat, a round butt, pretty face, no skin blemishes, height, age that is what ranks highly and gets high scores (or should damn!). And there are no applications for this beauty contest, it probably is a systematic catagorization of all female humans on earth, and the surrounding star systems (some day hopefully). Males have a similar criteria, but probably more are near the top, it's hard to be sure, because breasts can't disqualify them, but penis size, shape, etc is probably important, butt roundness, height, age, face, not fat, play more of an important role. To me, it's more logical, if interested in beauty, like I think many people are, to explore this kind of thing. I recognize that most of us are of average beauty, and I don't think we should pretend that we are in the top ten percent or something, and to a certain extent everything is in the eye of the beholder. It just pisses me off, that out there on the earth, there are gorgeous, D breast, pretty face, thick firm bodied females, but they remain virtually unknown, and probably not fully benefitting from their high ranking beauty (just like many people are not benefitting from their high ranking wisdom, or popularity), not enjoying their beautiful bodies to the fullest. We should celebrate beauty, not ignore or hide it.

Raul Hilberg died, the historian who talks with Lanzmann in Shoah. I sent him a fax requesting an interview when I was going to be in Vermont, but he didn't dignify it with a response, which made me think the usual: send another fax with simply "asshole", but people might not see that as humerous and it is rude, so I didn't but wouldn't that have been funny?

I wonder if Isaac Asimov and Carl Sagan were actually murdered, I wouldn't doubt it.

One of the best responses to any claim is "yeah, but are they violent?". To claims of "psycho", "yeah but are they violent?", to claims of "pervert", "yeah but violent people are worse", to claims of demonic heretic "violent people are worse". It works for nearly every occassion. And it shows that people have been blinded by a smokescreen of psychology, antisexuality and religion for the most part...distracted from what should be their main goal of stopping violent murderers from going unpunished...and this mistake has reached epic proportions with the elections of Bush jr and the mass murder they committed on 9/11/01, which is only the tip of the iceburg of secret murders that the violent criminals on the loose on earth have done. The public has to get smart about this simple and major distinction between violent and nonviolent...it is the most simple and major distinction, but people are not able to make it. Sex is shocking, labels of psychology can be shocking, religious labels can be shocking...but contrast those shocking feelings with violence...violence is worse...the other stuff looks trivial in comparison with violence, murders, violent people, etc. Most people are being fooled and confused by this simple difference, and allowing the most vicious criminal violent people to run amok on the planet unpunished. So remember when you hear "perv", respond with "they're violent?", "psycho", "they're violent?", "ped", "but they're violent?", "devil", "but are they violent?", "gay", "but violent?", etc. I even try this on inanimate objects..."a cup"..."is it violent?...no ok...proceed..."

I have a feeling losing weight is going to take a lot of time, my body doesn't just throw off the pounds, even if I don't eat a lot...it seems like a slow gradual process. I hope I can measure an average weight loss with a consistent diet I am happy with, such as 2 pounds/week or something. At 2 pounds/week (and it's difficult to measure because my weight changes +=5 lbs in a day), that will take 2 months to lose only 15 pounds, damn!
This diet kind of reminds me of Jim Carrey in "Dumb and Dumber" when asked if he wants something to eat, Carrey says "no I swallowed a June bug earlier" (while on the motorcycle). That is about the quantity of food needed to stop the feeling of hunger.

Wouldn't it seem more logical to count from 0 to 10 and then say "tenty-one", "tenty-two", etc? Why only start the logical system at "twenty"? Isn't that cute; "tenty-one, tenty-two, ..."? Thirty would be threety, Fifty would be Fivety. Maybe that was the original system and was changed over time? "Teen" as in "fifteen" is simlar to "ten", maybe it was "five-ten" before.

One of the main motivating factors for me as an outsider telling the truth about PUpin, seeing, hearing and sending thought, has to be the ocean of beautiful smart women, that are included, but I can't even say "hi" to them because I'm not included. There is no way to hook up with them because they all can see, hear and send thought and I am prohibited from doing that by the criminal monsters that control the secret network. So knowing that there are mountains of smart and hot women on the other side, fully accessible with only the tiniest thought, is a major motivating factor for me, and no doubt many others. The monsters that control the net are practicing a kind of eugenics on those who are honest, smart, liberal, poor, etc. By excluding them, the chances of them reproducing or even getting so much as a kiss, are very low.

It really requires the outsiders to figure out that people figured out how to see, hear and send thought, and this group, the public, the outsiders, and no doubt most insiders, are not of a razor sharp mind...I mean this is ridiculous, but then, many of us have been terribly duped, and I am certainly no exception.

So I have gone from 300lbs to 276lbs. 24lbs of atoms that were once in me have been sent out to the universe as photons, and I am happy to say goodbye to them. I can see that I needed to lose much more than 20 pounds, it's more like 50 or even more pounds. It looks like I am losing about 1 pound every 2 days which is faster than I thought I might. That is 3 pounds a week, 14 pounds a month. The main reason is basically vastly lowering the quantity of food I eat (plus possibly a quick exercize 3 times/week). I remember Dave Letterman lost weight and claimed that it was from 'just eating one meal a day'. I can't imagine eating one meal a day. I find that I want to eat a small lunch, such as a bagel, a small bag of popcorn. But basically I am having my one very small dinner (which has been some entre, like a burger, a veggie-fish cutlet, or 2 pieces of pizza), 2 vegtable sides, and possible a small sweet dessert (like 1/4 bagel with cream cheese and jelly, a 1/4 peach with asparatame, I am thinking even a tiny lump of banana-bread batter or carrot-cake batter might make a nice sweet taste after a meal). I feel like I need something sweet to conclude my eating for some reason. That is it...just coffee and iced tea the rest of the night until I sleep. Currently I spread out my lunch over time, but I think I may just change to eat a little more and go with a surplus for lunch, it's easier than keeping have eaten food around all day (although pretzels and chips are easy to keep and snack on to stop feelings of hunger when they happen). The fun is periodically weighing myself and seeing the scale go down over the days. I'm in the 270s and now it's exciting to see if I can head into the 260s.

TOP TEN REASONS TO TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT SHAST (Seeing, Hearing and Sending Thought)
10) Public finally gets to see all the funniest and sexiest home movies that are currently kept secret for the elite few.
9) Those still locked in psychiatric hospitals for claiming people watch them in their houses and hear their thoughts can be justly freed and vindicated as sane and accurate people. (In addition to freeing those millions wrongly accused in jails).
8) History and science can move forward past the current stagnant views (for example, the public can see the truth about atomic transmutation, photon is matter, big bang/expanding universe fraud, the actual true story of history).
7) Michalo Idvorsky Pupin, DP and CP deserve their proper credit.
6) Makes communication easier, no more hearing phrase "hey I'm not a mind reader" and "I can't read your mind"
5) 100 years of secrecy is more than enough, and certainly too much.
4) Insiders having to lie to outsider family and friends too unpleasant.
3) Ability to mate much easier when everybody can see, hear and send thought.
2) People beaiming bad suggestions too evil and causing too much chaos and destruction (public can't be duped and cheated anymore).
1) Finally get to jail murderers of JFK, RFK, 9/11, and countless others.

Another list might read:
3) to see a million people say "that lying sack of shit!" 100 times a day.
2) girl's school girl-girl encounters.
1) tits!

It's kind of interesting that this story about people trapped in a mine has been going on all week, and that it is in Huntington, Utah. I hope everybody gets out alive and unhurt. It's kind of wild seeing my name plastered all over the news.

It would be fun to be able to pick 100 people to tell about seeing, hearing and sending thought (SHAST). I would pick the smartest and hottest females...I mean I might pick some smart males that deserve to see, hear and send thought out of fairness, and for my own advantage. All people should at least know about SHAST, and then all people should get to see everything, except maybe those who are repeatedly violent, steal, etc.

To me, sides shmides, I look at each issue individually. I have allegience to truth, not to a left or right side.

For now, there are few people for me to talk about all the Pupin and other things, but maybe some time in a few decades we will all be able to laugh up a storm about it all, and no doubt shed a few tears about the massive injustice and those victims who would still be around had the public figured out the secrets earlier.

To all those MCs from my old high school who are checking out my web page. I want to repost my feelings about history and how we got such a raw deal:

from 05/18/2006:
"What I tell childhood friends: what a terrible history the US has, and we had no idea then.
It's true, when I was young (in elementary school, high school, college) I had no idea that thousands of evil people have kept the secret that thoughts can be seen and heard since the early 1900s by Michael Pupin at Columbia University...not the tiniest idea that such a terrible secret went before and persisted even to now and well into the future. I had no idea that Frank Fiorini killed JFK and that such a terrible crime was committed while thousands and perhaps millions looked on through secret camera technology, and then how perhaps millions of evil people covered up that murder and many others. Just not an idea of the past of religion, the religious murders of millions labeled heretics and of other faiths. Not a thought did I have then about the idea that using drugs is not as serious a crime as we were made to believe, and that guns and violence are far worse, drug use being only something a person does to themselves. Not an idea of the massive supression of sexuality, the censorship of pornography, and legal prostitution and nudity for example...not an idea that those things might not be as evil as we had been told, and at least are clearly nonviolent consensual activities. No idea about the history of psychology, and the mind policing...the overly harsh view that nonviolent law abiding people can be restrained with four straps for hours, were lobotomized, electrocuted, injected with drugs, held without trial or sentence for years [t in psychiatric hospitals]. I didn't have a clue at all that the copyright, and privacy had all been made obsolete because of the secret massive decades old camera-thought networks, and now only serve to increase the power of those wealthy and corrupt people already a part of that secret system. Not an idea of the terrible history that went before and persists even to this day. What a wonderful awakening, but a terrible thing to awake to. But ofcourse, knowing even some of the truth about the actual history is much better. "

I was on the Kevin and Bean show! Update: It looks like "the establishment" is supressing the audio from my ten minute interview on KROQ on the "Kevin and Bean" show, but don't lose hope y'all, I secretly recorded the show! Hear secret recording of censored show
07/25/07 Update: More notes on the Kevin and Bean show: Ted Huntington on the KROQ "Kevin and Bean" show and actual evidence that seeing, hearing and sending thought has been figured out
07/25/07 Update: I was on the Kevin and Bean show! and I got a lot of good info out to the public. That is probably the largest public audience I have ever talked to. I wish I was a little faster thinking, it went so fast I didn't get to talk about my controversial views about science such as how I reject the Big Bang expanding universe theory. My thanks to Bean, Lisa, Ralph, Jay and all the crew there at KROQ.
07/24/07 News flash: Three of my youtube Presidential Candidate debate questions were played on the KROQ Kevin and Bean show in Los Angeles, and they are going to talk to me in a phone interview tomorrow morning 07/25/07.

I went to Santa Cruz, and the University of California in Santa Cruz is very large and beautiful, full of very tall redwood trees. It reminds me of the scene in Return of the Jedi where they race through the tall trees. The beach has an amusement park that is interesting for people watching and creative foods (people sell fried twinkies, and little ice cream balls, for example) and rides. I have never enjoyed rides (too scary, and don't feel good or fun), circuses, county faires (although there are interesting exhibits there), I'm more of a gentle, museum, nature, pleasure, technology and science person. One thing that was hard not to notice was some amount of racism in the form of white superiority, and I wasn't sure how much of a problem it is, because people are beamed on and northern california tends to be more liberal than southern cal. For example, I know there are some white-power/Nazi people in San Diego which is frightening, but it's hard to believe Santa Cruz would have that kind of thing. One person said "white (right) now" as an example. But apparently, this suspicion was confirmed when I saw a brochure for Santa Cruz that has a interracial (african american and caucasian american) couple with a kid, and so the racism must be a significant problem for them and must be hampering tourism. In comparison, it was weird but Irvine actually probably has less racism. Still, 3 days in Santa Cruz is not enough, and there are plenty of uneducated rednecks in Irvine too. I was really surprised by that, maybe it's just a fad, traditionally the so-called hippies have always been intellectuals, pro-democracy, anti-racism, colorful and colorblind, for equal rights for women, the other species, etc. Racism is a phenomenon of the other side, the ultra-conservative, uneducated, spartan, religious. Probably the phenomenon is similar all over the earth, in the universities, there are enlightened people, but in the adjoining towns, people may be less enlightened. Many of the people I encountered in Santa Cruz were friendly, and I might say on average friendlier than people in Irvine, perhaps because the sourpuss murderous conservative view currently en vogue right now has really made nasty many of the people in red states and counties (and of course even those in blue counties too to some extent).

I think a slogan for the Democrats should be "the Republicans aren't the cubscouts, they are a dangerous, reckless, war-loving group with a history of violence and only a casual vision for new States on the Moon and Mars."

People often "heil" me, with a bent or straight right or left arm, and my latest response to this is, right and left doesn't even matter anymore, we know what is good and bad. As people, it's not difficult to understand what is fair, what is evil, that murder is wrong, that theft is wrong, that dishonesty is wrong. It doesn't matter right or left, blue or red, and when people adhere to abstract concepts like "right and left" or "blue and red", it opens the door to many people doing things they don't agree with inside, but do for the sake of the "team". Now we should be moving to a planet and society where people do what they themselves believe in, not necessarily what their party believes in. Stay true to your own beliefs, and we will have a good society.

The interview on KROQ with Bean and the crew really has caused a change inside me. I'm trying to lose weight now, and it feels different. I'm trying the method, or only eating when hungry, and only just enough food to stop the feeling of hunger. I have a thousand comments on this, about how people visualize a large meal, when in reality, a very small meal is all they need to temporarily stop feelings of hunger, how people have set traditions of "breakfast, lunch, dinner" and how that causes eating when not hungry, how eating less actually creates more free time for other projects, and saves money. I could go on for a while, I hope it works. I've gone down from 300 to 285 in two weeks. I'm thinking that hopefully I can quantify some kind of regular weight loss down to some ideal weight. The key is not to make myself suffer, by eating a little something whenever I feel hungry, but stopping quickly once the hunger feeling is gone, eating slowly and really trying to taste the food. This way I can focus more on eating some expensive really fancy food, but only a small amount of it, and enjoying the taste instead of just woofing it down. I'm thinking I would at least like to lose a pound a week. I'm not sure how many pounds I actually need to lose, but obviously we know when we look in the mirror and our body doesn't look fat, and on the other hand doesn't look too thin, scrawny or fragile. At a pound a week, in one month that is only 4 pounds. 3 pounds a week is 12 pounds a month, at that rate I would lose 30 pounds in 3 months. 5 pounds a week is 20 pounds a month, I would be looking in good shape in only 2 months. I'm interested to see how it turns out. Being vegetarian helps, because there are so little mainstream food choices that don't have meat, and I think many vegetarians are more into taste than meat eaters. I'm hopeful, I'm a bad muthafucka, and I have a lot of excitement, energy (or perhaps photon) and focus. I'm a person that runs my life based on my philosophy and my mind, and that controls what I do, and I am powerless to do anything else and wouldn't want to. I have a well-pruned set of many values, and I rarely depart from those values. People are like saying "eat! eat! eat!" and it's a little ridiculous, I feel fine, I'm not hungry, I'm not suffering in any way. It's either people who are into inaccurate pscyhology theories, and/or people who don't want me to gain the popularity that comes with being in good physical shape. I think this new feeling is evidence, that a little love, a little friendship, can work wonders in a person's life.

The key to this diet I think is focusing and paying close attention to what you are putting into your body. When we are putting something into our body, we should be careful about what that is. Food tastes better when a person is hungry. I think another key is stopping and taking the rest as leftovers to store in the refridgerator and hold on to eat when hungry again. People, I think, tend to think they should finish the serving. Then I am also doing a light exercize 3 days/week.

I can see the trailers for the movie "Science" in my mind, and they are cool. Beethoven's 9th Symphony plays, Aristarchus with a drawing of the sun, Archimedes runs naked, Hypatia rides in her chariot, Galileo shows the moon of Jupiter, Bruno or Servetus yell burning on a stake, Newton looks through the prism, Pupin sees eyes, a rocket lifts off for the Moon, Pioneer and voyeger travel past Jupiter...and then simply the word "Science", and "coming soon to a theatre near you". Maybe there could be narration (over Beethoven's 9th in full choir) like "The greatest story ever told....of people who died for their beliefs ... to make the world a better place....to understand the universe around them....with surprising genius....a struggle for truth....at great cost....to fulfill our destiny ....and the dream of the future........Science"

I think I'm going to redo my DOE trailer to include different angles, so you can see the Blue earth ships better, and there are changing angles to give a faster more exciting 2 second clip edit.

Some people think thought has replaced voice, and our voice muscles. But I view the voice as a separate device, still useful, although many functions are duplicated in our thought. I like to hear my voice, and there are still many uses for voice that cannot be duplicated by thought.

When a person thinks about sexual jealousy for awhile, I think they would realize how stupid it is, as I have, because, first, violence is a big deal, consensual sex and pleasure is not a big deal, but perhaps more importantly, I think people need to let other people do what they want to do...they should not try to restrict people from doing what they want...and then to try to stop somebody from having sex with somebody else besides you, or to be angry because they did, in my opinion only makes them not like you more...it increases your chances of not getting sex with them even more. Some people might argue that people are turned on by a jealous person, and maybe some are, but to me, it seems stupid, in particular because people should freely enjoy pleasure, responsibly, planning and/or removing the possibility of pregnancy, and disease. Sting said it well with his song, "If you love somebody, set them free", which is a smart message. I think people may find that with that freedom that they actually prefer monogomy, because there is no pressure, possession, or jealously with that particular person.

I feel like when people are young they are weighted down with all these traditional mistakes and problems. I see like a drawing where a poor kid is weighted down by massive words like 'religion', 'antisexuality', 'psychology', 'drug war', 'Pupin secret', 'tobacco', 'alcohol', 'no science or logic', etc...then as a child ages, they slowly start to throw off these bad traditions placed on them by a vicious and idiotic history. I feel like I threw off religion, antisexuality, the drug war, smoking, recreational drugs, alcohol, antiscience, psychology, the Pupin secret, and now finally poor eating habits and traditions. This is amazing, I feel good, I weighed myself and am at 282 pounds and heading into the 270s, so clearly losing 20 pounds was an underestimate because I still look fat, I am thinking it is going to be more like 40 pounds, but I like this new way of eating, and it will be interesting to see where the equilibrium weight finally stablizes. Plus it is interesting to see the rate of weight loss, because then I can tell other people what to expect from a similar method. This experience has been very unusual for me, and it shows me, I think that, sometimes no amount of talk (although talk can certainly help, it gives the basic raw data people need to make decisions), no amount of tricks are going to work sometimes to get a horse to drink for example, to quit tobacco, or to lose weight, it seems like an internal decision in a person's brain, as if they have suddenly figured something out, and then everything changes...I don't think people can be coaxed, it's something they need to figure out themselves. This is just my own feeling, other people may have different biologies.

An interesting aspect of the antidemocracy movement that is not often mentioned, is the way they generally despise the popular. For example, the way they hated John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, JFK, MLK, etc. Popular leaders are viewed as dangerous to the anti-democracy movement; those people that don't want the public to have any say over decisions made by those in a representative, monarchical, oligarchical, corporate, or communist government. And so they work against the popular heros and favorites of society, in particular when those popular people don't echo the party line.

I think another key to the weight loss is keeping a close monitoring of your weight on a scale, recording your weight, two or three times a day in a log, and trying to project estimates into the future given your weight loss or gain trend.

perspectives on KROK interview:
-possibly the largest audience? I have ever spoken to. Maybe for outsider audience. Clearly, people are moving forward with some kind of plan. No doubt there will be some kind of testing to see the results of those people who hear what I say. So far, the interview order goes:
Infidel Guy 2003
KROK 2007
if infidelguy interview is any example, probably nothing will come of this.

Clearly Kevin and Bean have to be out there, in a way that is ... the most out there in the front...probably liberal yes progressive to some extent. perhaps to a large extent, but clearly there are going to be two money pools, both with their beliefs working either for or against whatever I say. Some of my views are actually bipartisan and hopefully, people will, like me, not take political sides, but will instead take sides based only on the particular issue.

There is the possibility of being a political correspondant. Clearly that kind of job would not be enough to survive on, but could open other doors.

Something cool is definitely going on, and it's exciting.

I don't think anything is going to come of this instantly but maybe in a few months, a few years, after the next election...

This appears to be driven by my youtube videos which apparently may have 1) gotten much more attention than other vids or 2) simply were used as an opportunity to interview me and for me to get some issues out.

One thing that is key is to watch the ratings on the show. Maybe they will be nothing, but I have a feeling that they are going to be kind of wild. It's like making history. When I get a message to the public, in this kind of scale, it is going to be remembered as a historical stepping stone, a change in public opinion perhaps. Maybe it's arrogant to say, but I think the show is going to be of historical importance, and so Kevin and Bean will be included in that historical note. It's somewhere in the story of how seeing, hearing and sending thought went public, very early in the story.

this could lead to my own radio show, but that is kind of volitile, or more interestingly a tour with a band, which would be fun and we could take the mammerjammer message to the people.

I think without doubt this is clearly the biggest audience I may have ever had.

Well it's a few days after my appearance on "Kevin and Bean" on KROQ 106.7 and I am starting to calm down. I hope I didn't offend too many people, you have to remember, believe what you want to believe, it's only just talk. You make up your own mind about what you believe in. Whenever I say decriminalize drugs, I think I need to say also that, you know my advice is to stay in good shape, don't get overweight, exercise regularly, and be good to your body, you know be aware that using illegal drugs, alcohol and tobacco can cause lots of problems in your life, and there is a lot to be said for sober science and pleasure both physical and intellectual, the key is just that let's not jail those people who are overweight, who don't exercise regularly, who smoke, drink alcohol, and use drugs, eso long as they are not violent, not driving irratically, stealing, or breaking other laws, etc.

This experience has shown me, that maybe there is more going on in talk radio than meets the eye. Some people might think that since there's no video that it must be more conservative than the more progressive video, after all it's only audio, but for whatever reason, the audio-only people seem to be more progressive than tv (aside from cable access). I don't have time to listen to radio or television, but if I was looking for the newest in new, most progressive, I probably would tune in to Kevin and Bean, because obviously they shattered a major barrier forward by having me on. For example, this is the major first radio or tv station to have me on, without trying to be nasty, George Noory who covers a lot of this controversial material and who Ted Charach loves to listen to wouldn't even return my email, neither will Bean but then they already had me on so what you need foo? And so Howard Stern, Mark and Brian, Leykis, all of whom seem like cool dudes, aren't brave enough to take me on. So anyway, ... that seems like the way things are...when the establishment wants to talk to you they will call you, don't bother calling them...I mean...constantly pestering them has only gotten me in trouble and never any opportunities. Most of the material comes from the top down, not the other way around, but you have to remember I'm an outsider, so make up your own mind.

I would rate my performance as a B minus or C plux. Because I missed the opportunity to say that I think the photon is matter, and the basis of all matter, that the big bang theory is probably false, and I didn't go after psychiatric hospitals, didn't get on my issue of letting people in the military quit (I think the arrest of Korey Rowe might have had to do with people thinking that my statement would definitely get on the air, and then it dikn't). I did get some funny statements in. I did get some good info out. I wish I had defended the idea of seeing, hearing and sending thought more, by saying...'is it so hard to believe that people can see eyes?', and 'in any event it's a valid line of scientific research'. So, I could have done much better, but in a positive light, it leaves a teaser, a reason to go back. It's kind of wild how people behind the scenes arrange this stuff, and I know nothing about it. But that is kind of the interesting thing about morning talk radio: it's kind of a training ground for interesting smart people. Kevin and Bean probably have hundreds of goto people who like me have a message and want to turn on and enlighten the public with it, you know, smart people, with interesting views.
I feel kind of unsure about using the Zepellin 'ramble on' bit, but I basically have to go with the stuff that is on my mind, and much of that comes from people with far more wealth and power than I have, so many times, I simply accept their advice and presume that it is meaningful or useful. Many times, I reject the crap that is beamed into my head, because it is designed to make me look bad, or it's something I don't agree with, etc. although I can't possibly stop all of it, in which case like everybody else I end up backpeddling to explain my actual opinions. There is no deeper meaning or anything, I think I simply enjoy that song, I liked listening to that album when I was young, it's a free speech message, I only found out later the relevent line "mine's a tale that can't be told, my freedom I hold dear", which is relevent to so many of us, and the current events on earth. The 5 seconds of ramblin on, could have been "why can't people quit the military, they can quit Walmart without being jailed", but I had to balance comedy with issue, and it's important to have comedy. Here we have to take these massively terrible issues, and somehow make it funny? How can it be done? Many times, it simply can't be. But in some way, smart people can find the comedy in terrible events.
There is a lot of pressure on me because I want to keep my job, but I don't want to be dull either. So you know, people at the University are listening and have their set of values, people in the audience have a wide variety of values and includes all professions government and civilian, the owners of the radio station have their values, and so it's a tough balancing act for me, and in that case I tend to go conservatively, not reaching or improvising. So that was conservative for me. I think the only improvised line was "I think I'm going above and beyond the call of dookie here", which, like most improve might be beamed there since it's not in my notes. For this talk radio stuff, and probably for all high-pressure big audience interactions, my feeling is to make a number of one-liners that are funny and make the intellectual statement clearly and then go over those statements, and keep them available on paper or on screen if possible (I just realized that many people insiders, must go with the infinitely more convenient teleprompter in front of the eyes, then you can look into the camera and talk like you are not reading, and I am for not deceiving people, I read much of what I said...the time is far to important to be wasted with minor issues). Because you have about 3 seconds to say something when it's your turn, and it's best to make it count, you don't want to be reaching or stumbling for something to say. Each talk of 2 or 3 sentences, should end on a joke-line, with some funny statement. One of mine that didn't get played was an oldy, but still funny, "maybe the reason we don't have a registry of violence offenders is because the Republican ranks would be decimated." which is kind of funny and true, but probably only funny if you are a democrat or liberal.
To me, the question of is there a god, or are there gods, is like asking "is there a blah?", maybe there is or maybe there isn't, but it's a useless question. We should strive to live a good life whether there is a "blah" or not. But beyond that, you've got to look at history chejos. Before Jesus there were all the Roman Gods, the Goddess Venus for the Romans, goes back to the Goddess Aphrodite of the Greeks, and all the way back to the Goddess Inanna of the Sumerians, and the Sumerians are the people that invented writing, and the earliest literature already talks about the Goddess Inanna...and the 200 other Sumerian Gods that controlled various parts of the universe.

This is kind of a cool Simpson's intro:
Simpson's universe theory
and the evolution one:
Simpson's evolution
With the universe one, I don't know that galaxies could be atoms. I think we would need to find similarities. One similarity I can think of is that, perhaps globular galaxies...what appears to be the ultimate evolution of intelligent life could be neutral particles, while spiral galaxies...what appear to be the middle of the galactic cycle (starting with nebula to spiral and ending as globular), spiral galaxies like our own might be charged particles. Other than that, I don't know. But the one question that remains in my mind, is what is the nature of the farthest future of the universe? What is the balance between newly formed gas clouds from stray photons, and the needs of the advanced globular clusters who need a constant supply of matter to replace lost photons?

Here are my web statistics:
Daily Statistics for July 2007
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15 1304 2.19% 1099 2.32% 336 3.04% 149 3.57% 205 4.03% 699927 3.16%
16 1479 2.49% 1248 2.63% 264 2.39% 152 3.64% 484 9.52% 1343006 6.07%
17 1925 3.24% 1613 3.40% 241 2.18% 145 3.48% 680 13.37% 990728 4.47%
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22 913 1.53% 695 1.47% 135 1.22% 110 2.64% 366 7.20% 716300 3.23%
23 2184 3.67% 1652 3.49% 275 2.49% 138 3.31% 649 12.76% 554122 2.50%
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I get about 1000 to 2000 people a day that look at my site. But then payow, look at the 25th. 13,000 people. wow! Then on the 26th, it went down to 9,000, still a lot of people, especially, since, I wasn't on the show the 26th...it's clearly people who were stimulated on the 25th, checked more into it on the 26th. The 27th is only half done so I'm not sure how it will go.

I was thinking that I kind of think Brittney Spears has a good attitude about sex, which might be something like, screw, you have a kid, throw 'em in the back of the car, and keep screwing. Having a kid shouldn't mean the end of sex and regular life for a woman. I'm sure there is more to it. In addition, there should be a special bond between two males who had sex with the same female (or two females for the same male), and not stupid jealously and person possession. Each person will do what they want to do anyway, jealousy and possession is only annoying and doesn't help a person's chances, at least from my perspective, but I am a total amateur when it comes to sex. People should definitely plan pregnancy, and should definitely be responsible for at least half of the child care as one of the parents, unless their parents or grandparents are willing to, and then if not that, society should step in, not only with at least the minimum of child care, but also free morning-after pills and other birth control help to stop unplanned pregnancy without stopping the joy of sex.

Two good tickets might be: Kucinich and Paul, and Clinton and Obama (for the elderly).

Maybe I have a wild imagination, but wouldn't it be scary if somehow the US military lasered down those two media new copters? No, that's a little too bizarre to believe, (although let's hope the helicopter or eye-images will show if there was a collision). Helicopters need to be made much safer, with airbags, parachutes, smart computer software to absolutely stop collisions, etc, it's worth the small investment for added safety features. Would those have been there, with cameras, etc, there wouldn't be any doubts. But I wonder if there isn't friction ever between the US miltary murderers of 9/11 and the major media companies. Clearly the major media companies don't have any army and are basically like all of us as unarmed civilians. There has to be a lot of good decent people in the US military too, I think it's out of the question to think otherwise. The article had that it looked like 9/11 and that "the man could be held responsible" for the 4 dead.

What I was thinking a couple of days after this interview is that just like throughout history, there are those for democracy and those against. I think the big two sided division now is even more basic, forget philosophy or policy or any finer points, what is happening now is basically a division between those who murder and those who want to stop them. It has nothing to do with republican or democrat, it's much of a more primal, basic, simple phenomenon. You either are ok with murder of nonviolent people, or you are against it, and that is the major division that is happening in these years. But getting back to democracy, I think it's a decent person that yields to the majority opinion for government policy (for your own policy, of course do your own thing), and a greedy selfish person who seeks to force their unpopular view onto the majority. The battle is really, I think, the individual people of the planet, versus, those who would rather have their minority view imposed on the public majority for financial gain. And this difference exists today, because the public is seldom allowed to have their vote recorded and counted.

It's interesting that, really, the radio people should stream video too. It's basically television once it's on the web.

One idea is voting to jail people who purposely cause damage (such as an insect bite, insects have brains too, and surprisingly to many, can be made to bite, not that that happened to me, but it certainly and easily is possible given the neuron activation technology)...that people who purposely cause damage, like a bruise, broken bone, should be jailed at least until the damage is completely healed for damages that do completely heal. Also, number of prior assaults I think needs to be factored into a person's voting system.

I've said it before, but it seems so interesting to me that, without a doubt, the group that views both genders as equal under the law, and is for racial diversity and harmony should be without question the largest group, because any other group that excluded or views a gender, or race of people as less than equal can't possibly hold larger numbers because of those very exclusionary policies. I suppose one factor is the amount of money a group may have, in which case, the number of people that compose the group would make less or no difference.

I define 'scientist' as a lover of science. Perhaps 'science-lover' or 'sciencer'. I don't see anything wrong with using 'scientist' for anybody that likes science, but I will think about it more. In fact I might say that my religion is the scientific method. So instead of "christian" or "judeist" I would "sciencian" or "sciencist", as a believer in the scientific method as the most accurate method of interpreting the universe.


07/24/07 News flash: Three of my
youtube Presidential Candidate debate questions were played on the KROQ Kevin and Bean show in Los Angeles, and they are going to talk to me in a phone interview tomorrow morning 07/25/07.

I did look at the debates and have many comments. For one thing it worries me that Dennis Kucinich kept repeating that text peace message, peace is a wonderful message, but does he honestly think a barbaroid like Bush is going to care, he probably will chew up those text peace messages and spit it out in scraps. I kept thinking its like that song 8674309, constantly with that "text peace" message. Those politicians already know it all, they see thoughts, they could care less about a letter or text message, and it's worrisome that Kucinich does publicly reaclize that. That was a precious few minutes of national television with a large audience, he could have said more important things. Hillary had pink on, maybe as support for my mom "hot pink" was my Mom's favorite color, I know it sounds like...what the...but yet...and I just made a "Mom Memory Mug" with photos from her life so I can remember her. There is a lot to say about the debates. I might comment more later. One thing about Hillary was that she said "I'm agnostic" and one other thing I can't remember that hinted at being nonreligious, isn't she worried about scraing away those precious evangelicals? Biden had a nice moment when he mentioned that the public might want to remember Senator Wellstone, who it seems, according to a book by James Fetzer was probably yet another victim of these murderous people in power...a reminder to us all. Along those lines, I know that if Democrats get into power in 2009, people will constantly talk about fluff and powder puff issues, not remembering that there are about a few hundred thousand 9/11 JFK, RFK, MLK and John Lennon murdering cave people on the loose. I'm still voting for Kucinich in the primary as things stand. I have to wonder about his phrase "yeah I'm for closing the breach", which to me means closing the security breach of Huntington telling about pupin and seeing, hearing and sending thoughts. And the way to close that so-called breach...the breach was when they kept it a secret from the public...they should be allegiant to truth, justice and honesty first before other things....but the way to close that so-called breach is going to be by including me, at which point I will work together with the insiders. But I have said a number of times that I am not retracting any thing I have learned so far about the brain imaging, but I do promise not to reveal any further info if included. The democrats like me excluded because I am reaching the poor outsiders with the truth about these secrets, and the republicans like me excluded because I am isolated, can't find chicks, and can't interact with powerful insiders. So it's a mutual feeling probably. On the topic of info, Hillary showed how she is going to be secretive as all hell. Hillary looks like the main favorite going into 2009...that's another thing...we are almost 2 years away from the election...I mean this is an early start of campaigning. So I am interesting in what life would be like under Clinton because it may be 4 or more years of her views dominating the scene. So she showed their love of secrecy by saying...she doesn't want her talking with presidents and monarchs of other nations to be used as propaganda, well it's all free info...that is kind of a secretive and elitist view. A better view is talk to all major people and let my message be heard, and work to make the public know the truth, in particular if my words are presented in an inaccurate or misleading way. Then in terms of science, Hillary showed her non-rigorous science education by being quesy and unsure about nuclear power. Probably it is because a majority of people are unclear about nuclear power, but there is a basic fact that those insiders all know but they wont reveal to the public and that is that all matter is probably made of particles of light, and you know, there is an infinite amount of matter and particles of light in the universe. We are never going to run out. And so extracting photons from atoms, not necessarily by Uranium fission, but as I suggest may already be done, by separating any and all waste materials in an "ultimate incinerator", for lack of a better term. Solar and wind power...wind power...forget it I seriously doubt the return is going to be worth the space used, and solar is similar, but with solar, maybe there will be advances in technology...I'm pro environment, and for growing trees on the moon and mars, clean air and water, those are important to me, but solar is experimental and doesnt seem to be entirely practical for the space used yet, in particular as space is becoming more and more of a valuable commodity as the human population continues to double every 40 years. So payyow I have many opinions.

pre-Kevin and Bean news:

words that fall out of our mouths too fast to be conscious, plus many are beamed on by high school dropouts or those with fluff science college degrees So with this in mind, I am retracting my opinion that possibly the two Clintons support the murder of my Mom, in fact possibly Bill Clinton was even saying (with "ought to Bee")...'look at these republican monsters who beamed onto Ted's Mom', but without seeing and hearing their thoughts, as an outsider, I can't be sure. One opposite phrase for those out there is "ought not, to be". As a reminder violence is always wrong and a chaotic answer, we need to prosecute and jail murders, but I understand how maybe in the camera-thought-neuron net fast push-button murder is the law of the jungle. People beam on our heads all the time, many of them high school drop outs or people with fluff-science college degrees. And so people can hardly, I know from experience, control every word or phrase that comes out of our mouths. It happens too quickly during talking...beamers put a bad word choice, and we simply take their suggestion. Although I want to say that my other criticisms of the Clintons I still stand behind, that they are not exposing 9/11, the drug war, the copyright, etc.

measuring mass of particles
I thought more about the idea of measuring the mass of particles against the gravity of earth, and there are some simple observations I think most people can understand:
1) Given an initial force, the velocity on an object physically pushed will relate to its mass. So if a particle can be physically pushed with a constant force, the distance, and velocity it moves against the earth's gravity relates to its mass. But only because the force initially applied to it while it is at rest is constant. I'm not sure that it is possible to actually physically push a particle with a constant force in this way. Maybe with molecular machines. But this isn't as interesting to me anymore since I realized that determining mass against earth's gravity is not possible if the mass has a constant velocity.
2) In theory, the slowing down of photons can be measured, and the speed of light is probably not constant as was previously thought. And also, yes, an object starting with a constant velcity moves at a slower velocity in the up direction on earth as it does when moving sideways relative to the ground. One thing people need to realize is that Galileo claimed that acceleration for falling objects on earth is independent of the mass of the object, that is all objects no matter how massive fall at the same acceleration. And this is true, that the mass of the object is not important, but Newton's law F=Gm1m2/d^2 shows us that in terms of velocity (force), mass of two objects is important. And so what we see is that, yes, mass does affect velocity and acceleration, but because the mass of the earth is so large compared to any object we can drop, only the mass of the earth is important: the mass of a ball is not enough to significantly move the earth to the ball in a measurable amount. And so it is with particles. They are far too light compared to the earth. And so all that matters on earth, for pieces of matter is their velocity and the acceleration that the earth pulls on them with. So this is a lot of introduction to point 2, but we are getting there. So if we throw a ball up with a velocity of 10m/s, and the same ball is then thrown sideways at 10m/s, the ball thrown up, with the acceleration of gravity pulling against it will lose velocity, where the sideways thrown ball will not lose velocity. This shows that for a photon, proton, neutron, etc, starting with some known velocity, we could in theory measure a delay, but the importan point is that this delay has nothing to do with the mass of the particle since the mass and therefore gravity of earth is so much larger than the mass and gravity of the particle. But we would definitely measure a delay in the up direction as opposed to sideways for even photons. And this would not provide us with the mass of a photon, but would prove that photons are also effected by the force of gravity and therefore have to be matter. And when I think about it, are people honestly claiming that there is something in the universe that is not matter?! (aside from empty space that is). That, to me, seems unintuitive and unlikely. It's a simple equation, and when I show this simple equation (Galileo's) for a photon, we see how fast photons move and how weak the earth's gravity is for the experimental results we need. So here is the simple equation of the amount of time a photon is delayed by the earth's gravity (for example when we simply turn on a flashlight in the up direction as opposed to the sideways direciton relative to the ground):
This is to measure the time a photon moves over 1km of space in the up and sideway direction relative to the earth. (Using 3e8 as the theoretical initial speed of a photon)


up against earth's gravity:
s=1/2at^2 + vt
1000=-5t^2 + 3e8t
5t^2 - 3e8t + 1000=0
(we need to use the quadratic formula to find the positive root: (-b +- (b^2-4ac)^.5)/2a)
(3e8 - (9e16-20000)^.5)/10

So you can see, the difference is so tiny it can't possibly be measured on earth. So what can be changed to make this measurement of a delay in light? As an aside, the Pound-Rebka experiment, shows that this change in speed might possibly be measured by the resulting change in wavelength of a beam of photons. Mysteriously the claim is that this experiment confirms relativity, where I think it clearly confirms Newton gravity and the photon as a piece of matter, therefore rejecting the claim of relativity (at least in its modern form) that a photon is massless. So anyway, the only way that this number is going to be seriously measurable is if the acceleration from some gravitational object is very very high...its the 9e16-20000 part. Even at a gravitational acceleration of 2 billion (2e9)
m/s^2 the photon is barely slowed at all over 1 km:
1e9t^2 - 3e8t + 1000=0
(3e8 - (9e16-4e12)^.5)/2e9

Another approach is to measure the time a photon takes to travel a very large distance under a constant gravitational accleration directly against it. (I can't imagine how this could be done since there is no way I know of to apply a constant gravitational force on a photon as it travels over a large distance). But in theory if we could, we might apply our own earth gravity acceleration 10m/s^2 over a distance of 1e9 m (1 billion meters, 1 million km):
5t^2 - 3e8t + 1e9=0
(3e8 - (9e16-2e10)^.5)/10
t=3.3333335185 seconds
as opposed to 3.333333333333... seconds without the acceleration
This might actually be measurable, because it is 3333333518ns versus 3333333333ns, a measurement (185ns) we can probably make with modern electronics. But again, this experiment seems unlikely. Clearly going for a large distance is going to be the key to measuring a delay in the speed of light. I guess in theory, a star provides a constant gravitational acceleration, which dissipates as a photon moves away from it. In the same way, a photon would increase speed going towards a star. It's a more complex equation because the acceleration of a star decreases by the square as a photon moves away from it. But just using an average acceleration due to the gravity of a star's mass (as above) we can see that over large distances, gravity will pull or push photons just slightly...the reason why photons seem to be so unmoved, slowed or speeded up, is there very high velocity. Then the final analysis of this line of thinking for me is, how do photons attain this high velocity if the massive gravity of stars and galaxies can only slightly delay them over massive distances? The only explanation I have come up with so far is that photons collide with each other, and the short distance between them causes a large acceleration, and always the same acceleration and resulting velocity. And so what distance would photons have to be to have a force that results in a velocity of 3e8 m/s? There are 3 models that I thought about (but there must be others too, clearly only 1 is the correct one though):
a) with gravitational constant=1, mass of photon=1 gram (can you imagine a photon being 1 kg in mass, obviously no it must be much smaller, but perhaps we should provide a new gravitational constant based on a mass of a photon being 1)
Newton's equation is very simple:
d=57.7umeter (we know this can't be correct, because light can have a wavelength of 57um and smaller)

b) With gravitational constant=6.67428e-11 m3kg-1s-2, and photon mass=1 kg
d=2.223e-19 m (a very small distance, even in picometers it is 2e-6 picometers, well beyond any size we can measure or see as far as I know...and that is for a photon with the mass of a gram)

c) Now the most realistic scenario: gc=6.67428e-11, photon mass=9e-31kg (the estimated mass of an electron)
d=2e-49m (a ridiculously small distance, we can say for the sake of argument 2e-50meter)

2e-50meters is very small, it is 2e-41 nanometers, it is well beyond the tiniest wavelength of light ever measured. It would seem more likely to me that this distance between photons that results in a velocity of 3e8m/s would be larger, but who knows. The main thing that makes this so small is the belief that the mass is 9e-31kg. Some people might ask 'if a photon is accelerated by another photon, why does it not have an observable change in velocity as it continues to accelerate?', and I think the answer to this might be that the acceleration lasts only for a very small amount of time. The accleration felt by a particle is: A=Gm2/d^2 (in other words, you don't use the mass of the particle itself in calculating the acceleration it feels because of a second particle...only the mass of the second particle matters on the first particle) and so, as the photon moves away from a photon it collided with (or orbited, such as those in a mirror), as the distance increases, the acceleration quickly decreases to 0 m/s^2, but that huge velocity remains. It's the same exact principle of using the gravity of Jupiter to accelerate shpis such as Pioneer and Voyager. All the velocity is gained, and all the acceleration happens very near Jupiter, after the initial few minutes near Jupiter, there is no more acceleration only a larger velocity. And so we can imagine photons in the same way. 3) Still there exists the possibility of measuring the mass of particles by measuring their velocities with similar massed other particles. We could in theory, measure two particles in low gravity, starting with some known velocity, and measure how they effect each other. Just simply speaking, if particle 1 is 2x the mass of particle 2, particle 2 will move around twice the speed particle 1 will, and will cover approximately twice the distance in some given time. but those are precise and tiny measurements, even that cannot be easy to do. But at least we would remove the mystery about charge being independent of mass. I think most people believe that charge is independent of mass, that a proton is really 10000 times more massive than an electron, and that their electric charge is identical at + or - 1. But the possibility of the electron and proton masses being a different ratio or even the same mass exist if charge varies with mass. I honestly believe that charge is independent of mass and the proton is probably 10000 times more massive than an electron, and that has some interesting conclusions too...for example, what is it about electric charge, that makes it so that mass doesn't matter? But I think I would feel better by using a matter-only measurement of particles with no influence by electric charge.

One thing that is interesting about relativity and the more recent standard model is that people have trouble imagining that a particle could actually "feel" all the other particles around it, that is, would feel their gravitational effect. Einstein's relativity answers this problem well by saying that particles follow a geometry, while the standard model suggests that particles bounce off each other, and that is the only way they actually "feel" each other (only when they collide). I am summarizing these ideas, and maybe I am wrong, but I think it is an interesting point. I don't think the space-time idea can be saved because time is probably the same in all spaces. Or possibly it can, if we simply view 4 dimensions x,y,z,t, and t is the same for all x,y,z at any given t. Trying to save some aspect of relativity is not as interesting to me as pursuing the more simple Newton model more. Because it hasn't been fully explained and explored. And here we see that probably the speed of photons is not constant, and since that is a fundamental claim of relativity, clearly the accuracy of relativity would then be in doubt. Beyond that, as I said before, there are major problems with relativity, in that the universe is probably all the light-like model, since all matter is probably made of photons. And beyond even that, is the problem that time-and-space-dilation was borrowed from aether theory and is completely inaccurate.

