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The above player is under the Creative Commons license and is nice, here is the link:

Download any and all of Ted's music and distribute (non-commercially and/or earning less than $100,000 US/year) for free

10/04/2021: I added a guitar solo to "Neuron Writing" with my new autowah effect, check it out :) Neuron Writing (with guitar solo)

03/03/2020: fun parody of "On the Dark Side": Fun Dark Side mix

7/28/2018 I updated my 2010 song "Let The People Get To See" by removing the organ and adding some guitar parts. This is another song that I wanted to hear a different version of for quite a few years, so finally took a few hours to complete that.

Let The People Get To See (version 2)
7/24/2018 I updated my 2008 song "Reichstag Fire" by replacing the synthesized clavinet with an actual clavinet and it sounds much nicer now.

Reichstag Fire (version 3)
Reichstag Fire (version 3) (alternative version)
Reichstag Fire (version 3) (no vocal)

Here are a few songs as ringtone files- these will rock you out of bed in the morning :)

Neuron Writing
Holy Fucking Shit
Women Power
9/11 Was An Inside Job Y'All
Clavinet Jam
Direct To Brain

08/03/2013: I recorded 2 songs because I had 2 records for the year 2013 without music and decided to fill them with my new songs "Direct to Brain Windows" and "Nanocam". I don't think I am going to record any more music for a long time after this, because with ULSF05 done, I am now focusing on building robots to help me out with cleaning, and other tasks, etc.

Direct_To_Brain_Windows-Ted_Huntington_20130803.mp3 (no "mountain top" solo version)
Direct_To_Brain_Windows-no_vocals.mp3 (no vocals)
Direct_To_Brain_Windows-no_vocal1.mp3 (no vocal part 1)
Nanocam_novocal-Ted_Huntington_20130803.mp3 (no vocal)

07/03/2013: Because it's going to be a long time before I record any new music, I am posting these mp3s from my vlog which are rough ideas of new songs for the hardcore lovers of this kind of music.

Here are some of mp3s of my live performances last Spring. Some of these are actually better than the studio version, for example "Freedom of Speech":

The 200 year anniversary of hearing and seeing and thought or perhaps writing to neurons may be on October 24, 2010. Or this may even be a 300 year anniversary. It sounds mystical, but yet, this is what insiders have seemed to hint (in particular with "tenet", "tenable", etc. So I knew I wanted to write a 200 years of secrecy song and I have a number of other songs I wanted to record too.
200 Years of Secrecy v.2
200 Years of Secrecy v.1
Freedom of Speech
Where's Our Video?
Neuron Writing
Let The People Get To See
So Glad For Love
Pregnant With My Baby
Veggie Love
Full Democracy Reprise
No Read No Write
Olé Funky Chip
Holy Fucking Shit
Sex Ain't The Big-Azz Problem
Go To The Moon
Women Power
Rude and Stupik
Disclaimer for song "Criminal"
We Are The Sane
Get A Load Of You
Not Allowed To Talk Out Loud
Enough With The Gods
Enough With The Gods (Valley Girl)
You You You
Psychiatric Care Make It Consensual
Death For 9/11
Life For 9/11
Jail For 9/11
9/11 Was An Inside Job Y'All
Murder Is Wrong, Right On
Dracos Laws
Don't Drug'm
The People That Watch Our Thoughts
They're The Fascists In The Camera-Thought Net
Camera-Thought Net
It's Only Fair
Clavinet Jam

No vocal versions:
200 Years of Secrecy (no vocal)
200 Years of Secrecy (no vocal)
Freedom of Speech (no vocal)
Outsiders (no vocal)
Where's Our Video? (no vocal)
Where's Our Video? (backup vocal)
Neuron Writing (no vocal)
Let The People Get To See (no vocal)
Copyright (no vocal)
Light (no vocal)
So Glad For Love (no vocal)
Pregnant With My Baby (no vocal)
Veggie Love (no vocal)
Full Democracy Reprise (no vocal)
No Read No Write (no vocal)
R.O.M. (no vocal)
Holy Fucking Shit
Olé Funky Chip (no vocal)
Holy Fucking Shit (no vocal)
Sex Ain't The Big-Azz Problem (no vocal)
Go To The Moon (no vocal)
Women Power (no vocal)
Rude and Stupik (no vocal)
Criminal (no vocal)
We Are The Sane (no vocal)
Get A Load Of You (no vocal)
Not Allowed To Talk Out Loud (no vocal)
Enough With The Gods (no vocal)
Sourpuss (no vocals)
You You You (no vocal)
Psychiatric Care Make It Consensual (no vocal)
Death For 9/11 (no vocal)
Life For 9/11 (no vocal)
Jail For 9/11 (no vocal)
9/11 Was An Inside Job Y'All (no vocal)
Murder Is Wrong, Right On (no vocal)
Dracos Laws (no vocal)
Don't Drug'm (no vocal)
The People That Watch Our Thoughts (no vocal)
They're The Fascists In The Camera-Thought Net (no vocal)
Camera-Thought Net (no vocal)
It's Only Fair (no vocal)
Clavinet Jam (no vocal)

Lyrics (and other notes)
200 Years of Secrecy
Freedom of Speech
Where's Our Video?
Neuron Writing
Let The People Get To See
So Glad For Love
Pregnant With My Baby
Veggie Love
Full Democracy Reprise
No Read No Write
Holy Fucking Shit
Sex Ain't The Big-Azz Problem
Go To The Moon
Women Power
Rude and Stupik
We Are The Sane
Get A Load Of You
Not Allowed To Talk Out Loud
Enough With The Gods
You You You
Psychiatric Care Make It Consensual
Life For 9/11
9/11 Was An Inside Job Y'All
Murder Is Wrong, Right On
Dracos Laws
Don't Drug'm
The People That Watch Our Thoughts
They're The Fascists In The Camera-Thought Net
Camera-Thought Net
It's Only Fair
Clavinet Jam
I used a week vacation to record songs that have been accumulating for years. Some are initial releases, that need to be re-edited, the levels changed, mistakes corrected, etc.

Lock Up the Violent
Brainy Girl (v. 2)
Living In Peace (v. 2)
Living In Peace (with Horns)
People Used to Think (v. 2)
Reichstag Fire (v.2)
They're The Biggest Bunch Of Liars
The Republicans Have Killed A Lot of People (v.2)
Life Is So Short (v. 2)
Full Democracy (v. 2)
My Privacy (v. 2)
We Are The Married (v.2)
They've Got That Ring (v.2)
They've Got That Wedding Ring
Universe, Life, Science, Future (v.5)
Let Those People Go (v. 2)
Some People Want A Sandwich
No Such Thing (v. 3)
Down With The Nazis (v.2)

Music with no vocal
Lock Up the Violent (no vocal)
Lock Up the Violent (no vocal more recent)
Lock Up the Violent (no vocal at end)
ULSF (v.5) (no vocal)
Down With The Nazis (novocal)
The Republicans Have Killed A Lot of People (v.2) (no vocal)
Reichstag Fire (v.2) (no vocal)
We Are The Married (v.2) (no vocal)
We Are The Married (v.2) (no drums)
They've Got That Ring (v.2) (no vocal)
People Used to Think (v. 2) (no vocal)
Living In Peace (v. 2) (no vocal)
They're The Biggest Bunch Of Liars (no vocal)
No Such Thing (v.3) (no vocal)
Brainy Girl (v. 2) (no vocal)
Some People Want A Sandwich (no vocal)
My Privacy (no vocal)
Teacher (no vocal)
Life Is So Short (v. 2)(no vocal)
Full Democracy (no vocal)
Full Democracy (short version)
Full Democracy (short version, no vocal)
Let Those People Go (v. 2) (no vocal)

Alternative versions
Lock Up the Violent (v.1)
Lock Up the Violent (v.2)
Lock Up the Violent (v.2a)
Life Is So Short (v. 2a)
Down With The Nazis (v.1)
Down With The Nazis (v.1a)
ULSF (v.1)
ULSF (v.3)
ULSF (v.4)
The Republicans Have Killed A Lot of People (v.1)
Reichstag Fire (v.1)
We Are The Married (v.1)

End "Lock Up The Violent" Recording Session

The Journey To Centauri (version 2b updated 05/24/08)
The Journey To Centauri (version 1 updated 05/24/08)
The Journey To Centauri (version 2 updated 05/24/08)
The Journey To Centauri (version 1b updated 05/24/08)

The Journey To Centauri (No Vocal) (version 2b updated 05/24/08)
The Journey To Centauri (No Vocal) (version 1 updated 05/24/08)
The Journey To Centauri (No Vocal) (version 2 updated 05/24/08)
The Journey To Centauri (No Vocal) (version 1b updated 05/24/08)

MUSIC VIDEO: Don't Let Them Bring You Down (02/01/08)
(less bandwidth version) (02/01/08)
Don't Let Them Bring You Down (01/14/08)
Don't Let Them Bring You Down (No Vocal)
Don't Let Them Bring You Down (Original Vocal)

New Song Group tentatively called "Belly Acher" until I can think of a better title
We Need A Lot of Love [version 5] (06/17/06)
We Need A Lot of Love [version 6a] (06/17/06)
We Need A Lot of Love [version 6d] (06/17/06)
We Need A Lot of Love [version 6a2] (06/17/06)
We Need A Lot of Love [version 2] (04/14-04/16/06)
We Need A Lot of Love [no vocal] (06/17/06)
We Need A Lot of Love [no vocal] (04/14-04/16/06)
It Happened to the Nazis (04/06/06)
Journey to Centauri (01/02/05)
Journey to Centauri [version 2] (01/02/05)
Journey to Centauri [version 3] (01/02/05)
Zap Them Back (12/10/05)
Those Aren't Your Friends (12/04/05, parts rerecorded 12/10/05)

See New Music Videos

Featured Songs of the Past:

Shot Dead
Pot Grower
To Make You Stay
Stop Violence, Teach Science
War is Over
Big Breasts
I Don't Want To Marry You
How Long
There is no Lord (parody of George Harrison "My Sweet Lord")
Stop Wearing That Cross (parody of Crosby, Stills, Nash song "Southern Cross")


More Classics to a Funky Drum and new age TP oldies
Absolutely Nothing New
Lockheed newbie   Lockheed newbie with vocal
Mozart Sonata 8
No More Religions (New or Old)
Nutcracker New
The Whole Enchilada

Classics to a Funky Drum

Bach - Flute
Beethoven - 9th
Mozart - Mozart Sonata No. 16 in C Major (K. 545)
Haydn Trumpet Concerto
Vivaldi - Four Seasons, Spring
Pachebel - Canon (version 1)
Pachebel - Canon (version 2)
Handel - Herz und Mund
Bach - Partita 3 (version 1)
Bach - Partita 3 (version 2)


