"Democracy of Earth"

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I started typing in the text for this book, but want to change the story and so started a rewrite, but that is going to take more time, and the story is different enough to change my mind and put the original story word for word (for the most part) here.

update: 6/9/06, ammended 7/7/06
I am rewriting this and renaming it "Democracy of Earth". I am going to reshape the story as "true democracy" versus "representative democracy", and or a true democratic group versus a military dictator or military rule. Any way, clearly this project is not going to get done for at least a decade if not longer.

'Democracy of Earth' (original with some changes complete)
'Democracy of Earth' (new, not complete)

09/26/06 updated plot summaries:
'Democracy of Earth I'
'Democracy of Earth II'

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