So just to conclude all of this, I feel happy that, 1) in theory at least, we could measure a delay in the speed of light, but 2) kind of disappointed that it looks like there is no way to measure any delay of light here on earth. Because of: 1) the gravity of earth is far too small to slow photons enough to measure. Sorry to the many hobbiest experimenters out there who wanted to be the first to publicly show that the speed of light is not constant, but if you are measuring the speed of light using electronics, I am sure you learned a great deal anyway in the process. There is the idea of using mirrors, but any delay would be compensated for on the return and therefore cancelled out. It seems clear that Pound-Rebka have already proved that the velocity of light is affected by the gravity of earth in measuring a tiny change in wavelength. I'm not sure how picky the gamma wavelength absorption of the material they used is, but it apparently is picky enough to reject the changed wavelength due to the slowing or accelerating of photons because of earth's gravity. So we are left with the Pound-Rebka experiment, and no other experiment I know of that will give us a clear measurement showing that photons are delayed by gravity, that the speed of light is not constant. But I feel good that at least I see that the theoretical delay can be easily calculated. Is this delay the cause of the redshifted light from distant galaxies? I don't know, it seems possible that for photons that reach us, most of the stars are behind or on the side of them, and that might spread them out...any delay of a single photon would spread out the light more since the photon in front of it would not be as delayed. I think that is a possibility, but I think more likely that any light we see from distant galaxies has been bent around other matter, and when it bends it is stretched out (for the same reason that photons are delayed when leaving a star because of the star's gravity) because of the gravity of galaxies and other stars. And so it is this stretched-out-by-gravity light we see, and the more distant, the more gravitationally stretched, although there are exceptions. Some galaxies might be just behind another galaxy, and their light might appear even more stretched than others, but yet, that would not mean that they were extremely far away. I've already talked about this issue in earlier notes, Halton Arp has documented some galaxies that have the same apparent size but different red shift. Size of galaxy should be the true indicator of distance in my opinion, more than red shift, although red-shift can be a guide in my novice view, and correct me if I'm wrong. I think at least one of the Arp galaxies is somewhat clear evidence that red shift is due to gravitational bending of light. Because it has the same size as it's neighboring galaxy but a different red shift. The explanation I think is correct for these two galaxies is that the more red-shifted galaxy is probably actually behind the less red-shifted galaxy, but that it's light has curved around the galaxy in front of it (relative to our perspective around this star) so that we can see it. So this concludes this line of thought.

I realized a new ice cream topping which is delicious to share with you, carrot cake batter, and then too, banana bread batter, both delicious on ice cream or by themselves. Beyond that, zuccini bread batter.

I saw Peter Dale Scott's talk in Vancouver, and it was after a young guy talking about borders, globalization, the "amero"...and I thought...don't tell me Scott is going to start talking about "globalists" etc...that was kind of funny. The Illuminati, globalist talk is kind of like UFO material, but clearly secret societies, in particular the Pupin society of seeing, hearing and sending thought is a reality. It's bizarre, in my novice outsider view, the way so many people (Alex Jones, who otherwise has some very smart commentary on 9/11 being an inside job and the drug war, is perhaps the most visible of these people) view "globalists" as the big enemy, when to me it's the "murderists". It's an appeal to nationalism and isolationism probably. I see full democracy happening in all the nations, basically even now the governments as representative democracies are almost identical. But changing people's opinions is easier said. Maybe they can convince me, or the other way around in any case positively. When all nations are full democracy, there is no real difference between one side of the border or the other, and so it is a defacto planetary democracy. Besides we are talking about Moon and Mars cities soon, and I think we need to take a look at the larger main picture.

I recorded an idea for a new song "Draco's Laws", and while I was singing, the fascists that control the secret neuron activation technology used it to make my vocal muscles sing "chewing on some gun" instead of "chewing on some gum". And this is typical of the violent criminal nature of those nazi punks and thugs that control the neuron activation technology. They are violent criminals, who not only advocate violence against lawful citizens, but also participate in violence against lawful citizens, as 9/11, JFK, and RFK are only the most obvious example of. This neuron activation technology was invented what appears to be even before the atom bomb was invented long long ago. Take a listen to this audio:

Is that a fun song? That is funny. I hope to get a video example of my eyelid muscle twitching up here soon. This evidence will be dismissed by most people, but it all ads up, and it helps those who are outsiders to reassure themselves that yes! this technology does exist, and people are watching over us every day in order to abuse us in every way.
In terms of neuron activation to move muscles, these nazi fascist punks who rule the neuron activiation camera-thought net in police and military like to make people "drop things". They do this by simply loosening a muscle in the tiniest millimeter way, to make a person drop some item. Already, they made me drop and break 1) a glass (6/07) 2) a router (7/14/07). And if they are moving muscles in this nuisance way of making people break glasses, you know they are using them for nastier purposes like to make lawful people drive off the road, etc.
Think about the technology that is needed to change a person from saying "chewing on some gum" to "chewing on some gun". That is very advanced technology, used by very unadvanced humans. I mean clearly much of this is run by computers, because these are millisecond decisions (which is nothing for modern electronics, but very fast for human speaking muscles and the human brain which runs very slowly compared to electronic computers). Probably the humans just simply press a button that says:
1) "we want one verbal typo"
2) "we want a violent one sound substitution, for example 'nice' to 'knife'"
a) or could be "we want a suicidal sound substitition", for which there might be years of word play examples gathered over the years, such as "chewing gun" instead of "chewing gum".
How specific this technology is I don't know, but clearly...the fascist shitheads who control it are a violent lot who ought to be forced out, and probably into prison once their lives have been thoroughly examined by the public.

I was watching Forensic Files and there was this poor black guy who was slow or had a learning disbility and these people who he worked for took out all these insurance policies on him, and then killed him. And I thought...you know, how different is this from the Bush administration? They killed 3000 people on 9/11 for insurance money, and for military money. There really is no difference, those people who killed that poor guy are scumbags and murderers, and so are the neocons who murdered all those people in 9/11. Then these fascist thugs that control the secret cam-thought net beam below our eyes, to make us itch our cheek like there is a tear there...like...'wuts a matter....boo hoo...you are not tough enough...' etc, when...do we say that to those shithead scum bag murderers who killed that poor cute girl in San Diego by pushing her off a cliff for $30,000 is life insurance? (also on Forensic Files), no of course not, it's not being a pussy to jail those killers of that poor cute girl, it's only the most basic principle of law and order to expose and jail them. As if people are being pussies to not allow a couple of scam-artist scum to kill a girl for $30,000. It's mind numbing. This shows how shockingly allegiant people are just to the concept of "the right wing". Even when the head of the republican party has authorized the deliberate murder of 3,000 lawful citizens, (and secretly thousands more using secret neuron technology)...even mass murder is not enough to create the tiniest bit of doubt about voting for such a person or party. At that point, one has to wonder what "republicanism" is about, because clearly allowing murder seems to be allowable...is there any thing in particular that they do stand for? Maybe their core value is simply murdering those who oppose "the right wing". And that is a terrible philosophy, it is very similar to the Nazi philosophy of the 1930s and 40s, where people who disagreed were basically murdered. It's a heavily nationalistic, heavily Christian, heavily uneducated, very violent, secretive, kind of phenomenon. Those systems appear to be effective, because it's like a single-minded machine rolling over the unorganized and ununified rest, but I think it's weakness is it's own brutality, eventually, as I have said before, people see that there is no honor in their cause, and when given the opportunity they won't defend or support the leadership...or allow the leaders to fall. In addition, it's built on lies, and the enemy of lies is more time and more information, and so as time continues, more and more lies are revealed, and eventually, all the lies catch up to the murderous leaders. Why people need to tortuously go through this again and again throughout history can only be the result of improper education, and poor memory. What shocks me, is how 40% or 50% of the people allowed monsters like the Bush administration to get into power, and those neocons have killed hundreds of thousands of people. Here they voted for people who basically want to end the people's limited one day in four-years right to vote...the clear example is 2000 where they simply took the presidency without the popular vote...obviously democratic opinion means little to them. I could go on for hours, but think about how they wired up the World Trade Centers with explosives, and the insiders just sat there and watched...they did nothing...these neocons completely wired up WTC1 WTC2 and WTC7 with tons of explosives, while people just watched...I mean that is unbelievable...and then they reelect this group. What are they going to wire up and explode next? Your house? Your childrens' school? some business of university building? And if they did...who would stop them? Clearly nobody! Who would even say anything to the public? Would CNN? Would ABC, CBS, or NBC? Would the NY Times tell the public that the military neocons are wiring up a building with explosives to murder more innocent people? no, 9/11 stands as a crystal clear example, that no, the major media will not tell the public that, and the neocons can and no doubt probably will successfully murder more thousands of people without so much as a peep or whimper from those against murder.

When there is a violent crime, or even any crime, the perpetrator of the crime should definitely be punished, but let us never forget the "beamer" too. The person who beamed on them may very well be partially responsible for the commission of the crime, and should also be punished. And so for every example of crime, we need to also expose and examine those who beamed on the assailent, and determine if they too need to be punished.

Back to the unthinkingly allegiant to the "right wing" concept despite mass murder, despite dishonesty, etc. for me the key idea is "principle", I am against murder, and so I will critisize any supporter of murder of lawful people, when Clinton voted in the SOnny Bono act, I criticized and vote against that decision, I vote against Clinton's filling the prisons full of drug users...it didn't matter that I am liberal and Clinton is a member of the Democratic party thought to be liberal too...the entire idea is principle. And so it is, that I happen to agree with Ron Paul on many issues...republican, democrat, etc. it doesn't matter, it's the principles of people that should matter the most. And that apparently is a concept that is very difficult to grasp for many voters.

On January 1 2009, when Bush jr and Cheney officially leave the US government, and the security alert moves down from Defcon 5 to Defcon 3, I think the majority of people on earth will breathe a huge sigh of relief, knowing that the earth is still in tact, that we individual people are still alive, that we have survived this mass murderous reign. Even if some republican wins, I think most people will be releaved, because Bush jr and Cheney are far too violent and extremist for positions of power in any government.

Yeah, I think hydrogen gas will probably replace fossil fuels, but who knows...I'm sure people in science will continue to improve fuels and electricity sources. I was thinking that, since people are only getting photons that atoms are made out of, couldn't there be some way of just simply using up all the nuclear waste and radioactive material until it was all separated into particles of light? Maybe they should just continue to bombard it with neutrons, etc until the stuff is completely reduced to it's original particles of light. Then we would be getting the most out of all the matter, whether it is uranium, or whatever. I was thinking it could be like some "ultimate incinerator" where a person could put anything in, and eventually it would be reduced to photons, but then, there is always the real issue of 'what about the container' for such a system? You know, definitely the container would become radioactive, but perhaps that could be constantly incinerated too, and replaced with a new container, or maybe only more inside container material would need to be added from time to time to replace the inside container that is reduced to photons. In theory as long as there was always trash to convert to photons, the container would be ok.

You know, my own belief about is that nothing is sacred, because I'm not religious, but I definitely think there are beautiful places in the star system that need to be preserved, for example, I don't think the Grand Canyon or Mariner Valley on Mars should be filled in any time soon. I wonder about the inevitable over crowding on earth...it it inevitable. Certainly people moving to the Moon, Mars, etc will free up some of the space on earth, but the earth is going to reach even a physical limit as to how many humans it can physical house, and what that will probably mean is that people fill and live in every part of the oceans, in mountains, in the earth, above in massive skyscrapers, it is very interesting to project into the future.

There is a video on youtube of Reagan talking about if there was a threat from some other alien world, earth would be united, and that is kind of funny, but in reality, I don't think it's too remote of a possibility to remove from possibility.
It's obvious that advanced life formed the globular clusters. How hard is it to believe that some advanced life evolved on some other planet? We can't even move a star (see my video on how a planet can be used to move a star). We only occupy one planet, and so we are far behind being a major advanced life in this galaxy. Like those who call 9/11, JFK and RFK truth tellers "insane" so it is with the reality of advanced life in the universe, although there is probably no evidence for advanced life visiting the earth, if we were that advanced, wouldn't we want to see what our neighbors looked like?
Put yourself in the advanced life's place, as we start to grow humans onto planets of other stars, how will we regard the living objects we might find on planets...like ocean life, etc....probably they will be viewed as pets, and kept in zoos, their planets converted into matter to fuel ships to other stars, for food, water, and the supplies humans need to live and grow.

This is interesting. Some people in the California State goverment did a study of the quality of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft surgery performed by various doctors and overall in various hospitals and found some interesting results:
I am amazed that the UC hospitals rank very lowly compared to the average. St. John's Religional Medical Center is better than average, where UCSF ranks worse than average. 331 people had operations at St. John's and only 4 of them died, while 270 people had the operation at UCSF and 16 died. Maybe neocons secretly and invisibly laser beam killed the people in the UCSF figuring they were liberal enemy combatents, and that nobody would punish them for murder anyway? So here, clearly the Christians are defeating the atheists in a science. And so it is with St. Joseph's and UC Irvine in Orange county. So that is really sad. A person would think that being in a university would make people the smartest, most educated and informed, while in the religious places they would be using a crucifix for warding evil spirits away. But what this study shows is that the exact opposite is happening. It's the University of California supervisors that appear to be waving magic crosses to ward away evil spirits. UCSF has a letter arguing that risk factors are not easily determined, and certainly there are many variables, there needs to be sustained and clear analysis over a number of years to get a good rating on people and hospitals. This kind of public reporting and analysis is really useful to people, and we need to open this info up even more. This report is nice because it actually rates individual doctors too. I guess this info is probably available to anybody interested. Maybe some hospitals or doctors withheld the info. This is only the beginining of real analysis free and open of people and companies. Without everybody seeing thought there is definitely room for corruption by insiders...this is a nation where Sturgis was not even questioned by police about the JFK murder, nor Thane Cesar by LAPD, and on and on...where 9/11 has not been exposed as an inside job...there simply is not a lot of honesty out there. This is all part of the public turning their focus away from sports, acting, etc and onto science and things that really matter. It's nice to know even simply how many surgeries a person has performed.

There is a good video about the attempted coup against Hugo Chavez in Venezuela:
And this video shows how powerful and dishonest the owners of television stations are. The implications of CIA involvement, using our own tax money, to support a potentially violent activity against a popular democratic government is upsetting. I have to wonder about what happens that is not shown. Clearly, they have the camera-thought net, and neuron beams in Venezuela, so always as outsiders and even as insiders, people have to understand that added element of complexity. Because of lasers and neuron activation, war in the conventional form known for centuries throughout history has changed to such a dangerous thing, that it basically....the tools of murdering humans, are too fast and effective to make war anything other than a massive murder of millions done in seconds...and therefore very different from when people dug trenches and fired conventional metal bullet guns, or even flew over and drop bombs or missiles (because a powerful laser on the ground or on a satellite can simply cut through a plane in seconds). War nowadays is a very frightening prospect because of lasers and neuron activation. In particular because our entire civilization depends on one tiny planet...we haven't even moved into a two planet (or even more, a two-star) civilization yet.
I would probably feel more emotion for Chavez if he hadn't attempted a coup. Coups are never a good idea. I could see perhaps when some democratic election process is broken or corrupt so that a minority constantly controls the government unfairly and undemocratically, but then the better answer is to use nonviolent free information to expose the cheating, and the legal system to cause change. In addition, Chavez makes a "shh" sign which I disagree with being for total free info, or at least speaking in favor of such a thing if actual free info is physically currently impossible.
When Chavez talks about neoliberals, I think this is a mistaken view, because, you know, the people who orchestrate and funded violent coups in South, Central and North America are neoconservatives, and conservatives. So to hold "liberals" as the enemy is either simply a mistake, or some kind of technique to confuse people. Apparently, wikipedia also refers to the other political party in Venezuela as "neoliberal". I kind of doubt that, as they probably represent conservative interests. But there is also the element that Chavez is a military person, and so, in some sense, it shows that the military has a lot of control over the Venezuelan government. Clearly, scientists, or intellectuals are not being elected, and don't have the military backing. That is what I am saying about what happened in the background in this video, probably there was a military confrontation, and it was eventually won by Chavez supporters, who then took back the Presidential palace. How many people may have been killed is not shown, hopefully none, and it is possible that none were. This video also shows that the Chavez opposition made large use of his ties to Castro. That is a criticism of mine too, Communism is not a good system, I support full democracy with the public voting for a basic standard of living so nobody is starving, etc. So much is possible in a full democracy, because ultimately the majority makes all the rules, they can even redistribute land if they choose. But I think the most offensive thing about Castro is that he hasn't ever had elections on Cuba...maybe he is the popular favorite, but elections would prove that, and so Cuba is basically a monarchy, and that is nothing to support. It's interesting looking at Chavez's attempted coup: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venezuelan_coup_attempts_of_1992 that this happens months after Clinton took control of the US government. Perhaps they knew that the vicious republicans who for years waged secret war and murder in south america were out of power or had their power limited with a democratic president in the USA. So anyway you look at Venezuela, and many of these South American and Central American countries they seem to me volitile sadly, and no doubt as a result of the undemocratic abuses of wealthy people on the native people for centuries going back even to the conquistadors. The USA is no prize either, I think there is a clear analogy to this attempted Venezuelan coup against Chavez and the successful coup against JFK, that has left the US government in the hands of the murderers (largely the Bush family, the CIA, and a violently criminal portion of republicans).

With the massive settlement of the catholic church in los angeles, that is shocking to me. people are violently assaulted all the time, and they don't receive a dime, but these kids, who are in fine physical condition, who had their butts and genitals fondled each get a million dollars? I mean that is amazing. If only I had my genitals fondled when I was young, I could be rolling in the millions now. What are they all going to do with all that money? The catholic church created a few thousand millionaires. With a million dollars (of course there is income tax but still imagine each person gets $1 million after taxes which is probably not inaccurate), the interest on that, currently at 5% is $50,000 a year. A person can easily live comfortably on $50k a year without having to work ever again. That doesn't even mention that better returns of real estate, low-risk stocks, etc. And here nobody was even physically hurt, but even if they were...even if there was a preist who punched a kid, honestly...is that worth $1 million dollars? Who is ever going to have 1 million dollars in their lives? I can see paying for any hospital bills, and even paying as a punishment, but most people don't have millions of dollars, in the case of nonviolent molestation and even to some degree violent assault where no permanent damage is done, I don't think monetary penalties should go beyond the thousands, honestly....it's bizarre that people on juries award millions to victims of nonviolent crime. This is clear evidence of a lack of logic, and sexual hysteria on the public's part, so that inappropriate or unpopular nonviolent sexual activity is wrongly viewed as being equal to murder and massive violent assault.
Most atheists love this bad publicity of the cult of Jesus, and go on for hours about how evil the religious are, but I find myself more on the side of defending physical pleasure without objection, although definitely I am for stopping, exposing and punishing assault of any and all kinds, for full free info, and am against religion in favor of science. To me the antipleasure hysteria is more frightening than a few minor assaults or butt and genital touches, but assaults must be exposed and stopped, all assaults against children, against adults, sexual and nonsexual too. Many of us have been assaulted, although nonsexually, in particular when we were kids, but I seem to be the only person speaking up for our rights (except the recent anti-spanking group, but spanking is a tiny fraction of nonsexual assaults of people under 18). A better focus is against violence starting with murder, and most damaging assaults, and then moving on to smaller assaults, a public database of violent offenders, exposing 9/11, Frank Sturgis, Thane Cesar, and so many thousands of others, helping to solve unsolved murders, Bonnie Bakley, Jam Jay, Chandra Levy...the killers are still out there some where, protected by the insiders.
This is kind of scary and a loss for children's rights in my opinion. You have to understand the bottom line: "the county to screen all children in the foster system", and this is a screening to see if they have psychological "diseases" such as psychosis, neurosis, scizophrenia, adhd, manic depression. The important issue to me is "do these kids get to consent or object to this treatment?" And the answer is definitely a resounding "no". They have no choice but to be subjected to these "mental health screenings". I think the public and in particular outsiders ought to think about who might fund this. I mean clearly ultimately the govenment is going to be spending $90 million tax payer dollars, not on free food, not on free clothes, but on these highly doubtful psychological claims and theories for which there is not one physical diagnostic test like those for cancer, broken bones, cavities, etc. I would not doubt at all that big phamaceutical companies support this effort, because it is a wise investment to peddle their drugs to kids who might become life-long customers of their meds, by those employed in psychology who get money when people are in their hospitals, who get money to treat people, this creates a few thousand more potential patients, but then also the more Nazistic element of the supporters of this kind of movement, are those conservatives, who want to roll out these "mental screenings" onto the general public, and start to hospitalize their political opponenets. The psychological imprisonment system has been an open door around habeus corpus for centuries, and therefore it is always possible, until that door is closed (and think about what that requires...basically an end to forced psychiatric treatments, and even psychiatric imprisonment...at least where the hospital is not simply serving as a prison for a person who has had all legal opportunities like any other person imprisoned). This is why my story "We are all sane" is so relevent. You can see how this psychological pseudoscience apparatus is being rolled out...and it's onto the defenseless first, onto children who can't defend themselves, then onto highschoolers, then onto homeless, then onto the unemployed, who knows...those on some form of govenrment assistance, those who want a driver's license, etc. And the amazing this is how they couch it...as being in the best interest of children...that to not mentally screen them is neglect. You know, I can see providing people to talk with children...but you know...there are adults and teachers who talk with kids...and explain to them about sex, about science, about people, about history, about violence, about the history of religions and religious persecution, etc. but this screening...you should know by now what this is all about...it's about pumping meds into kids, trying to get them hooked on these meds, so they will give johnson and johnson and pfizer etc multibillion dollar income without curing any problems whatsoever...and they key is "do these kids have the choice to say no?"...isn't that an important issue? Do they have the right to say "no I don't want to be screened for mental problems"? Do their foster parents even have that choice? You can see that if you are a child, and have no natural parents, you are going to be at the lowest status of all...not even a parent will stand up for your rights, right to enjoy physical pleasure, right to vote, right to work, and the right to refuse treatments, etc. Just the way the people operate is so shockingly smooth....they buy the newspaper story, they buy these legal cases...they buy the judges....and its all funded behind the scenes...by drug companies...buy eugenics-believing nazistic republicans....it's very very deceptive what they are doing. So get ready for your mental health screening...and legally mandated meds and surgical treatments, don't bother saying 'no' it makes no difference.

It's interesting thinking about human evolution, in particular how the racial differences evolved. For example, it is interesting to think that, the early australopithicines, like their common ancestor with monkeys and chimpanzees had straight hair much like many european, and chinese people do...but that interestingly enough, for this to be true, it means that the curley hair of many black people, had to have evolved only recently, and been selected, perhaps sexually selected, or for some environmental reasons. And so it may be with the dark skin of native African people today...or did australopithicus have dark skin? Chimpanzees have light skin, but are covered with bodily hair, so it seems possible that with the loss of hair, darker skin was created in its place. It seems the answer would be one or the other...that the ancestor of all homonids had dark skin, or light skin. It's hard to believe that all native Southern African people only evolved dark skin after a common ancestor left Africa, but then, it seems clear that the curley hair characteristic of all these people must have evolved after that common ancestor left Africa into Europe. Also another major evolutionary difference was the Chinese evolution of so-called "slanted" eyes as opposed to the round eyes of chimpanzees, european, native african humans...and it seems likely to me that this feature of slanted or horizontal eyes was sexually selected out again in native american descendents (the other option being that round-eyes Asian people are the ancestors of most if not all native american people, possibly the Ainu people of Japan have the more common round eyes). Still, it is a wonderful and curious thing that humans in Asia found slanted eyes more sexually appealing, since I can't imagine that there is some other reason for the evolution of slanted eyes. There are other subtle differences that are also interesting but harder to define, for example there are various skeletal and muscular features that exist as lineages among humans, for example those with so-called "hooked" noses, etc, almost all sexually selected or simply the effect of genetic combination.

many people use the term "crazy" all the time, many times simply out of tradition, but many times to make an explicit point about their belief that a person is crazy, and I think we need to watch out for these believers in psychology. They are to me like concentration camp people, the anti-habeus-corpus people, its like an "other" religion, similar to those who believe in stories of witchcraft and psychics. The "crazy" judgers who of course always presume themselves to be perfect, sane without a particle of a mistake in their beliefs or unusualness in their behavior. These are like the auschwitz camp guard people, like the witch trial mobs, its like racism, but I think with even more dangerous reprocussions because unlike being a member of a minority race, you can be jailed without a trial for life if you are judged to be "insane", even though you may be in perfect accord with all existing popular laws. The founding people of the first representative democracies should have created an ammendment that explicitly stipulates protection from arrest or confinement for "delusion" and erroneous beliefs. Violence is more important. People who are violent should be a bigger focus of discipline and attention. Violence is by far a worse problem than inaccurate beliefs and/or unusual nonviolent behavior. But surprisingly I hear more complaints about "crazy" people than "violent" people. I guess violent people are more scary than so-called crazy nonviolent people. Isn't honesty/dishonesty more important too? Isn't lying a bad thing? Isn't lying unethical and immoral? Isn't dishonesty dangerous? Isn't dishonesty a feature of fascist regimes, and criminals? Isn't secrecy wrong? Isn't is neglectful and unethical to withold important information? In any event, we don't hear many complaints about dishonesty, and those who routinely lie, how wrong dishonesty is...I mainly hear more about the dreaded "insanity", weirdness, psycho(sis), etc and of course with that goes rampant "drug use", sexuality, blasphemy, etc. Violence and dishonesty don't appear to be big hang ups with the majority of people in society. I would add antisexuality and antigay feelings which I encounter on a daily basis. Antisexuality and antihomo and antibisexuality like dishonesty are certainly freedom of thought, and speech, and people should be entitled to those terrible mistaken beliefs, but aren't those somethings we should definitely be looking out for? Aren't those things we should openly identify and work to support those who do not espouse them, and to try and reach those who do with the truth?
Then there are those people who tell children not to be "tattle tales", and again that is in my opinion very bad advice, ... I'm shocked when I see adult reprimend children for telling on their siblings...that is so backwards....it's like...no don't tell us the truth....make sure to lie to us....and expresses an elementary school mentality of many of these people that control the cam-thought-neuron net, secrecy is wrong...people should have allegience to the truth and informing the lied to above all else, that is the more ethical path, although lying and keeping secrets is for the most part legal, or certainly should be in my opinion, still, lying and keeping secrets is bad advice to be giving people of any age, in particular young people...that is a barbaric slogan and thing to be telling children...not to tell the truth about something they know or saw.
Let's not forget the antigay death campers, I feel like taking a second to remind shitheads like this that the neocons detonated a killaton of explosives in the WTC while 2000 people were still inside...I mean no complaints about that? Gayness and unusual nonviolent behavior is more dangerous and upsetting than that?! No fears about that? No fear about the future of that not being punished? of that happening again? What a bunch of petty mixed up people with upside down values.

I've been reading about the history of democracy, and it's interesting, in some cases, such as the parliamentarians versus the king the rights of the citizens were won in violent confrontation, but other times, the rights were won through nonviolent negociation (in some cases, because the king needed money, and the land owners forced him to grant certain rights before agreeing to pay). The colonists of the US, of course, fought a brutal 8 year war against the kingdom of great britain and colonial loyalists and so many thousands of people gave their lives to create the representative democracy in the USA and throw off the shackles of the parliamentary monarchy of England. The US representative democracy was the first (so far as I know) to grant the right of freedom of religion to people. The Mediterranean Island of Corsica was the first nation of modern times to create a constitution, the US being second. The US was the first major colonial nation to throw off its foreign ruler. All this is ancient history, and we are looking at forming colonies on the moon and mars. But isn't it likely that those colonies on the moon and mars will express similar self-governing ideals and express contempt for those of earth who might want to control their freedoms? And even now, there exists a conflict between majority opinion and representative opinion. In my opinion we are on our way to a full democracy in the USA, and every other nation. We could expect that some of the first nations to throw off monarchy and embrace representative democracy would be some of the first nations to throw off representational democracy and embrace full democracy, a view that was considered anarchy in the 1700s, but then representational democracy without a king was seen as anarchy by many at that time. How is that going to happen? I think the most probable course is going to be through the representational democracy, by voting for people who will introduce the reforms...through a nonviolent process.

Many people are hinting that our next Presidential election is already rigged for the Republican candidate to win. Nice eh? I don't know. But it would not surprise me. Think about it. Here there is a powerful group of people who routinely has been seeing, hearing and sending thought for 100 years. By now, there can't possibly be any secrets for those at the top, and the power of control over people's minds and votes has to be unprecedented with the neuron activation technology, where outsiders are basically simply bit-twiddled to vote one way...their minds are made up for them. But beyond that, it seems clear that 2000 was pure fraud and undemocratic. I don't know, but there cannot be too much that is unknown or unpredictable for those in the camera-thought net.

One thing that is unpleasant to talk about, but it is important to understand, is that without seeing eye images, ears, and video of a sex assault, it is very difficult to prove that a sex assault (generally erect penis assault of anus, or vagina) happened. For outsiders all there is, is a person's testimony that it happened. If the assaulter (and also for nonviolent crimes, the genital, or buttock toucher) admits, then I think that might be enough proof for me, but just the say so of the alledged victim, I don't think is enough, because there is always the possibility of them lying, and seeing, hearing and sending thought, Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar are all strong evidence that many people lie all the time. Without a video, without the eye images, (a who video tapes them having sex or being assaulted?), it's tough for an outsider to know if an assault really happened. Even with sperm, how do you know there was at least one objection? 07/19/07 many people have a tough time being unbiased when there are accusations of sexual assault without any physical evidence such as a video, and no confession. In fact, probably most people will absolutely believe a person who claims to have been raped even without physical evidence. Nobody should be jailed for lying, but they should be exposed, and as always the truth and proof should be available to all. And always, do people argue that we should legalize prostitution? No, that never seems to be an answer to sexual assault. And what about more sexual education? There again, no. And as a result, young 15 year old males, like those in Florida recently, become violent, can't get sex, desperately need sex, and so they do violent sexual assaults. Where if prostitution was legal, if the public accepted that young people, in particular males need sex, and assisted them to get consensual sex, we would not have these vicious sexual assaults like the recent one in Florida. Sex for money is legal on video, why not without the video? Supporting prostitution is too much for even so-called liberals, even when there are 15 year old males sexually assaulting people...they don't get it, and won't anytime soon.

Seeing the Venezuelan television, shows perhaps an even more corrupted version of the US television, or maybe more easily detected because in the US our main source of information is the highly corrupted dishonest television stations.

Bill Clinton said "ought to be" which might be code for "triple ought shot gun to Bee" (Bee being my Mom's nickname). It wouldn't surprise me. Hillary Clinton was senator of NY when the insider animal in the camera-thought net killed my Mom, and another Democrat, Spitzer was Governor, although probably the insider murderer was probably more republican or nazistic than anything. This probably is an appeal to insider murderers for support, and no doubt to the blood-thirsty murderous Christians, who hold up religion and then murder any who reject it. Ultimately the insiders like Bill and Hillary Clinton are so morally corrupted, when you lie about seeing, hearing and sending thought images and sounds, a person must think "well I'm already lying about that...so I might as well lie about other things too", and so it is with 9/11, Frank Sturgis, Thane Cesar. They are so morally corrupted by seeing, hearing and sending thought, like so many insiders, that they are in the business, not of expressing their own personal views, but of manipulating other people with specially calculated phrases such as "ought to be". You can see that many power-hungry people have this venomous talk in the USA. We are not going to have smart and honest leaders until religion falls to science, until seeing thought is fully exposed, until there is a majority against violence, for pleasure, etc. There is not much we as outsiders can do in the short term to change the murderous insiders in the USA, but I am glad for the 9/11-truth videos, for my own videos exposing the Pupin secret, for my efforts to stop violence, for free info, against the drug war, etc. What insiders do is try to manipulate outsiders mainly, their own views don't really matter, but probably they are rotted anyway. I haven't seen many decent people in my life, and probably it's the idiocy of religion, about stopping violence, about sexuality, secrecy, dishonesty, that make most people that way. We have to remember that the murderer of my Mom like so many other murderers is being protected by insiders such as the Clintons, and Spitzer. We can't deny that they protect Thane Cesar, Frank Sturgis, the 9/11 killers, etc. Maybe it's weakness, maybe it's apathy, whatever it is, we obviously need stronger leaders. The least worst there are, are Kucinich and Paul. I hope the public figures out that 9/11 was an inside job, that Sturgis killed JFK, that Pupin saw eyes, etc, and soon before the 2008 election, and reclaim the USA for law and justice, in particular for stopping violent people most importantly murderers. My hope is that conservatives recognize that violence is evil and vote for Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul.

Jeanene Garafalo said that 9/11 was an inside job on the Conan O'Brian show. Garafalo seems like a person who would probably try to spit out the meds. 9/11 was an inside job, it's much less likely that outsiders would do such a violent and immoral thing, unless beamed on by an insider I suppose.

I saw a good video on Pol Pot, Nixon and Kissinger: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9159164859238659487&q=year+zero&total=1498&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=1
This is a good introduction to the work of John Pilger too. The video has some good and clear writing, but I think there is too much appeals and expressions of people starving for me, I am more interested in the political story, I understood that people were suffering from the first 5 minutes of "people suffering" video and it could have been more interesting by not dwelling on that issue (all the Red Cross, etc prejudice against the Communist Vietnamese government, by supporting the Nazistic mass murderer Pol Pot is very informative, useful and interesting). Its interesting that, perhaps with more education, people might have thought to eat the leaves of trees, to fish, ... I see that they made use of corn, the potato would be a good item to grow too in the event of starvation. Then drugs, might be important, mainly penicillin and the morning after pill to stop unwanted pregnancy, and xray equipment, but it seemed to me that the main problems are the typical problems: clean water and food (perhaps unstopped and/or unpunished violence...that is a typical problem all over earth and one most people refuse to address).

These comments by the Clintons have reminded me that we really as a nation need to be looking for a president who is more of a science teacher and less of a religious preacher. And when I say teacher, I mean somebody who is an open and active promoter of evolution and science. For example promising to instruct the NSF to fund a major movie of the history of science, the story of evolution of life on earth, and the probable future plans for humans of earth in terms of going to other planets and stars. My Mom was really naive about people, and this is really a classic flaw in intellectuals and the educated. Smart and compassionate people like to presume that everybody else is like them, and the truth is very very different. For example, my Mom loved the two Clintons, I have audio recordings probably of how she told me she bought and read both of their books. I wish I could tell her how the two Clintons, in particular Hillary who was Senator, not only did nothing to stop her from being murdered, not only protects the murderer to this day, but openly support and joke about her murder with comments like "ought to be", and "sell more stakes". (Kucinich who seems to be a person actually concerned with murder replied with "maybe in her stake (state)"). My Mom thought that most people in this nation don't care about a person's religion, that a person's religion isn't a big deal, that they will still be viewed kindly and fairly. And I am telling the educated, that this is a very bad mistake. I am saying that those of you who have university degrees should not presume that the Cult of Jesus is harmless and Christianity benign. Because, if ever history was taught, and we must teach ourselves, we would know that religious people killing atheists is nothing new. Socrates is a clear example, long before Christianity in 399 BCE, condemned to death for atheism. There are many many others. Even early Christians were killed as atheists of the Polytheistic Roman religion. Jewish people have been killed by the millions as atheists of Christianity. Even in the early United States, those who did not fit in to the Christian religion, many times scientists and atheists, or simply those who rejected the mainstream Christian claims were murdered as witches. One of the Popes allowed torture of "witches". Christians tortured people with red hot irons, and nobody can dispute these historical facts, they can only try to keep them secret which they do very successfully. Anaxagarus is an example of a person jailed for atheism and science before Christianity by Greek religious polytheistic believers. Galileo is a classic example. Are we to believe that all of the sudden 200 years ago, this rabid hatred and murder of atheists by the majority suddenly stopped? No of course not, there is still a large amount of hatred of atheists, agnostics, scientists and the "spiritual but not religious". But in my experience, those people who are atheists, agnostics, not religious, scientists, etc. don't realize that they are dispised by a very large majority of people, and in particular those in the cult of Jesus and cult of God. There is a lot of anger in the cult of Jesus for those who don't go to church like they have to. We like to think this is a modern society where people sleep in, go out in flip-flops, eat icecream in the morning, stay up late, or whatever they want...but you have to remember there is a large amount of vicious murderers out there in the cult of Jesus who don't take life so casually, but as intellectuals and educated, people have made the bad mistake of thinking everybody else is as educated, honest, fair, nonracist, gender equitable, sexual and lawful as they are. Another person my Mom sang the praises of before she was murdered was the Governor of NY Elliot Spitzer, she parroted out the paid-for television and newspaper stories about how Spitzer was the champion of the consumer, against the corruption of big business, etc. but she admited that her view of Spitzer was tarnished after I informed her about a story that didn't make the front page about how Spitzer signed into law that employees of big business and state hospitals can inject drugs into people even against objection. Now after my Mom was murdered, Spitzer, Clinton and company have supported the electrocution of a woman in New York State. You can see next that they absolutely can push through involuntary sterilization, lobotomies (cutting out parts of your brain), removing your lung, you genitals, anything goes...the state and big money hospitals, the big money psychiatric pharma companies can drug you, electrocute you, cut into your brain, take your lung out...and no amount of money for a lawyer or objection is going to make any difference. And we are talking about nonviolent people, many of them even lawful people, held without trial, crime or sentence in total violation of the 1200s habeus corpus concept. I can see using a tranquilizer dart on a person who is asssaulting others, but what these people are doing is drugging, shocking and (for all I know) operating on nonviolent people, people who are not violent, and have never been violent in any way. So Spitzer and Hillary are clearly no defenders of the individual citizen's right to their own body, to say no to drugs and operations, but are defenders and supporters, their campaigns entirely funded by big business and government, your individual rights mean little to nothing to those people. So how do they do it? How are they loved by so many millions who think they are defenders of their freedoms? They convince millions of people about their piousness and fairness by buying ads in the major media. That's how the reputation of Spitzer as a defender of the little person is created. When clearly, Spitzer and Clinton go out of their way to applaud murder of an atheist, and drugging and electrocuting nonviolent citizens. This is one of the fatal flaw with representative democracy as opposed to full democracy: that representative people are easily corrupted by money that they need to finance ads to trick people into thinking that they are pious and therefore get votes. Maybe I am going on for a long time here, and not being as concise as I would like. Then look at the issue of 9/11. Only Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul (and the Alaskan democrat Gravel) have said they support a new investigation, and they are ridiculed for this opinion, not only by Republicans (who clearly orchestrated 9/11)...but by Democrats. Then in addition both Kucinich and Paul have the compassion for those nonviolent drug users rotting in prison where under the Clintons more people were jailed under Reagan's mandatory drug minimums than any other president. So clearly Kucinich and Paul represent progress and compassion, where Clinton and Guilliani represent business as usual: a continuing coverup of the truth about 9/11 (Hillary going so far as supporting the Iraq invasion based on the fraudilent 9/11...Kucinich took the less murderous, more honest peace path), protecting of Fiorini, Thane Cesar (still very much alive in the Philippians), the psychophama system, and the recreational drug war. Then look at the monarchy aspect of the mainstream candidates: of 300 million people, people are going to elect the wife of a former US President? This is after many voted to elect and even reelect the son of a former US President. For this, thousands of people died in the War of Independence to be free of kings and queens? This battle is a classic battle of the status quo versus reformers. I definitely count myself among the reformers, the status quo is a monsterous system of secret murders, total dishonesty, massive injustice, total idiocy...I don't know where to begin. If you are not religious, you owe it to yourself to vote, if Democrat for Kucinich, if Republican for Paul, not that they are not religious, but that the mainstream Democrats and Republicans are major members of the cult of Jesus and all the lack of logic, fairness and honesty that accompany that corrupt and ancient belief. Those in the cult of Jesus like to claim that anybody who does not go to church is evil. But the ideas of good and evil are not ideas that we should simply believe based on one person's say so, we need to evaluate people's actions and judge for ourselves what is good or evil. For example, in my opinion evil as humans understand it can be reduced generally to violence against other humans, dishonesty, and things of that nature, not simply to rejection of religious theories, or somebody's claim of good or evil. So this paragraph is really a call out there to the nonreligious, the educated, and educators, to get aware of the evil of the religious majority who are not like you, who have a very backward set of views and values, who are not supporters of science, evolution, religious tolerance, etc. We like to think that everybody is like us, friendly, supporters of human rights, compassionate about stopping suffering, interested in science and evolution...but we have to open our eyes and understand our place in history...the cult of Jesus, and ever larger, the cult of God, still holds a majority as they have since the time of Socrates and Anaxagarus. The popularity of religion will pass, and religion will fall, being replaced by science...so let's be aware of that truth, let's harden our minds, and defend science, pleasure, free thought, free speech, more democracy where we get to vote directly, the things we believe in. We need to know our place in history, we have an opportunity to drop the religious status quo now, that brought us 9/11, Thane Cesar, the largest prison population of any nation, and move towards a more progressive, democratic future with Kucinich or Paul.

My Mom was murdered by one of the people in the secret camera-thought-neuron net who is in a group of people who tormented her over the years. One time they tried to murder her by purposely moving her muscles to make her fall down the stairs, and they very nearly suceeded. My Mom's knee bone protruded out of her skin, she walked around in a daze. Amazingly (A-maser-ingly), a friend of hers, an insider too, happened to call, and took my Mom to a hospital where my Mom recuperated for a few weeks. It's shocking, the vicious Christians that control the camera-thought-neuron technology, in particular in NY State. I think there are some really vicious people in NY, obviously, to allow 9/11 to happen...that was a perfect opportunity to capture controlled demolition wiring up the WTC in the act like Watergate...but not in NY, and this is a northern state we are talking about. An episode of the Simpsons seems to present an analogy for outsiders who might be aware of the inside network. It's the show where the people at the bar all play tricks on the bartender, Moe, and these are vicious tricks, like Barney lights the bartenders tie on fire, then Homer abuses the bartender, but all the others suprisingly are offended by Homer's joke, and vote to ban him from the bar. Maybe it's a paradigm for how, the evil controllers of the neuron network abuse atheist and intellectual outsiders (most of whom are outsiders, because, the technology is controlled by the cult of Jesus and cult of God)...but sometimes the "joke" (I mean a joke or comedy if you are a twisted violent criminal perhaps) one will go too far resulting in the murder of one of the outsiders, and the others might then get upset. But in my experience...you know...it seems clear...many insiders hinted that people laughed and applauded when my Mom was push-button neuron-muscle murdered. There is video of how Bush jr applauded the second WTC 9/11 plane impact. Charach hinted that people applaud murders in my video interview with him. Other insiders have said that people laugh and applaud the various murders they watch like prime time television shows in front of their eyes. The spectacle appeared funny to them. The insider murderer did nothing. This reminds me, for those who saw the John Pilger story about the year zero and Pol Pot, there is a part that is really classical, when Pilger is interviewing those in the Khmer Rouge who murdered many people. It's a foreshadowing of the interviews of those in the Pupin neuron network who murdered hundreds and perhaps thousands of people after the system is exposed. Pilger even goes so far as to use the word "thoughts" to draw a clear comparison to our own societies. The murderers say that if they did not murder, they themselves would be murdered by the higher command, which is no doubt true, but what is the excuse for the neuron net murderers? Clearly they were not forced to murder, they had every choice and opportunity to say no, but chose not to. And for that, they need to be jailed for life at least.

It's stomach turning that I probably will be faced with the decision of voting for Hillary Clinton against Rudy Guliani. Because, on the one side is a person who openly celebrates and allowed the murder of my own mother who was my best friend, and on the other hand, a person who more vigorously supported and actively participated in the mass murder of 9/11. I may vote for Kucinich in the primary, and then libertarian if Hillary wins. I want to support a first female president, but not a person who is part of the witchtrial mob who murdered my Mom. I think voting for the murder-loving, cult of Jesus, Hillary is one more vote in the effort to move the 9/11 plotters out of the government. I don't think Hillary was a plotter of 9/11 (as many republicans, and a few democrats were), but clearly actively went along with the aftermath, even supporting the openly fascist lawless invasion of Iraq. It's going to be a stomach turning nausiating vote in 2008, and all because the public doesn't know the truth.

I would like to start a cool magazine: "The Outsiders: Seeing, Hearing, and Sending Thought, Secret Technology Exposed" and perhaps chat group. But time is so precious, I don't have enough time or money to do that, maybe when I get older.