Complete Freedom of All Information


Notes on each song

Listed according to my own rank (how much I want to listen to each song):

Need to Hug
Truth and Democracy
People of the Earth
Gestapo World
Don't Go Killing
Sex Opera
Seseme Street "Ernie Gets His First Erect Penis"
I Got That
Photon Yes, Religion No
The Other Species
Complete Freedom of All Information (Reprise)
Stop Violence
Who Killed JFK?
1/28/19: Added note that I updated the lyrics of "Who Killed JFK" to "Who killed officer Tippett? NOT Lee Harvey Oswald!". Thanks for a potential hint from the late Jim Marrs.
Stop the Drug War
Nixon Times
We All Will Get To See
Big Ol' Dick
All You Want
Jive Ass Turkey (part 1)
Jive Ass Turkey (part 2)
Camera Net
Jerk Off in Class
Tammy Smeckers-Hanes
Lockheed Killer on the Loose
Complete Freedom of All Information
No More Involuntary Hospitalization
Good and Bad
Barenaked Bottom
Lipstick Blues
Big TV
Beautiful Native Americas Females
Beautiful Rainbow of People
More Less Station
The Glory of the Sex Story
Robot Justice
Alternative Girl
Big O (version 2)
Big O(acoustic)



Stop Violence, Teach Science
Songs recorded in 2001
1/2/02 During the December holiday I recorded more than 20 songs! I am going to try to put all of the best songs here.
Absolutely Nothing
Beautiful People
Everything to Hide 1
Everything to Hide 2
Female Humans
Fred Rodjiz
Stop Tying People to Tables
Please No More Religion (English version)
Please No More Religion (Spanish version)
Photon (English version)
Photon (Spanish version)
Prison Is For People
Say What I Want To (A)
Say What I Want To (B)
Series (deleted for space is on tripod page)
Shot Dead
Stop Your First Fist Fight
Stop Violence, Teach Science (A)
Stop Violence, Teach Science (B)

11/2/01 Here are some songs from a jam in Syracuse, NY on 8/13/01. Tell me what you think of these.
I would site, "Orbit", "4 Note Jam", "No Such Thing", "Elephant", "Imagine (Lennon)" as best parts.

I am putting this song here by popular demand due to the new Acclaim game 'BMX XXX'.


Songs recorded in 2000
Antisexual I made this song in December 2000, "Antisexual" is a celebration of the Religious, or "god" humans that care nothing for truth, touch and sex with consent.

159Ted Huntington - Motherfucker.mp3
156Ted Huntington - There Is No Lord.mp3
Parody of "Sweet Lord")
Here is a funny play on a George Harrison song.

155Ted Huntington - Stop Wearing That Cross.mp3
This song is funny. Remember that song "Southern Cross" by Crosby, Stills and Nash? I changed the words to "Stop Wearing That Cross", because every where I look I see humans wearing a cross. Why not wear a hand gun, hand guns have killed more humans than were killed on crosses.

Show Me The Bruise (parody) Here is a song based on John Lennon "Give Peace A Chance", my song is "Show Me A Bruise" because unless there is some kind of physical damage (and perhaps pain) nothing else like drug use, or property theft seems to be as important, although I must be alone in this opinion. Yes, drug use seems not as bad as when there is physical damage done to some kind of primate including humans, yet where are the "stop violence" ads, for all the drug ads I see.

153Ted Huntington - Touch Might Be Good.mp3
This was the first song I recorded in Irvine.

~05/01/2000 moved from Huntington Beach to Irvine

Songs recorded in 1999
05-??-1999 Hired 1/2 time (to make a full time 40 hours/week employment) at Univ of Cal at Irvine Libraries.
152Ted Huntington - Brain Imaging Machine.mp3 "Brain Imaging Machine" The humans at television stations and all parts of government have machines that can see and hear what a brain thinks. Here is a song I call 'Brain Imaging Machine'.

151Ted Huntington - 36525 E.mp3 "36525 days" Each human will probably not live for more than 36525 days.
This song is similar to 'Doors' songs (Jim Morrison).

(1/15/2018: I realized that this song is not on this page either but is still on the web server, so adding this now. I would change the lyrics to something more like "The Universe...has always been". Definitely a tribute to the Beatles songs "Getting Better", "A Day In the Life", and "I am the Walrus", of course favorites of mine as a child.) It is somewhat amazing to think about how much I have learned in the years since 1999, in particular in the period 2006-2013 the years that I researched and created the "Universe Life Science Future" project and videos.
Have you ever heard of a song with the name 'The Universe'?
Probably not since most humans still think there is only 1 'world' where everything happens.
153cTed Huntington - The Universe3 (official).mp3
153bTed Huntington - The Universe2.mp3
153Ted Huntington - The Universe.mp3
(1/16/2018: I was saddened by the death of Dolores O'Riordan of the Cranberries and one of her 2007 solo songs, "Apple of my Eye", (just beautiful songs) sounds similar to this song, so I went to look for it, but found that I somehow had not added it to my YouTube page or this songs page. So fortunately these 3 remixed versions were, like light particles in the unvierse, here all the time on the web server. So I just created 3 new links for them. This song, "Elephant" taps into the style of Rage Against the Machine. The second part is definitely a celebration of the Beatles "I Want You/She's So Heavy". This was still a pretty tough time in my life, but it was just before the beginning of a nice healing period.
152cTed Huntington - Elephant3.mp3
152bTed Huntington - Elephant2.mp3
152Ted Huntington - Elephant.mp3

There is No God (official version) This song is called 'There is no god' and was made independently of and after the Extreme song of the same name, and the George Carlin talk. Both are awesome messages from Extreme and Carlin, vive le defense of science and truth!

Here is a song that Lenny Kravitz supports when saying 'lets go and see the stars, the milky way, or even maas' called "Planet Mars"

Some people may find themselves singing this song in a court, when explaining if there was penetration of not. This song can make describing sex events more easy, instead of saying "privates", or "unit".
131Ted Huntington - Penis In Vagina.mp3
Penis in Vagina (part of)
This is hopeless misnumbered, it might be a worthwhile project to try my best to accurately number my songs, but some of these "songs" are only tiny's tough to determine what is going to be called a "song".

138.5Ted Huntington - 3-Note Jam (Code More True).mp3
These are misnumbered, again I have to go through and completely number all known music.
138Ted Huntington - Authoritary Jam.mp3

These are music experiments:
136Ted Huntington - experiment silence changes perception of melody.mp3 (I didn't do this correctly. It goes, the notes: e-g-a a-g-e, e-g-a a-g-e, and then you simply drop one e-g-a, and in the next verse drop the a-g-e, and you will hear that they sound like 2 separate melodies, but yet it is the same single pattern: e-g-a a-g-e e-g-a a-g-e a-g-e e-g-a a-g-e e-g-a e-g-a a-g-a e-g-a a-g-e etc. Try it on an instrument and enjoy.

136bTed Huntington - experiment silence changes perception of melody2.mp3
136cTed Huntington - experiment silence changes perception of melody3.mp3
135Ted Huntington - experiment 3 note.mp3
134Ted Huntington - Unknown piano.mp3
134bTed Huntington - Unknown piano2.mp3
This may or may not be the first audio I recorded on Green street:
133Ted Huntington - Unknown orchestral.mp3
151Ted Huntington - 36525 E.mp3 (misnumbered)
151Ted Huntington - There Is No God5 (official).mp3
151Ted Huntington - There Is No God4.mp3
151cTed Huntington - There Is No God3.mp3
151bTed Huntington - There Is No God2.mp3
151Ted Huntington - There Is No God1.mp3
This song is after the democratic humans have taken back the moon of earth by capturing the robots and humans that caused damage, and now are entering the air of earth.
Earth War

145Ted Huntington - Earth.mp3 (misnumbered)
148Ted Huntington - Earth War.mp3
This song is from the movie "President of Earth" and is when the democratic humans, robots and ships together from Jupiter, Mars and Venus take on the religious military humans that took over planet earth, and the moon of earth by crushing the democracy. It is a great movie that millions of humans have heard in the secret 60 year old camera and thought machine networks.
Moon War misnumbered

144Ted Huntington - Moon War.mp3 misnumbered
147Ted Huntington - Moon War.mp3
147bTed Huntington - Moon War (short).mp3
Thales is one of the first humans to question religion that has been described. I play a violin in this song.
143Ted Huntington - Thales.mp3 misnumbered
146Ted Huntington - Thales.mp3
145Ted Huntington - SARISAMMTAFB.mp3 (formerly "SAM")
I tried to do a 4 part harmony on the 1,3,5 and 8, and while being better than nothing, most humans will never even try to sing, make a song, etc...after trying once, I think I can do better now, in particular because I have not smoked tobacco or marijuana for 3 years. I can see now that my high range has gone down by 1 whole note or more since then. I was going to make this song, and probably would sing now "Ah Star Light", but this is why I made the "I am Photon" song. While I do not support astrology, I do like the two songs, and the antiwar views in the movie "Hair" that I had seen again. But mainly this song describes my happiness with the amount of light or "sunshine" in California. After living in the NE USA and midwest USA, this is the weather I like more. I remember thinking "ok even if I have no friends, still this weather is awesome!"

141Ted Huntington - Ah Sunshine.mp3 (misnumbered)
144Ted Huntington - Ah Sunshine.mp3
143Ted Huntington - Piano (Dissonant).mp3
139Ted Huntington - Star System News.mp3 "Star System News"

This is a song from my 30 minute "Science" Show called "Stars" or "Star Maps". This song was made in 2000 or 2001.

139Ted Huntington - Star System News.mp3 (misnumbered)
142Ted Huntington - Star System News.mp3
142bTed Huntington - Star System News2.mp3
141Ted Huntington - Star Maps.mp3
139bTed Huntington - Sporos.mp3
137Ted Huntington - Open Cells.mp3 (misnumbered)
140aTed Huntington - Open Cells (Full).mp3
140bTed Huntington - Open Cells2.mp3

This song keeps the memory of John Lennon - I think Lennon would have been a fun human to talk with and hear stories from, same for JFK, RFK, MLK, Bob Marley, George Gershwin, Marylin Monroe, Hendrix, Morrison, Joplin and the millions of other humans less recognized. Where are the images of the last seconds of each human? There must be no images of Elvis and the Beatles jamming, what people (like humans in police, military, multibillion dollar international movie and television media companies) would ever put cameras in the house of Elvis? Think of the millions of humans that have been killed with not one image being shown. Even so, looking at most humans still alive, there is no reason to think that these dead humans would speak out against religion, for pleasure, against marriage, for science, against the arrests for drugs, nudity, sex for money, etc...against violence and damage.
War Is Over (Lennon)

Sporos=seed in greek. I am not sure if there is plural in greek. The word "geek" probably came from the word "greek" as God and Jesus based humans try to stop science, truth and pleasure.
135Ted Huntington - Sinead.mp3 (misnumbered)

138Ted Huntington - Sinead.mp3
This song was what very well may have started an entire comeback of evolution, most notably inspiring the Pearl Jam song "Do the Evolution".