My Mom was so cool. Because I am vegetarian, she got into vegetarianism too, and tried new recipes, bought vegetarian cookbooks, and veggie burgers, etc. I was really looking forward to taking her to all the vegetarian restaurants in Southern California, and giving her a lot of the veggie grocery foods she can't get in New York. But all that ended when she was murdered in an instant. I got the autopsy report by the way and, she was in fine health, very few if any problems at all. Without the hypothermia, the cause of death would be unknown, although all the insiders and even many outsiders know the truth about how my Mom was push-button neuron-muscle murdered by a violent murderer, one of the thousands, like Pol Pot's minions, in the secret camera-thought neuron net.

It's kind of funny the top search strings that reach tedhuntington.com:
1 186 12.14% rfk
2 175 11.42% big breasts
3 89 5.81% sirhan sirhan
4 41 2.68% biggest breasts
5 39 2.55% rfk assassination
6 34 2.22% beautiful breasts
7 30 1.96% thane eugene cesar
8 23 1.50% robert f kennedy assassination
9 22 1.44% large breasts
10 20 1.31% frank sturgis
11 18 1.17% rfk dead
12 18 1.17% ted huntington
13 17 1.11% robert f. kennedy assassination
14 16 1.04% assassination of robert f. kennedy
15 12 0.78% mary moorman
16 12 0.78% stop violence
17 12 0.78% thane cesar
18 11 0.72% jfk and rfk
19 11 0.72% jfk killing
20 11 0.72% robert f. kennedy

big breasts, biggest breasts, beautiful breasts...generally sex is the most popular.
The other connections are rfk, jfk, stop violence...evidence that I am largely active in the stop violence movement, seeing "ted huntington" is nice to see...it means people are looking specifically for info about me. I do this all the time, it's basically a "what's the deal with this person I've heard about?" search in google or other search engines.

Of my songs, its generally the songs with some sexual word in their title, which shows that peopela re searching for sex and finding my songs with sex words in the title, not necessarily fans of the songs themselves. Or maybe just clicking on songs with sex word titles. There are some execptions though:
# Hits KBytes URL
1 1228 1.60% 62997 0.25% /hkh.htm
2 1215 1.58% 7500 0.03% /
3 988 1.29% 54488 0.22% /video.htm
4 859 1.12% 1160 0.00% /favicon.ico
5 675 0.88% 15021 0.06% /squirrelmail/src/read_body.php
6 483 0.63% 5946 0.02% /squirrelmail/src/right_main.php
7 339 0.44% 2102931 8.47% /mv_psychology.rm
8 294 0.38% 598906 2.41% /tayf5.mp3
9 199 0.26% 327862 1.32% /tayf3.mp3
10 182 0.24% 322611 1.30% /svts/saywhati.mp3
11 179 0.23% 219266 0.88% /bachflutef.mp3
12 162 0.21% 496215 2.00% /vivaldif5.mp3
13 144 0.19% 234784 0.95% /cfoai/30_lockheedf.mp3
14 142 0.19% 225940 0.91% /cfoai/41_sexstory.mp3
15 140 0.18% 2078 0.01% /squirrelmail/src/download.php
16 139 0.18% 213492 0.86% /cfoai/28_jerkoffv2.mp3
17 138 0.18% 190387 0.77% /absolutelynew.mp3
18 137 0.18% 185494 0.75% /cfoai/10_sexoperav.mp3
19 136 0.18% 177348 0.71% /herzund_2f.mp3
20 136 0.18% 377290 1.52% /svts/absolut.mp3
21 136 0.18% 349410 1.41% /svts/beautif.mp3
22 135 0.18% 290254 1.17% /svts/saywhatiB.mp3
23 129 0.17% 386020 1.55% /partitabfinal.mp3
24 123 0.16% 138487 0.56% /9th_2f.mp3
25 119 0.16% 10358 0.04% /bim.htm
26 113 0.15% 13162 0.05% /ulsf.htm
27 111 0.14% 400529 1.61% /svts/tp.mp3
28 109 0.14% 182977 0.74% /cfoai/13_igotthatv4.mp3
29 103 0.13% 87369 0.35% /cfoai/25_fuckalluv.mp3
30 101 0.13% 6539 0.03% /songs.htm

This is just for May 2007. The order changes each month. tayf5 and tayf3 have consistently been near the top, which is nice because "need a lot of love" is listed before that, but apparently people must like this song more. It may appear as a mystery for those excluded...the tv starts watching you...you are their show too? what does that mean? In addition, insiders might not feel as bad about letting it circulate because unlike other songs there are no blatent hints, or sex-related material. You can see how even trivial songs like "glory of the sex story" that I just threw together are up near the top. All this popularity of sexuality makes me think I should go into the sex industry, but... most of it is illegal, except for porno...but that worries me because free info seems inevitable...as time continues people getting paid for photos might be more difficult, look at utorrent and so on. I celebrate it. Some brave people might try to go into the kissing for money business...it depends on interpretation of the law, clearly massage is legal. More about tayf: my brother hinted a few weeks after it was popular but I didn't think much about it. There are some nice lyrics there, I like "they all god", it has at least two meanings...they think they are a god, and secondly they are all addicted to the god lie...in other words...its like their brain is gone to the cabbage for people who watched sctv....some people refer to it as "baby those aren't your friends", kind of cute. The fascists in the eye net make it "those aren't your friend" to imply I'm an oddball with no friends, that I'm not a team player, that my kind of life results in isolation. People like the classics to a funky drum, that surprises me, but a while ago there was some professional effort at that...I can't remember the CD has a catchy title...I can't remember, but it's kind of funny. Say What I want to, is a total mystery to me, why that is popular. That was one of my Mom's favorite songs which I couldn't understand either. For whatever reasons, the recording didn't go well and the timing wasn't perfect, but as always with my songs, they are rough versions that should have been developed by a team in a studio. It's like the form of a recording a member of a band would bring in for other members to decide if a song is worth developing. It's about a person having their own mind, thinking for themselves, rejecting the orders of so-called superiors, and just generally, a person who wears whatever they want...that rejects societal standards. All this in typical cockney british verbage. Many people laugh about the last line, "and I will keep, me Jame waving free and standing tall, attached to me, atop me balls", and refer to it by using the word "atop". People appear to listen to absolutely nothing, then Beautiful people then that's it, they don't make it to chimpanzee...

Here's a funny story about one of my music videos, "Psychology", the buttocks actually descending to drop a poop was suggested by Michael Moore via beam, before I had just a buttock dropping turds, so there is a TP music video moment.

Email to NY Governor Spitzer (and all people of earth):
The State of New York won its battle in court to order even more forced electroshock for Creedmoor Psychiatric Center inmate "Simone D.,"

I certainly want my vote counted against forced treatment, and in particular electrocution or so-called "electroshock" therapy without consent. The Nuremberg laws were made to stop such unconsensual treatment. What is shocking is that as humans the people in the NY State government can condone such abuse.

=======end email
Electroshock treatment is pure fraud. Electrocuting people has no positive effect on the human brain. It does not take a genius to see that electrocuting people is not going to solve any problems, many of which are caused by deep societal traditions that are not easily cured with a pill or high voltage. But the main issue here, is that no person, imagine you or I having to be subjected to this torture, no person should be electrocuted without their permission. The Nuremberg laws were created for this very reason, to stop, in particular, experimental druggings and surgical procedures on non-consenting people. Imagine you being forced to have a lung removed. It is absolutely against the most simple and basic principle of a human's right to their own body.

I am somewhat surprised to see that electroshock is still being done. Mainly people are being drugged. I wonder now if lobotomies are still being done? That is where parts of people's brain is removed...I mean that is absolutely illegal in my opinion, and more importantly viciously brutal and a complete violation of human rights.
07/10/07: update: Spitzer bought a NY Times "news" story about how his family suffers from his being governor because of the attention. If I could buy a NY Times "news" story, I would buy one about how it is rumored that Mihalo Pupin figured out how to see what eyes see from behind the head in the infrared, just like Yan Dan did with electrodes at Berkeley. How Pupin is not alive to comment, and his family could not be reached for comment, but how Columbia Universities officials catagorically deny any such claim, but do admit that Pupin did work that is still classified as a government secret. I would then have the news story suggest that Pupin may have even been able to see, not only what a person or any species sees, but images that they think of, or at least this is what many people are claiming on the Internet. But there simply is not enough money to pay the NYTimes to print such a story. They will not accept money for such an honest piece of news. Or perhaps I would do an innoculous story on how many people are talking about the idea of people getting to vote directly on the laws, quoting one political science professor (who we could scrounge up) as saying "people may sometime realize that they should not have to live under laws they never have the opportunity to vote on". Again, though, the NY Times, or LA Times, it is doubtful that they will accept a few hundred thousand dollars to print such text on paper or electronically.

One thing people will not be able to hide, is that their ass was inside. As the public gets informed and takes over the camera-thought network, probably a new second class citizen will take their place and that will be the former insiders.

If we could see in the camera-thought net we would probably see what a Victorian-style era this is, and how insiders talk in powder-puff talk, like "you've done all you can...and have made a mammoth effort" and pat each other on the back for the tiniest, most miniscule effort...ridiculously small efforts.

Like any illegal addictive product, everything you associate with illegal drugs, associate with the camera-thought network. People beg for murders of loved ones to be stopped, for loved ones to be included, to be able to tell loved ones that they hear their thoughts, for insiders to stop misleading loved ones with bad suggestions, etc...begging these brutal nazistic police and military controllers who usurped Pupin's invention, people must beg them, as the camera thought net controllers fuck and suck their daughters and wives...their daughters and wives suck and fuck them probably to see even tiny little bits inside people houses and to hear a few more minutes of people's thoughts...just like a cocaine fix. People clearly pay thousands for the precious images and audio from inside people's houses and heads. It's very nice to hear what people think. I will be glad when the curtain is pulled off and the public gets to see all the evil insiders. It probably looks like a Rube Goldberg-like mechanism: the illegal drugs come in through the official government growers, dealers and distributers, the police take their cut of the money, the military takes their cut. Independent, non-government dealers play an important role: they can be arrested, their drugs and money taken...care to investigate where the money and drugs go after the bust? People claim the drugs are burned (I doubt it), but what about the money? Then the people in the government can buy a media ad/news about how they made a big drug bust, the outsiders are happy thinking that the drug war is being won. This also temporarily removes some competition from the government pipeline. Behind the curtain young females do sexual favors in order to see and hear thoughts from the violent criminal cam-thought net controllers. This system has been happening since 1910, and there is no sign of the outsiders catching on anytime soon. You have to realize that the controllers of the camera thought net are proud of what they did on 9/11, they applaud that mass murder and many other murders, so a blowjob, theft, assaults...those are nothing, after all, they celebrate murder of innocent lawful people.

How hard is it to believe that what eyes see can be seen from the back of the head? Apparently, it is tremendously hard to believe, in particular without any physical evidence other than a 1937 book, a Pupin dollar, a Robin William movie, and a few other tiny pieces of evidence.

I see that I am truly in a tiny tiny minority. My views on full democracy without representatives, free information, evolution, science, atheism, pleasure, etc represent about 10% of the planet, so all the military, all the police, the business owners, the public all form a different side-a side for secrecy, for apathy about murder, for the current system of government, religious, creationists, antiscience or ignorant of science, antipleasure, traditional...and so its going to take centuries for full democracy, for the public to see thoughts, to see the evil murders in the millions of this century...just a very very long time for people like me to hold a majority. But the Internet replacing telvision may accelerate things, people moving into orbit, the moon may accelerate things slightly. But clearly, both major sides of democrat and republican are on a different side from me...my views on full democracy, free info, etc represent about 10% of the public, but I think it seems inevitable that these views will grow and become the majority views eventually.

If you think that there is some massive smart intellectual group out there looking out for smart people, to include them into hearing thoughts, seeking out other atheists, and wise people, you are sadly mistaken, there is no such group...or else as an educated person, and atheist or agnostic...why wouldn't you be seeing, hearing, and sending thoughts? Why would you have never ever heard of Frank Fiorini, Thane Cesar, etc? Its simple logic to realize that the vast majority is monsterous and there is no wise, smart, massive group who cares little about including violent, religious, people who care little or nothing for science. Basically, there are only tiny scattered smart people, very few even recognize the truth of evolution. And smart people are probably the number 1 victim of the fascists that control the camera-thought net. These thugs purposely seek out smart and popular people, beaming terrible suggestions using the shockingly powerful and influential neuron activation technology.

One scary idea is that there must be underground sides, where people control lasers above ground but are not subject to lasers below ground. And this paints a scary picture, because when underground republicans (the first strike people of this half-century) decide to kill democrats above ground, the democrats underground have no choice but to laser-kill republicans above ground, because they cannot reach the people who control the beams underground. And so, this could actually be a stratagy for sick republicans underground to remove fellow republicans above ground...simply by laser push-button murdering many democrats above ground, the democrats underground would then, of course, return fire by laser push-button killing many republicans above ground, and what would remain is a nasty "underground earth" existence, where people would probably not go above ground for fear of being laser killed. The underground facilities have to be well guarded to keep out lasers. Maybe not though, perhaps even there lasers are installed. I really don't know. But the invention of small low cost lasers and in particular the neuron muscle controlling technology has created terrible additions to the arsenal of war. For example, powerful lasers are now a reality that people may use in war...there are limitations to how far a laser can reach, from a satellite, it can reach only one hemisphere of earth, on the ground it can only reach in a spherical radius. But the lasers are far more dangerous than conventional guns, being much faster, not running out of ammunition, cutting and killing instantly at the speed of light. The addition of neuron firing beams, and cutting lasers has made life on earth very dangerous, and our survival as a species is seriously at risk, not only because of the secrecy surrounding these inventions (and therefore the lack of democratic control over them), but also simply because of their dangerous powerful instantaneous destructive capability. Those with control over the lasers certainly enjoy flaunting them by zapping people as a reminder to all observers of the unpleasant possibilities, or simply as a sign of their unimpeded control over the public.

I wonder if Bush-Cheney made a secret campaign promise to the defense industry contractors to get elected, perhaps a promise of a war within a year, but then delivered late...maybe even a promise of 9/11? Or perhaps 9/11 was cooked up after they were elected. The Northwoods document makes clear that there are twisted people in the US military constantly hatching up these bizarre false-flag operations...probably since the beginning of Pupin's invention, but no doubt even back to the first printing press newspapers.

I hope there is some President that goes before the people to make a statement similar to this:
"My fellow citizens, I have come before you today to tell you something that is very important. What I have to tell you about is a secret. A very powerful and dangerous secret. This is a government secret, and a secret that also involves business, and every one of you. Many people would like this secret to remain a secret. I ask you for your opinion. Do you want to know what this secret is? Or would you rather not know?"
(after the votes are counted)
"Thank you for your votes. As I think everybody expected, you have overwhelmingly voted to be told about this secret. 90% of you have voted to be told what the secret is, knowing that telling you will change your life tremendously. There is no easy way to tell you what this secret is. This secret is probably one of the best kept secrets in history. Many of you may not even believe it when you hear what it is. I can tell you that this secret, is a very old secret that was found in 1910 by a professor at a university, and that it has to do with science and technology. I can tell you that this secret is an invention, and that this invention radically changed the way that people communicate. One important implication of this invention is that in an instant you will know the truth about many murders. You will know for sure, without any doubt at all, who murdered who, and like me, you will demand and vote for those murderers to be captured and jailed. All of that will probably happen. But just knowing what the secret is, is the first step in this process of informing you the public about technology you should have been informed about decades ago. Now this invention has upset many people. Many people are bothered by the changes this invention has caused. In some way, we might compare this invention to the first atomic bomb, but to set people's mind at ease, this invention is not destructive in any way. I am simply saying that this technological advance is one that will cause a large amount of controversy and strong opinions. I can tell you that there is more than one invention that has been kept secret from the public, and in particular there are two major inventions that I am going to tell you about. The first, as I told you was invented in 1910 by a professor at Columbia University in Manhattan, New York. In some ways, you could say that this was a second "Manhattan project". It was a terrible mistake on the part of the people at that time, to choose secrecy instead of informing the public. The invention of photography back in the 1800s was not kept secret, the first finding of X-rays was not kept secret, the atom bomb, the most massive destructive power known to life was not kept secret, but people in 1910 made a very bad choice, a very bad choice indeed, and that mistaken decision has continued until the present time. The second invention happened two years later, and this invention while related to the first invention, has even more radical implications for communication for life. So without further delay let me end this 100 year old secret, a secret which has plagued mankind for a century, causing unprecedented misery and injustice. Ironically the secret is terrible and the scourge of humanity, but the technology itself is very wonderful, and therefore should never have been kept secret in the first place. So I must remind you that when the truth is revealed to you about this secret invention, many of you will be shocked, and perhaps worried, but I want to reassure you that this invention is wonderful, and promises to make life much easier for all of us. So at this time I will reveal the first secret, which has been kept for 100 years without the poor public ever being told. This secret is that in 1910, Professor Michael Pupin, working at Columbia University, was the first to record an image of what a person sees from behind their head in infrared light. It seems so very simple to say it, and many of you might be thinking to yourselves...'that is all?...that is the big secret? that a person figured out how to see what a person sees from behind their head in infrared light?' and truly it seems like only a small wonder at first. And no doubt it is only a small wonder, and reveals to us, that those people in 1910 were very wrong in thinking this invention to be so scandelous. And those people in subsequent years, so very wrong in viewing this invention as too shocking for the public. Many people at the time viewed such technology as being useful against other nations, and this argument carried a lot of weight among the distrustful. But this argument was washed away like so many grains of sand when in only a few short years, every major government had reproduced the same exact technology. You can see, that among the great powers of earth, there are actually very few secrets. It was only the poor public, those who are not as well-to-do that were not told of this invention. So Pupin figured out how to see what people see from behind their head in infrared light. And it was instantly recognized that one could then see what the other animals were seeing too. And as you might expect, the other species see the universe quite in the same way as we humans do. So what do you think of that? What do you think about the fact that we can now all see what each other is seeing from behind our heads, without seeing the front of a person, without seeing their eyes directly from the front? Isn't that grand? Isn't that spectacular? I hope you share my excitement. Now there is more to tell you. The wonders of science did not end there. In fact, this is really only where the story of this terrible secret just begins. Tomorrow night I will bring you more information about this terrible secret and miscarriage of justice. But for tonight, let us rest on that thought, of what I have told you, that in 1910, Professor Mijalo Pupin, working at Columbia University, in Mahattan, New York, figured out how to see what a brain sees from behind the head in infrared light."

I saw some of the live earth shows and that was an impressive organizational event. There were some very nice duets. I couldn't help but see my own ass there shocking people with my jaw dropping lyrics and guitar laden riffs, running around in either stars and stripes or cherokee costumes. But I realized that my material is too hot even from my own living room. I don't have many environmental songs, but maybe I would have performed "Earth 2 U", "People of the Earth", and/or "Diminished" maybe my new one "don't let them bring you down" or of course "we need a lot of love". Perhaps a big-ol ship could have been put together for a pumped-up rendition of "Journey to Centauri". I don't know, what ever the people want, that is what I would give them, and of course, as usual much much more. I could have showed a preview for my watered-down "Democracy of Earth" film epics. I was thinking that I could be just the stablizer that that show needed.

In fact, I thought of a cool idea, why not have more rock shows with cool causes such as:
1) stop violence
a) stop murder show
b) stop assault show
07/11/07 update: this stop violence idea is ripe and filled with creative possibilities, here are more:
c) stop death penalty for non-violence crimes
1) money goes to produce freely distributed videos for the people of nations where people are executed for "crimes against chasitity", "homosexuality", "drug trafficking", "theft", etc. expressing that this punishment is far too harsh for the crime, since the crime is nonviolent. A complete list should be made and the public should be informed about what is happening and where.
2) total free info
a) we could give cool facts like: "while nobody has died from copyright, many millions have been pissed off by it."
3) total constant democracy
4) decrim the prost
5) stop the drug war
6) against racism
7) for gender equality
8) bi, gay, les, and straight tolerance
9) for science
a) highlight history
b) money goes towards science history video
10) against forced treatment
a) could add segment just against using psych meds, probably we could count out big pharma sponsership at that point
11) Develop the Moon show
a) Develop Mars show
b) Space exploration show
12) Walking robots show
a) money goes to support walking robot development
13) Benefit to expose Pupin, seeing hearing and sending thought
14) Future show
a) money goes to free public DVDs about timeline prediction about future
15) End hunger show
a) money goes to provide free food and water for those dying of starvation and dehydration, in addition to showing how the money is used in a free public video on the web.
16) Free utilities
a) money goes to free/gov subsidized web video encouraging people to vote for free utilities such as high speed internet, water, heat, electricity.
17) End Sales tax show
a) money goes to web video to end sales tax
18) End taxes for those earning under $100k show
19) Free clothes show
a) money goes to free clothes for low income people
20) Expose Frank Fiorini killer of JFK show
21) Jail Thane Cesar killer of RFK show
22) 9/11 Inside Job show

The Live Earth show was certainly a score for Gore and the Democrats. It's interesting how, terrorist acts help the Republican cause, while fun musical benefit shows benefit the Democrat cause. Maybe the Republicans will put on a show, maybe a "Global Warming isn't a fact" show, or a "Bomb Iran" show, the Republicans could try out this form of advertising and reaching the public with their messages and beliefs.

Similarly to how hard is it to believe that, like Yan Dan at Berkeley, but without the electrodes, people figured out how to see what a person sees, how hard is it to believe that there evolved advanced life out there with the simple capacity to move stars into globular clusters as I have shown is so easy to do with even a single planet?

Pupin, in his books talks about "resonance" alot. Perhaps the method he used was to make arrays of tiny resonators. Pupin was primarily an electrical person, and not a photographic person, but he did work with fluorescent screens. So probably seeing thought and eyes was first done using electronics, but photography can't be ruled out either. Electrical resonators are built in a variety of ways, some people use capacitor and inductor oscillator circuits, crystal oscillators can be used. It would seem like a lot of work to make even a small array of tiny oscillators. It would be nice to make them easily adjustable (like a radio tuning dial, which is a variable capacitor, the turning is geared and brings one capacitor plate closer or farther from the other), but I don't know how that could be done for an array of oscillators. I would encourage people to experiment with simple oscillators trying to send and receive photon signals of specific frequencies (radio) and adjusting those circuits. It might be more simple to make an array based on a single frequency of light. If I were to chose a wavelength, I would choose one around 10-50cm, since this is what the people holding out their arms are showing. With this electronic method, you can be sure that you are capturing a specific wavelength of photons, as opposed to electronic light detectors which might pick up a wide variety of wavelengths (and possibly diffraction gratings might not diffract long enough wavelengths to isolate one 10-50cm). Basically what this is, is an 2d array of radio receivers all tuned to the same wavelength. It's like a few hundred or thousand radio receivers all packed together in a 2 dimensional array square.

my email address ted@tedhuntington.com (and probably all from tedhuntington.com) is banned from sending to hotmail.com addresses (but not google gmail.com or yahoo.com, better for people to switch to google probably, Microsoft is a total dinosaur ...and the stuff they do is out there...radically different from out of nowhere, not progressive...not like opensource where things get progressively better and if they don't a new project splits off and maintains the progessive nature...but it's rare because most people who develop software dont waste time with radical cosmetic redesign changes...for example look at Vista how they removed "my computer" from the desktop...a million people are now like 'how do I get to my file?'. Vista is basically XP but the icons were repainted and now they can charge another $100 for all those people who paid for XP.). Banning email addresses is a useless antispam technique in particular because too many non-spammer people are punished. Even with my tiny hand-made spam program I don't do that. I can ban certain email addresses, but I mainly ban links in emails, and keyword combinations. Because almost 90% of spam uses "spoofed" (simply enters in a fake address...you would think the email system would have electronic MAC addresses with each email, or some method of knowing the exact location of every email just like a post office timestamp) email addresses, banning an email address is stupid and useless...it bans too many potentially legitimate email addresses. I don't have any personal problem with Microsoft, I am simply stating facts. In fact, I certainly support Bill Gates' work to end starvation, and his comments skeptical of religion. It's just a simple fact that copyright is a complete failure in the face of the camera-thought network and simply in principle and in practice. And the amazing fact is that unlike the Caryle group that is now taking it's taxpayer funded massive new earnings to buy up other companies, Microsoft has not produced a single hardware physical property product, ... they could have built computers, they could have built robots, but instead perhaps true to the info-only-money form, they have stayed with info only products, and so if copyright is ever voted down by the public, Microsoft would almost definitely collapse, maybe they could continue providing support for legacy Microsoft products at that point. Where other info companies who divested in physical property might survive a total free info society. Dell and Gateway for example would probably easily survive a total-free-info society, as would HP, Sony, and other hardware manufacturing and assembling companies.

That news that the people of China executed a guy who took bribes is amazing, I thought it was a typo...executed? That is overly harsh. Even life imprisonment would be too harsh. Just give back the money, and let people know that this person cannot be trusted without a camera-thought network system where all people can see and hear thoughts to prevent such fraud. We in the US probably don't hear about 99% of the executions around the earth. People are routinely killed for drug trafficking.

Speaking of trafficking, ever notice how the anti-prost people always buy news stories that talk about "trafficking" in sex slaves? It's definitely biased, because like people who work at McDonalds, Walmart, that clear toilets, etc. maybe the sex industry is not glamorous, but certainly a large number of people consent to working in it. If there are exceptions, by all means, no body should be forced into labor, and there are plenty of laws and popular opinion against that. But it got me thinking that you know what? There actually is trafficking in slave labor, and do you know what? It's in the militaries of earth...think about it...those people are forced to work, if they leave they are charged with AWOL, if they quit they can be jailed by a military court and locked into a military prison. So there most definitely are kids trafficked on earth, and they are the young men and women that are forced by illegal contracts (not being able to quit a job is illegal as far as I know). The simple answer is to make the military more like a legal job that people can quit. Beyond the legal human rights labor law issue of right to quit, no body should have to be fighting for a cause they don't believe in. In addition, its time to abolish all military court systems. Now I have put together two proposed laws stating just those principles at tedhuntington.com/vote so let's get those proposed laws rolling already.

There is a good video about executions of young girls in Iran at:
16 year old Iranian girl is executed for a 4th count of "crimes against chastity". To me the issue is less about age, and more about killing a person for a nonviolent crime that is not even a crime.
By no means, does this kind of violence justify invading a soveriegn nation, and I am not advertising that in any way. I simply think this is cause to use free information to inform and educate the public about this injustice.
The BBC narrator exhibits all the usual backwards views, calling szex between the young girl and the cab driver "rape", when probably it was consensual. The sad thing is that it takes a cab driver to introduce the young female to sex, instead of an advanced society educating people and introducing people to all the pleasure and sex they could ever want. Coaching them, guiding them, explaining to them that physical pleasure, such as touching is a wonderful natural part of nature and life on earth, introducing them to all the other people, encouraging them to pursue their interest in kissing, in sex, at their own rate, making strict precautions against STDs, pregnancy (if not wanted), violence, and any and all unconsensual activity, and mainly letting young people join the stream of people participating in sex, be it oral, anal, vagina, masturbation, just gentle petting, genital touching, kissing, etc...not learning from some old guy in a cab (unless that is a person's particular interest), but from your peers, and adults, tasting the variety of sex openly, all together, and accepted as a natural million year old process. Even frogs get erect penises, the erect penis is millions of years old, but people today...act like it is something completely new from another planet or something....not one statue, very few paintings of erect penises or sex have survived through history. In the video, their big defense is that the girl is 16, not that murdering people because of "crimes against chastity" is shockingly vicious, the punishment far outweighing the perceived crime, which is a nonviolent crime to begin with. How about the part where these people are whipped? An assault that leaves life-long scars and immense pain...again for nonviolent crimes. They claim that the girl has "psychological problems" I think "yeah send that psychological gibberish and total rubbish at them...see if that confuses the shit out of them", but really, I think a more honest and worthwhile approach is arguing that such punishments for nonviolent crimes and crimes which are hardly crimes at all is too brutal. In the Arab nations, people argue that Muhammad could not make mistakes, being divinely guided, but since there were many people who lived before Muhammad, and Muhammad was only a human, isn't it entirely possible that Muhammad and the writers of the Koran (or Bible for that matter) were mistaken or under a bad influence themselves to some extent? Or just simply wrong or the victim of bad traditions. Al-Razi only a century later was critical of Islam, citing other poetry as better than the Quran. Without a doubt, they were wrong about the sun going around the earth, and so, it seems very clear that they might have been wrong on many other issues too. And those arguments should be taken to people living under Sharia laws, and perhaps sent through the postal system or air dropped, because those places are too dangerous for open discussion or tourism probably until the power of secular law replaces the power of religious law and religious leaders. I'm not saying that to be racist or mean, because I am not racist, and I oppose racism (I support racial variety as a healthy goal), I see every person as different, and care most about their internal views. It's the violence and jailing done to nonviolent people all over the earth that worries me. In the West, things were very similar for centuries, until the secular laws protected people from religious fanaticism. My concern is the violence, and the imprisonment done to nonviolent people all over the earth. Europe and America has only had protecting from execution for "blasphemy" and "heresy" for just over 200 years. People were executed and miserably, burned alive, in the West even as recently as the 1700s. The execution of nonviolent people makes traveling to the Arab nations (even Egypt where people are very interested in seeing the ancient Egyptian monuments, and Turkey) dangerous for people used to the rules of life in the West. The West certainly has large amounts of barbarism too. People are jailed here for centuries for consensual sex with young people, for selling drugs, many are locked indefinitely in psychiatric hospitals, tortured, restrained, electrocuted, drugged, without any democratic trial, no sentence, without any contact to the outside for decades. So the entire earth is awash in violence and injustice. I would like to visit all those nations and of course the other planets and moons too, to see many of the archelogical and historical artifacts, but it's too dangerous. This is one reason why I am working for change, and these issues of violence in other nations and in our own nation fits perfectly into a stop violence movement's activities, such as producing free videos, giving benefit shows, recording votes, recording and exposing the names and images of violent people, and general free info activities.

It seemed like, and correct me if I'm wrong (me getting a single email is highly unlikely but I call for them anyway), that people at the Live Earth show were giving out "yes"s and "no"s, to what might be old Asimov's technique of ending on a y or n for those scientists who thought the public should be told about seeing and hearing thought, versus those scientists who voted against telling the public (yes being "tell them" and no being "dont tell them"). Because Lenny Kravitz clearly ends with "yes!", as did others. Many people used the word "yall", what could that mean? It's "lay" backwards. Maybe "y" in yall = yes tell them. Sting sang a loud "noooooo!", but who knows, people morph the sounds on the television all the time, they probably morphed the 9/11 phone calls, I know they morph sounds around me, because it's apparently easy to change the sounds we hear in our head beaming to screen 3 and 4. Maybe he was saying 'how about the "no" people? Have they got a bad view or what?' Only time and the camera-though eye vids will show the truth. Sting stood up against aparteid in Africa so it seems inconsistent to be simulateously in favor of aparteid as pertains to seeing, hearing and sending thoughts. Unless you can see a person's thoughts, and potentially even then, I wouldn't be sure of anything. They might not even being refering to that Asimov game, but to some other game or technique.

See my paper:
"Are Photons Matter, and Do They Obey Newton's Law of Gravity?"
Here is the first link I have ever found suggesting that the Pound-Rebka experiment might be evidence for a change in the velocity of photons"
Explanation number 2 is the most likely in my opinion.
The simplest answer is to simply measure the speed of light in the up-down direction relative to earth. To make a measurement, a large distance probably has to be covered, and electronic counters of very high speed used (the fastest I know of can only go microseconds).

In the far future, people will probably have far more interaction. For example, two popular people might have lunch together, they can then put that lunch on their "resume", the popularity of one person potentially adding to the popularity of the other person and vice versa. And so it probably will be with sex too. When one popular person has sex with the other person, there won't be any possessiveness, jealousy, ridicule, or emotional trauma, it will probably be more like a fun popular event that everyone enjoys. Then each person will have the other on their resume and will grow more popular because of their experience with other popular people.

I've said it before, but clearly in the USA, we should be number one in all the sciences and number one in space exploration, but we are not doing that. We could have spent money we don't have in a similar fanatical way that money is being spent on the pointless and bloody Iraq and Afghanistan occupations, by developing the new "new world" of the Moon and Mars. What a jewel in our treasure chest having a few Moon and Mars satellite States would be for the USA. That real estate is prime real estate, and unlike earth, there are very few if any environmental issues, no species habitats to worry about or protect, because the Moon and Mars are basically lifeless desert wastelands, waiting to be developed. Anybody in real estate knows the tremendous value of any land, and the amount of land available for life of this star system is finite and relatively small in quantity. Any person who projects life into the future, sees how important the surface of the Moon and Mars is. Why isn't the USA number one in health sciences? We in the USA clearly have the number one military on earth, our military is far and away the most funded and largest military of any nation. Why don't we have the number one sciences? We aren't leading the way in health science, robot and computer technology, alternative fuel technology, stopping of violence, ... I would like for people to be told 'when you enter the USA, you chances of being murdered, assaulted or wrongly imprisoned decrease dramatically 100 times most other nations'...but that simply is far from correct...in fact, statistically speaking, the second you step over the US Canadian border into Canada your chances of survival increase dramatically. I would like to see the USA lead the way in democratic reform, and democratic government...we could be setting a good example for other representative democracies thinking about going full democracy. We don't lead in the sciences, I think, because people in the USA are more concerned with how many points are scored on a playing field, and are too fanatically absorbed in religions. We should care much more for science than we do.

There is a news story about the death of Jim Morrison, and people are saying that he died of an overdose on a toilet, but I think clearly the camera-thought net images from his eyes and the eyes of people in the governments will show the truth. Maybe it was an overdose, but it might be possible that they pulled a "sylvia" with "remote neuron activation" while Morrison was in the bathroom stall. Just simply causing some critical muscle to contract until the person dies. Any heroine found in the system would cover a cause of death. I was just saying that, what people will clearly find, when all the camera-thought network images are made public, is that a ruthless bunch of murderers killed many of their heros. Without doubt these people staged 9/11, they murdered JFK, and RFK (by conventional technology) and openly covered it up protecting Sturgis and Cesar, all indications are that they have push-button muscle murdered many many fine nonviolent people, in particular liberal intellectual and artistic leaders. Morrison never injected but instead snorted herion through the nose. I question whether, in particular by that method, if people would not be able to judge their level of intoxication and stop if overloaded. I tell people not to use and in particular not to get addicted to drugs, but for sure, nobody should be jailed if a person does use or become addicted to drugs. It's entirely possible to simply plant suggestions into people's mind to use drugs too. Every aspect of secret technology is abused by evil people in power to combat truth and justice from happening in my experience.

I think an awesome potential money-making and fun idea is making a web dating site that not only includes: "religion", and "attends services", but "breast size", "buttocks roundness", "penis size", so people can save a little more time in sorting through thousands of people. The insiders obviously have already done this decades ago.

I think government health care is a good idea, although maybe how to implement it is a difficult issue, but clearly, for me, the basic truth is that, no person in the USA should be starving or dehydrating, and from there, a person is basically talking about government health care to create a bottom line standard of living, just like nobody should be murdered. I think a private only government structure might work, the main key is that everything has to be democratic, and full control has to be in the hands of the majority of each nation, city, town, etc. So when I say private structure, like I envision a libertarian philosophy, I think that ultimately since it has to be democratically ruled, we are talking about a democratic government anyway, since the majority is overseeing all aspects of what they are getting for their money. But anyway, clearly there needs to be a basic standard of living, and basic health care (perhaps guaranteeing some basic services, such as teeth cleanings, treating broken bones, etc, or a monetary limit per person of $10k/year or something, which perhaps could accumulate over the years if not used). One thing I definitely vote against is government money funding "psychological problems", and in particular the psychological drug industry, because much of psychology is inaccurate pseudoscience and simply outright fraud, in particular the theories of "psychosis", "neurosis", "schizophrenia"...and as for the new major "diseases" of adhd and depression...those simply are not important enough to be considered covered under "basic bare bones health care" in my opinion...those are trivial ideas...and well within the range of normal and lawful behavior, beyond that, the theories behind adhd and depression are very abstract and non-diagnostic. One of the best proofs of the experimental and abstract nature of psychology is the idea that there are no known diagnostic tests for any psychological disease, unlike tests for cancer, bone fractures, etc. And so government health care could open the door for taxpayer funding, government-pharmaceutical industry corrupt alliances based on pseudoscience, deception and fraud. The public has to pay billions, that go into the psychological pharm companies pockets, in particular when you add the element of unconsensual treatment...then people being injected with psychological drugs, based on fraudulent pseudoscience experimental theories without any diagnostic tests, has to be done by law to them, even without their consent in clear violation of the Nuremberg laws established to stop just such experimental treatment abuses, and to pour salt in those people's wounds, the tax payers have to pay for the entire ordeal....funding these drug injectors, the hospital owners, the pill prescribers, and everything else. And let us always remember, that these are "patients" who are being drugged without consent...so it's like creating a law "10% of the people need to be drugged, and so 100% per cent need to pay the drug, hospital, and physician people and companies"...it's like an automated deposit system from the taxpayer's pocket into the big pharma industry at the expense of these poor victims who don't want the drugs to begin with. So there are many arguments against psychology. I was glad to see that recently John Travolta gave his opinion that using psychology-based drugs is not a good idea, and I think that is good advice, I don't think people should be taking drugs based on theories of psychology because it is highly experimental, and there is a large history and quantity of inaccurate theories in psychology. So one fear of government health care is the psychological aspect. And clearly all the big people, Hillary, Moore, anybody you can name aside from the Scientologists who have taken a view against psychology to their credit (I should mention that I am not a supporter of scientology, or many of the views of L Ron Hubbard), support and deeply believe in the far-fetched, experimental, and/or trivial theories of psychology. What is already happening is that the majority, who is totally wrong on this issue, are also believers in psychological theory. And so, this terrible system is definitely going to be rubber stamped...and I have to wonder of those big supporters of psychological unconsensual treatment....how many are getting money from the psychology drug sellers?...pfizer, j&j, etc. (Interestingly, a drug company like Merck, we should all be proud of and hold in high esteem, in regard to their not participating in the multi-billion dollar psychological drug industry). I'm not saying that nobody is delusional, most people are inaccurate in many ways...for centuries people claimed that the Sun goes around the Earth, that Jesus rose from the dead, etc. or has unusual behavior...we all have our unusual lawful behaviors. I am simply saying the theories of psychology are inaccurate, do not heal or help the perceived problems, and the vast majority of psychological theory and treatment is purely inaccurate psuedoscience. I think psychology is a science, but a very experimental science that addresses very abstract problems, and uses the results of drug experiments (in addition to shockingly, electrocution, physical restraint, and invasive surgical procedures) to judge whether these abstract problems are cured or not. The worst part, as I said, is that, many (and perhaps most...there is not much research into this issue) of these people who the drugs are injected and forced on, do not consent, and even object to such invasions of their bodies. I can see, a free and open market for all drugs, even psychology drugs, but the key to everything, is that there has to be consent. So I am definitely for government health care programs, the USA should be number one for health care on earth, and care much more for health science, and science in general than people in the USA do. I'm looking forward to seeing Michael Moore's "Sicko" video and getting some good info and arguments for government a comprehensive health care system. Moore made a good point in the video of him on the Larry King show tieh Sanjay Gupta, that here we are spending billions each month for a brutal and pointless war...but we can't spend that much for healing and health care? It's shocking to me that the public is willing to fund and support the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, what terrible mistakes.

Our justice system is so messed up. Now a majority of 9 people decide everything for everyone. And 5 of those people are shockingly backward and conservative. I hope the 9/11 trials of the people who refused to settle exposes how 9/11 was an inside job, and how the WTC building could only have come down in a controlled demolition, how the Pentagon hole is too small, start to subpoena videos people in the government confiscated, and start to question employees of Controlled Demolition, inform the jury and public that there was molten metal, and ask 'how could there possibly be molten metal in a gravity-only collapse?', and start to work their way up to find all those involved in 9/11, perhaps the worst planned mass murder in US history. But you know...how far can they go, when the highest jury possible, is 9 people of which 9 are on the take of the camera-thought net, and 5 or more who are going to allow murder of innocent people? They ought to be able to sue people in the government, because that is where most of the planning and execution happened, but certainly Controlled Demolition is not government. Again, this idea of money compensation is I think something I don't really support strongly, the key is exposing and jailing those involved. It's interesting to see that the government paid $6 billion to 2,880 families (that is $2 million a family...I mean how many people have ever had $2 million dollars...those people are now millionaires). People can't put a price on life, and I can see to a certain extent, some kind of monetary compensation possibly, but $2 million dollars per victim? That is a huge amount. In particular for the molestation trials...there I don't think one penny should be paid, because it's like an assault that actually causes pain...just expose and jail those involved, maybe they could be made to pay money to their victims, but a reasonable amount...certainly to cover health expenses that the victim had to pay. Doesn't this payment by the government imply that they are involved or at least negligent in the murder of these people? I have to applaud the 41 people who didn't take the money and who are publicizing the injustice done to their loved ones and are not going quietly (I'm not sure of the terms of the settlement but probably the victims can not speak about 9/11, who knows). There is financial harm suffered (which for murder can only be possibly how much money that person might have given the plantiff), and punitive damage (money the defendent should be made to pay as a punishment for wrong doing), and there the door is always wide open...I guess in my own mind, it might have to do with how much of a money fine would teach a person that what they did was wrong (again for many people no amount of money fine would ever change their mind), or would punish them in a way that is similar or equivalent to the way the plantiff (and or victim) suffered or experienced loss. It's complex, but I hope over time, some logical system can be made clear to all and easily accepted by a majority of people.

That was nice to see Michael Moore expose CNN for being one-sided on the Iraq invasion. The major media is unquestionably biased and corrupted by money. Major media are more or less advertising companies for the highest bidder, it just so happens that the honest don't have a lot of money. Maybe honesty isn't a money maker. Another example of the millions is how CNN is now saying some person who helps get girls out of prostitution is a hero, while to me the real heros on the prostitution issue, are those fighting to get girls out of prison for prostitution. Again, exposing and freeing people in labor they cannot quit without punishment is a noble cause, and let's include letting people quit the military here in the USA without punishment too.

Of course I fully side with Google over Viacom in this latest suit. My vote is for total free info and against copyright.

Many people do not know that currently, in the current incarnation, the republicans are the white supremecists and represent white power, while the democrats represent multiracial toleration for the most part. The republicans represent a direction backwards, generally speaking, more religion, less rights for women, basically like going back in time, while the democrats represent progress, more rights for women, less religion, generally speaking, I mean it's not black and white, there are many gray areas, and generally speaking most people in this time are very uneducated. So, for example, this is why we never hear about that Republican female senator, that Asian, Black, or Hispanic Republican. Many people have figured out the basics of the two sides, but of course there are always those exceptions trying to break new ground on both sides, in addition to those public figures designed to give the appearance of some other reality. I can imagine if republicans got their way, women would lose the right to vote before the hundreth anniversary of women getting that right in 1920. Yes, in 1920...women got the right to vote...pretty progressive nation eh? Probably republicans would like to see women forced to wear a veil and stay inside unless accompanied by their husband, not to speak in public, not to take jobs from the men. This is why women and pro-women rights supporters should vote Democrat almost always (unless there is some fluke like Ron Paul, Larry Flynt, etc ... some decent person is running as a republican), they should have voted more for Ferraro and Mondale...I can't understand why people sell-out their own interests constantly.....probably they are beamed on. who knows? only the insiders know, and they ain't saying!

Did you know that every single phone call you have ever made is probably recorded by the phone company. Do you remember the first phone call you ever made? The phone company does!

Many people were outraged when Brittany Spears' crotch was photographed, but none of the people in the major media were at all impressed, none viewed this as an example of "vagina power", which is how I see this, or at least as a freeing up of the view that the vagina is somehow ugly or should be hidden. Instead of headlines such as "Vagina 101" or "Cunt Power", there was nothing but derision, nothing but hatred for the vagina, disgust, that a vagina should be seen publicly, and I think we as a society should think about that, and realize that the common belief about the vagina is wrong, that the vagina is a natural part of anatomy that evolved, part of nature's design, and we should celebrate it not celibate it, publicize it not privitize it. For sure let's take brain power to the top, and also take cunt, ass, balls, tits, and dick power to the top too.

In addition, there was the unending belief that a person that would show their genitals has too much sex, and that regular daily or weekly sex is unhealthy. I reject the labels of "slut", and "whore" for people mainly because consensual sex is perfectly natural and healthy, it's inaccurate to think that sex is wrong or should be kept to a minimum and done privately. But also those labels are anti-women, they generally don't apply to males. So, of course, I did not, and am not going to hop on any kind of "slut" bandwagon for any human, because there is not nearly enough sex and physical pleasure on earth for me.

I think these low level attempted murders/explosions in the UK might be the neocons preparing for the 2008 US election. This might just be the very beginning of a more intensive campaigning. Because, is there any question at all, that these attacks help the terror-hysteria? And therefore, they help the republicans who are big into the "war on terror", but not surprisingly not into the "war on violence". When people can see, hear and send thoughts, it seems very likely that they can send suggestions or fail to send diversionary suggestions (such as images of females of interest, or food items, etc), in addition to simply not pulling them over earlier on the highway, since there is little doubt that those people's thoughts are watched, and images of any kinds of plans seen well before they might happen.

You can see that the neocons want to invade Iran, and they will probably use the excuse that attacks in Iraq are linked to Iran.

It's interesting that browsers do not have the built-in ability to change fonts (or font size, etc) when entering text, so far as I know.

One thing I hear a lot is "police" instead of "please", and I think it's people showing unthinking support for government police in their entirety. To me this is just like racism, it's so stupid and simple. Because there is a better line to draw, that depends nothing on a person's occupation, clothing, weight, appearance, etc...and that is: murderer, or non-murderer. Another big distinction in dumb people's minds is "right and left"...and shockingly what we see, is people unthinkingly supporting the neocon 9/11 false-flag acts of murder with the excuse of ... supporting the "right", as if this idea of a right and left is more important than murder. With the excuse of "cop" or "right", all the sudden murder becomes acceptable to millions of people, and this is no exaggeration. It's just like the idiocy of racism...people see the skin color, and all decisions are made...what a person thinks or does does not matter. And so it is. usually when people say "police" instead of "please", I think "yeah the one's that don't kill so much". But it's more like "It is shockingly 1+1=2 simple: There are just murderers and those who stop them...uniform, employment, nationality, race, gender, weight, sexual preference, religion, political side, matters nothing". 07/05/07 I thought of a good example: How many people care if the Green River Killer was a Democrat, Republican or Libertarian? How about his victims? Most people probably care very little about the political views of a murderer or the victim of murder. And for the Texas Tower killer Charles Whitman, probably the majority of people don't care if Whitman is republican or democrat, simply identifying the important characteristic of Whitman as being his murdering, and the important characteristic of his victims as being murdered or injured. So it is interesting that people seem to think that people that do not support the 9/11 murders are somehow not right-wingers, or somehow traitors to the right wing. It's like saying, ok well the Green River Killer was republican, why don't you protect him for the right wing cause? I guess some people put a "war spin" on murder, justifying the mass murders of 9/11 as acts of war done by the rightwing in the interest of furthering their goal of increasing the size of the US military and taking over other nations, and therefore, those murders are excluded from normal everyday law. That is the way people view the murdering in Iraq, once you stamp "war" on something, law goes down the drain, and murder is ok. Ultimately we need to evolve into a society that views all murder of humans as a bad thing, and a very important thing to stop and punish.

I was walking back to my car yesterday, and this older obese white woman shouted "stabb'em!". And I instantly thought...'no...let's stop violence...you know...violence is wrong', and then I thought of how ... here these people can see inside people houses, can hear their thoughts...can beam suggestions directly onto people's eyes without any choice by or even knowledge of the victim....and what kind of people are they? The kind of people that yell and cheer for violence....I mean it is shocking to me that such criminals and violent people are allowed to see inside people's houses and heads...and think about the shockingly chaotic and violent influence these shitheads have on society at large on a daily basis. The conclusion I've drawn in the past also appeared as a recurring memory to me then, that, we really live in a society, where criminals, and I am talking about violent criminals...like a Jesse James gang of killers....but not even just thieves...or nonviolent molestors, I mean I'm talking about violent people...violent criminals...those involved in murder, assault and torture of innocent nonviolent lawful people. Just a massive massive violent criminal organization with members in the absolutely highest positions of government, business, and wealth...not every person in the governments of earth and businesses...many insiders and outsiders are against violence, but the number of killers and their supporters is phenomenonally large, and the outsiders definitely do not realize this. The insiders know this, but do very little to nothing about it. It may be that, what they see on the inside of the pupin camera thought net is that, they are up against a wall with a gun pointed at them...there is not much they can do to stop these insider murderers. But clearly, simply showing the images of these people and their murders is one simple nonviolent thing that they can do. But they fear reprisal, they fear the penalties the outsiders might inflict on them. But nonetheless, the is little question, that those people who dominate the camera-thought networks are simply violent criminals of the worst kind, and a massive number...a massive number and a growing number...they are growing larger not smaller, thanks to people voting for Bush, definitely a member of this violent criminal group (although, a conspirator of and accessory before the fact to multiple homicides, probably not an actual murderer himself, although that can be debated)...where for example, I think there are many insiders who are for stopping first strike murder, who obviously are not included in the massive violent criminal empire that grows like a secret cancer on the earth.

I probably have written it before, but what pisses me off, of the many things that do, is how the camera-thought net is the perfect tool for hooking up...no pickup lines are needed, you know instantly if there is a love connection from the thousands of people to choose from, but as an outsider, you can forget any chance of scoring because you have to make endless hours of small talk, and then around much of the earth, you are probably trying to pick up a person who is already included...and for them...understandably they will probably not want to date you because it's like dating a deaf person...they hear your thoughts, but you have no idea what's on their mind...it would be too frustrating for all but the most dedicated insiders. So the camera-thought network, secret only from the public...all major governments had it decades ago (so national security is a farse...its for public manipulation)...to do eugenics...to only allow like-minded conservative Christians to reproduce, having their pick of the planet, while outsiders are lucky to battle for a kiss, while avoiding herpes and HIV possibly even sent at them by evil insiders. It's total aparteid (that is probably a double meaning with what Jimmy Carter is refering to in his book, for how the planet is now divided into 2 distinct groups, the insider cult of lavish benefits who routinely see, hear and send thought images and sounds and the excluded serfs who are lucky to get a crumb). Then, for the outsiders, not to even know what has happened. I hope they some time soon get the faintest idea of what happened way back when with Pupin and how wealthy people absent integrity and wisdom took over from there.
A funny retort to antisexuals with their constant antisexual buzzwords is the counter-buzzword "oooooo", like sexuality is some shocking thing.

I had a bunch of good comments but somebody deleted them from my computer. I can't remember all my comments, but there were some about the supreme court, how they basically are just like average people who always vote their own personal opinions, just like we all do. No knowledge of law is necessary to decide your opinion on any issue. And here 9 people decide the laws for 300 million people whose votes are not counted, but easily could be.

One was about how 70% of the people are for ending the Iraq war, and that their opinion is not happening proves this isn't democracy.
All about the Freedom From Religion Foundation supreme court decision, I'm not going to retype it.

I want to ask people in science, in particular physics: "Do you accept that a photon occupies space?". Most people would think logically that yes, of course photons and light occupy space, it is unlikely that photons do not occupy space in the universe. And is the claim then that photons do occupy space, but yet have no mass? Anybody with any common sense, I think, would say, anything that occupies space has to have mass. When I hear people state the popular opinion that the photon is "massless", I think many people have to know that we are in a transition in science...there is no way the photon being "massless" is going to last.

I hope that love wins, to put it simply, and that violence loses.

Many businesses and governments fit into two models of organization. Top ruled, or Bottom ruled. Top ruled is a monarchical structure, and Bottom ruled is a democratic structure. What we see in top-ruled structures is that, when there is cost cutting, those decisions are made by those at the top, and so the salaries and jobs to be cut are at the bottom...they rarely lower their own gigantic salaries in an effort to trim cost. When there is cost cutting in bottom-ruled organizations (this structure is rare on earth, being that there is no business or government that is fully and constantly democratic, but certainly some democratic opinion is felt in many organizations), the cost cutting probably would come from the top salaries more. So, the top-down model is lop-sided because not many people who control the decision of whose salary or job gets cut are going to lower or cut their own salary or job. There are rare stories of some CEO going without a salary, those are very rare. In my experience, what we see is an upper layer run amok. They vote themselves grandiose salaries, because ultimately they are the one people who decide what everybody's salary is going to be, while people at the bottom get very little, because they have no vote over how much money is paid to anybody. As I have said before, what we see is an exponential salary curve, not a linear curve. The salaries go: $30k, $40k, $50, $70k, $100k, $200k, $400k, etc, not $30k,$40k,$50k,$60k,$70k,$80k. And that in my opinion is evidence of the unchecked upper wealth. In particular I think when it comes to taxes, I think anybody earning under $100k should not even have to pay taxes, because think about it...what does a person who gets $1 million a year care about having to pay $100,000...that still puts them 10x over the annual income of the vast majority of people. If the majority was smart they would be electing representatives who promise to do things like that. But what we see is that the big money people find a person who is going to protect them, and then use their money to propagandize for that person, and the public buys it, because you can only elect the person you see on television, and to be on television costs millions. So get smart poor people is what this paragraph is about, and go for full democracy, free info and taxes only for those with annual income > $100k.

I mean I hope love, as in physical pleasure, care and compassion for self and others wins.

That and a Hadean amount of stopping violence, free info, free thought, full democracy, exposing all lies, and stopping of drug and prost wars wins too.

With the London defused car bomb, could that have been one of Blair's car, perhaps purposely forgotten? They were big into false-flag terror, 7/7 being the prime example. What are the chances of an exact bomb simulation being run at the exact same place and time? With all the cameras in London, if the person who did this is not shown to the public driving in the car, I would say that this too was probably an inside job that either the new PM (on his first or second day no less...clearly a change of the guard has resulted in something) and crew exposed and stopped early, or were a part of. If stopped early...if only the Democrats in the USA had been more brave and caught the WTC demolition crew in the act, it would have been another Watergate, and a wonderful Watergate, as the media and public traced the demolition experts all the way up the chain to Cheney and the Bush family. I used to be that New York State was part of the Union and a desegrated state, now they appear to be run by the 9/11 murderers. Let's hope that they at least have public video of those doing "maintenance" on the WTCs. Maybe some WTC tourists have captured explosive placers on video without even knowing it. Were you video taping near the WTC the week or two before 9/11/01? The claim is that somebody saw smoke coming from the car. Maybe it was a bomb that failed. With all the technology, seeing, hearing and sending thoughts, cameras in every London house and apartment that has a phone, for the people in the government and wealthy people to not know who is doing what is hard to believe. Who is the UK "Controlled Demolition"? Perhaps CD has a UK chapter? I think this could be related to me seeing the 1980s movie "Brazil", which has English people and a terrorism theme (which is eerily timely now), and those spartan fascists in government military and police see things and see an opportunity to use their massive explosives and weapons to try and make liberals look violent. It's ironic, because, here they are the very terrorists that they make a big stink about trying to stop. They give excuses to other insiders (perhaps...but then maybe they don't even bother with excuses by now) such as "sometimes a small amount of evil needs to be done for the greater good", etc. Trying to manipulate the outsiders is simply wrong, no matter to what end, and the end is certainly a bad one always. Look at the example of 9/11/01 in the States. Now we have ~3000 killed citizens, 3000+ killed kids in the military that were not allowed to quit, thousands of injured and disabled, a practical genocide happening in Afghanistan and Iraq, with more than 300,000 people murdered, women, children, a credit card bill of $300 billion or something for all of this criminal carnage that went right into the defense industry owners pockets, and the planet is a much more dangerous place. And how could it be otherwise when sheep have elected wolves into the highest positions of power in the USA? One of my thoughts was 'halleluja that the UK government military are trying this new technique of simply "finding" a bomb, instead of detonating them...and that does do a great amount of scaring in itself (as of course gratuitous scaring of the public appears to be necessary) with the plus that nobody gets hurt'.

I hope for a time when people care less about black or white, and more about wrong or right. And of course, we should recognize, enjoy and celebrate every positive aspect of race.

If ever a war does start between the laser people, my advice to the stop violence faction is first to zap the "first strike violent murderers", because that is probably the way to end the war the fastest; simply by capturing or killing those who have or try to start violence against nonviolent people. The rest, no matter how bad, probably won't murder or assault, even though they may call for murder and assault, and even those people perhaps should be captured or destroyed because of their influence on the weak minded that might be tricked into doing violence by following their orders for violent attack of nonviolent or stop first strike violent people.

When I was younger we played "spin the bottle" and "ten minutes in the closet", and everybody got kissed and fondled, there was no harassment, no law suits, no marriage, no certificates, nobody's reputaion was ruined or even altered, everybody had a fine time and there was no harm done. But how many adults do that? None, after they reach age 18 everything turns celibate and monogamous, no more kissing everybody, no more 10 minutes in the closet games, or spin the bottle, they are then expected to pair off with a single person for life, and that path is torturous in my opinion. Many people want the immense pleasure of reproduction and raising children, but don't want the brutal stagnation of uninteresting sex that is the primary characteristic of monogamy. To me, humans have it entirely wrong, because the fun of pleasure and sex happens always as a new experience, with a new person. Nonsexual physical pleasure is a constant want, but variety, I think is a very important component. So love and sex in my opinion is something of the moment, where the current view is that love is developed over a long period of time with one other person, that the best path is a single partner for life, and throw away any excitement of sex for the desire and enjoyment of a responsible family. There really are only 2 main issues involved with physical pleasure: 1) is there any STD? and 2) is there a plan for pregnancy? If kissing, massaging, masturbating, oral sex, clearly 2) is already answered and you don't have to worry about that. Once you know that 1) is answered, and 2) is answered, by all means enjoy yourself and have as much fun as you want in my minority opinion. I reject the claim of others that there is 3) your reputation as promiscuous, because to me, sex once a day is simply good health, it's completely natural, it's like eating or pooping once a day. Also, people add a 4) once you kiss or have sex with a person you are then "assigned" to that person for an indefinite amount of time, but that time must be a long time, at least a few weeks, and you will take on the moniker "boyfriend" and "girlfriend". I reject that claim of 4) and think that a kiss is just a kiss, as the song goes, ... nothing more, it doesn't mean that one owns the other, that the two must enter into a vow of monogomy, not looking at other people, not kissing others, etc. That "ownership" possessive aspect of physical pleasure is like a disease in my opinion. People are routinely killed because of that. The main issue is responsibility about pregnancy (again only for penis in vagina sex) and STDs. But I see the natural method as...youz two are attracted to each other, you think each other is hot, you want to kiss, you kiss, etc...you get naked, you do the oral sex, or the anal-penile thing, maybe the vaginal-penile, roll around and enjoy each other's bodies....then...if you are looking to make a kid, you have already planned that, if not, you already planned that too...when the thrill is gone, in a few minutes, hours, or days, if no pregnancy that is fine...keep moving on to your next love, your next conquest, your next happy feeling, ...but if on the rare occassion there is a pregnancy (and let's really try for planned everybody...I mean we should put together some foresight because we know many people will eventually screw and there is the morning after pill, condom, at least 2 choices if not more), that's fine too, its wonderful to make another human in your image, and on a planet where humans are protected from starvation, money is not even a major concern, but most people, as I said, should be well planned for a planned pregnancy. And the key is that, people can parent and still enjoy kissing, fondling and sex with different people, sex is entirely apart from the responsibilities of teaching, feeding and cleaning a young kid. I know people at this time are not ready for that, but I think eventually they will be, maybe in 500 years. The kid is going to be fine, in particular because of planning which includes who is going to feed and change, etc the kid. After age 5 they are in school all day being taught. A kid is definitely a shackle on free time, but that is what you should have planned for and be ready for, and no reason to not enjoy the natural system of physical pleasure. So we can disagree, but clearly there is one system which is natural (people physically turned on by each other) and another which is stagnant and formed by society (marriage, monogomy). The two in my opinion conflict with each other, and I think the natural path is better...it seems more logical to follow our natural wants, and pursue that system than to enjoy the benefits of a stagnant beaurocratic system designed for people hysterical about a guarantee of reproducing, and forcing two people together that might not stay together otherwise. Parents can divide the responsibilities. There just is a time in a person's life when they decide that they want to reproduce (for some that time never comes), just like there is a time in a person's life when they want sex, or a kiss, etc. you know, they see some attractive person and think...'yes I would like to kiss that person', etc. Those who follow the monogomy have to block those thoughts out their mind, they have to try hard to keep any kind of natural love with other people from growing in the interest of being firmly on this major path of reproduction through marriage. Look how a child born out without a marriage is labeled "illegitimate" as if they were less than a full human, as if they were not legitimate, that is so wrong, in particular because true love doesn't need any kind of formal ceremony or binding contract (although perhaps contracts with clear stipulations are a good idea to know what each other expects). Maybe this isn't the clearest way of putting it, but I am going to continue to try to figure out and explain the more natural system and expose the traditional system as unnatural and unnecessary for real physical and sexual pleasure, in addition to the real pleasure of reproducing and caring for and raising happy kids. So much of the equation is time and money because both are sacrificed when a person reproduces. But that should never stop natural physical pleasure, simply use birth control or only have other sex and touching without penis-vagina sex.
How about a law that prevents those who voted against stem-cell research from benefiting from any new discoveries that spring from the stem-cell research they voted against? Because here we are on the verge of figuring out how to end aging so people can live for millions of years, simply finding a way to make some sequence of DNA repeat itself staying at some stage forever like bacteria, and these shithead murderous backward idiots claim to be quezy about working on zygote and ovum cells, but not nearly as quezy about killing US citizens and then lying about it for centuries.
Imagine just beaming the desktop display onto all the people's eyes at once...all the outsiders...what would happen? Many people would probably call police...but what do they say? "there is video in my eyes?"..."and I can't get it out..."


ever notice how the fbi can only handle minor crimes? they cant prosecute murder or assault, recently they busted some ppl cheating in Vegas. They are big into punishing people for copyright violations...we are all familiar with their unceising dedication to copyright enforce,emt to the expense of all else. While they cant publicly work on the big crimes (they have to say a person's "civil rights" were denied when they were murdered) probably they are big into the pupin technology making sure that innocent ppl get murdered while many times funding and instructing the murderers like so many other camera-thought net elites.

new proposed law: public can initiate criminal procecution. This is when in particular a district attorney refuses to prosecute as was the case for Thane Cesar the murderer of RFK, and Frank Sturgis, the murderer of JFK.

One of the funniest "news" ads I saw on CNN is the one they are running with the headline "Bush warns...to curb spending". I mean is that the funniest of the bogus news stories the AP and CNN are paid to print? Because obviously, although the media is paid to keep these facts from the public, and I myself don't know the actual number of money spent by the Bush administration, Bush has clearly and far away spent the most money in any term of any president in the history of the USA...our children's children's children will be paying for the billions in dollars Bush charged to our credit card for the idiotic war in Afghan and Iraq. It's amazing that rather than just print more money and hand it to the defense industries, they work this bizarre deal where they do false flag murders like 9/11, and then charge up the taxpayer credit card...we are the biggest funders and victims of these war-maker companies and people. Think of what all that money could have bought instead of 1 million dollar missiles, $200 toilet seats, etc....we could have a moon city for that price, with walking servent robots, free phone, free high-speed internet, free food, sodas, clothes, rooms, etc. In some way, it's like total government and big military companies. One video explains how Musolini said that fascism is basically corporatism, where corporations own the government, and that can happen when the public is uninformed and uneducated. That headline "Bush threatens to curb spending" is so bizarre...maybe it is supposed to be comedy, but I think it is an obvious reminder that much of the public can be told what is true without any worry about them checking or remembering even simple things. There should be a "Drum riff/rim shot" after this news item is announced. "And I'm stopping any excess spending" (bidat -tish)...."And the liberals are so violent..." (bidat -tish)... "And gayness is the big problem not murder..." (bitdat-tish)...

When I was thinking about the truth about 9/11, a thought occured to me, that we live in a time that is so backwards that the killers arrest the police or in other words those who would stop them.

There is what looks to be a potentially minor victory in the war to make psychology consensual only: the latimes.com reports on how LA County mandated the "reduced use of restraints on youths". For me, I think restraints may very well be ruled "Cruel and Unusual" or possibly "torture" by a majority some time if not already. In particular when applied people without any crime committed or with some kind of nonviolent crime committed.

The "Lyra" device is only a digital recorder and player not a digital video camera, sorry, the "Flip video camera" is a good choice though, and that is a video camera. Actually I would probably rank the $100 digital flash cameras as:
1) Aiptek MPVR 6MP MPEG4 Digital Camcorder with 4x Digital Zoom $132
+rechargable battery standard Nokia 8210 batteries
+records and plays video input (here you get what the Lyra does)
+can add 2GB SD flash
-Microsoft asf video format (may have to convert to mp2 or something)
2) RCA EZ201 Small Wonder 60 Minute Point-and-Shoot Camcorder $100 (circuitcity rebate)
+SD card
3) Pure Digital Technologies, Inc. F160W Flip Video Camcorder: 60-Minutes (White) $140
-no SD card

As an outsider, you might feel safer with a chepo $100 video camera in your bag at all times (or on your cell phone).

I'm glad for the "love" movement and love message, and I want to add that there is also another aspect, perhaps on the other side of this spectrum where on one side there is pleasure, love and so on, on the other side I see stopping violence and pain as an important message. Just as promoting love and pleasure is a good message, so I think we should not forget the opposite side of stopping pain, suffering and violence.

I like a little sweet thing after a meal and I have found that the little caramel dip things are nice to dip in various fruits in particular apples, pears, .. I tried banana and melon and they are ok. I think I may get tired of the same taste. Like a song I usually get tired of the same thing after a few times. I could see little "fondue" containers with cheese and chocolate fondue for dipping, that would be sweet.

I'm surprised there are not more portable digital telescopes that might have an 8" array of CCD and then a digital zoom, maybe the pixel or dot size of CCDs is still too large and a mirror can magnify with better detail? actually why not take advantage of a mirror or lens to focus light, except for the added weight of a large lens or mirror. In theory, the amount of light entering the telescope is the same and so in theory a digital array should be able to digitally magnify as well if not better than any lens or mirror.

It's interesting that there are some subtle points about young people and sexuality that people should recognize, I can think of at least 2:
1) That maybe the first door to be opened is for young people to actively decide for themselves that they want to touch genitals, buttocks, breasts, have sex, etc...keep the door closed for adults who solicit minors, but keep it open for minors who solicit adults...why deny young people's right to pleasure by their own choice?
2) Probably the door of legalizing young male and older female sexuality will open before the door for older male and younger female, because sex for a young male involves no pain whatsoever, where with a young female there might be pain the first few times. Although for oral sex pain is obviously not an issue.
Again, I am not involved with any kind of young people and sexuality other than giving information and advice to the public, and am mainly old and mostly impudent. In any event I know very very well not to touch young people obviously and advise others not too because of the massive massive punishments being handed out for anything remotely involving pleasure with minors...people young and old ought to make themselves aware of what is going on in that regard. The way people are being sentenced for decades for a blow job, or having even consensual sex with a minor, chatting with a minor about sex, showing a minor sexual images, owning images of nude minors, etc even activities that many people might think are trivial and far from crime, are getting decades of prison time, and then ofcourse the person is marked for life as a sex offender even if a nonvoilent one-time thing, so by all means don't participate in anything remotely questionable and keep yourself as informed as possible. If there are minors, make sure all genitals are properly covered and fastened within their garments. When wiping a minor' bottom who is not potty trained, never touch the genitals even accidentally and try to work as quickly as possible, try not to do this in public as to not jeapordize yourself and any other innocents walking by who might get roped into something that authorities might label a "ring". Keeping a radius of at least 1 foot (10 feet is better) from any minor at any given time is one way to lessen the possibility of incarceration. Keep hugs, kisses and other touching of minors to an absolute minimum, again total abstinence from touching is going to be your best way to avoid prosecution for lewdness and other crimes against minors. Although this may produce cold and unfeeling minors, better to protect your freedom even if it comes at the expense of the minors and society in general. If touching of minors is a necessity, by all means do not touch in any kind of unusual ways, absolutely no "this little piggy" king of games, no toe sucking, no finger sucking, no kiss on the face (no kiss on the lips of course goes without saying), no ear nibbling, no hair caressing, no hand rubbing, no kind of "hand games" such as with strings, rings, etc, no talking on the phone, no patting of the bottom, no wiping of the minor's body in any way in the event of spilled food or drinks, don't hire any minors to do work, no handshakes or hugs if at all possible, reducing any kind of physical contact at all is going to be the best way of assuring your freedom from prison sentences that start at 15 years per count, with many antisexuals chomping at the bit to send people involved with minors away for decades. Make sure all dolls are genital-less, fully clothed, and not in unusual positions. Better to not use a computer around minors because an Internet window with pornography might pop up, perhaps whatever needs to be done with a computer could be done with a calculator instead, or a computer without an Internet connection. You may want to verify the age of a minor, because if 18 you can worry less, but then, asking such quesitons might draw attention to you and a conviction might be at hand. In addition, even any kind of touching of a human of 18 years might be enough evidence to suggest that you entertained similar touching ideas, but with minors. In the event that you are a doctor that must touch a minor's genitals, I think we all understsand the massive amount of risk that is involved there, so you may want to make parents sign a waiver, but then that might call attention to you and a conviction might be forthcoming. There are no easy answers for that one, perhaps people should abandon any plans of being a doctor simply for that reason alone. I think at this time, those who do day care must be so arrogant to think that nobody is ever unfairly punished under the lewd guidelines. It's like people who work in an explosive factory never noticing the risk they face every day. Certainly in the future the public will come to their senses with lewd and minor touching, free information will help to prove people's innocence, the court system will be open to the public and fully democratic, but obviously we are far from that age.

How about the story where US missiles killed 3 children, that is one reason why missiles don't need to be fired on earth ever, the camera-thought net technology is more than adequate, plus walking robots, to apprehend people. Then of course yesterday 75 people killed in a mosque in Iraq, typical news.

Another Bush jr stem cell veto. Bush jr probably has been awarded a PhD in antiscience for his efforts to totally stop and delay natural progress in science.

Here is kind of a violent paid-for allusion "news story":
"Rats! Look who's getting tipsy Reuters - Wed Jun 20, 11:23 AM ET"
It's possible that "SP" and "CP" (similar to SP in sound) are people that the blood-thirsty fascist camera-thought net monsters are hinting are people who might try to kill me or who knows what other innocent lawful liberal people. They have already killed so many people, they are not at all squimish about killing innocent people and even sacrificing young children in the US military for their twisted goals. But this shows how corrupt and evil the AP and Reuters are. They basically are ad-houses, who take money from monsterous murderers in the inside camera-thought nets to "work their evil" murder on the outsiders and even many partially included. With their "headlines" you can see just how important my latest video "Seeing, Hearing and Sending Thought" is to those evil people in power who have abused those excluded from this technology for 100 years. They have had 100 years to oil and refine their secret system of abuse. They obviously want to kill "rats", people that rat them out, by telling the public how they have been seeing, hearing and sending images and sounds to brains for 100 years now. They are not the cub scouts, they have done many murders of innocent people. And you know, the public has to wake up and recognize that, and start the clean up operation. Right now, though, it's an interesting stage of fascism, because there is an information (video) revolution happening on the Internet, and I think it's caught the fascists off guard. It's almost like, they have been in such an advantageous position for so long, never the tiniest threat of being exposed, and the fear and intimidation is so high, that nobody has ever told, very few people, for example, tell the truth about Frank Sturgis and Thane Cesar. So, it's almost like, people thought there was a fence holding them in, and we are finding out that no such fence exists, and we can say and show any videos that we want basically, and I'm waiting to see insiders start to pour out the thought images...it seems very likely that those images are going to reach the web very soon, within a decade or two perhaps. And if that were not enough for the fascists that control the camera thought net, smart outsiders are getting more and more info about how to duplicate seeing thought all the time, it's only a matter of time because the instructions on how exactly to see, hear and send thought is public. But to me, just like so many clear up operations on the earth, let's never forget those scummy bastards who murdered and lied to the outsiders for the majority of their life, let's make sure they do get exposed and punished once we all see what they look like and find out their names. It seems a no-brainer that these insiders can kill innocent people with the push of a button, simply contracting some critical muscle, like they did with Sylvia, the heart for example, they constantly make our epiglotus contract at the wrong time when drinking. And in addition, I am sure many of the insiders do not want ULSF this wonderful video of the history of evolution, science and the future. There has never been a history of science video, and that is shocking, why wouldn't there be one by now? There are millions of dollars in universities...perhaps the Christian and Godder majority spends more money to stop any such efforts. In any event, I am hopeful that everybody can live in peace, and that together, those of us survivors, can put a stop to all violence on earth, I think we can do it, but not by sitting around on our duffs.

There was a story in the ocregister.com about a guy who was sentenced to 15 years after a Lakewood minor he had some kind of sex (they don't say directly that it was penis-vagina sex in the story), hung herself. And it is so sad that a young female would kill herself like that just over some guy who rejected her. But with the Pupin camera-thought net, you know, I would not be at all surprised if she was murdered by insiders just for effect, just to fan the flames of antisexual hysteria. Maybe not, but think about this: without a doubt, the insiders gathered around to watch her hang herself, they could have beamed anything on her brain. There is very little question that life for an insider is hopping from murder to murder, and suicide to suicide, because of course there is usually a lot of time before hand. Think about the murder of John Lennon, a typical example, of course Chapman was beamed on with images and audio, and for weeks people can see the plan shape in Chapman's thoughts, how he runs through his murder. Decent people would prepare to stop him...pull him over take his gun, intercept him in the moments before, etc. And so it is with this girl's suicide, by the time she started to connect the belt or rope or who knows what, many dozens of people were tuned in to her eyes and ears, perhaps some insiders even begged other insiders to go intercept her...to go talk to her...to try and stop her, but probably they know by now, it's wasted breath, because the monsters in the camera-thought net will absolutely not use the technology to stop murder and suicide. And I think the videos will reveal the exact opposite, that they relish murders and suicides as shockingly entertaining, but also as very useful to steer the majority who are excluded. Couldn't they have sent some images, changed her mind, offered her visions of a happy future? Of course they could have.

Looking at this 3D 9/11 WTC plane crash, it appears that only maybe 10-20 core columns (of 47) were supposed to be cut, and all in maybe 4 rows. Clearly that is not enough, and was not enough, to destabilize the WTC. Interesting that people at Purdue did this, because their reputation was tarnished when, as I recall, I'm not the expert and all this data needs to be organized and disseminated, but ASCE which in my opinion is totally discredited now, supported the ridiculous, I mean obviously and absolutely ridiculous claim that the WTC building were not controlled demolition, when there is only overwhelming physical evidence to the contrary. The head of ASCE was somehow connected to Purdue.

This is typical of how CNN is used:
to sell lies to the public. CNN gets, a few million from Republicans to sell this filth, they all know a missile hit the Pentagon and 9/11 was an inside job. And I just hope the public has a real eye-opening awakening some time soon, and sees how dishonest and how Hitlerian, so many people are in the USA, including our bogus "media" who just takes insider money to spew unending lie after lie. They refuse to take money to tell the truth even, perhaps they know in the short-term there is far more money from the liars and murderers who do 9/11, 7/7 and so many other murders. I hope the public wakes up, and remembers, who lied and who told the truth, and let's never forget who participated. The fact is that this is without question an accessory to many counts of murder after the fact on the part of all those involced, from those who pay people at CNN, to those who even participate in the filming of such videos, because clearly, by definition, they are assisting and protecting murderers. Certainly some people at CNN have done some good things, and I don't know what the majority's feelings are about accessory to homicide after the fact, maybe they feel like that is freedom of information, the freedom to lie and purposely deceive people. Currently the way the law is, the law and typical interpretation of the law does not look kindly onto those who are accessories to murder after the fact. Generally people who are caught as accessories to even a person with one count of murder, do get jail time, although usually under 1 year. Maybe the majority is for changing or removing altogether the accessory to murder after the fact law. Even so, that is almost always a scummy, low-life kind of activity to be involved in. Protecting a friend who murdered somebody, is not something I would feel comfortable with, even for money, because murder is wrong and I feel sympathy for the murder victims too much, and of course, we as a society should not let murderers go unpunished, because it increases the possibility for more murder of innocent people, in particular by those who have already murdered, because since they haven't been jailed for their earlier murders, they feel less risk about murdering again. And then, if they are caught (which the current way of life on earth would rule against), it matters less because they already have so many murders that they would be jailed for life if caught anyway, just for the first murder. So once these insider scum have one murder and are facing life in prison, they care much less about committing a second murder because what is the sentence going to be 2 life sentences? And in that case why would they care?

I don't think people should pretend for a minute that we do not live in a medieval time of massive violence and shocking injustice. For example, we don't get to even vote on the laws we have to live under, the laws are decided by 9 people, created by 200 people, thought was seen and heard back in 1910 and then a group of murderous criminals quickly swooped in and took control of the technology and have been abusing and murdering the public ever since...then add to that the fact that many people are simply murdered and assaulted every day, because it's entertainment for the fucked-up insiders, and violence is loved in this century, it's physical pleasure that is the big crime. The prisons are full with nonviolent people, most for simply using drugs. Then look at the psychiatric system...people can be picked up hospitalized for life, no trial, no jury, no charge, no sentence, tortured, drugged...maybe that won't happen to me or you, but what's to stop it from happening to me or you? nothing whatsoever. We are a species stuck on the surface of a planet...we have not even developed a foothold on the moon, let alone a different planet. The orbit of earth could just one day fall into some different orbit and careen out into the outer star system...and we would all be frozen quickly, perhaps we might survive such a change. But the threat to life on earth is biggest from the way these people are voting...they are putting the sickest filthiest violentist criminals in the highest positions of government and business...that is a death wish for life of earth. Realize that the majority actually reject the theory of evolution as a guide to how medieval people in this time are.

happy summer solstice everybody, may we soon get off this planet, and get off while stuck on the planet.

I'm looking forward to the first generation of people who wear video cameras with them to the store and start playing back the video of paid-to-be-rude camera-thought-net clerks on their web page, then the "privacy" shyte will hit the fan.

An interesting thing is how regular the earth orbit is. Are there any things that could change that orbit and send us careening out to Neptune, or worse, into the Sun? One thing that is interesting is that as humans continue to engineer the planet, it will change the distribution of mass on the earth, and that might change the orbit of earth. For example, if people in their effort to create more living space for an overpopulated earth, start to use the heat from inside the earth to generate electricity while building more houses underground, basically cooling the earth, making the earth a solid-core planet (the moon is thought to be solid core). That would change the mass and orbit of the earth, perhaps the orbit might become more predictable not having a fluid center. Humans separate matter in the form of atoms into photon more than the other species do, and so because of humans, the mass of earth is very slowly getting smaller, and that might affect our delicate orbit. For all these reasons and more, we need to get to the moon and in particular Mars and build a second self-sufficient home for humans.

kind of a cool idea: make atheistized versions of popular songs to remove religious mistakes, for example:
any allusion to "devil" could be replaced with simply "evil", or "the violent", how about "the religious idiots"? I constantly find myself singing songs with mistaken religious beliefs, and I tend to correct them for my own "mind" or "whistlin" version. For example, I might change something like "Stairway to heaven" to "stairway to pussy", or to Venus, or "Space ship to Centauri", or maybe "to that thought-hearin crap", etc. "sympathy for the devil" becomes "sympathy for the 9/11 killers", "Running with the Devil" becomes "Running with the JFK killers", or just simply "the Bush family", so you can see how fun and informative this gets.

I can't believe that, before I was 18 I had already used tobacco, alcohol (beer, vodka, gin, southern comfort), weed, coke, speed, codeine, LSD, mushrooms, but it was not until after 18 that I got or gave my first oral sex and got vaginal sex. I mean talk about a backward society, where sex is the big taboo and kids are funneled into alcohol and chemical highs, instead of sober and clean physical pleasure. People will look back at these centuries as like some bizarre hysterically anti-pleasure casually pain and murder-loving idiotic people lost in mystic and religious traditions and myths.

The incest charge with the sentence of 10 years or something in the south east USA seems somewhat ridiculous. Being a civil rights person, you know this is probably white anti-black racists trying to discredit black civil rights leaders. With incest, if there is violence, assault, certainly that can be prosecuted if clear evidence, but my feeling about incest is that, with full consent and no objection, while not being something I would engage in, is not a crime, and certainly not a serious crime. There is a danger of genetic malformation in any fetus formed by incest because of similar DNA, but I don't see this as a major problem with modern contraceptives, modern detection techniques and the right to abortion. Many of these things, are like drug use, and prostitution. Maybe they are things many people would not engage in, but the majority should protect the rights of the minority who does, in particular since those activities seem to me to be part of a fundamental right to a person's own body, to consensual pleasure, etc. I think with incest, what has happened is once again, as usual, the puritanical revulsion to sex and pleasure has caused puritans to make a much larger deal over a minor harmless activity, while completely ignoring major mass murders like 9/11, and massive murders like those done by Frank Sturgis, Thane Cesar, and so many others.

When you think about how young people use alcohol and all this stuff, and then look at how this poor guy, a 17 year old has consensual oral sex with a 15 year old (both post puberty) and gets 10 mandatory years in jail...it's no wonder why kids chose alcohol, tobacco, guns and drugs instead of hugs and consensual sober disease-and pregnancy-free pleasure, simply less jail time, less sex offender registry, less public persecution and ostrification for being mislabeled an uncontrollable pervert, molestor and rapist. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070611/ap_on_re_us/teen_sex_case;_ylt=AmUsP6pautPz2GD2FEACxJ_MWM0F
6/12/07 when really its just a harmless young person enjoying consensual physical pleasure with another person who knows exactly what they are doing and both are making their own decisions and responsible for their own activities.

Some people may remember that old television commercial "is it real or is it memorex", and I think that phrase has a lot more meaning in understanding this 1910 "new" technology of seeing, hearing and sending thought, because any time anything happens, you drop a glass or plate, you stub a toe, some muscle flies out of control, you think of something stupid, you feel a pain somewhere, etc. people now have to ask themselves..."is that an actual real thing...or is it the camera-thought net people and technology?". And many people, mainly outsiders, do not even know the full realm of what is happening. For example, any pain, at any level, can be activated in the human (and any other species) brain. Any part of the body that can feel pain, can be made to feel pain...the inside of your spine, the inside of your teeth, under your finger and toe nails, deep in your rectum, ... this reminds me of another point I want to make. One trait of Nazistic dumb-ass sadistic people, is their obsession with sexuality. A normal healthy interest, even obsession with consensual sexuality is fine...in fact, there is nothing illegal about being obsessed with sexuality and genitals..I am just saying that this happens also to be a major characteristic of Nazistic people...but in them it is scewed. They are people that find great joy in genital mutilation...in connecting the electrodes to the scrotum, to nipples, (like at abu graib), ... and especially sticking things deep in rectums...like in the PETA video one redneck chuckles to his undercover friend 'i had that stick neigh up yea far in that pig's ass yesterday ....' and in a video about homosexuals under Nazism a death camp survivor Frech guy says "meina assen still bluden!" (my ass still bleeds) from when the sadistic misguided-sex filled Nazi guards shoved poles into his rectum. And so it is with those uneducated high school diploma thugs who supervise the camera-thought network...they focus on beaming on the testicles, in the rectum, on breasts (I mean I can imagine), on nipples, ... for some reason, genitals and sexuality are the single most interesting things to humans on earth. Other species seem less interested in them. And physical pleasure has become so scewed on planet earth because of the religions and misconceptions from receiving little science education. Humans are fascinated by genitals, and in particular the rectum and anus. Perhaps because they live sexually deprived lives, I think they are obsessed with physical pleasure because it is the one thing they want that they can't get, I don't know. Sexuality and genitals consume people's minds though, that much is for sure.

In San Diego, Wayne Albert Bleyle plea bargained for 45 years in jail for molestation, and was looking at 165 years in jail, and I think this definitely serves as a serious warning to people out there, definitely don't touch the genitals of people under 18, including the buttocks, like even JFK does in one video to his daughter Carolyn. Not that people are going to be jailed for 45 years for that, but clearly you can see that those kinds of verdicts are possible. And here, I think people need to remember that those kids don't endure any physical pain, touching their genitals and buttocks...that might be upsetting, and emotionally harmful but, I mean, should we not remember that this "crime" is a nonviolent offense? There are many things that are emotionally harmful, in particular actual physical violence, which many minors endure from siblings and spankings. I mean people shoot other people and get less time. People who touch butts are a nuisance to many, but I think people need to come to the realization that, this butt touching is not as serious as violent crime. People get less than 45 years for manslaughter, for first and second degree murder. Last Saturday on court tv a husband got 8 years for the first degree murder of his wife. Maybe that is an exception typical of the random undemocratic monarchical justice system in the US and much of the earth, but I read some data from the US Dept of Justice that shows that the majority of people spend under 20 years in jail for first degree cold blooded murder because of prison overcrowding. I wish I had the link, it's out there, search for it. And that prison overcrowding is from the idiotic drug prohibition. This kind of crime is where a person can be in the molestation or nonviolent sex offender database, and people who work with kids can go through that public list before hiring, I don't think society is served by paying for this guy's food, clothing, etc for 45 years when he is not a violent threat to society. This is just a snapshot of the constant video of life on earth, but it's worth commenting on because this rabid antisexuality is stupid, and I think the case of the kid in Georgia (10 years mandatory minimum for 17 year old consensual oral sex with 15 year old) is making some people start to become unhypnotized or something...many people are apparently starting to rub their eyes and see that the antisexual ferver and prison sentences being handed out, are maybe a little extreme compared in particular to violent crime. And here 9/11 was an inside job, Frank Fiorini never got caught, Thane Cesar is free as a bird, and there are a thousand murderers on the loose, etc. Then there is the aspect of child hysteria, where people claim to be overprotecting by denying children's rights, claiming like all power mongers that seizing control and the rights of somebody else is only in the subject's best interest. Imagine that this guy had touched the genitals and butts of adults, what would the sentence be then? I really don't know, maybe we can look around for that mystery data.

These new digital video cameras are kind of cool:
among others
And for $100 that is really reasonable. They record over an hour of 640x480 mpeg4 video. This might be nice for a car camera to record what you see in your car in case of accidents, etc. What I envision is a wearable tiny camera that records up to 12 hours of compressed video, with the option also of streaming/sending the video over wireless Internet to a web server. This camera can record video and audio of a person's day for a number of good reasons: as a reminder of what happened and what was said on some specific day in the past, as proof what the person did and where the person was, to record unusual or special events, etc. People can see that this technology is rapidly changing. We can expect the walking robots soon, but also, I think we can see that the prices and sizes are coming down on video recording. My prediction: this group of video recorders are going to be viewed as massive and bulky in 1 year. Already at 4 x 2 inches they are not huge and fit in a hand. Maybe what is needed is a remote wireless tiny object a person can wear on their clothes that can send the video to a larger recorder in a person's bag or pocket.

I think there is a convergence happening between those fans of shows like "forensic files", "America's most wanted", real-life crime solving shows and the high level secretive 9/11 camera-thought net murderers...the public is slowly moving towards seeing those 9/11 killers on those real-life crime shows. It's only natural, that people interested is how murders are solved are eventually going to take on more major murders. So the viewers are happy when some smaller-time murder is caught on a court tv show like forensive files or crime scene and other shows, but we can see dimly off in the distance all the Thane Cesars and 9/11 murderers...all the Bonnie Bakley, Jam Jay, Chandra Levy murderers are out there in the distance, still alive, free and on the loose, unpunished, waiting to be featured on one of these reality violent crime solving and stopping shows. I can only imagine what will happen when the public reaches farther along this natural trend, perhaps to a time when there are no murders to feature or solve anymore, perhaps the shows will then take on theft, perhaps "larceny files", or "liar files" will be all that is possible then, since all the murderers will be in jail, and murder a thing of the past.

It's interesting to think how the earth would be different if people could not lend more money than they have (banks are allowed to lend much more than they have). I think then, the prices of things would be seriously reduced, since not as much money would be in circulation.

I think a cool money-making idea is making a voluntary planetary STD database where people can be shown not to have certain sexually transmitted diseases at some specified date. Like for example:

Jane Doe:
01/07/2007 HIV TEST = NO HIV

and then Jane Doe would pay like $10/year or as a one-time fee to have their data be publicly stored and accessible on the Internet, and a person can at any time remove their STD data. Maybe the problem with this is that not many people want even clean STD data to be made public. I think it would be nice for those who are into sex. Maybe somebody will create such a thing as a public service in the interest of stopping HIV, Herpes, etc. This also requires quick and low cost STD tests, and you know the conservative are going to try to stop any kind of health science progress like that, except maybe Ron Paul, who I think is one of the few Republicans I can vote for.

For myself, I feel that I "ain't gonna play psych-city", (nor "violent-city" nor "drug-prohibition-city" nor "protitution-prohibition-city" nor "secrecy-city") but no body should be tortured, or jailed that does so long as they do not torture or jail others. I think I have decided that I recognize some aspects of psychology as an actual science, my main concern is simply that one little switch of making it consensual only.