134Ted Huntington - Evolution.mp3 (misnumbered)
137bTed Huntington - Evolution.mp3
No Nude Law! No Drug Law!
"No Nude Law! No Drug Law!" the humans chant in the movie "President of Earth"
137aTed Huntington - No Nude Law No Drug Law.mp3

I made a group of songs I am calling the "evolution" group, which was really the beginning of a much smarter period of song writing, after a less pleasant and productive period. Although there are many smart songs from 1992 and after, there was a clear change toward a more specific and directed message such as those of SVTS, CFOAI and most of my songs since then. I started to get smarter about exposing sarisammtafb, speaking out against violence, for science, for full democracy, for full free info, identifying the true problems on earth, the smartest message possible, as opposed to involuntarily echoing out the crap being beamed on my mind.

Play at Roxy on Sunset Blvd.

01/21/1999 I quit smoking!


Songs recorded in 1998

11/1998 hired for half-time job at UCI.

Possibly moved from Heil street to Green Street in Huntington Beach after being evicted because of an argument with a neighbor. Just quickly, she came up to me one day and was angry saying "what did you say to my kid?!", and it was a bad day, in fact this was a terrible period in my life, and I said "fuck off" or perhaps "fuck you". She then filed a complaint with the owners and they gave me 30 days to move. I never said anything other than nice things to her kids, in fact I went to a party they had there earlier. The only thing I can think of is that I might have said something, using the word "galaxies", or science talk, who knows. I can't remember, we will have to check the eye and ear videos. You don't be using no word "galaxy" around here! This was Huntington Beach, and there are some tough characters in HB compared to the UCI area. For some reason the beach areas are always filled with tough tatooed people, and the irony is that this real estate is worth millions...only wealthy people can possibly afford to live in the coast cities. But this change in price is relatively recent. The "Monticello" on Green street was less tough people, and that is where I recorded evolution and the healing process began.

Somehow I had my license suspended for wreckless driving (basically speeding on the 405 coming back from playing on Sunset Blvd/Melrose going over 100mph) and speeding and so was on bicycle for a few months. Things were at a very low point, but then everything got much better or less worse.

133Ted Huntington - A Little More Love.mp3
06-??-1998 Contract not renewed at Golden West.

131Ted Huntington - Life Imprisonment.mp3
I saw Ellis Marsalis play, and either I tried to emulate that, or this melody reminded me of his performance.
130Ted Huntington - Marsalis.mp3
129Ted Huntington - Hispanica.mp3
129bTed Huntington - Hispanica2.mp3
128Ted Huntington - Puffs of Smoke.mp3
128Ted Huntington - Puffs of Smoke (unedited).mp3
127Ted Huntington - PCH.mp3
126Ted Huntington - traffic.mp3
I lived near the Bolsa Chica Reserve and I think that inspired this song, or possibly the duck pond park where I would go to work.
125Ted Huntington - Swan (piano).mp3
125cTed Huntington - Swan (horn).mp3
125bTed Huntington - Swan (violin).mp3

Songs recorded in 1997

This song is called 'Just A Little More Love'. I recorded this song ~ 1997 AD, and I first made the song, perhaps as early as 1992 AD (or 1994 - I do not remember). After I made this song, Elton John made a song "I Believe In Love", and I thought "interesting, ...I don't believe in god". In the past five years I have really changed my opinions, although still not religious. I realize now that "touch" is more important than the abstract "love".
130Ted Huntington - A Little More Love.mp3
123bTed Huntington - Girl in Keds.mp3
124Ted Huntington - Girl In Keds.mp3
123Ted Huntington - Galaxy Wars.mp3

I video taped and played this song in a bar on Sunset Blvd, and also on Melrose Place at two open microphone events. I realize now, that the internet is the way to reach the most humans, plus alcohol is a waste of my time, I want to find sober smart people to be friends with and sleep with. I am looking forward to a time when video is shared with all humans and millions of robots walk the planets.
"I Want to Sleep with you" or "Still In Love With You" 122Ted Huntington - Still In Love With You.mp3
122bTed Huntington - Still In Love With You2 (flaws).mp3
121Ted Huntington - Another Critic In The Way.mp3
120bTed Huntington - Some Girl2.mp3
02-??-1998 Hired at Golden West Community College in Huntington Beach, CA.
Worked for 3 months and let go from Control Monitor Systems in Huntington Beach.
08-??-1997 Let go from Interplay

Here is an acoustic show I have at "Cafe Rhea" in Long Beach, CA in 1997. There are about 10 songs:
American Dream
I Got A New Outlook
Passage of Time
Sermon: The Gospel Truth
The Sun
Get Me High
I've Seen Your Face
Funny Lady
The One and Only Me
Ted Huntington - Cafe Rhea - Long Beach - CA.mp3
121bTed Huntington - Another Critic.mp3
121Ted Huntington - Another Critic (no megaphone).mp3
120bTed Huntington - Some Girl.mp3
120Ted Huntington - Some Girl.mp3
119Ted Huntington - Dark Age.mp3
118Ted Huntington - Come Inside My Place.mp3
118bTed Huntington - Come Into My Place.mp3
In this song, I have long since figured out that psychology should be consensual only, but another interesting point, that this song is similar to "Life In Dem Fast Life", and I am singing it, and thinking, what would be a cool phrase to sing, like how Henley sings "are you with me so far?", and the criminal beamers beam "get down" which I echo out, and this is a tiny story, but typical of how these evil image and sound senders have operated through much of my life...always suggestions with bad connotations, to make me look arrogant or demonic, etc, for example, I think "get down" even though, for example as KC and the Sunshine Band used it, to mean, get into a song or dance or simply to have funky fun or whatever, has the connotation that people should get down in worship to the singer, which was definitely not my intention (and the same is true for "down for me" in "The Sun", if that was my intention in 1994 which I seriously doubt, than I was wrong, generally I am just saying, the Sun doesn't go down). So all these things it's nice to clear up. This is funny, because a friend in Chicago said that another frind had described me as some kind of "psycho casinova" because we were at a Grateful Dead show in Chicago and this woman started kissing me, and we started going at it. I had a hot dog and had mustard all over my shirt. I lost her number, but gave her my number, and the phone rang the next morning, but I was too hung over and just missed it by one ring. I had so much more success in love in Chicago than in California it was like night and day, but then I had a friend in Chicago who I went out with which I didn't really have in California.
117bTed Huntington - Psycho Casinova2.mp3
117Ted Huntington - Psycho Casinova.mp3
116bTed Huntington - Oh Yeah 2 (Gothic).mp3
116Ted Huntington - Oh Yeah.mp3

This song is for those people that cursed that whiny pretend-God worshiping Jewel Kilcher song "Who Wilst Save Thine soul?", and asked "When will every body get to see those boobs?" woooo boobs!!!! Ok I guess a boob is a boob, if you have seen one you have seen zem all. I seen a nude female human one time.
Jewel is a good looking human, or perhaps photons reflect in a nice pattern off the body of Jewel, but I think there should be more smarts, mo education. For my self I am reading "world" history, stories I never got in high school. I am sure that there are smart female humans on the earth (that recognize there is no soul, and do not clamor about god's eyes, or any other of the pretend all powerful and electrical god's organs).
10/01/07 Still, I think it was very nice of Jewel to sing "My Hands", and that is a talented, pretty song. In some sense, this "Bottom of My shoe" song was kind of mean, but it's kind of a funny poke at those who believe in souls, I hope people don't take my funny statements too seriously. You have to imagine the lives of people, they see and hear our thoughts...we don't see or hear theirs, and so, it makes for some amount of indignation and feelings of an injustice being done to us who are excluded from seeing and hearing thought.
115eTed Huntington - Bottom of My Shoe5.mp3
115dTed Huntington - Bottom of My Shoe4.mp3

115Ted Huntington - Bottom of My Shoe.mp3

114Ted Huntington - Take A Chance.mp3
113Ted Huntington - Diminished Reprise.mp3
112Ted Huntington - Mean People Suck.mp3

I made this song before that whiny male human made "dont give up" youve got a piece of jesuses doo, or alternatively the neocon version "don't give up, you've got some human on you"
111Ted Huntington - Give It Up.mp3
110bTed Huntington - Im Your Boyfriend2.mp3
110Ted Huntington - Hows Your Boyfriend.mp3
I rerecorded "I Want Your Body" and "5ws":
037Ted Huntington - I Want Your Body.mp3

This is a fun song. After I hear my songs 50,000 times, the songs evolve and change, plus I want variety, and like to hear older songs, done in techno, or etc...I have taken some heavy rock, and made in to jazzy lounge versions, and classics in to hip hop.
019bTed Huntington - 5Ws (mellow).mp3
I did a new vocal for "Beauty"

This song is referenced in the movie "Contact" where one human says "admit". This is the debate between the using the word "concede" or "admit" and the entire battle of using complex english words, or simple english words. See "Foton Yes, Religion No" for more of this debate. Using more simple words is always optional, and sounds at the level of talk are no reason for a human to be locked in a jail or hospital.
Ok there are at least 7 versions of this song. I couldn't read the data on the lyrics completely for a long time. It was interesting, I had totally forgotten about this song, maybe because this period was unpleasant and not many good songs came out of it, but I sent a tape of this music to my friend Bob Dettor, and he kept talking about this one song that was awesome, and I couldn't figure out which one, but then later when I was in Syracuse he indicated that Diminished was the song he was talking about, and over the years that song has floated up as pleasant. It's ironic because that was a somewhat unpleasant period.
109Ted Huntington - Diminished.mp3
109gTed Huntington - Diminished7.mp3
109fTed Huntington - Diminished6.mp3
109eTed Huntington - Diminished5.mp3
109dTed Huntington - Diminished4.mp3
109cTed Huntington - Diminished3.mp3
109bTed Huntington - Diminished2.mp3

I think of a rocket plane taking off to this song, or a project orion.