For me the real focus of science is really going over the Michelson-Morley experiments again, but this time comparing results with vertical measurements against the gravity of the earth to detect differences. Because it seems clear that photons are matter, and probably the basis of all matter. And if that theory is true, then there are definite results. For example, photons would be effected by gravity like all other particles are. If the speed of light is not constant than there are a number of interesting effects that might happen. If speed of light is not a constant, then it throws off some of the interpretation of some of equations that depend on c being constant such as c=fl speed of light=frequency*wavelength. Maybe the velocity of photons, in particular in beams of light, is almost always 3e8m/s because of bouncing off other photons which makes distance between two photons at a physical maximum, therefore making the force from gravity at a physical maximum. One interesting thing about one of Newton's laws, about how an object will maintain the same velocity until there is another force applied to it, is that clearly, in the universe there is always going to be the gravitational force of other matter and no object really is even unaffected, or experiencing no force of gravity. So if photons are matter, there must be a constant influence of other matter on them, although at some base level scale, there are only other photons influencing photons. Clearly photons appear to change direction from gravity, but do they change velocity too? I think the Mossbauer experiment is evidence that photons do change velocity as particles of matter under the influence of gravity. Still, all experiments may show that there is no measurable change in velocity ever in photons, and then people would need to make new, different interpretations of the Mossbauer experiment, and other phenomena. If there is no difference in velocity detected ever for photons, even against very large gravity sources, then perhaps people might interpret the law of gravity as not applying to photons. It's far more intuitive to presume that the law of gravity applies to photons too. One interesting aspect of this is that there appears to be very little change in direction of photons by gravity, the massive mass of our sun only bends them slightly, photons from distant galaxies are only bent slightly around other galaxies, for example those that show the galaxy as 2 images. But the gravitational effect on a single piece of matter is determined only from other pieces of matter and their distance. The mass of the individual particle doesn't matter. Presuming the mass of all matter to be equal to 1, and for each piece of matter to occupy 1 cubic unit of space makes for simple simulations. One interesting thing is that photons can only move 1 space at a time, they can never, for example, skip over some space, they can only pause at some space while time ticks away. So really the velocity of particles can be described as, how many time ticks do they pause? One major question is does time ticks faster than a photon can change location or move? And it seems logical that probably time does, but maybe no, maybe time ticks exactly at the same speed that a photon changes locations with, in other words a photon moves from space 1 to space 2 as time ticks from unit 1 to unit 2. The other theory, which I think is probably more likely is that, time units tick by while a photon is still in space 1 before moving to space 2...in other words, a photon at maximum velocity only moves from space one to space two and then to space three, etc. every 100 time ticks for example. In other words time changes faster than matter changes spacial location. The universe might be statically frozen from all movement for some time, the only thing changing being time. So again, this is looking at velocity as how much time any given piece of matter is not moving in addition to any force inparted to the piece of matter from other pieces of matter at that instant in time. This leads me into the debate about: is there momentum, which of course most people think there is, but how can we deny the idea of a particle's velocity being determined anew each time? How could a particle remember a previous velocity? It's not simple in my opinion, because we are talking about macro-effects of trillions upon trillions of far beyond micro particles. But much of this stems from the idea that photons are basically particles of matter and are therefore influenced by gravity...and the interesting thing to me is that maybe the equations of gravity need to be adjusted and refined because of this new realization that photons might be effected by gravity after all, but maybe they are ok as is. This is what I am trying to figure out among other things.

Possibly people may want to allow people to "check-in" to non-violent offender no-forced-labor prisons for a week, 2 weeks, etc because there may be people out there who commit some crime just to get the benfits of free food in the prisons, so why not just give them the option of checking in without having to commit any crime? In fact maybe some kind of social program can grow from the prison system since the rooms, cleaning and food services already are in place there. One major difference would simply be giving a person there own key to their room. If we stopped jailing those who use drugs that would free up a lot of space.

It's funny the way most humans actually try to give off the vibe: "oh no we dont like pleasure, pleasure feels bad!, no body likes pleasure!", it's such a lie, or just a messed up view that results from tradition and mass delusion.

I saw an interesting video "zeitgeist",
is the link.
the stuff on the recurring themes in religion is good, although I am having trouble verifying all of the claims, for example, I doubt seriously that Vishnu was "crucified" but was instead murdered somehow, and the same for others. Crucifying, to my knowledge was done mainly by Romans, but I am a novice of history like all people. Another point is that the council of nicea (325) isnt the beginning of the christian myth, of course the gospels are perhaps the earliest writings about Jesus, and in addition there are 1st and 2nd century writers, Pliny the Younger, Clement of Alexandria, Justin Martyr are a few. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Early_Christianity has some info. In addition, clearly this myth does not fit for Islam which is evidence that religions can start from an individual person/preacher. That the Jesus legend fits so closely (born of a virgin, 12 deciples, rises again after death) is strong evidence that the entire myth may have been created based on earlier myths. I think one question about Christianity is how many of these similarities were added later by Romans to make the Christian religion appear more like Paganism and how many were part of Christianity originally? I think it's unlikely that people just created a guy named Jesus. Clearly all the "miracle" stories are 99.9% lies that almost certainly never happened. Perhaps the story of Judas, the last supper are both lies added to the story later. Maybe Jesus was just a preacher of Judaism who was executed, and those who were angry about the murder made up most of the stories about his life, perhaps Jesus even claimed to be receiving messages from a diety, from "Yahweh" or "El" the Judaism diety. The procession of the constellations is really interesting and compelling info...the idea that somehow astrologers conjured up a new messiah (or god) and religion because of the changing of epochs. People did certainly create dieties, like Serapis was an invention that was supposed to replace Apis. Maybe Jesus replaced some diety such as Mithra. Much of this boils down to: clearly much of the christian stories and myths are fabricated, but was there an actual human named Jesus who was killed and served as the seed for much of the myth? Clearly, Jesus left no writings, and to my knowledge there are no contemporary writings about Jesus, but that Jesus was said to have a brother named James, is evidence that Jesus may have actually been a human who lived and was executed by Pilot. That is another point, that clearly Herod, Pilot, and other characters of the Jesus myth seems to be actual people, so clearly there is a historical context for when Jesus was supposed to have lived. The one thing I think many people should be able to agree on is that, whether real or made up, the Jesus cult, and all other religions, and religion in general is stupid, and science, the search for truth, physical and intellectual pleasure is where everything good is. Science and engineering is the thread that continues through history while religions and governments rise and fall. So the info on religion is good, and the 9/11 stuff is really good (this is one of the most concise editings of the 9/11 evidence I have seen yet), the third part about the federal reserve is good in its concise editing, but some of the views I disagree with, like I see no problem with a north american currency, an amero, but it needs to be democratically supported in my opinion. Who likes going through a border and being hassled? Then, you know, we have to realize that there already is a global currency and its VISA/MC, but we have to pay extra fees when in other nations. And we have to realize that humans are going to live on the moon, mars...thats the view that appears to be missing from so many anti-globalists, is the acknowledgement that, yes, there may be nations on the moon very soon, and a moon currency, and maybe those people on the moon may also have democratic government, or inherit the government structure of earth, and the same for Mars, Venus and Mercury. What I think will happen is that there probably will be some kind of star system government that is fully democratic if any government at all. Maybe governments will still be a patch-work of nations even on the moon, mars, venus, etc. but it seems more likely that the majority of people will want mainstream standards (for governments, law and court systems, property, etc), but who knows? Some of the concepts get a little abstract in these money talks. The false flag of the lusitania for WWI I think is interesting...I am interested in hearing more about that. I think clearly sinking it was not a good move on the part of the German leaders, but the question is, was the ship in German waters? This is the first I have heard about false-flag for the US entry into WWI, I wouldn't doubt there was a false flag. For WW2, this so-called false-flag I think is highly doubtful, because, even if there is economic boycotts, that is no excuse for a massive bombing on a nation. Unlike 9/11 it is highly doubtful that the US government faked the hundreds of Japanese airplanes. There is no excuse for bombing Pearl Harbor, and that was just stupid of the Japanese leaders to do. We will have to wait for all the eye movies after 1910 to see what evidence there is for both. Clearly though, the Gulf of Tonkin was false flag, 9/11 is 99.9% obviously false flag without any doubt at all, WTC93 was most likely false flag, Oklahoma city may very well have been false flag (and this is the first time I have seen an argument about legislation...it would be similar to the VT thing...30 murders allowed just to pass a bill closing the psychiatric record gun law...plus perhaps a national wave of as always apparently "indignation"). But then go on to some of these other things where I think people on the inside must want to vomit when they see this stuff. Like the Cole maybe being an inside job...if you think about it...clearly bin Laden is the patsy for 9/11...maybe all of the stuff where bin Ladin is the person claimed guilty are false-flags...it is very logical to presume so. Then they said the Pan Am plane...that is vicious if true. So much of this stuff, you have to know that with seeing eyes, hearing thoughts...is there some bomb plan those in the camera-thought at&t net would not be aware of? Here these people casually comment on our latest thoughts about our toiletries and underware drawers, but they can't see people planning violent acts in their thoughts? David Ray Griffin said it so well, when you see the Northwoods document, you can see that these people are not squimish about killing innocent people, and nobody can deny that. I picked something else up off of a recent Griffin lecture, and maybe I am hearing wrong, but he kind of hinted that...there is not one photo that disagrees with the story the insiders all have about 9/11, the WTC, all of history....he was perhaps hinting that...of all the independent sources...mainly most are probably AT&T, but there have to be others for hidden videos and audio...there is not one fabricated video among all of them, they all show the same video and have for all recorded history. That would certainly be nice. Maybe those who capture video are concerned about having a good reputation for accuracy, maybe it is a waste of time and money to try and fabricate video when most people can see and find out that it was fabricated (although clearly there have to be dark rooms where nobody can see inside of...and such places and people have to be probably not trusted and discredited among the included who have keep no secrets). So that is an interesting piece of data that it very well may be that of all the independent video sources, and the vast data the insiders can choose from...all of it tell the same exact story...there is no effort even to try and cover it up, or if there are efforts to fabricate video they are so minor and worthless as to fool nobody. The bin Ladin video might be evidence of faked video (although not graphically faked, but actors acting), and of course, the insiders would see things like that without much trouble probably, easily getting video of the actors, of the producers, the camera people, all involved.

Just quickly there appears to be some kind of conflict between Steven Jones and Jim Fetzer where they split up from ST911, and then Fetzer and Morgan Reynolds questioned Jones' work on thermate. I got this from 911blogger.com, which is a good source for keeping up with the 9/11 truth movement. From an outsider opinion, it looks like Fetzer and Reynolds might have taken some monies from the conservatives, because, you know, there is nothing wrong with what Jones has found out with thermate. The video evidence is somewhat strong in my opinion, where the molten metal is dripping down the building, and just that there is molten metal at the bottom...I mean...maybe it isn't thermate but I think that is a strong possibility, clearly explosives were used too. I see this a lot, the 9/11 killers pay people to lie... fetzer and reynolds are probably being paid to try and discredit Jones' work on thermate, which implies that the Jones' thermate evidence is something the 9/11 plotters fear. I saw earlier where Fetzer apparently took money to say that people were shooting at JFK from the sewers, which seems unlikely to me, but can't be ruled out. It could be beams, like fetzer and reynolds are beamed on and fall for the suggestions...like it is classic for the nazis to try and set the opposition against each other and they do that by beaming images and sounds on brains. A classic example shown in the above video is the nausiating thing that the British did...they sent two of their soldiers dressed as Arabs with explosives, shooting at people...then broke them out of jail...I mean how much evidence does the public need to know that people in the US and British government are murdering people, blowing up mosques and so on, to cause conflict between the two Arab sides? It's totally gross...it's purely evil...if anything is evil murder is...don't you agree? Anyway, so without trying to be rude, and just guessing based on my experience, Fetzer and Reynolds took a mess of money to so-called "sell-out" some aspects of the 9/11 truth movement, or they got scared and sold portions out for free out of fear...and I think everybody should accept why people would be scared....these 9/11 people are killing innocent people left and right... It's similar to what Greg Palast did recently...he too came after Steven Jones...which clearly has to be beyond coincidence, pointing out that Jones believes in very unlikely Christian theories (which is maybe an accurate criticism, but, I view those criticisms as unhelpful to educating the public about the truth with 9/11...I accept Jones' findings with the thermate, and his honesty on his findings even if he honestly believes some unlikely religious myths). So clearly it's not coincidence that these people are all picking on the same individual person...and it's unusual because, in my opinion the best and most convincing of the 9/11-truth people is David Ray Griffin...he's the person that tells the story most clearly and effectively, but maybe my opinion is wrong, maybe Steven Jones is the big danger to the 9/11 official story people, because clearly they appear to be trying to discredit him. But with Palast...and even with Fetzer and Reynolds what happens in my mind is that...in particular with Palast...any person who can get onto national television, is connected enough to know 9/11 was an inside job...and it doesn't take a lot of looking around to figure it out even for outsider, which Palast is clearly not one of, Palast is most likely included, and so any body who publicly rejects the 9/11 story is either too scared to tell the truth or is paid to mislead the outsiders. With these 3, it's hard to know for sure, I kind of have to lean towards being paid, but I can't rule out being scared. And what results is: unlike Barry Zwicker's work, David Griffin's work, Steven Jones' work, and others, with Palast I start to kind of doubt the integrity of his news reports because...clearly he lied about 9/11...was he lying about the Florida election fraud? I kind of doubt it...but his statements on 9/11 show that he is corrupted by fear or by money...and if money might he not have taken money to lie about other things? It's just like Penn and Teller and Popular Mechanics, when they try to debunk the truth about 9/11 so actively, and without doubt Penn and Teller had to be for money...I doubt they said what they said about 9/11 out of fear. Then it casts a shadow of doubt over the rest of their work, some of which might be valid work, for example there efforts against religion, and against the drug war. It puts them into a catagory of people that have dubious integrity. Not that I am 100% sparkly clean and honest, but these people definitely have sunk down on the imaginary totem pole for their obvious large public lies. So, it's like movie, product and other ratings ... some get 9 of 10 stars, others get 7 or 8 of 10 stars. Still they are no where near those who did 9/11 who are down at 0 to 1 star out of 10. And that probably is the key thing to remember in all of this is that: no matter how bad a person lies or misleads within the 9/11-truth, the JFK-truth, whatever-truth, without any doubt whatsoever, those who did the actual murdering and plotted it are by far the more evil, far far more evil than any liar or misleader. These people that did 9/11, that killed JFK, and have done all these false flag murders are the masters of murder, and very evil people, while those people exposing the truth about 9/11 truly are major heros of this century, even if flawed. Whatever flaws there are, are very minor. Many times when I see people talk I think "don't even waste precious time on any kind of criticisms of we on the liberal, 9/11 truth etc side...it's too insignificant to bother with and use up precious time with", and that may be true, but perhaps it might be worth identifying some of these minor differences. Barry Zwicker had some good criticisms of Chomsky and other so-called left gate keepers, and perhaps that info and those perspectives have some value for those of us who want to reach the public with the truth about 9/11 and so many other murders. For me the main focus is on concise videos of the physical evidence for all major murders made available to the public.

To me this is amazing: You can get into a cell phone for $30:
"Prepaid" is the key word to opening the door of low cost cell phone ownership. The only reason a person would not have a cell phone by now is fear of technology. Here is a $4 phone and 3 months of calls, up to 130 minutes total. This is not a paid for ad, I just think its amazing that it costs so little to just start using a cell phone, which might be a time saver on the road if your car breaks down or if you need directions or a phone number on the road. Plus having access to 911 with you at all times, although, I mean honestly, does anybody think the people in police would arrive in time? Still, maybe they would at least know where to find the body. It's tough to know who is the liberal and who is the conservative, probably all the wireless companies are vile, now tmobile has "stick together" which is kind of violent, remeniscent of "stick it up..." now where else could it be? reminds me of my joke about my condoms saying "stick together" in this era, it's going to be a long time. Before verizon had the soccer guy kicking with right leg. I think Verizon is in Texas, but maybe they are Ron Paul/Alex Jones kind of Texans. I think this one is going to come down to who is the least expensive and that is going to be TMobile. Actually I may have spoken too soon, there appears to be a one-time $35 activation charge. Maybe that can be avoided by buying a used phone on ebay. I find that the Samsung E315 may be a good phone for the money (about $40 on ebay), because it can capture video. As I recall, TMobile does not have autorefill as Verizon does, but TMobile is $25 for 3 months, and Verizon is $15/month ($45 for 3 months). That is so bizarre the way TMobile wants refilling to be a hassle. I think that might be the way to go, buy an unlocked phone on eBay ($40), a sim card ($10) and then $25 prepaid cards, but maybe the activation fee still applies, I don't know, I doubt it.
As an update on the 7/7 people, against as always from an outsider, maybe those 'good old boys' arrested were actually paid for and funded by the people who actually planned 7/7, that seems more logical...if you have shitloads of tax money to spend, it's much more morally confusing to have poor pawns do the actual dirty work, then those who pay for it, just sit back as if they are not responsible for the murders.

Clearly "CP" is somebody. Colin Powell is one set of initials that fits. Maybe this CP is the person who did the neuron activation. As I said this person is a major figure in science. C is probably Charles. Who that neuron activiation person is and when are important pieces of info in the history of science.

I want to report that I did see the videos of the Democratic debate and what a nausiating experience. I feel compelled to report here with unbiased analysis because looking at the main street media, there is not going to be any actual analysis, it's all paid-for ads disguised as actual news or independent opinion.

First I can summarize this all important Democratic primary by saying that the smart people are going to vote for Kucinich and the dumb people for Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton will probably therefore win the nomination, because we are a very dumb nation. It's going to be many people who want to have a female as President without really examining the internal values of the candidates. In some way I am glad that we may actually have a female president in the USA, even one who is a vicious, blood-thirsty, unenlightened and dishonest as Hillary Clinton, because like having the first black male President of the USA (and black female) we will be over "the hump", and may then be able to dismiss the issue of "first woman president" and "first black president" and examine the candidates based on their values.

My analysis of this debate is this: it's a complex bunch of events, but it definitely can be explained fully for those included and excluded, but I can only give you just a bare-bones summary. I just feel compelled to spend just a few minutes to explain this, because as I said, there is no actual honest reporting on this debate in the mainstream media, and I think the public should look carefully at what happened there.

The candidates basically, to make things easier, can be grouped along a line in terms of progressive and it goes like this in my mind:

I can only group them together, because I don't know enough about them.
least progressive ---> most progressive
Richardson Biden Dodd Clinton Edwards Obama | Gravel Kucinich

Maybe one of two people could be switched, but generally there are two groups, those who say that the Afghan and Iraq invasion were wrong to begin with (Gravel Kucinich) and those who went along with 9/11 and the subsequent invasions (Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards...Obama says there should be more ground troops, says Iran with nukes is major threat [but not Pakistan with nukes under a military coup general, or any other nuke nation such as China, India, South America, etc]). See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iraq_Resolution#Voted_in_favor_2 to see how Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards all voted for 9/11 and even the openly fraudulent illegal and murderous Iraq invasion).

So am I wrong in saying that there are basically two groups, those who play along with 9/11 and those who don't? Isn't that a neutral characterization? Isn't that a distinction the major media will not make?

So how did the candidates line up on this major era defining issue of 9/11, which only a person living in a cave for the last 6 years would not know was an inside job. Even celebrities like Rosie ODonnell and Charlie Sheen have publicly expressed doubts about the official 9/11 story. But even simply opening up video.google.com or youtube.com brings any person face-to-face with "Loose Change", "In Plane Sight", David Ray Griffin, Webster Tarpley, James Fetzer, Alex Jones, Steven Jones, and all the other 9/11 truth people. So how did the candidates align:

Those who said absolutely nothing about 9/11 without even hints (again maybe I missed something so bring it to my attention if I did). In other words, these people can be counted on to not raise a new 9/11 investigation, are either too scared or too complicitous with 9/11 to make this mass murder of 3000 innocent people an issue, they are clearly not outraged enough about the murder of nonviolent people to express anything.

Expressed no concern for 9/11 being an inside job:
Biden, Clinton, Dodd, Edwards, Richardson, Gravel (although did mention problem of Military Industrial Complex)

Those who may have hinted some outrage about 9/11 being an inside job:
Obama ("dismantle these networks...(of terrorists...but could mean indirectly 9/11 inside job network)")

Those who clearly expressed outrage about 9/11 being an inside job:
Dennis Kucinich (paraphrasing "open handed", from "In Plane Site" 'we offer an open hand, and not a closed fist')

There wasn't a lot of real wisdom among any of the candidates. For example, the word "science", "evolution/evolve", "violence" were not mentioned by any of them. In particular, the question about "war on terror and the republicans making the US safer"...first I have to hold back a vomit...the republicans make the US safer?! They did 9/11, it's like handing over the keys to the gentle lambs to a bunch of vicious wolves. The republicans did 9/11 and who knows what else, them in power is the only thing that is making life unsafe and dangerous in the USA, then of course not even to mention how the genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq is not lowering murder, violent crime has gone up in the USA, because they have no program to stop violence, and care little about stopping violence. And here we have a very very simple statement. The "war on terrorism" is only a subset of the "war on violence". We need to get serious about stopping violence and even identifying those who are wiring up explosives, murdering people with guns, knives and fists, all over the USA. I said "Now we in the USA has a history of violence...like JFK and then suspicious coverups like the bogus Warran Commission...with Dulles at the head...a guy JFK had fired...well you know that is corrupt then...and anybody that has seen the Zapruter knows that Oswald probably isn't the person that killed JFK...and so it was for MLK and RFK...and then more recently John Lennon...let's not forget him and how he was murdered in the streets of the USA...and there are so many others....9/11 is just another example of unstopped violence....now we have to get tough and smart...we need to start opening up the information and we need to start cracking down on violence." None of the candidates could identify this simple truth.

At first Hillary had some positive comments, echoing a version of my statement, that the difference between democrats is small, but between democrats and republicans is huge. I basically stated that, the decision between democrat and republican is a decision between the murder of 300,000 humans including people like my Mom, the 9/11 victims, and those killed while on duty in Afghanistan and Iraq versus those 300,000 humans living. It really is a major life and death decision for hundreds of thousands of humans on earth, the decision between voting for a democrat or republican, but I don't think the public, in particular the underinformed outsiders know this, but how could they not know it? Perhaps they don't understand that 9/11 was an inside job, but even so there never were WMD's found in Iraq. But then Hillary turned somewhat nasty, and definitely lost points in my opinion. As time wore on, Hillary revealed her unenlightened, blood thirsty inside, by saying something about welcoming "people who want to sell more stakes", and raising her hand up like driving a stake through a vampire's heart. It's tough as an outsider to analyze exactly what this means, but in my opinion, this is saying that the murder of my Mom is wonderful for Hillary, is a good thing for her. After all Hillary is the Governor of New York, allowed the murder of my Mom to happen, and has done nothing to punish any person who murdered my Mom. And what I think Hillary is saying there is that, she is reaching out to christian insiders, to say "let's keep murdering those who are not christians like us"...basically "bring on more stakes!" there are more "vampires" and "witches" to kill. Maybe I am wrong, what is the insider analysis of this "steak" statement. Then I think about how these insiders may even, as Kurt Cobain hinted "choking on the ashes of a runaway" before he was probably murdered, that they actually have "human steaks". Maybe not, I don't know. Maybe Hillary was just saying, "what about those people on the republicans who do that? I'm not like them." I'm interested to hear insider analysis of the "those who want to something... steaks". Maybe she was saying "I'm a meat eater...Kucinich is a vegan". Killing cows and eating their muscles is nasty anyway, but I will set that aside for now. But it seems clear that a "stake through the heart of a witch" metaphor is clear. Maybe Clinton is just trying to reach out to blood-thirsty intolerant christians, and doesn't actually believe people like my Mom should be murdered. I finally kind of settled on the idea that Hillary is basically "weak" and simply finds it easier not to stop or interfere with murder, her job is to parade around and puff air, not to actually do anything, and so it was with Bill Clinton who passed the Sony Bono law copyright extension while seeing any copyrighted material he ever wanted without paying a dime, including our thoughts, and doing nothing about those suffering in prison for drugs under the Reagan mandatory minimums which Bill Clinton left completely intact over 8 years of shocking and miserable treatment of those caught with drugs. And this is another statement about Hillary Clinton, that she is "disconnected". Disconnected from people's suffering, where Kucinich and Obama are more connected. But just quickly Obama did not fair well and lost a few point in this debate in my opinion, his planned media statements are far better than his on-the-spot comments, and like Clinton, at least one blogger actually identified it that both Clinton and Obama "try to please all people", for example, one obvious statement was how Obama is for more troops on the ground but also for ending the Iraq war...in the same sentence almost, and how Hillary Clinton voted for 9/11 and to invade Iraq 2 years ago, but now there is all this "new" information...and she changed her mind...again this weak wishy washy flip-flopping spineless no-integrity view that is absent from Kucinich who is consistent in his views. I can't over state this idea of electing a known commodity, a person who has been consistent. Kucinich said "maybe in her stake (state)" at Clinton, and I think that was very smart, and on his toes, although maybe that was just morphed on my computer and I should go back and look again at the video. Am I the only person who heard this conversation going on? Kucinich saying...something like "think about that....about a person who is celebrating the murder of 69 year old woman and is saying bring on more...more murder of the elderly...all-be-they of a different or no religion than christianity....is that what you honestly want?". How different is my Mom from your Mom? I doubt there is a big difference, my Mom was a gentle nonviolent person who happened to not subscribe to any religion, and who didn't deserve to be murdered. But let me reassure the females of the USA that it seems clear that no matter what Hillary does, she is going to be the nominee that wins the important democratic primary, because people want a female president and they don't care about the person's values. I think history will prove me correct that Hillary will get the "dumb vote", those people underinformed about 9/11, those people who reject evolution, etc. plus "the women", while Kucinich will get the "smart vote", those who set aside gender and are more concerned with the issues and progress. I don't know about Obama, I'm not the expert, I'm just giving my views as an outsider. Obama will probably win the votes of many black people and other non-whites. Obama did use a smart word...I can't remember...let's see..."cane"? a hint that he empathizes with those in jail (mainly black people) in this brutal drug war. I can't remember, but it was a smart word that has 3 or 4 levels of meaning. But also getting back to the "disconnected" of Hillary. Hillary is typical of these wealthy wealthy insiders who care very little for the suffering of those murdered in 9/11, those in jail for drugs, those in psychiatric hospitals without any basic rights. This psychiatric system is a clear issue. And let me make what seems like a very complex issue: the psychiatric system, very simple. It is so simple. It is basically one tiny little switch. All that needs to be done, is to simply switch the lever to "consensual treatment only". That is all that needs to be done. And then think about what would happen, all those underage kids whose parents and doctors force treatments on them, who inject them with drugs, all those disobedient housewives whose husbands get the police to commit them to psychiatric hospitals even though they have violated no law. It comes down to inaccurate thinking being legal, to making delusion legal, which is the right to free thought and belief, even if inaccurate, delusional, abnormal, and/or unusual. The question about VT was what made this lack of empathy and wisdom in Hillary obviously clear. The conservative democrat statement on VT should be something like "now here again is another example of how the Bush administration has failed on this issue of stopping violence. Now they failed on 9/11...they had hours to deploy the airforce...and here again...this murderer was walking around for 2 hours...chaining up the door...whatever system for stopping violence this administration has in place is clearly not working...and why? because this is a group of people who cares very little for stopping violence...look how the FBI just released their report that violent crime has gone up in the USA..not down...and here they are secretive and they have all this information...they have tapped all these phones...and they can't stop violent people when they have hours to do it? there is something wrong with those insiders...." but Clinton and others took the issue of "mental problems" and keeping guns out of the hands of those with mental problems. In other words, violent people is not the issue, people with mental problems is the issue. And you have to understand why they express these backward beliefs. The young kid being tortured on the table in 4 point restraints, the housewive being drugged, those people who are ordered by a court to buy psychiatric experimental drugs, are not the ones funding Clinton's campaign...those people are Johnson and Johnson, Novartis...are the big pharmaceutical industry...basically the psychiatric drug kingpins. And when it comes to human rights (the right to trial, to prove your innocence, to a finite sentence, to freedom of movement, freedom from drug injection, etc...) versus money...I am sad to say that money wins out, we have a system where basically those on television are going to be those who could afford the time. And so these backwards disconnected views of the uber-wealthy Clinton versus those people who languish in prison cells and psychiatric hospitals is noticable at least to me. Plus the missing concern for stopping murder...I mean why does no candidate say "I promise to try and lower the homicide rate by 10% in 4 years", murder is not a concern at all.
Other ideas, it is interesting that there is at least one female human, one black or african american person, one person with native american ancestry, whereas the republicans are all white males. With Richardson, my conclusion is that with the candy-cane tie, and rising to power in a red state such as New Mexico, he is basically too far off into the conservative do-nothing or worse realm. He did mention an interesting idea of a 3 part government in Iraq, which may be the result of people discussing the idea of full democracy, and the problems that a full democracy might bring to the USA. The claim is that the majority would decimate the minority and that is not happening with the current 3-part system. I disagree with this claim, although it is complex. The idea they are talking about is how a minority would have some guaranteed right that could not be voted away to protect minority opinion from being eliminated by a majority. One clear example I can give of how this kind of "compensate for and protect the minority" does not really apply is the entire court system of earth, in particular the court system of the USA. There is no reason at all to have anything other than a fully democratic opinion where the majority wins all court decisions, that is simply the way a court system operates. A person is either found responsible for some crime or is not, and that is determined by 12 people or a single judge, there is no logical place for some kind of 3 part minority-helping system. Simply the majority view determining the sentence, etc seems like a simple and the most fair approach to our terribly random and unfair court system. Full democracy will smooth out the inconsistancies in sentences being handed out by individual judges with different philosophies and interpretations of the laws, etc. My view just to summarize quickly is that we are already under majority rule, but a very slow majority rule, where the majority finally wins out but only after decades. Kucinich was the only candidate to publicly support the international court system, which could possibly convict the 9/11 plotters if it was supported, that it is not democratic would be frightening, but still, it might stop the final authority of the 9 people on our supreme court...9 people deciding the laws for 300 million...I hope people wake up to that truth soon. You ought to be able to live under laws you get to vote on.

To her credit Hillary is putting forward a health care plan, as is Obama and Edwards. Edwards is disconnected too, thinking about raising taxes. I'm with Gravel....just scrape the modest budget overruns from the military industrial complex...nobody needs that much military. Already taxes are being wasted everywhere, we need to be getting much more for our taxes. Interestingly health care is a major issue, where ending starvation, free rooms for the roomless, free access to showers and soap, stopping violence (a registry of violent offenders, etc), moon stations to develop the next new world, etc don't seem to be big issues for this group. With the health care, it is interesting, that it could be done through insurance companies, but it could be done directly to doctors. You know Hillary, the big business rep, is going to go with the insurance industry, not with directly paying the doctors. For example, simply defining some dollar amount per person, and paying doctors directly for those who need health care...that will not be done. in addition, possibly fully paying for all immenent life-threatening care. Basically there is the emergency care (heart attack, stroke, cancer), maintenance care (non-life threatening disease), and routine check-up care (dentist, xrays, etc). Then evaluating people depending on what they can afford. It's not impossible and through science and logic we can flush out these main issues.

Then think about Hillary wins 2008, 2012, and as usual the pendulum swings back because people oppose the encumbants and republicans win in 2016 and start war again. What did we get from Hillary? Nothing, absolutely nothing...no wait, universal health care insurance, and that is absolutely it, nothing else....maybe a balanced budget...but nothing else whatsoever. Nothing science, nothing drug war, nothing prostitution, nothing free info (free info may even be in worse shape), no "consensual" psychiatric system

And there are also mainstream issues. The defining issue of this time is 9/11, just like abolishing slavory was in Lincoln's time. There are 2 groups, those who publicly said nothing about 9/11 and those who spoke out publicly about 9/11 being an inside job. So how did the candidates fare on the 9/11-truth issue? This most major litmus-test good-evil pious-unpious allow-murder/stop-murder issue?

I can summarize Hillary Clinton in a few words, but as an outsider, maybe I am inaccurate, maybe I don't have all the facts, but one word is "weak". And I would apply this word to Bill Clinton's presidency too. Clinton increased the copyrights, did not remove the reagan mandatory minimums, allowed Oklahoma City (controlled demolition was involved so it probably was dirty and insider) and WTC the first bombing (couldn't control the FBI probably) to happen. Clinton only looked like JFK, he was a weak president with weak Southern Baptist values that look the other way from people's suffering, not a strong minded, enlightened person with a solid education and spine. Clinton did very little for liberals in those 8 years. He balanced the budget and gave us a surplus to his credit, violence went down under his reign, but he did nothing about anything else, and weakly supported science. His administration was a christian marshmellow regime, and a somewhat vicious violence one too. Biden said the idea that we don't need to invade nations in unrealistic, and I am glad he flared his blood hungry teeth, because I wasn't sure about his views. He's a chameleon and a professional politician (read "do-nothing" like Dodd, not a visionary or leader). Because I think it's obvious that we as a society need to move toward "policing" (where people get trials) and away from military solutions (where people get "off'd"). There is no reason for 1 missile to ever be fired with the current technology. We need to be policing, working with the other nations...and the biggest most powerful violent people are here in the USA, we need to start here in our own backyard to even simply identify murderers and then convict them, we can start with Frank Fiorini and Thane Cesar and then go from there.

I really ask people to look again at Kucinich. Here is a person that most likely would win the electoral votes (20, a very large number) of Ohio his home state, and like the last 2 elections, the Democratic nominee will no doubt win the electoral votes of California, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, PA, and all of New England, which is enough to win the presidency when you include the votes of Ohio. Can Hillary win Ohio? Sure she will win the 3 Pacific states, New England, and Illinois, but can she win Ohio or any southern states? Kucinich is clearly unhappy about 9/11, Hillary implicitly supported 9/11. But yet, Hillary gets 40% and Kucinich only clears 1%, what is the difference? What do people see in Hillary and not in Kucinich? To me it's somach churning. Here one of them made a remote hint that they were aware that 9/11 was an inside job and a mass murder of 3000 citizens in passing....the 1 percenter! All the others will be remembered historically as people who said nothing publicly about 9/11 being an inside job and died with that and many other secrets of which only fragments of recorded memories will reveal to the public many centuries later.

Look at the background of the candidates too, Obama and Kucinich are northerners, midwest, Clinton Edwards are south easterners, and the rest are New Englanders and one South Westerner (but a red state).

How about the evolution question for the Democrats? How would Hillary answer that? Probably with some wishy washy please-all answer like she believes in both.

With that Hillary stank stake thing, I think many religious Christians may feel like...I'm not Ted's Mom, I'm not a 9/11 victim and I don't know any 9/11 victim, I'm not a person killed in Afghanistan or Iraq and I don't know anybody who was, so I don't really care...it does apply to me that those people are murdered...I'm not murdered. And you know as a person interested in survival and wisdom, I can't vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary, definitely I will be voting for Dennis Kucinich in the primary, because I can't possibly support somebody who not only stood by and watched my Mom get murdered, is doing nothing to punish the person responsible, and possibly even approves of such a thing requesting that more such murders happen. But you know, how different are those victims of murder than you and your loved ones? Not very different. I would have hated to been in those towers when Controlled Demolition flipped the switch, from that one phone call it sounded very painful. Getting back to that issue of consistency. We are going to want a consistent president, not somebody who flip flops around, in particular about mass murder. I may have to vote for Hillary if she wins the primary because the person who sits back and does nothing while people murder is less worse than electing the murderers. I think Hillary and the others who don't mention the truth about 9/11 (basically all those except Kucinish, Obama and Gravel) are sending a message to those that did 9/11 basically "we will not challange you", "we will get out of your way", "we will not present any kind of road block to your future false flag operations", " I was optomistic to hear what Hillary was going to say, but it all came back to me relatively quickly, all the problems with Hillary...how she is a brutal puritan, how she, like so many other insiders, has the blood of the innocent dripping from her mouth; is a blood thirsty person or at least blood and murder tolerant, how her puritanical backwards religious upbringing is a tremendous handicap, this is a person who includes the word "sin" in her routine vocabulary...I mean what century is she living in? What millenia might be more appropriate to ask. Sin? and soul. The belief in soul despite all the science and anatomy, still this old belief of soul, like the 4 humors...lets see there was bile...and I dunno... I couldn't figure out why Tarpley expressed such a displeasure with Hillary, stating that she was in favor of violence. I thought maybe he took Repub money, but it seems that she is somewhat brutal in terms of allowing violence to happen, nobody should forget that she went along with 9/11 and the Iraq invasion. Imagine Hillary's "defense" of my Mom applied to the USA. Here I might be voting for a person that is going to allow me to be murdered, and the killer(s) to go free, nice. I thought Kucinich's performance was conservative, but he did say some good things, one was how he said that he stayed with his beliefs even when unpopular, and that is a key issue. People like Hillary and so many others bank on the idea that people will forget and that investment generally pays off. Remember how Hillary authorized the Iraq invasion that has killed 3000 people...killed...those people are not coming back...is that the person you want for President? really? invaded Iraq, blew up neighborhoods, remember the images of the children in "Fahrenheit 9/11?" with all the scars? And then that 9/11 was actually an inside job...so the Iraq invasion was 100% pure first degree murder (and it is anyway since there is no reason...I mean people might entertain the idea of freeing nonviolent people from immenent murder, but it's doubtful, because they don't for China, and many other nations). And of course Hillary, Kucinich, and other insiders knew and know this, but Hillary supported it, and Kucinich rejected it. I don't think it's a good idea to forget how Hillary went along with 9/11 (and still does to this day), and in particular the Iraq invasion. It is one thing to be silent about 9/11 (as Kucinich has for the most part), but a very different thing to go along with the 9/11 murderers plan to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. I have trouble myself remembering this kind of viciousness, and I am glad this debate helped me to remember. All this debate did for me was strengthen my resolve to vote for Kucinich in the democratic primary. At first Hillary sounded good with her 'major difference' quote, but then the outer shell wore off and I could see what we are getting for our vote which is more of what I have described above. Kucinich has expressed his dissatisfactino with the drug war, that and his vote against the invasion of Iraq, provides the liberal progressive voter with much more for their vote than Hillary can provide. But as I stated, I don't think anything I say matters, it's probably going to be Hillary and Rudy in the final showdown and from there our next 4 to 8 years look bleek.
for polls for 2008.
Probably if the election were held today Hillary would be President.

It's interesting that, among republicans, if history is correct, they tend to like the most blood-thirsty and Nazistic, and while Guiliani is blood-thirsty and Nazistic, he clearly is not nearly as vicious, rabid, violent and evil as Bush jr, so that may cause dissatisfaction among the republican voters. Maybe somebody like Jeb Bush will appear, or somebody more vicious. Guiliani is definitely a monster and vicious, but he doesn't have that just-lawless animal run amok kind of style that the Republican voters tend to approve of, and that probably spells defeat for them unless some new vicious uber-criminal can be found, perhaps from death row? from the ranks of neonazis? I think Jeb is about the closest they have that I am aware of. 06/06/07 Maybe McCain, now there is one old crusty violent bastard, but is he twisted and violent enough for the republican voters?

On a different topic, I think Hugo Chavez's decision to not issue a license to the opposing television station is probably heavy handed, he could have simply identified those who made threats or allusions to violence and prosecuted them or fined them.

I wish Barbara Boxer would try for President, she voted against doing a 9/11 and the Iraq invasion and then women and pro-women's rights people like me would be happy too.

With the Scooter Libby, my vote is no jail time for telling about Plame, but perhaps jail time for involvement with 9/11, for example accessory before, conspiracy to commit, accessory after times 3000. Maybe those are not directly violent crimes, only related to violent crimes, but still I can see the public voting jail time for that. I am against government secrets as I have said before. 2 years for telling a government secret? That seems overly harsh anyway. All "information crimes" should be protected by law, and that is one potential law I have put forward. I don't think Libby and this administration are good people, I mean clearly they are scum bags, but telling secrets is no crime, the public should focus on punishing violent crime.

I still am saying keep your eyes open for some kind of reichstag false flag event. Maybe the republicans will pull Osama bin Ladin out of a hat, but then of course they will need to replace him with some other pretend "super villan", perhaps a second in command, or another wealthy Islamic person. I am thinking that this event will happen in NYC, or DC, certainly it could happen elsewhere too, it's all up to the republicans, the cia, and the rogue military and defense industry leadership, and as for a time, I think just before the election in November...probably any time after June 2008, so about a year away. In fact they might be in the early Wannsee conference planning stages now. Is this the "9/11 2008 conference?" people with badges might be asking, and maybe "do we have the minutes from the original 9/11 wannsee conference?". Maybe not because they are already well fed, they have had 8 years to walk away with billions of the taxpayer's money and the most massively giganto overfunded military of any nation in history, so massive, they have to make up "pretend attacks" because no actual attacks stand a chance of succeeding what with the seeing, hearing and sending thought machines and all.

with the military judges' recent decision. There is no need for military courts, judges, anything like that, and any kind of military court system needs to be ended and integrated into a unified set of laws for all people civilian and military alike. At least let's see how people vote on such an idea. I think most people think military courts are a sham, everybody but the defendent has the same uniform on, it's all fixed in the camera-thought net by those in power.

I think so many people, as I said, are looking for a self sustaining system that runs independently of any individual people or events, that basically is geared to shutdown violence. My main concern, as I said, is that none of the nonviolent people alive now get hurt, and in general that nobody still alive gets hurt at all. We need a system and society that stays true to that belief of exposing and stopping violence no matter what chaotic circumstances, trickery or complexity is going on.

When I say that Hillary is "weak" I mean weak against the murderers of the republicans. I don't know if the republicans are strong or weak, but clearly most are murdering criminals, honestly, and we need a strong person to stand up to them. The republicans definitely are making the USA weak with all their murdering.

I have to come up with more new phrases beside "ohmigod", "holy shit", and other 1200s phrases, but "Ay caramba", did you see the republican debate? I saw parts of it. Nonholy cow, did you hear the answers on evolution? First they are all white guys in neck ties, one guy (Huckabee) claimed that he thought a god created humans, but wasn't sure if it was in 6 days because he wasn't there, that god created humans in his image, that such a question was an insult, ... and I thought...that is so ridiculous...and that if people want to believe they came from a primate that's ok...I mean come from monkeys...I mean we descended from bacteria, from some fish-like ancestor, one of all of our distant relatives...I mean we are directly descended from some wild worm....from a frog like creature....from a mouse-like mammal...it's so obvious, but it sounds maybe shocking, but its so obviously true, you know evolution is very simple and there is tons of evidence to verify the truth of evolution. And I thought...'what an uneducated person...I can't believe that...that is so sad'...but then I was shocked even more after this person was done talking....the audience roared with applause to those statements about not knowing if a god took six days, and that first god created the heavens, and so on...they actually supported that...and agreed...I mean that is unreal. I have to thank those people who have the courage to ask that question...it shows all of us...such a simple thing...that maybe people probably presume is false...just how dumb so many of the people are and how poor education is in the USA. I think its wonderful to have these people explain their views on evolution. Of course those views are very relevent, teaching of evolution and science if something I expect from a president, and to promote those ideas, and of course I don't want to elect a person that does not think evolution is a fact, that is too shockingly uneducated or poorly educated.

Just more info I forgot to mention that, the health insurance plan for the USA is definitely going to cover unconsensual psychiatric "treatments" and experimental drugs for pretend problems. So what we see happening, and Elliot Spitzer recently passed a law that anybody can be drugged by force, which is a total violation of a person's right to body, against drugging and assault laws. And they do this so the drug companies, the psychiatric hospital owners, and psychiatric doctors can continue to get money for these products and services. Imagine if people some day vote to flip that tiny one-bit on/off switch and insist that all health treatments be consensual (I mean imagine somebody extracting a rib from you without permission, etc), including those of psychology (as was declared by the Nuremburg laws after the human experimental atrocities of WW2 were uncovered) ...imagine how the money and "customers" of psychology would be drastically reduced....'wait you mean I don't have to stay in this hospital? I don't have to buy and use these drugs?...well of course I am not going to...I'm going to save my money, I don't have any mental diseases', and of course, if they violate some law, by threatening violence, by causing a disturbance, by public nudity, etc. lock them in a prison, charge them with the crime, let them have a public defender, let them have a jury trial, allow them a safe and comfortable enviroment, a room, free food, clothing, access to a shower and toilet, safety from violence, perhaps even offer then free counceling, advice, drug advice, etc. Basically legalizing psychology, and making it consent only. The income to pfizer, johnson and johnson, all the major psychiatric placebo-and-worse drugs would lose billions and billions of dollars from forced drugs and treatments. Nobody likes to be drugged, nobody likes to be forced to buy and take drugs, nobody likes to be inhumanely physically restrained. I think it's going to be a long time for the public to work through their knee-jerk fear of mythical psychiatric diseases and labels such as "psycho", and in particular when those labels are used to protect or cover for a violent person...well no wonder people associate violence with psychiatric labels, for those people "violento" or "violentophile" is more specifically related to the big problem that everybody hates. Simply speaking, violent people need to be identified, caught-in-the-act on recorded images, sufficient evidence made available, captured and jailed, and those who are never violent need to be free. And while the public is busy trying to figure out that, evolution, and basic addition, these drug companies and psychiatric doctors and hospital owners will continue to enjoy the massive income from drugs and services forced on lawful (and unlawful) people without any consent. Maybe it's not you that is being forced to use drugs now, but it very easily could be since psychiatric disorders and stigma can absolutely be applied to any person.

The Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) stem cell find is amazing: that stem cells can be changed from unipotent mouse skin cells to pluripotent cells (and no doubt soon, even omnipotent cells...it's not as if there are probably serious differences with the cytoplasm and cell wall between cells). To me this thing is just fantastic. In addition to actually see it in the news and published in Nature...even just that may have been a major step forward. From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pluripotent Pluripotent cells can "differentiate into any of the three germ layers: endoderm (interior stomach lining, gastrointestinal tract, the lungs), mesoderm (muscle, bone, blood, urogenital), or ectoderm (epidermal tissues and nervous system). Pluripotent stem cells can give rise to any fetal or adult cell type. However, alone they cannot develop into a fetal or adult animal because they lack the potential to contribute to extraembryonic tissue, such as the placenta." So that is wild to know. How this was done was simply by adding 4 genes into the cell DNA that produce 4 proteins known as transcription factors (transcription is the process of copying DNA to RNA by an enzyme called RNA polymerase, a transcription factor is a protein that works in concert with other proteins to either promote or suppress the transcription of genes.) I wonder if this relates at all to the theory that DNA is like a computer program that does not sun sequentially, but instead runs from step to step (or in stages) from some starting proteins that activate the genes needed for the next stage or step. For example, first proteins a, b and c are produced, these in turn activate/unblock genes for proteins d, e and f which cause developmental changes in the cell, and in addition activate genes for proteins g,h and i while perhaps blocking the gene for protein a. And so, the cycle of aging moves along in this way. If this is true then perhaps people only need to somehow create a custom made DNA strand that stops the development at some stage and constantly cycles at that final stage to have an "ever-living" organism, like a bacterium. Perhaps it's more complex than that, but this find clearly shows that 4 simple genes turn the cell back to an embryonic stage. The most exciting possibility (although this probably is in the future and not yet figured out) is that maybe people and other species with genetic and physical problems could be healed, and beyond that, possibly, our own DNA, those of us already developed could possibly be inserted with DNA to make our cells all pluripotent so we can grow back limbs, etc, and possibly this might lead to understanding how to stop development and hold an organism at one stage of development (for example age 20) without aging farther. My only worry with this new finding is that all the assholes alive now in this time might be alive forever, but still all the good people living theoretically forever, might offset that. Hey screw wasting our time going to church, synogogue, mosque and temple, and let's work more with this stem-cell science stuff.

there is a gradiation of violence, starting with murder...murder needs to be stopped first, then assaults...even any I might do, and then from there...probably the next biggest evil enters into the nonviolent realm, is anything related to violence, theft. So a poke, touch, drug use, prost, that stuff is minor, a shove or unconsentual spank is a little worse, but still a very minor assault, people have made tiny little touches and similar activities (many times beamed on suggestions) to be so serious ... even more serious than murder, assault...it's amazing. I think many people focus on one tiny part in their brain where they think...'oh...poking a person...oh fondling...that is so bad!....' and that part of their brain is not connected to the part that thinks 'oh murder....oh assault...that is so bad!...' and so they are not able to see the entire spectrum at one time. (It's really the "cease sees" phenomenon...the hey how about punishing those murderers in the camera net? How about at least excluding them? Aren't they people who should be chastized and not allowed to see, hear and send thoughts? I mean murder...ayiyi...are those the people that should be able to see people in their houses? while the simply poker or toucher who hasn't hurt anybody should be excluded? it's bizarre...but basically many insiders see murder and assault as ok or not a big deal) They have to be reminded about the murderers and assaulters in the camera-thought net, then they reach a very interesting thing in their brain...as the two concepts...two entirely different parts of their brain are temporarily connected....but then quickly dissapate, and they fall back on the main paths worn over in their mind for years....of violent crime not being serious...of pleasure being the big evil...not remembering that violence is worse.

Barrack Obama confirmed "hop" in a media statement recently, so that gives more weight to the all the passengers put onto a single plane at CHIA and shot down over PA theory.

Hey we should stake our claim to some US moon cities in the new world, and Mars cities, now lets go, lets stop wasting time in war, and conquer the moon and mars...other nations are already moving ahead of us, we who are sunk in the mud in Afghan and Iraq. We get to the moon and have to learn Chinese, Russian, and Spanish and then get passports to visit and rent.

we don't see an asian candidate, that is kind of unusual. We need a good atheistic, science-loving, pro full-democracy asian lady and guy up there. Can you imagine a white person as president of China? or a black person or woman as president of russia? That is one reason the USA has a certain advantage over other people, just as Pupin had the smarts to figure out seeing eyes, and he was an immigrant, integration is good for a nation and people, in particular for new science ideas and approaches. How about a white woman as President of Japan, only in Chile will you see that kind of thing. Now I would like to see even more integration in Canada and South America.

Guiliani doesn't appear like a tough guy to me, although I am sure he is vicious, because it's the lisp...I can't imagine him giving out threats like "...perhaps you might want you should have some trouble ...what with making your sandwich there hm?..." etc...probably people instead of feeling threatened would roar with laughter, but we know for sure that those 9/11 victims aren't laughing.

People think Russia is terrible, and China, and so many other nations are so terrible, and without doubt there are terrible things happening in every nations around the earth, reporters like Anna Politskaya are murdered with millions watching and the killers never punished, political dissidents like those in Tiananmen square are jailed for years without any major crime, but think about this: How many nations have done a 9/11/01 to themselves...to their own people? There really are very few. Has Russia blown up 3000 of it's own people? It did have the terrible Beslan school massacre that killed 350 people, but I don't think that was an inside job, perhaps, with seeing, hearing and sending thought, it's hard to imagine people not being able to stop violence before it happens, but perhaps. Has China done a 9/11 to its own people? no. Has South America? no. Did Canada? no. France, Germany? no. Spain? no, unless the Madrid bombing, but then that was very small, similar to 7/7, the British false flag operation...not nearly a 9/11 by any stretch of the imagination. Has India blown up 3000 of its own citizens? not yet. Sweeden, Switzerland? no, not yet. Australia? no there has not been any 9/11 inside murdering there as of the moment. So a very good argument can be made that the worst regime in power, the most destructive and oppressive administration, is the one currently in the USA. The leaders of Russia, China, and other nations are brutal and callous, one might even say vicious, but none are so vicious as to murder 3,000 of their own citizens in a false-flag operation, that kind of vicious lawless murdering and violence, only the USA under Bush jr is capable of or are believers in. Even the Communist nations are not so murderous to their own people, and Communism is grindingly slow, brutal and constantly corrupt. Even monarchies such as Saudi Arabia are not so brutal to their own citizens, murdering them by the thousands. This is the only nation to murder more than 3000 of its own citizens since Hitler (not to mention hundreds of thousands of non-US citizens). I think people like to think that other nations are the asshole of the earth, but looking at 9/11, none are that monsterous to their own citizens, and I think we must realize that we are circling around the black hole of earth; that asshole of crime, dishonesty and violent mass murder is here...in our nation at least at this point in time. We need to seriously clean up the USA and have needed to since the murder of JFK. We need to take back our nation and make it a lawful anti-violence nation. What has happened to the people in the USA?

Who can understand the G8 protests? Is that idiocy? Who gives a shit about international conferences? There are so many other things and people to protest like 9/11/Controlled Demolition, Frank Sturgis, Thane Cesar, the phone company pupin network, the major media pupin network, the police secrecy, not being able to see the police cameras, for full ass democracy all the time, against the drug war, for total free info, against copyright, against violence, against the prostitution war, against unconsensual psychiatric treatments, for an "evolution" movie, a "history of science" movie, a "future" movie, against religious persecution and secrecy about past persecution, about the lies of the religions, etc. G8 who gives a shit? They don't decide or do shit. There isn't even a planetary court system, the united nations is far from democratic or effective...they did nothing about 9/11, the afghanistan and iraq illegal invasions, what good are their doctrines then? The UN and NATO seem to be to be mostly US govt-run organizations (although again no US citizen has any control over them or their doctrines which are barely worth the computer memory they are saved on). I'm hopeful for full democracy in every city, state, nation, planet and star system we grow to, but I don't think that is what these G8 protesters are protesting about. They simply throw out that they are "anti-globalization", and to me, that is stupid, open the markets up, VISA and mastercard are already global currencies, how about some standardization in laws...I don't want to be jailed in south america because I said something impolite, or murdered in Singapore for chewing gum, or in Taiwan after being planted with drugs, etc. I think some kind of planetary democracy can't possibly be a bad thing. I can see a planetary majority bullying the minorities, but as I have said before, let the city majority always rule over the national majority within the confines of that city. The California medical marijuana issue is a perfect example of how Bill Clinton and Bush jr should yield to the State majority. We are moving to other moons, planets, and stars...this planet is going to be left in the dust in a thousand years, as a way overpacked wall-to-wall skyscraper planet without space to sneeze. To me the thing to be protesting and upset about is the murdering. Abstract issues like globalization are not serious problems, the secret murdering is. There must be a cool camera-net video and I want to make one for the outsiders that shows all the murders from 1910-2007, the victim(s), the murderer(s), quickly going through them all, the capture/verdict if any, etc. to show the massive violent history of the USA.

How about this latest Kansas murder of Kelsey Smith? What a beautiful young female with most of her life ahead of her. Certainly the insiders know who did it, but did they know who was going to do it? This is another example of how decriminalizing prostitution, removing the stigma of promiscuity, real sex education that lasts much longer than 1 hour on 1 day, a new focus on stopping violence, and punishing the violence. For example, without much doubt the person that did this murder should get life, there is very little doubt that this was anything other than a first degree murder. And this happens all the time, people care very little about murder. Recently Bill Mahr did a Larry Hagman joke and it reminded me about my statement in FYRN-Violence that the public cares more about the pretend murder of an actor on tv than the 20 real murders a day in the USA, and that is just in one day. Murders of wonderful people, and there looks to be no change anytime soon.

This article is evidence that the military probably has room after room of highly trained walking robots and has since the 1950s. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/6729745.stm

Interesting why people say "take a dump", "take a crap", "take a shit", because really it should be "give a crap", "give a shit"...you are not taking anything, you are giving something, giving it to the government to process and reuse. We're going to "take a piss", but more accurately we should say "give a piss" or "piff". It's at the government end where the person would say they are going to "take a piss" or "take a shit", since they are on the receiving end and not the sending end of piss and shit.

Kind of interesting link about Dorothy Buck, a woman who was foribly injected with drugs in psychiatric hospitals and forcibly sterilized for shitzophrenia in Germany: http://www.ushmm.org/wlc/media_oi.php?lang=en&ModuleId=10007014&MediaId=5092

There seems to be a lot of excitement about Ron Paul, the Republican candidate for President, which raises an interesting question about the current voting system, because if so many people are supporting Ron Paul, why do all the polls only show him with 1% support? We know how the major media is controlled (obviously they don't mention about seeing, hearing and sending thought, nor how 9/11 was an inside job, nothing about Frank Fiorini or Thane Cesar), and no doubt so are the major poll companies. That's probably what is happening, basically a small wealthy powerful group that controls the pupin neuron/camera thought network pulls the strings and they don't want anybody who might threaten their all powerful control over people's minds, they certainly don't want this thought technology available to all people to enjoy. But anyway imagine if Paul did win the Republican nomination, it seems clear that even if overwhelmingly popular, Paul can't because of these controllers of the Pupin net with all the money and literal control over people's minds. Wouldn't that be an amazing battle between Ron Paul and Hillary Clinton? Because I think many smart people would have a tough time voting for Clinton over Paul, here Paul is for removing the Ferederal Reserve Bank, of course Hillary will have nothing to do with that...the Federal Reserve is a disaster, a few elite secret people control how much money is in circulation and are shockingly brutal, they create depressions, and all kinds of economic problems for their own advantage, there is a good video on google, I think it's "the Money Masters". Hillary Clinton is not going to do anything like that for the people of the USA. Then Paul is for getting government out of the drug war. Clinton will never support that and is probably like so many on the illegal drug money take. Paul has a good interview on youtube with a person at NORML about the drug war: http://youtube.com/watch?v=G8t7jqis2Mc. I think I would vote for Ron Paul over Hillary Clinton just for ending the drug war and federal reserve system alone. Paul actually spoke with the scholars for 9/11 truth, Hillary won't talk to them, and is probably planning the next 9/11, or certainly how she will do nothing when the military cabal does the next 9/11. I am for getting government lasers out of our houses and government employees out of our minds. Ron Paul is a doctor, and therefore clearly a person who supports science and a smart person, I wonder if Hillary Clinton is even an evolutionist, she's no engineer, professor or doctor. What about Ron Paul versus Dennis Kucinich? That would be a tough battle. You know they ought to take each other as VP running mate. I think if Paul does win the Republican nomination (because it seems like there is a lot of support for him) it's going to be important who he chooses as VP. Maybe somebody like Alex Jones would be a good choice, probably he will choose a similar like-minded person, but are there any? certainly not among the other republcan candidates, those people are out there.

The new Paul McCartney video is on youtube and I think that's nice that he is providing free videos. Is it me or does he sound kind of thugish? like "hey yo....here's my new video..", maybe it's that he is older and his voice is deeper, but he sounds pissed. Then he tells the post worker to "stick it" instead of "set it gently" or "put it" which is kind of pro-violence language, but it's minor. The message, have fun or dance, that's fine, but for me, I like to hear a more progressive message, about Pupin, about masers, about 9/11, about Sturgis, Cesar, seeing thought, all the violence, for free info, about full democracy, for science...I mean...there is so many things that need improvement. It's nice that he allows all the comments to be posted, and there are some nasty comments there. I think it shows that many people are generally angry. It's probably the effect of living a pleasure-free life, coupled with religious idiocy, and constant beams on their head that makes people constantly angry and rude. Then McCartney does the "crazy" sign around his ear, and to me, that is kind of brutal and nasty. To think about how people are being tortured in psychiatric hospitals, locked in these places indefinitely and without committing a single crime. Then to see how innocent perfectly normal people are labelled insane...it's what is keeping the truth about Pupin a secret..."you say people hear your thoughts? well you are a psycho and paranoid!"...and "oh no not another person who claims there was JFK or 9/11 conspiracy!...those wackos". It's what keeps the truth from being accepted. psychology is a terrible stigma, it's a brutal belief as is religion. For centuries people were murdered because they rejected the obviously stupid and false claims of the religions, and psychology is a similar tool used for persecution and torture of the innocent. Definitely there are people who are very innacurate, look at the deeply religious...who believe Jesus is coming back and the earth will explode, and ... who reject evolution...I see it all the time...but you know, I don't view it as a disease, as much as a poor education, as poor thinking skills, inaccurate beliefs, poor decision making skills, rudeness, violence, those kinds of things, not as psychosis, or some kind of psychological disorder in particular knowing how people are being drugged, and tortured who are accused of such diseases (and those who torture themselves believing the claims of the brutal psychologers that propagate the myth of psychiatric diseases and that they need to be forcefully unconsentually treated). There are those who told publicly that seeing and hearing thought might be possible...those people are very few, in fact I only know of 2, and there are those who said publicly that 9/11 was an inside job, those, even among the included are actually a significant number of people, there are those who revealed that Frank Sturgis was the killer of JFK, or at least that the official story is probably false, those who implicated Thane Cesar as the killer of RFK, I only know of a very few people, but more than those for Pupin, and looking back in a few centuries, people will judge people on these questions...did they publicly support evolution? did they publicly support science, moon cities, going to other stars? And sadly for the vast majority of the wealthy and famous, there will not be one checkmark in any such column. I'm glad I have publicly spoken out for all those ideas and more, even simply supporting the stopping of violence, for teaching science, against the drug war, for free info, for full democracy, for physical pleasure, exposing the lies of the religions, for decrim the prost...I mean these birds and gents werk their arses off and then get jailed and fined for that even when porno is legal? I don't understand it, it seems brutal, callous and unfair, etc. In my eyes, this ULSF project is where it is at, everytime I hear people struggling and unaware of the facts of history I think...'this is exactly what ULSF is going to address....making people aware of the current understanding of the story of evolution, of the rich and interesting history of science, and the amazing story of the possible futures for life of earth', and it amazes me that I am alone basically except for a very few other people in being involved in this kind of project, and without any kind of funding or assistance whatsoever. Maybe wealthy people are paying tons already just to protect me so that I can tell this story, and if that is true, we live in a very sad and desperate condition. I expect this total lack of any kind of interest in ULSF to continue, and its shocking to me, but perhaps more shocking is the silence of those in power about the shocking violence of recent history in particular. I hope not to be angry and bitter as a senior citizen if I live that long, but perhaps it's a physical thing that people can't help. I probably will be saying 'get the hell away from me with that robot camera...' and so on, generally being crotchety and unruly. Hopefully, I will be mellow and positive, and even in old age be able to convince females to blow me after paying them a reasonable and fair reward. I think many people are interested, myself included, to see what wealthy people with access to millions of minds are thinking and creating, but I wish the public would be more interested in progressive ideas. It's not as much the fault of rich people who say nothing about anything that matters, as it is the public who continues to pay to hear them when other people like the 9/11 truth people, those against copyright, against the drug war, for sex, against religion, etc. are saying so much more, being far more honest about the true state of life on earth. The public should be familiar with the model of how a person gets wealthy by saying controversial honest things and taking on excess risk, but then stops revealing anything controverially honest because they are already very wealthy, there is little competition, they don't need to compete...they are already wealthy and set for life, only a moral drive would cause them to take on unneeded and dangerous risk by making truthful and progressive statements that are unpleasant for some. So when this happens, and this is constantly happening, I think the public should be smart and say "ok, your have been doing less than others for our purchasing dollar, and so I am more interested in what these more honest people are saying". It should be a natural phenomenon...you know...the public should want to hear about those people telling the truth about 9/11...so many won't ... well forget them...we know they are lying or saying nothing about it...and that added attention should, in a free market, result in increased wealth for those people, from advertiser who want many people to simply see their products, from ticket sales of people to see the person publically talk, to meet them in person, etc. But what we see, is that the public is not much into thinking. They far prefer to be spoon fed by the major media, and told what the truth is from major media and wealthy celebrities. Those few people who do tell the truth are either not heard (because they are rejected by the major mainstream media many times because their message is antimajor media manipulation), ignored, or labeled insane, heretical, perverted, etc. Once a person is recognized by the public as a celebrity, it seems almost like, they will be forever in demand...it doesn't matter how little they say, how bland and uncontroversial their message is, their image is like burned into people's minds, and it's like Chairman Mao and so on...the content of the person's character is far less important than the number of people that recognize their face, where I am saying, people should focus more on content. Again, it should be natural...why support somebody who is going to lie to you or leave you in the dark? Why would you not support and take an interest in somebody who wants to include you and to reveal to you all the secrets people have kept from you? Everybody likes to follow the heard, or at least feels more comfortable following the herd, and there is nothing wrong with that, when the herd is well informed and shuffling quickly towards truth, stopping violence, full democracy, free info, etc. (which there is of course a herd going in that direction, for the truth about 9/11, etc.), but the major main stream herds, are going in terrible directions, in particular those who supported aor support Bush jr now, that are following the religious herds, violent herds, etc.

Talking about unconsensual psychology, one insider was rude to me, and so I asked him "do you support unconsensual treatment?" and he turned livid (he was giving a presentation) and basically said "no", so it's a good idea to call the psychologers on this issue, because by default if nobody asks the torturous illegal system continues unquestioned and unnoticed.

What I think we are seeing is really an interesting phenomenon. It's an awakening of the public, mainly the outsiders, the consumers. They are slowly turning the cameras back on their oppressors, on the murderers, the secretive, the dishonest who are now in power. This is not a new process and has been happening for as long as history records. But at this time, and probably not really until 2 or 3 hundred years from now, is this latest reversal going to be complete. Now, not only does the public see the scum and villany that beam on them from on high, that kill people with the push of a button while minions cover up all the violence, the public does not even see them, doesn't hear them, doesn't know their names, knows nothing about them, but slowly, we are going to see walking robots, the public insisting on access to government street cameras, private industry street cameras, etc, people (and their robots) walking around with tiny cameras and microphones that beam video and audio up to wireless Internet depositories....and you know...slowly this massive secret evil cult of camera-thought net is going to be exposed for all their murders, lies and illegal activities. We are far far from that now, but we are just in the very small beginnings and it's exciting, but disappointing that it will take so long to finally see all the killers and the other monsterous humans in the camera-thought net, I can only imagine the violence and injustice they have inflicted on the outsiders without the tiniest bit of exposure or punishment. What those people hundreds of years from now probably will see is a massive bunch of democratic arrests, mainly of the insider murderers, and those who participated in murders...which is in the thousands upon thousands of humans. But I think a nonviolent majority, finally properly informed will not have much problem jailing them all. So this is really an eye opening awakening, where consumers are turning the cameras and microphones back on the phone company, back on the government, the police, the military, the major media, and slowly cleaning up the massive blood spill that continues to grow and the massive injustice and massive lies.

I have 4 new poblic access shows! This is going to be the first time many non-Internet users that are cable tv watchers are going to see some of the history of seeing and hearing thought, loose change, david ray griffin and john hankey's jfk2.

Michael Moore's "Sicko" is going to be released and I hope it will be entertaining. I will definitely see it when it goes to DVD from a public library. One thing I think is for sure, that Moore is a person who believes in psychology and I doubt seriously he is going to address the obvious brutality of forced psychiatric treatment, nor how the big pharma companies benefit from lawful people's suffering at the hands of a psychiatric system that violates the Nuremberg principle of consensual treatment and human experimentation only. Moore has said some nice things I am sure, but in his youtube videos he echo's the "sit down" of many wealthy insider elites with traditional values. I definitely support any skeptical views about the 9/11 official story such as those presented in Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11". I certainly hope and vote for free basic health care for all people of earth, and an end to starvation and violence.

Regarding the idea that the changing perihelion of Mercury might be due to the changing perihelion of earth, it's clear that any changing perihelion of earth would affect the measurement of the positions of all other planets relative to the earth and not just planet Mercury, so perhaps that can be ruled outas to a cause for the changing perihelion of Mercury. If this change in Mercury's orbit is consistent every year then I would look for other explanations. Clearly, the imperfection of the spheres of the Sun, Mercury and the other planets and moons, in addition to their variable densities has to cause unpredictable effects. So why don't the experts reveal this to the public? It is suspicious that they rarely if ever report this phenomenon of not being able to accurately predict planetary motions for more than a few days(? or like earth's cloud system, is even that too long to be exact?). One other thing that is interesting to me is how, any object we measure, we can only measure relative to the position and movement of the observer, and in addition, the earth, because we are stuck on this planet. We only measure the motion of other planets and stars compared to our own motion. In addition, determining a 3D vector, the direction of motion of some other object is difficult from just one angle, we can measure the difference in x and y, but measuring the difference in z is more difficult. We can measure the Doppler shift, but then, that may only be a component of the z velocity since an object might not be moving directly towards or away from us. Measuring the location and velocity of other objects is an interesting problem, in particular for robots who have to map each object they see in 3D. Again one key question is: what is the annual change in the orbit of earth relative to the Sun? That is a basic question but where is the answer? I still think people may be confusing the wobble of the earth and the earth's orbit's precession. The wobble would only change the appearance of stars relative to the earth's axis, where a change in orbit position would change the actual position of the appearance of the stars relative to the Sun's axis.

Thinking more about the consensually trying to stop people's violent reactions to same-gender touching, I think really the better idea (my original idea of consensually restraining people and making them see gay things is just a joke) is to expose young people to same gender relationships, so that they come to accept such phenomena of nature without becoming violent, in addition, to instructing them about violence, the laws against violence, what to do if they see violence, threats of violence, what is a threat of violence, etc. Not to mention a thorough explanation of all myths and objects that probably don't exist such as ghosts, goblins, magic, Santa, Easter Bunny, witches, superstitutions, etc.

One that question of "is Bush jr the worst President of the USA in history?" I think the answer is definitely yes, in terms of most murders. Nixon was bad, Bush senior was bad. I think there must be a lot of info on other presidents. On in particular is 1909-1913 Taft who kept Pupin's seeing thought a secret, but no president has murdered on the scale of Bush jr as far as I know. But another question is: "Is Bush jr the worst leader of history?" and for that I think the answer is no. Probably the worst leader in history is Adolf Hitler. Stalin was no prize. Mao was a butcher. There are others in history, Alexander the Great killed many people (although the gains of Greek science were a positive result, still to have won those through integration and stopping violence would have been more positive), Ivan the Terrible, Caligula, there have been other leaders, but I think Bush jr is on there, and has to be near the top for worst leader of recorded history, but so far he has not toppled Adolf Hitler in the top spot. The systematic mass murder of millions of people orchestrated by Hitler surpasses the 9/11, Afghan, Iraq orchestrations in scale. In terms of those murdered and jailed by Stalin, perhaps there are probably more simply because Stalin had much more time.

I have a bad feeling about this next election, it might be rigged for Guiliani by the Nazis that did 9/11 and currently rule the US through the Pupin thought-net and the fear of violence from the push-button neuron activation murder. It's interesting that not everybody in the cam-thought net is a conservative Nazi, but those who control who gets included are. What I think is happening is that those in change of the pupin-cam-neuron thought sending network are vicious monsters, but many consumers of the technology are not as monsterous. David Griffin has a good talk at Vancouver minutesasaguest.com, and a good video interview on the web with Alex Ansary. Ansary asks a good question about Rudy Gulianni and his connection to 9/11, which is important because here Guilianni might be the next king of the USA, the most powerful position in the USA and perhaps even on earth...I mean I think the public ought to at least ask about Guilianni's involvement with the mass murders of 9/11. And Griffin gives a very good answer. There has to be endless videos of Guilliani's involvement with 9/11 in the secret camera-thought network, but what are the chances of video of his role being public? Shockingly, there is some video that reveals some of Guilliani's role in 9/11. Griffin describes the interview Guilliani gave on national television, where Guilliani says that they were told to evacuate WTC7 because the Office of Emergency told him the twin towers were coming down, and just the unlikely probability of knowing that the twin towers would come down, because after all, no steel-frame building has ever collapsed from a plane crash or even the most serious fires. And Griffin goes on to reveal that the Office of Emergency is under Guilliani...it was his own department as Mayor of NYC. I want to add the fact that Guilianni shipped away the physical evidence of 9/11, and independent analysis has not been able to be done (except that done by Steven Jones which reveals the use of thermate). What Guilliani's role is, is probably only known to the very included, but as an outsider, it seems that without doubt Guilliani knew about the 9/11 plan before hand, and is at least an accessory to 3000 murders after the fact because of his involvement in removing the evidence, although it certainly can be debated. It seems clear Guilliani has supported the official conspiracy theory vocally, for example at the recent Republican debates. Guilliani stood on stage during the Republican convention and openly supported Bush jr, and the 9/11 lie.

Just FYI Hillary Clinton shredded most of the comments for her youtube video including mine. This is no doubt the censorship we could look forward to with her as President, but still I have to approve of her making videos for the public on youtube. I want to take this time to encourage people to vote for Dennis Kucinich. He's not perfect, but of the Democrats I think Kucinich is probably the most vocal about the important issues of the drug war, and 9/11. There isn't a candidate out there that is going to give us full democracy, full free info, or focus on stopping violence, but Kucinich is probably the best choice of the group. Certainly Kucinich is going to get my vote in the all important primary. That Democratic primary is important.

If I were President I would try my best to at least publically identify murderers, and capture them, in particular Thane Cesar, the 9/11 murderers, and solve the many other unsolved murders, while working to lower the violence in the USA and the rest of earth, then I would free those nonviolent people in jail for drugs and prostitution, then I would make sure that all people can see, hear and send thought, or at least know that such a thing has been possible for almost 100 years, then I would work to free information, lowering the length of copyright in particular and making a law to guarantee that no person can be jailed or fined for any information crime, then I would create a system where the public can vote on all government decisions on the Internet much like a credit card charge system but where a person votes, at first these public votes would not count, but would be used to judge the public's opinions on all issues, then I would work on getting the history of evolution, science and the future in all schools. Mainly I would focus on stopping violence, freeing the nonviolent, implementing true and full democracy, freeing up information, teaching science, working to end pain, suffering, starvation, dehydration, roomlessness. My view is that either we pay this much in tax (at least 25% of our income) and get many services such as free health care, food, water, phone service, high-speed internet, room, soap, roads, postage, etc or we should not be paying this much in taxes since we get almost no services from our government other than street maintenance, law creation, law enforcement, a yearly voting system, and food stamps for the poor, which is practically nothing for what we pay. The vast majority of our money dissapears in the Pentagon and the military. I would work to vastly reduce the money going to the US military and put it into proportion with the rest of the nations of earth. This is throwing money away on $200 hammers, and idiotic useless purposes. If the US is attacked, by all means we can shift the focus to military and defense, but since the chances of this are practically none, we should focus our finite money on moon and Mars stations, and the sciences we are going to need there such as walking robots, atomic transmutation, etc. We are losing this opportunity to be the first nation to develop housing on the moon and Mars, and many other scientific firsts, by squandering our money on the military and the useless and brutal occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

There is a feature by 60 Minutes on homosexuality titled "gay or straight?", and I think thinking people should recognize that there is a major flaw in much of this reporting in completely ignoring the concept of "bisexuality", which is typical for the uneducated, underinformed and sexually repressed people of this time. Still, I have to support an examination of the phenomena around bisexuality, and basic sexuality.

I want to remind people of those experiments where particles are "dropped" or allowed to rise against the earth's gravity to determine their mass by measuring any delay in velocity relative to their velocity in the opposite direction. Those are very interesting experiments, in particular for the photon, the electron and proton, and neutron (that might shed light on the very important questions 1) does a photon change velocity and 2) is a proton actually 1000 times more massive than an electron?)

For me, my goal is that those who have survived up to now, that we all can survive and die of natural causes, my main concern is that nobody still alive gets hurt. I know that is impossible and unrealistic, but still it should be our hope, and is the hope of all people who want to shut down violence permanently.

I definitely do play sides, but not the typical sides of democrat or republican, I support the side of those who want to stop violence, want free info, full democracy, science, for the actual accurate truth, etc. my support is aligned with the values that are found in people and less with people in an all or none sense.

SCI: Here is a cool idea that probably got done. You have a rotating iron chamber with just any matter you want to get rid off, any matter at all, it could be dookie, old newspapers, it could be old scrap metals, whatever, uranium, plutonium, etc. and then it is immersed in a tank of water. In the rotating iron chamber are beams of slow neutrons (and maybe protons, and other particles that disrupt the nucleus of atoms) that are beamed through the center at the garbage. As this thing continues, first there are tons of photons that are emitted that heat the iron and water, from this steam pressure can be harnessed to turn a generator to make electricity, but also probably protons (Hydrogen atoms) are ultimatly released from all these atoms since the protons are the lightest and smallest atom. If this hydrogen gas can somehow be collected it can be used as a fuel when combined with oxygen and sparked. Being a gas maybe it is possible to collect the gas around the neutron beamed matter in the center. There are all kinds of other alternatives possible. Simply having neutron beams sweep over the garbage on the bottom of some chamber. The protons should simply rise up (and possibly other atoms in gaseous form rise up), these can be separated by a centrifuge into each specific atom. Unwanted atoms can be dumped back in for more neutron beaming. So this has to be one of the simple things that people found and ... who would have guessed...kept a secret. I mean there are so many secrets, I have to wonder how anything gets published. So that is a simple process of generating electricity (yes, the garbage in the center is radioactive, which means that photons are emitted at very high rate, but it doesn't matter because the entire thing can be contained, all the photons are absorbed in the chamber, and there is no chance of leak or explosion, but a second containment chamber can also be created around the main container. The key would simply be not dumping in the rare fissionable U235. Mainly I am talking about fecies, trash, plastic, that kind of stuff, hydrocarbon materials. So this process is simple and easy, people must have figured this out. I'm not sure how much hydrogen can be collected using this method, if any, but it seems likely that many protons must be produced from atoms of carbon, and larger atoms in garbage. Even finding chemical methods to release hydrogen from hydrocarbons might be a rich source of experiment. So reducing atoms to protons and photons is not difficult, the difficult thing is to build up atoms. That, it seems to me, must be much more difficult. Tearing atoms apart is easy with neutrons, but how do you build them up? It is possible I'm sure. For that though, just my initial impression is that the source material would probably need to be some pure atoms because people, to my knowledge, only know how to build up certain atoms into other larger atoms using neutrons and/or protons. It's probably a matter of bombarding and sorting many times, to isolate the stable atoms and throw out or back the many unstable isotopes created. This research all started around 1930 or even earlier. It really all started with the cathode ray tube.

I see the evolution of vehicles as (of course flying helicopter cars) airbags around the entire inside, cameras in every direction, and many screens (although beaming on mind is possible too). Then, when a person is pulled over, they could get pulled over by communication on the screen, or even in person, the government employee in the police can simply communicate by using the screens, through the Internet to the person in the car. This is just safer for the person in the government (maybe the person in the car has a gun or laser) and the person getting the fine (the government person might think there is a gun or laser and use their gun accidentally). Any time there is a gun involved, it's safer to communicate remotely from a distance. Beyond this, it is vital that the public insist that they get to have open access unrestricted in every way to the cameras on the streets.

Some people are like that Eddie Murphy Rick James song party all the time, but it's "angry all the time", mainly the sourpuss puritans, and no wonder, because of their puritanical life style that allows for no logic or pleasure, who wouldn't be angry all the tiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmeee yeah.

Just to summarize the important views some that I think are major changes in science:
1) closed case file: "evolution theory" in my opinion is a well proven fact.
2) open case file: "big bang theory" ("expanding universe theory" is probably false, universe is probably infinite in size and age, red shift is only partially from Doppler shift, but probably mainly from gravitational stretching of photons. As telescopes get larger, probably more distant galaxies will be seen, and there is no reason to think that space, matter, galaxies, end 20 billion light years away even if we cannot see that far.
3) open case file: "relativity theory" is probably false, probably Newton gravity is the more accurate physics. Time and space dilation is probably false, while not as complicated or interesting perhaps, time probably has the same value throughout the universe for any given time. Matter and velocity are conserved but cannot be exchanged, in other words there is probably no conversion of energy to mass. Photon is matter, has mass (is not massless), velocity of photon is probably not constant as evidenced by Mossbauer experiment. Space and time dilation was founded as a theory to support the aerther theory, which is most likely false. "Background radiation" is most likely photons from galaxies too distant to see, or simply stray photons moving through the universe.
4) open case file: "speed of light is constant" is probably not true, the Mossbauer experiment is evidence that the speed of photons changes under the influence of gravity.
5) open case file: "mass of photon", the photon is most likely matter, not massless as is the popular belief. The mass of a photon may be measured by measuring any delay on light particles due to a large gravity.
6) open case file: "all matter is particulate and not wave", I think all matter including photons is most likely particle in form, and that any wave attributes are composed of particles. So light beams, sound waves, electron beams, etc travel in waves, but are composed of particles.

It's amazing to think that an outsider simply producing a single image of what eyes see from behind the head (in particular an easily repeatable experiment) might possibly push the entire 100 year secret of seeing thought out into the public. It really makes the 100 year secret barrier look paper-thin. But even paper-thin, it has stood for 100 years without so much as a tear. No doubt there must be many many videos of people who have talked being murdered, and no doubt their corpses being put on display by the evil Nazis who control the camera-thought net. Those videos will be like the Nazi Holocaust videos that must be very gruesome indeed, movies from a time when barbaric people ruled much of the earth, finally freely available to the public to be grossed out to the max, but also properly informed and educated.

I think most excluded have to wonder about this latest death at Quantanamo permanent holding facility. How can people kill themselves? How can there be anything to tie something too. I am for legalizing suicide, since people should have the right to their own body. But I would request to see the body and inspect for bruises if I were the family, and inform the public. In addition, video from the cam-thought net would be probably revealing.

Far worse than the victims of psychology are the psychologers whose Nazistic system violates every principle of right to trial, sentence, to body, and to movement. Parts of psychology may actually be legitimate science, but only with consent. And even with consent, I still recommend that people stay far from psychology, because of it's drug-centered experimental nature.

Glad to see Kervorkian out of jail, that was barbaric to lock him in jail to begin with. I wonder if the public would have voted to jail him had we lived in democracy.

Think of how easy it would have been to stop the murder of JFK, MLK, RFK and John Lennon, by simply using the neuron activiation beams to "black-out" or "white-out" the dangerous violenters eye sight for the dangerous period of time in question. Even simply freezing their finger muscles. The likely murderer is unharmed and the potential murder victim is not harmed. So simple, but apparently, the controllers of the vast majority of the satellites with neuron activitation capability that most of us paid for, or the major media or corporations paid for are obviously controlled by Nazistic murderers of the innocent, and I think history and the truth will verify what I am saying as an unbiased and accurate statement.

It's interesting how doctors like to recommend no tests, no services, very little expenses in terms of diagnostic tests for health, no Cat scans, no MRI, blood tests are routine, but no genetic tests, etc. But dentists, holy shit, I've never seen a dentist that didn't pile on the unneeded services. I guess the doctor feels that they lose money by ordering batteries of services, while the dentist feels that they can only gain money by ordering hundreds of unnecessary procedures.

I think people need to remember, that yes, we may disagree with other people, we may be strongly opposed to the views of other people, including other liberals, but let us never forget who the masters of murder are, which is Bush, Cheney, Thane Cesar, etc. There are those insiders (and no doubt a few outsiders too) who murder innocent people, those who conspire and use advanced technology to force others to murder innocent people, the accessories to murder before the fact, accessories to murder after the fact, those who assault, etc. and then there is everybody else, whose "crimes" whatever they may be are far from serious, first-strike violent or violence-related. And this is an important thing to remember when murderers as they always do, make appeals to psychology, antisexuality, religious myths, etc. It's belief in the far from accurate theories of psychology (or more simply labels of "nuts", "wacko", "psycho", etc), a tradition of antisexuality and anti-physical pleasure ("gay", "perv", etc), and far from accurate religious claims ("devil(s) were involved", "god(s) did it", etc) that have protected murderers and those who advocate first-strike murder for centuries. In addition I would add appeals to a "right" and "left" philosophy to justify murder, the old worn-out claims of left-wing people being "communists" (where there never was a "nazi scare" which might have been actually helpful in removing from popularity those with clear Nazi links such as Prescott Bush).

You have to love the way in San Francisco the Republicans generally only get 1%. The Libertarians get more votes, the Greens get far more votes than the Republican party. The people of SF have figured out the deal with the Republicans; that they are murderers and Nazis basically. When you see "Republican" on a ballot, it might well as be "Murderers" or "Nazi Party", because that is basically what it is, in particular murderers. 9/11 is the best evidence lately, as an outsider I can only imagine how many nonviolent innocent excluded and even insiders have been push-button murdered by republicans in power over the 1900s and 2000s.

I think it's obvious that psychological labels such as "nut", "psycho", "weirdo", are overly harsh, many times meaningless, or simply rumor, and only for the crude and low brow. They are the number 1 tool among those who protect the killers of JFK, RFK, and 9/11, so you know it's got to be evil.

With so many beautiful females around the earth, I think the key thing for males looking to connect up with females boils down to the internal composition of females. Body defines a lot of physical attraction, but if looking for a long term relationship, the toughest thing to match is the inside, matching the values of two people to be somewhat close, in particular if your values are unusual, not popular, etc. and that can be something as simple as that you are not a member of any religion, are a supporter of some controversial issue, have different routines, etc. Even seeing a beautiful person, I think in many people's mind is the question of how smart they actually are, how honest they are, are they violent, etc. One time sex or something, who cares, but for long term grueling relationships, the kind that are most popular today, the key is going to be internal matching.

Some good rebuttles to "ped" are "pet" (because after all that is about the human rights status of most people's children, they don't get to vote, work, own property, see pornography, touch genitals or otherwise pursue pleasure, in addition, petting is hardly a crime or a big deal and something young people should have the right to enjoy at their leasure), and in addition, "kids are people too", and "kids rights", are two good rebuttles to these rabid antisexual violence and celibacy loving, pleasure stopping, neolithic nazistic people.

Top 3 slogans for Democrats in 2008:
3) "Don't cry for them Argentina!"
2) "Consider them reichstag fired!"
1) "Wake up and smell the cordite!"

I think insider (and even outsiders who know the truth about 9/11) religious conservatives should think about the fact that at least 1 unborn fetus was killed in 9/11 by Bush jr, Cheney and the neocons, and so maybe Bush jr should more properly be called "Borsh" jr. Maybe this fact will change their minds about Bush and his camp, because I know they can look past the murder of 3000 adults, but what about the unborn fetuses that they killed?

Ok hopefully these videos will stay on youtube, but if not, you owe it to yourself to copy them from a public library:

The Last Hour of Flight 11

Flight 175 - As the World Watched

In these videos watch for the air traffic controller who says "threat", the airforce pilot who says "scare", the husband who lost his wife ends a sentence with "BT" for "bomb threat"...that appears to be the story of the 4 planes...they were told to land because of a "bomb threat/scare", and the wife of one of the pilots say that he was "skilled" which probably means he was killed. You have to understand that many of the people murdered by the neocons in 9/11 were liberal intellectuals, atheists, artists, smart people, probably thorns in the side of the nazistic neocons.

Inside the twin towers

World Trade Center - Rise and Fall of an American Icon

Anatomy of 9/11

Notice the "AO", notice also, how the building creator ends with "LOL" which much mean that Bush, Cheney and the neocons laughed out loud at the misery of those murdered in 9/11...we all can see Bush look up and applaud the second airplane collision.
The names of 9/11 are interesting. One pilot's name was "McGinus", was this a warning to Letterman? Maybe it's just coincidence, but clearly they could pick from the liberal "litter" by simply assigning people they don't like to a "death plane". Maybe they just want them to spice up their comedy, or not play the same music all the time. Two people were named "Sweeney" (one "assigned" flight attendent) was this a warning to Julia Sweeney and others thinking about dropping religion? Because when Bush and these 9/11 plotters put together the 9/11 plan, there underlings can choose from many different people. And they purposely tried to kill intellectuals. Let me tell you I saw some really interesting videos on youtube.com (see above links) from the History channel and Lifetime or some other channel, that went through the supposed story of flight 11 and 175 and these videos, while espousing the bogus official story, talk to the families of those murdered and it is really really insightful. First, let me say that it is unbelievable how many people hint to outsiders, and some of these people may be outsiders themselves (since clearly their loved ones were either outsiders or only partial insiders). They almost all hint, and maybe that is because history channel are liberals and intellectuals, but I think it is more like, 70 to 80% of people are basically against 9/11. There were only like 20% of the people in these videos who do not hint, or hint using words like "gay", and other bogus nazistic crap. And so, I said, the big thing about these planes are that they were called down as bomb threats, so look for insiders hinting about bomb threats by using the initials "BT", "BS" (bomb scare). I thought...there is no way...this is an outside remote chance, but while I am watching...why not try to pay attention...and it is a hassle to try and spell their words together, but they plan and reherse their 2 or 3 sentence statements carefully, and we should have the respect to listen to them fully and try to understand what they are trying to communicate to us outsiders and simply other people of earth. And I can't believe it...many people hinted...one spouse, I think, was clearly angry, and definitely ended right on "B" and "T". Then an air traffic controller used the word "threat"...it has to be "bomb threat". One of the pilots said "you don't want to 'scare' them"...has to be "bomb scare". So, this story, of these 4 planes being directed to land at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is kind of taking shape for we excluded. I was looking for CHIA, HIA, "hop", but there was nobody that really connected on that, so I don't know. But I am mainly going on what the "Loose Change" people revealed that something very unusual was going on at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on 9/11...people were forced to walk out of the airport, and the report of one of the planes landing there with a bomb scare. So it seems that the 4 planes were directed to land at CHIA (it has other initials CLE too which I did not scan for), then all people were loaded into one plane and shot down over Shanksville, just as the Southpark story revealed, and others have hinted, Bob Bowman definitely says "shot down" in one presentation, and there are others who have hinted about this aspect of 9/11, those who have identified the Happy Holligans, Loose Change "2nd edition" probably hints that "nd" north dakota...it's an important part of the 9/11 story, they could have used "second". The wife of one of the pilots says very poinently that her husband was "skilled", it doesn't take much to understand that this means "killed". In terms of patsies, it looks like they only got 4, Atta and a few others (if even them). They didn't bother to kill 13 CIA/ISI operatives...maybe it seemed like overkill? Did Atta actually go to Boston? You have to go from the little physical evidence that has reached the public. Clearly there are photos of Atta and maybe 2 or 3 other people from some airport. But yet, the hijackers are not on the passenger lists, so that indicates that they were not on board any of the planes. Atta and others had to go to Cleveland if they were to be murdered, and maybe the images are of them flying out of a Florida airport. I don't know, I doubt the plotters would take that kind of chance, and it seems that it would not be difficult at all to instruct Atta to go to the Boston airport. The briefcase with Atta's stuff is all clearly faked. All the phone calls have to be fake because it was shown to be impossible to call people. Were their phone calls? The one family witness shown indicates that their probably were phone calls. So since these calls could not possibly have been from people on planes, my conclusion is that they use real-time (or millisecond delay) voice altering technology and some other person stood in for the relative....even up right until the plane flew into the WTC apparently. One spouse hints at this (perhaps without trying....done by the muscle moving technology) by saying "o a" very quickly in between words. Maybe I am wrong, but it seems logical to conclude that this is what is being communicated. Then another issue is interesting...the missile into the Pentagon...why didn't they just send another big jet? Obviously if it's the taxpayer money, they specialize in wasting it...so why not go the extra 3rd big jet? Why the missile? Maybe there was a worry about a bad fake paint job being revealed on the lawn? Maybe remotely flying a big plane into such a low target posed problems? It's interesting that they went for the Pentagon portion at all. They probably really wanted to kill some liberals in the Pentagon. It seems clear that 9/11 was designed...by these sick nazi neocons....with secondary or tertiary goals to murder liberals and other targets of opportunity. The pilots to be murdered were probably hand picked for murdering....probably thorn in the side people whose wit or who knows lowered the neocon popularity...look for wealthy young smart people as targets (like the Israel software guy). It was probably no coincidence that when certain people were booking their flight (probably by themselves using the web), "flight 11", and "flight 175", "Flight 95" and the other, appeared as available, while for outsider conservatives they did not appear, or other flights appeared as options. One thing that is really wild about seeing any video that talks in detail to victims and survivors of 9/11 is that....they have to be outsiders, or only partially insiders....clearly they were not told about 9/11 and did not know. Some of them have to have figured it out, or if partially insider, were shown after. Many of them actively use the "end the sentence with the important initials" technique, and also use important "keywords". I think that is really the conclusion I have from these documentaries about 9/11 when they talk to the victims and loved ones of the victims is that it is inevitable that the truth about what really happened on 9/11 kind of comes out of many of them or is expressed by them. And that is maybe a simple truth that, when anybody starts to examine any of these bogus false-flag murderous events, by talking to the actual people involved, the people effected by the murders, you find out many times much of what really happened, that the story that was supposed to be told is not infact the story that is being told, in some way, probably because the victims have had years to think about their loved ones and the circumstances surrounding their deaths. On the surface, they are telling the fraudulent official republican version, but underneath, the actual material of the story is filled with people hinting about the actual story, many times people who are filled with contempt, anger, and sadness, and rightfully and justifiably so. From such people, many times comes the hints of what actually happened.

I think people need to remember that Bill Clinton was impeached. Bill Clinton was, in fact, impeached, for lying about an extramarrital affair, not for murdering 3000 US citizens, not for lying about weapons of mass destruction that resulted in the death of 3,000 and counting US citizens and 500,000 Iraqi and Pakistani citizens. And then Bill Clinton was impeached, but not one person was harmed in any way, and the only physical evidence of the "crime" was the testimony of Clinton and Lewinsky themselves...not a single video of the "crime", which is the exact opposite of 9/11, where there is abundant video of the crime, of spools or squibs of smoke coming out of the towers, just the simple video of steel frame building collapsing at free fall speed is enough, the molten metal left for weeks, the hole too small in the Pentagon, the molten iron dripping down the side of the WTC, the video of the collapse of WTC7 itself, ... plenty of physical evidence. So much evidence of 9/11 being an inside job, that I have to conclude that there is in fact a new species of human, because the difference between people has become too significant to ignore. There is the one human who recognizes that 9/11 was an inside job, and then a different species that is a knuckle-dragging neolithic breed that continues to vote republican. There really has become a tremendous difference between democrats and republicans in my view, it's not a difference between taxes, big government, anything like that, it's a difference between very few people are murdered versus hundreds of thousands are murdered. And so, in particular on this issue of a president being impeached for an affair, but a guy who orchestrates 9/11 doesn't get impeached....I mean we are not talking about a minor difference between people and values, we are talking about a very major significant difference between people....one group whose biggest crime is an extra marrital affair, and another group for whom mass murder is ok.

In looking at this 2008 election, there are some things to think about. Probably it will be rigged again as usual, rigged for the republican to win. And look how they chose Guiliani...there are plenty of nazistic republicans to choose from....why Guilianni? Because think about it, how can the neocons be sure that they will not be prosecuted for 9/11? The best way is to find a person who has been so dirtied by 9/11 that they have to continue the cover-up, somebody who is up to their neck in the coverup and mass murder of 9/11...Mitt Romney isn't such a person, McCain is not up to his neck in 9/11 so far as I know, although he is as vicious and nazistic war mongering as any republican is....no it has to be Guilliani, because no body else can be counted on to protect Bush and others, the military cabal, from prosecution. But, perhaps a Democrat may win, it can't be ruled out. In this case probably Hillary Clinton would be the primary winning candidate, and with her we can expect no new 9/11 investigation, and probably a very bland 4 or 8 years, where the most I would expect is seeing the major media, and independent media stepping up with more explicit exposure of 9/11, and other republican crimes because of less fear of those in power. Those are the two main possibilities...there are other interesting possibilities like Ron Paul or Kucinich or some other person as of yet not in the lead of the pack. One thing that hangs like an ominous cloud over the USA is evidenced, whatever it is, by the fact of Oklahoma City, 9/11 1, and 9/11 2...the fact that, here in the USA, we have some kind of "other government", which is most likely some kind of military/defense industry/FBI/CIA government. They operate on their own, murder whoever they want to, and must be very difficult, and basically impossible to expose, to stop, for a president, congress, or media etc. I think we have created a military monster in the USA, and it will take centuries to defuse it. It's driven by the people in the USA's lack of logic and perspective on what is required, being vastly underinformed, secrecy, claims of national security, tolerance and support for violence, and greed. So no matter who is elected (and we should as a people be looking for a teacher not a preacher anymore), there is always the spectre of this invisable major murder group waiting to spring more false-flag destruction on the USA. And we in the USA have reached a very interesting stage in technology. The camera-thought network...the ability to see, hear and send thought, has made the information to those insiders so robust and full, that of course they see all violence, .... the technology is so advanced that they have to "create crime" such as Oklahoma City and 9/11...because they see all thoughts, all eyes, etc. No mouse can go undetected for a meter. They have to create crime, but of course, many murders happen all the time, they know, they know it all, they know every little detail about who did it. Think about it, a murderer of course remembers their murder, they remember it all the time, then even simple street cameras can be used to figure out who killed who...so basically those insiders just simply allow murders to happen. I know it sounds shocking, it seems unbelievable...but yet...it has to be true, there is no other possible explanation.

In all the stomach turning events of 9/11/01, one thing that stands out to me (beyond the phone calls, which are really below and beyond a Stalinesque kind of thing), is the Osama Bin Ladin video. Since 9/11 is clearly an inside job...I mean a few glances at any "collapse" video...just search google, the squibs, the molten metal, the pentagon hole, etc...it's obvious...since 9/11 is an inside job, the Osama bin Ladin video has to be: 1) a paid-for actor, 2) a paid-for Osama bin Laden acting 3) just coincidence...it is or is not OSB but they are not talking about 9/11 or are claiming 9/11 but have nothing to do with it or 4) something else... and because the facial metrics of the person in the video don't match OBL, it seems possible that this person is an actor. But think about that, if that is true...I mean that takes hutzpuh or just brazen unleveled stupidity...to pay an actor that looks like OBL to chat with friends about doing 9/11. Perhaps the plotters felt that they needed some kind of smoking gun...this is typical among these crooked insiders...look how they pulled my Mom's pants down to represent supposed paradoxical undressing that sometimes ... and I think the key word here is "sometimes" and probably even "rarely"... occurs with hypothermia...they feel that they need to make some kind of smoking gun to stop people from questioning and doubting their version of the story. And so they created this OBL video tape. But when a piece of evidence like that is produced, many times it might open up a can of worms, more questions that it originally intended to stop. For example the paradoxical undressing...it is so rare that it might actually raise more questions among excluded than just a dead clothed body might. And so it probably is with the OBL video, because who are those people if not OBL? Are those OBL's "right hand" men? Who are they? There are other problems...he eats with the wrong hand (Loose Change goes through many of the differences, Steven Jones and others have shown that the facial metrics are far off from other photos of OBL). But just in summary, that takes some kind of Stalinesque hutzpuh to assemble a fake video to convince the public. Probably this video will be in the 9/11 museum (or should be called the 9/11 nausium) of all the "fake-9/11 artifacts" the neocons created...the technology so the museum visiter can "talk like Mark Bingham" and so on...the fake NYTimes and other papers and television headlines about 13 terrorists, the fake luggage, fake passport of the hijackers, the videos of the wiring up of the WTC and the detonation, video of the original o.g. neocon plotters, etc.

When people come at me with that snotty camera-net fashy bratty: "yeah it's crazy dude" or "yeah ... it's weird" I tend to think "is it weird like addition boi?" "yo iz it weird like air?" "yo iz it crazy like a clock yo?" "Is it weird like a beard?", "Is it insane like a plane?" "Is it crazy like gum yo?" "Is it weird like a calculator?", "weird like a computa?", "weird like numbers?", "crazy, like learning the alphabet?", and so on, to make the point, that, you know what? for things being weird and crazy, they honestly aren't that weird, or crazy. Sometimes a simple "yeah boi it's overwhelming..." or "yeah...its more than your brain can handle yo". 05/22/07 This also works for "whoa", to which I add "yeah when when it comes to false-flag terra", whoa "yeah when it comes to first strike violence", whoa "when it comes to secrecy", whoa "like did you just see 4 + 7?", whoa "did you try to learn division?", ... and you can see how the fun ensues from there.

I was thinking, wouldn't it be cool to just have a big container that you fill with water and plug in that uses electricity to separate out the Hydrogen and oxygen gases? Then you just fill your car with that hydrogen gas. Perhaps just an electric battery might replace hydrocarbon gases. In any event, it seems inevitable that something (nuclear fission made electricity, or hydrogen gas) is going to replace hydrocarbon gas in the near future.

In some way, I think we need to go through "fag training" with many liberals, and no doubt conservatives too. This is where we consensually-only hold them down and introduce words like "gay" to them, to make sure they don't go violent, and are able to withstand it. And so slowly we can work our way up to showing them actual gay people touching, holding hands etc, slowly giving them more room to move as they learn to control and dissipate the anti-gay feelings that they have been brainwashed with, while they are keeping control on their violence and anger, in order to integrate them into society. This too may also need to be done for even just sexuality in general, slowly introducing them to images of nude people and images of people having sex while maintaining a nonviolent composure.

One thing that people should be told about is the way almost all of psychology is fraud, and in particular that psychosis, neurosis, schizophrenia, ahad, and many other so-called "diseases" or "disorders", have no biological tests which can prove them (I reject the claims of MRI proof for those so-called "diseases", etc), and are too abstract to be real or useful. In particular, this important item: that it is very unlikely, in my opinion, that any drug can cure these so-called psychological "diseases" although people are welcome to try any drugs they want to in my opinion. And the vicious thing I think people would see if we could see behind the curtains is that the phamaceutical companies, and the PhD doctors themselves bilk innocent healthy normal people out of thousands of dollars to sell products and services that people don't need and might be ultimately be harmful to them. So with that said, it might be no surprise that most dentists run up services that people don't need if you view your teeth like this: 1) you want to have all your teeth when you die and 2) you want no pain from your teeth, gums, etc. As long as you brush daily (I do twice, once in morning once before sleeping) and floss everyday at least once (some people brush and floss after every time they eat), you should basically experience 1) and 2). Maybe some of the procedures most dentists recommend: root planing, scaling, crowns, braces, gum holes (I don't know the name), false teeth...are all unnecessary, although I do not have a PhD degree in dentistry, this is just my opinion, and even might cause unecessary pain, if you simply want 1 and 2 and don't care about having perfect teeth. I question whether root scaling really is beneficial in the long run...I mean bacteria is only going to return there...the plaques going get you back jack. Maybe it might be shown to slow tooth or bone loss, by all means show me the xrays and studies done then. But in particular watch out for crowns and false teeth. Routine fillings I can see paying for (which is $100/each with insurance) even though there is no pain, and then I would go with the plastic, make sure they point out on the xray the cavity and you should be able to feel the probe stick into the cavity on the tooth...have them demonstrate that. Don't be worried about being called cheap or pissing the dentist off...they should explain everything and there is a lot of fraud in dentistry because average people have never had a course on consumer awareness...it would be like having legal council and experts on your side in the dentists office...."I'm not sure my client needs this...studies have shown that they will keep their teeth and not experience pain if they live an average life of 100 years without this procedure. Here are classic examples of cases where dentists defrauded patients with unnecessary services.". For example, my poor Mom actually paid to have all her front teeth removed and false teeth put in just because the dentist told her that was required...I mean people will disagree with me, but I am sorry, there is no way in the universe, that my Mom needed to have her teeth pulled and replaced, she maintained regular teeth care of daily brushing and flossing. Think about your front teeth...they almost never have cavities because they don't chew the food, it's always the molars. Plus the gum around the front teeth is almost always fine, it must be the last to go if ever. Here is another argument I want to give to you, neaderthal skulls, astralopithicine, monkey skulls have been found with all their teeth intact...and can we all accept that those mammals NEVER even brushed or flossed, ok and they kept almost all their teeth until death. In the hundreds of years of modern dentistry and record keeping, by now, people should know that most people keep most of their teeth until they die around age 80, in particular when they simply brush and floss once a day, and probably even when they have poor and inconsistent cleaning habits, but certainly, the vast majority keep their teeth until death. For me, I am looking to prove this, once I reach age 80, and still have all (or certainly the vast majority of) my teeth. I will then document this self study farther by tossing my own two cents into the accumulating data, because I am skeptical of dentists, and if there are those who doubt, take a look at the psychological doctors...I mean their drug perscriptions and diseases are 99% fraud, so it's strong evidence that PhD doctors are only too human and make as many and maybe more mistakes than those without PhD degrees. Many of the euthenizers of the Nazis were PhD degreed doctors. I am simply saying, judge each person individually, and in particular be skeptical about psychiatric doctors looking to sell products and services, and also dentists. With dentists, I think there is many times outright fraud, but sometimes the deal is that it's like automotive services...would your car be better off if you got the $1000 worth of services? maybe, but is it going to be ok without them? probably. Watch out for that "hole in the gum" procedure most dentists like to do for deep pockets. They will say it's to allow you to get access to the gum with floss, but it creates a food pocket that food gets trapped in, regular dentist cleanings will clean deep pockets, and that is a better (and probably not coincidentally a $0 cost) answer. And 1) and 2) will be maintained as long as you brush and floss daily, with cleanings 2-4 times a year. Will the pocket get worse? Either way, with the hole or not, it will get worse, it's just simply the nature of the human teeth and aging. My advice: stay away from the "hole" operation, brush and floss once a day, and only approve minimal things such as plastic fillings (maybe deep cleaning if you believe it helps, I am skeptical, but perhaps, but then is it worth the money considering 1 and 2?). In fact, teeth are really a flawed design in some way, eating is a high maintenance system, perhaps a better system will evolve or be designed by genetic designers in the future. In some way the psychiatric and dentist people are fanatical, it's like automobile people too...they are all salespeople, they always try to toss on more and more services that people don't need. Someday I expect to hear..."Ted, we need to completely replace your head". 05/24/07 Another field is optics, the way everybody needs glasses. I would avoid glasses except when there is a problem reading, seeing...an actual vision problem that limits your body in someway, for optomotrists everybody gets a prescription for glasses, even if there is a tiny astigmatism, unsymmetrical eyeball or lens, and people simply don't need glasses in that case, and it might actually change their eye muscles and eye in a way to make things worse. I don't have a degree in optomotry, but then, think about how they have all kept silent about seeing eyes, so nobody is perfect. I think a good idea is to shop around, I periodically change doctors when one has called me "ped", "perv", "gay", too many times, and what I find is that there is a lot of variety. They all have different routines, and in seeing more doctors, I can see which practices are best (at least in my opinion). For example, some dentists use computerized digital xrays others use the old photo kind, people argue about which is better, but I personally feel better with a dentist who is not afraid to use a computer, and I can't imagine there is a big difference in image quality as one dentist claimed to me. In addition, the images are digital and can be copied and passed around more easily.

I'm proud to be one of the only people to defend kids' rights, because I remember how it felt to not be able to see an R rated movie, to not be able to have a job, to be restricted from seeing nude women, from buying alcohol, tobacco, etc.

Stanley Miller died, I always have to wonder who was killed by way of the Pupin lie. This data is very interesting. Do you know how many people were killed by secret technology? Millions upon millions...I'm not bullshitting....many many people have been killed with what is still secret technology. My Mom was, many many people were and many more will be in the future. I wonder about George Sarton, he was probably killed, 2 books into his history of science. Dan Wallace recently died. He was a son of one of the 9/11 firefighters who was killed in 9/11. Wallace starting speaking out, saying 9/11 was an inside job, there are videos of him on youtube. So I think this may be yet another of the million "push-button" murders. Why they chose Wallace is a mystery, no doubt to scare other 9/11-truth people, but why him I don't know, only the insiders know. Perhaps the Nazi elite just saw Wallace as one of the many millions of enemies and when making an example of the other side, simply chose him, maybe because he reached more people, but could be just random. How often does a 30 year old heathy guy just drop dead in their bed? There was another 9/11 truth guy, a graduate student, no less, working with Dr. Judy Brown, that was shot and murdered, and there is very little media coverage of either murder. I can only imagine how many other murders are swept under the rug, thousands and thousands, while people only hear about the latest sports scores, or some meaningless crap.

How about the way the Democrats in the US Congress completely caved in on ending the Iraq occupation? Even when they hold most of the cards, they fold. Maybe they are worried about angering voters for the 2008 election. It would come down to no money for the people in Iraq, and I'm not sure what would happen then. What would the public think? Would they blame Congress or Bush? If they blame Bush, his ratings couldn't go any lower, they are already at 30% or something. Still, they could have made a stink about the Iraq war, and a stand. My vote has consistently been to end the Iraq occupation, not to start any occupations, and to jail Bush, Cheney and others for conspiracy to commit, and accessory before the fact to 3000 homicides on 9/11/01. So my votes are consistent, and haven't changed for a long time.

It's interesting that many times people who are included will hint to me that the reason I'm not included are generally "pervert" and "psycho", but it seems clear to me that there really is no ethical test for admission into the camera-thought network, because as Tarpley said "Ceez Seez"...that is that many thousands of murders, and first degree cold-blooded murderers are members of the included, and routinely see and hear thought. When there are many people that have murdered...Thane Cesar, Frank Sturgis, the 9/11 people...and those are just the one's I know about....I can only imagine how many thousands upon thousands of murderers are included. Since murder is the worst evil, there clearly is no basis of ethics for being included. Any basis for ethics that is declared is totally fraudulent, because if you include murderers, you be default have to include those who have not murdered, no matter what their crime is, because murder is obviously the worst crime. Any claims of an ethical limit is completely false, and obviously so, when confronted with the truth about thousands of murderers that have been members for years (but somehow many included people need to be reminded, or somehow forget this perhaps). Maybe sometime there will be an ethical standard for admittance into seeing, hearing and sending thoughts, which would clearly start with exclusion of murderers, but I think I should make clear that, in my view, all people, large and small, of all ages, of any and all gender and race, with no regard to crime, even mass murder, should at least be aware that thought can be seen, heard and sent...anything else is monsterous; to not even inform people that the thoughts in their brain might be beamed there by people in the camera-thought network is monsterous. What we see is the worst possible abuse of the Pupin and mystery Stalin-suppressed-scientists' technology of seeing, hearing and sending thought, which is of course, using this technology to get away with murder. And then...you know...where do I start? In any event, here is a relevent thought: I can't believe that the insiders could not steer the murderers out of the network, into prisons, out of power...I mean that is amazing...simply by speaking out against the murderers, not voting for them, exposing them by using external sources, or internal sources that could be viewed by excluded as external sources (such as video...who knows how big the camera that captured it was?), would have gone a long way, it's hard to believe there are so many insiders who support murder. Then think about the information they have access to...and they still reject things as simple as evolution, accept religion, are shocked at nudity and bisexuality, etc. after years of seeing inside people's minds, seeing evidence and technology, we excluded can only dream about, and still to have such backwards views about evolution, science, sexuality...it's something that confuses me to say the least, how could it be? It's funny because I was thinking...well if you believe in psychosis and perversion (I don't for the most part, inaccuracy and sexuality, yes), all that really matters is the violence, it's the violence that might result from a belief in psychosis and perversion that people don't like, it's the violence that is the big problem, so if you include a person you suspect of psychosis or perversion (not violentitus, violentosis, violencia, antisexualosis, antipleasuritis, antidrugfervosity, religyitis, or other diseases), include them, and if they do violence, or try to, you will see it and be able to stop them. But then think about that for a second...if they do violence...as a result of perversion or psychosis...or for any other reason...those in the camera net would stop them.....but wait...we know that there are countless murderers that see, hear and send thought that have never been stopped or punished...so wait...again...there seems to be no entrence exam, no qualification score, no limit on ethics...any and all are welcome in the camera thought net, because obviously murderers are. To think about those Thane Cesars, and Sylvia killers out there...it shows how dirty and violent many of those in the camera thought network, and how random and backwards those in charge of entrance into the network are. Basically, they are a criminal empire, that includes a minority or generally powerless and wasily duped nonviolent people. Maybe someday there will be reasons why people are excluded, certainly murder, many assaults, maybe even theft, but as I said it is monsterous not to inform people and demonstrate the technology, or else people can hardly be fully responsible for taking the terrible suggestions beamed on them.

The way I feel about life on earth is that they basically are getting an "incomplete" on their current report card. They haven't jailed Frank Fiorini, they haven't jailed Thane Cesar, the 9/11 killers, and a million other things, but I'm hopeful that they may someday. They may turn in one of their assignments. It's entirely possible and that is why "incomplete" is the current score.

The guy jailed for 8 years for trying to sell coca cola secrets is ridiculous. The answer to that is simply to deemploy them. How much were suggestions beamed on his head?

What is the annual movement of the perihelion for all the planets? In particular for earth? I doubt seriously that earth holds a perfect ellipse around the Sun. Probably more likely, the earth's orbit changes position relative to the Sun every year, probably like Mercury, orbiting slightly forward or backward relative to the Y axis of the Sun. Might this explain the unexplained 43 seconds of arc per century in Mercury's orbit? How does a person measure the changing orbit of earth? I think people have confused the precession of the equinoxes, lumping together 2 phenomena: 1) the earth's wobble, and 2) the precession of the earth's orbit around the sun. But as always maybe I am wrong. So what is the precession of the earth's orbit if any? (again a 0 arcsecond precession is very doubtful). The influence of other planets, changes in the distribution of the mass in the Sun and planets, change the earth's orbit. But also probably all the orbits of all planets do not describe a persistent ellipse with each orbit. In my modeling simulations, never does it happen that a point of mass holds the exact same orbit for even two orbits, and that is with point masses, imagine with massive mass-shifting masses such as the Sun and planets. Wouldn't that be convenient if the changing perihelion of Mercury could be explained from the changing perihelion of earth? What is important is of course always only what is true and more accurate. I don't think people measured this perihelion of Mercury relative to some point on the Sun (other planets or stars), but probably relative to the earth. But beyond all this, as I have said numerous times, this changing perihelion of Mercury is probably within the realm of error for Newton's gravity, I have a tough time believing Newton's law of gravity suddenly fails for some specific instance. This is .43 seconds of arc per mercury year I think, a very minute quantity. Perhaps when the moving perihelion of earth is added, this margin of error will be closer to that expected. But maybe no, of course I could be wrong, but perhaps no.

The Pope said that drug dealers are facing punishment after death for selling drugs, and I have a lot to say about that statement, because I think that is really wrong. First of all, the Pope goes clear past violence, clear past those who murder and assault, past those who sell guns, those who lie and are dishonest, those who steal, those poor people suffering in jail for years just for being addicted to drugs, or for prostitution, and throws his face right into the yao. Always with the drugs, never anything about 9/11 being an inside job, that Pupin saw eyes and thoughts in 1910, nothing about violence, about dishonesty (but then religions are built on supernatural phenomena that most reasonable people recognize as impossible)... and this railing against those who sell drugs by the Pope only fuels the injustice of the drug war, because eventually people are going to decriminalize drugs, and this only delays that inevitable justice. Recreational drugs are just like alcohol, tobacco, fatty foods, coffee, so many other addictions...at most they only hurt the self...they don't hurt others. And if people hurt others because of their addiction, by all means they should be punished for those crimes. But to think that a person who sells alcohol, cigarettes, guns, knives, or fatty foods is going to face eternal damnation? I really doubt it. And so it is for those who sell drugs. Guns and knives are far more dangerous items than drugs, and can inflict far more damage on other people than drugs can. It's the demand for recreational drugs that drives the market more than those who sell and try to drum up customers I think, but it's open to debate. Those who sell drugs, like those who sell alcohol are only giving customers what they want, they are only helping people in need out. I advocate decriminalizing all recreational drugs, and at least lowering jail sentences for those nonviolently involved in the illegal drug market. Being locked up for drug addiction should be more like being locked up for drunk and disorderly...a few days, not 10 years! Within a few days or a week a person addicted to drugs loses their addiction and can have a fresh start. People drop drug addictions all the time, I am living proof of that. And with a drug addiction, there is always a chance that the person will stop using drugs and embrace sobriety. But with violence, many times, there is no chance for the loved one to come back, which is why violence on earth is a much more serious problem that illegal drug selling, buying and using. What is going to be next, is the Catholic establishment is going to take on Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and the other "drug" dealers? Never mentions those being drugged legally by the psychiatric industry, those lawful, nonviolent citizens tortured in psychiatric hospitals, drugged, restrained, operated on without consent. No mention about free information, nothing about full democracy. Of course, nothing in the interest of science, evolution, consensual physical pleasure. In short, the Pope and his speech writters and like-minded leaders are just beating a dead horse, the drug war is a terrible thing. This kind of opinion that drug sellers are going to face punishment after death is narrow minded, and a constant theme. I wish they would be more creative and wise. They could be addressing so many other important issues as I have indicated in this paragraph. It's interesting that many people like to belong to clubs. The Jesus club is one of the largest (as is the God club), with far more members than Weight Watchers, MADD, American Atheists, the Shriners, or any other group. It's like the Shriners, and the Pope is the Grand Poo Ba. I wish people would stop thinking the Pope has a special connection to any diety, or magical powers because he doesn't. Beyond that, they have oppressed science, women's rights, sexual freedoms, bisexual rights, free thought, free info, democracy, so many positive things....one might guess that if the religious are against it, it must be good, but I think, of course, the religious are free to believe what they want, to speak freely, and I commend the feeding of hungry people, and sheltering of poor people, that many religious are involved with. It's my hope that people in science can create a system that helps the poor and hungry, and also a system where like-minded people can meet, do things together, and find mates, etc. But, I think one problem is that, there will probably never be a "church" of science, but perhaps there may be some large science groups with regular voluntary (those who do not attend will not face eternal damnation) meetings and shared values. I hope religious people are ready to work with together with us non-religious people to help stop people's suffering from the drug war, and I think that the best way to reduce the suffering is to lower the penalties on those involved with illegal drugs, and move towards ending the prohibition on recreational drugs, because making it illegal has created an unnecessary illegal market with very high prices for the drugs, and with those high prices and the risk of long prison sentences comes violence. The smart answer is to work nonviolently to end people's addiction consensually (or even unconsensually through small amounts of prison time, enough to become sober and dry out), to educate people about the dangers of drug addiction, not to lock them in jail for decades for nonviolent activities. We should focus our tax money on stopping violent crime, not getting involved in the drug market where, like tobacco, guns, alcohol, fatty foods, they aren't good for people, but the only harm is done to themselves if anybody. And the same goes for the sex market, if there is not consent then we are talking about violent crime, but if consent, we should not be throwing away valuable tax money to stop the free market in pleasure. In terms of what happens when a human dies, from the beginning of recorded history, 5300 years ago in Mesopotamia, the people believed in a "Netherworld", a place where all dead people live after they die. The Sumerians believed in a Netherworld, the Akkadians did, the Egyptians also believed in a Netherworld, the Greeks did (Hades), and the Romans initially did until Christianity. Only the Christians changed the view 1700 years ago, to be that some dead go to a Heaven and others go to a Hell. The Netherworld, or Underworld was changed to a place for bad people. Before this view, Heaven was the place where the gods lived, sometimes human heros could become god or part-god, but generally speaking, all people, when dead, went to the netherworld, not just bad people. There is an interesting Babylonian story, I think it is the last tablet of Gilgamesh, where Enkidu tells about the underworld, and explains how one person was not there because people who are burned (as I recall, I'm just explaining this from memory) don't have their body, and so therefore are not in the netherworld, but sure enough, he did see many of Gilgamesh's dead loved ones. So the Christians some where in history changed this belief, when this happens is an interesting point of research. The Christians (or possibly their predecessors believers in Judaism) changed this view so that all good people go to Heaven and only bad people go to the Underworld. In some way, perhaps all Christians were viewed as heros in the Greek sense. I honestly think that the name "Hell" which is supposedly of Germanic origin, was used by the early Roman Christians to promote the idea that the ancient Greek tradition of science and sexuality was evil, and I can't believe that there is no connection between "Hell" and "Hellas" (Greece in Greek). Romans must have know instinctively and instantly upon hearing the word "Hell" in relation to an Underworld where only evil people go, that this Underworld of evil people shared a very similar name to Greece. This link has some history http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hell Eastern Orthodox Christians consider Hell to be a different place than the Underworld. The important thing through all these interpretations of an afterlife is that they are all very unlikely. The more likely scenario is that people die and the atoms and photons in their body simply decay, mainly are consumed by other species and ultimately probably radiated out into the rest of the universe as photons. So in my opinion, we should drop the ridiculous notions of afterlife from the past, and evaluate death from a scientific viewpoint. Beyond that, there are good reasons for doing good, such as stopping violence, being honest, pursuing physical and intellectual pleasure: people do good things for our own benefit, for enjoyment of life, not because we might be punished after we die for violence or other evil acts. I think the universe is an amazing place, and have a certain amount of awe for it, and so I think it is worth trying to understand it and our place within it, and for me, religion is of no value. I reject any kind of supernatural events.

That is so wrong, the US government blocking the use of youtube and other video web sites from military employees. I was thinking about the unknown scientists of the past who figured out how to see thought and activate neurons using beams, and it occured to me that the USA, around the 1900s became a lot like a Communist state, like Russia under Stalin or China under Mao, the individual and truth, an educated aware society, means nothing to those in power, Pupin lived as an unknown in this nation, we outsiders still don't even know who heard thought and who figured out how to make neurons fire remotely using beams. They rename nameless, like unknown soldiers, but they are unknown scientists. Beyond that, outsiders should think about the many people who lost their lives trying to expose violence, the murderers, the secrets, etc.

It's somewhat obscure, but just for my own record and those out there who might have obsessed over this for days. If you are a user of Mandriva and do not get the "restart" or "shutdown" computer option on the start menu. The answer, at least for me, was to comment out this line in /usr/share/config/kdm/kdmrc:
(and possibly the line:
This starts a display manager that blocks kdm, the display manager that has "shutdown" and "restart" as part of the start menu.

On the death of Falwell I have to amplify Ellen Johnson of American Atheists' words, and add that of course there will be more from an unending supply of charletans who promote the lies of religions and accumulate great wealth in that trade. Religion is a total fraud, it's like priests that lie about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, etc. The televangelists are the worst in being multimillion dollar scam artists. It's free speech, but it's certainly not good speech....it's 99% lies and inaccurate information. So much of their talk is not against violence, but against consensual sexuality, recreational drug use, against science, etc., never for full democracy, total free info, against violence, for science. Speaking of being "galvanized", I am sure that Falwell celebrated many murders of nonviolent lawful people. Certainly as an included who heard and saw thoughts, he must have known the truth about 9/11 being an inside job and said nothing, and the same is true for knowing about Frank Sturgis killing JFK, Thane Cesar killing RFK....he probably celebrated and helped to use the secret advanced technology to murder innocent wise people like John Lennon, all because they helped to reveal the truth to the public.

I have to come up with good rebuttles to "psych" buzzwords such as "skits" (it's), such as "which" as in believer in witchcraft, "heebee geebees" a new ligitimate psychaitric disorder, "gout" (got) now there at least is a real disease, "I can sir" (again a legitimate disease), "coot" (could) as in "cooties", "lent" violetitus (for those few who feel violence such as that done by conservatives is something to be concerned about), unicorns, vampires, goblins, ghosts, dragons, etc.
I would add psychosis, neurosis, scitzophrenia, attention surplus hypoactivity disorder, adhd, and manic depression. Psychology is chuck-full of mythical disease.
In addition, there must be older inaccurate diseases, I was thinking of "dropsy" but I think that is just an old name for an actual condition.
Let's not forget the many many mythical beasts that the easily duped believe in:
lochness monster, yeti, angels, spirits, lizardman, mothman, mermaid, medusa, troll, warewolf...all good words to work into a vocabulary when experiencing rudeness from the easily duped and rude believers in psychology and demons.

I'm a person that thinks we should focus on enforcement of the violent laws. It's important to have a good updated set of fully democratic laws and then enforce them.

I think people should not let religious beliefs or excuses cloud their judgement about violent crime, in particular murder. First degree murder, such as those committed on 9/11/01 is definitely wrong, and there is no excuse, religious or otherwise to explain or excuse first strike violence.

occassionaly I get a "sit!" people comparing me to a horny dog, but think about the violent dogs...aren't they much worse? I mean violence is the worse thing on earth, a little horniness is probably normal, harmless and natural. So I have to come up with some rebuttles to "sit". Some are "tranq" (thank, rank) because some of these violent people need a tranquilizer dart, "dart", "struck me" is a good one...it says hey what about these violent aholes with the layzaz? "stand" is a goodin, why don't they ever stand up. I can't understand, for example, why the democracts behind closed doors in the camera-thought net didn't all agree that their party line was going to be to express doubt about the republican version of 9/11. It's a sad fact that at that time in their conferences they agreed on a party line of agreement with these nazistic murderous fascist republicans. Now, when Lincoln was a republican, I can see supporting that, but this group is pure nazi filth and violent crime.

One other important point to add whenever the Pope visits Mexico, Central or South America is this: how can a native people feel strong allegience to a European religion that was forced upon them at gun point? The native people of America should know about the past, and it does not begin with the Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors but certainly that is an important part of history. The polytheistic native religions that existed were stopped by violent conversion, many people who refused to accept the Jesus-based religion were murdered and their murderers never punished. Nowadays the Jesus religion people don't force people to convert, they can no longer murder those who reject their theories. So what I think we are seeing is the slow gradual learning that the religious claims are false, and that they were forced on people.

It's interesting that Christianity, the Jesus-based religion, like Islam is one of the stupidist religions...I mean for the polytheism of the Sumerian people, the origins are very murky and unclear, people could easily claim that that religion is eternal...since the main evidence against is the theory of evolution...but for Islam and Christianity, these are relatively recent religions....we can know the history before Jesus and Muhommed, so they are shockingly stupid. Christianity in particular is so ironic and simply fucked-up, because here they technically are Judaians, because Jesus called out to Jahweh and/or Eloi, the god of Judaism, of which he was a member and believer in. But ironically, the rise of Nazism and the systamic murdering of Jewish people in WW2 is clear evidence of the anti-Jewish feelings of many Christians....and it's so ironic because their own founder was Jewish. So how could people of the same race as their leader be so selectively hated? This is one of the many reasons why Christianity in particular is a confused and ironic idiotic religion, but then all religions are based on supernatural beliefs and therefore of little or no value except as fictional stories for storytelling and entertainment value, but the audience, I think, should always be told, that we can imagine supernatural events, but we should understand that they don't really happen.

I'm very interested in the future, it's really exciting in my opinion. In particular knowing that we are going to be the last group of humans after 4 billion years of evolution that only live to 70 or 80 years old. We are the humans that only lived to 80 years or whatever and then died. Very soon, within 1000 years, I think people will figure out how to stop the aging process at age 20 (or whenever) and create humans from zygotes, customizing the genome, to live without aging past 20. Maybe that involves simply stopping the program of proteins triggering other proteins at some certain protein that is produced after puberty, but probably it is much more complex and involves fully understanding the nature of omniopotent and totipotent cells and their difference from other cells; why they can regenerate a limb while other cells cannot. But to know, that we are never going to get there because so many people still give allegience to religions, to the Pope, to people like Falwell. And it's interesting, we should be busting our ass to get to Mars to the Moon to other stars, to understand aging...but the current effort by people is far from "busting ass". Most people donate huge sums to religious organizations instead of into efforts to develop the moon, mars, to move between the planets and stars. And when I think about it...when have you ever heard a religious leader talk about going to the moon? When have you ever heard a religious leader talk about developing planet Mars? Or any leader for that matter? The religious, generally, appear to know and care little about our future as humans. If you look at our position relative to the advanced life probably in globular clusters, or even just thinking about some advanced life that has grown over a few star systems, we are really a tiny tiny backward life form. We have a lot of potential, but we have to accept that we are like algae in being stuck on one tiny planet. Some other advanced life stumbling on our star system in the midst of expanding and growing their own empire would look at us as probably typical of many stars they run into. They might regard humans as perhaps exceptional and promising, but probably compared to them, it would be like ants to humans, they would look at us like pets, or possibly threats. They might look at us as competing for matter in the galaxy, and like we do to so many other species, simply contain and regulate our growth in an unfair way that greatly restricts our right to create more humans (the exact analogy is what we do to other lesser species in the competition for limited amounts of space and food). But within a few thousand years, if we don't destroy ourselves, and clearly the way people are voting, that can not be ruled out, we will become an interplanetary species which would indicate to any other advanced life growing through our star system that we are much more likely to survive, that we are at a stage of expansion and growth ourselves although not yet between stars. Once we are moving in between the stars, perhaps in 10,000 years, or maybe sooner, perhaps only a few thousand years or even less, humans would be viewed by other advanced life developing neighboring stars, as nearly equal or certainly at a high level stage of evolution and would probably be looking more at cooperation, allowing us to take certain stars, and we allowing them to take certain stars, growing together to form either our own globular clusters or together to form a single globular cluster, ultimately destined to move out of the Milky Way plane and towards the center which is where the others are for some reason. Maybe they feel that that position is safer, with the rest of the matter on the outside. If invaded by some other globular galaxy, they would be the last matter to be converted to the conquering form of life perhaps. Maybe it just takes less time to communicate and trade with each other near the center of the galaxy.

We have moved from a society where going to church was mandatory and school voluntary to school being mandatory and church voluntary. Ultimately I think we are going to be a society where even school is voluntary. In addition, the people in religion and temples are trying to get people to believe things on faith without physical and logical evidence, where those in science and schools are trying to get people to get people to do the exact opposite, to only believe in things that are proven by physical and logical evidence, and so there is a conflict in goals there; the one that requires people to reject logic and their senses and the other that requires people to reject anything but logic and their senses.

History is interesting, we can't possibly learn about a million years of history in 100 years of living. It's impossible to relive a millenium in a century. So we humans walk around, really all of us, even the so-called "experts", as amateurs and novices of our past. It's physically impossible to be anything but an amateur in history.

It's important to me to get out this ULSF project as soon as possible, and maybe I am being somewhat reckless in putting out these other projects first, but I need to come up with 4 more shows for my public access show and that is what these will form. But after looking at the masturbation video I don't think I am going to put that, or my next "sex" video on public access, because it might cause local hostility, which I have experienced before. Twice young males have held out there hand like a gun at me when they passed by in cars. Sometimes I find dead rats on the path I am walking (4 times so far). But honestly, I think the worst is behind me. This "seeing thought" vid is going to be the last video on seeing thought for some time, until ULSF, and then ULSF is not going to be centered on seeing thought, but only describe seeing thought in a chronological context (although there will be a heavy duty focus on it within ULSF). I just got some ULSF mugs made, and I am going to add them to the web page, even though the project is not nearly done, I am pumped for releasing it, I love science, evolution and the future...and of course the universe...it is interesting, and then it's on to building my walking robots after that, but I doubt I will stop the ULSF project...there is so much to learn about the past and future. The controversial stuff mainly is going to be behind me with the "sex" video being really the last of the controversy, then it's smooth sailing into retirement. I'm going to do one small 9/11 video. I doubt I will do more. I may do a video on recent history, on the history of religious persecution, I don't know...I want to get going on the walking robot so that will probably be the main project for me for a long time.

With this latest video "Pupin Seeing Thought", I have forgotten some important aspects:
1) wire tapping, and the possibilities there. I think theoretically people digging into a telephone wire might be a rich source of information, and might create a massive illegal industry, but the more I think about it, the more unlikely it is. Clearly very little is secret, and AT&T allowing people to unofficially tamper with their wires (in a major way, as in digging up the line, or attaching items up on the top of a telephone pole) I kind of doubt, and if it was official "tapping", why not just work together? Because the wire is insultated it would have to be cut and connected back together quickly, any cut would probably be detected, and any non at&t wire connected would be quickly disconnected. I suppose a person could simply strip away some of the insulation and solder a new wire onto the existing wire. Then I would probably go with a wireless signal because any wired signal would be ridiculous...you would have to run wires to your recording equipment...and for that you need to own the land or it needs to be abandoned...you would need a long lasting battery. It can't be ruled out, but it's highly unlikely the phone company would not know exactly who is trying to attach to their wire. I can't imagine something on the current scale (300 million customers for hearing thought) that would be all from millions of non-AT&T approved wire solders.
2) how many of the public got included. This involves analyzing a theoretical curve. There are reports that currently 300 million people hear thoughts (although clearly, the amount of service people receive has to be highly variable, 9/11 is evidence of that). So from 1 in 1910 to 300 million in 2007. I need to work that curve out and see what the future probably is.
3) That the storage of images and audio has to be finite. The movie "The Final Cut" hints at this, that at the time of a person's death, many of their videos are going to be deleted for space, perhaps a few years after they died. There simply is a finite amount of storage for information. Most of this video is of little value anyway, routine video of people eating, pooping, showering, etc. routine thoughts, uneventful thought audio and video memories or dreams.
4) possibly the screens are not dual and square in nature (I am just hypothesizing and then also trying to make it clear) but are single and circular. For example, perhaps screen 1 is a circle on the outer back layer of the brain, and screen 2 is a circle just inside of it. That would be logical because when I think of an image of a triangle it appears possible that it is in the same plane as screen 1 where I see the outside universe. And the same for screen 3, a circle around the ear, and then another circle inside of that for the inner ear where we think of songs, etc.

It's kind of funny if you replace the word bitch, binch, bia, or other words, although perhaps not friendly words, although bitch has come to mean anybody female or male, where a popular song uses "woman", "lady" or even "man", etc. Such as, for "Babe" by Styx, "Bitch I'm leavin'", etc. Hey how about Journey "Just a small town bitch". Lennon's "Bitches" (Woman). It's out there as a funny technique of improving many modern songs. Another technique I find entertaining is changing lyrics to be talking in the infinitive, in particular for the verb "to be". For example, babe would then be "you know it be you binch, giving me the courage, and the strength I be needing, etc.", "Bitch I be loving you". Sadly, som people might view that playful harmless fun as racist, but I can't believe that. It's not racist, it's simply fun word play. These type of word changes are done purposely I think, to enhance a dull language, to add a funny twist to boring language. Instead of just saying something boring and straight (although in this society, you might be better off, because they are too judgemental), adding some joke or flavor to it makes a person more interesting. Many times it might make a serious mood lighter. Another technique, is to Latinize it, by just adding "us" to all verbs and nouns while dropping any articles, perhaps mixing up word order. "knowis itis youis bitchis", and old english "thou knoweth it is thine bitche". Perhaps a song lyric can be spruced up with a "mutherfucka" or two. So putting it all together: "you knowus it be you betch, you muthafucka, be givenus thou thine courage and thine strungth thou be needing"

The religious (and defacto religious, those who have inherited their missing logic) are kind of funny, because for example, you can say something is "crazy"...and what many people might not know is that by propping up psychology (for which there is not one biological test, and the claims of CAT and MRI scan I think has to be fraud like the "Osama" 9/11 video, maybe there is some identifiable feature in some people, but I seriously doubt it is "scitzophrenia" or "psychosis", it's probably some other aspect of the human brain), including involutary psychology (which is the majority probably) where people are drugged, tied to tables, generally tortured without a trial to prove their innocense. And that must be a ok for most people to support such a system. But then rebutt, or confirm with "yeah it's stupid", and that is like overly harsh for them...to call something or somebody stupid....calling them crazy...oh no problem, they can then be found crazy, tortured, drugged, and locked away for life without a trial or charge, but oh no, don't call them stupid....! Even though there is no punishment, torture, drugging for being rightly or wrongly appraised as stupid.