108Ted Huntington - Move It (music only).mp3

"The Selection" (original theme of "President of Earth" movie)
107bTed Huntington - The Selection 2.mp3

107Ted Huntington - The Selection 1.mp3
106Ted Huntington - Planetary Music.mp3
105Ted Huntington - Monosynth2.mp3
With this "Childrens of the Sun" jam, did you know that Thorpe died in February 2007? Maybe he was a victim of the neocon rampage that claimed my Mom's life in March 2007. As I recall many liberals were murdered in early 2007, but we outsiders can only guess. I think another phrase that might apply is "Victims of the Beam".
099Ted Huntington - The 60s Never Left Me - Children of the Sun (Billy Thorpe).mp3
099bTed Huntington - The 60s Never Left Me.mp3
099Ted Huntington - The 60s Never Left Me.mp3
I added a new vocal to "When It's Over":
063bTed Huntington - When Its Over2.mp3
098bTed Huntington - Get Me High2.mp3
098Ted Huntington - Get Me High.mp3
097Ted Huntington - Did You Think.mp3
096Ted Huntington - The Best Is Yet To Come.mp3
096bTed Huntington - The Best Is Yet To Come.mp3
096cTed Huntington - The Best is Yet to Come.mp3
095Ted Huntington - Harpsichord Thing.mp3
095bTed Huntington - Harpsichord2.mp3
095cTed Huntington - Harpsichord Thing (with guitar).mp3
095Ted Huntington - Harpsichord Thing (with effect).mp3
10/01/2007: There were noise errors on the DAT recording, and so I went back to the original 4 track and remixed this again:
094cTed Huntington - You Cant Reach Me Now3.mp3
094Ted Huntington - You Cant Reach Me Now.mp3
Just for reference, this is not a different recording, there are only 2 different recordings of "You Can't Reach Me Now and they are above"
094bTed Huntington - You Cant Reach Me Now2 (noises).mp3


Songs recorded in 1996
06-??-1996 move to Huntington Beach, CA from Santa Monica, CA.
06-??-1996 hired by Interplay in Irvine, CA.
04-??-1996 AD Let go from Activision

I did something so stupid, my VCR was set to record the "Ellen" show and it wrote over a video of an Urban Turkey practice. That is such a pisser, and just adds to my acceptance now of how stupid I was, but then I excuse myself because of the way everybody just left me out of the direct-to-brain windows network (as crazy as that sounds), without so much as a molecule of protection against the massive high-tech abuse. Since then, I have done a lot to expose the secret network of 100 year old lies, to equipt other innocent people with even the tiniest defense against it (for example the image beaming on a person's brain machines/transmitters...what ever they are), in addition to speaking out against those currently in power, be they in government, sports, entertainment, religion, or corporations, trying to reveal this aweful truth about how they have been silent about all the crimes and secrets of the past, for example with "Gestapo World", which is a wonderful song, and "Those Aren't Your Friends" also a wonderful song of truth (people, no doubt take an over-sentimental view that...oh it's negative...and wealthy say-and-do-nothing shockingly overpaid and overadmired people are decent and deserve all the attention and money, to ease their worry, there is no hope of this system changing any time soon, but I am glad to have expresses perhaps the only skeptical analysis and observation of this, what is to me obvious, idiocy on the part of the public). Hypatia Here is a song in the game 'Zork Nemesis' by Activision,
story by Nick Sagan, a human made by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan

081Ted Huntington - Distorted Jam.mp3
081Ted Huntington - Distorted Bass.mp3
Open My Eyes
"Get Real Show" filming.


Songs recorded in 1995
I say "Oh I'll see you, I'll see hell" to older female human walking past me from the orange chevette car I bought for $500, just as a funny thing to say in an early morning on my way to work. Jim Carrey then does "I'll see you in hell" skit on Saturday Night Live. In "Dumb and Dumber" one of the songs sounds similar to "Did You Think?".

080Ted Huntington - Open My Eyes.mp3
079Ted Huntington - Galileo (Hypatia).mp3
078Ted Huntington - Make It Be.mp3
077Ted Huntington - American Dream.mp3
076Ted Huntington - Earth To You.mp3
075Ted Huntington - Jesus Was a Good Man.mp3
075mistakeTed Huntington - Jesus Was a Good Man.mp3
I need to renumber my songs, this one is after Coming of Age.
075Ted Huntington - Coming of Age.mp3
11-??-1995 Moved from La Jolla to Santa Monica. Reason for move: hired to contribute to game "Zork: Nemesis" for Activision in West Los Angeles, CA. Moved in to neighborhood I said "I would never live here" when passing once.

Songs recorded in 1994
I recorded one later performance into a 4-track and so it is a very good quality recording. Here are those recordings:
01GFTed Huntington - 077 American Dream.mp3
02GFTed Huntington - 067 Ive Seen Your Face.mp3
03GFTed Huntington - 096 Hands.mp3
04GFTed Huntington - 051 Sometimes.mp3
05GFTed Huntington - 004 Goodbye.mp3
06GFTed Huntington - 016 Friend.mp3
07GFTed Huntington - 078 Make It Be.mp3
08GFTed Huntington - 097 Let It All Hang Out.mp3
09GFTed Huntington - 098 Get Me High.mp3
10GFTed Huntington - 018-099-100 Come Alive - The 60s Never Left Me - People Helping People.mp3
11GFTed Huntington - (Nirvana) In Bloom.mp3
12GFTed Huntington - 006 Waiting For The Words.mp3
13GFTed Huntington - 052 Breaking Away.mp3
14GFTed Huntington - 074 Coming of Age.mp3
15GFTed Huntington - 067 Ive Seen Your Face.mp3
16GFTed Huntington - (Nirvana) On A Plain.mp3
17GFTed Huntington - (John Lennon) Stepping Out.mp3
18GFTed Huntington - (John Lennon) Isolation.mp3
19GFTed Huntington - 069 The Sun.mp3
20GFTed Huntington - 023 Anytime Youre Ready.mp3
21GFTed Huntington - 003 Matter In Time.mp3
22GFTed Huntington - 079-087 Galileo (Hypatia) - Young American Mind.mp3
23GFTed Huntington - 049 She Needed To Know.mp3
24GFTed Huntington - 058-075 A Story - Jesus Was a Good Man
25GFTed Huntington - 101 I Know.mp3
26GFTed Huntington - 046 That Stranger.mp3
27GFTed Huntington - 102 New Outlook.mp3
28GFTed Huntington - 093 How Will They Take Me.mp3
29GFTed Huntington - 048 Let It Go.mp3
30GFTed Huntington - 022 Guitar Intro-Youre The One.mp3
31GFTed Huntington - 040 I Take What I Get.mp3
32GFTed Huntington - 061 I Cant Hear You.mp3
33GFTed Huntington - 104 Lonely Road.mp3
34GFTed Huntington - 045 The One and Only Me.mp3
Play in coffee house "Goldfish Cafe" in La Jolla.

10/5/06 I play my song "Hands" in these songs which I am going to try and put up here soon. You can see video of one performance that does include "Hands" at As far as I remember this melody was written in Lisle, but I could be wrong, it might have been even Syracuse or La Jolla. But mainly this song was assembled (lyrics and verse part) in La Jolla. This song, in my view, is ok, you know, I don't listen to it too much, mainly I like my more well constructed songs. I think it's a nice melody, and mainly the excitement of this song is that Jewel Kilcher, I think, refers to it (and another song "Jesus was a Good Man", I wrote in Lisle) in her very popular "Hands" song. I just heard Jewel's song "Hands" in Ralph's grocery again, and it is a pretty song, it's a very nice quality recording. I think it's one of Jewel's best songs (of the few I've heard). It's better than that "Who willeth save thine soul?" which is so old worldish in my view (the idea of souls, Infidel Guy dissects the ancient idea of "soul" in one of his videos on which I responded with my song critical of the belief in any soul other than those on our shoes (sole/soal), "Bottom of My Shoe". I was thinking this morning that even as a child I don't think you will find me refering to a "soul", or even "heart" as relates to emotion. When I was young I wrote many songs, I typed little white papers with all the lyrics using a typewriter. Of those songs I can only remember "Fame and Fortune", "Jungle of the Lords" (here we see a belief in "lords" kind of funny...probably polytheistic), "Lady of the Street" (is a copy of Lady Madonna which really impressed me, although interestingly now I see that it is a simple construction as many of the most popular songs are), "Look at the Morning" (was a later song), it's funny the songs that young people make, I am sure that many are copies of songs they hear, but no doubt there are young people who create music using theory such as applying a mathematical pattern, etc. I'm glad I was not indoctrinated with those old theories of souls, etc (clearly Jewel was, as were probably many of those people who enjoy her music), and have since learned part of the history behind those and many other ideas. But that was nice of Jewel to refer to songs or statements made by me. And here, Jewel defeats me with my own literal logic saying "My hands are my own, they're not yours they are my own", where I had said "I can lend you my good hands, Jesus was a good man.". So much of "Photon Yes, Religion No", and the philosophy I believe in, is centered around the idea that we should view things literally, and unless there is physical evidence we should doubt claims of angels, souls, gods, spirits, etc. "My good hands" is in someway saying that our bodies are good and should not be viewed shamefully or as ugly, etc., I don't mean it as much as that I am good with my hands, maybe at the time I partially thought that, but to my memory, mainly it means that our bodies are good and we should not feel that they are dirty or ugly. Perhaps at the time I was making a play on the idea that a god made our bodies, because I was only agnostic at that point, and like most people missing a solid history lesson. I have to say that, "Jesus Was a Good Man" is not a favorite song of mine, I wrote it in Lisle in a very mystic period when I was being taken advantage of by people with the secret video and sound beaming on our heads...I thought a god was talking to me, like so many poor excluded people, but I slowly and tortuously figured out that people were simply using technology to send terrible suggestions onto my head without me knowing at all. Even for all that mysticism, still that song is an effort to reach out to people of this time and say that Jesus was just a man and didn't have any supernatural powers, and it's time to move on with life. Now, I've grown and learned, and have changed my view to thinking that Jesus was probably more of a dim-witted guy, who was duped by the old claim that there is a god and his name is Yahweh. Oh! that's an old one! I wish I had been more on my toes and not fallen for that one, and probably Jesus would have felt the same way had he later been educated instead of unfairly murdered. That one, and Santa Claus, if only I had been more skeptical I wouldn't have wasted my time waiting up all night for the mythical person who didn't bother to show. Like most people, and no doubt foolishly, I believed everything my parents told me as absolute truth. Around the same time that Jesus lived, Pliny the Elder, in Rome was privately composing an encyclopedia, and I view Pliny's work, published after his death, as a larger contribution to life on earth than Jesus' contributions which are very few if any, and ofcourse, the memory of Jesus has many times been used against the actual truth, science and stopping violence. So, still even thought I have changed my view since I wrote "Jesus was a good man", I still think the song reflects a smart message of Jesus as just a human, time to drop the religion, etc. It's still progressive even now. So that was very nice of Jewel to write "Hands" and it's a pretty song. I don't believe in gods so I obviously reject the last part about "God's eyes" as tainting what is a pretty and well constructed song. I hope the public gets more skeptical of religion and takes an interest in science and the future, then perhaps I might be more accepted and popular, but the public and in particular the wealthy distributors of music rejected then and still reject most of my music and view my message with hostility and perhaps fear. Mostly, I think the lesson in music is that if you want people to hear your music you have to pay to have it distributed, but beyond that, most people, being religious are going to reject songs critical of religion. I will never give up on the message of telling the truth about religion, science, history, etc. and for me the money is not important, it's that society learns the truth, that we allow full freedom of information, that we allow ourselves to enjoy pleasure, that we fulfill our goal of growing to other stars, that we make full democracy and stop all the violence here on earth, etc. So I think as time continues, people will learn more and look back at my and other people's works and perhaps they will not appear as controversial as they did. I'm hopeful and optomistic about the future.

Clearly there is something wrong with my order of songs, I need to rehaul my system. I tool these from my final mix recorded DAT tapes which now I can't play because my DAT player is broken. So I am going back to the original 4-track tapes and going to record to hard disk, which is always a nerve racking process because I don't want to ruin the tapes, but yet want to have at least some kind of digital copy of them. I would like to make digital copies of each track some time.

093Ted Huntington - How Will They Take Me.mp3 written in 1992? recorded in 1995
092bTed Huntington - I Am Here2.mp3
092Ted Huntington - I Am Here.mp3
092Ted Huntington - I Am Here1.mp3
091Ted Huntington - Primes.mp3
090Ted Huntington - Ellen Darling.mp3
089Ted Huntington - Come and See Me.mp3
088Ted Huntington - Funny Lady.mp3
087Ted Huntington - Young American Mind.mp3
087bTed Huntington - Young American Mind.mp3
086Ted Huntington - Cant Fuckin Write Ellen.mp3
085Ted Huntington - E Piano Disco.mp3
084Ted Huntington - Monosynth.mp3
083Ted Huntington - Sgt Pecker.mp3
082Ted Huntington - Puke.mp3
3 songs on IUMA

02-01-1994 Moved from Syracuse,NY to La Jolla, CA (San Diego)


Around 1993 a wonder young woman, Caroline Grove, who was studying at Syracuse University, made a nice video documentary of the open mike night at "East LA", called "Night In the Lime Light". In my mind, this has become a cult classic, and I know this, because of the endless "snappy comeback" lines that I hear in between the endlessly meandering talk of the film's stars. This was about a year after I recorded "Sermon: The Gospel Truth", "How Long", "To Make You Stay", "Let It Go", and so many other secret classics, and so is a good historical document of what was happening in that after math. Enjoy!

Songs recorded in 1993

To the best of my memory, this recording was toward the very later part of Urban Turkey. We went to Andy Deer's house on the Onondaga Nation (it is actually in a different country than the USA altogether ahaha). I like the quality of this sound recording because it was a rare thing that instead of just video taping the session, we decided to record into 4 microphones and a 4-track. So, the levels are not great, but the quality of the sound that was recorded is better than the usual video tape quality.

full tape:

I am interviewed in "Night In the Limelight" a film made at Syracuse University.

09/??/1993 "Urban Turkey" plays at Westcott Festival
I Don't Want To Marry You

Pot Grower I give you the song 'Pot Grower', Andy Deer and Bob Dettor play on this, making me think I should have added more or any female humans to the 'fun'. Stop the drug war, drugs cause no damage to humans other than self, and guns are legal and do more damage than any drug! Why stop drug making, learning and experimenting with consent? I like to think I own my own body and decide what to put in and take out.

I think this audio is from a video tape. This is a practice session of Urban Turkey and I cannot remember exactly but I can kind of sense that I was getting somewhat frustrated with this phase of my life. I enjoy the rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Are You Experienced?"


This group of recordings was a very rough sketch I just put down to record the bare bones ideas in Syracuse. These are the only "studio" recordings I made in this period in Syracuse.
01Syr_Ted Huntington - I Cant Wait.mp3
02Syr_Ted Huntington - People Helping People.mp3
03Syr_Ted Huntington - Hands.mp3 This is the only studio version of "Hands" I have ever made.

03?-??-1993? Moved from Lisle, IL to Syracuse,NY

A series of things happens. First, my popularity, the number of people viewing me possibly increases (although people refer to me even from a young age, probably mainly from my early anti-war protest songs which perhaps seemed cute to liberal people, I can only guess). And with this increased popularity comes the terrible people that use the secret technology of video and sound sending to popular people's heads to try and steer the herd of those watching. And without question, those in power using these machines have very very bad ethics, and beliefs. People are sent off cliffs, and into violence, all kinds of terrible suggestions are beamed onto their heads by those people who have usurped this technology that may go back even to 1310 and at least to Galvani in 1791. So, sadly, there was no counter-balance to this evil majority within the mind-machine network. Of if there was, they certainly did nothing to help me. Nobody bothered to even tell me that people could hear thought, even when the abuses of my mind were becoming more and more dangerous. Like most of the poor excluded, they have to educated and fend for themselves, its terrible, and you can see that, for example, look how the JFK murder is still covered up to this day, it's clear that evil people are in power and are 98% unchecked, liberal people are almost nonexistent, or it appears their power and influence is still very small, but I think all of that will change sometime, mainly as the education gets better for young people, but it's a slow and tortuous process that will take perhaps a few centuries before even hearing thought and the story of remote neuron reading and writing is common knowledge. So, for example, "Is It Dead" is probably one of the primary songs that reflects the result of this abuse. Although, even with all the brain sending abuse, that resulted in far fetched erroneous mystical predictions of mythical bloody futures, still the song relates to the idea of matter being non-living, and that since all matter is the same in the universe, life is a natural mechanical part of matter in the universe, and so we might ask if all matter is alive too (with perhaps a play on the idea of a robot being alive, although I think humans will always view robots as property, no doubt there will be robots very good at defending their existence/bodies). I'm glad I slowly emerged from the shockingly powerful influence of the brain-sending abuse (although even now most of us are still assaulted and given bad suggestions by this massive criminal network constantly) probably around 2000 when there was no longer any doubt in my mind about people seeing and hearing thought and sending images and sounds to people's heads, and also when I started reading about the history of science.

My red blazer is stolen in Chicago while visiting with my friend Dawn. Was a victim of people in the remote neuron reading and writing, direct-to-brain windows aparteid segregation for awhile. Then my memory fails me, but a few months later I think I flew back to Syracuse, got my mom's car, drove back to Lisle and moved back to Syracuse.

My black S10 blazer is stolen in Chicago. Most of the Cengiz and TP and other sound recordings are in the the two Blazers, leaving only a fraction of the recordings with TP. I then get a red S10 blazer as a replacement, like a fool I leased both (but then with a theft I guess it doesn't matter). This may be when "I'm Loving Life 2" with the sax melody made famous in "All That She Wants" may have been lost (probably at least a final mixed version), but it's possible that I accidentally overwrote the original 4-track recording when recording in the "I Don't Want To Marry You overwrite accident". To my memory I think "All That She Wants" uses an extra note. To me it's an honor to be copied, I don't view it as something bad. It's almost always people that share many of the same views I do about injustice, etc. In some ways it's a movement of smart people and wisdom that I am a part of, pushing for education, pleasure, progress, and for stopping suffering, violence and injustice.
I'm Lovin Life 2. The beginning organ intro is very similar to a song I heard on the radio (that has a really cool organ part very similar to the intro into this song_ when living in Lisle. Not sure when this was recorded, but some time around here, but this contains that famous sax riff that is similar to "All That She Wants". This version was a later more polished version and there may have been a rougher first draft that just had the bare tenor sax- I simply cannot remember and that may have been recorded over, lost, or one of those stolen in one of my blazers. But nonetheless, you can hear the tenor part on this recording.
Lovin' Life 2

Songs recorded in 1992
??-??-1992 funding from US DOE stops, funding from U of Pennsylvania starts.

I Don't Want To Marry You
In this period of song writing, my interest in making a song with a progressive message is evident- although only much later would that view become my primary method, the view of "I am not going to record a song unless there is a meaningful message- I prefer not to record a trivial song in my head- there needs to be a message or it is a waste of precious time and/ or is not going to be at a level of excellence I want.".
So I wrote this song, which is somewhat controversial in questioning the tradition of marriage.
When I first heard Nirvana's 'All Apologies' from 'In Utero', and Kurt Cobain singing "marry!" "bury!"- as I recall, I had a little feeling of excitement- because, as was the case for "All That She Wants"- I instantly recognized that it may have been a reference to one of my songs. So I felt that many people must be hearing my songs, and it gave me a sense that I and the music I was recording had a strong influence on the planet. Hearing people echoing your messages on the radio, television, and movies- makes a person really feel like they are where it is at- what is really the focus of the planet and the center of progressive thought and popularity. It messes with a D2B denied person's mind, because they are sensing that many people are watching them, and that they have a large audience, and a lot of influence, but yet, the reality is that they are still a poor person who needs to work a day job. Now, looking back in 2017, over 20 years later, I think this coincidence of Cobain singing 'marry/bury' and my 'marry/bury' is probably one of two phenomena: 1) Perhaps with the wealth that came from 'Nevermind', Kurt had enough money and connections to get D2BW and was looking, like all the other D2B consumers at interesting videos from around the world, and probably like many people heard and saw my recordings- and recognized that the message was smart and interesting, and so, like others at that time, echoed support for the music I was doing. If that is the case, it definitely is an honor for Kurt and Nirvana, and anybody else to have supported my efforts. The other possibility is that 2) Kurt was a D2B denied for all of his life, and the same neuron writers that wrote 'mary/bury' on my neurons wrote a similar message of Kurt's neurons. This theory suggests that there is some powerful, very influential, neuron writing group that is promoting criticism of religions and other stupid traditions, and that they are using neuron writing on poor D2B denied people who echo out those neuron writings. So it can definitely be the case that two outties can echo out the same or similar messages without ever having seen or heard each other. Thinking back, I think the C to A change in the chorus may have been influenced by Nirvana's unconvential chord progressions- there was definitely a thought that new music should break the 1-4-5 blues and other traditional chord progressions at that time, but personally, I still wanted to maintain a non-radical non-chaotic chord progression as much as possible.

With 'Urban Turkey' I played this song at the Wescott Festival a few years later (see 1993)
One last note I must say about Cobain is that does his death not so fit the mold of the desires and history of the 9/11 Kennedy-Lennon-King jr remote galvanic murderers? To kill popular liberal people like Kurt Cobain they are saying to the public "Here's your popular figure: down the tubes!" as they secretly cackle with joy in some back unseen room.

Old notes:
Humans should be mating, not marrying! Humans want variety, not the same old gruel! Humans should not go against this natural, biological need. Later in Syracuse, Andy Deer and Bob Dettor joined me in playing this song live a few times.