I have to tell you people about this place: http://www.discountphotogifts.com/promo60/
I just got 2 ULSF mugs and 1 ULSF plate from them. There are others, but this place allows people to buy just 1 mug, etc. I'm going to get a mug with a photo of my Mom on it, as a way to say "here's to you", and toast her with each sip of coffee. There are other places, I may get some clear glasses too. I wonder if they put porno on there too, I doubt they actually look at the photo. Check the color changing one. I was thinking it would be cool if you could have one photo on the outside of like people who are terrible, and then when the mug is hot it changes to a photo of a pile of shit. That would be awesome. Maybe sometime in the future when technology allows. It would be kind of like a huge parade with a big float of a woman and man that get caught on some wire that rips off their clothes leaving a big pair of tits and boner flying in the wind.

It's interesting that one of the oldest written stories known to the human species is the story of Gilgamesh, and in that story is a lot of sexuality. It doesn't seem that sex was something that the Sumerians, or later Akkadians/Babylonians felt embarrased to talk about. In the beginning, most interpretations describe that Gilgamesh will not leave the young women alone, that basically he has sex with them. Then when Enkidu is sent to earth, Gilgamesh instructs a hunter to send the wild untamed Enkidu a prostitute (by most interpretations I have read so far, possibly a promiscuous woman, one uses the term "harlot", which is basically a female prostitute) to civilize him. The woman is to show Enkidu her body by the watering hole, they have sex and Enkidu is civilized so that the animals of the plains do not recognize him anymore. From this document, it is likely that prostitution was a legal business for the Sumerians. I think it is likely that it implies a sort of common-knowledge belief that sex calms the savage male, which is somewhat true, advice that many antisexual people could learn from nowadays since the rise of monotheistic religions. This story of Gilgamesh is evidence that the modern views of sex, such that they exist, are behind the views of sex people had 5000 years ago. People will reject that and claim that the view of sex 5,000 years ago was barbaric, women were slaves, etc. But I think history will vindicate that statement as being true. People were more comfortable talking about sex then than now, sex was viewed more as a natural part of life then, than it is now. I don't doubt that the views of sex were barbaric then too, and there is only room for improvement in terms of making sure everybody who wants sex gets sex and any disease and unconsensual violence are removed from sex. It's interesting that there is no record of any payment made by the hunter to Shamhat (or Shamshat), the prostitute. Enkidu and Shamhat have sex for 6 days and 7 nights until Enkidu has had his fill. It's interesting the parallel with the story of Eve and Adam in the Garden of Eden.

the view of Sumerians and ancient people about females is interesting because how can a female be viewed as a slave and also as a goddess? Interesting that the Sumerian "Inanna" the God that controls Venus was named "Isis" by the Egyptians, and "Aphrodite" by the Greeks, "Venus" by the Romans, and of course, the idea of more than one god ruling nature ended with Christianity.

Here are some videos a friend sent me about Scott Enyart's story:
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7476229353592257026 and
If you are a lawful citizen and want to get pissed about the corruption in police and government, this video is for you.
The Enyart story is one of the main reasons why we should enact a law stopping employees of the government from being able to legally confiscate film, but still require film owners to provide accurate copies to the government. Or even, we can enact a law requiring the FBI and police to make public copies of all films confiscated within 1 week, and be held punishable for any missing or tampering, but honestly, if you know the government and police like anybody who looked into what happened to RFK like I do, you will support a law to forbid police and FBI from confiscating captured images from the public. But this is one of the millions of laws that people could and should enact if ever they woke up and gave a damn.

Jim Fetzer has a nice quote in the History Channel show TMWKK, I would watch all three episodes if I was the average outsider person. Fetzer says at the beginning of episode 1 part 1: "If the presidency of the United States is being decided by bullets fired from rifles rather than ballots cast by citizens, we have, indeed, been taken over by a whole new form of government."

That was the quote from Valenti that was in my mind that "Valenti is to nonviolent people what Frank Fiorini was to JFK", because that Jack-the-ripper quote about the VCR is highly hypocritical and back-ass backward, after all here these JFK murderers and coveruppers were watching people in their houses's and casually listening to the people's feckin thoughts no less. Privacy and copyright to people like Valenti was like shit to toilet, unless they were using it to punish any competition then it was gold.

Adding to the Jimmy Carter talk notes, Carter said "all candidates should be asked ..." about their opinions on the Middle East. And quite possibly this refers to my statement that we should ask all Presidential candidates (if not all major government employees) if they think evolution is true or not. And then, perhaps by no coincidence, the Republican candidates were asked this question about creationism or evolution and 3 were caught creationist-handed. As a society it is shocking that only 33% think evolution is supported by the facts. The theory of evolution, in my opinion, is one of the most simple theories; it's obvious to me, where the "big bang", the "expanding universe", the "massless photon", "time dilation", all are far from obvious and, in my view, although they are mainstream beliefs, I think they are all false. So, it's interesting that evolution, to me, is a bedrock theory of science, there is no doubt in my mind of it's validity, while the big bang, the general theory of relativity, and other modern theories, currently viewed as bedrocks of science, are probably wrong in my view.

One thing that was interesting was that in going through all my Mom's books I couldn't find the copy of "The Thought Reading Machine" that I sent her and which she enjoyed, and I looked at every book she had.

One great response to the antipleasure people that think everybody but them is a perv are things that allude to how frigid they must be in terms of their own sex, because you know that is true; people who put down others for being overly sexual are not comfortable with sex themselves. So words like "warm", "cassinova", "cold", "frigid", "mmm...I can warm up to that!", "love", "fun", "romance", "you so romantic!", "pur/per", "mmm cuddly", etc

One good thing about having a walking robot that captures images of you at all times, or your own in-house security web cameras is that as long as you have at least one image of you every second of your life, there are many crimes you can never be charged with or found responsible for, because the images serve as a very good alibi. Video is very difficult to fake, although when an image is actually captured is sometimes not easy to determine, in particular if inside, but if the images are consistent I think most people would believe the image is untampered with. As it is now, people looking to frame you or charge you with bogus crimes have to make sure the crime happened when you were not on any camera.

I think the camera-thought network is going to be uncovered mainly by outsiders, because unlike insiders they cannot be denied the cocaine the insiders are so addicted to, the camera-thought net service. I don't doubt that even junkie insiders will contribute something to exposing the AT&T phone company government public spying programs, but mainly I think it will be outsiders reproducing the technology through free communication with each other over the Internet.

Here is my recent 5/1/07 letter to the investigator of my Mom's death and the coroner:
Department of Health
Ronald A. Brunelli
Mary Jumbelic
Office of Medical Examiner
100 Elizabeth Blackwell Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

Referencing: Sylvia P. Huntington, Case #07-0278

To Ronald Brunelli & Mary Jumbelic:

I am sending this formal request for three main reasons:

1) I am requesting a copy of the full and detailed autopsy record of Sylvia P. Huntington, Case #07-0278, be sent to the above address as soon as it is complete. An electronic copy is fine.

2) I want a copy of the full investigative detailed report, in addition to the complete set of crime scene photos and videos sent to the above address. An electronic copy is fine.

3) I am requesting that the official time of death for my Mom, Sylvia P. Huntington, be changed to the more accurate time of: March 4, 2007 10:00 pm EST, instead of the absurdly inaccurate March 9, 2007. If this, March 9, 2007, date of death, a full 5 days after the actual time of death, reflects your common practices, I think your accuracy in determining day and cause of death in other deaths ought to be seriously questioned. Even the tiniest amount of investigation would show that Sylvia collapsed on March 4, 2007 around 10:00 PM while talking on the phone with my brother Tom Huntington. After that time the phone remained busy until she was found dead by my Dad, Peter Huntington 5 days later on Friday, March 9. The finding from the autopsy of “hypothermia” and the “paradoxical undressing” added later, would indicate a very quick death of a few minutes at most. You are, of course, welcome to continue this practice of inaccurately labeling time of death. But if you do, I certainly hope that this error is exposed to the public, and all past mislabeled deaths are publicly corrected.

Ted Huntington

I can see outsiders putting out ads saying "We will pay up to $1000 (and then later up to $5,000 or $10,000) for video evidence of people in phone companies, major media, or government watching people's thoughts." There have to be people out there, perhaps that have been excluded, or are looking for money that have video they are holding on to that reveals what those in the camera-thought network routinely have been doing for almost 100 years. Perhaps there are some insiders willing to sell video of people "seeing eyes" to us.

The funniest thing about exposing seeing hearing and sending thought is that, people like me, atheists, people with unpopular views or sexual indescretions, or for whatever reason that are excluded from seeing and hearing thought...and that has to be many many people...clearly the overwhelming majority (although not around where I live here in southern California, most people are included...at least I guess they are), many of us tend to be on the smarter side, and so, it is a natural evolution that those excluded outsiders are eventually going to figure out how to duplicate seeing and sending images and sounds because they tend to be the intellectuals and educated, where the insiders are usually uneducated, thug-type of people, high school graduates at best, nazistic crew-cut followers, slaves to tradition and the wealthy. So in excluding so many brainiacs, the insiders are assuring their own downfall and total exposure. I am actually somewhat enjoying exposing their secret history...it's better than being a slave to the service, and watching them murder innocent people in the millions without breathing a word of it. The only major disadvantage is not being able to get sex or reproduce, or having to use outsider methods to hook-up which, with insider females is impossible, and also not knowing who the violent are around me...not knowing who is probably more friend and who is more foe that is only a few meters away from me. But it's a small price to pay to speak freely and totally expose what these evil insiders have been doing for a century. How much will be done by the camera-thought-crack-heads? They don't want to risk losing their dealer and constant supply of camera-thought net crack, where the outsiders have no such addiction, or fear of losing the support of a camera-thought-net-crack dealer. Now I am for deciminalizing drugs too, because creating an illegal system around addiction like that is not a smart idea, it makes for nasty injustice, while the drugs or camera-net-info harms only the self if that anyway.

One person in the History Channel JFK TMWKK video has a nice statement something like "how many people figured it out?" "zero", which implies to me that I (sometimes refered to as zero) may be one of a very very small group of outsiders who has figured out...probably that thought can be seen, heard and sent to and from brains. But this next video I am releasing should help to inform and educate many thousands of other outsiders.

Just learning about how the actual telephone network works is interesting. In particular how it worked in the past. There was a time when a person, an operator, would basically hand connect two wires together...I don't even know if each house had it's own wire...and the operator simply connected them at the switch board? There must have been a way to use one wire for many calls, certainly by the time of digital, but it could be done with analog too. Then the rotary phone made a person to connect the wires unnecessary as circuits were connected electronically. I am only just learning this stuff now, and like so much of science, those in the know have not been entirely or even remotely forth coming with the info.

It's interesting that there was a revolution of thought and science when the invention of writing happened around 3300BCE in Sumeria, and a revolution in thought and science with the invention of the printing press (I think around 100CE), and I think there is another revolution in thought and science happening now with the Internet. Any time the amount and speed of information flow increases dramatically there probably is an accompanying advance in thought and science.

Insiders are notorius for their dishonesty and lives of lies, empty and misleading threats and allusions. But without a doubt outsiders get killed and insiders kill them, generally speaking...it's obviously not the other way around, although there is the case of insiders killing insiders, 9/11, JFK, RFK, etc being prime examples. Presumably many of the 9/11 victims, JFK and RFK were all included, but clearly excluded from the relevent video that would have protected them from being murdered. It makes me wonder how many outsider heros may have figured it out and worked to expose the insiders, just simply...who was excluded and who was included and to what extent? are what people of the future will be interested in.

I was thinking that, you know there is so much pressure on people to wear suits and ties, and long pants, and honestly, for an overweight person, or even an older person, in the heat of summer, I have to think health issues take a priority over fashion sense. It's masochistic to insist that people wear long pants to work in the 90 degree temperatures of summer. Sure, people work in air conditioned offices, but they also might have a long walk to their car, have to walk between buildings, and they certainly are going to be in their hot car until the air conditioning turns on. In addition there are shorts that are "dress shorts" that should be acceptable. We are not living under the Koran or any other religious book so shorts pants and short-sleeved shirts should be acceptable and welcomed as more healthy, less of a health risk. So I think we should look at moving towards a more comfort, health-based kind of clothing, or certainly toleration of that kind of dress. This is a time where people force young kids to dress in football equipment, slam into each other, and run double-sessions during summer, and in prison camps, where the kids definitely routinely pass out, become dehydrated, and generally suffer under unpleasant conditions.

I was thinking about the future, and you know, it might be that females and males evolve to have both sets of genitals. That would be kind of wild to see females with the peen and vag, while also interesting to see males with the vag too, and males getting pregnant perhaps. If one gender develops both genitals, the other gender might go extinct.

I think it's important for me to chastize less and educate more.

In watching Japanese animated porn, I have to say that I think the "Dicipline" series is better than the "Bible Black" series (although shorter), because there isn't as much religion and mysticism. Dicipline has a better story line that probably adheres more closely to the current situation. In Dicipline we see themes of the public's antisexuality and that is important to address. Plus, while many of the sex scenes in Bible Black are erotic, there are a few scenes that are violent and just gross...they are not arousing to me in any way...one where a person is stabbed and another where a shotgun is fired in to a person. Although maybe those things happen in real life, in particular in this spartan age, but that's no turn on. Many times I find the story tellers find an erotic situation, and then either gloss over it quickly without examining the situation fully or take it into some other direction that is less erotic. The bank robbery scene is one example, the military big-wigs getting sex scene is another that was not fully explored (that's probably what they see big wig halliburton and others doing see more below), many female on female scenes are not taken in enough depth. Again, it's interesting the way males are so hyper and uptight about male and male events, even when they are just a natural fact of life...one scene where two thugs find the two females and 1 male seems to imply that there would also be a male on male anal sex scene but while there are many female with female scenes, porn buyers must highly object to even a tiny glimpse of a few seconds of male on male even when it is in a natural setting where such a thing might happen such as two thugs finding these three young people. One male does get a female finger in the rectum, and that is about as close at it gets.

This prostitution bust, it must be interesting to see what the deal is. Probably she was competing with the official prostitution companies, or the repubs want to appear to be antisexuals. Because of course, where are all those ladies and men going to go to continue their sex work? Of course they are going to go to the new person...maybe the other side like the republican madam...maybe there are two madams who recruit mainly women but certainly males too. Prost has been happening since before writing...some of the oldest writing refers to prostitutes...in Sumeria they allowed pleasure for money, and when you think about it...it is ridiculous not too...what other commodoties would people buy, pain? People 5000 years before us, had more enlightened views about the physical pleasure/sex market than people now. People will say they were backwards and treated women as slaves, but the fact remains that eventually civilized humans will decriminalize consensual physical pleasure for money in its many forms, and we will be left with a 2000 year history of an illegal pleasure market.

I think many people in the camera-thought net would like that No Doubt song "Don't Speak" to be "Don't Think"...to take it to the next level.

Isn't that interesting how the pope is so vocal about abortion and the killing of fetuses, but says nothing about 9/11 being an inside job, and of course he knows it was...they obviously see and hear thought. The pope says nothing about lowering murder, stopping assault, or any kind of violence, stopping the Iraq occupation,... there is no serious interest in the leaders of the Catholic religion in stopping violence, so it is unusual that they are so big into stopping abortion, violence against an unborn human....if they were interested in stopping violence, why wouldn't they speak out against murder of already born adults? It's unusual to have such a specific focus or obsession, but then Christiainity is transparently based on ludicrous beliefs such as Jesus rising from the dead and being specially connected to a god, etc. when anybody that looks at history sees the many gods of the past, and many other "messiahs" such as barchokba, etc.

The Michael Moore investigation is obviously pure abuse of power on the part of the Bush jr administration. Many people would think that when a person is president they would impart a benevolent leadership, but instead with many republicans in particular, we almost always see, low-brow petty abuse of their authority. Full democracy would solve so much of this because to fine or jail a person would require a majority of the public's support, and for this petty crap there would never be popular support, or at least I hope not...pettiness and idiocy is a planetary problem, not one that is exclusive only of those in government. A law that prohibits a person of the USA traveling to some other nation is clearly a violation of their right to free movement and travel, it's overly parental, in my opinion the public should vote down any law that restricts a person from traveling anywhere or vote up a law that protects them from punishment, as I have done on my tedhuntington.com/vote page.

Mercury probably has a molten core, where supposedly Mars and the moon do not. I think the inside of Mars and the moon of earth have to at least be hotter than the outside and still emit heat. This is an interesting and helpful find. Again, I think the simple truth is probably that stars are just large planets, the process that heats stars is also the process that heats the inside of planets...it's probably not hydrogen fusion as much as the results of gravity and pressure. Particles in the sun and planets are stuck inside under pressure and held together by gravity, but particles on the surface are next to empty space and find no resistance to those directions, so that is what is happening in my opinion, it's a matter of pressure difference, and balancing of gravitation; matter in the star or planet has nowhere to go, while matter at the surface can escape to lower pressure, more empty space, etc.

I think it would be fun to make a movie about the future, and the heros of the movie could be played by the 9/11, JFK, RFK truth people, because those are the actual heros of this time, and so maybe that is what heros sound like, or might sound like then. Each of those people is interesting and has their own unique style, and above all something inside them that pushes them to speak the truth which is unusual in most people.

I figured out one of the goals of those criminals who beam on people all day is: to make sure that every minute of life is miserable. But gladly, they do not always succeed.

I was at a Kmart, and there was an unattended phone there, and I thought for a second: how fun it would be to pick up the phone, press the "intercomm" button and say "attention KMart Shoppers, 9/11 was an inside job, nuevo-once era un trabajo interior". So maybe others with more courage can sometime do that if ever the opportunity exists. They must have seen me thinking about it, because within a few minutes a woman rushed back over to attend the phone. But what could they do? It's hardly illegal.

One thing I was thinking of is how people were so fearful of the extremists on the extreme left during the red scare, but there never has been in the USA fear of the extremists on the extreme right, the Nazis. And as a result of what I think can only be called people in the left totally asleep at the wheel, the extreme right wing rose into power.

I was thinking that Bush jr really is the incubus of all the mistakes of the past, Bush jr really is the dark angel spawned from ignoring the murder of JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon, coupled with the secrecy of Pupin...Bush jr really is, in some way the natural conclusion of the US failure to stop violence, to free information, to expose the history of religion, to increase the peoples democratic voting power, etc all the mistakes of the last 50 years.

My feeling about sports is somewhat ambivalent and apathetic, suffice it to say that I am just happy when matter wins.

Cox stopped playing my music videos show for some reason (they are still playing the JFK II and In Plane Site vids though).

E Howard Hunt apparently said he was approached to be in a plot to kill JFK but turned it down. Obviously this is false, Hunt was there captured by Mary Mormon in the famous photograph of Hunt, Sturgis, and Gordan Arnold behind the fence.

On the 7/7 convictions. Maybe terrorists actually did 7/7, maybe many of the people like Webster Tarpley and Alex Jones are wrong in saying that like 9/11, 7/7 was also an inside job. But I think we as outsiders should entertain the other theory of an inside job (and no doubt there may even be some mystery for insiders or the partially included). It's clear that 9/11 was an inside job, there is little doubt for anybody who has ever seriously looked at 9/11. Simply put, no steel-frame building crumbles to dust from a plane impact, no matter how intense the fires are. But the case for 7/7 is not nearly as clear. There is no "molten metal for weeks after" 7/7 as there is for 9/11. 9/11 was a messy idiotic thing to do, and I think it is becoming clear that, shockingly, the gullibility of the US public may have actually been overestimated with 9/11...I know it's hard to believe....that the excluded in the USA might actually not be the dumbest more easily fooled people of history. Anyway, the smoking gun for 7/7 is that, like 9/11 it is public information that people in the UK government were running "drills" that paralleled a terrorist bombing of the subway and were in place on the very same day....that is absolutely public information that is unquestionable and not debated....the video of the person admiting it is freely available (to his credit, clearly this person has provided the best evidence that 7/7 was an inside job...and probably purposely so...they must feel that this group of murderers must be stopped, as of course many of us do). So starting from this point, it is easy to see how, like 9/11, the MI-7 or equivalent of CIA/FBI in Britain basically ran a "drill" of a terrorist bombing, but then took it live by changing a few parameters (although probably all involved strongly suspected it would be live, because of the nature of seeing, hearing and sending thought). Then there is the major question of...it's like the Blues Brothers movie...if these inside job people are the "Good Ole Boys", then who are these Arab people that were just convicted? I don't know, maybe the inside job theory is wrong and they were single-handedly involved in 7/7. But I think at least one mainstream alternate theory is that they are the Attas, that is they are the patsies who were recruited and paid by MI-7/Scotland Yard/ISI to "play the bad guys" for the simulation. How it would work is easy to see. The insiders need "bad guys" for terrorist simulations. They find poor Arab people living in the UK who need money. They hire these people...how is a real source of investigation...that is certainly an area worth looking into...how does Scotland Yard and MI-5 or whatever hire these people? I doubt they place an ad in the paper...they probably approach them in person, maybe in a mosque. The MI-5 or ISI pay these people to do stuff, like go and buy fertilizer. It may seem like an odd job for a person, but like Atta, when people are wiring you $100,000 and only request little favors, how could a person complain? Then they are told...ok you go to the subway on this day. In addition, secrecy must have been a major part of these kinds of "jobs". Anybody seen in the camera-thought net to be making a permanent record of their activity would quickly be let go...but then how many people ever record what is happening in their life? It might be a good source of info to trace who their MI-5 contact was, perhaps in their photos...but again, if it was a person who has a camera, the MI-5 would probably skip them...that kind of person is way too smart for these patsy roles. But then things must have changed when they were arrested. And that would feel weird would it not...that all the evidence points to you...the video of you in the fertilizer store..."oh!..." they must think...and it must settle in, that they were instructed and paid to be patsy's for a crime that somebody else did. So the feeling they probably have is one of being taken advantage of by locals...that is probably typical of foreign people in a place where the native language is different from their language. It's like spam and junk mail...many poor non-English speaking people fall for it because they only understand parts of the text, and it's sad. So, like Controlled Demolition probably wired up the WTC buildings, and the US airforce did the planes into the two WTC buildings, so the question is: who put the explosives in the English subway on 7/7? who put the bang in the shama-lama-ding-dong? As an aside, the UK is more camera-filled than even the USA, they have taken 1984 to an extreme, and it's only 1984 Orwellian when the public is not allowed to see which is the case here, there and everywhere. There were reports that witnesses saw the place of explosion, and saw that it came from the floor and blew into the train, the metal was turned upwards. Photos of the explosion and eye witness testimony might reveal that, and that is one source of independent investigation. But without physical evidence, that is just talk, but of course helpful in us outsiders trying to piece together what may have actually happened on 7/7. I doubt that the patsy's would be instructed to put the explosives on the trains. For 9/11 the murderers needed precision in a way that was simply easier to have Controlled Demolition, and the US air force do. For 7/7, no real precision was needed, only unrestricted access to the train while at rest. It would be better to have the patsies place the explosives on the train, but this is an interesting point. It's the WTC 1, the "first explosion" phenomenon. These patsies might not be as sick and twisted as their CIA/FBI/MI-7/Scotland Yard/ISI controllers...they might not agree to place explosives under a train. Of course they could be told that it is simply a package somebody else will pick up. That would be so fool-proof would it not? You have your Arab patsy, you have him buy the explosive stuff, (somebody else would have to actually assemble the bomb...again a source for independent investigators...how were these bombs assembled...did the patsies have the technical knowledge necessary? Where did they get it?), then the patsies are instructed to place the bomb under the train, given full permission and access to under the train, and instructed precisely when and how to attach the package. So there you have the patsy actually fastening the bomb to the train, and you could even have the patsy push the button to trigger the bomb, without even knowing that they have just killed about 50 people on a train. It's not a very complex theory to work out. It is easy to see how such a plan could be easily done, in particular with the camera-thought-neuron-activating network, and absolute control over all major media.

In one UCI video I couldn't understand what the phrase "it's a little too perfect" meant, but perhaps coincidentally, that is how I would describe my Mom's death scene with the smoking gun of "paradoxical undressing". The chances are against the cause of death being so obvious.

It's curious that there is no "image matching" search engine yet. A web page where you upload an image and it finds all identical (or in theory similar) images on the web. This would be one way of connecting up with a person you only have the photo of. You could search for their photo and find their web or myspace page. This search engine would be easy to build, you could even focus it on myspace and images.google.com. The first check would be filesize, then a simple bit-for-bit check which would be stopped the second there was not a match. If the first 100 bits match, it probably is the same file.

Another cool idea is to use cameras to determine which spaces in a parking lot or garage are free and have a real-time Internet page people can use, or put up screens with the nearest free space. Everybody should have a wireless network computer as part of their car.

One thing that I am finding is that we really shold switch to a monophonic (one sound one symbol alphabet), because language is being terribly corrupted. For example many English speaking people say Babylonia |BaBilONEu|, but it is more accurately sounded as |BoBElonEo|, similar corruptions exist for Canaan which is probably more like |KeNoN| |KiNoN| or |KoNoN|. There are endless examples of how English speaking people should have stayed closer to the actual native pronunciation. A monophonic International phonetic alphabet which seems to be inevitable will end the endless debate and variations at least for this and all future times. Certainly video from this time will inform future people, but why not clean up and improve our written language now? I can see people simply starting to hand in 2 papers, one with the fonetic alphabet, and a second in traditional alphabet. Possibly software could make it automatic.

Here is an interesting link, the lost treasures of Iraq:
Here is more info: http://oi.uchicago.edu/OI/IRAQ/dbfiles/Iraqdatabasehome.htm

snappy comebacks to being called "pervert"
1) (with right hand raised in affirmation) "No, I'm like you, I'm not sexual"
2) "I'm an amateur compared to you all in the camera net"
3) "pleasure is good foo!"
4) "cut it out"
5) "violenter"
It's amazing that I must be the first to ever attempt to fight against the antisexual revolution.

One thing that is amazing is how, for example the term "violenter" is not in common use. People seem to care little to nothing about violence. And there are many people who are violenters. Who have violencia. We have a million diseases, but no violencia? The closest there is is "violent tendancies". But look how violent people fill the upper eschelons of power. Those who simply want to invade Iraq...it's violencia...they were not policing, they were murdering with missiles, and then in a first strike assault...they were certainly not defending themselves from an assault. Those who want violence litter the planet. It's amazing that the violenters number as highly as they do. The majority of people in this time...are dim-witted to not oppose violence.

What will future people say about this time? I think without a doubt they will say that people were obsessed with a historical figure...not Nebuchadnezzer, not Ceasar, not Ramses or Hatshepsut, not Tom Jefferson, not John Locke, not Isaac Newton...no they were obsessed with a Jewish guy who lived around 20CE named "Jesus". But they were also obsessed with sports. THey were bigger believers in the theory of there being a god than believers in the theory that there probaby are not any gods. I guess in some way an obsession is simply a strong interest. Certainly all these interests, Jesus, God, Allah, Vishnu, Buddha, sports, food, whatever are all legal and must always be. I am to a certain degree obsessed with getting the history of evolution and science to the public, and am highly interested in reaching people with the message that religions are not any good, that there are no demons, ghosts or witches, and that science is what they ought to be supporting and taking an interest in.

I just realized that this method of measuring the time for photons to move against the gravitational field of earth can also be applied to other forms of matter, in particular to electrons and ions. In theory even to molecules, if a single molecule could be made to be thrown up and timed to reach some height. Clearly, electrons are matter and so the effect of the earth's gravity should slow them down when moving vertically up (for example in a wire connecting the inside of earth to the surface, or in particular in a vacuum between two such points). In fact, I would say that this is one method of accurately measuring the mass of charged particles. The classic method first used at Cambridge by J. J. Rutherford and others measures both electrical charge and mass, without distinguishing which part of charge and of mass is responsible for the observed deflection of a charged particle in a magnetic field. This way, where charge is held constant, or is irrelevent, the true mass of charged particles can be measured by the delay caused by the gravitational field. It's kind of funny that when we need a big gravitational field for experimenting, there generally is only one available and that is the earth. Eventually, we will be able to do the same experiment on the moon and mars and measure differences in velocity for photons, electrons, ions, and other charged or uncharged particles moving against the gravitational field. The method of measuing changes is velocity of particles against the earth's gravitational field could be done with a long fiber optic wire (for photons) or a simple copper electrical wire (for electrons) buried deeply in the earth or extended high above the surface. Initially, simply measuring a difference in velocity in the up-down direction (relative to earth) would be important. I'm not sure how the math for this is done yet. It's not simple, because the strength of the earth's gravitational field changes exponentially as a particle moves farther away from the center. I think it is either an integral or a sum of the intervals between the transmitter/emitter and receiver of the particle. Then synchronizing the emitter and detector is somewhat complex. Basically you want to two digital counters to be on the same number simulatenously in time. Perhaps experimenting could be used to turn a switch with certain lengths of wire connected to both emitter and detector which causes them to start and stop on the same exact digital count. Accuracy into the nanoseconds might be enough to measure differences in velocity of photons, electrons or other charged particles. Interestingly, people have presumed that photons are electrically neutral, and probably they are. Perhaps this could be done to measure the mass of neutrons, and certainly of protons. This would require a vertical (relative to the earth) particle accelerator which I am not aware of ever having been being built. I can't imagine that people have not already thought of this test for determining the mass of particles which removes the effect of charge on measurements of the mass of particles.

Initial Remarks?:
I have many things to say, most of which I have said in my videos and in particular that I will say in Universe Life Science Future.

As people we can choose to put out a negative message, one that advocates starting violence, dishonesty, secrecy, rejecting science, opposed to physical pleasure, etc, and many people do put out these messages all the time, but how much better, more productive, and more honorable it is to put out a positive constructive message, to speak out against violence, for exposing and punishing violence, for honesty, against secrecy, for fairness, for more democracy, against the many injustices, in favor of science, in defense of sexuality. Ultimately that kind of a message is going to move life of earth farther.

Questions for Carter:

1) 1910 was an amazing year, at Columbia University, Mihalo Pupin was the first to see thought. Since then, a flurry of inventions centered on the brain have been developed. In particular the ability to activate neurons remotely. Since most of us excluded from this secret technology do not know when this most important occurance happened, nor the name of the individual responsible, can you please tell us anything about 1) what year this remote neuron activation may have happened, and 2) the name of the person that invented this wonderful technology? (What role if any did that raskel Tom Edison have to do with any of this? Did Edison only "make it practical" or is Edison [or an employee] the first to remotely make a neuron fire?) (If a Tom Edison employee, which one and when?)

2) Do you think that the public should be told about the invention of seeing eyes and thoughts? Should this technology be demonstrated to them? Should the public be told about how neurons can be stimulated remotely to move muscles, to make people see images and hear sounds? Should this be demonstrated to them publically?

3) To your knowledge, has there ever been an experiment that has shown that the speed of light is not constant as many people believe, for example the Michelson-Morley experiment but in an up and down direction, like the famous Mossbauer experiment? Does the speed of light change?

4) Simply put, cosmologically, are you an expanding universe, big banger?

5) Do you believe that evolution is a fact? Might you be the only US President that does?

6) What do you think about the prospects of full-ass democracy, you know, a democracy where people vote directly on the laws they have to live under, on all court decisions, even overriding the supreme court 9, on all government budgets (maybe then we would know where that $3 billion of the Pentagon's funds went), for Army generals, for police chiefs, opening up all government decisions to voting by the citizens?

7) To your recollection, are you aware of any experiment that has proven that particles of light bounce off each other?

8) Is decriminalizing drugs and prostitution inevitable?

9) Is violence the biggest evil and number one problem on planet earth right now?

10) What explains the missing concern about stopping violence by the public?

11) It is clear to even many outsiders that way back in 1963, another Democratic President, John F. Kennedy, was not murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald as much of the public was mislead to believe, but that JFK was murdered by Frank Fiorini, also known as Frank Sturgis. Clearly efforts were made to inform the public of this fact, what are your views on this continuing miscarriage of justice? It shocks an average mind to realize how deceitful so many hundreds of thousands of people who participate in this coverup of the truth are. With the connection between Nixon, Hunt and Sturgis, can you tell us with less knowledge, was Richard Nixon an accessory to the murder of JFK before the fact? With the relationship of George Bush Senior to E. Howard Hunt, was George Bush Senior an accessory to the murder of JFK before the fact? And can you talk about what legacy this murder and injustice has brought upon the people of the USA? What is the future of this injustice? Do you think the people will someday know the truth? Do you think anybody will ever pay for this terrible crime? Is it true as E Howard Hunt claimed that LBJ was an accessory before the fact to the homicide of JFK? Did Carter try to stop the History Channel from showing its video about LBJ's involvement with the JFK murder?

12) In 1968, 8 years before the 1976 election, Martin Luthur King jr was murdered, and my question is: Knowing what we know about Frank Fiorini killing JFK and how the Republicans and major media still lie to the public about this, is it true to the best of your knowledge that James Earle Ray was the person that actually killed Martin Luthur King? What is the legacy of the murder of Martin Luthur King jr? How has this changed the nation and planet? What steps should be taken to prevent more democratic leaders such as Martin Luthur King jr from being cut down by murderers?

13) With regard to the murder of the Democratic Senator, Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, many of us know, thanks to the brave work of Thomas Noguchi, Karl Eucker, Ted Charach, Gerald Alcan and others that Sirhan Bishara Sirhan did not kill Robert F. Kennedy, but much more likely, Thane Cesar, the Ace security guard did. What are your thoughts on this murder? What turns my stomach is the list of people who helped to cover it up, I mean, Mayor Yorty, Evile Younger, Ed Davis, Darryl Fitz, Gorden Cooper, DeWayne Wolfer, and the list continues. Is exposing the secret AT&T camera network videos, showing the public many of those videos, and demonstrating to them how eyes and thought can be seen...is this really the only answer to exposing these evil accessories to murder before and after the fact? Is there some other better answer?

14) How about Janis Joplin...murdered?
Jim Morrison...murdered?
Jimi Hendrix...ko'd?
Bob Marley...murdered?

Clearly many people worked to plant suggestions in the brains of outsiders to murder John Lennon, using the neuron activation technology, and clearly this evil work continues today mainly by Republicans throughout the planet using our own tax dollars no less. Can you tell us, in all neutrality, I think most people are only interested in the truth, was Ronald Reagan an accessory before the fact to the murder of the popular leader, witty and wise John Lennon? Did Reagan celebrate the murder of John Lennon? Was the murder of John Lennon a direct result of Reagan being elected, in other words, would Lennon have lived at least until 1984 had Reagan lost the 1980 election?

Without question 9/11/01 was an inside job, there is more than enough video and other physical evidence to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 3 World Trade Center buildings were brought down in controlled demolitions, by Controlled Demolition. Do you and your camp estimate that there will ever be a time in the future when those responsible are exposed? When those responsible are punished? From your all's vantage point, does this seem unlikely? What kind of punishments do you think will be handed out? Who should be most punished, the actual executors of murder, those who ordered the murders, or both? Is the correct story that 2 military planes flew into the WTC buildings, a missile was fired into the Pentagon, and all passangers and some of the patsies like Atta were shot down over Shanksville by Gibney out of North Dakota?

It seems clear that even 7/7 in Britain may have been an inside job. Is that true? And are these peopel recentely convicted simply paid for patsies that didn't at first know what they were being paid to do?

Paul Wellstone, ... Republicans uh-gin?

In all neutrality, without any bias, is George Bush jr, the worst President in United States history? And by worst, I mean the most violent, destructive and dishonest? If true, why did people vote for him? Didn't they know?

My Mom was recently murdered, and many other old people seem to be dying. Is this the Republicans just push-button murdering old liberal people? Doesn't this reveal the evil and sadistic nature of the Republicans in their current form?

How is your vision and Bill Clinton's vision different?

Do you see a time in the future where all medical treatments are consensual only? What does that mean for the massive psychiatric establishment, if, like the Nuremberg international laws specify, that all medical treatments and operations must be consensual only? Does that mean that infact, all psychiatric hospitals would have to be voluntary in-patient only? Would stopping the ability to impose medical treatments on those who refuse cause serious problems to society? Would simple law enforcement, in-prison consensual counseling, consensual food, cleaning and other social programs be enough to offset imposed psychiatric treatments or will we forever be locking, restraining, drugging, people in hospitals without consent, trial, or sentence?

What about the people who tell us to "shut up"? Should we say "after you oh mity a-hole", or "open down butty!"?

What do you think about people being able to quit the military without punishment, as if they were not endentured slaves or forced labor?

Against forced labor in prisons?

What people are you hopeful for to be elected President in 2008?

Without bsing us, seriously, have any messages been received from advanced life, such as from globular clusters? again, don't bs us. Do you think globular clusters are made from advanced life? Do you think our descendents will one day form part of all of a globular cluster?

Have people figured out how to stop aging in any multicellular organisms yet? Do you think they will?

Do you support decriminalization of all drugs? (if no, how about marijuana? cocaine? heroine? LSD? psilociben mushrooms?)

Do you support decriminalization of prostitution? (if no, whats about legal kissing for money? masturbating for money? remember people can clear toilets for money. oral sex for money? ok maybe no vaginal sex for money, but how about anal sex for money then, decrim it?

Your administration passed the Freedom of Information Act of 1977, do you support total freedom of all information? (if no, do you support, total freedom of all information that is not copyrighted, patented, trademarked, a threat to national, state, or city security, or invades a person's privacy?)

How long should a copyright last? Should it only last a few minutes if that?

Are you in favor of cameras on every street? Are you in favor of people having access to seeing cameras on all streets cameras are currently on?

Should we remove the voting age?

Should we allow children who want to work the right to work?

What about young people under 18 having the right to see nudity? Should parents that allow this be protected in law? What about parents that allow young people who have vocalized a clear want to consensually touch other people in all areas and are not coerced, to do so, should those parents and participants who allow this be protected from punishment?

Do you support a free public registry which lists the names of murderers and their victims? assaulters names, nature of crime and victims? how about the name of anybody with at least one violent conviction?

Are you, as I am, against all government secrets and government secrecy?

Do you vote with me against the mandatory drug minimums put in place by Reagan?

Do you vote with me in support of ending military laws, and incorporating them into the civilian laws?

Thane Cesar jailed for life? I vote yes for this everybody.

Life in prison for all those who have murdered at least one non-murdering person? I think we may need to go on an individual person by person basis, but in principle I can see it. For some, in particular military, the issue of coersion plays a factor. Still, they could have refused to fire that missile, and certainly they should be recorded for any confirmed murder of a human that never murdered.

Is recording the public votes over the Internet the future for our government?

Do you support ending the Federal Reserve and bringing the decision of how much money is in circulation to the Government?

Do you agree with the theory that all matter in the universe is probably made of particles of light and no other particles, that larger particles are only combinations of light particles? Do you agree that light particles probably move because of gravity, that gravity is probably the only root force in the universe, and that all other forces such as the electromagnetic force are the result of gravitation? What about you betches?

Have people figured out a way to harness the photons from atoms without radioactive waste?

Have people figured out an efficient way to convert common elements such as silicon and iron into more useful elements such as hydrogen, and oxygen in bulk using particles such as neutrons, protons, etc to transmutate atoms up and down the periodic table in a systematic orderly efficient way? Why the secrecy, I think I speak for all people in saying "bust out" with that info already.

What about the problem of racism?
What about the problem of religions?
Is your vision of the future with walking robots a positive picture?

Do you have any kind of statement you want to leave for the planet and for the future? For me, my current statement is: "Get on the path to forming a globular cluster because you are not even pointed in that direction and that is the path to survival and prosparity."

ok I will let you all go with this softball set of easy questions.

05/03/07 update:
I did see Jimmy Carter, and it was nice to see Carter talk. One message he definitely communicated was the idea of light colliding with a balance, and with enough light a balance might actually be made to move which implies that particles of light exhibit mass since they can impart force on other pieces of matter. That is certainly an interesting idea to think about. When I asked (in thought) to all the people what year remote neuron activation was invented there were many "2's", carter himself said "22", others had 2 fingers. So this might be 1912 or 1922. I am thinking 1912. Clearly, many insiders are saying "early" for making neurons fire remotely.
Other than that Carter said that he was oped to the aparteid within the palestinian lands not necessarily within Israel, which I had confused...I thought he was arguing that Israeli citizenship should not be race-based. I was thinking, I know of no other nation that applies racial criteria to citizenship, but no doubt there is defacto racism secretly behind the scenes in many nations, in addition, there are many nations where a person that does not fit in will probably be murdered or jailed anyway making racism defacto there anyway.
Carter said we never should have invaded Iraq to begin with and that the invasion was based on purposely dishonest or incidentally dishonest beliefs. But then, curiously said that the Afghanistan invasion was justified...I thought...that is unusual. But that is maybe the difference between why Carter and those kinds of people are on the big stage and people like me are in the audience...I can't pretend for a minute that 9/11 was not an inside job and therefore cannot possibly gain popular support...I have to be honest. So 9/11 was an inside job and regardsless of many other fine reasons why invading nations is wrong, the basis of 9/11 for any invasion is cleary wrong. So obviously my opinion is that the Afghanistan and Iraq invasions are completely illegal, idiotic and bad ideas.
Carter was a tiny ray of light in 1976 after the decade of brutality under LBJ and Nixon. And sadly that collapsed back into brutality for another decade under Reagan and Bush, creating a shockingly Nazistic and brutal half-century for those who survived 1950-2000.
UCI Chancellor Drake spoke out against hate speech. I am less concerned with hate speech than I am with protecting free speech. I think people are making a mistake by jailing holocaust deniers in Europe. We need to work towards a totally free info free speech society, which includes even thoughts of plots of violence (although I can conceed that perhaps some jail time is necessary for those who order murder of nonviolent people...after all Bush jr nor Cheney never actually pushed the button bringing the WTC buildings down, they simply gave the approval and later applause). But again, you can see that people like Carter and Drake draw their wealth and power from a different well than I do (although I am sure there are shared opinions between me and they). They draw from the power of married people, religious people, neck-tied males, etc. I draw from the stop violence, free info, pro-science, anti-religion, pro-sex, pro-honesty crowd generally.
One nice point, maybe I heard wrong, but Carter did say at one point that he can "vouge" for me. Which I appreciate. I was hoping to get some kind of Jimmy Carter endorsement in going to this talk. Carter is a powerful guy and not only am I interested in his thoughts, but clearly am happy to work together on any shared goals. Obviously Carter is a person that has the influence to make things happen. That interest in hearing what Carter has to say is balanced by the tiny amount of time we have. Time is so precious, and there are many people I would like to see give talks. I missed a talk by David Byrne at UCI, by Coretta Scott King, by Bill Moyers, by numberous others, because I need to focus my time on my ULSF project, my walking robot, reproducing...after all those things maybe I will branch out more.
I was seated in the front row of the bleechers and that was nice of the organizers.
At one point, Carter sounded like he formed the word "nuisance" which is how I describe molestation in my next set of videos. I can't remember how he formed the words, it was a combination of 2 or 3 words like "no" and "sense" or "new" and "sense". But if true, I think it shows a brave effort on Carter's behalf towards progress in confronting the brutal and illogical nature of this antisexual revolution which so slowed progress under Clinton.
All around, I think Carter has done the people a good service in touring around and speaking to the public for free.
05/04/07 Speaking of nuisance, during the talk, when we were only a few feet from former US President Carter I was laser beam assaulted at least twice. Although very minor assaults there certainly was pain. As I recall, these were 2 weeks in jail per assaults...so moderately painful. Generally a vote of one week in jail for the person beaming is for a nonpainful nuisance such as an eye muscle twitch, making a person itch, etc. A two week sentence vote involves pain, and a three week sentence involves a large amount of pain. And this should show people just how reckless and lawless those that control the lasers are, who are probably mostly conservative Republicans. Or certainly how reckless the Republicans that control portions of the lasers are. To assault people only meters away from a former US President with lasers. It shows the Nazistic, violent nature of those secretive people. When the public gets to see, they will only then realize how terrible and destructive their choices in voting over the years have been. It makes me wonder if Carter himself is not routinely assaulted by Republican lawless fascists. It's interesting that some of the cities in Orange county are reputed to be the safest from violent crime in the USA and perhaps the world. That is a wonderful position to be in if true. And I encourage all cities to focus their attention on stopping violence in particular. It must be almost impossible to stop all violence because there are very wealthy people that believe in violence and insist on doing violence, such as laser assaults, onto their philosophical enemies, and it must take a great deal of wealth and determination to oppose allowing violence like that to happen. I would like to see the liberal cities go for eliminating violence. Liberals are generally the smart educated people, I can't believe that they would have trouble stopping violence, or seeing that violence is the real evil and all other activities secondary.

The one good thing about yesterday's Jimmy Carter talk was that Chancellor Drake had to put down his comic book in order to deliver an introduction.

The choice between Democrat and Republican in the USA at this time is not a choice between similar but different ideologies, not a tri