I Don't Want To Marry You overwrite accident
Except for one master tape that was lost, only a small part of the original "I Don't Want to Marry You" recording survives on a 4-track tape. I accidentally overwrote it with either "Same Thing" or "Loving Life". But I went back and rerecorded, and I still had the midi file, in fact, the midi files are probably all gone now, as I recall they were all on 5.25" floppy disks.
Big Breasts After I heard "Baby Got Back", I immediately made "Big Breasts", because I have a need top express my love of more large than average natural breasts, the main thing for me in a female of the humans is a nice smart brain, any breast is only a added plus. There is no chance of wed. Now, after I made this here song, some females from the human made a song "no want no short dick man", in fact a double negative indicating a short dick man is wanted. Why not a more positive song? hmmm? Like "gimme big dick, gimme big dick, gimme big dick already and a healthy set 'a balls". After breasts, balls, ass, butt, what else is left? Vagina? I did make a song "Penis in Vagina" so other "vagina" songs or perhaps the occasional clitoris song will follow.

I was happy to hear a person sing the words "To Make You Stay", or as I some times sing with the song "To Make Yo Dum Ass kiss me kiss me foo..I want every body else and"
To Make You Stay

Vivaldi: The Four Seasons Spring (with distorted guitar) I was calling this "Mozart" because I know so little about me this sounds like Mozart. Vivaldi was a very skillful composer (and violinist) that lived in the late 1600s and early 1700s.
Sermon: The Gospel Truth

I was diggin in to this song, and then I heard the Lenny Kravitz song, and I dug into that. But I sing that "It Aint Over til its Under", I have always been good with words. How Long

074Ted Huntington - Zeppelin Peppers Like.mp3
072Ted Huntington - Catching Up.mp3
071Ted Huntington - Pot Grower.mp3
070Ted Huntington - Im Doing Ok.mp3
069bestofTed Huntington - The Sun.mp3
069bTed Huntington - The Sun (back vocals).mp3
069Ted Huntington - The Sun.mp3
Possibly Kurt Cobain had heard this song when he wrote "In the sun I feel as one" in "All Apologies", or it could be coincidence, or remote neuron writing. But in any case, it was an honor anyway, and felt like an act of friendship- helped me to push on and step up to the next level.

068bTed Huntington - Down and Out2.mp3
068Ted Huntington - Down and Out.mp3
068bTed Huntington - Down and Out 2.mp3
067bestofTed Huntington - Ive Seen Your Face.mp3
067Ted Huntington - Ive Seen Your Face.mp3
066Ted Huntington - Chicken That Got Me Arrested.mp3
065Ted Huntington - Step Outside.mp3
064Ted Huntington - Peace.mp3
(I added a new vocal aroun 1997):
063bTed Huntington - When Its Over2.mp3
063Ted Huntington - When Its Over.mp3
062bTed Huntington - Get Real 2.mp3
062bTed Huntington - Get Real2.mp3
062bTed Huntington - Get Real1.mp3
061Ted Huntington - I Cant Hear You.mp3
060Ted Huntington - Interlude.mp3
059Ted Huntington - Winning and Losing.mp3
058Ted Huntington - A Story.mp3
057Ted Huntington - Flavia.mp3
056bestofTed Huntington - Passage of Time.mp3
056Ted Huntington - Passage of Time.mp3
055bestofTed Huntington - I Dont Wanna Marry You.mp3
054bTed Huntington - Big Breasts2.mp3
054Ted Huntington - Big Breasts.mp3
053Ted Huntington - New Wave.mp3
052Ted Huntington - Breaking Away.mp3
051bTed Huntington - Sometimes.mp3
051Ted Huntington - Sometimes.mp3
Is It Dead?
This is probably the peak of the mysticism in me, but even so it still is an interesting song. The main point of this song is that since all matter is really the same thing in the universe, perhaps even non-living matter is in some sense, alive, certainly it's all made of the same material. Also, this is a thought about robots reaching a stage where they are probably smarter than humans and it's interesting to think that some robot might be very difficult to other words very good at protecting itself, but still there are physical limits to what any object in the universe can do. Later around 1994, the Cranberries made their song "Zombie" which is a nice song, and may refer to this song, but maybe not, I don't really know for sure. I was initially impressed by the vocal technique of the vocalist Dolores O'Riordan, and I wanted to add that technique somehow into my music, but haven't found the opportunity to yet. This song may be a play on the opening line "Here inside my head" with O'Riordan's lyric "What's in your head?", but maybe I am wrong. If that is a reference to me or my song, ofcourse I certainly appreciate it. It's tough to be sure because I don't see. I think possibly the line "it's the same old theme since 1916", a reference to the Easter Revolution (I know so little about history it's sad), may also be a play on the secret of hearing thought which was in 1913. It's interesting that the number of murders in Ireland per capita is far less than that of the USA. The USA has a much larger homicide (and violence) problem than Ireland does. The message in the song is a positive one in any event, and it is rare to hear the word "violence" (and then well put together with "silence"). And this was before the "stop violence" movement and music I am doing and started thinking about around 1998 (with "shot dead") and started recording around 2000 (with SVTS). I think if we scan back through history, we won't find many (in particular successful) anti-violence songs that specifically or even abstractly refer to violence.
10/02/07 Adding more notes to "Is It Dead": I almost didn't add this song because I don't want people to get the wrong idea, and I'm not particularly proud of some of my songs where I was unaware that bad suggestions were being beamed onto my head. I think there will be numerous appeals by people convicted of crimes once everybody understands how images, and sounds can be sent directly to a person's brains, and how the secret videos reveal that the crime they committed was the result of a beamed suggestion that they unknowingly accepted and followed. So anyway, I interpret this song now as saying "...and look what they were beaming on my head....!....all this gruesome imagery and terrible suggestions...". Unlike Stalin, the Warren and 9/11 Commissions, I reject the idea of trying to reshape history to my present day advantage. I accept the truth, however unpleasant, about my mistakes of the past. Beyond that, I've never killed or seriously hurt anybody, so I don't feel that what ever I have done has been so seriously bad. As I recall at the time I had seen some metal bands in Chicago and probably was inspired to try and write a metal song. I still think, for example, metal, speed metal, etc are impressive and have a solid place in music, I can see using music like that as a background for ships going to other stars, or some star system war, etc. But my key message to people is "watch out for the beamed-on suggestions", know that evil people are beaming on to our heads all the time, and that thoughts, images and sounds in our minds, may not be, and in fact many probably do not originate from our own brain but from outside technology, believe it or not. One thing about a lot of heavy metal that to me is annoying is the constant "devil" aspect of so much of heavy metal music. To me it's stupid and funny at best, dangerous and evil at worst. In my opinion, there is no Devil, but there certainly are evil people as we humans define evil, in particular those who do violence against humans, that cause pain, etc. I hate to see the wonderful sound of heavy metal tainted by idiotic religion, or appeals to violence, dishonesty, etc. But for whatever reason, many Christians like the "Devil" aspect of metal, or else it wouldn't sell. So "Is It Dead", which has much more than dreary allusions to death, but also the analogy to robots being alive...for example the line "is it dead?" is used in the movie "Terminator 2", and of course, the Cranberries did "Zombie" which is a kind of an anti-war exposing the thought technology song, which has nothing to do with mysticism. So I would put "Is It Dead?", with the "Ellen" and "Top of My Head" group of songs as being somewhat unpleasant for me, knowing now that I was such a victim of beamed suggestions. But yet, I accept the reality of the past and I'm not trying to hide it in any way. I have said that I don't doubt that people in the CIA actually wrote some of the lyrics in John Lennon's songs, such as "Out of the Blue you came to me, and blew away life's misery" ... and then what's more...those assholes got me to sing it! What a terrible bunch of murderers with advanced technology...and this is precisely how they take advantage of innocent people who are unaware that people figured out how to send images and sounds directly to brains a long time ago. Maybe a person like Mark Chapman heard "Out the Blue" and thought Lennon was calling out to Chapman to "blow away life's misery" (instead of Yoko who was the probable subject, and "blow away" as in nonviolently remove negativity from Lennon's life like wind). You can see how such messages are probably suggested by evil insiders who dominate much of the planet, and innocent victims simply echo them out. I am glad that I finally figured this out, and am taking the message out to all of you, like so many millions of liberals and honest people should have done years before now! Where were they? Where are they? How can they be this stupid, negligent and insensitive?

050bTed Huntington - Is It Dead2.mp3
050Ted Huntington - Is It Dead.mp3
049bestofTed Huntington - She Needed To Know.mp3
048bestofTed Huntington - Let It Go2.mp3
048bTed Huntington - Let It Go.mp3
048aTed Huntington - Let It Go1.mp3
048bTed Huntington - Let It Go1b.mp3
3/22/17: Let It Go 048b is the initial version of my song "Let It Go", which I composed and recorded in Lisle, Illinois. I later recorded a second version also linked above. If more than just coincidence, I am really honored and impressed by the really wonderful song of the same name recorded and released by Disney in 2013. Their song really stirs a lot of emotion and memories in me. Let it go is a great message. I really love the opening lyric of my song "Tell me what you know, just let it go!". Perhaps the composers saw a larger idea beyond just people saying what is on their mind, including people accepting and celebrating natural talents, and telling the truth about all the many secrets of history, not least of which is neuron reading and writing.

047Ted Huntington - Different.mp3
045-046Ted Huntington - The One and Only Me - That Stranger.mp3
044bestofTed Huntington - Misery.mp3
043Ted Huntington - To Make You Stay.mp3
043bestofTed Huntington - To Make You Stay.mp3
040Ted Huntington - I Take What I Get.mp3
039Ted Huntington - To See Your Face.mp3
038Ted Huntington - When Your Time Is Up.mp3
037bTed Huntington - I Want Your Body.mp3
037aTed Huntington - I Want Your Body.mp3
037Ted Huntington - I Want Your Body.mp3 Rerecorded in 1997
035bestofTed Huntington - I Miss You 2b.mp3
035Ted Huntington - I Miss You 1.mp3
035Ted Huntington - I Miss You 2 (w Flavia).mp3
033Ted Huntington - Loving Life 1.mp3
032Ted Huntington - Sermon The Gospel Truth.mp3
031Ted Huntington - In the Out.mp3
031bestofTed Huntington - In the Out.mp3
030Ted Huntington - Love.mp3
030bestofTed Huntington - Love.mp3
029Ted Huntington - Im Not the One.mp3
028Ted Huntington - Out In The Cold.mp3
027Ted Huntington - The Roses.mp3
027bestofTed Huntington - The Roses.mp3
026Ted Huntington - My Personal Fiction.mp3
025Ted Huntington - Guitar.mp3
024Ted Huntington - All In A Dream.mp3
023Ted Huntington - Anytime Youre Ready.mp3
023bestofTed Huntington - Anytime Youre Ready.mp3
022Ted Huntington - Youre the One.mp3
021Ted Huntington - Home.mp3
020Ted Huntington - Easy Listening.mp3
019Ted Huntington - 5Ws.mp3
019bestofTed Huntington - 5Ws.mp3
019bTed Huntington - 5Ws (mellow).mp3 I rerecorded this is 1997

018Ted Huntington - Come Alive flaw.mp3
10/05/06 I don't think the melody of this song is overly fantastic, but the words I enjoy. I think possibly that Peter Gabriel refers to this and my other song "Get Real" when he said "Get alive, with the dreamer's dream" which is very nice of him if true. Gabriel clearly is a smart person to speak out against racism in such songs as "Biko". I think he is an evolutionist, and perhaps skeptical of religion (this is not entirely clear because some of his songs have traditional Christian references, he's probably godder or agnost, ahaha to put it perhaps crudely) in addition to being a talented lyricist, vocalist, composer, and (I think although I'm not sure what instruments) instrumentalist.

017Ted Huntington - How Long.mp3
016Ted Huntington - Friend.mp3
016bestofTed Huntington - Friend.mp3
015Ted Huntington - Sliding Am Blues.mp3
014Ted Huntington - Anything.mp3
Here's a positive song. Speaking of the jazz fusion rock sound, the melody of this is similar (and I hope not exact) to a melody played by a group that was last under the name of "Joe God" (which is a fine shows the brainyness of Nanni, and no doubt the religious skepticism), which was mainly Mark Nanni and Brian Stone, and then for a time, Eddie Nolan and other people I don't know jammed with them. Mark even when young was definitley at the top of piano skill, and he once played my some music made by Stone and it sounded very professional, similar to a Pink Floyd sound. So those two are examples or people who really should have been picked up and developed, because I know they have recorded some wonderful music, but who knows where it is? Actually Mark does have a web page, this is the wonderful thing about the web: How interesting to hear this stuff. I would call this really almost older jazz style. The group he is in is "The Intention": Bebop. Blues and Ballads. You know, the stuff he was playing in ...let's see we called ourselves "Glass Roses", "Oracle", "Epilogue"...they were "Resolution". Yeah, this is interestingly old time jazz, like "All of Me"...I don't really listen to that kind of thing, but then I listen to classical...I am interested in history, and the history of music is interesting to me. But just to say that the stuff Mark was doing when I saw him was more like the Chick Correa, distorted guitar fast moving solo kind of music that I think is more interesting, but this old-time jazz probably is more sellable to an older crowd, and they tend to have to cashish. You can hear Mark's technical skill on "Who's Hipper Than Bill", I told yiz, he is definitely skilled I piano.
013Ted Huntington - Order and Chaos.mp3
This song is very old indeed (for my own life span). I wrote this on piano when young. This shows some of the jazz influence that I learned in high school in Incognito. There are technical rough spots, and again this needs to be smoothed out. I also jammed on this song with Jack Conlin and Bob Detter, and I may actually have that on tape somewhere.
But this line of music is a nice line, and it's underrated. I compare it to, like Chick Correa, Return to Forever, just a mixing between rock and jazz, but with fast technical soloing. I don't hear enough of this kind of music, and the later Correa stuff doesn't sound as exciting from what I have listened to. I know there are groups out there doing this, but the free flow of info is so bad at this time that only the elites in the neuron net, and D2B consumers can hear them.

012Ted Huntington - Spinning Round flaw.mp3
Again an experimental song. As I remember I did consciously want to express the view that the earth is spinning around, ... the sun-centered theory. Even today, many people don't think of the earth as rotating. You can see, this was before I knew that thought can be heard, that I was trying to make scientific progress through common language. I was trying (and still am) to progress the common human education together forward into the future.
It's also a song for my mom. There are some of my songs that try to reach out to my mom and help her cope with problems. It's frustrating to see people making unrealistic choices, and it's something that is not specific to my mom, me or anybody else, just knowing that 70% of people reject evolution, and so many believe Jesus rose from the dead, that thought can't be heard, etc. there is a lot of inaccurate opinion, and everybody feels that their current view is the perfect view, or else obviously they would change their opinions. Some of these songs, for example Misery, are too overly-sentimental, or simply sad.
At the time of writing these lyrics, I wasn't vegetarian (I am now, although I do eat eggs and dairy, and rarely fish), but you can hear me debating the view of "the animals we have to kill", that this troubled me and that I thought (and still do) that it's an issue we should discuss and not keep secret (ie the killing of animals for food). I am glad I finally did resolve this in favor of vegetarianism, and I feel better for that choice.

To this song's credit, I stuck with violin with the acoustic and that is different from mainstream. We don't hear violin in a symphonic strike in most pop music, and it adds a dramatic element to this song.

There is some key advice to people with psychiatric goons on their tails: "don't let them see you mad", and that is my advice for getting freed from the psychiatric hospital...the less you yell, fight or cause trouble probably the faster you can get out, think of it like Auschwitz but less severe.

011Ted Huntington - The Answer.mp3
The melody I wrote on piano when young. I probably would change the lyric of a "woman romancer" as reaching a little to far to rhyme, and the lyric changed years ago, from "the next thing that I want to see is you coming back to me" to "the next thing that I want to feel, is you coming on to me". It's about a female being equal with males in terms of initiating affection and relationships, but generally pro-sexuality. We still have not reached the period of awakening to criticism of the establishment.

010Ted Huntington - Square.mp3
The title of this song is simple a square shape. I decided to push the boundary of song titles. The melody is very very simple and has been done many times. My friend told me that she heard the exact same melody on the radio (although I haven't ever actually heard the same melody, I can't believe it hasn't been done, it's simply D G A). The thing that I think is memorable about this song, as is the case with most of my songs are the words. Here again, this is on the same theme as "Same Thing", that humans create systems over a uniform universe. But mainly to get people (including myself) thinking outside of the box in terms of mathematics, and to explore math and language.

009Ted Huntington - Sexy Woman.mp3
I probably got the idea for this lyric from Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady", ... "Sexy Woman" hasn't been covered yet to my knowledge. Here, we can see this appreciation for female humans, for the female body, that women are sexy, that we should celebrate that (and all) sexuality. In this repressive society, it's not as easy to express this view, but I decided that it was such a part of me (obviously sexuality has been a large part of my life whether I wanted it to be or not, and clearly I enjoy physical pleasure perhaps more than most). This song is ok, it's one of the few that is less experimental. The octave part sounds similar to WhiteSnake "Slow and Easy" (you know "so take me down Slow and Easy they look to me slow and easy..." and so that lowers the value of the song. It's one of the few songs that can actually be played successfully in a bar.

008Ted Huntington - Same Thing.mp3
008bestofTed Huntington - Same Thing.mp3 (from "best of" tape)
This was written at this time, and is an experimental song. It's interesting when comparing the Sonatas of Mozart and Beethoven, because I generally like listening to those of Mozart more than Beethoven, and I think the reason why is that Mozart was more conservative where Beethoven was more experimental, in my novice opinion. Mozart also was very original and creative, and was probably the better at music composition, but Beethoven I think is recognized as perhaps the greatest composer of all time, even though he only has 9 symphonies while Mozart wrote 41. I think this is simply from the power of Beethoven's successful experiments. And while experimenting results in progress and memorable pieces, many times, it's too much to listen to while working for example. I think experiment is probably what evolves music forward into new realms...initially the new technique (for example jazz) is probably viewed with perhaps some hostility (but perhaps many times, it's newness is greatly appreciated).
This song is of the group I would call science-based like "The Sun", but also "anti-racism". Interestingly, Michael Jackson, I think, liked the opening line of "It's just the same thing, no matter if it's black or white", and refers to this in his song "Black or White" which I enjoy, that's a good song, and Jackson is good at song composition, as is Slash in composing guitar melodies. So, as bad as this song may be, I don't listen to it often, it's overly dramatic, but then it was an experiment anyway. The main purpose of the lyric was to express the idea that everything is the universe is one thing, and that we humans simply draw boundaries around different parts of the universe. We can say "person" "book" etc but really there is a continuum of atoms, and the universe is one thing, and every thing in some sense is the same thing. It's just to open people's minds, and ofcourse, these separations into various nouns, etc are useful and the basis of language. It's nice that I made an early appeal against racism. In terms of melody, I tried to make the melody appear to be the same chord changing only very little, so even the melody was the same thing.
This early recording is not as good as a later recording that was more developed, and then also listen to the Urban Turkey version, for some reason I liked the song during that period.

007Ted Huntington - Beauty.mp3
I wrote this around this time using the Korg M1 keyboard I had. Although the melody is simple, and there are no other parts, the lyrics are nice and progressive and it is an early appeal to lighten up (and I dare say grow on up) about nudity, and expresses the trajedy of the view that the human body is ugly. I did a new vocal for "Beauty" around 1997

006Ted Huntington - Waiting for the Words.mp3
The melody I wrote when young, and it is a play on Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake which is a beautiful melody. When I wrote these words, I still had not figured out what I view as the secret of lyric writing: expressing complaints about injustice, unfairness, and beyond that educating and promoting science, questioning the current views. Basically, a good lyric is something that says something that needs to be said in my view (although, perhaps the most popular songs use lyrics designed to be generic to apply to the most people possible, to agree with the most people...this is why love songs are so popular, they don't confront anybody, they don't buck the system of mainstream beliefs). The lyrics that come easiest for me are those I write when I am angry about some injustice, when I have many ideas to express, for example about science that have not been heard by the majority. And then you can see, that lyrics have a purpose beyond being another instrument in a song, that they can popularize a message to end injustice. Song is a powerful tool to get a message across. But this was in a period where I was still struggling to have something to say...I simply did not have anything really good to say, but all this changed when I entered into the "Sermon" phase and cast off societal inhibitions in favor of honesty and societal progression.
I have since added some violin undermelody, but I doubt it will ever get recorded there is nowhere near enough time for that.

005Ted Huntington - You Dont Know Me.mp3
The melody was written when I was young. I actually like this song, and with much of my music, you have to understand that it's just a rough idea. None of my songs are "professional" recordings, and I am the performer, and sound engineer on the vast majority of all my song recordings. One suggestion I offer is to think of me as a member in a band of 4 or 5 people, and each of them write songs. They then record their song in a rough style, maybe with just an acoustic and microphone, or piano, maybe even with a drum track. They then bring these recordings in for the others to hear, the 4 or 5 people hear all the songs from each member and all vote on the songs with the most potential. The rest are sent back to be tossed out, for personal recordings only, or gone back over, improved, and brought back to the rest of the group. So, that is the way I would look at these recordings, and that was the feeling they were (and are) recorded's me basically laying down some rough idea of a song...almost all of them are first tries, only a few have been re-recorded and improved. So I overlook timing errors, and off-key notes that plague my music. It's shocking to me that some of my music might actually hold up to professionaly recorded songs, and here I was just messing around with a four track tape recorder and keyboard drum samples.
In terms of music, I like both parts, but the slap bass needs to be changed to an actual bass. In terms of lyrics, there is not much here, but I like the second part (I can hear a nice background vocal that would be nice on the second part). Very few of my songs have a "bridge" or third part, which is typical among most pop songs now and for years.

004Ted Huntington - Goodbye.mp3
I don't have many "picked" songs. This is one of that style that I rarely use. The words are ok, it's not a song I listen to. Once it made my cry when I was playing it in a coffee house, but I was sad then anyway. I like the expression of how many times I would love to have talked to a person but was too's a trajedy, I wish I wasn't so shy. I can only imagine where two people could be in love, but too shy to ever talk to each probably happens in high-school all the time.

003Ted Huntington - Matter In Time.mp3
It is hard to remember, but I think this was song I wrote at this time. Here we can see the developing of an interest in science, the universe, open communication, positivity, all themes of later music. The idea of we are all just matter in time, is just a probing into the current view of the universe by a novice, and is similar to the line "light equals time"...just novice early attempts at trying to understand the universe and express new theories. This thinking will eventually solidify in later years with "I am photon", and more accurate, less abstract views on the universe. These early recordings definitely express the overly-sentimental feeling that dominates this era. In particular the "are you ok?" psychiatric hyperness, while gentleness and concern is nice, it's overblown, as if people are babies in diapers, and ofcourse the view of forced psychiatric treatment was something I was only dimly aware of, you can hear in my music as my views change to believing in psychological theories to ofcourse total rejection of psychiatric theory in "Psychology". Still, I am proud that if there is any sentimentality in my songs it is a more progressive view. Ofcourse in "How Long?", one friend called "the mean song", (which I wondered at, because it doesn't seem mean to me), I confront this sentimentality and that phase with "Sermon", "Pot Grower", "I Don't Want To Marry You", "Big Breasts" in my view, resulted in some of the best music. But at this point I was still recording songs (mainly melodies I wrote before and adding lyrics at this time) I had already written, and the intellectual content was only hinted at.

002Ted Huntington - Run Away.mp3 Here is a song Paul McCartney has heard, and the remaining 3 Beatles use a similar progression on "when did we lose the touch". Perhaps it is just coincidence or beamed on their brains, but perhaps they were saying hello to a person who cares for the memory of John Lennon, and was also profoundly saddened by his death. To think that some people would view a murder of one of the brightest and funniest minds of our time as a good thing is terrible.
This song is one of those developed when I was young. I later added words to lament the suicide of a friend, and suicide in general, which gave this a sad context that was not really the original intention of the music.

001Ted Huntington - The Things We Do for Money.mp3
001bestofTed Huntington - The Things We Do for Money.mp3 (from a "best of" tape)
This is the first song I recorded with my four-track, I start counting songs with this as 1, but I need to go through and actually catalog my songs. For example Song 1 is probably more like "Leaving Town", or perhaps the material I wrote for a crayon colored story book, of which I can only remember a character named "Beryl", perhaps a creature named "fuzzywumple", a was probably influenced by Mr Rogers.
Infact, there are many songs, such as "Fame and Fortune", that I wrote, and typed words too, with a typewriter, when young, but I only remember pieces of them. I wrote many, perhaps 20 songs. Eventually, the songs were more simple, or bland...although creative, I would just write anything.

I wrote this song when very young, on piano. There are a series on songs that I had developed over my youth, and these are most of the first songs I recorded. Because I didn't have any new ideas, and my musical skills are limited (I don't pretend that I am a virtuoso, mainly I am proud of my lyrics, my instrumental skills are lacking, but I am listening to classical music and strive to improve and understand more musical theory), I simply chose to record the songs I had already created.
One funny thing about these songs is that I didn't realize that I should be using some reverb on my vocal, and so it sounds like the voice is right there for these first songs. And it worried me...why does it sound so much like on a tape recorder microphone? Maybe I bought a different microphone, but I don't think so, I am pretty sure it was simply adding some reverb on the amp.
??-??-1992 Moved from Aurora, IL to Lisle, IL, I buy a black S10 blazer.
I am confused as to which songs were recorded in Aurora, because I can only remember recording Flavia's vocal on I Miss You 2 there. But yet, my memory of that song is that it is later after other recordings, but yet I remember most recordings being made in Lisle.
I Miss You 2 (with Flavia)
I Miss You 1
Songs recorded in 1991

12-?/-1991 funding from IBM stopped, funding from US DOE starts 08-??-1991 Moved from Saugerties, NY to Aurora, IL, employed for IBM at Fermi National Particle Accelerator.

05-??-1991 Graduate from Clarkson University, moved from Syracuse to Saugerties, NY employed for IBM, live in Sanitarium with angry black dog, old elevator, visit Woodstock two times.

Songs recorded in 1990
I was in a "house band" in AXP, the fraternity I was in when I attended Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY, and here is a recording from one night when "AGO" a sorority my girlfriend was in at the time- it's funny how we play their theme song and get them to sing along :-) Understand that 90% of the people there are probably a little tipsy. Some part got recorded over by my c1993 4-track recording of "Flavia" which is what sounds like backwards audio.
TP and Cengiz live in same room again record second stream of jams.
Cengiz has sampler. Most of these recordings are stolen and only a fraction remain with me.
Some of the funniest recordings I remember are the time Cengiz says: "I'm not fooling", and I say "Your not fooling us", and Cengiz says "hell yeah..."
and "I'm a take care of this situation and theres a problem and it's my man theo p, making up the rhyme so you can see how fresh this scam can get".
Theo P (solo)
"Theo P (solo)" Homer Simpson says "Bust It" in one "Simpsons" animated show.

10/15/07 Some people requested that I put up some of the "Chuck MC and Theo P" raps, and this stuff is basically just recordings of Cengiz and me just goofing around with a keyboard, microphone and a headphone used as a microphone. I think at least one tape of these recordings is missing, and possibly was stolen along with a blazer I owned in Chicago around 1992. So some jams are sadly missing. Some of this stuff, the quality is so poor I am somewhat embarassed to release this, but people requested it, so you have been warned, listen at your own risk.
There were two years of CMC&TP recordings 1987-88 and 1989-1990. The first sessions were the funniest and rawest, although the least sophisticated. Most of what remains is the second session, which is more sophisticated (if it can be called that), but not as raw and funny. Tedrix and "slide some o dat cake on my tongue" is from the first session, while "Bongs" is from the second session. I can't find:
1987-88: "I can't quit you Chuck MC and Theo P"
1987-88: "You're Not Foolin us, hell yeah, this is a problem and I'm going take care of it..."
1987-88: "Is this (headphone) the mic I'm supposed to be using? I can't hear myself"
1989-90: "Let me Tell you about a rapper stop and pack a bong-hit for your uncle Ted"
1989-90: "On the oriental tip is my man is Theo P, botta-botta-botta"
??: "You all wanna see what Im doing? hang out listen to the crew"

A while ago I threw together some remaining recordings, and so this is not the straight raw recording, if you can believe it. In fact I even re-edited this down more this time around. Some funny things are missing. Just miscelleneous trivia: "Slide some o dat cake" is from a porno where a black guy with a Lousiana bayou accent is licking a woman's vagina and has cake and milk on the vagina. Most of the stuff that Chuck MC and Theo P do are copies of other people, but with their own stoner low-budget style. Some songs are totally original such as "I am the homey, you give me some pussy". One part of the jam towards the end is similar to a U2 jam "God part 2" that came later, and I wonder if even U2 were CMC&TP afficianados, probably just coincidence. It's sad, the material that is gone, because it was funny, now it's only in my memories, and perhaps a few hundred secret remote neuron dust-sized nano-cameras cam-thought net phone company recordings, and that one or two tapes somewhere possibly still intact around Chicago. I might possibly still have some recordings somewhere, but it's doubtful, I would have to scan through all my tapes, and there isn't time, but maybe an intern can sometime, or we can just get copies from the phone company.

"Pretty Good in a bit"
Little thought is given to how hidden cameras got into every room and how millions came to watch.

Songs recorded in 1989
This is an early pre-"studio" version of "Order and Chaos" with Bob Dettor on drums, Jack Conlin on guitar and me on keyboards.
Songs recorded in 1988

Songs recorded in 1987


Cengiz Mumcuoglu and TP live in same room 1st year in Clarkson University. Cengiz and TP experiment with amateur sound recordings.

One of the last jams of a group we called "Oracle" and "Glass Roses"

In 1987 at age 18 I used two tape recorders to record some songs.
comical version of Tessla's "Lil' Suzi"
Song that sounds like Kim Mitchell's "Go For a Soda" (1985)
Song Like Zepellin

"Incognito" jazz band wins award.
Songs recorded in 1986

("Remote 5-second poke seen round the world")
touch-barnjam-bob-ted-todd.mp3 little jam just before barn jam
Barn Jam, a jam that we did in a barn around Syracuse, NY

Tough Talk (not sure what human made this song)

Our teen band "Oracle" played at a party at Bill Loomis' house and we recorded it (This is Drums: Lee, Guitars: Ed, Ted Bass: (I think possible Andy, Ed's brother but have to confirm):
The 5-person jazz band "Incognito" I was in played at Bernard's Furniture store and Sutter's Mill restaurant and that is where these recording are from, there is also one part of me and my guitar teacher Phil Owens:

Songs recorded in 1985

Songs recorded in 1984

Songs recorded in 1983
Our teen band "Glass Roses" (later "Oracle") played "Johnny B Goode" at Jamesville-DeWitt Middle School and were swarmed by people after, or possibly people were just existing because I think we were the last act and the show was over. Either way it was very exciting and fun. Sadly we all went back to our fort, smoked cigarettes (at like age 11-12- just disgusting neuron writing on us) and chattered into the night.

I do not have any video of that performance, but I do have what I think is an earlier practice of Johnny B. Goode. This is probably the earliest recording of any of our teen jamming years.
GlassRoses Possibly Earliest Tape of us jamming c1983:

Songs recorded in 1982

I can not accurately date the year this recording was made, but I was definitely very young.
I sat down with a friend and recorded 5 of my acoustic original songs.
01Ted Huntington - Leaving Town.mp3
02Ted Huntington - Who Will Stand Up.mp3
03Ted Huntington - No One Is Crazy Anymore.mp3
04Ted Huntington - Out In The Cold.mp3
05Ted Huntington - Winning and Losing.mp3
Listen to entire tape (with all my and my friend Andy's jabber in between):
To add, that how terrible some remote neuron writers are to write "kill my grandmother" as if comedy onto the brain of a 17-year old D2BW denied "liberal enemy"- only now do I see how evil those writers are.
I seriously need to renumber all of my songs some time, but it will be a major project and so will probably have to wait until I have more time. Songs recorded in 1981

Songs recorded in 1980

Songs recorded in 1979

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